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STP-Cast 03-25-14 -- Ayron Jones plays LIVE in studio.

Mar 25, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf and Mono Nick talk with Ayron Jones of "Ayron Jones and the Way" and talk over his song during the intro. We talk about how Ayron met Sir Mix-A-Lot. We talk about how Ayron's music hits on all types of music and listeners. Ayron plays the song "My Love Remains" LIVE. We talk about upcoming shows for "A.J. and the Way" . He plays another song "Later Your Body Down" LIVE which will be on his next album. Rev is back and we read the emails. Carmack sent us mail and we open it. We all take a drink of Rev's drink. Text Messages. and finally the voice mails.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't girl. What would you tell. Four guys in the garage good batch of songs would you tell them to do today he'll play in life I don't understand the industry I just know that. When you walk into a club and you see a band that blows you away. You are gonna follow that -- You're -- -- be the buyers see the humor your find them online you see them next time they come to play and you don't have to stand in line of the song contest on TV to become. Popular musicians. Product placement and I'll -- it doesn't. -- -- came back that up with the idea that just playing those great songs in really great live Dan. Is enough rewards you. In your shoes set but you gotta be gotta ask you just have to be really did defeat other things that make up for your musical inability. As a drummer. I never felt like I am going to be on the cover model -- magazine because I'm the best drummer in the world. I just knew that if you put me on stage without PA -- floor monitors and a small club that would feed them. Out of my job so much of people go god damn did you see that's. And I walked away from every show like -- scenario. I just beat the this out of those fans and people saw. It is the STV testing industry is here with top shelf. The -- somewhere I'm not sure where he is trying to -- it has always. Mono -- it's hard for every special guests this is the first time we've had a song we've examined the week. As the actual guy who wrote this song is in studio with us and Iran -- and -- -- Plus autonomy and I used spyware the foo fighter -- -- Tehran this man -- -- -- -- some also real bright as a musician as I'm a drummer. Talent wasn't my strong suit but I will banged up decided to drop it and leave an impression and I'd like he summed it up there and anybody quiet tiger -- Hardly man my best I mean my group. Started out just grind come on the club scene and our situation we didn't have VA system they've put a sykora some like bad leg factor a measure by a -- left thinking like who are those guys you know. Right -- don't want more make them wanna look into it and -- and that's why we have you remember process how do you want to -- Iran Jones AJ in the way dot com and now let's start with one of his songs on the pick your brain about the Tsongas. This is one of my favorites of the -- -- debut record dreams. It's and it's called bounce your heads -- up. As TP test let's check it out. You don't change how we. And now. First Sony music fans are right there with this software. Not a bad day. But to have don't do. -- -- -- -- Okay. No more -- is. Pain. Good okay. Now line the Eminem oh mainline unit. It's like you have such a -- You feel old school five. And the way they keep playing and continue bringing car. Aren't -- the miracle whereas I think this is a great man match up between the states. And you -- In his -- -- it very much on the line right yeah essentially essentially we we kind of they made it it was mostly it was a lot would you go back and do some other stuff he's a tough spot but yeah most -- are -- and good Nasrallah has got a great live vibe to it is just. Bare -- -- and I had a very -- you're if you're I don't know. He's okay. -- And on the -- team -- Little -- and being okay. -- -- -- Totally on my lady and the enormous changes fast yeah. -- And what I really do about that song is that there is I got your name checking these influences I think some people when they hear your music probably one think that they would be influences from. BOB and little lane Eminem I think he even and even their promise as well I mean I think. It's cold and -- -- I -- -- a song towards the end but it almost see it feels like a proclamation of what what you're about. Within the song there actually is man I mean I made this was my aunt and they have -- really is what the song was about but it was awesome -- anthems of north -- you know like. And where I came from I talk about the slotting different views about how like. I came from the same neighborhood that cultivate hip problem that's not a very literal saying -- say that they city cultivate hip -- Israel has blues is a less souls those Rocco was all all all these things and in -- up Bob becoming mainstream overtime you know enemy and so lack. What I'm doing my music is I'm taking almost influences and I'm putting it into my guitar and try to make it sound good in our. I -- it up. As a whole back story just from what I've read in just a story about like how old people sort of paying attention you and and that's why you said Dave Grohl. Interview clip in the beginning because it was about the live show and that's what that that's what made people -- in their tracks and became de Aaron Jones in the way because you and have and how much time -- -- it's come see me live and see well what a -- about including one man. Who I mean we talk about hip -- I mean yeah the godfather of of Seattle northwest -- -- and even I mean just hip hop in general I mean we did a whole segment on our podcast. A few weeks back. About how ya -- baby got back but we I never really paid attention to some of his other songs and it's he talks are some pretty heavy stuff. My -- Seattle lame BS saying yeah when the -- she played and I'm like damn -- activists here and just listen and I'm a big -- storyteller writer comes to music. Whether we have -- whether B rock music in any form and I feel like that's something that. Is what really is endeared me to you is that you're telling stories I mean it feels like this record. And then you make couple mentions in that song I believe your -- a lady has a ho he's. That's good that's good to be a little bit of a dream -- the record about battered image one woman are multiple -- about somebody did you wrong and you wrote a great record because it's all of them OK okay. -- All of -- it's always all the time everywhere nah man I'm just -- -- blues guitar player exit to start it was a blues guitar player anyways and I end up. Because of that I take that kind of attitude SNC no -- been talk about. The thing. The things that got them down the most in that time it was like poverty in that time it was like it was romance it was the ladies always things in unison like 90% this on the radio that all about love -- love is -- those things I am a huge lover. And but with love comes a lot of great pain you know -- so I talk about every aspect the love to know the joy the pain in the like. -- that. The strength because I love all that you know insults. So yeah man we like it it really is -- a testament to -- Teach human to human beings human nature is what it is units one and a few things having everybody can see I I know exactly is that somebody's driving you crazy is that you still love them when they're driving you crazy I mean you could take two people from yet. Do you think you Mueller like having religious wars end and sit them down there have him relationship issues so broad out yet hey there -- I mean -- -- one of those things that -- everybody together. -- do you fear that I don't know if you're in a relationship now or not but would you fear in the future like. To get into an argument I'm sure like the woman you're with is in my book don't think got to write something. Not let you know so -- I've in -- -- -- my -- for -- -- time they are still and we're still close and we still -- are now. -- As she -- like that's where my you know my -- comes from is is that the stuff that I feel and she's more proud than anything else I'm I'm -- thankful for that you know even though we're just kind of indifferent right now but. You know it's a religious thankful that that -- -- I I found someone like a really understand where I was coming from not just take offense to -- take it personally doesn't it's not personally know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Together that they would appreciate that that's what you're trying to do right exactly exactly so you gotta tell the story about though I I read the articles about her make so why did he first discovers. You guys -- show where someone says you got to see -- on judging guys CBS CJ in the way. And he's a guy -- whatever and then all of a sudden he's outside and what I read the article he thought it was three like. Old white dudes that are like fifty some years old burly looking guys and and if you don't know I mean that you might have that opinion just by hearing the music which I think it's a great compliment as -- be pigeonholed. An anyway she performed right. Yeah so that that was that's that's a cool thing in eighty. We didn't see the hard rock rising battle of the -- some which is this competition has put on worldwide actually -- think it was some -- 28000 bands participated in -- and -- know we compete here in Seattle so SARS in your region which is. Seattle was like northwest region and so different stores compete all over the world and -- this competition we'd won you know he's a lot of battles and outs on fly line stuff and so. McKinsey myself and the rest my band mates are grinding man I mean I'm -- we played five shows that day just to get -- two bogeys are small and okay. Soul. People texting and then the I wish it was text and sound like a really good idea actually now. That's awesome hot hot hot hot hot hot tonight he now and they it was it was like you really had to like get on FaceBook. And I don't like like our rock stage and then you cats like submit your vote after that so right it was -- your real long process that we had to sit there were laptops and produce faces. Log on your FaceBook account -- -- like the man. Like us know much like the hard -- -- yeah. -- around us. OK so we grind it and we do really well -- we got to like adding to the cores are seen clouds like that before we you know eliminated or never but -- the competition are playing shows all over Seattle. And we played so much stead mutual friend Ted called makes and said you know you gotta come to this -- now like there there really really good he should be easier on. And down he shows up at the -- raven to come check us out mailed. -- -- We're playing we're we're we're doing our thing and he he walks in and end on the -- cool idea it was ago windows XP days or three dislike it makes less -- my story has seen me right out of my state don't ask. How I stay focused but -- -- him I think he was blown away you know because we just -- -- the thing that we do the best is. We we get up and we display when we have attitude about the -- play you know because you do come from they new cities like this little. Is city like almost hip hop kind of brash cockiness comes out of state I love it all assays were -- a fresh -- there's huge surge now -- let's historic trek. You don't I imagine Larry that's the gathering yeah it's Paris stuff like that you know sort of tough but but after that we like to so much he -- -- -- said he offered to produce our men and my homework and food the look we -- about two years on -- -- -- -- so. Now what was that experience like because Simeon imagine you -- be a little bit nervous going to a studio to have a lot of I hip hop guy produces a bluesy rock record. Was there. Any like certain things you're in the back you might -- I don't care what he says I'm not doing that because I mean I don't know what he he what kind of impact he had on the recording like Guam listening to -- there are certain times where I hear you saying in the and just think the the swaggering your voice made me feel like -- I wonder if mixes I get involved in that like saying hey push it right here are some along those line. There there is limited guidance at times are on uncertain thinking foul sounds in the way you deliver you know I think the one thing that I picked up from him was was more. He tells me to be a better artist and he are you saw the artist in me -- -- but up until that time I was just a good musician and I was an artist Jim -- said do you know he he saw lack. Love the potential for me to be the aid of the potential for me to 205 understanding on different aspects of music you know insult. We record the sound three times over -- I -- to -- we had to go back