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STP-Cast 03-11-14 -- We talk about our own ass cracks and try to come up with a STP challange involving our ass cracks.

Mar 11, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Rev and Mono Nick talk about the band 311 because it is 03-11-14. We talk about MySpace and our music selections. STP talks about sending cards to is family in New York and not sending gifts on holidays. We talk about Magic players with thier ass cracks hanging out. We talk about our own ass cracks and try to come up with a STP challange involving our ass cracks. We make fun of WWE wrestler Batista's tattoos. We play the voicemails, read the emails and texts. We play some funny spoof songs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's interesting our music is change. Generations or how it defines people like us. So I -- Cadillac commercial and other background music was Led Zeppelin. At first I was -- been. Tell extra -- feel the young people. I realize no. I think -- who just became unbelievable music. No we just hilarious that they you know my grandparents didn't Lawrence -- records anymore their home from battle as a. -- -- All the kids that is it probably Ed Randall. Oh yeah. Plus now you -- -- Number eight get into that now yes the FDP fast and -- even higher and feel like you -- -- talk show. The mighty -- for this way you know -- he's everybody's favorite. There's really no reason. The play that -- does that comedy -- -- cause was malaria who was batting David -- that's funny stuff and that's good stuff right there but right now are gem of the week. -- -- 17. What's today's game. You know always. Iran had elegant female I've been on -- have a very good chance. Come original man god guy stop listening to very alive and after the blue album. Stopped listening after the video where Shaq was an. You know what you're you're talking about don't even remember I don't remember exactly and it did I was so upset is fanning college -- -- Like this it's album came out before the other -- -- and its own right and if you look came back in my. One of this album for the song everything on the eve plumb this terrible right Tommy. It's just like how I learned about it. Stoner culture -- was from three alive tonight -- the Yankees -- about like 80% of their songs back in the day where. About ten people write you know Dan hi did you see their old home video that they sold oh yeah dude so they had in entire the -- travel plus. -- Graphics on its feet and then they break out all this week they -- analyze -- It -- from today's show is like I don't know appear without Flickr QB that's a few pounds nobody can -- is now worth. That's all these guys Canadian recording got hot and everybody. That's -- and I like him because we think America has here. Same name me now I can't I can't judge you know I'm hawks fan because. You are you. -- -- He day Martinez. That nick had some -- here's the best part. I grabbed him. Jones conjunction like hey what's your function. I don't know why did you like all of today's march 11. We've got to do something with the 11 o'clock so I couldn't figure. -- like a big show I'm march 11 when they play like all their songs. And while I think in Omaha because I've read error only from the Omaha smiley after all and a few hours while the first Iraqi troops relied -- Maximum rotation in my life back in college and daughter I'm your call -- I just notice yeah I know of ever lose over. This is America like doing the rap rock thing that they were -- heavy and big jam. And I don't know men never really got -- -- but I just kind of grew out of a loses their life. They're experimental period values you present before they got popular figure not their salary. And that's when I like him and having when when they figured -- -- sound like stop liking number he's. You've got it figured out boys come down with deal. But I think we ought -- that we eventually girl out of gas family and and this is one I can clearly -- I never thought I would listen to again but as soon as I. I got. My brain ticking down my god still -- like 111 music because it only makes sense. If this was 2002. Our -- seasons are going down memory lane I dig dude I've I actually grab a couple other tracks while we're talking about -- -- as a welcome to ES TP cast. Our let's let's not let let's listen to feel so good because I was on -- really loud and ends. I Carol -- the first two problems I get confused which songs came from which album the I just love them both. Com public grassroots and grassroots. And I don't remember what the other one is called I only album cover. But I can't think it was him the name of the album wasn't sick got a little bit of a feel so yes. -- -- -- -- He had a big advantage you can literally -- credit you have that you probably still enjoy listening to what you -- -- -- that's. I just listened to stay together for the day. -- it's not too -- how -- phenomenal before they head off without one jovial. Like you know there's another one on. You're right. Why are why apple can't do it. I think that's all about Star Wars. The -- Tom climbing a tree and you feel if you become a neighbor just girl -- serious heart felt very good. I'll be at the dirty work. They curse again won't stop the top general. -- -- -- There was a sexual undertones. We all know. I'm on the way you wrap your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our topic that's the thing that could -- pets have. My mom I want more attractive there's another one of my favorites source layers I hope this one doesn't -- I was up love the music album. Applied science. When you realize they can still bring out -- sound. Billion Sox donors like I know -- you're right now. As scurrilous -- drummer Chad Stewart drum solo on the recording. Now. Not -- now. And I remember. Oh yeah okay. -- Not my old drum circle in the middle of the it's wrong. And some lives just -- don't want perhaps birthday. And Melanie come back games everybody in my at all whereas you're allowed them. Chicks and all we know now it's now my accident. Disappeared with the singer -- -- the hole and it's not forget about one moment in my life is her backstage and got the -- ball slightly -- It's a little maybe that's why stop liking them. And while. This -- right here. Serious. It was so -- Wikipedia. Wow. Why only are -- on Wikipedia so 88 yeah. It's almost thirty years and so -- my math right -- Fixed -- Tony six years. OK so yes something like that it's not quite thirty because eighty wounds or would be thirty right now -- at Soledad is there's down. -- -- They've been around for 26 years there's still doing it. -- what they're doing these days but they're still doing it -- girlfriend well -- old news. There on the product undoing not nickel back -- commandeer Townsend here and all these understands are trying to sound like them after they kind of got big oh yeah. -- they're big they're first there was like all mixed up. I don't know all day stuff yes. Yeah I think I was the one I remember being in college so we're now -- record did come out and at the time with -- by the night we -- our minds were -- like holy -- this band is the greatest and it's ever come -- kind of -- was the first down was an awesome -- Gallo wasn't as -- is all mixed up all mixed up was -- took -- to the stratosphere for that many -- and I remember seeing him in Vermont. -- -- there was such a great show I mean those guys put on how excellent show why did you go to Vermont it was just close to Plattsburgh nominee bad really torrid and came to Plattsburgh unless the student body bought -- a patriotic guy. We were. They bring in our student budget we -- able to afford one band store for years -- we multiple bands and one year -- Purcell house of Payne and and phone dubious to -- -- assassin store that was great. Are another year was. Live -- had The Black Crowes. So like you know holy cow -- -- I want to go to -- -- I will pretty much sucked up the entire budget out of our college's student -- association is a -- of party every year though that's -- got -- back like that's a pretty gangster move like hey you've got this much money in your budget for entertainment -- -- -- -- all toward -- big band to come to -- our College -- the ice arena and in the -- that doesn't play. Was it will put our money into this basket -- on ping pong table. There is great dude yeah. We don't need to school paying for this golf. Bob let's go to black -- and -- -- but then any other chance that we wanted to see a band -- had to go to Vermont to see them and I asset tragically had. Band called poll -- few times and he has a lot like smaller mid level indeed alternative rock acts who would come and play the the war memorial Collison Honolulu as war memorial gymnasium -- hoosiers was found -- -- Yeah it's pretty cool to Israel and it was one of those fans it was pretty awesome probably. That was only reason why I wanted to place and they realize and -- just don't walk down memory lane and a copy -- been waiting for the opportunity is. Placing your eleventh I don't know if he absolutely finance is a mixture volume there doesn't and their -- and I can get you more sons -- -- why I got three in front of me and always when you got good news I got down to when you gave gunned down all makes up -- original idea land on those resistance three that we never need to hear again talent on our -- Down and it's a solo all the way down and there's something around and. Sometimes bad. It is no no. So high school drag totally be so college for me you're like oh cool -- slightly ahead of -- crisis. Direction and. I heard this song I'll -- you. Going to be there. Our -- if you want to. What about that -- gone all very very well. Like I guess -- guess it's -- -- and that was the song they had on their MySpace page for the against you. You might think that -- my guess is recorded in when he fourteen but now. 2009. I don't know about MySpace and realize that. You -- more like 2000. Yeah. Well you're out MySpace song and ruin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- MySpace song. All solar Florida. -- no matter I'm for a long time was. Was kill switch engaged song we only because it was a live version and that started off do is filmed here. Your recorded here. And so I started off with him like shouted out about all the Seattle ladies in the crowd all that's all there ripped into every song is so much so we -- in off the table only heard the first couples like instantly shot an off price no past. You come out swinging and I'd like I could be kind of help me paid a bit like help me make especially when it was like we -- getting a lot of listeners are requesting assigned MySpace and ahead -- -- I'm sure you would agree -- me it was an attractive girl I would immediately joy on their -- game currency their page. And I want you see more in their experience what -- towers started. Noon and then I'd wanna hear their song news and then it would help me determine whether or not it is worth throwing out the fishing rod and see how far from the real Iraq ends. I'm most women some MySpace pages -- -- cluttered with on all of these titles should ask that I just sparkles. Good closure song pro listening tour live like nine homeowners now and I'll let everyone know you're into tools and a hooker with a penis or something. Brad do you remember. I'd know I do like adapted homes. -- Tom. Ford G had ordered that on there I think maybe some corn and stuff really great if we can go back and look at our MySpace I tried I can not mommy is it hasn't changed it gets a whole new light glow to it -- -- -- still comes -- I don't know if it's an archive two -- diversion or -- there was actually. I would if -- -- Internet Internet way back machine. Hard every hour. And I -- MySpace page. Corner was like -- was right right now flake. I am feeling so. Also. Now it was my -- is unused. It was 2014. -- And MySpace existed I have a feeling that -- MySpace post would be when all the world's a stage. How are you surprised that there's so much drama. Sure well let's talk about is FaceBook status update today yes I realized that I can't highlight our -- can -- generate a series yet not a lot of the myself I don't want hello -- -- represented. It's a little right to eavesdrop yeah I was late for him this is a man on the street and she the Clinton. What how Smart you are right when all the world's a stage drama and I don't wanna get into that problem -- -- -- you put the big FaceBook actually get big post is back and I was today a man to whom. My families and has show Sosa Sammy priests -- -- and oh yeah idea -- to Singapore life choices all around scientists the go against your girlfriend shot out and didn't get an invite to your. Boy yes dad you there's a waiting there is some invitations that will be lost in the mail me tell you back to Europe Africa powers and the limitations at the wrong date -- the yeah two weeks before you know rafter before -- after after hitting a day after you send them out. After -- Christmas great but my parents are always so funny I think he got my Christmas card faith -- think like -- a guide picks up the