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STP-Cast 03-04-14 -- Mono Nick got busted for downloading too many illegal shows.

Mar 4, 2014|

Steve The Producer, Topshelf, and Mono Nick talk about Thirty Seconds To Mars launching a tour with Linkin Park. Rev shows up about 10 minutes late. Which came first "The Mighty Ducks" movie or NHL team? STP says he has NEVER farted in church. We talk about how we like our eggs and waffles. Toppy bought a new truck and tells a stroy about the current shortage of rental cars. Rev tells a rental car story. We read the text messages. We find out Mono Nick got busted for downloading too many illegal shows. STP talks about the WWE Network. We move on to the e-mails. We play the Voice-mails and call it a day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 71. -- city Louisiana. -- -- -- I think it's but somehow he managed to make a better life for herself and her children she encouraged. You can -- have to work hard and he's done things. Special that girl is my mother and she's here tonight. There around the world watching this tonight you make your dreams. You live would be impossible. And those of you out there whoever -- and justice because of new war. We love tonight. I stand here in front of the world when you employ you thank you so. The FTV cast. Steve the British are here. Top -- I don't know whether -- did not show -- give any second now. Video. Playing up the system. And everybody's favorite mono -- is just thirty seconds before it is Yale and Jared let those bands are big Oscar -- Just try to watch the Oscars. Acceptance speech yeah. Okay actually go to the normally cool acceptance speeches gladly fill up the play that on the -- deep deep -- plus. Give us a reasonable way a little bit above thirty seconds to Mars. Thirty seconds. Jordan's -- on the news. Affirmative. I don't write this stuff it's like one of the few songs actually know these guys -- remembered the name of the song. But I like kids. It's thirty seconds to Mars signing up there near record. -- -- -- I'm ES TP. You can ask the -- of -- At this -- He's. -- Brothers drummer. And I download. Minority men searching the Internet for a happier. And I was. -- I I mean. Those million that I know -- -- -- I -- massage your friend is like the whoa whoa whoa I was coming out of the out drove whoa oh here on Thursday Nevada today. And I just. Have you know six words I like because I guess they Alonso got kind of grabbed. Hear about the document and that's about them. About guarantees -- Their record -- OK. It's all based on their -- that they did. RPI I've seen in my body swears iron to -- good -- he says he's Clinton this man it's like you know. Better television star and like you are there other things from -- song and it doesn't about the third. -- in the movie says time to be honest -- friend its top down. You guys -- this man is being sued. We are trademarked the letter. You like this afternoon. Love to see you have to check out there. The Rihanna cover of stay. Is Garrett -- with the DVC. Version and really showed a known only grabbed. It's chilling in it's also need France's Julie this is her -- season. -- Hello all like all this species endemic wrong thank you remind me of Angels and Airwaves which is. Tom only 22 because then. They're all basically dealing at the altar of you to it. But making I don't know I like -- because a little more frenzied. That's why stop using. Almost got us in the interview -- -- -- though and now a member of Lincoln Park. You can -- utilities could do is just the timing wasn't right. We're going to -- together. Score will be announced by. OK. You made your mark -- thirty seconds to Mars. I don't know where I don't know landed on you. Adore that top he has wanted for years. I -- talking life. Generic. All around. Grew up there were -- radioactive. Radio I had running radio. It's a very full and like you said it's -- -- -- hold it's what we're doing with the letter of songs. An updated ballot might be updated version of the ballot I would agree that woman. It's like the power pop them all valid and that's always blow out of the water drive. -- -- you miss any stones in the saudis have been dropped today and says. Lyon pitched voice until and -- -- It's always nice in the children's screen. Move. I. Who knows now. That there are trademarks housing never gonna record. -- of it's always a tough thing I I would imagine it's going to be a weird interview -- for him I don't know of Jared -- like this but I know there's been other people that have been like this one being -- -- Reeves. I remember even when we interviewed on the was it these dogs star that is that gap he's it's a day one I. They wanna separate terror their music are we -- act. Acting are and they get weird when you ask them questions about whatever it is that they're not doing at that moment so like. I got no Jerry loves to be doing on these interviews suited to promote the fact that they're touring with -- impart. Is he going to be OK everybody no -- talked about the fact that he just won an Academy Award and -- should be OK with I would hope I mean I would hope that is to get that like thoughts not this is a -- friends over aren't welfare not the movie as a symbol of the Mars and thirty seconds or SARS and they spell it TH I RTY -- I don't use the numbers anymore now. Zero I wanted to those stands at a -- to use the numbers but then eventually realize OK we had to switch says spelling out because that makes -- more credible like Matchbox Twenty. Keep us right. Trip to use our dole words -- interview was his name Schwartzman. Jason Jason used to play drums and now he's born yeah. It -- planet who does he eventually left the band but he came to town with phantom planet awesome -- -- -- cool and we get to interview loomed but these people I do not talk to him about his acting career -- until Bob -- worry though. And they your music soon after the success of all that -- are more -- so site. I mean I get a leg you wanna talk about the thing that you're doing right now you wanted to get people interested in that but that doesn't mean that you do not exist as this other person I can -- so bipolar it's it's a weird thing that people try and -- -- like okay well yeah I getting your playing drums and phantom planet but. There's a good jesuit not even talk to you had not been for the fact that you have a very good acting career yeah. Because nobody even knew -- that bear was right and then he was even -- that man until I got played. On some TV show. -- ordeal yeah -- yeah and then that song was a -- -- and that song blew up huge and then Jason Schwartzman was all over the place for that and then you left the band soon after I wanted to there was glad they must have been like -- because -- audio and as much as I say this site I always felt awkward being the drummer of the band when I was on the radio. Because sometimes you would do interviews. And night that would kind of come up I would never beat -- that's not -- I Sami -- a different Steve like this is he -- is drummer Steve whenever we wanted it to be about that but I understood that some people were interested in our -- because of the fact the what I did for a living now when I I wasn't the most they wanna talk about it because those -- and artistic snobbery it was more like. I don't know in my band mates like I didn't feel like I should be no one ever being interview doesn't -- -- singer -- I'm not I don't wanna be like Horry Horry got what it is forever everybody. But nobody told -- -- -- doing it. -- the clock should dole and we -- you're in the trooper. Well they're missing out on this straight talk about thirty seconds -- -- -- -- -- it's Sonera that's uncool is dismissing that all -- is a long story -- yeah I I wonder if that had something to do with it like he -- -- -- but -- Jarrett might help. Join in if you like -- he looked pretty awesome in the the Oscars let's all twilight I don't know why they voted to what happened in the Oscars but I did like his acceptance speech at those really -- a lot of love for his mom his brother. And for those that are have dreams and why did -- come on addressed. I don't think so I'll know that's the role that he played plays that he -- that transvestite. Our annuities in the movie no doubt I'll ice climber is really dead and I was -- -- looks really creepy to see but I I'm sure it's a great film I don't know -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- Italian bond down about any of those things so I don't mind there's never been a time -- -- behind. Saturday night we saw recently with aids that's -- good -- -- Philadelphia. Outside elements seem -- -- -- a -- Dallas flyers club this -- and he's the second best -- movie ever created -- hopeful that this. It's only a good son daylight nothing else is on TV. An 11 o'clock in the morning you know all -- I disagree off a couple of -- gloomy outside pictures send even worse because not only watching a terrible movie but you got Monday to look forward to it says Greg. I have never since Arnold do on Saturday I think -- I did the same side as me like when I might choose a film. I -- a film that's going to be entertaining like. Didn't if I'm at a really high point in my life aren't happy I don't quite think I need to watch -- -- got a depressed the F enemy and then what I'm glad I got us on the hard ground you know. How mentally to be crowned -- crowded enough there to make you happy about how your life isn't terrible cause we got a got aids day. With us. I'll watch documentaries about football players that are dead give me -- show itself otherwise you -- easily emotional when I watch movies on a I get emotional wants to make the Mighty Ducks are already quite clear that quite -- -- never score against and what doesn't satisfy. And Julie my -- so hot. Since I now man and this is not my -- and I realize that goal that -- allegedly -- I threw his girl down urinate on -- articles she's words. Swallow all somebody finally got the I'm paraphrasing -- I didn't really do commercials there for -- holds a -- Goldberg -- flipped out let's -- -- Early in his car. And demeanor made the second movie. I don't scenario even though -- the leather jacket. -- ever made the second one either they got cut then you're out law out of music database uses superstar yes no they shouldn't cut college Charlie -- kind of guy and I thought okay William who he's talking about -- the -- yeah I'm -- acquire all over the Anaheim can't be quiet -- -- Jeff Carter is nothing on Charlie Conway. You never see you never watched the Mighty Ducks know. Photo album because you just saw that's awesome I've seen I've seen it done in so many other genres -- iTunes. What's the -- -- -- soccer and lady bugs they are Roddy out Antonio brave man and doctor -- this is greatest wanted to see fetus can clearly see the last -- -- -- heart warming story about a man who has a drinking and driving issue could. And so the best way to help Amelio and now I'm so the best way to solve that really the put him in charge of a bunch of children. You -- have your -- -- NC near the -- who hasn't I have and I haven't seen. Slap shot off could never seen that Doug ball. I saw dunes has -- -- learn an end which was the only reason I was the greatest movie ever could do them almost all we need them hockey watching -- dealer -- I don't know of irony in me man you don't have any upcoming days where you can spare like nine to eleven hours. Nine and eleven hour wasn't -- Gretzky does culinary depends on everyone wants Mighty Ducks right there yeah I likely going into the ducks here and we could going to slap -- part to -- par three. Our dream -- him towards it but they both -- Did the Mighty Ducks come first -- the hockey club. The hockey the name of the hockey club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is yours would you -- I think the movie. Came first because they're gonna have the team yeah but. It's been so long and I remember I do remember when they decided to get rid of the -- mighty part of the team name which had always weird like. Why would you tear you apart this shows how awesome a powerful US -- same emphasis. Threatening would you rather be known as the mighty reverend employee or just the reverend employee out my ideas are pretty sweet. -- -- -- English terms. I don't know. Well you know all caught -- I did everything in place don't whenever yeah no introduction. I'm EST -- -- the only idea my -- time to tell everybody stereo mono nick and I always toy around would these different disturbing images for you don't have. Ask that from now on pace on my until and reverend employ young yes. Well that's just kind of inferred at this point and under the mighty -- revenue radio that he is a lucky man. I don't even have to pollute anymore I clear value system -- -- -- should you be lucky -- now. Now if I'm used to a man's. I'm pretty okay with that we're talking about their last night of the year on Mac. Just about how an -- talk about it employee -- because that we use this thing you know I was OK with their brand army ass over -- high -- sorry can't -- that's what you do go for it but just how everyone is