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STP-Cast 09-10-13 -- Led Zeppelin Experience - No Quarter

Sep 10, 2013|

The Led Zeppelin Experience joins the STPCAST and do a couple acoustic songs. Plus we recap Pain In The Grass and Steve shares his love for the band Attika 7 (featuring Evan Seinfeld, formerly of Biohazard).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Steve the British are my fear facing SEC's -- precision iron. The first time -- a few years back finally location my wife and I met up with some of our friends and always -- about -- -- At a track there's Suu Kyi secular we got there I love the -- -- that -- -- staff was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count on the -- coast of the -- if you obligation to. Right from my house and I ordered a marvelous role. It's a hero's welcome Fred Friendly that's how they've rolled Travers CC five locations find out more at -- sushi dot net that's. -- sushi dot net AS TP. On -- go podcasting yes. Did you think it was to the -- -- it wasn't work slow work towards toilet. I am not only Titanic movie studios. Yeah CD. I'm gonna -- hard to pass. So why was okay to. I know it's gonna do. -- -- -- -- -- -- you can see. -- -- -- and he's not. Why it is the SEC can see the British Airways -- sell me everywhere -- go solar and everybody's favorite mono mix on myself part of the process yes everything that I get better. We're doing their right over here you get you don't -- -- Yeah I guess amused in the -- -- right now huh. Extended versions didn't it's perfect because the new video for white while Matt Moore is available on YouTube. Some of you guys watched it yet no and it's. Are so sugar walls by Cheney's an over the -- is exactly the same don't even bother watching the -- -- -- -- via huh. So it's a little weird which one. -- levels are you are still I get -- is -- up as el mariachi the afternoon -- -- flowers in the beginning or whatever that's sunflowers are like you have -- our in our backyard over the weekend tour -- -- those Cyrus -- -- -- -- -- don't know you as -- that I president and our owners will get an animal and place this whole weekend no well we were -- -- Harris he had. I bow to that later right now do you have something very special do. And we have a lot of students are allowed so off the first to get some awesome guests in studios some pretty -- -- you -- he says talk to them don't know. All right so in studio we have been Led Zeppelin experienced no court -- live is going to be stabbing at the show where centering -- next Thursday on the nineteenth. And now we have Led Zeppelin studio. There are. You can you believe that's unbelievable half half half half pound bombs in the -- -- right now see that's that is crazy guy on the tough tough tough tough and Jimmy Page is here Robert Plant and John Paul Jones thank you for coming in this is an honor it's in our house arrest for Q that's so off. You guys are playing next week when you're ready here would be what you're -- say staying at the -- water as the number one yeah how. Obviously they honestly look at this front Melendez an independent and we haven't gotten -- I don't Scotch and Red Sox since it is just our great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's close -- really that I thought I. Utility -- John Bonham merely that's crazy at John I mean where have you been all these years. I've been hiding. If he had not my -- can I don't really like to be upfront about this yeah. We actually had a decent supernatural stuff to bring back through. Well the last time you guys played was in India and England and ours is a few years ago and now here you are doing the show are centering candidate I mean that's him that's very exciting but we told police she was always -- England. -- yeah. All tour and it's just a hobby not so bad. You don't this all the talking is. He's a totally college is on the Mount Juliet -- -- the -- that's -- good one -- fools do you look very small crowd that didn't happen. -- I'm -- and. So what can people expect that the show the show where senator tickets are mellow now and you can guy you -- show where senator dot com. I would like to say they always do this is a mixture of theater and and our concerts and -- we try to recreate the magic. -- that we actually -- very successful recreating the magic Atlanta -- onstage. Five so I mean full on not just the sound of Led Zeppelin but also the visual -- give -- had to show our senator. And you're wiser -- maybe about puffed on a couple of things you have no idea what's going I hear what the hell they're here with you succeeds thanks tips on the and we saw Jimmy Page you're not pain in the press has very good to see that's just how safe do -- -- you most excited to see. I was just great to meet the staff from everybody yeah I mean everybody I love the moment and everybody sucked pop up on stage still ties us up came out yes and took their vows and he so deserves for support team and making it happen how it's changed this fantastic yeah Obama they're terrorists mesmerizing and -- government and Jane's Addiction at all. Yes -- energy. I mean and these are brands that clearly were influenced by your music -- it's perfect I. I'll tell you if you -- what the -- so sunny. Yeah. I have no idea this is just. I have to have I don't John Bonham has a habit of of cursing sometimes says. I want somebody I always thought I thought I already has always you always live radio city -- by. Dropped an F bomb dissolves it no there's Jon new jobs was on the radio and an incident in Paris because -- you -- It is singing around a flaw it just seemed so warehouses where else have you guys been here in the states and who wouldn't show. Do you wanna just. In this case here I mean we've we've always gone there I've only been -- -- Montana whose commitment that it Tesla to comment on science standards and les -- have Tom Green and it solely city. Three narrow little green and all of a Texas. I don't know all it was also. -- it -- in the Gulf of Mexico and west and. Mississippi into the match -- do you guys -- and everything west of the Mississippi -- guys -- special an eye opening on -- writer that you demand to have backstage when you do venue because shorter. It took -- what is special thing for me -- yeah. How is your -- for -- warrior and Robert Zimmerman and that's how you tell us. Yeah technology by the Michelle and all these series and on television and yeah. I now believe that we were the how how -- is on the right you know actually have no problem with the ladies and -- does -- know how to find. You know what we like actually on the on the right on on on -- right is is column here it's very basic stripped off maybe we're gonna throw something in that scene in the world. Kind of throw people off a -- and then we can kind of see it's actually doing reading the riot -- exactly. No I don't -- I am telling you soon got back on today so. -- to have -- but right now it's lots of Red -- Malone and John -- while he's dead so you -- as much and try and there's after. That's every -- that's a tough talk a little bit to John you rock and they are the clear -- inside tinted drums allowed wigs. Yes and so I just require those and say OK good yes Suzanne wonderful yeah you can have Led Zeppelin without that jumped into Japanese loan yep you play it indeed throughout the memo we -- jumps on everything. Everything okay. Have a mask I stated that you got really as tech is now. Like seriously -- Led Zeppelin show I mean we we we we've watched them we practices for years and years you as a former fellow country. It's it really is -- and accept an experience and then her heart was -- as it took to put this whole shoot together -- -- So putting that together yeah. You can see all the constant -- -- -- and I did tonight and now now didn't know -- started this kid and he is again it's actually from Brian Horwitz. You know I think she's. You sooner than Jimmy Page right yeah. Crop what it's like night and you've thought in Saudi Gunner on itself and it came out. -- -- When you Bob -- the blow guys they Tesla did did any of those guys are paying McNamee come up onstage and play a song when you want to hi there everybody -- is that -- you -- -- You know open the connect saws and second myself out is his religious and trying to trick ordered from Tesla is like -- hundred guitars and -- -- -- -- I should be taught. I did in my top. And some -- must act hated tennis why Ryder Cup yeah that. We recently. Open for any money from -- 21 run in now or going somewhere in there and as we're going onstage. AD comes to me and he goes please don't make me look bad. An attack. I don't know what I said to Eddie I said Eddie. You're Eddie Money Rezko who can make you look -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing amazing he is amazing performer yeah that's coming off that huge -- -- I don't have to put Jesus on some 25 minutes yeah I don't know embarrassed them. That's got to be a lot of money so you guys really have to meet we meet wonderful people yeah timing and and not just famous people move to meet wonderful people us -- -- -- It's amazing what this is done for people for. Us as well was like zeppelin fans I mean I think a lot of fans must appreciate what you guys are thrown out Dickerson you see a lot of tribute bands and end it short of them playing the music and playing it well that's about as much is attributed you're gonna get. I've seen some good bands this idea you see them it looks no different than -- being walking around that I mean isn't a full on show. And I think as a fan of Led Zeppelin it's it's awesome to be able to experience it not only. The music but also to see you guys do what you doing up onstage and looking the way that you guys look. I won't walk you guys together I mean obviously the love from Led Zeppelin fame but what else made you guys decide you know what this is something we gotta give a go to a. How high it's complete magic could actually how we got to get Alan -- judging me explain how all this happened because he's the founding member of this front. Yeah it's why I saw a Beatles tribute band and I was amazed how they. Appreciated comes from Ed Sullivan although it's he -- and I thought you know this is cyclical and off to to do -- -- would be a real. It's even possibly justice but that's also having it. The challenge -- what was exciting yeah and we just can't I decide to do not if you decide responding artists and interview them and talk with them and then give them play and everyone in this room instant we've been for a number of years now together in this lineup and it's just the right deal. It sounds sounds like it. On the newest member -- -- -- to -- the difficulty. It's we tried we tried yeah we we we -- recording studio and -- -- out. Serve and no way almost almost all this is out -- that's very hard do you think at all what can you just not true I was you know how to beat. Can you give you take these guys got to read this show where senator that's cool is going to be -- -- -- at a club music playing in an arena which is pretty bad -- here in in in Washington and we can take -- Manning can't. Next there's in September 19 tickets available right now it show where senate dot com duty -- to enjoy the Led Zeppelin experienced no quarter lives I see you guys have instrument so I mean. I think we should deadly bus into a song and talk some more afterwards but I think people need to get us. We did the sound second it was just I mean I was getting news from fellow -- mono nick was also zeppelin fan news. He was grooving to it as well some excited to have our I've -- listening right now here you guys and anything get a taste of what it's like -- the Led Zeppelin experience. -- get ready to Barack. Don't know I don't know. Okay. Don't know. Now. You know. Wow. Wall. -- My name. I. Okay now you. It all the. War on. -- You. Using. All the. Ball. I. Know what. All you. But now's the time. -- -- -- Yeah. -- about it. All right so let's just. Here in our own studios that was awesome you guys thank you so much thank you thank you so much thank you squad -- and I extra precaution not courtesy of top shelf and it's -- -- -- -- You know actually good. That is complete and total on the -- yeah. And -- I visited -- Kostis is a lot like that yeah actually I believe yeah sometimes office personal capacity -- Iraq and right as good as the -- you -- listen -- the night yeah. Yeah I -- not a -- I opted not that we want to really putting the -- it's legal it's legal and help me out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We will we promise Google always try to keep the ticket prices as low as possible to love it very journal -- Still travel the country in the world economy with them. Judge you guys you know frequently we do at the end of the year won't count down like the greatest songs of all time in Gregory earlier songs a stairway to -- and