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02-21-13 John Moffitt from the Seattle Seahawks joins the Mens Room

Feb 21, 2013|

Thee Ted Smith got on Twitter on Wednesday and asked John Moffitt if he wanted to come on the show. John was in studio on Thursday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hundred wow yeah exactly you -- I should do should. Decent -- -- studio hearted man I'm doing good I'm good thank you so much for governor and I thank you for all perhaps a little else. The menu causes ten bucks -- and right. It was like two seconds later we we we did the tweet we go to commercial break deadly and managed when he won thirty day and go to each of us we just didn't review the latest still -- an eagle on sixteen and I don't know. -- I know I I don't know what I am in this game -- And I know that I have I appreciate it. Are you -- you you're all over sweater and I love -- -- two minutes it's it's much better than I never got on FaceBook but they -- million on Twitter and Tom I'm probably a victim yet physically. I don't face -- but I love Twitter so that part of social media is great sand. Sam is just on Twitter just the fun stuff and all the nonsense I think -- it's only a 140 -- you don't face but the problem is. Did you hear so much -- -- -- don't feel like I'll go home my -- for -- stuff about like people I know but I don't care and I -- you do you know why I don't know despite the fact that I work with them. Does that and ask the I don't care I don't care. But to get it but I'm Twitter it's like Obama and social broke his foot no more information good enough and -- -- a -- talking -- a woman. Get it you know wow a woman I try to pages omit needless to sentence that was like out of torture -- -- about it that it really I mean how are you doing today I'm good now -- rational -- Nashua -- you know today out. George say -- don't give a moment you'll start where I woke up at 930 fat. I want this and like Jesus Christ man they've -- for the whole day I got to know attach pictures and these cartoon that. I don't hold collage of stuff it's just a big presentation I mean doesn't it make you hate children ensued. How happy I -- just like I mean -- like kids but I'm just tired of seeing everybody's okay thank you did it I. I -- do not put our kids on FaceBook -- even -- -- -- got him duplicate -- -- would -- I don't know but we don't know it because people start -- their -- what the problem I started -- our -- divisive among people love people we do a lot of pictures and stuff they they took an appearance on -- and -- hamburger because I retrieved from Toronto I don't think Obama I guess I'm -- almighty god all right an -- when you eat a healthy -- yeah it all you know look good but when -- cook tonight chef John like. I just goes through its cycle. Healthy meal changeup jar and now I'm never reached yet -- the better. And other video one of the pictures you put up there is a deranged Phillies this that would limit the the kind of -- do things that had like I don't know if -- had chicken NN that oh grow our. Yeah it was just really I mean it looked and looked amazing scientists are retreating I think about I would I would recent I was gonna ask you what the -- analogous in a restaurant and things like -- I got -- and haven't looked absolutely fantastic. Let's see here this is strange connection also see this earlier and we're talking by the fact that some. Some industries and some things you seem to run into the same people all the time whatever and in strangely though as I said to me what you said to me as a man -- an old. Yeah I'll tell you this is what it is man and an end and I realize old we were getting. Back in the day. I'll play college football and and I was -- as physique I doubt -- -- -- -- it's not end up -- -- -- Oakland Athletics it's going to tell Jack that two or three in my roommates rock quarterbacks so I think was like her junior year or whatever this was a West Virginia. We got this new grad assistant named Paul Crist. -- man Tony okay so he comes down to you got to remember he was just the quarterback in Wisconsin so he had been. He was a very straight laced guy you don't mean it very good looking guy tall -- and all that stuff and and he came down to West Virginia and all we did was just drink can throw down so. Even in the Summers and stuff you know we even though we were on the team he was a grad assistant so we can go out it was -- and Rich Rodriguez. So we can go out and just an absolutely hammered and then I had it we always had a good time together you know as a communicable friends and I'm still friends with a with a with a few of those guys I talked to -- -- It was crazy to see. His progression he went to like not the USFL but some -- other -- around for a while you're -- -- I don't -- -- ended up like for the chargers out and they went -- organs the brain is a lot -- and coordinator and then with -- and ordinances and back to Wisconsin -- came back he was the opposite corner I believe while you played it was not -- -- The whole