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STP-Cast 07-16-13 -- We interview the Avenged Sevenfold bass player Johnny Christ.

Jul 16, 2013|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and Rev talk about the movie "MOVIE 43". We play the new Avenged Seven Fold song "Hail to the King".... TWICE! The Rev gets kicked out for farting. We interview the Avenged Sevenfold bass player Johnny Christ. We play the voicemails, read the e-mails and ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey -- senior British are my fear facing -- CC is trapped receiver Jeremy. The first time donors of the few years back finally location my wife and I would -- I would tell my friends and always -- about Iverson got to try to Suu Kyi secular we got there I love the -- in that place established. Was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count all of the -- of the -- if you obligation to. Right by my house and I ordered a marvelous role. The ten -- -- as well tragic friendly and that's how they rolled Travers CC five locations find out more at -- sushi dot net that's. -- sushi dot net AS TP. Wanna -- podcast thing. But it. Was wasn't what it to work slow work it's worth it. I haven from the Titanic movie studios. Yes TDK. I'm gonna go hard cash and no -- okay to. I know we're gonna do is the STV just. We'll do next. Thank -- for. It's kind of -- ES TV cast seems pretty severely my good friend Tom -- The troubled soul there in the revenue. Why don't Ohio and everybody's Ray Romano neck client goes on nine ends and yes minister what's wrong with it and my headphones are the suck. They're going and now I can hear myself doing Jay-Z any more -- more my head phones yeah. Nobody says someone that many does that I quote. He does that a lot done balloon idea that -- don't hurt his record and India -- we get down to you get a record unless you're certain phone. -- -- that's his new thing that the -- asked to Samsung's senior something that is hard come out easily and they know and our recaps of your audience there well all of your audience yet it's it. I kinda how I am torn on -- I -- not I kind of think it sucks because this thing is is it that the music is now -- son just days ago become. I mean I know that you know were all selling stuff for autonomy money but it's like kind of wish they -- uses music to the way to -- African phone it's cheesy house -- don't pay for beyoncé in his baby all he's he's gonna do represents more citizens and I'll learn why. As usual paranoia. He's he's lost his mind to our crazy he's got to look at our problem is once and a bunch of people as long run to announce an -- I guess now some unknown Islamic sharp response by Jay-Z. And a hospital not really about the attack happened. -- is good that the SEC gets back in full swing and we have an exciting series today in about forty minutes. Marked down on your calendar and about forty minutes we'll be talking -- Johnny Christ who's Johnny traced. Jesus' brother yes. Johnny you know I -- knows Brothers known Al Craig Chris is -- and I asked as Johnny's son to John he is now only Jesus grow there. But she's also the basis than -- seven model is confusing the poor people listening and it's crazy I know I mean it's just not since. But who would have thought that uses brother would Iran to be the basis of -- seven votes and -- -- -- the opportunity to be either basis by the time news and high school. Curiosity that's I think he's working quickening Christ. Isn't it yeah no doubt about it until is 35 MM HMI from feet are firmly and right by -- yelled go on the hill. Job so every talk and Johnny price obviously. The main reason this -- up in the grass and you be playing on the Friday night of the two nights in big -- we copy in the grass -- the gore September 6 and seventh. It's going to be an awesome time -- changed a -- seven fold. -- Jane's Addiction bald B a lot of great Dan walking papers some very sad about seeing those guys once again. So we talk -- may have classic at the brand new event simple songs. Our three guys to check out which is pretty sweet. It's argued and well played in a few minutes on a play pretty soon to see everybody pumped for the interview. And -- but I've always felt like demand symbol has had like a Metallica kind of vibe to them just in the way they structured their songs especially night. The earlier stuff from like Derek and that's a -- symbol like back country and things like that Antalya listen to injustice for all -- And on this song if you think you're listening to some of the later stuff that Metallica's done. -- there's a certain sound his voice just the way things are written and it's all positive alassane sounds like -- from some kind of monster. Shockingly I think is. Did you celebrate their ten year anniversary of saint anger how crazy is that you could just enough for ten years there was an article -- read and is very interesting article about how the album is better and what we really thought. Actually went back and listen to it you know and congratulations I don't know I didn't hated as much as they did when I first heard it I think that the initial shock is finally gone over. Which is taken ten years but it's finally comes at a point where I'm not so shocked by the overall sound of that record. You got to get past some of the songs -- the bad snare drum I mean that's just that's hanging tying the tying tying it's infuriating at times I really think. I would hope that they'd be dead he said Alan Larson said Lars really that was a bad idea you have to admit it may -- it sound like a good RCA -- the time. But that was a bad idea at the end of the day because it hurts the songs and I think if that wasn't like that if the production was they were trying to be so. -- -- the ban I think there's more Mars China's -- so weird in the overall production quality of the drums and some other parts as well could have been decent records. He seems to be the guy who. Like I don't really wanna call him like the creative backbone for Metallica but I think he's the one that push is does new idea yes I would agree to that and then just like teams have -- -- -- whatever don't deliver our producer that tells benefits -- that there -- not gonna let the trial was a producer at the time Bob -- he's very talented obviously did the black album -- all the albums after that up until the last one. He became good buddies and -- I'll sure so you know I don't know what kind how good of buddies. But I don't know that asset at Atlanta via and I almost feel like Lars is buying -- he's embroiled. Are -- by one large salary -- you don't knock got to put something else costs. I don't talk about a couple of things it seems like while we were off my wife and I just -- as big movie kick we were. I don't you wanna look at my cable bill this upcoming month. Because we rented so many movies on demand there wasn't even funny -- here's a minute we would you pick I don't know I don't watch not guns doesn't really get -- -- -- -- we have HBO we have showtime we can go through those channels but now. So that you don't feel like search and do every movie that they have. When you know there's this just didn't -- -- section is exactly only cossacks are thrown and they're going out. True EL for the price of four films I still one -- -- for -- go to one movie outside of my house truth so. We rented some movies and a couple of them were pretty good snitch with the with the rock and it okay. It kept my pulse was in that I don't remember I'm and somehow I'm trying to remember like it. It's an awesome did you wrong move and then it was OK I weigh in its. Our way for a dream you know on showtime or Cinemax RT NT it's not I downloaded and I expect a -- more actually you have -- rocket a movie. This is like from the kick the living crap out of people right and this is still kind of a suspense -- action films in the nanny -- -- weren't horror stories and Mary and there is okay Alan I don't know about the baby -- and -- -- babysitter in America is Jesse James. I should easily confuse the Arizona or use the football player and gridiron showed up the gridiron gang that was I didn't. It was -- there are lots of hockey player. Here's a hockey player that you and there's an area ANW the second one coming out constantly do you think he's just gonna team up with Tim Allen whom the Santa -- in the Houston area and and a couple other lows of might as well I'd watch it here and you -- he does what snitch you know anything about exit Ferraro I know what the movie but I don't know who is an added -- -- a no name actors I believe. But there's about his I think it was rather how I think it was his brother and as far as side and -- resigned somebody got arrested. And for a -- I was assigned. See that I saw it coming guys. Somebody else has done some drugs used him in with his buddies I just it's zero -- in this movie all goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son -- was imprisoned after being sentenced -- my review I was about to -- the -- Susan Sarandon. And just say that I just said that yes staffers oh yeah I know announcers -- you well I'm very carper Susan Sarandon in this hot -- remember president. This painful right I kind of -- risk was far. Hello I'm all you you get kicked out -- -- -- -- doesn't mean I'm fascinated shall have to I just want you to shut up what this is stranding -- romance or I might allow a lot -- that yeah -- -- John Arne Carlson and I are already there ready for -- -- This is my fault I particularly enjoy actually you know I didn't want to do is I guess I feel like I have been fully bring him for the -- gasoline this week it's gonna exchange commission and jinx myself yeah things have gotten on the -- quickly -- A moving guys off. There's actually pretty entertaining knows that's the Tina -- movie with top all right. Moment mission not always yeah I heard about it -- it is pretty good. It's really good -- -- are dar re so nearly Mauricio pretty good movie. I'll watch that with. The Liz Lemon frozen yogurt from Ben and Jerry's. Still listens to hell you even talk to him about the little laminated on his money Giuliani's character on thirty -- I'll they didn't need not have been easy to just before we -- -- you please everybody wants the very I don't know Susan Sarandon is not in admissions. Thanks and draft no problem thank god the other movie we saw -- I haven't done this a long time you guys know I like bad movies you know he had Hamas and democratic movie. I haven't stopped the film because it socked. And I only remember how long I will sit through a film okay I'll I'll give it to college you sit under surgeons NATO. So our moms are they got started it was pretty entertaining -- I -- it was awful both for all the great reason yeah this right now -- I now let's -- wish there was like another half -- to -- -- now I always kind of I thought -- please -- your car out of entertained by it. Yeah I could have gone another half hour more -- -- -- in our spirits are more chain saws because those -- those same way to -- -- -- once I get another really awesome yeah. You've done when the circle and then on top of the car that was pretty great huh huh now we -- -- -- and entertaining they that was awesome and when the sharks users should did you playland in pools. I was cool news comes on Clinton may or a lawyer or a fool on this fire out what's really only charged that we're going to die in the chlorine filled water anyway the desktop he was at one point. Somehow. This tornado you know force shark and you know -- It flooded their towels right. We have the tools and all over in his own voice and waters is the worst sort of every. Sun also may run out of the house because the other is water everywhere and sharks inside of our power play right waist deep water they had turned upstairs -- an -- explodes because right filled out all the sudden they run outside a house. There's no flooding outside of the house so somehow the house got flooded and held all the water inside image semi nothing else got a letter asks why doesn't play where they saw that from Jumanji columns