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Feb 20, 2014|

Joined in studio by The Crying Spell! CD Release show 2/22/14 at The Crocodile!

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Now we're. -- Our bid is actually from -- surrounding. You metropolitan area encompassing that would notice the great northwest. Rockaholics. This is the last. -- -- -- And so it begins here rockaholics allow local fans loud locally is brought to you by McDonald's. To find out more allowed local like how to submit your band's material -- in the past podcasts. Link up with the bands of the -- local page. At KI SW dot com tonight I'm joined by. Long time allow local -- -- and party years I'm joined by that crimes now. Ever -- jarring and I clothes I know how do you guys back I've missed you know. I'm all right so let's go to on the. Studio introduce yourself and city which you do within them patents hi I'm Eric and I play guitar really did it. Assessment mom. I am an -- and pre. Yes. I'm Kevin and -- and keywords. And -- and I'm really really it. If you're -- this might you can't forget to your hand and type of thing and then or were missing do we have no leader it's -- and -- It was it's Ireland say yeah I've never heard somebody being sick where their voice actually get hired more delicate. That is the case. -- still what's going on in the world of the crying spell. The new album is titled spectrum. Of light the album release show is this coming Saturday nights at the crocodile. Along with Amidon. It's the album release show and it's also a fund raiser. Tickets are only twenty dollars. The crocodiles a great venue if you've never seen the kind spill that not one hell of a really cool show and so much work. He's going into this I've been I've been hearing about all the planning and the stress and so on and so ports -- really looking forward to the show. On Saturday night there's a lot of ground to cover. And I think we were we were just -- amount it's been about a year and a half percent since. The crying spell with last in -- allow local -- -- the changes what's happened over the last year and a half filming yet because I'm. I can't remember my -- most. Days. There's -- And so we work. Europe. It. Panda and then back and forth so we've been there three times -- points with killing. Were. -- Record last year. And then now our hopefully it for for a full season summer. -- Europe has really embraced you guys in a really cool way. In all your travels has there been like one specific place in touring Europe that you're like. I would like to go and spend two weeks there and just hang out out at an event in its. Since -- come home so my plan is once once we kind of finished this moment. Rome her. Probably at least a month in duplicate. Paint and so our feet up. But room was -- here but there's multiple and it's hard to its cargo -- -- and ended in. In Cuba into words but. I think the real big thing about that is that. That wouldn't happen without Seattle fan base supporting a kick starter and first place and thank you guys for supporting -- it meant everything in -- astute. Share them with the world where Europe actually could embrace and given chance so and it's so exciting I. You've seen me throughout the years I dispute Twitter paid him when our bands. From right here get a chance to go to Europe because often times it's sometimes. It takes the European -- the European fan base to really. Kind of help the momentum with me you know and the fact that you guys have been to embrace and had. Not one not 23 successful tour is over -- -- did manage to resolve problems that had -- I've joined by the crying spell their album release show up for spectrums of rights is this coming Saturday night. At the crocodile it's also a fund raiser and now also on the bill is Madonna still stepped -- our. I'm trying to focus. It's never easy even though to keep what the theme I'm a really good at radio host it it can be tough here. The first song. That a lot of us have been exposed cue from spectrum of light is a song called elemental. And this song itself is a rats on a really really cool song -- then. That video and and the video for elemental you guys if you're listening to it on the YouTube get on your Smartphone or -- to call it got box and just YouTube. The crying spell elemental because this video. Is so cool whose brainchild was this video. I'm prepared that your error -- -- his brains are there any of the kidneys. It was I think about a year and a half ago two years ago -- and -- artists out talking to -- so we do a lot when it actually is rehearsing talk Barrett's. And after the surgery isn't all boys and -- to cigarettes are -- and and witnesses like why don't we -- all her mom's in the video instead of us as future. Because older moms are still alive and well and and a and rock and yeah apparently. So we tried with an older song and Chase's mom wasn't gonna happen at that time so. So we've we've you know we'd. Just kind of forgot about it and tell. Held this you know this new album we got a record and everything. Like we need to do that video we're gonna make -- Monday and so we did and -- came to town and and party. That and OK so if you haven't seen the video I hate to give away the premise it's like. It it opens up and you'd see these bad -- bite her. Rock mom the mom threw behind it if you're familiar with the banned girls' schools who was like a new wave of British heavy metal. Bail -- -- concert and iron in the scorpion is really up but I would like if it girls' school was still the rounds this would be girl's school just just the vision that the visuals. Everybody's