that -- is not so much even okay with your own brand because you stunned yourself out before yeah you're just familiar with -- you more accepting of it. Recently though I don't know what's going on with me I think I might be time for me to get weather colonoscopy remains to be seen what we had -- likes this slush volume. -- -- -- Now oh yeah on it together too -- ecological and he's -- your turn I think it's about time for me to do that man I feel like I've I've stir up enough like rancid stuff in my pipes that. Whenever -- into the it is -- he's now it is vegetables and that's -- problem area is Dan you've begins. -- -- you laugh but I hear when you get that done we know when -- far there's no stench exploring. Guess the reason why I -- I Favre for the sound are far from this article your body can hands are really important when -- for the fourth. But the far from my right to party yeah. I don't know a lot of equity analyst hard floor I Farc has led -- did you handle any more pressure our thanks to the serious answer -- Those are our chances. Honestly -- -- -- -- -- -- surveillance party for Jesus -- to me in this room I whoever started in church you know I don't want to have her you're going to hell for lions the I. Like like or what you're driving for Jesus senior over there you I don't know lake city late excitement little little to repair they could there could have been a jailbreak I choose life not who twice and not that I remember man I don't know I don't know an almost scared that a million struggle -- -- the top shelf and I was always a good Christian man here's how we learned author's next service you'll be good news -- -- -- -- Two experts -- -- its advertisers series tie it's it's because it tonight I don't know what -- Halloween tie that's just money or ask you to tip. Yeah they're like tied to get a smell my hide because I. They go to -- wow I am afraid I don't move me he had as the blast from just a casual but I -- so that was our big Oscars recap. How about how easier because none of us I think watch the Oscars I didn't know I watched. This Super Bowl. OS right yeah yeah I watched I watched some better choice I think so but the -- we want to matter what's the voicing come -- the voice something. Steve are rarely plays out of me it was a hole there what it was like my option was much better but you know little do what I gotta do to keep this -- you relationship that I live in and that's true. Yeah. A few things I want to talk about before you -- -- voicemails emails and the Texas is one of them. The eyes. Though I just that every life if you like it's right around the time that we announced a rock girls and -- I was -- not gonna go -- or measles rants about how much I -- trolls when it comes to the here we go right. -- saw -- they and how do you tell a castle about he was saying how they they posted the winners and of course all the trolls come out you know girls either. There's too ugly they need to eat Sam which is in need to gain some way -- dog Marcos have tattoos where's he's grossed you know I think. I mean every complaint you could think of that contradict each other then come out on the FaceBook because his budget merely human beings and my control. People -- as civilized people have preferences that might not be the same with other people right and -- and and it's usually the people you say save some homely looking sick bed. -- can really -- glass houses may be -- for some -- that would never ever have a chance at any of these girls but wants to come up almost like he's like. And they Agassi should gentlemen Mike I zero yeah I I don't white guy exactly in saws and I'm not gonna do it because I get a tweet from somebody hello to Ole (%expletive) me off. -- fifth at the the -- I'll read a little bit of the -- Now what you have the guy's name I do -- American I'm not gonna give him the satisfaction -- -- -- beating Nicole is you know I bet you've seen the first and he also really have he's a miserable -- -- I can make sure I can figure out if he's our individual personal DJ as well. It's third. Steve price wow guy is -- -- -- IAE AN Haitian so what he -- adult lol yeah I haven't heard from the sky forever. And out of the movie -- your film tastes -- terrible couldn't explain how you're still on the show and not double our. I dubbed PGA show -- canned back in 2010 -- here. Then I was really that's right. -- well first off thanks for listening again because clearly got to be listening in or an alarm might be tastes are terrible because just the other morning we were talking about the movies I like like a lot last may yes. I almost -- I went to a couple different things that I wanted to do an assault lasted thirty seconds in my head and I realize why am I even waste my energy and dots on this guy all the way to ES TP -- a -- on -- yeah I had my first inkling it was to pull Richard Sherman -- that -- -- time and then he sent them a picture of him on the Lombardi trophy and that was his response MS. So I was thinking I just settling to the article about how we just re signed the contract because our ratings are so awesome totally should that's right I'm not saying anything to zero. Yeah I've been hurt in the shelf goes socket when they have -- Though -- as I tell how much it would do she is a mess and what I'll do is Unscom post something on my Twitter today I feel like it's a little bit of a State of the Union Address in the -- Because. I -- trolls about to get served. And not even really I don't think. I just hate trolls I hate them with a passion I hate everything that they're all about I think this is completely a pointless unless you're doing we get home he's and you doing -- for fun. Then that's just give each other a hard time. Boy you just pick people out of the blue gap -- public figures and you just bitch at them for a stupid ass. -- this is what I wrote. That's the theory series. And my -- because senator -- -- number of characters like to put. But if I had a 150 characters revenue -- or school scary scary and I know many do. And I will not reply to a -- and got no time for miserable losers craving attention. Rather replied those who are cool. Didn't call America it's. That I get a sea of drinks -- -- you might imagine asking if that person is treating his -- it's I would I cool yes. Yeah are cool -- month. But that's the biggest issue I have with that. It's almost the fall of the public figures for feeding the trolls that is why they exist insignia on hand in hand I look at -- these this -- I follow out of the ball players mainly Seahawks. They sometimes -- apply to people who like them. Megan saying nice things the more often than not who they reply to the people who say negative ads to them in theaters and then they get they get off -- it's his economic you just wasted all your energy on the guy like that when. I know me personally I think we all agree really a certain number of hours that we spend on the toilet which is where do most of my tweeting back I thought I'd rather use that time constructively and and end and towards like people -- coal. And it's just so negative amounts -- draining like -- -- stay positive yeah. Like seriously straining and up I looked at this guy's feet -- I just politics do right yeah it's all just smarmy little close to pick a line stood people. All day in C pitching at everybody he just wants that feedback gamma given it to him I've. I'm neutral for a long -- few buddies so I know a lot about that but I like to have fun and I do it a different way not by calling out people like that he really did do it to that one that I think he was the rams guided through his helmet. I gave him a ration them ask for a little bit oh that's right here in response so who cares but out when he did the right thing he didn't do the right guy because he's not done moved on and kept going. -- might lessen their NFL players are doing stupid things like uploading videos on YouTube that are just like. Five minutes of a character and a video game dancing to the old Benny Hill -- -- -- sacks. With a -- women and their value immunity would realize that just says wait for it. And there's no chaos and people here just like I spent five that is doing is what the hell you're talking about them like there we go that's what I wanted to but I -- some special icon on YouTube about -- I was gonna play -- -- really enjoy because how -- this stupid -- -- -- -- -- As an it was -- they interviewed people that are admitted trolls and another reason why do one woman a woman and -- the librarian an impact I think on -- -- had actually a pretty good job like -- -- respectable job like you know maybe it's a library and -- I remember. But and she does it because there's a dark sense of humor and she finds great joy in doing them -- I was like wow I mean I just. I don't know why they're making others mad. How someone a really (%expletive) people off I don't really make my day you grabbed your differing death. But I -- -- because the stadium all the fun things -- I've done new deals like oh you girls one cup reaction visiting you guys to watch that stuff solaris or they get there we got a text message of people what what's batteries you know you just casually mentioned -- lawful and someone looks it up thanks. I know that not even in my head but I can do what everyone stood up. Better off -- no idea. A huge obviously very time you guys I'm just I just know his brain and we could -- -- and I think of your retirement to some of them they. Hey you know flowery field yet you think you have a -- let's -- -- that's -- debt which would be delicious it doesn't matter what -- -- -- lose so many guys that there's so many blueberries in -- -- -- you have to ask you guys like putting my -- on your waffles and talk about decadent nobody ever -- never done that Obama might call. My mom used to let me have that for breakfast times. -- get alimony you'd get a lawful use get a scoop of Vanilla Ice cubes are on top contenders I guess it's no more worse than a -- focusing on your daughter Ronald and butter or -- of you know drowning in -- I always love the people who putter and old Lara I thought I did. No on the -- -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know with the with a runny over easy over easy how he does that sense my grandpa would make me breakfast. Place he was the one who did it well again any time I've ever had whatever cents a has been the -- -- any -- I gotta be doing their own. Maybe he did a run and that's -- I polite and what they're right on the it was nice there right. Okay yeah that's why they and I like dig you know soften up -- that -- the bread but I would actually take the -- and sometimes is put it on top of my hash browns and and that's and I would break it so engineer and to try and soften up to just get soaked right into like a sponge -- us. I've got to admit what I usually train do that even like eggs Benedict or through its since we're never gonna -- I try in Ethiopia won by. They want and try and you know my fork and a break and I look eat all the white around the -- do that and then you can you know and then I and then open it up and his latest -- by the -- are feeding -- series coasters bothering me dinner usually meant no matter where did you know. -- it's -- -- you don't you'll go. Yellow -- don't. YOKEPO. Nude bodies are Mano YOK this is why there is no different I'm just saying that's how crazy dollar. How do you get the silent no that is not the answer to my question how do you spell it and why oh OK no that's not correct that's how that's up 32 tomorrow I'll let -- a -- Well I know this town YOK I need pummel them back don't get our sneakers on guys why don't. He is something else entirely. Well I'm. Her dad -- all -- -- -- -- say you know all you'll probably you'll I. I was a Little League western Alabama -- Baghdad to lift weights is all yelled stop all. All I swear fights are no fault when one of these podcast we -- men yeah its east coaster. You'll know that I like to break my you'll. The Eagles. Did anything -- I don't know I think it's fine I think you three. Our car just trolling Mirren and -- -- that kind of your mind you. Infringes -- PS I guy may do yeah. I will not realize not that sure sure all that email from castle -- right -- -- picture. What does that Fremont troll yeah sure like just professor trying to draw. I got here Ryan let me just like to dismiss it and just me I went through this. And I extended daylight car. Thinking about these bastards sixty seconds is too much time I felt like it was angry I rather have been a series ordering some practice eating inside of Bob bacon with some eggs and then did the bacon in the old. There has. The guns and god help had a good picture army Luther dealing return I was finding thousands Iran I was there. I hate computers. Last Sunday and as I you troll like me you. And -- -- and -- becoming -- -- every day -- do you -- something about -- much if we grew up. In the time of the Internet. And like we were like 1516 years old I guess when you kind of become a troll. I was I was -- and ask because that was I mean I started an AOL chat rooms and as we I think AOL was the original troll or -- hole. All