and -- -- -- all chromosome remake of Dumont yeah death figures to have -- but the movie that I actually had to stop because it was so bad things -- We couldn't really -- other big actors in this there are so many big actors in the solo O'Meara like I mean honestly. At least. State a US Capitol Hill seals. As it nears he is now balanced his name that when I -- 43 -- Only. Are there are a lot of stars that there's an early scene on it's a crappy sketch comedy lake is settlers and that's like epic movie. They say although Kerrigan a spoof. Real movies but this -- was different because they had like Hugh Jackman. -- very idea Steve simpler stiff flirt right I mean here click here and act and ridiculous amount of people were in this film and I'm thinking what this has got to be decent a steal these. No no I lasted thirty minutes grab my wife and I rented it we got are popcorn while watching it and -- -- and at. I'm good I'm a big fan -- good old poop jokes sure I can take you -- joke left to right and enjoy a mall like you know I mean. These poop joke out of first presented to these poop jokes were so. Over the top of disgusting and bad. -- -- it was like I can't do it and it's however -- I'm sorry I'm checking out either on the fortress of the falsely. I'm gonna play him my phone aren't stopping this movie so you actually called it before she called it yeah I think they're too many poop jokes for you. So he's not sure why -- well I realize that she was just trying to be trooper OK I -- -- -- staring at this agreement not let many of it sink campaign you know I learn those kind of notice Daryn all. You know there's stuff going on right in front yet you just. Checked out yes are you assuming your he had to go be a good idea. It was so bad and so I read something about it I'm sure Mickey to find online is -- -- -- -- about it. Many years ago. They were able to rope in my Q Jack command and mourn the female actresses in this movie rights think the one of the big main cause of banks or something yes I like that. Dave drove them into basically be in this film. This before they became mood stars -- -- and they film their scenes. More than directors use that leverage to -- other actors to agree to be in the film without even reading the script. -- -- He's Arizona Florida persons and it NL I dollars in it yeah. Hello all so simple as a -- and I'm -- and basically goes to the data because they're desperate -- -- -- -- because they're like sheep and they just followed with those two -- -- and then when he realized what they were part of and this is interesting for now this is all true or -- -- of an Internet but I hope it's true because otherwise I give up on all actors. Dave -- like I want now. This is awful this is the worst movie ever I don't wanna be an assault and the directors and producers are alike. Sorry you sign your contract you said you'd do it and they were forced to be in this and they just. Mishmash -- this whole film together. And it's a bunch so like. Isolated sketch is foods like I wanna get into the whole -- and it's just bad I wondered how they were gonna -- so many stars and move gaps yeah. Like it's like let's say something. It's different -- containing different people but it's just there's so many different. Actors and directors and each segment stricken by different person on clearly -- just agreed -- -- we write her off its all directors. 12 from. For the lead that played over ten directors and -- like sixteen direct. -- the whole thing with this news is crazy is that yeah you watch and I think the whole premise they try to piece it together by making like somebody's holding -- he was Greg -- hostage in the Asia the Hollywood producer in the film yankees' pitching these movie ideas yeah and they're also -- up. Which could be entertaining. And then a crowd re create that. The CNET he's describing to the movie producer guy which is all these old short segment since bits. As a -- it's all. Although that's -- there yet so regardless this movie is a giant pile and I highly recommends that -- times I'll prove just that aren't funny nose present I've talked to some my friends like did you stick around for this one -- right and then I'm like no. And -- that was pretty funny -- like I'm not going back. I just like to play I'm washing my hands of this crap that is called the film that's known as well and so bread and have a good movie name. 4032 was gay at Kentucky fried movie for the modern age and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming from where you toward peace and Bobby movie fan guide this is coming from a guy who's a big fan of crap films. I love watching this stupid comedy and I hated this on suns don't even -- A young graduates -- there. You -- director's nineteen writers. Sixteen different story lions yet there and it was just the reason why it took so long to make -- -- Well no because they would just they it was a movie that they could just do whenever will be more for so whenever it wants free hey let's do it let's do it let's do it yeah Kenya I was just absolutely Hugh Jackman was the first actually they -- cast and it was just. He's in this do you this hey would you wanna do this in the kind of bamboozled people -- play daddy. Don't even bother don't waste your time maybe when it's -- like you wanted to cable channels that you get when your cable package plan. Do you want to just see for yourself how bad it is go ahead but I'm telling you right now if you just feel like behavior -- wanna watch -- -- just grabbed seven dollar value while. And set on fire -- that is far more entertaining no access some Alina that's the same guy who did dumb and dumber than some -- didn't take. There's so many things that make you think this is going to be awesome and he's like jab basically I've dinosaur you're talking about -- like death these guys want it out and now I know me. Your year end. We don't hear you know you sign it won't wait for you dad -- never work for him again in the -- his movies. I wouldn't ask that pop up and here's who had left there it was going to be one. One sketched and Anton Yeltsin I think is the guy who played check off. Yeah -- -- -- check -- he was supposed to beat a neck her steely yet who worked at a Morgan had sects of the dead female bodies -- showed up apparently had tested bad so they cut that one -- -- -- -- that's that's bad bets on win for him I said I'm not yeah that's that's nomads. -- -- -- An idea though a -- do you wanna test that out on the just hilarious he's gonna rank dead people this is over the top raunchy disaster am real -- -- you -- you with the unanimous Jim did you see this as an insular -- no. No I didn't see any is so they made it to trailer so started at thirty minutes and for -- yeah and -- and -- -- -- it was still -- I talked about current and don't know what he's doing because he's -- -- -- -- numerous. -- W let me know it's obvious you feel like wasting your money. Have -- cut pot and we're about twenty minutes away from Johnny price calling in from them and simple so I wanted to play the new -- simple songs. Off I -- -- at a -- coming up until I guess it just released it yesterday get him ready ready. For the new C which is also the name of the song hail to the king it's in stores August 27 like I mentioned. I'm feeling a Metallica vibe to it -- and remembering that up to Johnny because. It never goes right whatever you feel like you're excited about making a relate to a ban people give me always lies I meant to stand. And I though there were awesome and I compared them to use contract snow today and they're fan base to not like that local -- to. -- -- compare urgent to get freaked him. The -- 43 equivalent music like I guess I compare you to a great -- thank god and it's very interesting that's not likely awesome. And I thought you had a similar revived allowing me get where Steve's comments from like you know what I won't ever talk about your band again and if you don't like that I compared you to a great band and socket yeah. Stay positive sorry. Getting better at that Hamas so our offense simple -- and McCain coming out next month August 27 I had no confrontation story does feel we're on vacation I was delusional last week -- -- just Jalen. Great vacation my street. Yeah -- last week wasn't it. I'm so confused no lose lose two weeks ago to Lauren vacation last week we are reported last week when we are last week we had because assured -- and so I'm. I'm trying to remember what happened yeah I do not remember at all in -- -- cortisone because I came back in the told us that you -- or she's supposed to have a meeting this week there are some things yes I have a largely because Osama once and David I got rearranged and -- and postponed so on -- to go anywhere today moms are very excited. Senators residents say -- a member Mick who engineered last week -- That's right you study came in he. As in the meetings as a bed of fans that -- which is on the son of former pro us all do that honey you've been better he had got a day guys -- -- injuries because every I have as everybody who has signed up for their benefits. And they you know -- a benefit thing right out of your benefits thank you not get up and I saw exercises leaves the room tonight we can get married now Washington -- -- you -- you sir you're. All right a little angle clearly -- and knows that just makes it weird playlist copies so. Reverend I have not gone to the meeting yet we're fully signed up to president change any thing. It doesn't matter I added my wife and I had to know how much that would cost me -- what the misery you would really don't know. It always does and we don't know when you register online you will see this all that math is done for you know just. -- all Mandela stood I -- hand now sorry excuse I haven't done because I don't think about of their words and I refuse to do dummies computers because I'm not gonna login and volleyball over -- did that it can you log in forever I'm probably still login comment -- computer and you can see exactly how much I made challenger accident -- says -- and -- on our computer I don't do that work anymore I don't blame me I wouldn't do anything tried to -- -- saying yeah this is -- yeah I don't I don't know for -- it's just they also try to make a funny film called -- -- -- -- tell but I didn't indicate everything can be -- As far as -- Never mind. It's a -- several. Paul song -- -- an eye opening. -- to the king. We have new theme song for Tripoli. For your wrestling fans there are wrestling really -- -- We all know. Anyone that's needed yeah I didn't. I'm pretty effort. The -- and it. But if you like horror. -- -- Wide. I like to. Car right now. It was down. I'll tell Bob but I am. I smell a little bit above its Iron Maiden ride to work. It's hard partying. In the background you out. So I just got. In your face like a frenetic. Occasionally I -- -- day. Dripping down notably hard. And I really do. Like you said stripped down. We drove slower paces. -- -- -- -- -- If there's a little bit above. And even this like the trade off guitar solo. The fire the whole thing. I'm getting dry. And I'm going to. -- created several days. There's a long. So we play in this on the radio. I honestly think this song just got released from the world. In the system. It myself. I'm okay. I had to listen to it twice you. He's put in your time I did man I've paid my dues. I -- I Hilton -- Classical signs this into the student version we have arrived at the quality is different because I. There are they computer in my off this -- but I did some I have my Spotify account open so like -- -- grant from YouTube where inequality would be diminished a lot he knows I'm curious how it sounds. But it's crystal clear. I brought my -- This now. -- And we just heard the demo version not a life. Like okay hit the ball flight. Holes little drop in the doctors who. -- -- -- So you can go play on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- concrete yet here. -- -- -- Right. You're number. Your car. All wearing. -- I got metal like bad like really like. -- looking. I'm all the