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STP-Cast 03-26-13 -- Singer "Wanz" from the MackLemore hit "Thrift Shop", talks about what it was like to record on the album.

Mar 26, 2013|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and The Rev welcome singer "Wanz" from the MackLemore hit "Thrift Shop". Wanz talks about what it was like to record on the album. We talk about the success of the Macklemore album and how he feels about music and how he deals with the fans and the haters of ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Steve the producer may -- place the FCC's track -- you know remember the first time donors a few years back -- location my wife and I we -- I was in my. My friends and always rave about Travers and got to try there's Suu Kyi second we got there I love the vibe in that place established. Was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count all of the closer look at -- if you obligation to. Right from my house and I ordered a marvelous role. The ten year old as well tragic friendly that's how they -- average CC five locations find out more -- for sushi dot net that's driver sushi dot net. If -- if you're out of order for the world famous secular world orders are usually elements in my apartment I -- -- that I. I think it's about honesty and if you didn't know what I was wrestling show. No countries yet -- the message exactly what do you go ahead and listen to. Don't look. -- -- -- -- -- -- Syria. Bar used to atop me Carner. I knew I -- yeah -- -- from Didier Diaz TV -- I am. Steve the producer here at the top tells -- The revenue of play go go and -- -- -- -- -- oh yeah hole yeah we are just mini no way do you know. Walk in there were gonna have a mind this is very exciting out how we need to talk to why this. We'll worry though because as you guys got a call from my cell phone and he says hey I UN not. One or two union square. Dynamite. No no -- -- 11100 -- myself I hope that he's not going to be a bad mood now because yes. -- below like that. Okay I'll be there when I get their kind of thing -- -- -- -- -- -- which -- debt -- -- They are man no -- I just lay another major comics poke a few I did say 11100 I'll play I don't know maybe we have like an office. Maybe so he look I don't I don't know I don't -- one achievements or -- had anything without you know it's over there does the really tall one old super don't want. Always a nice buildings going down. -- we -- the lead then my ex wife you -- America we're just trying to tell how well there's. All right so. Well look here it is this time it's I -- wants -- now we -- we're -- and -- -- -- -- so in studio with sassy gal on Michael wants -- that's me now is that why did she want them can. -- and names for you there let's see today is why it's Saturday and then I pass you know and last names won easily end and so that kind of got westernized by the time it exited high school contact and people started calling me ones now there was this circle of people who once I got to us. Central Washington University. There -- circle people who started calling me. No one's okay because I would do things that they never thought of doing you know like walking through girls' dorms and is walking into rooms that I didn't even know anybody. While they be playing REO Steve dragon which I -- at the time. With a passion and so it's Lego guy. I can't thank you Steenland anymore I'd walk in there are a lot of room. A lot and a minimum I just look at both -- and just not -- -- -- turn the stereo -- internal -- out and I'm. I don't know -- yeah I know you have -- and that is like he had an audience. I thought I'd say he's a lot of good -- courage and charm to mirror that aren't stupidity. Little bit of everything everything and I was gonna bomb you with some speedway and we don't have. All sale would have had to like climb over the -- yeah. Press the mute buttons like they don't give me terms you're looking really -- will -- I'm business. So from colleges like the ones kind of stuck but they shortened it to T one's learning -- that the you know it just T period ones. Who's -- forms of Taiwan's is that still good he was sort of I -- I make in certain very astute young man yes I'm trying. Think college he had four and a half years some of the good in New York's finest college Australia new York and right now one English class -- I had it's blatantly maybe so long about long about the -- And tell -- we know my kids the kids and I was -- rays got older and they were all hips looking cool and high school so it started calling me teeth. I'll grant this can't -- T want this to heat up you know. We needed shorter right OK I mean it's just yeah exactly so I'm -- I think I can I kind of went to this revelation about three years ago that. You don't want to isn't gonna make it doing anything because advancing and hooks -- guy for. Obama over a decade at this point right and you know nothing was really popping off so I'd just started. My own thing in the started doing. I start gaining more confidence to do music just for myself since you know there was no such thing as an old pop star. Not since like Perry Como and Andy Williams is there anything you know beneath anything new year of an old pop star yes read these days especially just. Just like everything Iranian dissident than reality show or singing competitions he put an age limit on Barack Obama right this is all I mean Mars doorknob. Do you just assume most of the rock stars most musicians they were in their thirties forties and up ended in the contagion now it's like he had sixteen if you wanted to right -- and on and people have been asking me for years in a lot of Jews. What I'm sure audition for American Idol well I'm too old for you know why don't you go on the voice. I'm too old but then I saw. -- -- Bell on there yes and was inspired you know then. We reached out to him and his bass players an old friend of mine that I and so like I kind of connected with him in and talked with him about it -- started to inspire me more and so that's where I started doing the TEW Lindsay -- And -- know just started recording music in my apartment. Just threw me Chris you're a musician as well known and you're yeah you're the base he had been seen -- since I was five years old and every coming up on board with something I taught myself something else oh -- I've played drums and minorities saying in the play drums a little bit that. My parents wouldn't let me have a drum -- sort of bored so I talked myself out of play piano got bored with it picked up base over a summer summer of 1981 -- just picked up the base and grabbed a book -- Sanjay -- my allies tonight try to learn how to play bass and it did not know very well yeah I didn't -- I guess no one know really well yeah one point one string as we go back to the -- English thing in Florida have years and call daddy I went to Berkeley Melanie taught us. -- And happened I. Or didn't -- you're standing at Berkeley and they're both different and still -- well we really haven't I go in the nothing in the wrong Berkeley first thing I do lol wow men you can imagine -- corners Jimmy. So yeah I got I got I kind of like this is -- -- out doing my own thing I had finally scored the jobs that I didn't like working towards after doing the eleven years of contract. Testing software testing out -- Microsoft in the and a couple of other places that didn't pan out in May finally landed this job which kind of turned my life around it was stable good wage all that other all that stuff that you look for when you worry progressing the adult. And I answered the phone one night and then this guy you know says. So Ryan Lewis just called me and then -- look confer a guy who's sounds like Nate -- And since I've been -- with this guy he knew Linux he says so you knew I was gonna call the hot hot hot hot and yeah everything kind of stepped off from there. And before that he had no idea that the music of Michael Moore I have heard -- how -- I've heard of them you know I was I you know I live north of the city minutes -- I'm not immersed in the in the scene there and you know -- a young person's game at their own one half I don't remember Arianna I'd come to Capitol Hill and almost crazy jesuit holes in their older years and she sure wish I. Did you do not understand many health Bill Walker tumor I had amendments like while -- and trying to take cover in the most are you sure there's not a senior -- That's what Illinois that skews that because you know you said you didn't know much about them and you go in there and you record the songs what is that process like I've always who's curious about when somebody comes -- -- -- -- chorus or hook. For another artist when that process like what was it like for you when when when you recorded for a shot. Well from the process went exactly like this you know I walk in and introduced to this is medical more Dan Hagerty -- Brian. And makes those guys you know this is one signal that edited and say hey nice to meet you guys -- move on -- thank you know so. You know I've. Describe a little bit of what my history was is. You know I had came over here from owns Bergen and playing in Moroccans funk and soul and jazz and blues bands for. Ever and then you know my friend. And they said no let's cool that schools cool this is what we've been doing you know we had to you know the vs Tzipi in the language of my were before that now working on the high east and we're doing this tune called through shop and it's -- it's kind of a fun quirky tune about thrift shop like. So at this point they're playing mean the sound good but no worse. And then is like explain to me these are the words you know -- kinda pops and today he's trying to sing it to say it. Mixed I think right and I just looked at him and saying you know he got through it like a couple sentences and means you mean like