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Jan 20, 2014|

Deadkill in studio!

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Yeah oh yeah. Yeah. Do you. Our band is actually from being surrounding him media that propel. An area encompassing that would -- the great northwest. -- -- -- This is -- -- Jolie and then. Yes W. Great night's. Seattle so love our city. I'm joined by the members of dead killed gentleman say hi and introduce yourself. Hello my name is Mike oblivious it's our. Box Brian Krieger. Things. My -- -- Wow silly people out tomorrow opt there was that the hawks are going to that the game. That big game and I'm I'm really excited just about you -- cut part of the game -- Oh absolutely of their game was an amazing. -- So here's the deal dead kill your first time in our south thanks for joining have been a fan and sniper search your music but this is actually efforts on trying to connect face to face I I hear lots of good things. I -- music as far as you dudes as people so I'm happy to have you here we're gonna play. A bunch of songs from the new album titled no never that's going to be coming out on that to die records. You can also find out more by going through debt hill. Dot banned him dot com also face that dot com slash debt deal Seattle the skillet. I don't even know where to begin gonna be like for those that are tuning and quite possibly to allow medical for the first time. Will welcome this is what we do every Sunday night at 11 o'clock. Let's give everybody a little story. As -- how did kill. Came to me because. Everybody in the band has been involved with cool bands in the past so can we do the that -- -- holiday killed came about two with like -- Man on the one. The -- drugs in there is here actually -- and I were in. Before. Dead after -- you have to say which spans you're. Let us know OK okay did did you used to it by what's in the bio. Of the band and -- it. Yes that's please tell us up -- all about. Well. Yeah Brian and I played in a band was called that number early. It's rather short lived and and he cited a wanna keep playing with him and -- And a bunch songs and it was trying to find a drummer. So I went on to do so I -- the British -- out and you know friends and in Craig's list then just every night -- think of I went through. Oh gosh so all sorts of people contacting you that do not play in this on -- it was weird Yahoo! -- and I really strange in them. And yeah so. I've finally found chartered he's an old friend I used to them -- wrote in a mental popsicle. So when I grew up with them from Bremerton. And what I can lose and we just kind of average -- -- -- place so. At pretty much. 2012 be -- -- to die records this new one. Is going to be dropping work like on Tuesday right in my right on that one -- Tuesday. You guys are already getting some really read reviews on this new one help does that make you feel when when people write a good things about about Japan's works are some. About Baghdad for shared definitely. Thanks to Matt Bayliss and get their records for believing -- -- -- -- do this because. It's basically a project that we've been working on for -- awhile. Here's a few years yeah I guess you know. I look at it down to it let's let's play one of the songs from the new album. No never of the person we're gonna play after a little discussion on what was gonna be played tonight it was decided that. Banks of the west will kick things off tonight not just -- are you got a -- without -- just playing the song we just hit the button. This is dead killed absolutely and -- -- -- IK ISW is. Loud and local. This is now. 99. AI SW. Not don't play NI KI SW it is allow local that would be brand new dead killed from the new album titled. No never the name of the album is called -- -- and the songs -- shakes prior to that. Banks of the west I am joined by the majority. Of -- -- in studio gentlemen. Introduce yourself once again felt fine thanks listening online at home and your mother's. How my camp Libyans tired. And on -- Brian. If I had your ship out to Johnson and Corey Johnson. With us and we. -- -- -- Do. I just want to call you mr. stout let's hear your man with a with some power and a president and I just feel like -- -- -- like. Yes mr. Stubbs still always do we don't like your early. Finally some that I. Believe he commands all respected he deserves all of -- that's. But gentlemen the new album -- never will be coming out. On Tuesday -- good to die records and then you're doing an in store performance and easy street Louis in the west sea at all. Is really cool I love love love that I know us and writer who are in in studio a handful of months over a couple of months ago they had -- and insecurity easy street you guys are doing one as well. According to my notes you guys play at 7 o'clock. Shire that is your and we are more than excited to it is and and opportunity of a left town to play -- -- -- records in west Seattle because not only can hang. Play show -- record in and eat a burrito. You kidding me that's the greatest. I think last year they -- directory Sarah tasty so tasty. Is it odd too late in the situation like that where. The lights are all its rights. You know you're not in the traditional showed