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Aug 19, 2013|

Joined in-studio by Curse of the North who will be at Pain In The Grass September 7th!

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-- now. How bad is actually from -- surrounding the media metropolitan area encompassing that would -- the great northwest. This is the last. -- -- -- -- And use my special guests all -- -- on T nice. Curse I'll let you know -- I'm joined by Christian Mars and Patrick Taylor. Good evening temelin hours ago and what's not I have -- I'm so stoked to have you guys. It's been what has it been like that -- here's. Yeah that's been like. Then eighteen months or something since since the the revelations album on my I was since -- his I was able to give you guys keys of energy drinks. And then you loaded up in the van and literally went off on tour after doing well local and I I just felt. It felt cool to like be there they go they're doing it they were just on the radio now that go and they're getting to lower inflation and then. This week I think it's pretty cool. Part of pain in the grass stolen T thirteen Chris of the north. Will be performing on Saturday September. 7 along with indeed news earthworm. And that's a good sign that I'm spacing on the other -- right now. Are you kidding me for as much as I talk about all of these fans I'm kind of mortified now and window pane so. Have so -- -- -- because of the north Indian desert storm and window -- on Saturday but it's going to be -- people now -- be blue and princess so I've been having all the bands that are going to be performing part of pain in the grass in studio for allow local sort of a little I get to know each -- a little bit more for days that are unfamiliar with this local excellence and I'm stoked and happy to have you guys back -- -- new album titled. The empress yeah we got a lot of cool stuff to cover before the Mike's even went on Christian you're sharing all sorts of stuff about some of the inspiration. For the album that different artists to step from we're gonna get to that because you've got some -- morbid stories. -- a large agreements the only inspiration through a it's not your little Ginsburg puppies and kittens you're not gonna find it when I heard in the north it's just not gonna happen kids. I am so ballpark. We're seeing what does September October yeah they release of the -- yet to be late September early October excellent make sharing give -- that information when you guys skater out squared away so I can talk about it until all of its hand. There's been around. Tucson from the sampler that I have from the forthcoming album and it complained as we've got the rest of the album. To get too so we're gonna play as many songs as we can. Tonight so I just wanted to jump into it does it and and just start planes in this great new music from curse of the north on. I wanna play new song and then we'll get into the fact that you guys are they do well now. Verses what it what was it before like or it's my Treo and I can't sell lots of stuff to cover this first song. Is. The -- -- Let's go ahead and explain only good for the kids listening at home that don't like what's his mistakes you speak out. Let's let's see that's a church that apparently the black metal Manson. The Norwegian guys burned down. There's a whole protest against christianity elegant stuff and it's just about the sort of generational divide and why people do that sort of thing and I just find that fascinating case. Is it is a fascinating subject it really really has all right Brad new music from curse of the north it is -- local don't forget you can see these guys. On Saturday September 7 -- pain in the ground. -- and then. -- -- And yeah. And and lose the. And saying. -- Okay. It's. It's. And. Allowed OK okay you -- nine point nine KI SW own. Okay. Okay. Not an -- nine KI SW his love local that would be. To read new songs that to back from -- of the north Chris is an -- to a part a pain in the grass 2013 that's on was called. But I didn't prior to that -- tell Steve. From saying that write the name of the new album is penalty and Chris I'm joined by Christian and Patrick of -- of the Norris. Yeah well yeah yep my first do you have. Paul Omaha matters zero. But that's embed. Lesson here here you -- three -- now a year to -- tell me about the transition and the obstacles of going from. And a power trio if you would to. You 02 TU TO. Tom it's really. It was pretty it is is complicated come up with the weights you I mean is basically a drum set and -- a guitar and a lot of camps like. There's like three huge dam breaks and paddles and craziness -- -- -- -- but -- asset that is just playing guitar with the drummer and basically -- Think to have him at a white strips -- nine times this clothing. You guys have warmer had a fifteen as have -- handshakes and I just I think back to -- these slimy -- coldest little handshake and ever had that was that was made quite current. You can CNET yeah