mom and it looks pop princess. And smoking for the camera captured -- -- announcement. I I'm not my Honda snapped I don't know I autos and -- but it's just these these bad adds she -- that just kind of wreak Havoc everywhere I mean. Like there was a mailbox that got knocked over her. Now basically there for I mean it -- not political list here real quick but I think that the reason that the song was so perfect for it. Is because the course is about life is what you make it now let's take control and its -- elemental. The the reason the concept works so well is because it says it's essentially these. For women that got back together. Like an -- that they didn't and there are sixteen years old again and so that was kind of the idea and it's like. You can live no matter what age you are and what are you doing you can always make the best view life. And that's kind of the idea and so they do they really do. That's yeah that's it I love love love that -- special guest tonight all our blog the crying spell. This song is elemental it's from the new album titled spectrum of light we're gonna talk more about about the song about the album about the video but let's just played -- right now. It is elemental level local -- on point nine K is doubly. -- Fanatic of NI KI SW it is loud local that -- the crying spell the song is called elemental it's from the new album. Titled spectrums of light. Pardon -- light the album early show is this coming Saturday nights at the crocodile it's also -- fund -- tickets are only twenty bucks. And special opening guests Amidon. The video for elemental is. But not well. I. And and Joseph well we weren't playing the song of course I I love getting into all the big juicy is that I'm like wait wait wait we can't talk about this we got to wait until word on the air to dish and -- beat you guys. Tomorrow morning are going to be on king five's new day northwest. Which is at 11 AM. So if you're listening. You should and you know you're if you're not going to be red DVR it. DVR hits and -- -- Bartlett mobile is on shallow and you've got -- going to be performing elements all. Yeah which has got to be a little nerve racking. I was just talking about that did that at least for me I get a little chicken when there's when there's cameras around that you guys are seasoned professionals that this -- the yeah we'll see if I just about the watch tomorrow morning. I'm looking hard if you haven't go on and DVR it tonight because I rarely get out of bed before -- but I will be watching it tomorrow and I will tweet about it I guarantee you that's. And we are talking about the fact. Keep this -- that Henry weekly who's going to be on the I would yes -- the fonds. Thank you to Needham. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it may be there's sound by you can get from him do when something bombs lag or something and that yes I don't know I don't know if he's like tired of thirty years of people asking -- do that but -- mass tenuous. It would only is it like Jimmie JJ walker is still. Friends from from good times -- Britain which you can't ever say I don't I to him and he doesn't like it but it's like. Everybody know that. Q okay well that's just let you guys. -- tell me kind of repeat what we were talking about how you were. -- the video for elemental -- it was popping up on Europe's version YouTube and I was like you guys in my. -- our moms that are becoming more famous than us. And and the reason I brought that up with this team -- northwest they actually request. And the only person can be theirs is there others she's -- -- sweeten its earnings we accept -- victims to his name off. That yet we knew that essentially like because of the Europeans there's there's -- TV today. It's kind of a European YouTube. Yes and his interest in how -- -- and was talking about that the corn on one side and it rotated in and it was than it was five. Experts -- -- with his mother. You know movement and so awesome and then and then we just got an attitude. And EU which is there. 21 the Roger elation and saw that that is so so so cool you guys and so this would be played across all universities and campuses and in our rooms and stuff -- they -- 36 universities and actually -- and fans for voting -- because it would happen without them pop open. He has it all really cool it was really need this right occasion and gives -- and so. Yeah that sounds again and once again it was like this it though remember the guy's name. There was a reason is that artists in rock artists and yet young man in the well my -- is basically me and my -- basically rent that's. We know now there's the scene and be in the video where the moms walking to the bar yeah. Now was that your and mother who gave you felt like on the phase it was. Right now out silently as just as Google YouTube at the Christ well elemental and at the videos phenomenal I don't wanna take anything away from the video because ultimately the song is really really good but it's just something that. You know I think we can help out for the fact that. You know as a lot of times in the ninety's -- in 2000. You would see a video and that would captivate you first you know it's like would ever it takes to get she -- the party you know I mean. -- This is actually it was really a blessing that kind of immortalized in career right. And -- and such supporters for you guys that went at it there like what you mean we have to do this were drinking you know park outside. We asked it be the -- MI -- logo created this church. You know I think we can actually view -- we can't steal -- The story in his opinion