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Ditch and Gipsy with "The Devil's Ride"

May 8, 2012|

The BJ Shea Morning Experience interviews former KISW jock "Ditch" and biker "Gipsy" promoting the new show "The Devil's Ride".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We sent out our next guest -- giving us all false hope that we can actually do something really cool after radio please welcome Amanda once -- the airwaves of KI SW and is now created a show getting a huge buzz as discovery channel's next -- best thing. It's ditch along with -- wanted to stars of doubles ride Gypsy. Hey guys welcome guys. I do score. A man Microsoft did congratulations -- listen this is a great idea and it is awesome when you get to know a guy that was able to get a television show America's I know how difficult it's. Well okay it was good it's been quite an experience that and everybody. At some point their life has an idea for a show and I was I was sitting at a bar in Sturgis, South Dakota for five years ago it. I actually think the iron -- shrewd it was the year maybe your picture Seattle had a run in what AJ -- here in insurgents and report none of that. -- incidence and I was just stick it you know. The -- least to see what these quote and the prospects of these clubs. Go go through what I say in the agency I I'm intrigued by. The brotherhood of a motorcycle club and I got back San Diego on merit Gypsy and we -- the kitchen in my house talked about doing this and tonight everybody gets to meet your generous -- laughing no matter. Yeah and again it's on nine discovery which is Comcast channel ADHD 668. And Steve I've got two different I don't know I don't it's at 10 o'clock tonight on those channels that's right 10 o'clock on Discovery Channel. And I just -- of course shoot you are you are charged the laughing doubles from what I understand and I have to ask him and I I know your friends with ditch but. To give people an inside look into really what I think is the intimate relationship of a motorcycle club. How did he convince you to do that 'cause. I would imagine you guys kind of -- keeping don't wanna keep things tight within the brotherhood. Well you know thanks for having me on and and that. Yeah I'm the founding father black -- -- San Diego. And it it's not so much that you know I wanna give all our secrets away and -- -- -- totally put to go out there but. -- you know -- ditch. Told me about this and that is -- We had a brainstorm a little bit together and the comparative an opportunity for. The devils you to put it out there that. You know. I'll end here are about to promote their not they're not guys you know the -- both of Family Guy really -- the guys do their job they're little guys who you know Serbs. Faithfully in the end in the military for the country. And -- You know that's the true story that's what we're about. You know we're not out you know Cochran had to put on out you know killing people and so on drugs and stuff like that -- I would imagine you would admit. I would imagine that that's prone to -- misconceptions they see you gotta motorcycling you got the leather -- -- -- -- here. Laughing -- patches and really this is not motorcycle club they think motorcycle gang. They'll correct I mean you know that's just the thing that that this huge you know propaganda tool that law enforcement uses. Both on the federal level as well as on the local level. You know I think that that you know you got certain units you know gang -- -- verify that that specialize in knowing what we're about. I could help them you know show their need for their job to -- your superiors. And -- guys are so that I I think this is that stuck out the most to me what I meant Gypsy and Alaskan doubles and they they allowed me. A little insight and turn to roll them a little bit on it today. Dick this is not amid an apology guy Canada midlife crisis she wanted to go on bike bike. And ride I mean not like a wild all of us. For the big dagger and a dark headed off its list and get this in Gypsy and and and Billy Kidd Danny wood and all these guys are lucky -- Today the live the life and there is such a difference. Between when I -- -- brotherhood of what these guys go through every day of the club and the camaraderie a lot of which brought ports from. You know they're brotherhood as former Marines. And this is the continuation. -- -- And and I saw that -- -- -- there's such a story with these guys it's not run and gun as it's not out. Pushing drugs on people which of them being together as Brothers. And then be who dat by law enforcement and just the general public -- criminals just because. They're all wearing a rock patch on a path. I. I love the military aspect of that because we do. You know we have a big military presence here as you know did you end. You do hear so many stories of guys who as they have been and the brotherhood have served in the deployed and then they get out. And they just don't have their brother anymore and try to find a way to integrate back into society in a positive fashion. Oh that's OK you know being in the mile an avenue in particular that was actually stayed in the third -- Washington. At the at this Obey him and get that. -- that's you know I've been in combat so I put my life and somebody else prepared to name actually it's there to protect their life. And once you've had that once you've experienced that -- you're giving yourself up like that there's no going back there. You know you don't come back and and and work as bad so fast -- place. You know enterprise it and just kind you can credit. There's something that stack in Britain knew that you know didn't wanna you wanna -- Being with their brotherhood. Being what French at this you have that goes beyond just you know say -- -- each other or just you know just hanging out a little bit. We're going to have a couple of Beers it goes much deeper than that your family now your blood. That's a question -- and ask -- this might be a lingering question but I'm not a part of from a motorcycle club and -- -- -- of course we are fortunate to have good close friends and we get to see in my do you sense from time to time. So what exactly goes on when you're in a motorcycle club on a day to day basis is a daily thing isn't a weekly thing and I'm not trying to sound stupid here I just really I really don't know. No -- I mean that the 24 hours seven days a week thing I mean it's like an odd. You know as as the president I've got because it's 2 o'clock in the morning to come -- brother out because he broke down or maybe because -- look too much to -- and I need to go pick them up. You know it's like. I talked I talked to many of my members every day. And you know it just like he's just say IRA you know they usually get we got some common continued this. You know end their ideas of what can make your club better their ideas are what we can -- to support the community you know we we do like charity runs we do a lot of money that. Situated right here in San Diego. And so it's a constant you bottling process that their work every day. They were talking to I Gypsy was a founding