mail gets on a horse. And rising cross country so did you adapt the man. Made things -- deadline so dumb to think dead they sent my Christmas card before Christmas but I'm getting it. Me. March in the noon the worst was one time I got my Christmas card in July. I was thinking about doing that. Game rising -- out last year because here was my epic fail this year we didn't do Christmas cards for the year before we did and it was just. Michelle and put a bunch of pictures together on a Christmas card of what we had in the -- it's amounts -- She mailed off a bunch of bomb and then me to whole bunch of almost right when here. -- for me to put in the mailboxes -- Cuomo hold July comes around and I look on my desk because I'm cleaning it off I always say now that. Of Christmas cards right there I -- well. What's that is not funny as I did that and then I proceeded -- continue to forget to bring them in in the latest in the morning I feel. Stores I notice is our Mother's Day and I think that they need to enact this new policy I don't know if we need to get the president involved I don't know but I feel like is important. More so often I forget to send my mom or my dad. A card on days that are quote unquote hallmark colonies -- not birthday cards are always going to be in the store in the -- you out because is not a specific date. But like for -- missed. -- a hallmark holiday but it's a specific date holiday. Mother's Day and Father's Day those in need to keep and Valentine's -- they need to keep those cars in stock for at least three days post. Holidays and the clearance rack he's always around -- a Mother's Day I forgot the semi -- cards that it I lie I had a stem. And our entire afternoon going to be aware of one of finding a Mother's Day cards -- against. Did you PS store. Hello Aaron Sele have been in their clothes -- -- -- other body and it was such a -- I know my mom saw right through it I -- and say hey -- I'm the guy that I look for the sappy -- card in the store and I get that one -- my wife now knows how to get cards from my family. Just as you get the most ridiculous finds three most heartfelt. Hold all the cards. And that's the one I'm -- -- -- every time I send it to them they -- -- -- Obama brought us to tears in his car made me cry they love those kind of -- so again you know they don't enter into the audience there right so I says is someone in from the UPS that was so generic and stupid did you. Like why are trying to do is error resolved. Only now horrendous and happy Mother's Day and inside that I'd love you just like this is awful I got an hour right heartfelt note on the hallmark script. Sher man scripture man they're -- -- in the future you can just give them. Like garment that means you'd have to breads and Jeter I asked what I send his foreign currency. Do -- even remember now of course there is so as an example and -- well. OK I -- blank cards are right on out there guys on the mound there was branches makes his own car he's always has always paid -- it at -- moment it was structured very -- yes I -- I'm glad to have. Well when we had to tell me that he's in his thirties and making his own -- is not cool. Do you cut how hard it's these hot even. Idiots do you -- he's their hands on Thanksgiving home man company car wash is do you go -- -- I remembered you say that here's your coupon -- you know -- -- and -- are off line here and Ira which they should be doing anyway because it's my room now they don't give anything -- anybody -- card with a heartfelt message and -- me see I'm the same I don't keep those expectations -- the I mind my wife is making me go broke because -- cards small -- she gets gifts for her family. A lot of my family I haven't sent them Christmas gift to have her and they'll ever unlucky whatever they don't -- heiress turned on just like -- don't break right guys is make -- count on me right now under the same did you buy what you want and I'll buy what I want to -- and I think you gave it to me by being lazy im broke I really set the standard in my family I don't get me a gift and I won't get you'll get -- -- -- he knew -- -- asked title Stephen. Right I used to play. Natalie streak in things like I got my guy got an MP3 player -- back in the -- on -- existed in just a Qaeda has flip cam back in the day when flip -- exhibited those things are still in the box I guarantee you they're still in the box collector's item -- we've always they always you data that's come to the house to teach me how to use a moment did the right things -- it and and the computer will tell you what to do it like that aren't figured -- Com -- and Palestinians do very encouraging things day industry announcements alignments fault then you may Texans for trying to -- -- or maybe banging my ex girlfriend low -- and I SX. -- rather be SFO and I think it was a corner one of them could use the rapper guy means he -- should she would never came back. Also what is the rapper guy is gonna -- kidnapper -- skilled with his mouth then. Solve nice is it true going to survey of all Friday when he says Tom like this would say -- yeah. We're allies he knows the a lot of voicemails a lot of text message them before we yet anyone -- -- going on this regaining exciting happening you guys -- last two weeks you had people getting new cars -- -- Why I don't know well be playing magic so that's pretty Sweden. For proof that mean ask I I lose and appears to go home and just generally what happens. I don't know how you as continuing Vijay -- did see it's fun to play but it sucks to lose I don't get legs. My guess -- and about hockey having a bad game a major rule out there but I would what I would want to be anywhere other than that play yet I I can't really it's a game of hockey still better than the worst day anywhere else that's true it's very and working and I do -- -- Seattle yeah unfortunately there's been a little bit of drama in the and the magic community. In your community -- -- not my community but what -- another thing on red as yeah yeah us miles whole area so there was a hobby. -- I ask I guess yes and I don't see you have the kind of guy anyway you it is this does good things. Like you guys are gonna appreciate this -- monitor those good. So what I'm most are -- to their lives on the met the magic so we're ready. Who's going to be commend you -- Hebrew community mental war time I was having an AM -- and bring in Africa OK I don't know so there was a big tournament that happened I had like over 4000 people -- there the magic is basically just like a sausage fast I mean -- all of our -- and so these guys aren't the greatest health I mean look at me. And some of these guys are overweight and some of these guys is decides that even though they Wear belts and more vague guidance as opposed to somebody has actually keeping their pants up OK so a guy went around the stand it took pictures of himself posing behind people like magic with their -- is hanging out there cracks explodes. These are guys who had apparently had no idea that their lives their butts are showing he now is the guy -- -- -- presume are they -- top you have to come over here insomnia and he's got -- you have -- the -- the mouse over is that the guidance -- -- -- -- yes on this guy he's had a similar -- tattoos he might have some -- his hands are clasped together in my prayers. And it kept the indeed it's like it. -- exemplifies what is the worst about going to a magic tournament right because there's this. -- or completely oblivious and this not just a little bit of a like a plumber actually get out there you can. Sure my legs you see Mo -- a broad -- barrier -- and yeah yeah it was a knuckle Tatis. Like I'm just laziness -- -- I know. I feel bad for anybody who's like oh you should come to a magic German hang out and it's it is what I think I'm pretty cool this is amazes on the same tournament is wearing -- all the same tournaments they need to put. -- -- a sudden these chairs out of respect all the players I agree or at least I don't know it's let's. Controversial. -- and going on the -- maybe I didn't just you've freaked out I -- I've never one to beat that guy guys as a lawyer who was sitting there outweighs the bad guys -- -- I hang out how to get that guy and I hope I'll -- magic when that guy wizards once Blake misses once the cut his VCR and number -- and probably gonna get banned for doing this at all I along I ninety because he's worried that nobody heard you can use. -- and it's not but as a word. And why say they don't like you've openly mocking of the player I'd wanna make it a senator hire me no bullying its interests that are etc. know how -- guys doing around and taking photos of all the hot chicks and posting them up girls chorus. Well it's kind of the same thing it's on the other level of the spectrum but there has to be some sort of medium balance that I mean how do you not have a good sense of humor about it as somebody posts a picture of me showing up but cracked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saudi exile and a lifetime you know ended not a band yeah a lifetime suspension is something like major -- figures showed dawn. Probably that I have -- probably got zero or are quite a lawful or physically I do I know somebody nothing and. -- -- -- So he had to fight at a -- lifetime -- And I -- that happens it's happened a couple looking across the room. I ever got me if I I would rather you like I could see you -- now and then another guy who has more -- raising new when you do not realize that the time. It's Madison and pushes you and the next thing you know it's a full on battle Royale we ass crack flying in the air quite possible. You know that's one of my biggest -- years is not the -- fighting my of my biggest fears is the ass crack it's it's one of my most -- yes. And I I I say laugh it off one of the most embarrassing moments of my life if you look at -- more of them. Well I zoos -- as their reactions to answer this track and manage. -- -- This genuine fear of just your blood just showing off for just showing everyone -- most embarrassing moment where I was the time and I shared this story before Riviera area it's a quick on its funny bad out we had unified theory in studio that featured two of the members of Blind Melon. One of my all time favorite bands I love Blind Melon and I love beautify -- am I don't like that -- more than Blind Melon is it's great sound. Kind of a seventies rock vibe to them they were pretty bad -- and one record out. German original drummer program played drums in the band don't want this guy Christian was a vocalist and it's it's a very cool sounding group. But we enemy -- to perform 1 morning when -- on any savage show must send a ball the -- plug in things in at a Michael won and their camps. And at a bend down to do it and they bend down. I realize that my shirt was in very short and as they bend down might want to ask packaged -- Probably have just like these dudes in the yeah cheered like the one where he's praying next inning guy yeah bad and everybody started elastic. And including and and here in the middle of the interview quote I don't know and -- an end it was on man now Brad is. Christopher to warrant. He just stopped speaking my accuses stopped dead in his tracks like I cannot only when I'm looking that. And he just like I don't know what to say right now. Andy -- do phenomenally complex eyes is like I couldn't be more mortified like every now would they be worse million ever since then. I had this serious insecurity about on showing abstract and -- wherever I happen for a long time. My T shirt I wore a T shirt I Wear a shirt under it. No longer shirt that I would talk in a sort this shirt -- -- it's all stars bright at all on -- for a while target -- he's awesome shirts -- like an extra long and a. And -- Wear those and make your -- it and yeah. So that was my lover N I that's what I got a dog yeah I always talking my shirt making sure that their bot undershirt is always tucked and I'm not ever want to show anybody might ask crack again. Australia -- dawn like if you say. Tell your song how we showed you guys are so I'm sorry that's what people can look forward to at -- mean the rock girls party if there was if I would not get kicked out and cost him a stern talking with the Wausau area but no problem with it. I don't care because look at my dogs I hockey challenge deaths since I was a more complete. Tickets to the showers will be sold -- yeah it is it brings me back to that time where I was embarrassed you know as my Zelaya out laughed it off. I'd still like to think that it might ask package was put on the Internet I wanna laugh and that a million people that looked at it I think and I'd have to -- -- -- You'll see my face whenever he you have seen it before but in this diagnosis so we are still somewhat I'll move -- right now now let's find -- -- -- -- up to listen I didn't know -- I like to have my belt tightened since W -- my -- -- And in the even move my T shirts during night. I watched him and they shrink a little bit -- like washroom again and stretch him you know so they've their long again -- the kind of scoot group and -- -- -- -- -- security the songs are fine ass -- not dead -- Trying. I guess I show us scourge gritty my way -- here I'm like outside in the yard and whatnot and -- that's a hole in your backyard I never Wear had a results or anything and I honestly I don't have much of mass so. All you guys like -- the much to hold my -- yet Ankiel negative but there. I guess in I don't problems and I'll be called -- in my driveway commander -- the -- my in laws so often. My in my mother -- -- are easily economic hard resilience of a mass transit. Area -- -- Should we call this could be a good game just a crack into we all sit down estimating a picture of our -- is. Just showing a crafty passes and and and -- the Titanic -- is just for fun he's had to guess whose ass crack zoos that's funny Tom Williams -- -- Is that guy I have the -- I'm insecure as it is is that is the -- -- local. No no job is that -- -- in Virginia if reunion there pose in front of the Baja Dorado I. I guarantee you may and in one of our Titanic and issues. Had a photo shopping skill guys do we view that it -- Photoshop and then next job behind us do all right so what we'll do is. After about a love at some point in the day I hope you'll be a part of a little -- -- our Photoshop tool Photoshop and Ashcroft -- you -- -- -- don't. And a lot of people have to guess whose -- -- -- -- -- he. Hum entertained by -- there's going to be tough for me because I'm gonna have to trying to hide my tramp stamp on college yeah. I didn't -- know I'm a young American I had nice -- go get a tramp stamp before you do this at all. It's awesome it's an arrow that now is down and inside the -- is sinners are welcome. All of oh my god I see you know I'd say that has -- USA and -- -- you say how do you -- guy you made that. Now some new zones you lose that kind of knowledge that I have no. Idea how. It's well I know it's -- -- data back in the day that I out way dad had a taxi ma and it said -- welcomed. And I thought. Is that dramatic facts -- -- Carlos girl legitimate on the front I did not not a had to go to confession not in that area it's another good thing because you're version you can have a down as an exit only about -- that -- -- would say exit only -- Senators welcome back to that was so our businesses. It's so awful but so awesome at the same time that's a woman who has a good sense of humor and how but I her parents and zero cents I understand that idea I saw I remember seeing one at a bar down in Tacoma that was the Chevy logo -- Nice nice on the tramp stamp and it was just I was just like. Well can I guess if you really if you're really down and you like that brand I guess it's cool -- -- I don't know man I just. And I am loyal to -- Andy brandy you know we know what else closest friends. That you -- you don't you would show. No yeah and I feel I'm probably got would you like to man as symbols -- magic the gathering so they're all right five different colors I'm shocked UNC when I want these guys ask Americans. Yeah now I can download -- over. But now that would probably be the only thing and even then I don't wanna get a -- I'm always afraid that the tension is gonna get -- or gonna look bad -- Our someone's gonna do -- -- or some -- the -- me in the not saying he's seeing years those stories and though even though it doesn't happen in even if forgiveness school. It's I just you -- that Internet days and I mean our picture it's been spreading Barley and an Asian woman. That it had -- says finally an Asian woman gets a random American word on their body in and say -- -- -- has attempted decision value. They'll that I guy area ready and random white Asian. Our entire staff that makes sense as they get good I was always a running joke admitted I wonder and other countries it is that random American horror and -- are you know. Merged -- -- I mean that's awesome it was funny I personally know two people who have rained all I guess different types of names -- tattooed in the old con Jere whatever it is. And now they with the person so. One -- -- and -- in this room and I. -- but I think I covered up ever. Sustained tours and yeah if the criteria it's time and I kind of builds then they're very well which I got -- sharply mom and obviously it's going to be expensive to get that cover with what I wanna getting covered well yeah hour ago like half legs -- play -- I -- -- -- to me I don't know why I mean that all the -- Basically -- -- sorrow. How it's a length sleeves as general Thurman nodes that -- world's -- Arabia I don't know they really haven't term for the full length had to do if we call it a leg warmer soon. -- communities. -- stockings -- things like that. Tattoo stockings one of the day hey -- the planet and coming up that I don't know when it's finally talk about that usually. Read his team nominate enough to be email segment but it ties imperfectly its number nine on their -- -- -- somebody asks me hey did you see did you Brian own Batiste on smackdown it's cold and bring it up because retire tomorrow he's done tattoos and we've joked about this before that Batiste. He had he now insists it was strange because the guy's a monster but he's got some of the dumbest tattoos. My wife is actually questioning his sexuality. From watching him the other day she's like -- I myself. Because he's got the belly button tattoos but he's gonna tattoo that goes around the stolid bunch and exactly a chick thing that they do the girl that -- -- -- are allowed to have and I say throw the guy ball maybe that choice of words when I -- -- -- -- -- cut him some -- maybe he got it before it was deemed. A girly tattoo if there are guys impress tramp stamp -- before -- became transcend -- you know as a walk her also earning assets on I think it's a sinus I'll have a certain aren't and I am sorry yeah yeah exactly like that -- So we've just recently he came back into the WB he's got all these cities and he's got. These start tattoos and I I act I have cornstarch I didn't dogs like Lex did the star but they're like looks really stars. It looks exactly like the start touching them -- white customer flight -- tonight will were really start there is not like. -- they get a -- -- can start tattoo although an -- that's a star tattoo on my almost and covered up -- and you know I'm not trying to do from from the start to do is just the way it looks it's very girly looking right. So we've got the belly button one I've always goofed on that. So Daniel Bryan and during the middle of the ring Americana give each other a hard time. And Tim Ryan is really wants he had and Daniels of the year after I'll -- -- and Howell and and and already they're running joke. We Batiste is return was he showed up at least he's ranked skinny jeans how skinny jeans -- not look good on somebody that's not very skinny little goes -- it's very skinny but. Where are like top heavy -- when he's a beefy -- ask you are. And he's got skinny jeans on it just looks awful it's so -- is it already a joke on line that storm made a fake WB shop pay to a screen shot. They're selling Batiste is skinny Jean that's not cut as he's got that. He's got the tattoo and he's wearing a leather vest and -- ranked no lower -- how awful awful. And if you're doing and he's -- so there's sort of -- while monocle. And you're the most recent smackdown. Did -- bit and interaction between him and Daniel -- you'll see what he was wearing. Britain consider going back and forth and Daniel -- gets on the Mike and just owns him and it's hilarious. Do one thing straight everybody do when this. W university and it became my universe. -- allowing you through the goodness of my heart to exist in my universe. But I'm not sure I -- I wanted to be in the universe. Where are they weird ass like match. Where then where -- We'll sunglasses indoors where they're skinny jeans are so bad. -- -- Every game. It. That's why I like Kelly is using universal time disease in the in the marvel movie guardians of the galaxy. All I know they're really a call their fans today in the universe. Our day the last few years. Brock has pretty sweet. Harold since we are you read one email what do we do the voicemails emails and text messaging. -- And not us not forget we just have a FaceBook group page I got to do is his go to FaceBook. Or MySpace which create a MySpace -- changed now I -- days. FaceBook group please if you just had an STP dash cast -- bring into it then just asked to join -- -- -- -- anything common in into our little world where real -- silly videos stupid news stories. Just random stuff there's really no primaries into the group page on this this community and that's really all we hope that DS TP test in general would be. And we just the Porsche marks -- talk on this podcast but we also appreciate any can contribution people have via text via email. Via voicemail and now with the STP -- group page. As well and one other thing before I forget. That suffered yet meet the rock -- party is this upcoming Friday night suing a casino canoes cabaret. Being true they look of course and that starts at 630 he got to come down. Titanic -- got -- represented please come down that be awesome to see some you guys there and ladies plus who got a read on our rock girl that is a Titanic Jewish. Concern. Jenn yeah. -- and and Hank OK. There's -- moment to say that on the I always there needs maybe JoAnne. Jerry drop girl jet lag clearer through dark isn't there -- monitors are very KI SW personality a low lights out an anchor for your dessert. It's mono nick know. Well it's good boxed chocolate also -- -- doesn't usually doesn't bubble built assurance for a moment your love our education. New -- processor and -- in life following not your of the box but like. Offer her a piece and then we can meet the rest of -- car stand there watch like doesn't do it right all right thank and then modern nation where -- weird like leg braces in Vietnam. The hall. And try to hurt and and then the third leg braces will break all right bride symbolic moment -- him. Can -- -- anyway knowing I M Rhode may emit very accretive today. -- whoever you want even Elvis still low and medium could solve difficult. -- -- my doctor Trevor how we had some tough pars governor as -- minutes on TV I'll watch saw how bad trouble does not alone is worth the baton. That's a great movie I -- money since you are denies favorite -- I'll put it in your hands OK be careful. Let's go to -- since Arctic -- hands to work with right now announced Farris who got our jurisdiction voice I'll take what. Everybody did TP tested unity you know how I just listen you guys on the ATP gets hurt it last Tuesday talking about. I can't Wikipedia -- -- there's -- debate. Our guys I had a crisis. Lawyer and I've found that I couldn't do -- the biggest -- -- like you do get schooled you just can't preach and do it anymore. So I just sort of like just doing it with -- like you know just got -- -- my hands -- -- classic armpit -- The finals due to music and my guess I look at these are sort of and you know stay positive and still didn't bridges. Stay positive and they'll say that I'm there -- -- -- shirts and eventually one -- maybe I don't know once every anathema I was told that it will one day that the US TP guests attending do shirts will be on the case to be Iraq's output and one mean. -- -- As a way of thanking him for all the great music and contributions he's given yesterday's -- -- -- I give anyone deserves line -- definitely -- -- -- and I had a hook up our cowboy Chris leak. Chris Chris is a guy who created the logo yes bode well -- -- not -- he -- general logo but also the do short version attack meciar and his voicemail. And those are our try to glory in recent college days at or below drug messages. -- -- yesterday it. -- -- Patricia RI. Medical I I do CarMax. I don't their circle you. Our choppy. And cool I have coalition ordered huh yeah I'll think about -- -- -- earlier excuse to stay away. No -- sure there -- at least where Irish where -- nobody GP catch all all all nice -- -- -- Yeah I'm not -- -- only -- candidate Barack. -- more our drug residues. From -- and our viewers are I now. Aren't block from the moment but something. Like guys are determined no harm. The -- you -- ended up that's pretty awesome I usually there's been a few STD just I can't tell any teachers that have decided to call while -- -- it's better calling us strong stand some random -- -- -- shouldn't call yes and and you wanna pour your heart out our sayings of the weirder regretting what you did you rather regret calling. Are silly show as opposed to some random broad gap -- You couldn't. Any -- -- -- can do so once saying formally. Just say don't work early read on here are character they also want pro juices say to work harder. Thank you. I don't know I wanted. Frankly put up for that I don't know what museum is trying to use it against here I cannot have a funny I'm guessing -- saying yes. C tournament tournament yeah sure the whole tour to where I can do it's always there to -- yeah somewhere alert to try to give him. And I need you know I hate to call from an area about this. Tournament yeah that swore an immense he had horror ornament