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Kim Thayil on the Mens Room 10-04-12

Oct 4, 2012|

Kim called in and we chatted about beer, recording the new album, touring plans and Kims favorite radio show ever.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I was -- satellite someplace on shore very very far away very far away I can tell you there. Patrick you have -- -- we we have a bit of a delay in the phone that you are you calling -- to -- far away are you calling from Europe is that why you couldn't -- to talk I'm guessing -- down the hallways at the last time you are here we we we take you often end and you don't wanna comment are you doing the media I think every year you talked us and you -- other people. You gotta love that man haven't you woke up fired up about. Her record of -- who did you just talked to -- -- -- -- -- Or -- Fresno. Fresno Fresno look what is the question you keep getting the most and I know this -- and as a sockets like you got -- eleven call now that's exciting and then you have to do this kind of thing. You know right I pick will beg the question. I think you have to a couple of years ago where we're in the studio there are those are the worst ones that you heard so our -- noted that the worst would we Bristol giving him he's. I think if Jim are you are yeah are you are -- excited men about about the new coming -- I know you've you've been -- -- -- -- on the -- I think that's dumb question try to -- -- -- -- -- -- the opportunity for you to say you know -- I was frankly I'm not excited about this at all. Right -- well. Well if that we're going to be untrue come from a very excited about it the movie and we've we've been how long it's been like a year and a half we've been proud of since -- -- -- thing studios. And I'll go between in between. But it Pearl Jam touring commitments and -- solo touring commitments we've kind of been working way of the from a record so yeah I mean -- it's a good. I have -- eat it I love the album although yes it would not perhaps you're among got a ticket here in response to say how many times have you -- so far. -- quite a bit of -- that we've been me in and out of the studio over the past Europe probably longer than a year and a half. But it's great because every time I get to go in there and then add another departure saying all of sudden it's refreshing I love the mr. militants and are you that guy where -- -- go back. Listen to some Benoit there's one more thing I can pad and then and then you find yourself doing it. You have also got ever more liberal America have a public we kid you know looking in third -- -- -- drawing a picture of how to move on in the need to retrieve a family and you put him executed dog in your draw here at some point with the really cool lifelike picture of -- -- house with a son and a three to be -- you like war seeing the dinosaurs and their number and tell offense hasn't. I think -- have to dig that we've got to look back and -- geez if only I could just take that part out. I was always easiest thing to do because all you have to do the tree was to start with -- -- president edit that out all the burden. It sometimes it just telling us stump and in the birds would be like the seagulls by the by the -- you know -- look back -- -- are you yes that's that's the kind of I have since we've been in here in you I'm sorry getting its due you your your and your media -- it up here because we actually got to -- raider in our office. But out of west yeah you didn't have to beat her that well -- -- -- -- -- don't -- the -- that was the last -- kilometer -- -- against. If you do he's an old style not only rock brewery and they were talking about some great Chicago -- we large -- -- -- and Ballard and trying to. No I haven't but I did look it did look it up and have been prone to guard down there's so you can but but couldn't then I have been to Chicago place. -- and brought back -- couple cases of both spoke. Nice I just all that's yet you don't allow blues thing. Yep -- how would you do you get off the plane you go to Russia started scooping it up. And I don't argue that that's what I'd do anything at that that it. Do you have you had a chance to try Wii has since and since you've been up here a much gonna put this on us and just wanted to know we we got a bureau of brewed by a lesion. Called men's -- original read and a portion of the proceeds go to the Fisher house and and veterans have you have you seen that out to be -- -- tasty yet. Europe -- may have taken that there's a few lesion Beers who have had or book that's come to the dark bottle with the screen tournament. Ray McGovern -- threat. Well that's what I'm mad at bedroom I know your beer -- a sore and I know you like to be also -- -- -- to -- you know different. Yes exactly I've just -- distributors sewer gift it's. What is that what is the plan now Timmy doesn't go on the road for awhile after the album's release is that right and so are -- in a matter of some contribute group with. Program as well also we're gonna have to -- tourism romance I think there -- bold step -- get up there and play these -- -- to -- rehearsing them later in the month. And get get the wholesale -- -- -- it does Matt Cameron suffer any fatigue -- -- quality guys is doing small stone resort island I -- it Pearl Jam and then. We're going to go on -- sound garden I'm noticing the guy is like like we're well all of her songs -- read my arm to tell me. Yeah I think I think he probably does on I wouldn't be -- to do what do you have that scheduled pretty crazy but -- my guess. Figured now's the time that he feels he has that kind of strength and energy. So you have a -- I mean you but you could act like a ten year old kid employ about your chest and say hey look man this is my ball this is my -- you know you can -- the content and play with a -- I -- the ball I got a first to known and I definitely had to when I led the team who. But as well. If I could certainly but you guys it's been fifteen years you know so it's it's. It is an -- it is just as far as where you guys are as people now you know I it just is that the fifteen year timeframe. Where everyone is in their lives it is it if it does that it everybody's more grown up. A little weird world does that make does that make a -- does that make it -- has typically look at my wife says you need to girl while -- is saying is can you stop being fun. -- -- -- Well I if I have good you know I -- that's what I think of about growing up dreamed I'd. I don't drink credited northern college but very few of those two of the paper there's others are people out there who don't do that you know and they would again do you have like that'd take it to a lot of guys went through a lot of guys and bad to certainly got better. -- -- -- from the developed a problem there and easier to compare rebel looks great you can always tell the game a lot of weight between now homes. The -- aspect you don't talk about this. What is what about this has been older and having your look through the more grown up and having your perspective just. Just emotionally which I think the biggest. Be enjoyable things enjoyable or not go out what to sabotage ourselves we're drifting through our guys are prone to do you know. And what do what about just that the creative process and -- The music is one thing but like you wrote so what non state actor on -- on the new and a little dirt -- that federal music curfew others went with the -- the same song though that's the same point where you would be twenty years ago or is it. In other words who is who I know your mind was still politically active obviously you know your smarter guy but I mean would you would you -- right about the concept. No I didn't because you know which represented the band we have four guys couldn't. I don't think we ever. You know agreed in any particular. You know we get a consensus on how would represent ourselves politically or socially we share by and large I think most political and social and cultural sentiment. With each other having grown up together. But I knew I would want to speak. On behalf of Chris term morale welfare and I don't think those guys you're I would want proof. Two. You know speak on behalf of what's politically -- we have discussed both things remote door discussions are about music you know. Plus got to -- job -- -- Germany does if he did a deposition a song -- -- Chris Benoit and I got to -- this -- lateral on things I'm saying and you know who can detect and protect ever. As I paid actors and as political but I think there -- put a press release that did that that. But big referred to reduce the you're not politically more than it's just because definition only more pro American history thing. And it's -- great -- take heed these particular position at all or is so on get it was a hundred -- public defender but -- will be comfortable Phillip -- what I do. What about just just you know I know we were to sit down and and whatever happens at fifteen years we would do this show get -- we've continued to do what are we had no whatever I think I would hope that we would be a little bit better individually -- the show and that's probably being a little presumptuous as would probably do these terrible. But after fifteen years are you a better guitar player you know is -- a better drummer do you it is it is it is it isn't a different is ready -- -- -- an element there. Yes everybody is definitely better I think that's partly from experience -- arm while Matt's staying busy you know half decade they contribute even if you're. Everybody who. Played played the number of other musicians over the years so you learn from bats there and is it -- or not there's. Being being younger wilder is a great element you walk in here and playing guitar certainly have been rock. Of kind of being a little bit more current alert and aware of what you're doing you've also -- boarding and make I think there's a certain discipline that comes with with. Growing up which you know a total. All right Kim please tell us that that they'll be a date here eventually for sound garden it's big enough for everybody to come to the party even if you're lying just say look I don't just. All right I'm not lying and everyone feels that something that we should have done by now but Ers schedule is such -- taken us elsewhere Aaron. All of you know went through the year ago we're party or something if they're the Key Arena Vick got changed because there's other. Shows in other -- we are nice words unless there. Now I remember -- -- got to remember -- We love him as a fifteen years Elmo army's current Madison's it has all the religious. It may yourself included Sesame Street and -- because in the middle finger up there doing cookie monster rights just as well -- -- big burnout thing I think world that. -- Kim hopefully we can see the studio hopefully be a chance to see you soon. I always always a great time talking to you thanks -- I Love Lucy you guys who have been most recently when commuting to rehearsal. In my -- that a studio always yes it COX. We weren't studio execs are under the mixing the record homeland road you're right -- -- always win no matter remains we've talked so much smack about you got some hoping you can hear them under the -- -- the ten most terrible stuff Max and I haven't heard it big terrible aren't cool yeah. Thank you project particularly -- that's -- do all summer -- keep -- -- check -- men's room at -- -- around 7 o'clock we're told America I'm gonna. Thank you can't -- percent of men and thanks to -- -- -- you'll like Nike buy your albums. I think that's what we a couple of guys that I Alexandra give -- That failed to do list of the show.