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STP Cast - 02-19-13 -- Stone Cold Steve Austin / Jim Breuer

Feb 19, 2013|

Stone Cold Steve Austin joins us on the STPCast to talk about his new movie The Package; Jim Breuer joins us to talk about performing this Sunday at the Snoqualmie Casino and his new movie available on iTunes, titled More Than Me; STP plays more Macklemore and some new Mad Season.

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They see the producer and I can't even count the number of times I've hit a -- -- -- by my -- you all that time that this. This spring in their -- by myself I dispose of them aren't talkative -- she shot and ruin their super. For cooler talk and those make you feel welcome and their service is not always friendly but fast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The track for this sound they're finally laid friendly fresh that's how they roll drivers sushi locations at track for sushi dot net. -- sushi dot net. If you're out of order for the world famous saying if you were orders are usually the most in my -- -- often -- I had about honesty and if you didn't know what. Well actually go in the country sort of message exactly what do you go ahead and listen to no luck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Far removed all yeah to address the pain it's busy as soon. I am seeing the -- top dozen the other because we are doing this as investors are running out of revenue Fuego is here I'm pressing buttons and there is there a mod though this. Joseph in this -- concerns about how soon. Play out right now it is it's your time is right now 6:46 in the morning and about two minutes. Stone cold Steve Austin is going to be joining us awhile look at that's no what does he had doing about. And what do you doing about selling our bustling corner I mean yes I'm not -- -- thank you very much because but also he's got a new movie that's denied that stunned theaters in town on dvd and Blu-ray today it's got the package -- yet again another stone cold as kicking film. Diseases in his his wrestling shirt since I know he's amassed -- join a movie about RS on either of either. Debris on the -- kids just. She's allow banks while. Well off please I went there before he got on the hopefully and hopefully top he'll be able to pipeline in when when stone called on the phone because I know he is a fan as well he likes his movies Amman they -- need to be well versed in this film's. One of my -- just want to kill where he's trying to get his daughter back can somebody kidnaps -- -- -- can -- Andre condemned other stranger gas ensemble worn -- I don't sound like a very bad and that's -- wonderful environment it was in the expendable -- an expendable yep. Todd he's been a few films you in the longest yard that was kind of gets first crack -- -- acting we wanted to football players most recently on and get I was watching now that the teaser for the trailer. For the package and has also watch occasional clip him. I try to get money from a guy because he's kind of like. He's a downturn and enforcer he's doing jobs for people on them this guy gives them a package and -- to be wanna kill him. And that's hopefully in the movie to enforce package based in Seattle as well -- that's -- -- -- chemical don't know about that. So we talking with Steve Austin and just a few minutes also we have Jim Drury is going to be joining us on that as TP cast and about an hour that's very exciting as well. We're semi automatic it's awesome our base -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was -- wasn't distracted -- earlier -- have Tracy Morgan on the show but that has been canceled half they knew it was going to be postponed till Friday. And we never mind that BJ Shea morning experience but it's at the same time he be available we have Bobby -- in studio -- -- -- -- all spot really is back in CNET Symbian to BJ Shea morning experience on Friday morning in the 7 o'clock hour in the seminary as a radio people like to say that -- -- -- -- mediator mediator in our view we that would just yet and be offered as he alienated. I don't know man we -- -- are lying around the studio so who knows what's gonna had a hot Kyle. Now we do have ot Kyle and the wildcard here barrel roll off I don't know we'll see what happens I mean he's a funny guy isn't -- his clothes off and I don't really feel like drag all back in the studio. I magic stone cold Steve -- on the phone. -- -- -- Stay and has to do our entry into the Yankees just wrapping up. Awesome it's -- hang on 12 okay cool thank you thank good. So who do. -- do -- -- and -- Black on direct. There OK we get you straight to an excellent we're going to end in Seattle releasing -- game hormone back. OK you're on. -- -- Very important payless and dared not just here rode around this morning and I thought hey guys say you see -- coming to Seattle -- -- for you movies based and. I can't kill the good care of Seattle says hey do you Desiree deep down over -- at the metropolitan brutal. -- no -- so you know the filet mignon with I never take the world -- from the metropolitan -- are you serious yeah blue America animator out of done my bit and that's imagine. I questions stone cold Steve Austin -- friend Jocelyn is on -- -- ladies over there next to become the -- let's take you to steakhouse. Still today there was sort of majority of where you really bad place where we're going to reached up -- -- -- much -- growing much regret what they. Without question there's still a problem thirteen. He glides down and I just lose everything above I got an establishment -- if you wanna get hooked up for good -- good and Seattle up. I'll -- those two restaurants. Dare stray and that's a good place a hideout you can get those big blue say you know I -- -- are -- that's that's a good place to -- had thirteen -- dark lighting that's that is very true. Taylor Steve I'm very sad about this Marines out today on dvd Blu-ray saw the package I'm a fan of your show I'm a big fan of wrestling and it's a right and I'm a fan -- Aside Democrats and some are ressam and I wanna tell what the movie first because one of my favorite action -- there was a hunt to kill. And and -- vows to such a bad -- film and now I'm watching the trailers and I even saw that clip the bowling ball seemed. For the package and this one just looks awesome. It's spot moving got a chance to work rebel Lundgren had you would do the director just she just moments guerrilla -- that would get a new. And now we're real roll cameras are another one of in the bag did you play good guys who collection that's for eleven. And against my boss called me and to deliver a package it and got shut out little rooms baggage. That's what it was going to be the loop goes back to -- the -- and is not what I'm actually delivered. And that's what -- excitement starship. Got to change the game open golf blundered again that he's familiar doesn't change the game -- -- blah -- I'm gonna get on his movie and you pleased to Baghdad and has very good actor well the last. Now he looks like I mean just an evil person in this film -- as it is and I'm very excited about this and and while -- about the movies you do the action films it just straight up. Ass kicking action films it brings you back to like this. The days of sorts and dagger in Stallone's when when he had just action doesn't deserve a thrill -- from beginning and -- are always wonder when I watch you -- the -- -- could see him taken a role like Schwarzenegger -- end -- then in command whereas our commando. Whatever you like what would be if you could be the star of -- past -- don't want your favorite action films -- going to be. And a little management so many good and unabashed let's. You know predator can be found less need for unity even you know terminator. Religion straight up horror movie -- now -- lives better about yourself that are very also so Leo don't believe Rambo first blood -- -- -- -- hard to be. Oh I absolutely I mean there's this a fund rise from beginning to end for sure. I anyone ask you out of my wife and I we were hooked and actually a bunch of us on the show hero hooked on tough enough to Demi -- -- reality -- any out. Any chance of another after another season -- not happening. And -- -- what that bridge loan bill I have I think their windows -- yeah. And -- -- too bad being over shill I love bill and as everybody that watched and loved it. And -- going to be well I guess you're at -- memorable slogan why they did I have no idea but that Sean -- mother moved -- a road. Got shares startled -- show called red bank I don't know she -- I love doing that show. Your -- was not me commercially the better -- numbers each other and I just kind of showed that the process -- -- go well -- eliminating each other but. I'm not really -- so much that we're working on two of the project should Ashanti right now. -- remember social you're pretty quick. But hide your realm of television I would ever have dropped a volatile enough. I Gagarin America say we played clips summoned all the time to -- through it was always. There's this great moment -- -- some accent here you do more reality set because there's always those words of wisdom from song called in and night we would play those last moments when you would go off on those guys. In the ring and illusionist. Who did dangerous sanction applied to anything and that's a -- wrestling and applies to everything in life and I just I could I applaud you match that was awesome and that's a -- and they dropped the ball on that. It is about our budget over Asia but you must go down the road game should there glow of the crash -- -- good expression that was my first -- morality television -- turned out -- -- projects because we're Jewish. Actually. You know. BS TV I didn't wanna do that power to do something that I enjoyed doing that would be represented a vote something that I know a little bit about -- which it would. Tell us about it was kind of a match made in heaven but it didn't last but -- -- and that's a shame. Yeah yeah -- and do and as you and oral wrestling how we felt a little while back we interviewed the -- -- -- -- -- of his there experiences that happen in the ring was talking about. What the many matches that he had -- -- those are always his favors him one time I think you were delivering the stone cold -- dishonor on him and dot. He did he say that you leaned over or yet a mouthful here you just stated in his face he says they'll never forget them all -- mega music was now gone on other runner for you. -- so many matches in so many great moments in the world wrestling from my left ABC -- days ECW days of the WB days I was when there was some of your favorite moments of what's that make that one story -- love to check as Iraq's new resolve value many love sharing the stories about being in the ring with you. All manner of actual black category with a rocket that would try to spray to be here on film I usually away at the bottom position of the starter. Because of the impact alike should bring the -- the beer beer for the crowds and I haven't heard people are my -- got a raw. Talent not to actually try to delve into what we're very Baghdad. How much did the best government you -- flop around like official appears. Yeah that's tonight showbiz aspect of the show that things -- there there's so many integrate their. I mean you are actually Russian -- haven't given what the rock confusion. New indoor attendance record would look totally bad -- match was above one. The other -- but -- hard you know to double our blood and though the shoreline Jordan of that. It would drive on the regular beer truck yeah bash that political achievement. There have been so many good time to charge addition -- the big -- big -- by the -- -- -- talk about Iraq any time we got arraigned you know we we loaded up everything was normal guys are brought up eventually maybe another flash version of PerkinElmer. Well integrated dolphins when you're war over the jetlag -- There's in his grave watching and he's back in there is WW east champs right now I feel like those don't God's gonna come back deny and kind of teach him what's up. Well eventually -- you know launched a -- -- mentioned she would they. Go into Russia may be aware of it and all I guess trying to look at me you know Enron could give correct. Yes it does look like him maybe punk involved as well knows. Well it should be big cat and you know I think they can certainly you know well how do those -- they had last year. And battle at all because to realize -- -- -- the big show lobby Washington benefited mission involved in her -- -- election factor into the break so we'll see what what transpired doubly doomed them. And -- reality go adds one and one last quick question now because out when you raise the term Austin 316 it was a match against -- to sink Robertson you know he's got had his ups and downs and a lot of downs. Does he think he's been able to turn his life trying to even able to keep tabs on him in and hear about his his transformation. Yeah look I I have valid -- or my best friends like -- he all the time injection mayor. -- go to DB yoga leisure cleaned up you've been so little burnout or how long. And his -- mine is back and he'll be excellent mark you guys now you'll get a bit English. So I'm a big man woman ever workers as good as a person battle -- Jake as well -- moment. But I got the British crowd should continue to go down in the past good result but again literally -- right now I remember out of your forgiveness like back. Yeah I saw before and after pictures he just looks amazing -- February was at one point now Scott Paul I guess is this may not he's there and diamond Dallas page mess. What a great guy that guy is. I live and yellow -- Dallas usually try to help -- -- And that bad things that -- struck Obama do yoga and really really affect about change so many testimony will be political. Undertake this program and clean up their guy that doesn't amount for what could melt additional match got all the -- to know better what you have a little bit but -- they may have Dallas and Alabama. I usually that would be eligible first came out lush English for Belichick's much. Dad -- many truly is portable glass half full. People all the time. One of my best friend that I got and I look forward and ship bigger better things from him. I'm right on Steve some go Steve Austin I was you talked even longer and I -- -- going now the package looks awesome out on dvd and Blu-ray today so go get it Todd thank you so much for giving us some time. Thank you got a pretty analysts -- the Mac man you've got it Mac -- cannot take care for her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was no winner today can there was no and also. Are today read this matter thanks I don't remember I'm sorry our. Sonja you're welcome might do your job -- need to be done and I he decides what should the guy on the phone right now I think she's doing good stone cold Steve Austin depression like we don't I want to read it Odom and I deserved the answer was last questions. Last chance to hear the first thing he says or you know on the phone as he loves the match. Of America you have imagine he's going to trust -- -- and they're gradually -- mr. polity that looks good down there must sell big breezy out. Huddled -- got. By got to bring our engineers -- it could close. There are so bad -- Steve -- LCI stretching -- you can't handle. No such thing when the match not opened fire at thirteen court and other players never closes no it doesn't unfortunate and common kind of in the mood for -- met any of some thirteen they're -- science commandN B a bad idea of course STV tests and practiced very I morning stomach I -- -- -- had at oatmeal that sucked. I had yogurt and it is fine but it doesn't do anything for. I society is like putting food in eastern Singapore it's a -- yeah that's why don't realize a live man not living to -- gas is not the -- friendly indeed. Alan the talk about it I don't know right there's the Cleveland I was Stoner. -- -- -- trying to make you say that you feel bad if you wanna eat food NB gluttony is a cycle I resources eat so you could survive -- ready to much you don't want to know. You know muluzi really a game he had messed -- suffering and allowing your -- -- and I -- had not live to -- rather and I really really like food. Overall do I live. And Jack has surprised us free throw all my email and Jesus is not colonel -- very generic as well -- A when I was listening to the stone cold Steve Austin. Describe his movies yeah I thought it was like to Marie I was there like thought it was are there. Thank you know -- I -- songbirds. Is like a porn it kind of -- there's a guy is also deliver a package put the numbers of -- it's not really the fact is its audience delivered. And it turns out it was a transvestite. So as always your interview was he's a got a new movie you know do it again so cool and yeah health damage obvious the guy for this -- is always -- it's worth -- mention that we should have. This topic is all about the stone cold movie -- you -- your phone call that didn't exist are here because not just gonna talk that the package features Austin this Tommy way. A nightclub bouncer and enforcer for Seattle crime boss big dog. We're all big dug in Seattle but I still I'm Moscow we're big does -- Tommy to hand deliver a secret package to the mysterious international crime lord's hand. They're German played by Dolph Lundgren home determined he does so with hopes that big dog will forgive his. Forgive the debt that Tommy's brother Eddie suppose no. Kenedy was featured enough white chicks in Freddy vs -- -- -- -- is right is it going to lose the theaters on TV it's on dvd also -- a series they are doing away Manny comes out today go get a skill on knowing our luck today in the mail will run dvd and I'll probably -- you don't. Dvd player always critical -- Netflix -- and he's yet you're just not you're going to have a dvd player today dvd I -- -- looks like that's able VNA some guy and I I can't find him a -- union all that's I can't find a movie between the stuff that's on the broke new. You can actually buy more and run out of time out here on the Comcast and I'm fine man did I understand I understand you know it dvds just couldn't -- never I don't know movies to live don't live to watch Olbermann and I. Talk about today what we're here. And -- -- software off nicely until Thursday morning but we know clearly we came in for stone cold Steve Austin yeah okay and for Tracy Morgan is not gonna join us tonight and they -- every gym refers Tracy Morgan going to be this -- I don't know that it was going -- -- Yeah he's not acceptable -- -- -- -- doesn't show her and another 38 minutes are gonna have about timber -- so there's a few things I want to Taiwan this on his days straight. From a business fresh -- depressed because it fresh high capacity even you have read these news aired immediately postseason yesterday the younger we had a day off. I want to play hockey nice Madonna to choose our President Clinton -- yourself did you know that I call myself -- tough sell low. All our days old. Before the game the devils are playing because it was you know they were playing at 1 o'clock in New York time or East Coast time not so I was at 10 o'clock in the morning over here means to your morning. Saw my hockey was at -- so I said you know what I'm gonna DR. And then after hockey I'll go home and watch it below considering. And everything's fine I get dressed amount on the ice on my buddies don't mean he's he comes up and he's about to go hey good doubles -- and this. Shoes shoes are your mouth did you know what's Victoria and music off my bad my bad wants anything. -- I'm not gonna say anything. So let me get then -- over -- all my stuff off comic I'm getting allied and I'm going home mom watched Nadal -- clay -- Newton so I put on my buddy and I haven't re wearing -- devils took a course. I was a guy locker -- all OK and he goes. Not a case. And I know exactly what he's about to set an offensive -- many Hindus say the next word used to sell and I don't let them and MTV darling right now. Everybody exactly like damn that was great how did you read is smiling no I knew what simple McDonald's and beyond that's where you've got. And then. So I think I've made it very clear I don't know and and an imminent and that DVR net right now with another word for reasons I don't wanna be spoiled right. So that guy who already know most who do not like -- he -- he's a he's a nice guy pretty dishonest finds a way to get under people's campaign you go and he goes. All okay good -- headlights yeah it was a good game man means. Tom I'm glad they won but I know LA and no and I look at Emily and my big tax when I was season tears -- Leg exercises have been my face turned red as red as the doubles what. Yeah and I want to -- -- did you just do it I think you did. Because what what. Did you not hear me say MTV Ari it he says yeah. Did you just tell me that they won the game. Yeah yeah I mean but are being done this color but I mean it was a good game and endemic did you just tell me that they won today's game didn't. Oh man no I'm I -- this weekend. Been very active -- earlier I was dogmatic I found out I go. Mall I'm like dude how are you that stupid -- and the whole locker rooms -- I'm glad that five guys a -- in the locker room I just I mean I was literally my pants being on the move away from getting out of there -- and I'm -- you seem to have this ability to have the -- wants to tell you these things that don't work or LA deal bolsters the years let's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- my -- -- -- -- whatever -- -- -- regular -- -- -- -- -- -- No comment I'm -- I normally do why would you do that what is wrong with you. And he's a serious I I I I'm sorry it's Maria well now Michael Williams on today trying to talk some more and I never I'm not using this. I did I just I'm -- not just don't talk to me again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was so -- Shot and I run so then I get home economic well -- -- I'm not gonna tell my wife doesn't she knows I know the score tsunami watch hockey it's like watching a lot of it has so much in the game. And it's one nothing doubles and I'm just sit there and join the gamers about like maybe seven minutes Giuliani and there -- the -- you know what's gonna happen to senator score. Right it's 11 goes in overtime nine got a devils -- -- on a -- only Joseph led down a player or not it's overtime music beat my heartbeat now my. -- -- -- -- -- So they -- -- shoot out now I got here comes the devils where everything's good right. As they go shoot out. And the mother passed in senators win the damn Dana. I love these and her honor -- -- -- does not. So why why didn't his game not even thinking I need to be worried and the devils lose Obama. Yeah I just changed the outlook. Taught there. Our crude that is a little odd man I was so mad I was here and I get a text message in my body Domi was in the locker room here right he must what you could somehow must have time to music soon after I finished watching the game. -- goes. Where is it they find here -- He says sorry to be a Dick -- But I -- crystal ball in -- doubles dumping their game this coming Thursday hope you weren't recording I'm not. I was wrong he's -- Wrong I know I did he completely -- Healy -- Shyamalan none being dumb idea that what I went down a spiral because I'm Mike and I can't bitch about it in my house just -- my wife -- and I toll try to do purpose to why don't -- have to focus on this fuming and some -- eventually you're really mad about this awesome and I'm sick and I'm losing. This economic news anchor I'm mercenary comes in front you're ungodly -- hang -- he's he's. I didn't -- he's a good player. He's like him. Large right now really have you set a -- -- no bigger -- -- three -- -- has figured you can't move many still operate on just about my size and he's pretty speedy. And he's still in astronomy. And he had it was a black Jersey and I can't see any -- -- on the black hole Claire -- the ultimate screener. And he just I don't know what it is meant there -- other guys and also kind of snap off on him if he ends up like he's a bad guys actually a really nice guy. Please just somehow finds a way to get under your skin and he found yesterday for -- he had a bad snap and I got on aggravated -- snaps and so on but I think I just said -- DVR do you do you told you the wrong scar that Wear one on -- -- penguins fans I mean season -- -- I'm glad I had an act mad about this -- is waiting for that text message to be like him saying guy yes Colorado and you're I would have. Heart attacks and I want -- -- managing this well right I sat down watched his dam game the whole time he's seeking out in the next time. Our -- drama in the locker room but I got to think positive he had cancer and that's right so used to wasn't stars game that's true. It's an ounce tax on sentences I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think -- be narrated both in the same camp does don't go buy our music recommendations. Follow your guys is because I think we both kind of just have. Best teachers sells auto and auto mileage target about you know a year -- they cannot -- -- in ninja -- songs came into windows rescue Rangers only did you not -- -- -- -- fifteen minutes while -- -- seen -- -- -- get a contract today there -- a lot of guys -- wanna play -- so -- we talked about the -- record and not even that I -- I can't say you're being kinda hard on the strokes yeah that isn't sorry and you know our buddy -- undisturbed since you're watching the package. Our system and look and but that's some was bad and I was really -- and I think maybe horrible that's probably what sent me over the edge was that Exxon not that they lost in a shoot out. And -- that they have the song was just not good news is -- if that is the guy was singing in a -- senate doing in their singer and it didn't work and there's just nothing was making sense but the new while my guess is out today to move. And another song which is the title track I believe off the Imus got all the time and so. I saw there was out I haven't listened to the song yeah but I pulled it and I put it onto a CD for us because they feed you know what better way to check it out and maybe get. You know kind of are exposed to the strokes -- global -- honest opinion let's hope that maybe this will change your opinion -- one bad song maybe they wanted to cleanse the power of the united ginger for their music and you know he. And hope that everything else is battered or maybe this is their saint anger. Boy -- -- -- day now how do you remember analysis. Yeah after I I don't even if I like the song and nick likes a solid and even if the red -- out on top shelf. And I'm hunters are guaranteed you'll pay Asahi TE Ian Flanagan -- Florio I don't believe your pretty predictable and knows what you hate. -- -- -- So without further -- -- -- so far is just normal this -- the -- also don't gonna break this. I didn't. You have seen in the second. Her strength that we. I'm doing this. -- like this all along better. That other side it was a lot better analysis and nobody -- this. I. So now it's kind of man I know the worst happens that is. He opens it up with the symbols. Tournament. I'd try to they're taking from. I like this. A lot more so it's what you expect from mr. Excellent and I want I want when I. Yeah ten dollars. You want you all are long -- -- that's going to -- pass -- -- really hard -- can you just listen to a full -- yes yes you can long. Our album jazz and they have a lot of -- if you start comments almost like it's in your collection yeah and so long as well you have a cell service as long as you can gal or why fire whatever is under -- condition -- Internet -- You can use in his he had ten bucks a month as you started in the Yemeni space in your phone -- recently streaming system bucks a month and what's equality like is as good Los -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you Zune anymore you know I like yeah no way to use its own licences were were asked because I don't have any players Florida anymore they on this on that. So we're thinking about making -- -- to being an iPod house yeah sorry and I we had the iphones I've found Spotify thanks so and means. It's worth it. They either think -- this like this is that it is is really awesome because that's how I'll listen to normal Al -- -- I -- let's go full album. Like we are doing the sound garden stuff were planned and the the content on -- I have to go listen to super unknown. So I just sat there has started to listen dolls super unknown and a pretty extensive library and yeah just yet they've got some light they've got light -- -- -- material that fortunately that did not Ali I'm going to let you buy the -- -- -- again I just gonna have an anyway that is Jane's Addiction. Colonial -- that I was under attack for now I'm not -- Our Zune pass is -- -- stakes are -- that the -- -- then why isn't the only if you -- and hey if you start an album. And you don't have Internet connection can you not listen to it you can't listen -- its Internet connection only there so that's the one problem -- say it's a game change when actually I -- I can't I -- I don't wanna say for sure but I think you might be able to actually download to use. On let me see let me find out -- would -- as well as soon as. Sources that you download the songs for you don't own them play like you have them see you don't have to be connected to the Internet you to listen to him whenever but when you stop paying your monthly subscription taken off. Those songs if you don't -- million -- to sink it every once on your computer do you -- days -- aren't you -- do opinion those. But if you don't continue to pay you lose every -- you haven't paid for who and so -- pretty much my entire library on my -- Yeah no wires no -- beyond which is fine because they do they like Spotify and I'm paying ten bucks a month. That's not that's a pretty good deal I don't think about me and how many I cannot continue to listen to it a multiple devices. Daria yeah everyone in the house can't get it on my -- do you my count -- way not to pay twenty bucks a month I'm pretty share and it's gonna see all the cool -- and I download. And then -- medalist -- -- Israelis ask. In this moment hailstorm all aids. He would have lost her weird music DJ jazzy and I don't do it all -- and free gangs. -- -- Justin Timberlake JT. Taylor yeah Ohio yeah. I know I love you JT tireless. Yeah strokes the first album this weekend and then I sort of getting on -- kicks though like the late nineties early 2000 like dog finds in the -- eyes sort of gone through the gamut of -- awesome jobs. The tough CEO all of those fans are pretty bad ass man back in the day. New piece of -- going to be okay over there now what does trying to look at like -- -- -- features -- go and a drop down menu for my cell phone. Listen everywhere Spotify works and compete the best gray already figuring this out -- -- you have an Aurora near death experiences happen the meanwhile Bob. Just last week called -- So -- I 5 and I am and go play hockey big shock crichton as a driving a behind their man in the -- got three ladders on top of the -- -- -- -- -- -- behind this event and is one of my biggest fears in life is sometimes gonna fly on the roads and my windshield and -- and and Kilmeny. Or just you know a way to go though. Yeah yeah. Insulting that Omar how does -- end. Dude so how about this -- behind them and I'm in the passing lane of course he's going sixty miles per hour casino when you're in the past -- as a slowdown everyone behind you sure that's what they do put out here so on this there and all of a sudden one of the three latter starts coming up. Below. Is catch and there are metal ladders these are like full on them yeah derailment like I join you -- -- like pretty similar to when I am housing SM foot ladder. And I'm looking at it -- -- all this is the moment. That's all you make this the moment where I go to guys and everything went to super slow motion tomorrow. -- -- She's as good news is among the oil idea mode on those who fascinates. Me. I don't slow and I'm just thinking on sun -- I'm going now right. I know I can think -- geez what do I do. Do wide I want to get into an excellent doesn't say go right in any -- in the -- amount given how Barclays and a kayak. That's reasonable load is not a security officer. So I'm always the last to me before you quickly turn to start -- car right there and saw my I can't can't do that amount because this guy again and relaxing because I'm freaked him out. The other side. -- I saw massed on that side right now and I'm like okay now how to write him -- all this is like if -- attorney but all is going in my head super quick so Mike. Twice beat up and get as close to that he's back. -- flies over