way do you whatever you want. It's all black interiors so colored tank top -- and why why all white tank top yeah. -- -- -- Hitting two different cars we like -- trying to. Obviously very -- -- -- Now I'm glad we. -- -- make people. -- -- I really don't hear the. Your. -- Right there one. -- -- -- We have another version of the sun there we go let's just all I guess you can stick version innocence and you do remember him. I -- I'm kidding around. Shouldn't stick with your Susan Sarandon send out email and that is in his singles. -- thanks -- well yes. System I'm pretty sure that we realized that I. Do video is Susan Sarandon and she right guys I am so what she's just seducing each of mom and topless. Compared enabler -- their own style could get her daughter is really -- know -- Susan's decisions aren't even have a camera crews are. -- who's your daughter she's an actress she's got huge gamble currently looking at a high fees UV you'll be impressed three rules are now. I certainly is nicer now and let's see children thirty -- look through those personal. Two minutes away from Mathieu was in something recently beat Jason was doing all over Susan zarrella joining real. It's nick have you found it's. Time vs or their daughter and her wedding dress. Melissa is god I -- your actually C mercy yeah a marine. -- machine mean no hidden. No less a bad picture -- just a bad picture she's got a we aren't sure looks like you're young Susan Sarandon you know there's the top of the new and then sudden. Like eight different names to -- unconditionally touched my crotch and I looked at her picture you did I -- you had a role in its operations -- good -- -- her sisters earlier revisionist new and there's a group of element of the London regularly -- testicles nice she is all case usually get that picture she's not very good in this picture are you know some days are better in the same thing Susan Sarandon. Yeah -- 001 moment more oh she was telephone occasion is probably where BJ's arrow in -- surrendered starter yes OK now I felt better about things so and she's a married to a Major League soccer player in your current NBC sportscaster Kyle Martino. -- -- How much email -- doesn't -- the new -- simple slow Emanuel and send photos on the news angle. I have now coming on August I heard it was in the movie 43 too afraid to start paying -- right now because she's got a call like any second and if I'm at a time the battered and possibly by playing that song hello Tyler I. -- -- Everybody a five minute songs up and cynically. And me. Because time realism into his play book version -- use this ball OK a little bit I might have been me. Would you far illustrator and. No I don't have. With the rat -- and a not possible I don't Lula raises the bigs don't nonetheless Smart. The self breast cancer and analyzing I don't know never do that aren't there is no way okay because I have like a little like little kids. Rendition or not it grosses German I heard it twice in two days -- Germans -- actual injuries again Zabel like like ours. Are there any good Ling and -- his -- was we're -- -- -- -- read aloud how grabs -- -- I nod -- Where. -- we're not okay. And when Dion and you to Sarra and then the roll that thing with the bureau -- Greg getting me back. When. In the week. Probably next week I love that I need easily -- got a way they did I thought it was me and he knows the saloon and many -- you know look like you did it do. Asked Obama all lines during a series and -- a great timing OK and -- us and let's. I can't W I didn't -- yes I seem to mankind from Warner Bros. I'm Johnny cracked an airline awesome Fareed -- -- -- -- -- It's. Great to see Gagne there yes and I Johnny. Every don't see -- come gray matter how you joined us. Tom do while you're gonna they were crazy though we just listened to help thank thank you times and their own -- make it. I dialogue that the first Simon and want to plated the second time I thought even more among within I think this might be that some analysts just like the night the next month. Awesome and make you very much have I appreciate it. We'll just talk how could I I've always love your guys is stuff but it it feels that you guys steal the back at least for this song. Hey you know like I always loved to see you as always driving and and in some powerful stuff going on but just. Like the rhythm section which -- -- yelled you being part of it. It just feels like you guys kind just gave him more for groove it did does that make a conscious decision is is is this how this song came about. There are no absolutely bet that was the the concept for the whole record we wanted to make -- group oriented record that. Do read them risks and everything in my dad just stood out you know I mean we went and she is this process it was a little -- -- -- different -- -- And we wanted to make sure that every single -- Kind of standalone company you keep kind of seeing the ranch without knowing the locals and that. Yes it was very much a conscious unconscious thing we wanted to get an -- Makes and classics county rip C you know we believe the study a lot of other bands from from the seventies metal and Erik -- hadn't tried to figure out. Well -- made a mosque and besides the fact that there are already great bands and you know we we just. We saw that. -- -- -- Stand alone without all of all the -- -- authentic guy goes along west either a 100% angry and I we're talking about this different shades of bands from yesteryear and you carry on is a little bit of a made in -- right there -- Metallica vibe from the old days there. And that's I've always loved about events seven -- that is almost felt like you know as a young and you're still. Like giving a nod to the bands that kind of you know and you know influenced bands that you and other bands and a younger that is always school there was a not almost a guy -- -- to those -- -- came and we still recognize and respect what you can you do before us. Oh absolutely we -- aware we're now we've always kind of style Warner. Inspirations and our slaves. And it's just because you go in full where it's obvious so pick announced picking up arrangements for the first on windows and bands -- really inspired -- do it. You know and you know because they're always very much ingrained inherent in our minds your cards. And it is anti immigrant -- on the second I don't listening to admit there's the break down part of the songs since. All -- series you with your arm up in the air. Diana on the base near -- when I got crabs Verizon's high. I am glad I hope that when you come in duplicated the grass they -- you guys have like that kind of like choreographed routine things like that ultimately create a check us out now hiring an ass right now. Yeah Henry choreographed rule that would definitely she'll say now I announced we're we're all of that we're where we're pretty cocky onstage celebrations are very similar -- Ashley battle is good I'll try. So I think I could be. They cannot -- -- is that Madonna. Yeah why are you all do for -- I think it's. Yes I do and in my -- that choreographed trust our series. -- -- Okay you guys are -- in the prime -- -- that I have you guys that opportunity grass -- September 6 and seventh you guys are playing on the Friday night. I'm we've we've talked -- exactly before whereas northwest's ties here. You know and he's stoked because at the gorgeous there's a great venue what about for you and a beautiful yeah I'd say I know you guys have done it before ready with the -- tore -- and that's got to be chemically as playing -- when the sun down it's going to be a great five. Yeah absolutely really we looked -- -- -- and prayers the last retailer on the -- of -- -- to be a religious or stressful or headline and everything and I doubt it's going to be an inequality and welcome back to a place that. You know we -- honest small -- stage before an hour on the big stage in nearly -- -- -- don't show -- -- and up and everything how do I really caught us. So we'll tell us W yet yeah I've got a storm pirate thing going on this show. Oh yeah yeah we knew we -- if you can't we like we like very good -- footsteps -- so that if we may actually going out you don't really realize they're there you go huh. That's good to crush the rest is cheaper. I don't have a -- does she imagine do you think that's I don't another very expensive less stressed there is -- -- -- That's because you have a new drummer and as a basis was a tough transition -- I mean and you guys obviously had some tough times in the past and then. He had the guys from team period and held out for a little bit may have a new drummer what I mean. I would imagine as a basis do you probably have them the most trepidation about bringing a new guy -- because that's the rhythm section. You know yeah absolutely but. Christiane Aaron led. The way he came in was absolutely perfect she's got an incredible group he just kind of locks and and you know -- itself kind of it felt pretty seamlessly he came and it was very much so many kind of channels a lot of what Cheney was doing before. Yeah and obviously that helped me out a lot and I've been a block in the back I mean he's just. He's got incredible groups and on the new record as well you you can't -- you know people realist he acts like she's just. -- He's way more mature than his ears and on this plane. And it's it's as awesome to have someone there -- bad guys just hold you down and as the backbone right now I. If you don't really mean we didn't he -- can assure -- I'm neutrality you know I mean there's a lot and I'm more on the new rec area today you know turning down a bit on the strength of the songs where I'm more group oriented it's. He and Andy took it in stride -- lay down our crew members perfect. Who's in the Mandell -- the guy I play drums and there's always that one member where the -- as a if I had even the slightest screw up you get the death solaris. Who in the -- desperate to get him to death glare. I've read all of -- person to lose six. That's gonna win it all alone on an island when the president Lucio and -- man used to love and we all know. Yes they're dynamic duo will obviously be it is being the -- look I mean you're looking tips on his backbone -- -- And if I plug -- you know definitely kept it. And I know at birth the -- while we look back Jimmy's win they get cavities occasional clubs ditched the look back with the glare at first and then I just relaxing. So I think any kind of rookie initiation for him when he first joined the man. Thumb I think it's kind of ongoing so I does not all right I yeah I -- get specific -- I can say very you know -- Honestly he. He actually -- very well there's there's no end and -- in this band that we create each other you know you know. And he's really been together forever so it's like it's a brotherhood and -- you never. In order exempts from. He said he won't be able to do the crotch thrusting the still be behind McCain he's had. Hello Leon and you create if you stand up against -- is on the -- yeah apart right there always used to that one foot mill four on the floor. So I guess he's doing -- Marlon. No luckily we were at record for him to be able to do that you'll. Okay a little bit about guns and roles specific guys a lot of -- sons to play the based on while standing. You guys can do it for men into the crash that's right. Yeah I mean there are clearly articulated in the spirit that I as a big -- talk your argument here. I'm loving it -- between Democrats all love all its. I'm not a good thanks Gary yeah we Q Dario the choreography early in Canada arm and I am not happy DI hate my job -- right. I. That -- I'm Jim the hay while getting ready for the interview Koizumi as he's. Big curiosity makes me go on the Internet and through your name. And as -- I don't you know I like when you -- somebody's name in on Google -- auto filling -- estimate Bryant so I got your name in there. And and then all of a sudden. They says. Johnny Chris hair. And I might why is that one of the first things that shows up on as your mayor. So I'm I'm I'm kind of surprised -- -- -- -- I was wondering if you've never done until it's I click on it and the first thing and it's like a Yahoo! answers thing and there's a bunch under is like. -- don't I guess hair like Johnny. I -- it's just made -- nice you need to put on an instruction manual I guess. But I I judged -- and I expect today. I I don't I don't even know that's a lot of putts are now done all over the place that I had to -- pleasure -- I have no idea how I -- -- like there's there's. -- -- -- Come together. Do you do you ever wind up like -- who -- going your -- just see what's going on what's been written about me or anything like that. Now lie I'd I'd I'd try to steer clear of that stuff that -- I'm very I'm I'm very. Shot and I don't I don't I -- double -- that would destroy and had to say most of the time. Now I guess outside you probably -- that can drive anybody -- -- -- just another day and Aaron NIC you know they are wise person cares so much dry my hair that they need instructions on how to make it look like that. But I could occur while I was go on eBay because you know where morning radio show also some people ask us for our autographs. I was on eBay and search our show name and my name and on and see if anybody's actually selling some guys sign for them and the day that happens will be the greatest in my life. That's never got -- haven't Arum knows right now I'm not G yeah. You have to get to look after you -- from Phoenix with the blue shark. It's got a lady very sharply in Canada hello remember back. I thought when I also read and I had as she can I'm like this sounds just so crazy I have to believe that it happened at one point. I knowing about this race but it did spacing and in Britain and it's got the got mauled 3000 and it's only idea that some of the cannon ball run and I guess you participated in it. Yeah I was a lot of fun can -- go the dual formally known as the fuel hose got in touch with us and that's. -- came out with like like to go and I was gonna jump on that -- I -- great you know we we traveled from LA to Miami. And it was it was a serious black I got to make me a lot of really cool people in you know we scored. Premature -- -- -- a lot of people -- -- It was extremely definite difference shedding and it was. It was kind nonstop partying urban elites and there it was it was a lot of fun and I'm very grateful to be a -- enough. Yeah everything you have a chance to do that again or is that somebody out we are talking up till I got to do once it's good enough. You know I'm very happy with the one time that I would not because civilians. I bet most crazy thing you saw on the road doing that. Oh man it's kind of all Blair is completely -- -- -- throughout the Leo I mean actually. On. Surely you know we had been actually in the Grand Canyon are no work towards in the end and their butts we're driving ourselves. So to be able to stumble out of a car industry and that's -- She's a Grand Canyon is really cool on office. Craziness I mean we had. We had a -- per -- had been overseas in Afghanistan and -- lost a leg. And he was actually Jerry Nash and I gave. I drink wine out of this prosthetic leg. No real -- wow lot of people. There. Really only -- guys coordinate it was a being passed around us. I don't know it being passed around -- -- -- of -- that's awfully Tony Hawk who is there and a couple other guys that are really Sox. Now made it deadly anti -- vote travelers Lidstrom and they'll always remember. When -- man I and they got other interviews to -- your own accumulate during my dad but I I definitely wanna say huge props on the new songs. We're not trying to blow smoke up your New York you know what god -- to -- -- every Ross and this is this is gonna be huge for these guys a song is as bad ass. Doug thank you so -- him ready I'd like it can't wait to hear the rest of Iraq -- man is I'm excited. You know I can't I mean it's reality -- -- the proposal is more crotch thrust jams there. Dead bit there's a couple Olympic apple. He'll be ought to call me back let me know which which which points actually you're correct we -- a long hot -- down -- obviously I -- on September 6 avenue in the grass and I'm finding unanimous show you what I'm talking about. Well I'd squeeze here I -- -- -- you get our staff to do a quick video instructional video guys like working I heard that's a new dance critic writes yeah exactly. Some yeah I mean I'm I I can use in court each year they've got Richard cone or -- I heard about it it's and then the restraining order comes across the Seattle DJ whose only ideas. I'm Johnny has been a pleasure talking and make congrats on the great song and and we we can't wait to see you guys have mainly grass. All commend you very much take your brother. -- -- And the -- good time. I had an irony -- take that unseemly use okay with a whole process thank -- -- No I think he's gonna do it not a great attitude Baghdad he's he's a sport yes. I couldn't believe that there were actually threads of conversation about his hair you know -- Matt cooling yourself and that's like the first thing that shows up as your hair on my -- that's kind of weird. Hi this is really awkward. I. I think it's our -- had built an all time no is it I think I. -- almost -- guys Alicia yeah. Sorry it's. Okay where did you got to -- there and demand symbols and EP news is your bust your drive and I know. -- by the way nick did you notice moon with -- on I'm very low and keep an event. I'm glad I miss this sounds really not a -- that this is -- One of the finer production pieces like Kyle. I forgot that I I actually save your original audio -- so we'll cross that went on Vietnamese it is immensely this. We're gonna it's a planner well it's about that time let's do our voicemails or text messages and are you -- post. It's -- mouse you know it sucks not having the -- here for one. Reason he was -- got a it would -- out about the Seattle magazine influential thing. Now we don't have him and he didn't leave and all the jokes are about him yet -- we could bring him back if he's here all the eleven a former American militants linked anymore. -- -- like that -- punished -- might not let this be a part of the interview via the reserves but I know. -- don't -- bomb before the interview you'll be around did he was gloating about how his bowel his standards were leg bloating up before the part you know whether it is good -- sort of TB tests and then you know what mission accomplished perhaps. He actually feel his life. Inside so Welling with gas and US -- -- that is really bad if I'm wrong I have my moments of it being bad and that's bad coming -- look for Mac. I lost my way and I don't like -- -- ago. Is the mothers do in his own -- Could that be a lesson -- blood this year. As Ali and Todd presents let's do voicemails voicemails -- is I believe they start which I got -- try I'm guessing my formula trillions and refinements. It's viewed this three seconds at. I sent to put their certainly stood stone cold Steve model citizens and supported Charlie and not all do. This year and bold. The -- song that says. What I can they won't really didn't talk restraint sixteen minute circuit to walk through -- -- they're out there. While I sat down. The momentum started -- and it is this. This is not a problem. I honestly sit well. So why did you don't want bush never -- your heritage our Paramount -- out so I think. Serious. Sense yeah. Flawed and so. -- -- -- in her eyes fill it up on an associate of Luke OK stone cold Steve Austin yeah awesome actor as far as action movies I watch movies paws off dude. I watched the package all -- -- the package really every item about the violence -- crazy dream couldn't tell -- may miss the interview updates on Cinemax or show it's on windows movie channel so right now it is available yet I wanted to movie stars look for the package and actually. It's a great throwback to the eighties style I think the event seven for the movie's crazy twist at the end nice haunts a nice nod to the old school eighties action film you know. This and it was in the trailers are not spoiling at the scene where he's got the guy's head. At the bowling Alley where the ball comes out and although that's in the very beginning that's only started off as a great scene to great seeing Steve. Yeah period movies good all right -- we got a copy of the Blu-ray. -- -- was kind enough to give it to me and I got another copy if you want their mom and -- -- -- Kim -- -- about things you just don't know what you're missing better go to my original question -- so he -- still go -- -- and impressionist impersonation -- management. Impressions stone cold Steve -- also on the show up next actions. Actor yes the rock action actor awesome -- yes. Who currently in the WW whichever league. Is the next stone cold slash rock guy and I'm going to be guard our Villa as far as moving on to movies yes man action movies. I'm not seeing any of a man they're trying to me is they tried him -- not the marine three lives are all -- see other memory is don't -- you -- work out so now -- definitely -- he's from a long time ago I know his son. Okay yeah junior but I he didn't do very good on brandy or innings in some movie right now he might be in the marine five I don't know if there's even a five but. They keep trying like Randy your in the mid -- they're trying all these guys know more can we got it right now I think has the most. Quote unquote acting chops. Is this new guy who his name is Bernie Wyatt in fact -- tracked it. It's a flight eight premier even though an honest broker does -- our -- on here I'm not gonna bring a disguise. Great white is a sign of Mike returned -- move for you wrestling fans remember their name IRS you have a bye that was his. He -- he was an IRS guy urban site -- from -- and the sun came into don't need you we do the out there tonight. When they were trying to get NXD being on TV now it's only based on a show but. I came -- as a -- Harris Canada heavier -- guy his character did not think he went back down to developmental. And they created this new character I guess dusty road you remember the American dream I do he is heavily involved with the young talent. -- up this new character which is very Cape Fear based and MM movie yes. He's basically that guy indicates -- guy but he was my name of -- why he's like a cult leader. And he's got these two guys there's minions not the cute yellow guys but these polls he. Seeing us. Scary looking due to big deer herds and they're just didn't look like there are like products of incest. Between -- I have seen ads for it on regular T really matter how many minutes of what the hell -- a year now -- Yeah finally here well he's just finally spoke in front like he's been doing while I -- Promos but like pre recorded vignettes that -- running on rock kind of pimp -- -- their common their common -- this past week. This actually yesterday on rock he finally got on the Mike in front of everybody. And he's my court I think it he reminds me a lot of Jake the snake Roberts very psychological. Writing a guy. Please remember this is just some dude he's just a wrestler but he's fully embraced this character and here's a little bit of a taste of -- his on the Mike work and it's very. You guys primarily your eyes but as a wrestling fan it's -- finally were excited about a character. Because of his character and that's pretty cool so you pretty wild last summer off. -- Zero. It's against the would you. But what we're we're. -- -- -- -- everything. -- -- blows to tell you. That the men whom may. It's a little. One of -- no you. That's your own web. So in my backdoor and you move and maybe maybe yeah. Maybe -- just -- I want -- free and open. All little. And Heidi goes I mean I don't agree on where you're kind of to come up with a picture -- -- turn tail and his outfit is -- -- your hat on he's got I got it almost the Hawaiian themed shirt on its open in some white pants. He's looks to be big ass beard this. What string he hair I mean it. These characters sound like he does -- -- voice sounds sleazy and it looks entail Felix athletic earliest. The