well it's almost everywhere here Kozyrev destroy stand as it is is that you're guys' favorite. All times song or is there another song and their that you guys -- -- your daughter Alice Davis obviously led settings are -- this stuff. -- and I love this song it's wonderful to perform the song. However like for me I really usually Kashmir is -- very very powerful nine dad. So I sit there with a -- yeah and how do you feel about. There are feeling when you say that let me bring indeed did just it's overwhelming Manley is legit knock that down over because it. -- -- a lot of fans out there that are also just like complete like you know music freaks and improbably grew up playing those songs in it that's. Has got a real pressure or another there's like try a few thousand people out watching you guys that are. We have we're depending on what instrument Darren -- self professed master of what every guitar drums and they're like all he better get that -- -- are you better get that drum fill right that's going to be a little. -- absolutely is suicide because we we always -- they'll come in with an attitude like movie did these guys whatever you're going to -- -- and and we do our show and accommodate they're just so in all I'm blown away and what's wonderful is when no real true fan -- Led Zeppelin. Can identify. Like what. -- that we chose. You -- what's included How the West Was Won did it this way did Jack yeah and like if you want to hear wonderful song that will perform as well probably. This day he's he's I saw us simply tastes like well it's like it it's like is every every -- -- images from Moby Dick. Always -- practice so -- when you guys are performing do you pay more attention to the recorded versions -- the live version. It's it's a mixture of both are usually we try and say we tried it depends on the phone as well it will try to stay very close the studio -- -- them. In some songs that sometimes like for instance daisy -- these would you like twenty minutes. You don't mean it's it's it's an amazing epic performance that's Hossa both sides and smoke gets. Kicked out enough. This drove men can smoke in the crowd as well get kicked out here. It's amazing monster OM -- I tried to do this out of from the studio must generate as soon. -- psychotic solo you know sometimes it takes up from from the BBC and sometimes takes us from. -- saw him as saying that -- mix together but it would have that we did it's always Led Zeppelin it's not. Sweep right -- -- music first and yes assault absolutely not he's talked to the finals in a wreck every avenue saw -- we just threatening I. I what -- What we do is not about us at all what we thought we do is we want to create an experience of them. We want to have a joined. Communion of cosmic energy and that's what happens -- a single show it's like. He commented on his -- and Dubai you know they they they they understand what we're trying to do its with its cook love that's why we that's why we're good at it. That's that's very true I mean you're not doing it because these are this is a moneymaker is it did say it all starts first with some loving the man exactly I don't exactly how to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly items I should -- -- something different and I got. What are you dying many -- so -- definitely never tiger -- and -- and hearing an issue though -- could essentially called no quarter million people went through quarters on the stage. But not nearly. And that causes this saga that has not yet I think he's the editorial page article you destroy everything had this picture it's soft incredibly -- or. Apache. -- -- -- or dollar bills or. Okay all our Rosetta. And causes of the problem I don't know tournament yes exactly I guess maybe they'd be as a young college mainly Jones. Resilient entity as the Americans -- to join us not have to -- up aka the movie and have another son to do acoustic. We do we do well on right now let's do this on a -- okay. It's a Chinese you don't try to use that method I thought Africa. So yeah while he's tuning out hello everybody knows Led Zeppelin experienced no -- live this is happening at the show where senator intends. Which is happening next Thursday September 19 tickets available right now and show where senator dot com and and yet have a FaceBook page. Can you guys -- give a plug for that to having. Wages and Led Zeppelin experience featuring no quarter. -- and it's links actually going to show adult content throughout our funny yeah it's an instant friend as we knew that is yes and you -- -- -- to be a friend. We coming -- 40000 fans friends that you see doesn't that doesn't staying. So I don't know rentals we'll have we have a lot of things on this just this kind of -- and considered an excellent books Ali -- our next I'm going to call friends I'm pleased. That's awesome -- and before you guys an opening next the new -- all all you guys are sad to know why we don't mind a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you -- in my time in the dying days you can she's gone to -- -- had a kid that's pop star's death. Yeah right we -- -- -- you guys don't write your songs yeah there's nothing like oh what is the what should never be this guy I was Allen already got it -- it is and I. And -- dollar and a lot of -- I imagine it's yeah I -- I don't think it's also highlights of low sixties ladies. Yeah I've definitely got to take these guys on the corner of the show where senators is this molding but. Knew my name date -- suggesting everything up parking tree there so I'm not -- that -- usually when you know an arena show it's like 203040 bucks. -- did you put that towards -- It is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They will be outside the show where senator selling you some of the finest tournaments yeah. That's that's. The yeah it's a fun experience an arena right back to the seventy. Yeah I love. That's not that's what the -- that your. And those guys have been an iPhone tuner currency and technology had -- until I found -- -- -- there are innocent I don't think yeah I didn't know and it's. Josie Newsnight on. Charlie access -- and you're right -- right -- How can possibly think that John Paul Jones on the iPhone and -- Sort of hard done well early -- guys who are easily. The most. Under appreciated member -- Led Zeppelin who happens to be close really musicians to ever grace this. Who gets some -- on -- John Jerry playing his organs. Yeah I would usually by Allergan is well that's what I'm. Cool cool so I think we're about -- as. I didn't think -- actually run a slime and that's how we didn't yet know love and as we just that it all happened. See what goes down so whenever you guys are ready that's our rocket. It's today's -- that sounds good friends this is cold -- -- right yeah. Constituted now can battery -- could. Please feel -- -- I called the Stevens. I -- series is the guy. I didn't have an excuse me I'll I have to go back into church and I have been there but -- I must say that's. I do I always -- I always feel it relates to. That's how it happens is you you open yourself company's dealers and other people feel it can. That comes -- it if it's multiplied it becomes it becomes like just frenzy of cosmic energy and its everything and -- It's it's definitely supernatural I don't know how yeah. Talk about it because personally I had this idea of just being up there being able to play that music and seeing the energy from the crowd as well I mean that you've got to get lost in the song like the fans are munitions such an alternate -- Sometimes it really. We actually I I don't know what moments I know is as a as a vocalist I lose if -- -- self consciousness onstage like I am. I lose the self conscious I'm no longer. That's not the -- I know how. But it's wonderful -- declared as needing to do additional. 08 PJ and it's funny. If I really self college assistant passed out I suppose what -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- that it's already been installed. When there is something else this is a wonderful thing but that's -- what he actually didn't get enough. Yeah. I don't like I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the newest member of -- of course there and I just found that I've been with the back now for seven. Use in seven months wow okay answer this -- has been in existence for like fifteen years in and day out I was very fortunate to do you twisted to -- That component. By Brian and that's how I from Bob rivers are -- you know what I thought actually I was with I was with another band of the bunch of -- and we we can do Led Zeppelin and and stood on the -- -- we heard well so I give the tapes the tapes what EST keeps. If you the ball pretty show it and Eric Eric. Gets back to -- yeah the produce guy and anyway he's is that he is we don't need -- fans. And an attack. Although we will need to compensate you write in so he had -- do a song it is so apropos for me it was called a whole lot of junk business and bad. Austerity a whole lot of love and it's still out there on the web. When the beauty of what Bob always always over the -- since June is that he really goes very and I out of -- or -- but he is almost painstakingly tries to find the right instruments in the right microphones. There -- used during the original recording any did it just. Who resigned destroyed because there's that the based missile Bob stand his -- yeah I was a senior at one point and he got to dizzy of since. I've got to not be in the unreliable -- at camp is. NASA has no idea how Paul didn't call box out -- yeah. When I call and tell a -- on you know I was living lives that wasn't for that. And what a weird to just yeah give it to take it away and particularly -- on this continent my Internet. You know that was it adds another point yesterday. Is that day -- ups and started. Post probably and here we did we play it backwards. You know look I only had to do something special for the data Led Zeppelin was -- him because he had this amazing experience and -- -- so on and on -- Led -- that's why would and that's why we're doing so often time we want to keep him. I'm not going how many shows you guys for many years she's thinking geez curling figure doesn't client is success in 24 team -- Now -- -- you know all of yes it does that one consulting point is Miami in February. Mr. Yahoo! is that so now is not -- I thought I thought I. What a great idea I know Craig -- comedians declines a lot of his comedy shows. When the Seahawks and mariners are playing in southern towns just that way you can go see them on. On the comedy clubs I'm. Absolutely that's another I don't public it now. Which is nice suit you're nowhere like Joey there's -- I just look if the hawks schedule I don't. How -- -- this plus total current assets as the best Gene Simmons yes he does this analyst Sam Kennison and then. I mean Al Pacino he's just on fire all -- impressions are just so damn good. A lot of analysts that's right people as you Bostonians while you -- not literally but. Yeah. -- So I guess I got the Led Zeppelin experienced no -- -- it's going to be at the show where senator intent on Thursday September 19 get your tickets and show where senator dot com and I'd thank you guys -- being a part of this isn't really cool. I know we have a CD of though the fall live performance so we want to -- out down as well -- absent I'll be very cautious yes Olivier give -- what is this. Why do you guys do much acoustic at the at the sure the show where we will do complete access. -- very -- the -- them so yes that's that's awesome why I thank you guys once again this has been an awesome experience I was very excited -- you guys on an admission how great is the excited and is ecstatic to be here thank you very much for -- -- -- to please everybody get two tickets -- some support share in the love -- Led Zeppelin and who can't do that right and we had such a great band and in the fact that you guys. I mean I would imagine it's got to feel great to know that you can do it tore. Which would mean that you -- I had a bunch of different tribute bands out there but the fact that other towns want you to come to their town it is is quite a testament to what you guys are doing them. We extract the music. Yeah Lou it is an honest it's an honest it's a privilege yes that's true this is easiest. But thank you guys really appreciate it selling them to give. It's not yet this is Nomura may read this season Led Zeppelin it's. Experienced no -- like they're right Danielle can. Now how would this man. Okay let me. You know those kids. I had every Led Zeppelin album. I even had to go to my. Here on. You dousing their music and -- Just gonna be a fun show. People go out and check this out against Delaware senator and it's no quarter lighting. -- -- -- Now plus and then there. Alive stuff I think it's cool it's like you said like doing -- so little for off hostility and I didn't