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Aug 12, 2013|

Joined in-studio by The People Now (Playing PITG!) & Neodea (From Italy!)

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Now again. -- -- -- -- themes surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that would notice the great northwest. -- -- -- -- yeah this is the last. You only -- that. Yes do you. I don't studio Thompson and I -- that I kids. Welcome to another fun filled very exciting addition. I'll allow local a big face huge to last week's guest. Princess whom you can see Friday's September 6 on the local stage at pain in the grass 2013. Now. I've mentioned that tonight's special guests are the people now. I would like the members of the people now to introduce themselves and say what they do with. Then the -- get. I'm Garth my band lets me sing in front of them it's pretty awesome I'm Johnny smokes and I play the guitar and I get to sing right next to girth it's beautiful. The sentiment to parent and I play the drums. And dagger minute plated base excellency. All right here is the announcement the people now are in on this but we figured we would keep that a secret. Up until right now on behalf of KI SW on behalf of allow local it is my pin -- To have the people now joining us on the political stage. Friday September 6 had pain in the grass to money -- you. Very excited to. -- the people amount to the local stage at pain in the grass 2013. Our friends in girl on fire will be able to join us because they got an amazing opportunity I don't know if it's my place to say what that is but it's a great great opportunities so. I had an empty slots and for many reasons I really believe that people now would be the perfect. It now for those that may be tuning into -- local help maybe for the first time this is something that means sows sows so much to our local music community this is one hour where it's nothing but local music be it. Underground via mainstream -- it's rock metal punk electronic. It's all about local music here and I'm so thrilled. There we have not one but two days worth of local talent for pain in the grass 2013. For those that are just now hearing. The name of the band the people now. You guys are really unique band and I don't know if I can put into words exactly would sure bouts. So why don't you Garth Stewart explained the class. All right children out of the class -- if fully in session announced they weren't. The people now's a fantastic opportunity as much as his advance. We we like to tout ourselves -- not only a rock band but they're registered nonprofit here instead of Washington. And we use our music to raise funds and awareness for other charitable or educational organizations trying to engage local and global communities all over the world using kind of music. As the conduit to do just that Imus is really in the nature of what whereabouts so. This being a fantastic opportunity in and of itself not only tell people about what we do but also engage people and what we do. It's not just about us in the stage is really about our fans and our friends and our family. They make it possible and kind of one avert slogans on our bracelet says only with you is there we -- we absolutely believe that. So cool so cool I'm I'm so excited for what you guys are gonna bring to the table at pain in the grass 2013. Each and you guys once again -- on the -- and you can you can actually find out all about the people now like going to be pain in the grass. Sites I KI SW dot com there's. A lot of stuff to cover per chance you heard. Other employees is in the room the people now have brought along some very special friends who have traveled an awful long ways. To be here and we're gonna talk all about that but first things first let's get to a couple songs from. The people now whom you can see at pain in the grass Friday's September 6 on the local stage the first song we're gonna get -- is called. The MM Childs. Garth Johnny. What -- Timothy. Didn't -- now what would you like to say about this particular song were about to play. You know he can say a lot about music obviously but we can soundness on up into words diesel sex. Last time. He had me in decent man and -- And the people and found that it ugly night -- is W that is level local. Don't -- Okay. I. And improve. I mean. -- -- -- -- You know your twins are. I Ukraine in the grass tickets today you live nation dot com. Music KI SW does come with a full line up. As powered by -- -- energy -- from Dallas loss activity no relevancy 99.9. Oh yeah. KI SW yeah. Yeah. It's. Okay. Now I don't point nine KI SW it is allowed local that would be in the new addition. To pain in the grass and that would be the people now with the song maniac prior to that's the people now with this song then how much higher yields I'm enjoying it but I. The people now in studio tonight for allow local very still hopes to have the people now. Aboard for pain in the grass the people now will be performing on Friday September 6 out of the gorge. My suggestion to everyone. Bring wet wipes there's I guess an athlete and an antibody that is toured it such as