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STP-Cast 08-17-13 -- STP live at WWE Summerslam

Aug 17, 2013|

This week, the STPCAST is in Los Angeles for WWE Summerslam. Steve and Monson share their experiences, plus we interview: Jim Ross, Mick Foley, Booker T, Cody Rhodes, and The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi from Total Divas).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They've -- the British are my fear place the FCC's -- precision iron. The first time donors a few years back violate location my wife and I met -- -- -- my friends they always raving about drivers and got a at a track there's Suu Kyi secular we got there I love the vibe in that place established. Was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count -- of the closer look at -- a few obligations. Right from my house and -- ordered a marvelous role. The ten year old as well tragic friendly and that's how they've rolled Travers CC five locations find out more Travers sushi dot net that's. -- sushi dot net KS TP. On ago podcasting. What would. Want to slow or. It. I -- -- on the Titanic. Studio. -- yeah see he hit. I'm gonna go hard cash. And there's only 10 when. -- I know words are trying to do. Yes he can get. That's right it is the FTP cats hanging out in a hotel room in Los Angeles right now my body mind since. There. Oh yes sir. Don't know now is only now are you want to really Coors Light it's only 5 o'clock in the afternoon recording this enough. For your for summer slam and it's weird he's been doing these things in the studio but here we -- to sit in the park hotel room. Fears and we've got a bottle wine outside somebody's room. And decided to grab it. There's a fantastic choice. In my question about that may review the text and eventually. I this TP caskets out. I'll walk combine about a month -- Graham and as a walk him by his room I see a bottle have. It half full Weiner half empty to me I look at things of life and I see as the -- we'll wind. -- out -- all these two glasses is a bottle -- it's sitting outside the door. So I grab it -- then the back I have like what they -- have been dropping it off like as a gift this could here's a half a bottle of wine. Yeah now is there's empty glasses next to it but there's no. A hotel or room service doesn't just drop off half empty bottle. I would think -- become a weird but I wouldn't leave it outside the door we have had some weird experiences are ready at this hotels he just never know what's gonna happen at. At this wonderful hotel which actually is. It's funny because we saw the pictures and and whoever is a photographer for at a hotel made this place looked like it is like a mansion and not gonna say it's -- it's. Not a nicer to focus their rooms are ridiculous are great. -- say it's put it's -- really the hotel's fault it's just smack dab in the middle of my home city. The -- now it's it's prime LA -- Minnelli in awhile but then. Always. -- really excited to come here and that's in all sorts of characters. Just walking on the street. We went to -- lineup. Phone charger -- -- -- got my character and we ended up like in this underground like the underbelly of Los Angeles. And the first thing happened as we step up the -- and and you will step on a dead pigeon yeah yeah and it scared because at the same time another pigeon flew right out from where there dead pigeon was. If I think if they get a win here like the gods are like that the beginning of welcome that did you go to. Must less than. There hadn't been at least a couple murders down there to I was read out as ready walk in my garbage cans and Microsoft to come out like. I think is if look at our guards get a grip of stuff that led. As a shield could -- -- -- knows what tennis does go on down over here and talk them out we'll be an act. Acts I use that if you meters go back for stuff like so we we get on them. We almost missed our flight and this is great so like we get to the airport we get the sea -- And it says OK got to go to the fourteen -- Get there than have it announced this is okay we've moved it to gate seven. OK so we get to game seven now we sit down because you've got the real you sit somewhere near. Where are freaked him entrance is because everybody's taking up two seats apiece the and people lane down I mean. I give me your tired to -- -- somewhere not next to the terminal right look where there's no planes going -- I couldn't believe it did you have people bags at the -- -- don't want they would sit Mexico had a freak and import -- eventually a remake you know the plane it's a selfish look like. That's -- -- got to write that down into that and we're working towards. After a good reason that I thought of them. Like the guys on the bus that you see passed out right jump on public. Transportation to I mean it's it's. It just shows it is a pass it hasn't wagon to the -- they're just laying it down and and taking up space you have old ladies having to stand up yup. Get up and offer -- C and let us sit down because we have our Burger King memory joining me. So we have to sit like not very much further than where our airports they -- which we -- somewhere. And where you sit there were sit there we are hearing no announcements I know OK it's time to board the plane whatever. I look at my phone and we're just aboard 1115 insulin 55 and -- we have important it's kind of weird but you know we had to move -- so maybe things are delayed so I really wasn't a big -- Waited another minute now like I'm -- some hit in the pit of my stomach like. What is it currently on the plane to turn around to see somebody walk towards the gate and just walk right in like okay is that as first class or. We were on the plane do we get up and we we go and give our our passes I'm like OK you'll. This is weird we get on the plane in -- everybody is already on the plane except for us yet they -- plane was full Willis missed our flight. They're running and doing any cooling grown up like the twelve man barred meg not a number beer Israel that were sitting there eating every Kimberly -- having bagel sandwich you're at a burger -- -- The up and I was trying to figure out I was zoned in trying to figure out how to get myself out of it. Multi person conversation on FaceBook. What is right yeah that's where my attention was content. Pro -- American figured out what that's like OK so I. What's the etiquette with that because I don't know of anyone else has this experience but I I feel like sometimes your did you put in a conversation telling necessarily don't like the person. That created the conversation. Deep conversation which is all good while but then everybody knows you left the congress -- it shows who left it. But I think I don't know I won I don't care -- -- it again but do I mean. I just don't want me maybe of FaceBook would make it so that I didn't get a notification. At every time someone said some. Get a bigger guy was like look at a -- take this if you figure person I -- silly but I could assault left -- -- And never make a full group conversation but if I did make your group conversation. I get that yeah okay some people don't wanna get all the risk especially unite and take part whatever that conversations about you don't get every single. Responses that are sponsors sponsor on that so yeah yeah a book and I think if I was gonna make a big group conversation like that. I would it shows who read it. Yeah and so -- I'm not looking for feedback I guess. Not that I've done it but I'm not looking for feedback on the same here are some facts. Take it or leave it to death exactly barbecue in my house at 715. Friends here yeah now. There's no other movie got a text message in the middle of all we're doing this from my BJ. And he's come up later and now it is the wife. And I could really go to Hawaii sit and I go to Hawaii next week. And dot remedial would be -- his wife there because they're also going same island same hotel nice -- worked out to be fun like that so. He just sent me a message that says there will be plenty drunk by the time you get by the time you guys get here. Happy face and just him and his wife does founding entering back on the plane. That as I guess. What we've seen it Africa and live. Good for him. Yeah that -- -- trying to live right there there's a decision first class says sons of bitches way to go -- and in the good life now. Good for him so we're on the plane music -- That's a -- some. CUC's. He has are part of the world of texting with BJ each day they go. So. Were on the plane and -- I was -- we were basically like in the romper room section of the plane everybody around us but us had a child but if the plane were to crash we would live. Back the last six -- and I say this to be you freaked out the got to step in the middle of us because. I don't know it's that we get in there I got the window seat in months and got the aisle seat in the there's a guy in the middle of us and we were joking about it will what do renewed because of the hot chicken amid all of us like this is sort of -- around but no we get this guy is -- -- a sky -- whatever and mugs and leans over to -- does cool there are in the back OK why he's a better rate of survival of this plane crashes. I think guides kind of grabbed his legs like you see him he is -- kind of always nice anyway you white knuckle area -- newsroom classics of them. Were everywhere around us and I'm like OK this is file whatever the kids are being kids there's one kid I was pissing me off. He just kept singing and singing senator recorded some of it. How could that -- -- is -- six same like -- I wrote in my. Notes because well there was yes you had the one behind you bright and then there's two little girls across now right next to me -- bright. And they kept. They kept doing the you know that. The secretary could shoot you yeah and then you know and that you thought it was the -- most hilarious thing ever which he changed it to cow going chug it -- movement you know over. And over. Per -- like a good job. Yeah at it like ten minutes -- it was going going going and I look over a half and then I see a Starbucks cup -- hand. Right to disavow or it's -- at the four years old is four years old -- -- collect all this does not gonna end any time soon could be. The last -- parents don't give cricket a coffee. When you're going on a plane or -- a good idea to give me get a copy in general junior yeah I -- you drama me too. And apple has been John. Let me forget that confident metro pass out so I have that are I don't know how good this is gonna sound on my phone but I did -- a growing tape. For about thirty seconds of the -- that you Judith together. Not making this -- this is actually what we had here on the plane for a solid ten minutes before we even took off. Hopefully it works for -- Okay. I thought yeah. Yeah. And this just had to go out. On data on it. On and it's like they develop from took it took its utility like reminds -- that it took it to the move move and it became that called response target saga. Move move move is that okay kids seriously. They just kept going and they're and there are with what I gather is they're grandma right. Yeah that was I feel bad for the ground but she did. She could very well and that's given coffee -- -- that you don't do that with kids it's it's not doesn't make any sense they give. Even candy -- at times. But I think about it -- comes a day that I'm I'm gonna be a parent I would agree. One of -- that's gonna be really cautious with the amount candy she makes kids crazy -- and pop. Yeah it just sugar in general they don't need it now Dramamine like Munson said they'll make it happen to my parents make it happen. Have some respect for every one ups. So then on the plane and I of course had a kid behind me that decides that he's gonna kick the back of my chair for the entire freaking plane ride and I I was -- -- might -- the kids having fine. I'm growing hate this child on -- even know warm and apparently