me. All right great well breaks and back often -- hazards to potentially getting rear ended but. Avoiding disaster yeah I'd -- so that I could possibly drive over the latter's. Right well. My thought process currently have miles and now are my top prizes can't -- as well wait too long because it was too late for me to be getting any decisions yet another latter's not fully up -- the -- -- -- about her -- fully erect right now Mike. Then die I don't know what your friends and I don't quite a hunter on the -- and thankfully only the top row I territories of Pakistan. He had it somehow as security on back. So it flew up in the air and then long and -- like what is weird matrix. The night I'm not as a front and -- -- -- -- -- now it's going to be hot is gonna pop. And then just -- flies down and slams the back of his own and just hangs there hello all what -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but I am freaking out still I now think the adrenaline might I don't need this wired energy drink URIA fall managing. And so elves and -- is blink. We will die. Rich new. There is the added I was. I and they I don't it was a pretty scary moment in Nigeria or my wife and she's tired now -- -- -- like doesn't really scare you out and Mike. If you gonna tighten because a lot of like slipped over the back Perez yeah yes if you would have gotten really close to -- the latter what do Cameron John Conyers fellow went ahead on their front and I went through. -- thing I do anything it just. They don't. Yeah that's why and why it's better not to you prepare us better just freeze. Let that be your so called rebound tomorrow and we've got today. So but I power the other guys after the you know a black guys stuff. Why can't play nice and you ask. Wasn't I was for those guys know about the concern I had the media and I was driving no argues in the winner. And there was a lot of black ice and ice. Are you Rhode and I hit a patch and then I did regain control my car again and another tax spun around like a couple of times on I five luckily early in the morning -- -- I saw cars coming bad enough -- understand until I -- us. Pinto like the divided thing on the side or whatever like the fare fears hitting forwards yet and he's a hospital -- very well Clinton and -- and had sex into the boards got hit shots maybe like passes and it's I tell my mom about what happened I totaled my car it's a black guys volume -- Is that why are they okay -- am I. The -- -- OK I have to black ice I I implement what. Why doesn't use our -- hey completely a black ice why every black guys on the freeway I think didn't -- -- I hit a -- dead. And I was on and configured as she Google it and -- is the best so nice this huge concern and you know I think Grumman erase its family and a half and I did and I -- that there is like damn straight ahead numbness and anyway my -- she wouldn't -- donor as you rightly put my grandma who knows. Yeah. Looking at the Spotify looks -- you can download the Stefan that anchor streaming -- seeking download into your computer and you can use them or your mobile device. For all along as -- and thank you. Do you have to pay extra for that now Billy is I guess just you do you when you have premium you're fine you get all. This connection to everything else. Hillary has the zone well how are aspect. Oh yeah. It's like I don't -- -- yeah musical Tennessee is actually is hard and fast I had a. In my -- something called it frozen as the latter coming at me im sorry guys it's okay merits -- GST there. So was still on the campaign -- in -- -- -- music to get Michael Moore to perform on the MVP -- we didn't some thievery to reduce doesn't always -- haven't seen a hash -- -- -- SDP just -- being being exposed to different ways -- MA CMA CK. I mean to a Niemi CKB doing there now you want it doesn't matter I'm sure -- I am paying attention or he's just just make sure you -- make you US act. Ask him as well mathematical more and also Ryan Lewis if you wanted to does that is DJ they're gonna be on Saturday Night Live in March -- -- how cool is that. That's pretty I say what better way to warmup for Sam lied to the show up on the STP gas. All right -- ready for a have you performance I had a dream. That he actually did perform -- RS DP test and it was then and I had a full -- -- a surprise that's so cool wow and did one of his songs and you know what we we're all ready to play one of his sons and we said hey. I at this then of course I was on the drums to selflessly almost half of -- is -- violin players of your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Orchestra type band and an end and he showed up and he was like touched by it it was so cool. But it didn't really happy because it was a dream so I'm really gonna do when you kissed him since it was an awesome ST do you Cashman I don't I'm not everything game changer for us we like over a million hits on that podcast to -- awesome is it really was what put us on the map. That's why there's a lot of pressure on Michael Moore for him to do this because I miss thanks. By him being on our our podcast it benefits us is we are big -- -- they had a since I got the benefit him at all. Who Burbank did you have Mac but you probably -- and -- are -- on his right get on right now he's just to spite us you know -- -- go -- right now I'm just on him. Soft so it's not just sort of -- the invite is still out there and I mentioned that I wanted to dot explosion guise of some other Mac rumor songs I found one in this is a complete like. This is -- might -- be serious on that same love no no this is -- one that's gonna change you can't lighten the way you think on your original structure in mass. It's actually not even on his new CD the -- -- I think it's another release but it's also on the unplanned mix tape which is where I got it's amazing player believe media on Spotify you guys. Might Muslim and he -- video you've got to see. It's -- the sunset and we danced. And the video is completely ridiculous he comes riding on a horse that -- Tyrone -- -- and any stress. It's the most ridiculous how that would go seek ways he's gonna fake British accent throughout the entire song. It sounds completely like this is not going to be a good songs. Put the song is for an awesome because it's so damn catchy it's a pop song I mean. It's delegation Rihanna case on a six at some point because I mean is there are and -- -- -- and any of the DNC crap that they play on that station. And I say crap but I enjoy most of the songs that I won't -- -- -- and it's -- -- Malcolm Moran and Brian Lewis actually only you know Brian Lewis is on this on this might -- before he got collaborating with Jimenez got and we dance and it's completely ridiculous I get it. But it it's fun and it's going to be sticking your head to rest of the day. You are now we can bring a piano player. He shows up next in the stands -- on the key chart. That's true hey -- be awesome. I'm happy turnout. The opening season is ridiculous it's. In the clear idea. And he had a really really really good. It's. More really. It's really really really doesn't go far ahead. -- -- -- -- It's gonna air America I'm on the beat. Months and that's why. Quick blocking what having a he knows that. Okay nice to know the street and someone was really nice. Yeah. Don't think he's -- -- and do what Jenna. But that OK okay. It's so great. -- you try and make some. This is also I never thought this would be good song just go ahead and close miss -- -- -- -- it's. Just like we deserve and that. If you are having had a chance on YouTube to watch I don't -- for a live version of this. In Seattle I think in new modes of still plays good author -- -- -- -- their Miley performed the side I don't. -- -- -- -- EM IL with a federal. -- -- RSS feeds it I mean wow it's been manually. Eagles that's those blue balloons. Whenever Michael's. Having Hillary's and you. King of their lives so you take your -- is constant body up this volatile tomorrow morning. Let against -- -- same time with Brandon NN news this week that. Families even if you don't like this stuff take place yeah this feels good as they did. I -- -- coffee stands at me like all the different -- -- just to play down an easy solution and again making when everyone's out of it you know your friends and junior so this is how she knows how crimes. Has themselves sometimes excellence and you know that's -- that's like about him so much that he could no. All team will -- his lyrics closings and growing tackle some serious stuff like same sex marriage passed. And an almost a business. But he knows -- in the media make cracks me up at house -- knew okay he's ahead. The really big house everywhere the most ridiculous -- I mean just glamorous reason not so what's the last. This. Got to help doesn't always dancing she's the only difference. It is -- clear that this -- it's. This event call before you guys here it's. And no member David JC NN news. And then now the Neptune and I -- job hey I'm -- hill when he announced the lineup every. He uses surprise guest and I didn't like three or more songs. Somebody usually just drop -- no matter what type of music you know. We don't look good with numbers. And who -- -- vis. So excited for a not to perform on our podcast is not an act and -- I don't do it I haven't listened to one song that I having at least like groups too -- got another one and we are it's obviously -- when does the fun loving god not this when he is on the ice and on the whole silence him a good ally for those who don't like McIlroy -- this moment right now how can you not like -- yeah it was a great Seattle story. Just everything out and then also he's exposing McGovern now remake these articles about like that winds dire winds guy and he wants. And he's got a sings -- -- pro shop okay a fifty year old guy who's the boss and his ass in the music world hasn't had any he had some success I think in the eighties or. Nine he's playing like like. They got covered tight band okay. But he's impossible disaster finally gave up on it because they -- got to make money any got a good job like a nice paying job it's like being an engineer or something along those -- drives the fifth. Max Moore decides fall back on his AK am doing this song I want I need to get some talent -- -- dog. Although we're not an answer that's how he got the guy is cellular are. Ours and then the guy comes into that knocks it out of the park on that song. The next thing you know through -- like one it's the biggest some of the year scenario without a doubt it's -- -- Twelve million hit son right here to -- it's unbelievable and so the guy quits his job he's -- And he's been touring a Mac McLemore I say that I can Eddie he's realized that he was gonna quit his job I think I was I read the article correctly in many innocent -- and I every him on the -- -- -- -- -- important thing I believe. He said he was at the Fillmore in San Francisco plays the always which had a -- Barack Obama yeah well there on stage and he realized. I can't turn back and now this is. Even if it means amiga users take him giving him -- a good paying job. Here's an opportunity of a lifetime if hey this is -- just kind of brings it right back to what Mike I don't know this -- archive for anything other than -- I'd now like his music and I like the things he sings about. The man at the -- they gave a guide to it that that opportunity -- was -- talented. But you know there's lots of talented people that don't get that opportunity I am curious fifty think and what that that moment has passed yet anyway now examine the most success of his life performing an -- -- and then the other guys that he has evolved and as well as all these different performers and singers that are and it's like a real knock to the Seattle music. Seen and not the rock -- but just the fact that there's so many talented people in Seattle that aren't doing rock music but are doing different types of music and I think it's pretty awesome awesome iron yes a great story so I would love that opportunity now Mac or more you can bring. The entire. God cameos of all the people on the album was no record I don't -- we we all two hours a rocket. Since the rocket is rocket guys -- -- STV cast that hash tag in front of it -- and and let him know he's got to come on comedies some slow white walls and this has been my jam off a blog -- inside -- fortunately on the wires. -- and the white walls on tires and gas is high seats about Cadillac had the opportunity let's take out. How -- story. I wanted to isn't. It's so much. Now throw away. Can't see me do my. I'm -- real slow a lot of pain and went and shook. When -- -- and that's what really goes. Back. Yeah well. I would like junior has announced -- and so yeah. There's good news. When you have a Cadillac. -- in the months. -- -- -- -- -- It's the last summer okay. I was just isn't -- great -- whenever I get a little momentum and I I was smiling girl. It's the mileage. -- -- into the city writes I think it's a nice job and over the bridge the same -- you walk. You remember -- that one right. It's. A big -- -- the guys. It's obviously. -- -- -- -- I'm sure next few podcast a -- sometimes they -- man that's. Some guys have for -- Ryan Lewis got to make in the music he's just he's. Forget awesome -- Dr. Dre on. Yeah amazing car ran a lot of real instruments don't stop he doesn't guitars and it's it's a cool sound so. JR's -- are good I'm tired -- these cars get top guitars and geezer is an arm tackle more love -- for today now to bring back the key to our for more thing yeah half they are just a few minutes away from -- calling on Hamas had time flies when you're talking about stuff. Send very deep there thank you man that's that's my deep word today -- time flies when you're talking -- outlandish. Is it just candy Jack and Andy you Jacqueline is that I hate because sound -- number of SNL and -- sit -- talk to below it about the new crop about people on the SI on SNL because it's like. They're awesome power and elements and a reminder of the days of when he was on now's a great group of people as well but timber is my favorite comedian and he'll -- on a few minutes I did grab -- a clip of him doing comedy from his lap one of his last stand up specials I was on Comedy Central. Called all grown up -- sixteen. And it's couple minutes long but if we -- sums up how funny he is he's tough to let his Lyme Disease relationship what is his wife his kids is parents. And I mean everything about the guys is. Bad ass and I Islam this clip -- real -- The best thing you can do. As a father. Is done make sure. If you -- a mother of your children. To get as much rest as possible. Because sleep deprivation. In -- Muller. Leads to murder you can. See on the news or you know woman drowned there isn't she just needed a nap I was. That's true ma -- was a beautiful woman as she installs agent lives snake skin and the kids and make sure you thank god -- Her wonderful day. And can be everything we haven't just we're blessed and then she don't -- Shields leaving the devil -- altered -- it's. And there is nothing worse than waking up as a man. In the middle of the night and -- in the morning you winds just sitting on the ends of the -- -- -- This Darren. Do you -- doing live quietly united. We do not sorely also. Early. I haven't dated -- Cleveland the it's just what how is ready to all of please. The 30 came walking in didn't blow me I don't shouldn't do it pays to dinner and it. Super cool dad and then I have to say your clothes and and now he's managed to -- -- I. How much and just went right around them do it close and I didn't see it covers and you know why. She went to bed because she. You know and -- okay. You all of these okay. No way -- Julie Katz. This faces -- how do so after he tore it up at the the economy right a couple of years ago when nine he was a part of that -- I was pretty bad ass and I saw matchups are alive and -- deafening and make him while love for that because. Without a doubt one of the funniest standout experiences in my life in Monroe my wife. Who's never gone to his standup show. All he needs that was her first gen Y our -- nothing about -- right. And in -- so why I was excited that we were on the and still get giddy about me -- guys and I think he's just a brilliant mind and then she last that stand up special just that -- specialist and it -- Blown away and I'm in love with the guys I tell you how and enjoy a man says there are big shoes to fill on any other