a record three times a game studio twice by two different studios. And the first time we recorded it was he was like these -- great jam tracks man but I can't you know I can't I can't sell this is gonna sell I think I want to pick this up because it's just -- tracks. It's like -- long solos and Lisa Brown tongue out like crazy on it yeah. But got organizers. How -- time. What is it but you know it's -- They were great they are great tracks but they were angry songs yet and he tells me so I need to go back and and and rewrite these songs business are we wrote the whole album and in the -- like wow that does the the last time I think we were in the -- we we had to record the drum tracks London bridge and last and real and a bridge man like. I had not had time to price in my band we hadn't had a chance to sit in golden new stuff man. I was literally in my -- the night before pre tracking the tracks okay. And then up in the the next day I'm writing out numbers so that these guys know -- we mean up until then we just jam and you know -- -- and at this point in my I have to write a structure for these guys tonight and I can't just like showed in the structure while we're playing. So I'm running out Communist the studio about two hours before writing out different pieces and parts for these guys to show them like these are the new Sox put them out. Wow I don't. And we got their man and for how to push down my son's been. -- -- curry curry is done my songs and we came back and and even that we still under of course some of the stuff we change drummers admittedly now two was so there's definitely a lot of things that affected like the -- drummer. That's -- -- flex and I now he had isn't regretting trying to as a drummer it's a recruiting process is the drummers you Mike. It's brutal because again you got to nail it yeah you know Chris I mean everyone else can overdone if they need you when you've got to look at -- crap right yet know when you're done. It's just a lot of sitting around listening to people do other seven night I fell asleep. It's. Guys you don't really opponent pitching is why -- -- still laughing and I was asleep on the couch while they're doing guitar parts right over here it's like -- -- get a night's -- what goes on all day. But I that's why it. I love what you said about hey we went on stage and and -- you can be whoever you are off the staid look that and I had the same make. Mentality when I was playing the drums -- my band back in the day and it was once it went on the stage I always viewed like we're in the middle of boxing matches that's so weird mentality that I felt like I was like in the middle latest twelve round battle just. It was given all I got that last round just -- calling his money I felt like I was like in the middle of a fight yes and M when you -- -- -- -- just like radio blackout could you just so exhausted and -- And retired brass hat and I just sit down for an hour and and and from the life I need to see you guys live because I've I've seen some of the footage and it's like I I like -- I just got bad vibes from you guys are you just leave it all out there on the stage usually is -- in -- out. I think. We -- -- -- -- in the best -- actually town right now I think gonna see an end and not to discredit anybody else has a lot of really good live bands and actually take off to a lot earlier love as a Seattle. I think that we were only our -- shall -- such a long time and me my boys have been together now for four years as a man. But even before that I mean we've we've been we are veterans of the game and now for 10891011. Years you know like. And -- he's been doing this for long after we just know what we're doing that we know how to create a really really great live show. And this agreement -- I have Grissom -- it's like you look at the other brands is a -- like I always felt like you know it's not really competition with another -- this is like Kate. You know back on the -- plan where we -- playing much -- like Nancy Harvey danger and that's executing right guard for three bands and we were like always the one -- never did anything but we were finally got. They were always inspire us to be a better man make -- and all of have a better show than those guys this time you know I mean I -- think that kind of -- I -- I love. When in my mind hearing you say they weren't the best live act I lost here and yeah that makes you wanna see you guys you've. More gasoline and come come the end of the gonna come check us out man I mean we. A -- so deftly got better I'd say probably the last two years in and watch a bit later senators have been Colombian union at a Tacoma. And you know those guys and and they they're pro life so that is just incredible man and athletes or does as Russian army's last two years out and like I think that helped us put it to the next level we know like. And just like you said I think daughter's music should cultivate northwest music you know we should all be open until I learn from returns. And that's that's what are in the corner calls for Father's Day from the man among many days assets into nowadays and it's always been this community and act. I always love hearing those kind of stories and knowing that that's still kind of buy in from -- from other bands around town it seems to be the same -- -- some about the northwest where it's not about. You know. Make that there is inside a sports right and it didn't end there is a very few towns where you're. Your music is almost synonymous with the town you're in -- someone of your enemies -- you said hey we're not. This time amend this time there was just a Seattle balancing test we show our love for our city yeah and I looked I was a a great way to look at being musician in the northwest say. I think that's the only way to be in northwest you know and again that's one thing I'm trying to do was I came from the scene. That is traditionally like it just doesn't mean -- music just. Doesn't fit and you know which is that the -- -- CO2 is very small pocket musicians. And I guitar players and drummers and and on them like they they are blues musicians and that we're blues for some reason it's like. It's like being called a leper okay I'm happy go luck. And I I am kind of the missing link between those I still would have blues -- today -- I'll I'll -- my guitar and head down to a blue generous to kick it in and play with some musicians and they're cool people you know yeah but I'm trying to unify the scene I think that even though we we -- support each other on the scene. I think it's very quickie you know well absolutely and the next can this -- can hit it creates a sense of competitiveness you know because -- -- is is going up against this click on this there's going to be used that's exactly. I'm trying to unify the -- that's -- this how -- -- and so different places like this is a -- -- of the solo -- right right elements of hip -- this in this park in there under some metal in there like there's all sorts of stuff and that's sometimes -- one -- exactly how China and what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to unify the scene -- and you know it's it's cool when you go to shows you seem to fuel from different walks of life and different you know to enjoy different job that I country -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lack -- yeah. It's not being a black rock group do you feel that's. That that sometimes is a pain the -- so like like almost like people have a certain site this stereo -- about you guys they got -- could you play blues rock music audited that's. They selling jamiat veterinary notice. I mean I would think that. Your performance in your songs in your live performance to make people. Quickly become believers but I mean I think at first Libya is a frustrating thing to have to deal with that kind of like some -- comparisons and I always compare somebody is something that I'm guilty of it myself but. I I I enjoy it you know I I enjoyment one thing -- -- once again is like because of the way I dress -- like my image my my look is because -- -- it's like hip -- look you know yeah but I'm I'm a rocker as the -- when they are guilty -- don't know homers when it means is -- and that our crowd at least company. Is oh my god where you -- historic wish you wish you might just show -- yeah. I love DJ's you know there -- -- love it though because like that's exactly what we're doing is like you don't expect you know some cash flow hood to jump up there and and rock you know we don't expect I love it man. -- love -- because then now you're paying attention they're really gets your attention we like and I thought these -- seemed like this and they absolutely weren't and I -- pleasantly surprised you know. I think that recently especially is definitely gotten us more clicked in with the younger crowd you know. At the because they that we look like them and it. Others say it's more -- again nowadays M I mean you can enemy is using more so than ever and I think it's always in LA like -- it feels like more so now is that they're really like John -- Michael -- just as much as they in my -- you know the neon trees and similarly to Foo Fighters and did you really it's just a good song is a good song exactly and I mean and even for me I don't I get the less. I think I guess narrow minded I am in the music that I listen zones like -- as far as a listen to more pop music. I guess good well structured song I really dig up clear now it doesn't matter. Actually opposes -- and that's and that's -- and that's exactly what we know why I kind of sounds do is just a race of the genre lines and say this doesn't matter it doesn't matter what you call this music it's it's just good music -- in the day you know and and it hits you certainly. -- -- I was lord -- Indonesia Russia concert it was and that's that Snyder and -- I can listen the lord and I can just landlords don't you know I can go listen -- -- -- -- back to basics -- not let you know what I have to -- just don't know about had a good look at the cover you know -- -- -- Christina -- look so they're more superior Christina face a man can imagine -- I'm really -- back -- was -- I like I. Her face now is awesome I think the back to basics -- was impeccable. Because she was just fine just that I ever that she was like 26. For general Tomas you dirty video you know I was I was after -- -- -- to -- a little bit -- are all solid. It's not so easy and when you do you ever seen the video and it's also easier just like wow. -- am GM Christina why he's so easy here's in my heart and I thought that's. It's all right Christine it's not easy at all. I gave the ultimate test of your music I -- hi I just grabbed one -- songs and song we've we've talked about O line a unit performing acoustic and -- my love remains and I just put on my car while my wife my wife is the ultimate gauge of what's good and what's been in my -- -- she suffers no -- -- -- The song of the course is going on too much is like I'm bored this song just pages -- -- the same thing over and over his latest song I even say anything like hey what do you think of it. And also -- We assess coming on sky and an -- I -- they -- Jones in the way and into new records I really like this song. Like Jess okay should I -- I don't even know you but I from being Twitter buddies and then and then talking on Twitter -- my GeMS like it's we want to have. Yeah. About that and then yeah there's some on the record and and I thumb over the record immediately and then I wanted to love it like it was like I really did what these -- all about an historian and once so listen to it is -- -- in -- right but there's one song and dance when will learn and there's apart and on topic -- title line. And this is the one where I actually like stopped in my tracks followed that by and stopped I was driving but I was like. I -- I'm all for us and everywhere on the songs. And I say this is a really heavy line this is one quick line I wonder Susan winded maybe you'd be economic in the same -- don't like I wanted to hit contract. Win what's. You have par right there -- is a site that is I have we have meet my end. -- I think we all deal with that -- I mean still to this day I struggle with Elena get like kind of quicken and make this yet my wife of Mike I don't wanna be that well. It's true -- he'd also like that's all it is is a really cool because you know I ask. The -- years have been a lot of my my to my success and music industries also become because I become more centered in my more. Understanding Moore look myself -- on -- How well a spiritual journey I think in the past few two years and then and you know -- say spiritual thing a lot of people think spirit they'd automatically when a country that we'd like religion. -- Steve our religious spirituality is all about my relation to myself as pertains to