you can. And you can go into. Because it's hurt the most part it was like old people with like minded stuff right when she spent some time in jail well you realize it was all -- still hook up. Yeah and so you can go into any of those being you would maybe just a couple things and people -- mr. Miami new or whatever and and you could just totally just blast people. And just to have so much fun people get so it's do you not quite getting mad on the same stuff over the Internet and necessary and that's when you realize how nice Sunday -- you have power. -- the first time a teenager you know as a teenager I had with our precautions you have an especially trying to make him. -- -- -- -- Yeah I would madness why I was doing -- I was multitasking like you know you would have duress on -- you in the face how every is. I got his keyboard like that guy NBA on this case something annoying. And senate exhausting any and all that's an idea you know when you have I mean you have the and -- and -- -- on the mini -- -- need unanimity now word deal. You have you'll know you -- especially with -- screen names and mail welcome -- really know who you are put your screen name on bail while I don't aren't -- hot and his pants I had one that was flailing about slightly disturbed which was the slightly was spelled weird because he always did that with screen and try to I had a lot of -- RP names because I April played online a lot. Legs he free formed just like preformed terminator of no nothing -- garrison and now I now know is all like dungeons and dragons type stuff. And by yes I would always weird names off that it in the world of emails I never win the creative. All my emails I've ever had have been very. Very even now on -- my name at whatever I hated having numbers after my staff who is just like why I can think of something that is not user hasn't been used so yeah. He changed change all your eyes to wise to articulate cougar -- -- I know my wife's email address was back when statues and high school. Man I'm not let her live it down for the longest time it was thanks to some thing hide the man I'm like I'll miss Heidi. So I was in high school that's really dead it's a cry out of no problem Heidi the -- them and say god he's just take. He -- Lopez stuck at that you guys know my license our humble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like sixteen and you're just like six blog. -- a lot of suggest. Yeah we're now days yeah yeah. Because that's just -- at the middle in his gamers tag names of those -- goblins. I thought I was like -- There's certain celebrity whose phone number I have in my bones and I went through like though the snapshot contact Glen Sears and you see new whose. Got a sad SATA carrot and installing a C a one on his. His handle who is something of course C -- wow full spelling of CO yeah -- now mice. Hush that's what it's like Syria like I am Aaron I'll -- let it happen I mean and -- we -- to -- -- gets on snapshot but still again and I see that as your handle a big guys that Jack is six presently used for a certain -- yeah yeah my -- C yeah exactly yeah. -- that was my only thing I really following grandly about this week out what's been going on your guys wrote this regaining crazy. Hello -- we got a car. There and SR PG a motto never got to Carolina cars like Europe Max I know. Tomorrow on Marilyn's clothing sometimes is not my choice or yeah yeah I like my car so as long as I don't they get the front -- torn off like you did I like to mind to OK if we want to get into the Ford Ranger -- got to try and say exactly and before a nice like two years -- -- -- Love the name pro quo when in his throat gets a metal looks just like get you know there reminds me Nick -- another 48 hours when he got the exact same blue car the how many units -- the Jean -- ends up man. So biased in my spare part about all this on top Vienna was actually that wasn't my fear partner although when you hear me are come by you'll come combat -- -- -- Kind of how -- the to -- you steeler. -- -- -- -- local and I'm glad he didn't I yeah I'm honestly when he called me he called me that morning and said. I just got an accident but he was a giggling like like. Its own system really funny joke. But I knew they got nervous giggle and oh man is he delirious like -- and shock leg is half his body hidden behind yeah ice like this season I didn't -- And hi I'm -- -- I signs of Mel Gibson when he uses -- I had a vehicle is like as Jamie Mac -- it's. Some freaking out like. All these emotions going on -- guys he's fine and then later on the day easier to go get a rental car. Yeah I never laughed so hard to Capriati yeah or how many of the person fifty and they had nothing else about what a rental car he now so what they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think I took it back to appear -- one I got -- from Capitol Hill. The guy was so pumped does bring it back CNN car don't you are. And the what I did was because it was a strip mall I'd just real quick I IE. I stopped before I -- and actually purchase of the truck because I want to make sure I could take you back to this location because it was entirely sure you could no I just popped in -- taken our return Merrill courier about the by current industries like Doral -- Okay cool I wind -- surge short -- all it took probably 1520 minutes 'cause that are have been there once before. And I brought the car back there's two people in the lobby waiting for me and waiting for them to clean it did you know weighing -- there like should we just go grab some -- TrueCrypt comedian like he said that would be perfect. And -- signed me and so crazy I -- caraway and drove around bagged cleaned out and probably by the time the builder sandwiches to. They were out in the car does -- damn can you imagine the chaos that would happen in a place that actually had bad weather more often to us. I remember a few years ago when I got my my my Durango crap economy and Christmas Eve polls. And I had to get a car and it was during dead weather's so he had not only did you have all the -- getting rental cars -- dad's car damaged any get a rental -- but is also in the holidays. And it doesn't day before Christmas so like. There's chaos no one had a car. Everywhere calls from night you know that yeah enterprise. Gave is whoever finally I found one at the dead dollar. Was it called Dollar Rent A -- all right aria. Great question from where we work. Then again we got one I go there and many charge me and an arm and a leg for abusing their last car and it was nearly four wheel drive no's and dom and I got to drive the -- on Christmas. And it is all we got it's gonna -- I didn't make music that 250 dollars and there's a model Gillis an almighty. Kind of budget is the one yeah. Sorry did I say it places a dollar I'm -- cargo yeah. I was all over a hundred dollar rental car how he says the driving by that place I was thinking about that thing has likes. Surged to brand name it's not a full price since very misleading message -- name for a place. I think that's like calling your restaurant she stakes you get there and -- a fifty dollar stake since. All -- he stands that's actually good nobody actually Max I have that just like get as well I have read Chinese grand and I dropped I somewhere around -- a -- federal way -- -- -- -- I I saw premier drivers are saying even in -- federal way and I said. Hey man back because I didn't real. The First Lady didn't make me understand that it was because of the snow and Iran have the Karzai and I thought it was -- or location or she was just kind of ignorant right it's tough economy and take care of us myself so I -- my enterprise in federal way -- my way home I'm -- Yeah I just came discuss this tar -- Oman -- is Brandon I just want -- card you guys have any kind of penetrate -- like. No on the that was last and emulate and we have nothing he explained it to where I finally understood right but then he's like I simply shoot a good man. There are new car yeah that are semi. She said can you come back it's three and I'm I think the hole and walked here. I can come back right Amir caller could do look at Sosa is going to -- and -- tricycle and got a good. Yeah my -- tricycle -- Which one do you want to. Is not so imagine driving that thing around no you know there's no thought blizzard like are going to it's out of the way you know -- they had a huge -- -- for the insurance. I've paid from the insurance for the two days I have in mind -- -- I wasn't sure what I was gonna run and they're during the literally drag. Busted. I always tell myself don't do it uninsured while I do that right right but I don't know -- But if I pay for it it's just a clean conscience CNN you like I could just drive and not even give -- -- So I had the craziest. Rental car story I was 24 years old and we were going to a nerd convention in Vegas. And we decide to road trip Nur -- yeah and was an old request convention and have and I had we're road tripping and I took my a Ford Explorer. And right before -- left a Michelman check to -- -- exporter joke now right. And well and this was actually my own fault. Because. I was like well I should probably it was and automatics I wanna check the transmission fluid and went to a place -- -- -- -- -- to probably needs to courts. What they failed to mention demeaned because I'm a complete idiot is that I have to -- The fluid that was in there and then add the fluid. You don't mess so -- -- added the fluid thing going -- as Sandra did as bad wage ends -- which ended. Breaking or elect loosening the seal which meant it had like a little puppy dog. And the transmission dies from generally just dies is like it immediately like the 19100 dollars worth of repairs. The place was like old take a week what we're -- Vegas are trying to figure it out so I found -- dealership. That would actually rent me a car being out of state under 25 and no insurance and I got insurance and they said OK and then I got the action the additional insurance for them. And you know we just got a nice little like Toyota Camry in just we got that insurance Sierra -- that I had got there -- -- money get it don't -- yen may. Smoke and refer you ask my usual good grief firms can -- first play into the cool thing about renal curse. Speed -- don't matter nothing matters nothing now Tony is loan -- -- -- so awesome if there's -- it was a minor there again. Those lights and it's just -- little man man for -- -- monstrous everyone by this elementary schools JT didn't you I don't -- -- slow build ones that I kind of fun to drive over or is like the ones in the target parking lot at the south hill mall where. -- -- -- going negative miles per -- -- feel like you just think it's got into a car accident that there's a different -- he's -- -- it's kind of a slow -- but it's got a -- -- -- to speak to it you know and it can't come -- you don't slow down for it it's like oh yeah I'll let you -- is just a -- I got out of it and -- lift up in your -- you know I've done an accident before -- -- decent -- certificate -- -- -- the voicemails emails and the text messages. Okay. The. Okay. The all right. I'm gonna bring the hands of the mighty reverend employee go text messages text -- as I was in love days as a life. And I you -- can Texas at 2532714787. -- 253. G-7 14. As TP so -- serve let us know what you want to talk about in Texas and I left my results before we even get to text messages. Hey he's congratulations. Used to you our new rock girl again huh. Who's a Titanic dish oh yeah that's very bond that no I didn't get picked I -- that that was. That kind of (%expletive) me off but that's not our fault I know all the Titanic -- went out there who voted for her and died Nelly you know we love you and you aren't. Bureau to Titanic do you wish you moving -- Iraq grown RPM -- of those pictures on the old nasty Pete has paid -- did everybody's has been the and and also. Huge thanks to I thought maybe -- -- -- new rock roads and who's blowing a Smart move and -- ourselves by listening to our podcasts and communicating with us. Just added a blue because they all Ireland and Iraq are often but she's referencing stuff that happened from awhile ago so it's like that's pretty cool says she's been listening for a little while nice and then she's now been promoting our our group page which is our FaceBook just had been as TP dash cast. So -- our friends and tell them to. To join the group and so listening to the podcasts color outside the that was pretty cool your serious you're from going to hear yeah it's blowing winds again by -- on and I had -- -- -- -- has access and requires intelligence suggests. -- at least I would assume I hope smartly about earlier he heads into details yeah yeah he's right. I think I -- Mike and I -- a manual on how to build the plane and say here are now because yeah why don't I ask for a little pieces after this I have no parts left over in your high. Or I -- questions for -- has kind of serious. If you're working on a plane in here putting in the last screw often right before lunch the lunch bell rings do you go to lunch before finishing that's true. Just wondering if that's the