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STP-Cast 12-17-13 -- Marco Collins

Dec 17, 2013|

Steve the Producer, Mono Nick, Topshelf and Rev welcome former 107.7 The End jock Marco Collins in studio. We talk about STP's dog Lulu. Marco Tells some stories from "The Old Days". We talk about the show Marco is promoting. "The Accoustic Christmas Show" at Voltara in Ballard. We talk about some of the bands that Marco broke out on the radio. We talk about KISS getting into the Rock-N-Roll Hall-Of-Fame. STP rants about someone stealing his ink cartrage from his printer in his office. Marco talks about some of his demons that have popped up since shooting a movie about his life. Steve tells an old END story about Marco Collins. We talk about Pearl Jam vs. Nirvana. We talk about when STP wants to fight people. Marco talks about being gay and some stories about when he was almost outed in public several times.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Casey and the British are my fear facing -- -- is trapped precision iron. The first time donors a few years back -- location my wife and I we -- I would tell my friends and always -- about Travers he got. At a track there's Suu Kyi second we got there I love the -- -- that -- -- staff was friendly and since then I've been -- more times and I can -- -- -- the -- of the -- if you obligation to. Right from my house and I ordered a marvelous role. The ten year old as well tragic friendly and that's how they rolled forever CC five locations find out more Travers sushi dot net that's. Shoppers sushi dot net -- can do -- to do the -- -- my my old friend and I haven't seen in forever Marco Collins and -- and the I feel like I need to like kind of warn him about -- in -- for years it because it's like. In the world that everyone loves Michael Moore it's like a disgrace to the Mac McLemore products because of our -- himself this highly produced piece of fine arts yeah I the lyrics to this intro actually presented to one to three -- studio for our podcast yeah and Iceland and I feel really great I guess is amused awesome. And in this and -- -- or would you mind doing this before you're ready and then just. I'm doing anything that's not my I don't own the song I'm not even looking out what you're about to hand yeah and if you Saudi priority still say no. But I here's our instruments that check -- -- AS TP. Wanna go podcasting. -- What was it wasn't weren't slow what it's worth what it's. I haven -- Titanic movie studios. Yeah CD. I'm gonna go hard cash and no one -- -- to. I know we're trying to do -- CS TV just. And there you go period how -- do that I was gonna ask you know it's. I'm sure -- without them. I don't really want to. I try to give my guys to do and I. Come on that this is -- an -- -- -- we swear on this broadcast we believe it's OK you're OK knock you -- all it is you don't have to and it means coming up doesn't know I wanna do Indiana -- -- I don't know I have to read -- Brazilian ones. -- -- I think we broke the record for the most out of bonds and never radio guy to -- -- every other word -- the F bomb you know what it is after you get off the radio permanent -- -- like all of these soldiers -- -- of being on the radio go away and then you come back on the radio and those filters are not easy to put back in place I always the sale and headphones going to it's almost like my filter like once they're off -- To have -- guy and -- like you become a different person when he bit similar psychological and going to bomb on the -- -- -- -- going to someone else's show and I gave him on the Mike you know I've headphones are nervous as all hell do you have kids not talk to have a dog don't. -- do you swear on the -- A lot yeah. Cut cut cut half a bad human who will lose a hundred -- version of years. Literally turn -- -- a little scrappy -- guys I. Guess it's his team you do not have a yup been little ankle I asked dog Jack I mean I'll hurt or worse they grabbed the dogs check. It feels best and dogs. I do this picture and not really I don't -- him hello all animals but I prefer a larger -- I -- love my wife. All -- -- -- is Doug is very Kyodo news. But man I'll mention she is just -- that China and eventually she is in knowing yourself. Dynamite has not exact dog and the dog hates me multi Shonn is what god the Maltese these shots she does find my -- little girl under the house and she's on it. And until I kind of got to know are now she's cool with me -- I still I'm in the middle of the night if I'm walking on the stairs I have to look for her otherwise she six -- that the -- those who loves socks. So she's lifestyle shop did she home shoes know your dog how I use now but I didn't because this female -- and this female dog that a friend of mine has that I believe might be the same -- you have okay humps this shield. Weird and it's like you know it's and also saying and doing -- literally when they take -- random you know -- You know whatever premiere haircut or whatever happens and a little shampoo and Harry just descend the shoe or if they put her up for the night. In a kennel they have to send issue whistler. And she hopes the Helena that she -- she goes to talent on this story and she knew -- explain that tonight services like -- -- hair stylists are. Horace an old -- yes she needs to -- to say those -- this year due -- Who wants to touch a -- okay. It all -- This is awesome value -- like -- I'm Margot Collins an -- on the needs any introduction in the world of Seattle I think everybody loves music in Seattle knows -- now -- -- we have in studio with us and it's honor for me -- my diapers are working at the end you works. One foot out the door. As I was one foot in but yeah I was honored to really just be able to spend a few time I think minds may -- year. In the same building as you and end we're gonna talk about your your your your -- -- that are coming up which may I was surprised that you even set up as one of glory. Sold -- one albums sold out well ironically we have a couple other appearances we were gonna make with winds yet and Hollis yet know who sings on white walls that summer I am I adding I love that song yeah I -- we were gonna take them in and do a couple of radio shows and canceled us because. -- is cements me if you're almost sold out you're only going to be pissed people off by talking about the events we have an awesome should you can't go to -- However. You win the show. Heads nod there are still tickets available for Saturday night the night that wants and also plain facts and we have made it's special cast can't. Tell continued -- you see it's not somebody would ever imagined it's not Michael Moore it's nice needs somebody that is still left center West Jordan did. Well. Walkout by the -- steel -- I don't know technically talks has got a really bad and dale and now it's a weird weird. Person filming this I. Do we can you wouldn't have also an acoustic -- off from real life. Thomas -- yeah. It's gonna be amazing yeah you know it's somebody who put it this way it's somebody that recorded. One of my favorite albums of all time moon wow. Whose career is also spiraled. Out of control the Pentagon I actually ran out and figure -- how I couldn't reach burn. Nice yeah I don't I Somalia and -- I shouldn't say that because I am. -- is is is low Wharton on some new things but I'm just such a huge fan and I'm turning in note like that kid he's a local guy who know who wow so be final in one. Yes. That's pretty cool yes that's got to be nice when you you don't -- what shows are happening -- next week. A ball low you can probably figure out bump -- this is exciting is -- time -- when he in his phys -- do what you may -- to mean -- why he's so excited about that it's just that this student -- so many songs one and you know what an album that was a major part of my career -- I'm a huge -- insurance. To return the microphones -- you tell us a number -- thirty Evan but you guys are gonna -- I. Now what the hell you'll be the only one probably that is like stoked I've been mono nick over here will meet tonight -- -- -- second. No Eddie Money yeah. Don't Gisenyi mono I forget love Eddie Money is saying now the first artists that I -- to lose how -- black guy the guy who you said. That is crazy because just last weekend I was listening to the record that record I don't know about that -- one of my favorite records of all time my wife told pop record my wife never heard it and I thought okay this is. You know how I -- hide something up and you like this is amazing yeah trust me like -- This album means so much to me I forgot how much it meant to mean so I've pulled a backup on Spotify and make our man. And as you listen to and I was scared crap with some regular and a lot of times and try to turner on the Sunday she's like -- -- I don't added that she was like this -- voice is just amazing sounds a brilliant he's writing new songs all the time I went on his -- looks -- the other -- -- -- actually. What artist actually she runs or -- his book for one thank -- and this guy is like sitting there. Like learning to play is -- she's writing a song on video. Countries can make you know the lyrics and sing the chorus and back now some might like. -- strong mean like it's one of the coolest things. Watching this person to write a song yeah on the Internet. That's pressure is a huge -- -- gas and taking a lot of picking his -- I wonder if he'll -- -- from a lot of time I have a song -- -- -- drag you -- didn't exactly man -- you talk more about it and then everyone that's listening -- I was asleep so wait a minute there anyway doesn't even know who we just like you I got a -- going on my -- -- now just I have no idea I don't -- I'm like Steve's did not like the band a look at our top man I remember when that guy who is a high school like it was July I'm -- is -- Leslie -- now all of our so our stories. Well I mean you know we were all little crazier back in the day yeah. And he was especially crazy and so aside from the so there were some moments down of the Edgewater. That might rival some Led Zeppelin next time and are now you ask almighty. -- Maybe cordons -- I stopped loose. There were some wild times back then I. I mean I would imagine there's just a book's worth of stories and yeah I don't know how many edited that you can clear amongst the people that environment all the stories that -- like -- I know we did that -- you're just like that -- as Greta. There's an awful lie that is a problem with this movies like glad I don't know if you dozen ministers and it also it is a reenactment and how. There's some rough moments in this movie I literally when we started this film. And I'm talking about a documentary that I was approached by a documentary crew to do on meet. Initially. The idea behind it was the Seattle scene as seen through my as from 91 to ninety sevenths right -- like. Great man I can talk about a million different bands and we great. And the story of -- -- a little that surrounds they started rolling tape they realized that might be a little more drama here. It has nothing you have ever had nothing to do expand our music at all. So did the story is involved the film's -- and now I'm stricken nervousness. And are going to be until I remember I -- ran into Andy who he had a producers for the glamour and -- Clark could right here put out open. Caught on FaceBook saying hey anyone got footage from those days I just so evident a box there was an in my office of like what did you have -- hall ball doesn't know real world's Fatah. I just random concert saying you know bush throwing a deck the hall ball race no doubt playing somewhere in just. I say man most of this stuff probably means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's the video stuff that means a lot a hungry and seeing some weird stuff you might have -- is a box from real world stuff -- -- just let's go a bunch of random crap but yet nowadays I mean. You go to a concert venue and a fine except and haven't been. The next day it's on UT seven need to YouTube videos and just from all different angles on the raw data showing my comment that was funny when -- talk about Michael -- Pensacola got a job being shot -- read -- voting on the YouTube which it -- -- is -- the -- can read decimate them find. But they'd all be fun to grab that -- because it was a funny piece right I just Dorsey is it's their right but that's just how would move the world we live image you're right I -- and during the days of which I kind of -- I think like the stories sometimes to get exaggerated but that was the fun part -- sharing your experiences was. Creating -- -- telling the story nowadays like here I got the best. This crazy thing happened mean I have it on video watch it absolutely you know I -- I think all the time about like if I have kids today. And I would be terrified at the Internet yeah are terrified man does anything that you post out there on the Internet is therefore. Are right it's not like you can -- away with stuff that we could back in the day cat I'll tell you this much is there was -- Their wish YouTube. In the ninety's on GIZ asked -- would be absolutely. Asks how. To some of the stuff like I worry about stuff Melton and that I you know. I'm -- I just worry about stuff now because I know old. That there's always somebody that camera now all we somebody's almanac and team. How is gonna sound cheesy but the more well known you are more people want to shoot you. Of course catch you from Israelis why relations anywhere you go insights you know meg in the