he get a video from. -- -- That's however one remembers that but you do one and also how I don't know how background and it went to restore and give that -- played. Yeah I still have this dream one day doing among the local cities and on the -- guys before we started the interview and not a -- How that now that I wanna do it right I gotta find the right Andy you know you and your way it's gotta be. That's the one -- you have to may not -- actually listening. Ladies and only two you don't wanna (%expletive) off the members of moss all before you know -- brings it's all right here we do have are -- -- jazz plus. Yardage until your next solo project dubbed father -- I. I'll put put the mother -- closer you can on the tonight. Whether you talk all the love talk tonight okay. -- agree I'll mortgage -- give them right here you have an event player and I think cell. To get this thing going and we haven't even out of practice January fighting. -- -- -- That's drill and I have talked about not -- top feel jealous. Tonight and I roll my eyes get among the local cover ten gallon during the Villarrial. We have a black guys Mossad -- we can Brazil it's weird noise out I -- you'll hear hello finally he's welcome to the defense. That's number one. Cyrus right about these guys that they beautiful -- make big changes in full character and I that was awesome. And eventually we'll get the video above their two performances you can now watch and check it out but knew it was very cool great. And I showing us what's up Led Zeppelin experience sir -- good night I thought good. So I always got -- knicks are sort of my music has SI know whether or not that he likes the song as he gets to sponsor I think that's so awesome that's. What I love about music is it does have that kind of effect Don Meehan. And clearly with mono -- is well does that different isn't it. It's either on my arms on the back to my Mac is aware of that -- usually stands up enough -- Do we have one of those moments when we were at the house and we're into a lot of up in the grass at some cigarettes if you think -- talk about on this podcast today besides up in the grass also off. How will we. Put our hat back into the mix for the best of western Washington there's some talk about that cause who gets that and a little bit but -- that did the pain and -- exchange -- a -- him jumping around different days different times because it's so many things that I know I wanna share -- -- your guys is stories as well because I know that I know for -- top B has the story -- he warned me about it when he was drunk. Hopefully he remembers it but one of those things about music that. I realized while we're at the house are staying in some land which is -- by the gorge amphitheater. I think I would derail them mommy got back through the area to house. And we're -- -- and he's got his headphones on -- Elliott listened to music on his assistant -- memorial on my United's -- on this tangent about I would picker from Mars being like one of the greatest tension mammals ever written I was so I didn't. Think ahead to grab that some maybe next people -- on. So he's close up -- his I pod. -- iPod -- headphones I've put a man -- none of these other pictures of us all wearing -- he asked how -- you there SI noticed you had -- -- one of all right I had white earphones into why -- your -- you know I'm white -- to tell you doing what are you doing and that's all that's -- -- is not a phone it's an iPod and I -- white earphones on because a listen to face in the war is -- from Mars which is like -- -- instrumental from their album the real thing and doesn't dry we don't want is both listening to what freaking out getting goosebumps and that I loved that about music by down payment grass. Man I don't even know where to start I think what we have to start off with the is that we all took a stand not happened -- down by the river yes you -- yeah we took command which is hilarious because we headed off to. We sucked -- -- -- Kwame tobacco liquor store and basically just like you cleared them of all their stuff has some Sierra yeah I was grade and then not -- -- of beer brand to some listeners while going there which is pretty funny girl like women is that had been put on is that thrill is -- software experience hysteria Steve. I almost it is there it was news news -- awesome. -- -- -- -- there are guys working at the still others like on your way to the guards are in the grass you know. We get there you get to the house or staying and it's sweet home and I never even knew that the some land development I don't know it's called resorts. -- existed imagine. Going down this long wind being tight circle wind kind of thing -- hill -- -- and they'll never in his tracks yet has switched access. And at the bottom where the water is at the bottom of the gorge road test drill these houses are moved via and that's where we stayed on all eyes -- similar George. Yeah in his stellar as I don't know you guys camps in the world is what I meant. Does that. Yeah we're inside the -- yeah we really did a really literally just got everything else entirely we did do wanted to society like FaceBook updates saying -- -- we are in new because you really -- India doesn't -- -- guess it was awesome. But there are few things that I wrote down that I don't remember a lot from from immigrants RBIs and our remaining in the bands that played I wasn't driving. I had any responsibilities other than doing a couple of days announcements in some interviews I stayed -- Freddie interviews can't say I was sober for the staged announcement tonight -- I got through on that aspect but there's a lot of crazy stuff went down and there are few things I wrote down and new winner remember them and looking at my notes right now. Makes you realize wow I clearly remember these happening so our first off I have my shirt guy. Now I was and what Alan I mean who's this guy we met frank and -- We're -- BSE with him and I know cynical shirt on and on -- an awesome shirt right so we're just talking about the certain whatever it may be in that cool whatever. Then later on and I ran into him again and I think it was like during Jane's Addiction set -- before Jane's Addiction -- like in between sects here we're walking around trying to find some people had my solves thrill Kevin for metal shop had that moment it was being cabinet or hanging out and talking. This guy comes back up like one time. Are cool hey what's up blow off from the began not a time -- it's a blow off. Coming up again now this time he comes up any shirtless smooth nice and his -- in his hand. And because. You've -- release an album wasted so -- again now kind of weird otherwise your shirt off does he wanna beat me -- like I don't know and I'm right. Yeah OK yeah I'm Molly and I don't know we don't know what's going on tobacco are really do you we. He was this -- assuming that pulls no -- -- so he'd come that he has Heyman. You've given me so much over the years. To -- can do is give you the shirt flow. -- Kevin walked away because he's laughing so hard and always they want a country kind of weird right. Swedes and yet but it's kind of weird salaries are much pain is that the guitar player I. I thought they were I don't know -- I give them credit they suppress so I'll look at illegal payments tanks I don't want you share man. And then he went from being like happy -- almost being angry I like to do it why. You don't know and it's in music do you already have mixed. Yes my head I really yeah that is -- my answer is yes yes of course I have that shirt. That's why don't why your shirt on my -- you gave me now that's certainly it was more aware just how much you spend on it took twenty blocks. Six weeks Janet -- He day. Cool man not a he's good save there. Is no way for the save so bright after that happens. How much I had I had you know -- as -- another guy comes up to Steve. -- my tiara yeah right here there are busier Tehran grow hot in high five game wasted having a party. Aiding enemy the enemy my son his son I don't know how old he is but he's young -- -- -- ten maybe thirteen I don't know I don't know like that window between seven and thirteen is very confusing it's an awkward time desperate for everyone involved persona the love child because I have no idea I. I think this kid he's cute kid comes up shakes my hand and then just stares at me right keeps there. Stares at me for Tom saying. At least a minute and a half. No blinking holding onto my hand like holding on. And not letting go has both hands around my one hand and he's grabbed it right it was a Williams no yeah go ahead. -- staring at -- not even blinking and Phnom wasted announce a site on behind a does he know where do we go from here -- know that I wasted no thanks is this a bad he just signed his -- contract right I'm not I can't judge you -- right now. Am I giving him a bad example for the rest of his life like hey kid. We like me -- learn your words and blood shut us. Saw minus I don't know what to do at this point -- make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had saved me and does is laugh spent eight days is awesome and I'm like I'm playing on this and I look I don't. Heading is a good time for us all take a picture. Oh good one I think. -- database Eric -- still wholly out of my -- but I got the stared diamonds and then as a pitcher and that pulled my hand no way either really doesn't mean you guys I didn't -- -- a lot of the I was totally driven -- I was -- And everything flattering but it is also town like I don't know wedeman is is -- -- this is gone we are. Yeah I'm usually the guy that's like hole trying to hold on their hands -- -- Doug doesn't know player on this and that's going up to the but this isn't a let's talk about thirty seconds I'm talking about well over a minute shirt and a long time when you think about it like I like to say it was like five minutes to assess how long -- And but it wasn't diminished in it was there was a site. Don't know what's into at this point nine -- I didn't wanna speak too much because I was always did. I don't wanna say something now given away them just gone I'm not there. I'm really like -- did not remember any of this until I saw and why -- going on I can turnaround some ice. They are now seeing what I'm seeing and I see our buddy Kyle who plays in the new originals these -- here. And he's and -- -- they were all right behind us I turnaround look at Dominic how big this certain laughs and then like. Yeah that's weird that I didn't say name because they can read my mind I think -- -- we. Something must summon a bridge is is praise you're the only on the upstairs and -- -- crazy -- this all all these incidents that happened on Saturday. All within. Between Alice in Chains and Jane's Addiction because. We're waiting for Alice in Chains to go on and I knew that. And get backstage to do the -- it didn't know I was obviously. And you -- give backstage because you're doing misty sentenced to Jane's Addiction him so I finally get back there and how might all point. I this is going to be a rough one because Vijay is already gone the am I -- I got a -- the microphone and you know I look at the rest of you guys look -- got a lot of practice America and all of you guys are wasted. Yeah -- has come all -- -- -- I want what I actually had a pulled Kyle aside he -- act like you know who act like you've been here before John well I haven't I don't go -- I know you're having great time and I don't want -- -- please don't let this get in the backyard and I remember revenues comes as we not only reason I -- a good time it's his birthday and a half ago. Kind of backed up and who's against the poll -- all women go on stage and had us on line up against the wall and get out of everyone's way because they have all the gear coming. And he's just come -- stumbling in the middle and an -- Joseph as well the prodigy he's -- to I've never seen the proudest about race everybody the same business as the try to go wow -- -- he's telling me how awesome Miami he told everybody how utilization how great they here's how he is Brandon you're the man and how hot. And then I love that she looks great -- is just like Vijay that I just super happy he loves -- one -- to be around having the time it was nice that's I saw these two. And they're just being knuckle heads -- is drowned but there not harming anyone but I just want to blow our cover -- knew we were all wasted. -- I pull them over as I'm like hey guys you've got to act like you've been here before just stay against the wall and be cool nights are cool yeah today or they were -- -- waiting. And untold -- introducing I'll listen merits introduce the band turn now -- -- and this could go really bad because the guy was drinking -- right in front of us like hard apple cider -- I was -- this is good yeah he's operate in my army she's drunk what do -- in my can just has gone crazy