Rivet -- athletic. -- what is imitate this gruden well it's a -- so it takes awhile and takes a minute to pound it and well I mean how does it just because if there was me -- I was I'd leave you just heard of the lunch bell leave a note at least. I would have you don't does fly this plane to take this plane. I don't normally come back a lot to you totally are -- are working on Aaron and I know I'm ensuring tighter around my finger at us. This is why Mitt doesn't work your -- yeah and I knew exactly -- this come back from lunch and I forget what I'm doing my truly was as close as I guess what I do at lunch there's just. So my. I don't know why it makes my god man I gotta get at least five more minutes hundreds lunchtime I don't I had a lot of fun time. -- you're greens. Union nonunion work OK. I -- is Milo now woes are supposed to do because they don't just go home and -- -- I -- got our first text message. Funny enough it's about -- Arnold -- You ideology Anthony's picture above the door and had you tapping on your way out -- -- hall and saw a nice. My guy that's all succumb call okay innuendoes now let me we are now I yeah why don't guys going in the production -- gone. All Angolans. That the next one comes from our bodies it was I worried snapping -- different -- that's I think that's because spot. And I don't realize buttons and I haven't had to -- this to -- Lamar Benton has -- to -- EO. Our season writes and says guess who's gonna be a Trevor -- if you -- today he's there every day this guy did it -- at all. A yard seasons in cigarettes and agent bridge I don't know how some dogs every time you -- a -- pictures. He is there every day -- sends me pictures via message out. On FaceBook and it's just like you know it would be this may find. If you didn't give me salivating for -- -- if I had a driver Jeremy and that's all I want everything to the so many times that I have actually ordered trappers to go because of Caesar and his dancing Larry totally -- -- FaceBook as well let's -- -- is Lindsey Graham is basically -- go to -- season. Our next one comes for. Somebody on the 45 he says you guys gotta talk of you guys talk -- awesome opening songs. This one is the best and it sidetracked drill challenge accepted my friend Ivan. I -- not put down the name of the song -- when you guys to guess okay I of course know because I was in the actual song or is -- some weird it for reproduction of it it's a real -- installed and the original version it's the first song off one and their albums. It's not their first album or song off their new album and it's The Beastie Boys now just check out. And we'll -- you which -- The bizkit. Not even close to. Okay. You in his -- again. Who. And just see it's old. It's got a game we've seen. Rush it happened in the middle of. -- -- The album is -- number. Five. The ball fine I'm fine. Get short circuit our view on number. Are really like this is a little Sunday morning my damn sexy in the surprisingly. You know man I am. -- sound a 1009 champion was very good. I do I'm glad you listen -- -- I didn't think it was The Beatles but -- just sounded so close that I was like a model for Africa. I'm definitely -- feel five to. Interesting. It was not very familiar with the song. I say not very familiar I never heard -- power who I've known him like three Steve Miller's. But I want to blue. I don't know that I love and I know the Joker but that's not the song that everyone knows -- -- money and run I had taken my -- I continue African diver. I was my jam. Right like this on a -- every Steve Miller Band families. I don't know if that was the name of the song back. Abracadabra. One are returning drag -- close the sun that he talks about Tacoma. -- wind from clean then there is OK all little lazy evening oh. You know actually it's there's someone out. You are again and -- Three of them -- system there's a lot like the -- call and ask and I. Balance awesome do. Looting that's always turn to -- -- -- I think there's a scene and I -- the comment as that song going through them Morris Almond kind of sounds like did and it's done by the the climate is a Coke head clown do. -- himself in the food we don't have any Steve -- and I think they've purge that in the ninety's now let's cross streets or maybe even -- if -- if if if the problem actually -- that I -- their record that was the north plugs in the songs off that album and his number five I'm assuming that's different record. Although it could be like quiet riot. Really -- -- lawless when you think about it. Then I'll make you are three and it wasn't their third record or like I'll hold Leonard part six there were no one through fives -- wondered. Don't you know Leonard part six it was Bill Cosby. That's right the movie. Forgot dips are and you remember that -- -- can kind of I welcome another good call text or allies I was chemicals in our next Texas say what your thoughts on the WWE network they don't week it's amazing. It is just monitor it as big as -- -- corners you're gonna try running on television set aside big east at a time for the free trial. I try to pay money for televisions to. Those -- my whole deal today it's quiet it's it's what's happening now what's going on your mind where China's -- I doubt I'll think about -- popping up. Feeling HBO show I'll call gas pains. Expenses and -- and and I and I was actually willing to take the plunge K do I wanted to say for the first six months you get referred 1999. And then -- have to cancel my subscription and I have to read it I knew people who do that I know. For them my girls in the headache changes on you got to work he has a -- eighty bucks more a month -- lower spending right now -- we have lol is like my lord. That's a lot of money to get the HBO got entertainment world I got your name at drowns out why you want it that she wants -- girls. She loves girls taken him kittens are all darlings -- ignored girls who knows how does he show us girls naked. It's a Judd Apatow TV show -- -- -- he's a producer evidence -- that register voters now it's about some New York twenty somethings. That are coming up than -- all like Napster's and -- -- -- basically. Who was that show that was popularly freaks and geeks know -- you know Islam. Sex in the city yeah form I don't its version yeah and it's they're super younger. -- Us but over its banks amid the death and clubs I -- yeah. Unless we drop the -- -- gonna show Lena -- she's not that hop but she's many kids in every time czar and exhibitionist and amendment she -- -- -- -- -- -- -- find -- -- on the Internet so. I got in trouble for downloading receipts. No -- not -- and Mars or what do you mean my god I have had no I got popped by a lot of sadness -- -- of Comcast or Max trinity. -- oh. Why -- there like seized up my computer. Though I you've been top three time you've been -- we can't use this is the third time see you kept doing that again I would never do -- I never thought he says they sent the emails that are there I extended the account which I never who looks at their extended do you -- I don't you know in my expert -- dig down once every couple months and it -- I don't consider trust your first two warnings to come to go to your -- -- -- -- -- never looked -- the third time -- -- -- screen -- pops up on your computer. That says. Your being monitored we've caught you doing -- now you have to go through this instructional thing. To show that you've now acknowledged that we know that you're doing mess and then you won't do it again. And when you get formal warnings until you actually it. In a lot of trouble is like to warnings before the war and yes they do very serious warning before we actually are worn. It was still I cut all downloading I -- that I got a warning yeah. It's horrible don't knock it -- I'm gonna warn you know it -- that was a big reason why we -- tired. Com copyright while the first time that we just downloaded through Dallas freaked me in the ass out there are so what does that mean now they know that you go to. Like illegal sites to download because I would not I didn't. There's ways to download stuff and then you run it through another program that actually encrypt citizens like -- breaking up all year. Programs that you've downloaded into millions of different fragments from. So they can't Trace of bacteria which is really weird I didn't do any of that I'm Smart so you just downloaded styles downloaded stuff that you weren't ten entries post right so then. The TV channel a lot just to TVs. Yes a lot and I can -- you yeah. I feel like I'm so wild and now every day all day today by us so like AB CNBC fox and CBS the -- monitoring. This -- -- -- like guy bad guy in the world of the MBC's defense is a guy that was stupid enough not and encrypt all of my style basket column because of the amount that I was doing actively doing the show and a criminal. You're on -- so I don't know. Analyst -- backpacks from wild ways he's all right he's not generally only went through back to our guys sorry it's all up and out of that. He could never got top by my friends after -- a class act and I stopped all of that though it's easy to -- and I didn't talk I stopped all of its. Can you finite and what now what do you -- like this stream stuff he get away with streaming tonight if you win on YouTube and they had these shows would you if you still has a yes but if I try to go to say I wanna watch breaking bad -- the Walking Dead right since that's on AMC I have to go to AMC's website to watch these. Well. Since I don't pay for AMC in my cable package grad I can't exist and did the online contents. Because ANC says log into your ex Canadian. In order to watch our programming. So I cannot have anything overt channel a thirteen. So -- can all stream and eating dude I'm as I find -- A UK site that has that aura Finland site that has that but then it takes an hour. And it's a buffer all of that's I don't want to thirty minutes -- Syrians. Think that this guy. Remember when you downloaded video porn version of the other Big Bang theory goes do you think that's an inning -- enroll. I know exactly as a total than pure those shows like talk me down fast that I guess. They -- -- who extended the Kodak and then the so whale was castle. I don't know let's show the guy and it's really -- easy and he's really feel with its ensuing again it's awesome it's like the male version of murder she wrote towns. Now I'm not I'm not giving I don't know I don't know as well I don't know I'm concerned. The new girl. Ali I shouted out hello this is the main reason why don't I -- -- done not keeping up on that car man and the big Greg there. Our television show is -- you can watch them on your one to thirteen I camera not a my leisure. Master. -- -- Wanted dead or alive bloom I. I've broken government and Maria. I don't have to go on like myself I premier right you know you look at everything. Yeah mono nick. -- Pulitzer -- well you know Linux comes not -- -- your downloads people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Behind me and all of the new messiah golf for a season foray. So what's the first -- Born again and had a great car on the second half I don't come forward and -- during the break before. That section dealing PDA as an entirely finished the series before you got I'm gonna let me ask -- damage. -- -- Wanted dead -- alive. Or downloading a bad day. -- -- I'm Joseph Biden justified this -- you watch. I've been relegated. -- all -- American customs thank you for your television programming. -- Lay your hands on me you. Bernie had this conversation about the -- this one go yeah I think we did all I didn't you -- about possibly miss. The best -- -- man. There's good -- ES TV cast Richie Sambora had for you love this song. Hillary. Let's have a lot clear Sarah and Joseph Torres and I need to go. I don't know any more than a million members now. Right -- in OT Joseph is in his stretch -- -- and I was gonna name I realized Boris Said it was in the Springsteen fans so I. Yeah yeah tarmac Jovi Richie Sambora. And they arrested. Here are billions. Sambora got kicked our nation some might say yeah right because -- -- -- go back and forth debut. And on again off again relationship. As long as the girlfriend outside. The only current home I love hot -- so wanted to know what I. Thought about the WB network I love it I just discovered the search feature -- you'll love this is -- no school wrestling vanden. What you do is these type do whatever wrestler you dig very -- yeah I shirt and they'll find its way to celebrate the day -- You learn a blackjack for a minute to the new version I'm not -- I was also in the four horsemen and yeah he was he was an original -- he wasn't by you is loved well enough that he used an all fame as a member of the wow really I just recently -- toll Blanchard and Arn Anderson Grasso but they're called the brain busters. And they took god why. Man shock. Something TO Santana Rick Martel won Rick Martel has said it turns out I ask you don't. Why our guys got to you. Do you play so what I typed in 2000. Oh yeah definitely guys. Time for the head head still timeout on ES TP can. So what I wanna typing in the WB network the