there is always say you go turn his turn turn turn turn and then turns to an hour. DO ERA. -- into this tournament I suffered the first Brothers to tell you -- -- for now I have sat her tour. Yes toward no -- you have but it's the English language is kind of funny that let you know it's not it's out of this world and how tournament or is -- you know now that's not brother you're going to be in my universe I'm allowing you to exist in my universal my belly buttons do. And it's torn corporate now decisions just don't see the article in the right Defazio write governance is for these dead right TR does -- -- turn. An enraged her. Turned -- -- and bmg. Tournaments are -- men's tournament. I'm gonna -- do and -- hours from now on I'm going to be stubborn is the only Steve Wallace or pronouncing words properly. -- Yeah I know and I turned -- man. Coming up next week on the ES TP gets big challenge for gonna have the -- -- tournament. Basically it's pajamas Seneca. -- pajamas have b.s there's Sam pajamas today ice ice in pajamas sometimes as many stops. He's like how do you guys say here on the last show hosts back top back. I have no reason to save where in Saint John and I guess you don't even work he did tell us. I answered the door the other day who -- PGA's and Jimmy John shut out -- -- kind of weird what kind of -- -- -- -- -- -- tomorrow avengers fans and we usually thought it was great that way out of assured on of course all does just how sexy you. Neurologists thinking because they have the full activities goodies. You've talked about those in the past I wish I had those this job -- open brand is essentially -- -- iron I asked. Are you here -- -- -- advanced. Little wonder -- he's thought when you laugh I think -- and this -- actually looked in my pants he looked at me like what I think you're dressed for the Jimmy Johns died not at all your thoughts on how Smart guy I've got to -- like -- seven dollar -- -- you know I guess is not a sprite long term this -- EA a not so I'm Tyler. -- -- -- just it's a good number nine Phillies got cars or do they -- out there like karaoke actually he's wallets again Ali and his appeal all of you know and I. I had a good night here for guns. Tone could argue globalism though blood that's more than it is and I give her p.'s idea I know I -- -- -- goods are gonna tipping issue of their own -- Steve Sloan now too much I guess ten bucks almost every time for pizza. While for him you know Tim about it -- -- your order usually thirty bucks. Between twenty and thirty -- -- -- was nineteen dollars from my Jimmie Johnson and his wife and then OK Laura and I I don't pickle of course. And I get a quarter. Oh yeah. I don't want him touched my physical -- by doing every new images give them optical round. I don't mind like -- look here don't touch my pickle a touching my sandwich as it is -- -- it. -- -- earnings -- tournament and I. It's our matter carrier grade they're a little prayer vigil near Melbourne this. They're out there and do your gold club computer. I am metro where they'll poke a little bridge conditions where word. -- -- -- -- Who aren't good morning robbery and started your girls than yours is saying I am radio and piano go by Richard Wright guy -- read our little village. Little kids gender Jeremy and -- Garrett. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- earlier start -- out of it. Built into trouble they I -- Put a little bitch he can. Those disorders so it'll you want to -- -- -- we don't know -- what can -- earlier match. -- just that little vicious little bit she's did I tell you your only child. It's twelve minutes a night -- be -- -- question that everybody understands is that we -- -- an American flag polio as a lesson learned is -- going to be I don't think this is an ongoing -- for -- every week. There's an issue he has at a bar I'm sorry guys. Yeah that guy CarMax CarMax -- into his avenues every time. I don't need my buddy did and I'll sideways and then early drilling. Wrong -- in -- -- wallowing around in somebody like and you're at a bar club price. There's a lot of people they're usually -- million bumped into and it could be exaggerated by U. How much you know this guy I think second is so bad -- tell you that I get a man. But even if that's. How you ask I'm not looking for a lot of -- plus the guys out there is I'm saying there are legs these lines and I DNA you know the current permanent trouble seems to follow you when -- -- -- -- and we could be here on -- -- isolated. Like Julius Merrill. You have called angry about something that happened at the bar. It's. That's gonna ones opposite the top one model hey -- entire matter it's. A or -- green -- home this crash. We'll be educated and well. He you don't care stocks -- a little bit. Jacques Henri Paul there's another line unjust war and -- -- -- -- bottle that's due to bottles. I also -- the ability actresses actually address will -- he couldn't have predicted that somebody chuckling to -- applicable bitch. This particular source earlier that. Well while Delano army of body checks someone. Injured Bruno would be a man -- runup to the moon girl. So. I'm old but he's done doing basic merits that I will definitely get your series of course you will -- got a -- I don't tarmac some odd man -- there DuPont had a good tasting. And good good and not nice celebrated because he drinks. Please do not a lot of times that's a god. It's. Florida next week's joint concurrent calls are -- had a huge area where did you -- -- Yeah I think it's critical look at the I'm not gonna -- on that and I'll entertain and now that we just had enough -- -- minutes -- -- -- can't -- that little -- sentence -- executive current -- it is. On my goodness are you don't know is any -- I was -- for the entertainment I think you're -- be a bottle you know but he won't hang out with you -- -- -- about -- -- -- our -- -- Now hey everybody at the FB AA and nobody -- Hillary even now I feel like I'm gonna eat you know that now I. Want to get red and whenever I'm right now at least how proud I cut the -- properties. Top one just hit it wow. -- I don't I'm. Meanwhile. -- that won't get played at the church this weekend it's all right there in that. That the -- material. You dirty dirty mess hasn't gone he does -- -- -- showstopper I doubt. RSE and earnings voicemail that's it yeah. There's probably for the best and that was the last one he the same progress from last status TV cast Mazie KJ's. Credit to entertainment and digital download the right there right for my favorite topping. Since joining our CarMax I know I'm home I'm putting in your hands let's do emails emails we got a novels emails we'll see if we get the most of these and more more emails I think it's awesome thank those ideas emails -- it's STP tested gmail.com. We'll get to your email. No harm no foul little get mad at us police were trying to ambassadors no longer -- that is a big fat stack I always will hold on to numbers -- going to be always gets -- Alaska so he. That is what the largest bank has talked over Marquez in and so has legs and -- are like a year old dads are now. Warrior it -- yeah I don't -- -- lose them if I did -- -- its. Demand goes right -- the one time that I would get on the podcast as they always from like -- hero in June come up but look at our first email and a comes from Johnny rocker who goes Johnny rocker. Dude I'm just like top B I hate rap music. Although I have enjoyed some of their -- -- you've played on the ES TV cast recently. There is one of rap act and I do love and topping. I too am -- -- increased scanning -- they didn't -- I think you can hang -- this guy so far grace. Who is it tarmac no -- and inside he gives one word outrageous alliances is like emphasis on Sarah. Mix. Obviously but yeah I yeah see terror represented. Johnny rocker. So it's funny he brings a mom can I just saw this story and I think is an interesting story about her makes a lot and we'll get placements or drinks on the second because of it so get excited top -- I'm excited. I guess -- I did a recent interview with the Phoenix new times and he said that the song baby got back which is like. -- in my college days if you wanna get the girls dancing -- started that song and is suited does the almighty god Becky looked at her but every girls on the dance floor and I think still to this day. If I'm driving I want some idea and I just want a six RR one and a station's right and I had hot one other side and of course or not gonna show off for the company circle. And I heard the song that I did not skip the station on the Imus and this is one of those timeless songs but I never paid attention really that there's like. A social message in the lyrics. -- -- Just -- -- is right when he says you know I was actually trying to make some serious points I wanted to do more than rap about women as sex objects. I wanted to talk about something that a lot of you were forced to assimilate ass in LA the in into white culture. Magazines like Cosmo and vogue we're strictly about hiring. Wasting away heroin addicts to a data mine I wanna talk about what the Brothers think about their women lot of black women understood disarmed and the real message behind it. -- a person for more serious angle they wouldn't have been as successful. I had to make it tongue in cheek -- -- to get the message across. -- -- God c'mon ladies at her -- now -- played it at the bar currently not even mad and -- guys promise you. So what do you want to and don't dance and there -- now. Only talked to her because she looks like a total cost of instant and it could mean -- It's still -- so yeah. And rightfully so there's music video and rerouting as time -- -- giant -- I do that I sheiks there. Other consoles promoting like rapids and. Daniel pace who dances -- Pay attention to the lyrics boys. Great sample you can. Great thrill me. -- -- -- -- I was just sorry sir -- yeah yeah data helping buck continued -- So active -- open including. -- I'm told. How one -- didn't -- -- -- juicy stuff. It troubles me. It's funny how only. And a roundabout way yeah there's going to be very serious negatives his social commentary John well over a very happy kinda fun loving you song that. Here's another Seattle rapper that's almost seven years it also has some interesting messages over to fund -- and he went. The Seattle thing. I'll do anything about this song. Tomorrow is like Tucson and see how we found the rap -- you and John Rocker. Telecommuting you do policy on Broadway abusers didn't you know I'm not allowed -- with us on excellent song and it is night and day out here just another song I. Honestly all I know its policy on Broadway yeah. And the song yeah yeah same here beavers is fine and so we'll -- today -- -- are no longer. A little -- hoses and I got to find he's just cool and I was grabbing me this song. I visited our own lives. Box brave action and -- I want you. Happiness doesn't want the European allies and the big but we've only sent last series yeah. -- So I never paid attention to defend this soccer FiOS or makes a lot and kind of bummed that I had and -- -- had to pull -- my home my beach music and listen to some of this stuff especially the album Mac daddy. That is songs from I so wanted to songs on the track list and it's called Seattle -- Bull blank him. People who -- In my eyes got a song that's just straight up about Seattle I gotta check this one out -- you guys heard it I mean I don't know maybe I don't know that's been long somehow remember buttermilk biscuits IOS. Mean I had Ozzie now I -- and now it's okay you say I remember it's been hot. That is really relate to among business and it's not a member is is it's. Now I've got. I had my sixth grade when that album came out I -- on was on the radio. Let's check out this one of them against Seattle lame be passing. Us or makes a lot of ms. Mac daddy release. They'll add it to consuming and we got in the Boston mass tomorrow night -- claim it's a model. Later they have a saying yeah I'm born today SC AT LW paying. Couple things happened in the bid from -- on through -- -- pulled -- exactly what the deal you. CK WT LPC. Now. Singing the -- from ninety then yes level whatever happened to haunt them. And I got to have sends them to. Don't know who gap sooner than it was amazing he's trying to compete globally this these days. And until then oh Elaine brown hello honey you're my pain he's well whipped up the car loan blueprints. -- wouldn't talk. Only eighty. I -- her -- that's cool re going to be table miniskirts wanted to please. Him and Denise Williams. The VP MP and Jessica you -- -- can't -- -- warm up and -- -- for aluminum giant DoubleClick is still can't. And -- HK not anyone's minds that the only one run a lot of distractions this town but did he didn't. Do. Yeah I wouldn't rule. You don't. Brilliant Brothers got to get paid -- making days I ain't no way they tend to just. When you get sued for -- helped put an ammonia into. When -- relevant to the sanctity in a lot of the NBC. A free. It allows people around the block him -- announced it's a lot to do. I've got -- -- -- for victory might be and is being handled on a real