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STP-Cast 04-01-14 -- We interview former wresting great Roddy Piper about his new movie “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies”.

Apr 1, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Rev and Mono Nick interview former WWE Superstar Roddy Piper who is promoting his new movie “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies”. Topshelf talks about his weekend adventure. STP brought in Trader Joe's "Cookie Butter". We all try it. We talk about food. We talk about weed dealers. STP brings up the band "Verve Pipe". We play a hit and then some "B" sides. STP tells a story about when Cal Ripken Jr. came on "The Andy Savage show". We bring you another episode of "Facebook Drama". We get to the text messages. Ted comes in to the studio with a guy he is giving a tour too. Ted does a song into for a Katy Perry song. Ted and Brendan try the Cookie Butter.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really nobody out what was it got real mild wind I don't know I don't know why it's such a wonderful thing you're not moreover nobody like -- I'd be allowed to run around really today I got a lot of -- moment. Someone's going. Because I -- -- going to use my dad and I am going to -- -- -- your buffalo and -- yeah. -- my canary I don't know why I'm gonna. I have come here to chew bubble gum and all audible com. ESP. Season producing -- top shelf. The mighty reverend Troy got you need everybody's favorite mono mix words hi this is very exciting time to really get to this song right now. Thomas son has not act like being played her -- this topic Murphy but let's get right to the interview. I can't tell you. Driving their -- brokered a perfect as is Steve. What closest to -- here. Okay I'm -- renewed we do have another ones are minute 120 salute photo opportunity or minute's thought that's perfect. Who would it would be -- it would put on -- for two seconds country's gonna we're teasing me when our phone. -- broke out on site can -- again. -- Oh OK perfect -- you have better. Kind of -- -- saw as a weird like to leave things going on their phone. Who could fit right in there. -- -- -- -- -- No matter who you are shaken up when you're the we're ready free up. God you are walking slower gosh -- -- you I do and doing great. I've always said this many times news at -- impress me my all time for your wrestler and I always. You're you're the first names -- is it that you wanted to just get you on the phone and talk -- That you were remarkably skyward and more I'm more now from New York now living Seattle -- Groups are already -- yeah. -- -- -- places. You may you live beyond -- -- no ordinary don't yet. Well my salary DiMarco outside of Portland they're the COR. There's I think there's a moment there was a marine -- right straight down around them they're not the Coleman Coleman bottom row. Rick Martel is -- pro group feasible a lot of people left -- And -- prevent it. -- you got this -- member of Monticello wanna talk to about one thing -- you had this coming out I I think it's coming on either in the very near future is is pro wrestler is vs zombies. And the -- pro wrestler is very zombies dot com and it's a movie itself. A zombie -- -- and the title on just gives away the entire premise of the film that you think it's. Did you hurt yourself referred noted that could hit another quality hitters and call anybody. If you're handling our education let's get. It was just something to do profiled Aaron. Other professional and so far nothing serious because. They look like they will be removed some popcorn and go up -- the on the flip side. I'll -- the big thing when you see the liberalism all the stars and from yourself. Odds does that hacksaw Jim dug in Kurt angle I'm Matt hardy emulate how this -- -- the franchise Shane Douglas in the next email. Know you guys are dealing with million -- angles in the middle of wrestling match and and it's trying to eat his heart out names like it's OK and inside the -- it's awesome. And -- Olympic gold medalist Greg and I believe there's. As tears over the thought that. You -- I -- I would go about the jail amid the yeah. Yeah I know everything else I don't do as well connected -- The if you'll end -- god you're coming up. And in that kind floodwaters through my informed that he calls Lucio. -- -- you used to work for me I don't really like coming in the dressing room -- -- On Friday guys to get together now and I mean because you got an event that was a lot of you know crossed paths throughout the year in the squared circle. I would imagine just when -- when the film wasn't rolling that some of them fun more fun time for having just when you guys hanging out his BS and. OK -- swoosh pool. And I -- -- great. They're great -- I don't all those guys additionally there are some of the younger guys who have better than you know driving range in the that you -- Mike Shaw. There's no government car some of the kids that are going to be the next generation -- gonna be watching -- that you it was kind of cool I certainly did their hearts. You know and actually see this stuff that you're everything bath salts because I have a rookie got to -- more and then not. Guys that are definitely lakers. Yeah if you bet -- a lot of I Jean's coffees and. And yeah. -- I don't know they're really -- rescues and flash -- had -- -- -- -- remove all you do -- the Gillette you wanna match you know -- You're glad you're sick with the flu from -- but I. When I read that you. You guys and although that -- -- and net not this is just -- on the website that you need to improve one of the wrestlers who was I'm one of the zombies in the film. And not possible because you hit him over and I would have cooking pot. Yeah ask if -- -- Is changing Linear bandage on his daddy won't be enough. And I are you can enjoy just like I was scared them and they add that I thought the camera is hidden. Give us feel safe. It's -- -- and no balls are. It's rekindling what really got on a very good humor that those who have been getting that that might do. Thank you. I capital -- that I'm lovable that would look -- the manager who cares if I yeah. But you wrote -- proud. That you are probably. You know don't get those eroded by the world. -- -- you can get there won't. Well I imagine -- what has nothing coming wrestler and at W great badge of honor to say I'll man yeah I got some stitches because and hot rod. So we'll look I don't care what ball -- good -- great scene you know. And you know -- but the reviews are almost ressam in his right around the corner and you're gonna be nine New Orleans. For doing some stuff over there. And out I was curious what's your take come on the card that's coming up which match your most it most excited about seeing. Are who push. -- -- -- I don't role at all rolled forward react. Yeah they're not I don't know what we've been talked about before you guys probably shoot us. Are out I would go there. I think. Good years it was all the wars -- source who -- over the vice. Anwar. Al. They're -- Michigan in the world should try to -- world. Past thirty years later to have those two guys still alive. Object and then I'll -- Put -- -- movement should I murder. Generations of fans can go hole golf I -- -- I think would be a mistrust of the shop. On the -- machine there and haven't tried I don't think the world. -- give you try to perform that you deserved but god as far as or near me in tough shape or I would hope that WW with the understand the job. What -- -- -- -- because lecture me it's. I don't know money short -- -- hello this is the momentum lol that's fine there's more up. You know what is more things you pupil. -- than anything else I know I literally ripped I don't know Milosevic is it good I won't be salt as well -- off. -- you people screamed yeah Bob Burris out of out of the end very grateful fall ritual for me to vote or he won't. And I would guess you didn't fall although all possible. All of do I think. Now the world war. Just bigger and I think he's given me -- Thompson I can only imagine this -- -- was up there and he's speaking big brother and all that stuff up onstage and in the bag pipes had. The feeling that everybody in New Orleans not only get all of us are watching and the WB network and and and gather around I mean I would. I -- and how I want my all time favorite Halloween costume Dalton treated TI on your Twitter so you can check it out I am I dressed up as you and that's when I realize that a woman that was a key perk to my girlfriend at the time I commencement address of his whole Ko him like girls style. And hour's hot rod and she was Hogan -- my all time Cameron hallway not outside of -- ever. I love -- yeah is Shaq. It's -- -- and good variation album. And I'm proud to be part of I'm very grateful I love you Obama hard. That we do it every -- all you'll never forget it. Although no one. Let me and not mr. -- in the hall of fame. Any idea because you're never before I was gonna ask you because I know you you you -- -- you had some choice things over time about Mr. T and and -- what's your take on him being inducted in the celebrity doing it all fame. I'm glad you put him in the celebrity race car -- -- regret at tech. Look like. I'd tell you -- induction -- you know. We look forward as fashionable are you passionate love that you're all -- at the Chinese -- if you would probably be figures. Television's celebrity in the world yeah. So all you definitely. Are brought some game to a -- just real jerk. Yeah. I can't wait indefinitely they -- years. And well established culture guy in the war. Worley broke Caribbean dreamed about all middle pollster would do it all feel energetic good ones that you're in a bar and -- as. -- we'll get to venture while we were injured and you'll get that fracture or think basketball. Happen. Yeah. It won't -- group could or could have been -- at that moment when they meet you realize this guy's a jerk the literally press conference I think I'll -- Camilo and there was. Our first my -- received. That all remember man in the middle for the open allows for a few years and remotely comments. She. What you did the biceps flex and look right arm. I was data reports we intend to upgrade saw. I don't know if -- it was a judgment should be. -- through all had a levels and humor. I'm. I got a softer a validation area just grow worse war horse show where -- radar. While I wish you could -- the induction speech may now be one of the ages. You're certain. Tell the truth. I -- -- you're never forget. I probably -- fight within miles it could be awesome. How right I was wondering what you got some not some new blood it's not in the world of London WW guys they Daniel Brian and dean Ambrose and and some of those guys when we will how do you feel a lot those guys. I think is very anybody that I just felt almost I -- I think if you're. Incredible job they got some big shoes to -- Different golf formats. Are different pools golf. God I'm really probably. Our every one of them. -- -- They're there they're carrying the ball you guys -- put your opponent -- -- -- don't usually won't get it. You are. Off and these guys get up every night pulled a leg won't do some different. Pretty talented guys so. I'm a big -- of all of the. And it's -- a -- kind of -- geeky kind of question isn't such a big fan arrest somebody and your opinion I mean I mean you were growing up watching you and just seeing the way you worked -- -- can also work during your magic in the ring as well as. I mean there's there's nobody even comes close in my opinion that what do you think is lacking in wrestling these days. Or try to control that -- or if you are. Lacking and I Arab. I don't know what lured to actually do here's superiors I -- Archie showed very. They're -- they're public company my parents. They're -- some pretty stringent rules and it stifles creativity. Adam your guests are nervous. Yeah I guess wish they were walking on eggshells. So everybody's afraid usually hadn't played the left her. Bowl -- -- go -- usually -- that you just okay -- third scoring well. A college student loan. Why you have -- I don't know all figured out later. -- He's not alone prohibit somebody from within you what I'll find -- -- fire hello Gordon and others we'll let -- I don't -- is as. Eight point eight million. Look at that kind of stuff. The very there's bad loans scared. Yeah. They're I got here is not worth very. She's the issue I've given that liberty. You know -- -- -- -- where did demonstrate that they're not millions users Danny O'Brien -- really good kids. -- -- -- -- -- A big decision because everybody just what the matter is slowly it won't work. Yes yes yes yeah and didn't -- to get himself with warlords who talks. That's what these guys need to do they need figure out within the system that's sort of born outside the system would back it. My attitude is that that's a great point and he had that kind of advice can be applied to anything other than wrestling is well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Step up Koppel with some of -- strange being back and negotiate your commission this world. Calculations and just people you know I think Rosie was. The best for a hitter but he also struck out the most frustrating yes -- far -- probing them try or you never really get anywhere. And it sure we remembered for the salt. Will take -- -- for sure. Yeah as you're in Europe it is what it is. Yeah I guess that all people are quote guy -- just Google it if you wanna get somewhere. -- thank you I know you to get around but I got to ask you could sign on your Twitter and not also don't forget to take out the hop right on -- on the website are rowdy Roddy Piper dot com. The U treaty does it take its -- the story quote I heard piper hated snakes are about to get my snake I turned around -- -- -- -- -- -- my head is that true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're jerking around there won't travel mobile like -- Or reform. Just life. Well. Wanted to make sure they realized. I wasn't prepared to yeah bowl -- shaking. I didn't go to sport jacket. Gone yeah. Our plan for each guy yeah did you look at these days when you need to have. All the actually I've never -- models and she just I -- I took off the -- well I. He strike but I mean I I'm very I don't like them all scalable data model wanna be around them and won't rip me because you. That's why it. Repercussions. Men and on about how right I hope one day become died in the Seattle area and be awesome feeling studio like I said to -- be ninety ultimate moment now I'd. -- -- put that in my FaceBook profile picture for the rest of my what life in my life will be mad because no longer would he be in the government that it is now that's today. Thank you I love you know about you guys were not for. Comment you know there's and I appreciate that allowed you Omar the leader of the Larry ball. And also -- god flash for those you don't. They got through their -- and again during our hearts maybe turn their ankle shall we recognize him Biden left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Resolute very zombie is thank you so much men while -- you all take -- to get up but. And are we there. That was so -- That's Sox men and our our phones are acting all weird because that was such I mean regardless it was on awesome moment -- rod who's so cool to break. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- gonna sound -- ruinous listened to the podcast but for us it sound like we were like -- backing it's not that animal being back in our own headphones says they. A couple times you guys wanted to jump on the Mike I just scared that my voice is urgent some well now I was actually standing like I don't know maybe a slip back yeah and even just kind of -- like you heard and I wasn't close to the Mike and all and so I was just like I don't wanna say anything I want to ask about always sunny in Philadelphia hello guys forgot all -- yeah I just couldn't really go grab oddball. ID. -- -- Gonzalez talk Buick frantically moved demonstrators suffer like I'm not gonna talk to you like not even in China and you're just sort of tightening and how is cut and drew like -- I don't know of any of this is going to be. At all I mean I would imagine that those producers are listening right now. We'll hear something I don't know if it's gonna set anywhere as crazy as it sounded for us because it was it was like. It just sucks because a few of course has a lot Murphy's -- -- like I'm so -- -- an opportunity to talk right -- I'm nervous all morning like I knew we had like. All his other -- -- -- all I can think about -- -- -- know when asked this interview up places like he's the guy like I wasn't -- blowing smoke up his you know what ski like. Hybrid is the ultimate for me he's a reason why I love Russell he's your wrestling Peter Chris yeah more -- even more are we coming up hello to. -- saw me I know we've talked to before -- called you don't know what exactly pay anybody can have a bad day -- -- is all -- And I mean thank god he was super cool there's like a high. My guys -- -- that's I love that he's a guy likes to tell a story consume at least we weren't talking -- you have to let him do his banks like turnaround faced a corner so I don't yeah that's another -- -- -- to be unbearable for anyone that's listening to the podcast from the saints and selfishly I wanna keep talking to the guy -- is like my -- man I totally got -- guys so colts. And I mean so gracious I like that he was wanted. It's just topping our Tom as I I don't know wait. The film. Both topping I watched and it's. It's one of movies as just so over the top you don't laugh like I started and I was around whoa yeah -- just cannot. And -- girl or whoever models in all overall you -- love this time do you there's a couple of hot girls what it's like it's got any dogs facility and I don't think special Faxon. Can but I think it's going to be a great call classic that Saddam Hussein and I don't know movies where I was not not entertained I was enjoying it couldn't resist so over the top and I'm glad to hear him say well we just -- this far and have fun and and -- -- of favor and check it out out pro wrestler is vs zombies VS zombies dot com is where you can check it out hot -- all I'm did talk condemned him props for his podcast is a podcast is well. On how all the ressam's you don't podcast they are from Jericho. Are -- our bronze is -- until I JR's got one like. How does that sound you know the weird thing is with him could I know he's had some a stroke I had -- a policy about policy Bell's -- and it's caused blazes and -- -- when you want to make when I interviewed him at summer slam visually. It's really in -- may not interesting it's it's you -- comments sucks for him to yeah -- it's all about being on TV and being an announcer but when you closure rising just listen to him. It has some moments where you could tell like his voice is kind of like almost not slurring but it's there's still scared there's a little bit of a vocal issue from from the Bell's palsy but for the most part they didn't still good -- JR and you know I think -- -- -- adjust -- -- on -- -- accent after a while -- yours is to just -- it. Piper is a man I gotta say it used thanks to our buddy Eric from a cryptic -- yes I he's a guy who put us in contact to make this happen he's also a Titanic do she listens and he died that piper would be great on the SDP cast. Two got cryptic con cryptic on Seattle dot com that's not having made 23 that weekend so yes yes I don't you -- he'll be that -- -- 25 yeah. I'll definitely be there cryptic con Seattle thanks Eric you're the man I really appreciate that yet -- -- Berman and I know he's I think he's not going to come before. I sinks all. I know he's been around the -- -- -- he says he's from this kind of area they should bring him and maybe even a couple of the other fellas like -- did a franchise Shane Douglas on my -- I tell you what to do I thought I. After a screening of the movie man on every on I would be your -- yeah I know you'd be answered that techie and he. No there's so many rabid wrestling fans out there. The good thing was they got so many maimed a wrestler I mean I knew most of the more tax oftentimes -- zero against from the old school and -- from the old school and a couple of new guys the hardy and I -- but Kurt angle of course just so I think that's gonna probably give a nice shot into the in the arm of the smooth and then out for value and also -- PC -- -- to get some -- -- franchise -- Douglas is he's an anime guy -- -- he was the big guys for such a long time let me give -- the premise of the -- just that way you guys understand we're talking about a gentleman. I would have read this -- -- some idea what it's been a longtime talk because he just sounded like gas how they let him speak -- -- sounds great thank you sounded fine so. This is the and this is what I wanna know does Synopsys is. Is tells us -- and it's not a science and possibly do dual pop place is the franchise Shane Douglas accidentally kills a wrestler and their -- The wrestler his brother Angus seeks revenge by surrendering his soul to an ancient demon to gain the power to raise Xeon dead ones. -- then pays for a private show at an empty prison until lord Douglas and his friends rowdy Roddy Piper. In toward death trap a listen they're they're playing themselves yes they are they all are that is -- also the movie starts off spoiler alert not put out on the -- Member Jan -- in this movie like you'll just enjoy it for how -- the blood and guts on there's a lot of running -- -- there's only a lot of flooding just like my wife was trying to get uncomfortable it's like -- -- -- -- are laughable -- -- -- will only come on it's -- -- this is so I mean they're not trying to make it seem like this is like a legitimately ripping somebody's -- -- -- did the blood is so over the -- mind. Obsessed part but he added there's so many great moments and and piper is always he's great movies man I'm done watching him whenever he's and I have to agree doctor was Texan as he was watching it and I think the government is part now my crap I got started up again. Could somehow missing out his when he was hit the guy with the pain and hurt the party was like a -- and yeah. I'm like -- Stevie -- -- because he's like all AI -- stopped -- 45 minutes and whatever and I'm like don't know he got to go back to 52 minutes in because. He's kicked NN sitting kitchen where like college -- it's so awesome and that's the furthers our societies of the kids -- Just -- little -- -- had I known that they performed their own -- and the part -- zombie attacks Kurt angle. And -- know on those wrestling moves and Arianna like a hole hole that's all he does he doesn't do you give them the lead. Unless spoil this part because it -- I want to go into it knowing that this is gonna happen seat -- when he does it's like -- NATO -- -- say there's so many -- and you know what I mean there -- -- -- -- ridiculous moment when no -- chain -- himself out of the stardust yeah yeah that happens a lot in this film I -- like moments like that like angle gives the they did that bankrolled. Submission move that he doesn't have an angle lock around on things like that because -- -- is on his foot off for a guy. I asked that is great spirit it's awesome I go after that it it's evident no order and -- You know what's cool is gaga we don't hold I want them. I have also squads exist in a zombie guy there have -- You'll probably have issues we -- I -- beavers are real terrorists and all I'm OK with that sort of stuff I'm like totally OK with guys good news I think you'll like it it's over the top. And yet like I've seen the ridiculous stuff like a dead snow words zombie not -- -- -- like the Swiss Alps and they're using using intestines like kids apparently intestines are like the strongest thing known to make as a stretching across light. Things like a bungee cord yeah exactly so I'm totally in for the ridiculous miss I miss my home mandated -- I don't know -- -- -- snow that snow after which a sucker to come. I was seeing video -- arm and from -- to -- Seattle dot com before I began Roddy Piper for wrestlers are zombies I haven't we got a get that song that we -- that Rodgers sat there probably get you right now it's. Called so. All the rope off our top drop off the top broken Roddy Piper his track -- we'll check -- are now on the ST vcast. The so. There. The second pop song. No man. -- -- -- -- Want learning center. Really nasty. -- -- -- -- This is actually cool I -- yeah. That's right I'm ready to -- the backing vocal. Allen is not the SN ODDY. Yes I. Off the top row is Roddy Roddy Piper and that queen street band featuring Allen's -- So he's the deep voice. Yeah I think that's that's my -- Now. -- campfire. Sitting on supporting life. And a maximum. Apparently -- the song. The video is like a giant trailer -- a movie and -- news coming out about hybrid called. Behind the bill. Like a documentary about it now looks awesome. -- -- -- We must man. Full. I'm downloading the songs. I did you know live and get a good -- do it. Story the great story about a mile -- Maybe just come out at Alan's not dot com SNL DDY. Dot com. Is like me like that. -- And apparently the film is about sometime this year. I -- it's not going to be a good pop song for the for the beginning to yeah. Feel like my mind. Yeah yeah yeah I -- that follows are my -- yeah does that -- And data telemetry thinker -- -- -- in my might get pumped for the Mariners season on the way to -- -- -- why would you want to see any good to see it -- we're going to. Long fibers. Sam announced them by a -- us nice on the east lake community do is -- -- -- policy. There was just -- random place I go to tigers are watching the newest cutter in them because we have bars and everything Mary's is go to photos like they may have a happy hour I don't know. What's it divers is at a bar they have the whale maker lounge in there well. And then that's brandy and I go to watch Seahawks games there on Sunday who. And they have the most amazing Sunday brunch I don't know don't tell Steve Hall all the don't know I was talking yeah it's -- -- they they have the chocolate fountain there. They have like fish and chips but then they also have like breakfast things that waffles and -- -- those elusive magic words -- in order -- and don't -- -- and bags. And -- like -- advertise a salmon now -- -- away does anyone get weird with Diaz fountain in the seafood I don't know ideally it's on its although I don't on this yellow pages in the chocolates well I would imagine somebody here it may have tried no more but maybe somebody trying to stick. OK now let's -- -- Sometime to tell you what you mean you're shocked and wherever you are -- no I was just wondering whether or not people yet you know decide maybe they had a couple and amidst you know breakfast -- have a couple bloody -- and then have a bunch of -- -- like to try and get my fish -- in this chocolate but it can't hold a mommy can I do not see -- witty Smart take -- -- I actually like your -- going down -- some point during that like during his Seahawks game there's -- flying it is -- Well and mistakes in us. Except try to limit South Park yes I thought of you Steve Arizona did you see you know on this show scenario over the region he's becoming more and what you thought about yes. And I have both today I didn't go the body so I went to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our dad yes there's -- sinuses and you can almost see the inside of your brain yes I love that feeling now. It's cool when you're expecting it yeah but when you're not answer racquets. I've done that with the hot mustard from China for all these places and a doubles -- and to put a ton of it on their it is just