time I was there -- and it blows my mind because we just think of ourselves as immature you know idiots that we're told are ready now also Paul Crist is that is the head coach at -- I think I now and I out of the picture of you it's all grumpy in his cannon he's gonna put on low -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't know if this was the same way well I'm a -- myself on this one but we can go to Akron ovals -- when we hear bowl yeah I do I do remember that the Gator Bowl. When we got done because we we used to get tested from the NCAA you know yeah differently now. In one hotel room -- -- and radio and Antioch in Jacksonville and you're 75 guys in there and to join us. You know because it would just -- into the season yeah. Just passed a -- around because he -- like finally. Break free a little bit down earliest and in the drunken idiot and I was like. I just remembered that point I'm like I'm done America take a drug test again this is my day I had a lot of -- yeah my first job we're gonna do a drug test. There really Dexia. Yeah that would would you least expect today commend and tell me about this thing which I knew to John Moffett pointed out and tell me about dollar -- -- now who did you actually see your name in the snow in person was that really you yes. That's impressive really huge snowstorm and atomic termites are moderates and before like my name to us -- -- and I blew from the beginning it was on the East Coast -- with a huge. You know terrible snowstorms -- just Harden and I'm like Eric and I just coming out my back porch and sports and well what's the name did you did you get -- -- just it just John yeah but still men tell the -- gets -- at the end of the predators are -- and perhaps -- -- early in my -- scientists look at this -- -- probably tell everything about me -- just put. Who trailed off a little but it is still president curse of too. A lot of zones and nobody even try to remember her mark on him and I did a little favor Andre in some your tweets in huge said that -- -- -- -- the Seattle Bellevue area. Eleven point 4% Asian population dissemination friend I got it and they'll do whatever you want to -- -- -- friend well yeah phenomenal so we had a company estimated I go now oh I knew that traditionally have an age difference you would think it doesn't let you guys at about ten we knew we care man this is phenomenal. So yeah I don't know. The worst for the Mariners got obeys her friend and I were that the bank perfectly in my name's Karen Johnson I don't -- are. Are always a good surprise there was nobody wants to be on the show yesterday did they -- trim we got what we're here this one which -- -- the reds reads very important and I appreciate that we were gonna read you some -- bacon but no felt like walking in the -- -- -- lighter. I just went shopping I spent in inhumane amount of money -- groceries and even need it -- according to grow -- what is the healthiest thing about. Didn't think that I know how. Religion really took him healthy food no. That's the whole point if -- -- I -- -- -- -- I -- I -- I -- -- stable now I don't know I -- that antibiotic and and that assumes the -- -- Yeah. -- -- If it lasts so long and you know John markets -- at the grocery store as you probably don't go all the times you've -- -- go you stuck up and I just -- exactly yes and so I didn't few weeks -- -- 300 -- it was there it was 350 it's amazing how much should go to Hershey store got some I know it's just how. Repaired to remove Allah the almighty god our size difference is unquestionable I -- what I -- and about -- about move out of the house in two weeks later my -- says hey man. And a couple of months -- mother going to Brazil and only Jesus Christ with our lives here. Three years -- a -- that's a look at the money we save your grocery bill might stating yes -- -- I gotta think manipulate your -- like god then we bought an island in the Caribbean. They're just millionaires now quietly yeah -- the grocery money yeah yeah when you go back to Connecticut state interference announcer do you have a -- a whole Sarah. I do I -- how I -- in my -- -- -- my parents so when I get to -- my parents I moved my uncles. And and then I told our loose again I go back and forth here that I mean just to maintain a balance but I know it hit my girls in high school -- Knowing you're going through puberty you're growing like you eat like everything it's everything in sight so. Yet there -- happy about that. What was it blows like grown up in Maine and Connecticut that's a very a thumbs I hate coming -- on the water yeah Nelson minutes as well lot of rich people live now everybody goes to prep school it seems like you're never -- a banker yeah insurance for other -- effort now they're just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you bring up out -- -- the DC vault where your your murder true you don't midwest did earlier Fred you're hungry all the time true yeah. Yeah I bring a New England slowly out of the most you -- would. How do you do you should picture like