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Mar 17, 2014|

Joined in studio by Mother Crone!

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Now -- Yeah. -- -- Our bid is actually from the surrounding him. Media metropolitan area encompassing that would notice the great northwest. -- -- -- This is how. When you only -- that. And is still begins another fun filled installments of allow -- it is -- to buy McDonald's if you would like to find out more on the local. Stream past podcasts going back to the dinosaur era when ever you like doing it up eleven local page KI SW dot com you can link up with the fans that I played. Find out about shows listen to podcasts and then once again. Finally the rules on how to submit your band's material for allowed local -- special yes. All our blog tonight for allowed local I am joined by. -- -- At all a little bit who gentlemen let's studio against yourself and say what you in the I am just simply base. Play -- and -- I guess listening to that. Two Mitchell's walrus. With too. Much. -- I have a pre recorded drums. Lisa since -- sixteen yeah idea that -- look at pour beer. There's a couple of great shows coming up one of which is going to be the 29 of this month. Kids that it's Saturday night that is that magical night where you have all the Sunday to -- your hangover before going back to work on Monday at the high line. It's mother -- I'm along with swamp heavy black brown actresses. And sue. US. And Taylor. Yeah. -- there out of poisoning should learn a lot tonight as well. The shell that -- bitching and line up and Joseph you're telling me a little bit about -- just saying they're awesome often and worth looking up and checking. Out absolutely event champs got the new album out who won in the many and I just can't rave enough about and its threat brilliant move. -- I don't printers that are just tuning into -- local maybe it's their first -- Oakland experience. We asked local music and talk about the show -- and have a good time. I've known until -- and you four and many years now with this point. And do we got real point and yeah -- we believe that aren't getting out there remind me I don't. All of the lifestyle you just leave some brain cells you well I try and black in Europe like whatever. I think it you would be so kind lets -- kind of the musical connect the dots because. You know everybody has been in other bands and it's a fun way to kind of go -- I did see him with this -- years ago would we mind would you -- be okay with doing that. Yeah yeah let me see. Will how far back guys we go meet the -- -- back -- like your heyday in the 1920s -- yeah. Yeah I cold get. Joseph and I we've known each other since you know when I was an only human and he was in. Ends up even before that four. -- yes so you know we go way back. Only only humidity not. Only human. That he had many years of hosting Al local and all just it's a -- didn't expect I. Yeah excellent. So -- -- only human with a guy who is. -- zero ya yeah must start -- an indicted the kinds of things and then go like 04 which show was -- Which is drunk. And -- and I actually had garlic shell in studio for allow local gosh about. A couple months ago it was so much fun because we all tried to connect the dots from the last time we all look like. One you'll. I don't -- that such a good time it was great having them back and then you're you were with -- -- for that last record -- and then on the tour in January hot. And then. With with with with expert for a run as well. Well yeah it was -- yeah. Good times OK and how much -- I actually used to do a lot of video stuff and photography Seth and I toward with a cry as you know via audio visuals were person. And I've also played in a couple of not so amazing bands around town and we just general and Jane -- bottom boom and boom that was -- a -- Josh Josh is a real. Losing talent in in other bands Jill and I you know we we we work what we do but DOS is one of those. -- you know we're like. We're like man we gotta get that guy coming in here and he goes down. I had some good curry and has some good creative energy. How long did you guys and -- -- how long have you guys been working on this project could still pretty new -- Actually. For the 2010 -- Mary. Showed durable and they did that reunion you haven't studio I. Oh yeah and it was like everybody that it ever been part of that -- was marte got it was up north. And Jay yet JJ and I wish you talked about a man that there was didn't start out and he and I were originally working on this project then. And it's got to develop the last four years or -- -- -- it's. -- to get about 2011 so it's it's kind of develop we're getting here. Yes and let like I said you know when we. That does the stuff that you -- here tonight Joseph and I we recorded back and I I believe 2000. Eleven or like windows two OK and then. We we record it would Jessica. From which -- out. Yeah. It's not a last name now I think she's got a -- yeah right yeah yeah Julia all of -- yeah we love her we we recorded. And in. And in their shortly after I took off I did that -- tour for about a year and so yeah. I tell my good buddy. Let that guy is awesome. That reverend Al Camille. Yes. I got. Or something and I don't even know -- remembers that he was the first time that I had underwriting in studio for a while local news with. 2006. And right across the street from the KI SW studios is the rebar and we all went over to the rebar. After the fact and I just remember -- to -- -- -- means like you work out don't you