problems hot setup man isn't just a lot but didn't need for a little bit. So even know a lot. Talk for his guilty now ordered the west when I get the speeds anyway USA I guess the talent to. Much like we have a shot. On the whole nation Shannon young -- -- thanks again banks can't. Diem attitude we're just not enough on -- Brothers took a western. He went so high. Different Faldo rock and pop like critical mass in the back with the -- the smack. All -- try to -- that means it's a big government and peacemaking. AMC. Succumb to say yeah salons adult -- about -- -- -- -- deal seal off. Right field is not drug dealers -- her contract light meals and the rest of cocktails. Among the -- and Mercado got the papers on the table and homes and just like -- not a slam someone. Yeah he didn't. And it's -- me. I mean the first -- music street apartment paying full attention every -- arousal following a story. I have no idea recruitment producers out when you did yeah. That's awesome. Half. And. Let's take -- tricks is just -- more we go whimsy to Rain Man had been bus left. -- -- -- GM forest Gump viola. It is just when I know my column. Yes he's crazy old WAT and yelled. If you call a sellout bull. Put cabs -- crown were still in school not to. Out of debt for -- when he needs -- now we're thinking -- the last time they are not. Behind somebody. Subject given back into the boy isn't it a good thing yeah cause rolled in -- -- -- -- made a left only candidacy. In the South Shore up. -- -- -- Thing in my whole week my regular -- -- how ironic we want to bring in front Rainier beach we'll look at a season. They miss then the funny thing in this. This six -- enough time and the girls will finally I had that we need one plan Omar Al kinds. Look forward to the ropes. And Rolls Royce rolled snub the Miami spice classic with discipline that he didn't that. -- Seattle rain bullets. But it was still maintain. -- already a shout out. I'll call you if you wanna -- -- and I would give a shout out JD -- like well yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now let's and -- -- really solve -- yeah. Have you ever been named Jay -- and album Ernie Holmes called -- programs for the record Gloria can utilize -- -- -- it's -- just very moment. So I. Maybe your local artists then -- an awesome. Doubted it cools I mean you I've been around thank you are liner note that may in my life that's cool yeah I met in my life we have existed gimme mine pretty -- major pretty happy to see you and a zebra had. Cool which is pretty cause us -- -- a -- that you know always a nationally soaring international superstar nice to other songs to command and I don't even know the kids is the playmate of the year song whichever one you have. Climate and no it was the one -- -- like all yelling and these are British and you won't tell me what to do or not I'm not lost it. Okay good luck to you finding it. That was fun that he had promised to Johnny rocker yeah thanks best song is awesome. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I have a newfound respect for -- makes a lot like an average -- do you think one hit wonder guy no way that a lot of great contributions to Seattle music and you know his songs aren't all like -- you know how -- luckiest baby got back type songs but that was a pretty bad as soft which you know on the SEV cast out of loves to -- -- Most work on it all right marriage the difference between that M. Quote -- -- today I mean these guys is of the train just talk as fast -- -- possibly can counsel stupid -- that's part that's part of like when they can do with electric and over themselves and they can just get it -- in his -- yet exist a thousand words into second -- right micro machines guy did you either. And order guy and TV -- fast half. You don't respect is still concern here is that true gangster top shelf. I'm not downward targeted and what mix is doing right Darius is a telling historians London laid back groove it was awesome. I loved it and I was paying attention every single word that he was saying that because you're saying it fast micro machine and you might machine man was cool. This was actually a posting on our FaceBook group page and just won the from navy says anyone else film and anticipation for this impending podcast. I don't know why a particular but I can't wait. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If things go home from page I had the -- -- Mentally it's time for the head to head to -- time out on ES TP ten. The only domestic. That's all right -- mixes these games we all stock. All right next. What's your theory I'm guessing it's because -- one on the as CP casts his last nine civilians you Chilean. -- -- -- A home. He can't wait to stink up the rumor whatever you wrote on manner that is not what I say what did you say then I don't remember -- bin -- the world stage overall. Now back -- and it no stops that your browser known I I didn't have Chile yesterday for luncheon assign meeting chili's are very how else would I prepare for tomorrow's as TP -- our auto insurance sustained yet they're out there why is. Know exactly what's -- that is just hear you move coming okay you really do mainly Asia and -- what we're trying to infer their Smart guy how much talk about. -- UDE Chile. I just want to Safeway they have the the big soup. Cans in the hot -- -- allows governors to -- -- bands and cornbread for lunch and -- -- again in this more and I had some spicy sausage and -- -- -- the leftovers. It's spicy -- it was the spicy -- -- that Max meets you out as it was -- to know and you know Monday night we -- Tuesday -- know Monday night. Because then Tuesday am prepared just in case for what did you get into a -- tournament yeah. And I want your -- for that event -- a far turn immense area like tournaments over -- -- tonight they get millions and turn over turner entertainment and to pay you -- Canadian death case and Steve says tournament. Tournament and for somebody posted on the claim on the -- million. Where was a minimum that we. So many stop listening to the SEP test last week because. Bizarre because of bomb us claim those Promos. Did the tag team demolition went after everything they would say small -- talk. And then -- -- got to be too much season and. I wanna apologize and our guys -- a tiger doing it today is all you know so hopefully we are doing at all. For the rest of the sixty day when you remembered to zero number I -- totally forgotten about it but now back. Fat. And merry go guys and now we've lost that -- All right well let's not talk about this one is about trolling. Column -- -- -- RS TI since you brought up that you eat Joliet -- why yes I. Yeah they're really don't go to human feel like when I feel like I'm going on offense through him to go to the grocery store and get acts like for me. It's the chicken tenders anytime I used to be the pizza sticks. Mementos they know they got -- we talk about pre made I would get -- delicate high -- yeah yeah amid some places they have a good sandwich is or whatever may be. But for me and it's either top foods accuracy. And I go straight to leave the fried section and I get to at least four of their chicken -- nice so it doesn't I don't pay attention how big their chicken tenders are in the huge of those is that a fall on just being featured camera since you've been -- -- -- Greek -- -- call it chicken -- please immediately. -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes when I go for instance I was asked for half pound. And an intern number are you go my actual way it did not I didn't charge czar Bennett picked up more biggest chicken dinner that I put him in there then I just can ten dollars -- -- winning home -- and I thought that's when an -- again. Some big dollar million I don't know I don't -- sir -- a -- cashed in my heart I. So what's what's your go to. Q I received -- and -- if that's if some like. In a -- for some during an iron one. Something that I know is going to be a solid meal breaks the board said the real leader and wanted to faltering amid -- there won't learn -- The oh -- -- kernel as onions slight rose and you go wow. And stores head is legit is. Is more expensive yeah as the caller over there really Darin Erstad and he's not here he's I don't see any yeah personally and Jesse has. It's not. Topping. The I don't know I do do something when when I know my wife isn't going to be home. And I have to coach. Yeah I'll get. Okay I'll go to the freezer section on my local grocers and I'll buy it. One of the huge family size over it was an innocent and follow I'll see how things -- take -- and -- -- possible not earning your plate this year and on household. Just an -- It's a trade. On pork and a beverage. Kenyatta start on the outside it's because he's -- says Greg I can say I'm almost featuring Diana dying now life. As you can be you know we're here that does make you had lasagna and it's so I'm yeah -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's just seems a safe way if I'm just going home and I want I think I'm gonna suit their vision they just really good warm suits they have the lake in the -- like I said the jambalaya sometimes they have a tomato -- clamp shut on -- Friday's. Because I guess apparently Friday is -- chartered a everywhere now that's where if you go like issue -- or Denny's general register for a I was yet and even think about that -- trying to well Good Friday right is the start of things we got to stop eating surely or lantern. God bless you man a question for his own world out there but didn't cold soup -- -- this volatility and you know Garrett they have they have to decide on how -- a good drive and isn't -- how the sorry containers that you can get they have the same Cecilia Smart -- phone does is wondering if you enjoy cold Suk was nearly made it a point to elect. I like the warm soup. Well isn't right -- therefore yes Susan I ask you are you know I contract feisty side here it's your accusations ornamental. The winner today Zanardi as tournament -- and yeah. -- good columns are here as I'm also my other go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He has dinner blood are still some absolutely my world is at three. Buckeyes swear I'll -- Akamai. Stoner days I lived in Lynnwood that tuna and I would stop at the Q -- seeing you -- -- and now with the August will be good for a couple like snacks and you know get paid to just watch wrestling and he calls saying this is. For the first match is done -- How do you so I literally double dip I drew her to Obama you -- at a time and Karl good in my days he ran right there. Click OK and Jumbo -- and business. I didn't watch how the car man and a zero converted -- us through your captaincy instrumental there are. It's really he spicy grill -- are it's really hot zones and a spice today. Usually in my client received food and not on the -- in the middle the source duke it out cold spicy -- -- And I pay oddly enough our next emails about trolling. Because that's always been during providing free ministries -- yeah. What happens from our buddy -- big and he says. Vinson that I was gonna hit it. Article last month. Did you guys come across this or read it yes definitely -- patrols and increased silence is the best weapons we send this article about online trolls. Are psychopaths insane this psychologist claim. And what is the latest surveys in my group a psychologist. And they say that anyone who likes to patrol our mind suicides of sadism -- capacity. And where Machiavelli and in their manipulation of others and their disregard for morality now don't give them props like that people think -- people who do this -- like. Thank you very much of this that's saying something bad to those people the team concluded that those who enjoy drawing more than other activities such -- debating and making friends have tendencies in line with the psychological dark. To track whenever -- know that is. And also says that they're agents of K us only after threads you are definitely one of them I try to -- And I try to be cool about and I guess now a little cooler for this on the subject slightly RI PDH's I believe that we have another obituary has been a hole so that should be fun. Series of tears a dedication to ES TP cast a group that suddenly dies I. I added a link for proper background music and he picked dream theater cover. Com or dream theater cover earlier it's a cover by dream theater uh oh. Mr. you have to return -- -- call off -- music at the assess talk. New. He well. You mean because is being. -- -- -- Us news and can we saw. Us first person it's you. -- -- The reverend en Fuego of course there is here's a young man with a whole world ahead of him. But a major heart attack that caused by an air rage -- of his life and having a good man who really isn't dead because. Michelle never -- It's a good thing that casket is close. Because now it's hazardous fumes. Well it's just over there he's water. I got my -- flavored water here. Oh my god we ask going to miss -- crews will be really isn't the only. We ask that you don't disturb his family members at this time his skills is about to embark on a major quest. Chances