the people around me you know right -- -- us are doing that real honest to myself about things I'd done in the past in the way that I was in the past not just. It this song was really a reflection for me you know so I look back and and that line it says -- the person I wanna be would not do these things -- kids -- so must the the pain is all that brings them -- -- -- my denials dreams like. That is that is -- is basically saying like. A lot of muscle for a long time American teenager left myself for a long time and because of that like I was doing things that I do not wanna do know where I mean you know so. And that's what did the songs all about its powerful you'll learn about that in a little -- what finally learn that like this is all about me on the one doing it you know. And yeah man I mean I did that song came -- way but I expected to it's an awesome it now you know but yeah I mean it it definitely was one knows that that's -- having more personal track for me for sure. I would imagine him in -- -- an ally and uses like one was examined at Yankee -- the back you guys they're trying to get him back in my mind lots of times I feel a continuance of the now I'm not very proud. -- -- there on Centre right now I know what he would say did you -- -- Trying to track down at the Apollo we got here I mean really I gave you got a guitar in -- -- and plus the video cameras at some point we'll have these up on not. You choose -- on the FaceBook and all those places -- just. For those on FaceBook eventual post this on this as TP can't stand page or group he's -- -- -- -- -- community homage is good as TP dash casting a -- find that out someone a power this bad -- out. And I turn on your urine your thing you know we're. I think we got the -- Brady had a -- Iraq. So yeah I live in studio right now. If they're on Jones. And it's AJ and the way dot com also on Twitter and Madden AJ and the way to hosts with some you did you. They do my love remain similar -- saw I can't wait AJ let's do this. Yeah. It's. The area around my knowledge. As. Let them a it and you do. I'm sorry if not well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and this guy has. -- led down the mood. We lost our way. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- It's. The mom. The problem the. I'm sorry if I wasn't always. The perfect guy. -- Actually I. -- a live on have a car do big -- Joan and me. And. -- May not know you have to look cool aid and so do you. And got -- garden. -- -- -- It. Well. My you. I'm not a. Okay. Okay. It's. Thank you. Sandy and I wanna put the video camera down just like you enjoyed the performance that was amazing. Thing she's like you thank you for doing that -- -- -- us. I was already married in my -- I thought we got married. Hot momma gonna divorce are usually Arizona yeah -- -- listen no one -- learn best bet proposed during that. And -- how terrible a little battle there now is amazing and. Thank you for performing next on that that that's mourn those sons Jeremy has stopped me in my tracks a first America as he does every time I listen to -- I know it's one of the Maury show acquired -- songs and I know you like a rocket. I do but. I would imagine when she wrote that -- you realize okay this is something pretty special. Com I. I didn't realize it actually in RIA. You know I believe there where everything is reflection on me anyway you know slam -- look at people I listened to like how people are perceiving me yeah -- -- reflecting me back to me you know so when I'm when I'm playing a song or something like that in -- I can't tell -- for write a song I can't tell. Tom whether it's being perceived a certain way or not. All I have to tell as -- how people are reacting to guys don't. And every time I played that song like I mean for years like we've been doing this on now about three years and we had three record -- from version for the album but every time I've played that song someone comes to me like with tears not a crime real aid to people feel it in on this. And that's not realize it was it was a really powerful song is something we had to get on the alma and I know Ellison made on the album and really yeah. Why is that thought it was because it was a long song. And we -- -- we have to put it down on the on a track I had to rewrite everything and it was a really hard song to like. They original -- are very like they're placed a -- like a puzzle piece almost so yes I had to rewrite it and I was really scared to do that because they was kind of -- -- and eyes with a song was about but you know the point actually still came across and did you know that found its way it's. Every time as a artist to be able to every edit one of your -- -- why a lot of times you would films or music -- and bring an outside party because they're not as connected to it. So they can do that without you know this this -- and embody exactly that that's that that's that's pretty awesome and I anonymous I start out there could you do have some shows coming -- get the wild buffalo and denies that -- -- Bellingham -- Bremerton the -- Bellingham knowing in my muscle Bellingham April 15 -- people -- -- that -- out policy during the -- -- -- Jakob Dylan. I mean that there's quite a lineup you got Albert Hammond -- the Jarrett does a stroke she's gonna be a part of this is well the walking papers Matt's arm the drummer from dollar revolver -- Guns 'N Roses of course. As yourself Danny Masterson and this afternoon That '70s Show then Danny Masterson -- -- near Obama -- this guy to death did that's pretty awesome also -- to other people when you're all covering the music of. I'm betting man what some are you doing. For that I had I not yeah I I don't think we have to figure out just yet I wished you know I hope I hope it would slash chancellor he should just yet but now you know once once I I know like com. -- -- -- Ronald caddie forgot they know this is actually let my first like. Opportunity and asked to look you know I just want to screw up that's all I originally got my job. You know we -- we was surprising that the phone call for because in mean this is being I think that I'm only what one of the only local -- there on this bill. Levi virus six local artists and nine I think I'm the only local local artist elect her my -- is national everywhere else has moved to another yesterday had moved. There's there's two more logos yes I'm only want an -- local artists on this bill nice and then there are very very like meticulous about the the the process so. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to play and I'm excited to be there and that's April 9 at the show box tickets are available -- -- more information shoebox online dot com and -- -- And I'd love to get you to do another some general eventually our our production crew needs you video cameras on some Israel Idonije it is largely on videotape makes -- to put it out sort of mass is -- What's on -- planning on doing this was calling her body down the sun and it's probably money -- Nice. Exclusive -- EST yeah. And didn't know. You know I'm. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK okay. Okay. You brought down. Welcome. -- I thought I did get down on the Nextel Cup -- -- earth that is awesome. -- Jones in the way yeah. Hey -- and the way dot com again while buffalo and then going M April 5. -- -- Show about some line dot com to get tickets and then on April 9. The man is grinding as he says trying dean do whatever you can answer intro song my intermountain. I -- are already did I am opening just just try to look at these guys keep -- yeah. Genius of it and yeah so duo they write then yeah. It's also the best litmus test for music because once you serve my music and I've seen him do with the stuff that we've implying viewers. You see -- -- -- rising -- I'm guilty of intuitive response are -- when you can bring up the goose bumps and anybody that's a good sign DA is that I think he had. I sometimes thoughts like did I get a little bit nervous and haven't obviously I'm just like we'll -- the president do not broad. Brush. Let's back up a little bit later on your music is reduced from -- Andrew -- -- doesn't necessarily a good thing for me. Just look at number. -- -- And I mean I still -- I wanna do. -- yeah I and you can pick up the record anywhere I know it's our enemies on this. Modified it's on nine iTunes are so -- it's also stores to that's that's an all lost -- these days it's it's in the so we actually zone -- the stores now which is really designed so. It's on us to a platters it is sonic boom and instead easy street records right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The real Rikki G any said hey you gotta get there Ryan Jones on the podcast and then you're like let's do this Mike. Yes of course -- -- awesome or even -- glad to hear the good news can't wait to catch. The next show with aging and the way to 06 hash -- Seattle movement is not a guy he wrote in and said hey just heard AJ in the -- into that -- -- up on Twitter. Just heard AJ in the way for the first time today while I think I've listened all their songs today thanks ES TP cast that was pretty cool. And then -- Charles also -- and he said on Twitter I heard your music on the ES TP cast love your music. Can't wait to hear you on the podcast next week so thanks to Charles as well that's awesome and you gotta give props all the I -- followers that are shown love for AJ and the way it's crazy man like the the amount of. People that -- this and so support and and just show up I mean it's it's been pretty crazy like. You know do the acoustic being distant on the side to make some -- that's why would make money off of them live off of him just in the acoustic shows that I my fans are showing up in force at these things and we don't do anything like a mansion on FaceBook hey I'm playing this course are here is generally get then there was -- please people have pictures and -- sinks I'm like pictures on these things -- I can't think my fans enough anonymous supporters enough for what they're doing for us man and this isn't like like I got mentioned in the past excel movements -- the so it's all about is you know the more attention any of -- get some more attention it brings -- C now -- and it and we should just be a club we should be about brings out amused at the forefront. In -- keeping gone absurd business insisted that town -- music and I mean not only from back in the day but still to this day and I I think we well for those that didn't know now know that it's still going and still going strong thanks a song like yourself there on Jones thank you so much for being used to be -- man. And you take other videos sometime next couple days will be up on FaceBook on YouTube. What America SW website as well to be on the home page eventually as well also high tech -- officer Aaron hey Ron sorry Aaron. I think it's -- -- Iran that's like the of the corners -- you know it's not pay -- seeking a deal double A-Rod. And I got to -- proxy got to -- some love for your basis and you're -- I mean they they know -- -- -- rhythm section yeah DI under Rico and Kyle -- -- man those guys are I couldn't do without the mandate they hold it down like nobody -- still in there that there's such creative I -- on CD Andrei has created a new solid base to do this kind of signs are ridiculous albums -- not you know and so. I I think my guys so much you know it without the Ohio and your -- right now so. My comment -- on Jones and the way check them out Beijing in the way dot com or on Twitter also aging in the way to 06 on Twitter so thanks again. On I think you. I tubby and English is my nose get into the emails voice mails in the text messages. -- I do have to say thank you over you yes so tell me. -- you're here you are always awesome -- to feel awesome. Just fun out veneer on Jones in the way -- -- on Jones to the way to not make it and nothing ever find the way. I guess next agreed to put away every so I have when I don't Xanadu like bass drum -- -- terrorism -- answer that was awesome mix in your music guy yes he's still on it I loved -- the al-Qaeda to make some be right up your -- yeah. -- it and just that's and so many different musical. Genres for me that's all about it -- I can't really pick out exactly what my favorite thing -- Thornton. But I just know that it makes. And makes me -- I'm -- a good thing announcer had no idea. I was all right -- yeah -- billion nano is fun funny here in new song as well. Hopefully everybody is listening enjoyed that. I know I definitely did I know you have a box here from a CarMax nervous. We're in boxes at him but the -- is still not back from the -- term it's not a bad day for him apparently there's a guy from summer school. Yeah that's right -- where it's confusing class like two minutes says is -- -- a stripper yeah. Listen I've heard there