men have a phrase -- -- and I. Well we're always -- play live and play for three people they. That's the spirit of the right idea -- on Tuesday when you guys students in -- easy street records for the new album and you never. And by the way if you're doing the drinking game home every time -- the name of the new album new never you should drink. Agreed I just made that up on the spot right now are you guys gonna go ahead and run through the entire new album no -- I think I am quite. Plus I had known the. The ladies you're just gonna try to run through about some songs and then -- -- this -- this relational. On sent Friday Friday Friday Friday at shops duly and then Saturday you guys are gonna be going down to accordingly exit and you have to know with that acts in cougar. -- Agree and have pleased down. You'll feel free to say no never maintenance. -- It is gonna end up getting all -- of drunk texts. For the rest of the night that sounds -- -- you can find out mark on that hill right now likely to get killed -- banned him dot com or FaceBook dot com slash. Dead killed Seattle -- can go to the good -- Sites as well to find out more I'm sure you can pre order the album right now but it will be available on Tuesday gentlemen thank you for bringing -- the album but we'll let you guys know how to do it right you bring me. Bring mom of the final with the digital download on the inside -- you missed. What's your opportunity to sticker at the door. Well yeah -- down. Seriously it was a great night except they forgot the stickers joined by -- till all hours long tonight. For allow local playing a number of songs from the new album titled no ever coming out on Tuesday -- good to -- records. And take -- of some business and I will come back with more. Probing questions for dead -- next to him by big -- -- -- -- ISW it is -- -- my special -- all our -- I'm joined by three of the members of dead until -- -- -- mr. Stubbs. Even if it's easy street now I'm not a day when he first. Also Brian and Mike once again Bigelow to acted to -- and -- who couldn't make it here tonight also. Hello to nick who's sitting quietly in the the album now -- never is going to be coming out on Tuesday you guys have a performance happening easy street records. Easy street west Seattle 7 o'clock sharp on Tuesday. Then on Friday you've got your official record release show happening at shops you eat a lot now -- along with that dust mop. Which is at risk yes yeah I retreat. And we hear it if I can't deny that -- stand right I'm chances are gonna like it. On and then into violence and then Saturday night on the 25 you guys are playing in Portland. At the -- with acts and cougar. Did you have everybody in the mother's coming out for the local show on Friday night you know when you've been working in building towards. A new album it's something where people kind of come out of the woodwork to reach these guys have a lot of friends and family come -- the show on Friday night. Yes I've been addressing social media I. Feelings he should apologize to everybody has it been like self aggrandizing and just pushing it as much possible by them. We're really aren't and what you should be doing OK and if somebody takes issue to that you are promoting your band that's what -- got to deal. That's those are my words by. Molecular level we do and I'm really glad that people that support us and actually you everybody and especially big via ups. -- -- -- -- -- Well I think that we're gonna have a lot of really from friends and family who are gonna come and support to -- who patiently -- I'll be honest -- -- The record that we name and now I'm serious that record barely a minute is that it's really awesome. And it's at least that's really god we spent a lot a lot of time working. This record and it rules. I -- I'm not -- I like. We use we words our butts off to make an extremely awesome record and a lot of people have written a really great things about it because. It is a good record I don't know I wouldn't be here. In this -- without Mike stabs. Because he is that god father of -- kill and he world. Continued to be the godfather did you and it wasn't it it was a -- nick. Who is owner of kids directors who is what you hear there so this is a fantastic record. You can find out more about dead killed by going to FaceBook dot com slash static kill Seattle also dead killed dot band can't dot com let's play another song. From the new album and that I wanna talk a little bit about working on with that with a wonderful Matt Bayliss who just is is that -- didn't helper of the amazing music he's so handsome and on the next song we're gonna do from the new album no never is titled on what is -- we're doing -- rights. I had agreed to play relay. Yeah it's actually about going into the depths of hell to retrieve the one that you love but it's a tragedy so in the end. Everyone gets besmirched I guess I just think just it's it's a beautiful story but it's also sat on. I -- that I arrive at a level NI KI SW. It is -- local. And this is dead deal with the sound or -- This -- without good. I did stood up. Okay. I don't put ninety AI SW it is loud local that is dead -- from the new album coming out on Tuesday no never the song is