look. Guys are making me hungry you know but -- tell you because I knew I after we left the restaurant I -- walked by the both driven -- is talking about gap and I conceived. It was like it's in a -- -- but I could see at the end of the buffet. A huge heaping pile of it's the and I heard nothing -- things about that place where what this is is that we were what it's done little old there is Ursula. Old another great -- -- little little if they're going really I still don't know creek casino soon weird though is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Captains and the wrong person to -- I want you know would you why did you end up and so we decided due to hit. -- for the weekend so we left Friday we drove around. The upper northwest corner of the State's economic on the 101. And drove past -- -- we started when -- -- them and all over the ocean down ocean shores back. -- Wednesday there were those two day trip where you sank. First I was stayed in sequim. Had a little sequim told dive plays because we wanted to because the how did you find a dive place in sequim. I had just a plays one another have a legitimate places like the Holiday Inn express is stuff we're -- Perelman one but we just limits the that they had hot -- brooms and jacuzzi tub room as HDL and she. Charlie go there been charged by the so he's totally live there and this -- even -- -- well how I got to do is it's a real good all of those are taken that's exciting was to fugitives in the middle learned. No I was in a really big bathroom -- rooms were gigantic. There's like three rooms there's the for our room the bedroom and bathroom was. Gigantic of this big. -- used a minute. These -- and -- to take -- golf now that was the point. Yeah no plans just go metal throughout the plans to have no plans and go like or -- would only her a couple days before -- all hell out of like two days before on the day or the I don't think to pull that on the woman's. My wife would be like no we need to make this a Fiat car -- are nice news to be a schedule and I was -- I was out earlier I yell under this kind of meaning he's also you don't know cockroach you mentioned in the hotel and do what -- -- hotel would place him in Hawaii. Any place ahead but one. One negative comment. Instead there's a cockroach in there right now John in -- car and you're a whole whole -- -- -- do -- right there are -- actually. And I knew if there's a possible I -- good good. Who's your friend. In my water bottles. That's gross kargil as we -- we wanted to pick a direction them and just go in that direction north south east west did you have like a play less like a musical make. Would you has listened to on the drive -- iron well listen our iTunes which is there I believe that I remember was part of -- six -- Syrian several slayer songs did you take the degree brother. Don't know a lot of money -- do you have to -- so let's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't focus which is our very nice and Heros fund and you know we we originally drew east. But then we realized that there are snow MM their passes CU and outside of paranoia into over the yeah. 00 so you stop by forks we decided. -- -- while incentive joined again we drove through forks. And forks is about six will be just yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got a -- Pulled into one of those like I was co workers I'm annoyed about -- but I would go just checking out the Debbie font we didn't stop. We can go what did you get any calls over the years on there. I Jacob -- coming she -- twilight so we do want to go to authorities are sure to bond with co workers and that was -- is all wanted to -- and she's -- -- chicks man there was Steve co workers as he -- -- even thought -- was -- -- -- other times because at that point she was in the -- group. She didn't cares anytime there's -- he's being too young to get team pretty soon now Baghdad -- yes she did didn't they are there any more routine and it's gas. Team bridge which went -- -- the -- yeah and terrible person Stewart. Criminals -- he's a married man and try to -- RA and got almost sixty -- he's the best music next. That's clearly on top Chelsea yeah. -- -- it's -- beginning evenings and weekends have I went to top foods over the weekend and I does I -- we said you know what after church. Let's just pick up and had to university place. That's all I -- -- -- driving until we hit let's stop food silence is said to me since they discontinued the going to raspberry injected chuck recovered bear claw my dad we think that it's hot -- I actually love nice to did you give Diaz the chocolate out not to talk with a peanut butter so -- no but I got something for him for the STP test and -- well I think you know you guys I am Brian forks for all of us I think I know it's a great tie in to us talking about Forex. The whole time and today's podcast -- and you -- rob Roddy Piper everything connect prices high -- nothing to do is click here I sued to our wrench in our plans and I'm skating yes absolutely ladies and gentlemen. Strayed from Trader Joe's Soria comics so excited. I remember we talked about this do we -- is going to be the butter thing Bob. The wow I'm looking back I brought some cookie butter for all of us a sample who are learning even see -- -- also us is regulator. I think I just -- them. Grocery store really access. So I love the -- they're saying is. All you have to do is taste it to understand who is oddly enough I was in my -- headline on non MySpace back in the day about myself. This can -- -- that person tells you what you can do. Spreading them pancakes and waffles. Peanut butter cookies sandwiches. Serve on ice cream which is what we did all weekend alone on -- didn't pretzels or celery. Mean I had Dahmer implanting chips. The -- didn't end there. Now -- -- and they do have crunchy now but we said screw that yes it would -- OG you know the currency has not been opened yet. Version of the temperatures. How -- I -- I like I think users and my wife said I don't kind of said that you're taking this to work so now -- -- another -- -- all day. You said that the second -- come because that played awesome this is like gold -- was just some problems on that stuff is really good I guess dude and (%expletive) like anything unhealthy -- and this is not like I'm unhealthy -- but it's not like you're eating celery. Yeah I mean -- this is now. So let's put it on seller I promised her that we need to figure scoop but I bring it home and not leaving here at work we actually leaving -- work I'll be honest yet I'll finish it today if you put -- on top of this with it whatever you tell me at all I don't sellers on -- Saturday had a before and I've never had -- exciting. -- you -- not only other -- I'll be honest something named cookie butter sounds like something I should never eat. And I always -- there's a lot of things that are -- things that almighty dollar cash and -- thinking about the exact -- -- sat down got it's got cooking in the nemesis -- Hussein's army yet but nobody has tried together for the first time in -- -- nice I might give me -- more than suggested serving. Season -- one I would say would be perfect on the wall false they. This thing doesn't hurt you with though this only gingerbread cookies and like ginger snaps or so I -- -- and because you know I need to watch what I mean being from. He's being -- arsenals they have been right. These are what worries tonight than usually goes if you haven't tried this yet nausea Steve vcast you know good traders -- I don't get yourself some -- but it's OK we always appreciate you listening to the entire STV -- I think -- now's a good time. To pause the podcast right. Joseph do you got to deal next inning you're treated there is get it -- start of this podcast again that way you can experiences. -- us at the same time if you don't have any time to do that. As a second plan our plan -- to grab some peanut butter out of your. Your refrigerator for a good thing about this way you put Peter hunter Leonard weirdness that's -- Hello hello hello Manhattan just know we have another set of new governor has a -- don't come back up peanut butter and in the comfort -- to comfort as a driver with risk. No -- -- Dell branded -- -- -- -- some local brand CJ brown loved jets beat them by guarantee and Arnold and in my hello Peter -- to tie it -- back into what we talked and I don't like that you can sort of -- -- podcast together. And demands wants and that's -- -- and it's clear need of pain on me I don't know NPR's and by the way before you go to trader Joes don't take the truck. Party -- Paul -- Take the Smart Car I just feel like always like the recent let dobbs top me and I read these 20. Solicitous nervous in the present topping your -- first. He has had taken much you -- you know and indeed the whole thing and take at all and if you've never had Trader -- not gritty she's been the best -- earnings to rise of just that the whole -- millions -- that I -- -- -- thanks. That's pretty awesome right through. I don't wasn't supposed to -- -- so we did ask. Banana I'm an ally screams and then what what is the -- -- of peanuts whom. It's -- -- here but we're just like sweet. This is he like clearly sugar wheat flour canola oil coconut oil never actually -- seed oil excuse me. -- received no rapeseed oil rapeseed and they're calling it that they're not using the Red Sea me grave C okay. Hi I'm Mike could -- got here he had just tastes like and not bag -- much -- crap gaffe he had just days -- suing little cannot. You may contain traces of tree nuts milk and eggs. Helen is the one being MI what my wife has won a bend on her out of the immoral she has no principles -- Dixie walker and a lot of personal. She clearly -- -- his principles so it was a problem though the milk them. Blow exit the milk the exits all mouth and ask the cinnamon that in more you know about some amendment very good news too she'll order family that's like that already think -- crazy -- It's it's great Newt make whenever we need to go eat some where they all get like on their high horse and said you -- did you wanna lose and he went all. Seems like. Know you guys pick you're more picky than I am I pray they -- which is true Muslim are really big give us all the restaurants that we like I don't like any Asian type foods. All selling Indian -- there's knowing that Tim -- this podcast right they destroy your famous -- And famous Dave's. -- -- -- Cheesecake Factory yeah. -- had Dave Davis days some time in their forever they're pickles that they sell novelty stores that -- -- spicy don't know yet delicious and -- Sprayed on census that would pickles I ever getting more or just from -- Jimmie Johnson from feeling inspect dice. There you go you keep them all you you could meet them cut a hole and ordered us yeah make -- cut. I remember quarterback comes and has a few weeks ago. Okay my views on that idea brain -- was an air network and I don't know I feel like you -- -- Carlos. Awesome how do we tell our testing is grainy surface of warmed up just. We gotta we -- we can have more on the ticket back to your wife or zero point. Now the big reasons do you assume we put a series lead to miss most consumers we -- our -- wow yeah I know that we take -- -- she'll be missed -- the crunchy ones I had done and they're like seven of us and try as I said yeah like I took it when you told me about it the first time Susan. I went the next day and got some I love that about Monday. Did she put in the -- already sick yeah. Okay guys dedicated to the cause I got -- still -- looks for my girlfriend for because I just focus group of -- Took a -- and I was like. Oh damn I sat down on accounts it was a tip jar I think it's our I don't know I could do that I don't know I can do that either. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The plant's paint chips -- fans -- -- managers who are great idea I notice I told her to get a phone off and I go why do you guys know and if I admire anyone has -- my wife -- -- I will lined her enough not gonna -- very clear sometimes in the morning before I leave work I go in the currency economist gonna put my finger in America exists right now that is. -- And don't wanna do it twice. He was just pretend you know I didn't really just do -- no -- that I was punching signed here announcement from the cookie buttered like mold mold particles let's. If there was any -- that. So really know until you like that mixed against finger as she would need it would see. -- -- -- for -- -- you resent totally forgot and it's animus -- stolen overnight. Those generators. Hooked up but we can still enjoy it honey that we don't like Joseph Johns. Get this information this Trader -- that we -- data says there could you but it only gets to send us like -- my relatives and we -- about -- Johnny's a seasoning salt and run in the restaurant -- you know we had everything I made me it's always don't tell my wife went different launch yesterday were the better hockey I -- had my salad for lunch. Our practice today I was I saw a lot of these and learn learn how Syria now. Let the boys learn -- goes on my dog though you guys love it -- you know I got the -- you break -- murder and I love that. Might have made all -- might not only -- five guys yesterday guys had a double -- ad agency double trouble that's to look this is no I -- -- -- -- -- look at you how good -- I'll I knew that I was gonna get the big burger so I was like no -- -- front of their -- their cajun Fries -- -- -- present too spicy for me come a -- largest American. How about this is on the back -- there's one serving sizes a one tablespoon hoops right. We Hamid there are 27627. Servings in this scenario tables always have a -- colonel investigate why so -- pretty soon we had about a serving his two tablespoons of the big ones so -- -- -- -- there. So yeah I mean elsewhere and I can you won -- If I can lead this every day pretty much