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STP_Cast 10-29-13 -- Guest : Matt "The Attack" Kovacs and Ben "Flat Top" Fodor who are fighting at the "Cage Warrior Combat MMA"

Oct 29, 2013|

Steve The Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and Rev welcome Matt "The Attack" Kovacs and Ben "Flat Top" Fodor who are fighting at the "Cage Warrior Combat MMA" this weekend at the Kent Showare Center this Saturday 11-02-13. Check www.showarecenter.com for tickets and fight card. We welcome KISW Street ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey -- the British -- my fear facing SEC's trapped for -- and remember the first time donors a few years back finally location my wife and I met -- -- tomorrow. My friends and always -- about Iverson got to try there's Suu Kyi secular we got there I love the vibe in that place established. Was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count among the -- of the -- if you obligation to. Right from my house and I ordered a marvelous role. The ten year old as well tragic friendly that's how they've rolled -- CC five locations find out more track for sushi dot net extra. For sushi dot net on ago podcasting wait until he's done -- Manchester and was -- -- to work week who's done a -- that's what we've designed. I haven prototypes yeah this studio -- yeah. Yeah CD yeah. I'm gonna go hard cash. -- -- -- I know where it's gonna do. Yes he can just. He is ES TV cast. See the British -- my friend talk show. -- is disturbing reverend en Fuego. Everybody's favorite mono mix that's very thank you so much blue. CBS DP just find it on nineteen signed on -- search. Re -- do all that kind of set that way it increases the visibility for our podcasts on those platforms also. Very excited about our FaceBook group if you can please please please join our group. It's already around 200 people flow she's growing so that is very exciting but. -- you know the exciting we've got somebody on our show you guys ready yeah. Are right in studio with doesn't then voter -- I'm excited have you him yes sir -- -- -- on the phone we have -- the attack Kovacs. Mack Matt I there. Yeah I'm Eric awesome -- we got you here without -- as well so. Both you guys are going to be -- -- over decades warrior combat number nine. Which is on this Saturday at the shorts and I'm gonna be there near a Libya with Iraq girls that doesn't stink so at least you know -- going to be somebody nice a look at the yeah I. You guys -- vote on the bill and I'm -- talked about you now Matt. We didn't FaceBook friends for awhile and unfortunately you we were able to get you would steal because you've got to do some stuff to your ready for the fight we got going on right now. Are just -- just -- like some last minute you know medical thing that they require you know hurt for like casinos to make sure I'm I'm good -- -- -- you know who's healthy and -- -- Iraq. You know what's the process like for both you guys I mean and then please -- as well I mean -- -- I would imagine there's more than just training you know I mean. The bully others more than training in those unmet medical aspect goes along with it my I was pretty -- -- walked into my shirt off and said look I'm -- hey yeah. But these acts. I I I I I -- so you really look forward to every year or not if he's going to students take your shirt off and say what's up. For you -- -- you are -- is pretty Jack Beatty might have a little easier time that I am you know I didn't. We're on the same team as we are -- viewed. Make sure you know we know no injuries going in or whatever make sure we're just capable fighting. You know can't play any sports strode out. Basically the same thing it's like glamour -- exports physical there in Gaza Strip this. And if I don't want to get tickets for this idea Qaeda warrior combat dot com also show where senator as well and then also we're doing a -- -- How would the radio -- get my -- dot com. The tickets also lie to get to about tea drink but I mean agree yeah that's something awful and now watch people kick some -- to me it's not a bad deal. All right the show where senator it's going to be a party -- I'm I'm very excited about it and so there's. Glad you -- -- little -- I don't know like you'll be locked in the cage with another man he's become a -- Hey you're laying out betrayal yeah exactly yeah everybody thinks they're very nice and all you can get your -- eyes snapped I got a reason I -- in my weight class. Everybody in every period of -- -- go on and everybody thinks they -- yeah I still saw. Oh -- indicate try to -- door shuts and you hear this weird noise this little screw goes it's. -- blocks and you realize yes this is a human cock fight. I have. Yeah if you can't. Well one Allenby talk about this all the time ma'am we had an argument about it I think I might be the only one that was undecided offense and I love to get your guys opinion because it does affect you gotta go to alive he's up. A lot of -- from from the once the so Kwame or wherever they meet meet may be in town to watch some of the -- may sites. And there's always a group of people behind me that are our friends with one of the guys that's fighting. And they're yelling at the guy fighting what are like what what holds CU music and -- market and they're screaming over my head and Mike Ford's turnaround like. Coach to be the one yeah on this stuff like do you hear this. Up next Ferdinand that there armchair expert it's -- -- about you know the guy with the beard. Kellen Russell Wilson and you know this young man you shot command -- yeah ha ha ha ha -- you're not down there you know play in the game it out in the cage you know I yeah that's that's our coach is you know it's good that there is that they care that can call them and that's pretty much bounces fighters. What we want you know we want them. You know deep into the action and then get pumped up and you know I guess yeah I mean every everybody's your expert so when you come directed -- you hear about twenty different opinions about what he sure -- -- would -- you know and everything you've kind of got to take you. With a grain of salt -- smarter you know. Yeah I would imagine -- -- that's where me and Matt detrimental like the -- back and somebody shut up and nobody on my fans don't do that because they only had two moves so is now let's get the word I have a hard left and a hard right hand in the golf -- you know when I'm. Just like. Yeah yeah. Well. I don't have been more true now. But I'm yelling it's Saturday. But yeah yeah definitely -- Both so the big guys stand to we'll we'll take all the car really can get. Okay that's good Matt Matt you're you're you're you have quite the upon DeMaurice Smith former USC champ I mean I that's got to be an honor to be able to get into me again to -- them but also has got to become a trip. Absolutely -- I mean it the I I remember watching this guy you know without you know make it until tool you know I remember watching that had you know watching him try mark Coleman a long time ago I mean he basically would like fighting -- you know I'm I'm more on the stand -- striker you know I'm always going for the knock out China's bid to put on a big. Firework explosive show you know a bad marriage -- same way Manuel band like she strike -- real explosive guy. I mean. Just. Be able to be in there with the first. I mean he is the guy that started sprawl and brawl when he was a guy that was able to neutralize mark Coleman loses big blasts were -- You know he was labeled it just stopped estate downturn just basically. Polish and would strikes I mean you know and I just to break the wrestler as well I mean that's pretty much what you have to do when you guys. Our intent on taking you down over and over and over again you have to you have to stop woman. If you can stop -- a few times they get frustrated in other like a spoiled little kid he's -- for his memory circuit. How they get all worked so hard and they try to get thrown off their game plan. You know and and the other hand is generally speaking aren't that good so you feel you can pressure him you to make them make a mistake and they're not gonna help. This might be strange question but I and one memos being curious about -- -- remote you guys are guys are known for you're using your -- -- menorah the baseball and sometimes you. You swing the bat you know the minute you hit that ball it's going out and apart and you know it's gonna be a home run like that second when it comes. And you. When he knocks him now you don't you don't even feel -- generally you don't even feel your fist just goes through a that that's a that's where I can describe it is like it's like a home run. Which I don't run in baseball was yet when you -- when you -- -- punch you know. Well there's two kinds and knock -- in this world my friend Matt. There's the ones where we needed someone on the -- fiscal slams against decide their -- cousin their body to say I must lay prone to is the easiest way for me to breathe and my artists out there. That is kind of hit do you have my friend for a -- just comment on the class that I'm brain has slammed the skull and a guy has gone down then there's. The kind of knock -- that I like to do or some permits only able to do and those are by overwhelming. Shots. And that's different that your body says maybe if we lay prone the punishment we'll stop and -- -- -- seriously a lot of time as the guys fighting fighting fighting fighting fighting fighting sleeping punch punch punch one show is still sleeping. So we are very different opinion of what a knockout feels like I would like to have one of those feelings about -- that's not the America. Who -- stressful it would be I just got an Carpio. -- a lot of punching her. And then I hear you my friend are known also for your Alter ego it's time -- serve you know Phoenix Jones and not heard about this guy out there. -- yeah. Do you -- -- have you noticed that more people are showing up to your matches I mean I know is a guy is a -- in the band I've always been. Trying to keep the two separate but of course you embrace them both -- yeah you love to do and he -- are you to human beings he can't he can't separate but something like I want people to come to my show because they like my dad and or have they become -- because they wanna see you -- fight but I would imagine some people show up and the curiosity because I got some guys Phoenix Jones. You know I I wouldn't know his first fight back so all -- -- for one. And then -- to -- the -- shows things actually really press that and the way that now works is because. I go out all the time every night in the middle and I'm by myself and I -- YouTube videos and I think the funny when I think some of the learn something from their -- if you just look like a regular Jack off. But for the most part most of my work is done in secret -- has no idea about the stuff -- did last night and knows that's tantamount private thing we do we. I'm just can't. I don't and yeah. It's. I have to tell us about your new year you play it was exact time. That you're going to be fine -- the band ranked. Sure yeah you know it's as -- look at -- apple and Yahoo!. And it's no no no no yeah it's Zach Zach can really really tall he's like six with four I left hand and he's very very tough. But I came to talk about myself so hi I'm like I'm gonna do well and he's not and that's unfortunately I but I wasn't the best. I hope that he -- is fighting and someone who's not me. In the future. And now we talked a little bit about sudden there's -- feeling of a knock out punch up now and as you guys have about the feeling of being in -- submission hold because I think you're watching on TV and I always wonder what's that point in your brain that tell you I need to tap out like you know like. What's that point when you realize okay how much far can I allow this person to -- a certain part of my body until Mike you know what. I don't live to fight another day you know that's a great question and I can't answer because out of my 27 sites have never ever tapped no dice has broken a few arms in their question was they didn't have fast enough so little I'm not sure I'll look at that. I. -- I would just say that I think god and so you're lucky -- all go to peninsula Greta. Ha ha ha ha -- -- -- yeah. I can't -- army had had a couple times where you RJ Jeff and I didn't end and I got choked out -- -- -- all man. I've been -- Cuba I mean. With that would be our blocks I generally. A very if you care about your career I know some of these breathing guys you know they have this tribal -- -- you know they'd be and so you'll just won't capture it doesn't really break their arm because. There if you tried for an end you know -- to -- I mean personally for me you know fighting. As much as I love it doesn't pay the -- completely and you know it's going to be hard for me to to go to a demo job with with one arm -- I shot because. I didn't to guess you're not among the night before you know so yeah. But really engaged -- you gotta know your limits you know what a joke generally. All this you know I retired I generally don't like the guy. I want to absorb all of them choke me out because -- -- give him the satisfaction. Miles of means submitting to a -- and so the guy you know had a pretty you know one -- and enjoy this. I refused I used to you know kind of I attempted to give -- the -- I don't know how good if you can how high. Ideals and he's an artist so I just went out I don't so. I guess she's got to know your limits and every every fighters different manners and gung ho guys out there that. They want. They won't for the life -- -- about to happen. You know I guess I got a couple personal try to if I gave it had -- -- mission are probably wouldn't of either so it's a yes it it bearish on the fighter. Let me ask both you guys the same question and I'll sir or madam -- In or out of the ring what is the worst pain you've ever felt all along life's easy yeah -- Matt. I -- IJ -- a good body shot Maryland good -- -- -- per couple weeks ago he easily could itself because. Our bodies John at some point cool nobody Ben Turk -- debating amateurs is the time I was shot his -- was stabbed at home or sleep and go. I'm probably gonna go where I -- -- getting shot because if I burned -- do you think you would like you got Tyler earlier today had a pretty good vest on. That wasn't a part of -- so didn't procedures we now know the study did the study didn't hurt and then. -- -- later healing and it would knows as I'd like I got to inflating the crime that I was doing and I guy won obviously -- -- -- -- -- as I have I have this guy down the police show up the military medical thing and it's before my identity was -- like no time. It's so I was -- -- yeah I went to go back to I don't -- three boys -- this area. -- Obama way back in my all right hi guys gets a big chief of justice and I was sitting in front says I'm Evan my reservoir dogs moment bleeding all over my -- to life. I didn't know slamming stuff like everything's on firemen mouth