next -- we have top -- good morning. Jerry Remy -- half -- -- what is most prized belongings you know a bottle Crown Royal mail and news crazy show every taste them. If only Dolly -- didn't pass him I was on the freeway. He might still be alive today. Next to talk show is mono nick well there goes. It looks like you're acts got her revenge. No I mean yes we've found over this -- scraped off on the brave men and wow all day now it's he has the biggest headstone and a ball. Very fitting for a man whose head was always download. I had more to say. I have more to right. But I got distracted listening to -- to grab I think that would make you happy now face. Lastly. We ask Steve the producer and still wearing his clothes you guys in. He couldn't save him because -- you -- battery cell made it impossible to get his stands are moved stand. I said -- meeting. The coroner came back -- this is repair bill for the -- kill him and that's never actually happened before yeah. The bill and leave the producer. To death. Have no -- every person that's not usual LaMont. And your spirit will carry on and if there's one thing we'll do will be the second best at whatever we do get him making us. The biggest losers. -- -- -- -- -- OK. I like the music there. Actually we're dumber you go yes -- one to subject new hot song and it's from our friend. -- A new hot songs I would suggest that's gonna get Allen is top and I'll fight Diaz -- -- our fight song. I somebody's face and -- -- it's it's a party in this might be able there endear him to top -- once again there were no. AS DD -- and you enjoy new music -- -- the next hit for K I SW. Mated DC's from car Mac and it's an extract. When it's titled what animals and boom boom of the night what -- you surgeon I need to balloon. Some decent moves when its. Constituents from the -- And sandals the nice yeah I need to tarmac or did you -- -- your -- hey I yeah. I mean she's drawing us. Yeah I know so because usually isn't really into is he's really -- handle a nice animals on the night of its -- -- Who studies the video is really weird. Is going off. Sounds weird. That woman so here's the audio isn't where an already very cost. It sounds like warriors have -- videos look like he had just it was weird guy and I won't ask that's like embracing her. It's. Designed -- Maryland no listen this is. Just some. I stop didn't just cross check this is our son's the video is so messed up do yourself a favor actually tarmac. Thanks for -- now along with nonstop he loved it yeah so it's -- lay off the twilight isn't true blood. Analysis as we usually where rules love men are cruel form groups -- -- -- What kind of season -- -- one armed where won't admit that it could it's it's a really weird video this is those three rank castle nearly. -- my -- -- -- -- -- as I can I play well right now -- oh hold on Cassel could not bring this into the music meaning I'm Sergio and our guys. I am pretty sweet contacts. Against the cats act contacts she's scary topic come over here oh -- I don't actually play the -- and -- tomorrow that aspect might as well right. -- -- Well. Did you complain at all if you just type in and animals overnight boom you don't know which video we're talking about some decent. So yeah. He's got a -- increase in the -- production not only physically but also visuals from -- -- It's. You can't -- John and lose some -- -- 5000. Plus it's. Price are right it's 240000. And another twilight. Highlights and they are -- underwear -- Larry is. He's missing an arm and no he's he's got you are just doesn't have furry arms in the world all forms stops cellular. It's all on the stones and I was planning on blacks and you know right now she's been I stopped the music you know she's running to the chorus -- You don't really need to music and its video -- just ahead in the video -- see what happens at the end where all he'd heard is good that's a lot of routinely it is. Anchors. I saw part of the millions -- to me -- shoulders her contact Soledad I know wolf that the fat where wolf there's still Wear wolves won and hoodie I think and indeed a sweatshirt -- world now. The price went to the outlet store about a 211 got back at this moment he's -- Obama has what happens when everyone has to be a celebrity on the Internet can make that video. Yeah and get. Nearly a quarter million people watch it. Or over -- quarter and ability raising 215. To learn. -- 5000 are you the reason that why these videos have so many hits is because they're actually being genuine with a product that they're trying to make it to ask you say time is silly plague either they were genuinely trying to leave -- video that's just yet another record -- 250 powers and -- -- 5000 yes. Right it's -- -- corner ability and -- that million at all I feel there's a huge difference there and on either and we couldn't hold actually hold this top. Karzai don't have to say this and say how -- I -- -- -- million. Hold on hold that Steve and just say that sentence again Revis enjoy again -- -- -- jaws -- -- past and see this psychologist claim zero passed similar high US. Guys it's. Tennis so why there isn't that the men are feeding the -- -- -- by as a model I'm reading that draws us a healthy helping of. Well you have -- courtesy of -- -- -- -- mark that down on top blood -- you guys on the choice winning best day. I was OK right there and opposes video on the yeah OK yeah yeah as claiming street thank -- -- psychopaths. Pass. Yes yes it's -- he's just didn't pass. Maybe a man on gore I mentioned me on the radio and -- It up Sean CarMax. Yeah I soundings though look at Arizona tarmac I'm putting karma acumen on Magglio alternate -- guys entered any time -- put in -- on that sort of thing comes signing opposed -- President Bush is being tagged my rev run I mean their friends and groups our and it has ever he's on a group -- Daniel -- a 520 members now I know and only five months of existence toward him like a hundred members a month. I think one of those -- I think it's 500 we have 500 billion people that are part of our pocket millions congressional billion. May feel a different -- you can catch a pass certain tests and do listen to us subscribe to us sheriff cannot find some on iTunes and also stich are we really wanna crack the top thousand I think we're still around 3000 in their ranking and -- knew about 2999. Billion more people that listened. -- who knows this so you're telling us there's a chance there is that chance there. I heard you mention. Stitcher. It's like iTunes for people who don't have iTunes or it may be out more. Minnesota MySpace and FaceBook everyone should just get to your old man's optional. Now -- Not nice and getting emails tell me that are the key nascent ones are being close and like I totally forgot that we are putting them out Sadr enjoy a bit. I don't stitcher yeah not a boy I don't know what topic is also think of Twitter. I have one -- those are potent somebody sent a tweet via Twitter and says hey thanks guys. At last week's as TP test I can't stop saying her. -- going to. That is. One person hated it this guy like to thank you -- hole behind the scenes question for you guys saw OK okay. Does that mean actually it's from -- to honey -- you guys who control attest to why. Who's come all you have -- -- -- he's got the best of the knowledge that he no name I don't know sheriff has been you know go to one of the numbers and it comes our our. Jerry yeah I only have four point anyways isn't as fast as I say the. June. 09 school mom. -- -- -- hoping for a month. -- -- -- -- -- I have more behind the scenes questions good guys have time go all the time and it's a -- yeah I realized extra time I do me because. How do you play drops on the air. And the SDP -- in my mind the board is that a main instrument panel of us C 130 cargo plane they'll come up patching through live calls are really enjoyed if you guys explain some of the things and how they're done on the next episode. Thanks guys and stay positive. Always from -- this -- -- act. Well first of all the studio wherein is not a does not act the same as the studio that the there comes out of the -- as a reason because we can't we can take live calls. But we can solicit some right. Because we're taping our podcast right so no one can hear this actually you called us and we put you on hold you listen to rank castle. So we actually put you can order some more people before now right and then that's another thing series you can't hear any of the drops in the stuff that we do through this board. As opposed to in your -- airline funeral. Because of the way the board set up -- whole different game in this room. But the drops it's because -- -- one giant computer that you can basically going to ante up production room and access the drops -- that are on this computer there's a huge library of those things that I can play it. As -- as quick as I can find some. Men also was Steve the producer and BJ have those guys suck -- they have these -- little boxes that have fifty buttons on nomination push a button and make a sound -- themselves and I don't I'm a boxing here because for too lazy to bring in here and here patching up although we do on the wiring for it we just never do it right and we'll have the wiring for one of the -- -- here GAAP. Cindy we were stripped down version a serial a dump button and hear. So just high enough so -- I have we have it would we be dumping hospital would really dumping rank castle how he's so fun you're trying to yes it's not -- so it kind of think that autism numbers and has delay over there I wanted to dump him now be really. We are in trouble for that. Do it. So I'm glad I'm sorry I thought that -- -- now the funny songs oh. A minute -- and made a -- -- -- -- remember where the words don't Joshua and. My dad -- -- just funny song yet today I don't know what it's from -- -- you married guys out there I didn't do get a kick out of it. Here's the length and semi YouTube link and the song is called old man we're some puppet singing. Not only now. I don't know logs. -- -- Among other -- it -- gentlemen the patients were on -- Bob. This sounds familiar. I'm not a some puppet and I don't take no crap from anybody else when you. Atlanta around here when I finished with a laundry. Just don't like guys yard finally play nice and stardom you always there really hear what kind of yeah you know I'm. -- -- don't even -- you don't like this the only thing I -- goes around here right on the window and let. Like the month and a lot of -- hello hello Shawn Molly I don't know. Clough this really sounds like can do about it song you can give me my week's good yeah it will be hard and others say Enron and be very hard pressed to find that moment. Sorry yeah Josh not all of them are winners. ASE test philosophy if I know -- well Gloria and I lost. There -- big down day Harry. Many years there's some sort of -- like you know I guess that'd be there I'm sure if I think ever done before on decision sorghum. There are you -- I don't care I interned there for a series of play we still play a lot of filler. OK and that was when -- filler songs. Wanna -- it sounds like Mary is waiting -- lose to somebody knows -- -- background. Left fanatics how much whoever was laughing in the background because it was a radio show listening to it -- a unanimous well as to Burbank which is very mad just listening to another -- -- as you did were small small sports and yeah I I was able to announce a word can be just let me have that moment. Jackass. The feel it is a mutiny happened -- -- -- point where this is going to look very reason on it guys calling SEC tournament. Cookbook that you do have a point -- he goes. Yeah and the point -- dropped passes. She didn't look to us not forget we still had to get a picture of a show your ass crack my wife thinks I have an abnormally large ass crack. Through -- I don't know electable. You have large features Stevens and my wife like I actually I went into -- -- I don't want to come condoms and I knows Hayat daily everyday thing. Hey hey hey John -- yeah. Really -- you have giant who has not seen -- Some people barely have a pinky toe again. Oh yeah -- or just have EB email and in the mail even you know who played I'm. This is big as attorney -- How does like like thirteen and so demands and -- are you asking. None of them have these shoes or -- okay but some shoes -- -- thirteenth and others are fourteens piano recital ovens I don't know what the hell did you I've got eleven and has that. Like -- don't -- all and twelve so there. So advanced did you every issue I buy is aimed Amazon how do you do that my movies I don't know how -- I I can't enroll they always US and 100 Grand Slam from Brandon Graham is our notice to your show tonight he's a few lulls I think chuck -- hitting them alive ends. A -- this I believe I'm fourteen on one pair. And this is a fascinating conversation and a White Sox back on the Sox decided at the same things. -- is like man I do know we got old so yeah minor. I like pro life I like the ones they leave the -- a daily sometimes a little -- a black in between my toes and -- scares me for second here I -- so that's -- before you put Monday exactly half but you know why shoes socks and that doesn't happen. Just throw mine I'd never washed my socks before -- living -- plus. My review wash him and after I wears them. Let's say all right I don't know exactly yeah -- my Laporte 030 package do for your underwear on like that in -- -- the car I was always having her. July eligible except for jeans and button up shirt is Suzanne -- wouldn't care -- Obama shirts and we'll throw it in the dryer and with one -- my dryer sheet so -- -- -- sentence. What's your sense to lose our minutes bring fresh breath and her mental you know go for it. Comes from bush so apple why must she was a guy I was excited about this I can -- her. Sorry yeah. How do we started off strong and tell me why it's homemade this is my new things he. Right so you say to fewer know now. When he said he. I put it says. You're listening to latest podcast and they realize that 2014 Rocco Jennifer -- -- -- is -- Titanic dish you know she works at the big bad. Yes the old. -- -- -- that is best Burger King no bigger. Matter. What's business and burger please and you know it's great grandmother course that I have formerly hostile if you saw some of the has no idea -- no -- yards and totally in the dark huh. Today it rhymes rich -- the I'll -- I guess that is around here -- I always a couple points before I hit a few words here and wind normally hate this place I do have to admit that Boeing's. Also known as the big bed -- -- man just got a little -- -- knowing that she's out there they were there then again it's not. I don't I don't I don't want to -- you cookie control throwing -- his -- -- these new things and blow me today because we're noticing some cracks in the armor. I. -- else. I -- you were here -- mind normally hate on this place I do have to admit that Boeing's has got a little less lame knowing that she's out here OK here today I think you just -- weird yes I've been planned to do something that's weird stuff. Wanted to say thanks to KI SW you're welcome my rethinking every word Jesus. I try to pronounce it however -- -- -- -- are running and I carriers W spring. Our goals and Sharon that's the beauty of the northwestern wisdom world. On an unrelated topics do you whose only to Wikipedia lately and seen what it says about you. Oh I don't know I alcohol. So it's just. Steve is also a dog owner and ten to zero -- act. Great game than sexual behavior will dog glued to allow older ladies who -- for demand and why -- Com and I want this I guess to be done for just wanted to bring that to your attention Howell thanks butch. To -- our guys. Great I'm very is may not care right and is still out there. So Islam changes -- no idea how to. A little while I'm on the Internet. Athletic director of the past that's where no man what does everybody from my church decides hey you know what we should sixties Wikipedia. Hey ST EP. You know really jerks him in front of message. And I -- you heard this band called Texas -- coalition. They're also known as -- you soon volatile. -- -- like southern -- metal they're good cool Pentair. And nearly singer. Big daddy rich is a great voice. Unfortunately is images cannot offer frontman in -- Kid Rock. Plus 200 pounds -- big dad -- hope we check them out and oppose selling to wonder songs that's my favorite. Thousands and had to say my name is Bob Norris. Nice name and a new series is that really and they had like an artist that is awesome my name is boot block of Norris he's listening to us all the way over at home and let's check out -- and 78 seat. -- -- Given a proper in Georgia's my pot was down what's excuse me let's take up a low of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- increasing. My mobile. You don't put my name on -- there you have. Oh my -- So bad as. You know when you go to. No I'm sensitive guy walked out here in the no nobody's. How much this day. You guys -- like the size. That's a big belly. Got to -- and had a barbecue. Yeah. And so -- there. Good call. Well I just want our. And enjoy when. We have been eating chicken wings -- -- just politics all around that. -- right behind him. Just sloppy all over his beard -- and six -- the sauce off of his beard. Was -- Texas hillbilly. Committee tackles should be coalitions and has such -- -- and and I got another tweet I got a leg put it down on the phone I'm -- -- Obama might -- music for sure man stands at a rock. Artist from our bodies Stevie and its DHC having Kamal presence. The little known fact about up on -- lay your hands on me from Stevie so all I finally got does have been -- for cars. You know white -- this like you know a couple weeks out in one week bullets you know -- we added earlier. And I I have -- podcast. Cruel solve all of life's mysteries when it comes to mind. -- news. Lay your hands. On being. Really talk about the music video for inside -- Yeah I didn't know that the music video. Was filmed. At the Tacoma dome. -- -- You story. -- Hard to believe any man would wanna feel record. -- -- Hey that's the greatest wouldn't fill dome it's fine to go. Name another window don't I have no idea is one in. In the federal and there on the way to fight for the Furl it for what are. We're always mother ship. -- -- -- so called the mother Tiffany -- wasn't the only -- called and you guys are down about. I know we did it are crazy if -- -- -- drive byes snicker about that -- While bingo hall when I grew up mentor. For -- people want to play bingo. -- whenever -- the other way to play this song. And every podcasts. Feel free to email us -- us. Fun facts about Bon Jovi lay your hands on the and it's not just limited to -- And jokes but not every week and we get a radio edit version of this come here and it. You -- you please me. That don't like guys. Thank you for the Oregon. I mean we are you. -- got Bon Jovi and. -- and say whatever you want. -- -- With the music going your -- oh I want the origin you man come on yeah. I. -- -- It's on the the freeway where. -- -- I might -- music for when you go to bed. And. I'd -- this is really awesome my wife killed scores pointed out how much. I look like the person in the picture values for the playlist. If you had a picture -- loyalists so it's called my playlist for arms pictured you know -- that would be really. Can't did you get it's it's an unbiased my -- -- catching disease. Yemeni cities and in this is the picture I haven't and I know the last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Catchings the apostrophe ask eleven songs it's 49 minutes it's not dramatically correct. You know it. So why not because they're apostrophe S incidents did -- possession like. While also learn how are starting Z is I learned early philosophy the ads -- still lazy ass disease. This is just see how these holes are right to have that yeah multiples east -- he's there to -- but then you've just been pitching is. And I don't -- to -- I don't Samsung's. Dollars and do business. -- Plus dog takes us. And there are. -- you. First song and the song -- -- for a number of prominently featured in my wedding which is on the day brings by Brad he had no that's on and on that's a bad SI sort of mysterious songs of all time it's actually had a dream that Sean Smith. Was on the ES TP cast and he brought a piano with him. And I was like telling him how I you we use disarm for when -- our wedding party came down the aisle. And he was so moved by that that he decided oh no way broke that he designs. -- the ground rules. Hello you're living rooms -- this happened. -- -- -- -- tying my song man move. There are no drums it was just him and Casio keyboard. -- songs awesome news. Tell us blueprint for Brad and it's still got into the -- The most awesome -- yeah Zune name brand in the -- now he's Brad. No idea originally had a very good because James are quite I guess there's a copyright issues there's another brand new team. So they change it to Brad May need the album she's. -- -- My three playlist that this is for you season I don't. Careers in the Tom Arnold Palmer Arm & Hammer hole yeah. And design and clothing that didn't throw the songs you can understand the words it's not even written by -- -- maltego. -- way. -- and we stopping and how. Yeah. -- hands. It's like hey I. Feel like my group and I didn't know everywhere yeah kinda going. Okay. And it's. Close. Listen to him right up on news. So do you play this every Nader just select the name of the hands on the -- of other star in the middle on Wednesday insisting she and I know there's no I got to throughout shop -- No I had no idea. I can't wait that's yes the best -- yeah. Nationalized and the -- sounding song gotta deeper brain. So my brain can as some might ask you lose. China do you just not like start cracking up when -- was you're trying to sleep it's hard solid ground. Yes just one. It's this extreme. Yes it's more than words the extended version I've heard of the song. I don't. Yes you know. -- -- -- Tough for their sassy. Brother my house and change. Is up the New Zealand dollars up from that he TV put out PP Dave put out. Today its. It -- loses -- and things. People either -- the women they booted out and I feel good but not after Iran's. -- before is there -- but after facing us yeah. You're missing out on not only -- it's. OK I miss it completely. The current here. Take aside the -- Sisters. You know Chris Cornell is on this record -- -- on the guys on this record it's awesome -- you fight song it's awesome. Not jar of flies. Try to get fatter. A jar of flies and the next. All right stick -- EPA put. Excellent. You'll notice on some of the -- on. Ryder Cup. That's one. Won't notice when either. The whole city. That's powerful. And silencing him the loser -- yeah. Okay. On the same record -- don't receive. Stay positive record. Okay. Reducing. That's the point yeah I know not -- -- at -- now I do. The TV OK see my wife doesn't like having any non. Silence so I -- like I can handle it sounds nice having only very -- this -- might pose a little while. It's. Almost it's crazy yeah. -- -- Really I'm afraid -- -- too -- here it's. My nose yeah. I -- June. Part one know. Tahitian this. Cells they created and I'm mother love bone no arms. -- curve on this playlist is the only -- songs and sing songs and grow from one artist. That's daytime essence that. I mean Brad got two songs on this clues but it was separated. This. Announcement do you have. -- -- -- And you would voices don't -- Just thank. Do my -- He's -- very clear in our -- now. I'm -- didn't read it. An excellent. Another lovely song. Is when I see is a song that inspired. The name of the band Temple of the Dog. You find out why. Paul thanks Sam and I love life. I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saying that I mean you are just didn't sideways today man who else I'll stay here. -- -- -- -- It's so awesome. It's okay do. Through and she managed. Okay food. These new. He's not a grocery Aberdeen last weekend's entered when he tried heroin non cash places to press saying yeah I lose my friends. This is like a direct result of -- I didn't. I don't think cooler as -- also calls. Do you joins a Long Beach -- finally I don't do I hope we have right -- another beautiful talented Freeman I'll use a life. He gets looser in the recording of the song. Actually coming -- Cool. I do all we were the hardest time trying to destroy Islam. Because these can get the right takes. Now Zocor loses -- -- -- the guitar laying down and moves in the control room and eighties rolled to eight feet and -- on the floor now. Yeah he's lying on the floor. Playing the songs he recorded -- night all right well we got -- taken now we have as the instrument. Thanks David -- stand and that and the cello but he didn't played like a click track for you can imagine known. So they had to keep trying things and worked with -- like off beat and tempo issues to make the song work while. Heidi that's kind of cool that -- had to figure out how to play the drums here on -- -- My next one. -- you asleep by now yeah. -- -- -- Atlanta hey. I didn't know this song I just heard it once and make I have to go on the playlist. It's tennis -- and I don't know who knows how we gave. This is how we do. This is terrible. Next please and this is the last armed. And this one if I'm not asleep. It's an issue. And try to plan needs right. -- And and I ask. And I were so mean -- -- license plan and simple command. -- I'm not being subtle and you are responding well -- -- were Mary. -- and my into the songs over at least get a lot more world. -- -- -- Make you got to know this is terrible and why. Is horrible and I don't recognize and now I zero stirring of doing Ecstasy was dynamite hack. Losing my minding -- tour bus while the song was -- that you're supposed to be the one listening yes he Jeter these contests sorry he wanted to hear the playlist I really don't ask her out the back story -- how at all. -- had only heard once. Jeff Buckley. -- we just all going back to me now Ali as -- -- only companion is now exactly -- Okay. An incentive like Jay and -- Guys all. The -- we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll. -- I