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Penis Tattoos

Feb 26, 2014|

A Georgia man gets out of trouble after sending a penis photo stirs an interesting discussion on penis tattoos.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- Ten -- -- he asked us and isn't interesting story out of Georgia about a case sixteen case. It made its way all the way to the Supreme Court in -- when he twelve. Charles Lee Warren. Sent a photo of his junk to a female. -- -- she had not requested this photo did not request that the photo of the Johnson now who does yeah well guys I'm here. Does India if you're out here cleaning. So there was you know we get the guy could have claimed that's not my junk because he has a tattoo on his penis now that reads. In. Strong enough for number four -- and that made for -- for a woman -- how. A small letters or is that a minute I don't. And I don't like the frontlines an awful lot of language to get on there. And pick up allowed to come out both sides Jeff I really don't they put it it's a little home or out of you -- Yeah -- you pick it. -- strong enough remanded me for a woman is now okay so. They -- victim of a felony. Obscenity charge under Georgia's attorney -- but he appealed. And now the Supreme Court overturned the guys charges and this is there was need updating for you know 2014 because they said. The law that was passed in 1970. Doesn't cover text messaging or electronic mail when it comes to. Schering obscenity knowing they'll only be something like photo. And the like that look I got off the court was like there's no way we can possibly hold these charges now. Who wrote the opinion on that Ruth Bader Ginsburg without which which just Supreme Court justices an expert on -- and went nuclear response probably Clarence Clarence ray Clark QB Aaron -- -- If it. Can you imagine -- -- it is that that Larry those Eagles old globes sitting around the Supreme Court until I heard this guy's. Penis attack -- tornado it's the fact that he was where Mac or you can randomly send a -- how do you pick a picture of your feet one and that's tank. Now all right. Balanced and knew that -- -- mega pixels pixels than the good news for people like that's until they clarify a lot of good news for the sender of bad news for the recipient of the and I have. End. -- -- -- But it appears that Texas says isn't that piece the slogan for secret deodorant yes yes that's -- from writes his junkies like like deodorant for women. Hello hello -- very. Good morning guys and I got a still are on sale. That's no yes. I doubt there -- so whoever has probably slightly got there a few guys. Yeah I never thought at all. Understood the concept of the penis -- Well it's it's a conversation starter short you know so him and also it could be nice surprise to mean there you are your -- -- nine and you meet a guy at the agree -- Bonnie get home and all the sudden you're reading is ineffective. There's no way eight it's anything but. Horrendously cheesy like this guy and there's no way a guy has attacked Julia -- saying well it depends on what the messages some you know you wouldn't wanna open why -- well that's a -- had the you guys -- here comes it's not -- if not Oregon won -- it's not where you -- what you're tribute elegant tribute to your mom or some maybe saved that for here. LB you could do the reverse American flag on -- -- Right right right -- while the world where it's being viewed from a might look like it was that just gives you like those sponge toys that they haven't really like it's like what's fed isn't a birthmark. -- watch but food. It's a flag. And you're right there's really no there's no way that a penis tattoo is not -- he's just know I Hillary it's one of those -- ego for the pianist therapeutic invented new -- -- things that aren't. I can't I can't start the process how irrational fears what he's yeah well -- a LoJack. Say it let's get I had a -- get a good jump as you guys a buddy of mine and now you use that they must be expensive rates are learned that you -- will do it sector got a laugh out of it. So buddy of mine get Garcia Vegas regard you know or wrapper around the -- -- Got bad guys jumpers that we -- edit your sister that the big jump. So we got to the bar. Any Galapagos and say hey you smoke brought. And they say yes it was part of Java app that I'm -- it -- gives let me get flat out. It will reduce the other half of the time he was arrested I mean I yeah I Gary yeah. Here's somebody who has this side up. I'm. I. Again and doing Google image search that -- I don't get fragile. It's not gonna sock itself but what are the what are you are about. This is not appropriate that a custom this is not a right hand -- only this is not appropriate for 6:31 in the morning I just -- -- photo online of someone who has you'll low tech student -- shapes on their back really on events that different -- the whole different thing pat you know serving up. It says yellow and then when it's directed says he'll conduct. -- The this is Justin yes John I just didn't. Morning guys they don't what's happening. Buddy of mine as the caliber sort. Tattooed on his uncle. And say. The -- it's sort. Just to get a lot of that are medical important no. Korea. Got -- egos Middleton yes yeah. How long did that take to do and how I might. Thought it didn't go out firing at them in was it was it was it did he tell you there was painful or -- You've got crazy type guys. You know very remote -- I mean he can't he can't keep have. And there's a do holes everything though.