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Ultimate Warrior - RIP -- Interview from April 2008

Apr 9, 2014|

Yesterday we learned of the sad news that the Ultimate Warrior died at the age of 54. Warrior was one of our favorite interviews, and back in April of 2008 we talked to Warrior about many things: Vince McMahon, the WWE, Steroids, and more! RIP Warrior

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time he's known for his war paint. Shaken the -- to get fired up and it's promo pieces -- -- always intense like this one column. Meeting with the dogs from the heavens above. The first part. -- -- -- -- He's brought that didn't show. The ultimate -- could you. Yeah yeah. I didn't and they. -- give them -- good -- that's got to be -- The that night I actually went out. Actually like I would not -- legitimate thing. Not a -- It's important -- up warrior because you know sometimes I. It -- -- we hadn't heard about but that does. It is important that you do because I mean a lot of your great interviews you agree -- back in the WWW you have days I mean a lot of people criticize you for that and I want. I don't great classic one of the current -- -- because nobody that kind of stuck the element biggest media that I take from the idiots out there. I think I wouldn't -- abuse and jealous that. Can understand him I and they can't understand the man that's young -- Blair you know and at that time I didn't understand it either it was substantially and imagine with the extension. You know but. My own personality is -- you know. To be inspired the great battle these great challenges you know to take on the world. Albeit a -- type but they know everybody even adults then that's such good governor don't want to be motivated and inspired on that level men like. There's no there on the ground level upload -- don't -- let. You know you know I -- I don't give it -- -- -- that I epileptic that I you know well yeah. Intel warrior that you actually we're going to a place where all of a sudden you know it sounds crazy but the -- just come -- you -- -- -- conduit and and and it makes sense to me in the fact that here you are you're the ultimate warrior. And you know like you your -- you know your character how you work I mean that was the perfect representation I mean I really look at the people that we criticize you go. Do you not see this guy is actually do an offense. Asked a job I'd say in response as saying public. A lot of people got it -- -- -- it's almost went over -- you. I'm now you know -- -- -- -- that's different about the -- doesn't bring. Bruce as well as well back to the people right and so I don't like the -- -- a -- that the day. It has to do this being just over the top like that he's got the first daughters are really not to managing -- -- local media -- British blue dogs you know. Just ornament don't belong -- injured you're all great classics three. Butler and -- -- distinct line between good guys and bad -- -- Greg due to bad -- and that's what was going on back there and and you don't want you to look at entertainment across a broad but it was not wrestling you got a litany of Pakistan back to look at deliberately intimidating everybody got this very same smoke have smaller but look -- -- similar interface is intact is coming up about the virtual call work. -- -- -- -- -- Back then when we're on the road such paste it all you do what you just liberal liberal I have notebooks turn them around. Just thinking -- ideas and I was gonna talk about my opponent what I was gonna do and it was great it was great. Yeah that's ER and it's going to be here to warrior because now a lot of people you can tell I mean I'm not -- I'm not -- point any fingers at anybody but when you watch wrestling today. You really looking you -- boy these guys just are not really that they may be good athletically but they're not that it just not to in the entertainment. It is well known characters at all in fact now they're not writers and eloquent in your step that I mean that it. Parents read to -- that company -- -- poor guy who wanted to be. A pro wrestler that's eccentric personalities of professional wrestling and he -- he was taking intrude into sport entertainment. And implement anger out -- and went in Europe and clipped developing -- -- there -- selling merchandise they can happen to get a connection with the parents. Updated -- themselves. Nobody else nobody else and you were brutally creatively developmentally got these minor -- to actually bring guys and they screen them all -- would not physically and mentally and spiritually and they say -- you would be good for this kind of thing let's try this kind of thing you know that we need -- -- of -- what we need you practiced -- -- And I give America a different thought the bottom and that's what an insult. And that warrior before has been a summit to talk to about eleven but -- -- -- -- learn how to work but I just rip and read a book he had no doubt about it. But I I do wanna give you the opportunity tell us what's going on because obviously -- and you wanna let people know you don't what are you up to what's Obama the warrior. For the last two years I've -- -- while I haven't literally self destructive like all the other guys don't know what's what went out. I'm doing -- still happy but I'm going to go back to the William Spain June 25. Ice is so I'm excited about that yet that would be awesome man they're not -- you know what I'd like what would not have agreed to do and if the conditions weren't right. It is trying to let -- -- it like can prepare properly. To bring it back so that -- first wouldn't disappoint myself and did not disappoint the ultimate warrior canceled. All of Iraq and it's going to be really good -- not mentally more than at least I have ever -- and a guy or seven straight and. I saw the YouTube clip -- viewing you know having the big fight and it was pretty cool I mean at least you know setting an all out -- on a -- out -- -- Yeah I mean I hadn't stood ring continued I thought. Okay I'm coming over and I thought it was going to be a little bit more intimidating to me. Imagine that ultimate warrior the guy anymore are being intimidated. I thought to setting you know the well to the roof the roof itself the site so that the -- but everything. Which is great managers worked out super of course -- -- back and established my trademark chicken -- which I'm Batiste has been -- out. Half. An attractive -- attributed