I was using it dead fish for sure but on the dead fish scale James Yee ha. One who hop that as a slimy little cold I mean I'm I'm once for like a firm handshake and I was like I think I just crashed your parents yet upbeat -- disease he had to look at. -- -- Still we've got a lot more songs to play it from this new album titled the -- this is a very special. Streets I am I wanna talk about down. How maybe you guys should look into having somebody it shows you can move some gear for you since it's just the two of you moving all on this year we're gonna -- some pain in the -- and talk about some of the -- inspiration. Behind this new album. As well local continues with -- the -- next stand -- not an -- nine KI SW it is -- -- I'm joined by Christian and Patrick of curse of the -- the name of the forthcoming album is titled the -- you can -- -- -- the north part of pain in the grass Tony thirteen these guys are going to be performing on Saturday in -- -- -- -- also be performing on Saturday as well -- window -- getting a little bit of everything. For the local lineup for pain in the grass. Let's talk about some of the themes with this album because it know which happened some of the really cool juicy stuff inevitably happens when the microphones are off slam like Christian don't tell me anymore about these morbid subject. Until the show starts. But. They did the last song we just played binding who was that one about. Arm will bounce I guess specifically about Sylvia -- but I mean a lot of it is our writers and musicians or artists that. You know just sort of that hold it you know when someone's really really engrossed -- dedicated their art and fill that hole it will take you know -- that it doesn't and -- and phone call. The awful rowing towards god and insist that that idea of you know because to me like god it's art like music yeah it's what I live for them I really religious person but if there was that's when I see it as that sort of creation began searching and I don't know that -- the idea of that price that you're willing to pay for that is fascinating to me so yeah I don't know whole basis of the record in. And there's many there's a whole lot of really cool sad stories out there about who famous people it's. That's so fascinating -- and in you can associate with it. On on whatever level because. To do your arch you lose sleep you possibly lose friends you lose money you know you know it's it's a really draining thing. But at the end of the day if you're able to. You know be fulfilled by what you create. Yes worth it well that's and then it's almost the idea that animals a sacrifice that's where it's you know it's like you be kept the cows do you like working a post office Muslims like that idea that. You just. Even though your Pena it's thank you you worked your whole lifetimes or someone else can be entertained or. Read your short story ears open for early command and half for something this is that it's fascinating -- got. Receiver -- -- -- -- Do you -- you know there's there's actors that that -- like Daniel Day-Lewis is is one that you know I've read that. It is his wife has a hard time when he plays certain roles because he really gets into that character. Do you find that when you're in the process of writing music. Maybe it's different from recording music that you really get into such a dark heavy head space that's you can maybe be a little tough. To be year round -- -- you know it kind of cheat on your personality and a head that hey I'm out -- -- generally economists are really hard to be your guy. -- look at your great money email about your best -- any meth I don't I don't I noticed all explanation -- and tests. -- I did not yet grid in real life personality. It's -- yeah he did because. -- -- I mean there's there's a nice balance between between the both either like an eye can see why it works -- really well do you think it is possible. Two. Create dark art is if you're happy. Owned. Gas. I guess I don't now and I guess I guess if you're being honest and authentic that's fine I don't happier status -- -- -- -- -- usually when you're honest and authentic. You know you don't look at everything around -- go like this is Austin's like Disney movie everything's killer innate talent well. There's some things are very suspect in house aren't making darn -- makes you happy and I -- -- I think delegates and that's a cool idea that I think the idea I think any emotion and -- in -- you know if you're feeling in its proper state. Is like is and you know that's cathartic you know -- that is like like when you watch a scary movie you see a tragic player. Whatever like you when you listen to heavy music vial of having music is that I think. Animals bounces you as a person yeah it does it out of it makes it makes it's a form of happiness that is sort of a deeper. Sense of that I think you now which let's go Hattiesburg and that's I think that's why I love it. And I think it's cool I -- get like that the next song