are you hi -- I think because you you strip 1098. Always -- one crazy summer. And I think that's bunkers is not I got stuck in the back half a million tires and you're right height of -- movies -- music is different sectors something I don't know some huh. I get the price for other things. On the red desire to leave. Related Netanyahu oh want to see this for next we can say no that -- you said that if there's anything you read because there's such -- a -- -- clarity in that box on loan -- not -- small loss to reduce -- fault homeland. In my look at them and I think come this far and it's just you know it's car Mac -- up his debts and you know which it's -- save until next week. It's -- it will go bad not -- -- Estonia and sailing -- -- I'm not I'm looking at something and prayers for him there and there one -- -- to us you can imagine that -- -- of full on T. You -- -- another challenge -- something strange is gonna happen and then our -- say it is even better. You know -- and ask him next week's recipes -- Packed -- because I believe we're gonna have our rowdy Roddy Piper on the -- only ten out of town and it's perfect timing because every wrestle mania. Our podcasts were read we make our picks for wrestle mania on his -- -- wrestle mania donating an entire year for the us I know you have huh. Did you winless your -- don't make a -- it's. I didn't. -- presenting my home. And in -- clothes I have no idea who wants Zurich. Another way I know on the role -- Balance but of course you know I'm not blue ornaments. Look good Iowa god -- on imported in your hand scare nobody wanted to own slum. We do we not get to emails last I know we can email your demise last time I saw because of -- sorry I didn't get to good schools. It was a -- Kayla is still -- Some will give to your dream holes today in new. Do it was awesome tennis I don't know do you really enjoy enters off I have a lot of people demanding that she becomes the fifth member of the ES TP -- we -- area. -- a player for today can we get -- out here in time. Every -- Guerrier and Guerrero about term good points are so -- -- -- the emails. First one comes from -- Seattle restaurants. STV -- steel ball and chain and I are staying in Seattle next weekend at any suggestions on restaurants that are must hit. Thanks from -- Well I don't know I got a flu isn't enough to support kind of -- surgery look at etc. yet has so many mcdaniels rollers always a good one belly is -- -- us in the year old Matt. I personally believe is the best Statehouse in the world you draw on behalf of the Venezuelan bond fund -- you know different types of vibe tab and places I mean yeah. I think of like you know from. I know for breakfast to stick -- serious -- The Toys -- -- and it turns into serious biscuit in the morning all American laws that he had and they may have make your own -- biscuit sandwich is benevolent to -- I say transact. It's amazing is a Friday and bacon and cheddar she is -- gravy. It's delicious I'd make is that got a good to almost as he lives in Seattle and is he likes you here I see you want to eat -- they -- off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Creeps. Series this gets serious this kid yes. -- place for lunch yes I'd like to -- being -- Clinton realizes go to -- Berger recess and then for dinner. Non shoot that's a tough ones. I now to wait a little while there's a hot dog food truck -- Capitol Hill haqqani alpha conference. That's the important thing you'll do. Well a lot of hours that I goods are like girl and I AB yeah Thursday but I like really good for bosh is a good -- it's clean -- fancy -- and -- -- rice and -- in clean and those are good the -- this is -- it is that's always a good that's just a favorite in the northwest there's I think as the five point up on Capitol Hill which is really good and they have a rotating. Menu every month to pick a different city from the city. From their country and then they only made dishes from that city trial saw a couple months ago mavericks San Cisco -- such as much as San Francisco surrounding. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seriously check up Seau is the number unless you're at me and I do. Are there are all we can ask your pointer released donut hole into different places and. And if they media we'd -- the local we dealers are there any together every other block all right on the other side of the block and stay away from third in -- and pine we're just joining him mugged you sort of go for dessert -- exported to -- -- -- -- cupcake and -- Molly Molly. Owns the -- -- easily drive from bypass all of stay there more than once who wanted to death so is Leo and you village now. Hello they're doing just. That's even farther from Joseph -- who sat. You know it is true that sometimes so we drive to the Wallingford one right as a lot of the Capitol Hill won because they don't wanna do -- trying to park in America good like -- -- of running people over Capitol Hill this. News popping out of bars cross in the she went out looking all the time mission where reflective gear to absolutely. RS ago and I next to your manhood and there's these cells this thug chicken is that the blog by the black -- Pretty close to the it's on -- third. Then do. So these are still -- good man yeah. I love but did not open anymore in the Edmonds Lynnwood area -- that I -- -- law that place up when I lived in Lynnwood I would go there all the time there's one in Genesee now. Who's -- I think in late William emergency Tacoma area yes yes yes it's right up by -- Cheney stadium accent yeah I don't know where it is I always end up driving by itself is still the mall trying to -- -- that we went through for an appearance along time ago and like a strip mall area ball low without the backstage -- yes yes that's right across the street from there if you have some time to kill. Get your car drive to Portland and god voodoo -- have you heard a moment they're really good and wise guy says -- going to stop getting in and out burger has more -- that's good that ranks. Now we got to and then when you go to many of us gets a mobster roles us. All right if you don't wanna spend a lot of money on -- have -- come along and make you sick to your stomach. Because they'll be good things never mind that hey Charles. -- on ES TP Jessica FaceBook page or email it to myself find you again you can find ES TP guess FaceBook group page as TP dash cast he says. Please play the clip of Brock Lesnar saying let's do this from tonight on the podcast tomorrow Sun Communities Monday night raw crystals are quota. That and also let's talk about hot rod Roddy Roddy Piper. Are you guys we edited the Roddy -- won a year's free Thursday right after the show. Like day after tomorrow yeah no probably hurt -- annually to the movie -- wrestlers are zombies. Oh cool -- -- to -- because I gotta go to this dump that next. Network of places can you eat at the don't. You need to bring your -- Dudamel takes ten minutes will be from grossing -- this record. Curing some gloves some hands sanitized and I don't need as -- I'm sure that big since my income delicious. Are so W -- the clip of Bob rock wasn't screaming the first. You know we've all mobile business and Myrna married you find that so us amateur rather try mail from a ball to wrestle mania stuff an idea Brock -- take you on the undertaker wrestle -- thirty. -- at one point struggle is that the weirdest dream and it's become a favorite on the STV cast. Did you use me. Dvds and now according to Charles he says there's a great moment last night Brock Lesnar saying let's do this let's -- Yeah I'm -- Consider the full clip the hell happened to his voice he would exactly the context of all that. When we. Yes that's why that's why I'm. What went beyond your paper itself. My client won't let -- and -- slammed him group of people. Listen you guys. You know the whole -- you know. You promote. -- You are here. -- -- So he's asking a question is it's kind of in the form of a question -- -- -- -- the -- to drop the last. No I don't -- -- -- -- and always talks are and he's not very gaming I always knew that you're not very good on the Mike but he's sound like he's getting more weenie sounding. As the years have gone on. Material the stirred you saw all the balls Israel to the story it sounds like a thirteen year old boy go into puberty this soon. I think this is awesome so he's in wrestle mania yeah tonight's undertaker trying to end the streak in. These -- 21 and know at this point down -- -- dude there S. It's awfully scared and Derek and that's the match that rev says he will never pay attention -- in -- blog brought glimpse lives winds now oh my god. If Brock wins I kind of hope he does just because -- that he's him. Although I want. The other data weren't as street stays alive so -- -- -- want -- to be mineral or and I want to be undertaken to keep it don't stroller. Yeah yeah yeah I mean and then and today I mean again -- carousel. Some guys suggested on our face but I Cameron who was but it was a great suggestion anytime we cursed you just replace it instead of using MVPs that. So we like hey -- being. Go. Yourself this if that's too much worked out there and it. But the gotta be a really -- I mean ended giant. Ball you would get old man room now Wear the -- and they mix why you sought by. And I. Have to pay round went on to -- lazy. Assets back in here -- you said pass the usual I was we've been no hearings and a half and well we don't know presumably from topping your turn. I'm really tired of this. It's kind of hard. Our next -- and because of Bobby says hey did you guys see this on YouTube a guy by the name Mikey bolts. He did a cover for OEMs happy songs have you heard that happy -- No so happy I'm -- the clips -- -- players and owners aren't but. It's you probably know it think all over the top radio's all for TV say the had to be song when they say just. As well of course is the happy songs -- I'm so happy to have -- worn out -- out in June I'm drained some day around performance and -- was good I was feeling that that was a lot of fun and also there's a paperback because our first -- back from a three day. Her five day vacation. To -- the Sox coming back to work. I know surgery pain right now is trying to reassert authority and I go sit on the couch right -- go home. Follow us -- Roddy Roddy Piper movie house. Yes feel free to watch if you always have had a very busy weekend than. Media after exhaustive. I do not truly. -- hockey I put a lot of hockey you'll see that's an iron the -- and advance to the finals I'll I'll do it -- so championships -- -- I ask you about my last game that is a nine Sen asked I would I wish semi shock helped our team win but we won fourteen to nothing and well that's pretty. -- -- yeah I got I got a bruise a mission over the weekend which is kind of I can relate to you on that level right CR yeah I was. With the -- park now Cairo is comes in and around the parking I was looking at a picture all on and realize there's our table in front of me you know log into it who -- two whose glass soup to bring it to you Curtis itself. -- known as the Republicans in the car dealership so alone from -- stop me now I was a little embarrassed of me I was. Dana suspect caught a Hollywood turner and it connected to him -- just an excerpt borrow additional break. You have to do is just one where there's just a piece of glass sit on top of the metal thing guys patronized. Hit it so hard that it almost pushed it off but it didn't if you broke it would you offer to buy it help -- -- -- you do then is your fault. On the move it's a there is in the wrong spot. Hi I probably wouldn't of offered to tabor and you're admitted that you did it well there's another person in the room at a time -- and that person like is that they started -- -- I got sick and I are really able man think we got a cartoon guys are my sister by current it's all right cheaper license that's Bloomberg's decision by the German car. -- -- -- sir -- over our afternoon and odd jobs. Kind of embarrassing honor survivors Germany was just senate. He Lou Milan frozen. So you wanna know that we've heard the cover for a Williams happy that was sung in different voices from the TV show Family Guy. Now as anyone on this from a family I am confident cartoon right yes it's us and now it's. Nick I watched since the third season -- I've never watched a full episode of Family Guy good for you I just it's never militia has really interest in me to why I've seen clips and they're entertaining. But I just. Have zero interest in watching family I have a huge Star Wars fan and I tried to watch the stories episodes right I wanna take my own lifestyle I had been about five minutes yes because if this takes five minutes or -- but it's a Family Guy voices singing for -- Williams happy -- We'll we'll we'll pull your daily