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Nov 20, 2012|

Steve The Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and The Rev have the band "The Jilly Rizzo" in studio and they play three songs. We talk about the TV shows that make us cry. STP talks about going to a radio conference with BJ Shea. STP reviews BJ's major meltdown during a panel.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I totally what -- keyboard that is keyboard there was like. Return missiles -- And I -- you a student. Do you do or whatever it didn't know we'd still be enjoy and then come back to delete do you know yet. If you ever awarded the world famous cheese. Are you would implement some sort of shocked. A lot. But a lot of honesty and if you don't know what you want to ensure there is no country. -- -- -- -- Exactly what are -- -- who listen to the Iraq. Yes. Log online to check. An easy. -- -- Okay. Syria. All do no wrong -- times I don't know man so -- -- seeing. You get nine and Steve the producer. Here's my good friend -- -- -- Some call Michelle what we come there no way go oh my. He's not here right now but he'll get here probably eventually but that doesn't matter who needs that jerk you know. Well it's a very exciting time for me when a male friends is here in the studio -- his new band. This is going to be a lot of fun you guys you ready. -- -- All right top B I'm very sad every studio that -- -- hello everybody and this is awesome. My old friend -- that in his new project RE ST I am good do we have him up. We just trying to make sure can -- -- via check or is Steve. It's him he's very well known -- compliment him you would jump on that microphone and then during the performance how are you Steve. Oh yeah and -- all that really none of that ever even half -- and -- -- greatly hinder me to know and demanded anything it's. Not cast. Do you swear -- years and -- will -- reasonably okay where it's. Company and. It's like a reunion of -- so you guys been awhile named precious to hang IMB you could have been been in these buildings in forever long time since I was existence since I was dismissed -- has got the new elevators yet that's right we have a nice guy to have on my dad thought. -- and I used to work together or downstairs over at the end necessary reminiscing as percent of all this stuff up about a time in Queens of the Stone Age came in I think. Sadly the production level was about at this point. For those guys. Yeah we just -- -- -- the posted three but it -- and a lot of fun and I yet I mean. And known you forever -- yeah I've been a fan of every project you've done from Como welcome scorer thumb over. Guns and there is any awful kind yeah yeah. He's still there. I didn't see stool but I -- ST there was the one snow game against us when we're in school in -- hit singles -- -- I. Guess it's automatic yeah. A drop in the drop will Wear it still isn't good data lineup of bands low in this -- -- the drummer fell off to have a roof and broke his back we did the Fuhrman the Swedes. Yes alleging he LeRoy I do remember those guys we did a cover medical stool and would you guys cover. -- -- -- yeah Nielsen chief Lemmon pipers afflict some good stuff for adult. Stuff to hold stuff I. I have whenever you Kurtz of C topographic. That's OK I don't worry I'm you don't have another donut and I don't you know good and -- to protect the children -- -- -- -- -- Well it's it's great to have you knew how long is -- -- -- -- now been together is. Well it's six months. Yeah six months in your Iraq now we got this started -- my. So low record. But then it was like come I got to go out and play everything eased myself. Right. I needed to kind of rallied on trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah it's it's great I'm real real fortunate to play with this so how do you find dog this great group of -- album I've been listening to alive since you you -- me up with a record and it's it's awesome from the beginning and so many great -- to -- different vibes to all the songs to which is there's been a lot of fun I mean there's some more mellow stuff there's. History sort of music on this -- as oppose all the other records for racquet dam which is really just have top yes disguise it was electric guitar -- Under -- street cred if you had to -- all these guys -- -- Terry on drums and yet here. We landscape together. In the eighty's why we jumped in dumpsters together and got. It's Qaeda cell -- then the baby's diapers on our Jeanne. That's a good lesson right there don't burn bridges around yeah around. So then he was kind of he just kind of take a sabbatical for what like twenty years. Yeah it's easily just we got him off the couch and then tomorrow I've known here for like twenty years. I met her through the girl trouble camps all -- singing group that she actually. You Stewart in the community world theater in Tacoma were all those bands starters. And -- I want her birthday parties are you serious and catch you. Oh wow. Now back as a trend yeah -- you know it's my birthday party you were just there celebrating kind of I flyers it was aren't liars. And then. I'm Willie we brought into the band about. This morning and it's this is part of a total of Lilly -- 662. The age range and a man married man and his six. Does exist and that. Yeah from six to sixteen individually resulted in death the guys on the second album from the -- to sixty yeah -- we want. Tomorrow we don't have. That's why I usually does and I oh run Grimes is the phenomenal we met through Craig's list at believe another actually work for music music so. How can I ask -- and -- yeah -- experience and your thoughts. It is weird yeah yeah I should not be immediately -- was a little bit yeah. And she Kelly over here who is. Boom he's actually a lawyer. -- hill lawyers forget that you know real. Do views and maybe if you can I don't know if you customers any ever get a cease and assists for a man and I can't talk about none of OK after that I had not gonna go into this. I. -- Zach and I die before we started you said now you're down a member. Yeah we have you have to talk about the story this is -- -- you're gonna love this story so there's an awesome would you like to read these OK we had we done that we had. Listen when -- streets mid sixties man ha ha there at the end of the end of last week and then the last week. Sure we had a guy the moose from out of and incorporated Kitsap county. Time was playing keyboards and he's a great great organ players like six year old guy but he'd never ever played in original man he never. Played in Iraq brand -- car so we've played this gig in this album is called the evolution of the temple garment which is a play on -- A more Monica way of life. And I'm not and does so anyway thinking you know I NN I mean anything any disrespect but I thought people could maybe. Stool out the hole in of undergarments. We could prove by -- a very good okay all right ranks I'm not a Mormon I don't know yeah. So anyway he apparently took umbrage to this unbeknownst. Any of us we didn't know anything about it and then I'm the ice not a Mormon. We don't know now he's he's. Big fan of war no not at all yeah. Religion yeah -- candidates everything. So anyway where were his. Send a practice and in these sim is Gmail if you'd like to read the Internet you want me to yeah yeah this is -- this is Larry we've had any contact -- -- We're doing to turn off one of these lights because I don't know about you guys some cooking and OK yeah and -- -- a millionaire wanna see which one works better Soledad here. Which one you like I think that looks fatter OK and again that -- the -- you'll see the guys over there now. That's mostly. I had there I don't know that it's -- -- less. He play out there and we're about -- -- pretty passionate mess message artist just or even warmer continuing in the mood lighting guy so this is up from your board and play loose from the -- But now is -- -- were being called the mood was this thing I'll. He was called himself because -- are right here yards. Up nicely sets a mood music sorry -- The quote unquote garments joke at this guy mark was strike three -- -- Besides being tone -- unwilling to do anything about it you've got some serious grizzlies. I want no part of the republic -- Miami this week keeping your again goodbye. Wow that's true absolutely. Hi I had my daughter album title for the night I got. Now on one but I don't zillion dollars. So what was yeah. Quote unquote garments joke of the so the thing about I -- -- just -- yeah who would seem we we can't figure out what the first two strikes work so we never I don't know the first. Strikes are what really I don't have any any things. No I've been on and I've been on a -- ridiculous your and my band played the -- dynamite when my favorite moments let's. There's another band that was playing with us and Gemma teller is meant Jackson legendary DJ -- in the box and yes yeah that's a horrendous since then and I think if these if someone doesn't know you're stuck SNC humor. They might get offended by the they've finished -- -- and you went up on stage right before you straight out like to thank god Jim in the box isn't obvious that guy's -- censor me. Virginia. Is a good. There are just clapping and then you have an act cause. You know comedy the -- so Florida it is and I mean I could view of one of this type of jokes I would yeah. I was bluntly I don't know but the commanded the stuff that would come out of this guy is not a I can't -- she's going to be here all night yeah. -- should tax the Mets game when our strikes one in straight to Lyle do that when he comes over Google's. Your name on them. -- -- I don't know I guess I didn't -- I -- yeah. -- your TV dampened on the oh well I know as they get in Korea in their -- because he played the accordion right which is great but he needs. Suitcase -- the -- snare drum and -- got so we're gonna hollow out the accordion thing. My friend's gonna get an accordion I got myself -- it's. -- -- taken pictures of all occurs just moments later moos Q adding new ones until it's all right keep forgetting there's a kid here. Yeah. All musicians there. -- -- -- curses of the man it's been six cars I'm are sixers. I think I have only one was your sleeves and what was markets that's fine it's I seriously am I doesn't curse this is my -- I just wanna. One of my Miramar as a member have momentum. And during what are your hiatus is be -- came back and and that he wrote that song -- hey do you sorry. We're -- calm out I had the radio -- -- Desert -- Amanda Smith I'm really glad you guys a year we'll talk more with the guys in the sec but I figured it now's a good time to do a song I've always a song I think in my case because probably your songs don't have any curses and we'll get copy of -- -- -- yeah I'll tell you why did did you -- did you listen to the grandmother -- America yes okay or my we won't plan. You'll be playing that there was suicide has got to do if we're gonna do shuttle talk of love which doesn't have to be believe it's right. No okay cause a lot of supporting criminals are people even though shuttle -- yes I don't know example -- does this not my apparently moves and neither. Maybe he got his tempo he got his silicon constantly garment yeah. So really I don't. -- atop the as a young I had music video cameo pressure and I know we're gonna do what you camera -- again to really good friend Dominique and rodeo. On this summer using two cameras -- -- the same so there won't be as weird color royals look good though the when everybody in wider wider gap. Most horrible -- ever in the history world. Yeah I thought I'd pass that test in my got over TJ -- And I'm -- -- and also before we get anything else -- -- tavern on Friday which is next Friday November 30 yeah over are you guys play with a -- -- and that is -- that's going to be Michelle yes -- will be and if anyone has -- seen -- -- Rizzo and I haven't -- you guys like Vietnam by -- live and it's always a fun -- maybe he'll come out the media will. -- the licenses okay. You know what I wish I wish I could say you're wrong you get -- completely right. Got a you have smile in the world says he's and I told you that she's a three yard dashes and well let's do this -- -- result shuttle -- of love on the institute's test. Want you three follow. -- -- Malls and I don't know I don't know. Okay yeah. Is that. 1230. Is that it's all there. Tonight. Don't know -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- okay. I don't know. -- yeah. Okay I'm yeah. And you -- -- good. Generally not go. And. -- -- -- Yeah I was cause yeah that's usually review otherwise the video to her when are you decided to rock out with the program. It's still a lot of baggage that -- -- and keep database away from me. And then let's talk about the show that's coming up the other -- with a cherry -- -- yeah. And that's pretty awesome. Yes you know those guys do their northwest guys yes or Andrea. Eugene Oregon Eugene okay. Yes square used to play with them a long time but I. OO square used to play with those guys a lot for summer's coming now works OK that sounds. Yeah I cranked it is for good. -- I like that you've got so important isn't -- proclaimed super review Dan Steinberg the promoters can get you don't typically blow themselves -- -- these -- no. Not trying to start -- Hamas thing here to sweep yeah yeah. -- has some very -- and good -- and experience and some other brands and only government Kagan from a little controversies defendant decreed that he. If I -- you notice. I'm more I'm just getting our dad is there what I think he was a -- did you make fun of his underpants no I keep clear enemies. Boy as a rock on his side and -- And this -- that lets -- He actually got to sing with him -- a senior at the sunset tavern yeah that's we didn't wanna be a dog yeah obamas are pretty sweet yeah and then they did one of my songs in Yakima Washington. Greeley denim -- but I know I. How I could tell how about a wise -- -- -- -- -- an economic -- from where it is on the record on the record and anyone else that's not in the -- now that besides the -- of course he says yes I know there's 23 people on this thing what's. Then there's people's own act Lamar. Yes great. Hope we have the same success he's an engineer number one and hip hop charts and had to worry about that kind of success righteousness. Yeah it does a bunch of people were in the simply that are in the symphony. -- strings and horns a lot of people who have never played rock music so I just kind of got a hold of and now while we're drawing of recording a record. Nearly studios this guy named Don Farwell across the street from slims plumber grill wonderful. This is we -- from real nice Fella yeah. -- I know you've recorded before word I was it was Conrad -- so -- the trees beside him losing a lot of yourself seem to be recorded with him in the past yeah I don't know guys helix for these songs. Yeah I don't know what happened this guy came over and says. Do you mind yeah. Arnold I can open. I haven't authorized some freezing. My -- yeah. And now. Having learned anyway as far as oh yeah -- -- and recorded -- album is out. But by our -- I had a yeah I'll either do there is on Twitter you -- you're also got inherited Izod Center I think Joey -- Chile is yes and that's yeah I think there's a band yes okay. And then also on FaceBook is it's FaceBook dot com slash visually resolve that's correct nice. It in the business -- and what any other footage just in house. Is they culminating in badges. -- buttons fun to go back. I believe for you in your Rock Steady Crew here because I know review -- close -- everybody puts on every sure they get Lisa. Every album every step. You know I don't regret how much bigger shirt. So this one and others and actually -- -- -- on Damon attempt. I was a premium of hobby you're wearing a freebie site so you better believe -- -- now only have 90% of my shirts are free. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember a great guys here actually I -- its it's concrete -- -- -- got -- I -- and yeah I remember I remember there this thing in the N you know it's like -- immunity Asians nowhere on there. -- -- -- I don't know you're -- today yeah I -- Does -- -- me mr. Rendell yeah. But -- -- still talk -- because not only do so much video now I guess we still get all the teachers and rev was -- and one just the other day in and a guy saw a video he was in the somewhere in his teacher not a that is so lost Solomon. Yeah except in the kitchen. And no I do it got a music news US who has also means all of us take our show what do likes. We know it's okay. And yeah yeah I guess I hated this haven't heard you need her and it doesn't know what day did -- it fits the that's what matters in an undergraduate just the beginning of loyal Lance -- Atlanta had the in my bag guns -- yeah. Yeah. Let's do another some okay we don't mind take a cannon fire like this when you this. Okay this is this is on the helmets called his and her receives a guy that a lot of people don't know -- -- means either. Which this is -- you know that means pursuit now. DUI do feel. I had no idea what does her suit me it means like hairy armpits and stuff. And elsewhere and everything -- person players is called his and her sister who is a girl right you're right there and also high and tight and pray. The arrows -- so it's been -- on the ftp has. A. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I was so -- so many young -- a year -- his catchy and yeah. I don't know it's. Whether that's stories in the program we get all -- different. Read reaction which is rising as -- My music and lower card limits -- -- -- -- added it was just how many and I didn't want to hear how -- -- has. Floyd you know it's just like -- is the you -- right everybody writes about the same stuff yeah everybody it's -- Colleges and other things like scratches or item. Grandma. I. And you can put it on one song I -- about me claim you -- me. I feel all right Steve yeah. Thank you to keep your personal things. Shave my head that's enough in my case and determined -- Hopefully we'll -- San -- lawyers and certainly and I won't be able to make it -- the -- -- it's hard to yeah. A lawyer -- Press charges of sexual harassment. Maybe even I can't help what he. Could have been strike two we yeah strange. I really wanted to know his place one and two are. -- don't get on our -- -- read those columnists article three if you wanted to do we I don't look good right now. Still comes. Filled his hill hill goes -- and I and I mean we don't wait until you get him away from your -- -- when I need him away from my home and my -- yes. Yes. And I just did you have to ask you know what yes -- just gonna try to do remember that actually think it's never remembered -- Also you know there -- members he's like yeah. -- I didn't realize there would you have (%expletive) them off maybe yeah. Maybe it was a hug goblins. I just wanted to know like I had a during that show when you said the garment joke. -- what went on his head like that's that's finally I don't know I I've had it yeah iron. I said worse things during those two and one surprise oh really goes away tourists and I was like the Mormon thing as -- child to -- them and one of my fear moments is ambiguous -- also show at the at the sunset tavern and I -- witch project the American guns or is that even I don't remember. But I. As soon as servicer article my friends Redskins is the epitome of -- awesome to -- you presents their deck of Chris balloon was there oh CIA and you say come up on stage maybe just residence they wanted to start playing her Monica yeah. And even invite him so he invited himself onstage -- -- -- -- come upon seeing so he's up there just decide I'm gonna jam it to expand. And midway through the son Dick just cannot -- this -- shoulder. -- socialism. I have no respect for Iraq we know more I don't know I don't remember all peaches yeah he did he give us some good -- usually got a kick in the balls -- Talked various bad -- element to a catalog I do I have just you know. There is a great moment the only -- I am and is credited to guy and a place and harmonica and theirs is at this stage right you stay true exactly. By the that was great. And again this is the Joey Rizzo -- on FaceBook also on Twitter content. And most importantly take them out of the tractor tavern used to be on Friday November 30 which is next Friday we -- -- Jerry -- and -- and other shows coming up we have. The 22. Behind. With a couple of -- and we don't know anything about nice hello sunshine hello sunshine and you familiar with their money away well now -- -- bears territory men aren't I know they're doing from Tacoma. I guess I'm sixty sound and they are telling them. I just wanted to make a -- without mnemonic MTV a few years ago like I'm some kind of may be in the here and yeah yeah well you know once you hit Tacoma you know that's streaming to stake -- we we might we might be your ER tomorrow. You're no stranger to go to new son it's I take care. The -- peeps on your fan in the eastern Washington -- a significant out of town via any craziness that happens there because you can go Mac. No. Yeah I -- yeah I'm I don't know whether it's. I don't know what vote in November time for one more yeah we got a real short one in it's weird because that's like I have to explain myself -- -- -- -- -- not love seriously though because it's like it's like this next on call black babies -- in the long way baby. And this thing is. I'm -- and -- an explanation of the moment. I don't know any only people they get wind bothered by the sung a white people I can't figure out why. Like no please talk about this show all the time not joke we tell downtown -- time to see something in you know from being on the radio I think. -- people that are offended by the jokes that you say -- are the people that it's not even intended towards that they just they feel like they're gonna protect whoever it is that they're trying to protect Internet in general Wesley very close matches yes share. Looking out for number of others let's ask a German he's German -- -- -- in -- that -- norm -- like a normal. Enough. My thoughts on next year. It has a German because that's -- -- Jerry rig enhancement. That is awesome. Arizona anyway anyway but the whole thing is black babies are Q my babies. The period it is the truth to necessarily true. Love you you have conservatives and it's a -- alongside you yeah. I know lyrics to exit one lines while you're here. I look forward to it and isn't there though yet on the ST yeah gas. And how I. Still Leyritz this is the greatest man in the world you know. Home -- album you know it's firearms come to our shows support someone other than do own miss. Together we're in -- stocks that's an immediate stop to -- Donna yeah I. Today guys these are you guys are Susie appreciate you guys thank you so much for change usually Rizzo Amanda I guess that I love the new record -- -- so dumb and do everything I can't in my power in my -- power. To be there. -- I guess he's not come around. -- -- -- Newlyweds stayed there has to do everything he asked -- -- can we had Dennis you know she moved on now -- marriage and family therapy. Com. -- I got guys -- Myanmar army area that is so yeah she means well just along just insincere and I've come out you know words that you is going to be -- -- and I yeah Bennett an astronaut and then. Catch up overlook us charming yes it's immoral and absolutely nicely and Joey Rizzo is tantamount FaceBook and on Twitter and most importantly take them out with -- Gerri common values -- the tractor tavern and as far as buying