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STP-Cast 09-24-13 -- Diamond Dallas Page joins us -- DDP Yoga

Sep 24, 2013|

The STP-CAST interview former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page about his workout plan "DDP Yoga". We talk about Bill Burr coming to Seattle & play a few pieces of audio of Bill ripping the Seattle Seahawks. STP rants about a fake story from a fake Pro Football news site. We talk about the former owner ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Steve the producer may -- -- SEC's trapped precision iron. The first time donors a few years back -- location my wife and I we -- I was in my. My friends and always rave about drivers and yeah. Got to try there's sushi secular we got there I love the -- in that place the staff was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count among the closer -- -- -- -- -- obligations. Right by my house in order -- marvelous role. That's your hero's welcome Fred Friendly and that's how they -- average CC five locations find out more -- sushi dot -- -- sushi dot net AS TP. Wanna go podcast thing I do. You expect it. We'll look at work slow work well that sort. I -- -- Titanic. Do you okay. Yeah CD. He wants a world tour really are I don't know where it's. Even suggested. Don't. -- the SEC -- he's the producer here. Top shelves -- and the reverend way Obama. And everybody's fear among our next. Not hearing now no. Don't miss the message -- told them that they were starting early I think he's hoping all okay we'll go get here when he gets here we got a jam packed show on ES TP -- allies -- -- -- you guys about -- always makes horror a little bit of undue amount stressed that I put on myself because that I also I -- emailed the voicemails or text messages to -- a lot of cool things going on about. Listen retirement -- now at about seven minutes seven -- diamond Dallas page is going to be joining us what is so cool dude he was one of my favorite wrestler back in the wc W days yeah. Like it was just he was one of those guys it just had an insane amount of energy he could just get the crowd go in dude I always loved -- I don't I talked to him a little bit about it about his I loved his ring entrance because it was basically smells like teen spirit but they just tell him this season back in the Internet -- did yeah they -- there -- a lot of and shows back in those days and then and that was one of them and I was -- that was kind of cool that he was giving a nod to Nirvana. And yet is the great story about diamond Dallas page then you really start wrestling. And until he was about 3536. Years old might actually getting in the remixing and abusing -- manager. But it was a -- that point in his life that he decided that on the become an actual sports entertainer. And you really start seeing serious successively was in his late thirties gaffe and which is kind of crazy would you name it and at that age you know your body's a little bit more brutal and it was when -- -- -- in -- early -- you've -- all these -- news -- started deteriorating he got injured. And they discovered yoga and that's where going to be talking to him because he's got GDP yoga it ain't your mom -- -- no in fact I just got it. Well I don't gonna do it. Are you really comment I'm Alex looking at best stuff and we get you sent me a video of this deeds amazing story yeah. A heat loss like a 140 pounds or something insane like that you know fact while we have time on -- play that video. I don't want -- Arab view watches I was -- he had a rise -- out OK okay because. I cry every time I watched and I cried the gravest -- -- you've Chrysler if you can pull it up designed YouTube just I mean -- I don't know about the video and move and won't play a loss. Home auctions for those that are are are listening indication unable to watch it will describe what's going on but if you're able to go on your computer right now -- you listening to ES -- -- they really do that we cannot do this altogether to be one of those kind of fun team exercises that we have a -- in the spirit of GDP -- so. Just -- in GDP yoga and then -- basic life transformation amazing like transformation it becomes a matter if you Google GDP yoga veterans there comes out okay cool. Or he's -- YouTube. Actor that can happen as well and and nick of course is the man that's gonna be doing it for us so yeah topic you're gonna wanna pull up by -- number six. And I think we have enough time to pull this off before he calls in I think it's a mechanical. Because it's such a powerful piece it's about a guy who was once like a war veteran and his wife fall apart and thanks to DDT yoga. His wife came back together and end in diamond Dallas page is I don't know. What that guy's -- live where he feels he needs to help people out -- and did some awful things back in the day Arafat he's always been an amazing human being but the stuff he's doing right now is is mind blowing -- for not only this guy. But also for -- to say Robert Scott hall happy razor Ramon if you if you I don't remember us Tahoe -- up so I you've got to ready. Jeff all right so go over there and so on Leno tell you to start and top U discernment tubby and a run over a year and you're gonna watch the video it says. Are so I -- mark. The kids that with the go movies. Right now there's who have kids and then there's this guy our thirst he's walking. -- dialect changes yes. It's like Walter junior for fifteen years doctors told me I would never walk unassisted again. And there is he's got those things you know those are the ones that have like a -- has yet embraces on the arms I accepted this as fact. I was a 47 year old disabled veteran. And basically given up. I music -- -- -- -- do it especially goes a little bit further I was injured as a paratrooper in the gulf war and it shows a picture of him back when he was younger and fit as all heck and then there's his video too many times it took its -- my back. As she is a video of him going down and I don't crash data are shooting now hum. To regain waiting which again you know your body's kind of falling apart do a lot of American a lot of way. When you've given up to parity had come ready to give up. And and is a picture of him and his family in a wheelchair -- -- he's got his headphones on so you can hear the music did I couldn't -- and not enough exercise seemed impossible. Most yoga instructors turned me away. Although one. He said it was first pictures on the we need braces to back -- McCain's. 200 and you know 97 pounds and his belly was after here. -- got our our tech guy. You do to help Coldplay songs do you don't need but he believed in me. When no one else did and now the -- sponsors starting. And now showing you like a montage of him trying to do the balance when he can't really walk. False alarm and video. And this is off Javier Cologne and singing the cold place. You from their voice. Okay I'm as far as pretty funny yes it's you know it's going to hurt he's all and -- and I saw a lot but I got back up day. Especially at the Coldplay songs playing an intense -- now. Tumbled almost fluids if you watch this video you're like outside working -- you like -- the only kick in the -- you guys can walk you have any lessons that's trying to do DD EPO that he sent this to mean and I don't want exercising this actually makes feeling you have now. There are watches this while the UDP oh like I'm in a mall in a totally inspired to do more yoga -- time. You can. Ask them right now here is showing net loss on the way. And I'm really. And I saw shares happens like six inches excellent strength and -- -- now he says they started to believe it could happen. -- -- -- -- like it's almost a movie like you know yet when rocky couldn't do it and they just enjoy pushing and pushing just fell trying to -- some races and what is. Came -- that's right here. This is the most news. Standing on his -- trying to join hands stand. Can't stand it's okay. It's the -- I've got to figure out -- good today doesn't mean I can't. This is all about staying positive man this is well -- -- It is it is fast now he's watching this is Kansas losing where you -- okay you know you guys are shedding off the you've come to the heart. It just me all teary eyes. Yeah I'm Visio work fine in the -- Not showing him losing weight balance going down. Flexibility is in Burbank. Right now. Choice and tie dyed T shirt hello. Closing -- you right. And lately and that's where the waterworks started. It's like it's enjoyment I. I can't watch -- now we get to a second hi hello hello KI SW DOD duty free car. And those -- if you're we're watching odds aren't the transformational video right now and and all of us are fighting back tears. The -- for a country did -- There I got hey it's an honor to get the speeches are wrestling fan and and I got a son these guys I don't know. What is happening in your -- either -- -- did some bad things back in the day or he's always been an amazing human being but did things that you're doing for so many people people you know and don't know. It's -- I have my my heart goes out to you as a human being an -- I mean. -- -- -- -- Did you did you missing you don't God's work man I really love what you're doing right now you change people's lives and I and I love that about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't believe we can I -- are giving you aren't -- I close this deal right here got Todd Seve at their revenue mono next. We -- Amman to take her top -- look I know we are names -- I don't make you do well and top shelf like drinking from the top shelf and a congregation usually -- at Tropicana. Right right and a -- I. Well I did I -- says it's really cold in the Thai TM we've been talking about the that the that video of the transformational Martha I've watched it multiple times and each time I get. Watery died in and the first time was just on waterworks this may mean to see what I mean if anyone has a day where -- -- like in the gym they should watch that video. Or I don't feel like you know doing yoga nationwide said video that should be like the ultimate kick in the S that this guy can do what he did. And I know you've met him I was really curious to hear that whole story about a man that Dell would summit self used GDP yoga which is about what GDP yoga dot com and and turned his life around -- must have been surreal for you to finally meet the guy. You know it was. -- -- -- good beginning like I -- I like last night I called wake and people who bought my program. Yeah long randomly pick people wouldn't call them I love reach out to people now that that don't expect that any hard it was the first. Because back when my first dvd series. I would you -- and say hey I'm not trying to sell you anything I mean millions thank you for supporting what I'm doing and I -- to get some feedback he gave me some amazing feedback. That's why I wrote back against saying hey you're allowed -- up. Don't know a little bit more about just sound that you haven't -- time. That's when he told me he was that this guy he'd be actually wrote I've relegated to -- myself with a piece of furniture. While I am. And then tell me about the cable venture in morbidly obese and they'll paratrooper. And I'm a big I I hate the war but I loved the war you're young enough I -- -- -- street targets in Afghanistan once for over two weeks at a time. -- troops cards special plot our broad guidance and so I shouldn't continue to pitchers sort of see without dealing with -- and that's where you -- that one -- might come up -- -- video and say he's certainly the pictures with the knee brace for the back recently came in patton's army cannot be here that you were coming gonna help this guy. So I pentium one of my free food plants in the fall basically pretty easy to understand. But it's about getting people eat real food. End up for -- that would grow food combining thing we don't expert do regardless blah blah blah the bottom line is. If you write back to meet -- given the shot I think I can do this I would road back. Also keep you posted but you write that he wrote I can do this I could send me your phone number. So while that was the first person I called I TV you know. And he lost twenty pounds and four inches -- police are making the first two weeks. Any called me back and said oh my god I can't believe. They're just got to make sure thank you make so much for making me do the measure being can take pictures impact doing all that stuff. And we just got a whole conversation. About how to keep it going. And I got on the phone after I got the phone -- -- and I called up my body was doing a movie called inspired the movie. Ever since you've got to get to Baltimore this guy is the only lost when he -- Ford's stock -- the first two weeks. I think he may actually do something -- -- -- think he'd do what you saw him bill. Do when he starts running at the end of that media notices -- I can you know you just. Even though they take with him Foreman so why do you feel like even apart that I guy's life and it's a says it's a powerful piece. You know and so what happened in the air -- He watched 34 pounds the first month now I forgot to tell you his only goal. Had 2975. Foot six his goal would -- under 250. So they can operate on his knees because they were so. And alone. He lost 34 -- the first mark 22 -- the second month eight teen and a third of that seventies -- company to balance. He's never had those in the operation. Now and actually show you what real food will heal your body would work out that commendable joint impact -- that -- strengthen your body break up scar tissue. And just kick it kick -- cargo. The whole thing he -- experience. I keep going you do refute my original work out triple wire GMT VP he'll get any given moment she'll get into the -- yeah. But if you go you're going YouTube could put -- YRG eight and put out by I think you want my name and ING because greens but he sure. And that is doing is saying he didn't want that you won that anonymity. Because -- T shirt got nearly ten million -- -- he -- I pay out of being anonymous let's not only tell that the. You can actually see -- these. Back in the day whose 2007. And February of 2 February 7 2007. I believe the first video. And who knew what the -- YouTube went back to Manhattan yeah. -- knew what blog you -- back then but he went on moron hey Amy said. You know I started this -- urge you work out I started this diet before I understand you should help people you're doing something for you more. Likely to stick to make you more accountable and I hope you'll come Brian -- create is still doing the wire do you work out and blah blah blah and I was like that's got to beat him put his name is Angie and I know regards they're -- and another -- hello I I think you're. Take a look at this I know what we're talking about. He'll work out Gilford you know my second time being appear in YouTube and -- in my heart rate he showed you that is really horrible camera from the old school camera and look back in the day I get from from Microsoft percent didn't. Can you see is heart weighed eighty you know night. And maybe they -- stand up. And why didn't you listen either -- that we can standing up. And he doesn't play to -- down -- you do anything did you remarkably good touched down twice and make my famous diamond -- aren't what you engaging mark who you're reflecting market would you -- he goes to those. -- -- look at my heart rate. Yeah it has won thirty you know it looks like YouTube -- -- third 2007. So I'm like that's got to beat him it's like pull my opening -- -- Is that you under the name NG. CO. -- I just want to keep you do you do you wanted to get down I felt hello I want to get a better camera is hot hot hot hot hot. Ha ha ha ha ha -- this -- As video that's all I saw -- oh so that's not how we started filming everything we decided some -- -- things. And can't do you won't kill -- that's second monkey down one came by