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STP-Cast 03-18-14 -- Aella the Web Cam girl.

Mar 18, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, The Rev and Mono Nick talk with Web Cam girl "Aella" and also welcome in studio Gregr from 107.7 The End. Gregr can solved a rubix cube in 20 seconds and turned on "" the web cam girl. "Aella" is in a documentary about Web Cam girls. "Aella" lives in a house with 3 other Web Cam girls. We interview Sean Dunne, the director of the Web Cam girl documentary. Rev wants to fart but doesn't want to do it in front of "Aella". Aella talks about her 10,000 plus Twitter folowers. Aella talks about how she got into a house with 3 other cam girls. We do another episode of "Facebook Drama". We tackle the voicemails, emails and text's with Aella.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Phillies in the -- China make everything in my special. And so I just played my jamming that I want to do everything I did every second of what. Something that somebody -- -- interstate. Every girl out there us -- vagina into. And so I think I wanted to do something that was set myself apart in above them. Has any thing that I was honestly. Highlights I did everything punching me. That's fast. And this. Didn't mood here is imagining. And I had a little teeny shell and move. You just sentinel. You're close to -- on the same time they. You pleasing camera as you think misunderstood just important as it happens. They jamming is very much the emotional connection not necessarily just -- goaltending is freedom. This change my life lately. A lot of times. She didn't read her real girls is real solutions to really care. When it is EST DST the producer here we are my good friend top shelf. The reverend mono nick are missing but they'll be back in anything you restarted a podcast early and hobby 'cause we have a one year -- We also have from a 1077. At the end Gregor have busy -- Missouri student loans and we're gonna talk about this this guy gives a good. This week did the song of the week I I didn't I don't wish I'd make a song to go with the team whatever the interview whatever we're doing on the shelves. And the first thing that popped in my it was a classic police on just because we know what you're can -- and people are watching you. It's a mere 100 tie and then the police -- song about watching people dwelled on the guy that -- -- pretty pretty easy job. I don't know I guess. There's a strong effort okay yeah exactly I can actually -- gosh I. So I do you know the song you know I'll I still amazing how old are you it's going to tell you got a jam up to this one well I'm learning -- jobs. It's. You can only. It's. An -- I'm gonna set -- -- -- yeah third floor and you still really oh that's you did not know the song material when Pearl Jam concert recently I was like I don't know whose songs on my good shots. But boy I was home school. So like my knowledge of its client on your parents -- don't know the museum and police. So we need obviously the song is more about a stock currently sells a little bit different -- and -- guys are watching people only slash. -- -- -- -- Started taping this I guess a little bit early is that you came in and you had every -- Q. Not teaching right new world hold anyone's right. So I was like are you would do -- executing in UCLA I that I find an amazing and only seven -- -- my buddy Gregor who did the morning host over one or seven so in the end. He has. A rooster with him at all times as -- as you hear right there and it's. He can knock one out in -- thirty seconds and your response was dead -- -- a belief was determined and you also -- that was hot yes. My lawyer and surveys frothy at the moment oh my goodness -- yeah. Tony and I -- knew -- doozy -- home greater probably somewhere in the ballpark it's 450. I smell all that aside earlier unsolved -- none of that. These are going to care around him that's basic decent and then they go I would tell you also similar to -- -- it's. -- it's another camera and other government data. Mind blown over here yes and one of the girls is always walking around with -- we do so -- Yes and so that she likes I was saying -- -- -- dominance of army guy like making eye contact as she slowly solves that. -- think this is something I can do we need to connect your McGregor -- well -- -- don't. Ever. Madonna wanna do that -- to race there was some reason that we had I guess we -- Tucson -- I cam was Suzanne Symbian -- minute Hoya as that hanging. I don't I don't know why did you know you know what it is simian who was a Syrian it's a sex toy and you put on the ground in the united it's like instant migrating saddled. A -- by reason I'm dressed in a must know a guy when it comes to admit that I thought I was you -- watch Howard Stern's TV show Hillary had name -- -- -- yeah that's great. Leyritz used so she's out of severe and makes solves it -- -- like a time really to see if she could solid before she -- knowing hasn't. Nice man Jimmy McGregor Natalie. I shoot. -- -- only minutes away. Another -- -- and that we started early because we've found out that they'll they are what are cam girl has obsession with -- -- yes -- not so of course that meant that we have to get -- risen every week's Q you have a lot of my members just -- -- And they tell -- hi I'm not make today you know no -- they both have beards could -- -- completely different person. So's your way to the -- you have always first to see their roots to grown. I K. This guy just a picture of -- however you just how I did you have millions that the computer there we have the Internet. -- earnings awesome case besides little two letter may be -- A lot of -- okay. We'll put this in treasures and various -- -- -- -- him or her name is awesome kid on putter the. NFC thousand Kate. And a messy yes. Also OK it's OK Eleanor again I'm really curious and this face is making so she's also momentarily ask and stuff. Title again a whole lot and I know. So many naked photos all look -- -- do all the girls in your house so webcam yeah. How many so there's three other girls so lemons are my friends come over -- they like normal people not -- you're not normally I'm not really friends with normal people. I really not okay with -- -- experiencing nudity then I don't know if we really wanna be friends so why you invited somebody over to your house all the sudden Mike did they stepped foot near how's that someone could be going on yes yes. And I usually one of or more of us is topless like. It's so this isn't sure what neighborhood. That's why can't say Kashmir fighting music Capitol Hill I mean a lot of -- detected no oil. Just so happens that here I'm actually looking. Your -- We are how could we knew we knew write a letter and bring your drive down. Is the city Seattle yes. I that mirrors -- down a little bit. Come on slows computer aren't I know we were just talking about that a second ago when when it makes you buffer public I -- -- -- -- vote now at this point I'm so impatient. It turns your Mike working I don't know -- my marketing hello. I can now know oh and -- scare me. That -- -- the -- and a true hole hole boy -- melanoma. -- -- -- -- posts unedited dolls and I don't know how -- I'm the tense up close and I -- -- I never thought I have -- yes what is going earlier thirteen dozens of Canada because of some like that don't have the secretary was on my -- it's all about the -- man he's having -- -- -- -- hopefully. He kind of -- yes. I thought the -- we fight are no okay. That's awesome but I -- also in case I can't act you know she's also his incredible -- as she likes cats yes she's a -- -- -- It was a Twitter was OK with this -- -- not what else might not like you want to -- -- didn't know that -- solar system we enjoy following I didn't know there -- -- -- porn stars on Twitter right now that have given you everything I want to -- it hasn't been able to this match. -- analog connection. Is there -- we can mean that we can connect. Occasionally it's guaranteed we have like parties to have a radio show Fareed just come over and they'll talk about me to broadcast live from the -- went ahead. I don't know broadcast out every now we are -- and I swear to tell my wife I'm doing this for Gregor he has a competition and really do. It happens also be a webcam how. That's not why we're going no 000 -- -- -- do Regis yeah it was cameras will be off as iron range -- not it's not about anything else how does not sit out. Would you. Would you date somebody that is as awesome as you have -- -- -- is that like something where you are absolutely -- I got my little girl that was as an alumni very awesome hockey but. That was better than me better than me and hockey I'd be like I don't know and make me feel weird. -- I think that I would still others that would be so cool because there's none of the women that actually -- -- do that if someone was actually everyone's already better than me in the competitive world -- -- -- was a woman -- know deep -- I think -- -- get behind that -- -- I don't really high -- general wanted to -- yeah yeah. Hello -- could just got to suck on -- They -- coming into high brow conversation I don't know -- -- is sorely mistaken. For just. -- guy you can get that mostly look it up all night we go up on the Remington and its web -- what do you think you can do awesome. I went to Barroso and played accordion. I just brought one for the very first time ever and there's a band and their playing in May have -- request the Iraqi wooded island which happen to be the songs. That I just learned that day it's -- It's easy just learned how to play the accordion yes. In arrests like a sexy weird -- we will the minutes -- last night. I think we just made like a new connection of friendship -- here I understood recruited where Eric -- and other moves this is awesome Ryan yeah. Batters Bhutto is a whole new world. I don't get this on every podcast connection with the amazing we've gone from breweries Q it's a web house of Bob webcam maintain that this is unbelievable -- Irish public this is great to -- yes. -- -- the reason Gregor we have hurry and it's because she's got a document units being made that involves you and a bunch other lovely ladies and it's called cam girls with a Z. And that means it's serious -- -- stock dot com yes its OK I'm girls are busy DOC dot com yes or -- cam girls would Z -- On Twitter and he and then your Twitter is. AE LLA. So it's a left yes underscore girl. And also you have. You have rod dot com in a -- Always used to and I am also a drugs so yeah that works out. Okay what is the meaning behind you a broad well animated I was an Australian and I plan on traveling frequently -- So when you were in Australia we Bhutto was just before you were doing a webcam suffer losers are saying OK so I guess it was in that way to subsidize your trip to. Yeah I mean in the great thing about damning as he works from wherever you have a webcam and sound because just to help you shop. It's I have done yeah I'm busy governor can't make a turnaround and it turned out all right I did this one candidate Sarah now. I duct tape the web came under the table and I have like split cans -- on -- licks my -- they. Didn't need this is hi Ted it. -- I got really drunk. I 'cause I was scared. And then I got sloppy and public. Well we amount I think they just want Tim and hello to another member of the STP test drug the Wu tang of podcasts. I -- -- I love that Gregory now part of crew as well SEQ do you root excuse in hand yeah yeah yeah we learned that daylight is chief finds tumors hot at all no status -- my perfect Angel yeah. Yeah. -- -- we don't need a day would come and we also learn how to Ben Taylor's house -- who's also a cam broke as a whole house is full look at Charles. Is a very job a pro Q were you very -- giving rookie of yes we've awesome veteran trying to -- So I'm not as a reader holly Colorado and make a love connection nearly everything -- did you go back to say look I did it's awful hard. Six guys were terrible but the one good thing that came out of it is I met this guy by the name of Gregor and he can bang out January each year yeah her group -- -- An under -- satirist. -- that was called. -- -- America to keep the I missed it and every time Steve is say said the I'm just giggling on the inside because everything you're saying his double entendre and decided -- and I got my internal I know you're being innocent it's just the dirty isn't my guys. So while we we we got to get on the phone though we have to get. Sean -- is June -- -- done done done I believe any question that's awesome. What's gone -- daddy's filmmaker he's got to decide to put this together us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Copy didn't do that at worst at worst it's a great opportunity and to -- together and I have a look -- the. Cameras around Tucson Nicole and he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Selling the leaders -- A lot of nerves get a towel for -- -- Hey here's Eleanor. Tough for a nice meeting you let me see yeah. Good thank you for joining us man. I think -- I think that and now they'll be up pretty soon on the FaceBook page and as TP dash cast on FaceBook group page the video of you driving -- insane yeah. Some Lulu again it doesn't challenge. -- -- -- Yeah okay here. -- -- -- -- It's all last August and. -- meanwhile top he's having a very typical -- at this time you've been talking and trying to it dialed this number and it's been failure upon clears. We have mean to start without you guys uses that we had this magical moment with Gregor in Iowa and that's -- -- -- we had -- we had to go down on the record in the giro and the area code than calling this number usually how many times it -- Hollywood -- -- yeah. Already there and you -- every week. -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing he will listen to our podcasts live on. This it's such a crap okay I'm I'm really happy that the people. The same millions and I think the American rice it's not like you are sending every time you lose. And and members know -- just -- 73 times for not one person. Is that the President Obama like eight. I just say number so it's just -- just do a news or maybe something will happen this is -- -- -- -- Yes John and Steve over in Seattle where you're Dele we have no less DP cats hang out and out through -- rough idea on the phone. Do that it aren't as going possibly have a just house. Great times. Some very premier. We already have -- worked up because we've found out that she's really into -- -- -- we run and one of our -- like it summary of miscue in twenty seconds and she's now that issued stern on our. Apparently heard an awesome -- at the house. Yeah oh yeah our guys I know -- K now we're we're our own -- they can we do their personal and should there. That this thing okay so we're talking about -- households with web cam girls and now you're creating a documentary about. Do the webcam girl phenomenon