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Mar 10, 2014|

Joined in studio by Amanda Hardy Band!

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    look from 2015 I really dig a vehicle strange wild out of sub pop records . Yes not an independent release that are very good release it as other local. On the Iraq. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. And we are back here on loud and local thank you so much of the game clock there again playing noise for toys Toys for Tots benefit show. That is a mouthful Green River thrillers debt rounds and clock December 5. This Saturday at Schuyler to the west Seattle is 9 PM only six bucks bring

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-- download it. Our bid is actually from the surrounding. You metropolitan area encompassing that would millions -- great northwest. Grew -- garlic. This is -- -- -- -- -- Still you it is that time again my friends lab local brought to you by McDonald's if you like to find out more about well local like. How to submit your band's material. Say you'd like to listen the past podcasts many many podcasts. Going back easily your house you can link up with all the different bands that I. -- find out about upcoming shows it all -- UV is allowed local page KI SW dot com. While you're there you can find out more on BJ -- speech -- -- local band of the week. This Friday it wasn't my special guest who is joining me in studio tonight allow local. Amanda hardy and the Amanda -- -- yeah. On Friday and look at that Haley Tony hey joined by Amanda hardy. As well is that didn't -- on base and Austin tasks. Yes that's correct. And that and we're missing Jared who is exhausted and sleeping. Yes her husband. It's normally the way it is Jerry I don't know if you noticed but the person who doesn't make it in studio for allow local is. Fair game so we're going to be making some jokes at your expense there. I -- yeah Amanda Amanda hard. Super happy to to have you back in for allowed local the first time you were in studio. You did the hard work he did the math it was four years four years older years ago and it was one of one of the final big Elaine -- benefit shows us that happened at the show box and I in the memory serves me correct. I think we have like 25 to thirty people in this studio gathers a lot of the I. It's impressed not to ban. On the -- I felt like -- drill sergeant buddy and they're like Carter because I have -- it was a good time but I think I hit my maximum -- Sydney who didn't. On for those that. Jones that are may be hearing local for the first time. Are hearing the name Amanda hardy for the first time -- you're in for tree that would be here this this musician is a vocalist. This guitar player that has just been slugging away. And what's great about your particular situation as you really grabbed the bull by the horns. At a really young. Shania and -- I first came in here really I was just getting started -- thirteen and then since then. I've just been building a the fan base and you know trying to get a really great lineup that works for we work well together and it's just it's been a really great time. To cool. We got lots shows to talk about including your album -- show your CD release show which is in the house and out legally GE's. On the 28. Of this month and you cannot -- go to the concert calendar OK I at W dot com. For further details on the shows that we wanna talk a lot about your. You're CD release show you also have I keep coming up at the highway that an ugly as that had little Eddie. Great great venue you've also got a day coming up on the more theater and some other really cool offense but I wanna talk about. Last night show you a part of being Mike Starr. Memorial show along with malfunction. At that was at at the EG. At -- just does such a great job Dan and puts on so many great benefit shows and or incredibly ambitious and we salute Joseph Louis Diana clinic and don't cry -- we let it Democrats. Tell me about the show how does that show up well last night for you guys it was really fun. I mean house in chains is my favorite and and and they've been part of the reason why have been doing music so it was mill lane -- an honor to have played -- -- from my stock. And play with malfunction and -- Hey if they are really good and we just had a really great time paglia is. I always enjoy playing at Luis. Excellent it's it's it's a great place in the future is great and -- -- some shows in fact there's there's a couple more benefit (%expletive) is happening Luigi that we have listed. For you -- the concert calendar KIW. Dot com. I want to play a song from this new. Do we wanna call it an album or the EP and EP that's what I am but I wanted to ask you first -- to be fiftieth time. This this new EP. Was produced by mr. Scottie Wilson right yes that's current. We've got study in the other room right