big guy I don't know just -- easy you see it as a it's a good fully kind of -- some people say there's days he's reminding them of the Mick Foley back in the day Americans losing mankind kind of -- okay every person in my a lot of Jake the snake Roberts and that it's very. -- from a kid watching -- some kind of freaked out by this guy you know I mean as an adult I'm jacked about a because it's something new and exciting and different and it's. And I think the guys embracing character. And and you actually believe it others of course although I'm Smart wrestling fans a comic this marks the mark set -- the big. Even I want to like prove that they know -- RS and anyone else to write chanting husky Harris -- -- during an appearance. And then also it was actually pretty funny line I was like falling someone's Twitter feed. And that -- -- like you know the person -- into this -- turn their back on you whatever he said yeah you're like Mike rotunda turned his back to his child missing no he's not. Not a good time to some in this character can't get wicked people ha ha. Anyways I think personally that's a guy right now that off he's got the acting chops but he's not going to be -- he's not -- no he's not your action star and a lump me -- you -- -- -- And my house. Did okay one more -- wrestling question yet -- is the next email. I've been CNN ads per show called divas yes. This looks like it could be worth watching and yeah he's he is that word is out I'm multi -- -- June July 28 to July 20 ninth it's whatever that Sunday is so basically they're taken all the legit divas in the sport and I kinda do and almost they almost looks like they're doing like. So behind the scenes this outcome is how we're learning to wrestle all. Oh I think it's more about these of the divas and this is what they do and hang out outside the ring okay so it'll it'll still have some characters. And so and some drama the bella twins turn it. Now another dude doing an answer to develop to. -- -- -- Everywhere I mean that no one of them is dating Daniel O'Brien no everyone was crying and how would John CNET has a very weird double -- -- you can't see him so I'm right you. Rice sees right through him. It's history can now would Daniel Ryan can ask here's half. -- them right there yeah. Yeah I am click on any of those that was oh I don't know -- might pray -- those girls do not political an attractive no. And then there's not viewed through all his answer some ideas Cameron and Naomi. That -- could still -- I think and have no rope bumper on the show. Cause you know it's in the other and I wish it is -- that I've seen these songs I'm really seize on I saw those -- in person invoke going care metal halide. Even hotter in person nice and on the looks okay. Yes I'm very Asarco and I'm excited about the show and does he think -- should I could get away like expresso. I hot days and now all huddled. America has got our -- -- now exact guy that is 6767. We are played six and I don't think we did. If you didn't that's called bets on want to argue murdered. I'm backlash and carried only got plenty nice. Yeah I'm guilty -- -- about -- -- that they had prostate tissue and OK maybe I'll get -- so mom it's. -- so I think he had no other things I think that's nice no -- he's still working for the show. Perhaps can be carried only got 29 am not acting angle hole I'm on the big he's a little how to best ticket package gives him. OK maybe I'll get my. So mom it's. I -- as this unfolds I got better the second time around. My loans already Hungary he brings me great joy you know I was before I always hope that he believes a -- now I'm going to be -- if he doesn't. And there you go and I didn't have to bleed them -- a -- there is -- on that -- -- got a Twitter page to I know what does yeah I follow these rights and for every stock cars she. Shocking and kind all right so out of character for him right. I -- -- and and as voicemail. They -- DD yes I was wondering if you guys have ever. There are pretty inconvenient. -- this part of the voice mail has been edited out. I'm -- I how I. I mean that's right yeah. Are you jerk that's -- -- what would you edit something on your phone call. Yeah I wish I a lot of text messages about and I didn't respond minimum I apologize I know I got a lot of tweets like a direct messages and and I forgot that we even edited something out they can really do this podcast and then since I believed. Clearly it's not like a well oiled machine like we have a structure we got a little bit of -- structure we don't have like. Things actually get to talk about that I can remember what we did like two hours later regret it's just what -- you know I don't remember we had a conversation for two hours of consciousness yeah yeah I mean it's completely out there. Well -- and only message which uses up we use them again I ask -- same and I only remember what we edited out. -- I guess it wasn't that important body this is honestly it's not missing anything we didn't edited out anything that was like. This scandalous awful news just a necessary. One of those kind of things Steve what was the Ryan castle question of the data that. No idea. Remember -- what -- Ryan castle won enough foul balls I was the other day right just loses two hours. Think you only live that he Kiki -- Ali had nothing there. -- -- -- magazine unit I don't paramedic but I know and I don't and I did kill that principles it's really bothering me now. I'm gonna get it I know I. And Ryan castle Mount -- -- they give. We have hobbies -- again I never letting on it and I got impressed with the -- -- again and his voicemail. What was he -- he didn't -- -- it's -- -- walked. Still this quite warm up this open. At least you can hear it owns content can do this is so. Clark what's. It's. It's due to his own son doesn't know -- little thought. Are you know there's -- can't even. August 1 against -- actually daring movie that call easily trumped -- -- The trophy. Kooks who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To -- it to you and I really want is totally love these. I like -- did you guys here's magnet yeah. I have it it's good the ball. Yeah. You know I know Lindsay is a little seized records made -- where they made out of moon insisted he had -- -- -- was animated and put it on groundless and yeah well. And yeah do you know French Fries the -- only -- -- Master as those who. That in product it's the same time now this -- -- -- put -- -- And they break news it's gravy. You can put on any breaking news I don't know the name is gravy a dollar prize it -- Kurds the ozone and -- had -- -- -- -- -- -- deep hollow without Putin makes LenDale White on Vermont they just like Israelis rise. Ha ha and -- next terrorist. Yeah I mean we did a dairy queen instances of -- can -- you. Yet they have different period and it's always is also -- Brian this is like brown gravy and -- I I agree completely around refuting the room right now is the -- -- another thing is that -- -- relevant. It's got on his voicemail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When going -- firms -- staged event you know people always under the influence. We're trying to become the best part guess what you Washington he didn't boon for everyone to vote for him playing that -- could do. Steve is most influential man in Seattle. I don't always include people like deuce I -- this state boxes -- -- -- As TP influenced me. Delegate I can say yes GP I know I always read the chicken man who took. But also read dear man and -- -- and that's LS voicemail I think it's time to move on to the next segment. Oh yeah. I Seattle if I get influenced. A man some call to write and email song that be awesome that we got back in the any -- -- that I gotta find this CD. Hunt I I don't have mostly Tyson hit a mob big Romney -- severe. We had one from queens of the stone I know why you still listen and it was really really you're. They sounded like regular super trickier yeah very. Do you -- like 200 dollar runners you sound just like the psychedelic one that we have from. I can there you TNT. -- The it and they did it and that is why. You gotta go. I should just -- dry season. Seed Dallas -- its top down there. And then -- we have in Marcy Playground I think did why are Democrats for cutie loan that was pretty cool. We a couple of other bank. Decent name Dan Jose -- do you guys you know on the other hand you have but I mean there and we have Peter Parker did one and actually we did it move we were recording our first record we did in the studio -- actually a really. You're doing Peter park interviewer I was tough medals I talked to the drummer and I thought I won't -- for us. Up until I heard the Peter Parker drummer and actually had a check this tattoo her face. Hi is based on her path yes and she was Hans gangster Liz I'll never forget is I wanted to live. He you know and any sign it then yeah. -- we're NBC and mine and these and -- -- -- face is how do you like a little threes so we saw one cheek when she. Unlike The Three Stooges and I felt great cushy life you live like on this console won't affect -- -- on the -- as a tattoo artist tech shooter in the studio -- And I feel it was right he was like Radiohead tickets aren't that great lake and session amnesty groups we elect. And you can she was smoking hot. And I have run into or from time to time -- most random places and judo is bring it up and -- my eye and a leading gags and -- CR TL and wow. Let's did we got to him weird like I would I remember about that I really would love to have Michael Dobbs -- And the running yourself a couple birdies see myself -- as vick's right to exist I looked down and there's my face it's almost like Tokyo high fives and right I always say about hindsight and -- has a tattoo artists that make MySpace have a wink. I want in my eyes. And get out so I -- high five myself awake right back at me real on the edge huh who isn't really -- yeah. Was any in the middle I think you is. There's like a triangle -- and you are on the top OK I think I was closer to no go place. They need deadly Asian and your left hand on the from the minute you're on the right chief or how often -- -- -- if she didn't know and I can visit tattoo artist I would submit my face -- my hands and she might lose. -- -- That's crazy I have as we all have our autograph on one girl's arm. Which I think that was funny for me because I was even here and I know we had the usual I was sick yeah. As we go forward here oh well I was sick yeah but PS. Coke. -- back up. Know you guys. Thanks a -- home and I'm like yeah. You send us a picture of your autographs yeah girls in the tattooed on her farm and now OK. So I don't know who's lost in terms that was crazy because he had us all use a sharp being signed her arms and our buddy Tony estimates of the -- -- from -- tried to Port -- what law -- and I and a little maybe how we. Rare cancer can. I was not happy with my autograph. Put who's in surveys on my -- -- I guess it doesn't it's not I was night I was not happy that I was. Happy but I was nice. Disappointed by as -- guy -- -- cried a little bit smaller is one of the strangest things I've been asked to do who like I mean it was is clearly like may be an interns though I just yeah. And it's like they're excited to see her I don't give a -- and I'm like I hope you're gonna eventually turned into like -- sleeve -- that's kind of like covered. Everything worked into the deal like you know I. I mean it's completely like humbling it is humbling but like I I almost like man I hope we don't lose their jobs otherwise is really sucks really cut nearly noted all the best tattoo girl we lost their jobs soon after that you know. Mean think about it make -- -- about a year after -- -- -- -- where -- climate -- lucky in that scenario so we're looking at the end and paranoid to -- I never got -- -- even worse because here -- -- leagues -- a leader -- literally on one year -- -- the weirdest thing when we got fired from here on camera and I'll never forget that being in an office and knowing something was wrong even before they tow was ever fired. For multiple reasons they were -- walking around the building at like 6:30 in the morning in my somewhere there's going on. My name people ask you to I don't recognize milling about our program directors office Camby amount as though we discern -- -- bill that's right little did four years. Piracy got to pass. All the -- opponents in the office and as there about me -- break the news -- -- year. What song was playing I can't remember now but who is. Some solace flying that didn't have any in business on Iraq I was and then all of us a little more into the yanks get this party started let's. That is not dogs yeah. Let's go online and I was Yang is nobody's. Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt. And I. Oh god damn mad they get their societies can please sir you know so. -- -- I. We really in my anyways so that's a dynamite a host -- I. -- now. Not really -- Awesome you don't go yeah see you just. Yeah this is Rawls outlets is another good added -- to the alternative rock playlist yeah that was weird. Right so what are we doing right now he knows. -- -- Did the voicemail so or home equity line here tomorrow is crazy emails emails have this one comes from Ted bell. Oh good pay STV cast got to take some time out to send an email because -- have nothing better to do all -- We have nothing better news reader email us buffer the rev Ivan Moore did tell estimation on my phone that I bought on Saturday in -- return on Sunday it was really cool. OK so it is a ringing endorsement this is -- utility role and drive. It's no other the last shot -- heroes and here we have a bunch issues phone. Remedies do little movement can download a picture of the -- to his computer home. I want to do and a fifty dollar gift card from Barack gimmicks in any on Saturday had a friend gay all he was -- in -- about all this stuff just. Don't let that makes more sense now are now all I thought. -- -- -- -- class ten -- bill tad sorry that -- not here to even respond to -- via email you textiles. A picture of the mill near the FaceBook message that I stories written by email so -- Gemini now. We're just zone gentler reception I hated man had a -- also within I think we don't need another second segment. Right. It's from Greg says ask DP he might wanna really push people to nominate you for the most influential person Seattle. The submissions are due on the nineteenth I just tweeted about it so yeah the Seattle magazine. Clearly is a great fear is looking to make a list of the most influential Seattle lights and for some. Stupid self serving reason I think it would be awesome if I became one of the most influential Seattle lights this year and have a -- just posted that on your FaceBook right now he did -- Blood eight minutes ago I know I also go to their real BJ Shea on FaceBook and it says do you think Steve the producers one of the most influential C Allied's. I got his blog to see how you can help him get recognized in Seattle magazines and -- Jarrett yeah I share that -- -- -- good for anyone who doesn't listen to our podcast so I would love how are these guys still it. If you listen last week I sit -- all started because I got a -- From Seattle magazine -- says to me did you -- to doubts all the people follow and I happen to be one of and it said nominate who you think should be the most influential C ally so I nominate myself dance and I thought you know what. That's seems weird. I should have other people nominate me and then the joking is. If they ever ask me why do you think you the most influence like if I ever get a piece American my response will be why influenced a bunch of people. To nominate me to be the most and once and therefore I think I mean influential person so and it's like inception and no one. We're influencing people to be positive to stop being the person that is just looking for the negative thing and every you know you meet these people. And you tell us something cool happen and they wanted to take you down -- because it is negative Nancy's and we're trying to rage against that scenario bird that's it's up. On the name of fact I found this storage and I he -- -- salsa and the way it was all in the female category I was race. -- called -- -- -- ten crazy team races that are so weird -- you have to check them out. I'm a fan of the team race ever since last year we did that whole run you're talking are running races OK but they're like more. Obstacle courses they make running three miles interesting because for some of us myself included running three miles is not very interesting though so I did -- -- around -- -- -- of this list of ten and some of these you may recognize the caller -- I think that that's number one the color yeah have you heard about that one no it's actually kind of cool they just did it sells out whenever it comes to Seattle and is actually now. Rip offs -- yo ma am versions that are ripped off that idea called something else -- -- but the initial one was. Basically -- start out wearing all whites and the like a white tank top that I'll be wearing in your car one day. And as they're running people throw pulled bright colored dust on them and them by the end of the race you're all covered in all these different colors. Makes for great pictures. You seem a people's FaceBook a lot of -- now doing. Did you raise -- gets sprayed with colors and lots and swearing at him a furry boots are doing Ecstasy and have callers all over the it's pretty sweet nice problem that's when the big ones across this when I even know about this when it's called the Krispy Kreme challenge. I see this is gonna happen in North Carolina. People run two and a half miles a day in hell a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and then another two and have miles to the finish line. Moved -- -- sixty minutes this man who's got the -- grace yeah that sounds ridiculous you know tough -- that's an actual tough 19 best ten to twelve miles. That's a long way yet now when I see like you train for you could say it's designed by British vessel British special. Forces special special. And that's actually -- This foreign race. That one's a lot of fun from its basically another one of those tough monitor him warrior dash kind of things the dirty girl runs homeowners -- this month. Oh man it's all women -- five K. Twelve obstacles and a whole lot of mud. My -- -- -- -- we just -- spectators young that would be fun. -- realize I've heard about that only being chased by zombies -- achieved -- -- run. It's a friend fund raiser to benefit the children's tumor foundation on Valentine's Day weekend happens in thirty cities and -- come to Seattle. And all run around there are yeah. And let's say it was a benefit kids yes it's kind of weird weird little -- tip their hand in hand come -- under the glow in the dark five DJ dance party. That sounds like drugs yeah. Yeah I'm Ryan and a ton of glow in the dark swagger -- run around Citi Field where I distrust in New York ten. Huge amount of music in the dark along the run post race from I -- want to run in the dark New York expressing queen's I wanna be on drugs watching. Yes. Streaks and you know there's want to -- dash between zero and bunch of young hairless man now just. You -- just I bears. -- Yeah. -- is that April Fool's Day over and and Barbara and Ann Arbor. And twinkies before during and after the race in the New York's hot dog challenge two and half mile run through midtown Manhattan. Runners up attend predetermined food -- purchase a hot dog and started out before moving our own exit row that reminds me you know that baseball memory did -- value out of do you still have a while doing it no way the cats -- brutal. Our puke all over my sister just did a crazy one missed this last weekend there was a naked one more. Yeah what are you know the people -- we -- -- right compromises reserves I was gonna go dopamine. It was around. Cougar mountain. My guess acquire a chandelier U2 on because there is a -- -- -- -- the same people wanted the -- W -- stock back -- -- -- -- some garlic and every year they do renewed run that would -- -- stuck with him like him twentysomething years ago when he was the Asia early eighties and the same people who did that twice a mural that's there it's -- nudist colony of colony still exists -- -- that some of them are still there to -- and so my sister decided she -- -- all and all these -- -- and everything that. She was gonna do this and I like holy -- -- just run naked. You're seeing most people run naked they Wear sneakers. Do it she knew I understood that she wore a song and sports brought from the Ron Ron -- But then afterwards because there's a big thing afterwards that she -- tell us which was shocking to me. Yeah so -- I can only do -- now she said there were lots of dorks don't dance and around I think Jimmy Fund hero my -- just flying right. Let -- hang out and have a beer afterwards wearing nothing but muddy shoes in my darling hang him out. You guys. Guys -- town Mears -- -- -- yeah right. Hey aloha from Maui gas attacks a little email just came in as to being -- to start listening to the podcast on the beach in Maui and some onions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So good so you'll like it not your sushi I don't turn and we brought harsh Polynesian woman OK send all three big -- He says I made a pocket is freaking awesome thanks a lot man that is thanks so last and always loaded from behind you from sunshine since you guys Smith there was an email I can't find it and -- another guy met. And Dicky mentioned that he heard a -- -- going to Maui. On the podcast and he's he's going to be there around the same time low -- it would be premiums for drinks. I'm at the mercy of my life schedule Bob but I'll be sure to -- where rat and if you're nearby and -- a bar that would be awesome to meet up. I just can't make any plans that involve like probably -- -- -- Barton does hang out and read my eyes got like. Know a lot of none Barr related stuff she's not a very sure. Strike zone cardiac right all days doing that that's -- sayings that are going to the road to hard -- and -- all day yeah I would do a lot of stuff that doesn't involve drinking and by the time the night's bright and hit us we're gonna go to bed Gloria -- along the road Don and there are some waterfalls you can go check out to mr. brewer as alternates or no cost nature call. -- not -- -- anyways I'm looking forward to a notice in the end of August it's a car problem that rally what's Colin Todd LT. Is it likely he's out. Lehigh couldn't because those still made -- -- -- give it -- like -- -- stored on the leg we probably can't now become a cholera. JVA job I would see some of that we went through the street the local street fair and we just out of Khobar Towers look for Colin -- incest if you say you know we're get -- like Death Valley you're there. So by cinema -- -- once again like you know some drinks and I'm like OK you get this nominee at the comma comma. -- would there be like a big pot Levon Arizona without I don't know there's a poly pharmacist that he business and -- -- -- I tried to calm me down it didn't give me highway pursue elect smoking weed but it -- definitely calm me down they got to get on the beach yet Sam wouldn't music some awesome in your headphones. Maybe. And then. -- not come out -- -- to read why do you want more cub karma I just do you know we just got a big dagger and figures facts and it's -- Toronto Kansas made TV all we know how to smoke. And I decide maybe should I just -- hopefully coming back up to Canada and hey next email access stuff. Brian in Tacoma subject as TP year old and a done just got off the sound right -- station wave from Iraq such -- -- she. So numb sitting at the sushi bar waiting for -- -- com. Doesn't sound right on many levels it every -- I'll never get sick of the best innuendoes that come from my role you know. I've probably -- they stop it's not clear endorsement it better be yet whenever we have another email from -- was so awesome he forgot to email us -- -- -- so Brian Tacoma is still there. Started I took my we went to