places. -- that mindset like I'm just paranoid -- wasted right. Some like whatever it's going to be fine. So now waiting on my nerves are going on my mind on some do you remember the drug woman on Friday that cute and got -- -- in the backstage. My son takes some girl that would glaciers and -- Norman -- gap was -- does -- and girls and the same girl like all of a sudden figure out a way to get past security today and get up on stage with us you have all waiting before. Outline -- thinks she can run -- up our line legs aren't that boxing us another punt I didn't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So this is drunk woman dead ends in front of me and is dancing. And it. Our our personal national series is they could. They're looking at me like who why did you bring this person with you -- and I go. I look Gary I don't know who cheers and see what I like I don't know who she isn't she's dancing really close to -- who don't send a freak out right. And now isn't she kind of bends over a source torching her ass into my -- it's. Word Max is now -- I I want her to go. And I I didn't know I don't want to be the next day I was shocked because I'm completely at the other end yeah I'm the last guy line can she eventually makes it down to me out. So and as she's like more do you want me to do you really get rid of -- yes. We do not want her going up on stage so it's not a good idea though so she tells a lady in the ladylike in my challenges Nacional fighter somber and and then just tumbles down. Doesn't the security guard who's watching all this a blunt guy just in the future. I think he thought that they were that she was with us today I was at home because she was with us Craig -- he's like. -- spot is that woman with you guys are not. -- -- we have no idea who she is a -- this conversation say he plays this -- she did this is the back in the line where I am -- now he's right like Apple's armor and -- mean she starts talking to me like. I I think she had the feeling that she was her time in the truth was coming out down menace. She's sitting right next to me and the security guard comes down gas and he's like yes we'll see you back here and she's like you. More than man. Easy way -- and it's I like right next her -- and she's kind of like look at that meeting to linebacker out ten enemies like Jesus. Our guys and I'm looking the other way and I hold in my hand the my eyes like I technologies I don't know her -- huge -- They -- gets kicked out for the second time this year like some kind of us VIP experiences she bought and and Seattle booted for this she got her booted a hard decision why yes my -- ever wanna get thrown out for backstage -- she -- they muscles that are -- to do well. -- She was disastrous war and she went out -- -- -- yeah you if you're getting -- your cool and I don't do that but if you're playing aren't. This -- sales in the what I saw him. There are real -- now and again and I was in America. Yeah now insisting ideologically and all that that albums is Magnus is flew off the band that was -- -- haven't really really funny ought to. On the firework and they're not as bad -- I wore my own -- magnets off in the middle should have no words on -- we don't get up -- saves -- saves us it's fine you know we just do we deal with the night before this staged announcement had who have been one of the craziest and most intense experiences of my entire stage life I don't know. So we will get you usually what happens is -- And after they clear out to make a pretty Cecil shows a damn place they clear out all they're -- off the stage. As they're setting up for the next man they say go up there what drew close to being done and say hey Jane's Addiction will be up and five minutes or days of the Soviet and a few minutes thanks for coming out we never really say ladies and gentlemen here's Jane's Addiction because sometimes have an insurance. Or so that is one is that out of that area so that they can get everything in order which makes sense. So we're about to introduce our offensive -- -- folder and -- okay. This moment the first guy how many guys -- like his posse and eight of us of course because we're like the which has a wee morning right and right. We go up there and I am just -- bombs at that point like I I'm just Amman -- -- he's staying in Saigon just. I life right I'm excited I am -- lesson sank in the so called. We go out there I'm thinking I want responsibility read the sponsors and I'd say give it right back to -- and say hey everybody how you doing and then you're right back to -- -- that. That's usually how we do it and it's going to be great. We get updated every one microphone for someone that's fine might BJ when you're done speaking just I -- Mike posse might thing -- -- actually. And so we're going out there and there's still tearing down everything around us it's like you have the space that would sit too uncomfortably. Like standing. You need to put all eight of you in that area and didn't we have like -- iron might do -- pictures right around so you investors who we had nine people on stage yes yes -- right people. So there's nine of us there and got a camera setup so he's got a little backpack all this kind of stuff we get out there -- like and there. Everything so hurry -- so intense like. -- does this do that the other might get on the Mike Mike is like speaks speaks a beaded dress talking to but he can't hear anything because they're removing the monitors you know -- really I don't hear any doubt that the -- signs of the guy grandiose. And yells entity has its working just fine steak. And that's that's going up. Guys get out of my way get out of my way -- this thing in my -- sorry I'm sorry you could Sarah -- I get to -- They don't want us Daryn we don't wanna be there and -- but -- Yes -- is the cards have we've been dealt. So now these days. -- value I can't. Can't allow. Any looks amazing I don't know what the hell do I can't hear myself Andy's hands me the Mike at home take a huge sum of all -- I'm not -- this. So as -- heads in -- Mike does a guy bending down and the court -- -- like I think now we're joking this guy -- yeah well -- don't like ours -- someone right now. So rodeo on court the court and and many hands in a microphone all I can do. Bruce W mother as a person huh. I don't remember -- Ted Smith reminds you that because he's like dude I was just is waste did you. And I got I didn't know what to do. -- -- And I I was drainage I couldn't hear words said the whole time so now my I would clapper now -- yeah heroines like I don't know what's going on they're all yelling -- us earlier today who bears drive the green twinkies. Somehow there was a place there's an area that was selling. Read paraphernalia. Yeah legitimately like bonds more water pipes. You eyepiece is certain candy and they candy but if you and I estimate the -- were like -- are we in this canyon like golf. But we got them or looking for we've got these twinkies that are called yankees and -- not -- ask. Some assuming Dennis this is amazing entered we'd. Confused twenty saw. I go Bud Selig who tears -- that we over the green twinkies ever warns that. Including people up on the stage to NASA and Harrell got over me I got to break into Woodstock Modell right. Hey man have dogs tried agreeing twinkies is there odds OK no place their jobs and then I got so worked up I don't know why but I go. Saw any of your mother ever signs that Sadr and the voice yeah Alex flatly does that set a Yale heist that set -- handle. And within seconds my phone says blown up would snap some people that they can take -- and all that those great -- -- night. Ted Knight even though we were back to the house we spent all night and how we were up for hours just. -- people surrounding whenever they said doesn't take certain we'd need to get a sense of each of them sickened their tongue out. We send them a picture rustic and our time out and and we don't think that was entertainment for the all night it was great and you look at coming -- -- snap and yet virtually similar fail there you are we were snapping you guys -- -- funnier -- all Alba that that that was like some of the experiences. -- hey guys and she. It's time for -- head to head to build timeout on ES TP can't. So those are some of the experiences that we had on I -- -- Ted felt I guess he was therefore it. I'll -- there are a couple other things that I wanted to bring up to before I -- the justice system to the floor to you guys only hear your stories as well. And I'm sure moral problems as we do this podcast but one of them. Coolest experiences I think you guys are going to be in cahoots with me on this home was. One of the giveaways that we did on the station was you will he wind -- the grass tickets we did a whole bunch just like experienced things that you can. Deep with Alice in Chains you complete with the ball with co heating Camry -- That's what I want to do put the course when I thought was you can hang on the jammed room with Jane's Addiction as a warmup -- asked what we need to hang out in the room. Coke -- jam room and they're addressing rumors rednecks are dressing room you know there is basically like outdoor trailers you might say we shared a wall with their -- we did. We literally day and yes. And -- and do all they were doing was jamming out to Pink Floyd songs. And Led Zeppelin song yes we say jamming you mean their plane member like on record they were -- there practices pull on plugged into dead instruments set up in that room. Where they can just practice get warmed up so I I've recorded some of it -- -- -- day I might not want to actually use I turn my phone -- I I does that wanted to give people out you know house and senate haven't even listen to it but. I was like this is some denies I was pretty cool no love to share with the with everyone that's listening in the SDP cast. So I don't know I was gonna go I think it's one and zeppelin covers that they're doing but not which is perfect since we did have the Led Zeppelin and -- experience on our off. Our podcast is a few minutes ago so -- reality check it out though because around. And it. Speaker. -- James Dixon right now. I. And and you have mono -- just -- right there because there once a lifetime yeah oh my god I'm one so I demo of that so that was pretty cool because I was missile -- -- -- advisors -- just -- now they're just. Casualties just talking not really talking but just listening to them yeah it was so cool it was a pretty awesome experience that was that was one of my favorite things and -- -- -- what other little things happened while -- deserves a lot of dumb drunk in. The -- tree I just having a good time parting with all the rockaholics I hope we do -- -- -- again. Nature of the gorge because it was. Awesome all there was one other thing I'd definitely gonna bring this up and actually top beat you in mind. We're gonna do a quick low -- detour for a second and ensure some love is also have tract nine ready. So I had this great moment and so one of the bands those planes is being called -- seventh. Are you may not be familiar to me you might be familiar with some of the members of the band the band is fronted by what a band that I have actually their logo tattooed on my leg it's front in my Evans signed son who is the bassist and singer a bio bio hazard when -- -- all means. -- still one of my all time favorite band self disbanded he's in -- seven -- they've made. They're definitely like music for you ride your motorcycle to and in fact they even got rusty tunes who's up I guess you know he's appeared in both Sons of -- doubles rides. He's not known as a motorcycle builder and he used his big guy almost like. He makes -- wild look like like a midget like Jesus is just imposing figure and -- shreds on the guitar. Just a guy wanted to do star mom from non point the guitarist. But I guess so the guys -- static -- have been a part of this band and also Scott reader whose -- basis about the highest. Great basin stocks and a lot of great members that are in this day and then now and they've come together to form -- seven. I -- -- signs of perhaps a second. Now wanted to say hi does really -- that was a one got a star struck there's a couple people but that was one. Because of just the love I mean how have attached to of their band's logo on my leg or -- Hamas -- we -- -- big time would that Dan and I still to this day one my all time favorite bands. So I was a nervous to speak German as would driving in the shuttle IC Kevin from metal shop -- -- only got lucky some of the should -- and he's a big biohazard and is well so he comes up to -- to -- -- we have to talk to me Jimmy cellphone number. Music the coolest experience every day trying to promote Spanish Ugandan -- the box. And I do that is amazing what a great great thing fast or to -- So -- look at that right there. I am having signed child is now following you on Twitter okay. Error