pricing. Crazy well and that is saying. Instead she's here. The defense pre K okay. It's called -- news -- next disease. We always do I think your original it very easy yeah maybe put it may be a mother hawk and her girls being cast -- Harry then they'll. Few years. OK you know here. Are ahead of us need to America and I'm very happy and I hear that there will -- -- your body for he knowing that one -- I don't hate to tell me how it's just really tough so watch so that thousands that was where they produced the right to threaten the hand that Stanley. It's just a guy some. Topic can't speak today but you're missing everything every now help and unhappy. Com know my boy it was. The people would spend hours and hours and hours of cutting up like one word from the same guy saying different things yeah to make him like maybe sing. -- -- I don't get where you'll -- time to -- that -- that I think -- produced by the failure of people I was criticizing guy right you know -- -- who I think was or imitated their -- yeah I was yeah that's a little different this -- that breaking bad -- that we -- that one day -- they -- mashed -- all not only -- locals that the sounds unbelievable how high are you on something they are you -- like we are US -- -- you just have to. -- I give you a new job growth but I. -- duties -- things if I get like five minutes into and I guess frustrated Mike. -- obsessed. How well. I'd next email all it says in the subject Metallica. Okay Metallica kept their promise. And they debuted a brand new song. I -- issues in Columbia have you guys heard it. -- I know they just recently cover -- righty James Diaw but I heard that -- and her but apparently they do. And they did a new song but I think I guess -- hey this isn't maybe the final product of this song is is we're just. Kick out the jams man -- the whole process and it out it's out there are new to -- live performance of course the sound qualities on -- like race -- somebody's cellphone -- got a little Metallica. And see if it's any good. Awesome and heart is -- James like reading from is notice that his -- you know lyrics few cars. Maybe just runs a lot. Just kind of survival -- Ride the lightning all of. -- -- -- I felt -- performance of what are your thoughts cool -- they don't even know the words get them on paper that's right allegedly. -- -- -- Quality inside of scores. I like this. He doesn't say. This doesn't sound like -- new Metallica song and all this stuff. I don't got a whole school -- -- Mattel just got that great like. The other. Like a hole and I know ours and are you. Twelve boards of summer. Feel like him I think it just sounds so it's not good for backing -- younger not good yeah. Not good is another one here -- got hot I just saw him. I think it's gonna sound awesome as James doubles his voice on the -- parts are not down here. I got here I got to hear recorded because this just sounds like -- you -- Metallica songs. You guys just kind of like because hanging out at a concert nose like -- -- -- the -- of playing you know that's for sure yeah yeah eyes they. Is this is just like masterful truths she constantly got to me it has a very master -- ride the lightning by GAAP GAAP. -- your big fan of Family Guy still. Not you use to media is not really so much I -- always played perhaps his songs you Aaron you know did I -- -- I must've missed something out of everything come -- manager -- just -- and houses and well all. -- didn't notice you guys have started recording and you -- it had to go through eventually -- -- -- -- That's obviously a great guy used to be like. You know you can you go over the intercom is a meal like they were recording I doubt that today by the way in which room because I was in castles he's -- in my -- -- -- -- I understand I called do we got people going on restart at a certain time you're never in your on time I did and I came over and there's like there's somebody else over years -- -- guy you guys got it. Does that Rollins and Ryan Jones may -- -- great performance policy of the podcast later -- -- my paycheck for being your baby -- -- -- -- -- you as it may not doing -- -- -- -- loud and it is which -- -- which one is -- James in this situation because I -- because that's some nerves we're gonna have the fan right now this hour. Ahmadinejad -- come and go to bed now it's cried after go to bed or are talking about is the -- -- message on FaceBook today you know to myself. I've got a couple people sending you started listening to the -- -- won't get treated saying he just started from the very beginning all over Austria I don't know what that's going to be like kids. Gives them like three years old is your real -- this time like now they have no idea that we've really I rear arm of the ball challenge remember the -- race so I'm really remember last week yeah you can't get there if you don't -- he wanted to wrestle -- talents last year now -- you free for and you do your -- nation in Thursday's parade at 10 o'clock. We had taken and -- you would rowdy Roddy Piper OR AC guy should be good for that I'll -- -- movies. Cool gap from zombies a wrestlers mass graves in reserve put that down reactionary nick obviously Seattle and I mean that I mean I don't not paying you play you -- don't like dead in the pass cleanly without masses -- -- LaSalle -- hey ha ha -- process Michelle and I thought tonight our enemy but he'll come. My producers of the south of the mold behind -- the current ST because it just heard -- the -- -- on the super ball very anxious. Now are they were pretty good break US south the F -- -- -- -- Bon Jovi are serious seasonal email from our but he Stevie obamacare Bon -- being over are will move on. Yeah I mean there's -- there in years -- I'm OK with Bon Jovi is we never talk about -- this is 1 evening get to last week. Only because though we had a guy Elan and and things are getting. Fund now whether that was an awesome doesn't make your podcast still seems to be a lot of people's yeah there's been a lot of fun to. You know when Bremer was you know I see how it is and on our I isn't getting it from another big guns denies the tweets from Bob Brandon and he says hey have you heard the -- Abraham's son -- -- How much money was a school raised with this DOS talk about the Justin Bieber I've actually have you heard this song I've heard thirty seconds seven I think I got about 46 seconds and -- both myself. And my girlfriend who actually. I don't know she likes very Abraham but is very -- -- why are they struck finished Farrah Abraham from our guys they -- a breath still favor that's a short. Nickname yeah we I tried to listen to it as a joke isn't bad -- all ready -- do you pull the music video. When YouTube time serve you describe Farrah Abraham blow -- with no G. If you've graduated -- -- from Renault sedan and where eight -- I wasn't about that it was more about DL. The other thing listen personal video hit pause yeah yeah. Yeah it is also realize. At the beginning so I signed in a series team June. I'm excited I haven't heard this song or seen the video of the Lazio has always heresy resolved. -- very talented that's very pro Sarah in my house because why because we love to see the train wreck that is fair and she lives such a trainer so I sent the link to this over my wife and it's -- ringtone. Oh wow so you never call your wife. Judge why why do all of our -- on the room. All of the -- and I think says gotcha. You people call her and then -- -- hot I had to stop calling my life. I say it out copy or you're really. Yeah. And I'll -- my -- -- the video carrying a child. Doesn't. Every conceivable side. Yeah producer she's using local press doll. Just wait until you start seeing the other girls that are hanging I was hurt -- killed there on this one. Brandon this one's on you body. Thanks for suggesting it. It's not even in this -- saying a word. -- -- I'm walking in the park where. -- -- -- As -- created something amazing. If you go to. She's got no. Yeah well I mean it's. Shocking. It's certainly does. I don't even understand what she sent me. Yeah yeah so other process and he's. -- guys like every other girl in this video is hotter than her I don't know what that which is sky season. So I know my -- honor if I wanted to girl that looked like -- kid that's so super any. Criminals she's a comedian she's taught it's -- Abraham brought to her -- variety. Her out she's a Brooklyn 99. I want to -- him -- Anymore. I was the first episode may not enjoy let's pray and he's gotten better I don't know just got better life for a while you are absolutely -- and -- awareness. That I don't -- I don't know how to laugh tracks now like to know when the -- you know minus six can make you know we're way you can refuted an hour. -- -- -- Oh did -- ever before rated shows you very near a darn fire god got me to do her -- -- -- front door most of the other finalists saw this jobs. Here goes optional second opinion. Suppose you crash. -- used to have their cars are -- -- kind of -- going. There are those of you walk slowly -- -- oh my god you guys are just -- Yes I agree not gonna denies any -- that we -- windows I was misleading. In the same way and I -- so easy credit. A couple of Google thinks Social Security. -- -- something -- she -- like hey no problem streamed to you Steve for including the entire song that -- to -- -- now. Now with three minutes then. Seeing. I honestly rather. Be on the receiving end of one of her movies. Like three lines in the song there's. -- in mixed together. How to save and I'm really -- and be like yeah that's a keeper of the that's all I'm Chris nobody played that -- and make that company uses -- yeah. So how YouTube and the official and has. Like guns on one million -- some thousands -- less than I expected coming in dislikes. So it has. -- 200 likes and has 30000 this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I read time I mean the YouTube comments are probably terrible I just testament -- now. He -- -- you did you find your way deserves I mean from you know when. Comments Thomas is too much work Monica and I don't know what you have today. -- yeah you can't say the other part either. Now. Tries to be good night he believes -- and when I suggest we use the brothel -- -- wrong cursing that's on. So I knew the right way minimum and then she suddenly she has. -- I don't know all technology and Red -- -- quiet out there and had to wait till next week Assad what is happening to me also. Yeah -- pound girl who every -- first topping our -- all right. So you don't have to wait and he's referred to other -- new prisons are -- and does nothing at this thing RI RS you do. Car Mack writes in his malaria is a new Titanic deuce and he's like three weeks into the membership bum off our our club. Please me like vastly -- logo on the back all do we do just like one of the high school Letterman jackets she -- awesome eyewitnesses told. Currently spends whenever I want because I didn't I didn't letter didn't do anything in high school you know -- -- true they sold -- Letterman jackets like in our school store to we got like a lot late and then a couple kids bought them and normally do. That's sad like you have -- it's an ugly jacket doing it makes it cool is that you're on a -- spot a team Willie Kemp. Blue lettering in her. To get out there oh yeah and how does a pretty solid. -- -- Hello -- does well is. Hello. Coach got tired and so -- -- here's the alcohol I tell you Steve -- like vodka. So I got you some great use race. -- how does minis. -- of course thank you -- exempts. Not sure you like but you seem like a fire ball type who not a father -- -- nice guys are representatives so that passes around fireball insiders amazingly. The fireball and chanted the crowd americanize a -- had a great abuse crisis we've got a great -- is -- that top shelf. Or is that close isn't good results considered pretty well how close -- Congo earlier so it's probably middle -- I don't know what I think it has not bottom -- it was always a fancy one to me is easy someone orders agreed to -- the right -- -- like boom and I think once again grey -- and -- above it for me almost -- him make it's it's a garage during an -- area I mean -- I -- -- uses -- -- -- the perfect. The level economic and I'm excited I love the bottle because it looks to make all airport airplane models -- if you like a giant like this is used to make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think united just doing that late breaking and glow stick but that's yeah did you cancer you turn it into a candle hole -- we usually use like birthday candles yeah. Hey hey hey I just -- doing that in my Dong and it always continually gets done though you could say you know. So also -- -- -- drunk calls sorry you know hey wait a minute there's something for you rather better being more talk about presence