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Nick Frost - Cuban Fury 03-27-14

Mar 27, 2014|

The BJ Shea Morning Experience interviews actor Nick Frost who is promoting his new movie "Cuban Fury".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's a very sad and our next guest stars and agreed new film that's out April 11 because -- series. She's beautiful little -- now finally started analysts. -- at a cost of flying on holocaust. It's what comes of this show Nick Brown -- hello Seattle. And surrounding environs. Oh -- going to hit just point out that right now sleep country USA have twenty full month's interest free fun and there you -- and I go ITA -- of us do on the sat down and check out there. Pedal down on you got to -- meg -- -- -- big give to banks of the great -- event if you wanted to pay fifty you know I've seen people's depleting the -- that they're really not that I tell her husband -- bad but I have yeah I'd -- heightened. Oh really at all I love my two little light on being smothered by a gorilla who sonic not on my -- The white on on on it can't do -- in my -- whites our manager throws of passion and it does make things on different he had no we tend to just move often do on the flow. Yeah it's very very go to my son Bobby goods big egos that. You're a fabulous dancer and an easy picks his spots with police simulating a love yeah it was a slightly decreases in a meeting. I didn't sit down. 'cause it's like it's of the -- Cubans did first of all Cuban fury it's in theaters April 11 the guys and girls this is a great -- for both of view it's a love story. But you know when you have nick frost and a movie you know it's gonna be different than just your ordinary love story if -- you're gonna get which normally get from a nick -- movie which is a lot of fun a lot of quarks. Also I love the people in this movie I mean if you got some folks. Yeah we're really lucky I mean nothing. Are you not come up cussing out a few of them a new view them a mind could John Brown wrote a script and it was grimy and you know you get it out there and until you have a wish this to folks who won a world with and unfortunately you know we had. Rasheed on -- she enough. Welcome lunch one afternoon in London met to shoot jump from Russian rounds from possible loss of other things but that's the one people remember her -- coming met for a long shot and lunch became. A busy evening you know we just sat. I'm just it's tough for a final -- -- -- about that feeling you think that's what together let's let's stick somebody into. And Chris O'Dowd got to be Chris O'Dowd do in this I'll man -- horrible bully and I think it was. Greece has filed for him to do you not yet ironically because that was he would then he's playing everybody that he was opposite of on the IT crowd because he was working in an office of horrible police really. And so it was odd to see him in that -- of a roll yeah -- political hit job because he's only a lovable and everything he's done by the yeah I love those. A lot of times it's safe to me I don't wanna say that yeah I -- -- say I'm really horrible series fine it's fine. -- did he said he he made a lot of really tough comments to you -- about your character and your character's appearance on. It would it was tough it was tough on both sides that we love you we know you an idea I was mad at Chris about you say you say that about -- I think it is present he's he's -- rats -- -- -- yeah. And Rasheed was good of course image -- I love my -- -- -- course of people know him from deadwood. How it was my bad vasser in anything that he does not think -- need to -- on a message that many -- terrify I think he'd be spiteful and terrifying that's why he's great for the role because he plays well who does he put because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chris O'Dowd is an -- Jones isn't it Ian McShane of course nick frost is and it. A lot of great folks in this movie it's so it's such a fun flick. And it's in what do you tell everybody it's about basically what is about young man who was an amazing dancer in the this horrible thing happened to him he ran into a group of bullies and they essentially kind of beat that don't sound of him. Any time he's -- is hard seem to watch -- because. Hey what -- kind of true and it happens you know it is on his way to be and someone yet and yet as you know and that's the thing about the film is. It's about those points in life -- something happens and you essentially have fuel. Few points changed a new track moves Juno and remains on his life completely changes and it's only. When he -- associated Jones does he starts this potentially become the man he could have been if he can't don't -- you know. I'd say don't let the -- to put you off if you're a man listening to base. -- is the same thing with. You know what was suffering more thorough due to the ice skates into yet Gloria Gloria don't let these this guy can put you off you know obviously is a great comedy with. Fiery last seen south -- I think that's what makes it a great date movie because you know what I -- look at it to everyone knows Dancing With The Stars huge show here in