this cement and hunger and about some tags only a tornado his eyes lit up in Brian's wife and -- -- console. Yeah like that like that and so we you know we burst of a couple of times and moved into the Booth I went and and recorded that part -- standing in there it's like okay have doubled my partner. Three times and drank his -- stacked -- forces sounds great and headphones. Once you come out here and hear him go outside and it's like wow I just you know sounded bigger than god and I was really happy about that in this you have this other part and it's the kind of the middle part no -- play the sound -- showed me the words there and you know we went through a couple of -- would -- kill me about it now because there's you know the outtakes from that are kind of funny about the goofy idea of what we think is going to work like there was a there was apportioned. Where was gonna be sort of like. Wizard divides is. So you go to the nation's low. And wearing your clothes you know I thought the idea how tough. They got into the turn and now the source of great embarrassment and cleanliness in the hands when we trailer on the in it was like it did the middle part and you know 45 minutes later the coming into the house -- out the door -- everybody was freaked out is like wow you really haven't been here that long and go well you know I -- been doing this a -- yeah and they said well sounds great global mobile -- proved. Well if you don't mind distressing and -- just say no pocono this -- three people in this entire world that haven't heard I think everybody has met two of the caviar are highly -- my dad heard the song and that's when you realized OK this is really crossed over -- a crazy insane there's like six stations in town you'll hear this song now months -- years on the hook from it. Yeah. It's hard. It's a great. I just when it breaks down that part is musically hopefully everything about it just come together so amazingly Indiana Brian Lewis is brilliant man yeah. Look -- you know -- unassuming. -- you know is just an unassuming guy but I mean you know it's just to watch. Good listen what he's done with -- each track on the highest yeah I have fear that they you know you -- the thing that people don't. -- really don't remember is that. You know this is two guys and they Maine all that music and called all these people in the do these -- things when you know using Alan stone for me on cathedrals yeah and then. And when Mary Lambert then ray Dalton you know these because of the pull them ray has been within a long list. You know and he you know he's an amazing singer than no one's really gotten a -- Libya and I know that he's working on some solo stuff it's gonna kill. Every. It's almost say his -- Stanley -- yeah I think you guys on Twitter -- -- talk to a -- -- ask created like this this group of people I -- it oh yeah -- allow -- I've I've said it many times that in my opinion -- some of the year well you know. It did did to the unto the un educated it's it's. It doesn't seem like very much but to people who are students of music and really love how music is put together and what it says yeah I'm not just so much is at poppy Jenna danced to it you know Brad talk about my excerpts that. When you get a little deeper than that at some scary stuff he's very honest and and then he goes slide while you know that though the thing that separates this from. Any other. Project in that genre. Is that he talks about himself and -- non boastful way right he talks about it though about things that people can relate to I mean even I mean the first time. Right when the album dropped I'm sitting at my old job and I'm I'm listening to can't hold us listen -- story about this guy who's not going to be denied and -- going across town with a backpack crush and you know just you know couldn't just do working on his own deal. And realizing that you know for the last. Thirty years that's been my story. I don't say I know exactly the same thing this guy I've been doing and it just made me break in the tears sitting on my desk in the you know people -- UK and go to. And then then you know every song every single songs save to a room food -- relates to. Pieces of my life and so as I spent more time on tour and got to know everybody better. You know it it it became part of me the heist became a part of me. You know white walls or cathedrals Howard Jimmy I don't mean or mean cowboy -- I can't relate to but I know people. Right like that you know I'm -- -- ha -- I'm starting over I don't doubt that heavy salsa video starting over I can't relate to but I know people like that. I am realistic and -- what made -- formal McIlroy music -- other side there seems like you know that's kind of -- the second part of it I because I was about him finding sobriety right clean and I loved it because he had a guy from fences -- on -- -- like this is such a weird -- Grayson right and -- years starting over -- driving the first I heard that song and it just stopped me in my tracks like this is. Yeah I love it makes from the thrift shops at white walls that you said that currently each week there's a new favorite song right now I think I'm going nuts or white laws yes of the chorus of yes. This is these hits every time what -- mouth for you besides of course thrift shop well a man. And imagine you know imagine being sober for thirteen years and watching a guy hearings starting over and then being afraid I mean I couldn't wind didn't wanna watch him do it because they knew what it would do them. -- all the people that I've known over the years being in you know and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm proud and non anonymous member of alcoholics anonymous saved my life. Because I'd be you know it's alcohol was taking me to a place that. I didn't recognize the person who was there then I got an early you know some people don't get it early you know are now watching the news this morning -- that cat that ran over. Those people over in -- you know yeah and it's like he has to friars and it's like -- Two -- you know there are you out there were like five and six since like what's it gonna take for them to figure out that you know. You may not be an alcoholic. But there's obviously it's obvious evidence that alcohol is a problem and you should look at it right and that's all that I ever say it's like you know I can't tell whether some of these an alcoholic cannot. I only know that I am and I do what I need to do so that I don't -- that first drink because like they say you know it's not it's not the caboose that kills -- Right you know not first Drake is the thing that I have to watch out for and I you know it to hear somebody. To hear somebody put it in starting over the way he did even other side but. You know that nothing matches nothing will ever ever. Surpass. Being a red rocks. And listening to this guy who has seen doing it tons of times before stand before thousands of people. And tell his relapse story in front of them is -- and then sing that song. I mean it totally just overwhelmed me and I was -- I could not stop. Crying because it was so powerful to be in that placed on a star -- cold night. You can see the breath of everybody and everybody's his rule riveted to this one guy on stage talking about this and I think about the people that. You know have come in and out of the rooms. Think about the people that I've lost people don't even know wow you know and -- into it it was just overwhelming and -- like he knows his fiancee is there a new. -- And she is like it's okay and as is the game -- the you know how amazing this is do you know how powerful this isn't she goes yeah I know. You know that in it's it's there are many many many little moments like that that have transpired over the last seven months for me in this. You know this guy this -- more guys that some people really don't think very much of his more amazing than they would ever know if they were students of the music if they hadn't. If they've been looking -- music since 1967 like I have then they realize that there are not very many of these guys. He's a special cat because he can take things. Put them. Into not only a rhythmic melodic medium. But then put words. In there. Now you can relate to read if you can't relate to them you know somebody who can't. -- and then you know everything and some way it is sticking your head can I mean -- well that's how you know that's how you no doubt it resonates you know win win win. Grade school junior high school high school friends of mine are coming to me on FaceBook and saying I've -- I gained. All this credibility with my kids know how I. Because I I know you because I just guilty by his OC yeah because I know you and I and I told -- this you don't -- things to his first started popping off and and he says -- thanks once you turn me on to a whole new demographic you're sitting at the -- just your ambassador to the agent. Earlier -- -- -- -- retire when his stirring interest but just to go onto your story it has been amazing -- -- I just love your positive he just from what you read I read on Twitter yes you never get into arguments and anybody now can you -- what kindness and -- and that's been some -- like we always that title and I show -- it's a Montana silly when we say stay positive that's. I guess something -- -- like a lot of people are just so wrapped up in the negative stuff floats. Not that but I mean if you go back and -- the language of my world it's like one of -- songs and there is called ego couldn't you know and I -- -- and listen to make the money and listen to white privilege off the first half of the first album and then you know I listen to everything because I can relate to open and -- one of those things that people tend to not recognize in themselves you know whenever your feeling defensive that your legal guardian -- cents. When