first group of people I wanna watch wrestled. Actually smashed demolition nice I don't think I I love to watch has got to grab. Love them back on the road warriors and I do and look at the rumors like the powers that payment and they're already on the road -- and I love the moment so I type it in. And it takes me to -- summer slam I think ninety. And actually grabbed a couple of clips because. When I was a kid I thought -- and smashed and also crushed because you know they had the other guy -- she. I that they were the bad and -- foes on the face of the earth that they were the toughest. Scariest. Mean this individual as you'll ever see and then. Now I realize you're just too cheesy dudes wearing makeup. Yeah I never from a guy he's a big course so terrifying in so like Chad and -- mean. So cartooning. It's like. I realize I've watched him not only with them but with other wrestler is when they're not speaking. Back in the ninety's in the eighties the way to -- -- promo is do we not speaking you're either breathing heavy or you're sticking your tongue out at the Karabakh. And yeah. And -- even here in these -- here's one from summer slam before they arrest soul. -- -- Well joining me now demolition facts smashed and and crush you gentlemen I thought -- this two out of three false title defense. It restricted the presence of only two members of demolition at summer slam. Yeah and -- -- our -- -- that there's only two demolition at ringside but west. Already have a -- and acts Barbie it's match dot net us survey of Scottish and maybe as we look -- far. I'm getting a long few putts when I did yeah dude you're not gonna do lay the foundation to catch on. Where demolition they're just like -- made sense. Got demolished the argument you know you can do and we don't every day game Melo and I grabbed. About should you be successful here tonight would be your next challengers the legion of doom and there's a -- plus -- generate impostors who needed their butts kicked. Edited jacked job let's throw it goes like guard foundation. You know look at. I'm now bat. There's one that I go to our wrestle mania five we -- taking on those. That the powers of pain from mr. Fuji who and mr. Fuji used to be -- manager so of course are not very -- -- this and yet this time though. And so they got interviewed before their match. And it's just is awesome. Instead slash the demolition -- -- -- comedian job in just moments away and loved flowers a payment and mr. Hu -- And your title and advanced -- that's why you designer. And no way -- just dogs. Where are we are here and we're ready for action until you get -- -- there's only one thing I don't. We're not like just -- writer and we're gonna go right you know I'm ready. -- -- -- -- Everybody had nobody expects. Yeah you always get -- yeah I'm gonna get killed me believes. On the night of sleep -- the do you really I resent tag team -- -- and we're here I'm alone now. Five of the background as once thought in the other -- is making an. Sounds really don't give you. Yeah there in the podcast hey. I'm Don I just lift the Mike. Okay. We. Words. No I'm on is. Dallas -- country this weekend. He has. Okay. -- Oscar this time. Panetta let it register -- and a but I -- if -- may not do this. We're. And. -- -- -- did I'm so glad I got a better than you -- Quetta watch and you talk about being graded -- good that is odd couple match with Dino Bravo and a couple other guys -- my goodness holy smokes those guys were like so do you stop back then and George generally rcn had -- but I did -- Greg the hammer Valentine -- Do they do you like I know you're talking I was still BC did you have to be DD do any wrestling and Japan not that I notice I it's really easy dubbed. You can act. He's he's slash Jesse do you find any IG should like hear from -- BCW what your mouth man how he's a wrestler is our outlook for a -- a sudden I like every single match pretty wide sham that's pretty cool it's a pretty extensive library I don't know how extensive serious. Yeah. Well I'm gonna tell you is today when I get home I went zero margin squeeze your marriage unravels industries are remotely. Our -- -- turn on the TV. I would not match -- a lot of watches -- my way gums and. I. -- Now exists and had a sit there what is straight days so terrorized right because I got -- bad momma or is it okay this is gone too far. Are there any chances. And live. My favorite or the vignettes where it was just chassis the -- -- -- in a -- Austin professional -- How and when they were just standing there they wouldn't have -- mean gene or whomever can assist them in a backdrop now just warrior did Joseph -- and it was just yes three minutes of just. I'm comprehensive. Eye on the words. Let's just work yeah yeah it's essential words I'm -- -- I fell on the road GE word resiliency. What we're gonna do it where it's at like today's that makes absolutely no sense words like -- comprehensive law. And never has take our time I'm -- act. -- and everybody whenever mean -- it's almost everybody not everyone but almost everybody date a road warrior and Malta poco he had whoever it may be. We're mean -- interview room they all start out by don't let me tell you something Mary. And miss their ramp -- yup yup this is get them into whatever you have talked about -- watched some still called matches I watched a documentary about stone ground aboard it was pretty awesome and I thought. And yeah that cruise. Are just trying to play you should also -- did you know he still wins on my rear and hades do his personal moment -- -- how to drive there. How to park. How to act Canada to Panama. Truth be tool on the woman turn you in Troy your legal downloading. Did you break on Monday a truck all the time did I downloaded your movies should have been had I -- -- -- that good huh. Which one did you download because ice cold. And remember who -- I don't know that's funny and it. Good -- and who was always know that I knew that I was OK numbers don't call me I'm Sandra well look at south it's thousands. Half hour -- -- all of our text messages. It's it's. I. Yeah. Smiled and except. Comedian -- you whole. Glittery. Bad. He text yes. -- and see how -- you really get old I'm just glad I had utterly Carolina you know ask. Doesn't go back abilities that are remit just. As my -- solar -- what tablet does well is still good that's good score political better remember -- I don't. We had FaceBook drama would do that after a path for an eighty dollars and strip clubs minutes. And I had no giddy militants as deeply as they do you know -- -- country I came out boy the Mets do what do you do I didn't do anything in some of these -- -- every game like this -- Subject now hiring of our friend Katie Obama deserve from JD. You factor -- court. Patch. Hormones porn star Jesse Texas Katie Presley and spotted dental office where I work its hiring and assisted in his resume came across my desk this morning -- that was just too good not to share behind pieces. -- hot under professional experience -- she listed her past job. Stripping -- dream girls and deja -- perfect desist and be proud Beirut. For skills and abilities she did not mention his teammate got booty clap but he did say she's a great listener. That's a what do you think I should I interview mr. Bert yes about you guys or those -- Word if she looks like Jennifer Aniston yes and willing to view the Jennifer Aniston you -- -- interview and I'm looking for dentist have you hired just let me and no lower your hat just for the -- the entertainment alone of talking Americans I mean she set -- -- a screen shot of the -- make nice loaded -- the sag Amedisys PS. I agree with I wholeheartedly agree with top shelf in his opinion of The Beatles but not imitation of Eminem. He said there's not what evidence cellular and -- while about how can he resist that song shake that featuring make dogs. That's definitely a stripper song -- which -- snowmobiles I forget. Do you hate them. I was sitting there is glory and overrated okay that's black Africa and Italy and Canada. Never -- that the reds remain this is great actually lists tell Laura Smith felonies for resonant -- -- add exist apart you guys are. And it tells our panel and obviously security number and stuff if it's now it's it can Abraham was dressed. Maybe it was reading into this but you don't have a bullet point on my area definitely chizik little Chinese as bullet points a little movies. Yes could give us. Now bullet point for music and movie points they're available these agents in the kind of their aura but. Now there are we hear about booty to go to your -- -- -- -- says off the booby trapped up here's what she had to do as a waitress I want any adult establishments. And the. Yeah and check the patriots identification to meet the minimum age requirements for alcohol router and that's an important part of your job or alcohol states as -- -- Or -- all that -- -- -- a waitress at that Arab randomized. Just skipped -- -- So that's where you put ourselves palsy he's that way don't bail out. No I've heard the benefits if it was close NI Yasser Montclair Yakima it's because -- -- black line. Smooth. And. Thank you -- your right that is part of make your job requirements does in the series this volatility yeah did you have no idea what you really did scheduling billing and hope that they know how to -- do you -- Tehran has -- our facility -- part of my job was to bring them feel yeah and take your order. I customer service and picked -- -- -- afterwards. She worked customer service a dream girls at Rex and a danger out there business but who. I like this not only it is sure it -- like this reserves a dream girls days I'll move. And then an online Internet company nice and random. She established -- maintained good -- entry interpersonal relationships I'm sure in her. She performed for forward directly with the public -- her and on she coached and develop others who. I think down performed on the. We'll -- move those -- learn those moves by doing nothing right yeah that's correct I don't know how to -- that's a report by itself and welcome to your house and install one. Syria let's cook because you know you're there remember over knows -- these guys. Yeah you can't train travelers. I could -- I -- one dollar locals. The problem that loads. Saudis say I think she's in new York and I think yeah you know just total clarity -- it. She's you think we should -- your feet yeah and at every turn that she's not qualified for the job that your hiring remote interview her for EO. Ozzie is an ES TP test is currently hiring for an intern defense. Nice and it would be it would be funny we got an intern here at. Would you -- are in due to sit here and the spot. But I don't do as he was -- that are but what I pieces of moon lunchroom dinner hall and out or just -- give a speech -- what it's not -- -- get -- -- not feeling good they give -- lap -- -- guys you know. Toppings kinda not feeling in the podcast today and do it again we need some inspiration public the next email as an email from my results are just a blitzer. I. I got copies checking her tablet the sides are monitored -- -- is -- look healthy and mat -- But it is at war now okay. Cover of the magazine Alex is actually an email I sent myself because I thought I might forget the shared history EIU desensitized. And actually did forget about all this. -- -- worked with the biggest key maybe see myself when you need for lunged at different notes this couple yeah forgot to be finished that Rivet. It's subject -- This is Steve it's me if things -- -- it's me it's me Steve shares of sol Y all I heard that who we're gonna hear that owns a listener and I came in now one -- -- drag dude you weren't in the room when this happened. So the other morning we had an in studio city and you know who has a woman and her dad all out right. Is that this was I assume. We're -- my boyfriend you know I knew it was last week tragedy -- they were just friends they were just friends solid and yeah makes -- less weird but it kind of weird out. The guy who sees it tells a story about value so listen to this radio show me and one time they did as a prank. They said that you're -- is the ultimate here -- healing. Agent. No matter what you put it on they will heal anything. -- only insensitive yeah and as always it's yours. As they say Ryan cobble this guy. Had an earache. -- so I earache my dawns so he. Urinate so. Get sick again a drop birthday in -- -- who don't like an eye -- right such -- off. As -- three drops of his own urine it's perfect game is here. And sure -- he says. They're right up -- went away well like right away he then because that radio show and thank them for us -- -- all know sharing this story. They're -- don't laugh at him. Because we're just making about. And that was like Syria wanted to play -- how are controlled by -- all -- Rory says this is drummer was -- -- -- dumb strengthens plant this year. Really you know yeah. Also you got an email Al. The subject as TP guest obituaries someone actually made the right around us are some I forgot all about this race that reminds me they -- we have another week. I know I put zero effort into it