is called cam girl's disease dot to dot com. Tell us about why you decided you know last here you've done a lot of great documentaries but what what made you decide you and this is the document Jenny to work on. You know I I kind of if you see my other someday I kind of explore around on on the fringes -- Americana a little bit and you know I I like focusing on things that you know to indicate they kind of ruffle people's feathers and on the and a little bit of away but. They don't necessarily have to I wanna kind of show the commonality that we all have here and whether that's through generally no -- doing drugs or sex work or whatever it is. I -- other things we're all the same I saw an interview with let if it was now and members of the Insane Clown Posse was a jog alone I was like. All this is going to be pretty epic you just roll with the juggle those still. Yes yes and if a film a few years ago called American -- and put that on the Internet and you know it's weird that sounds kinda going viral has really allowed me to make conflict. When I stumbled across the camera all that and I'll man that does sound like such a great community and I'd love to see what they're more about and you know I got in there and really surprised me in -- you know -- know -- and. Howard they were about this kind of work its its really very that's something that I because. I've never. It isn't huddle we say is I never gone on a webcam firm to watch it cam girl not I need. I've never had any like moral issues with it is no I just I'm just such a prude when it comes second set I think I'd just be really overwhelmed. But I've always been fascinated by that world and -- -- -- you have done -- cam girl stuff and for for you you I mean what -- you attracted to do it and and it does seem like from the trailers I've seen on your movie minute. This is a sense of humor and just a level fund that I did not expect like I mean anything did we like to seedy underground of just dirty girls or anything like that but I. I mean they're even you're not just talking with for the Mike's return -- just cracking each other up it seems except. It's a fun environment. I wanna be -- cam girl I don't think that's. -- -- -- -- I've seen those facts you have. -- can't boys out and I don't think I'd be very united and make people more uncomfortable than anything just start on chat relations and you can go from there. So railroad when Oklahoma got you hooked into this world. And this world. -- well I really I really I really started. Yeah I've I look at RA we can lead -- words yet but its. Focus. Let me using Graham is incredibly freeing like I -- A factory job from before that -- a really long hours and you do the grain like maybe you could work at -- manager. That's harder to measure may be -- becoming a manager's manager and it was just. Work in the rat race ends the -- isn't him is he just take whatever it is what you make is a massive amount of control and also -- responsible for everything that happens to you. Ten year responsible if you don't make any money at all. I was gonna say I like when you first decided I mean how isn't even how do you get the ball rolling -- some -- every word they say it's gonna. -- -- felt like I had no idea how do you get that it's like starting -- a whole new business you have any clients who don't have anybody that knows about you what do you do. Luckily the site we were -- my tree -- they generate a lot of trafficking on the website just to see all the Carol switches really he has a deep dig a portion of the pay. On this kind of like paying somebody for publicity and so when you're on the they have like some basic sort of -- people who are gonna see you. And a -- just do well with sad that you know -- build it up. And our -- for Sean -- able. Where and when you say you enemy this document should be used reach out says the schism within the free -- got my free too much for -- are free cans are -- an hour. Everywhere actually wasn't that easy because you know within the girls are you rightfully a little bit protective of people trying to gain further access to their lives. And so it was a little bit tough at first but I'm honestly. We we just a word out there we're trying to make this film eventually go on the names of feel I contacted us and she runs an event called -- -- mansion and non plus they get -- I think 122 these pro golfer we can rent a mansion and LT and the other if you look. Convention so she got an American. We were able to meet such a diverse great group of girls and that's that's kind of out of film. Took off cannot yet here we are we're trying to raise lots -- money so we can get out there and follow up on some of these stories. And you have a kick started that's our new website if you went to get -- girls -- -- DOC dot com running -- girl's disease. Ellington right -- kick started an artist I wouldn't cancers -- have gone crazy bankers. You wanna make this film and then you put it in the hands of all the people that you -- would donate money I notice that you you guys have a lot of money already pledged over 25000 dollars with your goal is 65 grand if you don't get that young what fifteen days. -- all that money's just not good not going in anyone's pocket. Yeah exactly which is why he's thirty days are just so nerve -- you kind of just got to wake up every day and just been treated as -- this the only -- we have to do -- -- -- reach -- to many people as possible and try to -- many people -- -- -- public -- about that. You don't win well I think it kind of mirrors what -- they can't girls there. You know they got a right there on deaf -- it mirrors what you do in the in the radio we have this. We that they created to stay on top to keep an audience and you know it's it's really it's really what you're doing on the radio at the camera they're doing on the webcam itself. I think that you know there's a lot of overlap there that didn't that make you feel a little bit better about and I feel like the girls at least understand or don't there right now. And I know first for me as a guy who watched the guy in the trailer and I guess that I am I got -- has ever had no experience in big did the world a bump going on -- and -- watching somebody. You guys yummy. Sold -- I watched John I I really wanna see what's going on -- -- it did sounds like a great story and it's it -- -- symptomatic you know you're as a guy who had never. I could never got to there's always been curious or something like that that OK this is a great place to check it out and -- -- -- questions answered. Yeah you know it's -- that that's the whole thing and I think that that's what what really drew me to that you would it did so unexpected you wouldn't expect to see what you are saying such aloofness but -- -- people really owning a bit. We weren't seeing things that we're right what I would consider obscene or dirty so. And a lot of it what it's it's not like I say it's not all ash tag boobs there's a lot they you know I want. Nothing comic and is -- -- but. Let you know it's it's a lot more it's it's a lot more nuanced than that and if there's a lot of issues -- play with the with a film like this and with an industry like that's the thing that. You know these negroes are you creating and producing and marketing putting out there on contact. I think it's really cool it's a paradigm shift for the porn industry and its ideology did grappling with these issues as was this from a bit. Are going to be able to see some of the relationship between the girls than some of the guys and maybe the girls that are viewing them on the camera like -- Yeah you know that I donate and at these girls -- if you have a lot of stalkers are kind of that style because they are being so open with their life on the on the computer and everything and then there's absolutely blurred line there. It is it is absolutely an element of that and you know we knew we were actually able to speak to a few of of the members of the guys on the other end of the -- -- -- the screens. And you know I did they just they fascinated me first I never thought I'd be able to get access songs can you imagine -- approaching and things can interview you about your -- watching habits. I think now -- would notice that I really thought how do you get a hold of these guys. I know we do about it anyway my grant interviews duke Tennessee and we Hilton's. See its. See more of them but you know one of the things that they kept saying that we -- really really put it -- perspective for me. -- that they like him going on. I'm on my free cams are one of these campsite as like going to a pub as opposed to a strip clubs. They said it's like going to a public a really high entertaining bartender. And world there watching and we're giving tips every now and then but -- you know they admit they said they said it's really -- and they watched corn for further. -- Does it it's it's pretty interesting pretty interesting how power dynamics there and in all that stuff we we trying to find something. How does that all work 'cause I some momentum and from the new we borrow again by the -- So I I go on the campsite and then -- pop up on my screen on my god I -- -- and then -- Why does it typically go for you like everything they do you notice it does it make a certain routine or a trend make. When he comes so I wanna guy first logs on tonight. I mean no one -- like what kind of conversations he had like hasn't even start. Depends on the guy on the you know there -- a whole bunch of girls -- for your own different flavored and guys like girls are very isn't. So with me is typically like what do. Are you doing right now because I'm not usually doing anything that's normal. And then once they acclimate. I think you'll like this is really all and then you know they didn't they want aren't they don't. And the -- I've formed real friendship. This movement and do you former French it's at a point where you might ever like hang out with him in person. That happened. Yeah. The bronze. He's an -- I would imagine having very rare that an now we have every single guy that's gonna -- -- -- -- now and as I had a time out bad I didn't have a guy who wanna date raffles silent and -- with him in Vegas and it was about states of my life it was really amazing would you zoo. We took me shootings and -- yeah. Lot of museum I -- nervously isn't hey we're gonna go shoot I got a -- excited. -- really enjoy a shooting has so. Third out let's go full auto -- Yes they're -- here yeah yeah. Because they're gonna sock and nothing -- -- that sue them when haven't they believe dude do you wanna keep going how we view leg pads on. -- us I really appreciate that -- specific because he doesn't he never presses. And that does -- swoon innate thing why am generally scares most members is because like once they get something out there -- you know more more more and they've been put something there that isn't -- so really respect people who. Let me be what I wanna beef from. Do you have time did you notice that there are times when my you have to say okay look you're getting too attached to me. Yeah I remember that yeah I mean they -- I would think that if -- -- -- you -- a frequent basis there might you know emotions and feelings that. You weren't expecting him not having you don't have for that guy but all of a sudden like he's won a buy you flowers -- one not PSA you love notes or whatever it may be still. On my Amazon.com we'll be right yeah plus a lot of can't grow to an earlier thought. Its. These -- totally innocent listless again I could easily -- this right now he's got all the answers I need to ask you just. You know I mean like how do you how do you deal with that because I would imagine it's awkward for both parties hate your rejecting a guy that's you know investing in and -- relationship with. It's not that -- I. Sometimes look at the some veiled plea like -- -- something about it but it's really an article I've really talked to them much exercising these last me and they're very. There much of sand mom and that's wonderful but -- soccer because I've never really reciprocated. And pick people who talk to -- -- so I reciprocate. I think they understand. But skimming is and is not it Blake. As other thing is in the connection I really do love everybody comes in my room and I really want to show them that. That you can't -- every single person and so if you get -- get toxin have all the time and and I think it's at least my. My guys are there any like the stories that you found my view as Susan was no reaction when it's on the other girls what did you -- Well -- -- you -- think of that earlier this guy just can't believe that just happened. Like play tuck and Michael weird -- we have subsequently when you first thing that comes your mind. Well as I -- I jus tell a story it's -- favorite in the mill sun beginning to ask -- thrown Newton yes OK it's a second season Nelson under the red -- throw yes -- Okay there's this guy you I love game of throws so -- and I I can put it and it -- the -- and I have this big a threat to cloak. As of this guy like you Lanny Davis just simply not Sandra link talks like I was -- women's tennis. I I don't know -- -- -- I think I think they alluded today actually sits in -- is like my little light resistance. Well it's a sit this one of my most favorite things I've ever done -- plus the best. Plus it's funny if you can -- gets you into it as well because your candidate then -- -- -- yeah -- can do this and -- -- right I guess I guess I don't write hey girl. Let's have you dress up against a -- very murder she wrote like -- now they know where you're right I don't know I don't have the outfits for that nick have you ever ask you well this -- I thought. Scored got to pay for a -- -- when we make in the film always been -- one of the big core things that you -- found out Laura learned. About about those the webcam world. Well you know I I think it's it's really do hers -- -- -- -- yes scale about like you people get attached and you know I think 11 of the things that really surprised me and was -- was. Cool to me was that there there's this whole thing called the girlfriend expand -- -- really does that. That's where the lines really start getting -- in some interest paying non contentious these teams are developing similar to the movie that's like John millionaire. So you know that that that's the type of stuff that really excited -- and we started talking to the talking as some people that didn't come of these girls that do this girlfriend experience and and they were saying I've had guys try to leave their wife is can come be with me in the country and trying to do all this stuff and not let alone all the money that they send them. It's it's just say this it's really fascinating that anywhere where in a day and age to me at least some thirty years old I remember a time without the Internet that we're in -- day and age where there were. Falling in love with people that we're looking -- -- only communicating with your computer screens it's. Yeah and more and more often than not not even speaking to -- you know their voice sounds like a lot of times. Yeah yeah exactly so let's just say it's it's a pretty wild and then multifaceted world and the you have a wonderful connected to kind of give a good cross section of that and -- -- fun and entertaining movie I think people think. Documentary you think about a whole bunch of information being thrust you -- That is not my films that is not what I try to do I try to make it an experience that you -- -- is immersive as possible I want you go into this. And come out feeling like you know what it's like to be a camera are you one -- -- month. Custom that's really cool what was going to be here are misconceptions you that you've found that was I guess you squash like making this film. I think. Well I mean it is the jury's still out -- but that the girls are our -- your different then than normal growth in some way you know is it. I I I yeah I hang out and in my in my personal time and -- you know overly sexual situation there. They're like they're like neither philosophers they have a lot of time to sit around and thinking well one -- even talk about life so. You know I think I don't know I became super. Desensitized to it to the sexuality definitely got up today if there was just so it's not just us that today. That was something that that kind of was -- get away from me at first but I always. An overwhelming at first -- lose that like we like oh boy what I get myself into. I'm making -- I wouldn't necessarily overwhelmed I was I was overwhelmed by by the diversity of of things and being presented with and I was trying to think like how many homes down to a moment. You know that this scene started to present and felt a lot put more clearly at issue anonymous and has -- does go on itself. That that it's gotten easier. Melinda but I feel -- I find myself not being as sexual person because I'm surrounded by a 24/7. You know our relationship while making this movie if so. I am and our relationship I'm in a relationship with my producer she's beautifully on my name cathedral and then you can look -- option not a can -- or anything -- traditional songs yeah. You know I'm not yet I can't I access a decent teaching girls all know beautiful yeah. Always know you're all. It's gonna current aren't afraid to and that's good suited that was made and I was weirder and on those lines. Non I don't know enough in my dad only only crime my -- said she's she's community here right now I -- she's not accountability should not yet. I'm not I thought that's what. It's really it's really inviting it's really appealing to people like 'cause we're freelancers you know it isn't just sit there and think that we can turn. This year it's kind of weather can make money off that -- put in as much effort as you as we did towards -- it's. It's pretty quote pretty crazy and I'm well aware that we don't really care because they learn things we can just as. Then you said that though there isn't really -- missing can't girls and -- -- and I would argue that they're kind of isn't the -- the sense that you have to do be willing to. Shed some rules of society nor did -- Japanese freelancers you to think outside the box and be your own boss and I mean takes a certain type of person to do that. It's not for everyone and it's not for you know we we joke about it like you know anybody can just kind of turn on the webcam and then. And make this money that's an -- and -- he had an opportunity to develop but it really isn't for ironic that. The cream I just sit atop the you know you you'll see the girls on the front page of of my free -- are. Their -- they know what they're doing they they really do and that's that's fascinating thing to watch. And I was a -- I actually just based on I got -- -- at all because you mentioned talk about friends and now what is difference between you and an end. And he -- a -- involved in this world. Do you find it hard to because we I'd barrel we -- -- is on the air -- were talking we film originally that the aren't a lot of friends that are just like not -- okay girls coming over to your house are. Did you have a cat house full camera also is it. Have you made friends for you said hey this is me and then all of a sudden they're like I don't know -- give me -- -- review because of what you do. Some it's slow it's also tolerance issue because I just the circles infrequent or not one's for you can find my glove religious people something like. But if the the disconnect generally tends to come through lifestyle lake if you working nine to five jobs and we sleep until 3 PM every day right. And we -- are we make a lot of -- -- wanna go you know on the strip but you don't make a lot of -- like we're just. I hated it aids is a big disconnect your lifestyle and so through that we tend to not be friends with people what do you really deal might have missed just you know I. Understand I mean we all wanna be friends -- given that we have similar and senate -- had to be because weather and are you doing something on camera are not. I don't know exactly and I'm really do have friends but those people generally very open minded and they tend to be self employed. Got you can validate him I wanted that house I got walls what is happening here. And enjoy it might be Lauren not -- -- I. -- more so what's the plan for the film how much closer are you to having it done I mean I know you have the kick starter and nobody get -- -- suggests a lot of people who go on that website if -- if -- at all curious about that world are. Hey it's definitely this is something to get behind and I don't mean as a -- I just think that it's it's a it's a very cool. Vibe to what you're doing at least just in the trailer so far. Yes and I you know I urged people to check out our kicks very you know I think we have a lot a lot of cool stuff there it's there it's a great way you can pre order the film now and well you know if you the second had finished and so that's great but also you know people can get involved we have we have on you know some of the -- Echelons of our donation you can you can be a producer on the phone you can be an executive period she can be part of the team you come out on issue because south. We have a lot of fun you know I urge people to to join up with -- trying to payments let's make this thing happen. Ramos on again now the website is cam girls and -- doc dot com also they can find you. On Twitter inside -- very eight don't -- check out and maybe trying to make you do like a camera something like tax. Yeah I -- and I. All right I don't know much rather make -- in my -- my pleasure thank you for joining us and good luck with the so hopefully we talked to you again when not the film is out and not get the word out some more. Absolutely thanks so much guys. I turn this big -- and later it back -- BC -- yeah. Taylor now tomorrow gonna stick around hang out on the STV cast that on I mean he made it -- -- my nods this. Avenue here and that's great lead I got up at a at a fire. How open I was gonna build a drop some bombs and you guys hey I love it no we are starting culture in our house all I wanna hear -- and -- win it it drew us. -- beneath the surface like I am much much like a volcano you just you just let it. Al kind of like his are I know so she's she's allowing it she's allowing are allowing it she's explained you'll go I haven't allowed it. So what what. This is crazy like -- show love is like to show dominance -- -- the best starter. Modem -- -- very reverend removed alpha dog in our room and he has. We have a rule that in order for him to be allowed to far in this room all three of us -- to a -- -- at least one in their rooms -- now do you scary because this doesn't sound like any sort of normal no -- -- -- -- -- okay he's -- -- -- I am I not go out there are black kids turnovers. Now I'm actually signed a letter Lennon said yeah you're not gonna give you -- -- -- -- authority and I love that you're here now is that -- because you're -- talked to the united UW time just. Joining in on the stupidity that is our podcast but now you put him and I'm not where you can't Smart -- secure let the door. Just bent over -- could do that I may just do that you could make over to him in the hallway yeah yeah I area excuse humanist a farce. Well. I don't think for the vapor trail we don't want trail and I don't want to goes to come in Winston. You can okay I'll tell you say it's not good and he's been rotting on the inside Phillip glass of seniors. Hotel room when you sure we can do well. OJ's. Yeah I don't know. -- -- really silent you did I did I'd like there was silence of the Madeleine you know we have a guest in studio right. -- that I can just talk -- does not give you clearance. No zoning well we'll see you and how the Internet I'm afraid that we might lose Value Line in the near future. And he's not because he's leaving the room does not gonna lose consciousness you might black -- yeah. I have -- And AM yeah. Just it's got a lot on Twitter -- underscore girl and hey. Yeah I. Oh man how are you serious it's all over me no matter what kind of later on this away I think so I think you can watch just slowly approaching -- in the suspense movie it usually goes around historically there in the any hits as -- -- and then goes -- -- but it with the other -- Inside info I -- the circulation and it's really bad that we do know that it's like yeah hello I -- -- -- -- Elvis and you see general Ray Allen. All our current dark and it's coming at us oh -- Low go in there is against him on somebody's still swirling around back here I think you may be safe I came. Again I'm OK if announcer and talk about -- the -- the Twitter world for you Chris what you have like fifteen sixteenths. -- and people falling now 1000 -- an engine that -- that's a lot and I don't have any weird people on America. Don't be -- well to listen weird I mean the I don't really know like ice we're having this obsession recently if you really oblivious to trolls yeah and people comment troll can't golf because like I give people. And I keep them soft as quickly as possible. The rollercoaster. Yeah I -- people -- all right so do you really hit me I just I don't really register it but yeah it just doesn't happen so I know I guess I guess so there we're people planet. I don't presume that's have you relived it I mean trolls I -- not -- -- We get -- in my -- right click OK as we have sustained -- like a -- comes in my room answers common economically champagne it's time we just gave him he's in the pet name and and whenever he's exists on its click all. Oracle and it pisses him off so the goal is to troll troll in the leaving to go learn that's funny I -- them that's that's this -- a lot of. Effort by somebody out do I go on -- They got a girl get connected. Go into their -- as you would say I would imagine it's a virtual worlds -- that actually stepping foot in cheaper for. Great area like all of a sudden they do all that only to be it deep. Yet this is this kind of remember this when are you can okay. Can we just -- it. And turns more work for top cellphone ring so late if you dismantled just -- -- dot alerts -- it's pretty much summed up last week's podcast -- they all of this scenario won't make you mad that I -- I take personal and all home. But -- couldn't putt -- all right so let's -- the other this TV gets -- and -- we we have a -- FaceBook drama in a while what we do is we find it. Post some people's FaceBook pages where they are. Fishing for either complements -- trying to start drama and then you see Obama I'm sure you know. Cabrera somebody won't comment on something and then all of a sudden -- storm just kind of follows the -- on the comments so let me find these signals -- -- pumped me the most sometimes more than that I'm off our feeds to bring your own personal just -- -- and around anti -- try to be your friend. We've warned. We view this is the public service. That hey if you're gonna post this stuff. Critique can do better amid a big issue and we're just trying to make people better and my sister remind them stuff being. -- -- -- -- I gotta get a drink. Because I judge for Greek yeah nominee will close the door and just completely. -- -- -- -- OK I got my Twitter blitzer -- had to -- down. -- yeah right now well I have all right back otherwise and not to keep clear my throat so you guys have fun OK okay sweet. Admits British really Alison it's a very powerful tools I -- where it just feels like it's a chat room and you can just talk to whomever this action wants to respond to you. And this following the just watching your stuff is pretty hilarious you seem pretty pretty down to earth with the people I mean I'm not expecting you to just be like -- announced. Higher above anyone else and you know being on your camera podium. But it's kind of nice they just still respond to everyone. Yet it may mean you really have to to never really I think even your -- -- Nobody is. Well a lot of people like to seem to think so at least on Twitter us. Programme minority tomorrow Marleau and that's why I'm I'm not as well as anyone -- -- get a drink of water -- I don't TVs in that room so I mean maybe yours and there was stuff though the heat could be. -- is academy don't know her -- with you apple. I felt like a Greek gods and pat pat pat pat -- I have to continue to use I agree or god doesn't -- comments of one of your followers. Until the top. I do -- -- -- surveillance. Usually potent and we've become Boehner Jesus is the heart muscle Augusta -- so the director talked about the girlfriend experience for me now is some money I don't have so much I'm -- -- -- -- a lot of girls and will provide. The girlfriend's visiting nag emotionally because yes plus meg gala they change. -- automatically do aren't kidding I'm -- cause then I did OK I can understand which I have you done musician -- -- there's some girls to and -- us they're very sexy and that's the thing. As a minority of Baghdad. You know sort of early on your house and let's. -- minute some people are sending money to these people and wanna leave their wives room VG when time -- Seattle. Well yeah that's out there I guess I'm I don't reforms because there're two now you can talk like -- -- want to have to -- well let's say there's a minority of Dixie cart thing it may may visit do you think France and what are we are like the. All -- girls are very. The -- Come because -- got smoke auto we now I was a little smoke which is -- and makes -- just a big yes they did. -- out of -- we. I -- have a -- here it is again. He's not always messing up some Kay Bailey Kara and in the other girls in the house which are in the trailer you say probably -- learn -- -- -- and James -- OK so those are all the grows in the. In your house said yes and I wish him on the podcast from my house tiger do you imagine he's our president there's -- everywhere I