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Robert and Dean DeLeo 07-15-13

Jul 15, 2013|

Robert and Dean DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots

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This is BJ specialist into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ -- nation dot com. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle he's jamming set up our next guest Simon thanks our next -- they realize that you've. Others in the band can really rock because before them grown up I thought. Nelson for the most -- Brothers please welcome to the zero dean and Robert -- -- -- finally. -- -- And perhaps you think it locks are much nicer as well yes definitely a hundred Baghdad right now. The first and last time -- Robert will be compared with Nelson who has and I hope that's the last time -- But it seems there'll it's good it's good to have you guys on the show and it's also great to have you on the show tonight but the fact -- ST he's going to be coming out with a DP do on the tour that's great news. You were there we are -- when and where -- may well we heard okay these guys just went up on stage protester banning him from Lincoln Park. And -- on an arm ourselves that have been SS TP stand for the longest time is exciting you guys got some new stuff and love Lincoln Park Islamic. I'm David sounds great but who knows how it's gonna sound as real nervous about it them once we played as a whole east you know. As a partner this is some awesome stuff I can't wait to -- some more stuff from you guys know yeah hole and -- also -- of course not. Yeah we're we're really excited Chester is. A great singer as grows great person is energy is really. Really really great energy the guy has and we're just we're we're excited we're excited about. You know moving on making some new music. You know an annual -- is an easy younger guys so you're you bring an -- in there any generation gap stuff at all that's showing up because sometimes those -- those young punks can be irritating or not. Apparently handled himself beautifully you know I think we're. Where are they feeding off one another you know. You know we we each bring different things to the table because the proper possibly the generations between us but -- Yeah man it's. It's all. Over court and -- and I don't mean this to sound the wrong way because I'm not trying to spark any drama but he does speak well and every time he said anything he's Ripley he's really sounded like a great idea for -- you know for lead singer that's a wonderful thing when he can be a great you know if you will figure for the -- at. It's sick it's quite honestly it's a blessing in -- he he really has good fortune surrounding him and you know you kind of want to be a part of and -- that's that's that's addictive in itself let you practice in it's it's it's very attractive and and he's a great person to be around as well great singer he's gonna is gonna kill this stuff. But he better not those they have a friend Mike who -- he wants to come on a couple of songs I can't have any of that kind of stuff -- -- -- is Mike is strait yeah yeah it's amazing our guys are wonderful wonderful yeah really good people. Is it true that that did the initial thought that give you guys the idea of you know -- might be a good got a collaborate with was because he's wearing a Stone Temple Pilots T shirt. -- in it but that was some might spoke about you know as we are on the European tour back home record -- I think maybe in 1994. And it was pretty grueling you know I was pretty grueling it was it was for -- here in Europe and you know that the conditions are weren't as luxurious as we have -- our very spoiled now and -- And you know. We we -- we got to see the -- twice in about forty days because we flew above the cloud line it was just a range so sore and it was a it was -- near the end of the -- in my hotel -- turn on the TV you know really missing my family was missing home. This in the US. You know our defense is just massive massive festival in Lincoln Park is just chilling and Chester rock and remember for sure I was like. It's really really. It just it just warmed my heart you know. That's cool. Now that you still have the sir do you make of where when he has. Yeah. I think that it is actually he he weapon at different is -- over teachers it was her you know. And many other reasons it's on my where my Lincoln Park pennies. If you're in a report shirt yeah. I -- -- -- the million dollar question than you guys have tried some other things you know outside of the world domestic viewers could basically members of ST if you would have different singer from. -- army of anyone and and also a talk show what did you guys decide with this project to stay you know hey we're gonna stick with -- don't have a pilot's name. And this is gonna be in a you know I'd and change to it would tester as -- singer. We've -- it everywhere I absolutely. So you know we we have him anyway yeah and aggravated. You know we we would have done that we felt like we didn't. Have a a viable. You know. If they if we get -- you know we can have a a a really good contributions. Moving forward we wouldn't do it but we know we do. And that that was one -- Chester really really was adamant about you know -- he was like if you know -- And that's we we do the catalog. Tremendous justice and we do a tremendous justice moving forward hoping we should do this so -- we got together and played it's quite evident well. They should do this. And the new songs shows that you guys should be together as a band as Stone Temple Pilots put music out because this song is what's so great. About a band that's been around for awhile -- -- all of our twenties and early teens in a band comes out and there are -- two. And we're all hanging in there and you guys are saying it was speak into west. You know eventually you got you know twenty years is gonna go by and you wanna know Hakan had been and still speak to me can it still speak maybe other people. And a great band always can and out of time man. This song I mean I tell everybody this song has got like Buddhist undertones or overtones of you wanna talk about it some great song about how to survive life no matter what to do what throws -- -- Yeah you know I think for a lot of us you know music really is kind of you know. Brings you back playing music kind of brings you back to when you were listening to when you were you know. Ten years old or twelve years old and that's really. You know that the feeling we're getting again is that feeling of you know listening to music for the first time in -- more playing it down it has that same effect and I think it has that same effect for all of us doesn't it. Of man outside a and what's the song about what's this about and a great piece of art is like man it's about