world of like just being a public figure so I don't want to cal the Hokies. Smoking -- would this person right plus a camera I often think OK that's an address that stuff that's awful month for the just wanna get that their fifteen minutes by pissing -- off to come up and they'd they'd do their own paparazzi thing yeah there's gonna get all these. Views on YouTube is actually out there in a weird world right now with the Internet and I I agree that's kind of scary it is scary. And you know I think about like you know snapshot. Yeah I -- I mean it disappears in thirty seconds yeah that's how does it all click here exactly an answer to how many people clicks screen shot they'll get all of this stuff and now that instant Graham is doing these. Instead and you just as the rest picture yeah how do percentages -- -- idea. Direct knowledge with us forever and it's for -- just remember -- forever it's somewhere out there in the cyberspace world whether or not disappear or the worst is when like. You mean like I made a mistake aren't aren't the brilliant move when I was on stage for one of our concerts in front of that the -- I was wasted now is like. Here's my sad Jack again Iran might snatch at onstage -- -- that's -- -- -- Yemen and I don't just totally write some backup to stick a silly pictured in the coming out communicate our dog Democrat and I look at says it was screened saved on my. Like they what are you. No I actually played exactly I tell you -- the screen senate bill and Soledad if you do a screen shot. You know they'll send my building that says hey this warning yeah I've not seen as a temporary -- that's why you all forever 12 sentence -- out of -- 12 video. My junk will never ever ever appear on the Internet team however. Yeah how her yeah. Back to the day hello. IA. We have never told me about this on this is all I ever ever told even my director this and I sat down for hours and hours and hours on camera. I did a music video once a half where I was the actor and I realized. Halfway through oh. That this music video wasn't necessarily about the music. And I pray to god that thing never services because IA. This -- -- up to her yeah. This -- a trillion curve and I went along with everything stimuli -- We can bail out how I -- I think I'll assure all aware then you have to run. I don't -- number one presumably is march in the tiger I don't know I don't edit. That's Smart million do you know he's big guys out there you go down the right yeah and -- I prayed to god that stuff never shows up or is this started becoming like in the eighties influence money when I was nineteen years old right right I mean. With armor on Bob Sanders is just it was a bans. Yes -- did you remove their you know Lawrence on the men's and you know it was a it was a big band OK the hell not going -- drug really nicely when I. It is serial Imus and other -- this is just creepy Mazar I seriously you know what I think about now that freaks me out his kids. Have no problem. No it's taken teachers are there junk and put it on the Internet now and it's just a ball really. Yeah I mean it's a whole different world maybe it doesn't matter because everybody's -- to be on the Internet. But I don't want my jaunt on the Internet though he's still got nice is on FaceBook we all do and it and -- admit this or that guy being the director wanna quote reminds me a lot of now these Tom photographers for models I got such a scam how do likewise many of us they get them back and hey Roger I take your pictures to the camera over to my house and Photoshop I can I got it I mean cigarette and I can hit the filter. I can't -- it was almost that same thing man I just fell victim to it because I thought it would be fond right and I find it amusing that you know -- I was nineteen years all them. -- little learning experience this great leaders and producers is god did that this thing never shows up. I do and may may make sure to mention noted that this show that we're talking might as -- -- -- Christmas like you mentioned one's going to be their Hollis both of them. Feature on the new -- for more record also bring Blake. Through yeah man -- man super dogs I was joined -- for them the other day yeah it is just I mean love liquid wraparound and can one of those. -- that was huge in the ninety's here in Seattle piano really blew up outside a Seattle much here. They were massive I know and getting that data come out of retirement do shows is not easy you know what I have to do with -- -- -- mommy -- using radio. The last time he played was a year ago I had no I was working a little online local music channel called jets -- shrimp. And he came in and did a bunch of these old songs acoustic I sort of got all those videos up on line -- in Jamont. I know who did god. He did all of one it was escape more nines and acoustic. And track called years ago -- that was amassing around -- -- yeah -- so he's coming out. And I media and the biggest thing I'm trying to do with these shows the reason that I wanted to put on the show us. Is we did a benefit not long ago for the film yet at EMP. And I just took on whole massive different artist and -- room and I wanted it to be you know some cards. So I brought in a local artist who hung all those works there -- ended up selling fourteen paints cry like she's fifty upon dudes like just got killed and he's now calling you every day actually is actually I was gone I'm -- dad who fundraising crowd and the pockets where I've brought in Danny bland who wrote like this amazing an auction this last year and a very dark tale of Seattle. I had to read from the stage. It Mary Lambert plane next to but not show -- also this amazing rapper. I don't feel Mary Lambert when she did that a we discuss. I had there -- dirt -- by the way Bob will this be available today yes Mary Lambert's brand new EP is available today for the first time on Capitol Records for songs. We get it on iTunes and she's my girl. I don't know her but everytime I see your TV or you -- sorry the -- Moore show and a second night at a hearing until I was at an iPod -- that these -- all time she was singing like there's just something so loveable and likable and it. But I want my buddies about my I don't think it's. This song would have been as awesome which somebody else seen that part yet I mean you don't it was weird for me to see it on did you see the VMS. I guess so Jennifer Hudson's I was ally that was powerful left it yet all I almost felt like that's an unfair pairing your take it one of the best suffering and will close them all. Training time. And put her next to marry yeah there is still held their own but -- NL it was. -- almost a sense of like vulnerability Anne and Mary is -- I don't know just in between the two he had this big powerhouse that is Jennifer Hudson yeah who everyone knows and then some and use new teh most people's ears and -- I don't know I really like that dynamic between the two began it makes you did feel like the underdog. And it may be lover even more like old. Who else is wanna go head to head with Jennifer Hudson one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet men who remembered how she is just a solid human being like everybody falls in love with that girl instantly in the home the home tackle more big we -- and the before the album came out we were obsessing over here in this podcast you when the album came out as well displaying a bunch of tracks and -- talking about images. And it just is your audience -- time you know surprisingly. Yes I had a cameo recently killers dressed podcast yeah -- yeah I have a little bit about. She's thanks -- don't you tell us listen to I went to her concert -- hits. Songs yeah. Why they are Miley fan. I feel like Karl Morris. The pot kind of -- I like is bastard as small. But sometimes I like it pure unadulterated and -- apologetic do you feel the -- yeah I feel the older I've gotten the more I am willing to. Be receptive to dug into the polished pop you know I I have dollars in my fiance record. Screen phenomena furiously raised an awesome record please Seattle legitimately elected this guy that help -- -- studio our heart and courage -- consoling and so I can buy it. Go right right yeah. -- still -- -- -- don't know if I thought might even more -- aren't actually got this guy looks like I mean her contract but those are the only record stores anymore we've got easy street -- you know odd lobster and you've got sonic boom but. And how many miles down on -- -- -- we are going back tonight -- -- living clean and and forever and I went and went to -- -- -- a joke minus on the bank. Now they go home and I thought -- that's nice guy pulled up a finger in the entire I -- and I. And I feel bad because there's a lot of young people working there sure what it's like asking you just can't you change strategy how -- I hate banks and MS we not pay any Alou reed any autograph -- -- -- that was the first thing atomic what did they do adapt yeah I mean I hope they Josh. Cut that out and put it somewhere because what a great piece of art that was yeah first phase and haven't signed by the guys did adapt. Again I really acoustic Christmas still is happy I. Podcast pregnant baby could be if they immediately why people are we are Australians stick around then and I think it's so much fun to do that -- -- -- sort of a -- -- room and a -- only room and -- and I don't know symptoms say you know we're both serve restaurant is some sense applied there -- tractor stroller down down -- that's crazy are -- the salty lady next door to the smoke -- is that still around. I want I don't know whether -- and -- citizens that she shopped. How bright red -- -- probably change them so I don't know him Puyallup now I don't go to. -- placed under a young kids -- come when it's well this base in particular is not spent. The typical show space it's and event space and I wanted to do some more personal more intimate. So it's literally a 102 point five people in a room. With these artists plane and that's the way I kind of wanted to -- we're gonna continue to do shows they're John -- from the Posey is. Has done a couple of shows in that space but you -- a friend of mine owns -- -- strong that's part of for herb you know that's part of their -- school entire. You know plot right there. So we're doing and they're met Tom -- tickets are again just available for the Saturday. December 2 when he first got Jim no doubt that this Saturday this Saturday a brown paper -- -- -- -- -- the tickets and and I posted me on my FaceBook page comfortable yesterday I -- things -- -- -- selfish ones policy -- where ought to remove who sings for band called -- and royalty. Then this woman named Katie Kate who I think's gonna blow off she's kind of a cross between she's -- a rapper who. It's this weird electronic rap stuff do you -- -- -- It's not an OK so it's just. It's almost like need demonize you meet soon. I don't know it's awesome. You I don't know how the -- she's gonna pull off an acoustic -- that's owners say yes I can program their speed since we -- electronics stuff she is she's awesome man. She's -- -- more than this next year. And then now. Oh and then I just added this I'm stoked about this. There's a group called radio right team and the singer of radio right team is a gospel vocalist. She sings with the experience total experience gospel choir she's one of the best gospel singers in the sounds on booked her. And her guitar player to command. Because ma'am when she opens her mouth I'm sort of thrown gospel into the next Christmas time had this woman opens her mouth and just kills them and people are gonna be shell shocked by the yes on that's awesome and I'm looking. The story here and more about -- -- and let the secret guy here that's just awesome can't seem to me and you these three airline who have moved there as well I ever knew right. It's not on top of the banter on the reality nor do I don't know who won the -- also have let everybody songs then he. Did you know and if that happens great I'm also invited Don. You know couple other people on the scene that -- of showing up that that would make sense. Large large artists from Seattle that might pop -- comment we have a lot Allen definitely -- you -- because -- me it's been forever first of all so it's almost like a walk down memory lane had this last night we just Islam I got confirmation you gonna come in and I have to -- I was yeah on nervous like more hilarious than I've ever been to interview anybody NI NE until these guys on Arizona's and how excited I was because. It's part excitement part being nervous I don't. Nobody ever told you how much she meant to me. Breaking into the world of radio. Hey and this is going to be like those sappy kiss ass part but I I I do wanna say it and saudis are saying now. Then when the myself Chris and are becoming uncomfortable and Elliott Andre Agassi and we got a heart you know today -- I would not only news as part of the interview process like -- -- -- perfect. Know you all goes back. Still a college radio days in New York where we would pay attention tonight what was going on you know it's CMJ on that and you were the guy I mean always you with a guy who -- -- -- guy who -- you know introduced the world to Weezer and 8000 are gone I mean just I mean I wrote down some and -- I might be wrong but I mean you know from -- back the prodigy. Did you I'll no doubt that bush. I'm Radiohead to dawn. It's more earned. From when I look you know radio at Warren New Orleans -- all thank you know I think you for that saying