the CD where can people get it. You can get it you. Can download this on iTunes and Amazon.com. CD baby dot com. -- world can get it. -- us tractor do you get -- there and reactionaries Arianna attends any of the shows were on all digital kiosks all over the world. Hell yeah. And I know I'll. But it's also just turned Megan I don't know I don't have the -- reminding time and I. No I got a I'm iron play is armed and I mean I didn't know how to go back to full all shoots out. Through this he's coming he got there. I got a whole lot of bills sure know nothing about -- I know what are we allies really jar you swear jar just I don't know -- -- -- the final months. -- just five persons per dollar. Our guys are used for five dollars -- constant -- 101213. Thirteen yeah that's about it yeah. Really documenting our lawyer's document in -- Kelly -- good pictures -- -- where it's just an Israeli yeah I think generally get a -- -- out or something that will be fun and we find. When we're about midnight tonight I don't know Jordan where exactly. -- think he's been deceived the good to see you buddy thing and until there is only end in -- results he's going to bring minus moose yeah. I'm concerned -- can tell I got a. Or anything good argument I. Thanks again guys -- and hey I thought yeah okay. Perfect. Our do you ozone loss on debt and look who walked Jindal called girls know it's not content -- Back imports. -- in Florida do. It didn't look and. It sounds like stuck in your head is so weird but it's so -- and really -- -- then they -- is definitely cornered that market could only those songs especially now has finally come join him in the -- -- -- from time to time enough welcome back mono nick who walked in just as they really wanted to make do you have -- us that I guys -- missed at all Willie if you are here and you had a man we would play you -- -- grinding got a gun but -- yeah. Out regular Von Muller by and say -- a bad Rizzo and then on the violence is Renton Washington US representative Moran's home -- the blood masters sizzle and tonight. Slow and oh yeah I Elon and way it was around remember Zain just -- -- those streams and computers. And I ski until watched. Nvidia CD like to close above their CD reduce our favorite -- into -- -- -- of the -- Rizzo and their album called the evolution of the temple garment. The picture on the front of -- of the got you guys that aren't like. Think that we are Mormon Alfred whatever it is yes this Tulsa unaware that the hospitals and libraries and. Capellas. Where such -- -- or mormons Wear underwear -- -- other they'll square PP Hamas. Get a major and you go yeah that being back. On the back to really sore so we're glad layouts being normal -- news does not be possible normal people. Because I mean and then more we had a couple weeks ago we -- comic in the rodeo in the united military grab your going to show tomorrow night camera -- Mono nick you're going to show tomorrow night I wouldn't miss it and dialed me -- I do want. Got confirmation from the wives that we cannot go aha cocktails and a lot of -- -- wasn't dead joking do you my joint news argued if he knows me I think I know -- -- -- as her. -- Zahn my -- as bad a short leash. -- -- our lives and I'm not so uninteresting euphemism I get to do what I want spread enough stern make from a hockey wise that I definitely don't push my I don't I don't I pick my battles yeah I guess we've definitely you crossed or talked about that when you were like yes all -- -- select can go and -- on it eastern be drunken jockeying in about. And the ITI in order for -- -- -- hockey thing you know you had to make sacrifices and those of their -- -- -- simply -- huge dude -- you want is -- well those are issues that aren't -- -- last forever I mean you've got to be a little like -- law if I do this -- means they can't do that like -- in -- -- hockey team that means I really was I like to be in a -- Add this to get a whole new -- and that's a headache and we held the story of him in Baghdad -- is AM that's -- period this story was. It's been two days and so indicative of being in the band is always he's -- drama and instantaneous and put one the other that you really love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To see this show. We're talking like you know. It's crazy -- long -- -- -- -- crazy along since we were in a band together and make you say -- we put together that -- brown occur in the good game which is like his Alter ego to the rodeo do you do Uganda not last very long and housing how to. Why -- work -- -- we don't like each -- as they don't cause I had my wife -- in the -- with us old and -- -- just -- -- -- -- as it was it was not good for his relationship because he may need that time away from each other and he had and it's I forgot all about that being the reason why the -- wasn't working now I guess it's kind of hard to give the -- constructive criticism as well -- say hey yeah this a little bit better do some like -- like -- in years -- a -- -- ram -- -- and he did do something in the -- that is as understanding could go to the principal -- -- The -- good job. Match last I gosh I hate that there's a US CG presents got -- -- whenever we get those info she series right dot com and even though I know it's dot -- I -- doubts anyway today I don't like talk about words hammers and -- sand. What's. Going Pampers and underscore. Shut out the term -- teller it's a very important thing. Number lock and it both Penn and teller and teller -- sand. -- Ernie said that there's just something that nice theory now we make ridiculous running rubbing off on us he's just a slow. You're gonna have to next week while the video of a put it up on the street as a way to push their show that's happening on next Friday com. -- there's a car crash tests and snaps that the for a six year old girl. These is going to be finding different era she has scares -- dad she's got down he's got pissed yeah. I love being that I am IRS shows up as a family you events are like a friend saying -- -- yeah. I can never do that. I -- and in my -- join us in the corner turn our close up then we'll come back from my New Orleans right. For our trip BP and beaten. -- -- this is crazy. What I'm on the plane and -- kid behind me was being talkative kind of kicking the chairman I can't I I I -- this situation to kids young I'm not going to be all. ASEAN -- yet at least talk any kind of crying a little then declares and taken off yet the mom and I'm not even kidding you looks at the king just. Shut up and go to sleep I'm sick of dealing with -- now nicest. I'm saying wow you great and not be an all -- and even the dad they are behind he could tell he was I got -- an argument that she's obviously on the maybe inflow is visiting. -- just hung over journal on it from -- yeah the so he's just like the US -- so that way out. I can deal a child that you can now this -- and knowing the kids kick in my chair and what took on the dad and he's a trying to get to get the stop -- don't do you know it's of the -- you can have gone off man I turnaround and has gone he has before and now hi I just don't wanna take the chance elements on the crazy not gonna -- any woman has some on their own five year old or younger child. This shot off and get up go to sleep if I don't want app for that woman. 'cause like -- on -- Jewish yell at us and public grocery stores I got back candid in the grocery store or not. Laid out on the floor I was like six cows being a Smart as a -- deserved it and when you get away with these kinds of things lie number one lady coming up to my mom it's a kind of confront her about this. A journey shouldn't be teaching you heard that your kids like time has an exclusion of -- is -- -- -- -- -- money to do very well I was like I wanted to do it this kid and get him. Eating more well you were running around stealing stuff then vandalizing other chains and prison reform now on how sixers old -- -- the walk through the girl the grocery store with one hand on the -- cart goes may I must. My concern notoriety guy if you had a -- can breed that's -- a note to self don't have five kids and those out seriously where you got about restoring how did I was watching something on -- bowl weekend. -- news last night I -- get a piece about -- military guy guy came home. From like -- -- I Iraq or Afghanistan -- was and he went to school to pick up all his kids to surprise them in the prince who was -- I was really magical story considerable lead. Can pick up all the kids and take him out of class and -- a day with dad. And but. Did six for this. He's he's had now I'm always -- you adopted like our nephew and I mean it -- kids and they were talking about how they're gonna get another one to go adopt another kid my lord they're sending kids moved to Alaska comics he's do you like the Palin family like -- the hell's going on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not down my broke a master limited decent -- let me make them pay my bills. I I'm terrified about bringing a challenge that is where all your own six well maybe they're going out there because well you know polar bears and if you lose one or two unions not to medicine and in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah as an Achilles in this and I know he would love to know -- there were rocks and document where something and know -- good yeah. I documentary. I was. Hi currently -- realizing. We DVR yeah American music awards during those days I was emotionally and -- know. Notice it's worse two's Bono. I got emotional I didn't drive. But I just feel like you actually start thinking about what I was thinking about what -- -- to. Some serious water under the eyes media tear drop down it was like so where -- gonna like. All. Watching side performed he's got to them style size why you trying to go John Adams I got a little bit of joy out of -- Yeah pops up nowadays I felt something for the guy he's dancing is -- been hard out hammer is. At the end of his -- of their performance and collaborate name matched up to adjust to quit too tall and you didn't quit hey -- Day. They did that within the -- song and there's hammering you just tell he's a dominant sort of a big yes audience again. And he's just put it all out last for flyers singing Jesus Danson these dance he was a dancer and I know that and he knows. And I am feeling and even right now thinking about as a -- moment in a day that this one shot there's hammer stand and just say no crowd and they're giving him a standing ovation -- a great performance -- -- Moment you know -- sulfur and that's awesome ones I -- it's stupid but I actually felt for MC hammer I can watch his show. Reality show one episodes -- that was the point where it crosses a really likable guy yeah yeah yeah you know and queer communities war. And remember like he was very real thank you wasn't my leg being IRA BJ brought something up -- become like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when to -- -- get mad because -- think these -- respected that he was. You know dealing now I don't -- really just said I don't school downsize sulfur MC hammer and Mauresmo I I don't know why this is stupid but this. Water Brian -- I almost cried I got that Welling up feeling. At the end of con air the Nicolas Cage film -- -- because -- -- dirty. All still present your return now. I don't know I was about how it's it's it's it's a big hit. Blake in like the whole movie's gone crazy and all those things are happening in the plane crashes in Vegas like on the strip and then he steps out and Mitt and his. Why plural Mullen is ever there with his flowing mullet ES and is just like when the embrace and you've had all this. Action and so you like all just -- worked out worked out worked up and then. -- jail in a canister was Meehan a guy like I know well that -- feeling you