now just -- -- -- not letting him in the studio but a little bit later on this hour I'll -- I'll go -- study the wonderful -- than -- asked him some. Some questions. About the recording of this EP but I wanna play a song from the people got. A little bit of taste of this on Friday when you featured as BJ -- is allowed local band of the week for the first song. On the EP is called fire away. Tell us about the song may be -- the hum maybe some of the inspiration or kind of what you were eat what you were trying to achieve what the song. Boy it was a song that it was previously written before this lineup got together and so I've brought to the table and we kind of just made -- our own and it was really built on you know empowering people and lying to have an awesome rock song and -- can just kind of. You know. Sing along to end. Wanna be empowered by it so. That's net that's there right there. You know empowerment motivation that whether that motivation is it's changing your life or getting your ass up off the couch and putting. The laundry and dry you know -- -- -- -- I on the song is called viral way a man hardy that -- ninety eyes W it is. Well look. Okay. Yeah. Yeah down knotted -- what I -- -- an elderly -- local variety by McDonald's that would be a man hardy with a song. Fire away I'm joined by all of -- will not all. The majority of the Amanda hardy band and I've got my Austin Austin caps on guitar and then. Dylan Trujillo. And no known. No relation to Robert -- of the navy and yeah. -- the possibility I sent a threatening until like starter really -- rumor -- you know what I and they say you know. Bad breath whenever -- -- I talk to uncle rob earlier today actually think I. What is happening they. I am an Jerry can make it as well due to news release from work which I understand on. Beasley continued indeed if you're just tuning -- to allow local welcome welcome joined by Amanda hardy. And the three of the four members of the Amanda hardy band what I kick ass on. Start things off way so it does that perverts and Aniston outlet yeah. It's been just a long and -- Amanda icu and -- to accomplish that would. Come over Al hunt I am but. I can really years of the growth and the and the evolution. Of Kia may not. Yeah that was a -- in -- written song Uga didn't really proud that would. -- -- As far as. Who your inspirations are now I know that's kind of a standard question for some but. We we all have our inspiration he mentioned Alice in Chains earlier it for you guys to. To share some of your other inspirations musically like growing -- people that inspired you to pick up your instrument. Or you know -- it's -- like that he usage to be involved with music. Oh gosh come will Chris Cornell I that -- and -- and I love missing yeah I get. Yeah. And losing hail from hill's time and down the love -- The Beatles have really influence in my life and Led Zeppelin Robert Plant back nine I love them. Have a TX. Well. Armenia -- steeper on was actually my first influences and then after that is -- -- Metallica. And just that Steve and now than ethnic and rips it really him right that we typically. This is the thing about them. It's about me getting turned on to great music as much as you guys I. And how much you -- you -- you a little bit of everything I mean blacks at this Jimi Hendrix the amounts. Iran sound garden. Everything pretty much luster alternative evident. I have to kitten out now Amanda you that you may or may not like this but behind your back I've I I tend to call you to grand baby I'm an anti. And I have done this in the nicest possible because you there's so much of the Seattle sound but it's very organic and and and passion -- and an inspiring. What was the first piece of music you ever -- yourself with -- money. -- incontinence. Oh probably Hillary -- CD yeah. Exactly about you guys remember the first piece of music you -- with your own money. The tension that actually. It. All right we're gonna continual loud logo with Amanda hardy band -- of course -- hardy. Coming up next wanna talk a little bit about the recording process with this new album and working with Apple's and so hang tight -- -- continues next not a public IK ISW it is loud -- -- special guest tonight Amanda hardy in the human are hardy. Band let's go around the studio Saturday's yourself and they would too cute and -- all right well I'm Amanda Harry and I sing lead vocals and play rhythm guitar. I'm -- yes and that plays lead guitar and and notre -- -- the bass guitar. And we would like -- you. Introduce. One of our favorite Scott Olsen -- Scott hey. Now for those that don't she knew would be wonderful study -- -- -- more on the radio would you rather me go with Scott's. -- I enjoy Scotty but does that does that sound quite as menacing east -- I'm Scott you've got you've got a long long wonderful. History with the local music scene here in the