in February and I missed one day yup that's how long yeah that's a long discharge a lasso and I think next year and ES TP Kaz Matsui do we each get one jar. And for the entire month of February we enjoyed our our cookie brands to allow stupid I now do I know the last -- to have at least three scoops it's a product of the neverland Steussie has now mom cool what else -- -- in the -- course soccer oh yes well -- brand -- Miller -- enthusiasts. Staff writers. Think there are a crisis in one sitting I crashed. Ben and Jerry's -- Soledad Alitalia idea that -- that's easy I sat may not be a lot of peanut butter in one sitting I didn't I I didn't -- -- did you like one scoop job you know butter at a time. But he -- stone takes too long to do Winnie the amount -- small vessels greatly stoning you -- your mouth busy town do you feel like you're being healthy because it takes so long that he didn't work and our business model for later stuff. And M so hungry or Michelle's fingernails. Hey it's. The reverend en -- still has these fingernails on that he wore a male -- there's only Tuesday it's not detain -- And give them props there -- -- Don they're actually pretty cool he was in it to win -- -- his name he didn't do it was cool comic con candidate now. I could do and is as before it was cool when it's very quickly and I don't know I don't know commitment to bring in millions. I think it's a nail polished now enact a ball that causes cancer -- it flew via. Please give this information from my tax man. That got nailed cause -- cancer from the talk was that video all the stuff that's inside of it. All the ingredients and what is going on here in Dallas or your nails as your scan it. And your skin muscle and now yes it is it's a hardened nick wingers they had studies has -- hot dogs cause cancer everything causes cancer he added but they're not -- -- from the well a cookie -- cures cancer they don't like the drama of it because basically that's what -- know he was with the hot dogs are like they essentially injecting rats with -- hot -- -- love sugar. -- -- not cookie modern well wishers and kooky mother should learn everything -- sugar and butter in everything that's just Murtha to look. She's not too much I'm the president incident say to their roster upgrade while I appreciate you bringing that one up and all of my wife now everything others can answer it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh I love Ali. Nailed cause us cause cancer -- whatever you want her to stop doing -- -- all know wearing jeans on Friday as he can't do that nobody out and buying. And shoes and you never aware I don't United's -- our guys curse -- and that's. -- answer honestly though because these are guys that like if she sits down. To have a conversation with them you know cry believe will hold on a lot of the conspiracies that he has to retirement -- Home Jose and he's captain considers him you know really though guys I want for everything he's on the I'd like as soon as I walk into his door. Like I -- I don't even get out there and al-Qaeda OK has won for everything but he's so obsessed on the ones he does have guys that he just beats him to death. -- she's I'm not an unsolicited saw her I can't handle Ashraf. And it was so ridiculous. He's told me that the world -- come near an end at least twice now yeah while they are common garden. And I still feel fine I'm still going to work if you have said that -- as a mile -- and -- calendar. It's. Well who's. Vapor -- you know that we see in the -- yeah he says that the chances as the US has control whether offer -- join us on -- -- -- know Jesse Ventura let him have his -- whenever questioned my -- he might be right in -- he might have the last laugh but I gotta -- would you like not being crazy and -- -- assessing about a million of people worked awful -- he'll be unwrapped and you're thinking like just only Samoan stories we're gonna monitor yeah. All now that's my -- and I don't know its. Encore -- -- -- -- sucks in more than a dealer that wants and your body I'm sorry that's -- the law they just might have to express complaining about you know loan Lear lingers but now I wanna guess how I do there dude I was back in the day when you see -- here that Missouri and I had a. Went to go get weeds from my my dealer at the time back in those days and her eyes out and try again our BS scene with him it was the most boring conversation in my life in them finally came back I -- get going can get the -- -- I don't have any right now. June is that the work that well. I've -- -- and in a -- position like I got in my car sort of punching my steering wheel -- so mad doesn't know what the odds that. -- -- and an hour I have any week now I'm stressed it's time man like -- guys blaze did -- time -- -- -- you're really get over get over -- number oh I gotta go get him as the Buick and our marriage and didn't always seems like when you find the guy the and that's what I don't miss about and that's why they need to regulate this crap because they need you really go to a store buying at the -- yeah I mean as I don't make you brought down. Because even when you find that -- dad doesn't wanna talk to your ear off. If you -- if you if you become a regular Clusty tip that dealer for a long period of time you're crossing the street Miami green in my sister's. Okay now all of a sudden -- -- bodies and they wanted to talk your ear off me like I'm not here for that I'm here for your services under the lap dances. So whether -- marijuana real professional right. -- honor and it's. I am your customer. Summer an IRS right and I wanna get the half hour. I don't have a lot of time I don't want I'll watch. -- and adult swim when you run it OK okay I wanna get my my -- and I wanna move on my merry way. The worst is the ones who aren't like -- Julia played it's Monday night should go in there and it's 5:30 PM you wanna watch a little Monday Night Football you wanna get going get out of there right. They're not watching it and it's taking forever. I hated the customer you simulate a pick up their remote controls change candidate. I feel like that so we -- we quicker buddy. You don't like this and hey if you're gonna make this a long story I'm watching the Seahawks. That's so yeah I hated dad taught. It was like I I had this undue stress you know and then you find Sandra we all knew one guy and drive north to his place and then get my stuff in May senile as he me toward his house and -- don't really care about your house fighting. -- -- How do we do this I can just kind of come by grabbing -- ads out now how about you leave it in the mailbox -- Yeah always yeah. I will never let me how you could -- never have to city. Okay 10% of the second chance I did you send you checks I actually -- right on the talk to the person I saw this happen. Guys to hear the -- -- -- I think in this is why I do not like the whole prescription going to aid dispensary thing for a what are my buddies is like. Hey if you ever need anything just let me know all pick some up on my way right and I'm just like. I'll talk to my blood tendered acknowledges the -- call him -- aren't all take the ten dollar hit on not having to spend and now we're at the guy's house like it's worth that much -- -- And there's way more variety but I don't even have to go and I'm still getting the stuff from the dispensers cost them. Yeah. And -- -- -- try your dispensary very -- -- can also if you go by it all right now they have they've had a pharmacy yet dead drive through liquor stores in other -- yeah status yeah yeah -- and Helen and don't usually you can hire mutes. It's extremely greedy as we dealer ever what does it do telecommute are -- I don't once in a -- -- I don't know it doesn't say none of them apparently. I don't want I don't -- isn't very nice okay I thought something's funny end zone -- man. The prodigy. My weed dealer yes OK I don't know how it happened until I somehow. I somehow remembered demands of her right now I got a girlfriend and freshman yeah yeah really name bittersweet symphony. No that's the verve. The first high tech seven top shelf -- guys Diaz don't remember this song I'm gonna play it for you suck human Rolex mentality like the lead singers on the list last -- -- -- where. Release air fuel analysts saw her make out with a lead singer went down. She -- are about making sure the artist for happy. It just didn't have David Cook those guys are good look him rock stars at the time for mean meg good for her so. Yet a -- type odd story about damn I remember when I first moved out here I went to an end event it was it was a -- I think I shared the story about there was a single out a -- the TV show you how they did it tore. -- day in Qatar where it was always but -- did about a big league club nights where it wasn't the actual Jenny McCarthy Chris Harmon but they just had people and they worked at a radio station and people who won either one -- -- When taking -- whatever may be law. I somehow -- all the ends putting him on -- -- -- the end sell missiles and a senior Steve -- notices there was of the Mexicans as notice when I really wanted to get to the apart yesterday is that a good Mexican restaurant there's a police got a case. And it. So anyway so. I got out there today I do I entered the play in this contest where there's a woman and she's got a single out one guy yeah I when it. Know why it was semi cute nice. Never before had might -- focal. Don't you had people right there that's I did -- nice -- -- go there but I realize that these people were not all of my wonderful that because the woman that one then was trying to like she wanted to go on the -- mound that we not we didn't. But she also worked at a quote unquote modeling agency and she'd done that I can do some working game your card -- I looked out into laughter doing away I'd -- even it was true I'd like there's no way it is present exact can be a model does is stupid. Already for now I'm not getting you high -- she yeah. It's time for your head head still and ES TP ten. But it was so awesome to win the contest and when I was would statistical season Bloodhound Gang -- -- herder and relax I believe. As rock campus. That's an Iraqi existed since accomplice out my first concert ever in Seattle and it was awesome. And I also wanna CD coming at me whatever CEO wanted there what do you guys pick out of her -- Villeneuve spent nine years is songs in case you don't remember this fitness. There this. Song was okay I didn't know this is terrible and I. It is all its own my own war. I houses like every class. I'd like that sad moment in this some sort of playing. I ask. -- W I I really love this -- this is one of my all time I guess. It's such a pretty good record how do you make should make out there and -- People have always just put together doing like seven minutes and -- and -- this -- and I got -- this reminds. -- causes even today. Don't imagine laid out I always mouth all right yeah joking well yeah we have big get over here called me. Busy this is how are you familiar and nice cool well this is how I'm -- when the music so -- to all. This is I want you know. These are just -- jaguar and the percentage of top kill you wrote in the -- no more and more troops as of June and Jeanne. -- there any reason why does ladies love him -- trying to grab hands you'll grab you wanna sit around. I'm grabbing a lot when I have this -- field I know for sure is gonna blow my earnings mind. I'm not going to talk about news. Saw us -- I had -- the drums -- shuffle. So I'm gonna. Hard. Is it now okay now ideas -- -- like these music now you download a new. Not many -- anymore dude this is all one of those bugs that she's they're calling for sure sounds of the ninety's like the first track. There's so you'll okay senator John. -- -- My man. With a -- scissors. I'd say here's the stars. -- -- your experiences. The first song was I Xeon because we always talk about the first some really sets the tone for great record and nine here's the first song. Is such a brand new song itself. How does refresh refresh all of the pretty rocket man. Jones not a good little. No that's something like I was consists. It sounds. Something along photograph -- photographs. Yeah lol didn't read -- -- I'm I'm I'm I'm all. That's strange town that Ayers couldn't move on. And your room and you know you're on. I don't know I'm gonna ask. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your house. We're gonna head chow down on some kooky but millions of clams you were here and then gets a virus after our suite is going to Atlanta yeah -- the reason I bring a -- So I'll make -- wanna grab that songs -- went -- -- music and I got the good the album villains which is what has that song on it then I noticed. A lot of records instead album came out while I didn't -- I -- I have never once thought to listen to these records oh so we got some random third so I saw the most recent record which came -- in this past year and it's thought are we there yet. Now -- and that obviously not delta -- can occur to me looking on like this is kind of an interesting thing I mean I. I and you know these guys are still a band saws academy don't want it so this is the first song off of the album. And the song is called scavenger hunt the American interesting name to the song. No idea what it's gonna sound like and -- I swear to you nice to. This is the same band yeah yes I had actually do some research to make sure that this is the same -- So far right okay well limited television -- millions and interest them. That's that's fine. His mom got all the people calling -- a little. Some -- up. I was to take over bad use home and you see you -- remove and Sammy. And brand need to yeah. And now that and then go our own music -- believe me -- -- -- here we -- I really kicking in now -- -- Told him. And I need a game and Clinton didn't go to we've gone in any in Queens new. All the children's we. Well our children's music man. They have to maybe it's I like to have their name -- That's weird. All. -- -- is OK. And all right yeah I don't know where you lose a child okay. Don't like why is happening -- Not -- over my -- son about the fragile. Flooded you can tell that it is their main guy yeah I think you might have hired musicians. I would vote suffered the battle -- Right and got everybody really. I hear out of my health care what the hell's going on some of them -- another song. -- -- -- -- call I think me and guiding in my no sign I was really wanted to likes the base to kick and in some drama -- right he's located trying to Jesus or just sometimes a -- most are directed -- like OK what's going on and also take. All camp backed Iraq -- so here's one that's about him not getting his note signed by his parents -- It feels nice day gotta get my marriage name on the no big daughters goes oh. Wow all the children and teenagers in -- done since no one don't think in Abington school intern and then I. Right. I've got a pain pills. When everybody every dad and I know. The Indian run. They're like. There was still no it's. You know -- enjoy Tim -- concert. Two let me remind you like to. Okay all right well laws do little -- how do you know that drill landed. He -- desk area so. This isn't their first director its record -- I just narrowly -- I'm sorry the new ones called family album and it says the -- types. The first LT for kids. Went so well that the group pretty negative AKA Brian Kandahar -- basically saying you got rid of the wrestling fans hired a bunch of -- oh you were playing music for kids. Jump the chance to record a second one are we there yet in the cut from the same -- there's a family album. Another ten sunset as shamelessly exuberant sing along the top. But it doesn't feel as if the first -- -- -- working. I'll be working to higher ground and carry -- headed by the tired ground. I listen to those two songs like this is crazy so I go to the next record that they have and I found another song which. -- -- my wife and I were singing all night long we get yourself hooked on it -- it's got supper time yeah reveals a terror attack has taken out of Verve Pipe. Just this as a suburban. It or not. It's. -- Is there. -- calling out there that are drying up. Now I feel -- it's -- that you go around that level fell then rents and nobody -- Why because they give me an -- Good morning I'm not what is a doctor and do they still okay. It's just me up. -- -- -- -- Could have been the -- -- this crystal is. I can find some amazing feeling very good. There can -- this kind of stuff and did Asian tour together I had a marshmallow regular fire related news including women and children. Well when my big man I mean if -- not cut it anymore. And being nervous type and ninety's all -- it's going to be probably -- -- cruisers to maybe a casino Bryant he might as well do this and find a whole new audience wearing. It's our summer brands. There are gonna buy the album to bush and under are little kids I'll take if I ever have again I sure as hell -- this record it is estimated impregnated my wife so I can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this is Dave justice. You know I'm Catholic relief. And all one word. And Israel says. Well reasoned column and their -- -- I don't recall just -- has done huh. Mr. justice done. You listen to the top song -- leads -- easy for Castro refinanced under -- from their record sing along -- are you excited I am more than X he's as I've said why are you looking up her pipes and I tidy URL like -- -- like a weird like our oldest and take gasoline also has an American music for instance they were approached by a you have. -- -- -- Family friend Lee a compilation album OK and apparently they had such a good time that they just wanted to make all -- go -- -- yeah -- to -- says he said -- I was just don't know there -- -- -- its -- Brad Vander -- yes he actually -- let's just -- I know this is a lot of fun and so they've put out I guess to know what if you -- like the basis of the Verve -- back in the day and -- felt like -- were making -- we have three biggest song of the year at one point. Dude there's a certain level of credibility in what we're doing on his -- maybe make things kind -- you quit the ban on -- and you hear that think they're back together earth -- Iraqi like. On receive this guy's doing now and homeless and it's quiet -- plus hot dog not a volume it forever was birdies yeah and I thought I shake and cannot say in the guys that aren't freshmen and this -- what happened to me. Audio call to gather guitarists from Third Eye Blind inserted new -- Do -- didn't -- enough to moderate I left over good butterfly driving a truck by Castro baby can sweep. This is Chris -- from the president of the USA. Little worth anything good pass. It's. Used to like TV machine we. It. Doesn't majesty and there'll. Like kindergartners some fabulous -- was. Fourth or fifth so yeah I feel like he's got 02 spore on demo -- as a number of high don't have the forces that in our kids need of more jam. What's chicken out to -- corn got that's. Yeah. Considering giving -- actual C home from the you're in the plundering its. Cars and I'll gospel I've seen. Yes sir I -- yeah. That is you -- I -- every song title and basically start the song probably ever do receive money. It is a measure I'm glad she had amended and -- yes sir yes sir. Three days old like humans and I have a bad -- -- It's. -- -- -- You always got somebody I'll argue three minutes. We're doing the don't throw that hot dog down. He got a bonus and a man she's crazy and numerous rounds on the news just. To. -- And -- you -- the -- Now. -- sincerely mercy and and I saw the movie. It takes a lot of time to producing -- albums now. Haven't actually slow weekend communion and I and I can't run I -- -- your new guys use lines. I'm -- baby cheeks Steve I have some breaking news of her it's her best turnover -- high -- and all Wear. -- -- FaceBook page seven hours ago it's been a long haul but the new single from the Verve -- is now ready for streaming and download tennis crash landing no load executes aren't I don't know sounds like just from their actual new real Al because -- your -- -- -- -- series. They went back to their -- -- might be I noticed I had no clue when trying yeah now of course received this word is just a Malaysian. Sorry. Wow. To -- yeah. Yeah. And I just don't see this saying. And you're missing about a -- and in Canada. -- -- the -- you could put the suns jerseys this these new -- -- -- and -- now you can -- it. And I subprime lenders on go to sleep now -- there. Spoon principle and are real -- yeah invest the whole thing and cornerstone. So I would hardly hear me you know families -- their minds here. You want and. It's -- In injury or. -- Today the -- don't sound like it. He had these damn well I thought the HD channels. That's simply adult contemporary yeah I'm not. I'm not old enough of that -- hole. Actually we are now. Previous act that -- yeah. The last song off of their -- -- family album. -- nice to -- when this week now these new news cinema all of my catching these -- yeah. On her sleeve and she's -- weren't getting. Have personally X. Is. Smooth things you do -- you know and has. I I I am doing what you're telling me yeah particularly small and build -- new recruits is good practices. -- -- You feel -- One reason there. -- So this song is like you like -- -- but he is he needs his wife to make them for him. Is that what researchers say they say but you may kid in the he's like I don't care way how you make it is called what is Domenica. Motto make my -- I Obama I guess it's yeah I'm on -- he's speaking from the Eisenhower. For your tired out there -- he doesn't understand why these things are called these things do you still innocent. He was only a freshman. -- you know I don't know man you know college radio we had our family album come through the my name is -- a school bus driver I was of those pretty -- all that's a great song you know. Any talks about credits to told him some teacher who -- Garrett and well -- I mean how many starters are gonna allow vessels that album anyway I've got a spirit today. Do we get out. Quick both text message says now I would read during the tax -- Michelle Wie she's doing now because our next segment going to be FaceBook drama and the person says did you guys know. -- it still your -- -- drama. Apparently serious yeah apparently he's doing a society one I don't they -- -- what are the third one. What else beat the producer -- to be the producer now -- doing a quiz show high DIA Cruz every show in town doing our stuff says. So who else is doing -- stuff moved bodies. Data about Itanium -- into a true game which can be candy here's something like that got broken -- do you -- broker some like. At least at least -- front runner with all that I gotta say even though he's no longer on the -- any savage is definitely -- -- -- in this town he's got me in a radio I've talked about that before -- -- -- like I can do -- a guy right. Any -- the producers I and that's now not only lives on our show but also apparently and every other show in this town dependent more than roses too and I'm I'm Jacqui -- -- -- -- amended and I'm -- just the -- This nation -- guess they're doing the very very you legitimate. Bob war of the roses where it's real people call in with. Real accusations of real adultery it's and it's -- real men really call them Mandarin really find out whether or not they're cheating and always some crazy real drama happens. Yes it's real you've been a real dog stand embryos just like all the photo realist point four -- huh. And Israel's restaurant. And it doesn't I don't think it's always kind of cold Odyssey had that -- like we'll see her. Love a chance every Jeffords and America's. I decided downwind -- Bob just as an all over south today are always play stay positive guys -- semis and these guys it's -- butter police and could you gotta yeah. Leader Lisa join me to play the hamburger -- -- and now I am a man not hammers and -- -- and a story -- That's why there's no dog because at least through do things. The it's in there this could go to -- the legacy than he does live on it and a rule weird round about kind of way and not come through and I don't really -- did every show in America doesn't trivia game yeah it's just it's flattering and yeah it's India but the favorite drama do you still pretty much the same exact -- yeah that's interesting. I think of any everytime I look at my starting lineup sports figures because all -- -- all line calling him Giuliani guy I talked -- a party once and -- totally lectured me about him I don't ever -- don't know why you open about why would you wanna have fun with these things. I'm dollars. You know I don't know like slobs -- this depends on -- and nobody got a good three dollars it's a seven dollar eight profit iron off after fifteen years so I appreciate seeing that and of course you worked for them but I guess I am telling me. That don't ever feel bad about asking for autographs because he would ask for autographs remind everybody felt gosh yeah dude the most. I never ever did junior. Cal Ripken junior who's doing time that was -- for the dollars we're going embarrassed. By -- -- -- in -- to offer. Imagine -- -- local authorities there so I grade I don't remember this is going to. So what -- my biggest coups and definitely booking cal Ripken junior is a lot of stuff going on this couldn't in this news stories are trying to listen activists on the radio that's the well first -- I can't write the word gets out that we welcome news. Well we were working and Jackson were -- we gestation knows every other morning Susan losing their mind Bob rivers screw you spike comes over Bob to The Hague. How did you give cal Ripken you -- -- us -- off from Marilyn men now would be such an awesome thing if we've been trying to book him and they said that they don't have any time for -- can you help us out and I was friends with the publicist. There's a book publicist that was dealt with and as always very honest with their own bodies publicist they really appreciated that you would say no to them as -- just ignoring them yeah so. She'll always drills all the mean she's OK cal Ripken's common narrowly as somebody and so much time for him but art I. Doing great baseball players of all time he fired vendor comes out. Our -- program emerged her remark or recruiters or runners on orders -- very doesn't he's very deep voice go to -- error -- never thought man he's got pipes and lenders Australasian super nice guy actually again he's going from the occasions that I met him. Always been super nice so he. Is. Also want to get an interview with him like I do I don't know if I can do any of this stuff but -- if you give me something he gets -- autograph for sure you can always sheriff they give you one thing. -- before you don't want investing and I actually soured me on the -- producer of the barber shows no longer the producer but it actually mean -- not like those guys even know I like them. -- -- If you're all right you're pretty -- you just kind of it's underhanded bull crap and -- -- pointy -- I -- I -- -- debates move on your producers part of and they wanted to apologizing this. I -- we've been able to get. Then to extend enough time and -- shortened our interviews and Bob you get a few minutes with cal Ripken doesn't. I -- buses synergy -- help out other morning shows -- you know we're on the same team Bob it's always been very cold to me. So I made it happen he calls the publicist I put -- in contact with to a range of my friend and says hey. You should let us have him first and what were dealt with them if there's enough time will send him down to Andy's show meg trying to -- Try to somehow and end that swoop in and and ask me older -- get over right. So she calls me says hey -- like to