know. Minus tiger LA man and I know you always allies highways can confine you with your reason for being emotional is nearly as stupid as mine Clarence thank you so congratulations to try and there's a show running right no it makes me cry every single time and I intentionally. Recorded in watcher we're in the wife is a moment what this is the intervention. No we -- -- I don't if you'd. You know oddly enough I am DVR and Aaron knows are really no reason why are you gonna host -- game -- home and I -- the questions and answers are we invited. Is it today to do when you guys soon you wanna I wanna play fairly clear -- -- other dominoes game shows for the family the events huh. -- -- Lucy -- that's the kind of guy we really get to questions from a board game. I did -- it was viewed once before and I got all the questions from FaceBook -- FaceBook -- started doing it may just write down all the answers and some guys and then you know the other union and -- better we do a mystery dinner. Your murder mystery money -- so long as that's zero dollars. Let's -- -- dinner and hang now is a long way there's a lot of you -- exercises near my girlfriend so we don't -- murder mystery -- -- These did you murdered and I think he's the murder mystery thing on the spirit Washington dinner train I rats out Kofi we want you guys and and they shut -- down shut down -- are only to -- and -- versatility is a holistic kind of vote -- on a -- Alison Acosta rentals and more than twelve people. Com we got to know somebody or are you -- right it's gotta be somebody in our UC LS Barroso tomorrow after hours we made it up. Captain all ultra Kevin yeah or even lean that far from the -- and that's what it's oh and it makes it should matter we don't even leave the dot com. They are on call and values and most low budget to get out there who really runs -- -- they're right here thanks for coming on our murder mystery boat unfortunately we will not be leaving we never do we don't have a cat didn't. We don't know I -- nobody knows how to drive the boat so which there's still have a last I think snow yeah. Now if you get sick you just you know I see you can't get off the boat this is we're wearing -- -- doors are closed were in the C. We have -- amusing -- -- -- in the -- on campus outside I'm kind of a sounds like that terrible. Disney's submarine ride where you think you're under the CD didn't do it and you're -- Finding Nemo all right. Is it the Finding -- now what I doubt I was tigers all the it was just like it might have been The Beatles yellow submarine sort of throw away -- -- -- -- anyone doing that for that long did you. Named my guess -- is that season I don't know what memories I have of Disneyland we would get dizzy and ask submarine and we went on how what I I was a brand new ground breaking right on Finding Nemo. No it was like yours is very very big bubbles that doesn't make you look as birdies. Plus just quoting American it took a lot of Freddy got going knowing there was journal wall gas pretty versatile. We still don't often like ten minutes and they finally gone to know how things turn anonymous enemies bubbles solvents and now I really though we're I was in a good in a -- -- -- five years old when things are -- not. Czar resigns it's true I wish our life -- -- put out an -- a team isn't. Who are so I'll back as a murder mystery confident. Right that's much more believable if someone -- disappears almost total. Kind of pressures of this show of all -- we suck. On. Until -- work. Because Democrat on the way -- kind of -- in -- -- -- period I was the first there -- sentenced today. I would imagine -- out US Airways team and your on defund those -- jars. Minions -- -- -- hand Chris DiMarco and Chris feel his wife dies in -- all on it is likely call for 200 room and they talk to Chris Everett. And then mysteries imagine a scenario that the military Bryan song right after they show us. And in -- blues did you say veteran. Yeah I think so I think someone's at a -- where -- you mr. -- is a EI dropped fourteen curses and I east and I thought it was a tough sell thirteen and we -- Mauritanian and when I was loading -- Okay good job now here's my list now when. -- -- Now how to how to deal comes at a Steve's mouth bad things need to be believed and damn straight. I have. Fair enough the story is very -- -- are now is not I. I do the same name with the NHL specials that they do on some of the hockey players are Tapia and you do -- amazing and a so does not sometimes a name -- waning sad I guess the triumph of the -- yelling for seven -- if you get that that series deep voiced narrator guy talking which we had a music I'm gonna cry. Who invaded their blood additionally any. Documentary that I watch are pretty much cry as he just he restrain -- I don't know and now it's about army stuff and it's and we should see if and I was a song called the American screen yesterday and it's about three families embossed scenario I can Massachusetts that put on their own haunted house has been tennis is like before this neighborhood images shows what they put into their home and others. And like there's one. Complete whack job like do though it's a father son thing. And then there's this one guy that ends meet take immense and he becomes a professional on -- -- maker who really like hey I'm just like holy crap this guy put everything on the line playing. Yeah amazing you are awesome dude no no no net just taken that chance now these aren't kids got a wife loses his job takes all of his retirement money just throws it -- on -- thousand men now want success I think so soon I hope so I hope so because they they literally went -- -- and he'll document -- yes. I was -- wrestling documentaries and other ones there I -- -- more about the Indy wrestler is now and that always gets on their -- here -- actually now. I did this some about the story of human triumph that really gets gets gets to me tell you -- wrestlers to try so -- so hard to you yeah because they love it so much yeah those -- the ones who really really I mean I mean even looking around the -- -- -- Seattle semi pro wrestling in people who like to make fun of them but those guys. They they have whatever dreams they have in him might not even be doing to administer perform -- -- -- -- people are doing. And so yeah you gotta give it up to a lot of those guys down mocking him for an -- assertive tonight. Some really ruin unity and go pro so does iron about Miette that would be the end result I've -- ultimate of all but. Sometimes it's a series since seriously and all about. And now there's never any old ever ever going to be a chance to go pro or any and is uneven emerged alma mine obviously out Marky Mark Wahlberg. Right there colonials the well you do it because the camaraderie untrue and you have yourself a series of these wrestling guys. -- held to a because. Scheduled to be in WW your TNA wrestling -- you're in Iran -- but they're doing in this is our wrestling -- for the wrestling podcast and I. But they do more -- a bad just that experience a -- and live a dream that they once had as a kid and -- -- and camaraderie with some people you can't fault them for that -- I get the most on these ladies diamond -- themselves as emotionalism -- anything close but. I -- -- singing Susan we watching the voice and Max factor. Desire about -- coconut they're gonna succeed in the some of these people a false -- They had at least had that one moment in their -- to take a look back on an -- on dvd or on a video file. But him performing in front of our huge arena. You know and and what a cool moment that has to be day you know you've -- you going elect using your great singer great singer and nothing's ever come of it like they got this one guy on the on the X-Factor. Country singer he's an older do you do like older like my -- -- 3839. Years old got a Stanley. He's a real lovable likable guy. But if I had an obvious that -- I would never been exposed to anybody and there's a good chance that you know he could win this thing and -- and is Aaron Lewis it is. Graham that is beyond. But I. I -- want to know about before we took voicemails emails and as Islamic just as we have a cameo I know like setting up and doing the hold -- performance of a band on our pockets it makes it seem like our podcasts or shorter. But an intern actually longer could -- be all set up in terror down. But. I went to New Orleans have BJ Clinton and I I think I'd be remiss dementia or some of the stories -- -- -- we do whether or not did DJ. Lose his mind on somebody vision these conferences. That's always a running joke is a Diaz that moment that makes everybody and comfortable I swear that's why half the people come to these damn things -- obesity is they're -- yes as did I think there's two schools of thought that there's either. The school -- I think most of us onto a -- -- -- a -- -- that it's gonna be -- whereas there on the recorders or the other people who were like each day in Baghdad where you are handles so -- have the Janice yeah. So this conference is a real small intimate -- conferences annual -- pretty nice people though and it was only you know has an -- I I I do wanna talk all about that as well just my in my view on just the state of radio and an on this and say it's becoming. -- -- said the rich get richer and fascinating life I feel like this the same end and with these conferences instead of the rich get richer it's like the seasoned vets. Don't they entered the wealth doesn't get spread this is all about them just -- like you know patting each other on the back and and just being these miserable old school radio folks. Penny has while you put off by BJ because unlike. They just say what you will if what every move doing these conferences and some and some pretty epic -- -- we've shared those stories. Did you cannot question his passion for this business. And him wanting to see this business continue to thrive yeah and -- and an he's he's meltdown sort of -- you know there really much of a meltdown. Was purely based on that and hit. It was funny because he told -- is a case. Meet me -- stay cool and wanna do that I don't -- -- let me drink and he died he had disease and die you don't you don't get a hand up I don't wanna have to melt down I just sit back and be the cool guy. Steve mr. I love everybody for airmen and nurse she tells readers Tonioli heated knowing my musical guys -- director. Well there was this panel where one of the guys up on there -- a program director for New Orleans young guy to 3435 years old -- his eyes huge. Is that it was one of -- -- six year old man who leads the business but doesn't can't do anything else on the 34 year old yeah still are and really no words are -- no idea how do you find people this changes like. I'll tell you I am I I don't know why look formats they what I don't want any it is -- -- the whole laundry list of the type. I don't want to SI don't want that I don't want their science is being kind of pompous arrogant ass NBC's wheels -- turning my keys to our -- he's talking under his breath. Pretending that he's yelling at the -- is wrong -- you -- you really that stupid. Playing tell us things that you know and and it was a woman attitude doing the same things. And this can really bad and really boring and just and I finally I. And size he's that well he's still. Constellation dad I don't know would you like to those -- you can ask how. Plays Jason Arizona's bucket and you guys -- -- I don't awesome. He kind of goes peace talks first and he's getting he would these people typically found a -- -- likes. There is no farm system anymore and and 20 lord and Bo Ryan and as what a positive thing I don't wanna hire anyone as a podcast podcast is don't know how to do radio. They don't understand what it's like to try and be compelling for several hours if I'm looking for