all right I I think you -- have all the dogs when I first heard it was a radio and it was finally was just like just listen to this and I was going -- -- -- -- This it was so amazing and I went and literally as I was listening to it drove to the records stored by -- record and body it immediately goes dozen of the greatest guys soon and you know I remember when the death -- were brown helps. Clearly had a first reckon they came into town this is the kind of crap that would happen on radio back in the day they came into town they were recording the Terry date here yet. And they called may have to say hey we have a new single we just mixed it can we come play it on your show. My boss was like is so I used to do this thing called the people's choice count down there was an Intel yes 10 PM at night to -- -- I did this and it was the rated power -- -- are not number one number one. The club. There was the biggest rated hour of my four hour show yeah you would normally think your 7 PM hour when you get on the radio. He has more people driving home from work but my biggest listened to our -- to 10 PM hour. So IA ousted a still to come down nine world premiere their new single as the number one song. And I got in tons of trouble for up with my boss I'm -- I'm would you let them think it isn't just owns dude you know they're coming to our station because were friends with them. Right giving us the screen here they just mixed this thing what song was. -- words -- no it has an Nextel such an album yet and already okay why does summer. Yeah -- this yes Michelle put my own summer. I think that's where was. On the US. One new ones want to. So much sex in this song soon. Yeah I remember seeing them open up for kids -- housing college in 96 and the place would not stop doing them right. Really I bought their shirts are so stoked that they were opening hello and dead dogs I don't think this is definitely a rainbow over a now so economy got sick and adapt to ensure that we're going around me. Since you know and there's semi going. We know we're good. After Boston just goes oh my god I'm not. Still the man. You know he's amazing do -- yeah -- it was a huge cure San. -- -- And this -- million dollars is million dollar know Depeche modes is -- -- pirate and we interviewed amended and section. And I brought that story up and they were just like we remember that show on his -- Albany new York and then afterwards they got to go backstage and not -- in the back room. And talk Weezer polite when he Louisiana now and then that's when he played. Music wise -- critic came onstage like I look at things like. That's for us yeah right out of. Here across loses this thing go up. A body mind say and so I'm from Sacramento -- this and they're. Town is and know where their trauma and such we're gonna place. Couldn't miss and yeah how much. Sorry this is where placed -- and Papa Roach hall you know basically Sacramento. Was the birthplace. Of scream out. Because it almost banned yeah NIH. I gotta take this case I Iraq I've always in my case I hate that dude could. He has the most I don't know what I have a great story -- I admired him I was just first and don't you I ever did. By myself trivia and there was this -- she's not a good and I'm doing -- interviewing them and they're just being do you -- Lara. And I I stopped and I don't know what all of a sudden why I had this moment of just like balls because I was so it's like. Don't I don't wanna (%expletive) off the boss is not wanna be that Gabelli. And guys this is my very first interview -- myself. Do you want me to remember it as being an awful experience -- awful human beings. Come -- -- well. You said -- guy and the gospel of prosperity and Nagano I was -- man number I was so mad and you guys and assets like why -- as is the -- damage I didn't talk to you are listening your record and third and they finally were like yeah. All right let's do it over and they were super although the rules then you actually call them out not to be able to do that I never done that again you're down after our entire -- -- dirt you know I hate us negative -- -- we talk about the rock them all hauled -- and -- that's I mean DEA. I know but it was -- -- Easy yeah that was a done deal question for you to -- to carry out could you talk about this morning on our morning show. You know like when lots of bands don't when they perform -- clearly that's there's a different wrench in the plans -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How tough stuff now I Leo I don't know man then I'm sure a lot of general there. I'm sure they'll do the I'm sure -- do the McCartney -- who else who else can step in that seat that people would deal -- give. Every call to -- people like that you know Kurt was a fan of he had nineteen guys from the Melvin do after ader rag but I I don't know off the rest of the world would get -- now why is -- buzz on stage right and singing her songs yeah yeah I don't know how little pull that out maybe it'll just do the -- from the one. Yeah I think you have to -- Back. Yeah. So kiss yes so I guess what I saw that this morning I was like I loved every damn one of these like you and this seemed like too much. There were so many artists there were off for the vote and yet it was all my favorites. I don't know I grew -- guess I don't longs I guess you received a big kiss fan and always -- just trailer for the glamour in this or after because Mike wise I mean I'm I was he's freely every spring in Halloween. Yeah OK. Yeah. The mayor is in the two guys that -- your -- and I do not as an example of how tough. And they knew I love sharing mr. I had to kiss stalls are added two years yeah I don't like three sets of them still I only had one set and I really wanted to know Paul Stanley and look I will make a -- filed the makeup plus another. Not real fighting plastic they're sitting -- I just look like a ten dollar dollar from the big -- -- really like John what's your -- you don't burn unit a final call Dalia Lama during what they similarly look like America is parents. -- All and Thomas are gone for a woman like some of the comments in here. Did you works at the end when we had to Gene Simmons come out and play west. Satchel I think he came on did a song with satchel and fast so he was backstage and and fast and it's an awesome story. Where I've got to meet him for the first time I was like hold this is our moment I'm nervous right record labels all stoked introduced me -- a Gene Simmons. We have this photo taken but the the moment. Was backstage some kid some -- kids to Israel listened to boost foreign exchange for those summer drunk kid comes -- to Gene Simmons he's wearing a hat. And slipped his hat off OG Gene Simmons -- grabs the kid by the head and inflexible little social. I think kids had only his forehead open Gene Simmons is a scrap for. Wow you know I -- your guy. I'm not F with that guy man. Wow doesn't give a rat's -- somebody you know takes him on -- he will fight you on the spot that is awesome and -- -- now now. Yeah. -- I mean he's kind of located. Have been so many other way is but that is like you know fourth straight -- -- the release of our youth so I'll tell you you can't let them -- down inside of him go because just like after right I love these songs. It's always funny when I meet a band. -- I can remember were -- it was but they ended up getting Gene Simmons or kisses tour mosque. And wind Gene Simmons was banging like me -- 66 tonight on the tour bus. And they were like hey you know they didn't want a bad -- got a cheap so then they had to do all kinds of they had their like go through a C engine -- you know and others like nudging -- very smudges it into the demons get rid of the demons yeah. They were so mortified that they had taken over embodiment used I'm trying to remember what Banda was toward our Ferrari data used a vehicle in more ways and or leave -- -- -- -- Boom boom -- I was just recently on I -- kick and it was most random alma matter on the I was always debate vanity original four but I forgot how awesome they were when Eric -- joined the band make the only UMI. There are not all do we have the ability to play the song. Isn't on your path I was out on dynasty that was that and that was there are skilled area and people hate me for like America. The dynasty and I was made up -- -- needs a yes that sounds great songs in their old news we're all looks doubles without a 100000 years on Allen as well. I feel like it was was it like with another solo song and Jean's record and I think it was on bruins' final charisma. Hotel and -- act and I don't -- -- you're promoting I know most of my time listening to -- like double Platt now gotten destroyer and yeah smile bombings that's not it. -- -- I don't know -- having on their skin asylum allowed. This give it a shot. You remember this -- that's no that's not written. We're having technical issue that it can't just a kiss on the yes I was ultrasound here's the thing like how can you mean down with Eric -- took all of our -- no big -- we'll still walks what about you ask do I. Offs walks back in the day I AM it is wise to make I hated everything about make you can he Peter -- and well managed only. But as a guy got a little bit older Mike Lara Eric -- was always better journal I -- what's worse. Replace scene Peter Chris with an imposter I swear on the same damn make up -- for the fox that's a good question. You know -- now I would say. I think seeing Peter -- is pretty awful smell as they make him then they have the guys sing -- correct and it's like. You in in an ace freely give them -- -- -- freely is doing on I have. -- -- -- I don't why they're doing -- means one of my favorite two songs really groovy recruits like it I love song but thought I loved that aces record kicked all three of their -- yeah life you know in terms of soul records the number one selling solo record. Was ace number she knew was Sheen because he had that radioactive song. Number three I don't know -- yeah I'm not sure and computer at their base case. It's -- and ask about Seattle restaurants and once they're giving them the biggest songs missiles bunker FF FF FF. But yeah I mean just off. Get shocked me who's abandoned their rent house cleaners are covered in Korea -- -- -- and cool he's -- that in their system I don't. -- magic -- yeah. -- I thought I'd ask but how can you not love the drums on this song that you please. I feel like we're not going to be able to do any of that stuff. Mary explain to you what's happened yet what's gone out there today is is don't know I'm talking and we just weirdest today. I come in here is okay you'll appreciate this case you've been in this world and I'm trying to look here's some of your horror stories of just. -- -- -- Whenever I try and almost -- like Seth bloom again. I'm pretty also. -- is big does some mom GAAP. -- -- -- -- now. All that's -- nothing's stopping. You know what it's okay. -- -- Let's kill it. So was this also I come in this morning and Elena I got to share in early loss I was still in the US as a result trumped this. I -- and -- -- the U strangers they never happen I walk in a year or 4 in the morning okay it's time to prayer get everything in order. Still trying to print stuff from my -- is not working okay. -- a paper and that's my first target newspaper and there. I don't get what's going on with the sale deals letter I don't know right now -- open it up and my ink cartridge to big -- ink cartridge is missing. Somebody George your sentence somebody's also signed rallying cartridge right. Could you imagine a -- I was on the toilet reading my email this morning and in my. -- I didn't steal earlier and cartel that we've seen what I want did. Oh you're still has -- -- -- not how Ankara's what I Barack Obama now 3 PM. Still all -- EA -- yeah thank you guys I love working too dirty and behind a -- Jo noon the Jolene Jolene. And that's all my engineers are spinning like who do you have announced on like I got a whole bunch of crap I need to -- announcer don't live in my life. Well why anyone still my trainer and I did not trying to be like somewhat like write some stuff that involves these using a little bit of a creative juices. And I'm just all I'm thinking his mother at first -- Bernard. Where is my ink cartridges you know still not -- -- nor can go to Stillwater it's a unique enough to think it's a unique trainer. So it's -- you have to have that brand of a trainer. This did -- -- -- did the cleaning person steal it why are they still the ink cartridge for today have that Brenner I don't know I think selling Nancy I'm -- married and you salad you've always hanging incidents I don't know I don't. So. All starting my -- are just turning around trying to do regularly try to do -- show you're trying to talk and tobacco MI don't think it is. -- -- -- -- Brings up the man but fortunately we don't need to stop -- I'm -- we will make this work that's the beauty of this podcast it's not -- users seem like you're an immensely good news you see you don't your rights makes me -- how -- you -- -- I -- like I like I said thanks so there you go back -- history of modern -- loving what you were doing from college in New York. Nor is selling your radio and wanna move to Seattle Mike I didn't wanna work at the end I wanna work where Marco Collins looks like a genuine that's. My heart really yeah I I've never shared that with you so when you've got here yet. And you heard from him but the truth we you can we have heard the truth what's the true and I sake I just I