the one in Tacoma. Finally it's open I am much of my buddies from hockey after arguing over there we. -- Lauren was our sushi -- and also trained as well those guys were bad ass. Got my body's primary roles. They have EST bureau every France are every -- -- -- it's -- -- also do is on the menu it is doing things you go for the all you can he's -- should enjoy seeing people all around us now yeah. Guess Chris -- and do you have your own role what about you Bill Gates Steve Ballmer influence our restaurants and a mirror all -- -- -- -- people. Don't think I knew. At the best sushi places you know that's right and my buddies. All agreed that straw trappers the ST zero nice and trust me my buddies -- antibodies I would look for any reason could knock me down and not even sure that we all just talk as to each other are our -- -- there I do I gotta say this is freaking awesome role. Really get itself do you have a and that I -- mention if you go to the all you can -- -- ideologues is is some cheap. But they make it says there's only certain items because it's -- it's fifteen dollars all embarrassed -- certain roles and not available on that. I'm so in the ST -- unfortunately is one of them but -- you need Derek he had it or any -- natural may get out and they're all it's worth every penny. Just ask my wife. Who has yet to. New boyfriend hockey season will go to a T birds game nice feed you my role. For the game. One more email. It says there's a hilarious video of the hot dance moves toward James. -- just talk to a guy Johnny Crist about that concern we've all the -- shaking the best part is there's a sorry -- sound of what sounds so far he says. At about 45 seconds in and if you wanna play along at home at south. We I had the song tracks three. As you look up on you to -- next. Coca lady dash. Torque TW ERK. But he -- -- that video is going to be -- one that shows summer and we all play along as you listen to the songs. And video deal I was so quick clip of it waddle in this -- -- sign and hold on yeah that's good yeah yeah. Yeah. Top theater fan of the juicy gas is all you there are some serious -- gases that are working in this video I love me -- bankable booty I hate you to do. How I video I -- that -- -- so that it did not just bankable there like you're gonna get full on -- back right they get easy menu YouTube video of the drummer that's. Playing on a trampoline type thing I come bungee cords -- Gonzales runs out of this bouncy likes. Apparatus enough pace -- like crazy rather look at that later hop desolate. The equivalent of what these gases are doing their -- down some leg none of bounced before. How you do over them and. 01 browser and in no minutes so let's just forget your password no words. Mozilla or Firefox. One grades are my plug -- -- and I was she's Internet Explorer. Hamas I don't know Obama classy guy over here we have chrome and we have Firefox. Yeah -- a -- guy man amid all about the chrome these days so we're also give back to the beginning like minor. Koreans Ericsson and the categories it's cause I'm Todd is not listening here you know some -- -- -- show. I know it. -- -- category don't -- turn in all come over the hotel while. 23. -- -- the corner now. -- is about that I am I hope you're watching at home do. -- -- lady's name of the artist -- song it's hard workers. Whom she's got some nice friends. John and this video it's a new version of the -- It's now in the wait for the 452 mark hello. I won't. It's. Got to move grow and how many aren't. They cannot. -- and mosey on down the songs all the videos and I have to say -- I'm not only one girl -- actually -- I wanted to do. I'll always. It's. No you cannot really good how. This appears to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every time when the felt like the. I stop the -- And is it inappropriate to ask her woman who just plays out. We get all our girls together exploratory committee outlined a little good and the only thing you heard earlier hours. Why would hurt we got a video camera rolling. Yeah I can get a good torque south again a key deadline idea -- -- way that they're doing it would always ask work part of that song like. Is it toward making -- asked -- close and open closed and open or is it just is shaking and I -- the shaking of the gases that were so that's a professional tour yes I can make your arm. Cheeks there close and open and goes out of girls -- you put up the -- -- of one dollar bills that -- because they come over make fart and I. They give you simulate gravity there are strong for that there is -- just type in lady later today Ventura could. And you'll find it how many of consider my wife and zero inches as how -- feel much work in their baby I'm just gonna sender -- not saying -- things you and -- yeah I mean if you don't have an account set -- for YouTube you're gonna wall and so you can sign and I do actually. It's not I'm sure it somewhere else on some other video sharing site if you just look towards the lady dash toward our little friend Comcast. And -- your music choices as magazine's top one I doubt over there if not I'll be right -- -- -- man I got I got the YouTube -- looked up to my roku like to watch stuff on TV. Policy that on the big screen I want to have it on. Well my wife comes home today. Half half the size and so work on time and I wanted to get time in film it. Then make a camera on her out I'm unavailable today at some point -- -- an area. And when she opens the door for that song is playing and I'm wearing a song -- -- -- You also -- video to you -- Steve Sedin have just set up down yo cents. Mary black community uniting on this is he -- torching. We had a surprise your wife went through your girlfriend when she comes home and you just torque and so okay so -- -- -- -- song has to be our. We -- video. Look we're not on the other news song I actually am second guessing it's unlikely you know I am it's gonna make it -- -- -- -- deterrent to -- -- the underwear disappear and -- -- girls and those amazing as always impressive and like Jeff -- can even teach. He moves his lips more than a minute -- not -- -- -- a lot Aston leg they can move a little bit. 'cause the coolest thing I've -- -- day. I imagine it turned Turkey and emboldened -- -- -- music and she started singing. It really is the beginning that is oh here's scene honestly me can turn up once she starts singing. It's like those girls that you see here in the back of the -- is now hunting unlocks. Yeah I mean so like what a good idea. First. And yeah. Not much is a -- season is -- and I learned on the job big Jack like Gaza are certainly got a whole other thing going are we got the. -- -- -- -- -- Forgive me. -- I remain well my Miami's home bring in the mouth. My -- right next -- 100 days now. When you're happy he's. Seattle all right that's all Marat emails thanks to Eric. For humanness that bad songs out there are some new rules to my new hero yeah props to you now and I was solid. Time for the next segment I don't know I -- here are you guys first got -- I don't know of any blood left in my. I -- view. On work work. -- -- All -- this and you're all assembled -- home. Did know didn't know. -- -- Now -- is screwed up I'm like damn near you -- one I'm not even though -- hit a student. -- -- turn an old school. It's an email from network radio. -- mature and did it can we get like. We create and the world's biggest male torque and -- them. Take out somewhere like a flash answer your alma flash mob gang related the world's biggest us snowball fight last year. And it was here in Seattle and they're working on the CB would be the world's biggest snowball fight are now trying to. Organize the world's biggest water balloon fight yeah that is a great idea but at the same time you're ideas better Steve you're right but I think my -- better it's just six home yes all mall no dudes write all -- that would be funny. We are Capitol Hill. Soon we get to -- it to Capitol Hill and then go eat some ice cream. -- -- -- -- Good southern great thing them during -- and out. Saw the other years I am sorry that's due to Iran -- Immunex yeah. She loses cholera is -- you move Brad Gilbert unloaded from their roommate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Show Michelle who aren't here -- really -- are you guys found the semifinal of the read that much all the time top high just getting second Michelle it's hard. And second on the. Since it perverts are the addition for some of the news. Taxes for the next next hated Aaron love all day about staying positive I think we should all be more positive it's -- except for when he comes to things they syphilis. British executives twenty dollar. I can't disagree review no longer on that -- positive in that area hey guys I was something edited out of last week's podcast. We worked on with the -- face recall that it was wrong. For the record that was -- This person anyhow clears listening that your. This is your I mean in theory this I'm trying to edited as they go along with German -- I stuck my you know what's he's. -- A while can you say that's the yeah -- how -- it's just hard to believe that Michelle actually -- it's always in the -- like that this is just seems. A little left -- holes where you really think -- did -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know I've been listening to other podcasts at six guys about listen to the -- -- that I guess again -- -- this podcast and Susie -- thought about the so take it wasn't like a new one every day on the way home okay which is pretty awesome but I -- I'm fully caught up to the last few episodes are recent and it's called the art of wrestling. You're wrestling fan. -- -- -- -- I'm glad we don't to a wrestling podcast because you want -- -- how wrestling podcast is wrestling podcast I mean he's. Hey a professional rational but. -- -- target you know professional wrestler us. Andy he's very entertaining about his stories and he's got great stories about you know he was once in the WB got fired from a Demi did you guys who -- independent circuit. -- Chicago. It's great stuff great enemies is great access to some great independent and also big name wrestler -- it's a fun one man I really enjoy listening to it but not. So -- in that episode Burbank at podcast from time to time as well and I'm like man these guys are all like. Just didn't deliver aren't they doing some good stuff and then here we are. Talking about get loaded from the career working with you I guess there's a there's a there's an audience for everything -- -- and we're like basically like. The little brother of podcasts that he's just completely inappropriate always going for the lowest common denominator. Now I get we're like the bee movie. And I'm OK where shark may know when it comes to podcasts easy you know and I'm OK with that climate -- harmful -- -- they were not and I -- were so awful it's awesome okay we're awfully awesome. -- -- I don't know I say -- damaged -- went along with being in immature and stupid. But he'll -- had a great idea and a steal it from him and marrying courage is the people that listen to his podcast. To subscribe on iTunes until people are doing and -- 'cause ours is up there on iTunes every Tuesday comes out. -- also encourages everybody rated -- five star phone banks and in and refuel because what that does it helps there. Political out of the algorithms. Podcasting and it did you know you -- like for a more and more and more and more people listen to this I think what we do is is entertaining and stupid but it's still entertaining games and you learn about things -- torching. Where I'll see you learn that not from Burbank and maybe he's already got an episode on he's like the Simpsons of I'd guess they've already done it. South part of an episode here now since there is dead. The law anyways if you reviewer if you rig a good it's raining though they'll spread -- show up on other people. You know when they look at that related podcasts. Mamas and the -- marriage podcasts -- if you like kids. Then you gonna be completely repulsed by US TV cast. What I learned from