she's doing -- press I -- telling a stop -- the chair you know you can only do so much without you know. Exactly your kid to the chair. But then at one point he decides that he -- out the window they can knock out the window that would be pretty awesome if you could do that on a plane and I think that might hurt but. These -- -- against the window within everyone's on who just randomly. Slammed his head against -- set her up. I looked like you legislators that he must have -- but I could see his head. From like this side corner like over my left shoulder I could see his head against the window and and -- -- make a weird sound like. Look at the real thing and let the -- I don't think it. I'm pleased. That didn't stop the killing me over here I did in the longest two hours in my life been nice up forty minutes of it. You know he should do next time is. You didn't have your seat rested to go back -- I didn't at all you gotta wait it's like in the reflection of its -- in -- for him to move ahead for a new moves his chair back. Not come out and put all tech. Not other eyed girl to an accident mom sorry my -- he -- she probably would like secretly doing get us and say you know that was all right I appreciate that we get the LA and and now. Trying to get a cab of course is ridiculous you finally get one and him. It's his. It's so hard having like any kind of sort of conversation with somebody who doesn't speak the language now I'm not here tonight to be like -- for the wrestling fans exempt Coulter we the people aren't they all those line to this isn't about. I issued its own -- to speak but when you get to that point where like you'd. We see a sign that says flat rate. Airport to -- a downtown Los Angeles -- where we're staying 46 dollars. And as we're driving in stock in the worst -- I don't do enough people doing unity I know how how they how they work now I would strangle myself. The traffic yeah I would I would take a rope put around my neck -- and trying to hook like somebody's rear Revere and have them paying me. -- -- type things because there was all of Paul. And it wasn't like it was like what like 330 in the afternoon that we were of that we touchdown and an and were on the road yet people are still work at that time how is their traffic now. I don't know yet. And it's though it what it was and you don't start your car sick as you go. It's like to go lower you go to forty feet -- and stop immediately went right and it's is that a kick in the for that and like I hate to stop you just got a -- did I see it from Jim Ross yes. Look what happened. IA well when we were given interviews earlier took a picture whether I'm right and then I just waited around and said. It WB's Jim ross' and I hang out summer slam. And we are talking about our hockey team that common donkeys -- you're wearing a donkey shirt right and asked what it was yes it's like -- love the certain never see that donkey served before what does that yeah and we went -- -- -- when he was. It sounds like he's a pretty big hockey fan too. Because you have that he just he said you guys forgotten that's the -- -- birds in the senate that's it they'll run the last true man's sport yes would you adopt coming from a guy like him who's big in the football out of -- -- -- -- -- while I was like. Does this iconic corn that he had contact sport base they know I mean it clearly. As a lot of respect for hockey and which made me real happy and -- like user ready really cool with a. If we already finished the interview and I will talk about that in a second Iowa gonna be bouncing around on this pod catching him at the -- may -- right take notes and follow along casino we've had a couple years and we've got an amazing day in this is like today's Friday -- recording this fresh off of doing all the interviews so. Yeah we have an amazing interview with Jim Ross to the point where I could you go back on the air because it kept going and I'd they in my heart of Mike. I won't regret ending this interview just sort of get back on the air when I know full well that BJ and the boys they can all handle it just fine and they they could they're they're okay without me but this is a moment. That I wanna have because it started getting juicy like towards the end and I didn't like that Jews like scandal as juicy but just in arresting. So we finish it you very kind of throwing down on us but that once he saw the shirt it was almost like. We got a lot cooler to have you guys at first he thought it was a pro teams like Seattle donkeys without what does that right now Tacoma donkey kick to call was got a -- -- -- Now we have a men's league team and we -- you guys play hockey yeah and he was jacked about that I thought that was so cool so. You get a picture them in between -- Yeah I 2 AM I said yeah -- mean JR hanging out at summer slam. He's at -- donkey fan out to. And he just responded back with -- -- retreated didn't end quote editor are you do it right or talks that's hostage that is bad -- bib. There's ever a time where we're gonna run into JR again or may movement get him a couple would get a shirt printed up from The Hague where we send this yeah we got to get JR surely -- -- -- That is awesome. And now I during near real play actual will display it in the second so you guys to check it out but -- during the interview. We're talking without JR and he talked about like he's got his own barbecue sauce and -- his own brand of mustard and you have a chance I got chairs barbecue he's got his own -- got a little monster but. We got to talk to a lot of people we're gonna talk about our experiences of those interviews as well as other stops and who knows they were to take a break go out drink and and come back and finish his pocket and houses are gonna work out and that's the beauty of doing ES TP cast live from Los Angeles but up. Of all the all the -- got to talk to there's definitely like I'd say three that we both I think mutually three or four that we've mutually agreed were the cool -- -- and I would put. Jim Ross at the very top. That was not only just a cool moment to be able to be in a room with a guy of that stature I mean he's a legend and -- the hall of Famer. But also -- the broke down and talk to a -- I mean off the Mike about our hockey. I do here in this interview I mean he goes pretty deep into some stuff about wrestling and what I love about the interview is that even agree -- a wrestling fan at the U walkway were some good life lessons again towards the end was it some like you got to play. Play the guys yeah I egos I think he said the coast that the coach puts out there that says you got to perform you gotta you gotta play and now elites in shares a great story about stone cold and it's all stemming from. What happened that wrestle mania here in Seattle so this is up in my opinion a must listen I think this should be the first city that we start off on the STP cast with without. Live from summer slam doing it big style I don't wanna get this -- gets posted before -- -- Sam and hopefully I will get it up by Saturday so. Which makes no sense of somebody listening because if it's it's up it's up and it means you're listening to it but summer sirens happening this Sunday. By not paper view at 5 o'clock West Coast time 8 o'clock to be listening on the East Coast but man I'm so excited and look for us because we're gonna be there. And I used Jim Ross on the SDP cast. I really hear -- Jim -- JR is an honor to get to meet you and talk to you thanks very much gazillion Danny great to see you and it's funny I was just in Chicago last week. And I ate at the squared circle which is Lisa Marie variety and even -- jury is out. Place and I finally got to enjoy your barbecue sauce or other and now it's just a couple burgers that I had. The hobby tidy which has JR sauce on it roster actually. And dot I ordered a couple bottles right after out of this ridiculous. It's pretty it's pretty good made us it is stunning that. But the -- pretty damn good Tomas it's amazing the only -- of that idea. I got I got board was regular mustard. And a -- -- Macon. -- never actually reckon are murky sauce -- and it leaked documents decided to do -- kitchen. OK so this spicy sweet smoky and catch it. It's really good and so. I got out morgue -- obviously demolition man nice thing. Yeah -- got to look healthier and her and I said soft starting more mustard. But I couldn't on sometime real -- so long story short I got -- high level honey mustard. What -- Pena managed. And out due to basis so it's it's out there -- other world. Yeah it -- healthy. I and realize that see I told my life I was eating okay alright Chicago at least with a barbecue sir the blustery day at Florida and a big pretzel guy I love soft pretzels so I can't wait to try just dipping into oil that that's that's the way to do us a good idea of getting hungry right -- -- -- -- -- I've man I've been a fan of yours forever I'm a huge wrestling fan and am excited about this my first I'm gonna go to a summer slam titles I got to go to. Wrestle mania that put us in Seattle we're from Seattle and that we would appear to win -- in the -- all you guys just could not true treat and for you. You've been around it and even met so many of the guys who work with somebody you guys and a when I'm loving right now is basically you're such a great connection with the young talent and I'm loving where the young talent is going right I feel like the W he's in good hands with that would with the new breed that's been coming into the Frey lied to the Daniel Brian's. Odds are even nine yards and tons of funk -- they're doing is tag teams out. Prime time players as well I mean how how do you feel that the future of the. I think that the the fact that we have a new performance center in Orlando. -- 6000 square foot facility. And we increased our recruiting budget and he who shall we say we're looking at more people worse -- -- people. I think that. The futures -- bright the the future Debbie Debbie is in -- Performance that are yeah if you're going to be a star in this company here. 99.9. Percent and because of that facility. So it's incumbent upon us that are working in that area to bring in the high slow athletes men and women that we can. That have personality that you could that they can become entertainers bright but they're not. They don't they don't just have a -- They're they're athletic as oil right so they're at and doors -- stake in their sizzle death -- tax health. We we entered a there. -- beginnings a great relationship with the NFL players association. So we're going to be looking at a lot of -- former NFL guys always had very young and you don't know I don't know we're autopilot. Forty year olds -- -- on our young guys Tom Watson is there with the average -- years for a football players like three or four years yes exactly half and that and the other thing is that. That after after three years in their vested Dinara they're union and so let's say get a guy that's 45. He may have had three or four years in the league. But he's generous and science community we know is athletic. Torre wouldn't have been that successful local football field. So now we can give him too. -- looked -- -- the governor of the career but I don't know what I did right football's over I don't know what. So here we are we were in -- -- you're raise your hand here. And we may find a some stars in that Reynolds they NFL says they have about 400 guys that's the last cuts are made. From day -- camps where they about 400 players that are looking for work. Yeah and ends I mean here's an opportunity to be back in the spotlight yeah I would imagine that it now I've -- couple plays that were playing in the NFL when it's over till midnight. It's weird not being in that spotlight or having that that that that energy of people cheering you on what's. When I spoke with titans O'Neal earlier and I would imagine he'd be a great ambassador to finding guys are very saying hey I -- -- college I