program and I know I stand there as fast I wanna -- because he's going to be here on our Sunday. Which sucks it's a Sunday night -- he's your insight -- -- Kwame casino. I'd love to go check amount on this Sunday because that's going to be a great sound tickets Vatican master maybe we can only go see him. And B I -- -- -- thank -- that was done I -- eat me some crabs. Pilots are closer spot he ought to go -- -- -- -- -- you know as it's worth every penny -- hooked on the brother. -- -- -- third he just gives you bears do I agree would you like to add a lobster in your -- yes I was there and then sometimes you walk around you can just trying to random. Four foot tall Asian man now hand you his lobster ticket. I happen to me give us hope is you know -- no phone call panic creepy right -- he wished it to a lobster -- -- KI SW ethnic. And temporary you goddamn -- -- I split and actually that's this Sunday at the snow Kwame. And I should dude we were just talking about. How is -- your history with these guys how I -- US -- who say the odds they've become he -- anti social toward that you guys did over at the Paramount which is off yet. And I took my wife to go see you at the parlor is a little over a year ago. And that the setup my wife has never gone to a stand -- show right with critics say the lines of business unit that includes you never -- any of that stuff and and remember we're on us and he's got there on the -- -- was crazy because you're about like fifty feet ahead of us for ten feet ahead of us on the -- and -- like home because timber they're gonna do to defend his widow and -- volume I -- before his show. -- you know whatever and so we sit down and I never see my wife laughed so hard. No we left the show which is exactly was the most fun I've ever had that guy back. She followed with you which kind of made me feel awkward because I didn't I'm like I'm yeah -- you do is one of the it was for me -- -- experience and for her -- while she still talks about it I mean I I'm afraid -- eager to another -- have shown us is gonna be new because I wanted to be. Disappointed because it was so blown away by -- I was it was a lot of fun. The guy -- out here and add a kid I played can you please wish me doing -- he wide expectation billion lull. I. It's weird though they just they -- yet -- You know me talking about him patron now it's. All right I'll be doing a gold for lauer asked to comment on the stand out because that's stuff was just kind of brutal Bo arrived in the past demand and make big guy in my way -- -- -- Yeah my strongest performances stand -- I think that stand out way above -- -- out and I put out there. I agree under -- guy Manning go there open -- let me hear stories about him being -- -- -- -- our -- As they did not just listening your story is awesome it's our Mozilla our customer mean Joseph used to do was stand up and he actually had people throw. Hot dogs -- once has anyone ever thrown saluting you. Passes yeah. I would have very good this we have ever had they need to throw them all that's not a -- I may may mean the day when those the big can compete came out on dvd. Yeah. I had things thrown at me let's just knew I had -- -- it -- please. I can really eat ground so mutating faster. And it leads you wanting to eat soft and nice yeah yeah ha ha ha yeah. What's that I hear you coming back to town and so when I watch you than him when I want and I read his. And stated ever I go well let's look at how do you look like us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's like oh well I was so and so on and just got a -- yeah. You know like all I'm I do remember. Just are close to say about fifteen years ago. I was -- College. In order they wish him well lest he end Libya Syria. This is that any NBA games. They gave out brilliant piece. All freshman team and console like yes. Always good always won. In different species don't play my way and I wish -- yeah course. I knew how problematic when I got that what you got the polar bear roundup right now -- -- starts costing I don't know it's -- Bruins got a big dogs yeah frisbee and I'm glad I believe -- -- -- you know we sure everyone got -- stage -- -- -- you know why it's believed people came here. I must do a lot of -- Clara I think tiger in New York as well I remember going to a yankees game they gave out those the little mini baseball bats well. I think Democrat in the last time they ever use as a promotional item they cannot to a crowd because they became a giant -- did. I don't know -- else. Not only crying about people -- these otherwise I don't predict gas station in gym at nine millimeters it's. I can only -- I. Benchmarks and that's what I love about you stand up causes the stories you share value your family from UKZ and you -- tenure your parents as well on every time I hear you share those stories all -- -- big series. This could be the greatest sitcom on television and I'm wondering if there is there ever been talks about -- Zambia added -- Taj of it. I'm OK it's. OK okay not -- it's like if it's. I'm sure they'll be allowed more documents it is so you can -- this and maybe I can almost three daughters. Molly and married. And in -- marriage aluminum and compare it next on CNN well I did not Obama I was trying to. I don't -- and until now and we got a new. Yeah. That's that's how I go. And I have been talking -- meantime let's say it's all talk and waiting for the guy who goes to the -- it. -- -- would do in this six. It just. Who earlier was. That's a good call because I did you just have carte Blanche sends us this. Yeah. I exactly. All good try all my speculation it's -- dreaming to the end of the -- yeah I think that's that's what these guys I remember -- gas tax and things that we cannot even -- you know I wrote back yeah I would love that dude can you -- start producing. You know I wouldn't be very well on the radio -- producer Jeremy we do very well the other three or four slips can mean the quality okay so you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nowadays we can -- -- -- continued to try to -- the biggest -- -- you know once a week. And these kids are doing now. Ariza who watches I mean. Everyone -- glad to because dogs and have one of the roku players like him watched stuff on the computer on my television Emily -- what's on your computer Mike's. I guess some old fashioned I like watching TV on a TV. I know we definitely are we are definitely. People can I mean look at. The way the way he our grandparents think stared at the radio hosts. Yeah it's -- -- and really are you watching how would you do not only are your soul it's. That is our nation's immigration is a little weird but -- No I had in my own advise your marriage -- why you and I got like the center -- package to watch hockey and I got -- from a TV -- you do for the Internet -- wise on your phone like -- Watch hockey you know -- hey Derek yeah how old. And chancellor intrigue coliseum in the TVs are gonna get there are you know like an eighty inch area do you really are no way to make. Your entire walls can be achieved in sight if you -- right now your entire PR yeah. -- and as I -- it's clear how soon can we appreciate. Your way I don't take it comes to drive and now. Now he's here it's it. -- -- -- at this no Kwame casino this Sunday he get tickets that ticket master and now also exciting news for you today on iTunes available is up more than me which is your dad it's dude. I watched the the trailer and yeah I can from the -- on my eyes were watering I don't know I can handle this is is. I know you can't spell out he had spirit at moments yeah there it is very raw and truthful. But there are whole areas moment in my father is free game the whole war careers on this day. I remember you when you were on our copyright and I think -- you morons like Tony -- so many in the entire time you shared history of having this. Deal with your dad having an accident though and it was the man in the world and I might make it so. And let people know what this is about UN when you went on your first -- after six years and not being mentors a comics you break your dad on the road with yet. Yes men and they've filmed the whole thing. And then there really turned in to do. An amazing film. These guys put together and it's really more about -- There's a son. Is in relation to his father where he knows he's get into that age. We're not coming around much longer yeah and and that moment no. T who. Take care of them authority shall become somewhere which is what very loyal to our society guys we we basically can dish take amendment -- -- and how much -- -- -- put them in the home right and how did you but I don't care about -- looking after him yeah -- dragged in that is so people DOS and I think this movie helps a lot of people in that situation. What is funny second America's a -- you do you put out there on your Twitter that was a really powerful to we deny innocent and I believe Tuesday's it's time to go back to being it takes a village. And -- and I still get applies only to children because it it's funny and when you have kids human drama in the daycare -- people that don't I care about -- now and AM. And get really old disarming sued the adult version of -- people don't care about -- yet. And that image that you -- east and then you can't complain that you can't accuse someone else took care of them that don't really care they just collect and that -- right -- You know -- care back in the day was called my aunt and uncle -- -- hello my grandmother. So. We really fallen off the path width that's so. -- and there was certainly got to get back to realize it's where I AMD's yet either walked the walk and talk the talk but. Some people from collapse 203040. Years is just good guard Darren made Andre said he can't make a lot of money and score ever go out god -- I got a tough costs nothing it's very true and I know I -- for me who I'm not I don't have any kids but I hope one day to end. When I made a decision the live close to my where my in laws live and there was a -- is live in Seattle as opposed to forty miles away from -- -- will when the day comes that I have a child. I wanna work our schedules so that my chow will never have to go into a daycare I don't. Like French judge could be from LA LAE moved LAE TH IV and TV to film his wife is now pregnant. And like we do you like we're packing up toward we're going to the Buffalo, New York -- where all the in laws are not -- is it is a rather than kids because so I don't -- that's great move. Great movie you'll be happy and that's the way to go. And and who knows what kind of success you're gonna have because that would -- you hear those stories of people and make these decisions they're lending some not -- making those decisions and they want to have a more success than they ever thought they could have. -- -- Happy air right -- content and community safe for everyone begin to doubt. But we had out recently and I Chris -- in studio and then you know he went from being the guy doing singled out to doing all these game shows and things that he was miserable during any simple as this -- do this anymore cleaned up his life and then. Started doing stuff that he he's -- only take roles or do things that I actually am excited to do any more success because of it. And that's what I've done since 2008. I didn't know if you lie that this one the -- started. Its. How is that -- went out to the dead film hold things go to ball current put a little deeper stuff from the book it's Mano a document -- -- just film another special. The new specials as more -- stand up I really wanted to do and and -- keep doing -- happy and they'll eventually catch -- -- I think my -- it's really starting to catch -- Do more than me this trailer looks amazing man I can't wait to watch that and am telling you come promising you. It's an action film or change your life I'm not promising -- my wife Dana I don't doubt it I'm watching you today do you guys -- -- when I get home today I'm gonna put up on the iTunes and why I'm not gonna watch and a microphone meltdown -- -- -- I tell your. Then I ask I neighborhoods all of them drag an NBA guys. Okay it's. Did did that intrigue and it's -- do you does that mean. Cairo last time we had when we were backstage and you did a great being green all you guys -- a minute telling you yeah and burn you all hung out and met everybody and I remember I -- on ones get a picture legit. Yeah Jim Bruton is all I want to see you do my favorite comic for the longest time and you still are. But nothing happened or changed that. Oh yeah I really why -- command -- control our yeah they're dude I'm. I'm trying to order skated twenty New York honorable -- doing now when we say -- -- the -- alive you did the full on set and they would stretch and it brought me back to being a kid because she should sisters I think it was your time at either. At Six Flags as you action hardcore wanted to talk through. Jack and going to do so why don't do the safari -- yeah. And my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your perspective as a father. -- being a kid watching my dad freaked out about all these animals acting out the door business. I don't ever forget did you drive there and animals or why not wild animals is attacking your car I don't know how does -- took a couple of I don't know what I got finally meet you and I had it was only one of the moment dragged my foot in my mouth and I'm a reasonable guy you know it's madness it's a big fan. I listen to all your dvds small home feeling like you listen on the dvd -- I mean I watch all you CD it is satellites terror extends that out but regardless he's a little special -- yeah yeah -- -- well we don't they don't know little -- here and there. Talk about us back to where I had no nice. Note too you know like I. Legitimate snow totaled you're gonna talk -- and now they soreness no Kwame casinos this Sunday I get tickets -- ticket -- enough. I don't know -- -- meal plans beforehand but -- -- at this a while it is you know Miller as thrilling as awesome huh. All right now you've shown me and I'm not ready yet or any further details crab legs and then if you walk around enough they give you don't like your your ticket for a lobster tail. And if you want more than just one loss on the side did and I just walked around like Tom -- this is random for for tall Asian guy and -- -- enemy is wants to tell ticket doesn't want logs are not like I love you man. Plugged -- -- trichet joined now. -- There's been -- execute business pleasure -- Todd. All. League giving -- in my way may have -- they catch you guys in the -- Sunday. Right comments take care did -- side. Fuel tells them -- us -- casino is and you'll see this everywhere. Is the bagel dogs all hail the dogs are mad this is cream cheese they're just you know you know there on inside little cast say okay Eagles wrapped around right -- -- a pretzel dog had not any handwriting normally Russell is bagel and a sail solo. -- -- and won't do anything else we got to take a quick got time -- Oh we are we one hour and eleven hour eleven minutes over -- has put together the production yet but right now it's our time to take our ten heads. Bill time now it's time for a time yeah. That doesn't -- believe Mario we're leaving your -- go from Houston this is a timeout because you -- something -- -- -- Is this like an intermission -- old movie trailers lined up playing out intermission -- my match none of this is existing right now this is -- time now though we're not even doing -- -- -- war -- time the -- even -- -- nick gets back -- timeout will be -- at this point lieutenant bill you need to pause. Or stop. He -- your iPod or whatever it is you're listening to it on and then that was an hour eleven minutes for our guests so then just remembered as fast forward now on eleven minutes. And give him -- -- and twelve minutes -- twelve minutes one hour twelve minutes 42 partly or else. 44 45 isn't nuclear disaster for -- there you go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very big fans I think Thailand are trying to ansari are timeouts overtime that's our guest on our car. So before we get to the emails are the text messages in the voicemail since is becoming a music podcast music I have a CDs. I've been home this city for a few weeks now we haven't gotten to it and -- not listen to it. But I am yeah I'm curious to hear what this sounds like to know 00 listener who notice this is sent to us by this lady Monica that I now. She