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May 14, 2013|

Zacky Vengence calls in to talk about Pain in the Grass.

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This is BJ specialist into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things -- you should check out my other podcasts. BJ -- geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ -- nation dot com. 99.9. SW the rock of Seattle's media embrace senator next guest one of them one of the many great -- is going to be a pain in the grass. Please welcome British government and seven told exactly vengeance. But -- and what -- Aggies are sagging Hormats thanks for coming on the show. Margaret so exactly how we were so stoked because of that we we have a hell of a show on the sixth and seventh of a September. At a at a great locale which I which we're told by some fans you guys have played at the gorge I don't know if you remember -- beautiful place on the middle nowhere but it's like a Grand Canyon like setting. Our men have -- to -- -- yet we've played dead couple times. Quite a while ago backed government on the band -- tour early days yeah. I was -- believable that -- get alleged to have those incredible then you. As such a weird thing that the war -- -- that the gorge because as I did you get the congrats you're in the end like this gorgeous settings in such a funny like you know combination. Are absolutely I think here I think you'll probably just go to check out this setting it's better -- I don't want to get beat. We've heard it compared to like red rocks out in Colorado before are there other places in the country that are even close to save those two venues. Not -- and I know why it is good that the president and I couldn't you know -- up this morning I woke up and I jumped on my computer and -- pictures that show my girlfriend is never. Actually she knew there cheated out -- like yeah I get a look at this when I league got a -- So the million dollar question -- has to be which one do you think is it is a more awesome place apply a red rocks of the gorge. A gorge and did. And then. I was born and Olympia Washington to come -- by its they go there no wonder he's so young gun good as if you're from Olympian ever looked every Russert couldn't tell if that was true or not so you are a local boy. Yeah absolutely. Now how do you do you get to give back to Olympia that much. You know I'm not too often not there. It just captured here on tour and I'm not trying to make Nicholas stopped I also lived up from -- all of -- We're never see your -- south -- represent. I have to I had an article tonight at the two million dollar question you go back to -- you have old school -- hey -- I'll let you know I try and work on my not boyish figure -- scared but I. It was actually we knew that we we knew there was a reason for all that great culture in event seventh hole we knew there was that it had to be the Washington labor. I'll absolutely. You know that's exactly what I love about -- -- -- -- out an older guy and I I love -- I love -- back and generation next days. And you don't -- to include his young dude who's got who's got such a love for pond that even able to have that big influence on events symbol I love it goes. You know I love I love scene that rodino rolled into what you guys have done because it's a lost art -- -- if you ask me. -- -- it's -- is actually just being being a product of a by surrounding DR I have to admit I I moved up and 10-Q all right around the time win. You know LB vaccine -- one of the strongest on the planet and bringing Dan. Thank you -- out and change then and it's still not there at the same time. You know he would go. -- Seattle you've seen people walk out Mohawk deliveries by some black flag church -- and -- had this great heavy. Rock scene discredit senior and -- -- he had punk -- it is super divert. And then right about the time it started I'd like moved back down to Southern California and Orange County which you know. The spread bands like. Yeah. Better religion social distortion -- I was just completely. Surrounded -- it -- all this you know punk rock culture and stuff. And you know that I can become president and but -- being from from Hollywood -- -- -- analysts -- -- that you're familiar with them and we -- like. All are implemented as far as heavy metal don't sort of black status Metallica and and we just started mixing together we didn't we didn't know any better like I didn't realize that there are that. A difference between that unguarded seen the metal scene and they realize they're divided I guess I should -- -- -- vowed -- -- -- music -- But you're -- Let's say -- it's funny did you bring up the OC which I'm pretty familiar with that area and and it it it is an area where boy it makes you wanna be rebellious because I got people I got some friends that you know that that brief the stigma that big shopping here they call which is called fashion island in every calls a -- island America. It's you know it's it is it is it is pretty cool you're in the middle of all that. A lot of classic nature NL I'd probably a lot of folks lie mean. And -- like I guys if you did you have that he's like I -- I gotta fight against this because it is so not a real area of the world are -- real humanity. Yeah you know it is definitely a weird place because you go on TV BC television shows like the real outside Orange County