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Rising West in Studio with The Mens Room 06-07-12

Jun 7, 2012|

Rising West is Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren of Queensryche along with Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory. They stopped by to chat about some Queensryche rumors and their two shows at The Hard Rock Seattle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm -- nine. And KI SW. It's -- -- back in the -- when you drive can now members of driving west. Making their debut here okay. Michael with the Wilton Eddie Jackson and Todd look Tory right as there right time on them do -- yeah I think governor and brother similar look yeah. -- we have a lot of people men who have we're listening online around the world and and waiting for you guys again and here tomorrow but given that and there's -- world -- translating and -- myself and I don't know that. Different languages that are -- present do you -- -- Moscow rock and -- probably the content on the way hopefully -- derived by the way I did okay all right all right we're gonna do my reunion officials who have just -- guitarist and you can play a little force would what's going on because. And strategy got the right way to start this thing Goodell after I know what happened what's going on and what's will listen on the world and he any news lately has been going on against. Well there's lots of news in the world. Especially in our area. Yeah we we have some time off this year so -- you have put the project and it's kind of turned into this. Monumental that expand and we're you know doing now does that kind of a side thing away from queen's Reich and we really want everybody to come check it out tomorrow and Saturday. The tickets. Are fifteen dollars yeah. That's okay so that's really that he has is not a art rock cafe death I don't tell people what -- -- -- -- -- I -- would says -- that's really does is often a side project and I mean. If you read the press releases. That that have been out there there there and they're in a number of different reports. As far as what went down and no -- and apparently. Like -- -- -- the whips did you guys get involved in like a -- gun battle or something like that the went horribly or narrowed. I can't really talk about that but my friend here he'll speak for me to get access Jerry. Yes do we do it from the Family Guy okay and it's it's Michael preapproved and from business okay that's it does Michael look close. The -- with them. It hails from the thousands of hell we'll get into Africa and well OK see you guys are allowed to -- got them. Now. But doesn't say does Mozilla. If I announce anything just minutes they were doing a lot of words that I could detect if you could appoint an H assailant as it has -- away -- Clinton. Yeah I mean lots there's lots of rumors on the Internet you know and -- you want to clear up enough you can bet there -- And Jack. Which you guys are a good place at this point yet we are really good place you know and I know you are saying formerly of queen's -- but we still very much are queen's Reich. And queen's -- will be continuing on and that's lawyer speak. And yeah. Yeah well you do at all here -- -- nervousness. You've been injured on the job that call Michael went well yeah yeah yeah. Now where -- you wanna just hasn't fallen decimal Reich you know bring back some memories and just -- it now. Or going way back we're going back to the EP the warning. You know rage for order operation mind crime and we've been rehearsing now for the last eight days I know it's not a lot but we -- Hold base that's a much they care about is generally okay. -- -- -- it's it's just leave the scheduling you know there's timers are -- -- just gonna happen in Iran and in the yeah right I mean Todd just flew in from Florida and you stand in my house emerges. Going over as many songs we Canon seven days eight days and we're gonna do show the nuts I knew you had to explain to people of Florida that should not leaving your mail. There's a good view of the quota like look for the record those vascular group Tumblr I am not not being all cavs. Leaving crimson glory I'm just -- marking another musical endeavor etc. etc. well a lot of people you know we've got -- -- Some shows in Europe coming up in August you know and we're writing -- new album. But you know I met Michael -- -- in. You know so once in A lifetime opportunity to -- is not Vietnam by the way yes -- no no no it's it's a large music convention -- California so on the jaw -- and introduce yourself out of that -- we're at a private -- dinner party. Because for a Seymour Duncan and we met there and had dinner and talked and it just kind of morphed from there and we've sounds like an MBA highlight real -- -- yes Simone done. Yeah right thank you can get and not for white people -- it's everything -- I love my little North America has more on the Pacific. Scott you made it thanks gun ML version I think I ran for the last three miles an hour as the cars on the freeways though no way. As intimate or I don't know sorry Priscilla you guys it's -- that's our that's our and our -- glad to have you guys in here what's. Let's see here. I will offended that an offense W guys and releasing -- -- here and -- and of us who we think we need to handle the duties but the -- in his -- thank -- very much -- And you -- wonderment is that natural did you and you don't even like with