that time. So let me briefly when he -- at any home for your business -- yep and the second month. I was -- autograph signing in. In New Jersey. And I'd come out from Adelaide and New Jersey and he drove up from Baltimore to see me. And picked up like I should be viewed through the film embroiled in me is we have our first workout on film and yelling no no easy to an amazing catch. Our Gary Gary you very very humble. It is back do you think he's big. That's is that when a girl what an amazing story naming it seems that there's more more of those stories from guys like him. That we might not have heard of before then you know of course I mean everyone's been thanks so the real -- special also for -- wrestling fans we know you've been doing -- dodging to sink Robertson also Scott hall. And a guy's been so happy don't watch step progression of these some -- it because we had -- many years ago. And it was scary you know gives you -- to see that that was at the height of him dealing in all of his demons and see where that now. -- as a fan of him growing up seeing him I grew up in new York and remember going Nassau coliseum the -- see him wrestle and and just being scared to death of him because of his character and when he came in I was more scared because of -- -- is not doing well on what you've been doing with him is just amazing and not. My fingers across you'll see him at the royal rumble man I really hope. Well you know it's DOJ great how are right on all we minister seven months. And then about a month and a half ago he moved down the street job and he's down you know about a mile from here in this Sunday comes up we work out occasionally couple times a week in. No he has eaten in a different mind space you know when. Can sing god you saved Scott Paul Light -- morning I couldn't help but now I mean literally really -- places -- to have a really positive environment. And and good people around in a support system around them and to legally get -- got their -- his own with his son again. And he's doing great so -- do really great about that. And Jake just we just recently you know that you -- Galileo and keep getting hard for me if you get my own place and stuff written. Probably take you do whatever works for you broke Leo it's great. They are I don't know if you'll how you feel about really stepping out nobody knows eventually got to step out there aren't known yet yeah. And it killed a little bit scared firms are older -- north. If it doesn't work out he can always come back from an -- you know we'll start over again right now he's doing great and I will be. Did you move forward you know. -- is in what a great story just you know knowing that like he was a guy loves you you know in the world wrestling get get get your you know. No did you opt in and teach you some of the tricks of the trade now here you are returning to ferret as a friend insisted this. I mean mad men it's a movie waiting to be written about just the story of a lot of -- to friendships and ended things that you do for your friends casino not many people do do that and I think it's great. Well a guy again I'm a big fan and you'll be able yelled right you feel a lot of stuff when you Cuba we got it generally called GDP TV. And yeah -- we wrote a piece you've written a couple times for the first primary residents -- out loud -- GDP. Indy car multi millionaire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the great line you know I'm excited I just got my DV DO in the mail this morning and -- I've told my -- -- -- Omar -- who set fallen 'cause I've been. I ambassador ME really quick that I was once really skinny 170 pounds. I'm went up to 271. Point just from just not doing the right -- treasures from eating poorly and smoking a lot of we didn't and eaten all the time trainer -- doing all that it now with a woman who's very healthy my wife is a VM. Saw I was -- examined an 80% -- in between working out playing hockey and doing all these things I've. Gone down to about 215 between 215 to twenty but I just can't get past that. And and I just been looking for some and and and am still Saturday. To dude do you EPO guys feel like you can I've talked to my -- Mike -- wanna do that yoga stuff and she's always a gallon of regular have you in the room with me I think I'd last month China watched you do good things. And I tell -- at home but and I am when you when you sit out like this spiritual mumbo Jumbo 'cause haven't really hit home mommy can I tried watching one of those ones on TV. Coming man this is his way to RTC in new -- for me I'm not really into that needs of the a little bit more you know and get my blood pumping kind of thing in. -- -- really sinister master and as soon as they get home tonight. Well that -- is low -- bill because you know you've got an invitation that team didn't feel right. Yeah that you've got -- -- you you need to go there we go right on the front page I developed this. -- -- support system because I mean I don't harper I think can be arguably arguably not -- terribly terribly worried we'll give -- -- The people that I helped -- put on the place that we could do they keep FaceBook. That can be dead -- VP -- site. Is off the hook for support. Put on the front page mostly new members and we go to the new members -- you'll Phoebe -- picture stack. And I'm 26 pitchers because they're your physiology. Your flexibility. And your core strength all three things will come out these three pitchers or do you think pitchers. And every month you've played them you will be able to see because it's all about TP you'll get this -- -- kick ass car audio video flexibility in -- strike doormat. It's great up. Scar tissue. And that's the reason why we're so she wore it I'm like I woke up this morning I made equally deep and they. We could I was only doing a road I was in LA always. I would I worked my absorb this week. And I -- need to work -- for the way I needed to I got my -- You know every other day work out -- but I like workout Friday to weaken in my body so beat up in my body would. So stiff today and I'm working out of the guy -- 79 years old. Any change 28. That can work not only good -- you know role. 22 people mortgage -- about UCL a hundred people on the road with me now working out and listeners -- between people who can be -- -- 23 people but the bottom line is. At this 79 year old -- is working on equipping his head. Bright twenty minutes there in the my body felt like I was back in my own body is supposed to be in someone else's and -- gonna keep from doing the EPO -- If it literally -- and your body company breaks up that scarred tissue but it does that small one car. The eloquent chipping away if that's got -- because -- being an athlete you know your life and putting on that blatant carrying that weight like. Right now you can fifteenth go grab. 45. Pound. But -- 45. Very pretty part of because I don't let it affect sixty pound limit sixty pounds and putting it on you don't know yeah so good round we've got a day. I get an idea where an exit -- you -- I don't wanna test. -- -- I don't know how those shoes you really wanna take those six pitchers. And how long were able bigger than that I would they take the measurements because your body is willing to change. And -- you can -- -- change. Skill power and help a lot. Any Kindle you because we don't you lowered to one maybe maybe you weren't followed -- tell -- you were young and skinny fat scandal now. But I know that much -- waiting and waiting more than fat. Yeah I -- makes an -- just on the whole flexibility -- like you said breaking on the start to Syria as us. Guy who's is 38 now and still wants to play hockey and oh my goalie guy play goalie saw you you might timeout that MI I'm really more times -- we come from her in the next day. I didn't I swear to god when I made this work out up. Can you remember I came I'm the -- wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga and and that patio I wish I I can sort of rent free until I was 35. Here to caucus for me. About 96 -- died in the wrestling wars you know 9798. I was on top of the world that's why blew my back out. And three doctors that I would dying. And I don't I would try any case but I would show like you know -- yoga I'm not doing that you know broad it -- it was. He was so helpful to me making those first three weeks. And one night when I was going to medical maybe I'll -- real good position with the rehab. How many old school talent standing combat that how we all came together introduced -- work out. Arianna you in your hands are free. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now push really hard I did shoot -- new index fingers at least tell you reform your bike commute explore multiple law happily engaged. Do you feel like oh yeah I saw. Now street new -- would keep pushing your thumb and index fingers together now pull your pinky the whole way -- home. Like really pulled my -- you're the end. The outside your form you're trying to say yeah it's immediately you know flash more engaged and really like they're -- now Kate you're wrong -- move like you're moving -- -- -- did did. Take your arms up over your head leaned back as far you feel comfortable now bring your arm out please please is trying to cross clincher against tiger and -- are probably -- -- again. -- Oh yeah I've got a good short black check out -- axis. I'll tell you not tarnish your. The -- I am so I think -- trust -- up I. Clearly I was -- -- love for Saddam probably got them here with you subdued the diamond cutter thing knowing your outlook is that everyone knew exactly what to do by the that was bad -- then -- Until it. And then -- my arms. And that's -- dynamically distinctive. Do you you'll be in about one position award in the division and now whenever religion belief and I'm gonna put your new mission where you automatically have to engage -- Now in the beginning I -- touchdowns in diamond cutters. I want you kick around there couldn't get you can't hurt yourself as a possible. If you were hard martyr when I waved my arms up in the touchdown could remember right to milk this for guys originally Golden Globe awards out now and straight guys everybody how. Like I -- a -- for -- to look beyond it you're late 20s30s 40s60s. That still wanting -- played golf keep playing hockey. -- know I don't wanna feel like they've been in my truck been ecstatic. I'd like on all this work out in the dynamic who's been makeshift -- dance card you know we've been minimal -- impact. So when well I some dvds are you yelling and as you were right there because I need that -- a -- that I love hearing meanwhile is doing. Well you know I -- to a certain degree but I don't yeah I think you'll see here but I don't know I am -- -- that I say yelling miss more just like talking that he was no yelling yoga. And I and I and I -- don't let anybody call it -- usually someone -- hey I'm doing your yoga to what you call it. I like. I don't -- I don't I didn't until I haven't rendered to our old ideology Cheney who will go. Well you're no I don't if you call it and I wouldn't want Israel UUDP. Oh yeah. FF FF I have to ask the man is so awesome I'm so excited and then and I really do appreciate you taking some time to talk to us about this and and anyone who wants information about just go to DDP yoga dot com and the more and -- -- -- following you on Twitter as well it's at real GDP that's always a good time and it's fun also following Scott talk is that related Nye EI summing up some interesting fun pictures because like Scott all after dark I was -- -- Don't think yeah. Through -- -- and I lost jobs and it's -- not -- here. Our time you're you don't handle what I want when they always say yeah. Eight anyway you look good right now to work. Don't even listen to us go to FaceBook one word DP yoga -- -- -- and watch. What people between what people write damn good if -- like. You'll probably the greatest accolade I could ever happen right career where when people shortage and he DP. And I why didn't even out there yeah awhile so that's all that you can't make people do that. Not as an asset and I -- on the grasslands very fickle audience and then when you connecting you -- you have that kind of a stronghold on the on the crowd that means you did -- the amazing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- it don't rain replace one great they had they started chanting beat you right away but I do wanna read into it like and bring them up higher and higher. Can guarantee you more about what I would do when he put me and I didn't go back. Call call call that would've been really really loud but it really did feel a today accolade this. No you can't get people to do that yet can't hit people right within right. Orange FaceBook GDP yoga that's one word I put this FaceBook. And live and independent Alliance One woman I don't tell me good thank you so much is fibromyalgia. And make sure you've been paying for -- Teen years and this warning -- was the first warning she woke up. We doubt -- down like that. Also. That's how they descend millionaire and harm that's for sure. -- a little while I've been targeted and actually we're actually doing the work out I mean Steve's right here. Our political let's -- that contact. They didn't get the other guy -- -- that would be really ultimately you absolutely. Let's go get those pitchers go to GD PO dot com beauty got an invitation to go bearish sign up. You do that send me any idea how long -- And email -- what do you got what do we get off the air here. And a lot of follow what -- you month from now. OK I'm glad -- where you're -- -- I'll come back. -- show -- yeah ha ha you know I love due -- great -- -- heavy -- that's awesome mom mom yes Irish you're tired this is the red parties signed up for a team GDP are just while we're talking to get necessary to all of us. Hey watch how many people. Come -- welcome you and I've got. I just you know hey you guys may be adjusted his side next year in July. I do retreat every year and had -- -- -- your -- -- about being a moment yoga retreat either. It's. We've we've we've worked out hard and I have a big no no don't got to make all the work out that they want to -- day air. We eat really good read really -- he'd come maybe they concluded five star resort but we also party. Pledge card contention you're right we had judgment people who came -- eighty people Karl. And every right to try and all their trouble -- -- that I wanted to spend time with people -- you know -- little -- should do -- work out or eating or just hanging out talking or hanging in the -- I've been a cocktail. I am and -- people who -- GDP yoga retreat and that's what they eat -- about your check that out GDP yoga retreat dot com. The people who come are amazing how they are all like minded. You know they have failed to great applause from positive attitude -- did they care about themselves. And the people around not just themselves but the people in their lives around that. And the people who are trying to -- I -- you -- I'm Mike Felder are unbelievable for this for DP oh yeah. Twenty to 30% of -- -- for every day our friends. Coworkers. And family. That's sad sad I mean that's the ultimate compliment right there when you got people who see what's going on that are connected to you know like -- wanna try that too. Yeah it's it's just been it's been an amazing ride my life. I'm so glad you know that. I did I would probably five different lives yeah we did -- wonderful actually. From being in the nightclub business -- run in nightclubs and that was 22 until I was 35. But you know wrestling business in the first few years as a manager and color commentator yeah I'm 31 to 35 then becoming a wrestler in -- every dream I ever had. -- and Russell probably 49 and doing his -- DPU we finished nine V slates you're really 1990. So last thirteen years and helping people not just change your life. But only your life. So they dictate what