mighty Pacific northwest would you be so kind. As to. Share some of the things that you've done throughout the years I don't think I've ever just put you specifically on the spot like this -- he's been involved with some really really cool stuff and wanna talk to about. Getting it teaming up with a man and stuff but let's do a little. And means a brief history a brief history. Well I've seen. A couple things with fairly decent -- hand to hire an Alice in Chains and to -- death tones. And but the other bands that are actionable. But. A banana for awhile and I like to help. The youngsters the -- That's how you -- how you -- as Scott Eggleston is incredibly humble. Not want to really talk much about himself but really really talented and oh isn't involved with -- really special special projects. Amanda how did you team up with Scott how did this this this union come to be. Well when I played Elaine standing tribute back four years ago. We actually he was there and lady named Jamie Richards actually introduced us. I mean -- It's a Big -- schools he has just pretty cool as she -- -- she did she help me alive and my early stages of my music career. And I meant Scottie threw her he actually came to one of my basketball games. Actually. Didn't hit it was our introduction and the first time ever met him. And not down. That they're having dinner out and -- yeah I'm not people than. I. What you don't know about a man hardy is he's actually separate flights I -- she's getting everywhere in the music industry she just hours upon 71 and I think that's a you but some -- we actually we went out to dinner and we talked about music after all that and then. Things got Roland we started working -- -- so we did we get. We roll -- year old year old Scotty what has -- what is been your position as far as working with the music. Well mine. Basically. Say that's really cooler Haiti have probably work on that a little bit -- and and we recorded it and put it on staff and people listen to it. Like in this format. Crazy idea. A man guys has has -- giving you guys any any pearls of wisdom. He's always told -- staying attentive. Keep working attic Seattle written your best Sonja at this when he only says. So we -- is there any sons in hopes that that one will be the best London governess. I always Wear clean underwear don't forget and yes I underwent not to get my. As you never know when you're gonna end up at the ER I'm just saying I speak from experience and you're gonna wish you war. Did not just clean underwear but better underwear out early look it's not allow local I don't admit to something I shouldn't intimate view on the actions of pearl of I you've -- Amanda party. Coming up on the fifteenth of this month that that is next Saturday. For revolver magazine's hottest chicks in hard rock show. Featuring sick puppies look clinical oil and some other great -- you guys are opening up that show. That's do you really need to I have to have you met any of the other bands on the bill the bore no I'm never met any of the bands on the Bill Clinton and I can't because I I -- some of -- Like Cristina -- right from the clinical -- she will love you she would love you and that she'll be like. Which do you cook shall start asking not about about cooking at least on my experiences and then I was got lectured because I'm not much of a cook. You're -- she may feel like don't forget you need to learn how to make proper pastas you can cook for the -- lawyer out on the road that's kind of what company -- the different. They pick I think exactly. Uh huh okay that -- is coming up. And then march 21 at the highway ignited on blues club ever played with a really really fun band called back Kelly -- And and who else -- my career. Who is it was amazing and I went -- in and blues club is to see a fantastic venue and China to those guys. And then along comes your CD release show -- Luigi is on the 28. Who -- as playing with for your album release should remember -- -- -- had IG were playing with clover James and Jamie Nowak and her solo band. Well a good car and a perfect. That's a great lineup that's that's a really solid lineup that's a little bit of a little bit of everything for everybody -- Excellent we're gonna play another song from this new EP which will be available for people to purchase acts the CD release show -- much Tony excellent excellent the next -- we're gonna get -- was called ugly girl. It happens. Picnic and is this I I don't wanna -- -- over analyzed one song sometimes. Certain musicians like to leave the the the lyrical interpretation. -- up to the person who's listening to -- but which like the same thing. Some really pissed me off and handed -- this song kind of evolved in about five minutes. Inspiration -- like you're really happy I can make some awesome happen or I'm angry. There's there's inspiration right -- -- network and it came to me