EL. -- -- Isaiah doing the -- every time I've done very guilty conscience about the Yankees. Because all of a sudden it's all being spelled out to me -- Madrid in the bat well they're saying it's it's been really tough in a lot of ways because. Kids digging up a lot of crap. That I have compartmentalized. I put it away. And so literally -- started seeing a shrink dual while we're making the smooth because I'm going back in. Am I dealing with some of this crap that I can. Not real problems from from that time period and a lot of it's been documented. For everybody else is -- yeah. And I got to be a weird feel it is and as you can tell I get on the Mike and I have no -- right I would just say whatever hon you don't topple my head them while I'm the same way on camera. Because in my mind cards so let's talk about the real thing let's talk -- let's get down and dirty. But I'm not sink in like when he guest mentioned. How is. How is it that you're talking about other people. It's it's been difficult for me I don't wanna incriminate. Anybody. But there's some different stories that I that I -- on camera you know also. It's been rough man like we went to New York. New York was a rough time in my life point to new York at one point when I left the end to it's hard to VH one yeah. And that lasted about a year and it was because. A I had a drug -- that got way out of control and so we went back in revisited. An apartment that I had to abandon. Whoa that was opted news rocks and thank god we went there like 7 in the morning obviously wanted to monitor and I think other night but I I'll tell you this much. IA. We -- we near an addict or an alcoholic it. There's a million triggers write things that can send you down that road again. And you also can spy -- buy drugs at any given moment that will never leave your system you know how to do it right he said do you -- Because -- know how to do it it's just something that super like ingrained it's it's something you learn on your own and sometimes two you know negative for results but I mean it was just one of those situations where even in the clean. 8 AM the street had been fixed up the Puerto Rican flag was dominant American flag was gone yeah. It'd been gentler side and his team as much nice surge in his gold painted on the free and you know. Fence posts but it's still a building it's still the -- lean and there are still some like you know if I can just sense -- I can send six. So that was a little weird for me having to go back and see that. On camera like that kept up the rest in my next kind of Intel I just I think I went shopping targets or what yeah. Get back imaginary visited -- this action she is grandpa shopping content yeah. And you know it was it was cold though I mean it was just it was a weird experience and there was a lot of those. And it got to the point where I was told my director I can not sit on camera for 56 hours. And just talked about negative which best you know I mean it's restraining it's straining and like I get through it I just feel dirty man I've I've walked out of the room realizing. Did you just a lot of lean things Steve Mata had a great career one point -- just some shady ass stuff all so that I'm not proud of and you don't the weirdest part about it next thing -- thing that this film was really driven home to make. Is I'd always viewed a lot of this stuff has sort of and this is can someone and sort of rock star behavior and always looks dead in this sort of a glamorous or you have whatever life's what you do -- -- -- -- do end -- -- end this is to kinda cool lights that I was wanting to lead and then looking at a and Q and sort of going back on it. And the situations that I -- screwed up the people. That I left. It's totally terrified for my life be an IV you know believed. Just a trail of destruction you leave behind -- and it made me really go. Hamed is somewhat -- that stuff is really pathetic stuff that you thought was such mean you know glamorous rock star do you living. He's really really pathetic and so now I'm like just a great. All documented innings god damn movie ever I -- -- -- -- times. Hundreds behind you there's a lot of it on dvd I guess since act like -- back there are other kick start a law. And -- well the other out yeah totally Dario you both so I ask you very much I. Had to what they like I like I'm not like a big on the kick starter stuff resist the idea but that went on like I got to wrap my arms around the yeah -- say how much. Tiger like I've said you meant a lot Tim might wind did you radio and also help me a lot. -- you know being like OK I can do this I remember one time being an elevator I got a great story about Marco Collins -- -- on. I mostly like the -- we need to do -- on camera does not everybody hustles good stories. There's a mega stars do you know and then I hope you like this early but you don't get added I don't know you're gonna tell us a lot more access I'm sure it's it's it's priced fine compare -- and so -- talk with -- Mike holly I was I'd been hit not the boss at the time. The -- I have wanna get on the air enemy on the weekends and -- like. I know you accent New York -- and our noses know our rally do you like you know weekend -- we need somebody -- -- there's always going on after you were doing ultrasound a -- would -- -- back which is really late yes yeah like I won like three maybe 2 in the morning on a Saturday ranks. That Saturday nights at. And he's playing and you're just like asked that it doesn't matter about your accent area -- I'd just be entertaining and -- -- and I don't always hold that. And then we're talking about something else in the -- radio and I -- because of the time -- know much about the radio -- still very green and return him -- he wants to -- that enough for those that don't know is the super hardcore fans of -- radio station to fuel all -- -- The regular listeners. They spit the few ones they swallow. Tomorrow I have to ice and that's hard to really have this I said yes CR so much smarter about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They had such a great line I really set us all later Harvard and isn't going to help. I have I have kept that ended -- close and -- -- only crowd out there one day if I ever. I could never do -- you off I can ever share that story and yeah. But apparent chance to have a momma Margot Collins wow I minimum. One of my favorite moments was a genius to lose admitted comparison -- Great analogy I had. Number I couldn't come up -- -- kind of problem myself now yeah. Very accurate Rite -- that is a good story hi Campbell who actually said that he. I'd blown out the wave fewer brain cells then broke when you -- actually I got to -- -- again it thank you season. Well let's also look good it dry out I wanted to ask you remember when I was working with you at the time and it was like after -- -- consistently and not Blase out alone. I -- he wants following memo opposite cool visuals and intense and on its side so you think this. One common error rather serious story and -- -- opening up for somebody and you know it was a band. And I think the band poorest performing better than the headliner and the headliners say your job is to make them exceed. I guess you if you could not only make them have a happy mom. Know your job is to excite them my job is to make -- -- -- -- moment I was -- a street do -- like almost. It's amazing how sex analogies can help you understand things well yeah it absolutely the one you patents I think so I figure it's volatile I was just. When -- -- it and I was working with you it was a different time regularly of course you were there for -- that the world in the -- jams and Iran is a sound garden throughout review. Every review it was a it was like this new Seattle scene that was gonna starting job and never got a huge subtle but it was a very exciting time local leaks that the from the Modest Mouse is the murder city. Analysts -- there are dangers for Modest Mouse. Modest Mouse and the pain they were not they were on the rest here's the thing I end -- got to say this -- we have had to do everything the hell out of that tell you I had you know what I live -- -- -- -- is this session I did on the air with the band. Where they did polar opposites and I remembered that session and this was the first time I met guys like -- can he would not come on the radio now Isaac -- singer of the band. Because and I found this out just recently. That Isaak has a little bit of a list of Iran hates the way he sounds in interviews but wow it's not present when he sings. So he's pretty insecure about doing interviews and I only sound the sound now. So he agreed to come on my -- only if we didn't do an interview. So I went back -- found all these tapes and these tapes are. Ashton phenomenal I remember that we don't watch. The first thing Isaac Brock asked me like this is she's just met me I'm in a position of you know but it's and I can help discuss career you and he just -- seven he's -- -- You aren't -- speed and it's like -- -- that's the guy asks me. -- you really don't like you are getting along famously and I. I ended up dead so why -- it and I became friends but I do remember. How does it was you know just he is crazy man yes that guy was -- literally crazy -- -- what makes them. Such an amazing songwriter is our perspective it's completely different moral. -- -- -- after you had them on news that a little while after armor is still wanted to guys it was up records I think there were that aren't. Anything we get them in studio in the morning Mike ought to be awesome ratified with them to PDF -- time really two million Owens no one has heard this pandemic will do. There's Seattle and then then billion all this great cause I really dig om ID be pretty cool. And maybe this is a reason why this there's more now on his performance experience is there on the doing polar opposites and also out of gas Seattle and the reformers were awesome. You're supposed to be there -- like 8 in the morning. His fans showed up doesn't do that when you're three piece I think is nowhere to be found -- right there like we have no idea rise again as -- he got drunk last night and we don't know where he is just doesn't sound like him until six billion dollar and so they tracked him down and use as girlfriend's house. And had to send someone there to make. Breach in wake him up and bring him to the station and he's just in bad shape is all over. So you -- talk. He -- I got half a second and then whoever this guys Caroline cocky was -- the traffic sidekick woman on our show at the time she asked a question he wasn't looking out there. And he heard it in his headphones and he was can be he talked for a second he heard voices in this had. So he's like lol did you guys hear that can likely be talking may think I just heard a woman talk to -- like she's -- -- do you. I. I. TI yeah I do think about was a challenge she was say is listed on the continual basis such a cool moment tonight you know looking back on especially now and think wow. On a major market radio station in the mornings and somehow. Got his man in studio that one of my fear of that and the murder city devils -- solely because those guys were drinking street whiskey. At 7:30 in the morning I -- ceiling shots and end -- performing poorly on the -- -- It's awesome job just so great but those are some fun times and -- and and and -- danger was always one that I always is so stoked that you can kind of took under your wing and end -- really made a point to help I mean it had not been for you -- there would have never. Had national exposure from just playing them on the radio to. Does that mean the number one song in the few losers countdown forever right time my man Peter Parker and -- dangerous they used to love you guys. I remember your hero is the bridesmaids -- America -- -- We saw every band that we were friendly to be banned list view Lou was losing your man are you Mona let everybody has got Matthew and this guy Josh our tax. And I always jokingly called I remembered a move dad -- documentary dig yes. Really the Brian Jonestown Massacre somehow or other. Someone in our band would (%expletive) off the wrong the right person. And we would lose like -- -- -- -- -- -- an assault on certain bands I mean we were very tight with the death -- guys back they would come to town and play with us and we would go to -- -- -- -- I think somebody -- them the wrong -- and also -- -- stop playing so for the -- god knows where you guys aren't those kind of things and whatever I mean yeah news it was a -- experience and it was really fun to watch how hard -- because we were in this practice -- sharing it with those guys and they resisted talking to practice basin that whole area called it their. They got to go somewhere. For you know us while Sean and I reflect amount all the time and and like I used to live in this lost. Upon Capitol Hill on the most probably move the most insane time because it was lost when you live -- -- better lives. No better lives like on Capitol Hill yeah you're supposed to let alone yeah. It was it was not all the time John -- from a long winners and Harvey danger one point western state hurricane gas and absolutely early on John Roddick and the other day that I do podcast for a bomber shoot a monthly podcast for them and he came into the studio we were doing may out RC records -- and he's like. Do you remember used to live across the hall from you and not loft and I'm like who don't know and he told the story. -- told the story that I just did