that. That. That these things yet. And there's so I mean I remember your mom -- and an infection with students you look off camera the and it was in the script there roaches and do one time when -- and all day she was an Alter the guys practicing it premier office gets a better Christians we have so many shots that's actually shot. That was on music TV. So -- so awesome I can only crew man. Motley Crue I can only imagine the conversations. -- here's all the months together just looking tough as well. And you know in between takes may be talking about gardening you know home renovations. Some craft projects -- and and then the cameras turn on and there's birds slide and and tall boys well and it's there are exceeding characters citizen -- -- clothes -- and they wanted to -- there's wherein each other -- you know it's funny. Oh my god is great character is -- that is so cool I don't think I could ever get my mother to do something like that million years let it never. Yet they just. I want my mom to be part of your mom looking. My guest tonight I'll -- -- allow local are the crying spell the album release show. And fund raiser is this Saturday nights at the crocodile tickets are available now their only twenty bucks. Amazon is on the bill but once again in addition to an album release show this is a fund raiser. To help our boys raise those funds to get back to Europe and to continue making some really really bad headway are at a got to take care some business. Well local continues next it is brought to -- McDonald's and -- -- IK IAW -- -- local to find out more about -- local to stream past podcast. Going back for a long long long back to the dinosaur -- pretty much to allow local page KI SW dot com if you've heard your band played. Take the link to that podcast and make it make babies on the interwebs that's how you get the word out. I've joined by the crying spell I've got Kevin and -- and -- of the crying -- we wanna say hello to other guys that couldn't make it two nights she. But rich and it's -- 2000 local. PP -- -- cut the album release show is this coming Saturday night. At the crocodile. Amazon is on the bill this is also in fund raiser to get you guys some some coin to get back over to Europe has its. For it to know to make it work. It takes money. And you guys have and really -- always been progressive in your ideas as -- how to get the word out on your -- and you know you guys are kind of went into one of the first wave of local musicians with in the last several years to get to Europe to. You know how -- successful European and so I've always been impressed with that work ethic and what you guys have been able to accomplish on your hand and being created so. I'll take some that's the kind style and I've been doing a great job with that. Okay Harry could shake it off you can take a compliment for yeah. Expect I I mean it's gonna ask underpants again that is an -- You know we're just trying to make our share with people and then there's one thing you guys are supporting me happen. You know and that's really what it's about. Community and absolutely. And freedom ultimately free and yeah -- totally. The new album Specter is a flight. These concept. Yes let's talk about that. -- Well now I'm gonna to switch into I don't know -- that receive behind actors studio with James Lipton and now I will be. And the ruler of james' climbing and Purdue and our for a reason and sending people like you know that people doing that and they care about. And a you know it has meaning and it absolutely the more songs people like. What what what is the concept in this. Well spectrum of light has lots as Mora is is entire concept about. Us being strings managing things like -- and that's house on the record. And so we've broken down into. The colors of the rainbow in light which has to do it. And yes like a storm. And that's what matters worse and that's -- come at me and that's kind of what happens -- life. It's how we write about it and then we we we -- phases of songs and there's five phases of songs and that opens with purple. Which is called the awakening. Switches to -- To studio which is increase the rising via. And in. Red arm and his our design. Green. Which. And in the yes. Less than an addict and then Lou which -- -- education. And so has it the -- six segregated into it yet you -- you -- -- you get a new -- wouldn't buy the album you can you can see it all on the back the album actually the ticket comes at. You really. -- Your gigantic. Press release that. And and I'm not I'm not saying that's attempt to Monty guys got a lot of stuff going on a lot of really cool -- I'm sorry I missed that might not. I think they think it's it's easily found few if he too but we did -- a short video about does that making a spectrum of life. And it talks about all that the different colors and -- and then. -- to present on further we did like -- on the front. And and on the inside so it's actually sterling notes the colors on the outs obviously. Make the record so each chose the color. And -- late innings and and yes lots to it but I think like once again and this has that story has that mean yeah. And you know -- been doing music for a long time and sometimes it's just one of those things where when we did travel over to Europe them. And and started. Being in in other cultures. I've been trapped in America for a long time then you know and really just kind of in my own little world. And working my day job trying to make enough money to unify and then I'm currently have a car payment house and then just kind of part of this financial trap. And an early experiencing. Humanity. And