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Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine

May 4, 2012|

The BJ Shea Morning Experience interviews Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine from "That Metal Show" on VH-1 Classic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest and an awesome show call that metal show on VH one classic economic set for tomorrow night's episode -- -- -- Mike McCready from program's gonna be on there and here's a clip from tomorrow's show. You guys are coming up on the rock hall of fame and five years I won't get -- started on that yeah there's Justin until you're gonna go first I'll do yeah you guys don't. So I've been since I've been talking about homer after -- -- such -- -- -- and it's -- I'm not please let's not start to actually and it's got. I don't need durable and brush that's Michael -- her out -- -- -- can hold down annulled those fans going to be in first out would be only the most awesome thing -- And I yeah. I know not just incidentally I don't want to -- -- -- every reason that Michael -- composer who might -- none. Please look at that -- -- any junkie Jim Florentine. You guys have more production on this radio so we have on our TV show I was addressing the audio sentiment got an RT I don't know this is limited -- future you -- figure autism I doubt we're not do you really we haven't got a copy that you guys haven't I don't know I don't even Simon please show about a couple months godfather entertainment I was like I. I saw some professional announcement. And we trust him. Largely thanks for coming by let me just quickly say. VH one's classic that's we can find that metal show channel 473. If you're Comcast cable subscriber it's VH one's classic channel check it out. And you know of course are gonna be tonight 8 o'clock the only L -- -- And you need to -- guys' lives with a live version of stump the -- followed by great performances by which burn. We love that and I -- -- spell casters so this is a nice a great not a music as well as hang with the guys talking about what you -- you guys love to talk about yeah we're gonna have some. Our man this is the very first time the first -- of first time in my life I've ever been to Seattle welcome it's a great city man it's cool I really of enjoyed the short time a vineyard but. As the first time ever myself starring Jim Maher actually gonna go out and dom. You know Donna Jeremiah -- made need to have their whole history standup comics are out all the time doing clubs and I think Jim you -- -- fighter out there are played out horizontal yeah transfer me we a lot of people said they'd love to see us go out -- -- -- show in their city. And obviously we can't do that I mean it's a crew and cameras you just can't do we do it in LA to just throw these musicians live it's easier to get people on the West Coast even lower East Coast based. But we said what -- the -- must win around -- gym do some comedy I'll do some Q&A with the audience of just how some -- so tonight's tonight's C experiment but it'll be a lot of fun and of course. I'm well that's a hell of a show because I mean I've seen GM and manager Jim himself does that mean you know what that's worth the price of admission if you just like you know comic in there to see you -- comedy -- you bring in the stuff you guys doing the show. Bush is wrong music on there I mean then that that those three shows in one that's a good deal yeah I think so yeah I agree with you on Manhattan I mean -- cellar door and I know probably do without but I mean I'm all about people seeing good. That's we're about man we don't destroy anybody off we go look when somebody comes to town we know puts on a good show we want to let people know yeah not slowly we're excited to -- wouldn't you know people crazy over the -- is fueled passion about the music so. This will be tonight will be you're gonna you know I ask is any question. Over you know that you honest answer because people you don't fight pick Metallica is the record over the idea. You called -- shows wanna fight me how can -- Metallica -- called SR IR though I I just like I -- I know you can't Michael OK sorry -- right you're right I can't because. It's just insane -- really wanna fight you. Was is everybody brings me back to as America's -- -- New York as well and in being a huge metal fan and what you guys are doing now as adults is what we did in high school. All the time -- -- the talks in Iraq stars but you know we would argue about these albums and cause I like the on the last -- you're you're rocking and interaction on biggest. Tim Ryan -- -- rock in the anthrax my favorite of the body forever and I think you just called us juvenile and I take that as a Koppel that's excellent I absolutely because we are proud leotard mid forties in juvenile -- ever were three guys that never grew up with three guys off from New Jersey. And we're doing a movie you know if we have -- brilliance in us at all it's in the fact that we found a way. Soon make a TV show out of doing what we did it anyway hanging out drinking Beers and a bar. And that's actually what tonight is about -- -- cores are more common back full circle where -- I mean obviously we're not doing that metal show it's not doing you know would -- the crew it's not a VH one thing but it's just gonna be the three of us in a bar like we always did talking about these these fans we love with an audience so that's really what it comes down -- and by the way get your tickets today and more information and -- core zone Seattle dot com that's