you think you are better than more than have more than than you know than anybody else that you ego get a little that's going a little crossed the line. Now it's there's a big difference to me between being confident and being do you testicle. So even when people come at me on Twitter and they say you know you're not you're no Nate dog won't know he's dead. I you know I know I'm not tell you what's your point. -- and if you can't stand in and defend your point and you're gonna start -- Braylon on me because have you personally don't like it will then I'll say this you know I respect your opinion it's not for everybody thanks for playing good about it. To break has some rain softened he was a patrol on -- yeah. For any reason to discuss how -- I've watched I've watched guys in the game just totally is just go on you know total carpet bombing Twitter wars. You know talking about how bad somebody is how bad somebody is what they don't know. You know they don't understand that that's it's just you know what we sixth grade again you know my mama yeah I'm always come at her. It's just an evolution of the very same thing we've already seen. Whenever I say they're more of fresh in his music whenever she saw men I know we have some a moment a successive NIC some evil in our group. -- almost hate on them free at all -- What what what you know today I grew up playing music around here -- -- I had to see my buddies we -- some places like -- Death Cab for Cutie and -- danger when they start getting success although some are other friends' -- were just like well what in the world are you -- NN -- small minor bit of success is like Hulk -- Steve there's drummers on the radio and that's why he's what. Visit why can't just be happy for somebody having a good moment and so even though I don't know you I don't know -- more it's the easy go at it you're. -- out of it that way I guess does is he what is visual you're right they just. Don't like seeing somebody else having a moment that may be. In their eyes better than what they haven't cried wolf he's worried about your stuff and and enjoy what you've gotten India another don't worry about you know and. And you know that this whole journey for me personally than the journey to sobriety has taught me a lot of things number one. My dad always told me you have two ears and one mouth there's a reason for that. Listening is more important. So when I shut up guys are listening this -- also and I started hearing things in. You know I used to have a sponsor who talked about perspective it's not what I see it's how I see it now when I start shifting what I see and try to be. Try to come at it from somebody else's perspective on what they see both people who get an egg and you know one person sees steak salad the other person sees a Friday sandwich. -- -- perspectives are different when you understand. Somebody else's perspective all of a sudden there's this is the basis for developing a modicum of respect. And you know every ball all of us communal life happens to everybody. And that's the thing that we tend to forget because we get so myopic and laser focused on what we're supposed to be doing and what we have no we don't have and how we gonna get -- The rat race and blah blah blah blah go to a blog that you forget that your part of a much bigger thing. And you know and the people that get that our people that are like really close to me. And and the people who you know people who don't get that and don't understand that well you know I'd push that out on Twitter you know and slinky. Do hash tag the book want to commend you see all these little -- little epiphany is that I come out and aunts and did some of that is released. Simple stuff how to stay sober don't drink in don't die. It's just that simple. You know but yeah it's not always that easy -- for some it's not that these. And that's the thing you people why don't you just mixed quit well why can't you just have one. Not that simple it's not that simple that's conference on doesn't know it's a simple yes it's simple simple concept but it's not that easy. Neither driving a car if you break down the process neither is holding an a knife and fork in both hands if you break down the process. Neither is tying your shoes. If you break down the process. And this is something else that I learn. Everything is a process you know everything that has a beginning and an end is a process. Know where you are in the process and if it's not coming to something that you like obviously -- steps within that process you're not executing correctly or. You could execute better. But it's still going to be on new. You know. -- instead -- -- -- when -- solid at -- Gagne -- -- VIR -- out -- -- -- how do you how do you how do you how do you print something that yeah he -- something static in the something in this dynamic because I mean they could be something is symbolism pigeons flying into law and I'll come up with a -- hot hot hot hot -- the studios -- trying to record okay and also I do that's what -- restore and you know very German it's like trying to figure out how to make that you know how to make that. You know so that people can consume it and yes I can make money off of cancer but I mean you know how how people can consume the keep a dynamic has been kind of the only thing stopping me from -- something like that because -- was one of the guys that was on the tour that said you know you should you should. You should put out there and maybe make a book out of written like that nobody really cares but. As the weeks went by and people started re tweeting -- -- starter resonating with people it's like. OK okay well maybe maybe just possibly I see things that other people don't see and maybe possibly. You know they might like it. I don't know I don't know that's not a demand in our kids it's tough week remove yourself from yourself I mean in the real from as an outsider yeah that's all reality in there that there is one of the greatest lies that we tell ourselves you can't remove yourself. From yourself but people try to escape themselves every single. Day no -- and I do it with the shopping moves dove of food. Food and television India on the area. Any any any any any -- says she's so I was I'm not. Not you were taught self confidence is the man Andrew Blitzer underneath -- -- and I had. And so -- you know how I get up to you know I was. Spent the better part of three years trying to save myself from myself and and and you know Michael Moore says and one of his songs I had to lose myself to find out who that was. That has been my experience. -- just throw away who I thought I was and I and let all the people that knew me before. Things really went bad I mean early like ninth grade I went looking for the kid I was in ninth grade because you know at 48 years old. I was not happy and all the stuff you know I've got lots of time and sobriety I've got. Found great kids and grand daughter I've got all the stuff and I'm not happy I'm not happy at all with life in general and I know what that means. And so I went looking for when was the last time I was really happy. And I had to go all the way back to about ninth grade -- and then I contacted people on FaceBook who I knew -- ninth grade and ask them to tell me. Who they remember. And that was what they told me that became the basis of who's sitting at the microphone right now wow because I had to I had to. I had to start over because where I was what I had you know food. The last ten years of my life has not been that great it's been really really hard inside. Outside it's -- whatever it is but you know life is. Life happens to everybody is like I said but I mean you know. Being a person is an inside job. Everything you know it's amazing the things that I hear people tell themselves about themselves. And it's amazing what they believe about themselves and I mean this is like you know from national leaders all the way down to the bomb on the sidewalk. Then you know everybody's got four inches between their ears that they really shouldn't go. Exploring into without supervision. Everybody. Because there's secrets that everybody wants to keep -- -- -- -- know this I don't want him to see that level of rhythm. And what I learned that there's great strength and great freedom by saying you don't want I don't -- give a crap but that. This is who I am you don't like it. Not my problem you don't. Most of the heist tour here grates on his -- go ahead and hate. And right now that's you know that's part of what I'm live and one of the -- goes as a month grind like I grind numbers shine like -- -- -- -- -- like that. Andy no problem mind so go ahead hey man. Go ahead and hate. And so you know that's the kind of you know it's it's scary to put yourself out there like that and walking these steps that medical Morris. Walked and other artists have walked. I mean use them as a as an artist -- it's like that you know you spend all this time putting songs together you've recorded them another mixed another master didn't you know you're put amount of people. Morning and then I think. Now that annoying you know all of sudden it's like Armageddon inside your head because you know all of a sudden you're going to be pulverized by public opinion and stuff. They also -- we have dog to -- still to this day I'll be at the gym and I'll put a mild and stuff and didn't have and like I can't listen to some I record -- -- -- can you should -- be proud of the things that you did because I know I really stoked about the things -- -- -- this is a great tool like snapshot of what I got to be a part of I mean not -- -- that I did have there's a Sawyer you read about your stirring just. When I read somewhere and Europe to sell more naturally hate you and your instrument what 7500 people and you -- us. For somebody would say -- you have a great job like you said the outside we