and wants that. Music afforded me to kind of get out there and share you know this this musicality and never really changed. My vision never changed it kind of previously. Hemmer -- it you know woods was. Pounding away at society to change this the environment that we live in because they can kind of -- entrapment and we forget how important each -- absolutely and that's what. I love. Thank you so much for sharing that land -- and we're up in the the fact that without saying that goes without saying. The next on Morgan plays the song that wraps up the album and it's called shoulders of. Giants -- us this song embodies pretty much. Musically speaking every thing on the album so you you'll hear the very happiness in the beginning. Go to use the complete destruction of the storm and it ends with a purification. Them Lucas and. Yeah that's been cured of that yeah boys knotted up what I KI SW and as -- local. The great. Guys in the crying speller in studio all hour -- tonight for allow local once again this is from. The new album titled spectrums of light and this song is called shoulders. Of giants it is local. -- -- It's. A I. KI SW home. -- -- -- Yeah. You can blow things. -- -- -- And not an ugly night KI SW Islam local that would be the crying spell with a song that -- board now for Chancy for replay. -- -- -- -- -- -- On -- local that this is the final version from their new album titled spectrum -- flights and the person that I had that I've been playing on the out local was. What was that that the that the guys that the cast money album -- kick -- And it was our gas money out. -- calling it a thousand copies in and it was our demos we've we've basically print it. And canceled it -- European tour and now as a thousand copies -- -- And they're collector's item our collectors items and there's some unreleased songs that you know. That's like six or seven and we've never released. -- -- and yes I've played in a. But I -- about the new album right and I can't wait to play more fun it the ultimately show for the crying spell is also refineries or it's this Saturday night. At the crocodile. Twenty dollars correct me if I'm wrong he gets you in the show and it gets to copy or download at the new apple news -- national or another yeah. If you don't. Get it before. The show. Exact hour and it -- -- -- you don't have to show you're gonna have to hold up because. On it looks like the actual physical US release is April 1. February Tony okay because I've got. Oh I'm sorry February 28 digital release an all digital platforms and I'm reading the -- here. And then march 28 for the European physical. And you can actually pre order on iTunes and Amazon now. That's awesome and that and that really -- if blatantly -- your tickets in advance helps the -- More to talk about with the crimes I just love the debt war and and and the other songs that. That wraps up the album on the shoulders of giants is really really cool as well and I'm I'm happy to have. Kevin and and -- And down Eric over there and Hank and -- -- patent. You might get an appearance from bowing -- before. If you play your cards right your -- -- local continues next with the crime bill not an ugly night KI SW is -- local my special guests all hours long. The crying spell got Kevin and land and Eric and chip. Ships should -- I didn't. The crying spells album release show is this Saturday night. At the crocodile gonna talk about that and some really cool VIP things going on. That are going to help out the band still if you dig what you hear. Then there's a cool way to get involved but I think -- -- the music speak for itself on this one. Before we get into this next song. You guys have a name for your sound and I really appreciate it would. When bands do this sometimes because sometimes I feel like and if I'm trying to describe the -- to somebody I would say if you like. AP and see you're going to like this band. But you guys have a cool way of of describing. This sounds that is the crying spell and it's called. Month wave which one of you guys kind of explained that. I can take a stab at it -- -- way to stand. -- so it -- mean -- the -- been influenced by eighties music and you know whether it's bitter Ender and boiler you know. Judas Priest -- so. It enough -- -- is kind of like. Basically we've taken our influences from that that that genre -- the new wave stuff and then kind of put a modern twist on it was some you know modern style electronic I guess he can say. And so that's kind of you know. While we called monolith. It is fuel issue on management to measure you put sure you're free. To steal our -- to decried as well I have my special guest tonight for the local more about the album release show. This Saturday night coming up in just a few and we're we're fast running out of time we're gonna make the most of your. The next on Morgan plays called. -- And it is. This yeah. The drinking -- is. Then the. Not at all point nine KI SW it is to allow local that would be decrying spell. With the songs sailing on from the new album titled spectrums. Of a light. The album release show and fund raiser for the crimes -- as this coming Saturday night. At the crocodile along with Amidon. Tickets are twenty dollars but keep this if you buy a ticket you get a physical copy. Of the CG. So that's that's a win win right there and you guys were sharing. Some of the cool things that are coming together for BIP packages for their show where if if maybe maybe there are people listening that are getting turned done. And turned on to the kind spell for the first time tonight if you like which you -- check out these