the people now. And knows the importance of what rights and he just really hope. You stay smelling better I suppose always bring extra underwear yeah. There's so many bands and include like socks and underwear in their writers because you don't know when you're gonna have another chance to do the laundry. Now the people -- traveled. -- Europe. This last spring for a special tour can you guys. Tell only about that and how that connects to these very awesome people -- also joining us in studio it's nightclub mogul. More killings Jamie hi Jane I fear and -- -- there you think you. The so much for having us in and also. Just it's such an honor for these guys to get the play pain in the grass is just. Wonderful thank you so much luck hey it's it's it's a great playing and you know each year we hoped it. As more and more danced so well that just rocks and thank you so much. So I think these guys packing to malign it in the spring. And we have started working on it in the summer. And just that. We're all about connections. Across the ocean and so the guys went over to play and Garth and I had discussed. Launching some kind of music exchange program. To get to music face to face you know we're in the digital age and so. Just kind of being pioneers in that regard. And we thought why not go all the way over to Italy and bring back this amazing band -- dead that's here with us tonight -- -- yes -- none. Like you said this bank creates not only opportunity for ourselves but definitely for a lot of other people which is just part of the fun you now. You tell you -- -- about wetlands and I'll tell you what that's like the closest thing America has some of the day it's. What you need. -- -- Dana -- back in April we got this amazing opportunity to go over there and what we were met with. Consistently. Was. You know just across the board generosity. And hospitality and and invite in welcoming him we we doing Timmy had like bar owners -- make us dinner before we played -- site and see like they don't they don't know who we are great I mean maybe they do but like. Dan -- music before you know we're not -- jays and they just he has a from Seattle. Don't you guys are you guys are awesome so we are just treated with the most utmost respect. Instantaneous gratitude. And if they're consistently across the board in means so. You know what we're down there. Down there -- driver and -- down there. The other direction sounds so we you know again but every single day we are met with these different people and so. We know we surging the steam in the idealists like a while he'll we how. A group of welcoming open armed people that are you know prepared to the best they can with the resources they have available to them. Provide opportunity for musicians that just show up with the will. To try something new -- -- risk something so. -- like we can totally provided -- -- here we are in Seattle sort of like the music Mecca. You know we we tout ourselves find diversity and and cultural sharing in the so much music and -- forward thinking shut out in an -- so we're like man we've got to bed rock. Of rock here. Why don't we bring people to our city and given the same opportunity chances that we have Nina and so we've been building you know I networker and here but also just resources you know at our house we've got extra rooms you've got a recording studio we've got enough practice basement like. We've got bands we've got guitars. This is all you need you we just need to find people over and. Plug lemon yeah. Until my naming those kind of your experience right lawyer over the deaths absolutely and it's nice is you know. It's hard to plan. For little things like howling and get my cell phone to work out there. You know then you -- -- -- there's so it's really nice to be able to have someone that was already over there that are sending us information like a careless. This is how this works in the in this part of the world and many unexpected you know until you get there's a nice to have someone there we wanted to supply that sort of service to bands that morning to tour in Seattle maybe for the first time or maybe there was wanted to do a better and since like second or third time or something but. Because wherever -- an and other parts of the world. Touring the US is incredibly. Challenging incredibly challenging -- -- country is so big. And it does it take so much to get it Johnson's yes yes yes yes please continue. Yeah and so that's the node of the obviously edited the basics no place to sleep unmanned. And then it's really hard to get equipment out. Bob outsource it to customs and Seattle you know for instance Elian and so you know supplying equipment and in a place to practice like that's almost impossible fine when you're going to a country. You know do you do you wanna get their -- couple times right before you. The ship off -- play -- shows her up so yeah I mean that's what Garzon had talked about and wanted to supply and it's fun and really fun to do it and build a -- always cool people listening time. Will there is really just a brilliant by going on in the studio tonight the band from Italy is