taste like metal it was really. You do is pretty horrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how well we know in general I go to the hospital was on the it was on the news so I was like oh my hospital the stabbing moon would be pretty clear just -- Some remove my friend hello wow yeah I was pretty terrible -- it's. I don't know I don't know -- -- -- great joy in knowing that you talked in the whisper voice like that don't hit it wasn't running it wasn't full on that man who was definitely like dumb as a black man who's the Mets. It's like. Yes but you don't find me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do love when I'm -- -- -- a lot of fights is that you see a lot of it is a community of -- of a wood to the -- you guys worked out -- and also -- watching you guys is intermingle and work together as a mutual respect with most im sure you guys have certain people ages I got like you mentioned Matt. Conservatively just refused to tap out to religious either respect for them but is there anybody on the bill that you guys are excited to see fights besides yourself of course. I'm I like -- -- -- MN Mike -- and adjust monsoonal virtually be useless. I'm unlike in the Mike -- just months and I wanna see your fight broke him like he EL. Here's the thing I'm known for being a jerk when it comes to fighting because I'm not emotional about it I'm just factual -- right. Your fight is going to be determined in the first 45 seconds and I am very excited to see what it is your -- you know as well as I know there's smoke comes out there hang in that -- on you and throw an outside kicks in -- too fast for you to check your new world of pain for the rest of the night. And all managed -- all good and called my coach when will you sign up for this fighting is like they would -- you're right it's a painful five. If you don't well. You know all of America that check regardless of your play placement so it's a it's a sack or are you sir it's two men's putting their -- on and going forward but you can -- a lot harder I think than mode us. And I think you've got him probably about what when you're thirty pounds. So yeah I mean last summer I think you know why is blessed by individuals buy them -- and you know -- -- you thirty. Yes so local people got about -- 45. If you close the distance on this -- I don't know what your planet but I'm just anything close the business on this guy and get pretty close to him and make this a dirty boxing Randy Couture had met and pressure site. You're gonna upset you're you're gonna -- Shocked the world you're a bad guy and you're you're a bad man you would just it's -- it was. It is my pleasure actually ever negotiated the first 265. -- are trying to Barbara I thought oh. That's the other. Has ever an instance is ours would like if I was ever going to be fun I've love to be in the situation and -- -- couple more pounds on tonight is that -- -- -- -- -- that I can you think -- I'm not you remember how about the -- extra -- would you do get that extra -- Yes and that's not a good player -- don't go to QA -- dead. And I thought honesty 50 in the 55 title 970 -- simply titled my challenge for the 85 title. And it's actually not as cool as you think that you Sony like big Macs and summarily like start losing your car audio telling you like me with two steals trying to stand all right Dan car it's I don't problem. So -- I. Can do is now like the big Macs are my friends I thought their lives. I wish I had to trust one I don't want to kill myself so I love those silly terms you know I had to do that yet that's -- our lives. Worse tortures right there like OK you got to drop this kind of passed -- -- And after that and do dishonest not your friend not only are there other random wells and -- -- plus not -- bush also really really really hungry and really dehydrated. I'm okay. What more I -- Chris I want to ask you guys and I am we've always had this conversation just as us being celebs you know I'm a one time I got to go into a ring and it was. Time armrest and I read -- wrestling battle against either growing or afternoon -- all parties giant. Make fun spectacle of there's a couple people boxing and everything else is against a good I was in a cock fight yeah you were dressed as a rooster yes and a cock fight -- Since this I'm sure you guys have been do this do I mean is this part of paying your dues I mean normally I -- And I'm -- I was most excited about what I get to have an entrance -- the end did theme song I don't take out a song that I come out to I think that's everybody's dream to walk out of the tunnel. Or out of a hallway at whatever it is what music blasting him for me I went with Metallica's for whom the bell tolls. Was a song for you guys. Follow yes -- -- -- -- enjoy yeah. So this as madam -- immaculate test this the entrance and the sometimes the exit depending on how your fight when -- -- the only two amazing parts of fighting fighting itself actually kinda sucks I would imagine -- you can punch. Card so I normally goes something really awesome like along with the final count on from Europe wants now. -- can I just can't wait to be king for title fight ever had. This time. And some is pretty good regret this -- him to go with -- hero. I like that. Merging the two worlds together you dude dude that's when you're -- announcers and whispering voice perfectly and I hope not to have I what about you Matt. And I I -- Mr. -- gets me pumped up gets the crowd confidently. I don't know a lot of try to pull -- the -- men you know -- I'd probably goes up and a little bit more impaired you know highlight like this will not kill switch yeah Digital's they got back at 3 o'clock too -- -- so. You the last few times and actually come out with. Some local friends that actually you know performed at live coming home I'm like -- Not -- box not production quality and I like that. Yeah Ngo help them help them get their name out there to you know some always candidates to help out the local scene called social. HE a coworker surprised there are generally don't let anybody go until until the last minute I can operate delicate. That the Lion King was hard to pull off everybody kind of laughed on the way out I did knock -- down twelve seconds left in the stretch of -- but that hasn't happened there was a lot of laughing. Of course about the music when somebody has anybody ever come out to know music at all I think that would be like Diego Sanchez -- famously Mets are no music just screaming yes. Yeah I got pretty intense but was very yeah. I come out to it's raining men -- bulls all -- -- is yeah I guess could you use that knowledge then you better win when you can marches on my you know and I got my -- -- and and sometimes he'll play a team and they're they're all rocking pink jerseys because they think it's funny in my. You're gonna do that you better be really good hockey team and typically they are because you got to back it up yeah yeah yeah that's. Now where I'm glad I'm gonna tell us what matters I think that's a -- remember seeing got a -- the Johnny -- I -- Johnny Cash from like. When you lose it's kind of like you know I. They -- to have the music the got to get the blood pumping. Yeah and he didn't and you gotta make sure your good name then that your you're challenged back get out you know because he ought to be like Phil torrone and come out and I got Rick -- -- you know coat -- get knocked out thirty shows us. Okay yeah I'm out here if we're gonna call out until Roni first off who I'm only when his weight class we care what you say all right. I don't know I don't Maroney it might be terrible when it and work and yeah I don't know where -- -- -- terrible when it comes to skills. But that -- dynamite in both hands -- happy that I -- you're going to sleep so. You know minus the steroid allegations. I would say I would say that's up -- -- is a guy don't wanna fight it's less and getting paid a lot of money. Well again after a decade -- you comment nine it's not happening this Saturday at the shareware is going to be hanging out with the rock girls and also while we have a great opportunity for you got honey it's improved to meet some of the fighters meet the rocker -- is gonna get my purse dot com purchase your tickets for their -- Don also Medicaid warrior. Combat dot com do you guys have web sites where twitters or baseball or whatever it is you guys once they can can end zone defense can connect for you guys. Yeah I'm at FaceBook is a dividend -- faced a dot com slash flat top MMA my Twitter act thus Phoenix Jones. What I think all my sponsors and everybody for helping me out man. Come to the -- -- -- knocks him -- -- or break his arms whenever I have the option to defend and use awesome -- radio and use us in Carmel. Maybe not in my mind -- my pretty simple Larry I got my stage -- -- -- -- -- do you Matt do you check dichotomy you know and then the Twitter is attached to -- attack could be seen HE attack all the time and I ask. And encourage graduates -- -- guards and an immaculate transformation the granite you know they've been helped me out for this fight so bad competing I know I never put on a bad joke so it's going to be fireworks -- both our sites. Yeah I'm looking forward about the -- be there return both you guys on excited. Awesome catch and throw this thing you know men and knows what to do that yes I took his -- ready to -- Ladies and gentlemen please make your way down to the -- show lawyers and this weekend for the slides his enemies exactly we have -- did sect told blacks and -- -- Boehner had a ton of other great fighters come down shot just so while strolled. Yeah yeah. Now go in the whisper voice. Yeah yeah. Dhaka I'm not there's and so -- -- out how to take dragged out. Hello little -- guys man this is awesome and hopefully I -- any time you guys have future fights coming up love to have you back on ES TP Kazmir isn't an honor I'm not coming -- George always open for you have got to attack every picture about next round of courtesy of Saturday. We're gonna take care Brad thanks so much yes -- -- that was awesome you guys Ben and Matt yeah they're cool. And a crack up Phoenix Jones everybody you -- now super it's it's funny hearing him talk about. Do things that happen and it's like you're listening to youth Spiderman. In studio and I mean actually I actually talking about -- like I don't I could go to the hospital because then they would know that my my secret identity and I'm just like these. This -- craziness is that we're talking about this stuff but -- I -- -- it is what it is an end thanks in those guys and it's going to be a lot of fun I'm really says he -- backside the attack he's good deal and hopefully an item in the future when he is another fight coming up to get in studio it is solid guy in this insisting he sees a fan and a -- and and I'm real excited to see him fight finally he's one of those guys I've always wanted to see fight. And I've always been all these different local MMA matches the most again although these will be awesome if -- fighting and it never works out that way so to. This Saturday you're -- -- Be there are other concerns for there pretty good there -- I joined the it would dissolve his entrance music news. Carrier -- girls of the into the ring card girls are they just genuine you know we other ring card girl and BMI aside and do whatever I want them to their guns you know more hot (%expletive) honestly I don't know who the ring card girls are if it is the Broncos I'm assuming it's not the rock girls. But that's a good point. The last time I was doing when he got to make things it was a rock -- were just hanging out and then. The miss the miss girls the Seattle mid east and I know there's one there's going to be Perry's war on more than one over there's one that I know talks on number twelve. -- audio sales and nice and -- yes I strong set of legs. -- if I'm insanely hot phase Elton. And then there's of course -- we all -- O'Shea in used to do things with us some when shoes no excuse me. Jews and she came and a few of our offense back in the day lull Hillary said the bikini bottom espresso -- All okay shake early on there is Gloria and I series she's now are getting there. -- turn the issue did -- that sounded really creepy. I'm happy I'm -- I thought on how I'm sorry yeah I did in studio as well we've got our body Danny's and and then seventh and in my head on up yards over -- and -- -- always goes wait a way to go top shelf and I don't know I don't know topping needs to work not guys find it needs to do work my microphone is back dedicated dollars and an adult. Well would you look at that I'm just gonna stand up to do whatever you want man -- thank you for -- and Suzanne is a member now is you listen to podcasts also he interned for the measurement one point right yes I did and you'll also -- now -- -- Of kissed every street team. Yes I am you are wrecking crew member IAE. Duties because there are incurred -- know it's still I think you know as it now is just straight street team. Like all of us and an -- relatives almost terrible. I'm British and other sister station they're all this just I don't know I've never heard it and that's like two months I've never article that. All weird at our lives -- aren't going to be completely positive -- modulators and now modulators anymore I have ultimately we're doing. That's what they used to do needs to -- -- didn't street James always -- like they're cute names right now and I had the wolf pack for the clearly the wall yet and you had done. For for the amount it was a hit -- -- just I don't know if I'm stunned I don't know if there called the granola -- years ago. I don't know the hot -- orders new hot station that we have here is going to be called Heidi he's on how to be a great idea would you be OK were being a hobby. The party saudis and parity and -- -- I think I I know they are pretty they just console everybody that consolidated everybody's on -- sure it's all just street -- -- when -- do you know when when you're when you've got the call to be -- streets here protests have even yet to put on your wrecking -- -- And then if you had to go do stuff for the and you had to put on your modulator pants. Yeah -- no -- and I was -- -- -- -- are you are street children and I'll have to look at this there's -- there's a bond to figure out exactly I. Well I have questions for you later how about the -- or -- questions for you now oh just one question actually and from what it. There's you how to interact with a lot of people from all different stations send the wolf by the Indiana and Dottie and stuff. And also -- -- resigns what was the strangest experience you've experienced so far we like. This is a fine job this is a very weird moment there. There's been a couple I feel like and every event there's like one individual that kind of shows up and does things. Most recently. -- event and it's one of the higher ups of the place we were at was. A little past. Like three she's passed away and -- got drunk -- yes all that's awesome then yes