getting it cracking I'm sorry drawings they're going to be awesome because there's a junior onions. I lose reading in there's a lot of stuff saying man therapy works it can happen when Richard -- -- -- the color but I only get stung by we just stringer airs on the yes vote yeah -- her earlier socialist you that if you're destined my daughter I am I heard it cures Athlete's Foot two -- also -- -- gingivitis. -- -- -- -- Housing here a curious -- -- Parts so our work. He says that what you -- you listeners to write obituaries for you guys are here you go I think he was the only one who did that that's OK good to about a he's one step ahead of us usually when it comes to -- -- superstar high -- the -- I have not come -- put to music service and and -- reminds longest find hyping up your personas and -- we take him personally because I love listening you guys. You guys rock anyway. Here are your futures. Chris your music and it's. Just shows are wrestling -- yeah. -- feel like you wrestlers it's. First one it is the -- -- -- I don't know that I read here's your obituary. Former as a -- -- nice there forever and imported ideologies and their right to. As you know that is a new World of Warcraft -- sorry I have a feeling I'm not gonna -- any of this -- the president do well. AKA who have died December 31 2020s. -- home while attempting to save the world and what he thought was the apocalyptic cataclysm. It was unfortunately not a service was held. But a magic to get out of service does not help but a magic the gathering took place in his honor ninety's and that -- place out west Seattle cemetery but it was quickly -- Tacoma. Do -- Seattle residents complaining ever smell as soon as well Heidi. Right I'm trying to pat and I know the real or. Aroma of Tacoma Rezko is -- revenue loss to us and an unfortunate. Natural gas explosion that is Star Wars. Daily Star Wars kid reminiscent. Actions of pretend spell casting and no no -- -- leads her down within the vicinity of the couple is still unknown where. Michelle -- woods on March 14. 24 team. Oh I'm sorry I received a head start over with all over -- there. It is still unknown greatest source of the gas blast originated from but you graduated from. He married Michelle Merkel on March 4 24 -- goes quickly divorced after the wedding we're at the reception they ran out of food we'll just so he -- her. Hello. He's coached Little League wizardry for six years. We're -- focused on the cells thinking clouding -- form. He enjoyed playing my little pony friendship is magic in front of a mirror and it was a huge fan of bacon. So much so that he got to pet pig and within 2 days here Saturday evening news and everything it. -- was a member of my ass won't stop leaking retirees. Association of the American association of our first united. I BS funeral home was in charge of arrangements. Nice I've put in some work yes and right next one very creative because the -- Oakmont and a couple of -- we'll have to. Oh she's actually did that in the number went wrong. More and half I do. Remember. And -- and its greatest artist Sarah marshall's right mr. -- as those -- didn't G Mac bad. -- bottlenecks. How do you download to do. Died unexpectedly on Sunday broke flooding and you don't do anybody five at a rally the first taste. The legalization. Of Mandela HTC in vitro. In which one can inject themselves a ten pounds of weed called one drop of liquid because that's what. Mono nick had worked like KI SW bill but a few years back left the station after an explosion had taken his life. Dressing -- realize how -- magic the gathering partner. Well I don't know about how I'm jackets he lived about four -- years longer than -- yeah. Always remember about that day was being behind his friend and lighting up a joint then all of a sudden you know places in flames at the and -- mono nick was not hurt in the accident. As is usually the case. -- another situation he had told people he vaguely remembered almost getting hit by a car while walking in the mill road at midnight in the dark on a cliff side. He was so high though he can't recall that really have games. He enjoyed getting nice getting baked. Making wind sounding speaker at the beginning of the -- yeah what we have Jeff Demps he loved the outdoors they're playing disc golf. Neil's team -- Olympics in Tony Tony's full pads. Qualified or competing -- minutes for making and distributing a saw and we security that was inappropriate -- words. Smoke Smart bombs. Indeed by Ji -- -- -- He made diva -- did you smoke my mom -- diva act. Being repeated over and over -- and yeah it was a special person who is loved by everybody. Who knew him except his former canoe who everyone. Sorry Jerry knows the special person who is loved by everyone in the room except his longtime former boss at the -- KI SW BJ -- the benefits. -- survived by sixteen flights for bonds. Nobody ever Eisner's I have five pound bag of seeds nights. And my girlfriend we will never married -- -- -- Top shelf -- Us. To longtime Seattle -- -- -- this insanity creation liquid historian -- and former member of the world famous as TP -- Died on May fifth to twenty -- retail rooms facility longer than Europe he was active until last week in his life. Living as he had for the last forty years drunk. Taking a lot of walks around the neighborhood every afternoon I thought. Steve thunder big Leary had lifelong ties with top seed and how to remembrance -- top shelves on their titles Titanic parties. For a Titanic do science -- After leaving the BJ Shea morning experience in 2017. He became a staple pop culture. Teaching drunk history and design theory to -- and then -- deal. Podcast DS TP cast the only member of my wrestling character that he right. Yes. Oh and yes you need gas -- to -- popularity when they appeared on its highest point oh. For a bit which featured Todd just taking a picture of -- with this phone. And then he swallowed his phone. Swallow your own dollars anybody doing the -- -- for -- Just a hospital is needed but well worth it according to a very -- top shelf. When he was quoted as saying quote I do it again adding ads and again if given the chance and again as a matter of fact I'm gonna do it now who didn't. Susie is that -- hospital yet if we take you right back for the same surgery. Top shelf just. We're talking user's friends columnists and lost his life in a car accident. We choose driving around midnight one night on the flip side and I -- I have -- some reasons are solid wedge. Nobody knows what caused the accident but if there's one way topic could go out in a car would have been no way you have it. Copy now the statue erected out front of the five point cafe at -- and Denny in Seattle and basically the former chief Seattle had been before after. What it was last -- people remember topic saying before getting in his car that fateful night was quote it's. Good thing has been done man. Cut cut cut the supply is getting drug got to remind you there's not meant anything by it but that was the inscription read on his statue. It was a good evening and like reference you carry him through a dividend. Likelihood -- -- to -- things already been done. This is like a final mix to nation here ladies it is everything that tie -- yeah and -- and according to discuss how -- we're only on the air for -- -- warriors. -- the way I was over -- in two thousand seventies and so we just signed the deal for five where you're not is happening and to top shall drive off the -- like what he thought he saw me on the road like you that I -- these games here I am guessing that you'll find out what I don't Larry we have some family that's. Final one Mukasey now playing at home. For me this TP. -- British -- yards but naturally a product of Brooklyn. Passed away march 20 -- march 25. 2030. Former world. Oh all CN Las Vegas, Nevada hello I wrestle mania fiftieth. Steve. AKA STP. AKA founder Steve died of cardiac arrest upon fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming WWE. World champion. As demeaning their reigning champion no no no boy Daniel Bryan junior. Inside there was too much for thunder Steve and his heart simply stopped. While it's rare for someone his -- take part in the main event of a pay per view it has designed -- the -- ahead. You know ceremony -- Soledad STV cast stadium formerly known as century link field. To be able to house the tens of thousands of fans who attended. As -- was well known for his wrestling career at the turn of the century. He worked in radio at the buzz and then KI SW close -- his -- to this drastic upswing when he created the STV cast. The world -- podcast. Now hosted by Max -- -- wow eyes. As CB in Jersey wrestling. Football hockey squirting in front of his wife and and pretending like he's dogs Jerry's kids. Which drove his former coworker BJ Shea so crazy Eddie took his own life in 28 -- pro am so that's. The outside went around the yanks as. Hey he's he is survived by his wife and his mistress both head to -- vines. Although the life of ST -- much celebrated with the success. There is one steam left that was revealed in his living will and testament. After his passing. It was a note that Steven written revealing that back on December 31 21 H one -- Did give his -- of their revenue Fuego like chocolate shake that was abused which means an onion and cheese. Did you -- would go McDowell no questions. I was actually trying to tell you Franken by filling the gas put another coworker mile next. We knew would be around -- revel in the bowels started churning. Steve believe that was a factor in the red is dead but in no way I was going to reveal that while -- content because. Because -- too busy being there radio broadcasting hockey playing wrestling rock star. Presently none of the riches were passed on to anybody not even in wide. But instead used to build a gigantic statue in the Puget Sound of a Titanic ship. Halfway submerged with the words do she's displayed for all to see from downtown Seattle. For a way to remember the -- Titanic -- from the KI SW as TP cast ever forget breast. -- peace. So moral of the story is not. To accept in milk shake from Steve that is -- and top we stay away from class while drinking. Paris fairway from -- but while letting -- -- I think that's just a good thing did. Stand by for the rest -- real and genuine American little long fruitful life together here just to keep our next emails it says watch states and good luck getting the song out of your head he -- -- I don't know if it's on YouTube I think I it was a lively can link. And the title that was called I have a bad case of diarrhea. On children's song and that's spell DI NA RR HE eight and what it is is a video. Where it's helping people learn how to speak Japanese. And one of the words that they're territories sayings that they're trying to teach this person is. I have a bad case of diarrhea. And here's the audio. Oh -- area. How bad can bring. But that's nice -- I have a bad case of diarrhea. Nausea and credited him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's still have a bad case of diarrhea that's too much especially good -- today. And my allies have a bad case of diarrhea. I have a bad case of diarrhea. Always good to remember speaking. Americans things. I have my kids don't make any end and then they come and he and I have -- I think I'm okay. -- I was like hello Kelly Jane Fonda. What these Asian women dancing -- please. And everybody's things -- still under -- -- -- I'm not. But what Alison yeah -- I love that if and AM. He's taking a failure if I'm still coming to get messed up. I -- and can I have another case of diarrhea match I had and I area. -- -- -- -- -- Content that's going to be in my head out thanks -- Is. Next email us pause no not again do you put it on hear the song normally slow. Hannah what. That's all they may not show. I don't know I began to steer clear. It's PW he's diagonal run DMC zone. I don't into -- -- you can -- -- I'm sure. Democrats argue and I -- -- Again it's just -- do you yeah until coming to get in the. That's a lot of money -- fatter than my beer it's. Only -- domestic cats. Hello and easier for your goal is to get the proper facilities and -- Sherry L. Maybe she -- element. So he's trying to form in his hands. Especially hard to do you know Newman and throw away. That's the problem that we all -- the media to comply. It's gonna tell. Are now -- got a -- day. -- -- After -- ten you can't dilly bar -- -- -- one video walls were August right now and guess Johnson could do to before. I looked OK everybody out and cast. -- ES TJ yeah. -- really John -- today on our CD cast out. We learned that top shelf is not able authorities and some top -- so everybody. -- -- I close your time. This is easy if you -- at. The yeah and phenomenon. Among low and hard. And they did it got there de Madera tonight. I'm very excited are you. It's almost got to know is there. He's always viewed god they are now everybody want to go there. -- that used to where -- your kids. I got a headache now I do so I don't know go to my face is are gonna block my way better. Mr. emails out and subject breaking -- -- because this on the an area -- guesses on FaceBook. Take up this new great remakes of dialogue from the last few seasons of breaking bad should boil our large. Dude have you seen this video. -- -- Nick have you seen it I have not so I've seen you posted at but I chose not to click on it might read no no you can click on and maybe go along with the video well I hit it is. Crazy what the whoever added this together. Not only are they grabbing like usually sees rap songs editor meg so there's a bunch of audio makes it into a rap song heal from -- TV show her speech whenever. It's pretty creative seems difficult. But what this person did not only did they take this make them. Vocal sounds but also like if they're knocking on something -- they slam their hands they worked that into the beat while. It's not it's the second out. That's tank and no -- When there. He won't stop yeah. Yeah. Right there on the map maker -- there's a -- means blame game shows these. -- but I don't be shocked. -- -- -- your your -- on its high. -- mind games so why he's. God -- It's saying I am no longer the best. Welterweight. God damn well. -- yeah it was nice picture Hank he's actually yeah name. OK -- she's actually any time you lose and making sure. Why how how. How. How all how to beat us. And I hope I don't live and now I'm. Its. Older machines. -- Men. And -- know. Thanks -- I just want to be able. Love London guy you know you're the guy I can't England and now I'm okay I'm not good. -- -- We'll come and gone -- movies and I can. Only. -- -- Now awesome that is really cool -- -- on how long did that take to make forever I mean everything and I didn't part of you mean like chopping up vegetables ups and -- taking my god tire iron in and I banging on the door like you said the Stevie impact is yeah really cool I'm -- as pretty sweet ones. Next email comes from -- Stephen and our buddy Steve Shannon media stayed up late. That's why so hold steady on Seth Meyers last night to -- it looks a lot like Elvis Costello only bigger business. No -- no date announced soldiers have to do they come to Seattle to sources -- new record coming out later this month. If they come to Seattle I'll be there if we can get them in studio I don't care what day it is pretty calm no grown domestically there's always prerecorded Lindsay -- Tuesday -- I don't care what days this Saturday it's a Sunday. I'll make arrangements to get that because how cool would -- to get them to perform either acoustic or electric in studio that we fund up. And they did you stay positive. Forget Italian if if if you are man and then learning new songs they were actually on I'm Seth -- -- -- apparently Seth -- is one of his favorite bands is old steady column -- I was kind of cool they did a new song. Which is called spinners. I -- grabbed the audio from the performance. But the quality I had a from it was my great drama normality to play the song why I go online and the singles released. So there really get to the actual -- good quality version of the new song last of their upcoming record. So you're spinners. This is -- old city it's been there's so at a number it because that was news service gonna play it he. But now I am. You're so there. Since I don't lunch break right now you might remember yeah. And remember its. String around my fingers of the bat. It's. -- -- But there from world. That's where my -- They're very user friendly. He's got this cool side cool glasses flu like his -- need to know. Thank you tell your stories. Saying this satirize their Randy Newman. You sound like like being. I love about Calzaghe like. He's going to be in a car you have to treat you like -- border. You don't like it. Nothing more than one -- you. Type -- it's a wonderful wonderful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No it's just delicious. I -- 32 ounces of freeze really need 6 AM and Harry goes to extra ounces it's. Because I wanted to hold in mind. -- like the -- -- -- drop his dad. And queasy moment fellas. You're gonna like him. We don't know when it's. Your -- week -- -- -- -- -- cast his overall heading off to our. To an all you can eat -- Golden Corral all the -- she's yeah again I remember. You can steal a few weeks it's been a few weeks cup feel because Vijay wants to go eat their because they use its soul -- Still gonna drive all the way to -- now. We know our Marysville is far I don't like I have I know that it's in this day and know it at these kids that went through life you know where I lose I. Care about various Bill O'Reilly is -- whoever is. Yes and keep going no crap I have a merry go my way up Burlington is -- number I didn't. I didn't -- -- through the clearance guys say I need the money in the NBA always just double -- carte toys yeah. A nice guy you know country singer Michael like it's a -- tonight I hope it's I'm glad I checked my GPS before I left my house it took me. GPS an hour and fifteen minutes. I almost put -- this day. That doesn't get our way. I got him just in time -- -- doing a wedding and concrete. And not even realizing that it's impossible. We take you three hours to get somewhere from Seattle GAAP. It's believed yeah that's us. -- does not very close I'm thinking that we should walk there -- I would go to the nice appetizer that all you can -- -- walked back to some -- and he's -- -- funds here's the breakdown I was of the breakdown in songs and. And yeah it's. -- right. It's pretty Springsteen. He's a lot of. Yeah. I -- another's -- and that is some good and the album as well I don't know the whole name of it. As long time and night I had -- when did well enough visitors. I hope this whole thing CNN dot dot dot. That's all I got some of the -- a little bit that one out as well as another some I would assume that's going to be on the new hold steady record so I hope this whole thing didn't frighten me. Barely out. I hope that they can make some -- sounds. Sky it's a Friday or Saturday night all. And don't typically get if I'm gonna get a hotel room for the night to save form. That's what I -- it's nice wasted -- But the good happy -- -- words right now -- know where where you can play drums beautifully where ice. When your car yeah yeah I mean. Now I saw them last comments on the Brooklyn my wife and I had a few vodka tonics. Now it's nice to toss us. There is no. So like -- like 1 in the morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just want to. Yeah intended to start my -- kind of play really do represent the beginning. Yeah I just got a penny gives you and do it today I'm just pick up wherever I left off yeah I had. I don't feel that he's an amazing. Yeah wait for the behind music on the Mario golf by my life -- -- -- -- Reminds you tell them -- before. There's song is to our podcasts. Very we always stayed positive we drive -- gases and the the scores Dawson. -- -- -- Hello all music yeah rolled his eyes. Better in thirty seconds to Mars. Probably. -- Mullah Omar was. Doing just a slight contraction in the -- like 630 seconds to Mars song it's their new single. Other emotions American caught up in the air. You do within 36 in tomorrow's Internet. I think you guys must hold steady. Plus and Craig from the. Originally I don't know I'm well aware yeah. Well I always kind of created this music it's like yeah just over -- But not really full fledged rock yeah but I -- has its own merits of the guys thank you here in hot topic and CL yeah. He joined there by your. -- -- Same store my. Why these guys are going. I'm sure would like your car. Yeah you absolutely have five. Evaluate me. I'm okay. Copyrights and. Katie again Simon and twice -- ST people guess now I'm Sarah. On this exchange on FaceBook quite amusing. Great back stories Justin and JC broke up again. It happens a lot -- -- thirty JC is eighteen. TC says there's a FaceBook John I didn't bother printing multiple copies as I didn't really read what this he knows about it just kind of got hospitalized but I read so it. OK. All right so just him rights. Well I'm single. Then somebody says but it's a sad face -- and then -- who his response that was at Merck. What does that mean bravura. Internet linguists. -- and now former ally southern well it's something like -- like. Is a mess up the half million. -- murder of Houston but we talk like that in life make -- top guy is dealing. And her -- I lost -- well it's just. Digital -- and urban dictionary says Murphy is there words that when an awkward conversation is happening to make things less awkward. I definitely makes it less awkward not -- and another person decides to -- able maybe you should date someone your own age Murphy always -- -- You go to jail for being a ten year old. Is that -- ten point and I -- that was dumb yeah as a bad serve bad serve not funny purpose it's America. I next version but it meant he was beaten this kid out there. Interest rates again question marks multiple. WT ass and then I'd just and explains why they broke up again and yeah. -- pissed just outside the car at the gas station and apparently. Somebody size PP and that pissed her off. And she'd just threw a fit and set I was done I'm so tired of the BS -- this act shall this -- no more now I ended it. So he's mad because she's acting childish when he's peeing in public. Well I mean come on Merck. People on -- -- another person's is proceeding care when you pissed on Bourbon Street in front of a million people. -- -- Off then. JC a whenever we're talking about I guess necessarily broke out west -- -- -- -- and look out shall issue are posting it on FaceBook her way to premature but I guess you don't know how to act your age I either. When Sonny was ten and then he knows he's thirty something and yeah. And then Jesus grow up. And then he says blocked. And then Anthony it's a sad face. Me and Justin says yeah. I did not leave you in a parking lot costs and so yeah that I don't know if this. Here's what else and then Johnny writes trawl this is dumb now you're sorry Katie that was dumped it. It's not her father who's down. These humiliated the Dodgers sent into I went there I don't know word -- -- Merv already we learned something very. Mattresses and wherever sometime back you were -- how much you love girls would gun tattoos on the hips using hidden inside this may die in my like it from Chris in Basel it's not tattoo but it is. A suntan. -- US -- what they're sun screen enters into the shape of a gun. So that -- spot Mary's has gone undergone a second start in her bikini bottom like that. On behalf. Member of the button. On the side ginger ginger ninja interest and yes he wanted to let -- that was -- nine with five finger death punch on the last just TP test. He rules -- the song with surged from system on the Dow surged Kenya. Desire she attacks -- got a 77999. But I copied it and emailed it to myself because. That's how you -- the lessen the -- Says good morning Steve I left some drunk message is Friday and ES TV cast flying I really won't be bothered if you don't why dump hops from CarMax. I -- I know off my parents. This guy Brandi says check this out and you know I was gonna play but I think it's a cool video he just looked up to -- is. The number two and until -- bad video it's an amazing drum solo to chills one cup. Yeah it would just kind of running on time and -- feel to be self murder don't hoop game and wants is it together trailers are examples are just temperature should. -- trash talk this not a thermometer and that's not my mouth. Again. -- -- what I do like your mom did it. Yeah her yeah. Blah blah well beginning and I really that's all of our our voicemail I mean over its. Earlier what I think. You do this. No I don't really know why I. I got my car. That's how we. I'd love your first day. What are your thoughts stop -- and sees how women. Lugo exemplars these -- -- amendment no known side. The other good ones -- -- it it's on this arrived. For his policies and so that's Allman money. -- -- honey sorry yeah. -- are frequent conscious Theodore I don't. -- Result -- DP it jitters. Tarmac here you know double current and past few Beers and she -- extraordinary. We -- you give a shout out. They'll go. There guys -- show. You guys use copy editor don't show. And reverend -- all right good there and Merck. Lower Harlow who do you earlier say commercial you're hilarious. Dreamer here you're. There are so we're in her -- are. You do low and who is the tarmac now you don't get to you don't have to listen anymore I thought I thought I. You warned us he did you warned he said multiple. Good now I was all that bad now as a warrant an apology on the text on a lower in more than just feeling that as the night progresses will be getting another voicemail from our friend CarMax. They're trying to master gears of Earl ray Ferraro or children Spirit Airlines are well lit. She's -- The hurry PayPal I could try to carry gear you are we believe me ask you -- your McCain has stats are you already think you are the Pittsburgh. I heard Annan -- -- in this podcast you. Matt who do Zogby guy that is recording Nam and as a unfortunate job like top cells to bleep out on the curse isn't he he said if you hit. S eight I believe. It puts a red line on the -- editing program. Food