love how well -- -- All of us are already awesome to be in the house and -- only thought that he came up with new ones I would -- Ohio -- house. Yeah. Apple may be naked so that's a given that I think. But when you signed up to he can grow the DC hey there's this house if you wanna live and if I got to that even. All you're all living in our respective houses and we met each other through jamming like -- -- so they -- girls and they -- like this this political change. So just start talking and -- this or visiting each other regularly and eventually like we should probably know how us. And we have a site the burning cam dot com which is still under construction. They it's like our profiles -- all four of us. The burning Canon dot com stand though the burning camp and what was either that or kingdom come campaign it's. CO I mean you have an imaginary horse is out of course. And I'll med is awesome and that's key bush like 1982. It's an old Henry. -- -- already you'll -- little as we have final tidbit of information -- that she is what is the tenth most re edited. Then in topless on that it yeah. And I I know you got and the number was not safe for work -- thing. Viewers this is what we are not safe for work can you describe it I think it's. A very heavy it's not it's so that picks that where. But on this list getting sexiest tennis yeah. -- -- -- -- -- find it -- -- am I computers just like holes froze up so. Missile defense technology like it's -- age as I don't understand. And yeah because we rely on and information we have VHS is we've put all of our music I is that why is it's crazy right. -- -- should do Soviets just cleric and a cassette player. But you never know how. Yeah I mean all the right radios nothing extreme views on its. Own -- place. I imagine -- airmen like palm branches hitting sand that's out beautifully and I really don't mess up the walls of -- -- well they -- that the -- we are the rock -- we just have you know booze and old computers you're welcome to this part now okay now we're now clear that yeah. Let's do shots the -- I'm so we did this thing called FaceBook drama where okay price hobby hit the internal. And it's. Mean there's always been no -- -- the China -- -- together. Obama and I think has always been. You. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She'll bring us -- -- -- miss the most since I'm not traveling. Nice job he got -- notice nor I thought you guys got enough -- yeah. So yes what we do research that through our basement. And you shied -- Losing only to all tell anyone what one personal listens to our podcast has described as I -- -- -- if you win at least give you an idea what we're about and also for all of your fans -- I'm sure some of them will go on here too. There's and be annoyed with us like the last and we had a stripper on once right and she had a great time we had a good time with our. Herbs. And it's. Made a point to talk about how dumb we are I think they wanted to add insult us to a batter him -- did come off cool enough in her eyes maybe I don't know. She didn't think you're -- Cindy happen and we went on the run says show a complete Nokia and and great help -- Zoellick downs watching -- resolve that and let me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But one person summed it up that's what our -- -- -- to -- -- all the people on the short kind of ignorant idiots but then again that's what makes -- funny. And that's really doors only live via its solaris incompetence and yes yes and as you've noticed probably enough words to add -- to -- -- -- -- -- hilarious incompetence I'm gonna -- about one minute dispel that too -- I don't mean to spell it right I just need to -- it so I know what it means. Yes that's true. Why does he finds the -- right okay. Today mr. Smart guy aren't -- hilarious. HI LA AR IO US yes Larry is good job incompetence. Now is the one I'm more nervous and I I and COM PE TE and CE. You know that Billy tells correct I'm always learned that isn't good -- -- grabbed my. Just hoping you with your education plantation so. Yes -- -- -- spread the -- lightly less incumbent and hopefully keep up your fans will not hate on us like on the strippers fans that I feel like our web camera that's. So the strippers writes from Panama. You -- -- -- hello road less profitable because you're the workers do not mr. personal viewpoint yeah I mean -- -- if you're gonna Jews. If you weren't doing webcam would you do porn would you do stripping. Lawyer because -- me and it might be able to do things that weren't just stand there and have a possibly guy you have to be sexy and it. Did you and I do have porn videos in the background the -- is tied to -- He's had for its awesome it's important to catch you guys. Or in my yard I have five garden gnomes who -- the swamp monster. Not really reveal if you did you know as the good giant never run jail. It's -- and hit those FaceBook the so each -- -- act so the roles. So since we do have a special guests and -- we're gonna have to -- You know will make marks. Post. Will make here is dobbs lead to people sought change -- the -- -- stereo I can sit out again I could easily second day everything -- -- -- it. So -- -- a name that person mix. There you go so you will be you'll play the role of yourself sweetie okay if if if so hey look you're gonna play the role of -- -- -- see them early and get into this role. You know I think you should be. I'll hire you now and sue we have her play the role Gina. For senator -- mark nine -- and I'm Gina and her -- Regina and depends how you had to cancel sprinted out to our plans this is -- -- kill trees citizen I'm Caroline is big time top -- you know future production let's have you played the role of Trent America. Does this the is at the -- -- there. And that that's the less a third one with also kaine and James that's okay -- -- -- also these you're roommates. Yes they receive it and they go. Home. Care -- well isn't great that's great yeah it is work. I don't clog drains and an owner -- I'm right there aren't very much in his armor right now there -- various -- worried about -- I. -- yeah making girls I think you saw him tell Mike this. This whole camera this this picture collage enough ago whatever the whole thing is awesome because at some point determined to -- and yeah I'm just gonna split right there it's worth it it's hilarious hole. I can see the homes from here yeah there Baird and no homes burned in spending gets extra weird we'll tell you would you know. -- Fumbled it and IA was skimming was a friend my my roommate had a -- sitting in the background one day and -- became a -- his name was Lawrence his Twitter. -- -- -- -- Your Twitter desk and say well you became a regular staple and then people started getting me more -- How many followers is -- can't believe -- actually see these many years before this is a may have yes so good dads so this is really this is kind of the brush with celebrity right here as I said I brought -- well I think he's begin to rabbit so you know he's even today I think that the young -- well I love and hate credit. We hit about a -- the people cost designs because Delano did you sense -- people in general I do pay people in general the pitcher and we trying to redeem a positive and NS five desert the exemption to back down and yeah. And you shouldn't have balance I'm -- editorial gaffes just the one -- -- right in regular tapping a -- to worrying authority for any -- it's very stinky one kind of guessing lower by chance sides -- got very -- -- -- that's dead they said the more intense -- -- let's cracked yeah. Trust me he's -- money to cheers for yes. Policy of don't -- seared his eyes bright it could barely could see his eyes to see some of the -- over. Thanks. All right so -- you play the role of Jack aren't ya one minute Teixeira tops -- so I OK so. Halo 3 you'll -- in the role of Gina. Will be playing the role of who knows there's a mark mark -- you'll be playing the role of nick cool top. -- -- -- And grab you are Jaffna before we started him and we signed nick -- -- -- and I don't see -- -- airline served. All right. -- Hunger Hammond wounded myself not looks like he's not put my first couple holes and these poor. -- Since when are you the baby sitter. Oh since you decided to pop the kid out you dummy. -- Used to try to how how come he he's directed dish has. -- -- no. Do you period aren't -- home period alone -- -- there's sun this Jordan your radius you're kid is doomed. First off the mark you say to my face and I'll knock you out secondly -- got off FaceBook. Or. You said it was cool if I -- -- -- threatening violence while -- true role model for that drove it used to that have another shot. -- -- -- -- just like that then jokes very black market. You better hope I don't see you -- church on Sunday church men MI glad that I read that the comments. This is some good. Yeah. Yeah. There is our FaceBook drama for the week hello excellent job on the high -- I felt I felt like we were there -- power and during your son. A study sexy talk. The fault anybody Mulally talked earlier than so I saw on your I'm one of the videos I watched a few videos on an element you do that's an ideal show -- And you're dressed of that talk -- yes. -- I had to name I well I saw a taco sit online and I knew that. I had half and was it will come head wasn't -- need to score a squirrel -- -- -- journalism rabbit or it's you or talk this world has a little fog machine. There are some fuel fog machines can't. Do you use it every time he earned him over chat I would every time -- -- we have like a sacred draft full where like -- light candles and I do like I. That the sign of the cross with -- those. Work. And then use -- PC. So well it seems they get all this he makes every friend Gary and he's a natural progression easy to dial on your photos -- -- -- -- Is that the yen is the end how can people find these anonymous -- EST -- -- -- look at the second what. -- -- and nice sun and -- is beholden apples and that's why I just thought elite well dot -- dot com -- okay and that's a hey the LLA. Gaelic girls died -- dot com feeling Europe's. -- a girl -- girl angelic and his second name and somebody. This and then somebody asked you only listen hey girl was the -- -- content and send someone girl enters. And and you know -- how. -- you do you think in the rock. On the RA HA a female gap. I. It's obvious and he knows the voicemails or text messages. It's bad. We have Neitzel and chose for real peace that we do is migrate the aliens really like the -- yes a musical associates I humbly -- -- -- you need to have yes yes. I can tell so well oiled machine here. I huge you can write us email us voice mail us it's as TP test at gmail.com. Or leaves a voicemail or text message -- 532714787. That -- 53271. For as TP. Hurt us not forget we have a FaceBook visually should join our FaceBook group and -- tomorrow it yeah as TP -- cast on FaceBook okay. It hasn't yet -- and sexual transmitted disease in what sometimes there's. It's a good thing I wasn't the director of the show also give them producer in the -- so Steve the producer can't -- to ask DP if I was a director and and we be asked aren't. Down on any people wanna listen to ES TV cast to play. I mean I listened I -- after I listened to my feet that would be a thing that people would do what goes -- listeners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm kidding her -- did you realize it's fun and -- you do that you know I obviously didn't come neighmond -- animal after and is easy yeah -- yeah. I'm my cats -- homeless man. I halo are putting your hands would you like to hear our text message -- -- here voicemails or haven't read the text messages or the emails first which hosting angriest. Soriano probably the voice now can get in Iran and yet that's OK and us not forget before we do the voice -- yes. Over the weekend we had a big need to rock a party where we introduced a new rock girls -- -- grows ever present our radio station they dress up and look pretty and all that cool stuff so we had the -- come out what I got to listen to our honesty -- hasn't got any of CarMax and -- typically get struggle agencies angry voicemails. -- on ES TP guess what we saw him at the party so I'm assuming some of these voicemails are going to be from CarMax. Because originally was keeping sober. But I call amount onstage right today CarMax here and he's not until all borders but he's offered to be is designated driver so that he could get drugs. Oh I don't know how many we're gonna get remembered typically we get three to four voice mails in the course of a night from -- -- to -- warrant that. -- -- -- We need. Holland I was Steve now got well yeah we did get UN he's carbonated drinks who would do in New York news. There are profits -- doomed to have their moderately warm but they're delicious like naturally the best culture in the -- -- and really felt in that town. Have you learned to suck in air and then next full sit. Like when you saw it and yet. He hinted that Ali I have to literally drink soda that's I -- for me is like oh yeah yeah -- to failed sinks Diet Coke will get me every time. Teach them hey guys -- It's time for the Fed heads -- time every day and CS ET. So we hit the there's a lot going on this vodcast. -- service. -- your ADT's the most awesome podcasts after that you don't get confused possibly. Right now we've hit the hour mark. Yeah. Just please. Seems like the most carbonate ridiculous things we ever have to try it maybe I don't know a lot of business hey hey you won with reality. -- uses stood indirectly made our there that he's an awesome and -- -- hazard yeah I mean that's like -- pretty flat actually though they've been sitting in my office for a week well it might be a reason but they've closed I know. Concerns. Look into another California. Because she cannot gave you should all know I don't know that those things will know that if you explode contents under I'm -- extra pressure forestry broke through that happened topic that's got our first where his mouth. Until this -- Never lived there until very Latin very brand -- school I thought I haven't even when they're miracle. Well -- -- and ran out of Bloomsbury normal trial yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then have a bad in the world will probably bought a bad bad boy I bet there in the Arab yeah I can hear you -- to. Included is the hardest course you feel the -- and ready and I do everything in my mind and improved net radio there's just harness horse at. Brad have you seen this video you're about Manning may have I don't it doesn't bring rebels were never ever yeah. Hiring union members of that because they got -- -- -- and now he's excellent live on on -- second. Antonio's July. Topping he's seen every corridors -- just loving the video. -- -- -- Oh my god how do you find that on the YouTube's. We're in full retarded or send us the first and up pops up out of 56 million people