so I'll try and find Soledad -- works at a newspaper. -- -- so how does this how does that sense so meet this or saying something and I look at him I can Milliken the dining out. -- totally agree Mickey BJ and goes out and I encourage me I had a single word like it's like that's all -- -- night and rocky when the other Mickey told Rockies a box as a righty didn't pick up and then finally goes -- -- to stop all that yeah at this hour apart right now. And they just -- yeah. Have a crystal -- Totally agree with their music okay -- and he's just goes off from the guy. I just why do it's great -- -- my guy got so defensive if he gets Dolly is safest he's coming out there in the years. Everybody wakes up and be -- there are all praying and yes. Vijay is gone off on -- guy and everything that we do is saying is dead on. And he just won't let you know media when he's argue -- he -- -- -- you -- not all right he's a Munich he says it whether he's right around you -- and argue. He's still just glad -- I got flurry of lasts and rice and upper side. Jazz has gone bad guy good guy at finding -- -- -- -- no arguing -- airline -- -- -- -- -- -- saying he's still friends I'm past Alabama. Grace. I still love that are like that's why I love going to those nominee Al DJ you know the cost some loves and again he was I go can you think amounts Tyson and I side expansion of an economic did everything you say it was -- -- man. You came from a place a -- you're coming from a place of being guys trying to stir the pot -- you -- before her and he uses only a 100%. That guy was an eighty and a lot of talking and eating and of course yeah afterwards -- A guy still had kind of a little bit of a chip on his shoulder knowing what I -- shocking the program director thinks he knows at all who say we hear those people to a site. It is what it is kind of pressure and you hear these people constantly telling you what talent needs to do but none of them are talent. They're all Suzy did he ask the question of you know we'll -- morning show did you know I don't know Zach -- said something a -- like why why I don't know why you're talking -- talent and the other auto loan program urgent need you to seized of the matter is that -- nurtured any doesn't. Leave that there is a farm system out there and I podcast is is a great place -- going -- tell us. Upcoming talent young kids doing I was when he was set time time to listen all these pods and I -- -- Right then it's -- -- to spend a lot listen if you find the ones that are populated yeah there's not it's not hard to go out there -- a lot of guys creating a little bit of a buzz. People are talking good things about it let's us pay attention to what's up ma bell man when he said I almost lost to myself please take I Seattle look for them because. I mean how can they can they really hold it served several four hours and -- show be able to entertain the -- looks like a newspaper. Brighter Danica let's say how's he done that's a word limit and their Don from -- and -- -- -- write it come -- -- -- tomorrow for comeback tour of four hours you can never had it on their feet right has erupted -- talking with the writers are trying to interviews and there's a lot of really Smart people out there who re either like blogs or newspapers like Andy's just. They're not quick on their feet at all yeah M not saying that I mean most of us here and really that quick either now where can Wear -- on the slightly above developmentally disabled -- we can still from the air still of where does sound stuff like the and I've got out of our head through the. Ha ha ha ha yeah. Iron. Yeah and. They really after four hours. It's. I can -- -- -- during a radio show all lies and how good that I honestly did. I've never been an orange top and you have to have a couple times a couple of his my first time I killing to go back and never been I am a 100% a stand in New Orleans I was a single man I would move there how very. Interesting question I know but what -- Bergen street smell like snow but seeing is just the usual always said that this just like the worst smelling some -- and -- inequities freedom I didn't smell anything nobody and I know I wasn't summertime when I went and I think the I don't know very -- smaller -- -- yeah those that are playing in home. So far but I know audio -- it smells like puke. Because that's basically where it it's one giant toilet bowl for the masses or unlock over you don't step in the finals that's for sure no bull and while no stone I can you and you try your best not just to walk. -- the balconies because you're pouring needs. It's just amassed power and I say I need to leasing office space because it's like Gloria Olson did know. I unfortunately didn't -- not made up its subject glory hole this if I went to a jazz clubs I have led to our whole Pat O'Brien society is this an -- Orioles. Hood next time I go -- ask -- -- people on the streets where the Wyndham -- that the glory hole Rick -- And he puts -- Assist the millions and -- that's why I don't know I don't know mono I generally sorry Euro on glory all videos come on and now they're fun to civil -- yeah it's good it is and -- -- all typically for like it's a chick goes into the. Well you know everyone already and -- are going. It into a real one leg and -- -- I had a -- Mary sorry enough. Are you guys don't know what Gloria all I know there's no -- -- we don't know and Nauru rehab and so just those are -- and all that's right it's. I always yesterday and I was I had wanted to renew -- watches the videos of the other side of the ball our or evaluate not -- guys stick in his home through the hole and -- -- that. She's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clearly got so wasted an entry can hurricanes. Any -- the -- tourists. Do you know RJ is deemed O boy these huts on what there is a global justice Sam ways and it's -- I wasn't a lights crusty French role -- Very and then make some males -- They can get some kind of like this dust ICA only text saying hello little autism some tomato. And then like Ethan and one of them was deep fried oysters and otherwise it was a deep fried shrimp incorporated stress. Knows roast beef. And another one was a -- stung for memorial and -- -- got a cold weather place threat at this you don't have a little political hot dogs and the on site. Technically it had to be. The seafood thing to be the po boys but they said it is the most good is that we have -- boys your first serve for once for one of those conferences and right and it was roast beef sandwich in big university sandwich. Today. Here's what I'm -- just do you know Wikipedia. Eight po boy also po boy oh boy or poor boy probe is all it is a tradition submarine sandwich from Louisiana yeah almost always consists of -- usually roast beef or fried seafood today and I served on a bag gets like New Orleans French bread known for its crisp. Crest in the southeast center has and they what I describe exactly it is so he can have to all of those things. That is our cellular one -- only went -- -- -- was as we branded that the host of the breast remembering gazette and hand dissolved cards for free admission to the penthouse club. -- that are you know the status and how is that did not make it -- -- -- -- How -- I get home. Am wearing those -- still good in change jump. Payments -- -- meet him a backlog to get all the receipts and there's some way and in my back pocket these different him penthouse I almost got toll -- an -- and some although I. Well obviously getting a joke and so my pocket woman wolf might blow. Costello and all launched announced. I would love -- Paul Blair announced starving them hungry to -- announced it definitely works at an appetite when did you -- can do to us from street news individually -- man on the -- So gaga loves both -- love showdown or no love men who know who. I can forward had this conversation -- did you. No you don't believe that connect please don't make me go back and we've all -- It's a hypocrite if they said it many times and Zahn and a half half -- So anyways that's the most proud I was set like a budget crazy crazy story do we really just got really drunk and you watch the video blogs that sums it up as -- it was a wasted. And just I mean he's a fun drunk I gotta admit. And it if you wanna have a good time just give BJ a bunch of -- You know run out of energy though goal -- no I -- last I looked him and he was at the last night we had to get up four -- 5 in the morning. Jobless claims. So we all went to dinner and then a couple of guys let us go grab a drink an immediate present we trying to -- -- -- tomko who everything I -- drink. Let's go thanks you know sake not super laborers at 10 o'clock at night talent we just going still toss hit ninety just don't. DJ does go all right could have been sympathetic -- Well that was a couple of nights and maybe isn't Chicago Illinois okay -- or you hear this you know their latest -- everybody yeah elect -- -- -- you get back in is like five -- one little. -- -- -- -- Somebody I've do you have never been to our New Orleans I. Highly recommend you guys taken it is it's a lot of fun and it's all compacts in -- area there's so many different bars and everything -- There's even like a line in the you don't go passes line are you going to be in the game part. Yeah and it happens fast beyond one -- does next and final blow worst players ever and it's almost like you're in a tunnel of party. And then when you get to brigade didn't move them I really gay partner -- is really dark. Does that how are they got personally as a second scary -- I see the that's our we got the picture of the gay bar -- it's outside saying home mean that -- -- -- -- It's on my blogger somewhere but yes just know surfers as alert yet and there's BM -- no idea. They take a picture that -- want to know I remember it allow Thailand had to take a -- on did you get a picture that guy out there weren't familiar bother look at this time. Like you dad's. Got that he's thrown out the Ronald all of us -- he's got his drinker right there and I -- -- only do that after one year nights of drinking at the very end of the night. All the sudden BJ wants dessert that is so Vijay do you know all three all time I even rated a break into somewhere. And certainly -- pecan pie though -- -- -- -- -- in the French Quarter was an unknown and that concerns you can always find an at a gas station for an eminent sense. -- -- And we try to select convenient store and again are trying to find anywhere he got my feet were hurting we were walking around all -- New Orleans if you for -- become part of the peninsula Vijay wanted and then. We were gonna have I think very some kind of frozen yogurt so yeah Saturday night and last night we have Darren last meal be paying very -- -- at the bar that we had our dinner. Did become pot there it is they know so we denied the -- -- -- you remember like when we went to Nashville line and made it to you -- trip to make -- a million Australians yeah because that's from you know where you're supposed to you know in the ninth -- -- really -- point. So I just went and they're got some noted nor are we had options and drilling we -- -- -- -- butter and jelly sandwich is part of this meal that we had for breakfast is taken as a -- side dish things. OK but it wasn't peanut butter just a PB and. Who loves you come Bonner who didn't -- and -- yeah it was awesome -- sounds good -- and I had alligator meat. Alligator sausage Italian -- stick around here before my wife was not happy that I had that. Why because this -- -- -- all of that and I really that there's a -- animals because it's disgusting. -- -- right afterwards really wanting alligators have rewritten. The it is here is that the idea being an alligator is -- not sound very tasty but it was delicious. I agree -- -- a judge you for choosing