happens to be the PR woman for Maynard James -- -- -- yourself that's how we've -- mean James -- on the show before him he's -- mutual -- the lead singer of -- I don't he's also a perfect circle. And also want to Lucifer. We're plus a -- however you wanna say it. I don't ask manic grills we were brand new tool songs that nobody else has heard however and she sent to me because really nobody it's tough tough tough -- now. What we do have joke. It is not part of their new EP titled the donkey punch tonight nine why are you serious decision. -- -- -- Lucifer is our new C. Which I believe is coming up pretty soon right. There are coming in February a point thirteen so I know he doesn't know months because that is exactly well yeah ha -- there's a track on it -- to PSAs. Says it's a cover. I'm not gonna say what does he had to say mono nick knows the cover. And -- nick -- -- knows what the current credit if you read it and I'm probably slower getting into just a New York you'll you'll always know I don't attic over in. Five notes yeah when it was premature you can name it first me I'll tell you to call known ROC you can just blurred and out first I'll write a so -- -- us. This this is going to be. Very interesting or listen I am so. Do you do you understand how I've been so curious nowhere with this sounds like no idea it's been sitting in my office. Taunting me this -- as you know what -- few I would Swedes I refuse. So listen this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so -- yes of course. Brand new Lucifer and -- include words have been singles going breathe maybe you'll get to that depending on how this one ghost and is not a cover the prodigy song now this is the besides it's more Pink -- this is the beside Condit EP. Donkey punch tonight in the album covers ridiculous it's actually a picture of a donkey getting punched chair. Which why don't I mean might have taken literally my asthma so here it is Maynard James Dean and third bans. Covering. A classic it's -- His is still pretty clean. Yeah I'm wrong. See why you are absolutely oh. Hey no this is currently has parks and I'm not surprised though because he covered that's. Our hero mom it's. All about and that's okay here's a variety JA. -- -- -- -- Easing off tomorrow Nina now a maximum pleasantly surprised. It's just -- We ask me. Soon. It was so awesome game did -- juice itself. It's England where you news. -- -- My -- yeah. It's also as an auto -- -- -- we more look -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing and that's keeping him pretty. How do you make this stuff we -- There's a lot of pars this song is just starting this -- We're going for the full -- to I mean the odds -- he did all the regular rules that. The only second season said the -- analysis from back -- it's just say no additional local. Pretty nice aggressive yeah yeah. -- -- Yeah. -- Wayne's world. I didn't know about his song it's only room are literally -- Come up my wife had never heard this whole song tonight five months ago. Surprise me. See you on the cards for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah. Well even -- like another band play conservative circles kind of Romania. I don't really help or size 20 yeah -- with the bases are you going to break through. Spoken maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh boy I know nobody -- is naive. Easy come easy go -- let me -- Why. After the news. -- -- Makes me me -- -- yeah. -- -- -- It -- differentiate to the call center. You know. It's. And all I can hear us OK and Oslo little thing -- really. Rooms. And lose. You know. How would she would leave it up a little bit more. Then if you really don't yeah I played in the way she's straight NL I think it's as good as -- -- I would agree we join that. So I kind of wish it would be a little more weirdness to listen -- would mean they're his own a little bit more you know. It's contest this song where man you're damned if you do read about how happy are you that he would -- job we'd like me well is this weirdness but I don't ride that fine line -- Disagree with you know rest it's -- it's not bad. No it's -- -- it's a really great -- just I can listen to is that version done by queen Ney matter and it's jackets right. Grammy makes you really appreciate pretty -- you absolutely. Because Maynard I mean his voice is fantastic to get here all I know Ellison the other -- that was good OK -- Yeah yeah it's I am here to visit her through my children as -- amount regardless it's but I yeah I mean that you wish he could have maybe. Have you meeting heavier. I would have gone fully like we're in -- -- how -- they think that the songs we are to be as it is my. And that's a weird injury -- as it is anyway right regardless of their music is is so what I'm saying like what does your -- for a living completely. Expected it to be kind of weird. But yesterday I was pleasantly surprised I was gonna sock. Hobby honestly I really had no faith -- that maybe to Cisco -- China's dumbest and indulgence to the cover. And I want my win and if your band man how cause it to cover that song. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- serious. Still no business down there is. Oh my god my -- you could hardly get back to earth there. What's that Maynard is it's -- -- a yard area that he did this together so there is no original song from a from surfers knew we leave the donkey -- by donkey punch tonight RN this and so breeds. Hearing this is what you expect from his -- -- -- -- I'm good opening shot driving down the road. OK okay. My job is also. -- -- I was actually -- No yeah man are you sure it's. Are you doing. -- spring and. The most digital. -- -- -- -- -- Holiday in the movie manages the you can into. It's my chances. Yeah or even. This -- piece of that -- There's new -- circles fine. See when they are general. -- -- -- Relentless talk. -- did you hear back. Here tonight. Wow that's -- My headphones -- Beyond me. You ever actually done. No I kind of wanted to get it. You might drag out fight song Knology. Don't -- -- day until it's on the I'm just going to be -- vs. OK. It's kind of crazy back tonight downward spiral Aaron ninety's now so I didn't wanna say reminds me around -- know I'm okay I'm there I'm there reptiles I'm sure I should have made any. Hang up on us but no I mean. As any -- a bad thing though how we talk about how great album was. Okay. This is any indication of the rescue team come again. We'll probably son calls and when my friend Monica censorship. -- -- I'm Scott Simon is out there you're sending this you'll see these guys lives. Super fast so I'm close to the last time they're here -- -- because. Do want to tax season and that's -- passengers show clients are okay a little excessive amount -- finals experience. You don't OK I was actually in your taxes right now yeah. A lot. And -- your right I got a three. God knows I -- an -- BP RC gas. Those feelings will be. Low road. And then your friend give your background what does not -- everything he. Don't forget to breathe through -- her right there are custom Ferrari on a college. Brand -- song breathe and also bohemian rhapsody I am sold on those songs and more so breathe man that was cool I was just our disposal there's only one that's right so should be who we should be -- -- Who's a burden to Lucifer otherwise they'll be. Plus a first. No choice I thought it was a CMO of out. We see catcher. Who has just US's earlier this place I seek your -- my dad's. Actually I'm very should be possible for only the English language if you're seeing everything -- he attacked the folks who receive -- we'll see guys if you're residency. And good deeds what pussycat you post's Dan mentioned Right Said Fred you say I don't see how instead of movie that's right -- I put Sierra the second has -- he can there's not a lot. Ludicrous. Wow. Kyra it's. And that no idea I don't know -- there was all the problems over here you are problems the second hour -- man's right on we have some problems and then the second hour what do we do voicemails emails and text message says yeah. Well. Goal -- one broke him. Okay the -- He's very different in your best server. Her mother did not read -- take over that we might be done that's only some of the -- -- was played again and see if it's a busted in this or any other surge. Dan Howell said -- that close again. Hey hey we need -- -- intro again I'm I have been on non. And -- there and -- and -- are well look I'm I saw -- leave it up to the man who broke it -- trying to break -- well. Tiger and support none that have. Let's go voicemails. Voicemails in his armory track number one I haven't. Do think eleven voicemail polio now I don't know maybe simply inspired people -- I have a good feeling about this because we've got Ramirez do we have some weird voice -- we have really had some weird ones like some I don't know. I don't listen many of these. My fingers across it this year this week about their solid -- season so you have. Let's do it. Governor disadvantage. You know well what are our our new and important. And Sasha and her parents aren't you just blew Austin and sort of -- Puerto. Certain -- -- returned for a little about the the reluctance to its east. He didn't I ask this. All. Anyway. This Detroit show. Or whatever else I. Is there any. The curtain -- -- -- a lot of weeks you're good shots. -- so as the joke. There was no jokes are the refrigerator -- some because there and don't earlier meat -- heard some experiments only owner. Now I remembered sailing that's what this next -- well -- -- summer Millar this should be interesting why it's always a good start when Dayne calls and -- a lot of the pregnant Bosnian when our -- -- I know we know where you're from. And I like to bring you grab the tasks. Did it -- -- to duty -- in the -- I'm doing and I'll -- -- men and that can -- would you have for dinner last night when they have all I had no I had day have -- from AAA. -- lucky -- stay -- as you might seize on it -- -- ice blocks. Sour is very -- season -- -- and -- new strategies strategy how many miles SARS it's another cheese. It's fundamentally sound. And -- The it is flat and it went around to it to live casinos and -- However I am a twenty year old singing and nice but later blood. Listen I really look and see how it I would give -- Baker Hughes. Question that -- it's not that CU on an outstanding. Season nonetheless. Forever being as to whether it was them add -- -- -- night Q2. My hope that they hate you mean you're -- slight case. She was like hey how -- power -- -- like OK I'll go to -- for him. And that they take out perhaps. I have to I. Like. Or go home and didn't come without trial like OK and and I'll try to realize that they go any needle -- there. Yeah yeah totally -- my -- -- Go. And job -- out and out that way too many -- Things weren't -- -- -- a friend Ryan armour shirt Brian says Iran was cool story grow this relatives friends go home with -- So there now is that was a -- I was and I was out of the drunken -- no nice Wear it next up nine as well well well well -- I -- OK can I got a tweet from my god how I wanted to -- -- -- -- -- between Saturday news is kind of -- at a time. I last night he went to -- sushi slow downs I had static golly I wanna draw I was actually -- -- gonna -- sushi last night to I was like I'm kind of Johnson -- -- -- tofu because you know. We eat to live we only fifty rounds -- somewhere it's so -- how he says it was glorious I had the all you can -- for 26 -- -- -- -- I -- seven plates hold regular cost 72 dollars and fifty -- she says I was in sushi mirror on the loan and so president -- no balls I was -- mezzaluna restaurant side this time maybe -- I can do a ball fish eggs are we got to be true that one. -- the big salmon Ralph. He's a Grossman you missed out on that topic is -- 38 it's just. Traveled all beer and a golf ball smaller and hardball. But a raw about a 10 god really golf balls yes why all of you all gone small embryos golf balls are weird girl black disastrous. Yeah sat there we are -- on -- it's crazy missions he had dude it was nasty. He's crazy dvd -- through all know why a -- study is going to even we brought over they've it trash -- just in case you're gonna lose it but I don't get together. And look at the trees I don't know are you guys saw this this is it was awesome yesterday did you see Albert King sort of if you asked NATO is awesome so where is Rosie anonymous people yeah they hacked into the burger king of Twitter page. Replaced it with -- mcdonalds logo changed name Richard McDonald units and out Burger King they said that they were bought by McDonnell. I know I know descending like just. Bonnie is assets tweets out to everybody -- and whose duty it was hilarious and then finally a woman's point Burger King was able to get. They're always back and get it and they wrote something to the extent -- it -- not interesting day here Burger King. But we're back welcome to our new followers we hope you stick around and yet they have got so many more followers I -- -- follow our -- the following hurricane which actually surprised because I follow almost all -- -- -- and I -- Jack in the -- all the -- -- that's -- -- back -- Yeah I -- what's up. What -- -- -- it was great talent that was that was some funny stuff it was a win for them yeah I mean no one north hit some. Always against them because our group -- India is saying in storage right on the leg -- can just happen and especially with these guys it's like that the anonymous 'cause they're just. Out there. Dink and Iran have been fine and that was a fun one guy I got a kick out and I look anyway they could have been damaging to the brand because they were saying stuff like early filler burgers for a crack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People that do that because -- -- is to have for the walls yeah I thought it was pretty funny but that's pretty awesome America -- got our Nextel voicemail. Hello. Good -- -- All. School libraries and no vote -- odd jobs but. All. And an all winners. We're -- for three -- one for three -- this one for good news is you've got another email this right. It's used as an excellent I guess I -- to get jinxed us by saying I think we have good voicemails alias on the news or bad news. Hello jerk awake and Murray. Protection you know. The -- I -- -- need to -- your little. He's just. Public are sworn to cook because got an -- Wants to get it your loved it this bad. -- -- Powell -- hey -- good. I don't want before I do like -- -- -- preferences. Listen and no longer a. Three oh normal I gonna say. Thank -- -- guys Byrd gave a conduit here. You'll really appreciate it got something to look forward to every week I'm not really big into TV anything like that that music podcasts. Definitely you guys. -- rampant copying what's. And are higher than all the time there. No more reserves are musical these tasks. Oh yeah we really -- clearly Qaeda really do appreciate everything -- you -- or. Upon -- he's acting I just. Really -- There are probably sheriff's association agreed that. I'm actually ready just keep going here here here. Only in Ireland -- -- and burn unit and any of you to know what obligate me -- -- ready and you and your closest friend. -- I'm more curious though that sounds like that you. -- All I'm -- too low down group nylon manager I thank you very nice it's weird ending ending a phone call and let here. Well -- did that remain concerned allies and I and that's when it's female to male -- -- even love ya I always love you love you know love -- and it's an appreciation to those who show appreciation to us -- -- -- -- -- -- -- almost a love men all you need is love. While all one -- lives did not need to live -- and did you. I mean coming -- when Maynard is for -- command Ayman. -- I was very nice. I just expect that at some point he's always slam on how it's not going positive about these voicemails kind the third taking the the windows sales I think -- however -- -- I'm still -- this to the next. One all right hair came back it sound bridge yeah yeah it is now an elite club do I. What's the difference between Catholics prayed at me and media. -- yeah way out you know Rick he's had a how -- the amount of lead sold that debris. And finally you did fall we -- whereas I have had so is our zone and I. Ali and Arianna you wanna creatively believed Alamos home brat and I currently volatile day that even now -- -- miss -- last week I remember the joke he told -- so offensive. I