there are some. -- and actually there was a lot of fun those still is still really great that that there's -- a couple instances are like older events where we did one. Over by university Washington. And it was during the tailgate for. The war again U dub game right. And there was -- -- hard earned a lot of some ideas out advancers. Yeah and so it was for a diabetes walk like a couple blocks down that's get drunk any -- and error there was quite a few. People they came through and one in one of these people had a couple of dollars with the Newton and it's it was just looking at the time oh hey what's your dog's name. Not any kind of motion change in the face Tuesday. Like you're you're an audience Tuesday yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does not on -- yet tacos. So I just felt like since there aren't there and just didn't really know how to do anything. Very -- we are today I mean yeah I just kind of put a new game -- and a bit drunk. Owner of a bar that's got to be a funny stories is that -- and -- talked about how we both love the show bar rescue yet and that's the type a -- that would drive John -- crazy -- -- he's a guy that I will go to a bar. And how to fix it's it all those you also want to yeah. So this one he's goes to a bar top you'll love this show and if you've ever had since I've seen it okay do you like you. Tell us. Cops. Still throwing every now men are not doing our best that I could walk in you don't need joy news turn on spike anytime you like the hours of like noon and six and they got a marathon it seems like all the time. Glad he had doesn't have a good thing that would drive John tavern I think you can drink anymore. Yeah oh yeah Jennifer and -- would have been -- tables over and just. This is all wrong I'm still waiting for the there's -- -- lays them out because he gets right in their face against drunk when he gets friend they're facing even challenge him what do you do about it. And he's. Okay and he's older guys I'm bad shape the big -- a day he's he's not like goes Jeff Irvine who gets in people's face and is Jack like at WW superstar you know and you might already value pressure salt not only your face that you're -- hole. That's how hard core business. Mega awards on -- really think they'll like he he. Using the word -- to describe some bath is kind of weird but I feel like John is immediate. Hello I'm -- Jolie but I would say it to his face immediate and Joey yeah kind of like. When that make up my immune none none of the Mimi make what it does not ordered his approach keys are. Arrojo rose -- he'd John staffer to approach yeah fighting advocates sports. Kessler air combat for the most part though if you're not getting -- your -- what the hell do you own -- bar. Top and asks us I don't know you're all right a bar may be out of business until May eleventh 2000 I would say a small percentage of people are thinking of charging ten dollars for a two dollar beer. But here's how I don't Obama -- told -- you have money you drink. Obama Barak -- -- -- -- -- thought I would hire a kickass manager that keeps it all together -- paid them really well and say listen. I'm going to be messed up pretty much every night here yeah. And I'm going to be the long -- it's going to be you know -- from the top skimming off the -- and -- -- -- my face off of them and you're OK with that do not anyone else do this threat and do not let -- buy drinks for everybody because you know I need to make some cash on the look to you to be my moral -- well. He gets -- stop this -- to say it is like just he can think men men. I had you know every era national bureau and I know that anything else is like you know yellow and a meth -- Deal mess. -- he's not he's got a good match as Jesse Brinkley had a good manager taking care of all it and now he can just get his ass stuff does he wants. You're still skimming off the all your profits off the top of clearly -- you and I are opening our. -- and -- -- the red and monitor nickel have their own and we won a lot more fun than ours is sure no more fun yes a lot more money. Well our first. You just like you don't tell the people that work for you that you're the boss like obviously the manage when I don't undercover boss exactly are you still like just all of your TV show is that I'm just a regular Wear crosses Dreamz yeah exactly -- -- just -- up and he's like oh he's just the drug okay hold it shows up to these things and all I holed it from the arrogant and I think where I was. Are you coming off your fire -- yeah yeah. Stevie was nice offer comments and then really appreciate that and it's funny we were talking and I was talking about the whole undercover. -- And you guys if you have a chance. Pot and I'll try grab audio for next because we got a jam packed show and I don't want this to be -- three our podcast prism from. Kind of tired Coca a couple of days we look like -- thanks appreciate that. They did a man -- and man she's Delores they've got a few locations here in Washington deaths and they had the owner and -- premise of the show's owner becomes like a regular person. And actually do exist or not the owner and then they see how there employees that right hand out the sample cups well he came he. Mention he's the man she's guy he's a some Israeli war guy like that -- been 33 and you fight you know against some war and and today he was part of military aid and came to America open some restaurants made some money in America the American dream and then built the man she's empire and -- so quickly becoming. And now take a multimillionaire as a hundred Ers and a couple of hundred locations. And so he went to a couple different locations on the shelf one of the ones anyway -- is a queen and okay great experience at the manager there. The next when he went to was a Bonnie -- location. And the girl that was a manager there. Was the ultimate. Stock off but he -- saw how can you please talk about a man geez what she thought she shouldn't have to work. Even -- -- -- plan I'll find out and grab all this audio logo and more deep into -- -- next because -- some funny stuff but she basically said I'm pretty. And pretty people should not have to work rules. She -- insulting and on our entire time -- it was great. I mean she's -- G result I'm -- could get me some more ice and get me -- all your holes you wow super bitch. And show me any easy course your career goals like what do you want Indians have to -- -- a conversation. -- I try to find my car really rich. Doctor a plastic surgeon. Tony snow's comments she got a game plan it was great and it's how to be or damage he's very if you have an opportunity and I yeah. It's. A. Exact -- powers act guy a guy got great character from a decade. Sorry I know I look like this donor -- right now but I'm actually the -- get ass out yeah I don't know did you represent my -- as -- manager in you know the producers -- recycled the hole is wages what we don't want when he said I really wanted to just fire her right there -- but if you have a chance it's on the man right now it's the last episode they just did it aired on Friday and it's the other man she's episode. If you you know watch selling next week when we talk a little bit more about it be prepared I want you guys the young if you don't watch -- given that phenomenon. Works out. Although I did my homework around the week. Because I watch that documentary MR -- talk live who finished it but the one about death to bow out now crowd that Andy Murray did that's a great great documentary called thank I'm finished it -- -- -- -- -- that is. But I just hard on -- I try to do you. Yeah I send their management and email and say hey you guys are playing this upcoming Saturday now. If you wanted to come in. And do a live performance and do an interview on a Saturday afternoon. Love to have you are there any reply -- him. But the probably didn't mean he's just touring GAAP -- -- opposition -- -- our movement are hard just check to someone and I want to do I wanted to surprise here but unfortunately. It's gonna I appreciate done out of an epic and -- those guys demand -- huh. -- before we get to the emails -- voicemails and text messages I did have a son I wasn't planning on doing a gem of the week this week. -- I was really did you not about any certain song in particular but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really -- it moves not expecting you say that you love Michael I know toppings girl's amazing is us as a freak projectiles. It was funny to because of the what was that last dvd that came out -- at the -- -- that she what we bonnet is as you know right before he passed clr. And then she refused to watch the dvd. Sir we -- of Washington on the first anniversary of his death because she was like this is like the last thing -- ever get to see wall fresh from him that's pretty have and so she refused to watch -- for the longest time in the she finally did -- and I -- or whether -- even though it's just a lot of pieced together -- souls and and stuffit it was really amazing -- and I was amendment. Well I I I I heard -- arms. Terrence got distracted by an email from BJ because he's so he can't read my emails from their home and if it results in a phone call this time. Why it's as though you wanna for the project -- and I got called. And I had all stressed out about it it was completely Hampton Reynolds painless rescissions are out there and remove the Daschle plays so I don't know why the -- you throw out like -- are you done podcasts you have to talk I know I wish I worked up into some way -- worse -- -- was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was some semblance hey have you heard this what do you think about it -- -- -- -- that's -- I stressed about how we can do the kinds of French -- it did Burger -- that's -- have you tried the new health -- hurting for. My wife and my glasses and she didn't like hell have you done Matalin -- etc. So I know it's -- that's pretty that's pretty heavy you woman waited until I thought so too because I didn't know that for awhile Mike. Why don't we watched as well watches and she finally laid down on me and I was like. -- and that's truly believe when it really was. Fast is it and that's what I got -- about it a man and about the video yeah I thought it was great basically they took dead tons of of. Re rehearsals. Footage so they basically did his whole show in order of the songs in order how -- -- to be different clips of the rehearsals from different days or is wearing different things in it's it looks very rehearsal -- but. The music is great and it's fun to hear him kind of correct people -- he's such a perfectionist cardiac incident like this let's do like send and even when he's doing like some of his breakdown dance moves. A lot of the backup dancers that -- on stage for that. -- are all basically in though orchestra pit watching him and cheering him when he's still I and that it's an incredible dvd I encourage anyone who even remotely likes Michael Jackson who really wants to -- you know the check it out because I'm a fan of any kind of big spectacle a performance like some concerts -- some issues that I go to it's not even about the artist it's about. I know this clearly for this yeah I don't bring -- experience -- applauded Taylor's alleged terrorists wherever I'm but I know that I'm walking into a form production and there's some Domenica respect as a guy who's played drums and a lot of crappy clubs in town. Rest in -- common tavern on -- that -- known to man look at a lot of my American body I was afraid I felt great yeah how the freedom I guess it was just by urinating -- all -- over -- a much charity the Michael Jackson thing -- he died the day before he was supposed to leave to go do the first show right London on the tour so. They had everything Maine needed to make this dvd. It was like he was in the middle of the rehearsal -- and he's got to see the full product it was it was gonna deal all the and it just never got to hit the stage it was -- day he sure could you imagine if you did perform because I'd imagine he says if he's filming all the rehearsals it was filmed the concert. What a story. I -- sizzle articles but what if he kicked it onstage -- while he's performing thrower and he's doing memoranda. Aren't aren't -- -- -- -- friend there. Maybe this. Jobs from the floor. How would you handle -- here in the audience like one minute you think games. This is part of this show as safe while the and any minute any second now it's a resurrection of Michael Jackson and he goes -- to black -- -- do. Meaning meaning -- McNabb never happen. Instead rice and front the front and -- and 50000 hardball biggest win this -- go why code and I'm not even kidding this is kind of weird I watched a video there is a comedian who had a heart attack. -- he's on stage right died onstage like you watch it happen and you watch this -- yes and the crowd of course he -- Was laughing because they thought it was part of the bitten but BA slumps over and falls back as he falls back is kind of good comedic time Leman in his death we -- that -- kind of funny. But yeah -- he's actually kick in the bucket. I it is -- seven of the house of the first thing my good -- in my mind do after the point of oh my god he's that it is. IVRoots are looking for tickets some semester over there to exist and I don't you know it's very. Money you're -- you get to -- from when the guy got bit by the lion in Vegas office close it be extensive as our meeting got I was like I should have been growing taste. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would you take a picture on your cellphone. If it was obvious the doll that was going down I mean it like you said if he's doing -- the clip of and then it goes down. And it's an obvious isn't it. Yeah I don't know probably will again and only that if he does any sort of drama to it wary over exaggerates that ruins and I think it's part of the show and -- like -- that -- didn't know is that horrible -- -- be calm and I'm right there on -- on how to lose our country crazy uncle pizza and stands there like those -- so out of our dealers like when the guy got even by the -- that there -- like. We did it wasn't supposed to happen if you really bleeding and get that -- did you how did they take his teeth so how did you yeah. Why would wonder about that in the world wrestling casino allowed -- -- alive. I mean it has happened and I felt from the heart -- and then Jerry the king Lawler had a heart attack while any -- and show it but if you're in the audience. And you see Jerry on the ground you're probably thinking is this part of story -- you don't know -- you don't seem to feed that we're getting like Ben trying to hide all of it. But -- that would just be such a trip I mean I never wanted to really happen and of course we joke about it but now it's awful -- Michael Jackson's concert -- -- died that very very polite reverend it and have this terrorist thing you can -- at all and yet -- can't let it free from -- and -- -- a lot of freedom our rooms. I'll take -- and -- that the music I was listening to just recently. He's Velvet Underground because Lou -- just passed away at the age of 71. And a full disclosure. I'm not gonna trying to act like is if I'm mr. credible like I've seen some of these people on FaceBook and they're all like. -- -- the heart and then some of them are legit I'm not gonna say that none of them are because I know couple people that have always been big fans of of Lou -- like you know like. My former radio compatriots harms and all we have he's always up to eighty very vocal how much you love Lou -- music. Also Marco Collins to build reunite a -- -- radio guys are deeply touched because you know that's a world. Where you when you got to play Velvet Underground he got the player -- read it was because this is cool because it's not the mainstream media and some of those guys. Even though they were in that mainstream commercial stations they were still there chance there was a chance to London -- -- buck the system for half a second. Me personally never huge fan of the Velvet Underground I -- a couple of their songs and I don't originally got into the -- they thought it would make me look cool hike out of OK okay I can't I I got to college sir I've gotten one of our college guises like the music director of this guy was a big fan of that kind of stuff to make a wall. I keep getting good with this guy if I'm also a fan of it. So back in my day of doing those Columbia house scams that we used to do and nine assists her dog do we order all those -- twelve CDs for penny right and dutrow CDs for penny. We -- of a -- me a -- we make up the address. Does it -- would make have the right numbers because in college who just drop off anything that was listed for that address. In the mail room in the mailroom person's job was to sort all the mail and put him in the right slot straight. So I was an RA at the time and I had access to the Melbourne position of power. It's just for him I would guess there my -- is always awful like I. I still good though this is all make believe if -- make a phone call it's -- -- so we could order and asked -- -- CDs in the faith means and actresses that didn't exist in the billing that we know that subject for 44. John Hall even though there's only three floors are John Paul. The mailman didn't know he just dropped the grandma GAAP total every day I would get there before the mail room guy and pilfered through the man Al. And look for any boxes and others a box on the house always my name bring it back got twelve free CD's. He's one of them was a Velvet Underground this is -- touching tribute to development on the ground. And I would like there's a couple good signs and -- sweet Jane was on the debut album but there was one song and still to this day it trips me the the wind out and extract three top shelf. It's one of the in my opinion and it's a gem of the week because even listening to it recently and bring you back to college. And it brings you back to just like thinking there -- some -- best dark stuff going on man and a guy who wrote this song who. Now for some review it. Hey you already knows because he's got a acts like he's a fan above -- that's a little. Suppose it's kidneys are you a fan and I'm on the ground -- -- -- -- I like anyone else we'll need some may probably lean on and general and I enjoy your stuff I don't think he's showing -- Dylan. You know I wasn't like me he wasn't a mentor or somebody aren't I -- -- -- -- I just really. He dug into music that he did with the -- Velvet Underground and misses in the so called her when yeah me and it's just such a weird sounding I mean just the mysterious songs drums are all fall but they worked perfectly for the songs that somebody like us. Really have to probably on heroin ending up on though our random points during the song I've never done here and outside of Ecstasy. Right and for somebody who's never done heroin. Just closing my eyes and listening to this song with headphones on and I feel like I'm taking heroin. That's exactly the point I was gonna bring up good do you guys -- the exact same feeling from the song yeah. Listen to a live in new talking about close your eyes everybody doesn't tell one -- and I don't. I need. Now you can. See there's -- side saying. I know I. How can I I think it plays guitar -- -- -- -- the moment underground. These big -- Ohio town. No man's -- heroin no it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Miss you would go back to me when I'm solve our -- money. -- tackling guitar it's. Just I notice. -- our society is over so it's. Weird to yeah okay. Spelling out what it's like to be on her. Please -- up to. Sorry. Where he wants. It's. All positive toss ups tonight have a good feeling of heroin for me it's like this far this kind of life. Right now low of high and then it picks back up and start going climbing that hill again and I assume that other high. -- no sense of tempo. And I -- some. You couldn't do this -- -- contrasts -- -- would sound awful this is like perfectly tempo down and I'd be like okay this is that 120 -- coming out just go. -- -- -- Part of what I loved about the song is a feeling you know it's not about being perfect it's about just. Ross and emotion that's coming out -- of music like you said. And -- it's. It's the only girl on the mannerisms are. Yeah me up slowing down yeah definitely. It's -- -- necessarily the I don't know I was nodding off the microphone. It's you know it's tough but hey that is from all -- -- as a producer -- as fast as the noise. Okay when I was when I was I'm apartment manager. This guy's roommate who died of heroin overdose in me and hand them back ED fifty clean up for anything. You know had somebody come out to do and we human months rerun. Soon the guy who's the roommates and I -- -- -- -- oh that was a roommate did a good guy that's the -- video free rent he doesn't have a roommate who died and we head out -- you guys ready for. For my shifted and I went into these little Preston who I was guarding. And that guy knows who was clinically dead or however much time and love from heroin. It's just a -- just don't know if I can never. Why -- -- -- -- -- but you know how he comes the weird guitar stuff but. Really hope guys. You know I'm not sound like you are quiet right. He's got hooked on you can break gives me make -- sounds like a solid guitar and that's considered as -- I mean they must -- amazing. I assume that a lot start documentaries on the contest. I don't know whoever watches and well -- if you want no reflection on heroin once yes it got me. -- -- Enjoy about this type of music out there -- hears it loud obnoxious noise yeah but I love you through it. I think I wanted to continue you know these -- NASCAR loving this because that's. It's clear that there's this beautiful stuff on the just -- well -- before it started I'm Rick -- and -- inspired some advanced. Hypersonic you knew anything about like we got better memories this city -- Improvements probably not and some people might be mad because let me personally I am doing good -- track stuff. Heroes of the -- Angel. -- I've never been -- touring now there's served pretty popular and I mean minimum felt that term help under them. I'm very very -- I'm used to high man. I grabbed the -- of home. Let's try. You know. Why is -- cooler than your asks us. Can you imagine any other songs for them to play its. But I didn't take. -- only saw how can take a walk on the wild side. Tracking number four top cell phone when I'm no offense -- -- you know it's a great song and it isn't the reason why I picked this song. Yeah I went name is so my brain power struggle from that summit are in -- -- new breed Feldman and ransoms are on a year. And of course it is it's this track right here this is accused up. It's cool man -- on heroin can only -- Machine get on heroin -- Africa -- his craft itself comments on awesome -- I don't know donors and not those two here and I'm just want to -- -- -- donate now again. Mean I don't just flow or rare did you guys we made this CD players kill themselves. And it does dvd players on heroin now refusing to play -- it's junk food man. Try treasury yemen's -- see some of these Melanie -- ended up be funny turn three works just fine. And it just -- I don't know if they're good to go on goal and that's something really great help. The district three. -- -- -- -- Paramount. -- employment oil washing machine this is this is this is the world we live in this is why we are you CD players in the warm -- certainly Weller he became machine. There ago we got it barrel so that's fired off and it's sad part of -- -- like a few minutes on this. Will be damaging. Part of the song. Oh hey man. Lemons and missed the pros and heroin to an independent artist or song angelic to songs. There's going to be a group has got a really didn't know I -- -- and you -- -- -- from random bongos in the background for college friend I'll do my prayers go. It's. And Carl you lose at least -- not -- yourself let's face -- there's one time after time. Do they lose it's we see it in water and allows. -- -- Or go online. It was women in the original. I was -- remember. Handedly the best part about this -- home. -- -- -- -- happy that -- -- that he's started school myself so much so that when she never knew Lawrence and everybody wants about Batman and next -- of the scheme of the people that are gonna do about that sounds. And you know what I'm talking about him on ten seconds -- on the wild zone on and the college girls who do do you. Zero right now you Marines and -- it is it is there's a little girls thank you did you did you you didn't do. Today there are okay how'd he know. -- Clarence Page man it's Montero went. No I've had my girlfriend wants us video interview on some -- played on the our guest today and -- this amazing play key is the original Maynard James Keenan. The site makes it difficult just for the sake of making a phone call to be perfectly honest there are asking him some really stupid and extremely light it's outta here. Like -- are you are transvestites are homosexual. Sure how legal our Dan rather then rather hear again how do you answer -- I mean yeah I I don't feel bad for -- that point he was great you can go to something great and then there's a part of the corners some Lou Reed and and when I hear that song I really think of went there what like we do a whole segment of the last time in the time before music's great -- zone time. I don't know if you guys know the -- song makes me think of a summit sampled it. And is on top handled it. It's funny in the we got new wardrobe you like to visit call -- song I'm like no it's not cover you know this song was covered. -- one of our friends. Who is also one half of it on the -- No -- today Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. And -- something socially conscious thought from the mostly financial cheerleader. On the palms of my thoughts go through this call from Tom everybody look normal. -- -- -- -- -- -- Stallone playing rounding out. Hello I'm not a million automobiles and showed up guy designers -- run any desire that must -- -- -- colored people wanted to get him. It is tough to do -- old news now. If you do cartoons so there. It's probably the best from her story makes -- on -- -- goes daily show this sort of thing every healthy so yeah they need to believe he's too short for. I want to let the rest a little more than anything else. -- have -- -- any toss them a read on the heels. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little children heroin. -- some kind of drug definitely died. -- -- -- No longer going to be girls. It is amazing that they were able that I Alan Murray and then -- -- probably Marky mark and his funky lunch. I don't work furlough all -- black white yellow brown no matter you know mark -- mark and the funky bunch. Long had a monopoly like does your -- brought me to move. Gotta be the best way good morning for almost the -- totally -- -- me you know the masters series Hawaii for us for. We not only is life. Goals on everything Hillary get one more story -- -- outta there ever any more so when you hear him right now all I -- -- carried -- from tallied but never. His accent is very well. Here I mean as they possibly react always seemed is Andy Samberg -- Taylor you hopeful yeah I all I see. I think I was -- it very stupid right now. I like to think of him really secure steel dragon -- all that's right because there's a -- There are some things now. Well now I -- -- -- it's Colombian coffee shop to avoid joining us from our point. Seriously and we see. I don't. No venues characters and the way our guys everything -- in Seattle now know we are good line. -- O'Reilly legs in the soft and cinema now. What I'm cal was quite well. From really. -- that's my honesty I'm -- -- -- free you're free pass routes also on the call. Super clean and -- -- -- and Charles Shaw why didn't I ever heard her second tour as a -- -- once or no. Can you listen to -- while semis. -- open but hey guys I'm sure. It's time for the head to head to -- timeout on ES TP ten. I guess maybe a little bit of a break. Funky bunch. I would need and today is the. So hi this. Here's another progressing goes just like when you join you do you keep finding new -- to watch right you don't know god does is order in today and ask us these broken mental road right it's not good but I guess I'm like well that's not the song memories I think of Marky mark and the funky virus -- going to be good situation you know if this one is. And I'm -- cocaine again I've always known artists heroine roles. This metal songs from the credits and rock stars. Today you just. -- -- -- Boston new -- every Friday night. He's gone out. Paddington bears went out of the US well. -- -- He's coming -- is great. Gonna go I don't know women say that's another colored girls. -- I've been Martin Martin is the most broken up about it. Passing. Hundred dollar plus right. Emotionally moving here right because they're Tillman like transformers. 