and and the greatest revenge is just being some. -- -- And large been a matter of what I -- I instantly another news on from a -- hardy this is called. Ugly girl -- ninety eyes -- -- mogul. Big yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you. Fun. And I don't point nine KI SW it -- allow local that would be Amanda Harding with the song ugly girl from the forthcoming whats coming your way EP more with the -- hardy. And the band coming up shortly for allowed local mound to get to the guys in shelling that they've got a new album titled. Fear them and their album release show is going to be happening this Friday night at Tony these garage in Everett. For Chile next album release show for their new one titled fears the mask and the song one of -- for you is called. Midnight walk. Not an ugly night the -- -- -- glam look. Not an ugly and I KI SW -- -- local run to -- McDonald's that's our friends in jelly neck from their new album titled fear the mask. The song is called midnight walk in the guys and -- net. Other album really show happening at. -- and everybody says CD release and I just say album released as I have to change things there CD release show happening at Tony v.s in average on Friday the fourteenth and once again the album is titled. Fear that the man just now beginning to more of that to goodness in upcoming land locals in the next couple of weeks for allow local I will be joined by mother -- Then the following Sunday after after next Sunday or Sunday after next I will be joined by the guys in the mother -- who also how a big album really show to talk about as well. Tonight my special -- -- hour long. For allow local Amanda hardy and the Amanda hardy band. Friends let's go around the studio introduce yourself and say would you do it in the band and I'm -- -- the opposite direction to mix things up this. I am known that they don't for he and on the based parent and -- and exhausting ethnically league term that Google's. I'm and I'm Amanda irony and I sing and I play rhythm guitar as well. I'm an and we wanna say hello to to -- who couldn't make making its here tonight -- insert drummer jokes here we have senator and -- -- -- -- continuously from the -- -- But -- think if you like to find out more about Amanda hardy the it's very manic go to KI SW dot com click on the -- local page. And there's a link that says Alan L band and you can click on -- There are pictures of Amanda hardy and the band all the different social networking links were people can go to find out more. To follow you figure on Twitter you're captive on Twitter. And a tonight I have to get on the pulpit for a second here. Excuse me stepping up on pulpit. It's -- actually stepping up her home and if you have a bands and you have a Twitter account. Be active on this but it does nobody any good including your band if you are not active on social media. And France and rants definitely helped us and then yeah I get Antioch. Twitters are really really cool tool. For bands you know aside from from FaceBook and and having read -- -- pages and so on and so forth but. Twitter is just a great way to connect with everybody and to find out about new music and then you guys. Are incredibly your very active on on your Twitter page of -- and that was done about what reminded me that I needed to -- you in studio for allowed local and hopefully we were tweet about something and -- tweet tweet tweet tweet and I would again Amanda hardy instantly. For allow look look at it and a gazillion years. Announcement. -- Vincent you guys his favorite -- you've been able to play a man I know you yeah got to be part of it pretty high profile shows throughout the years. Would have been your favorite shows even. You know one of my favorite shows actually I am I opened up for the classic crime -- the shoebox. And and it was really cool because the show was sold out and we stayed inside and just watched the people Philly and and -- kept filling in until the place is packed and it was like. -- the opening band gets the entire crowd this is awesome that. And that's really cool there's there's so many times that you know. There's people who -- in the bar and showing up later but when you can get that crowd. Right there right when there's like a thousand people right and it's just in an exhilarating time time to own it may be some new fans have. How terrifying as. Well or are they that place where you played and it shows -- -- it is nerve racking up over the years we've kind of been counting. How many shows have been playing in its well over 200 Chavez and how real is sounds so. I remember being nervous for that first Layne Staley tribute to a minute after that I really never got super nervous any -- is there's quite a few people there. And so ever since then I've haven't really gotten nervous -- I have excited. Some say it's easier to get up on stage and and play and