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Toppy and The Girl Who Cries Like A Whale - 8-29-13

Aug 29, 2013|

Today we found the original call of the girl who cries like a whale... Turns out she was calling our very own Topshelf and he's the one that recorded her crying like that. Here is the original call.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So I the other big news yesterday the audio of the the viral video of that -- voice -- Where the girl is crying and sounds like a whale. And if you missed it no problem. Sure will be happy to play -- yen. Sorry mr. call. As -- con you back. Let you know little and I love being. Then I mean Q. It's. An injury. And I'm sorry -- your phone call and that I I I know you're dying. Spoke to bring you did did did you call me back crude. -- on all evil eleventh oh. Okay. And so here's the thing Steve you know our shelves right we you know we really have a lot of investigative reporters a little -- and almost stories about crazy robbers and their cars -- -- -- -- -- and -- are striking yeah I don't -- -- -- -- about that no but this story we know was an important story to the rock -- listeners so -- definitely. We put a bunch of boots on the ground to figure out what's going up like yeah. And we did find more audio. And in this clip. She actually gets to talk to the person she's trying to reach you know all you know she sends the voicemail he's not there she gets to talk to not go away here's the thing dude this is the shocker of at all and this is sometimes what happens when you do a lot of dig into. You know old turns out the person on the other end somebody we all know. Really actually a member of our show. Sorry mr. Call them do is 23. Series. Has dreamed tanker around -- I didn't saw -- -- Calling back all the Canadian werewolves do it I love you. You may meet you I. Lol I -- -- okay. -- -- -- I hear it -- and then Amy you're Paul Carmelo how. I hear -- -- this time. I don't know I know you're dying my girlfriend well. My fiancee is here and she's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You move Noonan. I love you gave an Amy -- you -- Lou I'd never live there. -- our top do you do -- sensitive plastered the -- girls were crying for you told her not to call me at home. Now you're room and you'll see we -- we -- who we is Susie got their new iPhone we knew he'd be back -- all the way out yeah and I got stays low all over the place the -- June all the girls that sound like Wales yes. All over the winter break and girls is hard is it. And where the play that again sometime -- Steve. -- let me come back later on. I -- W walked.