know. -- -- Yeah you working out a lot don't -- both were tell you as a good and I remember I didn't work out and -- like a hot yeah. You'd think I'd okay all right Ed Bradley is such a great yeah I don't work at one bus that yeah lifting the legs actually throw a that's the number of years and it's like yes I have to working homeowners have Gibson will not the laws and money yeah we. Yeah yeah I took off and then you know came back and you know life happened. You know reverend we launched this this this company in the debt that's going back and forth and now. Just just what probably what -- like a few months we've got together and yeah yeah yeah yeah you know we decided that it it. Yes our jam and again and then we had Josh come in and so. It was actually chemical element to jam with him playing guitar and the whole time I'm Jim pulling its arm. Pace this is just like. That means cold -- base in the were done in just like did you play bass and -- don't. Yeah well now had you had you been playing based before is that something that you would -- and or like way back. Like back in Arkansas and like ten years ago ghostly -- laugh yeah and then again playing guitars. This kind of like I -- Macedonia sort of yeah yeah yeah and then just weed smoking music I don't know what you're seeing me yeah. Yeah. -- We don't really read into the state are you take -- yeah you've -- really do yeah. You're on the radio it's -- feel -- to dumb it down -- so so would you just felt like my role in this yet in this musical project -- I need to -- me -- and all of -- kind of have you know probably about manifestation of the and word for about two years so I'm just in the -- -- and an event like the -- because I'm a big tall lanky guy -- -- kind of deep voice and I just -- -- yeah. You should be typical athletic keep doing in there and stop it might not. We Google's open yeah I'm. Yeah. I love it -- There are no doubt that the level -- love high -- we need for love photos and he will be here all week. I release and know exactly and another fifty minutes for certain kind of hug it out. Well let's let's continue wanna I wanna talk more about the show happening on the 29 at the high line also wanna hit at the show that's going to be happening in April at one eyed jacks. But before we go any further let's play the song breathe easy now this is -- Be forthcoming album that's going to be coming out later on in April and when you guys skip the details worked out. You let me know and it will be written and then and then and then and then and I'll help let everybody. -- my job. But this song I've actually played before on allow local. Is there anything you guys would like to add about this and be a bit of inspiration because. If if you go to. Mother -- FaceBook page which it aegis that KI solely -- at page you can link up with him right now check stuff out to get a abreast with what's going on with that with the band but somewhere in the bio. That something about concept. Okay yeah so with that the whole the whole records called awakening it's about kind of awakening to caught a higher consciousness rather that eagle prospective -- -- And so it's it's the narrative is light. This pilgrim. Breeden Dante's inferno while this program Garland. And kind of meeting this this sea creatures and then the secretions -- be in right. This teachers the spiritual teacher and it's a greater consciousness blah blah blah you -- -- spirit. At this point it's the ego kind of just didn't downgraded take take up spears didn't it war monger go. I don't know. Well I love that I love it that's really cool let's go ahead and play ignited a point nine KI SW it is allowed local. This is my special guest joining me I'll hourlong tonight for -- local. This is mother crowned with a song. Black -- Not -- ninety AI SW it is loud local that would be mother -- With the song Black Sea I'm joined by. Jeremy and Josh and Joseph. I'll mother crown -- got a it's usually happens is yeah no I won't be -- an edgy party I only didn't show stone once and boy that was just not a good. He's that was in -- it's okay. I've -- detail detail. -- you -- mother crown. Along with ancient warlock. Latin blip that now black -- excerpt -- yes a lot heavy. And sue on the 29 of this month. At the high line on Capitol Hill it's right on Broadway. It's. It's right next to the Cassel -- distort. We don't find -- between in between -- to go down and find yourself so much -- tool used to license to these kids into ways to spice things up. Really really cool and I -- you can find information on that show. Via the concert calendar and -- -- W. Dot com and this sounds really can't we got one other -- to get to from the other -- a little bit later on. This hour we were just talking about some good stuff. Well while the song well blacks he was playing you guys are all -- all of that -- All the time. And and I'll -- all of that. -- The talking about band practice everybody gets together. The kids are there. You guys all really seem like your on the same page with everything. Yeah. Which is really cool and I I I mean I will never named names that are orders something but -- spent. Another round lots of bands and have lots of bands in the studio just for allow local and throughout the years and it's. You know you see some people who weren't one place with their life and some people that are at a different place. But it always seems to help out when everybody's kind of in the same place within their lives yet that make. So yeah if you're listening you can read between the