couldn't even speak. Later Stephen I just look at as in late absolute thrown in -- losing his mind not because of the joke when we got our reaction -- the go back and listen and -- want to own my good in this article really seized the people below alert I never a bad joke reform that's -- -- I. Feel dirty from now on cement track me. Proactive describe to you by uncle Ricky and I made it hard Calgary you you you -- that's a homer on the gas and that we Jenny and err on the podcast. Jesus' birthday present and as always not at -- The I don't you just won't. Go -- yeah. Or some other guys loans he bent and the kid out of there as well and we -- The blood drives in his -- being on those home I -- like Howie -- doing Bobby's World. Voice or something yeah. Probably if I mean you're decisive. Well I'm sure in the United Nations has an interpreter. I understand how he was saying -- gardening in my car beat me makes myself. -- -- -- Still much KP yes we managed. -- -- -- -- You know on home. I don't know if that's -- if you benchmarks sixteens. Communal mind and he didn't and then connect I'm now I'm we you know this. And that was it as good it and do your reference lemon -- no zones and Winona and I don't believe doesn't -- -- but -- knew it was this peanut butter last week that was an implied lemon pledge from the Family -- the Mexican housework I'm not familiar Family Guy OK so you can -- -- YouTube I'll how long. And out of office. Live my life without CNET -- -- -- -- get on my level of references or call seeing. Mayor Richard -- -- -- and it was Syria and we're in this I have to adjust our yeah all right. -- -- I'm no different born -- I just think that you know they did enjoy it now I know the whole thing in order to -- I don't know if I could kind of -- Indian look people. I think they're trying to be Pakistan -- -- -- And very deep into the contents of that joke but again as always may help. How. Well we will talk. It's sort of opened at 88. Wholesome movies I. Shall we -- -- -- And -- these young lady you know it articulating. What. Clinton gives an all in nicely laid -- -- my spirits given to him now and now pressure Ausmus giant the national Oceanic fast pass protection asking epitomized some of these tankers manage. Past the -- These are bits are better. I -- -- -- are busy the last one the last one -- and fingers crossed is radio this is a good luck has got to be you know. And our home iron out -- one all 01 iron about there god damn mosques. Ali Omar and require the home and no demo mode and we shall retain mashup now I'm not enough today announced. While I'm you know you're -- -- because I'm editing the you know Israel world thanks for starting journal de enemies -- market when I'm around me. 4787. Or -- us an email and STP test at gmail.com. Way now that's a tough act to follow. Over his three year old Ricky is -- phenomenal everyone else who's the seven. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't yet know just still -- in her bed for at least work on your voice is guys. March same guy doing all probably men did Stewart you Greek teaching all another. Did you always know -- the personalities sell Iraqi athletes to do it doesn't Rosenberg and they were prepared now as terrible or. While you know if I don't know I doubt that magical Mormon if you even paying attention to our our quest to get him on EST do you guys not -- -- yeah. That if you listen you just isn't the first -- he says that's enough for me. I'm gonna go on now podcast does a great hour. I don't know -- the second hour so -- -- -- that the that the big guys can -- but I tell you might scare him off. Troops are judging by his style I think the -- style hormones are -- you know as -- yes. Scandal we are doing it yeah now I don't know maybe we can Don cemented minimum mathematical mark. And Ryan Lewis again just right guy hash tag Mac unless TP cast. On the Twitter -- and including him on the but I -- he's gonna respond even if it's fast no leave me alone what had Ryan. Anything totally you know he's he appreciates the grassroots nature of this. I attempt to get them on our podcast and hill who pay attention is another person you can contact. And make it happen as boring car -- at a person you contact I'll tell me no it's not going to have a Larry is because I understand usual busy in Europe right now he's done at San lives doing -- watched traffic guys got to a lot going on but. There will be a day or two and all that that he's got to be home. And in that day or two. Why not take two hours out of your day DL and come on ES TD cast and just hang out talk about your music will look obviously I say oh I love the big fancy stuff. But to pick your brain about some of your songs play some of your songs how you perform live to be pretty awesome and not only dream come true. So hash tag -- on STV cast -- -- to -- and in your hands. From. Text messages text messages it is facility in Henderson -- like -- some work. That's man who says cats I got my -- -- radio hosts a dinner. All right. -- -- Knowledge copy just lost a day did grade. Mean you can't Joseph Jackson he's got to hear these. Because he'll let you go back to -- I well good idea that the fact that. Casey began as you look different you intro I'm sure the FE bear myself could help out also that Africa -- available for download streaming do -- embarrassed if FaceBook page -- is -- life what. -- -- -- you're on terrorism together love to hear it I have an idea what on different interest so I might get trumped by if yours is better move over that but eventually someone's gonna make an -- winner -- you wouldn't be you guys. And I totally forgot to burn most likely the Africa's soccer. It's over yet go to their FaceBook page -- in the -- to search it on your FaceBook search option in you'll find them and you can listen to their version of Africa which is. Pretty awesome. Hey yeah are you said Ted sit in every once in awhile and yes get Michael Moore and obviously you want to Mac rumor and intent as an open door actually I talked to him. A few weeks ago and you somehow I used to get -- maybe doing a podcast. Or working on something and nice and amen if you ever just don't feel like doing woman you wanna be a part of one our doors are always open yeah we're already to be a part of our podcasts whenever you're able to write notes before you show. But even if you wanna -- it for a half hour here half hour there. -- more and happy -- it was a lot of fun having him last week I think and fortunately he did have to leave because they think things would have went down a very. Dirty after I was after a kind of a rock -- and I still I doubt -- -- a tough thing to deal with you know we have army to rock broke party which is happening in March. Soon -- announced a date yet but you -- wanna keep the fifteenth opened. It's just and just saying. But yeah I would feel very operative one of those shows I say something completely inappropriate about -- -- girl and I got to look at army like hi yeah I did say those awful things that. -- it's supposed to -- fastest women and -- a joke I'll say that's on top somebody even better how you -- goggles that. I love the return of the tag division it was seems to me an increase of managers -- is is what looks that sick -- we've conservative talk show host. And -- Right. So they got a new character on I see no Kerry jets return -- the -- he's going to be a matter he is a manager for Jack swagger who barely. They implement he desperately needed a manager because eases off on the Mike. But he's got said Coulter that is I think now -- say he's a super. Conservative Americana it's all value and got the don't tread on me flag hanging behind him Nyhan is all about let's get the immigrants out of America yeah he's -- -- it's. He'll be he'll be he'll. And that the Norris and then a face down in the south right exactly exploit his opening and they're setting up fights and Jack swagger -- Alberto Del Rio printed world heavyweight championship to wrestle mania. Given swagger -- push which is great and it's dirty -- -- -- that plays and Coulter. For those wrestling -- side he see old school guys nice and he's awesome great on the microphone and definitely getting some heat I'm looking forward to seeing when -- happen to that. And hopefully they continue to do that the tag division and keep it standing in because I always -- tag team wrestling. And love tag teaming in the bed very very -- guys I Enbridge London Bridge. The rock meets a new catch phrases trash talk talk talk but no wrestling now. I'm torn about the whole rock thing I like that he's back in. It's weird having visibility champion can you not there every week no idea it's working for this story arc for him for CNET wrestle mania. I think I need to read every championship belt they just unveiled citizens spend anymore doesn't spin anymore and I shoesource said it looks like a Super Bowl ring but as a -- -- cool a lot of bowling to an ally can -- and he looks pretty awesome. Hey guys. You're watching -- marathon and MTV news won any if any of us stories of people online -- -- here about who they are other than sexy like seek. Axes and knows Katie I don't know kitty was still listening at that he gave up on us from glad to hear that she's still about. -- Escalante -- caller on Twitter -- and oh yeah I haven't heard from -- now so I was kind of nervous that we lost -- only -- female listen I see you have faith as well yes we are able to female listeners we thought we had a -- -- -- one turned out to -- -- -- -- -- -- email now -- government just doesn't -- I still think it -- all all what -- did have -- you -- this is a great -- stories I don't -- this happened. Before text messaging. Wouldn't that. How and that is an email catfish there when Munich taxation actually so but I'm minister Tarek -- back I worked at the end. And how is all about it. Just talk and it checks its land bronze in the long run even just did not like the -- if they email me events again they're number. And we have phone sex fat material I was never about. Meet these girls either signing care what they look like guys are you listening to -- -- -- -- wasn't really wanted and I just pretended that they were some -- -- I asked him phone 61 girl and she just disappear receipt was good -- it kind. I don't know what ever happened her news on your own she was good attitude -- -- -- a long deluge from may set a pick my time wisely in -- phone sex. And it was clearly he text sexed it up -- set it up like -- -- where cold calling their goal they all the guys and hey it's me what are you doing it and -- you'll quickly get into the phone sex trust obviously appreciate these stories that it's. The sorrow and we've got Al going nine would do -- these crazy phone since conversations right and finally. Of that is that. To host a concert and fast yet. -- broadcasting. And there was a girl down at the bottom of the broadcast tower -- waving me hey come now may come down. -- come on say hi whenever it is again they say hey it's me Knight who. Is whatever Sally. Now she was blocked calls black man now I have to -- completely ruined at that point because now you know -- you actually look I play actually almost vomit as high as. All our goal and I got sick to my stomach and I'm like oh my god I've. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can make. -- -- -- disembodied. So I doesn't it was dark out maybe things we did permit. Did she look like someone like ran Jerry -- rusty -- and no I didn't think so -- I would think you wouldn't really I don't go to India I was. I saw awful about it and now is actually kind of -- tonight the end of the phone sex with random I -- -- the anonymous people like you know -- -- -- -- -- like X is our. Girls that I knew and I got in -- meet you once you you know I had a mile picture because as I had a whole different picture in my head. And it may be realized the girls that somehow on the phone are typically not Baja one sorry speaking and abuse -- -- has the Joker the Aerosmith. -- you know where is still our trailer -- broad I don't know -- curlers where is that. And done that. Madden N news. The song is -- -- -- and an LA no lawsuit emotion sweet emotion gap that was a great -- and that's a good living on the edge -- another great video photographer -- Armageddon. When I saw Marat text messages so you who have the duty throughout top cellphone. He's sitting there he's sitting there that means he's busy. All right so I can yell at them -- joke. A kick off the -- -- that that's why I Wear not a do is saying now out of town disruptive -- the show them you know you're running the Christian right now not do these jokes. And no no no and saves them close for another time when I'm nine Marion hobby is chair net mono third yeah what do you think. DR Jones are. What's different in this tiny what's the difference between the rabbit and a -- You can't and toaster and the hours Jesus. Hash tag Ted on the ES TP Jack and Ted stay positive taken in my -- ABC. -- -- He -- baby yeah thanks in the last joke. What does a rabbit and a refrigerator having common they're both loaded from the courier who. He did last week I know many discipline the same taxed not just -- processing it again and so was sent on the thirteenth okay clearly Yahoo! grew up this this is gonna send their release is the same goes everywhere not to put out. Greeted every time polygamist marriage it's time for our next -- -- -- -- -- -- I try to. -- a -- right now. It's bad. At some point during this -- we are going to need tour. -- Off -- twelve yet I blurted it checked twelve we do not well and -- a jerk. Do you go I says check check plow into the glass since -- Subject is from Ryan Parent dude I've always loved the old NES game blades this to hopefully this arguments are. It's a site then yes did you ever play that clearly yes -- supply us. I mean I love my baseball like a red -- -- stick but that's -- hockey game hit me right amount lukewarm couples. Now only the toll filed with its usual hockey player would -- we get to one on one fights I -- he beat the ever loving -- (%expletive) out of each other. Police still rocks hard core I had a downloaded onto my -- so all we can download yeah we yeah and they have simply at all backlogs. I don't think they do I got that was and then take it was a Nintendo sort of thing and they have in their marketplace. A lot of old I want to get out of that. I don't know that you can get a lot of that you can just there's if you just look up like flash based Nintendo there's a virtual any gas on your browser. Replay telling -- -- -- all of the other day just just to play in I'd like ten minutes to -- -- I got to sell my office in my house anymore and -- many -- there were some furnished yet but I want -- need to couch. They had 32 inch TV they -- as -- EA DG you know play a couple hundred bucks now and a little entertainment center forward and set it up cause that's drawing upon my Xbox in my week -- I'm just a big wide open space did -- connect to Seattle room very -- it's also push for my wife to study so I go watch hockey. At that you know I'm not a big video game player but I I did every once once once maybe once a week get behind console and and have some fun and play to steal I'm all about that totally also he says AM drinking lots of black -- reserve and thinking of that little boy's smile. These tankers whose talents and -- you kind of flavor to a -- I don't know it's Canadian whisky so that makes it okay I love you guys in my heart I think DJ is completely awesome. But don't you think so it's a little weird that he spends most of his time playing magic no -- worships aliens from India. No old they seem like super interesting people that -- and we are thin as you as you is going to their house might wanna make we punch myself in my one warm testicle it's disturbing to think of that kind of role claim they do when nobody's around. Really sorry guys -- -- -- drinking too much DNS I really like black -- felt that FF FF I -- -- -- very few times have been to be just doesn't think twice -- it's it's a pretty normal how very normal I'll still looks like very cool -- a lot of fun with his wife is awesome I love his life. Doesn't play have to monitor has a disease he is he -- yeah magic. He just only gets to play it like basically three or four times a year and then he goes hard core employee I can say yes basically like an attic when they they they stopped for a long time and they just do is totally overload binge