60 that's right here I don't like yeah -- just right. Into the way the Iraq. That's not going to carry different values. Guys this -- like that kind of energy to do it like. Yeah in return. You guys guys. I feel like okay. You shot him. Ramirez back. Junior high school high schools. Ladies and others. Pearl Jam and -- And I've got a lot better. Yeah what your. Early ninety's. No way to break it down guys stuff. I'm windows 99 she's entertainment raising hidden towns are you now how -- -- and some -- guy. I think you're down. I wanted to Hillary can win. I wanted to be Johnny. That's you brother T I think everything is now Johnny deep break it down he was -- -- TV plus aren't you talking about your brother Sonny I would imagine life easy I'm. He's -- us. That's -- happy community wants. We split the difference is right when nevermind I came out and just crush this. Every -- guys I was one. The second album again it was great having you on the. Yes this event in 1982. On my birthday it's -- -- I'm happy birthday. They got his songs and listen when you hear that song what's under the makes you think I'm god your -- I don't know him after this. Who gives him computers. All I have right now possibly in -- music factors right. Sorry busy like that they -- solid. It's like and he's right he's from those -- so they're not good or listen -- So we're constellation I'll leaves Jane because I've had little podcasts are now in the 1990. So a lot of them his gun at. I wonder if this is one of Lou Reid's friends do. However you also visited documentary about the future funerals and what has happened to them since. Behind you -- and what's cooler than but you do. Why not simply their own name -- there. You'll always. -- -- the -- was -- just imagine -- -- actually allows mics that go from zero day. Now yeah I don't -- honestly a man. I feel like you've just guys in a Michael Jackson they drop dead on stage during your hands -- there's. I think she could spill into this guy's got a nice T glad we didn't we -- local Suzanne. His smooth tones and I think he might punch -- -- the patient -- and maybe it's fear they got an era development on the horizon. Up. There wasn't as a band and I like. So the fact check -- -- yes yeah I put the video is like some smoke and I had lol I'm just smoke and oh yeah man. And that video came on the nasal listening insurgents and yeah. And when people use their lives. The other they stink about that. Daryn -- he now knows. We'll didn't even like Blues Traveler mosque that was there that's their album. What I had a video that I abandoned the -- -- -- -- -- -- yes -- there in the back. -- -- Datsyuk won there videos status as a young people and they called the and the killers which in turn. -- -- -- lose -- grab their name was instrumental music video that's really cool yeah I didn't even know that about the -- -- -- -- Trust in the volatile he's nodding off -- heroine make in his own drum beat. You're gonna tell you all duty -- here. I try enjoy another -- you do remake but I might. So I think -- how. I wish it was me I would like club plays. You can use the word well played like six times in our podcast there and I'm very good drinking game I don't know about -- I know I can't afford more attention. Grandma as well -- to take a shot no delays now retroactive so let's practice went to Italy will play. Yeah -- order but I just all around okay -- night. Young boys men on the he's a mini -- there. You really did you like a hole -- show I just overrode the most ridiculous and songs in the ninety's if -- if it just if you -- give -- your hand -- winning -- boys -- -- fixed watch out one of the latest episodes -- always -- they do a -- to -- thing and it's no -- hello Larry as -- yet they're wearing like those get out and everything was like to bow ties in the shorts -- of like the sweater -- in the -- that fit well choreographed. Well played -- feel my agent my I think doubles I have now make gloves he -- stuff you might remember engineers here is and I don't have an army -- PM Don yes it's our memory blues players have probably once every two months or so on -- -- -- the last -- well as Spotify that's all that's gone. Don't our guys sitting on the beach -- Relative my dad has no idea and you guys don't know I don't know so I don't remember what you will only experience I don't know any of this is like these space -- soundtrack. 88 or like weird infomercials for songs from the ninety's yeah that's about it like it's on -- ball. Yeah lumber paper going. We had a -- video game now -- Amazon video game was. Bridging the cost some I do remember that couldn T engines and make as if we've never done that people are -- beavers well played -- Hey yeah. The kids are right now while ballroom looks for up to have you found this. Yeah. -- it's. A virus off well they ripped off those little beyond their. I'm embarrassed Delaware I've learned she's bend over our mariners and -- -- Jim beavers bend over outlandish it is but I do -- I WAB Dan I think this is played and high school fans know it's got to be colors he's not born here. -- mom's family should really know it's got to be like yeah I knew once a year like here CNN live music when you're treated stands just tell us a call Bush's. Nobody -- look at some -- the minimum. Adam Sandler movies throughout my -- since the wedding singers and what that it does not done that youngsters with some of sampling was yeah okay that's only -- -- -- all cool. -- -- -- It's true. Seattle. And it. Who are always the pieces from that -- Modern Sam -- and Pensacola area that's one of you ever so they saw -- modern family and I was in tears I was illiterate -- great episode. Hobby but I think it is about that time oh yeah. Oh yeah okay. NASCAR has always been no one thing to join them on its -- together and -- come from. And then thing has always been and and now China. -- so it's. Been a salesman to disarm itself bring us did miss the most. I'm from. CNET I was Phoenix Jones that did the -- that is independent man I had to leg really hold back on sending some -- -- -- -- -- some good ones and there was -- front -- but I think they're a little too close and people listen right you don't wanted to trying to -- we're trying to protect the innocent it's. -- innocent people were. Put not a -- bomb blast. Com. Yeah it's it's it's a fun I was thinking in my head that last week we had like a very musically credible show. We've -- -- time on death Europe and now we had a whole segment about The Beastie Boys I was very entertaining us. And this week. Things we ran from Velvet Underground. And somehow I ended up Honda C and C music factory and there was a bridge between material. What other podcast does that corolla no no way Joseph Rogan does not. I know he might they get pretty stone -- I love listening to -- I guess Jimmy -- well of course not -- By the way congratulations for making him this far into the chief minister V testing at all very impressive -- It always is always doing OK and I did I always do appreciate it I think it's because everybody's taking shots today is they're claiming they wasted and I -- they're posting stuff on our FaceBook group page now. -- -- Hopefully by the time you hear this has over 200. People on the group which is is all your friends shared idea FaceBook page and what I love about it's becoming a community -- slowly people -- sharing stuff that I have nothing to do with the podcast is just step that hopefully other Titanic usual appreciate. And I -- there was a thread -- about how many women are actually listening to our podcasts I think we're up to eight. Why is very exciting was. The confusing thing because somebody said if you count Michelle just to. Technically what I mean so yeah -- like and my name my girlfriend Michelle -- I was confused about this as well because she was -- well they talking about you are they talking about me because she's an actual. Member of ES TP Titanic -- is yes she participates in talk so soon to really listen yes now so aluminum Larry downing you know. See that's what I don't wanna do you guys ever have like sexy time in this period of ES TP -- she -- you show in the throes of passion now. -- that would be awesome OMB limit less than last time -- don't know -- -- this. Cars are doing it too much information on this case I hope hopefully so -- and then it will be too much as information I did grab one -- I was just gonna stick with one -- and -- view IP and I'll let them be focused. Who knows we're gonna run out of good material on -- we have someone to backlog. But somebody emailed one as well. So -- -- we have actually two today love. Things I think sounds like T -- -- for the team in mind yes. So we'll start -- all -- crowds and I changed names well played round. How on talking to Mohegan well and it's figure during. You wanna do. That's -- sun on the podcast -- we just talk -- surpassing one day. Enjoy chicken make millions competition finally talk oh we talked about I don't know very telling them about guess it was Gloria thanks dad I don't denizens Jackson hasn't been tested I don't have a -- guess decimated. You guys to talk about it was on the air behind them out into the T in my segment of the Facebook's all right can I change a person's names and there's two of them. They keep and carry into the tank top we know. I'm a film you -- completely blown out so I just wanted to give you we. I just got to be Mickey I just I just do you like him don't be funny you mention you'll have to have -- dramatically on the issue copies and Hamels will. Okay we're glad next time that I'm down for that evidence is there are parts yeah there's more than one character and overall trying to save lives Playhouse theatre I like it. Dude this is just morphing into something special -- all right so Mickey says that. Scott. Is up. We. Don't. All you will have to choose who knew him this is on somebody's FaceBook page. Title -- got hot is nothing. Don't describe that question will be answered -- line and it because I will delete anybody who remains friends with them all I'm not playing people -- it's either him -- me. Sorry to be this way but I will not support anybody who supports that evil do stag -- and -- times and -- you have to believe me once again pregnant and Kerry says. You are the biggest. Psycho on the line -- behind us. You're asking people to delete my friend when you're the one who's had a million different crazy personalities. Scott's not the bad guys you. -- the pitch to them. They Nikki writes back pop pop home. -- -- -- Psycho who you're quote unquote friend slump with a girl has some party and then slept with me that same night. Again this is on FaceBook for everybody to read. So what's gotten us -- items from robs I did not Nicki like Dallas show everybody. Wait a minute and also shows that I just bang people -- bring people earlier. I have several people told me for a fact that he did this. He's a gross lying cheater and I'm sick of everybody saying he's such a nice guy and he's not a nice acting guy that. -- We both know he never cheated on you he's in tears over all this. You've changed everything around. You're a -- did Darren. I don't offer you a double some dirt on your trip today Keyes who don't run Mitch. Here -- the troublemaker here. Diana and told me -- -- yeah or throw another one under the bus Diana signs and I'm just fine dining inside of a sudden NASA an awesome as she did he tagged Diana you should tags and my dealer -- -- when you dime of mouth like that. Mickey says this is the final clip. I never cheated he did. I would do anything to prove that -- You could. I'm okay. Diana it's. Obvious signal friends I -- you all why. Home. -- I just say actually hear you swear makes that so much better. It's great I can't say as few on this one you just find the power of what was this going down here are you get criticism yeah I think you I appreciate that are judged. Judgment not a good decision. Oh yeah. -- -- the next one comes from -- Taylor for being in parentheses not a chick because we've debated this before. He says are subject FaceBook TMI. This restatement drama stars a husband and wife that are having a financial spat. Really guest appearance by zero all the moms know nice. I haven't read this whose mom I I doesn't matter we will find out great drive that it didn't matter. Does a third what they -- LeBron. Can't remember begun. This one comes from a high value and make of these names who would it's a female what are we gonna call her Jennings spirits -- these channels. -- just -- -- names have into the frigid back get a couple more Beers because you're gonna meet them it's. Okay it's will play docile. It's. -- apparently is the wife and connect. OMG. Could I divorce is the husband or take focus of ours is going to be how the media it's weird that is there and race will play my neck. Words to discover god idea that -- -- referenced as I admit I thought yeah there was one I just got myself. -- -- -- I just read the judges -- -- personal preference -- Yeah. Nice well played. So high on heroin you guys out it's not economics you don't see. Do you see -- improved to welcome them. Our style and approach bongos ON thanks. Turning -- on the ball and -- I'm getting so annoyed were certain companies banks like your account if you spend more than 200 dollars at a time. And a certain company -- account if you try and access it from a different. Gaming console. Stupid people not to go this long process of verifying my own account. Just so I can play some game I don't know what some guy says forest saying yes this is Jenny -- now let's I like that. And so I just sit here staring at my new toys we without anyone any way to play them I wanna cry now. And so then and chorus chimes in and he says it's all in the bomb times and her mom's name which we call her. Those forests Cynthia Thomas. Selling mama hundreds of Carroll calls her car love how the the results tomorrow tomorrow. Times and that -- oh wow. And she's the wife's mom so this is let Denny's mom mommy -- and a half. Oh wow that sucks. -- we don't lose your cool tune. Bad cull out that the forest times and says spoiled. See mama spoiled. And then nine Jenny goes hey I buy you that knew some things -- game at the same time what have you done. No Vito playstations yeah PS LLs and how old consoles you setting the veto is 300 dollars to. And the game was fifty so I don't wanna hear her own mama here. She times it is no wonder. You're both spoilt to enjoy them and of course forest has to say. I I -- it didn't -- fairway and by the time I see Adam being arm sleeves is the food. And -- here aghast when you see I think this is the worst I -- very -- I -- this is all there so he's listening all this stuff. Am I missing anything. -- times -- -- hey I got you addicted to debt what is CS VI. I'm now -- CME is that a game I'm assuming it's a game. -- seed and -- -- -- -- -- What is CFB. CF may see in my mind like new characters for president the characters for infinity. Like that it -- easy -- -- -- -- -- -- biased and saying it's a card game on -- big -- he was trying to play a game called infinity. OK so it's probably what you're talking about OK so he got she's saying hey I started getting addicted I you starting getting addicted to CNV. I want to play around with one decade downtime can't blame me for your addictions. I pay -- -- vanguard that's what it is why player draft does. We for a defeat that. And I gave me gas multiple times I mean it is -- now are -- out of gas models under -- as well as maintenance while you're away. I pay in half from your -- video game console. And your food as well 800 a month to be exact I buy you the Americas is look at divorce happening right on -- price of old video game right up. I buy you clothes. And I -- for this used to be that you insist alas now a thing I'm sorry that most of the money I spent in my marriage is my money but when we talk about it we bought it -- I mean -- are you married you share everything yeah so when -- and my wife wants a new -- cheers and -- -- quiet in my head I mean really what I'm really buying input -- you know. It's our money it's just how it is you said I do deal with it and shut up on FaceBook. Others don't because we enjoy reading your stuff I'm an accident some random person just times and go event. OMG. Pokemon is so awesome he's an asset acceptance by all of us. That's her -- out of debt but bad public. -- -- Jana a two times and -- I now and I can't play a mine yet it's depressing. And another friend. Another female payment. Does not like her lieutenant Dana and I give her credit she call partial. Fix it. You need a timeout corner. And -- awkwardly in corner. Me out there it is. Did yeah yeah you're gonna have an argument about anything especially finances flowing into the private world. Tax -- FaceBook message it. -- did not send yeah. That's crazy talk come on dance does that have the pictures of the people aren't yet Garcia I wanna see what these people play Arianna I. -- like if they're not twelve they shouldn't be largely about the judge can you describe referral the audience at home it. Q how did they get married -- look at the figures he can they -- I did I would not be surprising dare try in 1920 years old that is remains as -- you're having this argument about the most ridiculous stuff he had document beams of Pokemon they're not very old I didn't love the one person at times and while all this drama is going down there's always -- -- -- and all god -- dot com. It is. Asked. -- and I it's obvious does tell us a personal into the mailbag are. Before we get an email as the voice of those in the text messages and YouTube -- not always reach out to us just by reaching us via email as TP test at gmail.com. Or -- a text or voice mail to 532714787. -- 253. 