know you're on your -- -- -- contact always coming up you wanna just cancel it on them. He's trying to screw you over basically -- she explained the whole thing you know Mike are you serious. So. I -- spike assigns an a signed deal when your guys I'm telling you in this is -- stopped and I told him what's up and he denies not cool -- like -- still lying -- screw you guys are as I do like you guys. But if he ever pulls a kind of crap again I will never go out of my way to help you guys again you know and I dude. That's messed up while either they were being cool and I told him to do that I don't know Obama. From my experience -- -- spike in involved I don't think they would do that and -- -- stuff old school producer we need to have them first mentality I never believe in that. Jimmie a what a bigger name for you to home -- -- -- -- would that would end the NF trying to convince him that it. Who cares if we do a better job who cares right you know let -- set battle last I don't care then they'll leave on a good note. Who gives a crap that's positive prettier if they stay positive drop the -- -- yourself and but the -- talking about and dude it was. Very uncomfortable. The soul I tell Andy he's freaking out is -- only if you're a freak out because we have an opportunity to interview cal Ripken junior. -- -- -- because you an opportunity to cal Ripken Jeter signed everything that he possesses yeah I mean I'm doing half I mean I'm O'Brien likes the couch in his house. Electrical boxes of balls a couple of cases they brought in a case of this classic. Hope for maybe two. Over 25 baseball. It's just that's just one thing that is. Like -- -- Baseball bat. So please -- -- love on my god he's been a box of Wheaties that had -- -- do you. Had this sudden you're like. Unopened box Billy's -- car is the really came back up and it's just single case -- gave me just don't have the threat using. I mean imagine the studio like the console on steel but time's tuned to longer studio that. Everything the entire adult table was filled with memorabilia. He walked into basically a shrine to cal Ripken junior and the look on Kerry king junior's face was priceless -- -- -- Send us. Yeah yeah. He he he's going to be here for three hours signing bonus stuff do you it was bad and I yeah I actually did cut into our interview that night. You sigh anyways dog to me it was a bigger deal and -- injury got all those signs that things well how many other times they were gonna get stuck to cal Ripken and Ferrari. You've got to get -- never high and never let up with a guy who is just get signed a man whose heroism it was. I was kind of embarrassed like and I had ever since then I almost never do it unless it's a symptom. Out of the ordinary I almost never ask for autographs -- -- pictures because they feel that's a little less intrusive I don't know why even though takes longer but. I know awkward was all of those other than if I saw what -- Mike Jones pictures. And do you like my dumb bacon badgers what a difference that's it like those -- the only things all usually get done -- now I've been doing in the cards against humanity cards and cameras and some -- on those talks kind of fund which is kind. Could you GAAP. The union nails coming out these fun things to do no -- -- times are we got into that all -- -- FaceBook because apparently should -- Jason dropped her -- if Brian and resting on. How dare today you know I don't know which -- -- couple textures we got 1 morning where Allison there's like couple on Iran might. Cappuccino we're positioned and I'm not going to be like hey don't do it. -- I'm not much dictating what they wanna do on their shows just come weird that you know there's other things you can we should use FaceBook drama about people who camp who -- the office and why Powell. That was funny there was a hole. I don't really get into it residents are doing -- good second guessing if we should I mean right. -- -- out of the stuff about letting people know what's going on in other radio shows them how they do things. Think any dog you know on other shows to your skull polymer docking on a mother -- -- -- be reassuring album because the real radio stuff. You know I mean play gotcha. Don't like being the magicians and let other people know the magic tricks 210 into -- I'm OK with it I just put that the vote what are your -- I'm -- no way to do it all the time so I salary does Dicks just once -- okay you're the king and their aides tonight a four person challenge sometimes I. I'm trailer shows up who might be coming in next week she says she's she needs a mastodon masks fixed and so it's coming and learning how to see -- sites he wanted to cam stuff and she -- no ideas that she had a -- All right about my boss but he's gonna say no pun you know is she's on the cams sites there because it's not clear and -- there at all I really since. Hot hot hot hot and Monica makes it very apparent because on these campsites. I -- united I have had a run of melanoma that's a very apparent easing bias no games where she even brought up tokens. Well access any and I -- -- not a -- reality show I know -- you guys gone out. Listing FaceBook drama because we lots of other -- to do is well. It's. Okay. You know whether -- there has always been the one thing to join them on vacations together. Hamburgers and hot dogs and they get mom and then putting that on his hamburger and and now I'm blocked. Is it simpler -- -- -- is -- -- masters finals -- -- do so I'm not Michelle bring us. I -- miss your family Elvis murder trial their -- from a lot of money. -- banana and peanut butter. And something else on here on the -- daggers on that it was good yeah I think it was it was good for like the first three -- amenities like oh boy did I can't have a list of pseudo FaceBook drama. Powered by. -- This isn't good for the paying. The Garland is bedrock hot here I'll show game I know I -- Ramirez had some Trenton hundreds -- Baghdad hit every early radio conventions in an -- on them getting drunk and obnoxious and bars this. And I don't really care. But I honestly don't but the good. And I'd also Mondays and you can use these as well nice -- We have played very unhappy civilian area and you -- some of -- go wait a few weeks -- -- because sometimes we need a group therapy you know like. It is doing the exact same one dynamic sort of a bit separate email they should do. My guess I had no problem. -- and much advice possible and you don't it'll give you some words of wisdom and -- give you other words of wisdom that's a second opinions I kind of like to hear how they tackle the same emails that we yet. I wonder what kind of vibe going on there is no ought to be just just from that the listener base is just got to be completely different to become a fascinating -- -- -- because we're the -- over heard Tony listening to us ask the guys talking about. The car crash the guy. Yeah on tail gating flipping -- crashing -- site. Man I wish we can continue to tackle missed the way that you've got -- -- what do we do then he's always so is on his hands and knowing that they're both these shoes he had exactly whereas. Interesting because there -- much more family oriented so candidates tackle that I have no name -- -- kids in the car okay are. -- -- Truck title here. We've created animals stolen body because you guys understand are on sale and then you've announced at some point on served as far hopes so yeah -- -- You're just created enemies of the people that we genuinely liked -- -- to -- -- -- -- next -- My bad parents basement drama the reason why we do it is because you feel like it's a public service announcement to who knows that listen. To stop posting stupid stuff on FaceBook have been noticing a lot of stupid stuff going on FaceBook and I just came across this and actually yesterday that there's people that are in this -- that's like saying hey this to be perfect for underdog drama right that's -- and -- militants got to be a little more Covert yeah. Yankees just like link goes to -- I'm waiting. There's any sign of somebody hears it. And blood you're asking area where can they find the -- FaceBook dramas. As some -- on FaceBook but I suppose to accept the bill audio of those those bits that we do. And throw mine -- to show -- section under. Egypt educated see -- got our work on the -- like giving make more things to do in the day I tell you in a busy most of us a sense. He game could adversely count those in August of that you can figure stringer that could be better fuel this week to death. Deal all right that's Tuesday's -- drummer we've got four people involved in this as always are trying keep it to for some time that the delete people or sometime that to change the names of two people who. It is and we all have a part. What we do -- we changed names that people have put something on FaceBook status updates and we seed the drama that unfolds based on usually a pretty big she. Negative. Why always me fishing for complements. Status update on FaceBook so this one is actually from a diamond in a top -- they're all Tom. Mono nick I'm gonna have you play the -- Jesse terror. The rev. You'll play the roles Kevin doom. And top shelf. You're playing the role of pizza from nice are right here Rio. TomTom and here's my status update. It's spring so it's time for some spring cleaning and deleting friends -- FaceBook. Do you see this you made the cut. For now from the -- ha ha. -- Yeah hey I made the cut for now Jesse. Thought hah hah hah hah what does that mean would you really do we meet your such. I was just kidding but being now you're acting like a little bitch. I might -- -- just delete you Tom. Kettle meet pot deer calling Jesse a bitch you are the bitch posting about deleting friends you have and you're actually -- -- hop hop only six right debt. I'm just going to delete you both good pace seemed pics of what do you -- -- -- ugly mutant baby -- really. Yeah he looks like sloth. Affiliated with bangs on -- dozens Syria's friends littered. Ex friends. I thought I talked. You have seen a lot of hours -- -- on the stuff going on right now. My -- yeah I'm seeing it dude yeah. It makes you wonder have -- been deleted by people we don't know because they've deleted S and now they're bragging about the fact that they've cleaned house I know I haven't because I check my friends every day -- -- and make sure that -- remembers seeing all the data and if -- -- the united track him down. I have 160 yeah that tell you know but I somehow or another I clicked I think it would -- that some does like look at her pictures. And -- -- -- -- but I must somehow like seek comment on something from somebody else set I was a part of it cycling tournament I haven't seen her pictures and allow. And it and it showed that paid click here to add this person as a friend -- I got dropped its funny when I do to get drop -- -- -- Must try to realize those click on her pictures. Why did show that Steve is looking at my summertime and hauling pictures EPO I sat senior accidental alike Sunday a little easier I did you have before that's the worst feeling in the world especially when you like something that was it really isn't -- that you genuinely like the I've had that happen before. And it's just like to unlike you don't always have to live with the fact that I like the fact that this person brought a box of cereal this morning good job. The best part about this whole thing was also. -- -- Jesse in the -- borrowers is yet and you actually -- walk hop hop hop hop only six right that he's gone right RI GHT you know there's a lot of typos and eleven -- told his book on. How these trophies for. With a -- Yeah FA as secede -- negative. You're on the -- -- says the book it says that everywhere right now like I don't know tells you when you missed all things. We like and is SN CR anyway I don't know that is -- -- as ourself nationally. I am in the world personnel -- the top delegate said time. But -- fluid and hamburgers. -- -- -- are there. Do you -- -- -- many unknowns is not a FaceBook drama the email armaments or iTunes and ammonia and. -- -- We need to have them. Ziggy and I. Put together at children's song oh yeah after four -- he -- yeah Zurich since that time it is that time we need some new ones it maybe -- you can sing about. DS and Mair. Yeah enough biased where I do ask people all does he or. Why is he playing drums you're -- -- or is -- yeah I think I could you butter gave me heartburn. -- average selling -- to your. What size you feel and it's all been cut so they are idiots are so I'm ready -- I wanna just come get a little heartburn highly forward. -- -- is amazing look pretty good I'm just saying -- I gotta be up next more prepared yeah. He knew me. -- this is ours is a unanimity. You know I'll -- pancakes for the fact we don't you have some golf and it is a smooth he has to do -- -- teams in the iron just OK okay. Yeah. I'm okay. We can exclude the Dow lower spinning on actually damage right now. -- don't I'd like you have enjoyed that. All right that's good enough now he's doing now it's kinda could you butter on it's got enough -- on -- on all we are revive first need to keep brother look at the Brad -- it. No I know you're gonna go to Mayo Thompson yeah Sloan School. Texts text messages aren't gonna who mean well you lose tonight. -- -- yeah -- ha. Ha ha I hate when people read warm I don't mind hard knocks. But the one Tommy is going to be evil laugh well yes it was supposed to be the ones. I don't like it because he's deleting Britain's -- how hard it's an awful lot of -- I'm sorry. -- -- like Nabokov finally strikes in the back in the fifth. The shadows everywhere it was just accounts. From these are all. Cared -- Those treated for our manufacturing job market are this the far right or buffalo podcasts are all tired yeah they are glad yeah. So I'm not giving us a voicemail text message at 2532714787. ST Friday twosome 14. As