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BJ Shea's Geek Nation - Episode 193

Dec 31, 2012|

Brandon Jerwa and the Rev get read for the New Year, discussing the top television shows of 2012! Then the Rev interviews Bruce Campbell, discussing the Evil Dead remake as Bruce is hooking up an ultimate Evil Dead fan with the chance to see the red band trailer - for the first time outside of the ...

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    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Ladies and gentlemen peaks -- always is you are now entering Vijay chase each nation welcome yes welcome remediation days you -- -- Irreverent and -- go. And since this holiday -- -- one other person across from me and that is mr. Brennan -- there was not just pretending to read doctor here before her would you tracked her -- and I should probably just keep that in. Four all the listeners may be -- well. I don't know he does any bad words -- there isn't NN meal last day of the year it is December 31 editing for a second there. Mean. 2012. You can get all the let's be checked out Vijay -- nation as. -- beating a nation dot com. Right gas you're -- kind of don't know and don't call early tomorrow players yes don't call what do you want to -- we always -- you -- that one -- zero QQ 43353. Foot -- up on FaceBook and -- post and things -- just search for V dishes -- nation. Worse than -- tweets that. Vijay decommission. Hell I didn't you're listening we're an honor -- Who loan will be missed -- will be honest I. I'm Brandon your wage. We. Hamsters slug him cheese -- there you go adjust pretty good enough stop your -- -- congratulations on that well it is the end of the year and so this is going to be one of those those short podcasts. But we had a bevy of information that we would love to talked you about fed later reassure the audience and it's not short it's average sized -- there you go as long as you're all going by metric system. Many magazines mozzarella cheese they -- perfect wells and this is the last day of the year we should talk about the top TV shows of 2012. According to a bunch of TV critics. OK I turn now I will surely well that we have seen Mac guy hit. And I hit six dot com has released the top ten shows of the year to make it they had several dozen TV critics so there's all all a lot of blood sample from -- list their top ten TV shows of the year and use those responses to create a final ranking. Here's a wasting -- only one of the top ten shows actually airs on broadcast. TV so on one of the main televisions ABC CBS NBC and that's NBC's parks and recreation so. All right the top seven are on cable on the remaining two are British shows so we'll start at number ten which is a British show Sherlock. -- heard of it same with me I know I know Vijay loves it and I think maybe -- but I haven't seen it I've seen every episode has -- a really nice and that one has been an encumbered ratchet. Yes and he is going to be whoever the hell he's going to be in Star Trek. Right not con not -- -- Gary Mitchell Gary -- Gary Conn they're Gary -- they're up. The next one is the other PBS show on their downton Abby. And I I know that my a girlfriend and her mother absolutely go -- nuts about -- so I have never -- I'd like to charges have not learned to I I call it a a British version of the Jersey Shore. And before this -- like I don't -- really get mad about it they're just like. Now and. And then they try not to get too pissed about it but. Number eight as parks and ranks number seven is in the Walking Dead sheriff so that's pretty nice. Number six is a show on HBO called girls. Wage with a name like that I can understand why would be popular but I haven't seen anything about it so you wanna let us know what it is go ahead and do that but frankly I don't care. While growth is good is it -- what's it about it's it's about com -- a group of young women on the end. The itty it will make you extremely. Uncomfortable really -- yeah is -- -- The Beastie Boys. Girls now that would be pretty awesome number five is the game of drones. And I've only seen the first episode ever. I am glad I watched this I have the Blu-ray the first season and I'm pro even getting the literate the second season maybe he's at some point -- a mile ovals and -- watch it. It says everything you could possibly want I know and I. And I know that violence nudity. Sex. A small man. And in college. The kicker for you not a -- number four is Amanda both of us have us seeing live recently Louis near us and seeing him live was amazing -- That tour has to be recorded as soon as is -- than -- from the and it's it's a masterpiece and really us. In just from just listening to him talk about some of the things that you would never ever want to talk about with anybody. Now it was amazing astounding and his TV show is is you know it's along the same lines did you actually yes absolutely -- 100%. I think it is one of the most likely as weird and as they're crazy is it goes sometimes I think it's one of the most realistic TV shows on the air. In a real weird way like it's just I don't know if I wanted to it makes me so uncomfortable because -- -- early George. Well now oh yes exactly I feel like that a lot of the times it is an interesting when he looked when he talks and interacts with people a lot of the times. You like how are these people saying these things he realizes it's kind of his own insane brain. More yeah being what they're saying into whenever he feels they're saying equities watching TV we've listening to the radio on their talking to him. It's all of his insecurities out there and it displays and that is great. Number four mad man people love the show I've