2714. As TP hoarding your guys' opinion on something I saw it. Yesterday morning they have this afternoon at a -- -- home. What do you think about homeless people who have dogs. I -- -- -- BS moves further and to give money because people aren't gonna give them the money because they're hobos are gonna give money for the dogs. Which if that's the reason I understand agree. But do you think that which came first time being homeless are them at one point having a place with a dog and then they'd gotten -- fell on hard times whenever it may be. And deciding cuter dog wants to street tutor dot com and petty -- we're the only thanks it's mixed picture still -- -- -- next Wilson. Hi hello -- yeah. Honestly when I really don't care how they got there around won't buy it sooner -- have a panel idea now I'm watching it and I think it. It's like borderline ice cube master and -- dog. Sticking together but I think -- and I would much rather have a home. McCain you find somebody that would there's a lot of dogs don't even have that now I know that it doesn't flip side is -- a lot of emotions that go on with this like an anomaly I see somebody very -- to a Seahawks game up policy outside season tickets. And every time I'll -- I -- street bridge down right. As you go in on the steps and lead towards the north parking lot to do is always a guy -- his dog. And every once while we kept meaning to grab dog treats and bring him and give him the dog treats and like I don't ever give me a homeless people mom trying to beat -- asserted that shallow lives. I don't know what their story is and as I just that's -- -- help right. But there's a dog in the don's gonna be hungry saw Michael Laporte dog is stuck in this environment maybe it's happy maybe it's not I don't know but. -- music do is get at some dog treats you know I always forget. Not love that there's an episode of Portland definitely delve into this hole so really yes it's awesome to watch this is their commentary on mention is hilarious because -- -- they spent fifteen minutes on it towards the overall and the voice suggests. -- and -- I'll -- -- and I just got -- from the top me how you feel about that. You know part of me is like and how do you know if I kind of don't like it but at the same time like I said. There's other dogs that it would now probably a better life for -- via wind have been a pound gets put to sleep so. It's -- like when I'm walk in pass Nike town and I pass. Six you know homeless teens -- -- hello again I'm dog -- them it's kind of -- look dim -- Africa -- candidacy makes me that much more discuss it with this when I'm looking map. We see teams that are homeless and I mean I'm not a some of them -- I get a bit stormy -- are you just rebelling yes I mean it is -- -- got to nine dollars and was one of them okay Chris. I know there's probably a few stories -- -- emotional stories of just. Awful awful parents and that's just that there's no hope for and -- and this is only hope that bad but. -- -- My cousin lived under the bridge. By hail core zone for about a year and a half window with the fiance -- desk and run misunderstood reverend Robinson and his eyes. His pants are well off we'll play. And aliases. That he was telling me this story only -- you really lived there for a year and a half Mike I know your pants like them right. You couldn't do your dishes are knowingly right dad's not asking that much man just get a job. Yeah I can I ask you a monthly job inside -- to prove a point. I'm gonna be homeless assessment attitudes of people don't get a job -- I actually I had a friend who was like many reminds apartment complex his his dad was a complete and total -- command so when you eat when he ended at that happening -- some on the news they're doing us. Some sort of story about you know homeless kids and stuff I saw him -- Mike. That doesn't surprise me at all because I I knew he was gonna have to get away from that sort of thing. So I have a little listen to CNN end but at the same point it's like you then have -- someone that just was digitized and that there in just. Do we during the summer because it's something to do right -- their phones and their laptops yeah I saw what was it really (%expletive) me off this homeless person today driving in. And they were looking for something on the curb and that when big -- -- maybe they got a place to go. But the way they were looking for they were using the flashlight on their phone via the phone and why do you -- -- now but because this is so -- that Iowa I never understood that culture. They're the ones that aren't genuinely. Fallen on hard times I get. This world's messed up. People sometimes just can't find jobs aren't trying hard enough for whatever it is not looking to make a political debate about this and -- some people are just homeless men there are people were racists like. You don't have to be homeless you can. Figure this out Nigeria did a good person you're talking about and person to have them -- fund our phone is looking for things and sidewalk I didn't necessarily understand that went all right. -- put an end and hands emails voicemails or text messages. Let's do tax sonus is the voice mails for the and hopefully there's an -- Rickie -- there reminds me. Just sitting there and doing great Britain Connecticut just going to -- knowing. This is no matter well played connection so malaria. -- -- Hey Michelle I'll buy your DDB yeah -- go either you make -- That's right auto correct to 50% off young gaga and you know -- yeah. I know you didn't I know you're -- master as seniors -- -- smoked once on Steve well I didn't actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And my arms and just jello at that point I get one down. But then -- you -- and do another second that the nominees -- now on the sounds completely flag of what do you whether what do you do I -- okay it's dealt with his second Busch shop because he's gone now for presumably stays on the effort on. You don't I don't know cousins and an incredibly generous heart attack and video Italians had. Just like that soon as the timing. So you -- America -- -- violent considers how he's on the down right now looking -- -- -- -- more than excited and scared now for ten seconds yeah I beat him since that incident -- giant portal I want during the afternoon wind out there and I OSO takes thirty seconds -- upon how practice piano are down again he can't do it actually -- Arizona makes sense on why that play works your forehead is all zany but yeah that's pretty awesome he -- as the first thing yeah. -- -- do those two -- else. Now -- get a shot sometime do run. Wait did you ever MMX 52 minutes in Guam will Don all you and it feels great now I have two good all right -- like they're running up that's like run our -- we wanna hold out gather data -- -- diamond -- as -- as tomorrow. I believe closure list. Kandahar. -- why she's. There are gore hallway he and the had DV did you go for those I just don't ever gonna start to goodness this rerun the long haul. This -- you will -- Steve. Yeah I know played. Oh calories are there have been molecular pathology during I mean we're doing all text messages. Welcome back shortly I don't know right. I was fine. I still -- I can -- -- -- every ATP -- -- It's good tendencies and I don't do it so maybe we should draw names on Manhattan's see who gets to do the terms of cheap hotel would be awesome Mario next week. We do that -- to if we remember. -- I -- some of rich -- That's not Texas soreness in an auction starts this hobby some of it's I just got that Chinese food song out of my head -- The pod cast I would do do you can't even time this the last thing he says two words. He has and any guess what he says. Well played. Are you ain't so hot I I have my psychic moment they're miserable they're well playwright Jeremiah. -- that is due to his. This just in the Minnesota Vikings -- talking to the Seattle Seahawks about treating us Jared Allen all he's -- please -- -- 69. I'm not there -- introduced it and I get says that -- the Seahawks are making a final. -- live Kowloon yeah it's all over no but I'm looking at the street during years. Have you ever seen -- MTV cribs it's cool. We're hearing rocks aren't you big John Molly yeah. Is like a character. Jared Allen is a free in home -- -- mother blinder yup he is off I mean and he's a decent on the field I mean that's more important than anything pennies in a jackass movie. Yeah after all you saw how we go a lot -- I'm Jared I would actually -- 69 Jersey and I would take a lot for me to do. But our -- like he's the only guy -- -- I think these are retired the number 69. Speaks it's like Wayne Gretzky no one can be 99 breath and only Jared Jared Allen should be number 69 I love this guy make it happen next. -- it's I -- it's -- dirt do we have on the owner of the vikings are remember how are they sending us their entire TI well we hated each other 'cause the whole LaMont had maybe some make good from the Hudson. -- that was some garage alligator in Peterson on this team sorry. Beast Mozilla -- you know now trades Annan corn Robinson and and really worked out well for a student Jared -- girls. Does anyone -- when you're watching the hawks game -- when they pan into the incidents that. Area -- the hawks are all hanging out and and then they may pull up and there's an -- that Seymour guy with a mullet Seymour butts that's -- so awesome thing. Have a after I still haven't noticed that I do that -- the best mob attacked him out yet dude if you have a chance I think he's an MTV cribs is some kind of show that's been out there today showed him in his house. And it's. Awesome they key is just a character -- a country where I -- massive Jimenez and a relay and yeah. But it Bowen Eros so aren't you can find it again and being used description of like the stuff that's in his home -- -- while while -- looking for that and in my take a while because he's still. I -- beat us. This one says man you guys got me back into The Beastie Boys after last podcast. Also knew it was a name that seven minute now might have Beastie Boys they couldn't find it anywhere. From Ireland of -- -- -- like -- As I am I don't feel you won't rescind the same text message this week about this week's musical selections please I beg man. You guys coming back into C and -- music -- dress -- -- vikings -- name again Jarrett our terror and don't and if you need a second minute. I. Being. -- I'd just scatter report. I didn't really hear anything. -- -- -- I know the hawks are no longer interest in trading for Jared Allen know the -- trades on the horizon. -- in. -- territory to Jersey. And the -- to resolve on the Conklin was -- -- EO Leo class right now -- -- -- ST -- -- guess new game idea. See how many songs top he can stand smoothly into each other classic DJ style meaning we just we keep we keep. I'll leave before you we should think about that yeah maybe you can get ready did you have while we talk about Jared Allen side cribs because it just we just found it we gotta put the sun. And you popped out on the arm of the new -- the FaceBook group -- -- and saying yeah okay. Good -- Jimmy were to pick a certain artists yet that's I was thinking about what can bring down Auburn gets to a Def -- -- an excellent all right so let's just watch a little bit of this just like -- going to -- the cribs for odd Jared Allen now and I just looked at his Twitter picture is he. As redneck as possible because he's looks like like a hunter he's got like a gun and -- can't do serve redneck he answers the door of these cribs wearing I'll cut off shirt with his own books its -- own Jersey shirt so that's number on the back in the vikings' logo are my goodness and he's got a ball it. And nice from -- -- kind of Oscar roughly -- And chandelier. And everything you walk into his house tree top relief from you got a series of 7000 -- militia on the back -- doesn't have his name and he says all militia number 69. Thomas -- -- probably due to hang around I journal did this guy didn't -- it also would cut off shirt. And -- -- Boomer Grigsby Hahn's -- through Texans I guess at some point the enemy. This young porn doesn't keep up fellow football player in your -- very imperfect. Tyson maybe fast forward a little bit a lot of good teachers. Or is yeah I don't know man K okay did -- how awesome is that so he's Pro Bowl 69 Jersey it's got all his jerseys there are 69. They're framed is gonna horse. But does it all my lord he's got the Nintendo or Brad there you know I'll tell you asked and they -- any flexed into the camera like who bought these. Mental school. Do you know you're refugees in those you guys who definitely had detectives on and on and we've made so if you sit on the groupies now you know why the heck he says the character owners -- Nadal won't pass or something that he's showing off his stats are all flat -- -- all you -- -- -- -- my -- -- well yeah I like assist Twitter page -- -- it's his it's him and I -- has handled gear and it -- looks like the barrel of a hunting rifle like you know strapped over himself. Really bomb that that trade fell through. Yeah in the course of thirty seconds time to move and it is. It's time to move on to top B eight K mix master -- leave. -- Whole series brings him down and the plane -- my car here's my emotions. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ten -- I don't know I guess during. The song -- well my. That's a -- we're. Hard. Little. How long have you I screwed up top secret grown concerned. Well there's there's a very good -- sale this week well maybe next week while the whole new challenge the cleverness -- What's the one song goes -- as -- said -- rock -- ages three Iraq rages in the system and all afternoon and Dynegy now -- We have a pretty fly for a white guy but I -- it's. Yeah we do well I think -- we've -- is not to have played in question is who is it in the system are just so yeah I PX -- when I first heard them example -- I had so much respect for. Isn't the greatest start to a song ever. 100. -- -- -- -- -- -- Even welcome moment. No yeah I -- that's -- can you know it's time for lighter on the other side whether I was I went oh yeah out of their homes. Even welcome moment. Look at the. How -- we do -- go by come out of play and -- when they get a -- and and I'm president I'm pretty fly for a white guy an answer it. You consume more than two Goodie Mob moments -- you can start reading the release shall -- That's second and -- this summer a few arms. -- Cool last stop and the guitar player was still alive yes. It's good old days. -- -- So the via arm design of alcoholism -- -- -- well okay. Amazing story guys. -- -- -- -- He's like after I'm gonna figure out how to make jokes about it are right -- I played great and I remembered them. I -- eight -- some sort of behind -- Def -- music yeah I think what they are just like uses like. Yeah I -- I don't know if we keep doing this and -- -- like no we can do is we configured our. They only ended together to help them do that that's pretty amazing. The whole stories and saying -- and you listen to hysteria would you -- albums. With him with one arm and every album Macintosh to a -- -- data. I'm glad I -- finally to arm and bad for business problems. The drumming on the album is fantastic. And -- hold -- why. That's great now. -- Got me hooked on deadline. The other two we get all high and dry and drive and non -- -- when I. Still you know all the. I was like your organic. -- -- -- Do you. -- -- Coming at 1 o'clock concern it's only 45 minutes of land right -- we play our cars there will finish this just in time that'll make Enders game so much more hilarious. Home won't what is Enders game it's a movie network and I was denied. Proving his pants in the -- to -- well. Yeah yeah. Hi it's a proud son. Yeah some -- use some sort of military genius genetically engineered -- -- yeah I -- my grandma and excited hey give me. Scream like full theater deserved penalty against the bulls the other car has a better chance in the middle of -- it right next to be an hour and a black plotted the black fog strikes. I always -- next thank you for that now both rural India that it took them to get everything. Creepy smile our -- need to have her. -- making good hand and major cup this comeback. -- -- dusty is. Did you see the footage of many better completely face planting in front of 48000 people on -- I heard about -- it's easy to say fell while performing that sucks -- I can't wait to see those guys and old are months -- on TV yeah. Oh yeah I'm also sure man. It's rural PS that mission -- memorizing it Scott Murphy is nearly complete. I'll ammerman -- got a Texan and you see using him memorize all NBC nick is the owl and memorizing all the songs and I heard dot org Pearl Jam. -- funnies are always of this jury as stone Gaza and apparently this I had the best memory to -- and so whenever they start up a new tour. He has actually go out. Why he's all are all jam records again -- I don't know why he loses some in the first place but dis invite all Pearl Jam stuff again and we listened to the songs that he played nine to remind himself how to play the songs. I guess is hilarious and Islam and you everything about they do have a lot of songs is your -- can't even tell you the name of that one song about the woman -- -- -- -- exam on his elderly will -- more amassed a small town right so I can never remember that well played. When you guys. And I -- that if you ask me that next week to due to nail it down now maybe next we will do -- Pearl -- mix. I thought okay how are you have a week to prepare all right. Topic -- grads and you're still wears -- and give the their latest loss this time to have raiders I was over and I was a lady Melanie do know -- now big -- very -- site to get re -- doing here for so many years she days. But seriously losing generated his true benchmark of soggy -- you know in May be dead. But is this. Is our brother Tori and moves on kohawks GBM for life I. -- start I was surprised by that stupid game because I was going against the quarterback and Janice and I -- like seven seconds zinni had like fifteen points and among the hell just happened -- game completely blew me away we talk about like went out if I watched that Broncos game -- -- out their hands I tune in right when everything was falling apart for the Broncos and I was in love and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I know I'm going monsters and I know he's there I'm I got to play next to the customer. -- god. I'm thinking. Down the line fingers crossed the hawks are in the Super Bowl. Who might they be playing the broncos' front I like seeing teams figuring out the Broncos you know I mean I think gives hope for lost its Armenian look. They look pretty fears Doleac and they proved it during the game against the Redskins -- economic almighty god they cracked because you that the Pete Manning cold and and got on the fumbled the ball. It's touchdown. -- come back out their name and how will -- be crazy dude throws an interception throws an interception pick six season. Now are down 21 to seven -- like -- always say well. The Broncos are done -- yeah. I watched TV show I come back -- you come back him it's they went on a 31 to nothing morale in the fourth quarter pulling this stuff paid millions happens you don't wanna (%expletive) off -- -- -- What's it like being his little brother. You think Eli just got like. -- if you (%expletive) them off he's more -- after them. Scholarly and the lies and deceptions I got to pitch is -- yeah. Way to end date Eli wins and trophies to MVPs. How does he get ahead of Payton man I don't know -- happened right. Did you -- see the the lions game. I saw the all wounded and a trick play at the end yeah I have -- Stafford on my fancy team half that play with a difference between me winning and losing this week satellites. Drain out like Little League Korea I -- OK we're gonna play pretend that organ and downed the ball. And intentionally guns and Droid downed shirts and that's yes that's the word will play topping. Precisely -- intentionally spiked the ball and until March and then much to the surprise of the opposing team. Is there another quarterback with the exception of Mark Sanchez has like long hair like that. All the flow yeah Sam Bradford got a really weird and I can remember this conversation that. Sam Bradford on the sidelines. It's done you severe -- but I definitely one direction or some kind of weird dance like. You guys got to look for that pop singer. Goofy hairstyle. You at Oklahoma city's probably Google Voice you know. I'd probably go the other line dances and I do find them once -- come out -- did have a little respect for him -- -- a lot of respect from watching him on the sidelines you know cheering on the team and being there helping out with the help me out their quarterback you know not suck as bad as it -- was gonna sock now. It's kind of cool that he's neo now I just at a home. Not Kellen Clemens he gave us a little shop there at the end center. -- Caesar here with the weekly joke we realize we've we've we've Joseph from season now for you now Johnson -- just out of himself and his uncle Ricky. I don't know. What's the best part about dating -- homeless girl you know you can drop around forever you want this year and a lot of our. -- Hey nick thanks for laying down illusion to me last week in the hockey pool. I not a knock people in seven years but I'm Canadian so hockey Dodgers in my DNA James from Edmonton beauty -- Take off -- both of them -- airlines says DP 01 -- -- -- you on your experience indeed EPO got pledged crushed and push I -- composure as brown. -- we have a one success story one failure story two passes and -- -- -- during the diamond -- months. Yeah I do you know it's funny has had actually heard from a lot of people via Twitter and some other ways of connecting with me -- can smoke signals and I cut my -- to my house is always -- there's already a Morse code it's very strange. Thing. Well sounded cool without any yeah. Pat I realized I was gonna do that I -- and I know that I knew it was going to be getting a moment on the -- on the -- as a do you feel better. Since he started I. I practitioners I was interested in trying GDP series you'll be appreciated thanks guys GPL says there are JPM IVQ maybe you do it's great I I I do feel a lot better I'm not gonna -- do you mean like I feel like all new person in. All of a sudden every eight is gone but that that. I do not receive knows that's gonna take time to write all that -- five weeks is not gonna finish my process and it sounds like it's a lot cheaper I'm only a lot of people heard in the chiropractors. In -- I don't give my craft it sounds like this is a lot less stressful way on your back in your body than doing chiropractic. And you look at that guy Walter who I. He's the reason why he was doing the GDP. Was because you wanna lose enough -- he had knee surgery and the beautiful thing that happened with him was he did the GDP to a point where he didn't need knee surgery anymore. I do notice that might mean values leave. Would hurt a lot when I'm playing hockey it does not hurt as much -- -- that I'm not saying it's completely gone because I just felt a little bit of it in the last time we -- but I'm also playing a lot recently because our our our ability to analyze I had just we lost our last game my own man anymore -- your phone. Now closest she's over there. However as a team just close the store before -- is it okay. Yeah Moroccan 325 goals against having police dogs did you have that day it. You don't keep track hot shots on goal fees carnival I wish it did sometimes and then there are other times -- why they don't. Prisoners some games -- -- I am just not in an apartment we're one game recently I'd probably seemed like thirty shots and that's -- -- assembly Prodi your dad well played series. And I. Students and began drag Europe for roles I -- -- strong -- and I. Very glad the video but they're all good shots -- lol you're in a submission quote probably my team is that my freaking team is really good the economy by Dave played great so sometimes you play games -- -- -- shots. And then the shots I -- I just. Momentary lapses of of defense and then there's a 21 -- or breakaway. Well played my next season. Somebody needs behind us and -- It could -- -- -- is all our Texas horse corral. Learn now. -- the. -- -- -- -- There -- no way out. Don't -- him extended cutters are still excellent. Well when -- read the. Yeah. America did anything to do I don't think you know they're probably not see my dad's side jobs Olson's aren't randomly putting your hands I was very very -- -- -- OK. That's -- OK yeah -- wild. You were really what we've only got a text messages are posted emails and he now it is. -- first -- as everybody NE ST he just needs to go home to their significant others in and time how long it takes for their lady to give them Hickey. Them all his -- -- conversation I had keys will be forever -- rather not have a hate on it doesn't take long yeah I think -- way off base I think he's wrong and you think. For a not to like I mean -- all right mono nick you're gonna use of Haiti right now gross. That's not the best I say there aren't still there you know and then Mac I guess it is a much for a sensitive area in like I wanted to learn -- your forearm underneath your forearm still on top of it through an entertaining for. I didn't really care Yahoo! video save America's us abreast of and now hundreds -- on Chicago marathon and his deputies are making are honoring those who pull this off. I mean it's been 25 years since I've received one saw -- did what we often -- lunch business and Leon Ricky is -- on -- last jump -- there deserve generally allowed them. It doesn't -- -- clear sign that we're here on ES TV Diaz and mono nick. It's gonna give himself I decade right. I was -- one home. This chorus he's gone for -- -- your -- It is see it's like how may be on a nipple. That weren't that Nancy Simmons of energy that's gross is it like your blood shows him as purple. Time has triggered -- Bronfman and acumen of the body wanna look but do I can't make you a little worse two of the is such an event outside times. Cities are proud -- -- bombs on the city's ground level I own a couple turtle -- and I've only had a -- why he's Manning can please Sox. I think they're stupid enough or it's if they come in your first coroner -- girl I didn't have that opportunity and no one again -- he's back in the day where he tees would be cool that I got -- you have a point four. And it's like I'm Tony for your daughter -- fighters all I mean. -- -- we had to give and -- he's tiger Dan. When you. Entertained and had a keep. Have you given he keeps us. The problem is really yes. When you hear him he I'm assuming you're in school beyond the what did you Agassi and what did you do. What it okay remained upon endured turtle man there was there was an -- -- that's it was on the neck during a couple of ways that I try I tried a couple of days a big what was swisher. Yes just Lester and walk round like this I don't know I don't know perfectly normal family now and I. Working yeah it is yeah I don't know exactly and I thought we -- and always -- please go to your national -- is like not at all. And I got called else I got called out by my mom and my grandma taught in church -- car. That we AdAware elegant dress shirt is yet to a message or is it really does ask you like dinner and on a church. Bruno I went -- and then there was just like right there and it was all day like there was no. Getting away from it got home do you member how long did it take do you think for that really delayed in your neck. The color Ramallah. What in the five seconds or dirty Santa a lot of last on your Mac makes it or he. I don't know not like Easter -- ten. Like 1090 seconds and -- very long. Our as our -- thing was -- -- your -- paid a stripper you're at a strip clubs yeah you're -- which we can easily -- and -- to rephrase it by Ken -- has wanted to try a little cheaper to now irrelevant if they gave her money instead give Dan -- a mirror her here on abuses -- and so. You sit down and you're getting your private lap dance moves but two for one of and she's you know she's kind of doing what she does and then she latches on do you think the you can