colonial life and avoid making candles internal prior. It still goes ninety candle company that's ahead rats and bill barrel -- to build clean about it now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Can I. I'm glad I'm right here I'm a mom I can be happy to be down what do you think -- anywhere and I love I'm saying your offseason I'm here. Its own numbers. It's kind of a lot like than the northeast and a lot of different way -- I mean there is a lot more beautiful here I think it is still INS guys said I only get total sell output but I said that not. I said that earlier brought my girlfriend came back and rewrite driver rounds and that's -- more beautiful Seattle yelling you know stay here. Yeah I had a limited Laura converts do -- right right. You know we all came -- just as well I tell everybody at home though that -- they got home and once I changed my area code. And oh yeah -- use that to me wolf that's. Iron to a three self yeah lets you like you change your body's economic downturn going to doubt that's it's that's the finalist Los having to quote them in DC I had done change. -- How tough. -- god yeah having to pace of life and everything else and is that little bit different amazed it was boring in Connecticut and -- just it is really laid back here. Yeah it's similar design out and you're also the Connecticut state weightlifting champion -- -- pull back some long long Joseph do you still lift every once in awhile. You know yeah I know that I. The best I feel like when you said that you look me up and down from her I don't even answer I don't know if I. How hard I think. Especially during the offseason and you've got -- you've yet to do rehab and when you get injured and autism but how hard is just motivate yourself to get into the gym is not necessarily the lifting part. But it's the agility easy -- the cardiologist. Earlier stuff the comes with -- that's just you know you're never you could be there for now are denying an effort to. Yeah it's I just give myself the time to not do anything like right now. Put -- -- are beginning a march team breaks it US soldiers a big break your dad go home travel at all do nothing. Sleep until 1011 and then that's going to be great it's a -- have a job earlier this so great yeah how -- you TJ yeah yeah it'll get mad about it but I don't I mean I'm like I'm gonna sleep until 120 yeah you know -- worry where you get a chance to travel to be taken and -- -- vacations I -- -- yes I had to go to Las Vegas so and I can't talk about a good -- but how many days. Did you stay there and I got a -- that I mean I think that's about the American Idol finals I dream that also -- -- do you believe the third you've got to leave it to you hate yourself sir -- what you -- that we -- -- -- just workers and that I go to Vegas for five days and we also brochures and honest to god -- you -- go after -- is an -- on the front. He came back to -- I should listen to open up its biggest -- You go there to lose your god they must thank you it's the only reason you -- say god -- on the radio yeah god damn right got on our parents to say bitch didn't want to and you really don't I am just so great I'm gonna win on the stop there are targeting yeah. Lauren -- not offend my girlfriend -- Florida a lot of it's not a guard I John Bob good. The Seahawks if you take it you're like a -- why in vacation -- no idea that things you can do out here on the West Coast is -- -- -- close I've done yeah I went to life for the Pro Bowl there's great yeah a little waksal Russell crew's time. You can do you really great guy that is awesome duties to the whole line of them well the only ones there when we're -- -- Jack community. So -- to them up on the offer. No and that's like yeah no one no one not there was I don't know why he's he's said he's like I got everybody in -- like right now tell me and we're in the media arm I'm like yes. -- you've got a I there's a band would that would that be a trip that you would take give access to the players commute it is or is there anything that would make that a prequel thanks guys Kelly spring training. -- out on it and I think so I think it would be cool I think you'd be great for fans -- -- there is -- I -- you see the players as very like. It's lower key and realize that literally a week. If you think you hit everything I don't want the ability to other news now let everybody -- to eliminate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No no no but yeah. Oh yeah oh look like a totally out of the you have playing -- tells it to go home and ultimately perform animal clinic yeah and don't let what's everybody's done that before what. It would have you ever played a game rethought your gonna throw -- just based on going up the night before and did you do play like in Akron every once in awhile. Or one of those like rationalize your college or -- central watching electorate a question of the -- -- to get as model wife throws up into a trash can before every game. But it does have someone of the flag guys from the front row go