VIP packages because you're helping the -- financially. To make their dream a reality and get back to Europe. And -- continue building on what you guys have already established over there where can people go to find out more about these VIP packages that kind of Iran is it that easy decrying spelled. Dot com important things that since the business has changed so much and that it has yet but I -- -- You know demand more and -- did. They deserve more and so what we're trying to do with the VIP packages give people an option he had -- -- -- -- this and that's what -- time there's. You can go bowling the banned. And there's over 21. And we all possible plea teams so there's only limited to twelve people I'm making small bowl against each other. And then we have limited edition posters that were handmade by us which temple coach to the record probably have a little bit your blood on -- somebody holing out hit -- cut over the top and has there specific logo there are numbered and signed. I'm and that comes with like guitar -- necklace and you know the CD pictures and -- that is limited edition shirts and things like that so there's that there'll limited edition items. That are surrounded around there the release of this problem than. Recording this record for literally. A year. Crazy but it seems seems silly but when you when you're doing it you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In less than you know. Perfect. Piece of art to people -- -- people and a minute and then were cheating fans with it well and -- essentially what they're paying for. And and something that I really preach about you guys is that -- incredibly authentic. You know there's. And there's fans out there there are and then -- -- that. That art and obviously I've got a Bloodhound no sport considering my my business and and doing this for a long time you guys are. So incredibly sincere and authentic with -- love. For your music and -- and what propels you and the fact that. You know bands listen you can you can go forth and you can finance your own projects you don't half to. The change to somebody else because when you're teaching somebody else's money. It's kind of like if you borrow 300 bucks from your mom your mom can hold that over your head. And tell you how you should make do your life because your mom gave -- that money so to speak rough analogy here. But in doing this. -- -- not happy to change you were art for a record label. Now we're not into the record levels -- you know we arching her fans there absolutely -- hence why things that it is taking all the time that we in mormons do anything that is less than. You know perfect in our -- To deliver something that was you know meant something in one's heart felt. If you want to go if you are going to the pranks -- dot com. You can listen to every song on the album and there's podcasts we've been doing podcast for the previous thirteen weeks leading up to this release in -- thirteen songs in the album. So you can listen to each of us are all of us talk about each of those songs individually what they're about. And Byron wrote them and why how it coincides with the concept of -- I love it I love it I love it I've -- and I I continuously. Just a super out. I don't care until everybody I just I just think it's great guys were too high. And -- that didn't -- I. -- -- for a long time on time. That the crying spells album release show and fund -- show is this Saturday night. At the crocodile. -- out and Madonna is on the bill tickets are twenty dollars but that includes a copy of the new album. Spectrums of lights. Gentlemen where I'm pretty much all the time so let's go around the studio if there's an additional words anybody else who would like height 20. Am -- three month. -- life -- -- talk. And get the idea. Consulates around the studio there's an additional goodness that you would like to put four. Ways before we get to the final song. Please do so I don't know who I'll start at. Elect is safe thing Q2 Casey chagrin in Dominique Ferrero for filming the video force them on video. And -- like to think the moms of course. On a savings -- everyone that span hoping share all the news on FaceBook and YouTube and really helping us when man and TV contest. An -- on savings to George and human bodies that are hoping program like its position now Hummer. Doing all spectrums -- -- the colors and it's taking a lot of work and time and I appreciate the guys and the via the shut him. -- ultimately you'll always just think the fans in. Everything's so. Close out animals. Openings. Since the you know. Rice won more times you guys are gonna be on on -- -- in new day northwest tomorrow at 11 AM. Set your DVRs or watch live if you're lucky enough to have tomorrow off once again he could seat crying spell. On king five new door -- day northwest and you guys are going to be performing the song elemental as well. And hang in with the -- yes. Often I do you want from a full report. That. We are wrapping up local -- once again the opening song from the new album any words before I hit play. This song actually came to me. Recently in a dream and a had this idea of it's this is where spectrum -- kind of epitomize. And it happened at 5:18 in the morning and that's why it's called. -- -- -- -- And so I -- my iPhone and it's pretty. You'll hear Alan dreamy and isn't very mellow but it's perfect for men and sending some of you who go to sleep enjoys and. And really the rain speaks of streets in the yeah I don't know what I can it's W it is allow local gentlemen. Thank you so much best of -- This is the crying spell committees. You know. He.