called -- de L. And I have been stressing about -- its mandate to protect I've been training over it. And we're gonna get to. A song from now dead now for those of -- that are like stop Jolene this is call allow local. Johnny smokes what did you explain the connection to the loop -- how we're gonna play male dance like I was actually kind of a -- for this whole thing because. About a year ago I went over solo as just the -- -- expand. And I actually did two different tumors in Italy and got to play with -- deal both times. So this was my third tour and I ended up joining the people now at that point so army was a great opportunity for. For all of us to join together and Winamp when -- brought him over there I was like there's some amazing bands over in Milan Milan is just like a little miniature Seattle with. Better pizza fans and I I said this one particular fan you're gonna see these guys and to meet they encompass like candle boxing mad season and a little Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam all this mixed together in Italian and it's beautiful. So I feel like they are a banned from Seattle they just were born in the wrong country it's so. And easily forgive us but he's got eight they're from Capitol Hill trust him. That's so awesome. Odds of enjoying the people now in studio tonight from Italy part of the exchange program is called -- Day out. We're going to get to one of their songs here in just a few minutes this is level local 99.9 KI SW grapple with the people now -- -- just -- added to the Friday lineup of pain in the grass -- September 6 and seventh after gorge. The people now will be performing on Friday September 6. Come a long wish. We. Princess and Latin -- -- so some really really great company on Friday speaking of princess they were in studio last Sunday night to allow local the name of their new album is titled selling silver and their feature -- -- of the week so I was gonna do little back sell -- -- player right now this is brand new princess and the name of this song is called. -- in the this house it is well local. Not an -- nine KI SW it is loud logo that is princess from their new album titled selling -- for the name of the song is called. In this house you can see princess along with black beat -- And the people now. The hard job pain of the grass twice thirteenth on the political stage on Friday September 6 I'm joined by the people now people now. Yourself against it which -- -- within your band. I'm Garth seeing him -- -- retire. Johnny a plea to irons and a little demon deactivated -- And died in a -- to base a lot -- I am very well. All right it's the people now joining us for a pain in the grass and the way this all came together. I got a message from from -- and Richards. Part of the emerald city musicians network yeah and and saying all the people now -- some friends in ten. -- The name of the man is a -- go out. And -- from are you guys from Milan itself yeah from Milan and and that would be -- you're hearing right there my gosh so Jamie and -- -- tell us a little bit more up for those just tuning in an it is well local and you're like hey you're talking about an Italian band. Think of this as a rock and roll version of your -- somebody that was a foreign exchange students when you're in high school this is the Iraq and will. Equivalent of that you are so right on Jolene don't think -- I have a moment and the that was hit the name of the program is actually and what -- core fans beyond borders -- can never remember big. -- -- -- -- -- What is what allows us to do this also is well obviously looking around here in the studio. Our music community and the support that you have been over the years and you know responding to my email with. Come on in and what you're -- -- in the press you know. I'm. -- stuff that dreams and dreams are made of and that's really something that. We want to do I've been working with the people now for. For almost three years just managing and develop me developing. And it goes beyond being a rock band you know we were real creative together and we wanted to you. Bring this program to life. And in bringing this program to life. Were able to make some dreams come true. -- dad's going to be playing with several shows five or six shows in Seattle not only that but. Wait there's more they're going to be actually recording at London Bridge studios they're going to be recording a single. With London tone of records which is going to be launching. Full on in a month so -- Dana. Was kind of handpicked. I spoke to Jeff Hyman and Jeff Ross at a Grammy event. I told him about the exchange program they said send me -- it is music I sent the video which is a tribute to me as a pop which is just. Fabulous. So see how everything just kind of connected together. And then also we're gonna take them on a tour of some pops up my friends of -- -- -- to open the -- That is our music community that is what the Seattle music community is all about absolutely. It's one big fun weird dysfunctional family don't believe it or not gets a lot of great stuff done them. -- to call well we're eleven this when I go