not remember TC and -- -- CNN. I probably out are the story but the other part of the story and mauled and acts going through his door -- somebody he'd taken an -- to it and this is 3 in the morning for on the morning. Some dude had been up for days that was a weird. So it -- experiments. Those unhappy accident well I'm sorry we were in we kind of build my loft it was not living space and my landlord was like Ellis put a skylight right here and so we you know caught a skylight. And now I mean we had first fifteen foot ceilings we built a loft and then we built a bathroom. Rush hour like it was an amazing thing and it we could have been really really cool and it was just a -- tenths die -- turned tables music eight close. Yeah all -- and other crap yeah. Her. It was on routers -- just trying to sleep so she is she asked for my -- he's got the story. That's pretty intensive summer sound cloud fighting lesson on Augusta -- stop gap. It's pretty well but that was that was a really wild time. You know and when I was living -- lost getting back to the Harvey danger thanks Sean worked at the stranger which was just down on the corner. It was up blocked ten snow eleven I think anyway. Across from volume village on Capitol Hill got to stand Sean I think I walked over and say today web -- -- -- -- seagate. I buzzed him and I went down and handed it off and that was the beginning of everything and so I actually tried to put our record out we made -- like. You know I was stranded in his sort of start an independent label of the time. And we approach on -- full marketing plan on what we wanted to do over the first year of that red curtain. You know we lost out to London records right now it's -- label right now -- we tried we tried bit it was a good time man I just remember you know. Nobody. This is something that still live by today. There is no reason you can't all serve the rules there's no reason you can't have your cake you needed to you. And that was always my thing you can be commercial. And how mass appeal and still have credibility. And I think because they came from the college radio side of things. How he had such commercial guilt. That IE you know -- in this scene being from California. Was a rough. Thing for me because the bands I love are on sub pop and underground bands and -- the commercial radio guy that's up from Freddie in California. Yeah so it was it was tough trying to prove myself to a lot of these people. Yeah it's a frustrating thing without also being around like turning your back on what is is giving you a good lies and a good opportunity right psyche. Yeah is that it was a constant fight -- I tell look at the success of the end as you know I attribute that to my boss dean. To guide that had the traditional radio skills he had been a program director -- his whole life. Had programmed to you know very mainstream radio stations. I was a college radio kid you know that didn't just specialty show at night on the commercial stations so I was always way out there and I can just remember. Site after site after a fight it took. Years. Before she trusted me. You know before we broke several bands and ended up like getting a lot of recognition for that that he trusted my -- which is -- bit of all the bands that you. I'm sorry to see our guys and she yeah. It's time for the head to -- to -- timeout on ES TP can't. So whenever we go fast and our thoughts also now plays this is a guy named Ted had bill. -- doesn't like our podcast going along so this is his moment we can cause podcast. You can come back to a maybe tomorrow they don't offer under lock and hours long for him out. Yeah so I don't do those little gates -- the better I don't. Take a break is also there just are -- -- -- -- an -- big stage is welcome back well. We cater to one listener at a time -- -- Dodd and others also we do and lose. So what I was going to ask you the ball that mean. Obviously we listen some of the bands that you had a great hand in helping out break into the mainstream world which -- is -- the one that you're most proud of well I mean. -- -- sure is hard to say because they are different stories but you know I mean looking back I think to -- You know we. Where the first station to play a nerve -- I mean up all the same -- -- station and Boston did so we're always like you know me. The program director of that station are always does I had to retire you know wasn't Edison is it dead dude named Kurt saint Thomas OK at W I'd ever -- -- briefly yeah we -- five minutes before you get hurt if there's a -- -- man -- mean by like yeah I'll. A couple days. But it you know we're share in Seattle rallies and over here dragged her parents still -- them like a big deal so we played it. The reaction here in Seattle was ten full what -- wasn't Boston yeah and so it was I mean looking back on that entire time not that we were single enough that we single handedly broke Nirvana. But that is the band that will define my career studies them the band that means the most to me and back in the day here's here's the wild than me just say this. I don't -- it. Back in the -- you had to be -- -- you -- in Pearl -- -- -- you're not gonna happen and there was no sort of crossover in those two bands were always competing until now when your -- on your forum pushing forward here in your -- like myself whereas now I -- -- like Boston right -- -- that well -- -- -- is Pearl -- is being so amazing to our film Mike McCready is scoring the film -- base. But the funny thing is Mike -- and -- had a personal relationships the last couple years that's been really strong. Based on something completely different. And he. The so -- director will take scenes over to increase house and the -- it's their rights to these things like it's pretty pretty amazing. So my director told me one night. This is -- man my directory just -- over there and they knew we were watching the scene where you were talking about Nirvana vs Pearl Jam home man in my just watching this and you lose said. You know back in the day yet to pick a camp you were either in -- on her Pearl Jam and I say you know Pearl Jam for me. Took awhile. To embrace I didn't like ten I didn't that wasn't a record it was over produced it was super polished when I moved to Seattle. I wanna punk -- a one month honey I want and sub pop. I wanted you know this to this underground thing in Pearl -- to me was very commercial sounding on that first -- -- the guys agree wholeheartedly right. And I say it just took me a minute to embrace them and apparently McCready paused the tape. A list of my director and said he's been really nice about this right now because he told me hated our man. We seldom like the bad company. And I'm thinking and why boy in my life tonight telling -- are still Pearl Jam I -- in his. Oh my god I don't remember it had no bend when we started. Can we you me you win we became really good friends at one point god. If you have to have been one of those moments were it was honesty moment I'm like did so senators. Now I just sometimes needs -- -- like that is not to -- I don't and the fact I don't remember -- that's exactly -- to send out. I had the fact that I don't remember seeing it to him but he remembers. Of course the guitar player that road all those songs is going to remember right. You know that you said this about him. Dad's friend that was a town like that that that's what kind of hurt my old man was at. -- members of our there was very honest about his opinions of our friends banned yeah that's kind of what. Eventually those friends of -- the doing pretty well right not like hearing the drunk guy saying. This new direction you guys are going in I don't like it one bit and then go into detail why exactly are you want to tell you -- and I got to. Say this looking back. You know at those times. Pearl Jam right now you know around this film have been amazing. They Liasson well. But it we're in the process they've given us songs from tenth to BTUs they never lessons that stuff they've given us stuff from Pearl -- money that was cut out of the film. They are. Supporting this it's just amazing man now I feel like it to hold old -- Dick yeah yeah yeah Phillies and -- next. I don't really -- you can't answer this one of those things that he's goes on the most outstanding awesome there's so much love don't run that camp for what we're doing. And I'm just like how I feel like -- Like they're being so rabbit. You know and I just I'm I'm a little ashamed that my. You think we'll have Joseph Madison do you think maybe they appreciate that toe Blake yeah maybe I mean I came around time being I did all around those second two records. I'm still a lot of fan until I don't wanna hear those songs again but until a second two records -- you know verses and I sergeant ideology are safe cracker psychology is amazing man I think the new record in my opinion is. I clump with how much I love vs an -- tell it I agreed it was -- to -- I love tennis while wee hours of the night college you were always a cause so much more raw. -- I don't -- twilight did Dana I think said that was a reaction to that overproduced first record for another day we -- -- -- mean they re released the record remixed and ready for that -- and it almost was like data like that yes Apollo I -- me you know. Distant do sound sort of an I don't know that its new found it's just I've got so much respect for this grand. For. Not holding me accountable. Hey don't hold me accountable for. So little things -- access and cost often enough -- I just demand so cool so cold that these tests are doing Madden you know I've heard some of the McCready stuff. That he's done for the Salmonella stuff that's been shocked people. That doesn't sound. And need things. Like basically a one point -- directors don't -- me -- -- this. -- price get a number on my caddie reminded him and Mike did yeah Sean Bell live a half hour and a half hour time now we. McCready spent some electronics stuff on this so really how we act and he's writing to original songs for the movie. There were going to be able -- you know. You interesting he had curious to hear what that sounds like well wait till you hear what vocalist is working class. It's going to be you know anybody they -- yeah. I mean I really mentioning how does that interest in doing scoring that's -- not -- area. I mean heads into the timing was right for both parties yeah I know that got Harold and you don't centrists in because she's so connected to a lot of people -- one point -- young Eagles came over and sang on the record. You're saying on the record saying on the soundtrack figured since it was an all risks in this little section they needed that and I just I've never seen that process work and I still never seen it work -- not been over while he is writing to it but the idea that you actually laid down. The film and he writes to the vibe of the film. What -- cool artistic -- -- -- could just -- from how to know he found one of the best guitarist in the world -- -- I would I would -- guy is strict -- unbelievable. He goes to a letter from world when he hits a -- I mean it's so much fun to watch him live and I saw the Key Arena show and yet we can't go obvious hosting another show I do is. My mom and grandma a bunch of times and that was my favorite Pearl Jam experience is just well how everything unfolded up there army -- I'm doing not just the crown of -- part of the mother love Monica but doing Khloe -- -- into Nasrallah sounds so very and then just why Mike McCready I mean really. He kind of has the crowd wrapped around his finger just no different now -- does for a different reason but Mike is like a very spirited guy up on stage -- got a lot of energy and you see his section make all the way to the last cited a stage. They're bouncing with -- it's almost like he's got a whole society. A -- Mike McCready -- yeah does not tell you don't here's the thing I've seen Pearl Jam a million times. And seen him the last time they played the arena old four years ago yeah. Some on that show and I walked into that show going well maybe it's the first must some sobering news and I walked into that show and I was like. Holy crap I don't remember McCready only nests can only in this stage -- wasn't Eddie. I mean anything you know obviously the big star of the show but -- previously liked. Equal -- you know you're not focused on the rest of the -- you're watching McCready do these. Arm swings and Johnson -- and that -- guitar playing is just phenomenal man and put a song do you Russian. He did he act and -- Russian I'm like oh that's that's like that's money -- -- -- at the end of the show they've run out mark arm Steve turner for mud on the gas and knowledge in the slot right yeah I think he does his -- out -- and Al had a couple maybe too many glasses of -- house and I want -- I Kaymer was the mark -- Steve turner and -- -- -- going -- Does anybody know our option does anybody -- and all of a sudden there's McGrady is -- -- -- -- -- -- it it was. It is one of those kind of special nights it was it was a Seattle might get a guise of mud on the Adam dale. All I -- Matt Luke and comes up on stage just and just tackles -- in the middle yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a pretty fun now loot and of course it was Matalin can now that it's. I sat behind him tomorrow in front amount -- get the money honey document Arrington and not lived and was wasted this so she basically I didn't know I was I was the basis of -- -- you're no longer she's sitting behind me and he is literally