a vocal coach or no suddenly comes to you and you can just hit those notes and I can just hit the notes. Romance sure you -- come out -- -- how do you discover you can do negatively we hear your vocal little wide. Com I'm -- I'm I don't know I've never had lessons I'm I'm not. Here's -- -- -- power -- -- -- -- look at it doesn't mean we rehearsed today and you know we're we're. Plan all the old classics and I can belted out just like the record but you're not like -- number playing behind karaoke track nine or nine behind our members of -- primary -- got to see no difference in it's amazing because I'm I'm a drummer my whole life you know 2425. Years -- -- thirteen. And to it to be watching you know one of my largest influences on drums two feet from me playing. It's it's an amazing. Thank you could then they send the keys are used to playing when I leave the room to go to the rest when you have when he leaves I -- -- can I and I am not I'm not having the kind of visiting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean did they're gonna hear songs that some of these the band has never performed live and if they haven't been twenty plus years ago. How do you just figure out like -- you don't when -- go that far back and I and they go right you listeners shuffle and that's that's a really cool do we have to play that probably super record like. How did you go through your decision making so you don't do is played so and so from 25 years ago. Well some of it was easily -- you know through the years it's the list from the fans. Over a long time that it wanted to hear a bunch of that material and so we kind of start -- that. Although that's a big list and then -- -- look at and go okay well what do we want to play. And you know we're playing like like I was saying to some great stuff that we haven't touched for quite awhile. And it would brings us. Non -- just based on. I don't know playing festivals and -- play and you know to the attention and swatting hit sir you don't mean is is that is that more a matter of just the -- lol you guys personally choose of them that. Is that why -- an iMac can play a lot of the older stuff. You know I mean it's like all different reasons why we -- and I think some of the older stuff but I you know for us now it's just kind of us wanting to reach back. And do all that so. You know it just bring him or bring in the metal -- back. In its -- show I gotta be honest some little recession -- the bringing metal back is that really metal and a half. Have to bring him hesitant hey this could be a great use for you guys to it is you know just too young -- and no bailout so hard every -- -- -- -- how many good time we crack up it's a great time it really feels. You know I mean even Michael today said man I've. You're taken me way back you know mean that there that's being black he says that's. It's. He doesn't have a -- -- all this. I'm -- there dude yeah. Yeah. I strategy behind him dinner -- -- ready to change it doesn't just I didn't get around from the Mindanao part of the process unity -- mirror on all the time to look into -- you know a drug -- development belliard out on -- life throwing off the track -- ever tried that -- out Pedro and I'm here it's. I don't know I think I had thought I was with. Glad because the other played a couple of shows here at the hard rock cafe first time that anyone will be able to actually see rising west tomorrow on night and Saturday night and -- what's the plan from there is there. In recent you guys have a year off for what of the deal is is it -- -- studio involved as far as put -- original suffers more focus on the old stuff what I'll tour what's. What's the road ahead look like -- is it just kind of why don't. And at this point you know the road ahead is a daily process for us but we're keeping an open to all of that to be honest. More music together. Playing shows and more music together in the studio and you know this week -- is kind of the beginning of I'm beginning to be honest I recommend hey maybe they listen in all honesty and taken to anybody ever -- rising whatsoever do another show again read you something else that we do -- -- -- in my dinner differ Monica earned an hour now so this is. I didn't get any Gaza and once again back to the legal speak I don't know very well over now and I had a long chat with he told me that I call him the guy with a tie. Okay this guy this time I am thinking that there's a -- that's the way the world goes into a lot. Always you don't. You know it's it's it's it's one of these businesses where it's very difficult at times. To understand who owns what or who is entitled to what or in -- its foot down on paper and if it is early on a whenever I mean. See this many times before with people who own names with the you know hell you doing -- -- Guns 'N Roses right now as far as who owns all that and -- MMX seventy and we haven't been hello. Now I mean to me that this -- garbage that you could say like placing the all -- that was blown call in the so blacks outside men elect Democrat goes on but. We'll -- groups and -- and I hardly knew is a one of these deals trees in the guys like a man and you know because -- read that several Geoff Tate did your favorite singer. -- -- the guy hasn't played tournaments like why wouldn't wanna do this every day. But were they suspicious when you say Atlanta pol my Anderson was out and are -- like I have -- -- do you -- you know I mean. Obviously the the friendship side admit their their happy forming they wanted to do it -- you know professionally I'm sure that there's. You know some some concern you know that they don't want to crimson glory to be you know diminished it's not we're still. Writing and but you know what it's not a full time touring band. Like like with these guys do and you know yet if anybody would we do what I'm doing. But no I -- -- anybody would do -- I'm doing but they're they're happy for me I mean that it's it's a very similar genre bowl -- are pioneering bands of the progressive metal genre. And so that it's gotten a lot of cross promotion for crimson glory. And -- the queen's -- fans are like who's this guy you know so -- exposed both sides of the of the dial you know and it's all for the level of music and that the style of music that we play in this style of locals that I sing. You know it's it's more of a rare thing you know it's not as mainstream but the following for crimson glory and queens right. Are the most loyal -- diehard fans. That have been following bowl bans for 25 years -- transcendent thirty years for queen's Reich so I mean these are the guys that write the music. They play the instruments you know -- the embodiment of these songs that we've all loved. You know and so for me to be able to come in and be asked to perform these songs is an honor. And I mean I say and do it justice I've you know I've ever read you at least at least the one clip I heard that was up on I think. Her mouth -- -- -- little disappointed that the console doesn't look for our local ability of my enemy you'll do when the -- there is a lot of fun I mean I have personal attachments are some of these songs. You know my grandmother passed away I remember writing my car listening to a song roads to madness mean these songs resonate with me in a different -- so when I sing it it comes from my heart. You know and I think you've you know when you see a live performance you'll you'll see. What's the reaction been in that you brought to queen's -- folks who -- so what's the reaction and you were you -- a man who's this guy. At that they've been embracing -- and furthermore is a requirement that all of you Wear black I mean the one thing you got an airless underrated I mean my god. When they leave here -- -- fighting another group of Ninja's -- and breaking their fast. Yeah I honestly they're all. And amazingly. -- their funny I mean they you know they don't have families that are beautiful families I mean they're all. Down to earth real people no egos it's it's amazing yeah I mean I feel very welcomed. I don't feel like a quote hired gun. I mean I'm I've been. Offered. Very equal say in the set list it and even even the logo. I mean I was very integral part of creating -- logo we all. Talked on the phone conference calling doing all these things a man announced it's all sorts of -- again we're all we're all very much on the same page of the fan response has been just crazy we're gonna it's going remembers data were released this. Idea it was just last week. We had to show our computers off turn our phones are calling each other laughing about it because it was just to blow up festival. Of people were responding you know this is they don't like that ever sense though. You gotta run to Matt yeah yeah without question without question and and that has to be one of those things where it. Not major advantage of surprise that the these are the same time and things like hey look the fans behind us and that's that's that's a good thing we got people flying in from Japan and everything that just arrived today all. -- -- I'm actually flying infants and snohomish. -- -- -- Always he ran a really got to say it then you of their rear tire life haven't. So I tomorrow night the hard rock cafe and then Saturday night is easy Kawhi. We talked about and what happened in Oklahoma. We'll with a band down there is that something that we can address is that legally able or what happened in Oklahoma there's a festival called rock -- And basically what they do is say they bring back some of some of the metal bands from the day glam. Pop up progressive and Emery wells put a lot of upstaged her two or three days in the middle of the big corn field and you know. At noon like you'll see sacks and are. And -- grim reaper Janet ray goes on -- -- going to see jackal you saw the marionette jungle Jesse was in the dressing room right now right right right he was usually does on land adjacent on terror. -- we can do the lumberjack deaths yeah which is that when he closes the show with always you know we've got to chips enough back -- with the g.'s place -- -- and I just. Underscore something cut but I would cap -- the. But they're getting you know it's as the night goes on the days of on every day you know they're they're bigger they're bigger lineups are bigger bands well you know of course -- bargaining and -- close in the Saturday -- -- and -- you guys played this year. You played you in the years past. And but but but this year was a little bit different I guess. Was that the crowd that was different. You know. For us. It was a great show and we had a great show -- there was some. Other comments made by other people in this -- -- technical glitches have a real time okay good so we had a great time and we are they now have a good time. But yes a little bit but whoever that might clear what those people might be you wouldn't I why did -- let -- design world the city thunder jerseys in the Crowder -- I'm not sure to be restored kind of trying to figure out -- -- It's just one of those moments in the -- I like I I don't understand what's happening here I'm gonna -- -- always been a great place for us how about Brazil and I'll talk about Brazil. Whatever the results. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you know what's okay what's not how much lays out what information is easier to do -- you about it we are likely do's and don'ts of the top. I really great time. As musicians and doing our thing was sure everything else but there's also some other really great stuff coming down force. You know -- in Queens right and all of that. There's a lot of detail. You know the -- real of the Internet is full of that the rumor mill that you can get into your web filter -- thing to explain. What we're doing and and you know what that what the future's gonna -- right now it's kind of a day by day thing for us -- -- Many of our video here's the other and song. That's why it was in the right the president was just sort of you know away we go out get to know Todd do some music together with no strings attached. And then see what happens after the weekend. Jenna and sofa like -- since day by -- atomic has entered into yeah I guess what that's like -- we live our lives on -- artistic my friends -- listening to this element to Obama talked to the guy with the Thai chicken how much. Yeah I try to take my prized right now the until -- so. The legal world how how soon how soon will you guys know what what's able to be done -- able to not be done an eighth and is this. Is this something that was set so long ago that sure is it's is it like. Oh god a marriage that happened 25 years ago where you gotta go back and look at the paperwork and see what what was done. Early on to figure out what what's the common in the future is one of those -- delegate you don't pay child support. Well yeah I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To any bands who are starting out right now on getting ready to sign a record deal and making it trying to make it in the business is there any advice that you would give them in hindsight. From this experience. That would be something good for them to know for down the road in case they do. Become successful at queen's Reich can -- do make it in the world is there is -- one thing that you would tell them from this experience that you would make it. A band agreement. OK I got to turn up just minutes everything on paper is always good. And just know everything about what you do otherwise a guy that -- knows everything twister touched -- for you know decades we've known you guys for a long time and you know the history of what we've done for thirty years we've. Had good things happen to us bad things happen to us bad decisions learning from our mistakes you know when those of the biggest things that we could tell anybody is. The music is you know being good in writing that's all part of it but you gotta know your business you -- know the people that are working for you got to trust them how much is that -- How did it because I'm a business you know everyone can anyone is trying to get a record contract they're not going to business school to be lawyers you know and obviously it's a little passion for the -- of the dominant viewpoint of the reality of it is like. You still need to know the scrap and I was you've been around what thirty years so it's. It comes up from time to time but it is it's still annoying now even thirty years later Oregon -- manually if not into your poll result of -- take your focus off what the art of pursued to turnaround no -- I got the -- What do we need to know it never gets any better yet just don't like it. And get to know it. And get good to have -- -- just put up with it you know I mean I was kind of part of the reason why I was late I got hammered with twelve phone calls. Is 'cause he's like rehearsals -- Eli to look at the magic don't go I don't I don't think you're -- and I think that's -- -- -- the -- that the bar. Breaking windows. -- -- -- I think that that's that's that's a criminal credit to glories just hired a new lead singer and yeah. Just happen again monogamous. Both of them so let's see there is a corner here we are being denied access or own FaceBook page that's gonna be awesome. Think we -- Louisiana and that's going to be event and a world that I was very -- I would on the ladder held that. I know it's funny we actually look at each other I'm glad you guys -- -- -- -- I -- -- in my little -- I don't know -- -- -- 200 displacement is not my thing and now -- got me on Twitter now Madonna -- -- As that must be nice is gonna be really. Shirts and a half I would get a lot of fans on their and that's how you communicate with -- -- the eyes and everything else I mean totally honest about it's a big support than ever -- as FaceBook and social media all that stuff you know that. That's just part of the but right now let's dealing with right now death. Did you do comments in the comments section of course it's so it's like our. We can do the FaceBook where there's an article about the man in my comments section from her -- we tried that to position your shoes did you guys read the comments these are not are comedies to come these are comments about rising US does it says that it. As is rising