called. Ghost. Prior to that or fetus she aches and kicked up lamb Michael with banks of the west if you're just tuning and -- grape nuts -- about it that much -- box exactly you can find out more about allow local like how to submit your band's material. To listen to pass podcast going back to the dinosaur era. Link up with all the -- by hitting up the -- local page IK ISW. Dot com a big week for the guys in debt -- the album known ever comes out on Tuesday he'll also be playing. Show gig an in store -- easy street records in west Seattle you play at 7 o'clock sharp. Then Friday night you're gonna play -- -- suing for your record release along with dust month. And recovery and into violence. Ballpark. We do I think you're gonna play obviously you should be there early could you should see all of the bands -- I should preface this by saying. We'd be going on after 10 o'clock so -- -- puck all the -- next pileup on time. I'm greatness and to play it loud and does not and and you play on Saturday nights at the know with -- and cougar. And foods -- -- you guys put on one hell of a blistering. Live show. And number of people have said this and I've seen it roots as well. That you're just waiting for that amendment went and when things through when s.'s gonna hit the plants at least that there's always that feeling of like things can get out of control. Really really easy just like he hit the edge with that and I found my moment of out of control this morning. Wind I banged my head and started bleeding profusely. So that leads me applicants who are wondering what was going on by -- between my eyebrows the -- Now that was just me and my bathroom. It was great but at that brought up the idea of injuries. I love finding out about two band injuries so why why -- have a feeling that Brian. House majority of the injury he has an agreement on actually is funny story so we are playing in Ballard. It was a show and a sunset. And we're we're we were darting out of that practice today Hillary Clinton completely rock and as -- And I I don't know what I was trying to do I think mr. -- Mikey might just -- -- -- -- pledge myself for some some -- -- -- Well I had members you. Viewers singing in the -- your phone and then face planted. Into Kirby is petals factually correct what -- and took my microphone and down at the same time and it's. Applause by the way who have fives on the record and then I have been to -- face plant -- -- these -- times over the -- -- turn McIntyre completely off. And then at the same -- managed to pick up all of the -- them and make -- -- stand up into the plant where. Right indoors at the song that's like -- ELJ kicked up into that her job momentum where. It was like in bond NT the song and the entire crowd this is flaky -- Rory nearly exploding on to -- -- Clinical don't stop this song regardless. No harm no and yeah no. It doesn't matter if you're. You're you're missing a finger or knows there and offers a new job. Dear picker of your face is bleeding we keep playing the size as a matter. I mean I need to work. That particular the work out explosion. Sign up for 1995 -- month. You're out of Iraq -- -- dedicated yeah you thought you thought crossed it was the big thing right now with the debt deal worked out yeah laggard. -- blow your mind. I'm joined by the guys in -- killed a new album no never drops on Tuesday via a good to -- records. They're doing an in store to easy street records on Tuesday and then Friday nights the album release show. At chops you -- you can find out more by going to. FaceBook dot com slash dead -- Seattle let's play another song. From the new album no never and I I believe we're playing some songs that nobody heard before which is. Pretty damn cool thing to ask -- -- self that's next song is called the desert would anybody like to share with the class a little bit about the song. Yes so I wrote this song actually. It's kind of mid tempo river but I -- I wrote it all listening ginger -- are watching integrators. And -- In Africa Mikey wrote baseline for this are you talking about the ginger baker documentary yes I'm aware of mr. baker -- -- out and that that earlier when he did it was kind of like he's. Near -- the whole thing and the very fatalistic. Trip he just quick cream and he's going to Africa and just crashed his car it's it's it's about time in the desert. Well. I'm not IK IAW as -- local special guests all hour long. -- -- and this is once again from the new album titled -- never coming out on Tuesday the song's called. The deserts in new man. -- That -- is W it is loud and -- them like special guest. Are dead until the song's called desert from the new album titled no never. Coming out on Tuesday -- good to records gentlemen let's go to his studio in his office to do that -- Michael does guitar. -- -- -- -- The of them I could be as that term -- I'll -- performance the in studio performance at easy street records in west Seattle is going to happen Tuesday at 7 o'clock sharp. And then Friday night will be the Seattle album release show at -- -- we and then Saturday night the band -- down to Portland to take carry your friends down there. Asked am -- no all right so I've got a bunch of random questions for you guys. I hope