including -- have watched this. Is this we found that the makes sense -- just his voice to get out on the computer and it kind of. That's -- and still look beyond that. To welcome our world it's kind of moral basis look beautiful animal is somebody -- -- -- could happen if you basically stepped into 1987. It feels -- him at some point. Your thoughts on what Warren Moon I have I can say is I need to end. I graduated high school in 1992. Don't see that's why just dead -- man. I was drinking and management to do really where you yes sir. Gerald and I am -- -- -- illness and let's Sudan's. -- little loves dressing them enough -- do you see it. I think -- -- bottom line is yes how does that make your life worth living. It makes my life day by -- be much warm towards yes see I think Missouri morial we just went give. Even some great points. So yeah it's. Man some resentment on the and a very well -- you can't -- we get the camera was all here where do we Vermont and make us feel like they're here. Merv what are you doing Deborah Dario orders. Where -- sit in my -- it's not always this is -- that's the only -- difference. Tournament so. -- -- So Symbian and that's something. Thank you -- yeah I think I am getting old. 56 million people watching. I like it. There's a ten hour version -- why won't yeah you can just Lucas together and they'll just put it together and Julia to -- Clinton -- Sachs guys did hours and action might actually. It's. You have to playing next time somebody comes into your rooms. Webcam and. Yes I -- I can -- the impersonation too concerned with who and why don't work so I I knew I did make eighteen X-Men walking. Knew how you can you do with clothes on. Not as well home do you get. I'd have to do as a possible. I tennis again anyways yeah. It's. Aren't married young as you know you're out -- but it is totally. Our legal old injury -- your -- her vote he drove -- and even under a minute you guys brought low value as we -- lose lose laughter but if you look who you're talking who just. Yeah like it's -- delegates don't you possessed circles here at all yeah. You're in my shot. And here you will be good producer right now he's our neighbors say October 3. Or actually October -- that labor. Please do agreed to produce a child -- never thought they. Or two guys you know he had yours best seller. Some of this you BJ heard the -- the American. Sure our. Viewers what you guys those junior who. Calculator I. Maybe he wasn't joking. Is he pulled me aside to bring up how -- -- you're and I laughed in his face well I would hope you look. -- what is Iran review and to keep stable and I CarMax an okay guy bled yes discriminate look at -- -- The latest expert doctor west -- most people I don't know code Zito works out they Bosnia. Although not all antibodies Jack he was at a bar and somebody had him in and he loved us a couple voicemails left on the nationalist. Going to be on the he was gonna be I don't know -- it really keeps you can just yeah yeah. Expect an -- Do you have yeah pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat. Think in the super bad. We'll talk -- isn't exactly when the conversation is likely view on a web cam yeah I this -- the eight ball -- you sign of some great. Big item of -- Adobe if you Titanic juices from our podcast they're going to be Chiming in trying to get ahold of -- balances costs. Nothing. To watch my -- camps. Yes street is unless they -- plus a time anything. If you wanna talk I think it's a onetime -- toll on us and so you can have opinion account used to talk -- -- in the shower I was gonna say it again. How does that -- so if I was like on the web cam and I. And knicks on their two at his house -- -- -- -- -- Steve to -- on his camp. We know we're all watching Arnold who are watching -- but if one of us paid between about -- connection -- a conversation here is. They sit and everyone else can they hear what the other guys saying -- -- it's taxed. I'll take what he didn't Diaz against tax Meehan and I'll text her -- you as on these and I saw her yeah we got five bucks you could talk forever tell us. Some. And then if you you know I need anything additional it could be like it's you know it's funny -- joke is a -- I mean a paid my shuffle but not really that cheap but -- And how -- is token. I took this five cents trying to find some bad. Hi this currency. Thousands of pins let's go and I initially -- effort possible sentence there you go since. So what what country do you start off Libya right now -- tank top underneath and -- like the. Does it include -- on morning -- this is an insane thinking it's because. It looks like a sit com you're just making sure everyone's familiar with you in this. This year sit desolate the -- that's right there is a good thing you do laundry whatsoever not at all I'll never. Just where your house men's clothes unions we got -- little rusty calling it anyway and I usually Wear a pair pants I pulled over my -- so I look like it's the complete. And just generally -- -- think -- hello it. And -- -- there ever a -- time makes it like when the other grows popped in my you're there I'd just say as a special guest appearance at a cameo. I just. Can't like in in neighboring rooms and then we'll have like to put in a hundred tokens of the event and the like spank get a person. So it's like it's like -- -- -- -- mean this year because -- looking at your shoulders hires and you're known as honey doesn't think so I was gonna person endurance slapped you in the ass really hard. Could we watch you and the other person the other half the same time yes he can on this -- -- -- -- took -- to -- -- each -- -- yeah that -- -- that's just doesn't -- Reality shows -- should they ask him the same time he promised in the house. -- -- in jail other girls I thought out there I'll see awesome Qaeda in Ireland Internet -- and -- in every room like the pitch. And in -- my MM thank you and me we -- crawl space and senator Sam Eric. Oh yeah our lives -- on your computers and get us where we all goes left up got anywhere -- all -- as having a safe room. There's no safety business -- like that life without a net com -- have millions. And I'm the worst. And it's got an -- voicemail yeah. Well. I thought oh god you're -- -- -- Experts think he knows the producer. 0000. La Grange do you believe you assert our corporate name. Bird good car -- group. It would. The notion comedy. Tour is how well oh yeah. How and Warren. And how. All -- different -- -- well. Oh really drive built like if you got real -- are also have. Are we -- in New York -- Why. Aren't Arab you're really -- -- murmurs I. -- it's possible you don't limit is -- did you do. -- -- -- I hate on people -- white -- so nice. I love him residents know what to do he's -- huddle. He's pitched this psychological warfare and now who do you get Dalai drunk guys at lunch time in my gun the list yeah he's -- him. How are you -- street and throughout the day or I -- well yeah. Okay well you know this thing right now playoff hunt criticism Martinez thank you know. I have a question I wanted to know if all of humor -- -- what -- -- -- can't name. I think I would go with. -- I said -- paltry EL Kennedy would be perfect for this because there was a time in San Francisco and I was -- -- -- some kind of like -- make it goodwill or -- -- value village have a place they were selling on these are some belt buckles. And I still kick my self -- today. Not getting this belt buckles and a gold plated not real goal but look gold and said LeRoy on it. And I like -- is -- -- don't -- ever have and I came over this whole name and domain name was an -- dude perfect about the cam boy. From the right Cummings. Oh yeah that. -- and considering I'd like to buy you. I don't know I'm not telling -- it's cooler than anything you could generate yeah so anyway you cheated you know not only China's. I'm all for what they might see blue balls loudly and well. I. Ask -- wells and how to get one. Com I think -- let's incorporate my middle name which is -- actually kind of throw off some people so what you'd open that they would -- -- girl and you surprise him being his bearded man I would get some sort of you know pandora style you know kind of you know kind of trolling. People -- election prisoner has. If it's a site that doesn't have my picture up right above my name grab some assassinate -- and we'll -- assistant. I think I think that you did laundry equipment contract because -- and it's confusing but then you'll get you get a little cross promotion from my guess all sorts at that point okay. -- I just think it just do the reverend Fuego -- -- your own Maine why don't make me a lighter in your performances I condemn my -- read it and I could I could actually let my carts on fire people would love that. -- have you ever -- -- are you trying to camera -- Yes. How often. By the case. And I MIL start on cam and I let people know when that happens the right -- -- your -- up today's cameras and I don't really put up I don't Shanley who moved -- but she is so that they connect squished together and so that it makes its Latin. A little deal though other of this theatrics at that point then afternoon -- the utility public official reaction oh yes it. What kind of vision reaction do you JFK and credit for protecting me. The other resume visual you can imagine -- OK I'm not -- That's life. Yes news oh look another trigger strokes tools. I don't think you can smell the red vast. Right around trying to spend that amount to sneeze like the yeah I still inside the toddler just have to -- hands plus Britain played that good stuff I thought yeah yeah yeah what are you doing over their little guy you take us. You're offended somebody that you got on my -- I was watching you. I fairy very loud political views and views on religion and policy so yeah -- of their staunch libertarian and I talk about that all the time. -- -- So the middle like a guy I had having a happy moment you look like hey I know you're doing that's your sovereign a but I wanna talk about what happened last of the -- you address. It can't. Be Canadian and lake PDS and. Hello hello massage and includes. -- -- to vote for him Paul it's a change in the world's top. Who appeared to everyone who voted Ron Paul I'm gonna go -- -- Dick Trickle. Because personality and left the world's. -- -- summer get -- and ripped it through this material. Another country you need to have any kind of high calorie -- are now struggling. Are DT. You could pretend that you're NASCAR driver and everything had the helmet on your -- and -- just feel -- and -- them -- on their -- made these. Actually I -- my I'm never take a helmet off with another good point at this -- delays like are you ready for the -- spin on the early to start going at it this true picture of golf. Me. Is joining so pins and get how students and our own movie Campbell the only thing I just can we live next -- cam girls. Would -- the world -- would be on TTP -- yeah Nottingham boys is the whole different world now we have this means not distancing ourselves from this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe spanking each other what we're match. They've sold their -- yet yeah you gotta do for money monetary. You brilliant out here hey dad you do whatever it is -- I think -- Did you reverse your watch your real world's. Jim was -- real world. The show like right now on MTV another singular one highly impressive here watching it right now because -- easy. Smith's computer -- like that channel to move real worlds ago I was all time so like two times ago one of the guys. Was like go bust in shape guy in this is and they were in Vegas and he was a web -- guy for a short period of time in all guy webcam house. And -- it came out and of course it was very. You know was the guys you can -- homosexual. And -- -- and is he got blasted foreigners -- where I really annoy us so we are saying that this could hurt our careers. -- explode do you remember when Peter still poised posed for a playbook or Playgirl Al from type donated yet he thought it was going to give them all the ladies I -- then all of a sudden typo became like the most popular band amongst amen yeah. Making ground. Playgirl open that make adding he was a billion on the big rock star guy with a disarming demeanor and DL resign and -- -- -- I don't honestly girl yes. Consolidated Kabila all -- all to be out. So when I'm not -- comings and -- You're as busy right now but I should bring -- the -- and -- -- to bring up a huge door mask yes because at that point you're actually a persona yes all this exciting now. The although you're hearing here audiences he can't. Well yeah we're okay we're -- yeah I mean in real money it's yeah this is all for the good of cycles we got to pay ability to go to the little Danny please give -- known gymnast. Sure thing bog your immunity that -- video yet much blue balls come out without you. -- -- Have you ever played like any pranks on the on the -- people like hears me coming up and I mean you've done some fun stuff with a no homes. On but days like any sort of -- -- going on with that. I me enough pain so. I have to say when I haven't far closer than for a month and we still but it just in the house site OK but I do like. I learned district like when you sick of possibly scare them even if you crouch down the group really by the floor people don't expects the there to be somebody and we -- level -- have like crawled by their feet and like look up with him. And then scream. Gap that's mainly what my current life as. You get awesome -- by doing that. You Jane actually okay -- are easy style of times. So hurricanes and president James just yeah just doesn't he might have been coming in this morning -- -- to -- so I don't. It is scary and what shouldn't hold it. About what I just being deuce is there I stop talking like you on some misrecorded. It I fairy performance on the hand like he did give -- attention I. And -- -- -- change he sees ARC. And if it's horrible but what makes -- RT great but. And Ben Nelson. DZ -- CN. She now mean as a guy drew me and she's our -- curiously what good. Is -- -- -- as you mean these issues and yes he's he's he's sort of yeah that's terrible there's a little hat is off the nose -- Power I can be dazzled like a lot of fun she's only but. My name I wanted to say that I -- exactly all of my -- and it wasn't really you -- for the a lot of videos -- mine and Mike for or Bloomberg if it is going neck refer. I so we -- so doing the -- I didn't ask coach and I Kayla our web -- girl can't. Okay food on the web right now did you just say Marcel Marceau lights attached -- each time. Okay this is she says you can mind. I I. A video. An apparel. I chair. Well all right then okay is that slightly no as Alec I was writing your world slope it. This is amazing. The some existing Nixon and things. No -- every chairmen remember every other studies. You're only it's only. -- I always get a check out -- fast and