again. It's tough challenge and I. Do you see them locally and other you know going going back -- Johnny spokes of the people now. Performed. With these guys over and Milan -- evil aren't death from the other day out is not your -- well. You speak English the best out of everyone in the -- Doesn't ask that they can you. Great job we do a great job thank you and I were really excited for you this is something that's really really special and and meaning you guys and the excitement in your eyes and telling me about this song. Inspired by -- is a pot and just the way it all it com's full circle what is it been like. For you guys as a band to be in Seattle so far. I mean the first all I have to think to people now and -- For for having us here you. It's it's like believing a dream you know what I mean for a cease I mean to come to sea island to be here is just while. And permanent display shows it was like unbelievable and then I mean this interview review now. Half and and the single we are going -- accordion and the London Bridge that is it's it's amazing it's unbelievable absolutely. Just have to wake up. And showed Jack I really don't hate -- So cool what should -- Internet detonate a day what were some of the first album American bands that really inspired you guys all. -- I mean. In the early nineties we -- him twenty years old and we were just going now we've that we do all music that we are coming from Seattle so everything that. -- Happening in Seattle don't ask we will listen to -- so from my naive to a decent season -- -- examine. Whenever I really -- done yeah. What is it what is the music seem like in Milan. Seemed. -- there at CNET I don't know I don't get it I'm not even leave the county so I don't I don't know I don't know. Unfortunately it's of the our music is really on the ground because no there's -- seemed. So we are going -- in small clubs we've -- a few people are drawn and that is not so much. About that really. So when we had this call from genial to people -- -- said okay let's go to this. And it's this is isn't really how exciting. Tell me a little bit about the song that that I'm about to play -- -- I had no idea yeah. Blowing. A few years ago there was a campaign can be nothing he's the violence on women. And well we we wanted to do something to write down something about that. And as Johnny before I was single and no we aren't people from Seattle was born in nine different sound you know. When does the fact that -- death of music files have been really shocked about that than. And com -- finally know when we had a opportunity we want to transform death in in a song that. To say something that's against the violence you know. And this is what we ought to be -- some. The very happy to play in his street has not announce what nine KI SW this is -- -- making their. Americana radio debut. In Seattle Washington. On the contrary -- -- -- -- a -- it is allow local introduce your song. Yeah it is called the schooling and don't metadata. This is my. 99. AI SW. And when he. It's. And. -- -- -- -- Now I don't play nine KI SW it is allow local that would be. The people who -- now the latest addition to the local lineup for pain in the last 2013 you concede that people now on Friday September 6 out of the gorge -- Pain in the grass along with black -- blue and princess the name of that song was called. Steal the black bred now for those of you that are just tuning in to allow local there's something special -- and number of things that are special about the people now. But the band is. I would aim MI and my -- this right and I said essentially you guys are a nonprofit -- based rock bands that music is your medium to. Spread awareness absolutely -- I mean every every artist wants to you know sort of elicit this in this. Ecstasy from from others but you know the same time if we can do something that helps. And just like our Brothers and a dead just said before I went to that song about there there's some onions upon you know if if anything about -- can help ameliorate your global or local community. You know we are all fourth that. Tell me a little bit about steal the black friend so still the black friend who has. I'm inspired quite a bit by some of the social and environmental injustice that is happening in Nigeria. -- held in Niger Delta it's very similar common terms and the environments to. Seattle it's very diverse you know as a beautiful people on a culture's been there for awhile but it's also home to -- 3% of the world's oil reserves underneath the delta itself and so it's. You know very classic stories you probably heard before 2030 years of environmental. Exploitation. And while you know we're sitting pretty on our commerce. There's just some people that are. Going to some really unfortunate times with your dropping in life expectancy and you know that environmental degradation so -- this is about a process called conquering. And what these people do is they swim down under the delta you know I think Florida by -- alligators and means dangerous and even the locals as well yet down in Nigeria right so. They're swimming underneath that they're tapping