hawks thanks I know it is but I guess is something new guy. -- you know why it's funny you asked that they see him before every -- because I know I thought I -- yeah. That's that guy got hot. Stop sitting there you can imagine when I didn't. A parent I can just take it all out yeah yeah. Yeah I guess I feel like right when that it's it's become like a Psycho somatic thing is that right or yeah and you just think they're asking us -- I mean I was I you're gradually I was like no one Florida yeah yeah just. And did what the second your National Anthem I get like. Nerves second and I I still -- I do get it out yet the most part of the process that we try now what we are singing will you vomit I mean me move you know. The public's public. College same thing you tell how -- you tell the man and I mean you knew your. I know it was just it was just a whole different process and I got into it. And now I just start I just do I don't know why it's just so you conscious -- -- -- with wheels feels right we always talk about other things that inspired -- all I got us the. Like as far as as the bulletin board fodder you know people are saying about and all of a sudden when you when you came out but college. You were all American you're on all these listen -- somebody obvious you don't feel like. He's got no legs he's got great cast slowing can't begin new passes and our defense you know pass blocking out that just (%expletive) you off. No consistency and I know that they don't know what they're talking about these are to watch ESPN and these guys are these analysts you know a lot of items you know and in a lot of things to me. Are very cut and dry as far stats NFL wide receivers running backs on the cornerbacks. But -- you'll don't know how to even watch offensive line and every offensive line is different scheme. And things -- -- the scheme and so to criticize that kind of thing I've heard people sit in the office live normally do when anything around my -- for a self. I don't really take it seriously you know I mean but how good you feel about the CO ST I can agree. -- just -- -- and yeah every you know that from the failed I'm excited sales are always behind the team interpretations are still whether it in this turtles are about eight -- you know you're on the open approval for a bit -- what you guys did -- -- you just all coming together toward him the year moves Obama does what the scariest seventeen million. Now we're ravens fans all right so. We we went down to the Super Bowl the super role in the East Coast I was OK 00 and double threats insane but yeah. Solidarity. And recording artist friends you know most of the political -- but a couple of guys are trying to pass a closely did you not see the game but I was just. Go about the ravens more Xerox it and I would just gets the -- is -- -- the entire time because I just. Actually they got to worry about an arts journal that's I think. It's not my coach tells the real time traffic is here she's just all right really yeah the the really gonna do that with the way you guys handled differently operatives here I'm in I'm sorry yeah notes on how good is that I don't. How damning draft picks -- that they handled forty members and other Soledad I would love they love Seattle fans say and we said the stored in Italy where we don't. Really -- the national respect -- teams of military source you'll -- that we can say look what's happening between forty members and -- auction rivalry that's developing incredible team drew goods they are. You're about to get -- not all the scrutiny that comes when you're about to get -- we're gonna take a break we'll come back with good guard John Moffett -- -- Seattle Seahawks and estimates this. Miles. We've got -- are. Martin -- dot com by the way as a little website you've got blown out with some with some great way you got a teacher that says basically screw salad and -- figure out the front I'm glad -- -- -- -- and -- I appreciate that I would new -- inspiration behind got. The other with some guys immediate flies creative and they want to do some funny stuff I want to some funny stuff and just. Entertain people that's all. And I guess which I think he's one of the best things you do about Twitter. Richard Sherman he's a guy's going to I love Schoen he's you know it then it's it's one of those weird things he's. He's either loved or hated ebbing he's loved in Seattle but it just seems like -- the national media and other people you know I mean they've they've they've got to take it one way or the other but. I don't know I mean. They got to tell a story Mandy and us I'll step and it's funny -- -- bit of a network -- being interviewed them so. Visual clips and gaelic brought so brought -- then it will when they go to -- in the studio. True new movement to do have a -- I don't let me you got to stand I mean it was unbelievable using evil genius he's -- he really Israel and as I can overlook the smacked homeless -- -- doing too little won't be remembered for my accomplishments of the lord. This is the guy I that he