think everything's gravy on the inside it's not what you wanna do in and and then so that moment must have been for others -- big bad and hard CGI but I would imagine for you that moment you realized. This is a no brain no it was the hardest decision that I member of the one of the one of the Arnold really visuals have ever had to make in my life I mean I've had to make many many different decisions everybody does. But we you know when you're faced at that crossroads you know it's like you think of do you think of what you'd like to have happen and what could possibly happen. And as adults the more you the older you get the more responsibility -- get the more responsibility that you get less that you do stuff for yourself. And you do stuff for like your family. You know or your career. You know he stopped doing stuff. More than call self care in the program and then you stop these start really you know you've become honesty kind of self medicate with pedicure isn't. You know wine tastings and stuff like that but it doesn't really. Solve the problem you know and the problem is when you're not satisfied doing what you would really like to do. You're never gonna be happy. You never ever gonna be happy you'll tell yourself you're happy you'll convince yourself and everyone around you that you're happy. But your not happy. And a lot of we will tell you that you don't that's not not the way to -- almost people can't be that honest with themselves because they're afraid of what they'll find an Indian deservedly so you know some of it is. You know I've satisfied and I've known people who literally come to this crossroads. Not been able to see a positive outcome. And take themselves out they've killed themselves to drink themselves to death bloom also born brains out you know I knew a guy who. Gave up being sober because he he's going through immaculate degeneration. And so over the over the course of six years I watched. His vision disappear and with his vision has person disappeared. And then one day is his partner and came up until mean you know. I -- house dogs she's dead. He got he he he got tired of fighting and he just -- brains while and they you know at that moment when you realize that some people are gone but you're still here. You know. What I strive always said is I learned this when my father -- are actually learned this when my brother died in 89 it. Death is not about those who leave it's about those of us who -- Because all the that that comes from somebody leaving exposes a lot of insecurities in people. Especially families as well weird stuff happens you know because they can worried about doing this that you think now when I mean all that all the stuff is is. Is hyperbole for me it's like. You know making that decision was. -- let's let's let's weigh the pros and the cons okay great what's the decision what do I have to decide I decide either I do they should do because it's the responsible thing. Or I do what I've always wanted to do most of my life. The majority leading 5% in my life. Probably ninety happy you know I spent singing for people. And now I have the chance to sing for a whole bunch of people had never met before I've dreamed about being on stage I've dreamed about all the stuff. And NATO on -- alive and well I don't know or may no longer for a long before that you know I the the day after the Fillmore is when my job called me and said what we need to know you need to make a decision I'm told them you know I told them. I told them what my close friends and my kids told me. Your age when an opportunity like this ever gonna happen again woo -- yeah I Qaeda. And then it was over and you know in Orlando is -- it was scary as hell. This is you know one of the scariest things I've ever done but super exhilarating to them because it's it's a fresh open and that point do well exhilarating is not always that good. Okay sure I'm sure you get an -- felt exhilarated and then go to another -- right it's almost all of -- was probably not such a great idea yeah. Let the -- I want to do that I might want to walk out wire across a Grand Canyon and on I don't know our enemies. -- you -- guys on its knees and I spent the better part of December and January figuring out you know of the financial and middle landscape that I was now put in because you that's you know average after having spent a decade. Doing contracts at Microsoft where I can work a year but I have to take a hundred days off you know being out of work was part of the cycle that this is different because there wasn't collecting unemployment. Brand and and the song was getting bigger and and the metal more people didn't know what to do and I didn't know it's because none of -- delivered -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- can I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- nobody -- you know and what's that got all worked -- you know it's -- Anything else you know -- The need. When you start figuring out a solution. Everything seems easier but about up until you start figuring out a solution to your living in the problem. That's been my experience if you're not part of the Xavier not living in the solution you you you nobody else you are part of the problem. Yeah and so I had to have that paradigm shift in my head start looking around for somebody else. And it was like the latter part of December when I started figuring out okay. You know and all this attention is happening -- -- growing quickly. What do I do. Well you idiot you've been doing this for how long you wanted to do what for how long and now you have a chance to do this. Why don't you just do that and love it and I mean I can do then -- half Africa. So that's when I started you know I started. Okay this is what I need and they told them we can do an agreement and so almost the financial things cool it's like OK and I started hunt around for. Okay you analyzed musically what do I do you know I've been in phone bans have been rock bands have been in blues bands have been sold bands I've been in jazz groups have been and I did an opera two years ago you what do I do. I'm what did you just do what feels good -- was going through like forty or fifty songs. Most of today have been written you know she can get everybody on the bus restored downtown and so she picked up 301 downtown welcome to our truck over two blocks and -- work. Have to factor so I'm very very nice little when he minute commute you know everybody else is green they're candles in their books and I and -- -- and FaceBook and I'm on my laptop -- and beats. And some of those songs you know some of the songs or two or three years old but. It is a starting point so I started putting the other. Five song EP. Of you know three of the five songs are songs that kept me a lot. They kept me from from staying in that hole that I dug inside of my head and they helped me dig myself out. And a couple of emerges you know just things that I really like I'd really like to say. You know that one of the first song on the on the EPA can just got out of master yesterday it's called get lucky. But the course is keep putting faith in front and believe the best is yet to come you'll see. Nothing in this life comes completely free but every once in awhile you just get lucky. That's been my experience. And the and the thing is is what I've learned from Matamoros like if you if you are honest about who you are. Then you'll never have anything to be ashamed that. Whether we won't like it or not. It's not -- to -- yeah but it you have to be happy with the work you do any craftsman cabinet maker Jewelers homemaker. You know. Think if you're happy with the result you keep doing it because you like. The response. But -- that response has to because come from yourself. If you don't like doing what you're doing there's probably a real good that's probably good place to start looking at why you're not -- -- not happy satisfied. That's the hardest thing about human nature to figure out why what am I satisfied with. Usually when you're satisfied you're happy. But human nature always wants more. You know and and figuring out where that line is -- enough to be satisfied and once you figure that out like becomes. -- -- -- It's weird I don't you know you know I had to surrender I had to surrender a lot of stuff. In order to start being able to learn the things that I've learned. And the only way I learned them as I got I got I woke up instead of coming to in the morning and I went to bed at night instead of passing out. And I was able to start noticing things and people -- the greatest teachers in the world you know my dad would say. A Smart man learns from his own mistakes a wise man learns from the mistakes of others -- so you know first ten minutes of the news if I don't see myself for. Someone that I know on the -- ten minutes of a newscast how it's been a good day. Today are all goes out there you know eating you get his mind in granular about it in July but hey I mean I just got into the hole. The concept of of human now the last night with a guy and I said people I said it's like it's like a bag of sugar. You take us a two pound bag of sugar and it's all made up of all these granules no mention every some one a little granules. Is a person. Right. And our heads explode and it's -- -- -- just just barrel following -- bear with me how do you do you see yourself is that one your annual then that's your world and you're trying to manage yourself now you put like ten -- around -- -- -- -- a little bigger. Now. The hard part is when it goes out extra day and Julian becomes a teaspoon. How many granules -- in there and they all have to fit together for everybody to stay on the spoon. We announced the spoon or the Bagger whatever. Is your steer house. Your street your neighborhood. Your city your steer county UECO backs out -- it's the same thing -- going