we're gonna play. Is called silver hands and I haven't heard any of these on this site from the two that I've been playing so this is brand new for me as well so I'm asking. Pretty obvious questions he's gonna have to deal with it because I don't know how -- chips it yet at. There's only being honest against what can you tell me about about silver hands is there as there a musician and author is is there someone in specific. Because what I love about stuff like this is that there's somebody listening right now who knows nothing about. Said subjects and it will then. Inspire them to go find out you know the same way we would would go through records and be like -- so and -- wearing this teacher what's that banner they think so it's -- and it's a great way to discover other things so if there is a person or or a band or something like that you should tell me. So so those listening at home can can go discover. Now I was so brands is a lot of my own personal kind of experiences within and its assorted general. You know about everyone I'm on the island and it's it's very it's kind of verbal -- here and we -- sitting -- -- most leaders are telling you are it's a beautiful here exceed and -- mr. Clinton and Clinton didn't. Hello good all right I don't what I KI SW. It is well local I'm joined by Christian and Patrick -- to the north that you can see on Saturday September 7. At pain in the grass this song is called silver hands. -- -- Point nine KI SW. So I have a NI KI -- W does allow local that would be. Brand new music from curse of the north the song is called sparrows and actually play that one for you before the name of the forthcoming album is titled the and -- I'm joined by Christian and Patrick of curse of the north who will be part payment grass Saturday. September 7 at the gorge. I for one and bringing what whites think and that's. And it does to your bath mature -- be quiet -- think you are your kidding I made a joke and people just -- me blankly anomaly. And haven't haven't. Campaign like you don't even have to be in a touring -- understand how wet -- can save your butt and I I don't regulars and everything. Like that when you're on the road -- like it's it's a twelve hour drive it's it's that went way back I mean yeah I give yourself the bad to wash your face your little mustard on your -- you've got you know the next 300 miles to trying get that stain out they're. -- -- time half time I have you guys. Two words yet as a duo. No we're going on October frontier region West Coast who were so cool agency released and then head down the coast and do all that COI goes to guys in the band. Seriously -- -- there's got to be somebody that out of a job her owes you or something that can come along with you guys and help you live a little -- insults America we we asked him but it's always like it's like this is a great form for that by the way nobody lies basically hate you wanted to all the crappy stuff in abandoned you you're just. Your not doing it and it's -- if you're not in a band that's the cool stuff. Yes and I get you Christian Christian we gotta we gotta we. Look at this from a different angle it's really exciting to be able to go and do something like this he never had a chance you know -- don't believe. -- A lot of cuts. It's a lot of just. Loans and non. -- aids -- just from running out of things to talk about and running I mean I don't care how big it wouldn't put a colossal iPod you have eventually you're gonna. The lake -- we've listened to this we've listened to those who listen to this Anna was a silly when you get that are in his drive and a summons is re -- random -- Like you know hundred miles to whatever you know and you're like wow man -- We're deep because this has -- Serious and suddenly Bob Seger turn the page just takes on a whole unlikely -- -- the north part of pain in the grass Tony thirteen you can find out all about Kurds in the north. By hitting up the pain in the grass site. At KI SW dot com super stoked to have you guys in the new stuff sounds really really good thing and just -- play as much of it. As we can. Got stuck down and take care -- little business. When we come back I will be getting to BJ -- feature -- local end of the week from this last Friday they are called people now they were in studio with me. Last Sunday night since they're part of a cool program called bands that -- beyond borders. So I think like foreign exchange student but with bands so I had an awesome Italian -- in here last. Last Sunday night it was very exciting so had a lot of fun with those guys and now. I'll get to them coming up shortly and then more with curse of the north Islam local continues tonight I would I KI SW it is -- local people now will be part of pain in the grass 2013 they'll be performing on Friday September 6. They were BJ Shays featured -- local band at the weeks he'll be getting two more with. -- the north shortly there right now it is the people now with their songs one by one it is well