commenting on every scene on the -- already -- Dotel and -- To shut this guy out. Like dark turnaround nice side only so draw until probably punch you or something and then I turn around and it's -- -- Matt legitimized oh you've got the past seat in the house because all these commentary like she wouldn't comment on the scene and that's on the way and have a lot of errors and we're. They did lose this asks what I. You know and and and it turns out to be no -- did you guys are so she's insane alone. -- was you -- it would have made it once I realized there was match. Unlike you couldn't have a better -- exam exam periods general Michael junior did that little sneer getting the director Scott Brown now you get a -- is there added commentary with amazing. They were so -- -- that some of us might know that you felt was going to be the big band and I ever got to that point but you you felt that they could. John there's a lot of those I I actually somebody asks -- in an interview. Sign a paper in San Diego and I didn't I couldn't think you know school was deserves a million -- time yeah I mean we're like come on people yeah ass hole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oleander while many think. My count there were a lot of man and it they just sort of fell off the radar now Sacramento Madonna had a little differently you don't. I in Destin was hot at the time we all these things we're going on you know they signed it Sonic Youth -- -- -- job break her jaw breaker was like one of my favorite bands -- don't have. And hey you know when they put out dear you. They lost their fan base because they had this underground punk rock sand is -- it was like to ask you you've signed major label deal. Now your music is overproduced and whatever and you know twenty years later that record is heralded as one of the most important records they came -- On the cover making magazines like this all the sudden they abandoned they got abandoned by their fan -- that shows. It was a bad time for job -- sign that deal and that's that from record deal did not benefit that -- I thought that band could have been huge -- also as one of my favorite records. All time I ever sing. Four major label debut this ice I -- much it's my -- mid major label debut records. Are the best records of all time. The reason being in it takes a band that's been you know Dick turnaround in the Indy world and Mason gets serious insight and gutting your head. Right the best song -- and the sixty's yeah teenage fan club -- -- Sonic Youth to do is one of my favor records a lot of people would hearken back to. You know when whatever. The records. I do love evil but I mean these -- meeting nation. Yeah those records are he had daydream nation those records those Major League -- Amy is dreaming of gas so yeah records that are major little prettier you know now dish was awesome man. I had fights and does get a -- It -- in fact this I mean every damn song direct your bad days saw that I don't know I slow Manning is is good she added and is likely to have ivory does not happen you -- -- pictures star hope I -- Michelle and then -- wanted to see me it's yeah create this is just an orgasm. It's pure Orange County -- -- version that they did on the -- -- -- saps yeah oh yeah it's amazing act. Refused -- every time it's such a great record all the way through my Miguel Perez so. So to me EL a lot of those fans I thought. Have the potential to blow -- lot yeah. I'm trying to think -- here in Seattle inseparable since I was just take off I thought for sure that I would be also an off the bat I always thought was gonna be a man yeah right I like world father vendetta red was gonna blow out. I don't know you from me being around that time Austin and spend a dozen other than a -- Ben used to play a lot of shows where -- there was a great. A bunch of guys yeah play with but I I felt like the music video for shattered -- to major label one yeah. It was just too weird thank. Like I I like like the original home where is a live footage and ending coming captured what they were which was a live band yeah like all about being the unpredictable chaotic live band and then though the the music video that they put out was. He was dressed like some kind of medieval attire in this -- Renaissance going on behind it was like you know although those are your hands treatments you know that was the band take that our mandate they might add too many -- on Sunday does like guys. I don't know man I feel like he's you're scaring some people off when this video out that's -- we got back in the day when videos actually dictated it if you were gonna buy a record one main did you think what was like email and the -- sub disband going to be masses. -- man nom I'm blanking -- I mean as far as -- -- yeah I can tell right. He bombs just ten. I've -- Def cameras could be bigger quicker. And I -- that was a -- I always felt like. There earlier rockers as first couple albums I thought like you know were our homes and I was like I can't believe that distant and then the song that made them big I was like I think get like Brett thanks. This seems infineon this sound like a summit do together ninety I read they want to being somebody wrote my five minutes make it sounds that way but yeah never know how that I'm trying to think of what bank. I want it's an -- real estate through it all now -- sort of -- that's -- that's the perfect example right there everybody thought. Sunny Day Real Estate was the next Ramallah yeah there was like diary the first record fish so solid. When my favorite records of all times we're hearing us a -- some -- now and when it on the football game was a couple weeks yeah. And I was like oh my god good. Well I'm working behind I actually texted Jeremy negative that Tom how do you realize that just played your free and songs. -- -- now I'm down on national TV I was blown away by that Jeremy and I've become really good friends over the years and if it's. Eight it's a shame to me by the way I don't know fresh incentives. Hi how are you. I. Then you should say yeah exact so this will be the first on the world's economy and get miles for that. I quit when we got your number sixteen -- seventeenth seventeenth yes. He can do it the last day you're allowed I do so you know. How -- -- -- I feel like it's easier when you've got like a copy of like the Nirvana record I just I do like I should I didn't know why Chicago -- troubled by -- Here's bravery minor -- and you know another thing is I just -- so much trouble for this stuff and it. This still is but this comes from directly from the artists so it's different it's a labeled so just something that's a -- -- care. They are does dad how are you signing and a bank and its -- that's my relationship yet -- let's just say. And -- -- he. Cherish more -- hey. It's a Sunny Day Real Estate went back into the studio to work on songs right and then not dissipated like three years ago they worked on a bunch of songs for new record. And it didn't work out -- guys did did not click in the studio. Except maybe -- couple songs. Car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey okay here in New -- is live shot shot shot shot left I'm happy anyway. That's some kind of exciting Celsius and and anyway I decided a blanket -- mini -- BI -- you know the funny thing about mr. Jeremy -- Jeremy -- and I sound out the man was getting back together. I think I've found estimates. And I talked about it on another radio station in town and all this and every trillion blog in the world. Picks up on you and ran up on it you know what I said and I'm like holy crap you've opened your mouth anymore ate it with this kind of information. And it spreads like wildfire. Like I'm getting emails from eighteen magazine I'm getting emails from people all of them you know all over the world. How do you know this how do you know for sure are you sure what's your quote. And I'm like a broken up like I don't know because you know I always like yeah I'll take whatever was off the air it was a dream because as soon as I said it. All the local blogs repeated exactly what I said then that was picked up Alonzo one point Jeremy could holes we have when he is like. All right big mouth this. This. So here's what I'd like to ask you to do since you seemingly. How. Connection in the people are listening to. Would you help do PR for my solo rushers. And so Jeremy and I worked on that last solo records don't hurt them yeah it was awesome man it was like kind of like she was sand. And I do have for free of course because. I don't want to international -- a -- -- -- we had a lot of fun we we brought him up here you played on the end he played on. On the mountain at the time and I've booked him doing a big show -- -- -- and a couple of romantic songs if you want to perform and that's. Tonight's -- studio anymore yeah. I don't. And then we -- -- as you did make orchestral thing on K spear like animal full page you know thing. I was impressed to it was just it was kind of fun it was -- because. Oh my love of what he's done in the music and you know that guy is one of the more shy. People. Ever and is he. Said no to be in movies he hates being on camera he's terrified he never even did Sunny Day Real Estate interviews. And then he changed his mind called the south and child and didn't interview. And it was it's one of the most amazing. Hearing him say is some of the things that he said made me go wow I'd never. It was a really. Awesome -- who was an awesome thing for me to hear that from somebody that. I have idolize -- -- possession you're right that was unbelievable. I mean to leave you on -- -- levels one thing -- -- when you get to hear them say something we like whoa -- all the past that you never knew that they solve this way about -- and I think you know he says sales -- some good blessings from this documentary that's being made I mean obviously there's some dark stuff but I would imagine there's got to be moments for you just. Gotta be beyond. -- absolutely there are some really really cool things that you just never know until people tell you like I had no idea. That apparently. I don't really -- is I am embarrassed it's. Big apparently -- same director level by adding their record a huge monster major record level that almost went into bankruptcy. Two weeks after. I started -- -- before I play the record what record was it was the Bloodhound Gang while I've played it for McCain sat straight from Ramirez and then it was the exact and it was picked up by a bunch of other stations in within two weeks. Then he. There's a yeah. Marleau and and I have desire a lot of and I love the -- I don't ever stop saying I was awesome man not as awesome playwright submitted -- exist I mean yes Amazon is completely -- and so right but I some -- obviously I saw them live -- deviate one yeah and they had a guy on stage and AJ -- you achieve certain point eight dollars and you can -- your hands right now. He's the club earlier assists though and the guys really is are watching morning show and yeah we do little but I want you mornings and in -- for Howard Stern at one point I didn't really accelerate Arafat. That at one point before Bloodhound yank his I think Philadelphia based. Before they became a banner. He was in the band but it wasn't doing anything he was an intern for Stern's firm and it's off I think yeah I mean I have no idea man here and seeing that energy is based on the New York when we were there and I'm. I'm not allowed to be in in give the interviews anymore because. One of them that I was and the individual broke down crying. And I was in the room and it was the most awkward horrible thing because comedian says yeah yeah -- and I -- And it was powerful to see that was real zoo and it was like that's only. He cried for six minutes. And the camera crew just shut up. And I shot up and I thought how what do I do right now. Normally I go over and -- the did right I'm so my laptop like looking at FaceBook. And do it is like -- And unlike. Zobrist how horrible that was one of those realizations you affect people. We wean you are in that space they don't even realize that your affecting people so you may not. Directly be hurting them you're not taking their money or not you know alive crashing their car you may not be directly affecting them that way. Me and I hurt your your hurting them emotionally yeah and that's it means. That was the sort of rude awakening but to be in that studio I didn't know what the hell to do than what my best friends did. And he's like. You say you -- me it always bite Kirk. Which he rides a Harley and many saw being I've never seen in crime than any sobbing in the stadium part of me is like. You shake in this for the camera there's -- doing that damn good job and part of me it was like. Don't hug him this. You know the businessman and meals like this is a money shot right here and there -- -- an interview on business data center and this is the world did the theater might also be you know could do could. Bummed out hours of Kleenex it was intense students on -- I can not be in these interviews especially artist interviews like -- They want them to be really honest and if I'm sitting in the background on eight I although they might be yeah darted in and not talked about the stuff they need to talk about seeing however. Had no problem with me beat me -- sit there in the room. While he just spilled out I would imagine a warm grim reminder fell accuses you and him in the -- yeah and I -- like you know it's really cameras at this point this