TP. First this is Steve have you heard your girl Mary Lambert cover we'd guess. Yeah teenage dramatic. It's funny I actually so that's downsizing as it was an NBA and I don't really know Mary Lambert I would like to get to know her I think she's amazing. She's a girl that sings the hook on -- Lamar seem loves all okay -- she's pretty bad -- and local gal and I literally am Marco Collins and he mentioned that she -- -- -- Well it's. When I was looking around after I got that -- -- I gotta find the version so we can played here in the SDP just out you're not familiar with the weed is songs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He knew every song because it was so awesome. There's Susan's iron maybe I knew I had really done outside rumors. -- -- -- -- -- things got a boyfriend drives and I thought okay you ready and I -- here. Good news there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Boyfriend. -- -- awesome. But the best part of the song is the breakdown -- -- yeah when they get did the group the par for the longest time I thought it was a chick singing this song. A little while it sounds like -- -- sixteen for Weezer. And I thought it was so cool and I am proud that it was a duty on -- he sang this part. And it. Took to become a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah -- -- -- not a nice Thanksgiving a lawyer and I. I thought that was your security behind -- -- this Kennedy got here. This is what this is Brendan he's taken some classes over Mercer Island he's trying to learn about rainy night similar my -- and -- What have you learned so far from -- that you -- This commitment through until boom so right on February taking classes at the high school -- okay. I rather know there was an institution of learning and there was Ryland nicely on matters is he still doesn't exist you know BJ's kids I don't -- ha. Now and again -- there and perhaps I. I'm glad throwing any illegal parties because we hear the parents -- finds that in this Mercer -- is right also always -- is the -- they do radio show. Yeah. -- tournaments usually doing there it is Lou little station there -- balls in the oil lower -- -- your season high school -- Housley real radio doesn't make him voice tracking it Hamas. Yeah actually -- -- get a little more than we would you like you're actually signing Professional. League we're just put my son someone -- idiots -- describe -- you -- working our gas. The -- could do it. -- -- -- -- Nice night so what rob do you play music on on the show or through Brunell I just attendant say liners. In the ad -- excellence and soul songs lifeless. -- -- here's an example like me. This is so -- furious. Let's talk the talk Canadiens. So Richard jam that Miley isn't Katie Perry did -- -- that are cartwright none of politics Qaeda are to be did art course is legit it's. Yeah I've heard yeah honestly I don't -- -- I was all he's so excited about it. Steve I have an idea of what one of -- liners might sound like okay. So -- gonna get I can get to Katy Perry I might have the album my final -- and a grim might I might not but bridges Mercer Island high school right. Yet her once a -- they're tied to me this might take a second but everybody islanders. Terrorists but I would islanders. Just like you guys likes. Did lands maybe a gambler Nathan hale did that well again I think the numbers aren't what -- was -- frequency. It is Portland and they how far can you hear it like this is holds -- -- hear here them. If wing nine is just rumors real live another 194 point fives that I think you can get you. I'm very -- on trying to get the song for our Ted. -- do that one song every attempt -- and another. Yes I did all right hold on second -- McCann comrade -- left the room and can easily just doesn't here to spread and use your name. Are coming your thoughts on him. Equally ready yeah. New Katie Cary with dark forces command brand name. 88 point nine Mercer Island tense -- today -- the hot lunch and a grilled cheese. James is resumed full JD yeah. I got yeah. Well you know you pull down. C'mon we're gonna -- -- I -- and yeah I just. His line isn't the about -- -- they don't dignity give -- updates on your. The -- just want to know. My copy like this loves you and who is this. It's an Iron Maiden Duncan's case -- -- -- turned the corner of. -- Hi -- quality right you're. She's like wait a minute they're playing music on their phones on on the microphone -- editing music CDs and Ukraine there any day. Here's the best part. My top defense. Some ten I'd never tried cooking butter. -- -- -- Hundred Morris intensity I don't have to come through money just for the record if you ever email in the mentioned unlike the nice men on the BJ Shea morning experience we don't allow guest in the then I'll give a tour right yet -- you have lucked out then never gives people on modcast. So -- Trader Joe's La there's. They called cookie but -- agreement. It's a life changing experience. Now -- are you good are you a fan of that would you be up for trying to -- you better served all right I guess. Just moments. It's got a life changing necessarily good or the bad this on hand over to Ted and he wants Brandon. You omitted for Brennan you -- -- -- -- well I mean they can trade if they need to I mean I'm not have a the equipment and a host of some music for you guys. -- you know it. Right trying to could do about it. -- yeah. Yeah I have played it. Right right isn't right -- this matter it's like sweet peanut butter. I'm from there -- no bread cookies and crushed a minds and unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made would -- biscuits. All you have to do is -- as I understand. No. Yeah this is it is ideal but Iraq a lot of myself into it's got -- and yeah. Yeah its product to the meadowlands is in the contains -- suing token that may contain traces of tree nuts milk and eggs. Of the Dutch helping us out again -- -- -- It's been amazing. I'm not shocked a place that loves we came up but that doesn't -- You -- -- -- you have some excellent Trader Joe's I just want you to bring that thing of -- but cleared and the Katy -- -- analysts. You got yourself a deal -- credit crunch you want to. Haven't tried that one yet don't do it had terms as those of and anti crunchy I don't know -- did that here. These guys -- my. What's next on the tour what else have you guys done what is he shown you so far the solar office. Just filing toward nobody next to the studio you know you look there's a reference -- others optional there's. Motto -- that's DP as we come in so was I -- did the ball and that's what you're in huge like today because Ryan castles and do and it showed a news actually an -- -- elements. He's only he's -- -- on to a giant beards so regardless of dust and actually. Right -- as a magnetic. -- -- doesn't actually. And I can actually has little secret now this is yet that we right now -- I consistently on FaceBook post a picture of just exactly -- it looks like castle I got talent right. I want it to be kind of mean and do not have seen again play softball he's never really if you prefer they. But I didn't ideas like today does look like I'm and I tell you remember -- Being in the ANC. -- it's very sensitive. Oh yeah that's like a -- but he reads as he didn't you know. We get mad at us now I don't know but I was -- I thought about lake Iowa (%expletive) them off -- -- jab about soft market. If there's ever -- baseball players on -- and it looks like Steve the producer feel free to use that on because I got some applicable to me as well are applicable. Promoter applicable to talk a little -- portables are hitting the radio professional women's army that is OK you know. Former president and us. Steve Holcomb. Sleigh driver for bobsled and the closest athlete that all he looks like a long lost Smith. I've got Andy's -- -- a lot especially memorial all -- It was weird when I went to a hospital in New York City UC Malcolm for past and and as I'm walking -- this kind of somber time almost onion people coming -- -- Nor ever tell you look like any added. Yeah the design -- terror on that ion earlier I -- -- of the Griffin yeah can you help. Can you give me your best doctor sign an autograph by many as I give her across -- yeah yeah you don't pick up. Just talk a music Sosa a weird place I like. -- you're there most people are in a pretty somber mood and -- I really think the camera down with the nurses. Hit it at that and decided -- yes. I was I was fund their kids' eyes closed at that you guys here now pod. -- and I are we doing a podcast in the very near future a month since podcast on Friday that's gonna be weird. Because he does his podcast he takes it at Kyra studios -- -- yeah I mean yeah so so I gonna go into a competing radio station to go regrettable podcast. Can be awkward ask him to take you upstairs afterwards as the pool table that are. Sure still -- we'll. Oh no I got really good runner split shift there for a long time for the fact that nothing I I was so I was running the table on people do sales -- hated me -- studios still the street lake. -- legislature over -- -- and I sort of my apartment literally users don't ask tiger right there. Now on the door does is it good for a couple more months sort of the clam place is that right by there. Got a new articles of all it's just like just Erica crap music we should go get some and afterwards. Yeah it's. Top four we go in no often as the Thai place right down the street Siam yes ties -- is like a -- that's when his stuff you know. We wish your resume and just it waste there you go to get to know where that come from -- Maricopa I don't armor games like this all toolbar they'll ever go away it's early -- hires don't -- -- -- -- the bar of the zoom right and I usually do I don't know there was a bar called the zoo for the longest time and people kept saying -- afterwards we're all gonna meet up at the zoo and I'm like. -- people like right you don't go to the zoo on a Friday night and 98 o'clock an -- I'm missing something. And then I find out there's a bar called zoo and I can turning people down and I wanna go to to zoom. That's the only -- -- know that has a legit billiard table. Are there I thought it was personal girls are usually are able to it's like a twelve a table or -- -- as an excuse -- -- got a couple boards George -- -- they got shot there -- I don't know. -- and put my nose and occurring after our -- will be to record after the podcast. Yeah -- when you -- GI NN senate -- seems a little off -- number ten. I'll bring my -- whether they are big game hunter. You know how you're remember where you were when something major news happened. I was in that Marlon has another Patrick Ewing was going to be a Seattle Seahawks for size because Garcia and -- is on -- Through season. -- tell you that's important news right cause I remember our laws were a solid until now I feel like I'm alive. He sounds very like like when kangaroo beat Virginia got traded him -- -- Ted I know you're interviewing Georgetown. Well I know you that was huge. Error in the -- usually see -- is worthless when he became masonic -- -- believes in the work moved. It happens people didn't as dominant as you lush and some of the -- yeah. -- I don't know -- -- currently news. Lot of good luck on the tour at least yeah I -- I am glad you guys enjoyed my -- butter. Yeah yeah I'll bring it to the classic for sure you both polished that off from one sitting on the hook us on the way there are only if you know you kind of know and I. -- -- -- -- first person if you got something at the classic votes and lose their pants the most fun beer and cookie voters who dual. Why not know if the women were all -- -- Fog so we always talk about we it is still an -- out yes so -- so yet Mary Lambert. Though the woman. Seems OK also and she turned into our own song gotta keep me warm which. Awesome voice awesome talent is. It would be great to get her on the podcast why he says that a -- be a lot of fun this is just to hear her story and then also just -- play some songs she's got some pipes. But yes she's been covering the -- is his teenage dirt bag but she does her own way slows it down -- piano and her voice. And fortunately. Some -- billboard does some kind of like acoustic. Covers the session thing where they get artists to cover other people's songs pump and so she covered their song and we it's actually tweeted about it saying yes. Mary -- your version teenaged -- still kills us love it love it love it. And then they've they've linked -- to that version for those kind of a nice not to -- Lambert and so here it is and and in the beginning you hear Mary's voice she kinda gives her reason why she loves the songs it's kind of cool. Think we'll storyteller behind covering teenage star -- my weakness. I was a -- what I came out I was like seventeen and I heard that song. And I was like in Florida say this is a lesbian love songs. I was I was and his singing and then I found out it was just you know a guy with a highways which was awesome until I was so excited because it's not -- all of those like. The -- -- -- -- your first love then you might. Do we really existent and they do really and listen to capture that time for me you know that first love time. And its. Own land. I have to me I am. School she live news. The hairs just a -- number and gas must pass. -- Forever it's my hair is testing programs. EG. -- So. Good she does. He's saying does team. And stuff yeah. It's really killed. Sorry. Me and everybody then. Generally when they're completely different it's. Like I really sand soft dollars -- -- on. Top fuel lasts. And in London. Boot. And it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Like central moment maybe I. You need I. But yeah -- is the Blue Line. I'm picturing a Y want to know -- and I'm glad. They're -- easy I only eighteen Minnesota and right aren't together enough. Hello we geared toward different color somebody