played. Arena football's -- he says the feeling walking out of the tunnel for the WB is a much better experience because you're doing it more often. Month -- sought to. Talk and do it to the rock you know us on the rocked his back in -- day yeah. He was a former player. Got you just shut -- -- -- covers stamped leadership and in the CFL but he played on national championship in Miami at the youth. Saw a sign him only -- seven bucks. -- a great relationship but look for the story is the real worries because -- back. It is he can't replicate. On a movie set. What began in an arena -- people. Right in this feeling that she give their energy -- the energy the adrenaline. The specialness. Is -- -- can't describe it and that's. That's the thing I've tried miss most about not being on the road now or no rock history every week is. The that it. The crowd allows you have to have little bit of their energy -- their adrenaline. And -- always worked from doing that always. He's totally in yet another agency each each time I mean there's. You have the hottest -- -- -- one day and then the next day I like what this is such an amazing progress now Larry you've where's the energy. It's got to be and it's it's a cool. Sausage you know what the hell it's The Who were hurting her career. I was abusive lives -- take -- -- -- being yourself. And it sounds very simplistic. And some people are resistant to take that advice because they're afraid of failure. But what I don't look good enough well if you're not good -- there wasn't meant to be your -- of the nosedived. So I -- I this I always it was a neat. From her better or worse -- lower greeted alarm our. There was little was right and I think that's the thing about these young talents is that we're trying to get them to be extensive so their own personality beyond. It is an embellished them a little video and amplify them somewhat. I mean I don't make very wide as a who's the psychotic. Person -- real life obviously the break but he has asleep I assume that repaired during this tour is almost him. It seems natural yeah exactly then I yeah I would imagine -- -- Yeah I mean there's a certain beauty of wrestling it I think so my fear -- moments are wrestling ring you can tell as a fan. There's some realism going on princess is not just a character like. Deterrent just last week watching raw and seeing seeing in Daniel Bryan in the ring you know just having a war were so great and you could see the passion -- I don't see things like continue Brian was emotional needs. -- what John scene was saying and you could see it in designs. Malice killing us feel any emotion as a fan like that's those -- the moments I just love him and I cannot wait for Sunday to see those two mixed up in the ring lesson that. I think that promo are upset about all furloughs. And the the best promo guy's. Were basically -- themselves. I've had. And hundreds of conversation both those guys. Off camera right behind the same type deal. And I get a -- year old also that they're excited to talk about. Uses the same thing that we heard on Monday night. So there -- real yeah they were having an actual conversation. And was it today has a structure absolutely and whether Roland. But they put their own words -- have a teleprompter or they didn't have a script. They didn't memorize or reliant yeah you know remained -- they were not there and they had a general direction and let it flow and anymore. And infamy like as a fan and that's like speaks out about it you see it and this is there's a genuine respect for them to be able but the other person goes there you know only go down that road. Without being okay we're gonna this is going to be intense moment of my child but you know what we can still -- to be buddies here -- -- just respect but yeah respect their this huge area and I just love it and and as a broadcaster. Mean you've seen so much I mean if there's some mistakes out as being like that was a memorial like this is this is a special moment as a broadcaster well. You know. Look at the ironically. There is Seattle are so many nineteen GAAP. The night before Pennsylvania as Safeco. This -- man and I were in the hospital. Senator most of notional -- writing and -- that -- that match against Iraq in real jeopardy. -- we all we also news. -- we have broadcasted that that was offices last mention. And you know I hit five I signed seed to -- didian. Worked for the admin -- he did the early in his career. Aside we I had that friendship within. Probably. Closer than I needed to have from a standpoint of late. The administrator and a player right we -- we're friends. And it to have -- he was -- -- the lag during you know rain yeah here's a guy -- So -- -- -- it's got a good -- guard. But I -- his last match now is really really. I'll let go of that thought. -- the match started well when it was over I knew it was over and it's really hard not to get emotional about it because. Heidi wanna go allscripts noticed that he did because we haven't talked about. That win lose or draw this is so close last home. Right so we can't zone Sunday night -- not a way that was Zenyatta did go in business for myself and -- in. With -- -- probably the high side mr. held an opportunity there. Yeah yeah I mean we don't know until it's looking back -- unsafe at any point does -- leave on us in any moderate. Reconsider. We're jealous that he hasn't so far he's our Russell Williams. We do but would you do if that opportunity ever came up where stone -- could do mix it up one more time and a lot of people myself included love. To see if match between -- CM punk. -- investor match yeah but I think we go over think it. I think it looks a skill set and his attitude. Approach him to lead to his do his job it would it would is perfect university. Because -- is a very intense. All in guy he doesn't know the emotions. And I think that Steve is certainly set the -- for that yeah mr. intensity and never had a match July. And you know you go out there. And I it would be such an overall. Kellogg Canada very -- I don't know why you know he always had. He uses own worst -- -- Baghdad now and but he had various things and things he would change you know I've I would never even noticed. There are nuances subtly little it's. You know studio -- Kidman and we should really be happy that match. So I loved what drove him to be as great as he was so an enemy he would be like you're right now was great right now but I had that same drive guy you are right that I just stopped yeah I would imagine what did I. British sit here all day and just pick your brain to hear your stories I mean you are definitely someone that I did not know you're and is pursuing in my radio row but. This is yeah I mean and just hearing you talk we have some great wisdom and it's it's an -- to get this. Well thanks so it sort of product is going to be fun this weekend night. Is that this is say. An amazing opportunity. For that talents of those young tell -- your -- here yet to play big yes you give -- -- you get a chance now. Yeah you got to gather -- under six state dinner Bryant. Who's really from -- so many guys of his stature. -- that wanna be a star. But cannot make it because I'm not sixty right. You got. Sierra Club. Who still look how -- is that he's hungry visor neighbors that. Then he got rewire its first take review the situation McCain uses status veteran. Yet -- Oreo in the Christian I think we'll be just to show stealer. Customize -- to him to be very bright reality otherwise be out and get great chemistry and initial pressure orange juice to meet. To close the show part of -- show. It's got there have fun yet so I think that. It's incumbent opponent in the men and women on the show their book to. Who stepped. And for so -- and guys this is critical. In their career they're not notice that the so make or break but maoni coach which in a game. Play yeah so it Sunday stomp them to play tennis should be a great great event here. Having Al clamped up I can't wait for Sunday Jim -- it's been an honor thank you so much for Dallas it's been a future. Unless the Seattle says Jim ross' man hang out less and doc. There is did this and they gave me a list of all the people that we're gonna interview and it's funny because. Some -- -- -- that they were supposed to every did not make because they were doing some -- charity stuff I mean these guys are busy from doing -- -- -- you start -- campaigns of visiting schools -- giving kids. -- that he knows how to do -- Not only just in front of the public's perception they're doing and a great job as far as media -- community outreach. But behind the scenes and they must and you can attest it's good you were dealing with them a lot laws try to be on the air go back equipment being any in the region Shea morning experience. And try to tape these interviews for the web and also for the podcast. They couldn't be easier in quarter work worth and there are a multibillion dollar industry. Yet they had things down through TU they were I mean just managing the wrestlers knowing there were I was -- talking to him. Saying okay we got this guy come into next -- you guys can be ready yeah you know and we it was just a seamless process worked out great and -- it was like it was so weird like we're doing the show and on there and the paint a picture or so were at lucky strike bowling Alley which you know and there's one in Bellevue has won here in Los Angeles it's like. -- A hundred feet from not leave me -- -- more of -- very close to the Staples Center which is where sometimes going to be so we get there are what like. 4 in the morning 3:30 in the morning and -- we're pretty much there to set topping get everything in order and you know we post up they have a whole back room would say they give account like their. Reserve through a government of private function or party whatever it may be. Have all these tables set up there a big backdrop with the deputy summer slam logos that we think that's cool pictures to -- you look like on the paparazzi whatever. Mad about. So we get it all set up they show up the -- -- he's like the suits that respect the PR people marketing people. Couldn't be friendly air just like hey how you guys doing and it. Very welcome they brought us a board game. The encyclopedia the WW Wii and also while British -- from new movie that he's in called normally -- yeah and it was great a lot of guys goes. So what do you think happens in this movie that night what do you mean he has no one lives. Well back up -- ridge and watch it thanks if they sorry to spoil the ending yeah he read the title coordinators I spoke. There was there were doing that and that their breakfast forest creek in the exit cheese were amazing the out and then they can. I mean they didn't they didn't go like have passengers give you -- couple pieces of toast and say here go have added I was so -- -- so basic and go for seconds but. Still it was awesome coffee bread bowl whatever your drink of choice is they had it all balanced. -- 630 is when everything started rolling as far as bringing the WW superstars in anomaly to end. We're gonna get to come in early but you're gonna be so bad it's a barely even Mike you know made it in the W that he that just got his first foot in the door and it's like -- -- rookie. You gotta wake up at 6 in the morning and show up now first guy that walks end. Mick Foley. Those thoughts. There was there was no hit that what do you mean Elisa said like bella twins -- Wade Barrett. Try to -- Los Leila. Cody Rhodes -- standout. And more. This bands playing at the club. With a special -- it's like what they haven't figured out who the guest is going to be yet I get a whatever bandits in town that they can find it -- anything special. So what is said and many more of like -- you know it's going to be some developmental guys it's for me as a wrestling fan I don't care just talked to a bad it's gotten that far. I'm stoked about so all -- get in his Mick Foley and his son