never seen American nearby I -- to watch it again. It's you know and only do so much I agree I agree and -- number two homeland. Again yeah I know I I feel really terrible about about I've heard I've heard great things about it. I just give her time now at least the number one I have seen some pretty happy about breaking bad. Yes wolf all I'm almost thinks I'm still not caught up. -- almost his season fives on. Towards the end like the last three episodes of season four so is ramping up really big right now and I just I know how good it is and know all these things and I'm really excited to get to the finale of this gonna wanna see how it plays out because the season there were were currently on a break from as the seasons I receive this is season five OK so how weightlessness -- -- I'm really close to -- I'm just trying to think they're gonna get out of control no media spoke a little bit for me on -- show and I'm just like really can't just shut up a little bit about it. But at the same point even though I know some things. It doesn't really matter -- wanna watch it. Well and is you know is that is one of those shows where. I have paid attention from moment one and I'm fully invested in it I couldn't even begin to tell you how I think it's gonna end. Yeah I no clue man. They they they they don't seem to take it like weird twists and turns but it's. It's still not along those same normal past yeah it's really it's really fun show and it's. I like to call led terrible people doing terrible things yeah I mean I wish I really hate every character on the show I don't like any characters but I can't stop watching same deal -- Sons of Anarchy which I'm kind of shocked is not on this list it's -- -- -- it and you know like users not twist and turns -- -- -- You know there there's a moment where. The thread gets polls yeah -- everything comes the others like. -- A low. If if if if you just sitting there just useless is well this is awesome man horrible ugly out exactly. And so there's a top ten if you got to show that she wanted people to maybe pay attention to X on the manner can that wasn't on the list should isn't email be -- nation and you know and a congress it was a voicemail. On the here's something about one of these shows on the list a number seven the Walking Dead. You do as they did it right -- -- I think either the second or third season came out they had the first episode in black and white Diaz wanted to recreate the comic book feel. Well it looks like the recession was so positive that AMC is gonna convert the first entire two seasons one and two in the black and white that will air in February. Wow that's awesome so that'll -- kind of feel so if you love that I didn't see it the first sort of black and white so I wasn't sure if it if it helped did all. Heard I have many very -- you know I we have the blu -- somehow some I guess I should check that out on the you know why you know -- -- -- walking decorated war always -- and -- -- at the expense of yet another -- and I -- -- to begin -- get a seasonal wind -- -- bonds. Was just I -- -- raised from the the -- -- -- he didn't leave. He was. Sent away and it seems the same thing with Glenn Mazar. Who has -- who yeah who quit due to creative differences how they say is -- direction that the show is going which considering how well it wins in season three like shoot three was hands down amazing a lot of people complain about how season to kind of plod along at the farm straight and or may be -- long. -- -- Guy but I thought it really picked up well there's a lot of zombie kills for all the people who wanted to zombies but there was still a lot of good a good driving force in character and plot development. Yeah and see we're only halfway through it. I'm I'm really I'm trying to think because glimmers -- has been such a presence on the talking dead in you know like. I'm trying to piece together in my mind what his position has been and and how he has portrayed what he likes about the show -- who is trying to compute in my head what we're losing yeah mom and I don't. I don't know why I I do have a concern. Then we're going to be seeing a lot more of spoilers on folks from. What was going on in the in in the governor town. Would burden anymore -- late. If we're going to be starting to see a lot more sort of -- don't mean. -- I mean zombie. Human you know I mean yeah. Out well I don't want that -- -- -- looks like bomb. He's gonna be sticking -- on the -- -- -- until the end of the third season greats in the second half of that. And I'm wondered if they're just gonna conclude. The governor story and would very right there. And then just move on from it and then just kind of disregarded or how they're gonna do that. Down there and I hadn't read the comic so I don't know how it goes in the -- I didn't yeah I didn't get to our foreign comics are not only here on. More than willing to diverged from that anyone -- soldiers have to see how it goes. I was kind of sad because -- is our was a real big presence on Twitter he loved talking with the fans loved explaining some things -- doing a lot of that. And now are missing that and I got to figure out what else he's going to be doing and now hopefully follow him on that but I sort of find other people to fall of one half -- and get all the information. Here's something that might I hate you are talking about television shows. A new Twilight Zone series is -- developments. Again com. Prayer and -- now there was there's an original one obviously from 1959 and nineteen to 64. On who's really really good that the outer limits were to my favorite shows to watch even in my younger age right now I still love to go back and watch those. Com