should have this is that I have for our -- but -- -- there is always seeing. -- We and. There are seen as running into the break down our fans. Okay. It's got -- now. And blue. Be great to take tough -- makes an emotional. We're ID is a real emotional scene like I can know what type known Berlin and -- -- laughing. And controlling it. And be somebody what's going dormant on the show that fouls yes you know we didn't have been didn't my girlfriend that and paranormal activity she starts giggling during one of the season ending up missing -- sue bird's nest bowl and it's. And I Sadr -- that once or inside of Blair witch project in front of screening for anyone's ever seen and he yells it's. Right sort of what is. Let's -- -- -- movement is so funny Seattle times wrote about it okay that's even sunnier and what is the best. I mean you need. It's. Okay. -- like. -- -- -- -- -- Drawn well yeah it's. I don't know it's condominiums -- nice and smooth. Slow down. And my job -- The only. Get some new home. -- -- -- It's. Okay. It's. Well we all have thresholds she's got on grades. Boy I got to stop this about two minutes ago but now I know where are the top via nonstop and I like her voice they just light blue. -- another song and I've -- for so long gap that is just I like her with the other stuff that she's done that ever heard as justice on the. And did you like did Tori Amos cover of us smells like teen spirit. It's not really. Not really I said Doug that was -- they know whose feelings are you trying to hurt nobody has a girlfriend Dion -- dean is so good. So I know what I like -- Tori Spelling version of the policy collaborator with David silver knows good and -- -- those -- -- -- -- girls yes -- projection is somebody's got some deep -- nice you know. All I know why isn't she. I think it's time for a few hours in -- time now more than ten days timeouts you -- -- outside that region where the -- -- Their power -- a couple of -- it's -- voice now and never get to the emails again. It's. Your -- like just clean -- females. Well we just did these are all new today most shoot really just do emails next week only like that's it. At all. Administrative email some say when senator and attacks are gonna can girl next regrets he's doing also wouldn't hurt her now -- Booms can't do get two tickets Iron Maiden debut season begin to experience my ass last time for real -- -- You know it sounds Soderbergh either way the man. She's not be sent an. This is -- I saw pictures of what she does some people won't yeah. I don't want our satellite I know I was bound Dan have you gone through her Twitter racers and these are some of bumps and there's a whole area there's all. Funny but her -- complete opposites in the world of like sexuality you know I know that in -- I don't know exactly -- that means. Why can't they do better make it -- we -- no. Code to a couple quick things again as well. Wrestle mania takes yet the ground we lost a mental six really -- -- -- when Baltic piper. Hybrid and I want doesn't -- for the game that we we just something all holy moves moves polymers business tax lest we. Podcast we've halo is one of funniest shows just for the -- entertainment. It would be awesome to make -- an honorary member or perhaps springer like once a month or something back girl was acting hilarious I Gloria your wish is our command sees coming in hopefully next week if not -- be in the near future but. I -- I -- come in as much as she wants to come out and I think that I have told her when she came by and I told her an email at any time chutes three on Tuesday and has nothing to do. This does not get this guy has room for one. Girl called that one Grozny like Philly she can roll with the home -- you guys thanks. -- you know I think should be fun having your get a perspective on some things also hear the stories of what goes on is a webcam girl yeah I just like the dynamic of yeah amuse all the way on the other end of the world right there at the top you will yell let's article wanting to. Yes -- as I know I was around sincere enough and Arianna mono nick who apparently is a card carrying member of the ivory -- definitely I. Rendell our total burden becomes a -- actually doing stuff. If you just like a drawn -- hopefully you can find its public I do like I don't want there all the time assist. It fascinates because the first time I ever saw was out of bachelor party hard. -- are I never seen her honored and I can't I at these terrorists are no August 1 I never saw webcam and that was slightly. We -- -- or my buddy's house for his bachelor party and it was on every singles. Like big screen in the house and is just a different chick gonna differ one and I'm just like. They're doing this for free but what is going on. Like I -- on nine innings and looked ever since. Once I am hooked and so we were -- -- times a week doing radio and -- -- webcam -- king live webcam. From. It is a single and I think. You see I don't live webcam and actually it's just still it's my my interest in you which you came in now -- a bit like consistently forever as -- as this. You -- ever heard their song what does that -- I've heard that song you know silly me to -- began his I understand where you're talking about all think and and now. -- -- I just wanted to do one voice now appears to drop employing OK I am now on Paris is this and one voicemail before -- your brother trig retarded or Florida or see it right now feet. -- job leave my job he's the fourth one -- and I imagine and it's a hot. Hey everybody yeah yeah yeah yeah. You know I -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- my chickens -- -- man. I don't know again. Bingo thing with the rest. Of them are almost glad that the creep you. Out already got a bad jokes. You know it's. -- okay. Yeah. 'cause well and -- And wrestle mania -- yeah car. I could stop that day out now. Hey guys you're -- make gas not allowing the main -- the top four okay -- I -- -- we got an email from -- impossible. -- -- wrestle -- thirty around the corner wanna get my -- in -- rule will wind so the whole -- other matches like there's the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal he -- Jamison won't do that one. The divas championship this prison movies Chris thinks it's convenient Dahlia. I think it's going to be -- not to do it this design in the end on the road I'll take column this sealed. -- -- came in new age outlaws and a dark match it drive back -- Curtis angle optical front axle I'm sorry that you know when -- -- -- championship so those are the ones that we're not gonna -- aren't -- see the big four C got the first wire. Re why it. I -- kicking ass son on TV right now he -- -- creepy mother -- -- -- why it taken nine John Sina. -- territory and you know we do I Derek -- name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first match -- it is. The scene. Verse is why it. So -- you're going with him I Sina Sina top shelf could seem -- possibly lose there and wrestle mania I mean he did lose in the ms. member. I'll take no gas re Wyatt dynamic that's most gonna take leave crystal do you hats on the -- library I. I am going to be -- with -- why we're gonna be the only hills I think you have to deal allows us -- and nose and remember always losing. I just because you have any knowledge does it mean -- because right swerves and any thing. If somebody accidentally due to and that inflation maybe they're gonna get you know they're gonna lose wrestle me sure yeah. He's saying that's. That -- -- all right the big one of course for many people -- sister equal undertaking go 22 you know he's taking on reds favorite wrestler. Brock Lesnar. I'll start I'm taken Lesnar -- -- -- Rick -- revenue -- -- -- he said you'll never watch wrestling again I won't even talk about wrestling you know -- Brock Lesnar wins -- tell -- not -- say anything about wrestling ever again price of that great scream and -- The giant penis tattoo on his stomach I'll take some plant. So revelry I didn't undertaker you don't tell -- Our -- I simply is at their blood com -- incident brought. And it takes take a street doing from a legend triggered wrestled earlier we undertake. A senator. I think oddly enough you know there's always said it I am also would make an angry and not think that Brock Lesnar is going to be the guy who takes the -- -- it's gonna hurt me but dude had nightmares says sometimes a team does read weird swerves into exists -- -- -- your balance is simply a waste of a moment. This if you ask me exactly yeah that would be like when gold Byrd lost his streak is winning streak and it was a totaled crappy scourge that's like letting the cubs actually were in the world seriously now who do that -- -- between letting them. I -- one I'm most excited about our. Daniel Bryan taking on triple H -- winner gets to be a part of a triple threat match. Against Batiste and Randy Orton in the main event for the championship so. Reverend en Fuego who you -- in -- win this one Daniel Bryan they're gonna put drama in the main -- how Leah cotton top shelf fluorescent. Parents -- Brian Nichols. Younger dale brown I think that's a no I think that's a -- there would be. Good place will collapse if he does not win like I mean I think the entire arena is gonna revolt might give everybody would stop plus some traction this again this is the moment that they want to -- like the wheels deal when he does those close as I'll highlight cashiers who we have other wrestlers come on -- days talk about Daniel -- and how he was able to deal with one word yes. Cannons and destroy -- he's huge right now and did the last episode of total divas could seize on it. Just because is girlfriends on it gaffe or his fiancee. He is hilarious on the -- People make you would love most is he's very dark -- ask extremely sarcasm very dear -- -- -- off as one person tried approved and on the -- -- TV rented at Tora -- he's got him another Brussels could all. Travel together. And I was his girlfriend's idea and he quickly. Brother isn't that awful idea. It's an Italian pooped in and the boss. And then it was an icy hot on her body in an accidentally rubbed it against her but then sort of burning -- and we know about that yes we do. And then out to other wrestler sort of sex with each other on the bus was under some some good battles -- -- and use those guys part of a series is a guy you write an erection on the bus I told you people nor Russians. I think he's just call people out here is making fun of one of the girls for one of her like attempts at reading a pop -- There's still awfully think this is the message joining give to kids and sort of make sure what is the message you wanna give to kids like. Popped up -- -- -- joining give to kids sake will you now. Marriage sort of makes Sarah. So then. If we're all right. Yeah at Batista I've taken on the champ Randy Orton and it's triple threat match which would include Daniel -- if we're correct. Who he thinks winning now -- for the championship ominous start where it's. Also our first. Why not switch it up flipped the script and I'm gonna go Daniel Bryan I think that's the continuation of the underdog. Who's beat down his arms are hurt in these shoulders -- bad shape. Your -- given the beating of a lifetime and yet he still figures out a way to win the title. Nick sounds good to me there Ryan top shelf holds a grand new York and wow I don't know why. -- I didn't call high -- Batiste is it because he's a big movie star now and they just you just signed a two year deal with the -- -- -- Regis -- On that out there I don't all of these are going to be Randy Orton. AE she. How old. -- Daniel -- I do -- -- you brag just don't think Randy Orton as a villain is going to be the guy who wins it. And I just don't think Batiste even if he says its new year I still think they're gonna -- its own right now I think she's doing really ire over organs. Yeah by letting Garcia was saying. Yeah I don't I think I think Hortons lame duck at this point man on the got our picks. -- I had the exact same takes a -- -- -- -- about her brother right you get older Brothers and full fact. Top three bureaus -- different because you are Randy Orton. And you also big front Lesnar. And grab yours is different because you -- John -- Gas today -- those are our wrestle mania -- thirty takes I cannot wait this Sunday wrestle mania thirty and speak your wrestling a huge thanks. The rowdy Roddy Piper yeah so much and so awesome I mean it the podcast this podcasts is true that we've been doing it for a couple of days it's been going on for so long. Because -- champion if you're just trying to -- her dash. I'm supposed to there are however a lot is absolutely -- real or doesn't feel like right now this is real power behind right to about the hall you'd be here we have a dozen roses and -- to pick who you wanna send them to. Tennis is a really real is so real brilliant nobody was hired in the making of this podcasts really really well let's get -- here here's. Thanks to track for sushi I think that McNair twice this week and yes actually I have. And both times -- I try and why this Samantha roll calls -- a couple extra bucks but it's got lots are on it. Game changer -- to -- a couple extra bucks. Take twenty bucks for the role both men old man's dead fancy -- seven locations now north and in Tacoma are the new ones. Travers Susie got Covington Penn Station you all violate Bremerton and as well. Check amount on FaceBook has taken -- -- if you upgrade. Discounts -- giveaways offers whatever it may be ever since he's got you covered Friday ST zero on the wrong named after me. Because of our podcast. Yeah -- my Titanic dishes don't try EST -- I also suggests a sound that's been my name's -- So yeah. All right check him out trappers sushi dot net. Fresh friendly that's so they were all right we're gonna get that a year maybe their view of the camera will be back with us next week we'll see Titanic -- -- -- --