yeah and mix a little groggy. He was groggy yeah and his son was tired yeah but if it's it was cool how he incorporated sun and on the interview -- I that's got to hope the kid you tell us kind of an aerial. At it might -- play that interview to our attic in -- -- -- spirits up. Here's Mick Foley here not an ES TP test. I am new Mick Foley home I had how's it going. It's going very well thank you understand there's September rubbed his goal -- the big show yeah I think there's like serious like party favors being used and that person that there was drilling gonna ask you laude from me -- -- hey guys I what is it about 5:6 AM it is -- close look at my son to shake me -- I'm -- there was little alarm clock but I'm pretty sure that he was. Jolting me at one point even slapping me repeatedly this. This is the usual time that your son wakes up. You know -- he's an early riser anyway yeah -- the way to California yeah I definitely was and knew you were shaking dad to majors anyway right. -- I I have -- very learned wrestling Manning has even get his opinion on a couple yeah yeah let's jump jump on him feel free to jump on the microphone is -- the -- he's -- in the Kofi Kingston RT -- as well yes -- and I'll tell -- -- -- my son. He was spot somebody like that if he starts to follow that person. Generally means that person will become a big stars got a great eye for talent and I got to wonder out loud not to put him on the spot who us is the phone besides -- knew you were severe biggest. We're so we're prayer ritual or not like the top two or three guys. Green ST AL you out while ray we've known as the wild have -- a big star but who feel like got to the up and coming guys. They came in after seeing these shields for the first time I have. That was well over a year ago about a year ago. The -- they all were raving about she'll probably -- there'd be big stars that turned out. And the biggest seven and I've heard during the past say great things about Daniel Bryan who's I'm based out of Seattle so he's Washington guys that we take a lot of love and now it's cool to see him doing as well as he's Dylan. He's just been resisting killing and injuring two -- Eric. Some of the guys that you look at Manny I did this guy's gonna definitely be able to -- and pick up the reins for the very WEN and lead -- into the future. -- want to answer that by saying I do believe I have Seattle show coming up on the admin tells wrestling past two or you comment. Yeah I'm -- try. Bob yeah. I'm part of the tribute to the troops goes up went out I will a workable shows. Animal when you've Portland Seattle. In Vancouver. Odd man as a do my little less than north west wing I keep seeing all your performances like people wondering when this. It's gonna come to Seattle -- I hope so but back to. People get checked real Mick Foley got common good events and now we will be adding those in next month. I ever -- loved Daniel's house. I guess how much until I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched total -- his -- did I watched that first guy that got my wife wanted to see it yet another guy I love wrestling saw watch who we did not love the show I create. I did do it and I. You -- nice discussion as a family. But the difference in lifestyles and drowsiness. And Daniel Bryan and and you know I've found myself really falling -- The data Brian's house and Charlie Brown Christmas tree. That's the way. I love that part of where the TV like I'm not into that kind of bad gags get the same bed frame is based aimed at -- -- -- kids. Every time every week when my daughter watched he's he's dead. Daniel -- remind me so much have you wow. That's pretty topless yeah. Yeah well I think she needs in terms of -- Venus and now. -- facial hair and -- I'm. Portable long. Who would've thought -- a couple of years ago and a little stubble would grow on -- go on to become I think it's. Crazy appeared to hurt -- -- a mustache is working for Cody Rhodes it's great that the debate flares Megan after an identity maker can improve a gruesome Arum I hadn't split. I'm -- -- -- -- find this guy busted me was like dad and I think you over did did not touch it good just for men. I did and I applied in the telephone call and it was like twenty minutes long instead of five that I rinse it out of my. I looked like one of those ridiculous guys in their seventies I do. The -- to try to stay here claim that Syria. To being useful so yeah this is not my natural beards -- A little bit of a darker but I. Nature early roots lay out a couple weeks summertime is this Sunday I was wondering how would that be most excited to check out our analyst 30 okay you mean. -- O'Brien in Johnstown. Should he had epic match and this is probably biggest match. -- yeah. Dana Bryant's career and yet I say something I know -- pretty well. -- doesn't want to have a show stolen. By anyone's right except it's not him here so I know he and he's going to be battling man vs a man -- -- man vs beast but also man vs himself remembers Daniel Bryan you've got to believe he's gonna want it -- feel like show. In the sleeper. What match Jewish you never discount the match you should never discount we're just talking of the what Max is dead -- afford to. -- insanity -- stand out and Cody Rhodes yeah us. The battle in the bay air where the golf. Yeah. And one other one comic set about it and a -- you've made some comparisons to him regarding use of -- Wyatt. Finally gonna see amazing well of his campaign again that is good character that is a great character. I love it and give CE OK now I love love who came down. Got silly you know bad fund their Bruno really by revitalize them but -- -- match over remind people of what. -- is all about that RBD end. -- Indian Ambrose should be excellent as well I -- get a leg is sort of it's one of the best cards. Of the year then -- deserves a spot you know -- Summers and on so senators seated around. This is an honor to have you swing but I really want to might not ever rest related trivia game with the Foley house I don't know yeah. Are you -- all -- much to my knowledge famous I am here I am now I'm my own game action I think this deadly one man that Bob. Save me occurred. Mercury is as residents. I -- apple. How one last thing because I've been talking and you guys about how excited I was to come here for -- have been a lifelong that VWE fan and this is one of the coolest things I've got to do because my job self. Put it back in your table it's been one of the coolest things you've been able to do because of what you Yelp just -- those experiences that you Barack off. You know they've they've become so quickly. -- had a chance to meet some pretty inspirational people they know I'm meant to Eunice Kennedy Shriver and had nice. Conversation very Shanghai China alone no -- -- I I had the opportunity to -- lose and lose one of my years in Munich Germany. And that's coming up on the twentieth anniversary so I'm thinking of doing out. Twentieth anniversary year show yeah obviously yeah. And most guys anyway thank you both think along those lines so -- on the T shirt right there has got a big had a featured if you want you here with the wind it began here. I think there's certainly not your -- -- you -- Dana Brian fear the beard first appeared here. I love it and I think we may get out of -- I -- -- one last Monday that's got to ask you because we're doing a topic -- about how was that one and then they. Could go to like three Summers I missed that but it could be like a NASCAR thing or a World Series in an all star game what was the one that you haven't been able to do but you've always wanted to do. Com. It was about a couple sitcom stars in the seventies. Let me. You get to know a little better. You know I mean. He had to think -- got a reasonable shot. Suzanne summer holidays are good but I thought she was never ever beautiful woman she had the -- of the lightning dollars and she's dead guys I'd rather keep my dad I don't want anyone else trust to intercede. Yeah yeah yeah. I I held hands and -- daisy duke during dinner and one guy that -- box -- -- -- -- -- the only use Kevin Nash putting pressure on me to. -- -- like we were sophomores yeah and then seed just that you know and make them. I'll hold your hand so. I I've got that -- room which is nice and as she may become in my post Summers and -- also we have a whole collection of you know athletes. The movers and shakers and actresses. -- have a good night host summer's -- spectacular team rob. And then now we'll catch you guys out and then in the northwest -- united December I don't believe he had the time becoming studio will be honored that you have got a -- thank you very much meg thanks so much just bring him back all right -- everybody. I Mick Foley there kicking it none on the morning at -- As a fan of wrestling and ways you've got to respect that guy and what he's done for the industry and as these -- -- Famer he's he's an amazing amazing performer and how but he could become -- a Seattle. Yeah that's exciting I go to a show Alia. You I mean I was just so impressive all of -- that they had they ever own super down to earth. No one no one was Russian their interviews -- know and big -- try to big time it's not at all no they were just you know just there to talk about. You know wrestling and them and and they even -- that's -- question as a school I think that was pretty awesome that like you when when the mics are off and you just wonder okay how are they going to be are they gonna be -- -- going to be cool. How a second ago and the fact that they were like down to earth normal. Nice people like they were genuinely appreciate that we were even there to do this yeah I mean I everyone was everyone in the spanking announced yet what we were doing everything I mean it was just. I think that's where they can them there I thought I think -- area. The wrestling orgy I think he's the -- for the fifth scrap its exact. As the irate so who would you put that of all the people that we met and all the people every oh -- as far as your -- I think I think well I don't know I was I really enjoyed Cody Rhodes yes you haven't it's weird mustache. It's borderline Hitler mustache and no -- -- horrible I mean it's -- looks terrible but. But it. I don't look there but the thing is he knows that is just ride not I though that. Now it looks terrible heat -- me he really had some good stuff to say about wrestling in the sport in general there was fun. Yes I really don't get to an -- in his apartment near everywhere yet shows us is off the head of his Mattel doll I think it was as an action figure doll and out alive that night. Yeah you wanna put these guys on a pedestal but I kinda due to being a big fan. -- like I'm so cool looking at a picture uncle he's gone and it's it's a bigger wrestling had -- but it was still. It was funny that some personalities that he's shown us death on menu is very intent on getting to show it to us like he was excited to show it to you really wanted to because and he was so excited because the dog had. His mustache on. Yes and view it's all about that he loved it I can't imagine like. My wife whenever I went like -- member was happening and you were growing mustaches and I -- like to do that -- -- not you will not get anything from me if you have a mustache. Now -- you know what. Come off for charity but I'm also off from parent but I did as a cup I gotta keep -- -- I need I mean that's why keep a clean shaven face on them to vote that the -- -- a 5 o'clock shadow of not more all the time -- needs saving it's annoying the out on a whenever I get Daniel -- computer -- like that but you know. But I don't you rocked the mustache before I I happy I did. For about your party and at the same time my girlfriend didn't want to. Talk to me in public she wanted to nothing as you look embarrassed by yes you are nothing new in I -- -- my beard. And then committed wanna look like child molester right time. So I drove my beard