he says Michelle mountain. We all know you like uncle John not a dissent fireball that was should receive video of this for the SE -- look at how great sir. Aren't let me get this video going I like standing behind the scenes looks -- today STP -- right because you know it helps people understand what stupidity review. Throughout our -- this thing is is Lima. I sort occurrence tonight MS authorities' strategy or is that we're recording I -- Self and a hello my neck and mouth and I'm Steve ES TP guess that it remains -- CarMax curious to know saying here's the -- -- you guys vodka for me. Ground for top mean. Fireball for -- -- -- Jolie says we all know you like. You can swallow this or sprayed in your face life either way enjoy I saw half -- deuces and he's here. My friends holy. Crap what the hell is that that is not a drink. -- is an actual sperm is a split or it's alcohol America it's going to be drilling bachelor parties. I don't know what the hell this bill. I mean I know is supposed to -- and that's that's a little maybe things -- And war. It's. Good luck and full well. -- -- applying -- off when you watch his video now be far more entertaining exec said George -- does it say. And besides let me see it and loved it's mine let me -- -- it -- to take a look at it Grammy energy and get -- know why not now has its. I didn't nickel a drink it I'm sure you know today is our country because all one of those so we're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ms. O'Connor has did then it's from Germany yeah it's voluntary I don't know I'm really a good firewall through these drugs -- demand -- our our volunteers -- dogs and there are. I'll nick remembers his first only -- juice and interact and only 15% you have to drive through this club and the whole thing if you're afraid. I think we should all take a step. You lyrics -- -- -- and I'm willing to do that now you have to do yeah although it's -- let's go -- a co -- that is do we. Do we keep doubles or something speaking of that do we keep the model not yeah -- -- that. And besides write down and it got -- when you Choi asked kind of creamy yet all I was it tastes like. Can't cook announced it smells like you remember like I don't know and now you've all I had -- people when your life didn't do they feel like I have that like. What they get the youngest of -- Avon they have the weird like bass lake solutions and stuff. She like grows milk don't got Diaz got my manners dishonest bureau's nose -- resonance well. -- -- -- downdraft if it's I did that is sick I've -- girl you're -- interface. And yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- slowly and I'm here I'm gonna look I didn't derivatives. I don't think you're using -- lenders. -- -- Brad is good enough it is still like. -- matter summon no good call as three and I do this phenomena. Judge Joseph if they -- so joke joke tell you by just a little like plastic -- To -- being a plastic bottle you know. It's a Garang. Chase that's -- base but totally explains every yeah hot gonna get -- I don't like the aftertaste that is what -- and I did make a cardiac. The initial bases finds itself with new look Iowa and I was -- -- -- -- -- the next -- be challenged us -- police aren't. Testing in the minor -- yeah I didn't rest of that Australia and so all you had some in my Dell last -- your hero of autonomous a wouldn't be evacuated. -- put -- -- and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought I -- oh I don't know the -- and a lot and ads that is just about aliens who always does on it is to create look cool or it doesn't say. Anything out wrist cramps Smith MM hmm yeah how many accounts is accepting his big. Columns -- I got fifty milliliters. This from Europe so you gotta figure the conversion on the 755. -- Hello I'm not so -- the less than -- asked how do not recommend or endorse anybody buying that it's no scrutiny by Krugman I would kind of wanna vomit. No thanks. Tarmac it's a pineapple juice that many to drink some and is great news candidate. -- out real terms because remember if I -- our -- he now -- he -- -- -- from -- it is okay. Thank you Titanic do Susie got me in trouble tonight. Well it's Tokyo mob I have a feeling that's where we're going to think I'm in Reno for a family thing and there have been serious -- -- crawl which I partake after several three dollar -- Karbala car bombs looks CI -- -- Jamison and three -- Guinness oh geez I was on a mission. I eventually see a guy wearing a shirt that says -- don't kill my vibe. Thanks huge issues that shirt and the previous podcast a fresh in my memory bank. This song was a really put my head later that evening I'm being pushed out of a dive bar Ryan the girlfriend. -- -- -- -- -- I just look at there was a drunken glaze and they say based on -- my -- highway accident a hollow. As I write this she is currently are still pissed at me excuse me the cold shoulder even Greg clearly explain this accidental situation. Oh well I'm currently staying positive. The LD and vibe still alive pass to receive the first time submit your citizens SDP cast. No contribution right pedal just hilarious song Meyer sperm should go over daycare firm drink -- and flowers and dinner. I was poured in and eventually I would love the initiative that says I've seen them out there it's a Bridgestone kill my via but I just. Now when do you ever -- that since Christmas Thanksgiving. All and we -- her in action Saturday you know. Concern for Jesus -- this -- nephews so messed up. If I -- -- -- so very well maybe you get a woman has like I AT and see like pastor out or that is so -- and how it's OK with the porky get like you know I don't know hot steam. But Antonio who like god. Punches pilot don't kill my lives. Joining -- and until now I guess I tell my guys are. -- what I tell my offensive T -- that you've actually had. How they've ever had an offensive T shirt really yeah I've had some Niemi to which I think about what can always jurors are. Mine was from T sure hell if you remember that was set -- the laughter in manslaughter -- no -- got a lot of from there now when isn't that bad no I actually had one that was. Eighties school shooting tour logs Yang and had a list of a mall and actually. I don't -- Friday it was and all the real ones yet there was that fatality are you serious I'm not even kidding why would you even have that great yet that's like that's -- I realized when I got it when you -- -- -- -- bought it for myself not a male how old were you when you got -- He says seventeen -- octane Ernie a little more understandable yeah yeah but I -- War winds didn't actually unzip my already eaten because they realize this is just a bad idea. And going anywhere wearing measured no one's gonna having a good react -- very reassured to school wearing that shirt I like a concert sure -- there some on the for a mobile data from the back to -- had. A it was like -- the children crossing signs. But it was I made in life -- super baggy jeans it was a silhouettes but with an AK and the other person was like running ice and then he had had a list of -- -- concert tours to stand there now that's funny and you realize you. Quite quickly that you can't -- that anywhere and all I bought a shirt on -- street that was. -- like forty different definitions are ways he's a password policies and it was. -- -- tone was almost front and it was just like yeah you know different ways to use that word a minute definition foreigner and and I use our world wants her toys is this like kind cameras anywhere Ralphie May had assured that like that that I can never aware they gave to us like during one of the first times he came by -- Europe and it was all about it was all about. All genre usage of your the fingers. For the ladies out eat your fingers do the walk in there and I. And I was like I did I can't Wear this innuendo -- -- and I have for a long time just sitting in my Dresser and like I can't use this for anything to cause I guess you recently I'm Don. My immune donkeys we -- hockey team we make a lot of T shirts just for errors for the fun of -- -- in the -- I typically when I'm put in an order somebody got to put and in the orders of the T shirts Powell all easily order one for myself discussed -- -- regular and a good enough size border into. To make it worth the teacher -- time I don't know is time make him one -- so thanks I sort of put that screen on the experience for a big campaign yes I could get something out of it so I got like thirty donkey shirts in my house that's awesome. What is -- -- I just as I do the one -- I'm not buying because I know that even if I bring him home my wife would lose or mine -- never weariness. This is simply says good gang insignia and hockey handshake thing where you OTC guaranteeing a good guess is good game good game good game good game asks you know -- And then good game I don't know last slices donkey -- That's also anyone sees a certain laws and I knew it to Spokane I had like write down people's actresses and they give me money housing locale some milieu -- we get more made it take us. Super popular shirt but. I'm very aware yeah whatever I got a same thing in baseball Sierra -- what our guys are Smart he got a black shirt. And he got that in black letters those black on black so yet the kind of like catching it in the right legs -- on the IR. Otherwise who's got a very -- -- kind of thing. I had a buddy who had assured that set on the front just an all like the entire T shirt was the fist. And in the back of it was the F bomb. -- that's crazy. Yeah I just never been that guy wants to take the chance on those offensive. T shirts I came across the thing I forgot all about it but I. Hey guys and show. It's time for -- head to head to build timeout on ES TP can't. You only minutes pass and did it and there's ten that are now. And under president. -- -- How low income flow and yeah. Celebrity. A celebrity TE 2000. Yeah. I came across this this and there's actual picture I took in an email myself I stuck in traffic. And I always whenever you're driving you know everybody's got bumper stickers of course -- -- sometimes -- what people most you don't care plan along with the amount. -- -- How long weekend I'm sorry just trying to give I. Sorry gotta do and then I have my entire car -- the -- the -- had taken up next few people I know this is normal. I don't I don't. In the end says right now. Volume troll and -- receive this was amusing -- bumper sticker and -- extract it's going to be growing on the -- on -- do you Fiat eagle really must then I had to take a picture in this second Japanese. Well you have a growing sicker -- -- its. Funny because that's kind of joke that my car because. The car that we've Biden Borland the license plate frame says -- me now lost interest yeah. I turned out there and defend. -- and you didn't want an -- cars or Brothers or get off him and put it on the back of my car yeah you're currently caddies me out and you rocket with pride no totally unemployed I knew -- did have a menace whatsoever where you know. A car I saw kids. And it waited until I pass it really make it worth my time it was a dude driving. And the car had a -- bumper sticker I -- bumpers a window sticker and they covered the entire back of his nitro. And the blues though the dog I was I don't know right from them and says. In pink letters -- it's purple and look pretty. Played dirty clothes why that I -- I do I have a picture through from there there oh my god it was a dude driving the car and I was just like I want an MBA payroll on your window. -- -- Come on man. You don't drive that car that's like. Having so -- carrier white's personal ads all Ursula it's like ten times that I veterans were just talking about his car man named pink letters and looks pretty played dirty -- -- and are glad to be out here. How it pops that's a black and white pictures of pit -- that picture tolerance okay yeah. Good right now we're gonna black and white in my case. We choose to -- Daniel likes to go -- but I seen jeeps that's a silly boy he's do you surfer girl I assume that's really -- and it's a -- -- driving alone might come on -- -- I would never drive my woman's car Al -- do I -- I was at a taken tonight to mechanic -- -- that really. I would not drive. And I've paranoid person I'll walk Lulu without paying Karr innocent -- police. I will not drive a car as a a girly bumper sticker on it I just couldn't do it. That's dragons are all messages in place to draw the line where I draw the line Steve has his. Things thanks. Whenever those things aren't very many know about you don't glory from. Subject revs grammar Nazi fail blow Steve was right. We've got Steve without much you get beat up on two podcasts ago there is some symptoms last week we never got -- -- I don't you Michael Obama would like little vindication. Your sleep playlist