beat alligator. You -- I would choose Nazi Europe most of whom I would not a mile Odyssey -- I don't really want to but yeah it was like the most -- hurricanes then notices in the morning. Leahy said a couple of meetings dad madness thing Larry during bloody -- then. Please do -- his face texted me he says can I get into legal trouble for talking asks about the moves. To know that. I don't think so few I started to get paranoid. It's so funny. But some of that guy he is file those radio things -- comeback in exactly right I think it's an awesome bands going. Her IRA would do America -- about that time -- get to the voicemails and text messages and emails. Is Jack thanks. That's the point where there stimulants could do it's good and it doesn't feel like you're eating something really had me. This is polish some of you doing man. Bob was on the federal way. -- going to have his -- man. Ice yet because they're basically Louisiana. Mention Israel nominees react -- -- -- -- February -- -- you see the greens in the rally this hour the red beans and I suppose one as he did that for dinner one night so we will all miss and your eyes are -- -- -- your -- -- trick. It's 300 isn't Jerry looking girls long term and you know Michael -- And some of my relational solemn bells could be a short skirts on and it is wrong one there was so wasted her whole group for girls and a carrier -- a bar and I. Streets are as far as our currency and went somewhere all right our analysts -- as -- the hotel room do you -- Everywhere in -- posse got to see some movies you know the IC a single breast I could change some you know why we have a female and so contest. Mike sees him in New Orleans man people dorm PI gets out of style. Now and see any movies. But I did learn some things we went -- and remembered Graham MacKey was our CDC curb. The BBC correspondent offering the Olympics and Ileana because I did not a dial international easier investor and a few people that I just mentioned good -- he'll listen to that again. -- until he went to dinner with us one night I didn't -- a couple nice headache and Minnesota guys Australian guy who could -- Name's Rick. And then it didn't grant shared a story I did not realize in the paralyze the Australian also -- in London. Did you know that they eat baked beans on toast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet nothing else eat for dinner he you have baked beans on toast is -- -- so -- No that should be fun to Bosnia. No -- this and they looked Emmy night you never heard of that how come Americans haven't heard of them might I don't know. He was wrongly you know my I agree man that sounds delicious I mean I -- I get home from Bloomberg. I don't Gonzalez is going to be close ally big now I was always born -- I -- taste Feinberg just. That's his dad on -- adding extra car herbs to your means a lot to worry about that well are -- doing yeah right -- gross figure onions Green Zone breasts and -- now growing. I think I like -- -- & Associates and weasel butter on it. They're trying to -- garner our Paula Deen no brought -- and next systems to -- some garlic and no candidate now out whatever there he tried everything man -- ask -- around alligator could draw. Yeah I'd cards and is just sectarian net proceeds prank MITRE gives scarier and I think -- -- the big I don't glasnost although the figure that out to -- again this is what makes you guys be -- for -- to -- right was he would only stole -- we have -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- all these things themselves I'm sorry you didn't -- -- of the green and I salads. -- the bush -- beans though the best course in our motto and it was late to the party would leave it to him as for a live together he rarely go to eleven year old read about all of the new round which all right during the prior this he or heard. That's fine as a deal this is and at the time though it what do you think difference not eating that he's meg ram that's we're given their last night I actually had a salad and chicken cells never mind that everything goes around and -- no no they -- honey. Giant -- like I totally would like it sucks -- I have to give up this thing and be just like -- wide pool because I'm diabetic and Brett can be -- that makes sense like you director Canas or click. But it's just so. And I can't. -- -- -- -- What I wanna do I really -- -- east whatever wind. You know the regular like the great wanna remember you're on the best. Let's see that they're gone now only because the last few days. I was cracked one open to -- my house. -- Marleau line call myself -- a spark. I'll I need to show some good news yeah I cannot afford to take part because. Lot of black Safeway there's a greater say I don't get to go to relax I don't know what arkansas' and say I should send missiles -- people all go through this weekend and in those people constantly -- -- -- people organs are right. Tigers are racist I know. Hey nick in earlier decency relate that was -- voicemails -- I mean let's get these out of -- honestly I don't know what he's Dong races. I love and loss to see these guys battled -- -- now I don't know who's most I don't label these things it's time. It's kind of disappeared so have we read we never got all the way too little last week announced. And they're burned to CD industries -- home -- like slow and email not gonna get. I just -- my phone okay. -- -- it's gonna have some more -- today called regardless he would. Let's hear them now. Mets here -- -- which phone number it is it is -- for -- accounts I asked me at seven voicemails sent him home tonight into the phone number stairs to his or her. I try OK and an hour -- -- to -- by the trash yet ready to have been ready. We have four voicemails that's -- it -- topic RA and her you have bad credit -- serious heat your firm time. I can't do any actors who have time may not sound like you're like I am an explanation for my -- couldn't normally slow -- -- deeper on the we all Arab and Jewish country song and it's awful -- personal -- from the it's. I am I wouldn't say corporations I didn't. Also thank you mark ever played any games on the -- and this is no good about it all carrier. Keep it up and hopefully next week revelers will be back to normal you guys Slorc. It's a factor here is a. Granddad is beyond me. Time and Hernandez who -- missiles. -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. Gave it bodes well -- -- there today. Well again we know didn't you're. Yeah. Our boat you're fired go -- well they heard -- I doubt they'll go out here and there are those. I've no idea who he's known how long -- regularly now combat drug -- guy out again as a -- where the Russell -- Yeah go see costs go CI accessing another -- on how to -- again. It's not drew a hate you. We don't know. Okay. -- no pleasure to work no doubt about it. You. Global it. All good. Now we shouldn't -- -- through -- man in. Charge of all the more you yeah. You can't get it. -- very well except for real. For a was there all possible to -- -- body's -- Really it hurts if I don't it's unhealthy it is huh. Yeah I think the rest I don't even read them so take your read about a minute plus three India fast food giants. Crown grounds I'm thinking -- K first. I laughing arm pretty good with going with no -- the let's challenge why a no January 1 yeah of course I would take your momentum and I -- I described those steam as his views of -- feeling -- -- Peter I I. -- -- -- you guys know we'd be on his wife -- in week off on our show the little smudge it the pizza sauce on and we go my way and I can I come I don't know if you -- goes Papa Murphy's is not taking -- fast we wouldn't have -- -- -- a drive -- I believe a one point we decided we're at a fast food. Terrorism problem Muslim middle aged dogs on my bad my clothes and about things you know there's a McDonald's right up there on Madison in the and I have a drive -- that's right and daily journal and -- -- -- -- drive -- maybe we asked the problem is also you're you're right I've tried to even first day on C. And the reason being is that we're gonna legends deuces and also Titanic or do you just here's the thing it's easy noble all removed we have fast through this week and we can't -- neck. We don't we networks Nokia whichever ransom bottles a crown and trying to top you drink -- -- we can do what ever offer you learn every acting gay union reward you Jack in the Box directors who wants some out there crying you know I'm gonna cave. No -- yeah you don't know. You're Leno I've broken the seal -- you so I there are the only ones are far about Hillary Hillary -- us are tired you started today and he says that I could actually do stuff. You guys can't stop me you know it's a body on both our engines cars and it has a part timers -- cast removed. We don't destroy you and -- has taken as well as well as the alright I thought. -- as well. -- so it got a little. Those -- only been. And sleepiness don't have holiday autograph okay no I had a -- -- is -- -- -- -- -- right -- mermaid. No joke -- sort of -- -- -- -- exit door cents. Sales yeah perennial all star and come over here deserted scanned text limits that Steve Simmons has not notice that really was dry TV all while. You know I could barely smell but hey it's kind of going down the bottom half our shots still so -- It's -- you might get into from this one -- That was the Rubin speaks truth shots but still the you -- unload another hot chick I'm mixed in punitive it's really impressive it'll make its way to otherwise I don't believe -- I Annan is very is. Six China had happened and what -- -- they -- hundreds of delegates don't leave. And I think -- it's just like the unwelcome guest part. There was some foul things sister or is that he's not heavy metal that's not cool you broke the rules -- -- break the rules best talked about his own little beetlejuice -- Man the -- On this and all very data came from your insides there are no matter sure I was gonna warm -- -- lost. Wow you know with higher capital -- the things drew laughter. Next one's own guns getting -- and stays and doesn't need sometimes to get seven -- legs at Thanksgiving to go home -- millions Haskins. About a he's gonna Norman shower group really and welcome guest started. And it's like a Mexican restaurant did you did you don't have to present for my clothes. Yeah it's had a crummy place across the street -- -- you never got a much arsenal like corn that's what I had an honor if I got losing a little -- yesterday. So go oh there's so amazing so it's. Think -- this to me but I mean come on how whatever astronomical in the radio performed on our podcasts and they went across street Mayfair -- It's linger -- -- -- while. -- dude you better not do that the show tomorrow. Do we give out the journals are now. No we also know it's -- borrowers could I realize that in the portal where it's so. OK okay. It's. Because John Dean on who aren't as the guys who is now do you do William. -- -- -- Breaded chicken and then -- speedy guys but until he got really good job. I'll -- -- and while the coast be it. Nice and -- -- why why why his so more dominating minimal then drew was -- was in his Kia when you have once. Andrews kind of more opinions even read yeah oh wow that's true sadly -- -- gonna. He called in -- hello -- called into birds a day for something for. You see you guys yeah I guess for each and and he's just like high emission. There's a shot. And even realize it was him Intel is they mr. among OK cool we'll socialist about that -- Right so that's all our voice -- and an aura the other ones went in -- grow we said. We have somebody made a rules saying that when amber has someone calls me Michelle I -- to -- no I wasn't are always brought on to other schools and I doubt in my attitude or email that I man counts he has a fifth man saying Manhattan -- mandatory on things got to be unanimous. I'm asking my friends who's gonna start the game the sweet. Screw that I don't know what's going on in the inner workings of this team from. So we look at the America couldn't aren't lanky at Florida -- I -- -- a -- ramps and should the rule breaker and it wouldn't tops out and ask him -- -- here helps its -- Missouri. -- -- there are rude bridge there you can win. First -- is. -- ever go far maker. They can't -- -- -- -- -- Not to be mean but who the heck is hi Nina signed Alex is -- and Alex is girl from -- and you lose. Yeah fat. Again you play top shelf yeah Tyrone may hear your question is then left. It's not mean Alex is girl listens only to our podcast -- hasn't been listening to show. Melanie being wise and -- he's been toned down that test and addressed her alone so that's a good point -- -- it the last turn out as he does on this podcasts because that's what happens only because is top he sits on the -- laughter in the podcast and read tickles them from time to time. -- me right now is not a union talk about it is that. It's a personal problem -- -- to -- Steve topping nick and Michelle media accounts we love listening to the pod gets to keep you from going in -- work number -- podcast in my heart from Carly all right Terry link for so correlate our -- show Soccergirl. Whoever else we were received the main message from Carly you know it's also currently. Welcome to the family. -- -- of her own. I have not let myself have you. Of course you do that while Israelis Simon is so. I -- I wrote and there was whether you're -- -- that the there was a brief period in time grass I was convinced that any -- I had I can't. Then their name I can look up what it. And I just does Orlando like value added I actually see our Christine our -- there's like a lot like detainees. Thief. Yet now as they seem to be in DC Gary says caters to east Carolina but I do a lot of like -- sounding sexist. That I was Hogan name for awhile there was a there -- They -- and Jessica. It's weird that is weird that's how worked out for me I'm very I -- deems it to its -- hotel and I came. Not gonna work no army Zaria and -- family really is at a clinic. Did you know what does that you can't mandate because I -- -- in doubt Bob hey. Hey -- I gotta cut Soria. And then their students. I don't even think. The shuttle can't go who love. And thought -- -- go to. Your guy. In fact give glory. -- and gang I hate how much exposure man. Mix stuffing a homer the only thing Russell Wilson has done is looked good against bad defense is gonna play real teams get sent down -- Do you ensure a pound -- -- hasn't been set down against real teams from Seattle do they want us not to make the playoffs. I tell -- generally they're searching for you not heard any as a team and he's making the point you tried to save it Russell Wilson was better review -- and always heard Russell Wilson is doing a lot better than a lot of us we're expecting I'm just saying how I better off -- -- -- realignment and a hero martyrs of but I primarily trying to make a shot at Ben Roethlisberger was -- that's all I was saying. I'll take Russell Wilson now you guys are always says that I play real teams get. Dallas wasn't put in naming jets' offense there's they're terrible. They're terrible. CA or just because you Wendy and we be a bad team we assume Wilson is good. Still mad about Wilson doing you know he's going to talk condition. Conditioning as part of the game if you can't play all four quarters and don't play the game lobbyists in the decision -- about Marshawn Lynch -- if you wanted to say that part of his. His ability is that he wears a team down he's playing against and in the third and fourth quarter he terrorism up I -- also has some good first and sagging tourism to be wrong but I mean I. Against teams like the -- reasons are that Christ and he's had some really bad but he's learned a regular he's going to be amazing the next couple years strategic is for losers -- Wright Jimmie -- -- -- roller derby girls. What was that awkward conversation Mike -- your girls -- you got to homer descending Donte' ours god love the above the podcast Colorado and Jesse man my girl I was -- -- confused. Yeah she had no idea what the hell lake. We have to talk to YouTube about this because -- the show ended -- got a if it doesn't miss last week's podcast that he did I would just stop this podcast right now there's nothing I do dresses podcast is gonna compare. The first 45 minutes of of mass he's podcast well we all took pictures of her songs. No said the two are women unflattering -- right -- and I were in the hole. -- know our job is definitely a little earlier just missed and we send to our women and whoever got a response first backward to win in top be one. The times on the locker and yeah won decisively he -- got it done in a minute sixteen. Mine happened in the -- the we all you pull it off is -- I was at 1926. February assessment anyway usable and then. Revenue nick did not get text back for the entire podcasters is over an hour. Yeah so what happens. It's. Twelfth. I got mine back again today it was shares -- who lose so the nation is salacious. And then -- say this is it I -- or super care right now coming clubs. But she wanted to have time believe so that's pretty -- I was pretty awesome and we did have denied after that so I mean it was like makes -- a good lead in. Didn't copy you did get a picture back. Yeah. Eventually I don't remember how long it took put it doesn't I -- desert area oh OK okay cool dissolves -- Baby Jesus Martinez. I don't know where there's a net proceeds disaster emerges as -- news -- yeah and that is. And I -- I found out that. Needs with iphones you give the little preview taxes like the gas and -- now. Yeah so -- she was anywhere near her phone because she can be by her phones when she's at school. And then she couldn't even do anything other than my clothes and now she can look at it because it was just there in -- all the glory. As she opened it it's dressed as you could respond to meet till I -- I think like 230 in the afternoon and smashing get away from her classes and go into the bathroom and then send a text Mac so I think in my until 230. And why I proposed he had to go while I know him I got my woman in her own flowers this season -- like I was in class and my phone was on the desk many thumbnail popped up into so mortified. And Maurice general -- did he -- This season the looks on the faces deceive anyone to know one side amenities -- -- either made a point when I took the picture was like super close up it was like for maybe a few feet away so -- -- -- and some now I was thinking strategy house -- up on the -- out how to make sure there. This amateur semis doing now crowd definitely actually pulled down my pain I had my -- over the wall on the topic in the way I he's as -- -- related to. Simic what -- you. And he my or -- this song -- while I have good. An exclamation mark the -- as soon finish was sealed warrant. And I came in at 1228 so now this -- -- is that. -- man and a great guy and whom -- solve real TV news has so you know odds -- more than. Loans through the afternoon and you're back there -- -- a -- -- it. And I. Museum and there. That and so I do a thorough deleted it's horrible I'm pleading my copy to -- Yeah I don't make sure NCAA and explain you very good team it is bailed out home they had a very quote there's not a series of -- music and oh yeah. Seconds later and we talked about it is like the -- does things and we lost thanks sunny persona to the gangs I love the elite 8 o'clock. I hated to. Just in case you're wondering man NFL but a woman -- impressive -- the even later on that day -- taxed. It and she's I. So I feel good about what just happened and I don't know dirty -- Think that's the way she we kind of -- there was dishonest it's it's kind of the wrong thing to do you -- I'm very dominant. We've been together over ten years now and does that -- first nudie photo that we ever send each other. Fans. Did you late that night. Yeah there -- irons and a un confirm them. Well people did you have an on the domino race yet he's still our time yeah it's an ongoing thing to death so whether you can thank you woman -- -- very big hill dollar race. Let us know how it turns out to Texas -- results there will be no -- market housing. I don't blame her writing is to my why are you gonna crack that has do I want to reaction video of of your wife -- explain it doesn't really explain it because it would be. Yeah that would be cool areas. I mean just slight respected me as it is -- I like trying to keep a little bit and -- as a then that might be an -- seen mum I differ video series where you could. You could explain her like a rusty trombone or whatever you know while and just could just do like the reaction be you know you ask Jesus muted -- and a law. What is wrong review and know that so many got a little dismayed that I doubt and should be finding -- you gotta say the anger. Dragon all the time and I'm like what the hell is this a look at those like oh my god I love that. There's just puts -- picture -- in your head million why exactly do about that. I just Abraham Lincoln that's -- this curry being the reason I love this because. The reaction of the woman meg gets the returner did yeah actually our anniversary of this person could ever. But I what did you is that the dog in the tub do you know our no no I do not deserve our next a look at our right now -- your reaction. Yeah it's also them. This will be a good one. Do they know they used. Knew the read out loud our guy and I don't know whether this little -- -- to really read out -- we can always is believed other -- -- -- -- -- -- talking about yeah I see how just really really long. Loose pieces this is a proper name for when you attempt to insert you know into a girl. It is so named because it's shinseki discusses artists keeping your dog in the tub full communion of that's pretty good news and I like. Vincent GG bleeping there now with -- -- the -- are the -- -- don't believe you -- and is -- -- And I beat. Why would anyone even try that I don't know so you did it. There's only be impossibly uncomfortable maybe you've got to roars snow action -- -- -- I always just kind of meandered now are doing text messages now or you're an idea how well it's. Okay moon moon. See you say hello I'm very weird turn as gas see the next extra. So my -- guy just got arrested because I don't call me from gel and Tommy grab what's left in his crib and don't do -- -- -- you are good customer I guess so so to the -- masters surprise just under two pounds this -- we achieve did Gaza -- blunt intake to four once per trip down Steve -- -- -- -- -- -- two pounds -- -- Free blunt he's so much higher and we can't get silly guy just said go take didn't just give it Ridder yeah some. But I mean he's calling you from jail don't they monitored his call yes they do so he's a look at. You're probably using code to be like yo you might wanna go over to my house and check our online allows tennis ball I have a case of tennis balls and that I need to be picked up and you please feed my fish. -- lateral water was and to be pegged answering by tomorrow's army green garbage bags. -- we -- always is feeling KI I left my shoes and a combined are my issues are -- now was our record -- there. My -- -- one I think I should mr. Ira Mercer on this podcast affirmative backfire who has. Did the code was hey can I come over and -- now he's an Arab call on the guy as big mutual friends we had a -- on the little guy. Now I -- can come over and hang out charm man. And I sweet and I was like totally joneses and some easily went over there and everything he lives in lake city and I drove over there and I sat down and we amuse you would have on the -- I would go there we'd