you're ready to dumbed down with -- and it's -- ready. On your graveyard. -- UCB headstone. For your band dead yeah. What does it say. Angela Angela mr. -- gophers to. I. Anybody else anybody else have anything to -- objects are round exit. -- I'm if somebody. Along the veins of like a behind the music you know we each house or or like a great TV music dvd we all have our favorite music dvds that you like it throw on at 2 o'clock in the morning to smoke -- tuning out and just enjoy -- If somebody. If somebody was to narrates. Your story. Who would it would be. Sherlock Holmes. And I I I. Mean. He's insane talented and really creepy at the same point. You can not make him out yet do not mineralized -- -- -- on dec oh Seung podshow. On and -- -- -- work how a -- animal and animal that speaks to dead -- what's with that animal. T. A seahawk. Stagger you -- I'd. -- asked a C narc him out of the yard -- at Dell is making. Earlier master and dear to me -- -- it was idiotic article it clears and I'll make that finger gesture at my affairs. Yeah knotted up what I KI SW it is well local my special guests all hour long. Are dead killed the name of the new album is titled no never coming up on Tuesday via. Good to die records and just assaulting this for bandwidth with. Random questions we haven't had time we don't think about. We let me and and I would like to thank everybody would have. Different answers for this we all have our musical heroes people that we admire. You know summer in obvious genre some would be in different genres. But I would like you each to take a hot second to think about it and then have you each answer me one at a time. What's musician. Would render use speechless. Pastor present and allowed her to heroines. -- -- -- -- Because I appreciate the fact that as a straight man. He is of locally. Constantly. Trying to make the fact that. People like myself as a gay person -- her. Treated in this world. Comparable Lee and constantly he is always turn to find new ways to. Well he's -- really really Alexandria. That person because he is always trying to. It's illegal acts -- more risk assessment the. Well that's cool that's really cool -- but Bob Hope Smith I believe is. First. I am. To be programme heart. From the drummer from -- new. Target say because actually did Needham and I tried talked on it and really work out -- Don't believe they have not -- on talked me. Isn't that that's that's that's so tough when it's somebody that you. Really admire I had a chance to meet Chrissie -- handful years ago and it was -- share that with. Down here at Paramount's end. With ushered in with people and there was something going on it'd been a bad nights and she was like. You nice to meet you and she just looked at me with these eyes and I worship the quicksand this woman walked on for -- manner and she just looked at me with these eyes and I'm like. -- Out of this room as soon as possible because I've eulogy she there's some sort of a -- going on and I will be just an innocent bystander. And I mean I listen I could listen to the pretenders or want it they just kept getting horrible feeling my template that was my chance to really connect with somebody and -- -- Let's talk about that show that you guys did with off. It is awesome. I was like somebody somebody give me some words about -- I was. I was as kind of let him punctured his obviously. A lot of influence comes from -- like indeed got the market at least on the but that his phrasing kind of you know change the way I listen to music and talk about music -- he's a big influence. Yeah -- with the when -- somebody says hey you wanna play at top off yeah. You know you start freaking out. On these -- yeah I got the text if there was gonna -- start I the wedding are killing we have to yeah yeah yeah there was there was agreement. Think stimulus for putting. Brad and my pressure put that -- -- I'm joined by the guys in debt killed tonight allow local the new album no never comes out on Tuesday via a good -- records. The plane in -- easy street records in west Seattle they play at 7 o'clock -- And then on Friday night they're going to be doing their album release form and never. And if you're keeping up with the drinking game every time I say no never you should drink. And the album release show once again is Friday night at shots doing and then that hill. Heading to Portland. To perform at -- -- along with acts and cougar gonna take here is some business and mall are. With -- -- coming up next gonna get this himself from the first album and talk about one hell of an option video while local continues next to him by not an ugly night KI SW it is -- -- special guest. Don't kill the new album new never drops on. Tuesday you could see them easy street records in west Seattle performing at 10 o'clock sharp and in the outwardly show is that -- -- on Friday night and then the band is going down to Portland. To perform at -- no. On Saturday night generally introduce yourself and I don't have to do with the band like it semi organized over here. Might not as fiscal third. For a greater part of the good today family. -- -- -- -- -- Hopefully you've been listening this whole hour because not too long ago we we have become an