high and you never immediately messages -- who are friends with Kevin. He does and you can see -- maybe typing KI SW inside that Amman there might be desire -- -- He's not not -- no we didn't because what happened was and he sends me a tweet and he's a -- -- you playing you playing -- seven if not getting get on the ball tell the people already station -- do it. Just a love for us follow our so I read about the Mike dude. I'm more than happy to I've been a fan you forever and I sent a picture my tattoo I go I mean DF felt. For ever this is down from ice that was a fan club I was a member that's that's a big island and -- but they're damn. File as a hockey Jersey which Kevin now wants because as time to a guy the FTSE was your annual -- Isaac church and again to get you to get their hockey Jersey in my yes I do -- -- -- -- You have their -- you know yeah I was a kid and I'd -- parents dropped seventy some dollars during the -- advertisers. Have been possible. So Thomas -- Downey's -- military email address -- union doesn't sound like crack. To -- my email address via Twitter. That next day. Email from Evans signed tell -- itself only to pay an -- man number. Have you heard this version we do this song a cover -- on the how much you heard the album X. Of course I heard the album your insides -- Miller's -- she grabbed a couple of -- but he sent me this track. That he wanted to troops get the word out on its cover them against a with a cover its. So you guys got to guests who combat that the us and I'm -- last time we did the the government there are parts of our podcast or did those of the mobilize -- -- should I listen really listen to that. And it's hilarious dude I was I was asked. Funny as all of this topping one of course 321 yup it's not just coming out oil and sometimes you're the one -- was enough and I shot and I got the tools so I got a totally beat Annika that so let's let's take an Odyssey he didn't mention who it was a cover of so when I was listening to -- this morning. I was like. The sounds familiar and I realize wait a minute this is not their song it's a cover and it's it's. Recover from back in the day in Iraq's and so instead the even I don't know hit me baby boomer time though it's not -- -- -- he or trying to be ironic it's just a straight up it's. Awesome cover of a classic rock solid. Just days there are now. I'm thinking about strangers and so I've no idea. -- -- -- -- I'm getting feel like Atticus having them and they like bio hazard and it's got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys know who did the song. No I don't Burlingame. These certain hole certain boys of summer madam. Don't think there was smoke on the water we know that's -- this summer people ran out of California. I don't you goals now Jesus Christ has played this I never was New York -- there. I run like this song this song is cool less. Cool so I never I would never got this. Daddy made this. -- cool right now. If you have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's why I was scared to say hi don't like I mean I I'd probably might try hard and I -- found them. But I found it somewhat high winds sent -- like -- really got star struck like it's coming up. -- -- one time I had met the drummer and it was like -- -- -- surgery like that but I think so excited that they played with a simple for a fifty some mechanically no wise. And I went up to a -- -- stay out headache. He was taken among other things that are at school doesn't read them like you might -- backstage as some might actually like hey I got a tattoo on. Until then go as well I hope to -- added this is like I'm not like your love of -- non factor. Do what you're kind of scary do. But the reacting I have that right when his name when I sent them that we will might take -- I was. Very cool like -- right on man -- whether that was awesome. -- he used to be married or dating that -- turn out for her there matters right now he's wind moved OK look good I'm learning through play I don't know why a fiasco this -- but yeah he's with the hip hop. Former Lupe Fiasco you're not ready see as a band as well and also loved -- have been an adult film to come I don't wanna be wrong about that some. So you -- want to check it out. So if I don't urology it was a round -- -- -- briefly this weekend. And she's gorgeous Jessica I mean. -- -- -- like that you are you have venue naughty naughty and then you dirty mouth individual. You're really you'll say I think they did a -- dynamics of the US Fox News -- So I I wanted to share a couple of their actual songs because I think this -- is awesome but. OK I don't know what I have a man be known for their conference committee that's a -- it down. Well they they wound -- bunch. Fortunately. -- they're great songs but they're known for the cover and a lot of fans. I always gets. Scared when they become what they get their first hit it to cover because it's almost like. That's not fair enough you know -- like they're -- and made that song almost did -- -- familiar with it so it's instantly accessible you know but dynamite hack yeah I mean they never had another and had a great record and and and but they were always known as -- band that covered easy eat or -- four G. -- -- I -- about that I know next dressed alike or he or do you get how well that has blue Monday on isn't really good I guess is good their second album was all right in -- -- -- -- just know that ignores December. -- other song they had on -- that -- on that line and cheese states is. Was the I was I was -- song that was just wanted stitches as I snitches get stitches to her. -- -- second album which is pretty good too I like to stitches vehicles because there and like this little box it was moving around and -- new round whenever I'm so -- seven had a recollection last year and it's gone up a lot of my enemies. And so I wanna play our is that we we talk about last time that you can really base now won that first song. Think the first song really got to come out swinging like -- seven fold their new record they cannot swing and ask for some man talk about an amazing -- you don't -- employ fewer cold -- they warmed up not only because their musical isn't so bad as the data so much pyro. I mean soon -- There today he gruesome marshals on that stage -- radio too because some sound like gunshots on do I thought -- my god. I just remember I'm really and I got -- altered state -- mass stop right there is that goes off I jumped how much are some of updates on her back how solid shot somebody here huh. Way to put a damper on Broadway -- gay guy right of the jazz is and summer camps. That's -- -- is it hate every time -- and so in his latest is that Virginia adored by Yang and his shot now standard shanks. So the first some off the new -- -- seven not album is called -- command and Mike is this a cover of the you and -- on building very yeah but it's not but I'm glad it's not because this song is bad -- segment and now we have two -- son's name -- and but here's -- seven crack command and may even have to cool -- leading up to the. Sun news. It's too. -- to read your motorcycle. Dirty and good advantage that takes pot from my guys running duo -- an interview but I saw some live stuff there. -- I just talk you -- We'll come back here. -- Every voice is great man. Recent faster. Heroin dealer. I mean there's not a lot deeper than just young and a white guys. One good thing about it. Just makes me want to. I'm on motorcycles like derided as. This is the mandatory for the hell's angels. That's not a very good to have you back. And all. You make me feel on the way home tonight. -- -- -- -- -- Those -- for Rebecca Harris ranks pretty cool I got houses like man this is a bad ass record MW Marseille have all sizes grabbed something quickly discuss a -- you know it's. First song are -- coming -- and one of the -- knows a lot of the reviews and then the reviews have been very positive light which I think is pretty awesome you know you. You get nervous when you have a new group -- you've been known for being indicted some of the voice of bio hazard I'm sure it's got to be nerve -- that okay our people enough audience thank impairment on the day of the same. Hello globally the spirit of bio hazard because of his voice who ran an ad that some -- I've always love Simon I'm OK with that this this so called devil's daughter insists -- -- -- getting a lot of bumps. I got one review said if I had to -- the highlights there are several. The majestic devil's daughter. And then on the at least violence in lockdown. Remember a bunch other side as well so I grabbed doubles ought to believe he's going a majestic how dangerous Yeltsin a second out. I. -- You can email -- to move. That's a great right now. Okay. Yeah we got we got to get them in on the cell on -- nasty -- -- -- -- Sent an email -- that -- son brother I got -- cell phone -- you can move quickly and could now be awesome idea dot -- seven again -- check them out the most recent record they've put out is called the blood of my enemies and that is a perfect album titled it just sounds mean yeah yeah positives out cubs won two more things going embryo about -- grass. From me and -- didn't go around the room Tom Jane's Addiction. Blew me away -- in my opinion. They -- I was as he -- thousand changed my I want to which one I'm gonna really fall in love with more regulated since I seen them both -- -- a lot more minimizing Jay's picture once. For some reason that night. And then nothing to do analysis performance in James Wood just on top of their game down -- Madison had to do with the fact we had an amazing interview Dave Navarro beforehand -- and I think that helps. Food and then there was this -- but -- I am there and I'm standing I'm watching and I'm just so messed up. And they start playing three days ago I asked him to. Because you listen Aminu and I told that I would put myself having played three days and did you I didn't. But man you -- me a liar I try to visit to the course and I hoist. Clarity claimed by someone else -- -- I. Do just seeing them perform that song and they play a did you guys hear them do three days. -- that sounds like a song it was immediate truce and would now like a good guy. I haven't heard Allan did you want -- announced yesterday was so it was a long song OK does that sound that sounded like four songs now it's ever going to start -- kind of quiet through. I -- and then. Amara remains -- just like can't cable room there. Do you do you do you know there's no good I'm just lost my best you do yeah. The noise and news you can use -- new news DDY. -- -- -- I mean can you really only. That's how it sounds right guys -- beginning don't let me do arrested earlier for another ten minutes but man I was just like half a guides my job was to the ground and I was. Musically that was the highlight of the two days for me just seeing that experiencing that it was in I -- an important towards. So then on the way home I get we get back here right and I'm so excited to get home -- -- came Inky -- Reinemund dash or no problem like we -- like thunder by haseltine -- -- everywhere rouge got every right to gather like. Diana -- give -- back and -- We get to my car in the parking garage. During black -- -- -- some -- tilt. -- just flat tire club. Aren't more I haven't changed a flat -- since I don't I think my dom my town and country carmaker Chrysler Town & Country not. My mind -- I'd -- around the beginning in demand during at a flat the united change a tire. I haven't -- -- and forever and backed and managed to sweet hydraulic Jack to just like you said -- -- It's -- friends are right up tiger's great. Told my son of -- -- gotten free the winding warned that I don't know if I had Jack like -- -- -- it was like I'm glad you never attitude -- are my -- so I open up the back staying down on -- -- the compartment there's a Jack. Well what they do would -- pulling on in trying to get it out of its -- -- losing in the slot I can't get it out. Michael how they make this idiot proof and clearly who did little Nickelodeon everywhere collapse at a little list that I did not think of that you know until I went online and -- NN first thing I says his. How to I get a Jack out of -- that it had the finishes it says my Jeep Wrangler are -- -- It's everybody that this problem that's so much as some try to figure it out Ted called BTR promotions guy and then I guess Brian Schroeder losing one of our persons guy whose -- just like. MVP of the whole time -- there's running around doing everything. Do you cramming onto a Jeep and he's a -- go meet -- I I know exactly what what he's talking about so he gets their bats and we treated now but he's like. We're about to do change a tire America where should I put it trying to figure it all I think I'll just do it. -- only -- he sure is -- islands in the construction site for a few for a year and pretty much every other