that's the video now we don't know I mean can we show. Hi all there's nothing really I mean. Blow it -- -- Ha -- He's in yeah. It's mom and I wouldn't well Stevie had a bad on your phone for later I'll show in my life later -- and I -- Yeah I'm sure that'll go over the crowd was awesome though Eleanor -- tell everybody what has happened there's a lot of silence right she was in a -- behind. -- -- -- Every place he can put this Munich a secret site. -- -- even I knows the hand thing in the in the Mao and -- they're being I mean there was -- nobody there but I herself felt like there was somebody there I felt that you know our -- Did I -- and close the -- and actually -- top reasons I lose my myriad you're -- Losman try to monitor well hole on one and things. During the. Her -- just try to go out strong wedges not leave us new things is you've come out of school and other top. Orange. The other rock tunes okay. Tell us here -- time we. -- major commercial and you are very soft solution general. -- -- -- -- -- Grandma loves rivers -- through this like weeds freaking guy and I don't know how many -- George. Probably shorter hitters are not terrorists. But reluctant to school. Single male tour undergo review -- -- -- -- shouldn't overlook the eagle but I do -- process often very. I am going to hinder you Marty. Turkey and Russia shirt and now he said no my game today and it doesn't whatever. He'll play any good to guard Mario -- the only guys. Homes. Actually -- And that wasn't mentioned a minute you Gloria it it was none no none bigger thoroughly if you go past -- and we hang up on you. The Smart -- sometimes you only like five minute messages they really don't know what -- do at this point you can't keep the launch now trying to act dumb -- crack that -- if there's a time limit when you do your web stuff like can someone to sit on the narrow band is once you do literally doing and I don't I can't stress fourteen hours is there in a holy cow the tightening just forget it's on after a while now. He's attitude you just slowly going saying -- -- just keep performing in some way shape performers beaver ruin your arm might mean. You can't just be like okay well I'm playing my phone different. And I did missiles because I had a competition with -- -- to see who could rank higher. Are like essentially make more tokens in the month of membership and the loser had to lose are able to -- we can't. -- -- yes he's the kind of things we do on our podcast. I wanna see the video I'll loss last week -- -- really stepped out of every week we reset -- version was and I want to. Oh I don't let's face right now. It's so maniacal. One time we put Eisenhower testicles they really there's pain sudden go well I should do that is to be all right now I know never end I didn't do that only once he hasn't done yet -- -- tokens and commenting. How many he needs. The pain and I think it's I know I'd tell him it's -- -- it doesn't surprise and ha ha suck up so as a work in the doctor's bill C aesthetically challenged the -- to lose their virginity in the November and I lost. But I was -- a lot of our success is really -- on the list now do you lose it when you lose that -- that -- is as we Bob parties involved or. Here are yeah are using it in and you can tell the winner Taylor yeah yeah well Jane Jane -- because James experience with me also she was officially the the. He's fifty feet. -- And leave and you and you have -- man police believe me anyway I don't really are speaking for myself but this might be my fear of I guess. Yes I am not that I really Denver to ourselves I don't. Not sure I don't listen and also I have cool we are right yeah I can't handle it can I ask your question that I probably have to believe the answer that. What did you lose your virginity to a good -- he. Trustees I can say it's just say it and I have my. It was -- -- -- -- okay thanks and I don't think I've seen her cry because no more want to marry potter. Well this -- a little bit here's. For her because it's. And I was that's jointly giving her new ideas. Have you ever you still see her -- lifesaver. Ads could dig another -- yeah. And where things are being like OK I. I will place a -- -- bad. In Sioux City no region they're located in another's you're learning and -- doesn't really -- -- How healthy America let me ask her French is let's say they are -- the -- -- movie that I -- earlier and it's huh. Take your magic moment. Now have you can demand again or is that still just to this day one day now when -- -- awful but I wasn't I was not junk host Arnie. I just finished at me over right. Hague Netherlands let's happening like a little drives a gasoline all. Remind me in my childhood -- yeah that's. It's. Later relayed so that's. Tyson -- temperature taken. Up governing authority which dictates what she can can and does not merely my niece is also an -- yeah I mean -- we can I get away with -- Every menu -- -- some podcasts and now like cursing not yeah right and as a matter is your audience yeah and say and and also -- was still associated with the radio stations it's army of viewers on our own bit -- room. Name -- we can say everything you wanna say but -- -- we trying keep it somewhat he had just carries if it was somebody else telling you had dealers. No we've never gotten in trouble for the contents that's good but we re trying to -- good enough job to make sure we're not -- ourselves in the position where we're losing our anal virginity and are very well par but. Innocence is about what infancy has doesn't agree band and your studies in school. Now. Wow a million to a song yeah. Like what was that guy is essential for the profile thanks Maria down arrows. -- Gary glitter button in fit to the other guy the and I and I forget who lost profits singer. -- It. And now it's a newfound glory king -- and travel fur around the firm. Why are we going to -- -- we acted. This feeling up or is it just mental. His work. With a gun come from. Well he did oh yeah I can't tell you I didn't play is no sense to bring and to have them bring their it's silly it. No I'll she shared those gunned down Williams and -- a way to bring it down anyway I don't know why does get a job -- questioned -- an urgency. Driven in my voice now and Lamar. -- -- They're -- you're -- little and suddenly Marshall and others. Are Sullenberger. Microsoft Outlook but it wasn't clear picture of pulling. All ALO I feel like god there. Person's actual cheers so -- actually he does in order to -- stronger leader hadn't sure. I -- majority -- -- if you don't marry me I'm uncharted can result. -- -- create a wedge subjects. Skis so web site and armor -- removed village sultan prince I don't know naked bodies don't move slower -- Ali Larter had pictures here are three pictures on exactly just get tired on high. Huh huh -- you have Greeks used started to get me you know doesn't -- huge -- -- -- -- just human number over the years -- Just. It's. Linux in it. -- darker and -- -- could sit there have been lower -- Iowa but yeah. Scott she all I -- G -- and. Clinton met similar video or written answers plus we've gone. Yes -- didn't continue to attack. I. Noticed some of them are circumcised this summer and yeah and they're all just constantly great by your -- -- -- -- got a practically has some. You don't want to I don't know don't you wanna mess around that chatter about practically around it. You don't want the that we don't know where these men. That usually uses that microphone so he might far little -- -- -- that are directly into the microphone we -- so -- -- if you did go. I'll try. Not today for me more what about this microphone over here for try to on this one churn or filed yet as. Little longer to -- as far as still make a lot of noise is notices that they bring me action -- sometimes I kind of noisy once you know I had noisy -- -- my -- you -- -- pretty rank this morning now. Yes as good venue because I know I did OK there it just it didn't go away acknowledges stays in the office there it was just an everywhere until we have a guest in the room know exactly I respect. Have reasons to doubt that respects people. And I am I love everybody then who can learn how good can you just say yeah. You have to do is -- the it's -- I say it enough times I'll believe it you know -- mind tricks now. I thought I -- Didn't do. I quite an elephant Heidi are -- -- now. Director's cut this -- just I don't see. High -- it actually becomes. Apparent that there aren't. -- -- -- somebody you think the position of authority he gets in the testing actually perform better on the test because they think parents really blown. Let's -- so yeah thank you. And I am I thought you were where you read it. It's due out next week on ES -- It's all dresses doctors. And you've got -- potash and don't you got to write a children's book first. You know I'll get tutored and is only GM I'll work on -- -- they're -- -- yeah well we all are I broke my daughter on illustrating my. Does this is minds about dollar rather bandit mad drug that makes crazy people normal. And it's called Larry's the pan the magical drug that makes this woman at age range. I'm still like this could help kids understand better from their parents that are taking bill we sit like. Kissed a public schools in big board on the last group with like the pick. Okay yeah the children's milk -- -- seminary pages and it's all that's a crime book. We should call crazy Jerry but don't go in the long term I feel like I feel like -- you need to have a conversation with crazy -- New woman who listens to our podcast was just listen to it she just. Interacts with us action I -- get on it but he likes. Being on our podcast and I like having her on the podcast yeah I do to would you like to talk to crazy surgery but OK I'm all right topping learned here's our number and she's she's -- You're doing a number on the air because she -- people call her chances to Ross thanks. 8355687. This will be good. This will be dark -- don't open should be Procter and look at that -- -- it's -- are no Darth Vader voice spoke just walk into Middleton isn't so yeah it's true within seconds you'll know where this is still cooler then I feel like we're Tom Moore doesn't -- -- name. Top -- screwed up again I guarantee you don't. Need satellite. Somebody over -- my hand -- yeah slash. Yeah I don't I don't don't don't try to help him which is the phone dialing yeah. -- where you are kind of testy about it 835. 5687. It's your -- really an honor to this will be doing dude there in the style sometimes -- a current event they -- on her way our voice will -- an old school voice mail machine. She screen your calls -- Not a computer your sister Kelley blue star podcasts. Phone. And releasing -- and. It. -- -- Cherry -- area only got your call today on the eighteenth and the and thank you for calling. When their helicopter news -- from grab on American TV. I don't like to fly. Never hears us flying machine. I could get kicked my company -- voicemail. I flew -- -- Torre when I was fourteen years old. I -- very little and so are also somber. -- little -- I sharing ideas Gerri hi Sherry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey. Contrary idyllic Sinai that she's not he won you know webcams and -- fun stuff funny yet so -- -- complains. Really hard to an insidious and not a science libraries and and it is at nine and I Sherry from different. -- was right about community library of freelancers com am really bomb that Terri was in there mean to me -- -- kind of got to viva what she's all about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Winners and I was nodding -- -- everybody knows the answer this because I'm shaking my had contended she possibly say at your house -- well I've -- like oh please also would be amazing possible. No I heard you guys -- really ask. Yes he's very charming woman I feel like you guys and really she's very sweet suggests the Marlins a little strange. The faces of Steve's children's book yes the -- aspirin entered -- -- if she takes I have to move over as a total order and I'm not sure how I'll ask. Yes she's also results turn -- Yeah that's -- Dolly actually its own book and to help people understand -- Jerry better by having -- Larry's Japan's. The magical elements of the eastern feel normal yeah things Larry -- -- -- depends a beautiful Larry's hand quickly as you know. And thank god yeah I'll -- all of this just comes back to the Greek governments. Know what else does come handle. Bob Dole. To. Try to stick on our next segment of the top shelf. Top news on faculty I don't know but it just Jesus Christ -- complain. News feed people only in this case like mostly -- was just like this this just desist this doesn't grin just ultimately. Yeah yeah. But it really was genius at the same time just like question your web -- guy we have Kim guy -- to do that -- -- -- -- -- -- historic appeared what's the last argument you guys had in the house. Custody astrology. -- hope possibly -- instead username and. And exceed what is oh she's a corner on where I was looking at herself yeah I don't know you say that -- is not cool no I'm just say that in addition Taylor being cool she is cool as well now we are also make you very clear that. Awesome Kate is off hand off limits but I got up and we have to figure out how to hook her up with Gregor. Know you think okay and I'm Gregor I got a new -- him. What do you think do you think there's hope. Just like all that's a man. Had a big year project where he likes -- -- do you think he's -- -- Q did you like Elin wants the philosopher. I don't know he needs like -- wants. Alan Alan Alan aliens are okay because we like to show Alan. Nothing that's. How much detail in mister William Holden Gregor right now. This issue except the premium paid them. Did you I'm on Twitter I can ask them just dial 100 Gregor he should do employ an 800 makes a lot. -- -- -- Our low blow up mobile check with them okay so he needs -- like Alan watts yeah. Okay and the obviously -- play with a group excuse yes and what kind of music does. Awesome -- like. Yeah it's. Her moves I mean perfect this thing. Now did things that mean he's the -- here's a guy he's OK with whatever. We always come on now would like -- is you know he's kind of like the guy for the end right now and that's alternative for author of I mean -- -- like the -- Mears in the Mumford and sons. All today denounced those sort of things I think that's a good one and a focus like they've been having played this past week or so has been like -- my childhood. Songs week for them because they because Jean -- was the same school so there is -- like fiance and Eminem and many people the same if -- so don't expect -- to iron out like right now and his associate them with with with empathy cheesy music videos got you know. Okay but you're originally from here. No I didn't Idaho hospital right here. -- just -- -- just get that I don't write in Idaho yeah yeah. Yeah yeah look out of Tampa