tonight show 8 o'clock. And it. Any human Donna going to be they're basically doing all that -- a great comedy getting great music from which -- spell Caster that's tonight at 8 o'clock one show only. L cars on Seattle dot com and I ask because I watched the Clinton -- guys that interview Axl Rose and then Mike -- you know supplement the -- -- we've had tough on our show actually think he was two days after all fame award happen. Just to talk about it we asked about the last of -- of all you can say is -- -- and say no comment on that one. But I America's you know axle and you've had history with them what your take on every -- went down where he'd wanna show for the rocker hall of fame well I was very vocal about a lot Obama always vocal about things just change is kind of -- you know like I've just give my honest opinion. I feel about stuff but I felt pretty I felt positively. That Guns 'N Roses under no circumstances would play. I just didn't feel that was ever gonna happen in a million years. And I also felt it was probably a 5050 shot that actually even show up. And obviously he didn't show up. I I have a whole different take on the the guns in grand hall same thing and I can't see this enough because I respect to spend a lot all the guys in guns I know in summer friends and I respect and I'm happy for them that they got him but to me the whole thing was about. An ulterior motive for the -- all stream and that was being the catalyst. To start the Guns 'N Roses reunion why why else let me ask you this why else would. Guns 'N Roses first ballot first time ever eligible. An honor that Van Halen didn't get. Blacks Abbott didn't get Alice Cooper didn't get and an honor that still kiss Deep Purple rush has done and I -- being considered. Why else would Guns 'N Roses first time eligible let's face it off of a couple albums. Go win the very first aren't eligible because the hall wanted the pop that would come from saying the reunited Guns 'N Roses they need those turnstiles -- and in Cleveland. And they you know selfishly as somebody who really rails against the hall because of how disrespectful they art rock music. In general bomb I was -- I was glad I was -- get their way you know I was personally I'm glad for the guys that went in and I understand the guys who didn't accept the honor. I would no matter what grade I was just happy that I after the hall has snubbed -- Great legendary rock -- so long for once they got snubbed and I loved it. That's what it's a great I hadn't thought about that -- and you know what also look the bottom line but the guns guys they're not broke -- need to dual reunion of the ground everybody's got their -- stuff going on they got enough money if they were broken axle is -- where where planned tonight. You know what his solo band anywhere showed up today let's go out into the -- -- -- -- -- we're a better life still don't know why Axl slash -- not still talk to each -- since 1996 -- you're basically telling. You know it's almost like a husband a -- Downey a huge nasty divorce. Right right it was -- brutal there was a blowout and then all my family and friends -- the fans want -- to get together one night and play and make nice sit here and you know from what to -- was sixteen years ago like absolutely not I want nothing to do what that person what everyone down. Now -- part -- rung true with me when when I read the -- description or his his letter why didn't do he said I'm divorced from -- and it's like. Can't really argue with a guy when he says someone tonight I think was interviewed you guys do with him a while back. Not -- a longtime backbone on the -- And it seems you're still a lot of resentment -- slash Indiana because of a 91 -- where -- on heroin in. He was kind of for parents at war I mean I don't know really know what it's about but the bottom line is that. Reunions happened for one reason. 99% of the -- a reunion comes from one reason because they need the pop we need the money they need to gruden they're gonna make money. Those guys all those guys and guns they all -- there that from what I understand I mean I've been to slash his house -- mean I know waksal still does -- business with his Guns 'N Roses. I think -- phone -- the Seattle by now president and I I don't know how. -- -- They're not going during the cardboard box on the street there there all their own boss is there have been fun and you know it's not something that they dwell on it's more some of the fans dwell on what we love to see it of course but. I think it was more of a pipe dream that the hallways just trying to concoct to get publicity. Any do you think on some level and the hey maybe I'm being off to a stupid do you think so because the fans love it so much. What that that may be on some level they could band together for that reason knowing they are that loved it. That it would be a gift to the fans do you think that's enough impetus -- -- right they have money they don't needed. But boy you know talk about maybe given back that would be kind of a. Who give Irina -- I think that's a valid point but I don't think thought it necessary I don't need the hall seemed to be the ones to validate guns and right throughout my point here it's like when you know BC do for the fans it's great but that. I mean -- do it for the fans but you don't need the hall to be the catalyst when the hall is busy putting -- but in the rock draw halting the right hand side you can I don't -- here. Well I'd seen a thing as sort axle. If he ever did that what the original guys even just played at the rock and roll hall of -- his soul band will be -- you wouldn't -- won't ever go see his version of -- -- ever -- -- now we just don't -- wanna -- original -- -- sets and that's -- and he does big business he does Europe and even -- -- -- so he's he's -- what is what is -- and he Colorado 11 o'clock and do whatever and fans that show I'll be okay fine but slash and -- a Dresser guys -- never wait around till 111130 -- go on anymore that's why would never work. You can't open Medicare warns because there's no coming back from -- if you would have shown up and they would have played that thing. -- real quick I was doctor reunion of kiss in night and I was that the kiss unplugged taping in 1995. In New York. They did unplug -- -- point ace and Peter weren't in the band. They had just meter record with the current lineup and they sit at the end of the unplugged just -- dodger we're gonna bring out Jason Peter did you two songs to and the shows a surprise. They did that as soon as I was very serious ace and Peter walked on the stage the place what notched the whole place started chanting reunion tour reunion -- what happened -- Shelby -- -- recorded. Cameo that you guys put to make up back on when argued for -- -- Madison Square Garden -- a few months later so it's like it's -- -- because the intensity is there from the -- you can't just gobble one at its either gonna hot. You put that those guys together I mean there's no turning back from -- it pollutes everything else they're -- that's a very very good point. We're talking HI Jim Florentine of course there on VH one classics that metal show new episodes Saturday at 11 o'clock on channel 473 Comcast channel -- symmetry. And tonight to do and a live show. And L core zone 8 o'clock show you wanna see that check it out man because you get great comedy from I Jimmie Don as well as Eddie does his business you know -- they're talking about now all the great stuff in my music as well as which -- -- -- performed for alive as well. So we have more than a trunk and Jim Florentine. But if you think you can stop -- with trivia. Well you know what -- call -- now 206421. Rock. He's Led -- over the hills and far away. Was disappointed and yeah I got the it's -- it's not yeah. I got my three notes. We did not come hot that's what kind of questions I need. KI SW. Eddie -- Jim Florentine -- us of course you know from VH one's class VH one classics that metal show which you can catch every Saturday night 11 o'clock. VH one classic Comcast channel 473. They along with -- going to be -- hosting big show tonight Intel -- -- a live show we get a -- version stuff to try to get great comedy from -- fourteen -- from -- as well. And you also get some great music from which -- spell Caster. And you want more info about this show only one show tonight at 8 o'clock go to L -- is on Seattle dot com. And now it's divers are the trustee for the casts a student he write off for this go warmed up this has become. Do you beam of my existence. This series. I don't I don't mistreat people Yellowstone to merely the only name anymore stomped so -- and I'll do my best and after last week's episode I mean only to how well listen man that was a BS -- -- -- -- I don't get -- started -- -- -- -- Let me tell you some real quick before you hit this I think it's a bit out and -- more tests this he knows. As the guy harass -- the questions. VH one classic look the network loves nothing more than -- seeing me go cool reason have not as does most of the audience so did that and they often tell me I'm wrong when -- -- him to bring that out of me. I mean when we shot the meltdown that you saw the other day over the -- question. That was the only time our executive producer came out of the Booth. That's even to the show and said thank you for giving us good television today. Brian Johnson waters already goalies are desperate but the fact that I went -- you know what crazy was our greatest. They don't even care they don't even care of the questions are wrong VH one not there's no candidate likes they like when he's like that's wrong I know what's wrong the guy said I'll -- -- guy right now made and again our. -- -- No I don't remember how we really don't I -- edit that and there's four hours later and it's not only did -- -- these aren't denying you Adler was out of his mind and I -- moment I was like -- -- unchecked it now I checked if I didn't I didn't -- these I -- wrong I call my producers I wanna retraction in the high ha ha -- I don't have gotten so you know what IQ and how are you also don't know I think I. I don't know I know it. All by any stretch by the way I think there's a ton of stuff I don't know it's do you understand it's a fun bit and all that but there's a difference between the not remembering something and just not knowing something and then there's also difference between having direct answer being told you're wrong. So it's it's a balance but it's a lot of fun to do -- definitely and I can relate to that because I have that kind of personality where I think that other people just go I don't care. You know I but you guys like you and I do care is like like you why would we do it if we don't wanna do it right yeah. I don't think. No I'll just say this arms if I can the right answer I should be told him right now I wish I had a little bit more what people have a you're I don't care if I did I I was I had that gene we you know people just don't care about it acts yeah I don't -- -- I go crazy then I -- I would I related Hewitt said. So I thought so too Kazaa I -- -- -- -- -- -- right though. I don't think that is