from. Wonder at one grain of sand one grain and sugar. To the next figures to think I was and it's like well -- everybody seems to I wanted to assume beaches that peach -- is made up of a crane saying. Every city is made up of a group of individuals every household is made up of a group of individuals. It's not really that hard to understand these people never think about it certainly is right so you behave. Now you know my goal is to be the best mean that I can and what I have learned. Given away because it works for me it may not work for any of you guys right. But it's kind of interesting to look at what this what it does if I'm really you know if I open the door for this one person is that gonna inspire them. To do something nice for someone else and if ten people did something nice for someone else and that inspired ten more people. You know then all of -- sudden it becomes this viral thing and you know some people call -- called pay it forward right but the the catches is that. Therefore it's a great concept. When you remember that you expect nothing in return. And that's where humans usually get caught up. Because they expect. Oh well thank you for doing that -- but if you give something away if you truly are giving something away you expect nothing. Right because you get the joy of having being able to be of service to someone else management time you injustices so. They relate to live like -- -- really taking you helped get me into this -- -- -- some like to snarling -- like gesture and like all -- -- -- with his design unwinding returns exactly I've been lucky not to have this is John -- could ever say is I can't get you into that right this in the -- what do I know you'll make I pay for it why should I -- give -- ninety couldn't believe that I didn't want anything in return for and that's. Does he you know human nature is trained as well you're out here or not you're not really doing the deal right unless it's it's reciprocal in the says some kind of a couple -- -- as I'm kinda business deal there's some kind of business deal and you know that they like it gets -- to that point where people they think that now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just smile. Cause it's the coolest thing that people have yeah you know. Even if it's a fake smile you know it's still you know you -- -- point in the -- in the right direction. You know I mean I. They could even make it even affect how they -- -- -- had a very good so fast I -- it's like you know my my oldest son used to say -- you know. I'm in the business of Macon smiles in business is good yeah. Thanks -- zoo and seeing you know video and also send live just as the energy you put forth and then does that mean. I think Bobby and are expected to be wearing that suit ever -- you probably oh yeah well I thought I -- there's a guy that's a whole other hour I can talk about expectations I imagine. Why did one of God's design may have missed some Isabel live I picked up on CD baby -- it debuted at -- ones are on FaceBook also -- -- one -- on Twitter yeah it's called -- One more time terribly one months and I wanted to -- -- and just talk about it and then see where you come when you raise one of the songs -- your writing on the bus. And -- I wrote this on the bus. Yeah it's -- yes let's check it out yeah. Until city music behind. -- -- whole song is about somebody sitting in front of you who says that they care about you but they don't tell you that your. He was then they said they told you that -- but their actions don't match their -- -- -- Let me. Then. So. Now. He's so bad. -- What's. -- -- Once. The need for this as well. Yeah I wrote I wrote music therapy is on the bus on my laptop. Recorded the locals in my in my bedroom home. -- you recorded on the bus. And here he. -- -- -- And. You -- She's the only. All. -- And then. Yeah. Okay. Let's go the whole premise of the song is somebody you're telling somebody something they don't tell you anything. And so this part of the song is you know I I need information from union on giving it to me. This is not like this. Tell me here to. Even. Tell me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No that's okay. Sky every you know I -- my wife and she says she's fine I'm just gonna make an assistant to a song right I don't know -- you can mess. Exactly right -- Believe. Then tell me again. And then try again till the end you better stay right now only one. Yeah. I do you know. I'm just so excited. Does the money here you stop right I had some you've created now -- -- honest and it couldn't have come around. And IV. Her. Yeah I hear a little Marvin gay man well you know me I'm not particular items though not as volatile would you years. I'm not allowing you 01 of the biggest one of the biggest of the points of fear is when people ask what -- your music sound like yeah. I'll let Brian Todd and it's always crazy when you hear other people moving to music sounds like unite the popped up really really. Yeah like just what happened now and I pray I'm like going what -- Hard on the game. I'm journalism that's -- and I don't hear. We are not just log -- oh yeah. I don't know that if they're all talk that's fine I didn't know how. I don't know yeah I -- and that makes me very happy that she's -- that our efforts. Those on the -- the bunch -- signs on nine your page and my own -- and -- and I really -- -- wonder. And I grabbed that one as well as sober realism some of that as well we have here. Yeah I just got out LA is that it has got a listing the -- master this yesterday and I'm looking for a guy who issued a video for this because this is the song. This is does song. Really this is thus saw that I on the song and it says you'll see you know I don't -- -- believe me my little business mind is going won't discuss nominees and reunions and this is an immigrant who's this I don't know how. I thought I thought they. Can have gotten pretty good -- it was like look there's no smoke coming out of me I'm not and I -- I play this is this is thus. On that I have high hopes for and wanted to be looked like my song -- -- that pulls people into. What I'm about yeah and -- -- of the it's gonna be a five song EP that is like a doorknob. It's a doorknob that you turn it and it opens up more things to come. But it's not the end all be all these. And what I've learned from the -- a more experienced after you know looks like while language -- world is a great record it's got really good songs on it but didn't do with him. Yeah vs EP great record yes. And you know people know -- for one song. And that's the nice thing about. The music business you only need one. You know -- shot may be the only song that family and I'll tell you may have a charge announced that and yeah I get unless I allow more mr. Warren starters that we -- in the number one songs in the -- Right now how did it feels like Tuesday OK good. Did I don't really notice all that stuff and I get the tweets from the places that tell me it's number that's on the UK charts and number this in Brazil and and stuff and it's humbling. Because of flu like the story told earlier nobody really expected this to happen I just walked in met a couple of guys saying what they told me in both. Sat down -- brainstorm some crazy out there aren't good I don't know the thing that moved the thing didn't know that. Hamas. Musicians and record executives don't get is that you can't predict what people will like and all you can do is put the best stuff out there sort of fruit stand. You know. There's a whole pile of -- but nobody in the you know the vendor the grower in the right know which one apple is gonna be the one that somebody -- So you just put the best thing out there that you can that says what he'd like it to say in the most cohesive coherent way. And that's what I that's that should be the goal the -- goal of every musician and I believe it is from the musician that I've known for years. That's all they wanted everything else comes from that if you don't. If you don't put out the best thing that you can put out. He you know your chances are decreased now the problem becomes on the inside of your head. Is this the best cannot afford the best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who knew that the the connection was gonna happen just like now you know when all of hip hop music is talking about all these bitches and all these fellows are all these cars and all this bullying and all this money in our got -- -- these bottles. Who knew that the one of the biggest songs of the year is gonna be about. You know having twenty dollars and trying to get the most can't Veronica how to restore right right you look at that you just scratch your head -- -- -- -- -- -- now and have been a part of anyone can -- that nobody saw that America nobody's makes it's a special exactly as is so grand they get is missing for almost certainly in the northwest it's it's an exciting time ending just to see somebody from our area. Because there's a lot of -- and now manages a lot in a way and not to Seattle is the only moments and oh yeah well. That's good one of the things that that Ben and I share I mean we have a profound love of this place. Yeah and this places like no other place but then again I've known that since before the grunge era started when. You know him you know and different members of different bands used to meet. The -- on and on yet first in Virginia downtown in the evening and on Thursday nights you know go to the frontier room for -- this is -- -- you know not being able to see and you know if -- go to each -- rehearsals go to each other shows there was a sense of community in this town and people sounded different. A flavor of music that was different. And anywhere across the country improved Alice in Chains and when Colombo. And can tomorrow. Allies Tom last week Tom -- the music mother love bone