additional. You can find out more about dead killed by going to their FaceBook page and for God's -- if you like which you -- share -- It's about sharing things that's how we get things across in the world that FaceBook is the others basically -- yeah all right that's what I have been mentioning to -- -- but dot com slash -- -- Seattle. That killed -- band camp dot com and then your handle on Twitter right I treat you like to you that Kelsey I don't think you think ultimately. OK so I'm glad I went out about some years some of your peers everybody has their their favorite band within the scene that they. Are big fans -- -- playing shows with who have some your guys is favorites here on the local front. Bring him to keep it. Local. Love to last month were playing with them. Matt Bayliss -- that -- but also eighty -- Irene from eighteen visualize. Their fantastic. And we pleasure recording with Matt over Britain's -- It's kind of actually how the that means. Known ever for the album -- Came to light he'd changed a shuttle -- that shrinkage that's that's what I know you're supposed to drink is when we say the name of the -- never drink. I'm here. Tell this is really -- that we couldn't decide on an album name and we're trying to find out and -- issue -- should just come organically. Yeah but we're outside Canada smoke break and talking about the recording was going which was fantastic kids that are better experience. And Adam is right next to the house. And this this mother and a little boy who just -- rambunctious on a way. And she's young she didn't you hear her yelling at him -- Oh and chill out you guys. -- Yeah I heard. The species. Running away from. That we just cracked happens that was definitely the that sea change for that's just -- this is -- owners waiting. So little rug rat inspired the name of did you beat your album I love that the only mention that he was wearing water wings and -- like you didn't. I think that -- you that you -- include a picture of him somewhere like a little teeny tiny picture. I got arrested for yeah. Yeah it could be where I could be out. The reason for inspiration. The which -- and his record that would be agreed idea that political and and I love the idea that it should come organically if you're trying to force it. -- a lot isn't -- appreciated if you don't buy it. Let's. Let's let's talk about -- -- -- about a year year and a half ago the video for a god help you. Was released and got what they write that well so so so gut and terrifying. It's. And hit all the right nerves the song is awesome the video is great for those that don't know you can look on my FaceBook page I posted it there. And died and it may be old hat to talk about it for you guys. But for those that are just getting sort of debate alive so to -- gravy days because thankfully she's -- -- So our buddy Jerry -- -- -- with an idea what we -- our Jimenez. It by glass. They had an idea for the video. We came to that. I thought well that works all right. You know that at a I don't -- -- get I don't wanna giveaway that the that if there's a hook but it was like you know crazy guy chase and a girl. And I thought you know I'm not really sure you know about face and go down and actually don't want it. You know it -- little negative because. Then it gets promoting violence against women yeah -- know it's like something out of a movie so there's it's what at the end yet is that Estonia. Later. But so. We also had an ideal world we wanna have some live footage and so a -- by media business -- basement yeah. They got pretty out of control this looks like it was fun and then -- There's a guy had -- yet the half Brack. Beard thing -- Mohawk mean firecrackers. Mean basically -- that off you can see in the video and it was really one of the best parts of the live footage so. But you know that the whole room with smoke in. Pretty dangerous it. Yeah it looks really -- it looked like someone could get hurt on that video -- really really easy might yet elect I couldn't be either ministry put the we're choking on fun thing -- I'm joined by dead killed. Tonight for allow locally and I know more about them likely to face -- dot com slash. That -- Seattle author dead killed got to be in camp dot com the name of the new album is titled. No never. -- There and then you can see them Tuesday performing. An in store easy street records at 10 o'clock sharp and then the album release show for me. It's Friday night but once again if you haven't seen the video for a god help you from that killed just don't kill one word. -- god help you and it'll pop right out and we don't wanna give anything else away but it's at the rad video he should really be proud of -- this was. Pretty much from my first introduction to dead kill somebody go and play oh god help you and if you don't like it. Too bad. Sure and I get knotted up what I KI AW and it allowed level this is -- -- -- -- Not ugly night KI SW it is allow local that would be dead killed from there for self titled album. The songs come out. Out of my hand I'm -- but the majority of debt til tonight for allow local 11 more final time gentlemen and -- You see yourself and say what you do in the vain -- -- my conclude this concern. Miners -- figures sorry mom for the cussing them last it's -- the edits your fine. Michael stones guitar. Our rights be in new album no never comes out on Tuesday the -- -- -- playing it easy street records for an extra in store they go on at 10 o'clock sharp. Friday night the album release show at -- -- and then Saturday night. -- friends in Portland the performing at -- -- along with acts and -- you can find out more by going to face -- dot com slash. That -- Seattle of food that killed got banned him dot com and you can also. Good to died but it died -- Good to -- records. Dot com and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Google and -- well to their records. 01 of the funniest things to do -- never drink your career any -- -- is to sit around and talk about who we love. Locally. Fans are passionate about your peers who played -- I would like you guys to talk about some of your favorites right. But -- my favorites is Dante DOD. I think that they are fantastic. There's super loud. As a four -- their fantastic they have. FEMA guitar player. Who rules. Beyond all belief and she playing is. An extremely. Extraordinarily. Sex in Macedonia may said publicly. I don't it's a movie set out that I I wish I had something -- Now some of that I'm also -- into right now my buddies from -- they kill it. Super underrated. Also. Blood drugs absolute monarchs again nation on -- is really -- That's his last and rightly it's not -- -- first I got -- and I. That's 2%. To her body lead from big truck organs Wellington's. Local it I don't really wants only to homer and let them. There's gold band on the roster that that really really love the nets on the constant lovers and their new records coming out. After ours jolt and it's going to be awesome and Brosnan of course and rendered so -- -- -- does -- Now I'm -- I'm gonna put you on the spot grab a microphone. What's coming up. What do we have to look forward to for 2014 as far as good that I records which is and I. -- you may feel uncomfortable by me saying this -- gonna have to deal pick your in my house. You've done a great great great job with the with the label and your signings have just been fantastic. And great great bands. What's what's coming up for 2014 with good to die. Well -- -- Tuesday and and marched in the -- record and and grown from Helmsley's there will controversies from the record killer. And Purdue and senators split we. -- and we need leaders who were working on right now. Whom does most things in the works that I can't mention that hi nick I would have never thought you'd be so so outspoken on the radio. -- I. Needed good. I'm joined by dead Chela who had been my wonderful guests all hourlong tonight for loud and local we've talked about bands that we left it was it was or anybody else who we want to talk about her say a little too. -- we covered dot. And get a shot to match. To -- bond from beastie records but have fallen so he's he's let us play this and story -- an airplane and he does. He has in stores all the time. He doesn't -- for local and here so I'd I'd just feel like I'm. Sent out to meant to obscure records ran on ran on. Others silly question I liked you -- to bring up allow local with certain bands. If you could you because you're already let -- -- -- continued enthusiasm. If there it is there a specific movie. That you would like to have feature a -- kills them. Sixteen candles. And I -- I know by now. That little bit and and I did have secure as we go fantastic planet and that weird French movie. I'm definitely would one I have a desert in the yeah but I want to have really gay teenage boy Dylan Glenn did you. That's awesome. Even -- -- that's a really bad. Wanna be their hero it's sheds one of these Husseini and steps. Arm. Gets a -- at the the first 1936 bad news bears. -- Walter Matthau piano they are -- By the way you -- you know she wanted to observer of that too demanding an I thought it was dominant -- -- -- Well cannot have wisdom was that -- -- and he has -- that. I -- I would say guys it's been an absolute pleasure I'm. I'm gladly we finally got you in studio fill out political analyst I wish you and best of luck with with the and sororities street on Tuesday outlets in the new album drops no never it's coming out on good to dive record. And you can you can get the final and it's like the final there is a little code word you can download the album digitally. Do your best to support these great local artists who work really really hard. And they don't always get the accolades that -- It's it's worth your time to do you check them and music and then -- absolutely. And if you're not a parent you're not dig in hard enough. The album release show is happening Friday night at shots doing along with just month that features the amazing that they list Peru. Recovery and and -- violence and and Saturday night. That you will be in Portland at the -- along with Alex and cougar. Gentlemen thank you so what you what you wanna -- throw it until you nicer OK now -- never. I'd be podcasts will be up within 24 hours do you tell your friends and family about -- local and that -- we're gonna. We're around but the show right now witnessed on. And ever. Thank you so much yet this is different outlook it.