into the raw crude. Lines to be able to sell them on the black market for food. And or guns and ammunition. To defend themselves against the security forces that are hired by large palm oil corporations such well. Yeah it's so it's -- is -- it's been a long long nonviolent protest it's been with the people you can check it out is quite a bit of documentation on it. As -- this song really is about you know blood and oil never mixed until now. What can we do. There's a local director named sandy see Ossetia made an absolutely beautiful documentary called sweet crude please check this out. This inspires quite a bit of the song and it's going to be part of the music video that we will eventually make with this song using footage from this many movie in the prime servicers used on. He's saying he was in jail for several days and they confiscated hundreds of hours. Of their footage there are so it's it's a -- is a big beautiful strong struggle yeah it's it's really. It's got a cool cool vibe to -- so world about it. So excited to have the people now part of payment -- -- thirteen on Friday September 6. It's it's really inspiring there's this guy I think you guys can probably agree that you get turned on to so many. Things that are happening in the world whether it be present day or. In the past through music through through this these bands that you're so passionate about you'll find yourself getting enlightened to other causes and I just. I love the fact that you guys are -- cause. Based rock -- -- I think it's just really really exciting I timid he. Johnny dad now and Garrett of the people now on part pain in the grass 2013 prior to that heard the US. Seattle debut of Milan band -- day out. Igor and yeah eagle are bring your bad forward and energy use your bad news we are better -- And so we have Makiko. Tight and you've done a tough yeah they have Luka bullies. Natalie had a Emiliano -- high. God you guys I hope you're having a great so I'm so cool off I nailed DI is in. In Seattle parts of a program called bans beyond the borders. And we will be posting more information. I'm Jolene. OK guys -- -- -- I teach -- -- Tell Angeline. Remember that Navajo than a minute edit or view they have something to tell you. I. Didn't. And I love my job that I have a gentleman. Won't do it that Julien saying you now Dana. That is translated. Meaning -- news of the goddess. How. To bring all your people. -- -- Excellent I've got you I. Take here's some business here allow local continues next with a new pain in the -- additions -- the people now and their friends from Milan. I hang -- in our fair city Mayo -- coming up next up on the Uncle -- by not an ugly nine KI SW it is loud -- though this has been such an some. Addition I'll allow local -- special guest in studio all hour long. The people now call -- you can see on the political stage at pain in the -- 13 September 6 they will also be sharing the stage with black -- -- And princess. Divide -- more on him in the grass and the local stages -- up KI SW. Dot com I'm joined by guards and Johnny and dad now and timid feet of the people now. I -- -- you have a really interesting musical history. Garth would you like to maybe because I think about Johnny who's who's been around the scene for allowing his played with some really awesome people throughout the years. Dad -- and here you're playing with it with and with moral of that never Maher and and Timothy. I don't know who you played with and I'm sure your head so I tell me how everybody came together until I. I I think it's really cool that you know everyone from the band is is not necessarily from Seattle but we've definitely just been welcome to ingratiate into the culture right. You know and Johnny from Mexico I'm from Arizona -- from downtown Tacoma. And hey I'm from eastern Washington it's it's it's re like a difference in other -- time daggers from the -- so it's. Haven't. There we -- There is there's no border here is that's that makes it really cool but you know unconcerned -- -- -- meeting with him you know. Death 89 years ago now you know I mean -- -- a story is like friend of -- Halloween party I'm not dressed up -- the mad hatter. That trend goes dude you should play drums with very should Clinton may attend temple is John you play guitar I look at him like I'm never going to be down the -- you crazy sounds like. So wrong just so unbelievably wrong about this -- turn -- to be not only one of the best drummers in the city as far as I'm concerned. But my best friend and has led me to it they cadre of people that you see in front of -- -- I love that said hello and that's Timothy biggest question here are you ever. And I -- him and break you know but I'm not yeah I guess I can I get I get you can you can you can ask my other half what it's like with him trying to get -- Physically I got into actually it was a Willy Wonka. And Alabama cost him most. I. See a lot of there radio man yeah I have a. Let's the website for the people now you guys have a new web sites can be addressing wants it. Www. that people now dot com you'll find all the information. Now we've been supplied