causes -- -- the anniversary of his pat Ryan Ryan Ryan of -- still wanted to view raised some one of the I was one of the most prolific songs ever referred for me you know that to my favorite songs that any. You still have to do is -- torrents yes. You know. I did my wife and I danced to general hurt that was our song nice as -- -- -- You guys on a Saturday tomorrow -- heads the I don't know piano is amazing you know that I you know -- that I talk is still -- -- labor of love and so on yeah that they probably never play in -- ever again but you know I remember watching emerged that. And plow you know and then to have these guys you know did -- to recollect about how what these guys have already been through. The last time Seattle was like in the light and you know in what what the town was like at that time vs now you know where. You know the hip hop community is now got polite on it then what's it gonna say to people. Because it's so not like Atlanta it's so not like Chicago so no like yeah. You know. Texas you know. Seattle's just different in a lot of ways and you know that's appealing the sun and not appealing the -- is live I don't really care about that the nice thing is just. You know if I don't think anybody can really I mean I can't even find the words and I have a pretty good command of the language. But I can't find the words. To express how proud I am. To be part of this place and -- the you know if you live here affirmed certain amount of time you know. The the litmus test is the it's been grave for 43 days in a row to. If you feel like killing somebody you should probably move yeah Patrick but if you feel like well. This is another day in its grave and so what it's wet and -- stuff that it's still lives beauty and I mean there's beauty in a manhole cover if you can if you can find it. But if you're one of those people he should probably state. Yeah and that's why stay here you know -- I stay here because. There are -- there are so many things to do here there are so many cool people here and then. I mean cool people in different areas you get different flavors I mean. Ballard people learn how -- people don't remember how I thought I'm rich people are Irish people in our League City below lake city people are definitely not Charlotte -- Nobody is if you are like yeah you know the Bargnani wanna go to there are good time no government are the Sonics do food number amount from Lakewood so -- for schools throughout. And this is nice BA got none none of Frisco for you I mean I droves come on the job heartland enthusiasts 03 days and head right by St. Joe yep yep yep I used to live in new. You don't know how -- -- got an -- university -- -- -- drive and all that you -- -- -- region where someone is terminal -- the northwest when you have the argument about what is where what's the best -- against that we do that goes anywhere from that yes yeah all across the -- you know you know you're -- your town when you're talking as some dude -- like all over again and -- we get -- do you have never had -- -- burger or -- -- so you have gotten ready and qualified stand in the he's got a let's say got someone there is most injures. And I was in the summer that. Singing machine lose weight fast saying the trail park no rush. It's upscale environment between Yahoo! and he's. Okay. When you're writing usually write your lyrics first and write the music around it. I'm Mike Ross is -- different because usually I'm you like this on the speech is written on the bus right and so I listened to that. The story. Comes from. Could come from wherever he didn't you know done. What that first vs it was about two BC I have to do something that was sitting here doing nothing -- -- recommend this one -- you know I have to people around me it's just you know. And and I am lucky that I realized that PG AM so in order for me to -- -- a good person. To -- their -- yeah that's what that means it's try to do best and religion go down I can't let children. -- keep my soul to. He's right around the -- You -- right before our eyes. -- -- Happening right now -- life happens now tomorrow then. Life is always happening right now. Here here's the really -- the -- breaking part of what. -- figure this out. And -- when it's blue and the 109. And that's. End -- OK. Hey my. And no way I had assumed land and no man didn't know where and who wins. Don't send. Flew this easy comes out and you come in here and we didn't listen every track and I'm loving the story behind all the songs not -- Every six or greater connection to the Larry I just thought I'd -- five to eight. I realize that all. All that happy ever after that they're chasing the big house and none of the stuff. It's happening right now yes we may not be having yeah. And that means that you have some work to do that's what you're looking forward. In his order that politicians have always -- and how the ride away and then where. When you know it's not you. Nine million Americans take even his razorbacks last night I was lying around like out of my -- -- -- -- -- my dog my next and I just look at some like. I can't ask for a better time right now because he's been the best year of my life just. Career wise also -- good good people around me just as the -- hobbies and I have yet my. Music -- playing hockey and things along those lines there may as well as some connection -- even notice -- but like I hear what you're saying to me assists and I had eight. For me right now assistant and an amazing year an end. So here we we you're talking about may can access certainly I mean that's is that song was written six months before the medical more thing happened. And I really see always thinking that this is some that was written just recently no all I. All the songs on the EP all the words were penned. But I mean wander was the last one that I actually penned. All the other ones you know. Get lucky numbers that's from last fall that's from a year ago fall. And there's another song called I will that that's from two years room. Tell me one more time is is two years old -- you know but these things stick with me in the resonate with me and like. Eat. I think it was Ben Franklin said sometimes you have to look back to see where you've been to understand how far you've come yeah and for me the perspective of where MI out right now what is happening in life right now. I have to reference what happened there because. As I've discovered. Then is not now and now's not then. Which when you think about it is completely and totally true. Then it's not now now's not then the only thing that's bad about now is now keeps changing. As soon as you recognize the moment becomes the -- And if you try and live your life in the present now you understand what life is really about the challenges. Which now do I get. If you go too far forward you'll miss something then if you don't pay attention where you've been you'll learn anything. Because we learn from our mistakes and I told my -- kids we don't learn how to walk. We just learn how I'm not to fall -- -- Internet right now and it's like that with everything you know you don't learn how to do something you just learn how to not make mistakes doing things. Tell us got dad in this Q news she sees you at around a bicycle in the first -- -- -- taking a walk around this trailing guesses I just wanna stay down watchers is such a -- to watch that moment that -- a maximum of my dad losing his mind because. I couldn't say on that bicycle out. Ultimately I think that guy. It's time for the head heads filled timeout from Marietta plant is still alive and I don't know and I'll just go and -- got. I enjoyed the music right here. We have a guy analyst -- -- our podcast goes -- -- you like to break out and our -- so we play that's -- good cause. And they can come back to one every one of the only it's completely stupid just I just wanna go watch Beverly Hills cop now. I saw a Twitter -- treaty with the guys who tutored him but he could only sit down document I got these great guys see given the morning tomorrow I -- -- say hello Ferrero and I say treating about -- fictional character but it's -- immediate cry yeah. And what was your answer. My fictional character's death. Oh that they would do that this morning yeah because there's like with the -- to play that well. I can't remember. I can memories and I can't remember what I don't think that was so long I was so it's more hours wherever I -- and that's there's a lot -- -- so that we -- and live in the last hour here and it's great. This is an amazing experience having you on and just being a part of this. It's just another thing in the united I'd like to. When I hear people say stuff like that they're not like you're amazing it was is amazing this is amazing that's like did you don't know amazing amazing his childbirth. -- haven't experienced and that's the amazing. Okay. You know to see somebody. Actually did took his -- watcher can graduate walked on the dial it's amazing. Two. To want somebody. Bury a loved one. Is amazing. You know to help still watch other people helpful stranger off the sidewalk. It's amazing. There's so many amazing things that happened in this world we just kind of scored on by him and they're not gonna make you know two minutes of the newscast. But I mean people people in and of themselves. In the human animal is very amazing it's just that when you get them only from each other and you put them on. You know they've become their own little grain of sand they forget that they're part of a bit much larger beach you know. And I'm. -- camera crew was sentenced conversation with last night -- -- that's -- killed this whole grain of sugar thing and as an hour -- make it a -- now make it to -- back -- now what if that to combat was a ten pound bag of sugar. All made up of little grains of salt. Or grains of of sugar you know -- yeah how would