and they -- far left shaved into a mustache I left my chops and everything which is I mean it looked. Again terrible but awesome the -- and Shiites had her picture right after that -- and -- and she just said I'm not talking to him. The thing is coated birds and I even talked about how ridiculous. Having a mustache is here and the SDP cast. We are here with Cody Rhodes Cody and how are you doing man. I'm no good I but they'll manage this guy interviewed where. There was one of those voters has been talking to the individual not the camera and I have -- -- Traditional pro wrestling background where I was just staring. In new camera and a guy -- kept looking and feeling this. This of what is wrong with -- -- like it is not likely that whenever I present at the interview I just talking to do that you were you here again I am deeply patriotic as somebody out there brown felt that -- watching. -- you see you make in the -- action exactly we we spoke to your old friend their Damien -- -- -- has some real what's. What -- you think you view your mustache he's a disgusting it's just the and hands them -- is far from discussing we don't even call it a mustache club love stats were good for a similar reason it's it's not discussing. Did he have. Did he has the chocolate -- he had the new money in the bank chase would you thing. I thought it was fancier I have to say it's it's classic it is classy I. When I heard he claims that they were creating a new money in -- -- case. And I thought it. It's gonna be kind of in -- lightness I thought it would be more like a man purse. I thought -- actually have more of us that Australia would be a fairly packed valid the fans respond to that -- -- is -- -- -- yeah. But I think it looks like Joplin -- -- I'm waiting ARAMARK Henry loves -- -- I'm waiting for a business like I was not around right gap you know intently waiting to -- -- brief news. I thought that -- I'm really sad to see where you're you're you're Cody Rhodes is going right on the WW it's pretty awesome and I go to my house show it to come over from Seattle and we saw a US house -- Tacoma Washington yes. And I -- and how shows because it's like yeah. Less pressure and got in the way and at the time you were working the crowd and crack in the crowd up just the way -- Darren just connecting with everybody knowing that I can't wait for that moment to happen more on my TV and it was -- -- -- for. I think one of the great things about the live events and that I had not disparaging anybody else but it's got to figure out okay. The guys really good -- yeah Dennis C news who had the iron man who has who are those who were involved. And I didn't anticipate money in the bank and silly. I didn't anticipate that in the end I'm miles an evening for me. I wanted to be bright but it was. -- nothing has come to me that's will go down currently is my favorite match because I think it was the first time that the audience. Whether they had likes me all along that they had just been quiet about it -- right we -- done this the grassroots and just been dig and dig in Indian. Finally do we got a ball. In one voice and it's a long one thing in and and I think that's really anybody's been to a live event. Love like sheep like you just then a bright day word they might get the afternoon and yeah I mean inning gave us the afternoon for the world to see it and that was. Very good for me yeah I think we've got in on the secret for a couple minute yeah where are you cannot death I. Lot of sales are gonna stand wrestling since I was a kid son Ivan since the eighties that have been obsessed with -- And -- -- -- do I gave up I've been there since -- I'd like -- give up. After anti -- Dario at the attitude there would be one error whereas in college so I wasn't able to keep public watched his. My favorite guy that's right up there -- I got a real good -- yes -- my -- I love them right now is now my favorite time to think. I didn't marginalized characters and Billy how crazy some like a mustache now to make a few people connect on a way like when you were chanting. This T -- now with the moustache I don't and it's already exist ever but that's the beauty of it I got you this is what you need to do for let me like I'm a mustache is -- the most ridiculous thing I'm a ceiling finds an almost on -- that I didn't even further nearly ridiculous upgrades. All in all in about this mustache there. We implant that kind of like you can't write that sit down one -- that wasn't planned to that was. I was hurt and I had the you know X amount of time off I can't find it but what it is. Is not classic version of my face and Mattel sending. With the moustache on it well I got qualities. Arguably young -- around we seen this now this -- this. That I don't know what to think about that and when they sent it to me I thought this was -- and -- note and I actually got to see the full figure the evidence so I asked. It's a -- mustache. I don't I think it's -- It made me feel good as a performer because of such a small things yeah. People don't let anything about -- no I don't let it stays if they're gonna get yards America they're gonna get behind nothing. We are at very publicly scrutinized. Group of individuals are and if you can Iran would that if you can play ball that you make for -- -- to be super. You got to have thick -- and Danielle even like with us in nor the radio like I'm right now frontman art art art text messaging thing which -- yeah you get instantaneous taxed at all can you hear and they think you're anonymous so. You can. Do you worry I mean it's actually getting a bad day this is gonna send your -- oh yeah and I would imagine dog -- -- -- you guys -- -- it's just ridiculous as the media is move from socially to the Internet all the people who think they're smarter than everybody else in the world wrestling it's an odd man I don't know I can because of XYZ I just enjoy the entertainment of it and I think that's what it all boils down to an end right now like I say it's just it's such a fun time and something as silly as the moustache out. Or ridiculous that the message is connecting and I just -- that he was with which would -- has a -- and -- death in the views of how even though there's it was reveals that people love them. Yeah can't you can't control what the fans do and it's -- good idea who you're connected with the the with the fans got to be pretty bad that if there was a. Plan if there was a grand design a master's team. For anybody right when you children Debbie did believe that might be good for a week -- two lead and use. You can't there you can't have a plan. It's it's it's fluid it everything it changes. Hi this is actually. A lot smarter. And I thought he was saying that because he's right it's you can entertain the people. You got that he had uphill battle trying to be a bad guys it's very entertaining the people. And that to me that's that's that's the beauty of this man is you can't predict anybody you know you can have all the potential in the world you can on paper this guy he's. I look at him with the -- out. These these guys -- like -- -- you can tell OK they're giving this guy really big but I it's just not connect sometimes. It just doesn't happen right now and then other times when. It's not supposed to happen. It does that's the media I guess the best stuff about that -- I won't watch tonight you know I got like yourself and Gallic Jimmy -- -- -- -- -- dance and he thinks he's got a and it would have ever expected to beat. -- guys now -- -- on the main event for first summer slam and I'm wondering for you you've been around. What other young guys are exciting new in the world wrestling to receive it there's this new young team with you and other guys that are kind of leading the path -- taking over the reins for the older guards. You know what excites me the most about when you have economists. Fresh crop of WB superstars isn't. Is in the back the necessarily seeing okay it's not. Put erodes thirstein -- on Sunday what you are seeing. Dean Ambrose verses are BDC you're saying you're you're you're appealing to. Our entire audience because there's a part of the audience that that's not -- not some of these guys. Get them out of here but that's the thing about the old guard in sports entertainment is they fight back. Right and it makes for compelling and entertaining television and that's what I'm excited about I'm excited about unseen RB beavers eat hamburgers and -- -- Wyatt vs -- -- Alex Sally yeah. That's what that's what I think people when they talk especially about wrestle mania in the past all of the sudden that's just came back through the break well it it's good it's if they're working with -- in individual and they're competing against an individual who's part of this this new generation and really see like. Good the tidal wave is it is it's coming just a matter when it really. Yeah you know I'm I'm very sad very sad to see went through the future holds -- coding now and and just watch the way you connecting with the audience sophomore all all the best of luck in the regular NN nine is denying an attack thank you very Verisign must. Don't think they're heroes here is the right half half half half half five -- doors remain articulate as they do cell -- now we'll -- it is an -- in the world in the Internet room where I'm. I look at it. I'm -- -- what other highlights where from. -- the interviews with although all the wrestlers and into the experience where was that there was one funny thing and it was like. Does that make the way to add it all setup there was price six or seven radio shows there's my buddy Eddie -- team and a few years. -- chemical to run into him haven't seen him in a few years and -- -- got a crack me up because every time that they had a moment to take take a picture get a girl wanted to show. Who wanted to dance with everybody yeah yeah so like tons of funk song but I wouldn't have a chance to talk to him because it's the way that they work it is. They stick around for awhile if you're free to talk them cold no pressure if not and then eventually they get a move on into some other kind of you are like big show is there has. That was going on my -- some of a bitch would be called atop the big show I saw him walking out -- -- good man. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean he's still -- yeah but yeah pointed out like look at the -- water bottle on his hand and then yes it looked at the end that I was. Blown away by that look organs on the blow bottle accused bottle and what about the pretty decent size it's only -- makes you wonder does he make that. Could he says. Does he feel inadequate I got the person -- you know he's naked like give no matter how big is Johnson is still a tiny -- has giant head yeah -- Now I have that management. I know kind of -- up a dumb thing and they're out there on fire. Here and tiger that is the big talk about -- shows a little -- like -- let's let's break it down a break down big shows -- -- -- -- Circumcised -- -- night. I don't. Assuming circumcised but you know I'm. Well what makes you think that I just assume everybody circumcised until they tell me they're not. OK then burn it out there but OK employee you think it I don't know I don't know I. I cannot -- I don't know and now I'm just picture of what to do and -- not happy about. It. That you that it does get back on Jack felt. Big show is there that -- girl from the Eddie's show over in San Diego over the point in it was I gotta say. Out of that good yet I I wish I wanted to polar side -- -- thank you. Good at one point the pocket -- stills were also there which is not Cameron -- me also now stars of the WB's. I divas show total divas. Actual wind up doing narrative you and a second might as well on those girls -- cute and cool and fun. Men and so CK would you mind if we. Shoot a video of us dancing. And where they were shooting the video was literally. A foot from where -- -- table was and Sweden at that moment we had downtime so would you be gassing and and and waiting for the next interview for next moment to be on the air. And they decided they're gonna work this out that was awesome. Do I think my jobs dropped I was in -- I was in the Tora have been you're right there I was right there at night I almost felt uncomfortable looking. My god thank. Am I gonna get like I'm going to be blacklisted from the daily events because there were a few moments where like those girls walked by the -- that -- an island ten months ago. Can -- it look even better term person I got to try to be like curvy area that but they're gorgeous like -- -- beautiful women and and they're working and they're bent over doing the booty shake yeah and also the the eighty shows girls also pretty smoking hot DC yet. He's three chicks that are at like 7:45 in the morning whatever time it was just -- -- January guess that they were hammered through an area yeah. That and I don't know man like as as a fan of wrestling and as a I always love watching how people are in interviews and how they act when the mics are off like are they core of the deuces. The fact that those girls and not even make. Raise their -- they are you must do what they're like let's do this but have fun yeah even -- tons of fun guys tend cyanide sweet -- as he's called now and how -- -- -- She had bad dancer there -- 20 yeah and they were doing their dance like. They don't have to do that I can be like you know -- I'm not really it's it's brilliant there was an awesome -- -- I mean they almost went out of their way to just make it fun for down all of us there. Hey guys and she yeah. It's time for the head to head to build time now on ES TP ten. So as to go live this -- can't reveal we view of the ST yes. I arrived here we are we have. -- -- that those hanging out with us tonight Cameron and Naomi -- what -- that we employ you guys because you know I'm told Stevens was -- a huge fan of highs once your real name there on the but we don't usually go by you're doing it in Phoenix I'm a little. Well I mean -- where I get beat in total the well yeah of irony -- lane a -- in the green. It's time for action yeah go by examining Naomi -- it -- get confusing for you guys you like doing stuff like sole claim a one -- you're like come -- and myself crap I got to remember now. Now I'll contact -- like Tony and tonight they were yours an actor every time we've literally -- -- I think -- because that you can have -- worry about -- got its army and well I assume a big fan and not I remember when I saw the previously total divas on the side and they're coming on the really big reality show Kevin about it wrestling fans appreciate it just -- You get out here. Tennessee all you guys in my wife that she loves the reality shows like. -- this could be some directors and watch wrestling great gimmick and I just wanted. And both of us on love with the show and it makes you guys have been just a big bit and give it to see you guys have more of a natural light -- -- a lot of -- how the experience been for you guys. So far so good I have no complaints. I think all the outcome has been positive yeah I was and myself have very deep -- tigers. And his -- opportunities seeing how hardware it's clearly. It takes -- and as wrestling fan boy it's fun to see -- behind the scenes images from. The building of everything's. Even I mean just you know I watched wrestle mania I don't know what's going on behind the scenes I remember you guys are supposed to be there and Michael what's going on here. And begin to see what how it all unfolded it was a cyclone is tough for you guys to see those kind of moments does not everything is positive. And I saw out there this athlete you've just got to let them until -- Do whatever you do it. Without playing a very very very hard time just visible back there really weren't any guerrilla and you're about to go out -- What I can say that I personally respect means being okay yeah I don't -- told us you know like I'm really sorry ran over time after the game. -- you know and I mean lovely -- -- got to have. It wasn't arrested immediately got to have that moment in sixty -- -- you know yeah like it. It is also wrestling at thirty that's coming on you know very soon so hopefully give you my -- shot. And I mean she's at right now that doesn't mean I had energy for you guys this is through the -- everyone loves until the -- so I think. The fans want to see you guys -- assuming of course it's hot. -- -- I -- we -- we get their next -- yet and I'm thinking now about having told even is that we're being role models and bringing say. You know it's a different light on the even -- give the defense and -- more time this has always been traditionally a man's grown up. It's so nice to have they show because it shows that we weren't just yeah I think I have a passion for rain you know you just. He didn't know that have been down that Valentin. Really eat at any given night if you can eat it maybe I need anywhere because that have. Well absolutely and we're seeing it -- -- When things I've been enjoying is also using the dynamic which you guys have an out and hit some of the male superstars from Rihanna suffered at least those houses up with the Daniel Bryan Johnson has -- been something you've seen on the show that you didn't even realize like whoa I didn't know that about. Daniel -- I didn't know that about John -- Yet there's actually a future and you being that. He went -- -- Yeah no money actually yeah. Love it eat Daniel the -- -- in the -- highlight yeah. He's never really got to know them even par like in Cincinnati and -- really you know who she let me that means I have gotten to know Graham has become very close to parenthood. Yeah I have this. It's gonna bring that -- -- you -- to know more about each other than we ever knew they weren't like really lane. Have a look at nine million need to midnight as a trip watching Michelle back because. You really get used to cameras been here yeah and sometimes -- -- -- in the heat of the moment -- Saturday in your most of the opponent. Yeah by the camera you just figure out how you. You still them. And watching Michelle back his right now -- you like I didn't like yeah. I bet that like you know I mean business trip watch it back and. Yeah we have the real limited -- likes of the international watch -- -- you CNN -- other viewpoints that we've gone through the hottest -- Diaz wasn't so thank you this team. Hi to everybody else thinks and how they react to. The situation so and it's not like you know what's coming up I mean maybe you know a little bit at a time tonight I will watch somebody's in my -- plus the bats and sit there watching the hotel Mike. When this is over how did she tell the -- that seemed tentative early he picked to watch the rest of the season -- -- -- -- like how do you want someone that I. Had to stop there's so much drama that goes down nationally and within Dell our everyday lives in an odd jobs you don't have to make anything -- -- isn't there already. So one person that you wish would got to get more spotlight and it's only that that's not a featured member of maybe a -- maybe WB dot com and guys. If there's somebody like I wish they were going to be featured on the show for six great character so. And eventually is just -- waiting for -- -- evils in business only have less and I have so many different characteristics. Our. -- more news not -- -- in the long run and about a million dollar question you guys probably travel a lot of the guys tons of bunk bed and their big guys. Is -- how was a car I'd like but those guys have you ever had to be second car that I mean I would imagine this and its impact how. As well I'll meet you some action before it and I do -- -- -- -- sit right with credits and hit thousands and -- a little family. Thank you know I'm -- -- Cheney having her wings parents I have women's syndrome -- I don't. Am saying you know and didn't act like we don't comment on our -- just like every month and a half like yeah. No writing schedule and rain that we've never -- -- together when I was actually let me tell me it might need them. -- to -- betting on my car. I would imagine you have got like a camera outside just to get the reaction of everybody who when you guys all walked out of those big car -- and doing what one -- -- what's going. Well I like as I absolutely loved totally is an end and the watching guys on the WW from Ron -- and I'm looking forward to smack guys you guys excited to be a part of its. How many does Summers I'm like yeah I'm won't be one. Copying coming some -- my favorite artist right now until I got to say album -- and the numbers that yeah. Geithner and Summers didn't like one and then -- -- favorite is like you know belief mean again and so it's great and even though we won't never. Neither -- would be nice corner yeah and you. Sure late into the submarine you wore every I'm making -- I don't mind him being here and there that mentality and how I'm. I thank them enough to be home in my home town hall yeah I have my friends and family. To be here to support me. Without a lot of -- got it up a couple of times for tickets and I'm like and -- yeah. We'll get back -- and make good car right on thank you guys been a -- in the top ten and looking forward looking gorgeous summer slam. He's going to be awesome should smackdown today that's the home run we got it all it would do I think that I thank you guys the legend Tammy Naomi any. DP Kasten. Well more interviews with some of the S from the -- new universe very much dominated become. I need to -- this -- second but at the so when we got to the hotel yeah. We start looking and everything yeah. It's I want it I mean I'm impressed at the hotel the inside is great yeah. The outside matches LA yeah it's not their file type -- ally Iraq I honestly that's really that's at the hotel -- to me. On the hotel is not our fault are now I -- that's a this and be like -- other than Seattle Levy make a highly -- Yeah I know there's places I -- the places great and governments nice here as well we have noticed. Like you're talking earlier some some interesting things yeah around here. When we -- catching some cool time yes because you look who doesn't when they go to a hotel immediately checked. The website to say is there -- pool is Vera hot tub right to edit the but do I need to bring my swim trunks yup that's what I do and what we got here -- your first thought we wanted to pool we got to go -- And then so I drinks for the -- of course yeah and and vodka with blood we grab a lemonade and -- -- -- -- just pour vodka in it who. Got the job done it -- it that way it. There we had a good night but at the pool and you've noticed the son yeah that it was I had never seen the sign before. -- -- -- -- -- We set up we post up this data is very there's so whether really it is an outdoor pools it was a super hot but the water was decently yeah the water was decently out. Our warmest like seventy degrees there that you set up so I'm -- -- jumpin -- looked down I looked back up and I freak out I thought somebody jumped from the top of the building. And was killing themselves because I didn't know that you got up from the the reason the reclining chair and decided they can -- this pool yeah. Only problem was it was a deep the pool from one end to the other. Is three feet six inches it never gets any deeper than I thought it says three feet to six feet. I realize and see that there was only one low line and into little lines next to the numbers yeah. So yeah you can had a ball in this poll I care ball and I hit my elbow -- Are hot hot hot not hot. That night. I see you do this and you could say outlaw Marcella I thought so what do I do I'm sitting I just hop popping jump in the pool and I buckle my -- Go like fire right. -- -- -- And slowly walking and I got. But I I guess I should listen to you could you just said two seconds ago -- That it's deceiving renewable. And brag -- just