actually talk for a little while and as I know he -- -- right if I make sure we need. And mail us through your room. And -- Don I go over there and -- sitting and talking only school for awhile Lou let's give our. And in Taiwan I got -- you don't grow -- they are mad cool my so can I get some of that you know -- I mean you. Hall. I don't have any right now -- Your friends -- I never punishes steering wheel is firm I -- my left -- that place I sat in my car and I repeatedly punch the steering wheel in his driveway. Right the good couple -- cursing him. Is wrongly this guy really is and his friend. Come over and hang out like however call anybody really drinkable and I know thin and I'll come over and hang out and robberies and hang out I was so mad men and who bought drugs that guy again as soon as I realize your normal laws and never bought -- -- Trying to hit me up hang out now it's nine and I -- -- calls late on -- you're dead to release. Geez. One and I called the only one at a time that's on each man I don't know LA city. And there's a lot of truth -- them express it's it's. So true no different paradigm I saw that seemed. I love because James Franco's characters is like man he's a link her he's a linger in the. And you make the transaction and that cool man thanks goodbye. -- always one of having we dealers are kind of like somewhat friendly iTunes as a problem with the -- you need to do different drug imminent right now I like so this is are nice guy says hang out on top though you know -- -- -- -- there you're gonna let. Right up. The I love going to realize. And I think the best we dealers are the ones that are just like today. Come on over. I get my stuff pay you wanna turn out your own small mall right back all right cool later guys right out here. I you know one for the road that you do this now you can you December 7 -- No Disco or near locust corner market continentals and remove. -- to be very interesting to see if what happens smoke at home. They would agree and so like free again we do cookies. I think you're seeing -- -- I during July and liquor store type things yeah can have pot stores. How wonderful way to be curious like I wanna try some of the substance and store bought just say I try it yeah. That's who like basically though who'd be fun not just -- donors again it depends on it again and I'll. Yeah I Qaeda and stop talking about how to -- that month's -- segment had very I used to do drugs. I still do good and I used to do a journalist and a all right let's take out our next text message from dies from Jason why rocker -- British Columbia -- -- hey boys Jacob why Iraqis only -- it's only kilt if you're Scottish. Heads Michelle's been wearing a sky and Scott you tired yet. Makes sense hey how can you say that OK. Here I was -- or number it means I'm feeling when her. And we shall -- how's that sound check this out yeah as president saying you know what my own girlfriend listens to this podcast. And has said that it's already got a little bit old of course she's -- now. Or maybe you guys should stop calling me Michelle. Well now we won't -- these the more recent speaker I'm just pointing out the funny part is -- -- we really don't call you Michelle you know I'm not calling -- it's all the juices out there. Moving up to their name right Michel sweet my girlfriend's gonna make -- doubled -- for Thanksgiving maybe you can make America more you know I love double legs and knows her and I think he does all night doesn't mean -- Great quote America how little I don't always get -- faced drunk but when I view I called ES TP -- I don't AK 47 there's a T shirt. Do I consider seriously area so many people -- when they're wasted I love it it's funny. -- blueberry wrapped around G thirteen to know how many -- takes a top Basel Lincoln Navigator yeah. I mean either but I'm researching it on Steve. One master out keep Qaeda and keep. Casing dings Michelle -- keep chasing dollars Michelle. Good job there earnings he's not a Craig drove casing Danes have been here is directed at Houston. Casings on the kings -- tongues and -- Michelle. I rewrite their Mexican lady -- knowing Sarah's last night I got a -- Lacey got a ticket for no insurance paid data bits congressman Drupal story broke. Particularly users dig under Craig Barlow he uses talking about his car now -- that is why he it was his balls that's why he's next trouble -- -- text message you MF urged them to do that nickel back episode by by Michelle look at this photo graph. Hey guys on the beer guy here above fifty minutes away from shoulders surgery rock kind of went to wake up and listen to them. Podcast oil we really high analysts -- I don't know urgent -- Nelson's. All this is your -- shocked -- control child -- She -- yeah shot short how -- shoulder feels so John your shoulder shot. Sure -- sure John. Cullum John are shown. The -- it should be neutral John you were asleep. You know we will do we your old totally missed -- Shortage on the -- once was -- -- -- -- you before you were put under should be. John we trust is involved -- oh Sean Sean Sean Sean behind you -- wake up -- Wait John you there hello. Child. Protection. Act. -- -- -- -- lived and shot this is true love that one newspaper writer tonight and hold a conversation ended several hours. Fred January I think it caught me first Thanksgiving to you all and Steve got to get tickets to Don DM on the eighteenth -- -- -- Malaysia -- -- -- -- red. And reggae some donkey you know like this stickers -- should accept sheriff from Red Bryant he's doing a mass sort of job justice as well what are our guys he really just makes him so I got a grab somebody like you as a final press -- that makes I was gonna stickers. So odds are remembered Ingraham show on means I won't remember. She. Shook her she doesn't. Actually looked at worst -- just. Ask her you do is play new ways the game is on December 8. He just called. I -- the number. There's my body of Ross then you and ask for reasons sales at T bird so yes porosity -- he resolved his new zest for Ross Anderson for innocent innocent. And in some way or as Arabs it is -- amount -- -- -- -- Are also donkey yeah there's a dress stock terrorized me and not engaged kind of -- it -- Improvements. Do you guys like a Flaming Lips yes I just heard moments was that's. Others should do this story. Apparently in the lead singer Wayne coin yes he's out there. Yeah yeah apparently so much that he inadvertently snuck a grenade onto his carry on and actually brought it on -- to him with the airport to the airport. Really yes. Police report obtained by TMZ back on November 10 the mounted grenade just there won't be touring any time -- -- answer to your religion on his does that. Right here how -- are certainly packed a grenade. Right. There are saying I'm a big fan of the -- love everything I love his voice hello within those guys do but. You're pretty stupid if you -- -- early -- -- they -- -- -- little saw it could be a -- as he doesn't. -- -- put in others carry -- to go through the the little experience as he's president get TSA had to sit down the entire terminal on the dealt with a museum itself yes. -- got hit by another plane to and in jail and a buys a home plan in jail she'll he's jelly. Because he does block our -- Exxon John John given he generally saw and. -- Board or. Do you -- shuttle I moved her -- Immersion don't look all the awful ethical bulls don't put pressure. Passing on that does your -- the region wherever that is ever wish it was -- you do -- with just reverted to a whole show to some sort of -- you I could really plug everything and not take take us awhile to him maybe the next time -- you -- -- -- -- -- Toxics. -- -- -- The only consumer -- and it. John Jones who is past -- the next segment. -- You have left to do. You tell me Iraq we have opened the bag and just always did the president did poisonous we -- you know who is he. Perceive us as we watch old spice insanity and you achieve New Year's going to hear it from Barrett I didn't zero prep work tradition itself into I did notice in video and it's just a crazy spending the visual goes along with the audio so he would check out I feel like seasons. Knew who does Sean -- Hey guys and myself. Questions for the shelf what's worse is some -- I Steelers loss. Four raiders win cool until you meatloaf garbage man drew. -- -- Unlike this video because of the -- when I'm happy. Certainly bulls lose I'm not happy yeah. So -- go with the Steelers loss steer writes in says Amazon's three guys to check out it's another in this moment song called big -- channel. Top of their third album called a star crossed waste land. Provide a link for you -- the suns -- in the system. Better -- her eye opening tip Jaffa already -- read the links. -- backlash. Then dismissed on the song is heavy really dirty lyric wise by the way are any view on this -- Saturday I'm going -- to see there have a good Thanksgiving I probably won't be making edition sold out what I heard and even if I get tickets I feel like. The everywhere battles and end up big imprint on occur in the radio. Then it's good battle the employment was moments are you I'm being in the lead singer. Really. Spent in this car. It's pretty sweet no resilience and she's now believes this -- on the bus. Yeah like I have -- -- go across country and Langer what's really legendary at all with the hours her -- put through it and it's called mob it's. -- -- Well -- -- is no way I can now I believe you have good taste. Game. In the latter are now this is so imagine the bowling glade she sung Mother's Day applied to US DP -- I'm pretty sure they weren't actually thinking about. -- they were actually thinking about his son's in the same album they were out to me I think he should be one of the show's theme song I don't know linked to revitalize. Yeah so my friends and this song is -- Blink-182 elephants are so dog. We had -- radio you know that he did that and how the last sore and when do I we don't need you playing any of their starters and I don't know Doug Fogg is fine. I saw him it's Ryan acts and subject is so -- balloons. I know -- -- read this Lanka he should read it connect. Mom balloons hi we Todd did. Hi we tied it -- so. I -- C. Machines to let him read this. It's gotta say hi is so far. King now c'mon you know I've done two years ago all know we're so old school and then. First not my favorite retail work is Wednesday because they get they'll listen to the podcast and makes my day flyby -- -- -- well or drop you almost tempted if I was unless they allow law when I had the podcast -- people were mostly -- think that I'm crazy the real reason I'm writing this team doesn't find out if you guys have a bucket list. There really is if you -- do you wanna accomplish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now snowing and why do you try you. They didn't do the reaction is so great from may be losing blue -- like that guy and the point he's front line I dug another -- is here. That's now it's. Yeah are you serious that and it already is did we got to go. OK. Okay. Again I tell you know I how cool night you got to see -- do. Yeah your -- is positively -- answers. Yeah I -- you -- have a lot of its. Canadian food. -- like rose's career yeah rose okay over here are pure crap out. Are well -- -- make -- out of my new line new album I've populous Muslim mom and a half -- There you. -- -- over the yes earlier united big banks from doing really well it's. That -- definitely -- wouldn't mind. It's all over every type of armor on Friday Guadalajara yesterday and I thank the other propaganda that for your girlfriend's family and -- easier if it goes to new -- yeah. We go yeah. I'm from I don't know -- -- lap cover her I didn't. Reverend -- so. And top shelf and producers thanks to -- think the FDP cash -- check out next week. -- John. Don't.