there's when there's -- -- You know and you don't have any airline well you know I don't see one specific -- ACC all of these different faces. Verses playing a smaller show where you can really see each person you -- that guy who's captivated by his cellphone instead of watching arango. You know those type things. I am I what you do to stay focused not let things like that kind of -- -- well actually I don't do it on purpose but a lot of the show I close my eyes. -- on singing so I don't really see a whole bunch of the crowd the whole time anyway hit it plant. You. -- I. Yeah and then. I think definite I get really am involvement band mates on stage and I really enjoy watching them play -- So I Canada's feed off that one person it's really -- now that that doesn't farming. And then it's contagious yes how much you've -- -- guys kind of handled the butterflies and and and seeing all these people and how how do you handle the pressure. My hair duplicate. -- exactly like that for it's it's the olde -- -- irony -- yeah exactly I actually -- shared a picture on FaceBook. On a McCain -- FaceBook page on Friday night and it was the first. Metallica show that featured cliff Burton. And it was something -- their statements game there's there's James Hatfield and everybody has their head down because their third you know looking at their hands and stuff like this week everybody has this this tricks in this things you can use. It helped you. Kind of get through to get that place where you can. Maybe -- -- in a little bit more so and there are people that have sold millions of records that. Playing in front of big stadiums you know that still don't how all of that confidence and -- -- right something that you ever have completely I don't know not a musician I'd just like that to. Happen. I get a balanced and it's more like. It's adrenaline yeah and I mean he did you get do you get done in your just your hands is even just throughout the years doing up and doing like stage announcements like a pain in the grass rang up and doing stage announcement. The gorge before Alice in Chains and there's all these people they say a senator Joseph gotta do it Q as you're the only one is not inebriated and pretty much when it comes to step -- okay add. I'll I'll get I'll get done with one of those special cool moments and then I'll just to have that crazy rush of adrenaline -- -- I just need to -- for a couple of minutes -- Good best feeling in the world I mean. Displaying in front of people and doing what you like going to have. Exactly. Who do you guys find inspiring right now and and it doesn't have to be a musician I mean we can I I you know I I look at. There's actors there's -- there's there's all sorts of people that really inspire me to keep pushing him to be creative and to be yourself. Who inspires you guys them. Mullah Akhtar and closing her eyes right now and how how nice -- -- Actually an actress really inspires me Jennifer Lawrence I think she's the best makes you so herself all the. And she really is a funny girl and she shows and she's really inspiring to to state -- yourself. I you know what that's really real cook she's -- -- you know she's Scotland's talent she is incredibly beautiful but she has the cloning is to just. The herself right and it just doesn't care you know like I will fall down in a gallon that's worth. A million dollar mail Helena are that I make a year like triple what I OK Jack -- moved much. I'm not let that yes she really does that that's really cool could call how much you guys. I'd sailing Joseph Rogan. And Jeff -- I guess somebody's a fan of that five death row I don't ride on. I'm probably Dave -- for me like just everything old now -- definitely adds. You know he really is a constant sore I'm sure all of you guys have seen sound city by now right -- I love that -- I'm sorry. No way -- -- The sun. It it really is. A really great thing to watch I I watched its. I've known the movie for one on them like I've talked about this movie so much so it's. Scenic. And IE. I'm not a musician but I was so inspired guy you know it's it's how you can touch people. Through music in the same way you hurt heel stone -- storms song born Alice in Chains song at a certain age and you're just like I'm gonna grab a bowl. But warns and it made the most of my life and do this in the way that music inspired you. To just not not be scared to just go for you know what's the worst that can happen. You know. They did they go back of the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well local educate -- W dot com while you're there make sure it hit the -- local blamed the weak link -- and find out all about a man dot RD. Coming shows are as follows. Next Saturday night. At studio seven for revolver magazine's hottest chicks and hard rock to featuring sick puppies look McQuillan a couple of the biggest -- heart. And then march 