be guessing and all of a sudden I'm looking around and I don't know are doing is like joking about some thing and hang it out yes saying it was just us two in the pool and I see the sign out. You wanna read it don't you go I look at both -- this is I've never seen a sign like this before in my life. It brought us the tears and it made me immediately think of the rev rev I know you're not here right now for that -- just that I had a baby. Think you view it is. Persons having currently active diarrhea or who have had actually diarrhea within the previous fourteen days shall not be allowed to enter the pool -- What does that ever bigger role I've never I've never seen this -- before and I don't know that IE. I would even -- the world I'll be honest if we need to follow that rule. Because of what happened to me this morning while we're at radio row I would not be able to use apple for the next few weeks. Well I know what else is that your date twelve or they thirteen. It it you're right they can't do do you pay any -- rule followers out there are you really going to not get in the pool on day twelve or thirteen. Of all the rules I mean is that the rule that you will follow and and OK if I wanted to unite may receive we -- still do this at some point but I almost wish. If they wouldn't know that I was calling from my room I would do this but you know immediately when you call I would put it on speaker phone right now and calm like. I I got to I admit to solve them I didn't read the sign and I was in the pool for about fifteen minutes and I had I had this court's two days ago. Email on. Clean up the water click. What are -- Have you had diarrhea over the last few weeks they do that do they think that because you had diarrhea the last two -- you gonna diary in the -- Yeah do these people that they're talking about not wiper shower. That the -- kill everything now you're hope you would hope and then. Active diarrhea. What is what exactly is does that mean you're currently -- Out at. The does that mean that you're currently -- your -- active diarrhea. Break it you can't get out of the pool I've heard of you being in the -- yeah I mean dropping a dumb in the pool. It's it's. Not gonna use the -- -- I don't care who I had this idea I had that I had the diarrhea nerves you know again you have that we're like your nerves are shot. First thing in the morning we I haven't set up the satellite thing yet I realized I don't even -- the F intact gays at this. At lucky strike and I know he's there and I know I kept that that's enough questions events that would find him but I Mike. They were twenty minutes away from going in the -- fifth forty minutes away at that point you know could be totally fine you just get nervous yeah and you you work your way into a little diarrhea sweats yes and some like a month summer are back and so I go -- a bathroom and I realize man this is right next to one of those shows that's broadcasting. And this is not going to be did so on just like he. Tech -- Got to thank you noted in its -- I arterial. And I couldn't be happier to look over the my last as a sitting there and there is this decade and a wide -- Down like. You have they know what's out day they'd go their -- they got huge wrestlers come in and you're not really guys can drop a -- -- big shows. Or the -- or the tons of -- to the big boys. What kind of action today job they -- -- our -- they're not allowed and people I don't know they're saying at this hotel although we did see the Dallas. They were walking by -- the by the hotel they were. A camera crew was also -- -- walking. A camera crews walking backwards and they're filming some in my power in Los Angeles of course now my first thought was wouldn't be crazy that was the Kardashians. They I don't know why I -- like it. That be kind of cool Goodell look like a reality show they -- -- in and all Sunday sickened more more closer and I realized. Crap that's -- and -- bell from the bella twins and they're walking breezed dog which has been like a story O line in. In total deal is. There they are left and there just I guess and about candidate Naomi hotter in person. All -- goodness. Not to they look big impact on TV. They -- tiny leak they were tiny. And we'll be. Made a good attempt given in the shop you. Yes we did it was great -- they walked by as. I felt we are trying to take a picture and I did I want that might be camera crew blocked meg not intentionally but they blocked -- and -- easily and you would see them BC camera crew filming now. Soon as they want bias as badly as I wanted to be like. -- to where I'm Scott who blow it you know some stupid. Like that wanna be the reason why this this segment that they're filming right now this real moment that they're having. Is ruined. So as soon as they passed us much tonight. Quickly -- just start over suicide so that would be right behind them and in the shot mean so I don't know what this episodes get around but when. They do have this episode running it there having a serious heart to heart about something while walking their dog. We gotta look effort to men in black T shirt behind them yup that's -- that is definitely us up. -- -- what can go ahead. Mr. hobby. -- -- a strong -- pakistanis. But it's I really think is a place where they employ eight and also house -- heads. Why did we want kids you know I had. That was Dell is their whole incredible experience on its own they've won one we got cut off on record in order right. And that guy was on something he couldn't stop talking wouldn't shut up. Tweeted it is to weaken yeah exactly -- three and couldn't put a sentence together trying to figure out whether he should have the original pastrami or the super pressure on me on my body. The original we're sharing an original super and if you're related errors like the -- Yeah the original is for two people right these I don't know I don't I think kept fighting with they're going. It's two and ninety nights they. No it's an extra two and 99 to make it a combo meal that means you get the Fries the drinking a sister an -- night right over there and I'm like ID. Can you not read. Are your eyes not working and then in the woman working behind it the cap on her she looked like she just got out of prison the out she dropped imprisoned tattoos and just. And it and it has recruitment -- him and yet have you forgotten basically at the present yet you might that mean I mean if you got. Usually hockey medical hockey fans unless you're penguins fan. That we hate you or red wings fan. That way you or Montreal Canadians yet sorry Jill I know guys enjoy that listens to this he's. These big Canadian stand -- sorry no haves care not who we had a guy on our team that was -- Canadians had tested. And we -- constantly sent him text messages -- pictures that are all about anti Canadian propaganda. And his response always includes words that and have the bleep out here on ES TP cat's just a -- it got them. I aside picture of a dog -- back here it is. You post this is -- dog with that. Much of Canadians Jersey on causing a little Boston Terrier yeah and it says on their what does -- say -- Even Michael Vick wouldn't do this that's classic via -- So. I'm wonders we do another interviewed you every some text messages when you feel their Munson -- decent text message our -- grab my iPad. Seized me here image or. Don't mind that there is. I hand towel there. Rednecks who got a -- there was a goal last night but I passed now. Nothing like waking up in the morning and you're foreign you open it up and you realize you're still on safari and it's. Acts and acts sex dot com and that nearly got you got to deploy were you blew up the pictures -- -- -- gone and never had no weird to me out. And I went on there again today to make sure and I never and I again fell asleep before -- got to enjoy the that the website but you've been an accent XXX dot com today. Not today OK it's at today is you try to go back in time if your -- listening to the pocket and gonna go to a right now. Acts. Richard -- browser running him. The receipt of a bit and you know I -- an accent XXI Commerce Department -- they've got all these thumbnails. And that's how do you really decide whether at least for me outside decide if I'm gonna go with the media that's out there. May have yet they have the thumbnails within also have just a plethora of different. Finishes in topics on the side right you do you can watch anything yet but I know one of gone with like what's on the main one economic unless the freshest -- and they say thank. So that you got all these thumbnails and I'm like looking through armed. And I don't know why I like I'm almost ready to give up on accent XX because. People weird stuff as a thumbnail picture. Think people weird videos like whether it be someone that's it's there to inflow was visiting and there's a part of the picture at bat. Now like seeing that kind of stuff on a woman -- time -- years is that no but okay so they take. From if you're looking at it. But today it's like and then -- -- -- like the page to what it's like the third row down like in the middle tile. Is that feline. Having its way without woman's -- part. We're not actually seen him. Right. Why would they put that on there website and it's the worst part is it's celebrated a 100% pass back there. Ever I love it right. On that I mean the cat is doing so that's copier refuses to do -- you know I'm saying yeah and that's what it is like. I am torrent like I almost -- clicked on it just so you see what happens. But I'm afraid he gets sent right to like you know they the authorities -- them and have. I don't I get that take that chance now but I stay away from -- about the point where I only want usually Milf. Videos because I don't wanna go over the barely legal -- to them afraid that I needed to bear the you know what I mean right they're just not legal you know saying that it's not worth it to cross that line but. This. I'm speechless right and it's rated a 100% which makes you probably wanna click on it. I don't I can't know now and then there's like job. Yet easy and it's it's an hour and thirty minutes yeah how is it that -- that's the scene and then there's another one at the very. They're all weird like thumbnails today. Make I'm not really feel NX NX accessories whatever it is. They got one where it's like. But it it. Blunt team to stringer tight you know what -- like come on who's put it on now one. Again rated a 100% what kind of walk with the same he's not there to save people it's got to be. That's that's almost as bad as have -- seen seen them when they become inverted. All you that's the -- it's disgusting. So yes that's horrible. It kind of makes you wanna give up on this website but it's in my opinion no I'm gonna get a bunch of which will cause to what texts and tweets about there are better ones to work with but. That's my go to one edit. And they let me down yeah yeah I would I would agree with that that's horrible so we'll do a couple text messages we won't get to a whole bunch split up. Just to battle flavor to this as TP gets on the interest out so apologies like I meant that topic for everything -- and -- gonna. Do this does I forgot to ask about it let's take us over text messages you too can sent a message CE STP cast all you have to do is at Texas that you factory. 271. 