they do and how they do it and it just about -- I need one -- hope. I disabled veteran import to -- He didn't give me a million. Hoping everybody's listening you guys are guys talk about their video and being on the show. Just BP yielded dot com the first -- -- say that I video it's good Bill Curry didn't know let people know. If he could do this at 47. Starting at 3297. Pound would need braces. Back priest and wrap around -- 47 years old. What could you do. -- Johansson. Just -- -- like I have no words man that's so true and so very chairmen and while. Yeah I I cannot waited to be a part of this man. Our police are a lot by your side let's promo videos can -- you can call me after we don't want this and we'll make sure we lock it down they get the email to rebuild it can contact him. We gotta follow everybody I have my girl. I'm Brenda follow up when everybody the children do and didn't. If they are great they won't do much pay attention if you're not -- that I still -- anybody put some work and I got absorbed half like. The only people who do stuff. Who do you beyond that they are blown away by how much time MySpace would people they don't have to be stands -- not candidate doing the work -- and put in the work game. You know men that I got the time. Awesome -- I'll put on hold real quick you know just come right back in mobile get the information and and not my love to get you back on next month mammal. There will move we'll keep this going hopefully inspire some more than people are listening to be a part of it is while. Absolutely solid again. Anybody out there was looking to invest and change your life but not just change all right -- GDP number dot com it's all right there. Besides the workout Adibi got PM. MP3. -- it's big pure pleasure. -- I. But Iowans like about the Iran Iraq with yet. And we're back clouded clueless autorad zionists are you talked to Dallas and -- the stuff off -- news just talk about just did didn't do and how. DME -- didn't his sincerity here nice and he's he's off the air as much is on the air it's not -- not a thing -- and I insisted that at least. You can -- heard the conversation we had your semi Jericho Allison though. Gold dust even ride back when you were -- you guys after he heard his arm I -- -- arm. But he was -- that he was trying to get. Momentum when used to skip Sheffield character and then injured how. And any does crew is done and thanks Dallas is doing DDT yoga. They got him back going man how -- you not get inspired after a nice guy alone I just I mean I'm not to get on the bandwagon and he's got a jump on man player like seriously. It's a joke DDT OSI. Maybe -- -- I don't internally with an orderly beat Dallas here's here's the thing with me man I mean come on I mean I'm a big fat piece you know and it's decent wonderful yes yes -- come on let every extra stay positive growth well I would love to -- OK OK well all. That's got to stay positive but I mean it's just like -- you know are looking for a way to stop. Being like Italy unhealthy I got guys that I've got diabetes and it's one that I can get rid of yeah I just got to find a way to do that and do within the -- this would like the pictures in your killer diet yet in your putting your putting yourself out there so you have to get results because you're telling everyone it is critical is ideologues who will view it as a diet but I was reading this stuff. It's not like you're going on my -- I know you're busy eating she's eating healthier if you get rid of this sugars enough. And the crowd that all of us have that we we just we -- -- need there and then I was reading some of the stuff he says trust me after you do this for awhile. And you eat a steak or something us and it all right a -- it's not healthy. Your body would reject it to a point where you never -- have it again it's almost like geology you're going to shake shade over fruit EL IR I initiative that aids is because you're doing so much stuff that -- cleaning out your body that when you do put crap into your body again and hey look -- I'm not saying -- -- -- and I know what's up -- three -- -- -- I. I'm looking forward to it as well because I've hit that point where I lost all the way I can knowing how hard I try not to I could try harder but I just. I need something that Kim now would get me over that hump discipline wise and if this could lead me fortunately I live and household where my wife does cook healthy so solid that's going to be a tough transition it's when I'm not around her her so if this helps me be. Wiser about the choices that I made you know with the food and in this there's drinks and put into my system. I'm -- for a man I'm still read that you're gonna give the world as well -- scenario here charm very tired of the other stuff -- obviously subject to crown audio and -- -- It's got to cut out you can have approach seen with cards. Like chicken fettuccine and can anyone think it off off the ground all the stuff I think there's certain things that you -- camp but I think the goal from what I'm reading it sounds an -- it Helio diet is what I'm -- -- we're OK with its stake in and -- anybody says he just. Get them good stuff like yes I ever heard an interview he did with I think was out of -- on one -- -- gross podcast -- just recently -- -- was -- -- -- watch a lot of diamond Dallas -- interviews once and you were gonna have a mind and essays on -- is podcasts and are you listening -- -- Lasik all are just bypass the ones I don't listen to -- and -- to straightened out on that way I can hear what he had to say on there. -- was great on there aren't -- basically saying you like we are Graham -- used to -- you know we have all this -- crazy processing Clinton's all the -- we just killed me and you wait -- -- -- you know but it was like as pure as possible was like. I don't know I would go and I don't I don't quote him and I'm not getting the information correctly but if he even says hey you can Selena burner either buffalo murder to meet -- -- -- far healthier. And then they -- in the air or you are down and a lot of times it's just ground up -- time deposits trying to be -- along the sides are just making your own stuff its failure yeah. And it's I mean like bat at the same point I mean and cooking at home is a big thing and -- mellowing process isn't a big pain -- -- I did what I can -- from Iowa wide. The announcement and that from Iowa where they would they would be put on his DDB yoga FaceBook page today saying has avoided in our they're -- to eating healthy. Is avoid any -- that has a TV commercial. You know let's -- -- to think about it and and yeah when you're trying to eat healthier probably a great idea now I mean I've gone in we will hit Seattle yet -- -- market over here which is awesome just to grab stuff from my ED you get the process staying in yeah it's like. I've realized as certain things will just make my stomach go insane I know you finally realized that we've all known that -- I know but I'm actually now making a conscious effort to not eat those costs and so yeah it's like before it would be like I'm -- -- is -- -- he's gonna call it like 530. Or 535 get a time when pieces -- -- processed through my system exactly there's critic publicize -- I've had to take BJ's calls while I'm on the toilet I'm reading him the mention of bulls and he's. Like why is there an echo in him no reason -- So Kardashian is recommended foods are. Okay don't do now. Well grab enough and there was something -- -- the rules anyways you have -- DOT dot com diamond Dallas page. I -- days but command COC art pictures I guess are going to be showing up on that based on that give Jake some accountability definitely yeah hard taking pictures tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Buffalo chicken -- yes. Stuff by the way maybe being brought us food for today it's always -- you is our final real well what you bring to -- chicken and potatoes -- some. I don't know how many -- after three days and I I want anymore than it. I -- guys and yeah you know it's -- community in her chicken and potato CIO because I want to -- their party on Saturday hot and her parents in the home with a -- I don't know the entire package and there's like ten helpings of that chicken and potatoes -- -- delicious. The Syrian troops and all night the -- into that pretty seems to get on the -- before in my doing it -- -- always a good idea -- but he's not -- -- message. No I understand everything insides mess because it's like a soup and it's all it's a Latin mass at this point are. I also does against -- kind of -- -- -- -- know staff. So good though cause spices are amazing like going to try to as my mask my own you know that's really unhealthy and -- you fall into the category of could have potatoes are fine particularly your greatest concern -- it's all about it's truly all about the servings which is always been my problem yeah oh yeah he is due -- a lot of seconds and I I don't urged -- Percent to a second that is pilot all along silent Bob Bradley doesn't remember that I gotta get out I gotta get back -- a -- there when I just put little ice -- one helping her -- I used to be back and I started it and you know -- manage everything out and -- sitting in my office. You're not over tomorrow now do we had the Ben and Jerry's when they showed up on the -- was a little -- job like what. At least two years of -- satisfy. This has probably are serving yeah. Yeah -- -- ami said it's a bizarre how cool is -- told us do what we had to do that that double diamond -- thing I feel like we're still putting out a little bit and I. When I yelled out my arms are shaking they were I -- going like other Pixar is reflects a man -- nasal tone autorad. Tonight setbacks in its earlier -- and she's alarms over there -- did I did use some of that stuff -- for disc golf so. You know I'm supposed to -- -- amen let's all do it's not it's not two -- you guys on her own bit so well we'll definitely keep you both say that I don't wanna -- I hope you'll realizes wasn't meant to be like an infomercial type of thing I know that like it was all about. Do you DOD -- good -- take a really do believe -- what I've been seeing him do you know I mean it's you can see it. -- this -- Roberts you can see it from when we had a means you actually walk around how we use now. I mean it's it's really is Scott hall same thing. He showed up to that died diamond Dallas -- is -- in a wheelchair because he was and he was just -- -- vodka for breads breakfast and while it like you've amassed. And now he's he's coherent he's in good shape you lease price to deal with some. Stuff you know just because you bodies just -- beat up -- nearest gas but it's getting better I mean. That kind of stuff you can't there's no commercial that can sell somebody that like that that Arthur video that we were playing and I'm fun you know -- goofing around about but. That's a real -- and it's it's pretty awesome so. Comic setting your shot hopefully some of the -- some did you she's out there that are listening right now hot car less Titanic yeah. I had given a shot as well as China assaults kind of lets all be accountable for each other if you got the time I understand that the people got their things and I'm not here to force anyone doing and they only do. And the opportunity to Google thanks promise I just as thousands that is right. Not -- I had yeah let's get it down. And integrated the high so I but I guess a lot of stuff going on news thanks in GDP diamond Dallas -- joining us that was a complete honor -- Are huge thanks. You so you think it's it's sexist pigs to GDP could. Doesn't larger arms. My I don't know about a thousand Michael you're down arrow in the united and how cool is doing where we take we -- the -- -- second cup hearing him. -- says it's -- like -- normal as you are reasonable excuse voice hasn't changed at all he says a couple cold couple F words here and there. And that's -- if -- does so cool again and ours is -- grandpa it's also have a bad ass thrown in there that's so now the funny interview tomorrow on our our actual radio show on the BJ -- -- injury and have our buddy bill Byrne who is up alumni in the -- right -- joining us very funny guy super funny. Well apparently a lot of people he's Seattle -- Yes he was -- really talked much about that which is great timing -- just coming to a close I'm actually gonna watch the last episode of breaking bad even I haven't seen an episode since the first. To -- going to be sold lost I don't give us -- my Twitter how well I've tweet and it's an all time is gonna be I don't know what's going on right now who is this guy. Do you like to Jesse's gotten fat yes this is utility has gained like fifty bet that the kids. He's the blonde guy do you think the student that did exactly that -- that. It. -- -- have a -- how it's meant no leaks plus some I saw me out of house and a car. I sermon at opening scene where they know that I left off the likes of Mike Weir and trailer sunlight back into how hot 'cause the last episode I want to Arizona is under way in the neighboring. Still -- is making waves here in the northwest not because he's coming to town October 4 to the Paramount. Who because the stuff that he's been saying about the Seahawks. Good and the stuff that's going on right now it's very interesting how things can surfaced because of the Internet they live forever. These concerns for some line that have been over a year ago. Far right around a year ago. And are now being brought up -- people are angry at him for it so I grabbed Somalia because billed as a great podcast it's called the Monday morning podcasts it's really. Very you know it's it's bill bills rate these all wise -- Boston coming guys entertaining as well. I think he's super entertained and he's when him when he did the comedy right when -- when the years he did he was more of my favorite -- is a nuisance. So funny the stuff -- says it's hilarious and also we've had a mean studio the super nice guy so he's he's got and I'll go man he's he's a pretty bad -- People are gonna lose their minds about this this he may find the Seahawks fans. I personally just. I'm gonna play the audio before by I give my opinion because I think people are making out to be a way bigger deal than they need to I think. Even explains where his anger comes from an all stems from the Seahawks being the patriots last year. If you remember that game where they basically was yes I think it would make come from behind her yeah -- -- bro guy that was with Richard Sherman and Tom Brady and all that kind of stuff so. Here's the original piece of audio nobody gave us a chance and -- know if I don't -- game that I think people started paying attention to the Seahawks and that's why don't have an issue with what he's saying and all. It's about time. People. Hate the Seahawks I love it as a fan of the Xerox has saved -- and you're good you know -- -- -- -- because you soccer. People don't care about like nobody's talking about the jaguars -- beyond -- piano and I hate the jaguars. We talk about the 49ers are pretty sure hopes they dropped in the power rankings like sixteen or something like honesty I saw some today -- -- -- sent home until you realize the Seahawks have as many wins is all the other NFC playoff teams last year. I guess we have three wins and all five other NFC playoff teams have five where are three wins combined wow. -- is off to a good start work on CN NB -- I enjoy hearing the people that are not stands and hawks giving them a hard time because it's about time. We are on that level like people hate the patriots say the giants need to teams that are good -- the Packers or Steelers are great example that I mean if you know Steelers fan you hate the Steelers ten and that's I think that shows that you're you've made it. There we always complain now we're always forgotten about out here in Alaska south -- -- not at all anymore guys right you've got to take the