right but I'm nowhere near the expert anybody else's so I was happy to see attraction myself -- -- -- big story -- CC -- used to -- -- Actually you know everybody what are known as a crazy you know I don't know what the double there -- -- Whose sister did you turns out though in fairness -- Steven there was some basis for that question because. CC audition for a free version of stripe for call the rock have you read this much -- talk on your mortgage up. I'm not quite telling -- freeze strike -- called rocks your regime. CC -- auditioned for auditions. So that's kind of the loose connection are -- not got out of his mind there was a loose connection but he said they did a live -- and they never did try to stop the job. We've got big Richard Graham big richer on Iraq go ahead. Hey Don Betty. Are generally ideology you guys are great -- loved the show religiously watch it every Saturday and I absolutely appreciate you guys keep -- -- You don't shoot. Are get a question is when -- certainly steadily left want to reject salute to replace a burden. Nor replaced Jason and watch them in jets. Who that's a good question a very valid question but I don't know the answer sure. Now I'm not. See that's current. As soon as I don't know why immediately know I don't realize I don't know the answer yeah it may I may recall it if you tell me but I honestly don't know that answer. Polish edition toward. I didn't know that several awards brother. -- -- -- -- -- Thirty -- -- you're gonna your parents whereby the question is designed Vijay have prizes warn you not know we don't. -- how how good you tell me we actually have more budget RC these guys someone this is merely just an economist Justin do you tell us I guess what I did today how. No way my friend you've got concerns where let's go to Rick in kids and again moron with steady trend Jim -- from VH one classics. That metal show and tonight at L cars on an 8 o'clock CNET showed tonight -- Rick Gladstone to John. Yeah -- always good man. It's your problem wasn't super group backing the late eighties HS AS. Yes. I can I can get -- on this one -- Sammy Hagar. Neil Sean. The pay was Kenny Aaronson. Who's the bass player and the drummer is these final last Michael Shreve who's in Santana each person. I tell you. Hey Alex Kelly right there little golf club finally I can. Are key to our Rick there you go so are you did not -- the -- but the other golf crowd very happy with that thank you let's go to -- and wouldn't -- -- you're on what Eddie and Jim try to stop the drunk. Hey guys that are out there and play -- question what a great television hopefully -- really great radio. Welcome delighted -- by the way not. What would give me -- Who. -- I don't -- you know I am I'm. You've got me I'll talk one on straight I don't know yeah I mean listen -- even predates me a little are wearing just -- -- in my -- Mama -- yeah normally a model technically aren't. Mom yet I don't know isn't just think it was examined aroused cousins and I know it's -- I don't -- this is why we kind of like I'm Jim don't look. The questions before they're asked to me and then sometimes the questions in all honesty are assigned to the person which is why you see them looking at Jim and trying to read the question a lot of times because of this exact reason -- there early on when we were on filtering the questions I I never know the question is -- these guys still. And an early on we weren't filtering we would get questions like Tom. So listen -- -- 87 are released a demo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- yeah there is a valid question I just don't answer it is the -- Steve isn't valid question everybody has a father and a mother how the -- you supposed to another name I -- had to -- I mean really because it was Hendrickson was -- I don't your I don't know do you know -- The -- parents' -- I don't but if -- -- the question was -- was still and that's mom's name you would now. So me and yeah because she's -- -- -- -- a while you are losing young guys exactly I think that's a tough when I don't know. Now we know the thing is don't we -- don't see Jimmy's -- a lot with the -- they're there is -- again as it's hard -- -- -- living on -- not from Hollywood noticed mom still lives yeah I don't really I got a message and his original -- to try to Jimi -- -- as we say that but -- we -- Iran's -- you know I got out I would have our parents are you know what he's the once we -- the questions you know how that's going -- So so what was the answer she's a lot on the Toronto blue zone tonight Lucille was the answer UCL -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an average truck with a championship stuff to -- go ahead. Okay I guess your question here from the back exactly fire is and always there isn't. I don't know -- -- -- good there's never actually my first concert are larger murder it did open air concert tour across the country. To order to operate coming opening asks. Now can I just pause. Is this considered medal no -- for. I mean you we've branched out around a little bit -- -- you're Biggio is certainly not metal back toward the tube does you're looking for sir we are they -- those are hard rock fans. How hard rock band or go to Paris also got to wonder. Harder -- -- -- -- -- and as I think could be that -- super bright they're both super popular super iconic brands you'll know he's been released to generally try to not yet you. Fire -- every. Was one Van Halen. Is Biggio later opened for Van Halen that Soros -- -- that later on palm. I would. I guess he figure who was really