and -- have been very -- birds like Metallica Metallica. I want -- into her I want to ask him all. Out on the rocks -- you -- among his favorites and even a great save it for my car's -- Well I may have even diary now my notes swoops his son subject McDonald's from a -- -- who sat him when two half times also ties a great guy. I had a tap into my inner Steve the producer few weeks ago avoid -- too many ways it. But I was at a bar watching the USC fight as I was driving home -- about how good a big Mac sounds call me an arrow and now you guys know me I'm healthy guy and I have any McDonald's and a lot of years in fact I rarely eat much fast food unless it's -- now. I don't know what came over me but I pass -- turn to my house and called -- a McDonald's all matches you came to the dark side. I heard a big Mac and Fries pulled in the parking spot and -- the whole -- down since it was completely awesome and delicious I forgot that a big Mac he's really of one of a kind experience. Especially when you don't is a lot when you bought many many things it loses its luster right but. Once every few years it is it's a magical moments like the maker -- however I immediately thought I don't want my fiance and find out about this past so -- every. That smell you know the big. RT dead. My car to get out there and out of so he says I got home I stuffed the bag in the rappers into the bottom of the curbside recycling -- -- there was a cardboard box have done that -- as a barrister. I cover my tracks as fast as I could. The next day when we went to the gym in my car I kept waiting for his smell the smell artists find something that I missed I -- the one little teeny tiny slice a lettuce and tossed -- out. But I did end up getting away with it thank you Steve I probably wouldn't I wouldn't -- got that far ahead I tell you embody -- -- as you've gotten kind of helped other people not get caught you desperate to cover your tracks I've had a menu items are also -- the little French. Yeah I get them on trial in last Friday's out somewhere because Justin yeah a group of like ten minutes -- -- -- yeah fingers. Everyone just eat it he has had never ever do all -- start -- -- America. All of that when I find it here and an STV cast question as a subject -- Hey guys -- here. I do the emerald city sports -- I guess all of -- -- -- -- been on that podcast our thanks -- -- did and I listen to their podcasts in addition and not just because I was on it -- also was in the episode when I wasn't listening to other podcasts. Is that crazy and I find myself very entertainment what those guys -- it's a sports podcasts and they do a really job anymore they -- -- send them on their -- which I appreciate -- talk about like -- designed. In showing -- are designed -- Soledad people just give credit to -- act like they're too cool for school staff and Mike and think his buddy's name is drill and if I'm wrong -- or. But as did they do -- -- they do very very good I guess I apologize if I -- and said that a person's an act I can't I. I'm the worst attack let us this October I missed out by a couple of hours a meeting Dave Matthews out of pumpkin patch in snohomish. I know he's easy to hate job but he's my favorite musician he's on my bucket list of people I meet who haven't met yet that's on your bucket list you guys are awesome. Oh sorry I -- good I don't hey I'm Dave Matthews I know I'm more offended Dave Matthews when he's just him and his acoustic guitar. Or what he's not doing super poppy symphony cannon jams and out what is band. I think -- matches fine if I want my lion finds musician and he's funny thing crap. I would love to meet I barely met Dave Matthews a very. It was kind of a weird meeting because he did an -- session that -- to be Annie did at the big picture pile -- channel program. He was hammered. As it was awesome it was him and acoustic guitar. And he sounded great thank you wasn't so Harry could imply. But you still have a game between the song do a tirade about burger king of all things oddly enough Chris -- said I don't think that they should Coburn came on the Burger King. And then just. Went down this -- awesome. But I got a picture with him and he was very nice even -- drunk he was very nice high and everything I've heard about Dave Matthews is that he's super cool -- so long -- -- Nine -- under an under overpass and then throws and all -- either drop the duke got -- tour bus I was a great story that is a funny story decisive landed on people -- eagle must admit I asked who's like people on the voters something I don't live there I got everything gaffe. All they thought they were saved -- and over into the water and generally you would be listeners of -- there. I'm a bucket -- so who do guys like -- and we've been fortunate with enough with what we get to do for a living that. A lot of people I absolutely love and I would love to have met I have met jam Europe of course is one of them as -- we shared on the podcast but. A big enough for me the first guy pops into my mind and we've had him on the phone. And I had the I would love the opportunity to actually meet -- face -- -- a picture there is rowdy Roddy Piper. Yeah I can totally see now now just some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That connect Dixon and us. You know I could -- be a -- got to hang out -- that -- like this press conference where he got emotional yeah. Those called it's nice to see somebody cares unless she likes the place -- that is like no I want to play here this is where I want to play we realize that the Mariners especially I think this it's just so different than they've been able to keep guys that they love no love here you know we've had been nearly countries he has a -- back on forcing Hutchinson was one -- But you are even Alexander the -- thought it was a good move in PL a -- -- home grand and now I mean I'm -- -- and do everything they can keep a guy like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman and all of those guys. But the Mariners have been one of those teams -- when she -- figure out when you leave I mean any Iran parallel -- still exist and I feel as Randy Johnson Ken Griffey is I don't we'll Johnson didn't wanna be here right now -- is Sarah tires don't we -- he was trinkets and on purpose I could Dick. Most -- we didn't wanna extend them. Well here at slowed all right well yeah that's how well when I know I was on -- -- point nine -- goes on eleven we trade indecent and he -- eleven and now -- I don't sit there and empty it's well aware that I love the fact that. Felix Hernandez is all about. He's emotional he wants a win he was going to play -- -- a World Series here he believes in this team room and and make a lot of people said. Dead he probably would have made. About thirty more million dollars first contract if you went to Yankee Mets or Red Sox but to be perfectly honest. He makes he made I 175. Million -- And in this has really facetious but what's thirty million know why I nasty bad news. So why easily over a hundred mills outlet always stop and I know he's actually going but I'm just like odds. If you like where you stand. That's really awesome he's doing that but I mean thirty minute yes a city here that loves and adores him and if you -- in you or else for that kind of money they're going to be like why didn't you win a championship Tony now he's going to be love to get on there are. Your wins and and for the rest of his career of the season which would -- by he could do then and nobody would have any ill will towards him there yet you know it's getting like the status here. He all we ask quickly I inning guy I think by the time he retires he will be the greatest mariner of all time yet just because of -- even -- up there too because the perfect game pitched a perfect game first. -- receiving -- asked tiger about him is why I still to this day will always go back to that tweet he sent out during the Seahawks playoff run. He's wearing a Marshawn Lynch Jersey and he is a Seahawks home and on and your dad as eating grin on his face and he says go hawks some like you know I'd. I like seeing that night I like seeing guys that need deep into his city that loves CI Seattle as his home. Yeah it was a born here are no different myself am not a people on this world season but. We love this city so much and and I just like seeing stuff like that and diligent and this is the guy totally. Next -- email comes from my own laundry guy Tony says hey guys glad to see this diesel less than heterosexual moment on the podcasts only lasted a few weeks. I these -- -- what the -- measuring oh yeah still salty about value I tell you it is a divas aren't I believe the app not a lot of Texas and the say without all four -- by the way I agree to that as well and I -- the process. We have all four -- here -- top reason the other right now tickling the ivories on the best stuff. -- my question you know is not really trying to pin and drinks and my question is if you're a fighter what would your attention to music B I always love this question. Mine would be bodies by drowning pool for I would come out with no museum all like the movie warrior great movie by the way excellent to see my dogs that's their bodies would be good -- for the -- to come out to on the field I -- -- the using kick start my heart to start to kick -- I think that's a great Somali -- Do you have a great -- gets into my long game hopefully trappers comes up north. At some point you have a -- did open up in the north and eventually our hash tag Mac on SDP -- DP could. JP yeah. She's yeah and go donkeys I -- Tony thanks for me now. I always back to -- -- ninety town window Warren -- Ted Smith yeah they've they've fought and then myself and Stephen Drew hill -- in the song that I came out to you. Was. A form develops holes by Metallica guys I think that's always has a good start to it right there at the bell here and in the end. And he had totally. I would go -- it's all of and says Lucifer -- it was a pretty good one for that that's going to come out into the bedroom and -- your bronze to Malia now you come around there and slayer nice moments. In the squared circle. Now he has made a weird. I don't know -- Violates rules don't believe I've said that before it's -- -- eulogy would created on using the tool man robs our interest to our battle. -- mowers -- but there's some good -- -- -- decrease create. I don't know bigger Rob Zombie songs aren't adjusted Florio are you more he was human though that's you know. That wiped out a wise on the ad that's a very platonic just 65 -- six -- I've been good at that data as a -- -- he did he did cover of I'm your bogey man KC and the sunshine yup that was actually pretty solid is pretty cool because army always has great song I mean maybe now it's. I'm very sad about the movie and rob zombies working on the Salem. Morneau or else he's got lowered its analyzing all this oh really -- -- that he's doing a movie about the 1970s. Era Philadelphia Flyers hockey team which is known as the right. Oh really the way they won the copying word dominating in the NHL was people yeah. Name they basically got a team of dogs and cats and -- him beat the snot out of other teams do it's of great great story and I've seen documentaries about it but he's doing a movie. And this could be so I've just the all time greatest hockey movie it's a comedy but it's a great when it's kind of feels like it's based on the -- -- is about a team then yes sells out. And senator winning. I also -- -- Of course on the Mighty Ducks movies I think that this we might be right up there with -- as far as. The holy Grail hockey movies and I hockey movie called the last gladiator for the last gladiators. It's a documentary about the enforcers from -- eighty's and ninety's okay Bailey Chris knuckles and -- was on the the Montreal Canadians are also on the Bruins in a couple other teams but he is mostly known and Rangers. Mostly known for his time on the Canadians won a cup without. And he was a bruiser but he also there was for a few goals here and there -- is all about. Has -- -- document read all these enforcers and and how their lives have changed because it's after their heads gaffe so down to drugs but his story was so. Hard and intense. That they want to focusing on him we got hooked on heroin in pain pill Islam went want to go to -- I was sober living house. And chinook Washington okay footage of that and he'd started his morning every day. Going into the on the water in the beach. Jumping in the water freezing cold water always get a crazy Canadian anti she's from Boston but there are ways that. And I here's I sleep in a hockey this Texas about hockey from Michael hey guys -- Chris dancing getting the Sonics back and hopefully that does happen down the door is open for new NHL -- what would you guys named team. I called beat the Seattle grunge respected dishes. Man this some decision last week -- this conversation comes up -- Chicago and the potatoes. I just all I say and I stood there for. Do not call them the -- can match -- politics and I hate that people are trying to even campaign this is our men stupid. -- I like this deal ahead of others like a junior hockey team summer I -- called the steel heads I think Debbie -- but my number one vote would be the totem is. The songs on the native Americans don't get upset by that. There's a hockey history here they're still going knowledge junior team that's called the -- comes. I think I'd be really cool and another call of -- back to make public tomahawks used -- we have had this conversation before gaffe I hope you leave clearly at the Phoenix Coyotes tell -- -- -- coyotes because apparently. Coyotes is like coyote he. -- in I don't know eyelids and there's a lot of coyotes and -- yeah I guess on the matter I airlines are the coyotes are KO six high hopes for is the oaks. Dude have you ever had one of those groups that makes you think that it's coming with a vengeance right away but then you go to release and it takes forever yeah so all the time. Heidi is that learning experiences and it totally sucks I think you'll learn as unfortunate sideways winds how far. Trying to it she's had come newsdesk OK well -- -- -- is like a glacier that breaks are small chunks. Every half hour south. Yeah he I had I had a one iron marijuana or insecurity or I would. We took a shower flat go forging a shower the wires running I couldn't actually go so -- -- take a shower go to work and it's -- total of 45 minutes of work. She has sucked I understand the -- I think I should lay -- the chicken shares in the curry for awhile and I think is more about that she's that he -- tie it all all tie he goes I did it again so saying okay during our game back. Eight more big -- I we don't want a really personally did you -- sounds as pretty -- as though I was in for an angry man and they had a two big Macs were four dollars our sons and you did Israel hell yeah I did it. Do you ever wants out at a college standard -- for Tuesday's yet he had just randomly they do different things in chicken nuggets continued to strategically -- -- owners dye pot. Ten dollars worth of -- sort of got twenty they used to deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And do I'll turner forty murders however many Donald L all over at all I just had a whopper tones of border violence we -- love offers waters are so good no -- up for me I didn't know pickles cost. Just to make -- -- It's not even that I don't like to pickles I would just rather have to make sure that they're making an off fresh they do anyway unless it's always that well references -- pickles off. -- because he's I can have in my way and they can do it for me he's on the pickles and you have to win and say actually I would like some Nicholson yeah. And then you more than just -- you some -- do you suits normal. Now now my dad's parents. Screws America hey guys just had surgery got back into work today after being -- for three weeks of the Mac thus I am catching up on ES TP castigate nations that I miss tonight's -- nick talking about. In the cold having inherited dawn and now I have to say is this I didn't. That is in my life for the last two weeks -- surgery Larry catheter and how god my girlfriend called it quote unquote hiding there you go see it up the good work that love the show -- convinced carried out and you suck -- not crazy yes I. I've catheters third car color man Powell should not cool -- on heavily -- as -- -- tennis. What a catheter now is the end