21 at the highway nine in and blues club with back divers and micro air which is great. And then the 28. Of this month. The Amanda party seat you really issue happening to eat cheese. Jamie nova of which earned fame is going to be performing with her solo band. And include merging. Its well and then there's an issue happening on May ninth. The more you Ironkey to me a little bit about the issue I'm thinking my nets might not be. Well you're in this we auditioned for this show is called north -- and it's we're all kind of collaborating with these musicians that were chosen at the -- the program. And -- and all worked together and you know write the music and play some of our own music and Stan play a big show at the more. It's just love it that way for local musicians of all types to come together and write music together I mean we did ever -- today in now is people with steel drums and now you know -- brass band. -- I -- that I had some really cool the -- that I'm and then may seventeenth. On for the STG annual fund raiser at the chairman and social media and and wanna -- socially I mean like you know how to find more. On Amanda hardy. A -- hardy musician dot com FaceBook dot com slash Amanda hardy musician Twitter. Amanda party rock -- that -- KI SW. Twitter account we've been written back and forth there and then reverb nation dot com slash. Amanda -- via the name of the EPA's titled what's coming your way it will be available for you to do your puzzlement. On March 28. Is there any other places where people can go to -- pre order it or to find it online once it is available. Some online I believe it will be on wed say we haven't quite worked out the details yet let it. We will have be having hard copies that there's no -- -- unfortunately that's fine that's I just had him as -- questions. I'm Amanda hardy musician dot com to keep abreast of what's going on. The next song we're gonna play is called. All around. I noticed that in this room and it happened. It's we have got to get deep on some stuff you know you got to dig -- and -- and numb and destroys some demons -- you can still are. Anything you can share about the -- Well -- Austin. We were having a writing game and he had this -- over afield here in the beginning. And we kind of in the studio converted it it took piano but. We were. Feel on the song and we are like islets in the lights let's get the mood gallon and that's right the -- so we did we just. Is that -- Preston yeah again. Few hours then it. Turned out pretty -- how setting that up when I KI SW. Amanda -- once again from the forthcoming whats coming your way EP the song is called all around me it is loud and local -- And. Yeah. -- Okay. It's. And I. Okay. Day. Okay. -- I need. And all we're. It's. And yeah. Yeah. And it's time. Yeah. Yeah me. It. Yeah. It's. And six. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah okay and okay. Okay you. Okay. We're just. It's. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Not and I'll play nine KI SW it is local that would be Amanda hardy with a song all around me my special guest in studio. Amanda hardy and the demand hardy band in studio I'd dearly Trujillo on base. Austin on guitar. And of course Amanda on particles and guitars well -- -- -- couldn't join us tonight and Scott Olsen. Who who helped the band with this new EP that's going to be coming up. Later on this month titled what's coming -- war. Your way -- cool things are coming your way out there cutting your guys let let me run through some of the upcoming shows. This coming Saturday night you can catch -- -- -- opening up. At studio seven revolver magazine's hottest chicks in hard rock tour featuring puppies and clinical oil. And then march 21 at the highway in and blues club along with the that -- divers opening up for Mike around. And then the early show for the the new CD the EP is gonna happen the 28 of this month at it and we -- In life and then Amanda hardy is also part of not more music at the more theater on May ninth coincidentally my birthday. And then may seventeenth at the at DG annual fund raiser at the Paramount theatre to find out more just couldn't allow local page -- -- W dot com. And click on the -- end of the week. Think. That was a really cool song by the way I'd like to mention all of Ali you're in your shows because you guys are super busy I'm just a being. Dramatic. So -- can't -- this and you're set didn't you could lose the set with that congress that kind of in the middle that's one of the songs that really. Kind of pops out you really wanna have. At least in my opinion everybody's full attention for a song like you know we usually play it around tired in the senate we counting it down and and and really strong though. -- -- -- You'll see you on everybody's face and fingers in the air bag -- -- kind of taking it in and really. You know the deep songs. Not -- amana -- my my special guests joined back in studio again by. By the wonderful Scott Olsen a -- I wanna ask my ridiculous question. If you could take one of your songs and place it in a movie. If you have a specific scene that's -- if you don't that's fine as well but I always. You know because so many of mine my fondest memories with music is when it's paired up. With something in a movie you know whether whether you think back to. You know the first time you saw the movie singles or. So many other different movies you know where music plays really plays into -- to the movies sell. So what do you guys have forming on -- who wants to start. Well I guess I'll take that lead to kinda. Think he's. I would go with bio and I think maybe Carrey in the post. Augusta about time like she confronts mom and like everything starts falling off the walls. Uh huh that's really -- to an okay this is not a competition everybody answers are equally as special and that's important. Who's that. Low I was also gonna say fire away but mine was on the opposite movie spectrum -- the -- other guys. And a few CNET and they will now isn't it pretty funny but there like cops they're not very. All is well for Ireland Mark Wahlberg yeah and now I'm actually get these winning -- kind of funny anyway. When and they're hitting themes this is pretty -- -- and so I thought that they funny -- minutes gone in the back and as much you move take. It one of the main songs in singles -- the -- Chuck nice giant back -- How ugly girl on predator. And I got it right here that. Our -- -- -- -- Arnold. And I don't cook. Up a -- we've gone. But yeah. I let. -- -- all right guys were were running out of time here unfortunately we got one more song. To wrap things up tonight but before we get to that final song. Is there anybody wanna say hi to anybody you want I think anybody want to call out or throw underneath the bus or or are what I get -- on if you wanna start a rumor at this and luckily I got your back girl you know I'll roll with whatever room like the start. All. I'd actually like to thank my mom and dad can is that they do support me and the fans and without them we really wouldn't. -- leverage and so I do want to thank them. And Clinton and I don't think. Does I don't let your mom I'd like I wanna party in my mom's going off to he's great I don't know I'm hearing in a couple of -- that's on them anybody else. Utley to give this to my dad and my mom yeah always always support in the music which. Opens with. -- older. Than if you're listening Morse. That got everybody giving given shout outs to their parents and if you're turning into a chemical right now. This is an underage. No no doubt about you guys in my -- there are tired and it's and part of our starting out and you guys all seem to have such solid head on your shoulders and you can really describe the world by the -- release at this point but I love the fact. That your guys is Stanley's really really support you because it makes all the difference in literally when you have those around you who. Who see your vision who wanna help you. Grow and announce -- that's equal yet. Hitting I didn't put eruptions I'd just like the thing in -- to just survey has been chosen steps now. Dylan's friends will be like one of the few friends and it shows every time there -- is that apple following. I I that's awesome. Any final words from the one and only Scott Olsen. I would like to say that these kids are doing a fantastic job of playing this music and so very proud of them. Got it kind of it's true when when I got when I first heard some based on I was like are you. They don't. And -- and you're looking at at -- jaded woman over here so I mean when you can get somebody like me enough that -- somebody big and special -- like that but yeah I hear I hear a lot of music and -- stuff can really pop out. -- -- cut through the clutter. -- -- Yeah weren't going to out wrap up the shot with a song that the subject matter kind of makes me uncomfortable -- and it is to happen. In the name is Julie and I have I am mrs. Robinson missions to. -- not thought she wouldn't bet but I know it's a rocker. And this is the second to -- song. On the EP that you'll be able to bike come march 28 at -- -- for the Amanda hardy. Band album release show once again on the 28 -- and then for the show is available free to check out in the -- W dot com. This is that you guys thank you so much you guys have been have been thing and I -- it's amateur it's not going to be another four years before hanging out hagel. All right so that play the song and I'm in a whisper all sorts of interesting things in -- the year -- right. Well -- got it -- what I KI SW this is Amanda hardy with a song -- Qiyue. Ian. Things. You. Knotted up point nine KI affiliated club local. That is. -- -- -- -- Yes well. Yeah. A and yeah. Yeah -- -- and the and yeah. Did not. And I.