bad news and it's bad -- sports again today people and sports haters gonna hate -- no limits -- -- So here's here's the clip and I it appears they'll firm last year after the hawks beat his team the New England Patriots. I'm his home track -- team bill -- talking about. The patriots and the hawks and and this is that they make at the gears going for the Seahawks. Fans I'm gonna get today are right you've 300. Hard Cobain candle lit vigils. -- -- her new Rihanna who -- fans annoyed. Enemy they really do I am so sick of -- getting all this. Credit for being this loud crowd the twelfth man united twelfth man should be ditched your twelfth man every week. Should be the architect had built that stadium because they knew you guys were just average. Fans so they had to like design a symphony hall to left hand side I cannot -- I want to vet stadium you can't. Believe how loud it is you look -- around going how is it this loud and I'm looking at the expressions on people's faces they're not any more intense. Not then it -- Overhang big built a symphony. To capture every year logos aren't and now these guys around there act I think you know like these bad ass fans -- -- ugly ass. Uniforms. The Hamas -- to some mad. That's not -- that's got ten -- and hot hot hot I. I think you summed it -- -- read the and that now that that's all that anger is really man whose team lost and that's something that happens with any sports fans like you're -- event you're going to be -- you're gonna -- on the team that just beat your team -- not saying anything that's not true the only party -- tell your -- I wonder what -- we do interview I do -- ask him what team was he had because I've been to a lot of seahawk games and I do it then. I'll watch now on T -- they've got to go and and from people I talk to -- into different stadiums. I I do think that people do lose their mind that the games again a good like they they are not less vocal than anybody else I mean I don't understand why you're saying he was -- nothing's gone on do you think. The crowd is a hundred cent stamps but that's. Maybe he went to a game where his back during the -- more season because I mean I was there for that season and there was -- about death -- euros but. I don't think anybody who has a brain and had doesn't realize at that stadium was built. With the intention of reflecting the sound back down onto the field I mean that's some we've always talked about it was. Paul Allen made it from wanted to create that same atmosphere you get -- huskies' game and he had at the Kingdome back in a domed. The you do sound projected from the top and came right back down onto the field and mission accomplished just sell tenfold. This year -- again talked about the Seahawks and this also was upsetting a bunch is twelve men out there and and this is right before we broke the record for being allowed us to. Crowd UNR sporting events. Are from Guinness book -- all academic -- so here's bill Byrne talking about hearing that the Seahawks fans are trying to break the record. Is this -- not taken with the Seattle that total CL toll deserves it's a defense is great phone and everything are awesome and I really like I love how. Big and hard there at their corners here. And everything was great then this morning I'm watching NFL network and one of their corners is on their talking trash but he's like JD. It was like I do chills I -- nothing arm back down we aren't national army army is like. They're great organ -- like we know. You can do we -- I was like no it's over now you did yeah bring you do you. It was like dude please stop talking you wanna gain in October absolutely giddy he sounded like he -- -- hand. Blow you really don't work and power go out your dreads and -- gives up there. I who has a part of this is -- -- from a year ago when he was mad at it. And ending series game the -- -- they think I got I got this because he saw Richard Sherman on the NFL network insight that I found that audio Tom crowd so here's Richard Sherman the idea that he was due to non. And that last clip. We're better than you Hugh -- you're just a man that will Christine. We're team you're a single man -- the Brady Bunch this is that this is this the defense you know we are and got eleven players up and play great ball. And you don't -- whenever we're just that one man beat us. You look at the week is not about a man if they got eleven players out there excuse there often dinner held a team but if one man cannot just beat a team. I'm pretty -- I -- and I want I was all -- NFL network all them exactly outfield and I don't get a chance but maybe if you all could let you know the person that every great. It'll let you -- that thing that's the end early season Richard sermon -- out before he became this now nationally talked about. -- larger than life figures -- here that peace again and I can't get a mocked in a film hours on an album I think that was the first -- realized this guy we need to pay attention this guy better him than Tebow just the fact that. Laughter so good that's the stuff that happened last year and that's why your job people getting off an arms and again look I I love the Seahawks and I love talking trash but I also appreciate. Knowing that other throngs -- -- like we were. The team that thought we had rivalries but the teams that we had what we saw were rivalries where. They didn't even realize that we had a rivalry and then I -- -- we have issues you see guys like I think you're at a Pittsburgh and say hey Asian number one rival. Before that and are gonna -- Seattle right hell no and up until the last couple years if you went to San Francisco he's -- number one rival they probably will miss at Seattle's -- -- -- I doubt what you're senate bill berg I think that you hate sports is at the end of the day that's still out. The only other room greater mustard sugar bronco buster sure you know now we know who our arrivals are so the idea -- -- Tony ASEAN and arrows oh yeah but I mean you know there you put out -- would you do -- Oakland or Denver ever consider Seattle's not anymore down -- out so I mean for a guy that's in Boston to -- our team as much as he does and the fans I think that's great that is -- I love it. So now to the clip that I set up and I erroneously -- about a guy is nervous. Here he is talking about Seattle and trying to break the record for noise. Oh by the way I hope -- with the Seahawks fans trying to set the record to be allowed this crowd. Is one of the day is things could have ever seen in my. I just put it out what are you guys still -- some tweeting me that I said well you know when you've never won a championship you got to hang your hat on substantive enough. -- what is the purpose of that Seattle says he might win one this year. But as a right now what what do you guys -- -- you guys have a team on if that is I have to guess it's gonna it's basically this. We ER. Loud news. -- -- Tee box. Until we move now no matter who some. Who we. There. Now. It is. And yeah and we need. The loud and I used. Some of the bloom -- because the architect designed the buildings and make it sound loud and amp up. I was and I forgot to load this -- somebody took that part and matched it with the actual music to that song on the champions -- and it's not so funny is great. So more people getting upset about him man and you know we mentioned we're gonna have months of your -- how did you have that guy on balance and saw any -- -- The greatest reason to have him all right -- the timing is great -- I wish I had more time with a guy because he had the breaking bad stuff which -- assure you you guys -- geek out about because an exciting time of your stats show I again I'm gonna watch the Taliban or nothing about yourself pat. And then he has a Seahawks and it's going to be funny here youngster from crap all did fine but like -- People get really angry at the guy can you not tell he's just trying to be funny he's and he's he's dealing with -- CLC are transparent stand -- as I -- babies in the NFL for. How many laws sometimes I sat -- teacher and people can say what they -- and stuff Meehan a strong ground there are still hold onto errors and pretty well -- it reminds me on every read any day every day the last -- movie career grand don't you. How did I rather sorry yeah that's rated well. Hello again today I've always said this and then there's a reason why don't have season tickets anymore now because of the section that I was -- I was in I was almost. And address and perspectives and 49 that probably isn't -- -- visuals and she really needed some of those in the section I was innocent because it was it was embarrassing to be a fan thank. It was almost -- a -- we like come on man just because a guy's brain and the team's Jersey -- does not mean that you have a right to be physically. Confrontational towards the gotten tired so and and I had had that issue for awhile and and look. There are few bad apples but there's enough of those bad apples and -- hurt the image of this team of the fans and just a majority of the -- I mean -- knows a lot of -- -- -- diehards from -- seemed until we -- -- -- these -- the fans that I mean how can you not love the team in the stands when you got people like that the people that wait for the team. When they arrive after they just -- a road game and and they they're at the airport cheering them on. No good guys that -- no he sees that it's a knuckle heads the guys get wasted that think that there on the team and wanna start sites and other other opposing team's fans are digging out. The whiners in the sense and and in these days of people got a costly -- mad broke med grow item and sickened that saints don't get me going on that -- on every commercial now what at least the guys who can probably catch phrase that Americans are seeing people post that with whatever they're talking about how I -- some go -- YouTube page -- and he's a bitching and having fun with this whole thing and doing a funny piece you're writing your -- broke you bed bro I think. Yeah that it's not saying. The first -- People are Zaire saying. But until all this negative crap is being so long -- burger which is so silly. He's the comedian and he's out loud mouth Boston stand by their dad -- that is what is podcast seems to be about. -- got to listen to it's great dude it's funny and there's a lot of funny crap that he's thrown out there and he's a sports guys are good for me added. I'm not axes and no sports fan a mob you know blue collar I guess you could cause -- down really get into the whole stats part of it all I don't care. I just love the passion of being a fan and I appreciate the passion he has for his team. And I love that the -- goes out on his hatred towards us I think it's great so hearing is responding to all that the people who are. You mad Ralph skating on him. You know -- and a cup I guess a couple people just wrote some of the blurb that I wrote to (%expletive) off all the Seahawks fans they've left out the whole part. Where I set all the complimentary stuff how it just looks like football on a hole on Letterman and now Seattle has a great chance of winning the Super Bowl. One of these days when you actually have something shiny new cover that -- another reason why you guys disallowed because of how empty trophy case. Michael yo. If that you guys came to league in 1977. Along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And even those sad figure out a way to win one by now all right seeing it just finally win one this -- where I got two words to me it's about. I've become just -- -- -- -- relax I'll be up there on the fourth do whatever you want -- -- I don't given that you need to check already knew about. It's driven messenger -- and any is there really given me a check yet. It's only six saying it's okay we checked to Max Kelly chill out. People you wanna get my heart tiger jam fund back go for it but there wasn't actually getting body hurt by bill Burr and the things he says. Real lax and M this brings me and expect our legs on the listeners I love it it's great timing he's coming in town he'd done. This all goes there wearing so I can see officers in the streets -- -- you're -- Paramount. -- -- -- put some extra security outside the Paramount salute. CR Franzen go down there and bust out all the windows bush and his looters for the see doctor -- all don't all do that no that's your C offense Conan again and we can't just I just -- I don't wanna like. I have an issue that too because not all seahawk fans and let's not nice Musab. You're you're you're reading your anger towards the knuckle heads are where we -- -- on as well right make as a piazza I don't like those Seahawks -- stuff. But I'm not part of some secret gangs of see -- -- and they're no matter what they do I remember being at a game dude I remember being any game it was against the 49ers and these people that were -- united stands in front of us could not be cool. They're giving me a -- trash talking and where you -- right back grabbing a good time about it. Nothing harmful. But then -- -- some Seahawks fans girlfriend who decides -- -- -- -- drink out of his hand falls well he's right is Scott looks at the guys could not the boyfriend and says hey. You tell your woman to calm down because if you does that again it's on you. And some leaving at that gap so fast or another corner grow Knox and drink back down again. And the kind turns on sleazy guy out -- -- tax -- -- -- -- controller woman manager -- and I mean I'm not saying violence is the answer but. -- woman isn't Demi -- is also pushing him. Knocking his hood on and off they just being a real bitch about it and the boyfriend she's cute and he's wasted he thinks it's going to get if you for United States -- It's also fights about this I wanted to -- to win. They all on nine hole because mom and twelve men know I'm like I'm not. And I jangling view and I don't blame me for -- section -- -- -- in tears it was like that every road game against today it was appropriate pre season game against San Diego Chargers -- us. Sometimes. And who's getting it it was getting ugly Mike nice. It's not even -- that matter -- are puzzling coming to this action and now Mike I'm not in do not part of your gang where like. I don't -- -- our colors are your colors like and I remember talking to dynamite brawl. Did this game what do you think these players are gonna do. There are gonna get done and -- Brady gather yeah -- they're gonna hug each other Cornelius shaking each others hands -- you're like a good game right in your a lot of them say before him don't get -- That's like the main goal like hey let's have a fun game I'm gonna beat the crap I even try not to get hurt like that they don't want to hurt each other and ER fans trying to hurt each other and it's just stupid it's embarrassing. -- and then they brings into this next thing and I talked a little bit about this on the BJ Shea morning experience that this. I'm sorry America maybe this negative Nancy trying to but -- -- all stirred up your make your -- really don't know plays what I'm I'm tired of -- out this because it's like. This is way up -- trying to be mr. -- deposits Tiffany is important in our lives because. -- such negative miserable human beings. Can come to the big guy isn't sure. It's time for the head to head to build timeout on EST I knew that from -- -- and I. So I worked out and we just want to be busy human beings. That if we just try to I have actual positive outlook on some things I think we get -- -- battery life. And I really do believe that an earlier -- sports and that number I don't know men but did there's lines and -- feel like people Kaiser's wow. And here's my example of this time. This is from a website I believe that it's called -- pro football -- -- dot com yak -- are seeing the same articles so right totally yeah. Yesterday on FaceBook I saw so many people post a link to this story -- -- -- rice. And ended