father of the lasting doubles and these feel this is the motorcycle club that's being featured on the brand new show on Discovery Channel tonight at 10 o'clock. And it's called devils ride and you get on Comcast Channel 8 or HD 66810 o'clock tonight. And can't. -- walk besides people in the military what draws other kinds of guys to be in the club what what what is their motivation if it's not military to wanna be part of the brotherhood. You know that their motivation is it is very very personal victory not wanna leave something you know I'm always said. Could be part of something bigger than myself you know what they're looking for that brotherhood whether you know maybe. They didn't have a good upbringing or or something like that they're just looking for that you know their only child they they don't have any phone numbers here. They're looking great stuff placed -- a positive force for their life. The kind of guide him in a good direction. And you know I mean that's right yeah we have we have four military guy in the club that we also have mechanics actually we have. You know our Feldman we have guys that work corporate level jobs you know that would -- earn six figure -- and stuff like that. So it's like if it's a broad spectrum it's not just. You know the ex con are. But I got it doesn't have a job very you know it is looking for your son kicks the deal on a weekend you know it's a broad spectrum -- An end their reason you're extremely personal. You know I know for me is that -- it's -- -- their brotherhood that I. Don't have anymore with -- quarterback that you know someplace could be guys guys who love and and you know. -- -- Did you see one of our guys would -- -- -- jumping on this with jet ski you know giving a little bit of background of some of the members of the club. That background those backgrounds from every walk of life. Is what makes this show so interest. Because everybody brings something completely. Different to the table. You want to follow this guy on the -- for -- treason. You want to take this guy on the health industry now they're -- -- -- -- natural that -- natural everyday stuff that Gypsy goes -- with the club. And it's those backgrounds they're really they're really make this show. Is going to be entertaining and really you're gonna wanna watch it true for those reasons and you and you find yourself -- -- Childress such wild throw that out or. Are there other clubs in your area our turf for neighborhoods in what kind of problems do you have all of them. We have no idea where we're. We were up they have bottom rocker on the back to -- because no -- so we don't claim. See -- or anything like that. We're extremely neutral. There is there as well over thirty or forty. More so club appeared city would allow. Some large law and you know we get along with everybody you know we were out there because. We want to support each other because of the way that the public looks at because of the way -- local click -- that if we if we come together. And we fight those laws and we and we we put ourselves out there occurred to raise the money for the charities. And we were together you know united we stand divided we fall. And I did and -- shelled by the way. It's not it is not the Latvian doubles in -- I and the club had lots of its good conversations about this. About this not feel a lot can doubles. Trying to make a statement it would -- a bunch of -- they are the purposes this is widgets suggestion that it's so that. The real motorcycle club world to stand up and shake. -- man these guys are shoulder rest the world -- the crap that we have to go through for no other reason because we're aware and rocker on her back. Yeah you know it's did you cnet's I was gonna ask you dish that I wonder. And I'm Greta I love the show all. But I I've heard from -- I've heard from guys who are in clubs who say -- Sons of Anarchy is going to be shows it is really kind of hurts the world the motorcycle clubs. And it it was that kind of an impetus to go well we do this this shows on TV and all this is doing is helping -- be the anti propaganda. Was at a big reason perhaps is why you wanna get I show up to the show really what it's about. Yes and in what I would split that they -- that would shouldn't insurgents. Some of the crew Sons of Anarchy. There was film -- didn't feel it's under energy had not come out yet it was in production and it was. It was so yeah I did -- resurgence and read about it. And -- one of them that I learned it was fictional it's it was a comparison of The Sopranos district -- up. Quote take up where The Sopranos will leave off I think this happens to be a motorcycle club. But what I wanted to do would chronicle the real. Struggled all -- a prospect trying to get into a club you know -- he's not gonna just -- you BJ going to the culprit you're poor radio guy you have to prove yourself -- these guys here. -- I GH zero T like every he's like everybody else than I thought we did get a sweets when you look great with -- 111 -- -- -- -- throughout all of our rock my Star Trek shirt I'll give him. That's definitely not is Erik added that -- not just that the spirit good fit for the -- -- you know of the -- have to be a good good for you would well yeah I'm you know like like like this to fit everybody brings -- in the table. And it's like okay well you didn't get to the club but what are you gonna take from the club to. What's what's gonna be that's being. That special thing about because -- record gonna make your life better because you're a member of the club and you know our spirit and and trying to definitely a fanatic he really -- good shell at all it's just entertainment that's what it is you know if it's fictional. It's to make. The show people this fictional life of a life. Let you know in my opinion law enforcement has made -- motorcycle clubs are supposed to be like. But you know with this reality. Of the double drive. It's gonna show you know what. We don't have to be criminals could be a motorcycle club you know you can come -- and you go up the popular you don't have to be scared. Just because the way we look yeah you know we have big -- you may be you know full out there and an an outright and look at the -- the most complex -- You know we're we're just you know I hope door opened related IR and pull out because you know that's respectful -- -- and -- -- Lots say what I'm so -- for this show and it's called devils right it's tonight the first episode tonight in the Discovery Channel 10 o'clock Comcast Channel 8 HD 668. I did -- so proud free man I'm happy that this shows on there and -- thanks because I think that. You know showing the positives. Really the positive statement of a male brotherhood in the honor that men can have as well as may be reset what people think the motorcycle clubs I think it's always a worthwhile endeavor and I saw the I saw the trailer looks fantastic so I'm looking -- to be united to watch the show I appreciate you guys being with us. Not a -- think they're -- I take -- guys thanks to our guys you guys keep rocket and gentlemen appreciate it did stick in the mud. -- KI SW off.