week I was changing my tire guys constantly running over something. So what do -- would have taken me try an hour hour and a -- to do you guys are so hung over bad shape. Literally five minutes he had the tire -- back -- -- are ridiculously got a housing bureau magician man that was amazing. So that was pretty much how my week and I just keeps amazing me Clayton writes. -- fire man is awesome I love Ryan he's like I gnome raining until this next we'll switch and kind of himself. I kind of know but this week it was like the weekend of -- know Ryan hunter and it was awesome so. I wanted to turn the tables to top -- for a second -- our for our longtime viewer wants to go on the discuss. At one point we're backstage and tops of his wasted so wasted to -- as if he's drawn a penis on his chest yeah that happens right then -- his nipple was part of the ball stack yes that is correct. Pop the top B while we're there Vijay is they're serious. A man do I have a story about CJ thanks. Vijay and we're a marriage and Vijay thanks Tom Hayes AIG LA Ted talk about it on ES TD pass. I'm. I can't tell me now I can't tell you this series they look now. This is for the SEC. I was. I am so I am I wrote it down and my only notes at TP so if only someone with a host -- means but my phone not a corrected topping attempt to semester copies of. Worries you feel treated tip me if you wanted to compete. I would tell the service. So how do you view and nine mic in most other people took the the bus of the men or whatever it was a two over there. So that was all taken care hurts -- it for you I -- to my wife so my wife and I drove yes and then rev. Took his of woman is as well so revenue drove this car gotcha and then. DJ. The prodigy. Stand. -- Kyle I believe yeah roll over and Vijay actually drove them which you I was surprised because usually he'll say. Drive my car all right in my garment you know and I wanna drive and that is. -- non endorsement -- his son and -- -- idea would rather drive himself than halved his anti US and everyone else in this room. He's having us drive Syria his car as well one allowed him to drive -- I'd rather do it -- -- right so bad hit well I think read you probably will home first drive before you left after yeah oh yeah yeah and and so. That's why you were a little behind me because I left right from here. And and then of course I drove like eighty the whole way nice so I got there way before Vijay got -- because he did like 65 the whole way. Think so I get there I go I set up my cane in my camp salsa and up I've pitched rights and I've done everything Manny did and I'm not that I'm getting. -- from Kyle you guys like I'm like. Where all -- are you area so we just got to the hotel a million. Just can't do hotel -- and me here pretty soon know to have all hot and very did BJ drive you out men not telling me to tell there was okay Vijay drove. Well. So it because of the time -- my campsite and I'm you know have little pre phone chemical cartel kind of life and I'm -- MIA lots and I might do I gotta get going man I I gotta get down America's themselves to be -- excerpt next time new and so I'd I'd get over to. Where I'm looking for my credentials. Got you. And old first of all okay so there's a there's a bus that takes me for our -- from my campsite tuna gate. Every time I paid for a special campsite so. I didn't have to walk to where it was nice. So as the bus is there the man is coming onto the property. Through like they gave it only. Special people probably would go through. Wright is I'm going through there read this pulling out of there them. And I I look I recognize the car and I looked out the win Noah now boy and I can see revs face. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Escorted escorted out of this one told -- everywhere aren't our sorrows go so I look at -- -- And -- super frustrated flustered he's looking left right left right Egan -- like he doesn't he's trying to -- arbitrator in the way ultimately I don't like. Mom. No I didn't known to live. And so that was just a classic Graham -- yes I gotta tell some revenue was very matter of fact coming up resenting a meltdown UI arrest hey I'll down assigned giggling about that escalated -- the end and drops -- off and I'm going through my process of -- in my credentials does there is -- hits in my idea there always is yeah so. So they're taking me from the give my -- it together. -- golf cart now. That's right shot one on one and also are bad and I am and right as I'm about halfway there we just hit the street where there's other cars tonight. Noticed meet j.'s car. Is -- -- from where we are basically going right back to where I -- there have all these crazy flustered not knowing what to do and I'm like. I'm college and gone is MPG this car and I can see the rearview mirror on the driver's side and I see his face in the rear view mirror. XX look that thorough -- -- upset flustered. Frustrated and did not know in Oregon and he was obviously heading back out yeah probably so probably and eventually read you said you were supposed to be in that area yet only do I realize that. Well yeah and that that was a thing as like I knew what I had no idea were supposed to go because nobody that I. -- knew where we were -- ago where he -- and I use the terminology that we argument -- -- little pamphlets say this is the -- or supposed to go and I like nobody had any idea what that meant -- -- -- big and -- they get there will boil down zoos -- this mean this is our first time doing about concert there may have in the -- This system had been really flushed out broke. I even I don't try to exactly insanity with a staged announcement that we had by Saturday that was all resolves oh yeah there is a lot of like you know a trial by fire stuff unfortunately though when you first job the last senior and you have the time to have ours is. Figure out where am I supposed to be the worst part was I had actually before all that happened in the -- in I was sent around all the different places I was. At the campsite that was supposed to be at but in my flustered state affected there was no when their two confirming it. I was just like this. I don't know this errors enjoy or try to find some went -- and not personal video somewhere else and on this like our okay fine whatever then I know you get over here's my hair so with them. So in the course of about ten minutes I saw -- melting down boot. Then -- a I couldn't get in and had to go like backtracked myself on foot and a sub Vijay melting down before I got there and I'm like. While this is not really up to the greatest hour. But then of course everything works itself out I had a call from Vijay is a -- -- Leo I will Wear your Mike OK we're turning in that area so what's the scoop you often take you backstage and everything was fine but -- yeah you can tell he was a slight. Good then they make matters worse he's been almost son. His son is and how show up and they got their credentials just fine Ryan had no problem getting their from BJ couldn't get is always fun that's funny got the credentials. But preach hate tennis it was classic yet have a problem getting my credentials I just had a problem fighting more than helpful to camp right because you're in special campaign special campaign difference or people get different yeah -- -- will be -- For me or another people that we saw it last billion all walks of life in the campgrounds that's for sure well we. We're in the east yeah its legacy especially tubby had different special camp because he was like premium an arsonist. I was wins the event staff. Smooth -- so we had our own little area and those are some very interesting people there really cool. A lot of -- events yeah oh after nine times. Blossom there is tired and cranky probably after they get done this yet but a lot of alone would not so much drank a lot of gorgeous haven't sign it and had a party they do not -- my -- really not a party -- let off a little steam for tomorrow's festivity examines a -- he's. Yeah I had how are just. And one guy one guy ended up dialect passed out in his truck because he couldn't he couldn't figure out his is -- -- -- Impossibly yes I saw limited news out those balls and I love -- because -- -- down. I mean I would like -- -- drunk texting and realize until next day the first night at first I could use deep frying stuff and I was running a week. And so we're just sending pictures back and forth to each other. This is funny guy I want that now all I do -- -- -- now that's what you were saying we sad sad sad I used for camping near top B. Pictures of his attendance -- complex -- -- need to be out it was all it was going to be the last drive for my ten. And so when I packed up and took golf. The ten. I was just cut costs. And sites -- gone down and it was all you know in it won't mean this just gigantic ball of two bucks along too much to movies yeah so I made a nice little pile or Obama will picnic table. And and that's that's -- -- guys on the rich who says -- last his tent behind this. That was intentional. Put us on your theory experiences as far as at this showed many do you remember much. Thing was we heard it during the day and -- Dave and he -- gave nerve bond no. Navarro -- role in her you are now I can speak. And it was like second question and he was talking about -- ink show. Yeah -- that I brought up my my wife and I love watching how we watched into -- just last Sunday and -- I watched that a ton of that show yeah. Am but I wash your -- -- and size I said. You know that's on the Bane of everybody that just goes on there and just like your -- your your basically in school or in a competition do you we tattoo mean not knowing anything about the tattoo artist has said. We know would you ever do that day because he's got tattoos. And I guess you know was as acute episodes ago our us categories as the episode last night on and on and on the -- and then we just got to that when I was laughing lesbian and our enemies -- up top we -- that he's -- And -- traffic and I think he loves the show I did don't. It's great when I watched it man Adrian Gonzalez off and cold am glad that you love the show and haven't watched that episode yet and some might it took a shot and a half hours I was like 04. Yahoo! so I just was quiet for -- while Wally you know -- adrenaline that passes. Yeah I think if we would have turned out because you think does in the -- for not just being the typical morning radio show interview. I'm having did you know he thought that didn't help the fact that. He figured we're going down narrow right -- now almost sounds like he's guard is slowly gone back up now -- I don't watch that most recent episode news. He was who -- just couldn't do -- may lose at least it was funny about him I. Can totally see that I could to win one in two ways -- -- -- but somehow -- Odyssey before we did the interview we -- -- -- I had multiple conversations with different people on our staff saying. All men he's the worst he's the toughest interview reason jerky says he's that I can just not to that extent. It's going to be a two minute interview and it's going to be over things for the pep talk right now and he's got stuck and I'm -- his -- man this is going to be -- ready for battle on the flip -- -- -- -- on kind of glad -- on my -- -- actual prepared to have -- -- -- I was like OK I challenge accepted yeah -- I refuse to meet -- be a bad interview honesty and -- I love Dave -- I love Jane's addiction and we're gonna make this work. And between all of us talking a woman he fell in love with the interview I mean and we went off what like 25 minutes is along it was a long time 2530 minutes and at no point did he look like he was anxious to leave -- his people -- waiting by his side dating care. His girlfriend or wife whoever it is has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Never smoked a cigarette but man I want to waste so jacked about an interview and S bank. I was nervous like you top -- and enough. And then when I told everyone who told me that it was going to be awful interview because they've had bad experiences with them right they -- just -- Why it's -- 25 minutes big. They did so we were bowl passing them like they are we were just like trying to be funny no we're gonna play -- like eight minutes worth of that interview at some point this week tried Thursday or Friday on the on the BDC -- since. Because there was a great interview I mean we should play all 25 minutes but you know that's the super long in the world -- radio. We got a podcast -- animist people of you will eventually be up finite KI SW dot com I assume. No record that one co leading camera were really cool to get out. That was weird because retailers are prepared to talk to Claudia the front man who's like the brains of the band as far as -- direction what they do storyline because there are all about graphic novels and comic books and all