Robin did you look. Doesn't forget though -- -- I don't mean I know -- and I know ought to have. I did kind of thing you know that they had never heard that's got a plan 67 scurry because I didn't know you don't -- jam through lost -- better. It's not over your mom jokes. Still we'll never something yeah yeah I'm never ever. There's or it's a good deal momma jokes are always did hit some stress at the mama so fat 16. Can't go wrong with those huge amount of Obama so -- -- distaste and but don't hold reality means. Do LeRoy area I knew what the text messages furthermore -- emails okay. Which I'm thinking and how you -- like angry on how well it means more interesting probably the text nobody nobody wants like a milk -- McCain thinking. Cool -- Right it and worry about was every boy's been all right CarMax CarMax angry at this time unit they -- your fault that the nice. Coming out who you just reek of happiness calls now how to fix this well. So -- mask. Yeah I'm gonna ask we actually didn't Muster the necessary. -- would love this Mandela -- during a police are concerned. Yes and I think that Saddam mask I think you might wanna leave west well I don't know what like two -- to wrestle mono mic over your first. Oh I should pay recently it was an intense things. Thomas what about choreographed drowning or no just we had a mattress and we just beat each other and as popular throughout -- Craig's bond -- -- and stuff we'll -- more -- -- sometimes sometimes they -- at that particular time was not a -- and -- It was like you got -- -- little naked so I'm sure it was very browsing turned down the majority of men who is very sweaty and genitalia was engaged. Do you think sent out alerts like they were about to wrestle they didn't like Twitter yeah. Get on here in the movement so jury doing in there there how do you get more tokens out of them. Can -- less pain. And these are I think you know try out other segments together they're battling this -- of a dilemma -- -- down Blake in origin like he had people contributing to pit like clintons will take some of the can down. Got you -- when he hit the golden needed a shot to -- and we do wrestling matches say we the 101000 tokens. And won a battle Royale all the girls now. Yeah -- to try to and that is the message hello. While yeah. Yeah. And yeah yeah. -- yeah. I have. So no immunity up to wrestle I don't know our. Terror. I don't know if we're allowed to give it away and I'm really aren't you -- -- there's Ryan castle to Osama and general like the rock music. Well since the rock music the music that is rock. I like doing -- all McMaster told me I like I like I wished and Clinton in south. Same thing it's close enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel like now musically they can. You know wrong. How do we get her to keep this mask how -- -- give it up. Come back everything. That's could be the reason why you have to come back to the -- yeah. Anywhere where the man has. -- tokens are like big claims under reading a lot of these big. Going to -- couldn't do you know what's going on -- recording things yes. What does this Simpson's new way of my. It you have some miracle of -- lose that desire Torrealba hit point six -- is an open source -- do currency. -- just gonna -- me. The which is dead and not tax Laurent. Yeah. Yeah I think I believe it is technically taxable and -- -- you have it -- -- So alone but it's anonymous are people trying to make. Deal with currency without the government among the -- yes cinnamon son they can be an ending there our efforts need to regulate and they might be making it illegal but it. Yeah it's an open source software so it's sounding pretty reliable and instant view -- is valued at like 600 dollars right now -- -- I I know I -- -- and I don't think desk. Back when back when nobody knew about it as the hipster. About a mile. And I expect congratulations I wanna hear a siren just like I do not know what this is still a little research on man I'm just like. I'm not willing to dump money into it. -- -- -- Mary C a little scary if you care fit if it crashes and supporting it for the principle of the thing you know that's their right now. And so I don't think it's worth it Ron Paul's fault. Around the hole before it comes. Getting a special event here is going to get a ground ball up there isn't it's. Cannot see -- -- I don't conflict now Mary golf you know. 'cause having casual sense of the sky one's and is soggy. And CNET doesn't matter and over the window like it won't want sex and those of -- post earnestly into it. But. She's having sex with a don't. They got -- piece dial. That you can -- Could you really guys -- -- -- I've touched him with his and my daughter was a god -- I thought I would. Are you guys. Bull -- -- these guys that I used to that and okay you really cannot even flinch and and then also -- -- give me a Barbie like I am offended god but I can contact go on the talk. -- -- -- -- -- In size and I was you know I have says an analyst -- this isn't likely styles anybody realize that renditions of yours you know he's gone student who just does anybody care. I don't know how. OK so you're you're getting a dollar an idea Mecca you guys are going to donkey style I saw Ron Paul sticker. On his window to him my school. Here -- -- -- really -- I'm sorry I scream I scream to please and -- in accorsi knew more enthusiastic. Israel -- -- and that's you know why you said that the you can -- I was so pumped that there is very -- polls. And everybody he had no doubt you're taught in my -- to secure reserve before I American home. Good god yeah that guy who came wow. You know that you're doing webcam stuff I -- some of the time I'll just before and 'cause I'm so many years and have been more than one years even knew and what can you answer -- two evils. And. And that's the only that's your only -- meg doing and we have brand that -- bills and all so awful recordings. We'll be quite as I say I may just all came into claim. And it kind of -- pickle business. I'm set a bit going to 600 dollars one tickling one rally to portion of it you know if he'd like -- point -- dollars at the tickling you any -- -- Both. In interesting times. The sooner drama -- -- -- dislike you it's weird that it just the decline represents 600 dollar sank down because it's a coin down into retirement is that it's not like -- -- and you get I bite out parts written and don't promote peace. There is no longer -- you sold like. -- small very small fraction of his -- -- there an actual dollar house international -- no it's -- virtual learning the money come from lay's lawyer claims yet it's well it's -- money is simply perception of value that saw him up. And so -- -- like. So that's -- -- -- -- which indicates is yeah we lost me. Those are -- number. I think I brought it up actually I mean your staff. I guess DP Kansas summed up my one listener. All the people on the short kind of ignorant idiots -- estimates -- funny -- -- I think slowly progressing -- slightly -- incompetence -- why today I love you and I think -- -- -- Serena brings a little bit of credibility to a minus the home you know you she's -- still -- languish in the are good. You know your means and Rita how Alan watts. We invest in big course. Carlos. Hi received the text or email I don't know what you tell your. -- -- As those guys first text that I wanted to know maybe you guys now. When I call can catch -- before any game big contests and thanks again it's a ring no one ever takes up why you know -- up. Draft. The -- why you know -- we were you to. I was trying to prove. -- just say -- they're they're working out you grants in the fall -- -- you try to call me nuts I wanted to know when he calls for any games -- contests and he gets the phone to ring nobody ever picks up why you know pick up because I know it's him and I don't wanna pick it up a video answered. Two questions. As he lost the next one have you guys ever listened to or heard of the Arctic monkey -- Sorry -- alone until you -- -- of the capitalistic. As to why it's so funny get the next lines is a British rock band mono nick would like -- -- and then he said there's a link to a song it's called old yellow bricks. And yes that's what our opinion is on three days' grace. I deliver -- and deal with these -- and I got a little on singer gap now did any lead the band just some random. And -- about a gotta -- guys somehow yeah good -- -- how airlines or are finally starting to make ground and be popular. Doral but let's Mexico Arctic Monty must starts Sharif. -- monkeys. I know this song. They came hard around since the great burden and -- supplement Biggs yeah video world. Hey me. -- might just go from hot hot DDT yes. I -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- You Wear those -- okay. -- I feel like you're not really impose anything on again. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't know. -- sorry you. I was says the -- Aluminum and well you borrow about two girls one cup play has someone actually propose to say hey would you mind. Deprecating if you -- -- everything. That doesn't surprise me at all yeah I just don't I'm so you know I mean I had -- -- these stories I realize I'm just like as. Stated it is as they come when he comes in a world of sacks this thing out and everything -- -- seed we -- blueprint for me no camera. Is try to mimic -- dollar -- it's OK so I know magazines are. Okay. I don't know I guess. Arctic Monkeys now thanks and he's a tough tough day sounds -- -- on the -- -- -- -- now I just saw your tireless. Hey thanks Texas. Mex Tex -- everything hey hey hey and I also did share. He didn't actually some points I see him as Leo you and -- most of my podcaster incidentally. -- since updated the STP -- logo from Mike. These are not have a logo on citrus for all what I -- here so you can know their meals -- and now we're also on on iTunes snow. So Ghana through -- -- you can listen yes. You know what -- or it's going when our. Stay away from the -- And tons innocent includes. Him or her own home was. Always say did you why you're trying to do what we're trying to uncover the world of big point oh are you guys are very -- -- -- -- growers are no -- and I know it's. Going to be having -- and -- Donahue -- makes you have a Ron -- -- your window -- Yeah and also alcohol caller I'm also alcohol and yeah I got asked this did you -- they include our low gonna send it to us now the logo is there something I want to have a -- beautiful. I was pretty surprising here that Steve -- come original by 311. But I guess because he knew of their older better stuff while he -- then not only that hits. Anyways how many times can you -- to tell that some -- we realize you're saying it might be seeing in the song. That's -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Personal thoughts -- we life -- so this streams and if so what's our favorite flavor is in remembrance. OK there's his favorite -- solid very good chocolate soda you're. Does this and I -- and why all this hey great going -- and you know what Sotomayor heads up. It's good news soda machine and make good now what it has yet is that why did you pick up like 35 bones or whatever you know Hillary still has -- -- -- What an hour or so and I don't need to make it as an Abaya it's tough call now. -- I don't know you have to have a really huge refund was the first reality yeah I didn't know what to those that right. But we have an ice cream maker gateway plaza in the first signed him up and -- now. They're doing right and get a clean it right back out and get back to hold -- preparation you have with the crowd in the freezer not for crap like -- Webcam wow it is now literal right nine I figured it. Also like I got off homes usually dead back to make my own sushi so we got that you and I've never -- -- you don't want. -- you. Terrible terrible player. You already a superstar Alicia and some sort of streamlined hunt as soon as the one that was in the commercial the commercial for the Super Bowl. Not a memorex commercial yeah I do use them I don't know a lot of sausage. The Braves are now. One person is just heard just. Just fueling crawl on the ground to ground thanks to you would not -- and I had a little issue. CNN as you just -- -- -- -- that you knew I was going to go weren't there I don't know that's a brown -- seeming more like I got -- area and know -- snarl. -- Steve should show her your -- impression only yes we haven't in the system. I think -- news editor of the virgin -- -- -- how -- -- that's -- impressions. -- -- You can do we know you and -- You freshness -- -- -- you want to do aids donkey. Don't have that don't have it don't I have a system I have. Spare camel is also an elephant -- Salon lamb and lion -- tiger turtle whale wolf go these are all my impression I'd say to myself and you're -- -- to go -- -- -- and I want to go to our -- There's entire Wikipedia article devoted to people having sex with -- A. No no I use of the article. What do you -- That's OK okay. That's my impression could. GM. That's one -- is this -- amount. Okay. You and how to do it. -- us and involved no no no don't see the ball OK because I had to do a proper good impression by meeting isn't. You go yeah. I didn't think so like I don't know all those times when you see Panasonic -- though she needs some help over our students try to do because it's. -- -- -- -- But it goes okay pass. OK guys like I was at the Puyallup fair winds and a -- go to a manager -- And the -- that sticks his tongue out and make some noise so this is how he does he knows. -- -- Okay. -- a little extra pass. It totally is and liberating in contention yes please. Usually yields are golden. Okay. I wasn't bad -- -- you get this job -- what the -- when you wanna hear do you do. Game yeah and she. -- -- lose the plan is like a sheep. Doing an older version of the parent. There alone -- experience. So it's -- C. So parents. Chris drug maker guess which one is you know which one is the real final I would just like mine and they never guess which are mom doing -- who is good ones. -- here's why I'm very. I don't know if that's what they -- no -- yeah. -- This this and their lives in the water our -- golf. Congratulations. I was so often now that way better in my. I. Let's say these are good and others I had a guy I don't -- ones yeah they're ready now. -- -- You beat him. Your clothes. And -- and -- really goes you know aluminum. It's journal. Yeah. That stems from the external sex sound you -- that the real one. And -- Peoria journal having sex with me yeah. I would imagine if you don't want -- retarded -- worse than. He kind of -- sex. Another -- sex video. Which is amazing. Video -- and also the good heroin. Yeah it's. And -- and no there were video yes I -- -- need the monkey. Forcing a strong act. Forum here that is them. Actually you Carly yeah pretty -- now or frog form he had a good -- to death anniversary of someday. I'm glad it only does he use any danger -- detonate what he usually would subsite intensity nice hat and you've traditionally handling it. If you get upset -- Like I I don't know do we know that the frog was unhappy that I mean when -- the -- off when he was done and which is very gangster. -- pitchers -- -- claim could I don't know why it's such. Patients. That's not me OK I was really -- are giving you money yeah. For a big points. It's right next one is that sort of what the animal sounds -- are still doing that I never stops. And -- and others on. -- -- But I -- want to move. Wow. Easily encrypt and if you don't believe -- You didn't disclose who can protect us. -- -- -- Well she had no links you can stick around floor -- Here. I think picking on -- yeah. Hussein ran her out. There's two or more of what did that but you. This'll be good -- that got me. -- It's really impressive. I've saved all my animals hours. You know it's not -- no. Steve thought it was a -- -- office. It's because this is the ones we don't -- that off the scene and Steve don't you know I don't know this one is I do a lot of animals on the stand and it says it took it. -- And put them on that purring cat but -- when Martin and Bono and I didn't see if you can guess what animal dissidents. It's fun it's not me that's that's a continent have been. -- just don't get out of their nuclear. -- -- No this is a land animal. L for a -- Oh I don't know this is. Resulting. But I did tell the difference. Well no we should do -- -- -- like this document -- I got -- nature documentary and just like. Voice over it I got the animals have commented ever -- really really really really tight jeans. Home and get the certain. Thing that girls get. -- -- -- -- That's a camel hair okay yeah. I low and listen music noise you can make -- your face. On second and another guy isn't she. It's time for the head heads still timeout on ES PP can't. There redress to our market podcasts over the meg crazy well. After receipt and do yeah. Trying to regularly and so let's -- Might as well. I can't live now. -- -- -- It's confusing because as I -- I wanted to wanted to confuse me and it. Those -- assume there. When you play all the same time -- at least six -- and his dad I don't moment at Santa. -- -- doing Millwood czar Kenneth. With -- Yes. And it here Leo written -- zoo animals. That was actually -- -- -- -- -- -- Campbell no sea dogs nodes and my Canada to enter into the Amazon like Iran. -- -- All. When you raise me pretty amazing things will -- -- just like it yeah. That's beautiful. I just do another Texan for reuniting here okay. Also before we forget. She ads on web site. Hey yeah how hey. Hey DR OID. -- abroad -- Through -- Twitter at Baylor underscore girl let's not forget about cam girls that says the reason why you were in here in the yeah. And I said the movie this document is being made about web cam girls and exits cam girls would disease doctor DO seats. Dot com and that's where you can I donate to help get this film you -- help make this so made to so that we can CEO on the big screen. Is going to be alive to do a genetically tickle in high gas costs nice. -- -- any kind of music career -- like epic trailer you know you go to movies and you watch the trailer yeah -- like an action film as a sort of an adult. I'd still like yeah promo so like if you get there I there's -- version of that on the eliminating. The moves so the beat of the music. -- news and sell clips you've got this they and so will I agent going. New world where girls don't -- it to. Only occasionally. Bummed yeah. -- -- you know world. Where you girls don't you should lose their being overdue idea why no one loses. Badly they tell that the game of porcelain drones. I. It is. See they do one more before we get out of here in the stunning good one. In new. And wrists. Let's talk or else -- like. So does that yeah when you go to. While we're on the best men and weddings and a wife well meaning get fitted for talks long story dashed those guts in the sitting room and -- the story -- saying. This makes me wanna marry you again. I'd ask blue -- On the walls there when you're doing there -- got to know. Happening -- pretty that's amazing job. I don't know does his taxes steal boys on my guy you -- them they had have you -- taken in sex in public. To some pump have you had sex in a dressing room now. A bathroom now a car -- under the bleachers. Didn't. Now on top of must that has little profitably. Edit in the fact that stand to like her own. The very busy road in with a one of those fancy vans with have been in the back sales of seven series on the floor airbrushed Dalton and around the window and that in the middle seat out. Did do singles out -- yet this is such as income from -- minivan -- -- the bad we talk about soccer mom and they'll let me ask our friends. The Astro -- possession quite uncomfortable I think it would be yeah just a summary of her. Kind of on the record -- by a river but I would clamp down on to -- trunk that was he overheard a kind of where other people there and floating by but not floating to just hang in our troubled times where they did I mean anybody and anything. -- -- And yeah. Okay okay okay. You've lost some. Taylor anytime you wanna come on our body does not have an open door let's kind of heroics grew I think it's halo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right so anyone who loves they you don't need to. They -- not good good let's make it clear invite them insulting us it doesn't impress them. On to you right -- they're not like mutiny to go look cooler in your eyes you -- make fun of us all and end all desolate doesn't report and if they do that. I'll stay insult us yes -- -- -- serious she's doing now or Australia that's right she likes you very mobile okay New Zealand. Let's put. No no I never voted libertarian I deserve credit yeah I had dropped balls and -- I still think gnomes are OK sorry my bad I can't get all because tarmac -- Brian hello everybody my heart has grown so you guys who's going to Zambian magazine in the same hole and we hope we never -- -- -- and cronies Zuma who has. -- -- -- -- I because I. I enjoy our cartoons and I play the my little pony CCG does not make me a Brody -- -- -- a card game edition I'm withholding opinion snow is on unleaded now. Time. Well I personally do not see the appeal my little pony I tried I tried she's a girl then I try to min after I -- sensible camp. Let's find your -- -- really into it but he refuses to be called a Bernie I'm not a Browning. You don't question. No god no I still ways to -- -- from frequent. Testing compression because it's -- it's like it's like if right it was worse that's for chance. Like to be charges the worst weeks -- what language do you she's speaking for each hand and what -- rcn -- these insults that we don't know about you. We turn to jail term of crying yet the -- and so okay some -- and a good number -- -- just worse. Since its Internet people and they're just that they're the ones who congregate everywhere you wolf fortunes of one where they contrary to most I feel to be the most. Negative I guess will be the best way to put it. So it's just Democrats hers is really a look inside and yet it's it's its Internet clicks really it's like I -- aids in your aids. For Chan and you'll get is dramatic and all Iowans and now second I -- dramatic on again like no we keep a floor of people make terrible when he. All like it's it's a few miracles the worst part of anything I can read the article on women and like I was offended at first and then I realized that -- -- us. It's just dishes this. I mean the group. Yeah. If you're never gonna learn. Oh yeah. -- -- the blood patterns of movement and -- less sensitive because it's like everything all the crap about any aspect of -- embrace that they just get warehouse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You rock you do is there -- -- on -- before we go -- I do every of one thing because next week we do have a band joining us on ES TP Kasten is very exciting it's their local -- more potty -- -- don't never -- enough. It's a -- making some waves in town and I think good things are in store for these guys it's and we actually were -- issue allowed local -- in the week. And it's like as as we were to Obama she loves her makes a lot so yes army sought to reduce their records over and it's not a Iran Jones in the way. And grab the -- gonna give you an idea what they sound like I was going -- I love their new record and it's produced by -- makes a lot. It's very bluesy rocker -- some people compare them. But hey he's poisons guitarist -- Hendrix. Now let's talk to him about that wanna get kind of an in depth about it because the black dude so all black man and I want to thank you it that's annoying that the first total comparison and they make is to another black rock artist like is it like. Okay -- that's just the simple. Waited like you don't read comparison nor did he actually is embrace it does -- it sucks to be compared -- none at all but I'm curious just get his -- his thoughts -- that kind of stuff but. Here on Jones in the way. In the some some I love remains to touching songs. I -- so I think you'll like him. Parents are you it's. Meant to Wear the mastodon mask for. Yeah. A little action -- vendor yeah. Yeah I am I don't know. From the rest. Slowly. She's got a few things. -- -- Okay. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Name. And her animals so it is. And. Unless she's maybe. -- -- I'm sure. Minutes. Some interpretation. Of Islam after I already love Islam and -- but it's become more beautiful things you do. Two million I have got to. Song argument -- -- -- joyous and free muscle. Oh loss does doesn't it kind of like -- I'm here in look I don't -- yeah I can see that in two. Live on you that's a lot. -- -- Jonathan who the guy wasn't tweeting me. This is how it all started a guy we didn't. Saying hey Steve needs to get here on their way on ESP gas and Tehran responded bailing hay out of students -- know that's also yes so like all you have to do and you know I love that they're cute I can you show us -- are aren't real they let -- happen I just followed. -- -- -- there and I'm not got a guy for resurgent I nonsensical fun. Still I think you guys is this behavior like Kevin is being on Xerox it and be treated as -- oh my god follow up. And then a taxi. John woman a man and know that until today -- -- up -- today. There's a couple of the girls are in Seattle you sound mind. No my my love remains -- -- -- in Seattle nice songs -- -- put on a mastodon masks and not men. There's all over the what I kind of figured -- yeah. And then. You can dance and mime dance. Most -- on Twitter. I'm hearing some real Ricky. Totally get AJ in the way to 06 and on the podcast. Contract opening up for BB king and guy you -- like yeah. Crazy -- check local. And I said yeah let's do this and then here on -- let's do it. We made our. And seventy okay. Live from. Wow yeah. Bobby we just got a new little white -- Alert. Doing good. We have to do like on Saturday known as the blindness. And cyclical. -- I just I'm mostly. Various stages of -- that's -- stage in most people do that how do you find protect girls and there. Can you Greece outfits before. There. Could we do it like where no nudity right. Net and -- and in your hands you bring the web -- and them used in Iraq for people and we just talk about it on the podcast. You know for the whole new world you know yeah creation and earlier -- And you raise my every ten minutes is ceiling. They let us do that want an easy time world where we will keep its -- -- we're still -- podcast and that's everyone's wallet check in on the. The token people like that they would -- he's crazy stuff. And hey it's a good chance again have you seen these random things. Yeah I know they would make me get really drunk and first frankly need him in there secretly say anything we do impressions thinks. In the very very interesting I -- awesome. But let us say it doesn't lawmen on -- and it discourages. Men voices like -- -- all of a sudden it's all your female voices. Oh. Oh you can show me it's from the mid Griffin just pretend it's a girl and I so I can't hear about any moves and then -- people watching news here what's. Your voice will do OK so we turn now I'll know she can no excuses about it when you're insulated in here a survey -- -- in the same term. He app I have -- to -- war had to liken it to check -- is not explicitly. Allies in the war. We -- you bring the other girls -- still is up I tell abate. I -- separate yes. I love chatter ratings -- visa community and it's another night and unless I'm innocent tokens are all happen. Hello -- how are you -- -- -- you know ensued. Yeah crazier all over the place. Apparently my early -- in -- all over the place. I don't know I don't know -- know he's everything all over Washington username is clearly no zero wow are remain from the comfort of new webcam it's. -- -- remains on hand towels have -- been a webcam and never. Who's gonna know I was told by half half half and labels is easy right over the gym like that would. When -- turn it on because I never know if people actually have console and none of my youth who shall be also -- -- -- him. What are really can't you guys had a date easy just put -- webcam in the studio and -- feel like these guys are telling me that. Take me playing and then. And then listen and then in the via an opening. And an exhibition. Sticker I think often announces an interaction with them. That's true Ahmadinejad remained I'm OK with taking my shirt off don't want Rabin the chatter Boehner Heidi what's is subscriptions. Yeah. There are. Yeah well -- wow Melvin have a whole new world of an STV cast ballots and they actually this -- Google me. We of course comes there was no music we all his dot big bow wow for a blog doesn't let you girls okay now. The impact -- and listened to come close that I that are now bring you write notes and -- I all right now time to read emails -- -- do -- there's. And below this Larry cubs copying because he's got to -- -- -- -- got nothing to join she's out. Dogs out. I always -- probably get out here. Big thanks to us so much are you joining us again -- lady hello today -- -- on Twitter. And then also forget cam girls documentary cam girls busy -- dot com. Big thanks -- -- as always giving us PS TV cast. They got six locations -- defense Jason you are funny like Bremerton and Tacoma hoses at the top one. Don't forget to try be as deep year old little girl named after me. Just try my role. Rises to. Are you ready are you ready it's very feeling OK yes and when -- once you know why it. Every time I go to draft -- now. Then you turn -- roll them -- and -- and a lot of good ones so they deep in my mouth. Fresh -- that's how they grow the driver is their -- six look gates and find out more drivers sushi dot net. Draw the flow let me ask you he -- over yet stayed positive. -- back next Tuesday.