grammatically correct. Use an apostrophe -- to -- borrow when talking about single letters or numbers from Oxford. There of one or two cases in which it's acceptable use an apostrophe uniform -- coral purely -- -- are now in other words and I would not right. Suite here I I don't even remember what you have your playlist was correct dramatic cashing fees is the apostrophe yes that I win home -- doozies. Owned oddly enough next email subject trolling yeah. It's. All it's -- in the same guys -- so great I wonder who's different he's awesome and -- the ginger mean just out of interest in these cool yeah we like always I reelected up I was wrong I was right because we know ginger right. GIA NGR call come -- -- should be the engines and ends yeah just like -- go to Brian yes he says guys trolling. Is getting way over years we keep hearing him more more is being applied to everything people don't like about the people on the Internet he's taken his place of haters. Had become a catch all buzz word I want disagree with that. Patrolling its name from the fishing term volcano dormant summer the definition structural Oxford says Dhabi how you -- house line behind a boat -- them. Fishing poles also you do really have been a -- he is nice stroller rolling video. So the Fremont troll patrolling. So if I tell -- -- hasn't made a roving current decades I'd be trolling because they know nothing about cars and I just warning here and get heated. The most tragic news talk about how the lovely Broncos need to eat a sandwich I'm just a midriff a miserable human beings. Trolls are annoying kids with too much time. -- bitchy people are just bitter -- people and an Internet connection both going to be ignored. If you don't learn to ignore the stupid on the Internet you're too busy you're going to be busy for a long time stay positive gas duties and both are annoying -- oh absolutely. I stiff. I went to your Wiki page all week as we talked about recently how it talks -- Being in -- career with dogs -- yeah and I tried to kind of buried in there is quite a well -- true what Johnny says Yost did. This is on the Wiki page Steve top -- the rabbit and mono -- are all members of Steve's podcasts also known as DS TP cast. Which is the number to your podcast of western Washington. There are being brought -- you weren't -- -- -- -- I X I sits in the most dangerous the DJ -- will needy ways -- higher tax. But kick -- rights and again our concert but Norris Chuck Norris is whats up STD catches chuck. I just listened to the -- guess I'm glad you guys like the song from -- -- that's the Texas hit the all of our since filter through it. Here's another one and they're awesome songs to wanted to best music videos I've seen knowing promised there is no link to any game so for her and take your word for it I think all holes and and -- may not favor adding every tweeting because I got a lot of people commenting about dumb -- C on my out Twitter page bonus which is at ST EP 999. And they were they saw that we were talking about them they're pretty pumped about that also does pretty cool one economist sounds. We steer out and get them in studio know the band. I gotta keep an eye on it. To hold steady yes you -- out today. Is a very exciting time for us. And I forget the name of this album -- -- taken on my beets music. Playing with yourself for a second. -- -- -- -- No -- I did that in my head cocked his and affair grams plus on. Blowing and blowing them -- in politics -- music coming here before April 15 OK so we should be here for Nickels and when he a couple weeks or talk to that's Easter. Yes it is -- -- Israel's and that weekend. I will be here somewhere and there it says yeah you're nerd fest that Japan is there -- -- Well yeah like to nuance postseason dreams. The hold steady -- grab a couple of songs we've sample on I think one of them we very played before but I love the song so much that I wanted to play the yen. So yes is gonna have to deal with it if you don't like gives you -- there. The tour ends on April 15 so. But gets on the next go around the next go around I -- this whole series I was the first off the album I was -- -- -- -- for a song. Kind of sets the stage sure what is the upcoming album. Listening to him and him. Teeth dreams c.'s James thanks and was well back to my beets music to thank you begins with T I don't know why Obama Osama is announced that's why I'm. It's also I hope this whole. I hope this whole. Thing thing I did I didn't frighten you you. Mr. -- said. It's taken out. -- -- -- -- Get in the way back -- -- you can watch. And they really well live. So -- just. A moment bands stop playing for a second. And then kick back game. Just watching me. How great would it -- if they come to town we begin in studio for a nasty. -- I -- you also. I don't know about being connected to think for. But they have anything -- right station downstairs. Why can't believe decision doesn't do anything with the guys in LA XP yeah I would -- metallic feedback you think football -- Yeah about -- played these guys it's unfortunate fits right in the difference. I don't understand why they don't Amanda's then why these guys are the biggest and the world. I guess a wide -- people -- -- stadium it's a different type of style so called cool yeah I love it and there's -- -- when you see a live your -- It's like hockey so the whole city like hockey. Good front man like you and yeah I got on stage for. Right in your eyes and I feel. I had no news go. -- Not like your dog does the iPod might look we gotta do three songs plus you can harness the -- going to -- yeah. This is a bad that I feel like it does it -- to this story telling -- we. I'm from album to album they keep bringing back stories from past albums diseases -- sometimes you gotta pay attention hell yeah. Some people obsess over their lyrics and I'm not a big disaster. But I did come. Let's just. I think a lot more sound you know. Your record again tease James is the name of the new album really you know I love that iTunes they did on their -- radio thing they stream the album for the past week. Preliminary analysis of -- her for a week but of course yet here they're stupid old announcements in between each song you're listening to a free screening every 33 practically. There's all right put up with it fifteen seconds in my life stimulus and the more this record this one is obvious that her -- a ton of time like the door -- the names of the songs like I -- one that I'm really stuck in my -- is being one that I dog. And this one's called. With the business. They're right on with this mosque in the business with a big news I don't write things down very well -- you -- -- -- handwriting I can't. The time that problem my podcast if I what I first thought. What I wrote having is the pens are -- -- so I Israelis and I think once -- -- Hope why's it gotta be the black -- -- -- -- hundreds of Stephen Harris. Australian vice hitter the blowing quads and I had a US. An alien S. I would've figured something out Horace -- just. Some are just like that smirk yeah well the first song that we just listened to and I hope this thing didn't try immune. This whole thing him frank you visit Lara down as the might song title I hope this holds -- -- Hope parents and how to get Frampton comes alive you just never know what's gonna happens -- their ads who's got a drink of that right now today get away coming back at us again this whole city signed on with the business. That's nice. Top you know your defense. It's. I can understand why you even. He's got a certain way of delivering its very talky. It reminds me a lot of social d.s yeah exciting -- we -- which is I like Mike -- so it's. I love it I -- -- the in my new over the you know this sounds a lot like got to -- Nada -- dad had a very good talking songs. One Harvey danger. Yeah kind of guy that kind of like nerd rock vibe that I voice of defendants are also our boy Dick presiding. Com big bands a lot of times he's -- got this kind of delivery as well which I really dig itself. I think -- -- would be disbanded due to different singer -- musically. D'Alema also okay yeah I did orders and our business from Hofstra sang over and had a top you'd be into it -- -- the -- -- -- Thought he wouldn't finalize things. -- what I've always steady NIT teams. Given a world as far as I topic never listened to it I definitely think. It's okay top you don't have to -- don't think I have the mother things to do it and make this in the Farrah Abraham -- charm on mute. Got a busy days so that's all of our emails ourselves into thinking he's. -- -- I've -- my back. -- -- Show them in the area now hopeful also senator sensitive right now this is over us boys go that you know that men -- in the -- in it's great general agreement to earn my -- my. What you want to do now besides -- I'll be happy I think he's I think anybody ever since I -- is Katrina thanks. Sure Texas is no longer a Senator Kerry said okay I guess tax alternate earlier it's a voicemail text message or any now. SEP gets a gmail.com or 2532714787. It's 253271. For as TP. First text any guys still talk -- Dunbar. Any chance he had money tests on the podcast. Love you guys -- be a cool glass in the past to hear how he's doing. Council on next week could -- Chad I hit him in the company parted ways and this is one of those things where would be able to bring him in the studio just. With the -- -- I don't disagree it would be a lot of fun but yet we just would be able to -- -- -- -- be -- outfits but thanks for asking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next to access the sitting above blowout wings of the wife and -- gonna be a good Saturday now bring on that Asian saying I. -- would -- some Buffalo Wild Wings right now. Damon hit a trappers tonight moments here that's not buffalo -- going I know but there's my same thing and ready to go to the greatest -- -- places that I do when I'm not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it. This weekend I did go on a almost a heralding Kumar escape journey. To a giants -- say in emirates golf public you must say Chinese -- Saint -- guy. Always amazing so you know you missed on the -- to ultimate Harold and Kumar. Both say excursion flows the top be myself Vicky Barcelona in all we had going Dick -- around Ares free Kim mil -- core. That many Brock Lesnar for this topic Mary's. Bill just -- To go eat at the Golden Corral I let go. Went to the old country -- today hit it big you know beans and it was no different. You know worse no matter it was totally I'm the same thing. But it and it was kind of periodic we went in there and I was very kind of salty -- might just drove to marries over this like that was a long drive just be -- about say in the middle of the day. And then we get there and it's it's all old people right. Usually happens is title now the day I but they're there for dinner right 1230 it is dinnertime for these people I have Vijay gets into your music what like here. And is like trying to lay the blame on top shelf like this is -- idea to join him in top guy to go to all these different restaurants into their experiences -- been pushing for this for how. All right. So I look they -- drought this had nothing to do a talking I just amendment top we've we've run into -- -- is a topic this is your idea wasn't it in time is that -- I -- take off owners -- and this felt bad until we finally L sent dancer economic down whenever mad at candidate. -- it's good food and so we just. My -- on this -- We like freaked him pigs brag you know smiling because my wife and saw the instrumentation that -- put up on the cast -- you mr. Graham of all Barkley still known as sixteen and that is not healthy how much food to please some one of those is not your place -- all way too much food on one play. Now Mike Powell knows played so carbon nose MI those are -- -- I'll see -- -- the one played that had spirits. The one picture of all the pictures that had two things like to play two to Carolina back. I haven't had a bowl of macaroni and cheese and then -- -- -- through a deal as but the highlight of all it is -- eating when that does the finish. Right cookbook and -- music. I don't know I like this fish -- why he was. It's just your -- it was so butter right. Either what kind of fish -- -- -- I don't know but it's labeled water sessions are well yeah. How did you ask. -- -- Well here's an advertiser in the label I Silas disarm our -- slow it became much fish they sincerest sloppy and that was a doused in water you know only because of variations you know -- do I do we have in the -- -- -- really don't -- -- broader issues I don't know why you topping the drive home was. Awful. The works because they ate so much I got into a food coma and I I wanna go to bed and I'm from mayors of Puyallup whose. I do to our drive from Cairo it was -- dude I I was on for a side and I'm struggle and only trying to keep my eyes open and I -- a bag of pretzels -- full pass. You JE just keep -- Keep awake threats bomb to an area can open the window I'm like nodding and nodding I'm trying to UMass. -- not lost and I my eyes open up as a -- -- the slammed into a -- know we are just I slam on the brakes. And that and -- sun breaks my car veers into the lane fortunately or no other car right now. And I missed almost fish Taylor bought her fish tale. Playing. It got it settled back game that is why don't wait for the right yeah wow yeah there was this Darius -- And nonetheless a drive all begins simply manager of the marries -- and nobody had a tough day -- is the worst idea I've ever had in my life. For -- Vijay should have fried shrimp. Yeah and made us as I was like everything about them players' dinner and go -- Buffett -- -- down having fried shrimp. As a -- you had a head to head cold shrimp which is okay let's get really sick of whom really -- Eminem called true type of -- a home polls colds and shrimp if you recent cocktail sauce yeah so I can go Craig joining us is single. Mac and -- You go to Mac and cheese was not my favorite -- -- -- there any -- pretty good are you really can't about the -- so much Zagreb the Super Bowl and told Brian McNamee did you know -- -- -- -- Mac and -- you have users -- just. -- -- -- soup ones ice cream cone I set a tone already laying down on the Internet for Oreo crap too. And I do like stereos and Lancaster area as well. Then I'm better stereo these days straight dementia it was funny though because everybody was a thousand years old and of course as you first walked in and it's the Charles downs are gone loser and so I Joselio hey good ms. men. No no little kids' -- -- their hands in there whatever and then towards the end of the meal words -- -- time. -- is everywhere. These skills kids my grandma -- -- -- grandchildren. Many museums do -- like the strawberry mistakenly stick it under there -- -- just keep -- there are girls are a little. And you look at their fingers in the my daughter and their fingers on this day show he had dash -- that's why didn't go to the ice cream when I was a happy day because it was a hundred kids there optional meaningless. Zell who serve so hustle these little kids are just stupid their own -- screen out and I'm just like yeah I'm sorry -- too scared her every nasty little hands -- going to -- -- no pledged to go a little individual keeps you healthier though huh. Because you don't need to grows SS -- knock if you do. Because you know Lou Williams isn't very stuff in the years since -- in your body can build up right immune system and that's why don't wash my hands and exact thing all germs makes me strong rock. Brock pasty -- decide whether it's awesome band from Japan called baby -- we have Joseph Girardi should certainly love this new group. The union's top three -- -- -- if there are given our -- -- and she sent me a message saying hey yeah actually a baby now on I forgot to grab their songs I think we played on the Vijay seemingly stereo today after an we have it. Probably a hundred. And you find ways to remain there today so I called it maybe panel -- you know elementary school -- -- popped up -- my news feed like at least once a day for the last -- -- dressing room. Android's going nuts -- it's it's it's essentially just like double base metal. We will leave 03 little girls singing -- would sound like an enemy yeah like it's ridiculous. But it's pretty entertaining -- -- like all the maritime hotspots located we don't want about it was the artists maybe did you know -- what -- -- When one last chance one last try Obama Barack Obama on -- merger announcement and I -- CP UND podcast keep me going all week. Could you guys started Twitter page for those of us who don't FaceBook much love from -- Well I mean I -- STP 999 which I -- you need that's pretty much. I was thinking about starting up an STP test -- in sorrow about the do it somebody already grabbed STP tests as they're using hand or Wi-Fi for five dollars I think somebody discredit just to kind of take you know -- -- you really wanna work -- can probably -- elsewhere. And I feel by air and just -- sent -- donating on its casinos Jon Pasqua to get handed over. -- -- -- -- Cooper brings -- -- -- -- -- anybody that's fine lol we that's -- to stay in Hawaii just wrote me back. About what -- search you once I was gonna give them free shirts -- -- three a moment I'm like okay laws -- any area want but I'll give you thirty exam one with the curly mustache and a monocle. -- -- -- -- Next thing you know you don't -- your. -- -- -- It's Japan's -- everything up. -- -- -- Side voicemails that's OEM lasted just got our first voicemail. -- cute three RS rocks. Sounds good Seattle premier. Like -- voicemail that was a diesel wound in my view -- voice known today. My -- back as good. As compared to huh. Everybody. And being. Again nobody encore. And I don't like I'm sorry. I don't know. There's cameras digital campaign Obama and now I'd call. You -- -- at all. -- it's huge he's he didn't think -- Garrett Aaron got one. This sadness and -- him. -- -- -- -- -- There's no more maybe medal. -- -- -- Sir smile -- -- -- -- today your hometown crowd right. Our bonds I don't know there's probably maybe that'll keep with it because I think. I guess LA law and I'm sure the video makes -- more fun -- -- is like but it makes total sense this would be like. Blake metal music you would give your little kids into used to they would like actual metal music later on their life yeah out there like Fisher Price is my first metal band. It doesn't talk our land dot com I had just -- Well I gotta I gotta get into Indiana. According d'antoni do this. Same -- -- genius Zambrano I don't see my friends story said when there are so. In about oh there's. Somebody says that it's about a young girl who likes chocolate is worried about gaining weight had -- the roughly speaking girls and their preteen and teenage first grew tall second growth fat and finally become shaped up without the special efforts. So sea -- chocolate -- -- going you -- to it is only a fast. I'm always a good job. My business children can grow very tall anyway. I'll -- you do. I don't really fast since the last hundred. -- -- Tournaments faster guys seals. -- do you using company Time -- do business -- talk all things considered TV's real what is. He's given us on track to meet your conditions. Isn't it Syria. For all your hardware I just got a dollar for Valhalla golf just -- his. I looked around the -- -- you hang him did you write all along the dollar did somebody else apparently someone else had done all right underwritten PP unity she's gonna property notion of the holes that's the other -- the here's a copy just to see on the faced her darling you know you've been out well I get arrested for that country. Close and very interesting I guess everything went downhill once or should I all right our committee guys would think you're having fun and it just goes to. Well let's stop that plays it ratified because of -- -- -- missed on on -- Fund performance throughout the video up soon tiles it's gonna put it together -- me not make it look pretty and all -- good stuff so you know take that on the very near future. And as always say hey thank you guys man next week is a very exciting podcast is to wrestle mania podcast and ES TP test. Joining us will be rowdy Roddy Piper Diego all year may have some other special guests as well who knows keep our fingers crossed you know you never know what's gonna happen on ES TP cast. Hillary -- a lot of guests coming up in the near future got another on local band that's going to be coming in. In a couple weeks hitting the fifteenth. For a round that day -- it is Tuesday and that time nominal and -- Jeff Krauss who plays him in loaded does -- and he got a new group called. I think is the guessing game yes it's a guessing game. And they've got a new record which is awesome -- -- really -- -- we will preview some of their stuff next week cool you don't know an SED cast and do. Well I think that's about it I do wanna say we went stretch -- sushi before you gonzo I'm really him upon mile before even get the music going. Oh it's it's coma one. And we had a different -- said they -- usually do usually in my body Lauren polo -- -- column in the -- turn any audio it's a sub what is on specially roles I would say if you go to the Tacoma. -- -- And you have low low or Lauren as your -- sushi chef quiet decision says she's always -- the all you can mean that's going to pay what you got that's your own role. Because they typically put together these insane roles and his initial -- -- go out because it's a good chance on the show off there aren't immune being -- sushi chef is yeah you're -- -- we got near near orders but he also got. -- -- we create a minute and so Lawrence got this awesome -- the mr. nice guy that he only makes a -- and we have this guy dodged and dodged the dot drawl. This weekend. Are there GPS is a ball God's -- names of the best kind of right low low -- odds you can water dogs and lol okay. I'll have to ask brings amendments. -- -- Jamie is Roy that they had tried this throwing me out am I what you call and -- I called the dodger all unlike a lawyer called fabulous. Because my name is dark -- you -- he's he's he's. And in Puyallup there's a guy Travis he's got to roll call the travesty. -- -- -- now I think it's great. I hope I'm getting these guys in trouble like I hope that you know. Let's get a chartered as a sand trap her did you like what -- you Jordan -- there's Travers the super glue guy that he and and I -- that's. Pretty much how all the roles in Iran is and you started from people just experiment he's mentioned that a couple times I saw dodge came from a dodge scrambling -- pretty awesome when we're gonna name you -- just. So he's got this role has actually has healed. Because he really saying or guys like you'll not -- like you. No PC is now on EL you won't even really notice him. And I tried to roll the -- One of my funerals I was like damn I'm sorry you left school a Mario came with deal also having now that -- Kind of food so we go to -- -- today paradise TP talking about junior dodge role to me some of that. In my mouth -- what -- -- dodged. And it -- delicious it just like Sarah. I also went to Kent station wanted to for the T -- game on Saturday -- some of that we have the bar and and luckily we just timed just right because it was a way to -- the bar of course you do you sneak in there the -- -- for that has I don't know if people. Just wanna sit in the normal area but yet you just go right into the barn is just. Her every restaurant and it's always afraid I'd look for is the bar because you want to wait yeah exactly and they had at the bar they got those on those frozen taps yet here so it keeps an extra Colston -- so awesome so I crushed the odds -- -- all I changed it up -- -- -- who know and as a two year old and sound are all up. Since as opposed ES TP -- which is original go to it's always -- ST -- for UN in some candles and I feel like a mom -- I'm back -- myself I'm -- my. SEP -- -- now -- I rotate and -- switching up as -- Obama team I'm -- I. I -- and I do it I get the SEP year old right. I got to sound her own Stew and then I get three orders or sometimes -- orders and -- long Graham of the -- the -- right which is to pieces or to really get lives. Right it's only three items. So Ben what I would do I go as TP sounder -- the Geary and Steve he. -- -- their seven -- as dia comes back to begin at six link here isn't about six -- a role of government double bogeys and a couple more. You never know why owl you know I take much -- you know his sushi I love sushi and I especially love -- seriously he could he be. So just come out come Boehner and I pages. The big T birds game game number three in Europe to nothing in the first round could -- at three silver tips go birds go. So again thank you to track for -- got their new location open I guess some are not tweeting me. We're texting me saying that the north pin location very open -- I cannot confirm or deny it but if you live in the area maybe some good drive by -- -- open. -- -- It's delicious no matter where you -- new drivers CC they got Covington ten season Puyallup funny like Bremerton and Tacoma. And possibly north bend. Check him out on FaceBook they always offer a great deals and talk about cool stuff that's going on a -- for CC could do a lot of great things in the community is well props to -- -- in the gang. Fresh friendly that's how they -- Old -- CC. Six maybe seven locations. Find out more at trappers sushi dot net for mono nick. A mighty reverend and play -- Talk show. Steve the producer. That's great from the whole city says. Stay positive.