listening to a lot of -- podcasts is there actually. They're rated on who. How many gets downloaded and now what actually gets listened to focus is download Minneapolis and download what -- -- if you're ready if you're listening to right now years two hours and therefore you are let's slow lending period influence your friends and -- and -- Spending could delete it immediately yes I don't care how like having our core pummeled -- coliseum we never got one more Lewis and her again -- -- because we have some fun people that interact with us. And it's a good time and when he's -- into another get together but if we can pad the numbers I'm OK with that. Just like you we can help make me the most influential men in Seattle even normally not -- here that's it. We're about winning the sovereign matters. Hey which rocky theme do you like better mrs. attacks some gonna fly now for eye of the tiger thanks Stevie. And apply now for all without a doubt. Either tiger or get pumped when I hear it don't get me wrong it's a fun song. Do you do you do it and there hadn't had a. -- apparent rash Aaron. -- gonna fly now. More we went to the classic in Spokane and we were -- were taken the limo to their ranks right. And while we're driving you really get to appreciate the -- epic -- And the glory that is that song because I guess first -- fund. But then there's a breakdown. And that the and when everything's just coming back together and this is so. Do you have the whole song. Call two minutes and 36 seconds every two minutes 44 cent all you won't be extended for. No matter. From -- It goes fast play. Sure it's -- I had my own radio show one day I almost every show this song. And not even talk over. Experiences like right now you have headphones on. It's the chicken. It's gonna. Okay. So when. -- -- Limo listening today. Points right. Honestly say right around now the. And yeah. Right he got all really nice guy -- blue bowl -- blue words look girls who feel little boy booted the good the boys drove who -- blue blood -- would build low Floyd today. -- -- Yeah I know they're digging into the palms of my head at his. Relax it just has seven out all content coming all of us. Man I could feel I always. Greg I know you've had no way it'd come home from Jackson -- if you are -- Now listen to that more room that's a good song -- there are guys who sings that song. I don't know what is Bill Conti then put it all together come in proxy Conti moved. You don't have the survivor song and this -- by the time I hear the phone -- bummer dude being like our. I feel like I don't find it sorry try to blunt some plot hole I did it again Michelle performed. -- wind blew we Greece to pipe just enough. -- -- -- -- -- best to worst movie of the year that just got -- then I need a 100% agree. Hey guys Aaron again it's on Sunday I got wasted unable to go to work the next morning well I felt like I was gonna hurl but -- what is well. But yeah I get that sometime soon the you can bone noon moon moons. Why had me some -- hadn't had some me time and has no longer needing to hurl. I think I've done a minor hang over occur to Europe later -- have you tried that yeah I do in the mornings sometimes. I'm dying to hang away after the absolutely. My wife some bourbon -- she's. When she's on the lower short sex. And I think reared -- I don't like to do because normally -- don't think got that nasty sour smell yeah alcohol and you know this is the next morning exactly that's the worst police -- to show our freedoms. Sure. Employees or some -- -- -- thrown -- cure everything you ask me there you go hey do you guys agree with. AP aging Peterson being the number one overall draft pick in fantasy football also what would be your dream Super Bowl halftime show. So I don't know it's up to my neck and top -- of course rademan third round last year I'll take him there he's there this year -- -- -- there is. Lot of you out of him automated as the first three -- you know that it -- number one and it's really tough. If it's my hands and India quarterback and hopefully. We'll quarterback giving. I'll go Aaron Rodgers -- -- -- -- or else is saying no because balls wide receivers are gone home sorry buddy you've still got a cannon. You know I'm gonna go Tom Brady you don't think it's going to be -- point. No I don't think it's going to be Matt Flynn a lot of new jets between like Adrian Peterson and a lot of -- singer Ray Rice is number eight this year. If I get a -- two or three all take it -- Probably right he's gonna -- -- that -- current. Thought -- -- tonight's number one pick Ben Roethlisberger. Okay thanks for talking. That's just football still too far away like and so announcers are all sense ordained day goes Diaz and Tom -- I just want the season -- baseball on stolen car yeah we're here are though is still -- based on jealousy and a little bit of a break for some kind of game -- who also dreams to Super Bowl halftime show I've shared my multiple times on the air. That's the show where you bring Guns 'N Roses back together. And and of course if you welcome to the jungle they can do either screech out of mind in paradise city. And then they have to do. Literally die even some McCartney songs Coca pledges their version I think. When do we have that song. Blue led yeah the Guns 'N Roses version they'll find it uses there's a great opportunity for some serious RO OK and you need that. This -- -- some concerns on Syria's. You really can't -- like features -- I know it's slower you're gonna like this on the disadvantage finished playing welcome to -- -- day. I -- at all. Does amazing -- slow it down we'll be right here with the we reserve the right CIA -- okay. -- chicken wings right. Can tell you trying to do that was after toss. It's a grosses just didn't welcome to the jungle just -- no -- Axl is and right deregulated. -- Oh yeah mark them. Coming down and hopefully this thing in the middle. Imagine this song at this school halftime show. -- -- And all the mosques and runs it right. Stayed -- yeah. There -- almost there aren't. Okay. I want back that's mine went by you guys. Make. And a giant to work. That's exactly and it's. Just I'm OK look I'm still has a close eye. Which you have -- okay. How -- and I really don't now do -- go on the road in the years so I really tough workers and low beyond beyond saying you're yeah out. Any enjoy non U tiger to suddenly losing their country I really enjoy my ass first you guys ask -- any person. Obama since is right -- sitting at the -- here. Oh Kim Kardashian -- cover all the outlets don't dance very well remember that shares have extra so it's very -- our -- grass in a newsroom. Jason white people are -- Stanley duke did -- feel good as stuff magazine cover model Clooney you lucky son of a beaten and he had to try to beat it. -- -- Anderson yeah I think sometimes and I attacks wow did Louie Anderson was at its DNA wrestling -- just like two weeks ago or a week ago. They cut to the crowd and then Louie Anderson just in the crowd just sharing. Awesome IRS. -- got an excise tax message. Very says that only -- both of those artists for the -- and I mean I go with something heavy would you like a metal madly like priest made in that would be awesome and who else. Priest made him if it's a three some yeah -- there. All I just wanna see American ages ago. Walk yeah. John Boehner Metallica would be bad ass you know I think I -- seems good. Hard rock and noticed there were kidding but maybe Metallica can break that barrier -- -- closest they would be analysis and I think you would -- it like I mean. And it had to do likes enter sandman. But -- -- -- -- after amending going to be doing my you know seek and destroy -- be bad -- if they don't I don't. That's other good start you out if it's. Let's see -- cowboys. -- is. B. Broncos. Okay. And they could play enforcement. -- today select it is a team and on the cowboys around wearing different. Jerseys of those -- do you know almost kill Mona. -- he's got some of the system and we don't know we get enforcement dogs your ridiculous it's not seek and destroy those Hutus are always whiplash. Now. Tonight. Let's see its first officers and can now be allowed Al salaam so our quota for wrestling czar because it was an action called the forestry and and look at what idea why you look. What -- ST digestive. -- did a smokey point Buffalo Wild Wings open and you know some leeway as a Buffalo Wild Wings -- -- emotionally I was finally able to go I -- to say I really like the atmosphere and the food was good although I wasn't crazy about the money for the beer and -- expensive for beer brands not just Buffalo Wild Wings like go anywhere. 625 video idealist he got to go during happy hour I mean yeah yeah I don't get you -- blue -- you -- -- might get something else but fur rock. Like three bucks for a box not a bad deal for happy -- a similar I'm inclined to 21 year old -- yeah the next. We're paying like 56 starters are from Seattle anytime there's the matter up the hill -- and yeah. Myself I go home. Half half half half half a day men's room rent is 1150. Years the Mariners game or. Little big bottle. I hope Gerald. Forget how young James is. Started embracing. You're seeing the movie clip from all Jack. There are so young and I mean that's the yeah exactly. -- All the chaos. -- -- The -- did cross -- -- She battled back. -- -- the first to my son there logo. Your guy down and it was. That's really hooligans. Having not done -- what. We find there I don't -- this kind of thing and you use your head and you remain in the -- hello Joseph. And and a little -- I don't know and then leave and drive slow to respond to draw. Idea. I had a little 1979 Honda civic and I took and catcher. That's the Metallica logo didn't go to my car ice it was pretty small but still yeah. Violent one of my favorite rather -- value we're -- someone -- -- So serious so I can place him on the oil come assassinated it it's a great break down the for these engine. You talk we don't have those. Actually there. There's -- one. They're going out there zero hundreds. They did not get bases after cliff cliff made things really interesting and he did it in a way I like if you're not paying attention -- It's not distracting right if you pay attention no no I won't rat man. You're familiar with yeah you -- now. Lot of stuff on the -- What a tragedy. One of my favorite topic. I'll come over those stories and experiences memories has nothing to -- meeting. Happen in our office -- Morocco at the time -- across our. So like Denise Richards. She came in suicide or murder can I drop something on the wall. Might. If you spend like an hour. Drying the Metallica low down on the wall and -- sitting on the chair Ben on the chair. -- me like her back historic main road. -- -- I'll -- dry. Like album let -- take a picture her doing well any time anyone came into their movements and why do you have on the topic drawing on your wall of the logo. -- -- -- -- -- I am. That's a sentiment. Like -- doors song became five. -- -- It is also right. Create a -- songs on the record. Learn guitar solo. -- -- -- -- -- Shoot. The. -- I had been. I -- -- your -- he's got to go I was using yeah. Man. Just love music music brings out such great emotion -- I'll let you guys that. James -- Doesn't mad dog man seven -- thanks a lot. Johnny for joining us from the event seven both of get their arms coming on August 27 in the next game to rest get your tickets now -- -- KI SW dot com. To get your tickets use thanks to travelers CC great experience of the need drivers in Tacoma go check it out right there on sixteen all their run on six. Can't miss it good parking lot to -- it's always important when trying to find a spot. Game of what's locations six in total Covington Penn Station you -- finally Bremerton and Tacoma. Take an update but just -- the -- -- Fred Friendly that's -- limo drivers CC five locations find out more at travelers CC dot net. Thanks everyone for listening to BS TV dad thinks -- will grab. For not being able to keep it in his pants reminded in top job from Steve the producer stay positive.