there's two later versions have failed to catch on CBS to one in the mid eighties which lasted three seasons if can you can. 2002 it only lasted one season. Might -- monitoring of the UP and version well. Here of the CBS version like I've seen episodes so does not we're pretty good not nothing will ever. Ever get close to the original. And I think that's something that may -- they need to realize that there's a big in the stalled just factor with that that -- not gonna recreate or recapture anything with the Twilight Zone with those sort of things very Bryan singer's during the race yet well he's out on board as an executive producer. So we he's not committee obviously this when it's an executive producer a lot of times it's just here's what I want you to do. In do it straight so there I don't know it. -- one thing I would really love deceit. And I really don't think you can be done as I would love to see -- get back to -- half hour format. Mean and then major television show a dramatic story in half an hour. Tom I don't think that's possible nowadays you see and that's the thing is that the Twilight Zone proves it can be done. But I am I we I think we've moved past that I don't know. They are all wrong all of -- except they'll pay the bills with stuff set up both my good work. I finally won the last television thing you know how -- sundry do tabletop. How how we have but does stuff where pipes or tubes or we may even done -- -- thirteen page which you can go check got to be -- nation in dot be dig -- nation of Communists still felt still -- yes. Well NBC apparently is taking this on the taking him by the rains or what have you. They're developing a new game show where people play games with celebrities. It's -- former will and grace star Sean Hayes is apparently legendary for hosting some awesome celebrity game nights tonight he's producing and game show based on them and NBC just picked it up. The show was called Hollywood game tonight. On each episode two contestants will be invited to a casual game night with celebrities and one of them one from the winning team will take home -- cash. AA is. -- so there's no word on whether celebrities who will be available on board for this but NBC promises they'll be quote well known names from the world of television film sports and politics among other entities. And or so many -- we're assuming these celebrities will change from one episode to the next we have no idea there's no word on when Hollywood game night might premier. Managed in four games do you think they should be plainly think they're gonna run then the normal I don't think they're very plain thing like settlers a look at -- or. Like last night on her real Motorola theory out great I'm which is really too bad -- Tom. You know I I have a feeling you'll leave the very sort of standard bear. We can't put a monopoly flake in less they're gonna cheat time. Around the game of life the hour -- Canucks forward battleship -- off. There was actually -- I think you're still runs from. On the hub there was Hasbro I had family game night. Mean yeah yeah which it was a giant commercial for has were game's ready there was a lot of fun. And they had sort of game show who physical. And aspects of versions of their famous games and has also worked kind of fun I would like these -- canceling I don't know man I -- what can you player in short order. I think it's gonna take a lot of editing here and because most of time people aren't gonna wanna sit there and watch people rolling dice. To go for space isn't -- hundred. Maybe a Trivial Pursuit type of game maybe an assistant in Russia yeah I may be a Cranium type thing where there's a bunch of different things were chewing gum or aging guy like you've got to do something that's got some physical aspects to a C have some fun with that. I'm maybe probably not twister anything but -- -- -- hilarious mousetrap mousetrap something that's going to show at least a little visit -- into and have some -- with -- or else it's just going to be boring. So what to see what happens but again give us some suggestions on what you guys think because. The game should be. Maybe there's some emblem that were missing there's a ton of different games and -- -- in there that you could play. There are a lot of fun I just don't know I don't think I'm going to be seeing them playing out cards against humanity international and my god which would be awesome that would be your -- but I don't think they're gonna do that. But -- going from. -- all these television shows and television talk to a person who rule is still on television today. The man the myth of the -- that are now mr. Bruce Campbell. Sales for the king -- yeah I recently had a chance to talk with him because he's doing something really cool involving evil dead because they are remaking evil dead. And if you didn't know about that I knew I knew there is he and he is not in it he's one of the he's one of the you know we're going back to the executive producers. Famous -- Amy are executive producing this. It is different. Director and it's it's not going to be the evil -- two or army of darkness funny funny hah hah it's gonna be a straight up horror movie. Like the first evil dead intended out to be. -- and turn it so will let him talk about it a basically what happened is is that they were looking for the biggest evil dead fan. And they found them. Or her and she was actually in Olympia so he came -- here. And had a chance for her to see these red band trailer for the movie. Before anybody else while. So we'll get right into it and -- yours Bruce Campbell. They wanted to -- -- does go on Bruce how are you doing this that's fine lovely morning. What little wet extranet -- fifth cut cut -- -- and now Bruce you're a menu is a fan favorite I mean not just because you're acting skills. But I mean all the cool things do the fan's -- I remember the first zombie time you're here and use your expertise. In now ordained ministry to do a mass wedding. Fifth and now you're you're married right and -- -- -- by me exactly. And now screen -- is held they -- nationwide contest to find your -- your biggest fan in and it managed to come up from Olympia. Well Olympia has always been known as a classy place. Full of discerning people with lots of money. And they're just they're cool people so apparently. There is a big fight at a bar and they pick the person who want and -- that I -- -- -- -- they determined this then it's the most amount of evil that jet Tuesday. Wow really that is that's is -- because I know I've seen a lot of those going to various conventions that you've been all around the country in the world that there's a lot of people out there that have a lot of your face on their bodies. I got a great you look -- a lot of bodies you. My it's I think I think the alleged winner where I'm traveling right now at this moment in the rain. Has an eagle that -- to I I will confirm that Boris. I can't do bullets to this person's identity right now. I could understand that but yet you're coming up to Seattle and at the prize for this super fans is that they get to see the red band trailer for the evil dead remake and this is though like before anyone else right. This is it this is a brand new trailer it's a new nasty one. And then we we like it as much as the first one it just a different version of the trailer nobody has seen it and because this alleged person. It's such a fan. We're gonna show that this person on a very special. Device. -- may -- may not be able to keep afterward. -- -- -- It's very intriguing unit that's an order short term credit bureau black white TV and say oh I -- -- definitely see where you say with that that is that is amazing. What your biggest fan does have the efforts need to meet UN means and they'll -- to see the trailer on the what -- It get a chance to have someone who your -- events if someone you -- a huge fan of busy you and I do something with few what would be what would you like to do. I would likely go fishing with a big movies that are. Would it be anyone in particular would you just find one just kind of down on the streets. My touch out Brad Pitt I'll let you go bishop Brad -- -- foot -- kind of -- he's kind of he's a former redneck. Now he's just got a marine -- -- though I didn't some -- he was Brett. That is awesome that is really cool man that's a lot of fun with that so going to back to evil dead. This is a remake and you know some people we're kind of show one million. They are familiar -- the words dubious sometimes that word is. Violently oppose that led to the original producers are involved Cameron -- and take -- new director. We've we've held the -- this production all the way through and we're we're very much behind it. We didn't -- screwed up because we knew how violently. You know. They're very protected the span yeah that's bad and they don't want their little gem of a movie could be. True passion anyway ordered her to franchise but we realize stammering is making the biggest movies now I would. I've been stuck on television for six years we don't know where we're going to be able to make another evil that movie. But the demand has been such we're like OK you know what let's give you one -- -- -- new effects. New director. Mortality cast and we ever work and we just we wanna see it it's easy green garden knows you're in the -- but that you know they want it we want the effects could be. The extra kind -- you can't notice. And so. So we're really happy with it we we've seen the movie and we -- audience and that basically went crazy. That is oh yeah yeah I saw -- fancied -- noted that they're going to be. They're going to be -- and this is not funny movie you know the first team knows that. Really meant to be up. Ha ha kind of -- movie like you'll that you -- army of darkness the original evil dead was a melodrama and it's you know it's -- good. The new and a new version is an old school. -- your chair Rick your girlfriend. You know still your popcorn kind of movie. That's kind of an interesting take on it because like you say when evil dead to an army of darkness they were a lot more tongue in cheek and then. When -- we came out a couple years ago with from hell that panic came with that same sort of feeling with this all I know a lot of people were thinking that this would be. Not the the horror movie that evil dead one was a lot and he was no supposed to be. They used to they used to a certain style from you know makers but you know this is said he Alvarez sees the new director of the new boy genius. And it's his Kate we allowed him the ability to screw up their franchise at night making it his own vision. And thankfully you know he did and I remember watching this. I was make it burn notice down in Florida and that I was incredibly relieved just like -- fans hopefully will be when I -- I'm like okay. Now we got something going here the fans will not be disappointed elect. They'll go -- producers don't care about the fans they shut stuff out and take your leave it. Here's my head and at Taco Bell cup -- do like the movie -- there's -- -- -- our hand may we really want fans to like it and we want us -- get the worst thing involved. So that we make sure that we like it. And I and that the filmmaker so it you know it's how we want to. Yeah and -- even I I just looked up watching the video the YouTube video of by your parents both -- -- -- and -- the