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Max Long Report - XBox One - 11-22-13

Nov 22, 2013|

MICROSOFT had a big event at the University Village last night to celebrate the release of the XBOX ONE. We sent a guy that works at our station Max Long, who wants to be a reporter, out to the event...here is his report:

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paid -- the Mets club record come next fall. Some right here and now for the X plus one really says university village was -- exactly what's going on. So muted James James uses that understanding here for the release I'm here for the tournament actually turn dude what kind -- -- saving your bags tournament regular segment where you have big advantage -- back -- intend to sixty. Or I have definitely doing this -- the comeback got against the like fifteen years man what's your favorite DJ you're looking -- you on the Xbox sublime as Wilson was this guy had been that way it's in you know the DVR where you can record I do know -- Yeah who knows the answer. Yeah -- this is. Turning out to be way more spectacular. You have doesn't younger gamers I'm on -- -- on Jesse -- -- I couldn't really -- is -- night 9 o'clock in the past your bedtime. We we worked our government even lawfully allowed 4 in the morning it's hard drive over here have been here since six stamp on nights and I play some Xbox one. -- -- Does the quality of the Xbox one compared to those slim -- in the 36 season -- Betty this is ridiculous so they have it. I don't verdicts Xbox one. Must buy and I'm Max looked in -- -- Matt Sloan award and now. KI SW off.