the United States. And -- dancing has become very popular but you're right this isn't. They -- this is somebody either some dancing and here but there's a lot of comedy and here. And if Clinton -- good good all the nicest thing I see so we've had test screening is here in the states and and -- everyone goes -- it's a screen -- to Philly in a form. It says -- -- how would -- -- -- -- when your demographic season we saw the film and though the biggest change we have are all men between the ages of 21 and so let's say what they don't really think can I hate this movie and I come out adoption and I love it and they say it's just. -- -- -- -- -- Where's my son or -- -- feedback that you've caught wind from having them to get mad sometimes he gets some interesting comments on those up on those forms I don't I tend to not look comes president -- myself yeah that's a good idea so I tend to not look at any any kind of critical. -- -- -- it's is this is your baby even though John wrote it does does your idea yeah it was I had an idea. It was not a dirty secret I could never tell anyone than than that that secret was essentially all want it to be had don't sub and wanted to do a film. Where I don't design a -- don't sinned and I'm really afraid of it and I felt like I needed to do this. To conquer my fear of it. And so I sat on this idea for three years I didn't tell anyone and then one not when I was a bit drunk I send my Rosemont produce up. Many miles pitch in the story. And done I think transcends. Some went to -- so much clothes on among companies wanted to come with a message from Husain. This is amazing let's do it and that was our and you know what as soon as I press send. It will be out my -- is so tripping how this is all come to be aiming for is the way you get to work with her she did Jones and and then. This whole concept of you wanting to basically conquer a fear death because I'm with you man I -- I am so clumsy and so awkward myself and I'm not saying you are but for -- that I get to your dancing for those greens and watched. -- what are people don't -- and that's the problem the problem I had this site and especially if you're a big lump and -- kind of dude don't seem to. People tend to look at you. And it's it's not you know a series if it's a look that I might give a sick child -- -- -- -- you know and made this kind of all. Welcome news. You know and this such a good usually everybody that says it and we see this in his movie. You stick out like a sore thumb in this -- -- that -- it did that a person's like. Are we really because I'm watching the movie thinking is Mick actually going to do this like I believe that the little kid who we know in the more in the movie we get to see the younger you yes I -- might be able to do but I -- easily. Now it's gonna dance in the funny look this whole thing you're right yeah yeah. -- you know them. I -- contract for 6000 die every die for seven months to -- docile and are about thirty minutes to -- wanna look to myself in the mirror and so what you media here. I don't say anything -- an addict and about any idea that you ask you know and -- never drink a gallon. I'm never drink import again this yes so you know that was that and that was do you combat that then you know once you're involved and as. Does a budget and and staff people from all over the -- -- flying into trying you you can't. Could not go through it enough. I was on tour -- -- yesterday and I noticed that you came into Seattle yesterday and then you posted a picture of value in Capitol Hill -- we're the Jimi -- that she wasn't it that's pretty cool did you know that it was there aren't just -- across -- -- its own sakes you've got to go check it -- no I knew it was hit some of the Hendrix fans saw another he's 32 and yes. -- -- public tons of bin Laden had a -- opens is so since yesterday we had god joining us ransom who lost against -- intrigues statute. Who would you think of that place is randomly in the middle street de L -- was outside Blix goes some way up until it was pretty cool but some lies that all people would sweep in the elected -- frozen -- rights. Don't read off. Like I yeah I did they had say he's seen you know his right hand did syndicates on the united that was a -- that. Yeah yeah and their well we're -- we're trying to get a -- made here is we're we're actually we're working with the Henderson and we're selling T shirts and try to raise money because we would we think there should be a lot more than just that the estimates and you know it's a really you know. Could it commemorate somebody who was so amazing in his field but you cannot -- to Jimmy and -- -- a shaking hands. That being -- as I got a problem or better ask -- pluralistic about I got no problem of that at all did not quite ready to go obviously -- nothing now we should stop him from standing commission endurance for that project. You really got to get it done yeah maybe we should have a little -- -- -- Jones assume we can do to make this happen -- Americans -- going to be amazing. I -- your pre Pearl -- -- as well here. But I don't atmospheric barrier -- and a hot hot hot hot. Cinema live. I've seen -- -- -- -- -- a lot about true thoughts on tunnels oh good yeah and I did that as one of those people I met him once upon -- in Toronto. And couldn't move -- so let's just kind of -- in you know this is -- listen -- you know in 1991 and I was a grunge kids and this. Hearing his voice a bit the first time I've sort picture of him I couldn't believe that that voice came out of that place to -- -- And our economy and fascinate with him in these these noises and since that it always surprises people when you know somebody who -- a celebrity and you know does what you do for a living. Has -- fan boy moment where you -- because they -- is a lot I'm sure we -- when people meet you with their big fan of what you've done. And all the sudden they just freeze up when you're -- -- and you kind of know assembly and then all of a sudden that's you who when you meet citizens you know at some point. I wonder people don't expect that to happen if you're -- normal really people I meet these days are celebrities are these parties so that should never happen nobody here my tongue tied around me in the near you are. Oh yeah I mean you know a couple positive aired. I don't know that was -- -- -- -- come attends the sounds and even just sort. We -- text messages on your senator you're here in studio at 779 and and one person massive very important question what -- -- -- tell -- happy birthday baseman Yonder thank you very much that's pretty cool. Yeah it's on tomorrow always -- some are yeah. And you know you celebrate in Seattle because that's the right way to do this is this is what we do you know it's like. Going to Jerusalem instructive a -- that fits you coming it's obviously second birthday golf in my cultural. Let's -- -- I -- what has it ever been unheard of Robert -- because it's kind of a gift to you from the Radisson dispersant that they did the -- make make up bacon trying. Because you know every time that fall that's a -- are already don't matter of fact here it Calderon switzer a couple of days ago I -- wow. I didn't -- I I didn't know -- put -- -- -- and there's debate. He's got -- -- shirt and some days it. Yeah I mean obviously you know I don't see this as you'll on the radio -- -- within its own selfish and and instead of the face of -- blatant. Yes I love bacon and am pretty sure you love bacon I love it and hopefully god what's that -- elevate its Cuban bacon bacon. Your go to guy when he's weirdly my restless night and haven't got the -- I even did a -- sequences. And I I immediately got closer to friendly's when -- -- elegant art gallery of all -- -- they can -- I think I may I mean I've gotten -- John -- and Alice -- I've -- Doug band since I've -- at -- he's so I'm really super -- you know you did and and -- tell you know I think -- he was the only one that was a little disturbed with everybody else has been pretty -- and thousands like she was what kind of figured it out because of our -- being bacon -- -- issue. I wonder I everyone's face is going to be by -- -- -- Us embrace it now that's a very very good points. There's -- that they -- they would make a big difference girlfriend makes up calling it taking god I think -- yes yes are very soon. And I have to say you know do you do you -- UN as Simon that have -- the greatest response to these making cupcakes and really it's it's amazing. -- is something that we just don't happen my country. Just that just not just the thought that someone sat down and say it's. Let's create -- it's amazing it is amazing to hear what I say hell yeah. I don't think. Yeah I. Let's release the -- for this. It's so -- -- you were stoked to get a foot long hot dog which you know for us it's like. Okay yeah but you mean it was like Mac every analyst we only have six inches on yeah you know. I remember I -- I wanna look on your faces like Ed delivered you the holy Grail -- -- angry Little -- -- Yeah which is done after we die we what goes on. Would you say which Dell does fascinate me that at some point -- didn't say we should start to miss overnight and nobody could put a lot of English stuff over here yet adopted a lot of English cuisine. An Irish cuisine and all sorts of European stuff over here but no one sided and now -- we have the -- British bank now. There you -- we can't -- in the past I do love actually but the behavior get a good banks it is -- this -- -- over in this in -- format -- you know minister you know don't among no that's true too -- you know this is why we left to -- this is what we left you guys who we just needed to do it. Car Conway. I don't know what's the right way I think it's worked out pretty well that's yeah. -- -- an extra minute and how did you ask nick when they're doing hot photos to never that there are no good answer stunned going to be well -- sometimes -- -- -- -- And I -- this might be sacrilege. -- yeah -- -- -- MIT media might be sacrilege. But meant I do like the chemistry between you and Chris -- I know -- several sick because. Nobody thinks amazing but you and Simon is yeah comedy chemistry but I was pleasantly surprised. It how well you guys were together in this film I think he's good for Simon to -- with other people -- -- You know and I. Unlike what he -- finally let when you know when we screened the film I watched him watching it to -- angry go. Yeah this is the act quickly here he's popcorn all right does he done that it goes up with Chris pine and raised there to leave you got Melissa still with those as a company is -- -- to pursue them. Yeah ha -- that's not on the you know not a -- For B ten is you know we -- -- -- about the rocks together Aaron and -- just outside of an awful I mean if. If he almost a film -- -- is that -- parents of hardly ever looks at him in the face. I knew my civil -- he's a bully and you can't look at it. The fact is I just cannot look at -- so really it's all reality -- we just Mikey southern off. And and it's it's terrible I'm gonna say I -- how do you keep restrict faces a scene where you guys were you close up in the -- all right next if you can't this is that every guy knows that deal doesn't stand next to me when -- growth for the year on -- and the -- -- he is such a jerk in the whole film. But if you don't know Chris O'Dowd he was he was of course the love interest -- -- and we can brides and bridesmaids. But he was also a start -- -- call the IT -- a British show and if you haven't seen that it's on iTunes it is so that's loan. Oh yes that's right yeah and Tom he's he's just he's just tremendous in this -- because he's. You just he's just such a -- yet completely innocent and I think Chris I was out essentially doing a play on Broadway with James Franco right now it's -- all -- men's all that's -- -- -- yeah I think it's gone really well whoa that's stupid to not play at -- about my -- Michael samarra and he'll be all right I think of the book -- yeah. I will see I didn't know you guys had a movie before and Tom this is this this is fun to think that this could do more this could happen. Because it was fun Mike has said watching and you know she's amber she -- Jones man. She was so awesome in the flick as well. It was he was so darn cute yeah I -- on the Aussie good those mrs. frost was furious most morning. I can ya I got -- that's got to go to Carla you're guaranteed. Tells him with the go so yeah it it was you know as a socially awkward person myself I love this movie because. You know let's just say. You know Bruce your character. I pretty much things that would be you be -- that would mean this move via that we Europe peer group your friend group that you go call for you -- -- but those have been buddies with people who you know on the you know all these two -- -- not -- now I've been. Countless weddings. Where is -- finds men round one sign our roundtable and the ties have been nuisance but we just sit and was women dumps him and already told. -- he's just -- in -- -- one of those ones. And on the main yeah I definitely worth your own wedding and elaborately and I'm doing my first dance to my wife yeah look I go. I should editors this on this subject only for ever look this is on the reason I might still -- because I didn't wanna don't Smart watch -- first. Offer stones and it was. You know hold the founder is a 150 people come and watch and just don't siblings. -- -- as to my hands on his shoulders and -- -- a -- night but little lands in my pockets. I don't know I think Amanda like taking a potato chip across. I don't know reality I mean I've kind of -- at this it was so quick you don't -- -- service. But dancing is so -- so awkward and you get to see basically. Do you go from awkward to amazing and I am Alaska senate to go but I think it's one that comes up all the time. The you're in and I went and I believe this is true you did all of that a -- jets don't do so what I have to say I was surprised some shots I thought. It's telling that -- -- notion that the those moves and it really was you yeah I mean the whole. Appointees and we could -- someone in to do them and then he just shoot much so often lose in and then you shoot a crowd reaction in the someone else's state but. Disappoint you know I had down by the time to -- to -- seven months of training into it so. A wanted to do it over a decade and nick that's impressive -- -- scenes I really thought was somebody else see if Daniel Day-Lewis was to put seven months into the trying to film. -- -- Moscow the other Nolasco is the effort in terms of blood that dogs are there. How well the movie is Cuban furious and tears in April 11 I know you had huge schedule you know we keep you here for ever has utterly without having him but. Nino -- -- it's so it's so I'm so happy to made a stop in Seattle. We always love seeing you the movie is a lot of fun like I say guys take the girls girls -- the guys. It's a movie that's been like you said -- I think guys are going to be pleasantly surprised with how they dig this movie at the end of it I think it does folks also don't -- -- -- -- -- Well this is a while that's a big statements SA country to -- go to clinical I'm just -- -- I just want to reflect the output and a beautiful. Mid prosecute infuriate you your mental obviously demands so good to see if. This is BJ -- into our shows podge yes if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD -- nation dot com.