don't know tell us -- tiny -- -- probably -- you know it's time for our next segment almighty god. Well now we're. Okay. -- that now. -- long time ago dry days. Tomorrow should I say sophomore all crying listening and that's our faith -- you played the whole thing the gap. We're clear moments as our podcasts and concerns. Its -- and probably did yeah. It all off I almighty has give me a hard time actually it's funny. On the TS. -- we're -- getting to us doing Jensen who want to worrying worrying doesn't go home today and me owned. This -- like -- and yes I envy -- years I worried could help. -- I forget about ready I'm just getting tastier but yes. And hey guys and shot. It's time ever -- this head head real time out on ES TP news. -- putting -- in your hand. Well. They wait where are we add Lou Lou you know no not usually we go -- -- last to see -- -- -- -- males. And we had something with the words so I guess we're going to text message do you are correct job pool game you get a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know -- the value you'll leave us a text message to 530 to 714787. -- to fight aids he said 014 as DP this truly has been. I -- podcasts. I think I didn't do that thank you Brock Lesnar for waking everyone up. A bridge so they're ready for that afternoon -- other way it's fallen asleep distance he's played play lists -- back. What's the difference between controlling and giving someone a hard time for example -- few guys crap on Twitter but I don't feel like I'm throwing. Depends on how you flip the crap yes it really only does I think of every -- if if it's very apparent -- nine and had to be very apparent but it you know have you got a joking side to it I'm that is trolling I think throwing his -- just kind of come from a really mean spirited place. Yeah I'm not using it today suggests. Told essentially don't mean spirited I do hate it though I'd like you couldn't do it like OK I want a good stake in federal way where should I go and then people just come out with -- answer is that -- are. You know obviously jobless you know its stake in -- yeah let's get a five dollar stake down the road to go to burger already. Curt you know is that I. I guess are a lot of times that's pretty much my main use for -- like history it's. Personnel if you are for movies I -- information really is -- information America. -- you know Bruins on the night while I heard -- -- -- know -- does you know it's it's a little nickel for topping your breath. While there's a -- but David uses and I Will Ferrell the other here we'll say it does in no way I -- and that's being. And their medical -- is -- Helen and people yeah I'd do that. Then met him just being funny so I -- over there is trying to be funny name it's I think amid high as it impedes our copies point a to point B process that's -- OK how about this when I say like. Priest her maiden you know and then people come in with -- you know -- honorary NR yes like none of the above Tuesday's -- I love addicts than the and it's kind of just -- as being in. My in my view if you're coming from a miserable place that's -- yeah. I'm just trying to be as Smart as having fun I really -- no issues with it but like. You know you really see the trolls I sometimes will go on in just read like Yelp reviews of restaurants yup. Some self important. Tees and that are on there like. And they truly believe I think they'll refer to their other reviews like I guess that I'm following that user just clinging on to. Every word and he's our dollar replace any major picked up by Zach did or in the -- yes already -- a -- barely make that yeah. Yeah he's bright guys you're not going to become a professional reviewer because of your Yelp -- LP is really hard to figure out where to go to eat these days -- -- and there's like five good ones in the misfired badly on you almost have to remove all the -- the super positive want to ask all the super negative wanted to win the GUN three in the four stars because those are the ones are gonna have -- legitimate problems right or the good. Things that are gonna happen thing I was on there I was like look at you like trapper sushi and for the most part I'd say 9590%. Are positive. And everything negative ones on the site. Man you just really looking for some of pitcher not a disappointment -- somehow I ended up on their image is going through them like Domanick. There -- dozens I guess we are as a fine sponsor -- podcasting a very defensive didn't draft a second one and I'm going on notice there was some -- I don't need to CDs trolls. We're restate this weekend there is like this list because we minority in the -- this list at them. Persons whose house so we're staying in last -- these are the places to go. Fine dining seafood right here. We go to this place and it was like a fish -- -- yeah and I like this is find I like -- -- trying to take out my Andy's mom for nights already manner and see dad's birthday dinner right Nancy you have alleged shoe box and guess red lobster girl like joking salmon's not -- So is Muslim there's always I am now presented hundreds of state to adopt still. Businesses learned -- crystal -- I wanna go so bad -- senator now he's just also area you are back and -- -- -- at least in my world growing us because their commercials that was like -- -- show last night out you have -- yeah yeah like a man I really -- -- good horses are we prepared to -- Communists as lonely and -- strictly to -- Lance is that -- -- in Sonoma is good guys don't violate your first reaction is clear crystal bowl halftime. It's great we need this mural which have a dinner one night at sizzler come down our right after -- ball yes yeah I'm sure we'll get to let -- -- -- isn't the only. And and salsa there -- blood -- -- road -- world and road trip across the opposite direction you still got their man Todd Jones. We may have happened. And exacts a voicemail and he now and now attacks have been my first threesome yeah asking us how do you try to red box instead it from CarMax -- plucks it I don't know what that is is that part of the three -- and a brigadier rentals and I was like Netflix now let -- instant I -- -- I've never heard -- the actual -- yeah I already got Netflix and you know every network I can't keep subscribing to different videos courtesy of the -- work. The red box up he just walk up to present button in. Comes out as a mirror in the movie here are some who know her have they have the actual ones in and you supposed to give him back and it'll come back in thinks it's essentially a vending machine that you'd have to bring back where they charge a lot of money drop off any red box. I don't know and I don't use it on I don't know there but I just know that you can grab it because it is straight up because I know I've seen bombs. Some people who have -- controlled that way because someone will take the red box and then they will bring him back. But they'll put a piece of paper. In saw in there so the next president get severely edited out in the Milan Fiat it's the worst that's a -- -- yes why don't wanna talk. Yeah out literally sick piece of paper and I guess legend disk there's been times where I've just seen pictures on this just says if you do this you are indeed they are. The Aggies have played out so as sellers in terminology that I completely maybe just like -- -- Souter did there out of irregularities -- deal. That's a -- for your man K what's that we need to steal one of those red box like vending machine though says and they you're having your Manning came -- American movies and abundant -- comes out. What a great way to organize your discs but what does he did some of the red box mile -- cool old school jukebox. So -- cool it is time now that's my sense he's not a good. -- Hey guys Stevie says something about watching Sons of Anarchy it's an excellent show army watching right now -- the boyfriend usually watch it signed top shelf never seen. Scott beards and it to motorcycle Selig might be the next show I need to did throw in the -- the idea and they might grow like that -- watch a whole lot of it. But I was entertain about what -- what I don't even know why didn't I just had a lot of people say that now you'll never look at job -- Bundy the same -- the season. Maybe that's kind of got me off because -- -- is that. Know Leslie peg Bundy and not as someone who's kind of bad ass yeah a lot of guys are like somebody posted audio how great way to really get this reunion and as a married with children -- are sitting together I can nowadays -- it's kind of cool to see that picture. Of the for a -- no no box on and what happened about maybe. -- while. Draw our farm. But a lot of people commented I don't know -- -- watcher now ever since Sons of Anarchy as peg Bundy. What's best -- -- little room. Golf. -- topics got some important site up. Listen if I guess heard Steve recalled a drunk message I left. Process Steve very memory a drunk voicemail -- was -- when the -- -- -- -- falcons in the playoffs definitely against it hasn't lost a loved ones -- what I can do keep rock and Ryan. Good 22 year old fan and loyal to we're getting old we are we've watched this young man grow in front of us he sort of Fred Meyer. Class rank as he knew all the hot girls and -- or else. You know guys are talking mostly Gamertag is last week I stand by my Gamertag is one of the funniest due to a laughter over the Mike when entering lobbies. I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Iraq -- love the podcast that's from Matt and Bellingham Titanic peaceful life does it. You learn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sounds like my weekend. Oh man. I don't know so this -- this venue. It sounds familiar. Robert -- blocked him. In my defense. Not like they're huge fans can really do. -- driving but I tried listening to the deeper stuff and just didn't have is that okay. Down. -- I mean I'm. -- -- -- -- One more we -- few Clinton attacks him really you know again I'm done. If I want to I did that all he used crawl crawl. Our way out. Assistant Bob Marines so yeah. I was kind of sold on my business yeah whoa no results -- to find the white guy hey this is the kind of -- -- Plunging thirty I really out like the -- This is great for -- luck. You didn't -- so you'll listen to them bad -- you'll appreciate the while waiting fifty years like he did you are. I was like this -- because of the opening up baseline. Let's Amazon and he'll be dead. But you'll be put her. Group clueless as you somebody air and that closer closes -- -- Also a record. Only -- nice. Donations and -- you have a right. Who actually turn to a song. Like different this massive. I like because they're older songs. It's I'm gonna fight I think you'll -- jam to it. It's awesome right. Businesses know I was. It's been very. Remember preventing disease and heavy -- saying. When not if -- that the more -- get traded off vocal line. No it's no. Yeah I do like the song. We should put on this. Mahmoud mr. -- -- that and great to bomb before about the new group one. Luke blew us all on her -- I can easily see -- mice are my eye catching diseases LA called it well -- -- leaves and now he's I am sorry you're absolutely yeah it is static and pragmatically on terror exit right right there yeah it's important for me that nature might play in this grammatically correct well you -- -- you could. Publish some yeah exactly broadest public out there if anyone looks for a everyone knows you have terrible grammar let's find out some another -- cold drink rock. Excuse me names its music -- do as I'm getting ready heading to the ring and a place in hockey. You don't ever have a -- Ear -- in and -- to listen to music lawyer attending golden no no no I'll listen to music go -- getting ready others. -- the speaker on my phone just had to sit next to me and I'll be -- I'll be listening to some stuff and snapped chanting. Adding to them I might have been made to see a goal. And the reason that's just about Hewitt yeah not tell -- about the cost when you're in -- bring all know here in the locker room now I deserve a share value of young men and I got her right. -- -- I think that's about it. We spread -- out here. And -- -- podcast you guys to look I had fun I did you actually do. We exercise -- do you miss it every day we learn more about CarMax. You may have wanted to do I look forward to it's drunken phone calls and other times I'm out. Keep them coming and most importantly though as though we've almost -- thanks so Titanic juices don't listen to ES TV cast. You guys make it fun. And thanks to drivers CC. They got six locations Covington tense days of golf finally Bremerton and also Tacoma got a couple weeks as always have people that are enjoying my role. It's ES TV role someone or know -- my role -- the FTV role for the uncle Steve well yeah it could be both. -- like the official one news I'm Steve year old driver booted try to mountains. To Mount Rainier marvelous. Marvelous host with the team and an active firecracker holy crap got it going for Italy that's so they were Old Trafford -- Six locations find out more drivers and she's done that. Stay positive.