lines Natalie yeah yeah I don't think that's really really cool. You have your music available via revert nation. Yes yes well I think music actually often now. -- for some -- Outlook for the global confidence back on this thing we're paid yeah. There and it is there any other place aside from the FaceBook page where people can go to find out more on. I just don't want to leave anything out not not as -- -- discounted in the logistics rock band to come ends and until was -- it's going to be were open. End of April and then it'll be out through god or evolution explicitly. Yeah yeah. It's a small company yeah. -- that. Anderson raised good we will keep you abreast -- the in the information can -- Excellent isn't -- fun thing oppressed under -- especially when more are being and it's called mother crone know retro mother I was yeah Lola. That is -- special I feel like it's been dancing underneath the moon or something crazy. Not normally mother -- coming up next allow local were also gonna get to a ticket as -- and that many but look look look it's going to be on the bill with you guys. On the 29 at the -- -- a local continues next it is brought by McDonald's net up and I KI SW Otis blunt letter of my special guests all out or log I'll -- you guys mother. Correll. I'm joined by the GA members of the band can. Hi Jeremy and Josh and it -- -- if like GO yeah. Yeah you lastly what is that your first name and your last name it's too grandiose. If royal jewels of fraud and hang around and hi I'll call if you -- to have well. -- -- she you know it is over and help us do that when you're not around but the best for the -- and I. I -- surely gonna get to BJ -- speech allow local band that we juggling act those guys how their EP release show. At Tony these on Friday not a make it to a song from their new EP in just a few minutes. -- some ancient warlock here and a sluggish as those guys I love love love it when I come across to ban. -- really could be. But they're not nice this is this is me in my in my head I just. Maybe it means that now. Yeah eat them and are awesome they could not be cooler more down to earth dies. And ran into some of them out the sun set when I was checking out -- -- the and mystery ship. Who you guys who probably really did well and and then the following night -- to see him and they were rounded the bill opening up for Kent Graham so. They're gonna -- -- and -- at a different time on the 29 at the Heinlein. Once again it's going to be ancient gorloks black but I don't -- is them yes small heavy. And steps to. It's all I know look at absence to a great weekend guys tonight yet in good favor. Love it lets him play some months some -- were -- right now disease -- -- off at least the song is a student group leads united of what -- they it's W it is allowed local my special guest tonight. -- -- These are the great guys in an instant warlock -- -- what I -- I -- W. Do way I didn't put the -- treaty in the so wait there's this one time what I did not a bad thing in this -- wasn't it. -- It's an obvious but it. Wait a minute as the ultimate Barry Asian warlock I don't have it I -- I am -- -- Jolie and point nine KI SW. Not an ugly night KI SW noted that allow local that would be brand you -- -- from their new EP titled. Fear that mask. That was released on Friday the song was called midnight walk and they have their EP release show at it's -- bees. I'll open up an average on Friday and they were featured as BJ -- that local bands of the week's note if you go to the -- local page. And hung click on to abandon the weak link if you guys -- -- that I didn't I don't even more about -- net. And link up with them -- to find out how to get their music and all the goods. Prior to that the righteous dude in ancient or talks with the songs you. Wizard and prior to that's. Mother crammed with the song. C mother crown on my special guest tonight I. -- -- Yeah I'll Jeremy and Josh and Joseph and I'm here has Jolene we are we are the sport JG yeah. But it. It's NG me and I you can see that ancient order along as we go along with mother crown should want heavy. And -- on the 29. Of this month. That's this Saturday night. At the high line all the details await you right now -- the concert calendar -- W dot com and -- have another show if you can't make that went. We're logistically like were you live -- if you know tabs and so on his support when I Jack's. Other than that didn't you thank you like we're dealing with south Lebanon where the within me I had a brain -- on that went you can see mother crown. At one eyed jacks Lynn -- and rich. -- -- It's like we're I have the direction and I am really trying not to represent Canada of -- -- you're making it worse and -- He does that like yeah. No sense of direction I went to I had -- allow local show with with which burn and -- on fire -- on at jazz bands. In Tacoma and I have no sense of direction and I left and I thought I was on the right way and then suddenly. I'm going over the Tacoma narrows bridge and that's you know it's just coming down and they are reliability and Alex without the dollar itself. You can see -- crowd. At one eyed jacks along with which -- on the nineteenth of April we've got a really big. Grandiose. Song from -- current coming up here shortly but it -- kind of turn things around a little bit. If I did the band. I was like to find out who their into you know the same way once upon a time when we were. Growing up you grab that LP you grab that vinyl and you're looking at who's the payment thinks the other