is such an emotional things like Goldman Honda did like. They can somehow -- that in it'll be like this intense scene and then I was like now. There'll there'll it's crickets man like they're these camera guys are not move mean. But they're gay named -- single sector. Yes they don't use is a moment to ask you that there's and I saw like a lot of criticism post on the good climber in the squalor FaceBook page or I clip some like Shirley Manson talking about yeah you know. From John Nelson also on my journey label guys from back in the day dad out and who doesn't love that guy if you know amusement really nice guy out. That this story from deduce from John from rocket from the crypt. Hi Greg all these audio -- -- a one and take the chance of NM because. This dam system mrs. word right you think so it can we do the John from -- John rocket from the crypt clip. If you if you're able to find that one. Because they had a he he's service during -- it goes back to have you talked about earlier. Where -- talk about this this fine line of being the commercial radio guys are still being a purist music wise yeah and then all of a sudden. One of my -- bands of -- -- stay here I circuit now is -- -- latest record and I mean I had never seen a better live band in my -- never seen them live I mean I -- shows that changed my life with this band in San Diego you know I played -- dressings from this band I play in the band before -- from the group -- pitchfork and and they were coming up. -- I remember is like these are. This is beyond. Punk rock this is powerful man I've seen them literally. Shut down in the club with a clubs like no more and they turn off a power. And the band. Continue plane now and they turn off or -- reflected Jackson -- -- the band couldn't sing but the guitar ramps and can -- -- yeah yeah they turned off to assist dumb so it's not coming out of them you don't monitors but you can still nearly a -- asked did you hear that natural drums. And the audience start singing to. They play a song and name is holding out our -- -- pregnant man. Dana give each undoubtedly like. Not send this band is able to walk that line Jane's Addiction to the same from -- who viewed the tape -- that relying on for you know -- -- does that to mean now. I'm being dangerous. And real and powerful and enviable -- kind of emotion in new. So anything this -- dead. Five trillion warships. And I don't know if you get a -- here what I've been accepted by the car bomb proof on the run OK yeah I don't know. I'm a second -- -- great -- -- well I'll let you guys have won there yet. You -- I -- John -- rockets on the trip does another. This is Margo rocket John are well you wrote rocker took its artists the so it's congress'. For radio side a Marshal the evidence taken control. -- -- -- -- Here's a song. And hey Brad disfigured and I wanted to try to. Well you tell the story of the frank how are designed our systems also what it was is again that was at a time I was the commercial radio -- -- but I did the cool shell. But it was still commercial radio guy and I just see how like hiding care that I might not fit a certain scene. I didn't care. I just wanted to play the hell out of it because it was amazing right and this was a man that was like very punk rock in San Diego on their early -- so down on crime yeah. So then love that I played them. But they also used to like to African. So what they would do is they didn't because I played him so much am I was relentless. They were courted something once did apparently it was just them making eight sounds are eight sex sounds. And they sent it to me and apparently hadn't played it happen. Because I loved anything they did you have any thing they did I was then. And apparently Sean was at home -- the man delivers his mom his mom walked into the room and he was last seen and -- -- like what are you doing is like we recorded a bunch of BS and -- played a lot of commercial station should -- -- was like. Why would she do that this guy love this year awful awful horrible -- -- -- at all why can't do that right you know baseball. So back flip is awesome man once and I could maybe we visit circuit now which is this record and -- match. I always said if I was ever gonna get into a rumble not a violent person yeah the Brazilian and or rumble I want this song -- playing our guys feel like the energy. And it I don't know it's just -- Right right revenues. Know why why -- I mean what do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just do it quickly so mobile I don't know why the hey I do make -- weird like I had Illinois. Oh my god loyal fan I always viewed all my songs is me being a boxing match well like I felt like I was like music just constant struggle. Maybe develop the regular my timing so I gotta like always feel like okay -- -- the -- against the ropes I got to come back man I gotta come backs -- swing and they announced their plans aren't like can I know isn't that like he's crazy images of of sightings of finding an amount of finer iMac and the last summer -- if I was. The high school Unscom advice take anything get a -- -- -- have played pod you know elementary school -- funny kid because he -- a match -- I said to me we're fight and I -- one luncheon -- the teachers broken out so my guys I want to I guess the only pungent. You know it's funny and the only real fight that I've been in it was I think in high school and you know how you believe. That you have enough adrenaline that nothing can stop you you can rip slams right until they. Just beat your ass into the value realized their adrenaline is just as intense since you're haven't had quite possibly more awesome I did not play. I just remember going god -- This dudes is beat my ass and I thought for sure you don't trust -- it's our run dry wall. Herculean strength -- -- until. Yeah those on the ground it's -- you are listening to ditch digger yeah hockey from the credit. -- continuous Jim Jim Thurber that I thought. I remember Carl I remember everybody's name from by minute Robert I terrorist last name. -- mile and -- I remember the guy got in a fight with an eighth grade because I am actually -- men met him down at one of our live events he came back what I was a friend of mine. And we I just some made had made up of -- that I thought it was gonna be funny. He did he was fine because they he was kind of pissed at the time and I -- -- a fight with them because the thought of fighting it and apply it. I would get in trouble now has not that works really matter why you get the same analysis suspensions. Which who will be disaster it. The last -- -- came close again in a fight was -- I don't know if Lozano core zone or is Graceland I was different Andrew WK shouts and I was there actually -- Then girlfriend and dobbs prime backs same girl for -- time so he was there because he was writing on the error and I remember what was going on but I army. We know -- Monica of -- right yeah so -- so -- there with those two and this guy who's being a -- a -- towards the edge where like does that lifted part. And so you kind of see a little bit over people -- area at a -- behind where like the pit area is listed there and this guy walks is works it way right in front amusing about my heart and my. And they're trying to get back. Pass him and he just are going off on my girl in his drone on my dank hole. Now get more more angry and a couple Beers in me coming on guys make me mad. So I grab the guy -- I shall I go hey you show some respect to these ladies in his leg wounds are saying something mean I don't. I just got like really red and they said sometimes like when I get stressed he's got to -- if there's -- -- -- nap pods and I just got to take. -- Oh sorry Tommy I. You may not get -- -- time yeah my heart and I'm well past and our our lives ignited my own hands and I knew. Security guards there's a Mac remic security -- shortly security -- got up. The guys look on his stay still was just pure fear and everybody around is like dude you look like you're gonna tell him -- -- and pat -- -- -- you right. I thought I had the adrenaline but I get I bet I got 100 knock me out yeah but like I just felt and I looked intimidating perhaps receive some ceiling of just nothing can stop me. I will dominate because like us are now. And then you know and you're beating your asses handed he realized yeah there are still in the same exact thing and only those stronger -- And not a site. Tommy played an audio tonight I grabbed it's in the trailer for the glamour in the squalor yet you sort of FaceBook page you see it and it was a -- great -- you where you said that you think you would be accepted by Nirvana if you weren't -- yeah as does doesn't wow. That's really powerful line. And an interesting viewpoint. If it was and you know looking back on that entire -- here's the thing I rolled into town again a California boy right. There wasn't it's changed a lot in Seattle it's very much more open the you know the city is made up. -- people from all over the back in the day it was very much. You're from California especially California -- you know these past few it was just a deal and 97 and not only AM my ankle running the radio station or part of the team. Debt is sort of dominating the scene but I'm not immune from here so I was already faced with that. And you know mood -- Never really had a hipster look I'm always sir I have a frat boy looked like -- -- you know what I wanted to -- or not I don't remember banned same to me. You know all this I never really fit into a scene because they just never really looked that cool because just a normal. She's sort of all American boy -- so I remember just thinking and -- -- Hong gonna make any headway with these people other than just programme the best free and radio right hand and input not a good show but. I'm never gonna be the cool guy it's never gonna happen now until being the cool guy mentioned that you were a -- Until like command like -- box. I thought I believe that I became. Accepted by -- crew because. -- best friend was captain and he was also one of my friends and it just became one of those things that. All of a sudden I wasn't is -- should bag. Right that I might have radio or IE yeah California frat boy around the radio station. And on the air of doing whatever all of a sudden I I have a different side may have had something and that was that they considered. You know. A -- -- that I was also that I didn't fit the mold. That to me you know and made them embracing it and it was it was a wild time man am I can remember. Some really really amazing things happen and back then and honestly and we cover this in the film to. Don't know me -- that helped me come out you know and and there were different like levels of coming outbreak there was. All kinds of different levels of that for me you know you -- a couple friends no they knew that your parents know Danielle. Then you let people that you work west but I never Lutz. A mass audience -- my audience was a bunch of young dudes that unlike. Well yeah I had no idea until I saw the trailer for your own nobody does just enough where they Marco I don't even know until you know I won't mention the -- yeah. Yeah I. There's only in the sense now smaller than I -- yeah. -- we are not -- -- he won in the elevator and the king day now I don't know I. It's all. Oh man married so so wrong so I mean if. I think honesty got it was that if I did not have that going for me while I wouldn't have been a weird Al all of a sudden I was a weird Al that wasn't an accepted thing it wasn't. You know they knew that I can I have this secret. That I wasn't -- knew how I might have come off. But a lot of people don't realize that because most people assume. That it's you know the stereo types are the people that stand out you know it's all changing now and it's really weird. Now that all of these things are you know with the rest summoned before -- seen him and the world changing their attitude abolished. Being -- And getting married and whatever and a lot of people have it did they haven't changed in my name is particularly the religious. Sect are are are extremely religious yet. Yeah but I mean it's a modest changed dramatically but. It back in the day it was not acceptable and I -- just you know I remember of one point. Somebody called -- one my good friends called me and -- did have his work in new members no more connection is still big deal here right up there I'm still sort of connection and heard a bunch of dudes that we're shopping in there while my voice was on the radio yeah saying oh it's. By the way that he's gay and I thought. I'll. Everybody knows everybody down -- -- know. ACD probably like new life to lower and I prayed and yeah when women on the radio now. Let's talk right -- now so it was it was a pretty -- -- movies movies now and I. I thought there was rough man and I remember. If you're -- here was the big moments -- so patties from whole drama pulled toward more my best friends I hung out with her all the time. I was scared yeah and -- his very outs and I hung out with her and Nils Bernstein who. Was -- best friend Iran then Nirvana fan club out of his little tiny apartment. On my yeah that was a whole different story. But the light literally. You know Out Magazine. Called in said Elle Magazine huge gay publication right -- and said we wanted to do a feature on. Gays in the music scene in Seattle because the Seattle seemed blown up and we'd like you to be a part of it. And didn't this writer came to town and did this whole story and I