look. Reserve Christian. -- And I have point nine KI MW it is loud let the let -- be the people now part of the old well how did local mills. For both Friday and Saturday -- pain in the -- you can find out all about him in the -- I hit an -- K -- to -- JK -- W dot com curse -- -- -- our itemized special guests all -- -- -- Tonight for allow local I'm joined by Christian Morse and Patrick Taylor of -- in the north and in the forthcoming album is titled the -- you guys are gonna be going out on tour. You're -- you're not taking my suggestion with you know using this is like a really cool wanted. Somebody did to drive and moved gear and silk T shirts. And what -- there's like a super cool chick that is really strong you know sitting doodles -- a lot of by the merged but yet she can help out with -- in the cabs and stuff like that. And yes there I guess it's something Hilton girl comes. I totally down and that's -- little. I believe that emails me from time to time she's a big -- fan and her name is all got. So yeah maybe I'll salty little visit to -- maybe she -- -- believe the -- for a little while -- Get away from Miami and -- hugged -- -- didn't it. It's okay so. We talked about the importance of of wet wipes and how not really it is touring what are some of the great things about touring. I mean lots people. You know seeing a lot of new places I mean that's always great. -- school bands played really bad bands -- also pretty awesome sometimes did you feel the steam but not supported site it is it's like why it's like I just body that would go to like. Amateur comedy ninths just to watch the train -- and it's like it's so it's I love cringe humor it's so good again. Yeah it's. -- Yeah we evolved we've all seen bands and seeing just oh without us. Cynic and I -- -- -- away it's like a woman that is that is just too robust to be wearing leggings that without a long top and you just can't note I said robust and you just can't look away and you just like hunt deer oh my god that's exactly what it's like and a big good. I heard about it. Angola eating lots of student yeah I that's wiser as onto. Yes viewing and it highlight the rat fleas and sadly the best for readers are what nine and then and that if things go right you find like minded musicians that you can then do shows where it costs right. Crash on their couch or whatnot maybe get a shower. Maybe get some home cooked food -- pregnant outside spaghetti sentences -- somebody like things and cool where. And -- from your -- travels. What has been the most challenging. Place. To just get food you know if you think about it like by the time you're done with the show. Assuming that the venue doesn't serve food or something like that where have been some of the places that have caused. Food challenges. Like I would just -- for a frozen burrito and there is nothing there low nothing open is. New Mexico. Clovis, New Mexico was little tiny town that like would have -- this rate. Before you head into the horrible part of Texas or whatever and it's. It was always like -- you'd be eating peanut butter out of a jars. And Janet and I there's nothing net there's like though local daily weekly you know many marred. The clerks the only Dante and ran over there that's. -- -- looking at the dates and all of the food and exciting expired. Tired hot case would like broken down with him. Yeah that's hot dogs and. I'm Morgan gets you one more sun and we'll probably go after midnight. Was it to another new song and then after that I will asked the favorite question that I was like to ask everybody these guys have been thinking on. The next song is called deuterium. I'm just gonna play this on -- -- to ask you about it go all right it's well local it is here's the north. Not an -- nine KI SW Islam local another brand new song from -- in the north the name of it was called. Delirium the name of the forthcoming Chris and the north album is titled the -- joined by Christian -- and Patrick Taylor of Chris other minority could see them Saturday September 7 at -- in the grass date to we've got a bunch of great local town on Friday and then again on Saturday a little something for everybody you can find out about all of the local bands. But apart he regressed from a thirteen by hitting up KI SW. Dot com gentlemen you tell me this earlier but the -- -- on so it doesn't count where did you record the album next. Come it's produced by us and I recorded it. And we did that lift on -- him here in town our buddy Matt -- my idea makes this course. Disasters thirty days attracting and the slain just being trip and have me in studio. By myself according guitars -- or organs like just. Give it to somebody let them I would think you would start to get a little loopy you know they would they absolutely it would just play tricks on your eyes your ears out around he came and went house like lane on the floor literally with a guitar. And I would like it to space -- whatever record and you know and he's at what what's