bands. And your you know at the T shirts that everybody wars you know that was how you got turned on. Other great bands and so I always feel like when you -- -- what somebody's in two. You can find out about different music but it's kind of but a bit of an insight to who they are as people and as musicians -- you guys wouldn't mind may be going around in and tell me some of the different bands whether they be local. Or or national or whatnot that that. It's enough. Totally. Oh. OK he hit. Some in my personal have been wait a second what do we do yeah. What we're doing. It and whispering over an it it's integrated I have to deal with this all the time. Old movie. But it would seriously -- outside looks great. Idea. I tell me -- left -- nicest -- is hands down favorite band mastodons and amazing band wrote this is super awesome. King Crimson yeah. And you're -- on yeah I don't -- -- guy. My favorite local -- hands down on the mother ships Hooper Holmes with all those dudes. It's such great guys. -- -- -- Dot com and that's so funny because the mother ship will be in for a lot local next Sunday night that's so awesome. It's so yeah others you together you know its its European has the word mother in there I I want to have you on with with no questions. I mean we we also really like to -- called mother -- -- gonna for the and they're no longer around. And build awesome she isn't sure -- Yeah yeah. -- -- -- so good at what you mean when you're talking about mother left crown it reminds me of a story I had the guys in the public a year ago or so. When it first and the guys from sand writer and they started referring to themselves and stand guard and has -- Yeah I don't around that time it was right for the new sound garden -- came up so in my world that's that's a big thing a lot to talk about that could for obvious reasons. And so now I've referred to the missing San garden and Sam garden and I just I. Confused and I think they confuse a lot of people and I knew that made them happy iconic and that's the goal that is -- yeah yeah. You can I just broke opinion within -- -- Okay guys I'll let you talk about. China builder who are awesome. Mean anybody of the. That everything what everything comes from with the rain that stars universe it's all here because it acts and have. One. -- only blacks have a you know I'm. A little a little bit older than than these mean these guys are here so I don't. Know 105 you look really good to you that you're soda is the Pilates I. Can I possibly as my Pilates and there you go salad DO. But. All that on them so. Yeah are pushing it in the I'm really into the is being called my my you know my wonderful wife as happens also be. As being of the metal head as myself so we sit around we -- medal together and she just threw me on to his ankle woods woods of would have to be fired what does that with the vipers. Right. Yeah -- -- NYC area yes he proceeded to date there there are killer and the guy always sing about. Life and death and he was like really dark and art imitates life and he got killed and and yet not this new stuff and it's got all these eerie parallels on -- and its own. Very very very very good band not a lot of people know about there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not only is -- about me finding out about -- -- and everybody knows that question to ask -- later on but. Like to sit around and talk about music that you that it's getting you -- Ali -- gives you inspiration that that just helps him make it through another day yet your illness that is imminently. Very and that's kind of -- again now yeah. Yeah lots that. That's another good local band that actually on -- militia June 28 which is the day before our show doubles on the down to super low on it anyway -- -- -- -- -- so yeah yeah you know if you if you're in a clutch you know -- -- the the vocal. The locals are very clutch he really valuable as good news and is reduced to these are brown like I think I think Neil Fallon of clutch is one of the greatest lyricists that -- ever lived he's -- ball. This -- outside so I interviewing him on my tan. It's stupid yeah. All with tonight's special guests from -- local mother crown coming up next hang out that it up late night -- at W it's -- political got you by -- would like to find out more about -- local to -- the past podcasts. Say Amanda hardy was on. Lesson in excellent local which was last check of applicants right now they going to. -- local page and can -- W dot com and within. 24 to 48 hours tonight excellent. Will be up for everybody listens and -- -- -- I'm. The idea that and this friends is why it always is -- I have to be very clear headed to do. Not you know conceal -- other -- Along with black and excuses him. Swamp have been much ruler amazing and that was the other and that's on this bill -- who worked as an -- well. Hello that the -- is on another deal with ancient -- boxers with mother ship. -- at the doubles let me down there are death. We'll -- me down and I. -- and then we played some agent or relax a little earlier this hour. And once again that date for that Rick and bill is going to be the 29 at this month. At the -- nine -- right. Can I mention real quick -- wanted to -- on the 29 was kind of brought together with -- O James Ballinger of CO BA. And he he put down all did you instantly vehicles these people's. -- -- what's up buddy will run on run on average I've had I love having James and for allow local them like bring me a bunch of music that I haven't heard -- let's play. And -- and I I've