EP. GOP showed them. And now it's. It's so it's so crazy to me because you know having grown up all over the country -- on. And the world that that matters you have a whole lot like that there's a lot of that but these do you kind of real here. So grow up being trauma -- never got much we we are part of PS. You know elite Newport Beach. You know yeah I had the ID so we we can you didn't had to you know modest modest living and and what it grip and trying to engage all of my friend or that they voted means. No -- worked really hard to hurt the small -- we grew up in the south and boom there they need it for granted we were definitely rebellious kids. And we found comfort in each other and it was found. You know there there at all archived biker out there and -- -- connecting playing music to your loved it. And there's stand up there that appreciate what we're doing and you know it's early early opera because. You know there's a lot of other can't so that they went and we did but before us that got in the garage and played a bunch of loud music in and its amazing -- -- They were talking exactly vengeance is gonna have been seven followed that pain in the grass September 6 and seven have been -- tickets go on sale Friday. 10 AM do live nation dot com and Jacqui I like your Twitter and I. I saw your review of the prince concert acts had a couple buddies who saw prince here when he played any claim a small venue here and -- the same where you where you Simon. And how likely release I went see prince -- -- -- like this set. Left early fell slightly cheated yet I respect him more hash tag do what you love. NBA guys and a banner and I've played in advance in the past and you hit term point three get sick of playing certain songs they like well is there an obligation to play these -- for our. Our audience because you know they're paying good money to see it and then clearly when you go see French Open they -- play the songs -- you know and love. Do you guys feel that an event simple that there's certain songs that you know man I wish we take this up the set list for you know. You're events -- fans are gonna be pissed if you do. But you know I am absolutely. And yeah there's times where we've played you know two to 300 concerts. In the course and a touring cycle into -- at an album. You know you -- That goes. You've exhausted this under the tired. But he couldn't seem that it did I was trying to remember is that. And we're always going to new city and sometimes there's a lot of people a crowd might be their first I think that they really do look up the font. So it is -- -- special to them and it's not the first time implant. But I don't want -- people feel like they're digit. The song that they -- here and you know we know obviously can't let us say respond and they never you never know what what onto blogger Eric. But we always -- trying to mix it up to that mattered. You know I I don't think where we're at a point in our career where we could just. You know throw curve ball and go play all beside him. They're cut unnecessary what I think I would want to do you let I'd -- -- a lot of playing the final Q1 -- Tonight we're just gonna play radio has king day in its entirety you guys -- -- -- that that's what everybody know nightmare tonight magazines coming -- -- nightmare off the list. To -- you all we hear snippets on the on the web site you guys and as is the I'm gonna be out before opinion the grass. You know BR. In the studio. Every day from. For more intimate we are. You know almost done that you try to first person people emerge in the whole world let's say -- that is weird. Are finishing up a couple of more weeks. Before we head into get this start mixing them. The album basically. Shadows of the temple of bomb -- -- saying not that actually and and gates says that a few -- played down. And instant -- amazing you know which it's been really really exciting. -- by the time we we governor. You're. Gorgeous gorgeous little. Deep yet I wish I had to -- that would have new material bird are all the air and haven't in your possession. That's awesome Jackie that that's great great news I know that people have not been -- very impatiently waiting for you guys have also I think you said it before you guys do it right you put the time in. I think that's really important and any work of art -- you don't rush it out like a year after the last one it's just crazy my arms as a right verse chorus verse and bridge chorus to take on different -- I think again it definitely takes time to put together great sons are you guys put out there. Well I appreciate that it definitely -- it's it's a tedious process. You know we do you have fun doing it an article. You know this to make the best the best suited for the very simple to make and you know I I can't just say that I'm I'm so thrilled to be. And it is simple because of all the music and you're out there -- across all platforms. I just truly believe what we're doing until. You know lucky and privileged to be a part of it. Then and where we're happy you guys would be a part of our pain in the grass big concert the gore exactly thank you so much for taking Thomas is when I appreciate it. I'm sure -- appeared I think it is exactly this is BJ specialists into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things -- you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out -- DJG. Nation dot com.