you that's what's always was about the person interacting with -- and an out of time is totally about meat. And Steve I would you be totally about you that's it it's a song when you think you -- about and then a couple times listen to a -- look at the merry go in these guys sobs about me. I thought that was really well that -- that was really well said you know that's that's. It is exactly that it's what you wanna take from it. Well that's that that's what I love about a guy a band like you because you guys are at that point. We've thrown that good stuff at us and I mean the -- suffering is critical in finding what you need. Is to me like this secret to life you figure that out and you might have been a pretty good time as you don't know. Or I -- yeah we're we're we're actually. Right now in the midst of recording. The rest of the songs to put any -- out so we're we're we're actually. Doing that this weekend started last week and we've got four more songs. As well as at a time it will have as an EP. Out and probably September. Now where -- which tester what has been the biggest difference that you've noticed as far as when it comes to recording process. Well the first thing you did I gotta I gotta I gotta -- out the first thing you did is when he came out of my house so I have a studio my house and the first thing he did is because my toilet. -- -- -- Yes but he didn't realize because my upstairs. -- tell you or did you have to kind of find out yeah you know see if he had he had the big picture receive it the lavatory courtesy bird or the other two that to the plunger. -- I would have been mortified I -- just resigned at that point I was I'm not a guy is such an idiot sorry guys -- got on guys that's horrible thing to do you grow so does the first thing you do is just destroy you. The bathroom. Well do -- at all. -- -- we all do but I mean to that level I guess at some point you'll -- you can deliver on stage that we delivered in my toilet. -- And that's that that that's a great you know I love those stories were somewhat just. Just right in the punch bowl when they first meet somebody you know being human you know that's. I can only for today we get to talk to him that's questionable ones we're gonna play that -- right. Don't know how many times that's happened is like do you think he's a serial bathroom destroyer talented and -- -- viewers that is I -- find out you know like guys can you find that out for us -- I don't think you're the first ones. -- Forward I saw you guys recently Jim -- would Duff and slash from Guns 'N Roses Imus and agree experience adamant about we cover and an I would imagine. I don't know how much yet again to -- I'd imagine you guys maybe you share the same singer at one point. There's probably some stories assured backstage. Well first of all impress you call that a fully cover. Well we won't pay a lot of people think it was -- before you know -- -- the. Yeah it's true yeah. Yeah I do want the sympathy I thank you have I hey Steve you kinda know stuff you know never knowing that. Well that was real real for a minute we we had that they rehearsal prior to that and you know those guys are great guys I love those guys and for all of us to be in a room and -- -- it I try to win in is that. Rehearsal knowing what it was gonna sound like and when it would not try to come to fruition it's kind of like meets the expectations. And Manchester performance on that is. Really really really really incredible man like where we when we went for Roberts last week to kinda. -- together the -- next recording session I woke up that morning prior to driving down I just went and looked at the version of it. I listen to the version of it and was really really inspired it was a good way to kick off my recording session just listening to Chester saying that and it just. There. Really sort of broad authority -- -- -- yeah. Wanna point out the cause it was for you know it was firm for map and and and for. Is scary music cares -- about that they cannot afford to 62 Q rehab but I also wanna point out that you know. We've been together with Chester for a couple months now. And we've done more philanthropy in the past few months we just went and it's something in Utah for. For Ron Amadon for for a thing called -- place. For a new musical wing of the so children's hospital and a in that's part of chapters doing and you know that that goes along way that we've been able to do things like that for other people because I think we haven't been able to do and that's that she used. Yeah I love the whole rehab thing because of me and you you guys know man and you you billion people who are music especially any artists know how you know addiction and rehab. It's just part of the process and is part of being a struggling artist for some people. And it's funny you bring it up because of course you've got stuff you've got slashed. Duff has been very open about it in his book he's been our show a lot of easy you know he's he's a good friend of the show he's talked about you know him coming out the other other side. I feel like out of time surely has that applied to wood is well a little bit about hey can you come up the other side. I the I think it's a great thing to get people to help they need because I think a lot of us don't realize that sometimes people can't afford to go to rehab even if they want to. Yeah yes true Gerald Duffy knows I mean those guys know and just a sweetheart. Is -- great human being. And yeah if there was it was offered great cause. And we'll talk with -- -- of Robert from a Stone Temple Pilots and I got SS a look at the tour dates you play a bunch of shares of September and Seattle is not on that what's going on you guys. I mean this you know -- and that's that's -- that's coming especially coming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By an extra club and it's always the stone temple plunge or you could not be product in the -- stable. -- -- stone temple plunges Steve hello this is happening. This this has to have -- -- quits the band. You guys who yours. We're so happy that you're able to move on and a positive fashion and also give a lot of us what we want and that is. You know what that the the STP journey continuing what I mean that is that is a fantastic thing I know what hasn't been easy. I also noticed you've got a lot of questions people ask you drama style we didn't want going on -- as we look dramas drama everybody deals -- life I'm happy you guys are doing this and that's great stuff. Yeah yeah and so and we hope to see come Madonna would be fantastic -- if you were seriously very you know again dean and Robert from Stone Temple Pilots and it's like you said Steve you and I are both are among the song's success so bad ass and I love that so it is a bad ass on wanna thank both those guys to joining us.