showed his close you know we could all get oilfield of the footage in the studio late. You've got to be god they've given me. Now I have wanna say the that -- Darrelle Revis stuff was gonna taken out of context would you say -- someone asked. Who the best corners were in the league and at that point in time any any name off Cromartie and Jenkins and a couple of other people including himself and -- and then -- Arenas gets all pissed off about it. But the bottom -- -- -- he decent player last year into the entire year so I want to include and that is like if he was a quarterback in and play the entire year. Why would I say he's one of premier quarterbacks in the early eighties dance like Peyton Manning can't say you don't know -- the Mac are not at that point out of it out back a couple years so. I didn't think the content I -- the used to for a context on the statements in Revis gets all pissed off and yeah I don't think you can talk crap if you're a jet. Yeah I. Certainly you're not one of the best and I think you need to be alluded to win a few games were pretty -- arms from its just that by adding it's like just in sports when that that plays -- your -- talk so much you -- -- now but other guys are just not gonna they're not -- careful. -- Trent Williams is pretty good example a guy once the Pro Bowl game much. I'd say it's been that yes -- -- -- -- I mean I was that was kind of crazy and then of course a Williams got sent home pretty -- -- home he got a complaint against somebody broke out champagne bottle over his way out parent that was that was teachings. Concert was I was act so sang god I got out when was the owner of the club and half half the took a champagne bottle and knocked him over and the -- governor mean old friend Mr. President I'll do that exactly yeah what does that picture to change at -- stage rivers and Merrill. Yes he got pulled over and they smelled -- on them whenever -- -- they arrested over the -- to capitulate. Only America it's -- -- -- now now we we we back in Baltimore which got to get this done with Ed Reed admitted it never came to detect them. Every -- again to be honest that is there is what would you think all right Steve Steve's he will play wide receiver. I'm really glad I would play commercially quarterback somewhat to do what does that tell you guys are anyway yeah receiver Ryan Clark well I know I know. I'm -- -- and I. But I get it I knew when I -- So so by the -- how well he's not I don't how how Richard -- on defense he's never go back we have taken -- never have I thought we got to ask if we had ten passes against -- -- all of a Pro Bowl cornerback is there any way that we can complete in your estimation 143 year old man 44 and one pass. One pass now. Not one out of ten guys we I want him and he liked the humanitarian thing you want to sort of deal like that you guys got him every time but the real mean sitting here. -- yeah. Now what -- yeah Vinatieri in his eyes sending -- And eighty I don't know how he thought we -- -- and that's how we wanted to do that -- -- -- go to Alison. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. We've got to take launch her we talk to play in the world every good -- -- -- get. -- man what's up yeah elect. -- Odds favorite place to go and -- in Seattle. Tom decision guy I mean -- onslaught you can call does not a resort love yeah that was the first shame in my. Yes yes yes I was the first thing that happened prior you know I know when -- -- you every time so really that's that was the first Indian mind. Hamburg. Hamburger who didn't -- -- Yes which are unbelievable they asked about where it's at I don't know does that compare to what what is it is in the butter burger -- Oh well that and Wisconsin whoever's daughter burden now that's more like a fast food kind of things does not -- Montenegrin. It's it's really get it for what it is and burgers you can rank -- I -- you can categorize a burger from. Really classy -- like warm white women one to ten you know I don't Donald's burger would be one right. And then maybe that read no B ten -- everything else and then you accept the things in the red not category except momentum McDonald's got to go gadget. I like how we -- Dicks but it's hard akin to it to zing did try to join. Yeah that's really just. I hate hamburgers today its pick to win a second -- who. The president really got to take these murders regular part of an overall Seattle -- -- bids from Seattle can basically pick guys and I mean did you megapixel elected I. -- broad -- now your answer to tonight you minister on that -- hum -- I'm not ready for -- yeah so don't mind that the pop up not only. Yeah our body that I. -- But what is not what is. I don't know what is the most interesting is there anything that is just absolutely crazy did you win now believe about but about players did you that you did you play with that there with the Seahawks. -- -- people wouldn't believe like this kind of weird rule we wouldn't actually we covered the ravens. And you go in there and hell it was a Shannon chart view it was a big chess player. Yeah so don't ever thought I enjoy the boredom of chips are hot hot hot we'll sit down home quote golf studio bull Bob Whitfield C halls and gradually -- them -- help them. The only thing I was pretty power grid which just put. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no clue -- -- -- that I just hear listen I'm the same as Marchand. So I'll -- missiles out any time you Rawle Marshall he's not been doing for you at all it's if you just doesn't do that didn't work scandal yet no nothing he doesn't just so does give me I'll do it doesn't -- -- just glad you are still in the locker. No there's not -- have skills in nice of them in his locker -- but I mean are feeling now he just gets them sent my -- into them -- skills you know like. Uncle Scrooge dumped in the money. -- don't know if -- at all but we. You go too low when you go to lunch at like the facility's building. During to during two days when every and a new oh what is offered what can you eat for just call. We have we have on our facilities are amazing so we have like. -- -- -- No that's like dinner -- -- -- -- -- lunch tuna sandwich any say what you want and then -- -- -- some kind of how launched. And then there's an fruit salad bar their snacks is shrinks -- does anyone go to the fruit salad bar. You there are -- I mean don't you know I don't know -- I'm yeah I'm sent them on the latest that you argue over get a salad yeah I'm a bad example there -- guys eat really gritty. That really like fruit vegetables the whole thing of the food pyramid if you will join they worship that. You know the majority of the time this -- you can eat out you can at the facility. For for most of the time any time you practice 20 yeah when your train and yeah so what you really mean it -- go until the offseason for the most part when you get zero eat there for free and eat some of the best meals in the world. During during the season dinners not offered. It's precious and -- also make it obvious that you don't run him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- -- the ravens so literally had to ground zero there's a thanks so good but they would have by you know mediocre during training camps of -- -- -- -- little tables and players are doing their thing and I didn't realize mr. Beverly Lewis. Big tennis sprinkles on assault certain other problems on one of got a little soft serve told her story. Kind of like I don't know eight little chocolate sprinkles left so -- take a little screwed up put a month not to sit down on the table and with a budget will be reporter. Rim -- is overlooked. Everything got it right -- I oh my god man went yeah to. -- tell -- don't -- a world I got -- -- table leg this guy will kill me -- -- big fan of chocolate sprinkles. John not a -- I don't know I have to battery -- yeah. Those jobs I didn't know paying out for that is we knew each other they didn't make very good job. Still -- Tawdry evidence that is usually had a great debt gets you throw the -- out Nortel. Here today today's shot is brought to you about a five votes that's no Kwame tobacco and liquor right now there featuring. A junior at tequila you wanna ask for my name it is a 100%. -- blue -- -- in the of the three delicious flavors that we've come to know little about tequila. Yeah -- -- hold the re design at all and the Marcos who produced no called tobacco liquor. As for those who need to keep them by name and that today. We -- 23 year old -- vendor something or rather a Las Vegas, Nevada this did you have been easier when your beliefs. -- -- -- -- Fredricka -- out Tuesday that I don't think you wanna know the woman asked last Tuesday police were called to her -- my neighbors. That they spotted her naked in front yard but she's having sex -- 11 o'clock immortal classic. Well I think Vegas -- the effective candidate other than that. When officers arrived -- it was automatic having sex they want all the -- approached her she looked up and says quote high. And continued having sex. Well police are your views on drugs or mentally ill but -- when she was as she did not know -- -- to not know what -- was age cannot name the president. -- governor of the boy did she was taken to be Clark county jail. Meanwhile her sex partner was taken away by animal control because she was having sex with a pit -- Car. It's. It's. All pot -- yeah. Or rather I thought Jessica Cutler Brokaw hello -- pit bull. People. Wow yeah next section the art featuring people who doesn't want to let. Yeah -- like that time might give it to the target is illustrations of and there's one man I can't say we dude it's just an FCC would would -- America. And I sent -- I. I don't know. With more of those boos every drink this booze because we think it's yet they are meant to over the tong and down the throats Barney and art hobby is. Doubt I'll -- our it's our job to. Points over Al yeah John thanks so much can't unity and -- have you -- wanna get a -- -- the -- Seattle's sea -- -- -- -- dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle.