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STP-Cast 01-28-14 -- STP has switched from "Spotify" to "Beats Music".

Jan 28, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Mono Nick, Topshelf and Rev interview David Barrionuevo who went to EVERY Seattle Seahawks game this season. He is going to the Super Bowl this sunday to finish out the season. We talk about what we would like to do along the lines of what he did with the Seahawks. We talk about Rev wanting to go to all the "Con's" across the country. We play a Richard Sherman mash up song. Topshelf talks about his plans for the Super Bowl trip he is taking this weekend. We talk about a new up and coming Rapper named Kendrick Lamar. STP has switched from "Spotify" to "Beats Music". We try out Beats Music feature "The Sentence". We read the text's and play the voicemails.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think -- I don't know much about coming devastated had gone done all this time. -- we should be very very grateful for the guys in this room. You know also let me madness has. Got to give back this this man that -- the twelve normally. Power -- yeah -- now look what's happening there today great Arizona moment. Relationships that we have makes its. Best place in the world with the ball in his. I don't wanna make sure Cornell. Didn't put me Karzai -- -- go home run every step when it. -- -- Nobody got to try and everybody -- Hope bill and everyone knew -- well you've got to know -- Call yeah. CS TV cast its TV producer here. Top shelf it's the remnants way go. Good keep his Mike off. I saw plug and not let him put the goal -- plug the revenue already and mono mix right there wow -- in the week. Fresh out of their Grammy performance of imagine dragons with Kendrick Lamar the rapper guy. All right let's -- We had played his son on -- fishing in the next. It means. Have you seen the video for this you know it's an amazing. Gotta love OK rob diamond Phillips I hate Mexicans didn't cost. Overseeing much. Do. I've seen in my new music awards shows the grammys of course -- -- -- one. Those guys put on a show I I really want to use our secure -- on a weeknight. Might be worth getting -- Because they incorporate a lot of big drums and music -- under some very like. Big pay some slots and two bombs -- just jamming now he's so the Grammy performance would feminized Kendrick Lamar gruesome new rap producer. It's intense like you really want when they finish -- just like I. I don't know what else to do already guy who -- our -- try to give foul issues it's right there or how well I do. We're not Kendrick chime in on this version history -- I don't know anybody do -- in this song. And of course up. Here's cal all right there right after the 49ers game we're really talking a lot of CR Super Bowl this Sunday C a talk show is going. And in just a few minutes you're gonna talk to a guy who has seen the -- outplayed in every game this year. And he lives in New York it's not win every game. He was there for her role -- away. Really the only home game for him was the game against the giants and new York and new -- at least he had -- -- -- that he -- Kendrick. Skinner get off your son us. There really okay. Okay including champion. Every night. I want and -- -- -- -- -- -- Dream still. He did if given the Warren Moon times. -- -- -- Do I get not only Brock Lesnar. I like now. There then. In fact. That's detected three out together. So they got us a magic dragon. We're gonna called David up in a second place. That that -- from Kendrick Lamar just reminded me of this Warren Moon moment and also brought pleasant moment let's sync Al Warren Moon. All right next up -- and now Kendrick. Warren Moon. Brock Lesnar. Kendrick. Warren Moon and -- -- there. -- inspired heads -- because this the -- is Super Bowl this Sunday. Top so we're gonna definitely talk a lot about your plans and it travels well first of style the man up. Who's making news. Across the country well mainly New York in Seattle because it's such a great story a in new York and also be in Seattle because it involves a -- -- his name not a. Raikkonen put your last name. And besides even -- I know I am -- And now he has a website -- and stop Blogspot dot com this dude. Has seen the Seahawks play in every game. Not only -- in Seattle but everyplace that they've traveled it's an amazing story well. I'm really looking forward to talking to -- -- mutual friend oh how funny is that small world. -- physically initially gas -- I ask you know yeah college friend and still -- if not all of my friends -- changed genders of why -- that's more than me. It's more than most it's. Don't know where you truly didn't. Hunt that are maybe still sleep and I hope yet somewhere in the light is 13 -- you have reached that point mailbox. Three or -- I -- and I had a great -- box box box Stephen Seattle is trying to read Jeff we'll call you back in two seconds. -- -- into -- too human to Paris maybe you screening his phone calls them that could be -- who do very. Otherwise be the quickest and we've ever done on ES TP cast. We replaced lawyers -- good -- -- -- paranoia focus Lars what unable to call to the -- asked. So he's going to be calling in on Thursday and the addition more experienced awesome yeah let's hope. Believe it when your grade. Hello -- David. Yes this this hey Stephen Seattle how are you man. How are you see it cart -- man great guy am I imagine you have the same feeling as us here we're just anxious and excited for our Sunday. A man it's a pleasure to get to talk to you pay outs on these guys we share mutual friend. Somebody goes to your. All -- He's -- at the half court our duties he's great -- I used to do a music video show in college where we were the hosts it's kind of funny he. Does he -- his first name -- he -- Scott. I don't know who just -- I notice he's confident he's like a seahawk and it's a -- Scotland geez guys I assumed I was like C Thomas Howell. Let me could be that I know I never asked him in all the years that I -- now with them we were too -- against sound. I don't know. We never got our -- -- talked about the origins of his own name. Good guy that's Davidow under a separate action last memory as a Barry and nuevo. -- Do you lose David man down and I was a second quickest interview Rivera and oh yes that's not a quick but you have to -- home again. I can sell the Steelers -- Cossack at the end does that. They didn't wait for a by the way I'm two for two and dialing decision yeah yes you are twice I don't know man learning and I think -- hung up on them. Be awesome. If it did not happen -- You able -- -- -- -- this time it works can. For like you always know he's still talking about it he's worried about their guys that are out there are no -- no I'm sure was on RN I got. I did -- -- -- out puts you realize there's a barrio nuevo. Yet -- OK cocoa and neither website is defense as CA FE and as CE dot Blogspot dot com. Yeah I echoes army general gets out because I I love your blog and I'm reading through it's it's great didn't see. Thought I could junior from New York him getting into a whole story is is -- to -- -- to read through the eyes of Simien doesn't live here in the northwest. Just you your take on on the talent and all that kind of stuff but let's backtrack first is just how it all started MMI buddy skies take. Hey I I know this dude he's going to be traveling to all the seahawk games he lives here in New York coming no way. And and that's exactly what you did and there's an article in the New York Daily News about tears while I mean what what a great story especially with the way that things are leading up to you know Super Bowl at the C -- being in the Super Bowl. But let's go back to the very beginning your your hawks fan you live in New York. And you decided this year they use gonna go travel and watch a team play every game. Yup that's you know -- started last year. When -- cluster without it. No unless -- game I was I just decided you know I was. Somebody had to witness them when the old saying that I I was I was pretty damn certain that they were gonna win -- old friends. My girlfriend everybody -- let everybody know. That's the hawks are gonna at least be in the Super Bowl. And so I just seemed up then. It's it's been an amazing experience ever since and I'm actually leaving immediate Bay Area now. -- -- -- -- It's even a mid day today mr. Paul also got a chance a movie you kind of what do you watch what's been going on there. I would say just thanks so tickets. Sort of general admission -- -- -- you sit down in the area there's little radio and -- You listen. US and that is little radio all the different channels sponsored and German Thomas well certain. Chancellor. -- watching -- Did darlings make it 'cause we read that he finally agreed they usually do media day. Yeah Amy -- was there for about six minutes and he -- This is an -- well you know it only takes about -- and consumers want a one word answers no I mean I don't know how. Yeah it was it was beautiful wouldn't it actually is interview a pretty -- it was pretty obsessed with the Lola what happened during the interview -- -- stands at Deion Sanders. It was Dion Sanders. And marks -- soaring like -- -- and now a days it's -- it's -- certain things they used them. We just had vertigo and on about how he you know he's used just to -- not talk to. -- talk much and you know he's not fair for the podium he's there and play games. No we love -- the article that we read very said you know I'm just sick of costly haven't had just say hey it's not just me it's the offensive -- it's still wide receivers it's everybody how many times had to tell you guys not just me doing all this. Oh yeah he's a very selfless. Humble -- which are really. I really appreciate about you know about him is there and they have very cool dude. Did you hear this huge beast mode news today. That he is officially sponsored by skills and their will be special Seattle additions scandals that are our team colors. I did it sure that I sort of picture earlier this trio of that is I actually bought it -- it still blows there. That's all some way -- do you have those -- there. No I did -- great early read. Number two overall he just bottom from the motherland it's all right yeah. I know what you're ready you're free. Yeah personal but to the Seattle I expect you got to make -- rain on Sunday you know already and after its. So I will -- a new set OK because I I think all of us agreed after that the falcons game I remember being there and just the emotional high of -- -- -- we're going on to the next round tonight. Awful lie down that happened just seconds after what we -- was going to be didn't know OK we're moving on to the champions NFC championship. My -- after that all went down and in my emotions finally kind of calmed for a second cause a site I just can't wait till next year I just. I can't see this team losing again my guy just some some inside I mean it's it's great to hear and you have the same feel you're like after the -- in -- like you know what. Just my man mission I'm gonna head to Seattle not only see all the games instead -- you also gone to all the places. Heard -- and I'm like going home game you got to really see was -- one in New York. Yeah it's very pretty much and now this sort of the big one you know yeah -- got the timing of I know that so that was part of what factored into media deciding to do it was the fact that if they did make it all the way like -- thought. It would appear right over here in my backyard. Now did you look up on charged. Hurry get okay. Did did you -- did god do they agree it would reduce its embodies there was is mostly a solo endeavor. This I was able to go with some what -- a few friends along the way it's different games. And yeah I was able they incorporated few friends it was an awesome I want for a new look used to be a jets stand. And he -- he was able to -- to like seven games. Well like what he really include any it's probably gonna go to the Super Bowl also. See you Susie talks and now. Easy -- eighty VA is my buddy Greg Hughes even stronger and nice run out of our. Longtime jets -- what he's also the united does love for -- -- looks like. I -- share the same soft spot for the jets for the most struggled to prevent her. Yeah exactly do you have a Super Bowl tickets. I don't clerics. Do you know we're seeing can you tell us hi I'm going to visceral tumor. Yeah I don't know where I'm sitting up pretty much. Com Soriano who works -- talks I'm unable to bear -- at face value ticket you deserve it worked out so you know. Did you go to work or did you go to the -- the the pre season games do. No I didn't appreciate it until I got an odd days Larry and magic and crazy isn't solid and donuts -- I know aren't up on the nobody yeah. The ones I am not dead top do you -- right now is going to Super Bowl as well -- Okay and are afraid or you order so well. I am I gonna fly out on Saturday and go to Rhode Island and I got a long journey federal throughout the Letterman. Yup so I should get your information and when we're done and maybe we can trying to comfort quick -- or some them. Murray out there are no bigger the bigger company knocks and you'd I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of hawks fans at this game at a young to remember -- 20052006. If so much for the most part like it was a Steelers home games because suited proximity are so close both teams are so far but I feel like that though the hawks fans especially this year just. This is such a rabid fan base and think you know a lot of people do truly believe that this is the year or so million people -- making the trip. I agree I think I think it's going to be obviously a lot of Broncos fans OK but they are doing the same way you know I know. I don't we -- life. We feel like gum. Is our year but I know they feel the same way about their schemes. So low cost sport yet we haven't traveling in my record numbers I can't possibly imagine any other team having. This the kind of traveling transport that we have been here typing and I've heard a lot of people that -- Carter just like. Putting tickets -- credit cards and like you know -- about it later yeah I think or they get here for that sort of as. It could be enough to be the first Super Bowl team -- That's how I felt with the playoff game doesn't idea until my life might look it's and it's a pretty penny could generate -- -- those prices up -- ministries value bill for the playoffs and music -- Streisand section 312 and it was. 250 bucks a ticket and worth every penny I. The greatest sporting experience I've ever had in my life how I -- know you were there to Iowa I came back I can't compare to anything to lose it sets -- I mean it was such an emotional game and and and when news Aldana I felt embarrassed that I had tears going down my face until I looked around and everybody around me also. Eyes are all teared up -- -- -- -- I think we all just felt the same emotions like you had these high hopes that they would make -- -- -- but. Hey I gotta get go do San Francisco on there at such a tough team and and the way it was looking at first is like our man the fact they really get through that that felt like the Super Bowl for this team. I add that that's only select that was like a mini Super Bowl. Game you know that game I don't know what happens in the Super Bowl. Back until the -- US. Very you know for the foreseeable future. So I had to get that win was huge -- you -- to you wanna give them argue the niners the the momentum in their in the battle between the two teams you have. No I read an -- in an article about you that tell you originally started becoming a sea hawks fan way back in the day and like -- around 2000. Issue some like that. Yeah without okay. I'm gonna drop a little knowledge on -- and see if you know this column in 1998. That was. Peyton Manning's first season of course. His the -- -- 98 got his first pre season game AKA -- first game ever in the NFL he was here in Seattle. And it. And I remember he was first pick in the draft and I was there in my dad I'm -- my -- -- Casey -- their first pick in the draft he's supposed to be the be all I know. He's gonna be good are you still there. He is not their mistake on the subways Tottenham and -- back I don't know who dresses so yeah. And this. Zooming -- now you're. This is awesome is straight Todd has to dial like four times now and you are right every guy -- does denial that so do you now registers are. I want to jinx me and way out and do it again. Every grand necessary and interviews this. Actually act out in the middle question. Sailors usually just be talking. Did you sense -- current story it is really awesome I mean my story thank you know I mean it's -- -- a yesterday. You're -- series so bad that he -- him -- mainly and appropriate Manning -- -- commanders. Yeah. Crazy -- Manning a couple years ago Pete Carroll and John -- -- knocking on this door he's like no I don't want you guys know Seattle yeah now. You guys again not Saigon he stood up to my doorstep and tell you come here that's right that's right ministers script in their face against drive away the shot. How you may have read amassing or a lot of us still talking relating Miller and that then I guess so confusing all these stories you share on the -- My dad yeah I'm against wal -- I know what that's what Orszag now the I have Monica I know I'm really not a question this has been funnier I just the evolution of what's going on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are we wanted to more fun guys on the team the calculus. Real professionals and less than an ad out and out all around -- that's the STP Bradley was in for you the -- behind the scenes at. Hello hello -- -- sorry hey Anna I'm on -- highway and carried the right now there are still like that might be part of the reason why half. They're called -- dropping. And no worries no worries everybody power. I know our -- don't worry about it where whereabouts were not a very off. Paula as a policy okay so we here anyway Sandra how perfect. I can't base it more fun now what. Yeah governor Bobby bureau telling him so 1998 Peyton Manning first pick of the draft his first game in the NFL pre season game becomes to Seattle to the Kingdome. And dimes and assigned remind us again aren't there as -- do this is -- Grady is going to be the man -- -- joking about it. And I think the first play from scrimmage he'd put your hand it off and ran the first time he threw the ball. He dropped back and he dropped about a seventy yard rainbow over a touchdown and I just always lower my dad went. Damn okay. -- -- first protest down -- first really pro throw was here in Seattle and he looked like the real deal out of the gun so it's kind of cool it. We get to come full circle and -- Siemens a -- against our team as you regret. Am I like it's -- yeah -- it's January. The -- -- -- favorite you're facing. The best every step of the way -- Part of why I hope it doesn't become my god doing -- -- if it -- this I wanted to be as perfect as -- weather conditions can be in new York at this time of the year. Because you know. There's always going to be the excuse people out there game and let's just say it's a snow ball game and phone we win two million -- issue of same law as they would have played it when -- where -- could throw the ball that -- -- -- difference I want them they'll lose when they're playing at their absolute -- -- some -- that spirit of competition man I can't wait. So damn Jack for Sunday. Yeah Arab emirates say more Al I would want it to be snowball had as -- as that would be a -- wanted to have been just because. You know -- you wanna play against you you're on any excuses aren't accurate place and wrapped. And record book. Even though lay the media tends to forget things pretty quickly you know nobody. When people reference from the steelers' Super Bowl victory only -- strands of the one to read that there were read. All of them. -- Player probably would -- Manning. The media all remember if it was just know -- game you know that that that was probably the only reason why we lost. Whatever it exempts very -- two. Odd that hope that it saves pavement is okay here's a question for it let's say the Seahawks win would send all of us are hoping instill that Nadia amazing. Would you make the trip back to Seattle for the victory parade. Court -- in order. Paul OK okay this experiment that therapeutic greatest party -- About this country organized all connects for sure and then make sure that we're on the same area that we could celebrate together because I mean that's going to be picked. I'm a fellow new Yorker as well I grew up from Brooklyn and what may be -- -- -- Accent yeah I love it yes -- number error. But I was a kid and I had -- dumbest way of liking teams like my favorite teams -- whichever team had a star named Steve. So. Like I love the Dodgers because of Steve Garvey and my parents weren't really like -- some of these guns are you some and -- He has Al -- and isn't -- -- Perez. -- are you doing -- and. It's gone by -- zoo and into just how slip through and why -- music show where. On the steel horse. You guy yeah yeah on me. Okay it's. I'll -- -- -- -- And others Arianna six go alone miles should -- On his back made you change your children know and -- who can -- they've. -- a report. Matt had a lot of criticism or -- it's good dog runs saying is that blue dogs. -- -- -- Monday Night Football yet -- plan the raiders and and Steve larger had a great game mouse like this is my team to my parents. Did you really care about sports goes like I had a steer our teams alike based on that end. And so it's -- to be finally I'm moving in Seattle in the go to games it's been such. Man I'm just. I just cannot wait and I wanted to ask you though because you made a lot of trips here to Seattle was your impressions of Seattle as a town the size of football currently has no Rossi are crazy right now but. Just coming here from places that you eat -- What have you been doing why even in Seattle. I'm not Seattle's -- powered love Seattle. Even when I first became a bad actors. I'd better get really -- like they the other pac ten at -- time. And I ended -- on a school for a little bit in Pullman. Suez does and you know. What they're for like sports broadcaster for a little while with and I came back home. Our play ally I've always loved the Pacific northwest. Especially if they don't watch it -- The city of Seattle is one of my favorite in the country itself. It's always great to go there for a home game. What was the worst city to go to a game this year nice. We're -- Houston. Yeah Houston if you don't have a card it's incredibly spread out and tabs are put it like your minimum that was like thirty dollars. Whole whole scandal and now there's nothing going on downtown and they pretty much federal building that's that's. They're closed on the weekends and I was pretty pretty lame. I was kind of -- union says says just because of their stands and how bad they were treat men shells are right there. Are you have it be you could tell them for the game everybody is real nice and are very hospitable piece you could tell after the game. Or even before the game that there you know people are coming up just -- like whatever you do just -- -- match up. They learn -- -- and OK -- have made it very it is serious. You know I don't tune I nobody knows the part of that whole -- I shot the video it's -- -- -- you. I -- you guys lost your mind over there food. It has pretty -- Houston would definitely and one of the what are. You know not really -- -- all of. OK so -- of all the cities you saw who had the hottest chicks. People always new York and New York story is that sort Avago for an assortment my girlfriend Erica just. Now if you look at projects -- you can't beat. -- -- -- Indianapolis -- You know. Yeah -- -- gonna find much better. Makes you do a lot of traveling as we got to take a lot of time away from friends family but also work who was your work OK well let's. Yeah yeah no I -- in the weeks and and the like management bar restaurant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't. Yet so I don't work there in the week weekdays in the NL weekend. I'm my coworker any would think particularly vicious on the weekend. It worked out I'm sure -- -- crazy -- -- You know. She made more money. Yes you know play exactly see help make it -- early enough now that sort of impossible without a whole lot of also people. So cool I like beast mode Marie we deserve recent how I -- Concentrate and sleep resilience in -- on our shows is a basic question to amend a phone lines blew up in the stories are great and there was just simply -- -- it cost -- why. Now back -- -- starting your -- in your court because -- I mean all the experiences that you had in and ended that obviously. Mean as diehard as they come for CR tell love hear who your favorite hockey is and what what the reasoning is behind that. Or -- a -- -- somebody asked yesterday where my friend that spirit that AM some storm it's remarks Sean and Russell Wilson. No actually I'm sorry if I act is really artistic one -- but just if I had to -- probably go Marchand just says -- That's embarrassing to Eric Fair fair nurse in person and -- it's the play both the heart and determination that he plays with the I feel like any fan of any team would respect the way that he plays. Jack has legs never stop moving and it's so crazy don't watch -- have you had a chance to meet some of the players throughout all this. We know are met any of the players it but I have met. Players' families I have met -- some members of families some of these players. I've got a kick out of hearing your story. You know they love it they love it for -- -- -- -- -- it's great because you could tell that out all these suits are just you know it comes from great families. When you into the road games did you vote for the Seahawks road games they're already have your. At all. Did you were you part of those big clusters of wells that came down like after the game was over and you could see him on the TV you know down on the front of the stadium that was. Cool to see those big bands of people like that. Yeah and Ellen that was also might I had to be a part of their after the rams game expand Lewis. How -- went down behind -- have behind the boots but but they add that Arizona game where -- was really not. Model I -- they would mean the Mets even let. Any more people down because there's so many people why it's great lineup vetoes period that was great. I don't expect that. And what's been your favorite -- story throughout all the trips whether be in Seattle weather being used to -- was -- and I wanted to story when you go back that's like always I wanted to ones you love sharing with all your friends. Policy. Let's see there's so many good -- there's so many like amazing lakes lakes story that I mean just that's -- you -- but about life in general and just. People I've met insist that this really have to narrow it down but there's been so many people so it aggregates celebrating the NFC championship yeah this at all. Just that it becoming a reality because me you know I had thought about them all of the school year. And you always think of course that the miners who you know it's like a dream match up. And then M you know -- -- -- yet here around all year about what if it did come down a few dark -- The mayor was. And then there was it a go it just and then it became reality and for that it's just felt surreal the whole week just spoke serial. Did you ever stay on the road like when Seattle had two games in a row at home or even during the playoffs or did you fly back every single time. Twice I stayed in. When they played the titans and and they played the cardinal -- Arizona. I went from New York or Seattle Arizona. And -- I -- yes I stayed out there escalate we can -- two weeks. And then the last week and receive them. And the last two weeks is suited particularly to home games -- right in a row I think I. Stayed in Seattle it's. Regret this NSA with my friend Steve and his family had they took me ever -- -- them oh cool you know Christmas audio as it was amazing. I ask about your girlfriend while -- now. That is not -- didn't I can ask her some support throughout he had he had a center. I'm sure it's unfortunate those that -- so perfect so crazy back on center keeper to me. Are you done little all the traveling Larry you and like just a game -- -- here in the end there in the next couple years are you gonna keep doing this. Hey how are always gonna make as many dream his body a book. You know leg and foot I don't need to be traveling across the country were three. You know I'll never say never yeah. To show you what kind of a trooper and my girlfriend is she she actually all -- turn except. And I believe I took a trip down to our Charlotte together for the season opener. And I it was from Chinatown in Manhattan to Charlotte eighteen out of fourteen hours all right so nice. Our youth that's set its own whereas I'm a supporter gonna -- -- here. That's the -- of East Coast though as you could probably drive to a lot of these games. How many of seahawk road games did you get to drive -- like most solemn. Weren't they got my guess against San Francisco and Arizona can drive to those -- I -- all them except the giant game smoking. Yeah our game at. Airfares and can't -- -- -- -- also did well there's certain Indy ER used didn't call those I I go to those. It's such an incredible story I wanted to ask and -- I don't know viewed on the Macedonian here if you don't answer -- that's fine. They after all the matches and I know what this whole experience Costa. I did I sort of order headed up from her seat and his guys and that's why a lot easier to stomach with a Super Bowl -- -- -- Edit I wanna -- you know I -- -- and I just want them to win the Super Bowl and then whatever. You know whatever happens he just win the Super Bowl. -- did I hope it happens obviously we're all biased because we want to see us just the opposite way men and also. For a year as well what a great ending to such an amazing story. -- travel and and watch your favorite team play when your favorite team is not from your home city that's just. -- so bad ass and then you obviously you know on the twelve man while men out here and love you for that and it's been a great. Great story or read about the blog is awesome against defense dot Blogspot dot com. David like I said man win win win the Super Bowl championship happens here in Seattle we hope we get connect and and hang out and celebrate together. -- order terribly credible he's right on brother. Period ending American regularly so you don't. Bobby Bobby is just as. I tell you Abdul will be in touch for sure yeah I'll -- and I'll touch base in the UN all hooked up with the at the game may -- -- quick little video for our our radio station in no CI. Now parents ran a red number on the go hawks. Talks. That's awesome does so cool I do and your Suggs a few moments -- there rat the or just a moment there's about the 49ers game in and then. I am generally a little doubt be an awesome awesome. Nice thing to do like that. Go and travel and see every single seahawk game -- we are we're lucky because. Itamar here yet he and because -- -- the way he's joining -- like he even said you've basically got to take a whole year. Plan and all our job and then yeah lots of red eyes and I couldn't handle doing nothing from the couch surfing -- I read that is at around 8000 dollars I want yeah but that's. That numbers had two of. Changed since this is this article with some before the 49ers game I believe so I mean it is you wanted to do this. Realistically your best show -- being taken East Coast team then that you can drive to a lot of games yes and but I mean he is is extra think she can do it. I mean this is like up there with like that traveling the country of white Pearl Jam like right you know I mean I -- that's always been something I would love to do our loved it. Go for an entire tore dress with Pearl Jam -- you know every show is different. What about you guys are in the running a fun topic it's on the BJ Shea morning experience tomorrow. Them play some of the clips from our interviewer David. Below -- I mean obviously the hawks mine I'm kinda doing with the stadiums. Yeah but obviously it's a one -- the most if I can and but I'm kind of doing that with the stadiums against would you wanna do though I can of course of a year. I mean what he did sounds amazing yeah if -- -- if there wasn't that. Sony music is a good way to go man I don't even know it is like pick up and follow -- -- hurtful that tour yeah premier mandatory study done about it. -- and I've been thinking about this for three years. Would probably get an RV and drive around the country employ all the disk golf course is a news go to -- Judy an RV and I LXL sized eyes yeah I know that this last. So is this guy has a lot more advanced than a lot of people realize yes is there an actual to work out like so you could go from city to city like -- there's a puddle jump to worst -- -- -- we'll get in cars and they driver around and they -- -- just like this guy and that's how the pros get around they only make that point 500 dollars tournament that the other guys say would you or would that kind of a sport like if I decided -- wanna go. And shoot hoops in every town. It might be hard to connect with people -- I mean like yeah right as everybody -- -- wimp when it comes to disc golf I mean. This is a big community but it's all sort of very -- narrow focus community I mean like it's. If you play and you -- -- -- plays -- well chances are you guys remember -- -- yeah you know I mean I have is me all the time yeah because I had it would hockey it's like that where it's like oh crap all you like hockey or wrestling even in my mean and that's even -- larger level you know I can only imagine what it's ideal when you got a sport that's blowing up but it's still underground. Yeah and then -- to him I mean. -- he comes to town and he says I'm from new York and I've been traveling and watching to see us play everywhere who's not gonna open up their arms in this town and the like argued Brian welcome to our world malware adware. Where the team it's always neglected in the eyes of national media and here's a kid from New York this woman travelers see every game that's so sick. Yeah we have a we have made a bunch of friends Evans group of this golfers that I clerics called face the nation and I'm. We station that's right guys got like some my blood there and then ninth vests and stuff real IT shirts -- -- our PGA numbers on them. Ice is the number at minus 56861. And now on the 56861. Member of the PGA. That's a lot of people membership programs are wider so homeowners well now. -- some of them some of them don't say every year familiar did their number some are so high they put out there even a part of it accent -- people have been. Suspended for and deafening mass times didn't die of drug use on the core -- drugs get you busted it we need Bargnani eight technically not suppose to -- -- really had the best part of like you choke up a little bit. Now is like dad is just one of those he had don't do it got her other hand you got him. But can't be on your side if you get pot from smoking weed death added this golfer right exactly. But we've met people from Arizona California Idaho. Montana they come for Obama on the course and no I don't we just moved here. Trying to check out some new courses were like -- join our group and we go and travel to different courses and -- -- you only go go play those courses. And I've made a lot of friends that way -- so thanks its mission. We as kind of like it's the ultimate ice breaker and a lot of my closest friends or just hockey news and we always joke about this is very similar to a U wanna deal. We think you'll be great enemy an amazing reality show -- to -- make it here in the states that maybe he'll be very popular likened Canadian broadcast channel if we just loaded up in our -- like four or five of us. And just travel the entire country. Maybe even north America's include Canada as well and hit up everybody's drop it now -- Because we all do lunch hockey's -- happen everywhere from I mean here in the northwest Spokane and Wenatchee all do their own lunch drop in and out of their regulars and they'll let the guys that go after the hockey go to launch. How great would it be at like three or four of you show up. You play hockey with them and then afterwards they take us where you go yeah I mean I think every such an amazing experience he has no some of our own TV show that's due sometime in Atlanta brave let's begin smelling. I think you would have okay trailer. To put all your gear and -- in the back of the bus -- or your one city in women younger gentleman well as -- -- -- like this anymore and we -- this -- and all these random people all about it RA scissors game Graham what about you selling items. I don't understand why isn't exactly when enough. Exactly and got to pay for a long way. -- I would I would. I -- like to go to. Just like a bunch of the district conventions. So it would be like going helix San Diego comic -- New York comic con wizard world Chicago. Dragon con -- -- -- -- congress -- security it is -- and apparently that's what -- -- you have -- -- it -- -- he is like sex filled shocking and ridiculous way to convention that president what's the -- is. City in America don't know who I would not go into about the I'd rather go about the outside and how can people go and download Erica you know that means no -- does that mean volume ever seen an episode of Oprah no. I don't know brought -- the download downloads. And no -- community know guys in the night. Got a straight -- go meet up with dudes -- kind of performs in certain sexual acts on them generally make somebody's you know. Are they behind out all high. Two and that's called being on the down low with. I'd say you're just being pleasure by a man but you don't consider yourself bisexual or -- right because it's on the down mount because it's on the -- it's like no other reason. And -- guy. Then we had entered a Desmond you're -- in this -- I could ask about the -- I'm sure that would have been -- into -- year and I Eric's question out of the box have you heard about down. Don't know breaking out and get radeon down and saw. Sorry it's -- yeah I think the convention thing would probably be the most fun but I sure would be a pretty cool time gap through would you have a bunch of different costumes or would you use the same customer -- -- I'm so lazy when it comes to wanting to do costumes I just figured traveling you gotta do it cost him. He's got series -- K I do you have to -- and it's a cloak. Harder del Rey Diaz on an invisible cloak try to do my own -- -- the problem with caused playing is that like. All those characters and stuff for always like you beautiful so we just feel like. Sat -- man or likes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An -- -- and he put it is still shoots Cox. Very as all hell whereas -- -- gave us all these just play your video -- is hanging out it was pretty hilarious I'm gonna take a picture of that guy I'm not gonna tell us earlier picture of the two storm troopers movement sanity tiller. But I would take a picture of the -- guys some of the people is some people who make some of the joking is costumes have to put the most work into it -- I've seen the constant way it is not dedicated to this for I'm not not at all the -- a one of the guys had he collected a bunch of those old AO LCDs that you get in the mail all the time try free for -- yeah and hours. He got so many of those he made his suit of armor. Enemy -- -- and then you know say lord it it was almost like -- super blue multi I guess yeah oh yeah exactly yeah weird -- it was -- cool it was really cool but again that takes a lot of work to and I just don't want to -- -- -- -- now. Now say yeah I don't Narnia maker samurai daring guess above are from Addison Armstrong and compare -- to have to -- -- and -- it. And. I learned there. And. Cards won in Minnesota auto shows yeah yeah right how. Cool are you -- it's getting me about your team is different to tell you do yeah exactly. -- -- -- And some also hard to do. How hot those who sounded the world opening up now this steep drop since. You get to experience all the things on the Internet the Internet with some general nets can -- do. The Internet was so it's more expensive expensive oh yeah per hour -- I remember I didn't generally beyond never fifteen more minutes are run out of time I'm -- I'm sorry I didn't have -- well. At my house but my buddy did -- count on his stuff and now we racked up hundreds of dollars we have an entire family was on 24/7. -- on your phone and this is part of a service plan and ask. Well I mean he's. This is -- Well my body. He just -- to subscribe to bang Brothers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is -- and my shirt pregnant training school pressure. Yeah there's only -- is discuss British car. Our ICC regular cheese and did I that's next. You'll miss them. I don't dislike the media send stuff and all those whips and chains and all you -- heads with panels. That's probably website and small boobs who do you miss -- when I registered Roseanne didn't she told us that there was pregnant stripper that danced until -- pregnant and so -- and she made me the most money would choose the most rounds yeah they'll. I said if I was really stoned -- probably get a dance from her -- What happens if you're getting a lap dance in the water breaks did you covered NASA exhibit and I was -- question I ask don't -- at a news no charge now. And it got their hands on me and camera -- -- and -- how far things whenever I -- sustain away C. While sustained way as I I would want us anywhere. And I think you have to pay double because she knows she's I've seen dancing for children. She's online about media -- kid that's rose says it's coming from and I hate that in about an hour news. All lol lol you know we have a -- full page and I hopefully I know -- -- for a drink some people strong on that now and that's pretty cool because we don't promoted outside of this podcast -- Means that there's at least 400 people that have heard us talk about this. This FaceBook page and has that been willing to go on there and join the group and if you haven't done so yet just taken as TP dash cast. And you could join our FaceBook page I want to thank nick for sending this into your welcomes. Thank you nick nick hello nick without a case may -- OK she should mix without a case dean dean. Down a fragile -- Go down I don't know I love that's I was during the -- song myself hello we all have our own message to our music madness I just -- the -- -- song stuck in my hands and things like you as there. True true true. Yeah I knew I was stuck in your head to the knicks sent us this he says Richard Sherman remakes. The best in the game by DJ Steve Porter you know a lot of you'll read these interviews enemy that a big viral heads auto tune -- Grab as many -- is they -- and somehow construct a song out of it well this guy Steve Porter. Put it together it's on YouTube it's also just good ES TP test page on FaceBook in you can -- just scroll around and make posts and improper stand for doing that. -- I grab the audio. And a guy like this all odds is because it involves Richard Sherman and Seahawks related otherwise -- warning given to crass about it but let's check out. -- the best in the game -- Richard sermon by DJ Steve Porter. ITunes is something. Clearly there's. Loves all using names. You do. No none about this -- -- league -- Don't have any Super Bowl tickets but we -- have to. -- -- That's ought to reduce -- has seen that yet and it's our hope that he would get a kick out of something like that that he would he says they he you know kind of follows everything it's communal written about them as much as he can become a driving not -- fuels him -- at least the negative stuff fuels them. So I could definitely see the positive stuff -- -- the same -- -- today -- -- enjoying today you know it's so funny -- -- on these media -- things for the for the NFL. Like I know -- -- -- put their -- in their mouth and then that becomes -- locker room -- -- and other team to be inspired like when Jeremy Stephens says a German -- he -- is staying informed and and just another -- and -- who's that guy the Marius solace in the system in this morning where he said that he'd gotten Richard -- has -- some weaknesses -- -- they -- the interview -- that -- would do the full. There wasn't anything that -- said it. Yeah he's really good. I'm a fan of his. But like anybody he has weaknesses. Those are just got my adult little tiny say -- exactly and then I saw this where is it if I can find -- my -- five. Quoted something of course and ultimately define this -- hard to write anything -- -- only two teams to write about two weeks derided and you just -- find anything to write about are here the club Broncos cornerback says Richard Sherman is the headlines not in NFL's top five cornerbacks can't it was Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. They interviewed him and asked him a worried about Richard -- and here is that I like what he said after the game and he was classless -- everything was cool and then there's some of these investors take. And he went oh tangent about how no I still wanna give respect to the elder statesman that play that position and they have all the people. Don't have been doing it for awhile and Revis including think these guys have been doing it for awhile. Did insult Richard don't get any listed five guys beef from god that he thought -- to be considered as the best. His average Joseph wasn't in the top five he just -- five other people that became British German not and NFL's top five well yeah because what he said doesn't create drama rice is funny at least in these things in. -- energy trillions united she thought the men is Thomas was a top five NFL receiver -- I think there was probably our point counterpoint I gotcha gotcha that makes sense but -- look at the stats for Darrelle Revis desire to sermons one interception behind Darrelle Revis -- Revis -- entire career he. I know why -- miss flying a year year and a half dome but he's been in the league for seven years -- drink yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The top be good morning. How are you we are just days away from you this is leaving the studio it's taken up your lovely bride oh. And why and did you pack my trunks and mosque -- best know -- -- not playing video -- -- -- -- sort island yeah downtown Providence suggests that it took the stand taking us. Rental car just automobiles or money to the glorious New Jersey. Three and a half hours away. Worth every minute comics. You are going to miss you all and is less than a week away in his days away now. You know enough I I asked you earlier today. If you heard like even if you like big -- is going and you saw he said no he didn't win the seasons ago lottery no. And that even. But hey it's it's still changing for me like becoming more and more. I'm more and more awestruck by a by just the fact that I get to go. Things like that happened but remember they glow -- go. I should almost feel like he should just be automatically given tickets I would think almost like put him on the plane with a team. I like our -- said you know he's someone of the -- -- -- the team is probably gonna do hook him up in one way or another and yet. I mean there's always so many tickets and in and it's funny because I literally. Arguably have the worst seat in the house you you're one. There's only one -- behind pretty sure I'm second to last -- upper deck in the corner of the end zone but writers there but I'm in the building -- the -- it's one of those were seat in the house anonymously mouse honestly it's a credit and everybody else's seat and now now mind it looks like we've gotten past the point where weather is an attempt to me. I'm going to be able to make into the game and come back can be in one VCR long Johns I don't that's one thing that only thing left after get you gotta get along so -- base layers I don't even know what that is yeah. Messenger on the elbow in New York they have missed Fred Meyer who know that I won't be my MO REI. Yes I won't be going to REI reverend Gloria and they're too expensive okay. That's -- in my life jacket came -- It's costly. I'm very sorry I remember because I am I am none. Do you size and asked me and I said I'm not coming back are so what's the point I'm not really. The top job and is a member of RP IR OS resigned because -- how -- a program. That is not program. -- -- I I generally. 10% of all your purchases back at the end of the year it's funny you say that because every time we go to man she's and we got to make she's alive they always ask him to run their frequent smile or Carter and it's called here and I knew and every time my no no -- would you like to sign up for one. -- now finally even though doesn't cost saving. And the guy always look semi consistently back tomorrow and see. And it's like you know I mean I think visually on the very memorable person -- -- just being ahead in ball in the dome that's news. And he looks at me like. Dude you come every week and I'm telling you you would get free stuff throw the amount of times you visited for you too lazy to fill up the table where. I think I just still wanna go or my vote number two another -- you need the in my information to demand and that man being men she's. Well here's my plan my plan is to leave Saturday morning okay. And then it's a straight shot to the Philly. I've been looking at -- watching their weather making sure I can touchdown. And get a cheese steak sandwich clearance really know because I'm only there for like an hour that's an on time and time -- -- these air -- I don't go outside the airport -- close to a local. India smoked salmon and sea -- yes I do hope you can find out. Nice story artist Joseph Biden so I'm speaking empire cheese steak waiting to connect and knock Philadelphia out here on Saturday I -- -- -- I get. They get their -- about nine at night -- and we get the rental car and then we're going to of friend of the wife's house to stay now has so. We're supposed to go out maybe grab a quick bite like it you know it's committed -- night. Snobs are sitting -- lost her all girls I guess I'm getting loves her -- unified and -- artists. -- -- data let's have a doesn't sleep so Gloria -- -- Sami asks. So -- I I don't know what time exactly were gonna get up and head towards the stadium but I don't know the gates are too and I actually sprung for. It's stadium parking and I'm not taking the trains in like they told the majority of people there want him to do right I spent a couple bucks and bought a parking -- so. I'm gonna actually be tailgate out of my car. In the cold which -- on these and -- did you do that before 2 o'clock eastern when they opened the gates and head into the state what's -- the hotel gaming gonna keep reading these articles that are sanitary isn't going to be any tailgating going on I've heard that you can't get into the parking lot. It's like in my car unless you have a -- okay so everyone in your car has have a ticket. If you're not. Parking in a parking lot they're not gonna let any other additional people -- your parking lot so if you guys tailgating would be with only other people that have access to that part whoever's in my parking lot will be much alligators and what all wander around and say hello how people who -- what what are you trying -- -- -- -- tell gave environment. Hmmm well there you know allowed barbecues or any kind of grill so exuberant beer it's gonna be beer Soto zen like sandwiches -- dogs out cold stuff like. Because I -- -- no friend. Exactly yeah. Topping ninety you'll see much of disease here's a question as to might choose to sell you land and a Phillies for your layover rights to go to Providence. Isn't like you wouldn't it mean. Possible just to Muehlegg I don't wanna take the rest of the flight in the in just get a rental in silly wouldn't have to river hotel room. Yeah he's staying in Providence that celebs in its own house so all in Providence and odd couple -- our our guys -- and is that they just -- strolls -- any shot -- I thought you were staying in near -- driving down inferior ideas -- wise idea if you are staying -- Yang -- out of a beautiful -- was going to be if I made it to -- forest city -- me in that area -- for the fresh -- Have been hey guys and show. It's time for the Hornaday. I'm outdoors always sunny -- now. They got a -- stay with uncle -- Yeah would you please go to the playground nonstop you have to stay within the fresh prince of mongoose uncle -- was okay California I'm glad I'm. Baghdad Iraq top I didn't ask you know him once and retirees I don't want to OK -- Cereal again like revisit that. Michael it was going to be though let it -- because I'm worried about the weather and everything Warner and -- -- to pull some moves so one remembers is going to be a -- get to these coast are all just get in any kind of real car rental monster -- just -- -- -- -- go -- my friends in -- -- and just try to make into the game on time. So but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen besides other the weather is not going to be as big an issue as -- -- -- they were freaking now with like contingency plans to played on a different data Monday right that was freaking me out big time now and I was going to do what it took. Physically and financially to stay on the East Coast or go early and make it happens did you have that all like a plan B. -- -- -- in place like this I mean that's. What do you punch in the I I hadn't actually made any real -- jet because I've been watching the weather and -- master so. I'm not gonna have to really don't just. Sleep in the rental car no he's an option right -- absolutely lots of long Johns and employed did you see you like some six years and Cyril -- died in this carve out labs like yes. Don't abundance. That we'll all get in your phone call like sheets and what are letting a man that's great some more of the story -- don't take any phone calls when your your car can apparently -- him. Do this morning I park my car where are usually park I go weirdest. Things happen in a parking garage at park work behind Graham I'm I'm I'm I'm putting my jacket on I wanna close my door and I look forward to cars parked next to me and I realized. There's somebody asleep in the car club Charlotte that would have put a blanket up to their -- Osama -- I don't want people looking in on them. You guys and they that's all we have been sleeping in the car at -- -- 4 in the morning Nicol was -- -- -- -- -- about a month ago why is. Because this is I have wacky weird hours there's lots of weird stuff going around sometimes asleep in my car. Sometimes I didn't get a nap and I'm like taking a nap and my car. Where are you know when you're sleeping please tell me on the freeway killing time he's out in front of BJ's house there. Really doesn't know look if I got away firm for awhile I like to show -- early. Sought to sort out of the park he never write down the road from plus zero parked in front of his house that I did that warrants that freaked him out if you think he's maybe. Because you like knocking on my -- are you ready to go and dig into the airport like 4 o'clock in the morning I think he had. See I wake up early because I like to be closes on time are like grab -- half hour early is on time not -- plane -- saw less stressful that way trust me I'm always racing now to me this is how in hell he's asleep in my car outside of the building here when I was an intern. -- really just. I did that a couple times. He's leaving your -- -- all when I was an intern waiting because I didn't have a key card at that time in no way I was for me away for you to get there good luck with that one that he was always -- I could never be -- -- if you were early. Then I would have to taste you had to come back down and that that I -- the worst was that like I'm inconveniencing. The actual person on the show I write a lowly intern. And yeah well you know and I ghost but we can yes I would just make sure I got surprise a fifteen or twenty minutes early and -- just -- -- -- -- is gonna everyone's while peak in -- open to make sure that I didn't see you walking in there without me. -- higher -- in my car resize and driving. Yeah it's a snag came close the other day -- struggle on animal handler. I need a bag of pretzels that no candy and no not a -- -- beverage in my -- some of -- -- make this happen but. Did you did some -- on a ferry. You know it's and I had no nowhere else to go like this is faster yeah auto vice Jelena and I always have a girlfriend import Townsend -- -- get on the radio back to Seattle. And I fall asleep and they had to drag on the way another wake me up gonna pay -- first car and -- waiting for me to drive off on -- Did under the -- announcements on new low little -- heavy sleeper. So we we put a little bit imagine dragon song and end to rejoin wanted to play because that Kendrick Lamar guy I'm not very familiar with him and apparently you think the new opting coming hip hop artist. So much so that Mac or more. Who beat him out for best new artist. And I guess also got best rap album best rap performance and best rap song was everything's so he beat Kendrick Lamar and three of those category X. Pretty much everything my best rap song they were going head to head and apparently their friends. And -- other Mac Lamar but I always hate. When people like almost feel bad for their own success to the point where -- home like apologizing. Yeah. Apologize -- religious as well as he would have burned and if you want. 'cause I I personally. When I watched the academy there's a Grammy Awards I don't know what you guys do. If you watch him now. Our authority and I -- either in our past when it started or the next day and I don't want a single part of the ceremonies. As well performances -- -- I don't get the whole concept -- being a guy used to mean a band. I never viewed being in a -- that's why he battle of the bands I always hated any competition where you were going what it. Being an event is not a sports -- just isn't an an Arizona Stein this is somebody as I show up for a pro football guy because. He his body was doing a battle of the bands is really mad -- the win Annapolis summit team. If your friends really that upset about losing the battle eventually reason the wrong line -- hobbies because being an event is not a sport it's not a competition it's about a community. And I never really understood the whole I I get that artist should be acknowledged -- -- and respected and appreciated but. From people get all worked up about not winning -- awards but when Kanye you see all -- -- -- did that's not what it's a foul man but a lot for a lot of those people it legitimizes what they do zero. And that can mean a lot of specially helped sell records some I get it I get. I just -- set like you get to the point where you can appreciate. Receiving the award but don't let him be the be all lined all. You know I mean I -- nice to be recognized and -- -- I -- that. -- from you all worked up about whether or not this guy won this guy didn't so much more to say send a tech city center. He sent a text to Kendrick and he apologized to -- saying you got robbed I wanted you to win. He should have it's weird and it sucks that I robbed you. And then he also said they deserve the best rap album -- being bought a way to win anything much less four grammys but in that category he should've won in my opinion. And I guess it's in the best rap. The rap album so I mean I don't know. And then he then uses holding about their weather and anything said he had the advantage because he's white and then schools until white guilt -- and then. My first down barriers it kind of makes sense because I mean it's just a whole bunch old white dudes doing the grammys anyway I'm now no idea and elect. Well look at that nice boy Mac Lamar yeah but on the flip side iMac on -- on the cover of source magazine he's he's been featured him on BT design and if he's only didn't received. By by by Al white people as I went on Twitter and disaster you grammys and a lot of these like. These black -- are just. Pissed off one back almost broke back Drummond won by doing that he had don't do that you like that. But he basically wanted to equal opportunity like Stephen said where's EO we in music. Why is my Mac. Going on there outside let's turn to some and oh I heard it accepts either of them not do it. Do atop its okay we can work to distraction you -- to do -- you -- -- isn't as good as the wanna do other did you Wear -- and as you did it sound like somebody was ordering a -- behind them I'm pretty sure they -- that was him thousand during -- Randolph I know are saying is that. Distractions and not a big enemy -- for more almost didn't even make the rap categories for the grammys which I've always ridiculous. I mean the guy. It's it's hip hop record yeah. But. So this Kendrick Lamar guy might interest and -- about him as it is is that -- Matamoros at a point where you know hey I got to check out this right he deserves it. I liked what he did on not only imagine dragons thing I think that was pretty cool as well. So Michael always check out some of his music I've never heard it I just grabbed it -- luckily on Zune. Which I still have I got way too many music soft music services and half don't talk a little of that in a minute but. So I grabbed a radio edited version there jas wondered about that I just say hey I'm not trying to. The other role in our expectations out there are you remind me prejudice or whatever. But I'm assuming he curses cuss you out there wasn't explicit thing on the album cover that's good to sports leagues here and gives you the odds are clean versions tegra two songs one of them I know is. Like his his. -- he played part of it. -- I'm going mad city is Kendrick Lamar. -- it's in case. They probably going to be down. In Minnesota. City Philippines -- Stage I had to. And now. Grow a mustache. Sergeant what this. Is that what you -- you -- Don't -- you don't get your listeners and we don't know why -- -- -- -- Don't Ask Don't Tell us what to -- it still seen as I can. The -- and only now it's. This is not going to you know. Saying daddy didn't play that was the good day how would look at that are different still would. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- usually also I'm on the greens -- I don't settings. It's -- Tony Jenkins differently I got every other word. Can you sorry you. -- yeah. Yeah I just don't connected. The sale in America and Saddam loyalists in the third minute and a half of us on his -- different -- maybe it's just the timing has picked the wrong song. Credited his single but maybe entering the wrong song. I grabbed this one I had no idea what the song sounds like I only read because in the name of the song from big booties -- and mix don't kill time I've gotten. The -- for the ladies. Kendrick Lamar. That's almost stole my Grammy. And -- -- this do you think JJ lo. If you're listening to sing your songs. Please unless it's mine Tanzania right here. You know we're an alien guy talking the. I ask you okay. -- -- -- -- -- Well we need him now. I mean it's unedited first. In my life -- Is that you. You -- I'm. I'd so I can be dangerous but I can say that I generally team. You don't know what I. How can -- anxious page but when the content and it pains me which. Tonight but they don't have. -- yeah. NBA games but even want to take Eminem makes. I feel like we can do that said. -- -- -- this I just don't like miss. The -- let's -- -- my I am not mad since. Interview American cars. It's all about his struggles and him overcoming and might not really. He knew this news the stereotypical. Paralysis and heart risks right well I mean that's world like same love -- now. I mean she's got a stop there are some stuff people hole in the -- mainly a hit safely flown back to -- side. -- a chance to some delays he had. And that's your commercials. -- -- I was -- ads or fifteen years. This South Carolina I don't -- which. You know what I -- -- us -- in my -- to take the tea. I'm really happy for you I'll let you finish -- When the best video. OK so -- my advise companies on hill. Ransacked ally Iraq. And -- bottom row this as south cal and I am familiar finished. If vanished. Cause I'm -- I'm Zune now I have a new one and I mentioned this morning and the BJ Shea morning experience IIA. One that checking out beets music I was like you know beats. I'm hearing about this thing go leads museum where you get a pre register you username and Mike -- some of determining in my username and and I thought it out and I might I mean I know this means. To my friend is he curator for rob beets music you guys -- remember her -- on the radio in the northwest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's since Susie I think the mid day lady. And she's also a music director and a musical genius and and it's great because she's a rock fan but I was also. Brilliantly -- programming Q -- at the height of their success. And I remember -- -- still play Nirvana and we easier we'll snoop dog oh yeah the same -- is going on -- hit music man say whatever is a big song what we know Iran is huge but she's a complaint MX PX stand -- cool murder city doubles did you -- to Bremerton yes. And distributes music is based out of Dr. Dre has only in Bremerton. They all work in his basement. And they crank this this news music streaming service south everybody from Bremerton Washington and the -- and I read about him and excellent. So is she then went on to the programs. A big station in LA and he was -- case. And Meg Ryan Seacrest is on air around music director there. Now all cents. I noticed that I got our incident and a Twitter you know it was a big statement a mom now doing something else but even -- -- -- -- music in the right. She really doubted the beach music I really don't because she works there and she's been. When putting it together from the ground up so that I have to check it out a because it's one of my home east. The kind of cool to see if it's cool but I'm such a Spotify gathered outright mystic responded -- because I read the articles. Sounded neat -- might well give it a shot. -- instead of just solidarity -- to subscribe to it just had a solidarity you know -- -- about -- to see my friends succeed I think that's the beauty of what. This podcasts isn't in this sense it's all about being positive and not downing somebody because there. Having a cool thing happens and Mike -- me a negative Nancy and people put on -- over announce he's going to see me on I'm not you know. -- Tommy mentioned this morning Laura there's a guy feel bad you're not gone and I got all these cold coming your wife at home I might you never could just jealous because until that -- -- yeah. -- do -- don't feel bad this is awesome I'm pumped for you man and I and I -- all of this time you celebrate in the Super Bowl win for a team that we all like yeah. Do you. See OK I. And how Monroe did it and Lombardi savvy and don't count my guy. For. So I chickened out and do. If they give you a free seven day trial so if you're able to. Get the beach music -- are down -- this morning right haven't dreaded R&R and you're like you know many places as something a commercial it's not I'm not there's no there's no like hidden agenda behind is on them really deep doubt about it right now. We don't you you know like hey you can do a trial of this on the Internet. First here's your credit card information because once destroy -- -- we're taking your informing yeah I don't really close those and uninstall Friday. Let me and that's exciting that's -- -- I got the first -- free but I study give my information yes I wanna find -- -- -- wait till the end of the month before -- month runs down many are cancel the subscription and pull all the information back pain in the -- news hour day is Tuesday announced -- -- -- -- Steinbrenner was Washington. So this one Mike all this is need I don't have to give any other information and in my email address I can handle that. They're not kill my vibe we ask don't tell my guys this the same people as the -- people yes OK Dr. Dre and all those I was gonna ask happens in. I -- -- -- -- go to my hobby is here free and so my big issue with Spotify always was that there's no way to keep. Keep yourself organized. Do I like to Aaron music are you going to search function and you just type it in and file whatever album you wanna listen to. But I give you wanna keep anomaly give you -- with the greens this donation records or Kendrick Lamar. You save it as a playlist and then it's is closing crime -- -- -- chronological order when you first downloaded as a podcast as a playlist. So nothing's in order and you got a strong strong scroll -- We'll beets music wanted to cool things is they also not in addition to having a playlist they have a library. So you can save an album and put in your library that -- like -- Wallace and Kendrick Lamar. -- -- me -- my live and it's right there in your -- -- Al whatever however else advertise it so that's pretty cool I thought. Also I liked about and what I also an issue would Spotify was whenever you do a search. -- we've just gotten so lazy in life that I get annoyed that it doesn't auto -- firming of an area and now they are looking for truth fighters US advertised in the dynamics through. With this -- like -- -- -- typing true. They oppose it and auto shows -- and it provided -- okay easy to find foot fungus foot fungus now Foo Fighters look to lose. It's. Been. And then the thing that I -- deep down on because you know they they all ask what kind of music guarantee city cater to your needs are usually. It's never close. One of the things I like about this everything called just for you -- -- today alternative to 1994 you can listen to a playlist and you are left sounds good to me. But I like it's called the sentence and this is what I wanted to do on ES TP Tesco has been. We did it earlier this morning in the BJ Shea morning experience drugged out of we've kind of play is doing here and EST -- just as well. So what it does is like a mad -- thing. So as I am buying and feel like blank with blank tube like. And you fill it and so historic times here so many options. I'm on the couch now coming class now fashionably late. At the gym borders now faking an illness skipping school. And he goes on at home at work -- -- skipping school -- salaries go you know I would tell her -- party means okay in the -- itself. Yeah registered. Keep playing back Kendrick Lamar if he doesn't cover everything. I and now we feel like you're some of our options there is Q school -- a feel like saving the world's. Now making bad choices CNN has a very add an extra sorrow that. Where is now now we get a pick who we're who we're doing this way on -- cocaine. She's she's just another friend goes there I'll have my friend -- others say hey you know how that as an option known with strangers. From your mom. My behaviors. My friends my coworkers robots. -- my family and embassy next page. With strangers with no regrets the paparazzi my boyfriend are my best. The F -- best friend best friends forever. Much I was I was best -- friend a best friend forever constant that would those things below would you usually don't swear on my entourage. To pinpoint. The that's why I always thought it was really like -- though the seven year old guy that's my BF ASEAN my best passing trends. He's gone to that point like I can't do allies. -- -- -- -- but not -- to rush I would have -- choices with no regrets and do they -- -- let you know Democrats -- -- balancing diagram I was gonna say no regrets I don't -- and no regrets no dressed I was thinking robots and OK -- I don't know I think that would just end up being like a Daft -- playlist is -- pro player has so far I'm skipping school. And feeling good and bad choice -- slogan in mobile -- -- no regrets -- and and now we have picked a genre says as with no regrets to the 2002 country classic rock old school hip hop reggae and dance -- ninety's pop rock the sixties. The eighties are trying to dance indie music got babies. He's sure that your ones would be pop Latino -- skills. Hip hop -- -- a platoon and electronic -- be where all we would mean they know that I was doing on. There are real and eighties because that's the -- once we find it's the -- nineteen we should try to guess the song the first song this is made to the to -- -- what do you think wolf if you can find the artist. Doubt be awesome for the first the first song that I saw that would fit all of these criteria -- was. Stray cat -- My. Three in those extra does that straight. Predecessor he was dealing brands as Sergio Brown -- resilience -- thing is going to be a big country now that song. And I know crap I think I enjoyed your own country -- Joy Division -- be in danger zone from. You know we I don't -- I was can log and wound talk talk my talk are okay. Consider that -- here we -- not -- -- -- I'm skipping school and I feel like making bad choices -- no regrets to the eighties. Play the sentence. And -- it's a decree is a play list thanks so exciting. We go bowling go I sure hope Cindy lol personas and -- -- I hope Susie in the -- yeah. Colonize. I mean. Skyworks this is a two point away from high school yeah. Does he realize you might have syphilis. I was never that a man and plus this. It was anatomy in the end it was about a man who senator Hansen it was. The academy and so on this one is at a man. And the cool thing was just then you can actually hit the button to put it in a playlist or -- into your library or jealous. I think for me there's got -- got a good first day he died. We're all we're right in the middle CB in the beginning communities of this so. Fool. -- voice in the attic. I don't know a lot of them. -- The pros and Billy Idol come out. -- mobile era dancing yourself yeah. While Y name if you would have said you're by yourself now with friends or something it would have been dancing where there's so -- and -- things. The -- finals I touch myself right Paul we have a cranking playlist. How we gonna probably executed -- you -- -- make our own -- seeing that song was altered lyrics in the hallways sometimes I touch myself gaffe when I think about the attention myself. Holidays seeing that in the home when there's known around here. It's like 4 in the morning. It's happened a couple times there's actually somebody in the sales area and I was just in that market -- screaming matches come out much of -- -- -- closing -- is -- -- all right let's Sigalet the next -- beyond our sentence I'm skipping school and feel like making bad choices and no regrets about eight miles hello. -- this on the Q you know. It runs under. You know. No -- -- staff on the right. You know the artist title of the song. And I haven't done so that's always love looking for a stranger. Yes she is. Choice. As an excellent spot. TV network this is this cat this is the what are we begin this one Papa. Ya don't think. While your own wow I had no idea you guys know Madonna -- doing that and knowing I and our communities I don't know we -- make you -- my wife Susan. And so when those guys that -- a lot of violence video. Don't just -- yes -- then -- Danny Aiello. That is Danielle Lewis is that there was there your dad is the more she's a leather jacket in the white house press time this turnaround I think so -- Scored maybe. And I just found. Yeah about a pop has every right to -- right you got knocked up -- may be Bob hasn't shown yet relaxed yeah I mean really when neighbors don't know yet. If undoubtedly like to listen woman. I have every right to breach there's still time vicinity of the Catskills and just forget about her for nine months why -- yeah yeah yeah. White and dead already known song saying Pablo was right. Daughter is our whole our. I -- and their newest song. Okay. It's about she's pregnant. This isn't doing the feminist movement right -- and I believe it was a single that knowing. Telling Danielle and otherwise. They never showed there's elements like divergent. Right in there I don't know he's got a great concept albums its drug -- I can I wanna sit the next Lanka Harrison got an expert next song I'm. Nissan which I don't know the I'm glad soldiers. Know that it's the Blue Line. These -- play. You know live because I read your clothes. -- as I know there's always this they cast stones song and Austria has their -- a little rumble on right I don't remember that song and. Good reception we've got -- -- section. That's a giant today and I do have a lot to me but it never Toni Marie -- who is that I guy for the end stage donning bright. Well -- -- Ryan -- came in with a -- such orchestra and it was actually a pretty cool experience he had the entire orchestra like he lined up in our conference room. Because he's considered in the studio take sixteen people on the ranch. They did their song whatever was that the warrants afterwards. He signing some autographs so Tony's shows up with a couple stray cats records could use a big -- industry characterize your it is going to kind of burn those -- you know send him and looks at the records of sent him again and then mumbled to himself for the somebody. I sold a million copies of this record people storming a sign this for humans we use the F word this. This African band stuff coming -- of course they do that's what people know you are you dumb ass yeah out. I -- my -- -- straight cash freaking awesome yes there where I. That album was forced down my. Moments ago for 300. Rockets I don't remember the song but I never like in the record. -- in this section pharmaceuticals the next -- school. Yeah you can check me. I think somebody actually said this artist -- and Susan and -- see a scenario I may yeah I was making it. I mean this I don't know my eighties ornaments of the babies. The only Suzie Sawyer knows he could -- -- that only one I know I know you -- you. And I staircase because my old man from high school the benefit -- the guy who's now girl. We covered it. Urban destruction in what was it. No that was totally distraught elderly diabetics and elderly display users are and it's only fans they have mixed up well this is my other banned from high school after I quit elderly destruction. Due to a contract issues com. I didn't seem disagreement is the reason I quit then because some of the members sort of practicing black magic gloves -- we I think one of the guys sacrificed a cat okay then yeah okay now why how can I -- I -- you do what he's like. I did it tonight -- parents would be OK with me doing black magic. How might what that -- -- he -- -- -- help but caught. -- -- No that was part of the smell that I -- put on bright she's I go head on dealt with the band and hey why. I -- I just. I'm not into this music I remember checking out books on black metal from the library they did it I would never do. Any of that stuff out that they got weird man doesn't have real weird -- do you know if that person is you know a serial killer there's no why not I I had never requested on FaceBook -- -- -- -- like I don't believe FaceBook stalker yeah I was with -- and I saw a picture of him. -- on a boat with night. A tucked in shirt with khakis on. Thank god he returned in tonight Joseph corporate. You should ask you yeah. Just -- is somehow the black magic -- -- -- news also the guy that would film his own sex tapes back in high school flow with the marks off room which he put masking tape -- -- room. I had I am I morally offensive now after that he would nobody was in the frame. But I digress let's get back to -- music in the sentence. Got Dicey because democratic senators as somebody knows somebody is watching you know. You don't have corps' top he has would need to look at his face out asking who's on the web -- what's going on deposits. This was this just keep doing the SL faction on the well I was doing a girl and similar like teammate did you ever do sulphide -- webcam. And now from. I mean I'm sure you would -- -- bunny -- for opening tokens for us how fingered. I don't rebellion at a model has blocked it out almost died I just realized that I well webcam between two people I tell you -- only zero point. Pay cam like a show for the jail I'm wearing my -- -- could -- Today is a case you were bang and somebody that I'm angry girl in my apartment up the street -- bright after you know. The first department -- -- -- are watching on the other hand -- it was a -- OK also was a check. There was baby -- okay. Because I remember that he does she she was like on it a lot of the times and -- ever going to top Lee's house. With the webcam on in the NC a little loop in the legs like a chat thing would go and and do you -- can you. Here is the girl you were railing know that you were. Ministers shall have no idea. Wow that's still twice and I think about it you fall sports. How is opened. Streaming live video of me watching video -- is now there is no reading your laptop yeah I. -- -- On my phone I got a little -- it myself. Am watching some -- and I was in my new rules set up office and actually realized oh this is the same room where my Xbox is hooked up sorry that the connect sensor. -- -- Like all movies that aren't you know and I'm afraid that maybe somebody is passing until it got to do when in the fairways and indeed I I -- -- piece of black tape over to the camera on. -- love to hear the hey guys this is okay it would lose little watching you have a son so why the dog dog came across an advantage of this going on the right things are claiming myself that's the most -- of Archimedes and I'm pretty it's hurting. Sarah Palin I could. It's awesome -- -- -- -- -- -- -- couple more please no regrets would you like to buy a monkey. Our streets jones'. I didn't ask I don't know who that is issuing its US. The brought in the Conan movie right yeah. I really had a very nice statue as she lives easier isn't it James Bond relatives not chickens and acid music through scooter. On the -- -- you know this one and only now. Yeah. -- -- -- You are more. Thomas -- Let's -- another sentence saw parents. No it's really funny about -- times I don't. Says Thomas Dolby I get Gary Newman's car stuck in my brain I don't even know why if that's the one that doesn't mean there are very similar. New mirror aren't mean tires and -- -- to do now while more sentence of their okay. Are we you do skipping school. On the couch in class and at the gym -- it is how do you do I guess donors seem find the most stone dream ends whereas on the crowd chant -- C four underpaid and your failure not even work -- bad -- guys on the couch and read than just a sincere donor when I zero I think. -- awesome to have when I said I feel like getting yeah. I feel like sleeping in on the -- -- saving the world -- driving a grinding escaping sleeping in the next Davis is being they are doing -- Willis has some effect of being blue falling. Staying -- breaking stuff shoveling snow going back in time hiding in a closet playing with fire cooking studying punching walls working out. Chilling out dancing dreaming partying waking up taking -- -- Over eating getting it done or are now working romancing vacationing celebrating. And that's all home three guys thank. Escaping are over -- would lead us down to Stoner rode a thank you become like the overeating was overeating -- analyzing couch over medium high blood chilling how do you want but I think overeating is it okay chilling I just gonna get -- and yeah. I smell weird -- fat coming good. I have no regrets you heard and that strangers. Didn't -- what you're doing a west and your mom my haters are my friends my co workers -- robots. Family -- -- -- -- can throw Obama DF -- entourage myself tons of junk food you know merry go hands on their acts adoring fans roommate might blew my pets. Yeah I think. -- -- tons of junk food party -- marine overeating doesn't it all right -- now what kind of genre. Yeah eighties -- thousands classic rock country hip hop. Ninety's pop rock sixties electronic dance in the Americana. All these phone console. New wave. Hip pop soft rock rock sound from the seventies alt rock. Punk hardcore jazz -- old R&B Stoner metal we -- thinking. I was thinking the alternative. But yet I go a little too -- -- know sixties -- seventies now we know you'll get there right maybe -- Indymac killed two -- -- -- hello 90s90s. When we Baghdad he's rising to be fun right so all -- ninety's what do you say. 99 he's OK -- and was it just ninety's pop rock on behalf of an all rock. Yes to all rock yes it was just pop brought to -- and you're stuck with a crap like insane don't really listen into the end. Death and -- back in this day a loan ferret so now we got I'm on the couch I feel like overheating with tons Johnson alternative rock. OK so who says basically this is my twenties. Half. Pretty event collect all. Just killers and I think Iran is also her stuff the bats Nirvana then -- go with cake. He's just he's sued denies. He read only this you don't -- -- -- out of Iran -- own dish yeah. And I have no idea from so I they would go with -- Third Eye Blind and I that I -- here. The area already. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I don't you know understand and feel might. If I was told coach -- -- you -- -- Mean it's ninety's all brought in you don't know -- you about it involved rockets on nine no okay. Paris and actual position and mostly animal charlatans UK had heard that kids. And they were gonna always be so narrow and Good Charlotte the -- boys. All I ever -- jobs at Boeing are doing what we're married like each other Mac hello I'm here's something and then they're broke and then she was dating. -- got married to Chad Krueger from nickel back this summer those guys were so young and so tended up it was like man that's in the ninety's pop rock country music career -- your own in these terrible I was -- India result. I don't know I don't think any hardware and our guys this is the first one. -- Alanis Morissette no -- I can't -- news on ice cream on really wants. I just you know Monica -- so good there was some bad comment to put this in my library. Who put this in my library. You have to check your Madonna concert two -- I agree you say. -- those hello my goodness okay. Housing mission. I mean it's time -- The team Lisa Loeb. Tail he's a load without the glasses and I was right -- religion on them was the chick with the worst time. Ever Levine thank you know you can now I know you talk about. -- Later Elvis Costello and lose. This it's like Elvis Costello -- -- -- pump it out now. Tell me treat these guys and -- billing you know -- Almost eat a lot to say it would have to hear what I'm listening to this -- and not a record that it is. I. You know on the right it's sauce it's catchy and I'll go to movies. You know whereas my cup preview in the pairs is -- not content on. The play and bill Hillary and Nissan. All hard to say should come by and look at the baby in the -- -- Free down. Fausto is in the mid ninety's as I stopped watching videos of altogether. Here's -- -- -- -- early and I news. You're gonna far. Wow. Oh yeah. Okay. Remember this song I remember this song gonna. Six logo and at Disneyland sons. It's about TI's TV OK and you land a camera has yet again -- it's the fifth over. There one hit I think -- I actually have a story about these guys. Did you do you not that I. So this is the best this man yeah yeah yeah yeah she didn't nothing else happened. Yeah although the singer. You on the working for the record label. As a talent -- and demand are -- when you can and he. Worded Peter Parker. Okay almost. Scott -- major label beyond. Because in the lead singer -- the -- he was a fan of our music on last kind of cool. On to say that when you can't wait for -- and a multimillion. Music initiative does anything we were destroyed entirely new set up -- us we clearly show it to you stub hub. You showed up. A closed society -- -- user from another shows. Memories like hey on this person is going to Disneyland dad I put these guys impregnated a band we had some you know we had some success and we'll tell you -- -- -- I know it's. And. Yes -- -- -- that's on the -- like great that's what everybody says. And then -- these series of like record label warning in dining bands trying to get them signed he -- a few years now the primary nights. But he's a champion -- the point where you live up to change to the top for the person that allegedly worked out. And had -- I don't know how it all worked out there and make you can never tie up one cam really does what we were doing. The other camp we're looking at trying to sign another band that sound like -- Jerry can. And doing and that Jack camp one. And he came back just to -- Enjoy I think your chance and you mantras about -- -- danger -- blowing up so we're trying to ride their hotels and an almost work. But that was the closest we ever got that and we once got. The company that. Not a company that he would. The production company that made the TV show scrubs is only half they wanted to use our music on their show because they like Darman Arizona full time. Really know -- the surgeon scrubs was follow great low loses some TV show you asked they asked hearses and stuff are guys never sent any saying. And other -- their ass show it is cold scrubs and Aaron behind that's a weird name. Dress for effect a year later I think the biggest show in the -- -- -- -- can notice it's not that make people -- droves and buy stuff because of TV show is held so it does offer some bands and they've had they've always had kind of eclectic. I -- music on there they had. A -- with ukulele who's done a lot of stuff. I don't remember her name now her name is any better -- looks kind of goofy and she dad plays the ukulele and she's done some moderate south after the tiny Tim -- -- know. She's like. Little slower growth third string of attendees and check out some -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two years since John John I don't know I don't know if -- test. Do you holes also taking commercial yeah. I don't know this day and thought great I know the name resolution anti Hillary. Battle of the skip them yeah pretty terrible pain and -- wanna go black -- And also I'm sold on this is just saying yes. All we ask. -- I like dissolve. Even better than the real thing. Movies and listening -- this as mysterious ways in one. Maybe oh yeah. -- -- -- So many things go silent and you. Excellence and muscle -- city. He pulled in and animals through the -- the grass is that this one. And like yourself this is like the first song on the album I think I remember checking it out from the library deep stuff like misery. Somebody to show how long and I need to show H songs and you know black gold. Residents I'm cool I love I know -- -- Key yeah. I'm going to need continued into account -- The next president on this time -- -- in my mind young amateurs you guys like he's hoping it's. Scraggly looking guys are few. And they're like thanks -- heartthrob. -- they came to town right now many years ago we'll have never come back anyway. Gary says he'll do you can -- see them as of yet another small rural miles. Nine mile an hour when you realize their -- god we want all the smokers today. -- -- No I don't mart news news world and oh yeah and those holes and it's it's all kind of ways don't. And so it's a great record. This will make her grow -- yes yeah. Good -- news. Can be tough when there are so good you can make her sound good to know. -- -- -- Non Muslims here. Not as good and that's a new low lives through this or something and yeah yeah you're right off. When he killed -- we -- she didn't she knew him as a -- -- songs. To do one. Hunting grounds. Hey you know unsung. Cracker yes yeah liquor. You've run. Anybody likes cracker contact me. Thought he wants to sell you something. If anybody really loves tracker contact me so I can laugh at. Remember this and dances we always second season both launchers they live in late Wednesday the stingray go most -- -- middle school. Fighter jets had this -- And then she had a really okay. Ohio and not midnight -- the -- holidays that that bump you call this one earlier. -- -- Newman's Own breakfast that's in the news now. -- -- and this song was so you tell us so we use super catchy and he's. I'm sorry Greg my Deep Blue Something tattooed. Such a big sand right unique you've -- I don't know how there is and I -- I'm gonna yeah yeah. I see him enjoying being on the couch overeating would tons of junk food to nineties pop rock. The good playlist today that -- -- in men and -- There's some kicking. It's you can. -- -- -- It's -- and it was like How I Met Your Mother were there to Marshall Intel. You're on the road trip to Atlanta -- oh nice intermission music continues playback machine highest ever backtracked. This kind of crap on my turn to listen to in the car -- -- no musical taste -- that's okay is this. You wonder they just play it just continued sound going the. Jeff Buckley. Good and my parents were so lost musical. It's a grim over the heard Jeff Buckley's brother both amazing guitar players and that is freer to match cost money. She is looking very astronaut has gone at -- Oh okay. Yeah it's because it's always sunny yeah I know there's schools because what is vessels on an hour now. It wasn't bad. They've played good but what all of my muscles on the streets there. -- for a that girl I know I was -- Yeah is -- during copper is an amazing right now and it's. About the sexy shoot me I don't know I do my music -- -- I like genuine love lives to make contact here. Actually yes -- In my mind -- this dream and -- -- and reasonably cruise. It's cool show yeah yeah yeah I feel in my -- I have been. -- got your brother in the man in mid may kick this band that's generated got a new singer. How do you -- singer in your lives out of words and I know this is an ideal business socialist brought you out dance. I love the way I'm here until the LeBron Amazon com. JJ is -- -- agree on -- I'll go on accident later chose based remain bands yet Tony's Tony's. Two of the what I didn't say we head -- we had our soldier was trucks also know there -- to listen about a lot. That's a good old -- -- and I guess Israel's. That's a great song there's some really good songs and I saw a suicidal dream I remember seeing them live. And it it you kinda -- because I was one of the tells people their -- -- early nineteen or twenty of the time there's a lot of kids that I. I don't know show me there are some of the Paramount and -- one time I summit to Mercer arena back when they're still doing it shows my comments don't call me past I don't know. I did I introduced -- in America I went out there are my shirt off with -- I don't know. All full of alcohol and or drugs were you always I think I was actually so where. The mountains without assured -- -- -- to that was sent Brazil than a year. I I was at the time -- the fans know later on how to master every round I'm glad that time I'm it was a dare buy and the admin you'll go under Tuesday's announcement without any clothes on and are you sure dynamite. Parents. And my shirt off in the -- -- malaria. The players. It's over there no man Darren thanks so to host us. Here's -- you can in the first. Remember they're values. I don't data like all the police are within their like have you -- -- -- -- break you down and everything in students. Smoke in a big old -- on the side of the stage. Florida is also. Collect -- the garden. I. You always know you -- It's awful that doesn't get really -- oh well. Podcasts and playing music. Mostly for my phone thanks to beats music I don't know why -- how big in the big servers and actually subscribe to it. And -- edited because -- jobs -- got to my home he's on it do you have fun on the road trips that's -- -- -- now must wonder we are right there is due in an hour now. Pleasant voicemails emails and text messages. All right I'm gonna put in the revenue Fuego stands today Red Bull yeah it's sweaty little hands this lions and swim in the Jack I'll see sex messages I burned -- things -- originally from gripped a look at that a little like collective skin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm surprised you lose -- I was around -- hey guys all know are you to another issue with the podcast -- -- -- -- -- -- there's a lot of -- an audio -- yes. I wish -- -- -- addresses this morning we again destroyed on the text messages and us alone let's phones to FaceBook. There's something going on we have no idea what's going on -- -- damn radio station but it's causing things to drop out every once why did you make. They were selling your record skips or second or it would just go blank for a bottom half a second or be like unknowingly static key. Would we have engineers working on it hopefully by the time you're listening to the SEP guess all that's been resolved but. We are where it and we appreciate all the messages especially the ones that are calling us -- morons -- me to fix our ass. Play as if we wouldn't if we knew how to our livelihood is based on audio and now decree came here that -- as frustrating as all -- and I get it. It sucks rosters were just trying to put out a fun show and an -- system. -- -- I think the best advice I heard one of those Texas and then was a call Massa yes I saw us. Tell us all MM returned are going to cut you would think they would there's -- -- brother works there. Hasn't decided that as as as evil and mean as a textures were a lot of the callers are really actually pretty cool about it they're like -- I don't know of anyone else is called but -- having this issue should I go buy a new radio and I was like no goldeneye do you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had actions which so -- all services because I cannot make a phone call when I was -- -- the time -- car I just could not get through right now I'm -- it's been resolved the back then when there weren't sharing towers yeah far it was brutal yet have you had to have my phone sit on the ledge of how sent and another window and then hopefully everyone -- really get a phone call. I got a friend like that -- -- yeah -- his house is down down a road down a ballet and is just like -- right -- yet to go out to his driveway. To make any calls he says that he -- -- -- -- effect -- yeah. Actually really could be hello crew and Michelle -- was the worst I have ever listen to mine wasn't cancer. If I start. Preset time and when do we are 2014 crazy series phone call I believe bylaw or allowed one phone call. Abu restaurant next week -- area next who might be as short as TP test though because we have a silly meeting that we had a -- so. We -- -- to remove the STV cast. -- -- goes we might come back to do more just is adds up. Cutting -- seeming getting crazy series review of the Super Bowl. There we go next week creatures review the Super Bowl I'm sure how much is it that will be the first thing we did it -- that -- the intro -- -- room door -- of the week. Which allowed to do some crazy crazy brits by Buckcherry. I named Iran calling criticize Mubarak. Home -- top being -- may. -- up everywhere -- everywhere. The eap you're here for us now it's Tuesday pursuing their residence is cigarettes and they've cigarettes now everything is safe now there's story everywhere -- -- about like all the signs on the stores at least down in the federally. Every other stories now of bait store and I was only Doral was. Hello again adopted -- federal holiday. Now I have to do some on Martin's. Lawrence movie blue streak and he -- the better off always coming. Because like I grew from federal encircled with -- the better all right get out of here. Monroe buddies and hockey he's big into his date cigarettes right or he -- -- and how they're called -- -- and -- -- in the locker room then. He has them here's the Mountain Dew flavor to -- -- they've had to do pot. No what's that like dry -- you know you know it exists and people have converted to an end to marijuana data and then they sell marijuana -- -- -- -- -- cigarettes I'm having a symbol C -- gathering receipts come over on the Super Bowl yeah dishes coming top yet here you might be making an appearance -- -- -- -- -- appreciate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- guy to -- now -- I don't care if he does or doesn't know what if you want to smoke did he sing in the house -- still in my -- -- are delighted to lose or mine it's not technically smokes knows his V aids day -- -- Seriously and most annoying -- you can do because it just. Apparently you're just allowed to make it gives you license system blow that Clara smells right this is -- well so -- -- -- depending on -- -- -- get yeah -- one's good I like how do you -- yeah I went -- and comes movie remember what movie debut as American hospital and that is the person right in front of me was just blowing big -- as stupid thing you know -- the theater at first there's got to be laws against that it yup they're really -- yeah. Is that no yeah zone might signal I think it's your -- message thing is people are just such induced bags and they think they're just allowed to do because it's not -- you still are annoying everyone else around you secure during our restaurants at sporting events -- don't you dare doubt there's -- walked out of Miami and -- not to come out I guess is not real smoke went down. Yeah I'm I think my wife actual freak out more -- and the bigger issue is our do our first I formal. Function at our house you've only been there for seven years years. I did several other -- money in the bank viewing party severity there was four of us I was pretty exciting I gave my wife a lot of anxiety. So -- Susan -- I was an elderly low. And he was coming ally of the street dual party had Italian hawks -- might do that sounds like a blast and and trying to make it Texas trying to find some way to go. I mentioned to my wife -- and I. Seed in her eyes as you really wanna go into Seattle -- -- I leave the dog -- and just been to see -- mean on Monday it says hey if you wanna have all get together. And invite some friends that's totally fine marriage semites and coworkers and myself my hockey buddies. And mentioned Iraq made some invites I know at least ten people -- and I said little Stevens and I think -- I don't know it's going to be ten houses from each one. I I apparently bring somebody right. So I don't know you know -- have John this is gonna read every line everywhere Ohio's reduces the right people at parties is already has anxiety about their drinking because it's the Super Bowl and I call her. My trip to see go to -- your -- mellow down he's going to do. Disaster are not a -- -- party because otherwise they otherwise. -- sit well I have one antibodies actually set -- by another donkeys and he -- do you have a good insurance plan. So like I can't -- and -- -- I think it's funny but I can assure that my life in the main issue is the shoes and she is a freak about shoes and -- I don't take my shoes off because my feet staying right most people don't. High -- and my wife might prefer to do my wife once again a sign that says take your -- off the -- there and not my whole thing is up. The one we just do what we usually do in just grab a bunch of shoes from our garage and put him on the front now weighs almost like subtle ways to -- to yeah good arm until we are really my buddies come over -- -- chaos. Think she's off. I will say that would -- or at least get my attention yeah now if there's -- -- user and said the door -- what I do now I feel like if if you keep your shoes on you saw that then you know what. Music type person just want to give your shoes on and why why why make them feel comfortable I mean like hey bud take your shoes off you get your chance he can. -- entourage. Yes I -- -- Bowl -- this page time flies and your place online music. TT -- match driving talk about the death waitress. Story excuse me what it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For restaurant a few of us right so let's say where everything's great place it's not track personally I'm very clear. I don't wanna you know terminate because. What's the deal how do you deal again why is the do. -- waitress. Until we get there a couple our majority there and go hey when you order. Make sure you look at her so -- your read your lips because she's Daschle president. And where everybody's reaction whenever anyone till the next person that showed up is yes it was high gasoline me. No seriously so she comes over and she is staff. Ninety noses and -- camp's -- saying. So that is funny it is weird man talk muffled the yeah it's weird such a weird thing. So I make I order my body makes his order -- and you'll make their orders. The orders come and they're all messed up. Even though he pointed out what we want to wish you writing down yeah okay her own miss. Just bash seem righty misread your lips so let's just say like one of my guys we're guys didn't get things and eating when your -- She forgot my appetizer them the rich and wanted to guy will get me down mountains and it -- not going going going like well do I talk to somebody else or gravity of this. How do you have that argument with a deaf person I can you screwed up my order does not gonna listen and then he's -- an idiot like almost he's talking down to my going you who school. Rude dog Mario ward her -- well when you're doing that is really -- lives anyway yeah. What to do it if it's any random amount and small -- and I was like whatever I SR wanted to guys and he can you remember in my appetizers don't have a problem I think everyone that works there. As I kind of chip in to take care of her and she's super nice so -- is -- -- we get any of us had an issue with there. As a person. She's very friendly -- always smiling nice lady. More advice that gave her gift cards and -- lost a gift cards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes indeed -- means. You know we maybe he'd every -- to -- grows she's deceased socks you know money up. He's gonna have the I don't know I wonder how many people just grin and bear it because of her impairment. Yeah disability that would suck for the business and for her very awkward weird and it was against enormous humor like. It sounds awful to say -- a large group we like make fifteen of us. Morrison's death Foreman handle that table there. And sounds awful but not totally understand a lot of -- more no margin for error here yet it's taken fifteen orders he had and now is just yeah that's just too much always weird like fifty people for one person I feel bad with that I agreed to be more than one you have now -- just give you tablets to order for more to read this dude that's a -- -- idea does is -- -- you -- -- or -- There's an -- yeah. Just they going are far -- No we got Doug winters yeah. Who adored by the oddest tech says it was to a couple more attacks my wife tell me about lost ten pounds -- frequency of oral negotiations would increase its first week dropped eleven town as did three times on Sunday. Good thing irate guys -- She's had a lot of oil and I'm not -- -- deal comes. Is that some Dixon clean and unlicensed use a lot of you guys Marshal -- -- -- positive -- -- I don't know I don't know and a survivor among Padre NTT and if I gonna do X. Why would shorter I things overshadow Lex and -- -- that -- 601 yeah it's something like that. What is ally all of satellites don't want to. Why are you be if your wife is coming your life threatening cities where there yeah and a -- -- 300 I would be I had usually reserved crying because Chris Powell finally visited this -- Nicholas is six order. A deluxe a cheeseburger you fry Hindu -- and I would stick to tartar and hits and ten cents or. -- grandson. I don't know all my damn Frye is the second -- the last time rules. Tonight in check until I got home that's now the order you're. Yeah I've got to. Those guys lose Prince Philip -- plays. And I ordered -- is okay unpopular and I ordered life and this was before earlier Wendy's could think that it -- This is before a -- -- he was like -- afternoon and then within that night we're all mean you know for ornament. And I knew I -- -- -- when -- got tacos and has done and roaming about the bad choice and I got home I open of the bag. Oil is a chicken sailors and I'm not cheeseburger. Now I know where you -- RA and I was like you know why because probably better order anyways so I was happy I -- more money there goes about and I don't know how we met -- about Doss yeah five guys and they like champs. The room was at Yahoo! yeah man it's a diagram while he had no. Cajun French burnt my little soldier that was very very good but he adds topping got there early aftermath I got -- somewhat early and we were still waiting for you Serena -- order until you got there. So for a good thirty minutes we're just sitting in five guys that -- at a who's eating peanuts just sit there -- -- they were really creeped out by topping and I know I got do you guys. I need any thing to -- off. It does our guys don't know behind two days you know our five guys do we sat in the seats of the right over the grill so we can so Gerry Adams Rolex and a bond guys. Doocy -- just came in this just in to do it -- and at that data. We have a special guest here today holy crap Mickey Mouse himself. She literally a photo opportunity roughly twenty minutes I will do -- somebody try -- studio. The drive through he doesn't talk to Steve not the best radio guests I sunnier picture with the -- and get a picture are we in -- hurry this up then I'll. OK there are going to be limited and I'm glad I see an eighteen minutes two minutes ago that Kerrigan out of here you know what. I'm some of most of the wanted to do it. Temple with it's it. -- -- Olmert thanked the public gay marriage. Tucker is all I. -- -- Just -- I'll honor areas you know how man I would be if I saw this email and I miss out on an opportunity at a picture of Mickey Mouse. Soup for comparison if you saw your cell Boeing field would you -- you come back yes. -- quite possible like all right top beat emails and voicemails voice voice smells -- -- it. Hope you he's got a -- did you kind of vision of the asset. Yeah I am. -- -- -- -- You sir. Hey Steve I'd say it could be yeah it had to. -- -- I would disconnect from the voicemail on my FaceBook -- -- C'mon man energy I didn't messages are just certain that sort of fly intranet jewelry department of Fred Meyer. On the way you know that you engage very new order. All American ready for the guys that Cuba yeah. -- salsa okay. Yeah I would just start talks early Garrett today. He used to make some news damn bloggers that are very -- -- -- Like childhood and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah words okay you know -- more employees now okay. ATK she's already I'm right and I can't let -- out how you don't let her. Why -- Democrat but I am confident. And I know I have my hand us. It's. Low on our. Office and I want my. And before we get out of here because I didn't get a couple of text messages on that either right or text line that mention they loved here in the song NN. We do have a couple emails -- we will get to people saying dude Super Bowl big game what better way to get pumped. -- -- play that better song by Eric keep him velvet do you who played last week and ES TP Jesse started this show and that's why we finish it the way of sending good vibes good luck to the Seattle Seahawks let's do this topping. And then they get into it. -- The. I. -- -- -- All right let's -- -- -- Drivers who can. They got six locations now. Coming getting tense days -- you -- violate Bremerton and take so much everybody on the case. He has a great offer is all you can -- vessels dream roles. Do so good -- EST you know iron actually tried. The mountain roads well so many very rolls over there. Fresh friendly that's how they were all drivers CCC -- and find out more or trafford Susie got net. Thanks also to David Barry until a -- Defense stop Blogspot dot com go off to everybody top -- Safe travels my friend -- lots of pictures and Cheerios box on. -- hoist that Lombardi trophy yeah. Vermont and if he -- where young. It's Kendrick Lamar. -- -- -- Have fun man and and stayed positive.