push her physically offer view. Before she left some diminish your fiance is -- -- I have cat like reflexes so yes I would just as a writer I totally -- -- the sort of tired I was until I am very can Obama -- I sounded familiar. And it's sort of -- sucks and I mean I yell yeah Costello getting pushed off of the last job I gossip is second to -- teenagers like this stuff out -- stuff you know stuff that really is your buddies -- like fifty bone right -- this -- -- I got a lot of old Alexis -- All right real name Danielle looks salsa. I'm calling you by your domain and that means some serious citizen of the original stripped by now it happens just. -- sixty email Susan hello friends is this guy have a leg. Normal rest Larry bolster -- get married I -- are now adding now when you RT I would like if somebody you know you have an idea friends who use the money for -- as opposed to having them have just -- bank of -- is gonna leave me -- -- looks like they really aren't happy designing the series aren't dramatic improvement -- How do you fuel Muppets begin net. So there you know ourselves -- -- see him but that's gonna. Tell me I'm on my bachelor's -- today you're right my time he sees his woman I think he will be on the trolley a minute -- you've got to go a little bit longer than. Make important moderate sucking for Haiti right now. I think I'm on -- with this wolf. Come on I need to learn to move towards us. I think I'm with top gun is on -- because the -- is softer like Europe or arm I Todd -- play frisbee golf break you know Dan Hickey. Yeah pets just like right -- lower on right now or hello all that will be a lower and resource momenta and thanks so are you -- a -- member of our street team formally known as the wrecking. Or how can I tell you podcast. And you gave him I had occasion and made a must in the C and C music factory that we're gonna have to shut that -- now -- -- well played Steve. -- All day and I know hey you guys have we heard just yeah. It's time for the Fed heads -- and -- -- -- PT. I -- one more email on your feelings on this there wasn't really something EST suggest just I got a variety now and it's how. I know this can only here. So you know whenever you do anything. So I something's. Purchase tickets purchased a product. You become a part of their new email newsletter if you don't opt out of it right correct so a long time ago from a galaxy far far away I bought -- tickets. Yes and I still get emails from and Saunders. About you know taken opportunities suggests. And they sent me some things just the other day stay silent streets -- So I thought this was weird I don't know if you guys you've been discounted to give back a little bit and it seemed a little. I don't know I still like almost like Psycho girlfriend -- because he's unknown the emails could you talk to says dear Steve. We've noticed that you have an opening email from -- and while -- Just hopeful so we wanted to check and see if you're happy to continue to hear from us oh that's actually kind of cool. It is but it's also kind of weird that they know when -- I'm I guess that's true you can click on Alain can show lose. But is is really there should keep tabs on that I get actually Steve all right Aaron coming up one lousy malice and I'll. I completely here's here's why turn off the function for people to be allowed to read to know when I've opened their text messages yeah I don't want people knowing I've Oprah -- seen their text message I think the wife just recently turned hers off. I should be concerned. I don't know what -- hope I invest my business no one I agreed stuff and not -- because -- delivered and has never showed now that she's read a message that I sent and I always thought that was weird that I got those is that the MySpace stays and who shouldn't -- even now with chasing us it's he's kind. I hate that -- I shed some may say. Hey I saw you signed message -- even having gone back to him like this kind of weird man do we need to let everybody know what we for each other's messages now now -- I'm pretty sure my wife pregnant. I don't think anywhere is not I'm positive she didn't because someone and her family. So I'm pretty turnout -- the accuser crap because they usually get back to them quick and yesterday disabled list or maybe eight or maybe my points also you know I don't know I haven't noticed it's showing its -- on anybody's text anymore so maybe. So I could have turned it off maybe I did not realize it. Well anyways. I think it's weird that were at this point now on technology network calling people out for not reading things. My big pet peeve is when someone sends me an email him in immediately comes -- music have you have you read that email yet that's like. May be but right that's OK I'll respond when iris is fine don't worry about it. I think you -- to me off like women some work related if because if you make a day or two we never got -- -- I get it. Opponents like this kind of stuff for our athletes on just casually as he signs. Men -- off on each -- that's way too much I think in life we I mean immediacy right away we do know how do you. Do I dealt with like publicists in the past and try to book and interview if I'd go play hockey that's part of why I love playing hockey is that for an hour and a half. I am not accessible to iPhone is in my car and I can't check -- and it's great. But I had this one guy -- UK are you interested in -- in -- -- -- block. And then I in response. And then an hour and a half closed might as well I I assume by your lack of response. That's -- you are not interested in his first is. -- the person back nine it says -- cocky now like dated. Is it okay for me to take a nap in the middle of the day because I was sleeping and and I just got both of your messages surely was loved and how that person on but if you -- remove -- no big deal. Don't give a crap honestly yes the beauty of of what our show has become. In the world that we do it now it doesn't mat -- or not. They're not gonna make or break anybody show. And I think it's such a PR people now that you know. They used to think that I was leverage -- you on good ratings you gotta get this guest now actually sometimes I guess -- her your -- Sophia you know (%expletive) off. We'll have a monitors were interesting and we like him as a fans season but if you think you're hurting us career wise. By playing this power then on us by saying hey you're respond to quicken up to me you go. Say something yeah offensive right now -- this pilot pen in my hand -- sooner -- -- -- Played the guest ever had a situation where you're -- Like a text message from somebody I immediately like thirty seconds after they send that they call you are now that drives me crazy might. Failing a little time I get the flip side now because my friends are realizing do not answer my phone and gas and they call me. And then they'll get and they didn't I didn't answer and then leave a voicemail and I had to respond and that -- to them doing some things. And now gets taxed and I'm like hey I called -- -- -- Take your voicemail saw it all I'm sorry I did not realize that's goal number one next an officer on the icon on my damn phone meant that there was a voicemail. I wish people would leave voice mails on my thing may never news -- -- my rules you don't know what's going calling you back to save my hair metal. -- should put that on my greeting -- many side reduce. Don't have a crisis is are you having me just last night and my sister like column name didn't leave a voice message and I'm not gonna caller back obviously it's not that important because hey I'm text I'm calling you you're not picking up. Exploiting more I don't know does have a did you guys when somebody does that this season pitched estimates it's tough and so many guys -- they call you still don't leave a message. And then if you do call them back eventually they -- how this happened so many times this will be different people so it's not just one person doing this to me. They answered a phone an act like as if I'm calling them for the first time right tables up. I nothing I'm just returning your phone call you called connect our I don't remember why I called you. Just hang up the phone on him -- why not go literally just wasted my time. -- just do one of those. Hey what's up tonight. -- -- -- -- Those. I don't antagonists are mobilized -- I've done that would six I don't talk to where they've called on talking and Microsoft aren't talking and tying up the phone. And then like always like about 45 seconds and -- tax on dot com and some weird service area I can't I can't call you back. A calculator. Never come back to slow it. -- you as a sounder is one and I'll tell -- what I thought. Please select one option below pelican which test reflects your opinion on the email you currently receive from the sound there's. Hey I'm happy with the -- -- emails I receive. B I think every seemed to many emails in the Saunders SC I would like viewer emails. C I've kind of semi and other received from the standards are not relevant to me. Indeed I no longer want to hear from the -- Mears thanks in advance for your time feet. That they should have a stern talking to whoever decided to send this email in my world maybe other people. Think this is great and more power to them. I was there is another option to make the congratulations you've got to this point we expect that you want your response if you have a responded to get here. And the last three years of chaos that's funny because I same thing I -- understood it's the first season them. And I you sound -- he mills. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you mean why do I like nickel back but -- you know I mean like. We don't bother me as we didn't like thank. Obviously if there was bother me and sent him emails I would once described. But I have no problem clicking delete. For any stand email that I guess I'm just so you see in some of spam -- never really phases me anymore you know but. It's interesting how like I hope it doesn't become a trend like that's like the new thing guys corporal. Still to lead us and Arnold's like the -- ever called him three would ask for a second Dave Wright why haven't you called me Jerry your four options are. I. Would you like to hear less of high enough to dress like a trend -- good things happen tonight not eat enough to deny and not perform oral sex on you wow. Me I mean it's. -- -- -- I believe all -- he smells so we have one more segment left before we -- here the -- What better. Mayor senator senator. -- -- -- -- -- Voicemail time it is we'll start attract member who know. Looking the FDP yeah if you asked all of sudden it's. I had eight straight Timmy you're human body to actually go to Angolan government accountability bringing experiencing. Especially I have been there are a couple of times you know a couple guys are back little -- and everybody Kyle how that's great I love who maybe aren't you -- -- -- -- -- -- has gone. Yeah lol where's clear. Oh yeah he got asked. Just the way you've heard the last couple -- and are currently no value at all apologize in advance knowledge and behind -- -- we have them now apologized post when we just did -- -- today that -- gonna drive this guy crazy among all doesn't -- on the Michael Jackson's stuff Noah often -- -- -- C music factory I was amazing. All of this is -- as IOC Britney tomorrow for -- history. I -- gonna pay 200 dollar last time people don't realize they had Oxford -- -- I would just hilarious last time she had a group bond and that's how my girl wins that's we ran into are there gas now can you can give you the biggest achievement in the the seeds aren't going to be great. -- he's very yeah -- honestly. -- such a fantastic says he's figured out a way to connect with the entire -- It. All of our guys like to be really good as TP test like sergeant in arms making certain none is filtering out the crap doing it I appreciate. Columns yeah we -- more voicemail hopefully this voicemail will make damn happy. Yeah at -- job by eight irons good again I can't wait I'm gonna change our -- I. Why they why. They get out there you mean not that they were brought stack up pitches. -- I remember it. Middle. And yeah. Okay. Should try to play ball back wow. Thank you want no fly everybody -- -- -- those very very creative on correctly we always appreciate you. And we appreciate Mac Kovacs and also -- order for joining us on the ST. -- also known as Phoenix Jones Seattle's crime fighter. And he is fighting. This Saturday coming Al myself the rock girls watch Matt Kovacs by -- fighting a former USC champ Maurice Smith. -- voter doing is crime fighting fighting. That really don't left right karaoke how can he can go out and say that he's going to be fighting did this specific time goes all the criminals are gonna go reverse any dude that is of course that would be the greatest plot to write -- Two -- well he's yeah Rex Crumm it. This is your time to make yeah. Saturday in the c'mon. To stay away from the -- center. Yeah and you're gold and I totally called dibs on the rights a movie yeah and if you -- it could well play -- game. So that was a leisurely -- -- you actually get a shot every time you are completely and need your stomach content you're dead on today's show. But thanks those guys in joining -- tickets and I you know myself the -- is -- the buffet can do all that fun stuff while watching some great MMA fights go to get my purse dot com give you -- before they're all gone also get more information. Qaeda warrior combat Docomo also show -- center's website it's on to get there as well we'll see there on Saturday. Thanks to -- -- they fed both BJ and I last night -- blow it all you can eat. And is sundin to -- because he's scared of ross' AJ is he did that last time to it's it's. Teriyaki sauce and I try a little bit and it's really good so you're not even a fan of being serious she go to trappers and -- the teriyaki it's damn good so how gay culture hasn't sushi I agree -- check it out try my role it's delicious and showing and it fits in your mouth. -- -- Hey thanks -- -- CC well six location. Coming days and days in your own violate -- day had also did come up. Take -- -- -- but just I've been trapped for CC also Travers sushi dot net. Fresh -- and that's how they roll drivers -- Six locations find out more -- sushi dot net don't forget to check us out on FaceBook we got the ST EP jazz group just typing -- TP cast you'll find it. You really see that awesome video Jared Allen -- mono makes gonna post content reminder. And then tomorrow tomorrow I'll post that video -- mono nick giving himself an -- and thanks again for joining us. She's working on that -- oh yeah you know it will continue to market goes the dynamite. Paying most importantly as always thanks everybody all the Titanic dishes for listening to BS TV -- I think you know find out that we really do appreciate it. And keep spreading the word let the world know about the FTP -- group on FaceBook. And most importantly stay positive. We'll see you next week.