ended imposed because like hop hop. Here's a funny I mean ask article that was written that's not real because the web -- called pro football box dot com -- mock means it's -- things Martin right operative course and this is that being aerial. We've come in and read you first headline -- -- dog I had -- read you wanted to FaceBook comments that I found. How come out OK this is amazing -- so these articles headlined. And again and pro football mock -- Dot com contract Jim Harbaugh blames Alvin Smith a rats to find sea hawks crowd noise. Next that's believable right there 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh responded to questions regarding their -- on Smith on suspicion -- -- possession of marijuana claim the record setting volume of the Seattle Seahawks home crowd in the game between the two teams last weekend was a contributing factor til I'm back to my backers current legal predicament. Says quote the book -- I don't blame Allen's problems can be clearly on Seahawks fans but it certainly didn't help. It's pretty easy to draw a line here CL -- fans are ridiculously loud giving them an unfair competitive advantage. As a result we lost a game against a clearly clearly inferior opponent them. Therefore how lynch sought to drowning his sorrows and as an irresponsible person would we liquor we need and an early morning joy ride. -- I'm surprised rested team was now doing the exact same thing drive and a Harbaugh quote it just shows that outing cares more than most I guess. And -- goes on -- gives some stats about him. And they say that we do the -- time I will be livid if -- would -- be suspended for his arrest this -- tires Seahawks starting lineup I'm telling you I haven't been this case and -- later told by Baltimore cornerback. Jimmy Smith in the Super Bowl and -- -- Michael Crabtree to injured leg during our may mini camp. To LA and that's the article yeah here's a the recent headlines from a pro football -- dot com sheriff let's -- -- match job his pump fake sales to -- Stanley dog. We -- cocky Sean -- considers resting saints starters until playoffs right I mean there's a bunch of ridiculous stories on this thing and I understand -- -- -- -- and you might even know for a pro football -- -- even hit me into signing me I knew of this this bit but I -- from them. Do you ever see that the FaceBook. The thread between quarterbacks yeah love though on dozens are great I love those -- pro football -- looked at news of purely brilliant as if you haven't seen those are hilarious is just like. Constantly like all the big quarterbacks are having a conversation everyone saw differ on -- -- -- give back how hard time it's it's very funny but if you believe that. Your -- Baghdad that -- and -- day whose comments are amazing so here's somebody's actual FaceBook. Posting when they posted the links. -- how. Really. Because addiction happens after 14 -- game. Try looking yourself in the mirror deep bag again maybe reduce Bagger in his drove him to do that day. I can't stand this weasel anymore and amusing that word to use. The comments on the pro football -- Stockholm ardent. Move give me some all right OK good -- -- niners stand there with do with all due respect to the Seahawks on the allowed -- loud proud crowd. Soon after its NASA astronaut program America I -- -- crowd today I can't blame me all for having a better louder fan base and -- my energize admit that we niners are sore losers and -- it stand to see others when it's -- -- blame it on some things. I'm growing balls are coming out are going out on the way and we are not as good as we saw we were also be proud you're allowed fan -- Seattle. I take my hat off to you all lake. He thinks this is a real article brings. It makes you think did you not nice post did you read the headline incidentally the -- like -- if you read the article and you still believe that is the real article you knew she genuinely should have all sharp objects removed from your home. The original as she ever realize. I say there should be some kind of a test when you logon to a browser it's just like do a quick IQ check on you and maybe that means I don't get on the -- Iranian everybody stay right I accept that -- -- Stupid people out there that is like -- I mean that's the people who believe that article and read that article. From that headline I -- was a goof. From the name of the website major realize it was -- -- it just blew my -- Indian and I've finally has done that more weren't responding to people who posted semi dude cities -- mock story it's not real it's make believe it's just helps them -- And one person -- issues like this is still all I hate the full story all right. Late and I even went on Twitter rice today. All the -- for bashing the 49ers I -- offer bashing I'm -- I -- the best of Pittsburgh Steelers mainly because an Illinois -- I don't really care either way like we think this is more for funds he's a top the we're gonna have a guest on later on by the name of ON is that -- -- -- -- I'm. -- freaking game its very save me right I. We do not bad joke was big last season and hockey no way -- -- who is from Chicago had two nothing lead on Boston in the Stanley Cup finals and a bar. Had a there's a video out there somewhere where Bart calls up another -- Boston. -- is no America and again they don't do you always come undone and animosity and enhance cool all inhale. And and hope our thanks and do okay. So I didn't think I thought I. I get a kick out of it because of that at the it was -- and that's only that but that's. There's that mentality malware Owens and people's need to -- cycle loosen up the pennies man. Because we get into -- for sports. And this last twenty minutes I've gotten too worked up or sports because of how people get worked up over sports if it's a -- predicting crazy you guys -- events. That's basically what's going on there's one other thing about sports on it's no good. And this one actually pissed me off. Probably even more. Then. That one. Oh this question before we get -- -- this is a funny thing I came across another source and you know how they've been to -- that was all based on the crowd -- thanks a member there is that part of cold or an editorial or letter city added that that woman wrote about how the crowd in Seattle's too loud initially rules against that you Simmons is -- yeah. So I love reading comments when there's stories like that. Because some people do not hold back in the comments drugs under the in the article that -- a -- -- a comment -- I -- in -- sometimes that's when I do encourage troll like mentality because sometimes it cracks me -- -- somebody actually commented -- That story of that woman complaining and it was -- care what website is either Como or Seattle times and at PI is one of those right. In five even guy's name is rob. And this is actually -- -- this woman is obviously a C word. Who doesn't probably even know what first down his her husband should put a muzzle on her and put her in the kitchen where she belongs and go ravens -- chiefs. Well you -- I was great. So I'm living assistance he jerked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So this ice on Twitter. And and then this I've wrote on miles notes nothing is ever good enough. Then again it goes out and hey man and this can we not dwell on the negatives like and so here's the Seattle Mariners right -- doing something nice they post on their Twitter hash tag mariners. Where this patch through the rest of the season an honor -- -- amount cheek or Yamauchi whenever it is a guy the former Nintendo guy who helped. Purchased a mariners and keep kept them in Seattle and all that he just recently passed away at the age of eighty something right yes sir they post a picture of this whole. -- Sorry have to suffer the same -- or at least eleven jobs and will play host thank you -- still so much. I can tell you this -- my telephone. Instead I think has no guides us remember all the tax at all they're going to develop well -- -- past class angry gamers out there cause of the best of both worlds you bring -- the best in people topic I do make you always do it while there are dealers. We didn't lose his own guy -- shot up fast. So the Mariners put that out I might first gesture it's always I think it's very cool and classy when a team -- someone who's important that mine may even be associated with the team anymore. Passes away any do like -- like the initials on this on the sleeve of the pitcher do it last year right or they got the black arm band whatever it may be how he remembered the peanut guy can be a molecule tournament mariners did a passion -- I don't know I don't know really call. So I see dammit that's a pretty -- that and then you see that the replies on Twitter right -- so this is what somebody wrote. And this guy's name is Bob -- -- John John -- I'm in a building right now and it's Christmas. And I just -- your treatment effect. So he writes -- mariners whom. For only ten days may be wearing next year to. And this is also Smart -- concerts like nothing is ever good enough like we even experience is sometimes make. Almost every year I think we've I think we've done it every year when it's -- in November. When this year marks of the whatever anniversary of the unfortunate thing happen in Lakewood he waited for police officers were killed by -- guy. We -- a moment of silence right. I think it's a cool thing that we do it hits home for me because -- have a couple really good friends that are Lakewood police officers and one of them actually you know was supposed to be working that day and I'm I'm thankful that he you know is a life obviously. I feel like it's a nice tribute to people who also were listeners of our shelf. Demi needs to have kind of grounds me every year it doesn't it remind you of just what a weird world we live in and also it I -- the appreciative. Of what certain people do enough in this world that is so weird. Risking their lives for it really makes other people are safe. So we do that and it's always feel like while you give a small response to this person and in this person and that and six. You're right it would be great if we -- moments of silence is for every single person that has had something awful I've really never show would -- 44 hours a day who obviously dead there. You know I -- some type portraits in words -- -- are getting paid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and I just gets sick of people -- like that and -- must fiction yeah. I think that's pretty much all the bitching I wanted to do let me make -- -- and check my notes kind of went a little bit of attention I like to apologize and it's all right that's before we get to be emails or text messages in the voicemails of course or some other time I only tell you about the song that have been jamming out to this week -- problem before we get to that avenue obsession. Plus our. A new porn star that I am. A big Google obsessed with with a capital. -- -- I'm curious to see where you guys think this girl. Good it's just ought to -- -- physical level yes yeah I mean I don't know -- so emotional I wanna know about her as a person -- it's -- talking about her position -- What I want to defend mrs. They ask for names and no way the offense I get a it's. Chelsea -- me you know this one caught fire up your successor government should do what's right to surround our greatness hurricane you're seahawk fan two yeah they are. I -- you grew up here OK and of the team know the fans. -- -- -- and the man not it and trying to. How are those true cost this news came out that prolongs and meanwhile like corn because their fans know from looking at -- William and be near. Genes that have like buckles and now he's saying hey hey I don't goes as far as Iran cool I just cigarette I got a pair of -- fans I know their deposit and this year in the jacket -- -- period -- -- utility bills paid anyway. Their new songs since Justin Wilson. I have hit list you have and his boots on our position occasionally do you have right now in this is Monaro it's called -- almost like a really bad -- -- -- -- -- days in the McIntyre is there forever every time like I got a call -- Jim Grafton is terrible at like three albums that I mean picture out they're getting worse yes I don't know it's not always are looking at the songs I don't know I'll put I had that conversation which is recently where we. I was on the systems talk plus those. Last week every listen to a podcast I've been doing that more often a fighter so very entertaining while the rest of I can't stand those myself I'm really hot. Obviously they don't allied castle quickly as high. Speed. The only announced so. Mosley and say oh yeah. Forget what has no I never listened to our private -- a lot of -- recently actually and I've listened to. Its current podcast -- he's a great job I really enjoyed the show I think -- all three of them are very entertaining. Their stories are great at the damn good discussion about good topics of every chance Stephanie check come out obvious -- team photos. I'm not I did I listened to podcasts where they talked about being on the jet ski and it's freaking hilarious to -- the stories are great. -- cracks me up battery you know this guy I've I've arrived I've grown to love the guy who think he's very funny so I sort of say that -- missing two also Adam corolla isn't Joseph road in east. I've been bouncing around all actors Alec Baldwin's I. I know Jim I am now it's -- amazing -- didn't overlook a lake you know it's so Giuliani new podcasts on your little podcast app on your iPhone I've got thirty -- I have 42 right now she's that I had not listen to tenor of the shows I like I just downloaded the broadcast of course the art of breasts slowing. TVT on fifteen behind on that one. -- just keep nations on there as well I'm really in the end they stopped updating for me on that one yeah yeah -- -- many of them behind too many but do so. Pom moving where they don't know that's what is the congress is -- hats and their Ryan moved to America and copy did you find songs from a distance calls. Never never never never -- like this song you know -- deceased to figure out. It. Only appropriate discipline -- Okay. -- always. -- That's dirty that's why we're gonna do. Yeah tracks like Atlanta. Rose has -- all of IG in our Chinese democracy yes it's it's admitted this you have when nine smells too it's like when you lose that angst. Use a lot it's hard to be -- -- make him. Yeah yeah and it every so. Like some the music production as well as it always can make everything some perfect now let's ignore most of us like. Bands that don't some perfect because it. Is what we are -- auto White Stripes head home for me when I -- -- there's disorders pro tools everybody's doing everything I'm pro tools. High five -- it's like no screw that come through it all at all and I follow that I had -- a kick it out on this one little lamp and we're gonna do this thing. You know it's funny I was just -- -- -- and speaking of music I'm looking over there and as a whole sector CDs in this corner and I -- the -- -- the very first CBS -- -- -- -- -- looks very familiar. And it's an end promotional C -- came how long time ago right and it's -- -- pop music festival since. Seattle pop music festival part three. And it was a news CD that also is made to -- promote a show and I was gonna happen at the show box on April 30 1990s he's -- Managed this looks familiar because in my senior year high school I was just just we'll hunt to track three I was drunk. Check me on this topic. Feel. My -- low and I asked him today Peter Parker. I don't even know we'd stay I know the song it's a song called the aesthetics of -- and before reply it. It's a funny back story we once played a show what the mother ship in -- In front of literally two people slam both of those people sat up in mid upper part of the mother ship that's awkward just staring you sat down and watched the show