it be if all people thought about doing something for someone else -- no strings period. And we just did you know I haven't seen that world I've a got a glimpse of that world -- 23 weeks maybe a month after 9/11 that was that were up and right. And that is been so forgotten. You know because it's more about you know this is what I learned from from the tsunami engine in Japan a couple of years ago. They go back still in a month later and talk about the devastation as a but the forget. That there are survivors that have now -- of life in the trying to rebuild and all of that kind of resiliency. The thing that struck me about that is and there's been no reports of looting or any kind. And that was the part that totally -- you know that was one sentence that never got looked at again and I it's one thing that stands out. Because you have people who -- when you have a whole bunch of people who have nothing. -- they only have each other and yet. They've figured out that it doesn't make sense for me to steal apart from that cut it because number one we're the only guys out here figure out right but why -- -- wanna do that because then he wouldn't be able lead. Right then and so now if you take that concept and then like. Go walk -- third evidence. -- third avenue between Virginia and bell street yeah and look at the people that are on the side of the road right. And then you take that mentality go wow I wish these people got down. I was -- these people and then take that same -- marked on second avenue between. Between union. And cherry street and look at all the suits you know of those people that know those people downtown thought about those people uptown in the same way how what would happen. To me it's mind blowing it's really exciting you know but these are the things that I think about you know I think about you know I only get one shot at any given moment. All of us only get one shot. And so it's like I did I just concentrate on. Doing the best that I can without expecting. It's gonna be great -- it's gonna suck. If I can stay in that middle quick to stay in the middle of the boat is a good chance -- not gonna turn over Christmas right. Because -- -- overturned -- and it sucks yeah you know that that got to swim or else I drowned I mean that's. That's the alternative either I'm going to swim or I'm gonna blow my brains out. Been there seen that -- didn't like it turned around walked the other direction. Because it is bad his life can be. As bad as life can be. One has to remember that not all that was bad. Not all of it was good either and its in the middle part. When you can see both sides. For me that's the objective. Because you don't know happiness -- you've known sadness and vice Versa. It's kind of like you know be in -- room you don't know why was she flipped the switch on the that you don't know -- to you turn it off. But it's in that brief milliseconds. In the middle that you get to experience both and it's about the experiences if you're paying attention. That all these little revelations about what is actually going on around you comfort for me anyway. I only speak for myself this is the stuff but I just know it's great I rattled around in my head and you know it's like well you know what life isn't really that bad even on its worst. Worst days. I mean it. I'm gonna have a very very rough day tomorrow some personal things going on and get some really really bad news but I know the bad news is come. -- gonna be hard it's going to be very hard to be ones. When -- first -- Michael yeah you know I mean and and I have to be -- a lot tomorrow but that's okay. Because I get to I get the opportunity to do these things in that than almost starts from. My eyes are open and I'm going to. And you know. And there really really good old friends say any day that -- not pushing up daisies is a good day yeah you know. Combine that with something -- sponsor told me that you know you have the power in the privileged to start your day over any damn time you want to. So could be gone really crappy go to the bathroom go you know what we're starting over. Joining get your coffee like views do you usually do and do your came here you little routine whatever you do. Yeah and -- I don't mind you because you know as the -- is not gonna change and I'm damn thing you do and where it joins another expectations are supposed to be here way humans are the only creature on the trying to -- that little mind I gotta be this personal. You know that's that's the lie we tell ourselves really you know the past is gonna repeat itself will do do you think -- do you think your cat knows anything about the past -- -- and we can't learn everything about the future wrong -- there's clean -- can amend puppies into our lives of the best of the best examples of how to live. And -- that I've seen in a long time. But if you watch a puppy and and the toddlers the ones in the they have no concept of his future are passed down it's all about what's happening right now. And that's still that's wonder is all about it's all about we gonna do right now. You know the decisions that you make today could could not affect you for another three years. You to sit and worry for two years now what what's. Screw that you know you're you're totally missing what's going on right now. The end I. Call me call me a preacher combing a quasi -- a third call me an idiot I don't really care ha ha ha I thought I. -- -- that is all stuff that works reminded I don't guarantee you there's no money back guarantee with any of the stuff -- has not been any money exchange -- help her. Yeah this is stuff that works for me I had the I had to stand to lose myself to find out who that was Matt Moore said the best demanding really you know and I'm sure people hear what you have to say will. We'll take some of that to heart and -- in an end of this and that's great if they have to do great not. Best of luck to you yeah like I say that I had that I -- -- by that exactly one Twitter -- now. Want yeah and you know did they were really unlikely it was really easy to get our mail mama get caught up in the cycle of things I look at my -- got 5000 followers you have. Fifty and that's. Owe the Democrats are -- like a celebrity get no argument with whoever they are you with like some -- on Twitter and and I'll look at that person staged an F five dollars and -- know you're. Anyway -- energy can. Head and you know it just came to that point you know they lose this I said something. About how their opinion came across in the civil that's an arrogant thing to say about -- I went to dictionary.com. And I copied -- the dictionary. Definition of arrogance -- it in there and they said that if I've come across this way. I apologize. Because of I did that. That's on me right that was -- intention now I know that's not what I did. But I'm not gonna get into a before someone that I don't know because of what they perceive I'm just gonna put out what I know to be true this is the definition. And if you think I did that I mean to ansari and that was the end of it. John -- area home moms moms moms words leave stuff better than you found it. Pat pat pat pat pat good philosophy -- -- solid and eyes yeah words you know I was like you know I can start to tell my boys announced like dude. I think -- -- is stupid. Atlanta at a track. That's my dad used to tell me and oh yeah I'm gonna -- on right here hey you can do you raised by a platoon sergeant you know there's certain reality we'll just all of a sudden now you're amazed that people haven't figured that. Well I've got a -- -- I hear bad things -- -- you know lawyers whose mother loving and -- -- The devil's brew in an ever saw the brilliant. Sinned then then half the stuff that. He used to tell me until about a year before he passed in Sonoma some of the stuff that these until he is stupid you know it's like he'd chase after somebody you want them to be this anyone on the Biedrins -- use a little silent. He can try to get wet from this and what federal you move -- Yeah. I -- from Cuba -- like a tree cutting cut does a -- but it's still me. Hi everybody millions more words if you -- this one down FaceBook and its -- keeps going in the same circle like you guys realize. Yes this guy's out of his mime but you're the crazy ones because you're trying to convince him to be sane and he's not going to and that's not good that's usually you know it. I loved argue I love to debate I don't like to argue right and the difference between a debate and argument and debate is a discovery conversation where you find out information -- an argument you try to win. Bring why don't wanna win an argument. That's -- I'd rather find I'm I'm all about the knowledge I wanna know more. Bryant knows it's about the knowledge you don't you don't know how to be an accountant without going to the damn class and suffering through statistics and it's the knowledge that this is important. And knowledge comes from everywhere. If you're paying attention. He's missed two years America and that's not -- here's what it's all five sense is maybe America. I -- a -- the guys -- the other guy. -- mean message mean you know and his struggle in his in the program many struggling and you know he's he's having a really bad time of life right now. You know to the point where he's at what they call on the book the jumping off point -- -- can't live with boos he can't move without. There's nowhere for him to go. And I told them you know you need to start with something very very simple. And accomplish that. So that you proved yourself that you can actually do something. Because right now he just thinks that everything is the disaster and why it's going to be a disaster. And I said when I was there because I was more than once. The thing that started getting mean. Out of that hole -- who was making my -- It was something that I could do and if I did it. I accomplish something it may be the only thing that I accomplished. All Dade mall. But it's the one thing that I knew I could do. And that started everything else. I mean there there are couple weeks they're bands like I did answer the phone I didn't I didn't go outside except to get the -- I was in my apartment. I was in my apartment watching television didn't even want to make any music and -- you know because I knew everything that I was gonna create this can be toxic. So I had to stay away from I had to go I had to walk towards the fire. To figure out that the fear of being Byrd was false. I had to walk into the fears leaned into the fear -- embrace the fear and what I found out does the things that I was afraid of are the very things the motive be both motivated me to do other things. -- test it's it's really weird man but you know it. Why it's an inside job. As much as everybody in this matter car Powell's job doesn't matter what clothes you Wear. It doesn't matter what your social stature is I mean there are guys that are sitting on the sidewalk with a little cup. But they have enough self esteem. To really sit there with -- cup. Instead of just go to stab somebody right they have enough. You know and they they may not they have the basis of something but then there's the reality is such that they can't see a way out of where their -- And talk industry person's really interesting. Because they have a different perspective one that is more based on survival. Then most people are are used to hearing. They they've they've heard about it but when you're standing looking at somebody who smells gross not because they want to but they don't have a choice. You know shelters -- -- what he's doing as a full. What do you do when there are people out who are more predatory on the street you have to avoid them you don't know what they look like. Until you're encountering them what does it really like to be a street person. It's damn scary but you learn skills from them and the things that. You know that most people forget is that there's this chasm between. Opportunity. And success. And most street people are looking for the opportunity. When most people judge them by. Success. Because they're not successful. They're written off. But I mean the -- There's a lot of knowledge in the street person and has more to do was survival and people who don't think about so don't worry about because they have. You know I've got this car and I got this house and got this significant other and I got this in my bank account. I don't really worry about too much of anything so why can't I get the flight to Borneo that I wanted to -- -- You know I mean yeah he needs bid but you know you talked to a guy who's worried about you know whether he's gonna eat at least once today. And your perspective on almost a majority have changes yet that person is very happy to be themselves because they have an opportunity he wants to take. It's all perspective and. We're all you know we're all in this big blue marble together you know if you could have wrote a -- a long time here yet hey man I've ever -- long time ago when my first bands called all one people and it's. It's you know it was the day of I was sitting watching the news. The day that we marched out of Qatar for the first world war for the first desert storm -- okay. And I'm watching that and it's like. You know I don't understand. Why we're going to fight people because they believe something different than what we believe. But then again conversely I couldn't understand why the people believe that believed that they had to be violent in order -- point. Which is like you know dislike this is where my head gets big and I don't just keep me out of the room with the Arabs and the Israelis. You know because you know I'll ask questions I won't tell them what to do just ask questions and let them come up with her own answers because I mean reasonable people reasonable people. Reasonable people. Don't mind conflicting point of view this trip they want to be listened to so if you're not listening to them. You're not being reasonable but you wanna be reasonable cause you want them to listen to you. Now could you can apply that Fannie. -- -- Big -- all of the it's amazing to me that the that the major world's problems and you know the major problems in cities and count means -- countries is all. That we went through when we were on the African school you. To some different levels in my dad's bigger than your -- I thought. Wise man this has been a total -- -- here I every had it's yeah I didn't -- I knew it was going to be fun yeah I realize you have all these conversation oh man -- -- I -- that you can come back sometime -- -- DP comes -- and -- -- and we can pick your -- song -- song are you -- yeah -- doesn't come -- got a lot of -- another excuse not to do -- you. Yeah. But this. I was envious that I don't like guys like Illinois army had Ontario. -- do I do watch and MSNBC chalet well god isn't there something else I should be doing -- I'm glad I got to the door is open three it's been let them a pleasure that you be a part of our podcast enough and the -- sound great congratulations and everything -- tackle Matt -- and I said before it seems a tube but. Guys going down similar bit not so nobody else kind of parallel worlds -- a number of just music him the love for the art and again you guys met think he can be a -- time for you guys the media and create. Have been so special well you know I've learned that everything happens for a reason -- you know to sit in two years ago I was I was minding my own business and somebody said. You need to audition for the Seattle opera I'd never done -- Wow and then you know before I knew it the curtain going up on the first performance of Porgy -- best all the shows are sold out and I got through this you know lose the two and a half weeks. And -- done opera you know I was like can -- -- we go -- your car that I. You know -- -- now it's it just like our mind in my own business they answer a phone call and all of a sudden you know seven months later eight months later it's the biggest songs you know in the world yeah and it's like he. I don't really know how and have -- I really never -- all I knew it was going to sing forgot to. And I didn't say you're so great as -- -- and I'm just to do they tell his kids that they wanna take my picture I think it's great you're so beautiful you're so this is non just a guy. I'm just -- guy. Who had an opportunity. I did I you know I got a pitch I can handle us why they didn't miss -- yes but there are opportunities that happened like that for people. Every single. I got to ask you before we let two young men are okay this -- and this is if you say no I understand that it but I. We've been trying to come up with a new intro for our podcast right and then I realize you're on I was listening to race shop and on some all -- stupidly or it's -- in my head. A new version of Britain the hook. For our -- that would be the internal sense I don't know he'd be into it. I can tell you what it is. You realize you are now broaching the legal aspects of -- leadership yes. A horrible I don't wanna take that shambles rubles or poor -- I suggest that fewer people talk to his people if you want I'll do. Isn't even at that he is better to argue -- you know I have I just -- on the song it's not my car and everybody is that -- -- is that I don't Summers I -- I history and I -- out there -- -- it you know -- Bronx housing -- myself you know I -- this kind -- like I go out will we do shows I go up before and after showed a target kids and they go live live -- likes. In there with their with their phones in the shaking because they're too afraid to ask. You know yeah. Yeah yeah and I said no never killed anybody. Gap tee and ask for anything just don't be afraid the answer never answered the question you are afraid to hear the answer to not so I figured if -- -- you could say is now exactly. And I'm I'm not gonna hold it against you I don't -- -- -- -- I am a little too full of myself just to say no the right I have to it is a brand name and I. I don't yeah I mean I am the one that's very good -- Us. So -- -- became do you want guys. But you experienced and implies it's been my pleasure as well as a bigger than I use in my tonight SA tell you and come back -- we would love to have you absolutely need time. Very -- while I was -- that was insane. Dude that was bad ask Michael one silly ones and I never had to say Danks is over -- and he's got out of his in laws are going to be in town for the next four months stared. Four weeks off 40 yeah. I got hot still still that's a long time that people staying in your place I know Mo Jones is great all right we'll good and hopefully you stocked up on some of the Bruce's. Tomorrow's always shall there be dealt uneducated and -- we've never had anything else but I -- was worth it to have -- on for that long I was CS -- like a little guy and honestly we took a break to say goodbye to him and we pride and another thirty minutes of just talking about his fitness stuff -- Alice in Chains tying his birthday party back in his early twenties I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But just going there and -- EST zero and check it out Todd great experience over there as always thanks aging he was an awesome CC should have also thanks to Kimberly -- -- -- -- -- waitress and we went to have -- -- -- like I said five locations fresh friendly that's how they roll trappers. CC five locations find out more at trappers sushi dot net. Hi rabbit -- so this is definitely very cool different STV -- I have a lot of fun. This and thanks for coming in I hope you had a good time I had a great time that was the main thing. Hi everybody. For mono mix of revenue way out -- top -- Steve the producer. He stayed positive everybody.