been turned on to a lot of great things is one of the things that we all works election. -- believe it or not I don't have to spend seventy hours a week working on loud locals so I think it's something that's. The local music community and getting turned on to other bands. From other bands that I come in contact with -- such a resourceful tool. So if you like to find out more on other great local -- asked -- local musician ask somebody who goes to shows all the time the -- -- salute. -- you can find out more on mother crowd. But I going to be -- guys delete FaceBook page I posted a link to their FaceBook page right up top there and B album will be coming out on. Our evolution. Later on it in April kind of -- he'd be a you guys are gonna let me know of course -- right. As more details. Come down you're gonna have another opportunity to see mother crowned at one night Jack's in April April 19 an all the information on all these shows will be post. The -- local page can -- W dot com the or is he beat good Hillary isn't nearly nine minutes song we're about to play it. Called awakening. To. Waking up. Where is -- I'm sleeping your eyes when -- -- know that I cougars. I never wake up and you have one eye glued together if it -- I had my iPad I cannot tell you when Maria and I'm a player song you can -- more assistance. -- goodness. NI KIW. -- with mother trend coming up shortly this is their song a weakening the media's love local. I. I. Not Abu and I yeah -- W wouldn't allow local that would be mother crude that was always the epic song only team. That was a short I can use my big girl -- yeah I think the police. I don't think you can see mother -- on the 29 of this month at a high line. Third just clinking orange juices and threat is really love drinking orange juice is not good for us the Florida got farmers. On the -- That. Any further I wanna say congratulations. To show -- -- on your brand new pop pop -- doubt that. There. Very little after four innings he cynical cynical. Joined by -- And Josh and Jeremy of mother crown you can link up with their FaceBook page by going to W FaceBook page. That the -- the album will be coming out tentatively lead -- on in April via our evolution. And -- -- was that is witches which is how would you like to explain what. Our evolution brief synopsis Jeremy all right. Downloadable album T shirts it's a brand spans whatever and -- and the reverend Al Camille. Heck I'm starting that the company yes and you can go to our dash evolution industries dot com -- Look at the website check out more. The idea how to. I would make sure we include a link to that on the local yup and and yeah anybody has more than. 50000 dollars to place an order go -- -- And CDs. It is cheaper then than they install of gold and it. A stretch. I love asking this question aren't bringing. I asked just about every bands question -- unless -- in for local if you could take. A particular song. From your band and that place it's. During a specific scene in a movie that you love. What would it be. But they'll start -- -- -- intro for blacks see. On when the librarian who's coming on the steps. And the -- movement crossed and the cars are coming out of ghost busters and. Well. All. That first nobody is brought up that ghostbusters -- That's a good one well well played Leslie -- and the -- -- -- right there you know that you as a that you. Actually excellent the other -- Well I was also gonna go with. They -- blacks he actually. That second intro. And drew number two yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly and that and that would be that would be. At that at the part where Napoleon Dynamite was that the -- ball right. -- Yeah. I don't know I mean I know guys that's right didn't go to a coach you would do lewis' best. Come on tell me that would not be kicked to the legendary that was well I play well -- yeah I mean I judge somebody -- -- metal jacket when the ball all right it would sever your when he shoots himself. Yeah vote during black seamlessly. Mac and around the track and I Adam he's a -- this is my rifle. Yeah it's like your answers guys it's eerie cool yeah. Very cool unfortunately we have ran out of time he can still run out of puff -- up I. I ran out of time -- easier adjustment Josh it's not ego it's week. It oh yeah it's about the Wiig and -- I and my dogs are excellent management and a group that that was yeah Atlantic however adjustment and -- -- an Armenian people would call a giant pile of kittens. On the mountain. And yeah. That's. Yeah low that was I'm sorry I'm sorry I doubted you I'm sorry I got into -- place. I've already had the dog buttons on your thinking you said something that you didn't even say. And I didn't let you tell your joke that was just halts missile to -- -- okay he always ladies always dump me anyways at times. I'm definitely. Well. You guys this has been a blast thank you so -- economy you and hanging out tonight from -- to outlets and ominous -- -- -- real divide its. We love you think people listening -- I would like to say hello to anybody or that final parting words. How are like -- I want to hear is the way you do yes I got a lady anonymously and energy customers and and I think Dakotas and bad that. -- -- -- On the home and I did not tomorrow. I. Caught that yeah that's it my friends were allowed local good allow local to educate -- W dot com to hear. All of the podcast goodness are you guys thank you so much that he just did thank you absolutely. And I could tell it's different it's not speaking from its week --