was denied access to queens right website and the comments and this is one of those things where -- I I personally get a kick out comment section more than anything else. And and there are all over the place and we get it to -- like emails that we suck where this -- day whatever. It's a torture of one -- is Tate's got a liners overwhelming. Is does that a severe goatee and -- -- says I will do my part to get the word out. And I will be -- rock on Saturday wouldn't miss it. I think it's ridiculous that a bank can use their own merits to advertise but oh well kind of like John Fogerty getting sued for using his own -- -- -- -- like that isn't Tom -- dead. His brother did that and he still can't go out -- credence Clearwater. Distrust and concerns. Volunteers know this a complete joke yeah I can see lawsuits having -- -- rising less doesn't take off I would think Phil. Come begging back to -- we're talking about Tate right here another one can't we all just get along mountain. This -- says -- juggles -- meat balls -- And goes on and on and on and when I was coming back in for everything you know taken everything they've put it Aaron does look very -- -- it's -- -- thought up until it's bad and I've been very little that's a little hope that you were just in Brazil and I. Think that the Clinton. How the name rising lets him about does that one of those things rules to make this decision tonight and and then come up with a man. -- it always came up with sound good yeah we came up with the west that's kind of like the initials of some of the guys here and man -- and housing about the -- governor mark yeah. Yeah hey I can really know how. If you think it's like -- putts and made it -- -- yeah. Matter of getting their the -- rising -- one death grip on them and weren't where we live in the west. Yes we do this forgiveness and saloon and -- -- a torture which -- Seattle so for how long do you even in the area it would have you been here before on -- is not -- my first time here it's. Today it's pretty nice tonight is -- well when I when I first came out it was like pretty blue skies and he was I was like man this is really cold -- in the topography is great Florida's flat -- in army we have beautiful I'm the winner John it certainly -- the -- landscape. Right -- then palm trees in here I mean you have all the collars the landscapes are beautiful. And then like the next day was like I was put a Hulk -- -- look you don't look like you're you know on a jet -- and -- I think it I don't look like that and you know I'm I don't even go to the beach and I live ten minutes from the beach and I don't even guarantee that it's gotta be cool as somebody -- listen to this ban all your life has been. In advance for twenty years to really come to Seattle I mean I would I would have to think that that's that's very cool deal longer has any of the city in yeah I mean Amazon music and everything else and to succeed in Seattle. Is like in my mind nowhere else in the world because. The lot of picky people here who enjoy their music and enjoy -- point of you know getting into it in her first cellphone if you succeed in Seattle my mind you can succeed anywhere. Because I mean it's there it's a really nice place and I'm glad I had a lot of down time to explore and -- see too much because we've just been rehearsing a lot but. You know I'll be back and you know elected -- the guys take -- around and it's really nice and even -- -- little program I mean that that's pretty much don't even drink. I don't even know we've now adding -- -- -- and it's a good thing for -- very well what you told me today -- Had a better and oh a lot of dollars and and so via phone can -- so so which when you guys can talk can you come back in the studio I mean when it's love to the peninsula and the guy I would just I guess I'd like Texas I am not gotten I. We gonna send you guys can talk about certain stuff when you can't talk economy you know we wanna promote the show one more people show tomorrow night in the senator at the hard rock but. But we would like to find out just bring our guys are gonna sleeve for the right -- Pressures are no comments. The president -- you cannot hit on one out of love for you Ronald trying to she's attractive woman -- tonight in -- in trouble and yeah. I very definitely cannot do that or his daughter off limits when -- -- -- -- he's got -- -- -- -- -- -- is that with very -- yeah. It's harder and harder Corcoran the sales will go nowhere else and absolutely does he wore him tonight Parker does need to have the I think teachers you know yeah quite the string of students though right you and sometimes you'll just didn't rehearsals with them. You just couldn't make his sometimes status eye socket. If I mean -- nobody -- gonna see you guys have both shows on Friday and Saturday got it right and he went to court so he did he did spend some time it's arson -- all right that's correct OK so when you we knew we introduce you get to say. Man whose. Yeah yeah yeah Bob Gibson I did the holiday Zdeno musician. Parker -- -- -- -- that hadn't. -- right right thing westside. The hard rock cafe there also played a show on a Saturday night and and what -- in his fifteen bucks to get an. For the very first time legacy the man known as rising less tomorrow night and Saturday night the hard rock cafe in downtown jail thanks guys are gonna be very lousy URLs they regularly doing it right after these.