their albums tied together because they can almost the concept albums and things like that. So here's -- -- -- Claudia was feeling under the weather so he didn't come to the interview seek a rescue for their show. That do everything -- the -- the -- -- but those guys were super cool they refine their just nice guys whose great I mean we and that's about grace grace is even the -- -- guy we interviewed Helio high school. Thousand weird at first it yeah it was a little slow language barrier the language barrier that also his style of humor. -- he's very like kind of very -- dark and and and dry yeah yeah but once we got the flow I think by about 45 minutes into the interview it was kind of off yeah yeah it was a lot of fun so that those -- -- -- -- -- automobile and hands down -- holy smokes they were good that was so. All periods of pulled the ball out there like Karzai theme music from my dad that -- had you heard the team music on the radio call out what where does that he's up for you. So you guys any any great memories I've things that you remember. Like you said the -- was pretty awesome. I think that just lately the campaign was super cool yeah I'm gonna give major props to Kyle's dad -- because he's awesome -- house that's a pretty cool guy is so cool and what happened that he was one of the guys that was a leg between him and my girlfriend and we were getting a lot of just of that those workers is kind of coming up and hanging out with us out at the -- say. And so with me I am -- anti social lying to say damn thing to someone right right those few words totally social able to kind of interview that's all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- complex but it comes. -- point or -- -- cannot deny he had any idea being and did you -- -- having boost it is what it is all all the blame it on the alcohol. When introducing this pretty much yeah Taylor showed Titanic DG SOK well then again. Meg do you remember anything because every at -- I. -- looking for motto I don't ask don't -- -- -- got to match at the US a lot of new friends that you -- he was missing a lot and every time we showed up you read and he was happy. Really happy and they like I thought I was happy to and from what I was and involved and I was a very happy individual but. Nicholas and I'm very happy though the -- these were delicious now. Honor. A lot of the barbecue is amazing I spent a lot of time feeding during an event seven volume there was a lot of eating -- thing to keep it. But I just sat out backstage. Like in the VIP area -- they had all the food set up. And I just sat in the chair and looked out at the gorge there have been seven polls that -- and I just. Like oh my god this is amazing amend the shotgun fireworks stuff -- woke me up out of Africa on one of my favorite stories as when. Ted just went to south paid anybody wanna Wear a wig and that's when you all you can all the bald guys started wearing wigs and I was. And I. Right now how Seattle on Friday night resistant settings on the picture of you guys with the -- on -- Mike -- until like 3 in the morning beyond stupid do you guys just like randomly found -- -- now Alice no way instead roster -- -- comes on the -- and I just are dying laughing and is like anybody else wanna win and you know look we're just. Travel of the -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking personal -- you've already got all messed up yeah losses hair you know amid and his body after awhile it's a good point this is everything and our guys think I got divorced from misses any. -- must Altman's the -- up. A big one reminded. My most sad that turned to grief full story -- was. Involve the pool of who's both able. Almighty god has forgotten all about this is the greatest thing ever be so me and then we're playing and then challenges needs Mahfouz ball and that's something I'm not very get go through all violence. I'm winning at this point and then bends towards making a comeback on main. And then now I decide to get a little like you know I'm just -- threw his ball I'm going for the score. And I swings. Triggered -- I. And just all of a sudden boom. Just an explosion a guy explodes and half wall who's bald guy like the soccer players dear to my score on myself feel like I'm game. And then I just are freaking out I'm Mike I just broke a frugal traveler told matters specifically don't screw anything up and is how. And I'm just eyes are going nuts and -- -- -- outside. And then Nichols he just killed somebody I did -- I laugh -- me literally -- -- they tell us a story we're also always were in tears laughing or didn't do open about it. But Nichols thing like you think they say were genuine but I can't believe -- -- -- -- his own goods and breaking -- these guys I didn't mean it. And I do we're just after the -- and. Brian castle Kyle wasn't why he was like dude. What you're just telling me now like after you searched the entire house for super -- couldn't find any -- to fix it. Like you know that worker and ended digging on this thing and I'm just like wanna do c'mon now -- towards. Lowe's low stood is like I can't even be mad at -- I can you pretend to be -- and out here now they're taking his wages seriously. And I but it. Nunez went out on your -- -- walked out -- whatever out though they -- other -- you go about doing -- and I did not go that someone I forget who was they was castle like hey you guys wanna go take a walk down to the river and I -- this is -- horror movies are just there's a bad things happen and good people I'm not a part of it I know is genuinely angry about it. Ever go down there and I it's held out so -- around -- stupid things Saturday night and I didn't end up staying tried I had my girlfriend and her best friend drive me back to the house and I got my stuff. So in my case is a cool if I bring these girls our airline and check out the the stars that we go out into the how to the river and check it out we're like laying down on and on this little home makes him doctor they have. And literally five minutes into it there's bats just flying everywhere. Literally by C. Above our heads Thursday freaky yeah I command allowed a series that's -- hasn't were like were out yeah that's fast and but the best part about the football story -- or not don't that in the next day -- these heroes happen then we that's right did this there's a happy ending to this story exercise and drill later on that night as they come back -- -- now that's why we birdied ten and I shut it down now chaos in the match and I and I passed out underneath the cruise -- table right. We'll go like man we got to six this football team -- -- until I wish somebody had super blew -- show one of our promotion you also a guitarist which burns she was there. As is like I have had a crazy glue my purse and -- fix them this long I nice I wake up the next morning were all a cool sixty. -- guys still -- again how that even half how many guys were in the row. The number organ out of two though I was a little -- -- the -- primaries I guess it has ever been excited you know it's been hit pretty hard. Everybody's got to go down the river. Odd I -- -- Murray is shut down some game in the bedroom Tony in my bed ready hours. Sort of oversee the show up. So I grabbed more than a single rooms -- -- whoever ends and I pay -- like the real world -- I am my own bedroom -- to sell stolen items to share with anybody -- like hey man -- help but -- all everyone -- -- crap in there -- to -- a Mountain View -- left behind -- -- Upton said it -- It's -- number I'm in the room and intent opens the door and many in 97 -- -- -- -- Everybody out right videos hey man yeah yeah and just stay and work -- I miss house and have figured out the -- out of there there's an as a senator -- BA degree curve here now 78 degrees is a source -- so it is a sixteen year old right imagine glory and saw -- -- many tickets you can work. Michael check can see he sexiest. Awesome. Actually wise it can crash here. I mean Sharon and I would you probably you can sleep but these are sitting on the floor might boil -- going your room and grab your dad -- They are thank god I heard about this and so we pick up this bad right and now we're carrying it. In some in my room and I've got -- -- everybody seems to show up in the living room as we're carrying this bag into my bedroom. Nobody understands what's going on in our heads this makes all the sense in the world right. They're Russell doesn't what is wrong with due to hit and they're just dying laughing at us as we walk in his spend. And we're carrying both of us. Come to realize the next day or when we were leaving. What we -- go to the bed back in my day we were that bad back so we both get up to try to put the bad back. Ted picks it up it's -- business rather it's a tiny little like twin sized lead I think he he carries -- match is the one hand the we were so wasted -- we -- this is that are really heavy dead so we're carry and we slowly moving and into the courtroom. -- Arianna I'm turning and turning and turning target house we actually out. They took him a half a second to carry and just throw it back up on the bunker yeah. I'm guessing that he has had a problem that married are thinking that -- so have you is because you guys decided of do weight lifting the great story. Now I have heard I cannot explain to you how he's an artist out this is wow it's online just here zoning out at this point I -- Mike and stayed out tile. That kind of in my heart out I'm not -- I gotta get to bed. Ted just pops out of nowhere has he meant -- Come downstairs -- Thanks guy on the team has some really cool down there like him I don't know like I was gonna horn ping pong table only we haven't swing I don't know why -- housing and some -- -- Aaron diamond. I get down there in his castle. And end the cycle -- it and tad bit. There was some guys and they don't say a word you just look at me and then look over at the other direction of the room so I follow their eyesight. And there's a damaged. And is a wait and should Borough for bench pressing do you believe they may go. Yeah I do a couple of -- you know Machida is just some I know they may end to a couple -- maps to a couple. All right this is how bad things happen you know -- No and I don't comment. Back so I live now from peer pressures of its. Well first they see castle there right right so and I -- kickass is gonna go first marriage castle lies damned and the spotter. -- very intense about diseases gone series they are you put your energy your -- you're gonna follow you around his crotch is basically resting on castles forehead and right dozens or technique they brings down the cat houses is way to -- he can't even get one. I this is like holding things they always have been surprises no event I had always been a very good. And is trying and she says -- I know it. So they -- a -- -- the other Tracy's return like our worst case scenario I can get -- out to at least that is some okay like that. I'm not like the only one right here. So I get down there and -- -- and heart beating even Mormeck this is not a good idea why am I doing this that I got -- crotch on my forehead. Point zero weirder and -- can we can't hear you and Jeremy are. Somehow I move my hands even further I guess not I every dance regularly -- Arab Americans pathetic -- -- look at taken down system taken down and noticed. -- -- And intensity it's awesome he's not gonna you gotta feel great here you gotta do greatest question after question -- and Michael incensed drinker so much praise is not going thank. I don't know how much weight is on this thing right this time make I have no idea and don't ever bench pressing on -- -- -- -- metal bench presses seems excellent -- listen all that crap -- -- just do everything else excuse -- like -- against yeah. Greg hourly this good so yeah. I'm trying to push up and it pops up and that is my adrenaline was going next to get right up -- honesty and then take. Steve can do it and he can do without my help. So you Kallis at -- -- leg and puts his hands further away even though he's not touching -- is it -- joint don't want all right. So bring it back down there are certain mystique alone I got this I'm well back up again like all right to another one. Ferraro I can't look suspicious. That -- shoot for five do they think Ted and -- might -- -- five say it doesn't third one -- still feeling good and I got this one. And then something happened in my head. How comes you know switch and I don't know that I had no -- I'm curious about something it slow. I wonder if I can and stressed with holding millions to the barn just lord and my wife and I. Well this is going on in my head now Michael Moore is wrong with me right. So open up my hands now -- who attempts to balance things calming it over a hundred pounds I don't know exactly how much when it was over images sounds. And I start pushing it out and some pushing it