so we played a show in front of nobody on the ground. I got dome off the side nine in yeah -- L hall. Whoever was a sound guy decided that he cannot he was doing lights to. And -- just kicking in the fog in the strokes virtually -- favorite to people who weren't even on the floor that's a Maine writing and so we're spending more money putting his show on though we're making and we don't we we're playing some kind of a songs and like we had moments of being very poppy and also some points very noisy or can. Angry we kind of ran dammit there's a -- army's -- on. Kind of style of music right I can -- so one of the guys I was there at the show was like our -- old buddy from high school that lived in that area and that he was one of the two people are there -- And I forget exactly what he said but he basically said. You guys are right back. But sometimes you come off really cute food and any use the F word like bag you okay so that led to Matthew writing this song and I has inspired. Moved him so when you hear a certain line in the song that's why I don't know which version is this is the actual like. Version that meeting on our record which was actually well produced or -- was the version we went some guys basement in some random town. Every artists like fifty box so I guess we'll find out but I here's a song called the aesthetics of dumb by my old man Peter Parker's. -- holes dead according versions. First this important Alberto Acosta. And I forgot all. I'll play my -- enough of some better. -- So eventually went from being on this thing called the aesthetics of numb to it being James on our record our first album tell me leery named after me now just funny. To the aesthetic some dumb and so on that is crazy man. Stereo. But after this. And move. -- -- -- Yeah. If your opponent. We had a song on our first record that he would always request -- we hated -- it was only a minute and have a long. And we like I -- you would yell the name of the song out I would actually you know icing on the right now given up my mouth I'll I don't have to lose this song called Elliot is a solo -- is sleek. -- you know early and the ads. Tell me. -- OK. Okay. -- you're gonna play this. You know I don't know. And the next -- Absolutely brilliant -- There's the -- You're my mother son that I -- awesome. RCA wanna play because I think lyrically sitting next to him anymore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nationally known -- And all songs crazy about it and like each other which is funny -- they broke up because it Mikey generic that's but yet they don't I don't know why we went on that road but I just got easily distracted because some mr. CDD. -- enjoyable. Thank you appreciate that maybe our all time finds all your targets such an actual decent quality recordings for you -- here rather than through my phone. Com -- news. Jose go I'm just so all over the place and we are almost to the text messages was originally you were I -- -- today is bad day I'm just some help Kristy Mac is the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you guys ever have the haircuts maybe that's why I don't like K Ali yeah you know like and I guy isn't an easy my -- hair -- -- shave everything underneath and then you'd better have around or pull it up put it imported food earlier everything there's I didn't. That was my -- Soledad I have you know I don't like to them much. Oh man I think she sold three boys -- from the ninety's so hot but the problem is this season with an enemy fighter I was at a firehouse it yeah relax and to me I travel and stalker. Yeah that's my new parents are does your -- so -- furniture and still guys I know do you usually I go straight up just like I don't usually go for the from what would be like the female -- in the -- Brian you know I mean my god not like I usually know somebody's. I don't Narnia when you talk a lot yeah. Always trying to do I care Brad did you just -- you've been hard -- we have to say goodbye to you sir are and I hope I don't always AGA. Car. Always interesting thing is do you still the Manning the gates were released soon as they do is in the position while you're -- -- -- I -- -- is a reference. 11 thing more because you as a like how can you know like era where you know -- I'm more into the -- its stuff now for porn -- he had gone wild -- -- Juan Antonio you have credit dot com reading slash bar slash gone wild or had any business credit goes yeah well exactly that's music videos no it's picture I like hideous videos are their user submitted -- -- I -- -- -- -- they're all yes there are. Yeah I. I'll -- really need a lot of attention because usually when regular users gas almost full albums yeah yeah oh yeah. Some sexy about that when you know I sense on the -- need to do it into the studio right now is they have a voting system where yeah output or down vote things so the really good -- get -- voted really high and you don't have to worry about any of the task. We had a similar combines them for its -- NASA employee that no Grand Slam bid farewell Bryant on sorry June I'm sorry condemns the rules -- easy to -- some chicken Germans poles. Yeah and we can blow as always want yes and it's all there was this particular -- backed off -- he knows the rules -- -- And I'm not talking about -- can. For those she is I -- it's it's time via Chicago let's see I think yeah it's the appeal of the amateur world that was knowing -- I mean that's always kind of been his thing -- where -- -- -- -- -- earlier talking you've always senator Ewing junior good copy girls. Period here's a full album her just hang on all our wheels here saying my god look at all underwear Daniels are great that started opting because he's really high utilities are but she doesn't want and don't want people to know the outlets -- normal -- -- says no -- This. Style that's normal songs is doing tonight and how and where the you know I do not jive in the foreign world John Edwards we would not be going to the same movies if this was the seventies. You know we wouldn't be on the -- of those guys there in the back -- -- porn magazines you have the black your life pages. There used to be if you elect would sell photos of themselves now Northern Iraq no donor of that when I was like seventeen -- I -- -- I -- five dollars of -- lady. And I literally guys bomb exploded of those torrents Polaroid's package insists he actually -- their -- -- and it was a crazy and it -- again. Like five -- dollar -- Can't breath and I don't normally tote bag that was probably the catalyst for me getting on the this kind of amateur world think I'm not a local thing I came from Seattle somewhere and I was in the Balco -- you know like a predominant -- guys zone porn magazine out there or does that mean you can't really very different scenario where someone has -- of those there's also a -- eleven stashed in a book somewhere that has been looked at Madison later. Tall man -- I guess a moment Kristy Mac guy thinks she's the hottest thing out there and one of the more whenever I drive would love to have her. Immoral ways and it doesn't -- -- bro yeah she's a lot of credit. Earlier its second -- the bikini very. -- there and you narrow -- down to system Washington State for was. To read it thank all the -- I'm sure you can I haven't spent much time to try to narrow the -- with a video -- Carlos. Given how would make it harder for me you know that you're a potentially walk by that girl you know I mean I -- find out -- would be hard to know that we could possibly be in an elevator with -- on -- realize it but there she is armor and it just showing her and continue to warehouses and there's a lot of sexy -- -- -- impose on revenue on Michaels -- Commissioners also ma'am what kind of world we've become like you know because of the Internet causes we got. I think they were always a Saudi collar but I think that the Internet has then let them be able to let that freak flag fly into running as an insult like I mean I am very supportive of all of this. But I can be used to be so much more hidden. But nowadays and get horses -- care -- again look at me I'm horror nowadays kids are sixteen before there even adults season. Considered holy crap I feel like this stuff this news into us before I am -- Vijay is always a time ally golf. I'll think back in those days you or like this is just a new generation Mike. He's -- generation has these new towards Troy he's are tools. To really get it out there mad men. Do you had to wait to get five dollars from mono nick could send pictures to somebody and -- and it was all right nowadays they used post them on ready -- handle detainees to. By photos or anybody else and they're like forty bucks an excellent regulatory and -- you can buy used pain he's in in -- meet us that's disgusting -- But not everybody -- clearly writes ha ha. I learn each time you make it. I was gonna admit -- sees this -- CSI on that. Steroids since -- very close -- where are just steal away a couple years ago. And so what they do is when they use does anybody know if somebody's -- somebody is murdered and the -- It leads to you this finish playing it's how they're selling campaigning is to guys for 300 dollars for used any team and -- Kenny -- and -- fetish world knows that like art when the person instead the -- -- the -- goes up. And her right. I really don't know what even think like that was the same episode where it starts off with a guy in like go full plus she suit gets hit my car I think so that I that I miss. I examined the whole darn world of Vegas. There's like -- whole other one where this can they find a guy who likes to be pampered as a baby in my office all right I don't know now obviously known very well fed blew through a bottle and is that this -- Vegas yeah a lot of distrust is CSI. Out there watching made us after the entire zone still -- -- lieutenant Dan I don't want to cut if recent hotel on the CSI for a minute and Vegas -- what we will watch your general -- -- -- Williams -- -- -- yeah I was too much too -- to -- -- one of detectives was a former like a stripper in the show leg -- -- -- you as a stripper who wanted out of the -- -- this is gone now. She moved onto the -- -- he's gone through -- Hey standing by that time top shelf guys do this. I love that once the anthrax I mean once -- -- jacked. Yeah I -- your stories of -- opinions and pictures right got jackets while you and your credit as well and that ready you kids are talking about a credit. So Bob before we get to the emails voice mails in the text messages I do wanna encourage you to go and vote for us on the best of western Washington terrifies big vote. How did you not after a podcast like this it's our doppler promoting a veterans getting veteran DDT yoga and garlic talking about DP yeah I'm very go from. You really can't go around. And panties Bob Hope for us please are right now I feel like we've been stuck at the 150 votes plus. Category for awhile. I know that HIV goes like. Poignant in increments of poignancy and tonight hundreds and those increments of fifty so how wanna see by the end of Wednesday there were 200 plus I remember to vote yes please I mean I know that we got more than a 150 votes hasn't been stuck and I want for awhile I know people told me that they voted -- on the at the tips in the comments and -- you'll pull them up. Our fight some more of the recent ones where we are right now. On the votes. 150 plus -- I mean first. Of police so. And pictures yes we are at their 150 votes and learned -- to have this guy beyond this -- behind us is now at a hundred plot suggests oh we do not need to lose -- -- and I don't wanna severe neck in neck race think it was last year with -- within the TB ET on the Burbank where at the very last minute we -- the blues and that's how we lost and I think it was under 300 votes on the winning the whole -- -- so wanna get over 300 votes. For sure I wanna win on one day don't get all like Seahawks on the jaguars and I don't wanna be Huskies on was Ohio State they'd be closer Eric that's that's a kind of attitude I wanna have won back to instincts of vote vote again yeah tell your friends a vote register to post comments are all that stuff helps out make it we're gonna make it -- we're gonna win this pitched up. First wheels and a new comments that you notice. It works like a funky order. It doesn't really go to styling goes a little more comments and then look for once a -- one day ago three days ago. And says the -- just keeps me going at the gym every Saturday helps me realize that there are people who think like I do only sometimes less so. That was four days ago nice premium for life Ford is ago all right theological -- -- want to -- -- love she -- born so much college. When I saw perimeter when I see wrote that the -- -- hole. Salutes and tag and take that I was pretty recent Els or last podcast. -- -- is that says I small -- son Steve I appreciate that and I was in my days and that's meridian Puyallup best. -- enjoy the fun of GDP notable -- your mind you know everybody's favorite grants no wait that's me but there grant that tie optional -- on his chest -- -- -- -- you know -- Congress's vacation stories insider's scoop on the Vijay -- sit out. Interviews with Russell at point Cyrus if they have the time they. They -- reader you know sex and voicemails if you say -- naughty pics on the Internet that they will think you're real and a warship here. It's very true but it was snowing and says he likes he says Alexio Alexio sexy like cigars and -- -- forgotten no never never -- -- got a -- for some -- and cool stuff that's it taught me what you what you wanted to. Emails voicemails or text they -- -- -- because they set it in the intro all right well we will get to that -- right now I'm gonna open up my I'm dead. That mall all high tech now use the iPad for. These -- and -- mini mystery it is many you know. I still look great Borger and if you whiners try to slow -- when -- came on here to the mother wanted her to. When you just never know yet you Evernote give us a link to it at least not on Wi-Fi Sox in this room know. What's going -- Knoll. I liken it openings like candidate. Because may be right that is big enough because it's in many thrown. The first time ever try -- I thought -- -- -- just a six jobs who then -- C you know sort of unsolicited three billion delayed is like 500 so awesome recipients Galileo -- blurry India like oh. Yeah yeah I'm -- being. Member of brandy Alexander. The points last mannerisms -- I remember just needs a drink yeah that's that's wise you know I remember her -- name on the shoes dirty. And you turn out my growing up days okay eerie enough as it was and hire a wash. I have only five course that is in my BOY. Maybe a mile and an old Rocco let's stop her name than I remember her -- hi how are -- -- -- -- It and -- vocation do. First acts -- you can Texas too -- to -- 32714787. -- Steve tried 32714. As TP. I had told me stories are awesome I want more we gotta get dummy back in -- sometimes in. The former. And Helen -- -- answer ought to read got a woman will build build from his tires a little bit -- here is that the music on their city was entertaining. Come on -- go where no way other did you tell him and me any more stories alcoholic departure tires I think I may use that NASA hockey term from the year that can -- who lost to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup files member. Com and -- -- Dixon that Tim Thomas and said any nice to him miles off Tim Thomas is a go for the Bruins is like I realized part of my job -- to pump the longest tires or else. Titus and says hey there should be a dominatrix chick who wears its enduring calls herself Lindy and then Jones and then you pay her eighty box and she whips you in the genitals and gives you. Archaeological. Lectures whoa dude I was just watching sleeping with the enemy -- my wife could sort of thinking you know just this is the way people think. You