agreed to do the interview I was like. Hi this is junior liked your blast and an all out and I was really nervous some got the additions coming -- -- whole world's don't know. And it came out and then I realized only gay people read our. Magazine. And you're not a god -- vs new. After that I'm like all right well I sincerely -- he's my guy that was wrong. They are -- -- I aired on -- And mark you know. I just such a funny thing for me because I was nervous. And there's actually we should choose seemed so the benefit we did we should -- scenes from the movie one of the scenes. Was about me continue to grow we found footage of Kurt Cobain talking about it so the scene. Is means going back and forth with me -- meet -- oh wow my version of the story Kurtz version of the story. And it's an awesome -- -- It doesn't exactly make me look like the schools do in the world taken is free and record and -- the demos these were not final makes us so her was bombed about and I didn't know that Tom Watson the damn clamp. But it was pretty powerful that was one -- the other -- It was an animated scene we hired an animator from archer to do contrary animated stuff. So there's a bunch animated scenes that obviously we don't have footage from right. Slew of new -- moments of back in the day was Eddie spaghetti from the super sucker scouting me on stage in front of 5000 people. I must only show they were opening in embassy as Seattle Sutter was the one venue like six to 8000 people all memorial just. Those coliseum and then knowing the Mercer arena and her literary adds a little less talk -- -- played there so -- I am modern honey. Was the headliner and super sucker is open out who I was supposed to introduce super -- is onstage so I got there late. And -- she's. Eddie spaghetti walks onstage. And you know every minute that I'm late in its use him telling the story and animated the whole scene is animated him. Him onstage it's pretty sick it's like me walking into the venue and my friends all sane to me. Dude adding just walked up under the might just the first words he stepped Obama might -- when you're supposed to introduce Simmons said. Hi my name's Marco Kong's Obama -- I thought. Wow I walked into the venue you know why -- super in the closet and paranoid yeah and my friends have liked to. Her opponent and I was like yeah can't -- -- just how did you onstage in front of this many people on like I almost threw up my almost threw up and that I thought. Is that kind of weird numb feeling when you know like some really bad has happened in you. He just got -- walks through it now so apparently what happened backstage and he was pissed off that I wasn't there. You know also the words sagging game -- you know have been used and still are used -- as negative. Connotations. And so. His whole point was -- yet no idea this -- he just went up top here's just this semi did how. -- he does use it and unlike other Sox Manuwai. -- ready for this to happen and I guess that does the money honey backstage relied. Dude why would you do that you know because this is a perceived like. -- in PCs stupid word but it's a scene that defends the underdog yet like the scene is not a big deal I can. It's a whole different scene right and mud -- is like this is not cool that didn't it's not okay that you did that damp and it DC was like putting you talking about the luckiest guy. So any called me from the road into this huge apology like call -- apologized and you know out of the super suckers of an apology they were the most punk rock band -- -- yeah who just didn't give a NASA about anything and now that meant a lot to me that he did that and you know we became pretty good friends I got to -- and what are the -- I was just trying to be a -- I was there I ironically. I ironically here's what happened so I get on the air the next nine -- Paul Sweeney is like. Dude I didn't hear you saying for the super suckers. It's. Yeah Monica I'm. Feeling like H I feel like -- -- my until security feeling like not a whole world knows I'm gay now on this -- just thought it was a funny comment that I made. And soft and I wanted the -- senators. Which I -- I just was like you know it's all perspective then it's all really perspective. Definitely run we're best thing -- that it's. -- want this funny when you get so worked up over so you realize nobody else is even and you know what I mean I like you're walking on eggshells so they've beaten was there any like. I don't know you know these consultants and needs -- that the suit so -- hey don't ever mention that kind of stuff you know especially the co workers now. Where we were there any kind of people tell you -- or we don't. I'm consultants at the end up until all or even my people are like out on corporate. And up until the year that I left. The gap and we didn't have consultants -- and that was actually one of the reasons I left. Is because I was sitting in the music meaning and had to be on the phone call with the -- consultant in New York City. Discussing the validity of Bjork has an alternative artists and I'm just looking gone. This is the -- shouldn't that company. And you radio amount amount and I remember at that moment I'm like did you have to do. Be involved with the creative side of things because. I don't have time to argue. With -- -- how old man in New York City a while who's cool and who's not I'm not doing it. Yeah com. And I had a lot of for humanity at that time I I thought I was really -- I don't know how -- that -- that I -- yeah. And nine hours into this thing now is it doesn't take I have 1 o'clock I'll I'll do what I wanna keep yeah that's -- Now we know Dario and but -- so I EL. We didn't really have consultants at the end for the better part of the end and I went to Sacramento now. Too -- a hometown. Again and I worked at the alternative station there we haven't -- AR consultant that wanted me to come out. He was pushing me to come out because she felt the -- would identify. Do it and would make me stand out as a as a personality even stronger and I'm like. Heaviest -- now. -- this -- married regime call alert as against everybody it's you know very flat it's a -- -- There's a lot of farming. It's a perfect place and it is -- is blue collar and I'm like I am not coming out in this town. I know all the people that are listening to my show this is an example what I did not -- I started a punk rock show and noon where I played the joy arms. And Dead Kennedys at new and the show blew up not so blue collar it was luncheon dudes all Sacramento's hot as hell. Everybody works for air conditioning companies there and -- -- did -- didn't router yeah all also are out there installing air conditioning listening to the show that's why this punk rock show blew up. I mean it's -- germs on commercial radio at twelve noon. On Friday outside the -- college radio regularly and OAT due late night should have played so -- into Bad Religion into the Ramones into who you know I am the avengers into it was a lot of old school stuff and you know. The bottom line is this consultant was pushing you for to come out of the closet and I just wasn't reading man I didn't do it in my own time in my own pace and now I see. Our younger general. Mission just doesn't necessarily. Understand. -- -- struggles and good they shouldn't they shouldn't there walking through this thing guilt the guilt free they have no kind of weird thing built in where you know they're ashamed -- there's no shame in their lives and and there shouldn't be and that's why a you know I was on the board trying to get rest 74 passed here in Seattle and I just look at that as being lying to sort of you know it was a civil rights moved. Amazing thing that I was involved with then -- -- was also an important if -- -- -- arrives makes all the sense in the world this is an -- and you're right it's such a great. Thing to note that Jerry's gonna come a point where sorry -- yes I've gotten in arguments with people because I think Michael Moore you know whether or not you like bright side is that perhaps mcsame loves. Has changed the world civil rights anthem hands down I don't give a rat's ass since it's opportunistic. I don't give a rat's ass if it's. But to commercial. It. It and it's sold the story to straight. People from a straight man's perspective and you know why you can't. It's it will add that song was number one in Australia and New Zealand to win gay marriage passed there that's always number one no call it. Hey you know college preaching to the choir like a lot of people said but the bottom line is. Yes a younger generation that's preaching to the choir therein -- anything -- thin and but people that are my range there in their forties who were actually. Passing these laws and working on these bills and then -- ever or are voting you know the older folks don't live this is not a given man. And I think I -- know when that people do sit as you know maybe strategic thing on his present what that's when you now know what successful when it wasn't Brett Cecil I mean you got to. Our first ergonomic this is up a huge risk in a sense say yeah team because he is a hip hop guy and man I -- I was at the show and I even that I put on Twitter because like I I was so overwhelmed by the experience of being there I think you know this guy. Not that it needs to be said but he's not joking -- Greg this is not a joke like yeah guys are real deal like -- something really special like. About him and Brian Lewis and what they're -- death and and -- do the music that they're creating and it's just another great. Moments for Seattle I think. The response that I've gotten from younger. People as we don't need a straight man to represent us become sang and way. I disagree army dad I -- eyes and absolutely we all need advocates and it was finally somebody. That was lane and out you know in a way that was. You know point blank like filled those lyrics announced song. The first 510 -- many times I heard that I'm -- like a baby honesty got here in that -- I was like this is change in the world this is a changes gimmick com. You know this is like he's the new rule and some and you know for that reason alone I've got to give it up for that guy like you know he's he's he's. And -- customary about this I know how do you feel about. A song that you wrote the hook for you wrote the chorus to. Is changing people's lives all over the world how does that make you feel and she's like taking a long time to understand that or even to be able that. Yeah grassroots do you feel comfortable because it's so it's ego maniacal July LA I wrote a song that's changed the world and -- did I do we do I try to help Chicago literally yeah she really comfortable with but honesty on civil rights anthem and one of the most important songs that. Years from now we're gonna look back on this and I just think that that's songs really really powerful right pretty amazing so. LaMarcus I don't wanna keep -- and -- diagonal one and I -- -- and get out I don't remember now flies all your time and joining -- ride the tiniest where he doesn't have to -- Kara and I we announced harshness. -- wrap this subject matter I feel left to see there's a guy after authorities about the Red -- just wrap things up this is all amazing anyway dad did means all of us I think can -- way -- another Air France also has a clue as revenue on this -- yeah we've all been impacted by you me and a professional level not -- and also one of of just as a music stand. Thank you for being a partisan know these guys. Grew up listening to you here this town and I didn't know I suppose is John Paul bonds for five minutes I thought it was an air show that he does Purdue and I didn't know that our dear -- -- -- How this is what we do and not our mom I'm thrilled that you got to be a part of this -- caches two hours and and -- get us out we're rolling two -- is I won't -- hopefully went out to them because this week we're just not pretty much best -- mode on the -- that's why we weren't able to mix it all worked for the show because I'd love to get you want. The BJ Shea morning experience when the movie. Is club shut out day Vietnam because I know a lot of people love to hear your voice on the Airways I mean yes it sure worked JSW end. When you send news brought him back a more fans -- they can gradually you know it. Mid from the -- get in people becoming a fan because it just doing estimate podcasts like this and be like hey yeah this is a rock music criticism that but it -- There's some passion or something they should be excited about but -- that's neither here and there but Marco thank you so much now thanks for haven't met me yet you are pretty close ties -- say god thanks to -- sushi they are. Find sponsor of this. Try my role -- there's no role named after me Travers is seriously he's got the ST two year old John loves sushi. All nice nice I'm gonna go there not that bad as they got six locations now they're incoming team Penn Station Puyallup finally for -- And now Tacoma. On FaceBook you can check them out over there just type in -- sushi. Cause they're fresh they're friendly as they -- drivers -- against six locations find out more. Drivers sushi dot net Todd thanks everybody who's listening to ES TP castoff players trying to get a microphone and a mixer into a podcast from home while on vacation. It's going. I don't know what's gonna happen or not. Quote given a shot big thanks -- Margot Collins thank you so much for being a part of it. Vermont our next around the top -- Steve the producer. As always stay positive.