enjoy today because -- more efficient so alike and Aerosmith in Boston very close you know what I'm right. Video opening act the first back to your journey into this Barack. Actually -- smirking and Barbara turner resemble her 250000. People at Portland international reproduce your. Tell you something that maybe because I just drove in Boston Smith was blown up by 75 and they still were middle act. -- How did that -- station -- -- could have been around -- could -- I was living in Boston they were a lot -- and Boston before they were huge nationally so I mean I don't remember beat CO BMB cannot -- to head -- and they include plenty of people -- -- sure that the medication you're on -- yeah again we need to -- -- -- -- I had an apparent Jimi -- moms and -- like thirty some years as well. I'm. I don't see what we don't know Corzine tonight now although -- take back I guess I want you to shoot the -- it I want you both to know the kind of program -- run. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talk about my growth on head bangers ball and in it would be anything from young Guns 'N Roses to exodus that would be featured on that show. But a lot of people might not consider them like Buckcherry a metal band quote unquote. Where where's your guys is linemen a consensus we -- -- -- most hard rock and heavy metal -- that's what the show is as he notes call that metal show so we put off bought -- an -- rock category we I every -- Episode of the show if you listen I say welcome to your home of all things hard rock and heavy metal that's true name of the show is actually people kind of surprised learned something I was very much against because I didn't want medal in the name of the show because they wanna get painted into a corner. I I it works for VH one classic for six years is a host before doing this show. And I interviewed everybody from Carly Simon one day to blacks Abbott's Robert Plant the next. And I didn't want it that wide but I wanted to be able going different areas of rock. But the network love the name of the -- had better ratings really put the word metal. Into any of their programming series and we want to word -- there but -- can do whatever you want as far as around the rock landscape so that's that's why the show is called that metal show but as we evolve and this year we're gonna hit our 100 episode which is more than any shown history VH one that's -- and Rick congratulations thank you both were good when you see if you watch the show. We start because it did the whole channel VH one classic my name is based in classic stuff. But we're starting a broader mean we have Paul Rodgers on. We had Styx song coming up to 2000. And then we have we go a little -- will -- for our world -- at least where we have Corey Taylor on love Marilyn Manson on so we're mixing it up but the core of it is mostly classic. Hard rock and so why not the name that rock show that surprises me since that was your dream we would love that I mean what it was a network decision when they send it what do you -- three or they're on TV lessons they see matte oh they tune in and as a -- but when -- -- rocked elect had not somehow. I mean that's -- research how -- get a marketing thing we're only here but listen at the end of the day when -- three guys from Jersey and you wanna do a TV show. About this stuff they could have called the -- -- show -- I don't do it wasn't exactly like NBC was beating down our door to go -- Iraq talk show -- and you got a hundred shows under your -- so you know we can I can't throw stones because whatever they -- -- what do you guys don't work well yeah listen more and more certainly on the channel its best suited for the type of thing that we -- -- and -- and -- -- assuming I have to ask you -- -- you are in Seattle and in my -- part of that memo says when you guys debate what's the best -- assistance and you guys go back and forth. If you could -- one ultimate Seattle band which wanna be free to via. That's so tough make as I love all you don't -- that als and change sound garden Pearl Jam Nirvana -- That's a tough one forming an Iraq and Iran -- shirt today so. Yeah. I didn't you know because I was also I wanna get as I don't know exactly where every -- -- days and I do with them for three days like. We saw a man since two days ago Allen and Jersey and I was -- Aaron and that award again -- -- travels light gym here's my shirt and I can understand exerted Al -- zone and tomorrow night in Portland I'm probably gonna to change your cell I firefighter gas. I go Pearl Jam and. I can't pick one but I love the old school served as I love heart I love queen strike and -- -- ninety's movement might see sound garden because I just love corn Rolls Royce. Yeah definitely well -- -- -- you so much for being with -- and I appreciate you know because this is not your normal hours so really means a lot for -- -- hour time difference helped Xerox materials like it's 1 o'clock let's we can't have kids who were -- to -- -- -- well check -- any Chinese -- hello Don Jamieson tonight. They're gonna be hosting a live version of that metal show and more -- -- great comedy you're gonna get is a great music from which -- -- spell -- and of course a live version of stop the trunk. It's an -- course owns this 1 show 8 o'clock so get their go to Al Gore's -- Seattle dot com. Also make you check doctor show you -- Saturday night 11 o'clock on VH one classic contest for 73. Sky six game coming in thanks I haven't that you appreciate all the support and your boy Mike -- he's on a Saturday that's right yes. KI SW --