hurt though so I don't you go in more disc golf -- -- -- around some -- million Nextel says -- -- Just watching rocky three again as they can ask DP should actually stand for Steve and -- their lives producer wow that would be why all of myself voting -- your -- is trivial why did anyone really easy to large quantities of group that's cool too. You know I don't want -- don't know I got their that's their sons and social stuff we got a text right email from Montana had bill hey glad for him paged me raising capital so he -- -- why would you do that that's annoying and not another -- not as -- goes back and forth between capital letters and lower case letters are here what I -- doesn't know where you are every single first letters capitalized since first -- capitalize and every word. That's weird subject that people. I always say -- a long email. And I realize that it's all capitalized except for the letter I capitalized on lower case debated and I -- was on. I guess I wish it was that I said this before now I know I can make it different ways of freak and stream television on your phone they can't -- away for you to highlight the entire tab select all and sandwiches taxes. An adage -- be switched. You can turn it -- -- bold. Right you can make these these characters into wing dings. You can't change him into -- lower case letters -- stupid my favorite thing is getting an email from Steve and I'll cast at the end of the -- as it boots callous and yeah I -- career I did not like I realize is that the end of the -- changing it the fifth after that I real as an error in my ways sorry forward but I'm not changing I acknowledge it but I cannot imagine. And I tell us see what he has to say about not going through the Shelby ZZ every week you know yes -- -- all. Probably did get the -- head -- bill timeout in there today Banco -- last week to adjust a little bit later and it's always. Imus April we have Jim -- on you can't we just -- stopping September. Last week's cast was a long one but to be sure I still have recovered yet. But -- -- calling in was great nice how often do you get a Grammy winner fresh off -- there -- calling dude I agreement on here that was an awesome moment. Yeah right -- should say there's always Franken the winner of the best hard rock performance absolutely hundred Jolie can help us make Damascus Syria Taylor Swift. The team when the best I don't I won't to have tell us -- -- -- -- yeah and is look at her and see SEC's got breast implants. Heart -- pastor I remember when they were at the show box of the -- -- that was a good show. Well enough on help okay well enough on hailstorm -- was stone cold calling and -- at first I Simon actually came out for Ted DB Osce to defend the million dollar belt and the rest is history. I didn't think much of them then but he soon became one of my favorites so I think -- What would be the most ridiculous thing to ask don't call it if you had a chance I know that emails come toward the end of my guess -- -- to -- get to -- inside sorry doesn't show you have. They would like negative time all the memorabilia that was sold with a Steve Austin -- needing dinner I ever make knee braces for the kids there where the match is always -- beer cans of the crash together. I would be if you're still wrestling that -- be funny. Although I'm sure that we would never they would never do that as a gag giving kids -- can't -- guys. Friendly to mothers are -- equivalent of a man trying to be a politician that's trying trying really hard OK so let me and with Eddie did you see that Matt did you see it match. Incarcerate -- to -- some straight beer cans clearly energy and all I ask you for so -- -- son it's his one loose sheets had a bounty of 50000 dollars on Paul Paul mr. wonderful pawned her off warned off. Sorry corner right tiger's gonna collect if you ask me as the beginning of -- many epic losses -- enough beat him in the ring outside of the ring and all the way up the council piper locked himself in the dressing room cash and -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- to get one I don't take that -- and turns on YouTube is. We have one more email contacts and the subject line is somebody dripping off mono -- style yeah. Necessity YouTube link and that's the song we have and before reschedule it for those I wanna play at home. It turns out to be actually is a nice compliment to you -- because it's a song that was dumb by the lonely island -- Thomas oh wow boys which is that he Andy Samberg to other you know -- damn you can't. Your ground to coney party cones and a key role -- did Yasser yet the three of them have a little -- dead but not a little it's huge troop that it wants him. And The Chronicles of Narnia and I did make -- -- lose a guy -- -- her -- the car garage yeah -- -- those guys and they also have one -- about how they -- sports. And it's not. Any simmers on an -- Akeelah and your -- And they talk and I kind of a monotone voice it's a great video and maybe just look up lonely island boys were lonely island and in sports you'll find the video. -- we have the audio of it's it's great it's great songs. And it's definitely very mono -- -- you could be in this video tests and here it is sports by the lonely island guys. It didn't snow sports and Simone it's. Worth and I score do you wanna go to a party and now. Nice well. -- -- -- -- We -- the I'm right guy never. Got a number line each and ask you -- -- do this and it's I plus and I'm done men and my team is helping me all night if you tell me. You know -- wanted to explore what girl doesn't do and they don't know no -- there's no time to explain singles doubles triples home runs but his own. -- -- -- -- All Steve okay. You know -- You definitely know anybody -- we're used to -- net smarts. Smarts not what I. She's hitting these outstanding. Sox are doing just because I -- that day is if you think -- better than I think it's. Don't believe me smell -- cars there. -- -- -- -- I shouldn't do I need other teams that I can you tell -- Is it the -- May god this is like glass bottle plus black what was like I was glad I was the -- and here I. We usually do -- show. -- -- -- Not to consummated. Now feed -- their -- will now give me their time. -- man going out and guys those guys are stimulate the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sounds it's a US territory and I DUS territories don't know where I know it's in the Pacific Ocean I think thanks also Derrick he says just -- the ftp just now I have three shops stuck in my head back -- as TP -- love it -- that was pretty cool. Also. And a final whereas Tony because it was sports -- -- it's all. I -- I was -- always following a celebrity retreat she writes you back -- it is -- it's a geeky thing but I've been hooked on that new show by now Jim Jeffries -- -- oh my god it's so funny -- -- there's things I just saw last week's episode yesterday is that the -- where he had the break again. The -- -- like he's having trying to Voss cyber sex with a woman no. 00 I would see now we all know there's a -- where they get home invasion all chemistry I guess there was a great man yet okay yeah I'm now obviously guys are you saw that I always cranky DJ -- And the funniest moron in the that's so I don't want to you know I I guess I added tweet out there. So what other people detector shots and FX it's on the mandate said I just wrote blue jays quickly becoming my new favorite show. And now -- -- cash and what's with those dumb yeah dumbo ears because I had the sun -- yeah he's proven on people DJ Qualls is great in this shelf. And I am what what happens after I send that out who Trace me back pretty soon right after that Jim Jefferies saying -- you thanks mate tell your people. Which I said I will and I asked him to come the studio when he comes back to Seattle -- -- -- and -- Ryan. And then -- one about the hottest of Rocco hopefuls retreated that maybe it slows you haven't found her on Twitter vote for her do her Twitter pictures what are what's her pat. May he and ME AGA and marine. 91. And she there's a picture and -- you -- next. -- -- He could to ms. page that's on the -- -- -- then of course they well deserving of her votes right that there's this picture it's picture of her back and I don't know if downturn that's hurt. Yeah the -- It's almost like 9000 slower I know OK so it is certainly 9900 dollars that that hero tiger. Do 600 yes I certainly does and says 99 as a high solid against NBA. GA and marine MER -- eight Yahoo! IM ANN and -- one. -- 091 yeah OK I didn't put the numbers and millions for his exit was born in 1991 me. It's crazy drills just aren't I didn't know Ferrero status Jamie national ran it. Yeah actually million McMahon I thoroughly and -- like this but -- -- -- -- really weird though is that -- unicorn tattoo on her hit on her cover photo it's. It's John Lennon's eyes yeah. So it's his eyes are way like her ass. Is in between both of her eyes on the bridge and arrows he likes it it's like one of those injuries they supposed to stare acid in ninety. I still weird thing or something easily get no closer to it she definitely gets my vote yes she's. Always thanks to David also he had treated to -- hell and told her hey you get the guys miss you -- gets -- -- introduced me to your music to kick some serious ass freak like me and bad romance are are some. This is awesome really cold -- now I really appreciate everybody who listens and emails us and text messages and voicemails as a before we go. I do wanna bring up I don't know have you guys heard the new -- season saw you know but look it up maybe I hope it's in our system. Mad season is such a locomotive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well anyways so they were riding a second record lane steering your daily from Allison changes are vocalist and the first album river deceived. I mean it's Arianna. Is saying the dog everything on Baum is just awesome. And unfortunately I never put another CD there -- in five sucks. They're based system he passed away and of course Layne Staley died of drug overdoses well saxophones is pretty bad ass too scared at all -- from Bob critical bug India. And -- the song is. So they they've had always is some 013 of those songs and decided to in mr. mark lanigan. There's all while doing a reissue of the album is a very vocalist on the first -- right -- and he's from the screaming trees and I'll clean designs and apparently there are putting out like over the issue of the albums remastered and a bunch of like. -- tracks and make it on the ball. And so they had three of the songs are supposed to be on the album. And as demand a second record and -- two gallons going to be called locomotive is who I think is playing pace. It was a tough McCain implying base on an asylum no big these Sony's new songs -- did the new songs were recorded oh OK okay so at least from what I remember -- -- -- -- read this on the toilet so you know take you would agree I saw a and might I might be wrong so this -- the music was already written. And they handed the music over and Marc Flanagan says hey can you make some vocal to -- some lyrics for the songs. So one Assange is locomotive and I was like see how it goes there's always rumors of them doing a second album will mark lanigan being a senior because -- was gone or at the time they claim was gone not physically but just. Check out -- And the sounds of a locomotive on the play the YouTube thing and of course it's not going to be the best quality but. Dude if you're intuit did check it out yourself right but some -- and the song is -- easing -- I mean I love this song I'm kind of bombed. Our man. Did you get. Area pulled my -- -- -- going YouTube and trying to find it that way I trying to figure out is one day and I know I can do is how to wire my phone. Into the freely and word Israelis heated if you I disease have been a plug into Luzon and then into those -- -- are in the yellow box in -- -- house office so we think it's all right it's here a man and Lance -- right now. -- an element checks. Nicklaus -- -- look for this kind of sorry for those that are listener now this is yeah I know this is stupid but I want you guys hear this song because I think it's. Awesome gas. I. Know -- -- -- know he's not sorry to hear -- Locomotive let me try this version right here until that it works. The mom mom match. See -- enough to see what's. -- 00 views that's not a good sign that's not a concern. I'll just carry out is it. I. Excuse my movie to do you do. The. Such as is Jason and he served. It invading your -- we destroy your hearing that Sanchez W. A lot tired com and it's not will play in its entirety next week which is looking up when you to resist Dodd got not only does it sound like crazy as his coach says he sings on some of their songs it's got that tribal vibe to it and just just. Deep sounding I love mark run against voice dad's got a totally totally awesome. I mean nearly lost do you all that I know dollar bill Connolly. Some great songs top man I still listening to all I know you're the -- -- I want and as. A man and I really -- uses. How Zaire on that's on their next album are you ministry is a new GIA's although I now. We've guys scorpions. That's not a new entries we I mean supreme interest. Won't draft not in ours -- -- loaded financing and I had gone and BJ's sectional token. Miller -- thick I'm going by artists and I Madson in the Amazon and the -- of enthusiastic. You. -- Then. Score for him -- a CR no no no nothing it's no. What they being able to scorpions unit diseases that are but I don't you know you -- -- yeah I'm just going by artistry here I was trying -- nice -- -- continue to -- just -- -- -- -- -- we -- satellite's gonna have Arlen podcast all right. Because your body I always thought. The top so I guess they were not so I read some -- are people being excited about trying to -- CNN and the emails and the text messages that Tony -- Nice when we get the -- the -- tweets emails and the State's voters have been -- me Tommy about their experiences or trappers and everybody is. Completely understand please don't want -- -- -- do the marvelous roles where it sat mom tries to try broad based on our suggestion last week alike that one as well the Covington. I'm in Houston trappers media interest my lady's arms for us to go to trappers tonight for dinner -- try to take -- up to go because we do idea not PGA bunch of TV. And shout out sinister and -- and you know it's up they got five locations Covington Penn Station Q -- by a lake in Bremerton if you haven't watched a video of our hot Kyle. -- it out about Moussaoui just look at operates one of my more recent YouTube videos I just a lesson that we did it's also probably -- -- WTV right now. It's on the website and one of my blogs. You can definitely watch it take and all the great sushi that trapper and Chris Brian and I love those guys. Holland Mogadishu C morning he's there right now maybe sitting on a thirteen points this is go to. -- -- trappers guys each of the Travers. -- -- Anyways fresh friendly that's how they roll -- -- five locations find out more -- sushi dot net and if you go and you did -- -- Iowa you think about it I love to hear your. Your -- role there like I definitely marvelous is where it sat for me but try some different roles I've learned rather quickly when they came in that. Their other roles are two daughters who PS is taken out trappers sushi dot net and you can even look at the pictures of the sushi -- there Z gotta get an idea what you want -- sound like you're well versed in -- when you go there tyra let's get out. Thanks to stone cold Steve Austin for calling -- again the package available on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I heard also it's gigantic thanks guys chamber when my comic volume iconic hero I love that guy. Had this look mommy casino this Sunday and get tickets at Ticketmaster dot com also check out his documentary. I promise you name it. Do something with me right now just mean it's hard -- me. More than me more than me damage I'm taking out today on iTunes you can purchase it or renting it I'm sure. You just follow him on Twitter chamber. Very very happy that he got the calling in thanks you guys are listening -- nine guys for text messaging us. Earlier voicemails. Got a front and -- in a fun podcast you guys will be back next Tuesday who knows where we're going to be doing that. Before everyone on the show Steve producers stay positive everybody will see you next week.