4787 at 2532714. As TP early this email. As TP test at gmail.com. Also find me on Twitter at as TP 999. And much what you're doing and I would do it -- follow you on Twitter that -- says I am -- -- -- -- as anyway yes right on. I'll watch The Great Gatsby on mushrooms I have to say is that was an experience. You tell businesses we get not the new we're talking about how insane this trip would be if there -- him there are mushrooms about can you imagine doing and I did just walking around the streets of Los Angeles a much and I think I'd be too freaked out. The wall walking down that that Alley that we did I was all right anyway it was honestly. Imagine like those movies where I think that one -- -- like weird action films or horror films and there's that seem real like. Okay enemy to be prepared because as is about to go down and next thirty seconds yep it was that. Yeah we would look like everyone we've just been talking about right I would be yelling at a dumpster. Scared out of my mind kicking and screaming their -- way to go. Kicking screaming I mean last time my estimate that the -- and a yelling at a tree and then -- -- -- blocking out foam and hiding behind my account for a much -- there. She stepped it up so. Still would like to play hockey on them. But that would be the ultimate it would kind of freaked me out the depends on how much much -- you take. Right I mean if you're going full bore -- look -- hallucinate I don't know that could be I think the it's. Whoever is doing that would be hiding inside the actual net and turning it around be like okay this is not a good idea I imagine the popular Najaf. Hope I can look. Playing -- -- mushrooms could be one of the most them -- -- hear any stories like I've read that every story about like I was -- John Burke who was on my all time period goal basically with a double play with the flyers -- would that Tampa -- and you basically everywhere is currently the goalie coach for Phoenix Richard in Seattle but merely to go down that road sore subject yes. He I think it was an Eric Lindros has book or someone's -- they said they play like a junior hockey game which is like the equivalent of the thunderbirds -- the average silver tips in town. They've played a junior game. And Schaumburg was on acid and had like an amazing game. Yeah you hear these stories and what was the name of the picture in the seventies the -- it up throughout no hitter. -- I know like David are digging it and David Wells he was known for it like -- stuff like he pitched lawyers on Coke yeah. Yeah and I was reading. About from. -- -- Right which is a hockey player -- didn't -- for Calgary Flames for awhile won a Stanley Cup with them and he was talking about how. -- bomb was on cocaine one game and a and he said it was the most horrific experience he ever had thought that everyone in this in the arena knew he was on Coke and they're all staring at him. In case I mean it's just it's something that you don't normally see. When your -- Coca guess you don't have those feelings but when -- around that many people I guess it. Messes with I couldn't imagine trying to pull something like that and that seems intent I had never done Coke but like. Hearing stories about people are when there on Coke like how -- you think it's a good idea what makes you wanna do that different 3000 fence right but that's got to get a. Your -- but so of its dock Ellis doctor hill the senator -- threw a no hitter on June 12 1978 in Clinton blamed Clinton claim blamed clay there. Who later claims. That is the accomplish that feat under the influence of LSD. Wow. Yeah that's I mean that's. Impressive and I guess there's no. Scientific. Facts you can prove that I court side seats to cover that want to let anybody tell you make that happen how whatever that you just -- so much more super focused about things like you know just get in his own easier maybe. -- hey guys I don't know Chicago is fun was nice top and you have a good one woo woo grip takes it and you know what -- You statement. They suited any other -- that are like non -- questions for some of the guys up. We knew there was on the beer guy came other and not the locker room that I think I was there -- serious on the beer guy here just threw out some sushi at the trappers and -- -- Marvelous track from on an EST two year old so full. Yeah he got to witness the wacky news that hat. It is that our rink with one of the guys around the ring which is Tom yeah no Tom's always been a character he's been working there than tired I mean last. What point three years I've been skiing and peppering. He's been there for 23 years he's been there since the rink opens up opened up which is stand in five years while the way it looks enough like nineteen like twelve yeah yeah. Yeah for any of you who don't know what it looks like it's a warehouse that they apparently -- hockey again. Bright and it's I I love it it's the best ice in the state I think and it is a charm to it I can't feel like. I'm ID of the badge of honor if you come from that rank you know I mean down and they got a lot of good players come from -- yeah. But it's -- it's warehouse at best. But they yet Thomas character he is constantly. Coming in and in. I think he. I still I'm not sure I mean I've -- him suddenly hit I don't know where you're going to -- no way I'm still trying to figure out if he is. I complete. Like. Aren't I know like I can't say there -- -- explain it other than just say an. -- You know I know there are moments where parties and then there's also amounts where he's generally content and they happened within twenty minutes of each other yeah it's. Like is that one they like -- we found Tom on a good day it's. OK right now I'm enjoying this momentous Thomas being nice to me -- advertising he grabbed my goalie steaks and walks about like ours not to carry all my crap right and it. -- a semi get me out of the rank. But we also as soon as nice gesture and -- tactic of taking a shower. With the boys and for once like you actually talk about having to answer or the boys and I have three other people in the room look at me like I'm crazy if if you -- if you're not doing that you you don't. No one gets it right if you're not good showering with menu missing out. That it. Up until I get a while taking a shower opens the door and just chew me out because -- two -- -- direct to leave and he knows not -- get my clothes on in two minutes yet and it slams the door -- turn the light off oh yeah they'll get some dramatic right lost its. It's almost bipolar. Yet but I think that yeah he definitely knows just turn switch on and off the but it's impressive how he can just change a perfect example so like. I -- -- and I have -- I I feel like a friendly relationship we always joke around we give each of our time yet he snaps every once all but. In general have been I have a decent relation I think you would agree you have one as well with a -- yeah so our hockey team we win the championship this year and this is the perfect example of just how miserable human being can be sometimes. We win the championship and if not it's not -- -- -- like one of those moments where like you're jumping up and down -- you gloves and helmets up in the air like it it's like you're fifteen to get or you're an actual paid professional hockey player. But you're enjoying the moment -- you know we just played thirty games this year you know and grind get it out and we swept through play and yet we lose a single game we just dominated yeah donkeys and read that and Jim Ross is a fan so of course we're gonna dominate yeah. So where does -- tomorrow given -- that I five has a few of us have been on the team for all three years in 96 yeah I hear how far we've come from being on the team that barely won a game now winning in all of within two years. As a cool moment. But we're making it quick when I go around skip around carrying an imaginary cup or anything like that no we were being quick we just wanted to quick team picture right -- it. I don't know I think it's -- -- -- you some of the great moments of our lives and in you know we do this not because. We're making money we don't do this for any other reason than it's our moment to be able to enjoy being kids again in a sense like him to. Enjoy the broad time enjoy the time in the locker room. I mean yes -- occupy I think more so than any other sport and I'm not trying to down any of the sport but hockey's better and I feel like you know. The experience in the that -- that the body you have your teammates is awesome so let's get a picture let's remember to take a look back ten years from now be like you know without the cool time. And we're gonna do a quick guy comes on the ice got a cellphone owners and take a picture we're gonna go. Tom what's up the Zamboni machine yet and still Andy's telling us get the F off the guys. This is gonna take all the bad if that. Not gonna take long so we -- taken the picture and now we're trying to get off the ice and he's yelling still on the Zamboni get off the ice. He. Is getting closer to where the door is like he's going on the outside of the rink on the ice and them we're going out the door that get that out of the boards. And I'm about to step foot out and local grabbed me and the Zamboni is within like nine even feet by and -- They take a couple feet away from hitting it almost looked up you're like yeah. -- and I look and I'm still look that great up ice skates and unlike. -- -- He's gonna hit me that. He's ahead in the breaks well he still like and he's got even thought the breaks to some extent you discuss sliding right. -- hit the brakes on ice. And I had to dive out of the way literally tie the other way and think it was funny because a -- Tom almost killed me but not those children that -- -- I thought we were friends man. Like that I. He never -- I don't pull them aside the next semi solid but it does that -- move for you to do you do realize that I -- get off the -- the okay there's no argument which -- now. Jackass yeah help you know back up whatever he does without. You know even if it's wrong to back it up. The other thing I'd like -- talk about your record Kohler talked sir -- is his brother Walt Walt. Off the best Wallace is the best cure for the rank as well. And where's -- suspenders system and a picture you yes you Dennis and he's what 75 years old. If you're that old I I don't think -- it looks like you look tonight though he looks like you've ninety's yeah. Yeah he's got more wrinkles Hillary's yes face yet he does no disrespect but he's trying to listening to discuss this involves learning how to use the Internet. We also has a glass side. -- out our love this story OK and he I think he got the glass and maybe. Ten years ago -- twelve years ago and he's been working at the rate for -- well and he comes into our locker room when time and he's showing us -- -- about how he got a new client side. And then he proceeds to say. Well let me which -- how clean it and so he hits the back of his head -- CIA noted with hand. And then throws and is now look. -- I thought if I immediately started throwing out. There's that immediate brought up the same reaction I had 22 girls one cup we got about six seconds -- few dollar in my kitchen. On like goodness too I yet to -- along come I mean like after a second there -- that -- The -- being made. I was out that I can't say on that someone's on their same level as what I son accent XX as a thumbnail yeah yeah I still can't get over that there is a cat. In between the legs of a woman and they put that on there as one of the featured videos yeah that's a little much yet. I'm glad you brought the wall surrogate I've shared that story before and I and prompted a share -- And I share a Village People don't believe it you know I mean yeah it's terrible it but this guy genuinely clean desired by sucking on it. The up and -- back in his head now. And he's also the same guy that just recently finally got teeth. Yes his and you would never guess it but his son is a there's three big words where it's a chemical engineer for the missing yeah I miss and he makes a point yet corn syrup is corn. And his -- bottom all -- T. Could ever seeing if they pay check it out any open of his mouth another -- There's something new and bagged fresh on your opinion -- -- -- yeah -- -- there's nothing like -- that's the one thing that doesn't seem battered and -- Yeah I think I got to eat steak for the first time. For for that yeah Mike almighty god you're right thank how would you eat anything other than mushy stuff like mashed potatoes. But we did not him -- cheap like me.