know Julia Roberts and they're pretty huge -- I saw I make it fit like for them cheese of -- and costs and suvs chess challenge before we get to be imparted that challenge Julia Roberts hang -- Ryan to come I -- yet to come in studio and all of us and it -- and never mind. And this is professional studio -- Leo discuss some supplier professionals -- They also smells exactly like the rest of the revenues gross he is like who. And I like to drink a lot paid top paying. Okay content Macs -- schizophrenic -- pays WT PO William the producer. Mono Ashley Alexander -- it's I have a question. What do Colin in an ambulance having common Holland it's zero ambulance. They -- a lot of video and. And. During this show boys James out of the hey Willie. Have you heard the kick start your hardcover by between the buried in -- they also did a black can cover which is pretty sick I have not heard them -- to check those out. Have any you guys are -- -- thorough my way playlist every day I'm sure they are governor blackened forever bobcats on. -- downtown -- around downtown Denver bound to get. -- -- -- -- went just like -- of the content of their opponents say ISW staff does it take to screw all -- All of us know one -- but it takes a whole staff ER staff to get it out it's because it takes a whole ER staff to get it out of the -- She's -- skin tone. At the end of the Pentagon that there is on your throat is going -- -- -- -- for a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She would really does bad boys and Julia roberts' -- thinking. Hey -- with a beautiful woman banning gay guy. Who would you give your back to. -- well from she's there to help kind of question is that the idea exact questions not liking any your photos and it's a Grammy -- -- that wants them tell you take back this insecure our relationship is over. Okay all have such as you see there. Let's get a guarantee she's had sex with there is some -- -- turnaround on him pay guys -- -- round and Michelle Bachmann should -- still gonna nominate BJ for best museums. We are -- around about the that would be funny I heard that Kyle was it angle and then Naimi best top dog I'd vote -- that -- They -- beat -- put his Big Ben and a bigger having common. Folks decent and about a Baker's dozen in. I don't know so many turnovers. Okay. Am I screwed up that big banjo it's a plus ago they both are great at making turnovers from whiskey and phones don't masked men mix -- just ask. I still like there's continuity it looks all of our text messages to do that once we got there that was December at a -- and Cameron sounded too. Still some options that's my podcasts. Masters and. -- my -- if we all -- it's he's the rest can come back. Called and absolutely comeback guy has visited the home to little as a month -- yeah turnaround we also are added and it's now -- time for you come back. -- into elite decisions did you leave their own. Harmonic and put it in your hands were you running Kristy Mac yeah I'd like he's our hero a man. Awesome dude you need to watch one of her films put a -- accent XX dot com quota for full length features -- -- just watched what she does okay I think her performance sir. Definitely exceeds you know -- our initial impression of her. Now when you see her films is are they usually let you know there's arteries in the story are you lose the stories are restarted her loser in the beginning and I like to start with a -- and looks. The story. That's a good one other else three minutes are five minutes or Madonna -- gobble up top and a -- and wanna navigate through this website just. Are you. -- long -- and Carlos video there ago Chris and my sister's Todd for an assistant Todd friend oh that's right. Do these guys' sisters -- a friend. I don't you know how to do the math on that and I -- guy's sister has a hot friend on the policies dying in his sister's friend conference. Thank you. Would you like email and -- your group smooth -- I don't know -- -- -- one voice -- tracked fourteen though an excellent. Plus is -- Letterman jacket well -- soc and yeah they're mean you'd think she's all. Act grown bad ass because there were involved but she knows how to tone it down for her films. -- -- -- -- -- -- Am and I can you -- -- at who's this year old eight irons and he. Okay I'm sorry yeah yeah I don't know I've heard it I'm. Not to notice I don't. Don't want Curtis board sale. Or. I am I an iPad and well you know I didn't. -- Wow. Sounds. Kind of -- on the -- -- -- supply. Seriously what I -- does that add for us. That's I got to watch on your cell phone now a goes right to video and don't see that. -- You know I'm trying to watch lists hearings and remember her for a long time ago Arianna. This and years ago. Yeah advertisements. Oh yeah that's Kristi master -- Jim current national. Smells a little bit -- -- Katy Perry look going on -- NASA computers and you know I just -- lets me not really -- -- this is so used these. And all and now these are now our nannies are coming off he ripped the monster and I. Okay. You know that it's. Not okay. A BCD at the end of the -- and that's awesome. All right well that's always another top. There's -- they're not going downtown Austin and San. Siemens didn't want -- to strip sack. Look at this picture to. No favorites and does this feel warm and. Mindful homered checked my don't want prior -- I wanted to join us on the podcast policy not sure whether that's hard to get -- thermometer you know -- you're there it is yeah. -- you know that is really your voicemails I didn't get in I mean emails. We got a book of emails earlier a sure sign your rights that one publish those. And as steep the hill and every funny if we just like. Kept all these emails and then eventually just published from -- coffee table book vehicle owners to see Jesse email look that's a great idea actually. And some of Benjamin deleting a -- this time maybe -- to go back into the -- section you know car it's a serious Brigham and a couple of those and demand and -- -- photos are -- great -- inscription is a sexy like -- sir yes -- back to the old school for the old fools on the -- -- Hi this one subject is that would be your reign as stressful and a -- from Ryan that was naive hey bro you were talking earlier about your -- -- -- -- -- commoners on your backside real hard -- were just talking tough times doubles -- and I said I gotta get busy now I -- I knew we had this one tough stuff so it's you know. You're not alone. I don't go artists and music -- just -- I -- in are you -- music. There about business or not. And I was born. I totally remember my mom. We're all for this announcement. Hi there is -- is -- My time. -- I. -- -- That's what happened Ambac when he was sick there. You know I'm saying yes it was kind of like back in the day you you know I'm like yeah. This is just too much she says she's. Voyager. Search we only mean good stories tonight. Wallace got a record that we -- that was that was too much. I'm email I'm glad to see I'm not alone -- But I'm not -- you know any more -- next awesome Jason there are few things experience. They just seem like they're having a good time there podcast is one of those things for sure dominance thank you appreciate that 'cause on YouTube and found another I know it's a YouTube video. But I like to hear what you guys think of during or after watching 46 and two by tool presented by Aaron no keys on YouTube. Have you seen this in Vietnam and all -- -- is -- and -- post and on my FaceBook yesterday. I even watched it on my do my you broker who are my big TV don't want to see got a bigger TV into my phone hold on before you client -- bomb. And it's amazing view this as a person who pretends to be musician my breast self. This made me so happy to see. Because what it is Aaron -- I believe is like a conductor or a school teacher or some sort. And is a program where he teaches kids music I would imagine and his army making up this assumption based on the video he's a music instructor right. And as a school project he had a group of kids learned 46 and two by tool. OK I can get onboard a first dude it's gonna blow you it gives you a whole new meaning of the song because it's not sung by. Throws up some by Maynard throws us a man adult until my kid a female kid. And it's also amazing how many musicians they have incorporated unless. When you watch the video and I encourage you want to play along a known as a girl yes that is correct posting Nokia could. So I don't know what authorities said nevermind you don't I don't know I think we don't believe a lot of it. Really good at that the yeah. CAA makes you appreciate how talented tool -- is is a ban because it takes four and it took like a multiple amount of people to do what tools do you root for people granted there's some layers of music Goodman Mary -- bad but sure there was only three people. Dream musicians I guess and singer Maynard only -- is instrument and other guitar couple times -- as a megaphone on a couple two or any place -- we sold via it was a joke. People. Security -- on all viewing there's something for top female. Like that in order to do that -- For the I didn't pull my god has almost any -- stimulus and -- -- -- -- believe -- you know they Laurent -- one to her. It's not like their record scratch and that -- built by now it's our league did so well I tool. But again no one. OK -- ER care without a very abrupt going yeah I know it's called the interrupt your you know try to swim. What is notices -- turned the ball. I was going on career. He's just like let -- -- and Lawrence I don't know -- monologue island madame leaving -- back from it and not very silent room. And that's a deadly and it's OK so who you know is it smells -- Accessed snaps another area there's -- -- -- It's all right when you do the -- any. I mean you can have somebody like it did cut in half and let them broad per week off and were smell better in the -- asked all right. Hopefully by now you guys have pulled -- the video so atop each track night -- I knew I come around because it's there's a kid that plays the would block that I don't god -- really some sorry. Who's not cancel -- use -- goods -- and I miss you always this way over there. Where. Hi there I promise I will not start again today. Because -- gets a little overwhelming the. -- it's not like strawberries. First car. I love every minute could not have an issue in my apartment an issue with the goodness and their -- as -- -- -- allow it is now -- access to soften their resting in my face. The players fresh -- -- under the Kristy Mac video playing well that is a nasty smelling going need. Mean okay. Topping that are you rating of vitamins and my neck can you stop watching because humanity of all right -- picturesque -- of dream Kwan has done 23 in Europe. Yeah. All the guitars feel like rocks out -- -- and they're all like anywhere which really isn't like 1010913. Guys like school of rock videos and and the basis is so freaking guys. You know he's gym and they're doing this why. He's all the musicians and then. There's a girl playing the piano action find the lowest blocked nose -- a slight musical and -- -- blaming yeah I'm not that way -- didn't ask. This amount -- make your kids for their freedom past musicians. The drummers amazing. -- for -- the little guy. He's just like. Know him have him there and like you play that would block and you play with a fierce intensity there yes. Hides our -- -- Muslims born and hundreds listeners goes -- so much. It's the stumbling block and don't want my kids bad. -- gives you a different feel for the song when I know you know okay. Singing you. -- -- -- -- -- I honestly I've been. Old version of really hard elect Joe Millionaire. You yourself it's safe -- we've got right. In the last seven years okay points here then metrostars. You how crazy is this when I watch his video yesterday there was 5000 views. Amazing and 643000. People there and not let Manny -- not quite get. Those people. He's only in America. I'm nervous terrorists no I mean probably like really hard -- -- let someone else take your best beauty of the song for these guys. Kids are made good drummer yeah. I can't even dream of playing as well as he's done here remind real good drummer from the black is beautiful. Yeah it's not a very -- yeah I did that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's got all the nuances down. Danielle like a twelve year old girl singing. We heard from coming from the guardian life. But she's wearing out. -- users of these guys who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- Murray is awesome. The dominate the video. You put the drums of war at the end of the assault on its way to do. This city clinics. -- -- -- -- -- You know it just so long in the gap. I love on the -- I don't journey they're comes jobs right here and. Yeah it is also. Roll please come home base right there. Okay. I like -- are expected. I do it's. -- a little extra. Yeah. Unifier rather have my school. Mark Foley when the good news. I -- great -- makes a school project from being just some you can have a press your life like you can focus on how about this. Please stay in the band including north flock is there. I would love him to come on -- this sort of -- concert. I'm gonna -- Ali why let those gonna bring the man you can't -- -- -- -- good demand more money. Oh yeah and -- are -- You express them. That's just like Disney shares to augment Shia but they're not sick that's bad ass -- -- kids. They're for kids. And the -- they did and tumble. -- -- -- -- -- It's time for the head head still timeout on ES TP ten. Always going to model LN. Her mom and Kyle. Try the voice of the STV cast Khatami and didn't. I -- check out his other stuff now that you guys out there videos of others like you can back contemporary look like mid to contemporary like more power and fans -- And -- give you might really. Are on the same level stool I think number of the piece by iron -- oh wow and -- this is definitely going to be a fun they have just taken -- videos that says Karen -- guys put together but he's like teacher of the year you ask me. -- of the century. -- this on comes from our job Brian he's in oil you know during the Led Zeppelin experience show. My dad that -- no -- that we had in studio couple weeks ago. Now we gave your station a big shout out but also your show and in particular. Your podcast our thoughts -- thank you Led Zeppelin is no corner yeah. That's bad ass and they also recommend that everyone sign up and listen to the podcast. Huh wow really cool thanks to. All the guys you know Jimmy Page Robert Plant and the dog Paula Jones and some bottom he came back you know just for us thanks are going back just icy hot commodity and and Brian in the rest of the guys about as part of the new quarter -- Led -- extremes -- -- and we come back to town. Well they live in town -- -- and casino in October. So once we have more details about -- election nobody is coming up pretty soon as an adult -- whenever I hear -- -- -- -- we love Seattle. This 1 comes from I am very say this guy by the name of -- -- Ryan hopped that he was just the -- At the morning -- commission we went to in Chicago really tall really excited about radio about nineteen years old and -- -- to BJ brother we -- A bunch other radio -- I mean -- -- you want as it is questionable I don't know why he likes and someone's skin and Vijay Tatum. -- -- -- -- he suddenly love what further -- so much so -- they came and act like that for me with cheers when he talks you know you don't -- her brother -- is that right to. All right well you he sent me a message and our podcast is part of his he's got like his -- -- Radio network where he drags on these podcasts and shares he puts them on a web site -- furthered the cause there's no cradle. I -- it was OK okay nations on their -- got you. He asks first your free does it -- -- called the hoppy and Rainier Ryan. The hobby radio network carried