up man. We get luncheon items like the McDonald's got into the status. It's got to get to one you know. -- sundown and as -- as if -- to record yourself and try to be objective yeah yeah yeah. That -- I would think that would be pretty tough yeah it's like when you're alone is like was out Austin. And look again -- -- is -- you know what we did said you know we -- to be her own worst critics you know as -- -- -- how many times did you have a really good take and the like no doubt out that was a good and they just keep doing it over an -- do you think there's intake that is the final take them probably Mears and take. The he took earlier that just didn't wind up in the album yet totally got a good scientists -- business. Well when he's recording me. Even -- -- the visas. You know -- I don't I know there's there's probably some awesome -- -- -- I jets from there is like do it again. This death and the whole song -- their breaking down to build you timing and yes it's like Stanley -- can assign -- a major walk to stairs forty times yeah yeah. I got broken and -- -- today. Yeah. Did you see Christian giving their like these in the glass and just staring a lot of staring at you while you're doing your drums that you better get this right -- I'm gonna. Take my shoe often beat you with intercept that I think is pretty gross can hear me it is glass doors that's yeah. Pop up I let it. Prison and are the name of the forthcoming album is titled the empress. Really looking forward to having you guys. In for pain in the grass it's always a pleasure it's cool it's cool to see the evolution of Christians in north you are -- do well. And must first do little to match -- played him before but I have never had. Then in studio things that sound dirty that are not dirty it up. On the fun question I would like to ask everybody because unfortunately were run and at a time. If you could take your band's music. And place it in any movie and if you wanna get specific to the scene and knock yourself out but what would it beach. Patrick he wanted to first I'd probably. Do you see I don't I -- and I Iran -- write this down guys Alex -- Barack. What is it going to be and he should you watch TV movies and you probably do this and think about soundtracks yet not yet so probably tombstone. Is -- metal western would be awesome ungodly hour and probably just -- pure entertainment and eighty. It's Saturday morning cartoons. Just as the -- to be funny. I I would go is. Probably wild card. This. Where what -- let's see -- I -- go at the scene where he beats the guy to death on the stairs right. Pretty here and being put any many my music to that seen them via a -- That's been -- and and that brings I think that there's there's multiple versions of Nicolas Cage does like to cool Nicolas Cage and he's in wild card and like. You know raising Arizona and adaptation and then there's the other Nicolas Cage which is like a bizarre -- that's in my ghost writer and stuff and I'd -- yeah. Sony is not like he's awfully is awful gas and annie's killer in these other movies it's -- -- -- so. Weird yeah well I think it's them I'm not paying the bills I'm paying the bills and making the money's like in the investments to make even more money and an OK now -- do a movie I really like. He's got that content collection home Hansel. And it gives that picture him as Superman. That Tim Burton's Superman he is going to be Superman now you should say analyze the letters that she does suit is like purple and sang really amazing. I had long hair we. -- that I work with. Caged -- club's office while he was on this is probably six months ago when I go walking in there and there's probably. At least 100. Paper cutouts of Nicholas cage's face everywhere sell out I get a lot of Nicolas Cage around. Yeah yeah. All right gentlemen we're gonna we're gonna wrap things up is there anybody wanna say hello to or are anything you would like -- -- and done it. This is just you know this is your form -- Now having friends and kindness club did you have a Twitter world we live we'd be good for Cologne darkroom or virus those extremists who didn't you cry -- -- way back in forward in -- position that we did that that was called recording now I guess picnic picnic and did that already. Concept -- we're going to to wrap things up with with a song and its journey. What would you like to say about the songs and that in asked about the last time when asked about this one. On -- it's my show -- and stamina and sex and cool poet brutal history and -- to Banja -- out. You know it's gonna have and when when when we post you shouldn't have to playlist and everything KIW dot com is going to be lakers to the north. The bum me out because I. I mean I think it's like that are district -- done. Actually the scale of that -- you louder guy and a I think he's always gentlemen we'll see guys that pain in the grass and added a point nine KI is W wrapping things up once again with curse of the north and the -- --