and that is they don't markers that you know where to go to -- -- to -- to curse ground. We try it right now. Just hit -- state and see what happens sure you're -- yeah. It's our marriage are geared up -- Rational and spirits. Are a little bit. The you can join -- -- Alex -- -- -- duties -- -- 16100 listen it'll PGA. This. You're in Seattle it's yeah I think this. You know readily ignored by. Politically risky she actually can actually. Yes she follower so my right irrigation are right got a privilege -- you you're now -- anywhere near and -- I'm and put it you are in the years. You're. Reflecting -- you want to get it right here and Tony Stewart. Don't want to -- need to deny it sometime soon the moon told people my mental Oregon Iowa you have hundreds of homes -- -- -- -- girly yet. -- allegation baggage go home and being involved enough in the. There. All I was. I love these guys taking -- to say it has at least you left. Wow OK we're through or I'm almost. -- CA it's soon enough but it was about a three miniature if there wasn't a god -- them. The risk of multiple -- reviews and make -- stuck here for the rest of his life -- -- It didn't work -- at least change of the world's oldest yeah. After Arafat's who's -- in the high school mode there I -- always good memories and everybody. I listened CS DP yes everybody but every once in awhile we get one of these long -- messages on the beer guy -- -- -- made a couple other guys let me -- might have been as well. At some point having our number in your phone is not a good idea to. It does -- red lion. But you have to be selected on M I couldn't do that because I'm playing Lewis well. So if we set it like ourselves it would work UNESCO the -- yup. But then she really did denounce the time that we deal with the most purses is during the voicemail I'm pretty much so what if you started the voice on the switch back. That would probably work give -- -- -- I have a feeling that because again do it tomorrow and Sarah and. Karma. This June. Nice. I I don't know redemption split second middle school. -- -- had a kid. -- are mired. A lot of people just won't try to -- you got to draw a big develop guys. Sergio being developed guys you're never grew up late they had their -- -- And they didn't actually play that day. Well. I should say like you know I go I'd say one -- -- two girls. Would you nurture we'll probably -- -- -- tell us how to -- or when that got tall guy. If you didn't. Toward. The hole at a high. This lets the guy I am very sorry it's not be on all of you how I know I am now back door and and really care about me. You married and emerging high school. You're negotiating. Do you push for a little and then cement job -- -- happens you'll never know. See what happened was is that call Orleans -- las of these it was about three minutes long. Because we went a minute two minutes so we ran out of tape. Thank you got the -- from his phone I'm guessing. Oh cool. Voicemails cuts at three minutes. So they called it a million. The story back yours Jose area dad and I am very I -- I had to look it up but I believe the timeline was -- are not happening back to back. So maybe it isn't talking and talking talking like a fifteen minute -- didn't even realize OK and I am pets are easy they're -- These are awesome -- -- at a time -- they are and let's let's take out our -- where its mouth. No matter how I really I'm -- and yeah I am I don't go to yeah I don't know. Why don't get what happens when they play soccer -- well. They got the rest get comment all the. I don't know why does he get one I was gored. I'm pleased says I love him before the punchline but -- -- he managed little people playing soccer and that's bringing her eight. Arianna how they want more voicemail I wonder who is -- -- it hurt Eric's solution oriented are all well. Thought our interest to do your best. Picture and figure out there but. You're -- business -- -- -- your country. Yes. Who -- pace diva yes I want to listen to what we're cast. Back our general -- Croatia -- While -- gene -- Eighteen minutes thirty seconds is. About forty minutes for a -- package that's asking too much talked about. It where -- -- I know us beat a dead horse stealers are here about. Please -- in Illinois machine arts this year. Half shot artists are like so -- ma -- -- Her cage area where oh. Oh called it and -- -- -- they are. I. Yes there you know look you know I have -- Yeah he's noon ES TB -- you know our role while hill though now this is why we have general because we know wanted to drunken voicemails had time to time. Once it's a minute mark squeezed novelist and end. So he's the Seahawks the Seahawks fans PE is brag about -- remember last week even had a joke about that the bandwagon fans it's great for united -- are strongly believes. The colors according niners' red and gold yeah they Goldman and a girl different guys are dead Terry -- those college so does everybody that. Where's their team colors every single day of every single year -- are they decide much more like bigger fans because they're willing to leg walk around might. Some -- and -- -- I have to show that every single day I'm Meredith I was though a lot of these guys are saying thinks it's something that. Is really starting to tick me off. All like who's a better fan I hate to Carl fans I know -- -- we've been able to. Hold that thought hey guys and -- My -- -- -- remember her yeah. Yeah I doubt if you're around noon eastern religion and I better for them. -- -- -- What's that no little. I don't know man. Some think guys I lost us your -- muscles -- -- weird I love the fans for fashion fashion and -- I don't like -- people who are calling people out about not being big enough fans NL's only the people who. Feel like they got to prove that they're the -- -- now or they demanded a. For actually carrying that like for the longest time on his gripe was that Seattle doesn't isn't a sports town right. Can we -- championship and our -- and we are sports town look at how many people showed up for the brave young girls angular stock annoyed contraband Wagoner announced in -- home. Yes. I'm -- -- -- there are a lot of us are van Wagoner -- Devin anything to -- for most -- at some point I mean Kentucky's distillers and begin at some point he jumped on the steelers' -- absolutely absolutely absolutely -- -- stuck with them that's the thing you hope that people stick with it so I hope that this is let me come with the Mariners where people jumped on the Mariners bandwagon now. And then eventually because of years have just asked me they eventually are slowly getting off it although I think a good season will bring all those stands back. Yeah like I'm diehard baseball and the diehard mariner fans seriously but I don't walk around wearing a -- leg mariners shirts and hats. Every single day and I don't think I should be looked at as like I'm not a mariner fan. There ain't supported every single -- you gotta get a Mariner's tax you and your -- a lot of people trying to kind of stuff I don't do so the first pitch for the Mariners ever commit I have no white DO Gerri Willis received good for you I wasn't alive. Another topic and your. Job is so -- his -- -- -- for the Mariners. David today Murphy made a good job he would -- you on parents. Steroids yes. All right that's all our voicemails -- time home. How at all of them can be unless they don't know us nervous one last thing before we go and that's FaceBook drama school look at our you're gonna loser is to. Had a bad. And that they could do you know there. Show. I don't get we need to act it out we needed as a bit on the BJ Shea morning since we have to do a topic. It's. The Minnesota. I always tell -- I know one thing to join them all the -- -- -- back and -- And then I think has always been and and now we just. Soon see he does he has this team tales of a desire itself bring us and didn't miss the most. I'm from. Nazr. I love everything you've done for us. That's on my favorite incisions that together it is basically drama club less to -- very -- here in the STP guess what we do is reenact. Actual drama that happens on FaceBook it's a public service announcements that people stop posting stupid stuff on FaceBook. We changed names to protect the innocent sometimes we don't. This time we did -- while. And this is a good one it's a bunch a bunch of do examined some drama on FaceBook read -- Monica are finally looking at it do you bros and -- broke down. -- the series brought down broke off I will play the role of frank. Top shelf then you'll be Alex. Mono nick. You are Matt. In Iraq have. I believe media usually has the most holy person is John I think yeah I do appreciate your own so I'm frank. -- is Alex Monica's Mac and the reverend en Fuego is John. Frank posts a status update. I love helping people I just gave five bucks still homeless lady. Feels good to help others in need you know you actually heard the more. Then you help them when you just give them money you should give money to a shelter or church that take in homeless people you dummy I hate when people Dewey did. Well speaks -- and -- Some. It's for -- Server trying to be a good person I actually try to help people. All you do was criticize people who wanna make a change in the world would ask for your opinion anyway. I agree with Alex it's a -- -- you try to impress people on FaceBook by letting them know you're such a chaired a -- Wheelchair it is done when nobody knows. When nobody knows what you're doing. You gave five bucks to a stranger let's hold off on the humanitarian of the year award acting like your Bono from U2. Broke I'm a good person quite heating up -- him. I'm just given her real life friends you don't like get deleted me. You know -- on this -- needed time and I'll delete your -- myself you to get Laura club mugs. All these are the same way as a homeless person called by Amir shot -- to your honor seriously you all sock. I'm a good person you're all -- And seen. Impacts our -- are -- that we -- -- -- -- fun I was in attendance. I I do I'm with his friends I -- -- when Diaz I wouldn't say anything I would just ignore the comment. But I hate when people need to like get on -- to talk about how awesome they are in -- young look at me I just donated to the skies. Or all of my the worst of the ones in the post us pictures and it says. I dare you to share this that you won't share or three at five minutes and a baby you'll die if you don't share it ordered Simpson is again on its chain letters man now. You haven't seen a single one of those like a woman's present a big field. I if you don't know wasn't that great. I don't have a answering their trust my feet nervous and okay yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I won the ones that I see is like the little boy Bruce that we saw his little sister was getting beat. By his dad mother that and he stepped in in my cock shot in the face sends lying on a journey. An -- like you need to send money to help save the ice because he's a hero. And I'm just like. What the hell it. The guy doesn't even on the Gurney doesn't look like he has a bullet hole municipal Heidi let's go snow -- this out here and I play it's got a million plus a shares are connected and no one person decided to look up the story tonight. You can't do it through a fit together. People I hate when you see those and so -- post something and they just wanna get -- this moral high horse and they always and I am outraged. Usually IRAs throughout this to take 10 -- I forget what it was like Starbucks didn't do something for someone in the military and and then he joined snow and it turns -- that's not exactly how it happened with -- but nobody bothers agreed to -- you know because somebody because he's put in the -- mean on FaceBook that means it's true now worse. A man doesn't get us started. Former it's got a link connected to it to a story yeah I'm reservists -- always room Russell Wilson broke both of his legs and a car accident when an old lady ran a stop sign that I -- yeah there was. I'm glad he's okay yeah. It's ridiculous and I -- a -- -- -- -- let's get out of here. Big banks did all steady for providing this great music and also our new album coming out -- -- a month. Gotta give props to driver -- you know. Went there on Friday our point Bobo was on break. Created different -- serving us our sushi -- -- these guys like. A sushi ninja. He was whipping up sushi rolls fashion and we can keep them -- -- on me elf girl took another break. That's right I don't forget to screw things in before you leave. Did all this easy shots a -- -- you're awesome they're all great guys great gals. There -- put together some great creative rolls definitely tried EST zero the marvelous role. I don't drag news challenge down on the mountain for all year our food is my jam. He can't go wrong way on the firecracker Dewey dot TV style that's really gave. They got a bunch locations Covington -- stage in golf finally Bremerton and Tacoma. Check him out FaceBook just type in traffic sushi fresh friendly that's how -- role Travers CC six locations find out more -- -- he got back. For all the guys. Thank you Titanic duties. Stay positive.