leading lady -- -- -- and -- just added yeah exactly add at the comic -- in new York and seriously the sneak peek at the people had they don't show it in the YouTube -- afterwards that kind of go back and forth to it and that everyone is standing up applauding so I think that you really have something that the fans are really gonna appreciate what this film. That's my -- I am glad he's dead you must feel well educated men all think you're very much. It we do appreciate the fervor. From fans and the other thing we wanted to make sure it was. We didn't want an ash character and we didn't want me in the movie you know I audition but it moving faster so you know oh really and stamps and extension of those 20. So. What can I tell you employ any it seems that there's like champion I can't -- -- when you ride the. It seems you're a little bit busy anyway now with you know burn notice to an -- to it do you say six years -- seven now -- -- -- -- always you played the characters like just smooth so charismatic -- it's it's one of those guys who you really you sit down and as -- as a screen characters -- or -- you know television character. As I would like to sit down and have a drink with Sam. And now -- I have and I spend all my money. No -- most NRA money but you're the only drinks beer so -- -- he goes to that can add up. Let's yeah how it might -- spirit Sam. The idea is that church or you want. You want someone -- -- well you know he's he's so loyal sidekick. And it's and we're we're only one of those we don't need a loyal wing man. Absolutely and it's turned it's turned into way I mean -- very much AA. It was what it would has started off with with you know Michael Weston going on trying to figure out what's going on a lot of the times it would be almost kind of a solo venture but as the as the show has evolved. It's he's come to not only. Realize that he needs you guys -- like all of the characters are a very integral part of the whole thing going all the way down to his mother. Or you know. Yeah now it's now restricted group dynamic it used to be was a lone wolf started deal any no help on the side. Now able it's an official says it it's an eighteen now even with a the fact it is -- -- Bob Barker you know I figure head chopping. Shotgun toting mom she's a good -- brought it Sharon addresses grade it. And no will finally we'll go back in -- finish this up I want says still to go back and talk about evil dead because this is really really fun thing do you guys know -- the whole world -- see this red band trailer as opposed to the super fan is getting and the special treatment today. -- it's going to be pretty soon they won't they won't delay it too much because it would be it would be leaked by need I ask you know. So those those -- it'd stop but they'll get out eventually so normally -- they know now it's. If it's -- gets out anywhere -- -- get a video camera that they're gonna take a look at you out there could be out soon my guess is within a month or so. And that lawyer and may be maybe a sneak have -- on -- -- Twitter can you seem to be a good Twitter aficionado there's there. I'm a little -- treaty avenue to where -- -- about you know a year and a half then do it. And it's it's a moving target to order you know the one -- -- realized that. Certain things you just never talk about. Yeah yeah besides you know you never goes. I never -- serious speeches where I eight I went serious and a couple of earlier tweets and men. That's when the freaks come yeah. I'm like amateur show pretty pictures just sunsets and birds and you know. So there were doing nominates a probably -- the winner. As they're going to it's OK I get a picture -- -- -- -- when it's appropriate. Nice and that's I mean you're you even answer fans questions on there I remember earlier this year -- The idea they -- I don't know why I don't know why people don't. I guess it's just -- -- people it's. While I had a wonderful breakfast just now on its biggest thing to do their breakfast and that's well go for a walk but that dog Amanda pictured it -- guardian. I don't know it's -- -- your own little network you know yeah and I identically to figure out you know how to how to manage it. And it's it's a kind of an interesting thing because one of my friends actually noted that we basically have this cell phone numbers of anybody who you know wants to put it out there because if you have a Twitter account you most likely attest to your cell phone. So anyone can -- is almost basically ring you up. PSA strawberry and I've known him -- death sermons that but I you actually gave me a little bit of advice I was going to Miami. Earlier this year -- -- -- -- picture whether or -- I should address cool like -- Cinemax and he got -- and got me a little response there's like -- presented that -- -- well Miami or guerra votes. Yeah ask the gas found that out it's ever go brackets are put on a boat and death for those who will lead again thank you so much evil debts coming out looks like April 12 of next year. A whole number of freight train made you can't stop I love it thank you so much Bruce thank you my friend have a good rainy days and had take care. Plus pretty awesome bird that special fan. I don't know where members Campbell there you go look at Mac how about fast. Even I can be surprised -- the show exactly. All right well again. Do you guys want to shoot us an email you can do that -- -- digging -- gmail.com. And -- voicemail one nanny Joseph QG 43353. X let us know what you think about the in fact they're making new evil dead. Laura let us know in the deep stuff that we should check out for the new year and a happy new year happy new year and it's next time. Very early news.