lovely with you know suing you giving us this opportunity pending -- that's going to be front and center so thank you so much totally also bans -- voters -- find information and and Dan and their upcoming shows as well as things that they have that we've -- they've got going on -- tons -- -- their -- essentially my -- Nailed AL Igor how long how long are you guys going to be in town two weeks two weeks -- Mom so let's have you come by during the day for a full on. Visit to BK eyes at least studios during the day be awesome yes because I have a feeling some of the other -- that work here would love to me. -- yeah. Okay how do we Jamie look at that's so that's a lot of fun thing to oh my god it's the people now along with Vlad. Day one for pain in the grass 2013. So so so there's so many amazing bands. In our city and worse show incredibly -- would ever your specific John out or multi genres are we really really fortunate. And I -- you can kind of all the information about the -- line up -- on Friday and Saturday by hitting -- -- pain in the grass page at KI SW dot com. Okay I've got a question and normally I'll allow the bands to sit in percolate and think about this question for awhile. I didn't think to do that because there's a lot yell and I forgot about it but it's sometimes a fun questions so Dominique give you a hot second to think about it. If and this is Courtney -- and for the people now and if you have more than one answer that's fine. And there's no right or wrong answer yeah. But wanna put up this question don't spit out your answer just yet. If your band's music a particular song or just your music could be used in any movie. Any movie or particular scene within a movie where whites would it be. Igor is translating. I love this and I think this is the first and never had a translator and rely on local. So a lot of options this is also selfishly hell I find out about some great movies that I've never seen. Anything. And and the people now -- -- more than one is if you reach when it contributes something that's fun I just think it's kind of a fun question and I sprung it on your question yeah. And a we can do that yeah. And I thought I wish I had a soccer reference right now or something yeah. OK either are coming come in ahead and and now once again for those be tuning in to allow local this is an Italian band it's in Seattle right now. Hanging out with the people now part of the -- beyond borders program there called neo -- Igor. Well or should do now actually with it which movie which is movie. All. -- oh yeah -- yeah. And if not maybe I didn't understand that you are. This isn't OK let me get Google translate and. Exactly exactly that stands out yeah. I write to people now go for it. I actually if you're kind of popped into my head maybe it's cliche but I can see us being part of the matrix trilogy. See that's being so many ways like my experience with these guys and what really drew me to the intention -- this analysts -- -- people up. And let him see that there's something behind the curtain it's better. And and -- just seems that we have such a message of change and you know it's not always necessarily easy but it's necessary yeah -- I think that's that was of the bonds. Oh yeah Janet there's a bunch against you yeah I would be my choice dealing with Hamas excellent excellent C I think -- never ending story would be my. Background and breathless they bastion writing the white puppy. Yeah I like you have to Al Gore he just hear me yelling for Al Gore found Gloria -- -- for me right now he's -- so I. Okay. You ever in Seattle the that parades and that's grades you know this building right here was actually in that movie. The scene where Bridget Fonda is getting that consultation. For the possible breast job. The breast augmentation. On one of the office scenes Swiss Swiss filmed here. In this building there you go oh how this is so much fun I love and -- -- -- -- -- you wanna throw and I don't think Johnny I'm done talking. I ask you by the way and it's nice show that I like everybody I didn't yet how that's what I deal and the people now joining us or -- in the grass 2013 you could see them rocking the local state along with princess of black beat blue on Friday September 6 and then I on Saturday window pane. In -- is earth warm and curse of the north this is been such a pleasure you guys I don't know what curse of the north I -- On an upcoming dance that will be also want pain in the grass and coming in studio. They're gonna have to bring like an elephant in the studio all right tiger or something like that it's up what's been happening lately among local is this just spent a blast we're gonna wrap things up tonight with the song a one by one this is taken from the EP titled. Only with you is there we -- Once again ladies and gentlemen thank you so much this has just been a pleasure this is just say hey -- you -- and -- -- nice. Anything you like to say about the song before we wrap things up tonight. You hit the nail on the head doing only with user we thank you again. Excellent it is loud let go good yeah. The Christian. -- -- -- -- Okay. Okay.