up borrowing the Idaho has always been getting very -- graduates they put him back got to my dear me no glory then income. -- around okay. Gabor and -- mad men board benching and they were right I felt alive after that so now I'm like aren't ready to go would have finally -- -- -- -- shutting it down. Go to bed and Ted and iron bed now -- -- he's on the floor don't vote and don't worry not because they only get enough time to sell that's a Bender answers together yeah exactly yeah. And we -- the Mumford and sons and -- taxes. She's -- half life. And the best part was okay out of that security are -- I got I prices are good and go to bed the Mumford and sons now since. When on Q isn't it amazing Big Ten Turkoglu dinnertime together so. I we don't have speakers and yet so I just grab my phone now Mike -- Emilio listen to music my and it might -- during in my head spinning I don't know speaker -- right so I've I've put on the speak it -- front month. Go over here here's the Harlem and -- hit play on my article is as a do my phone -- a jacket out so it's -- now. Alice Cooper's he uses the crisis. And his -- is like OK time and. He's -- kitchen night. And I go throughout the -- -- fish. Album has ever sounded. And this through my -- in my head into wasted and so that we have stereo Bonnie thanks speakers going all around the room knows she. Lose and. What's going -- who -- all of us. -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow Oklahoma as the NASCAR thing you know -- -- earlier and that phone cards just exploded on James in second downtown. Players terrorist totally a little -- fire. Enough to -- -- encourages. The overheated Mazar is a site considered. -- that's -- again you know damage but yes or rerouted broke -- to listen and that. And we dissect it all the -- I know this theory on what they were doing and we just we were darn you really Shia and I owners I have a funny Sachs story if you wanted to ask her to know it's no top you don't want to hear your money sex -- So. The it's the morning you know Saturday we are up enough. And LI -- got after it -- -- I am taken forever to get go and Rivera. -- about you asthma and calling you the name -- that bar that's was that the gorge which was what. Whiskey Richard whiskey knees on all grown up. I'm gone -- guard down -- I'm not Jeanne does so now Irish and I would. -- he says -- -- -- the sorry. I got excited yeah I wouldn't -- a curse words. So. -- think it's -- So we wake up and he nor is it it's I don't know about you guys but a lot of times a winner among over sex is like one of the best -- yes sexist and hung over six drink little. Oh yeah and it does so pound Nadia -- saw -- -- -- people I'm -- not we're both -- -- -- -- -- On the on the -- memorable. I think I started a united Stearns I know you already are a couple comments. Or just starting meet our start and. -- And I'm laying on my back. And that's perfect. And my wife is laying next to me not on top of me sir. Just kind of like generally get a -- form says hey how you do an English figuring it. And and Houston took. And my friend area I had a few friends staying in -- campsite when my friends that are important cutting holes guy from the show -- yeah I'm gonna. And up all the sudden he comes to my campsite. And our our camps out here we faced our -- to where you know. The door being opened. And -- do what we're doing was OK we've gotten. All of a sudden here comes. It's not make them like what else sudden though if free kitten and door gets pulled back and is head pops in the -- why would you do hat grandma Iowa. My wife like throws little shirt over -- -- happy man okay yeah. Okay you and your -- -- -- -- he's the guy who has deep right now so he says. Thirty minutes you're -- nested deep fried shrimp. -- it pulls back gotten -- beyond the -- you turn me into a steep price for and I have -- and I did early I -- I had to repulsive and should revoke yeah. Yeah I get it done and I gathered my chips and I went all in good -- you. -- fresh approach did not tell anyone don't just stick your head to somebody else's tent I couldn't. Leave edition ease slop I don't know whether -- -- -- I -- he wanted to run into something could be. Yeah I'm sure you see DiMaggio Ted and I also did some in the cure hangovers okay -- we went swimming. Tom -- -- -- we went and there's a community -- decide the some land resort or whatever it's called somehow -- So we went on -- zones in the form and it was amazing it was actually kind of warm in the weather wasn't that warm but it was at the pool so it's pretty warm and from as many days of ninety degrees plus plus -- -- -- that dude it was news or hang over cure had a splitting headache before that. That woke me up got me it's amazing how water can just get yet. Parade Iraq for the rest of today and allowing him in the incited yet but are around to protect -- offense that was -- -- well -- I mean every team on I mean there's a million stories we're not gonna get Daniel voicemail signals of guns is. Thanks to Doug he's -- duck hooked it up to the VoIP. Tent area -- yeah well he wasn't he knows what's. High -- thanks to thank you do -- awesome thanks for you -- is seen as I had. Thanks a -- Miley Cyrus and that's. I think I have a -- how -- not act all -- there's a couple of lessons before we get out here I do want to address some. I mentioned recently we said that we talk about the best western Washington and you're saying how we do is I'd. I know -- -- there really isn't that the heart to do and that's right because -- we went to law that rigmarole last time. We were on the verge of winning and then -- Burbank thought we were Titanic deuces and we are about the -- were for different reasons. He decided to lay the smack down on us and won the beating has narrowly beating us but still beat us I mean I'm very proud that we came in at number two Mike. That's as good -- gonna get we dropped -- -- the wall Bob our bodies still semi Sunday on Twitter and today voting just started up again and -- -- and now. They got me thinking again numbing nine onto -- I do it out there's a tweet in my case we don't do this dance again and now -- -- tweet tweet tweet me back or email me back saying you guys got to do it be disappointed if you don't do it all off. And I got a couple messages also -- via regular email Singh had just voted for you again Michael had even know about it. Could -- we haven't talked about that the voting started there I guess it just started I think there's now a spasms today Tuesday there's 39 days last schism or remind us. So. I go on the site just -- -- curiosity MI or probably like number fifty or something like that you know I mean. As it was when we started this podcasts today we are ready and number two bonus fund to regret it wasn't a ton of votes or anything like that vote. That kind of got me I can make a missed object mode of ma'am we were almost there. So it. Your son and a social failure again are yes it's time not for us to do this dance again perfect we're coming out of retirement he -- we never retired. And we're going forward we're going for number one this time. And yet I think is something called -- do we do come in a number one I mean sure we do that five -- podcasts short feels like we have done one today. Because of all set up -- nonsense that was going on before we started the podcast but. I begin we have another big party. We'll win number one I would be doing and now I like residents here now he's thinking carding a -- as we can do go -- I was thinking I follow me on this one aren't. We're only ball -- Oh yeah I've done whirling balls. We're -- so much fun. And when -- done plane if you play a lot like I did in the next day you feel like war and a car accident yeah I think. My entire life athletes across the army's bumper cars off means basketball yup early ball. Well it's also right now we have an ourselves up for us earlier Boris what do we are now. -- we're number one. Oh let's go and take a screen shot of that mixture of -- you mile what -- you might be the last time we see how we really number one number I love doesn't hurt us and we got forty plus votes. It's been denied the closest person behind SS twenty plus votes that's awesome because it's the derby chicks yeah and it's my buddy Jason who who doesn't podcast. Jason's great guys kept my old intern just remember how how many of votes and we have last over 200 local OK it's her sorority yeah -- only have forty should I -- the fires and send a tweet to alert. Lose and we do not easily let him know about this. I'm just trying to it's. Just. Wright is out try to run the new gonna do a last year and so all he caught wind of hopefully this time he realizes that he screwed us -- -- did you know stupid radio battle right. That's right -- -- positive in mind Luke well Doris has always -- oddly enough listed up good up higher. OK I -- -- yeah. It's time for the Fed heads -- timeout on ES TP. The crazy part almost in a member is that think called tips which we didn't understand the there -- some -- yes yes yes we have like over 280 ovals I'm guessing those are from last year's. There's just carries over because ours and numbers careers are really high on the -- three need to -- this isn't -- -- I don't know the so let's give it dawn people if you need to find it. Just drinking five or exclude my blog today. -- society is on FaceBook as well but it's time with some of these -- -- from 2012. As it helps us some taken tiger. Just let deuces but let's unite once again and for the next forty days. We will continue thirty foot and a good word. -- and hope for the best so that's that's pretty much it for today's podcast because I mean February 2 hours -- rumor about the start their show itself usually we we finished for -- even gets to the station it's -- no one day five but Illinois and you'll be able to focus if you have to gays it's -- out of the corner here I'd -- -- series Matta all right guys I've actually seen. Jerry didn't see how likely for him to know how you don't have it would headlines hey I -- -- this there's no connection there. We're we're a team man that's already territories and that's -- I announce -- all that is saying here on the on the website it's amazing concert solicit Washington Montgomery team your team now afraid of them were amazing I appreciate dad talked. That's how we got app library I read last week yeah I was wondering how your family and our stupid NA myriad but we're finding itself. They -- -- please vote for a -- go to my blog go wherever you need to go that's actually really good -- -- done. Yeah stupid ignorant and funny that's I think everywhere sums up DS TP -- embrace that so don't forget once again check on the Led Zeppelin experience they are gonna be at the show where senator intend next week on Thursday September 19. Can you take you to show where senate dot com and I believe it's going to be a pretty awesome -- you're zeppelin stand. Fork over the twenty bucks worth every penny I mean what a great experience it's better earnings going like up late you know -- those lake. -- -- -- -- -- You know I -- I -- you get to see a -- fully reenact what it would be like to see Led Zeppelin live in the they look great they did they pull off. It's pretty cool so check that out also check out Atticus seven those guys are pretty bad -- I'll be listened to him on the way home today. Don't and need I won't I'll try not to read to it that the and also please vote for us we're back in it. We're not given up we're not -- guys so. Although I wanted to be concluded that the but I cannot have that eye of the tiger again I'm feeling it and really do a four really ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to get -- your top self. Thanks all the rockaholics they came out. Three off in the grass thanks all the rock -- there was anatomy. Thousands are good out onstage you wanna -- meet my views this might handle his ass TV nine. Maybe I'll give -- -- pictures. Feel free and if I had the timing of some movement I'll send you one back flow grid from trailer just rest and almost like if you don't see anything other than my face close up and leave them on the -- work. -- they wanna give it away from now I have bullet that's good though I easy to kick your shower -- for the mirror behind me you've got to put two and two together after. A big thanks to -- Susie it's always great goalie draft resigned may get that new location in Tacoma -- six locations. Covington -- station Q while finally laid Bremerton and Tacoma. Check out DS TP role also might I recommend the mountain role that was pretty bad at the firecracker they're all good check out their website. Fresh friendly that's how they -- -- -- five locate six locations find out more -- sushi dot net and find them on FaceBook is well next week. Back to the usual get the emails and voicemails and text messages thanks to put enough for us or with us. Stay positive.