out a mix like -- blockade he drives a hard bargain. And you can find our podcasts other podcasts on their red poppy media dot word press dot com and copy spoke HO PPE. Please send me a message is said hey did you record clip that says hey this is Steve the producer from the BJ Shea morning experience. And you're listening to their Ryan -- shall to a meal on SDP. Having you guys give a shout out would make my show would give my show some shout outs I'll allow. So I was like wow I guess going the studio record economic Arafat. You know this is doing during the podcast -- Point nine DS TP gas is up there for you want to just throw it out there and then he can grab this clip from audio and years and -- he -- for -- how we make our production for the show right. I mean just comes from the shelves so I don't know -- Should be. The strike. And we Emmy gift fund are so like hey this is like VI -- in the SDP Kasten. There's top beat Dinara as a hobby -- it's RI and hop the radio who show. -- -- -- But Huckabee and -- perfect price may get some cool one take wonder you know -- the top three is copied and you're listening to -- -- copy show. This season CNN producer the STV cast the BJ Shea morning experience and you all -- just -- it. Yeah that's what I thought of. Opposite verdict -- -- are off. -- we're downwind Ryan there's just like guys he enjoys a good story about don's porn stars. And food mr. Ryan not to show and I'm Steve the producer. That's it take for -- that is you'll feel freer Ryan to chapel mob however you like who. If not Nick's innocence are -- terminate or not. Hey Steve -- not a fan and songs really are also a fan and I am not resound loud stuff. Directs this all comes from our bodies -- there were offended Dong porn. What it's because that's been sick of the committees this yellow Ariza -- -- until August and crude hit it. -- cork screwed up his. I like my Don my guy like my food. Conflict hi hunt how and when it melts in my mouth this is the Ryan hobbies -- -- All right pay our bodies that you just sent us messages using enemies of those cool musical interludes a year what we do emails voice doesn't text messages. And this is a tweet actually been of course irreverent tone since we treat that I remember I -- -- myself so that we can talk about it. He says goddamn Steve the old Trenton is -- get from the SE Ijaz was hilarious effect rock god. Fellows running Eric says a live in Issaquah -- telling me it's a -- for sushi and that is a fantastic place I'm afraid to see a much my guess those gonna go up here's the thing Nelson at the bar and do all you can eat sushi. At the end of the day when you do the math you've actually save yourself money. Polio oh my god I've been having nightmares of sushi and I guess -- nightmares like dreams of needing to go back I'll do I right now one play can. Last week it's only -- -- like well we're gonna go down our have to bite the bullet and do it sometimes ten sometimes farm and I know. Maybe that's not it's farther than my -- criticism earlier Dominik is he knows a lot of the colonial philosophy. Has nothing to do it says it's just further than a clock or time down the street it's -- do but that's expensive do. It's not only can meet those are good points -- are anxious. Yeah right Tom you know -- bean burritos while the B plus. Hello my wife's is a case to you and your -- this is so crazy good news and there's my wife about her finest. CK you birthdays coming out yeah so what do you wanna get for your birthday. And you get whatever you wanted them to you your money to buy it OK perfect. So I'm like. We'll bring crap I'm gonna blow a lot of cash. Enjoy a good year for ready right now one model yeah. More goalie pads or else -- -- ones I want those ones that look like the vintage old ones that the brown leather. On those and there are like about 2000 dollars -- Oh well begs me -- yeah thanks. Thanks sweetie I'm sorry you can't go to college. And get your grad school diploma that is great for my first day it was more important. It's quarter right now -- you can just borrow your friends. Please read her. Book I told her like get off my birthday all I really want I want to eat sushi joint go to trappers have no idea like cupcakes. So how are you looking over my shoulder and saying have you read enough roles. Golf and this is a -- my dvds GDP yoga mentality is even better for perverse -- are on a -- our studio lot and -- Slam and -- In my bed and doing and you're listening to Ryan copy. And shopping you'll sit right -- me. So. They are eyes tell Alice at the bar I -- you all you can eat finally seem -- like guys who else. It's the -- -- and bring it back and how sorry Jimmy I can't do I give you have every right out of nowhere here for 1950 year old student. All my pick -- -- like in his role in new another -- I. I don't -- we can you go home and again it's you know we have our dog it's nice you know the dog -- so remember they would yeah. Are you serious. He's given and -- Shiite areas she started. So I said Edwards is ordering -- -- -- -- obviously -- a mortar aircraft tennis since you bring home if I don't finish and all that's OK but I don't wanna leave. I don't want my yield and would need still wanting more sushi right so did not mean they got a drop a hundred dollars on CC for myself. I'm I'm doing work. That made her decide that yeah I mean would be good all you can be okay there -- a lot of I don't know what I really feel that I like 15140. Dollars or it's gonna feel honored to review I say we don't we go there at 2 o'clock in the afternoon stayed all night for the -- so -- can meet tonight's keeping you. It's just tell me a chance now to address the Saudi TV man that was some travelers and they like you'd do a little bit lazy and -- do we went there on Friday. Maliki needs. There hockey judge there on Friday we are on Wednesday's tour through. -- Oh yes who went there on Wednesday unloaded tournament three times a week yes. How -- you don't IRS ever since I don't go to try and just I don't even matter how many no one's ever seen me there never know. And I know I I have that's a -- while -- actually hand it is find another job but after a dumb play hockey. That's a great spot to go to because it's right it's not super close entering the 615 minutes away picture so for those that don't live. Towards the -- way there -- for going there as well so we just good parents -- months and I went on Friday. And and we just he might as if there are six of us there just broke a mean new agreements rolls even before we ask for them. And says -- -- I don't you ask the gap how do you Lauren and the other guy and it works Daryn they'll get up from I love those guys is awesome start. The next email just comes from harmony Stevie. He says. Now. How the Packers but he -- -- shared this video with you it's Bruce Dickinson of iron mean covering Tom Jones. It's Europe so it's weird also Buffalo Wild Wings can open sometime in 2014 and south senator Conyers seafood city market awesome thanks DE. So I -- struck ten. We do appreciate this what is your Bruce Dickinson fans yes. And here he is singing a cover of a song. They're using and delighted by Tom Jones. Good good. Okay. And these type of the seconds until. I. You know if a man was to be successful get Bruce Dickinson to cover your songs because those sound better anyways he's got a great pipes. Do you ever wonder -- -- -- those guys and hold the signs outside of by establishments trying to get you to go to their establishment like mattress sale all those guys to sign guys guys spinning assign you that defeats the purpose. And this is not a -- thought about it. But it's gone mad for second half. Well how are the guys that is that is a work out the vice president told crowds when those guys and I think it's I think it's amazing night here in -- they're talented they can criticize in a circle I ordered the -- catcher go get a real job. Know whether -- a balanced. Co wherever I go out and he you know your reporting is really somewhere but here's. In the air tarmac where this house L this may be a sign on a building or something nearby sewers can you have to be really good because you don't want your rarely just spin round and round because like you say then you have no idea what you're not doing if I was a business and I hire this guy hates him. I appreciate the college -- from your fired by the that is such a funny world because you got -- guys that aren't even moving to just stand there and you drive by new academy know like. Black guys really not -- -- -- -- bad for that guy that just wasn't news is extending regular on the poll did not know movement not a Kennedy got the other -- -- there's this guy by my place that New York -- pizza -- -- -- like. A little Caesars were they already have the pieces -- familiar review a Jeep and how many years having to do it all his mother again in New York review very random yeah. -- but you got things going -- been like five bucks year old pizza because it's not cremated so. And this guy dean it's his -- better than Michael Jackson ever gonna dance. And she's good but I guess I'm staring at him and I buys dog had to go buy a pizza and. On what about the people they give out like the symbols of side of their restaurants and our food court at a mall on sort out of that. You do like I don't know Lego about you don't see too much so that at least I don't then I get panda express has seen them do that or if there's one up there aren't come Norris. -- also mall content. -- sue them for like three up there could. That's a really bad they don't make good for your. But -- giving out samples rest and I'm just pick a few bad saying Nolan usually aren't trying to do stuff is a ram which smaller would mall. Oh no I. More upscale mall and it's it's -- -- Norris from every chorus of there's -- -- the case. How. I know. Already had that stuff I spent the full price on the balloons take -- for using -- I got -- Tyrol do and make some new gut tells us to bring on this day our break. Oh yeah I don't know I don't go near those. Larry good food court is Steve they're getting. Considering we have just gone straight for ten express on our -- or old should be out there tomorrow tomorrow what are yeah he's so. How does that play on all who doesn't love a good orange Julius Leo thank routinely caught a flavor enough. I had one forever but there are good I just had a woman about two months ago there was a hot dogs yes -- And they didn't. There is I think it's a Wendy's pot over in the ten net and the Renton area -- I -- hockey Ambrose leaving hockey comic man -- hot out. I just want -- to make out like a frosty like either slur because her -- Or exempting coal announces that a soda -- I Oscar does go get when these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dairy queen in Orange juice is -- are always right that's what it was now that's your right now is that you want to fast food he's just -- an orange Julius and she'll hum task. Wow thank god you -- true that a little blizzard and over and our mr. misdeed in every outing -- did this. Dancing on the way back from the -- for -- tonight we stopped at the dairy queen and -- spurt -- they had orange Julius -- -- -- in Australia why not and I it was Kenya Coke product to -- awesome why. Do you -- -- -- -- a lot to that are strawberry orange stuff so I never go anywhere on the green economy and I'll get in some. Assignments on. Jimmy Buffett note on -- rob how offered no Bruce Dickinson you know I don't know Elvis. -- -- surprise you guys don't especially -- diamonds really don't know you know stock up now then he's usury and it's his tutor. -- Miley Cyrus home Rupert Holmes. Being solved -- America. His oil under protective. -- Iowa you know we've been doing this broadcast for awhile one last thing before we get out of here and I just wanted to give huge props it's Christina Aguilera for a limited are gonna magazine although I really don't have on your desk during the show this is a serious so -- topping game news magazine -- did you welcome. Eckstein and now. Do you look at its securities two years old. 32. And she gained a lot of weight but still look hot like I had no issues -- -- was action -- on -- -- think she looks so say if she worked it so people made fun of me for -- Being obsessed with her when I was nineteen years old she was legal and she was a GM on almighty god yeah I. Her stickers and every I think our own apartment titled just has met her once and -- I was once in my America lilies and -- for your birthday oddly enough coming up from the coroner says hey why you meet me at your high school was -- yet XYZ high school. And Mike. You're -- give me a birthday gift at a high school this isn't sorry I can't tell you why just come on down that's awesome. -- on -- it's a secret surprise show that she did for some contests at these schools are doing across the country admit that school one. And she did a performance her with com. -- flow or ninety degrees and a stupid boy bands right. And I met her and she was not super nice jurors in the big training chooses to -- Just tiny you know when -- eighteen or seventeen years old and YouTube put your hands around her waist like in you can touch your fingers from one gets the go look at that genie in a model video again and she puts her arms up and is doable -- -- It's like holy -- Israel and a half shirt. Yeah she is so skinny back those essentially I went through the first day do the dirty -- -- the really big fan at all to I was like turn our hottest until now -- Ngo and heavier so much -- top winds are out of bed to -- all those crackers it's like to eaten all the crumbs fall over the bed -- I don't care enough. She in my opinion has hit her. -- if she -- hip -- point of her life like I think she's at her hottest right now dude I'm because she's she's skinny. But Kirby right so that the cannon's right through that picture. She's she's seen these photos -- -- that's -- Els looking out on the Internet the second I don't mind my the last I'd pay a serious. If you have the magazine is right next to the patrol which is always fun but not its current reds dress and she's hiking and up. And her hair. Is just she's so she's once in Australia to your guns and allied the other picture of her which is looking in the mirror. And she's got a black skirt on it -- and her legs -- just kick him. Naw man it's -- -- and as all hell. I have him bot a Maxim Magazine and I still haven't been keeping this one he -- -- I'll grant sergeant hair club for nine there comes a dirty. The act an -- my music stage. But now let's take her home -- yard -- so hot. Like I I think her face is makes you think. -- -- some nerves aging but like. Maybe something about Latino is always there both of that ethnicity or whatever I do Lara. Mandating get hotter -- two of them jail and you Lara hotter now than they ever had been in the past me thanks so mills and a on that note. -- -- mag in Christina Aguilera will be in my head today. And I think drivers CC. For providing meals twice last week -- know. Definitely at least one more time this week. And the next week it's on. I'm destroying you travelers are stocking up on the French million audio and goalies that are you -- -- -- get -- -- and it's possible there's going to be in my belly by tomorrow my next week. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna destroy it driver here you gotta be bar. You can get -- -- C six locations. Covington Tennessee should do all the melee Bremerton and Tacoma. Find him on FaceBook tiger drivers using. They're fresh friendly that's how they roll their damn good. That's what I have to say six locations find out more trapped for sixty dot net use thanks to diamond Dallas page. Dvd yoga dot com we find in my FaceBook gets well. You must really be doing the dvd yoga maybe born. But I use thanks everyone for -- voting for the rest of western Washington please continue to do so. Stay positive.