that to let you Batista has that department in the business of jump off the path I. Fat and pathetic completely other Kabila and stepping. Loyalty or just you know an unspoken thing -- the business if you didn't take other guys trademark gimmicks and let -- instead -- women do what he didn't let them. Suddenly told you didn't do it. In the group over another way to just totally mischaracterized the all the way around. I guess did you know defect I don't know why is a greater testament to this well the best estimate that I've -- moment. Well I have to think warrior you know course. You know obviously things in and well would you advance I mean if you got to sit down face how to go through writing reporting dvd project I don't have a problem also against him feasts -- so so if -- -- sit down at a table with -- right now wouldn't go well. I don't know yeah you don't let you have first 1 this morning are the -- reassure them that -- we get into. Look I got out of the it was forgotten the first Latin -- -- just well I screwed up on principle I found -- that government took. People want to fight that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got a couple beautiful children daughter's seventh -- grown up in the world I started paying attention as -- they're mature adult what's going on in the world culturally politically. Education experts Federer I got involved with a bunch of groups who supposedly espouse principal and ideas and upstanding behavior and what I found out years that they did a bunch of -- why wouldn't it don't. Yeah and you know the truth and that's. I'm. But don't think about it much you don't realize -- and back so I don't know I mean I'd I don't know sort of come full circle and I'm not. I just you know I think a little bit differently about it today than I do so it would be better -- work with people who make it very clear that they're gonna try to. Just take whatever they can't industry you're out they didn't want to win anyway with Billy did not -- a candid about it and they don't try to hide it. So what that's sets its -- seems to be let the kind of -- at least you know what you know what you're getting I mean is there anything he could. We know about the next you're absolutely fight yet. You know like -- to try to put an anniversary you gotta do something significant gotten used -- it is still a couple of the other anniversary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That being off that that would be awesome that would be tremendous. Tennessee today instead of coming back real. Attitude toward another was right now. That is a great idea and I mean I have a feeling that you know that would make great -- that audio -- yeah that would definitely. Definitely -- and as you open to let you know he's a good this is. You know made an entertainment while Abbott showed that -- -- because -- -- you -- that you basket and I am the kind of open and honest guy that I am I yeah I mean. I've come typical hyperbole about the people that are the big -- signed out the big corporate that'd be huge. And then you have to replace it every day I've got to figure out what they're only about them and in that in just a lot of the human beings they are verses. You know the kind of experience and I don't think -- work out -- way I think money. A career in my relationship with this could turn out much Tripoli -- stepped up and put a different kind of a natural for me. Can help me when I was younger. And are always open minds -- I guess in that the eagle this sort of assertive aggressive nature as the ultimate warrior character was to say no doubt that says that this is not decided on this long ball where it. I don't draw the consequences gonna make it look one way or another long way. And job. Always had more problem for Vince stories you know what you were just headstrong and mentoring -- That has been sent a long time ago in the first question -- that would chemical or -- deal that got overlooked but the contract and that we have not been. Senator deposition that you don't know liabilities. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We live in particular risk. He deliberately let fail and -- -- we understand our ground you've got a big group against the grain of what everybody else is thinking. But that you don't let this anti illegal dog -- Our attention in and out of the report builder between -- of his post touch underweight from -- each other that it would. It could've been you'll -- directed I think it was noted that there could be redirected brought them. We'll continue to work and are really articulate that didn't. But into alpha dogs really I mean work together to me like I'd love to see that -- 125 into our dogs really make that work. I -- I don't know me and I got I really don't know I think our big I -- those who don't look at I think. Don't don't don't don't make it work. But there's a lot that's gonna go into making sure but what indeed tell parcel that would. What are you willing to compromise on because obviously is gonna be compromised and I can't we can't speak for advanced what about you what are you willing to let go up to make some of my -- happened. That this is a lot to let go -- September the kind of person thirty years. You certainly did spend a a while. Fleeing. On the challenging for me to quit and I don't judge people piecemeal. Well I mean it was that I can't say did I got it did like the person who -- these. Benevolent acts and -- all these great things for other people and children and compassionate so many ways but the other abrupt while. You know part time whatsoever quality of equipment you know. Yeah it didn't -- panacea yet. I think in debt Horton -- but let's don't you ducked under the extreme use something else I -- don't know what I'm that's not what you judgment piecemeal and I think what I need to do -- better do -- this -- They let you go above and that's what people -- content on their interpreter are about -- real estate developments. -- didn't let the kind of person and -- -- but on the other hand you've got in mind what he's done in creating virtual console company that he. And and warrior is so it's so free you know. Would there be some sort of cash consideration that you feel not so much because you want the money but it it's a sort of way to show -- That's good I really -- I don't say to people -- any good at all. It's about it's not about the money and it is about the money market talk about the money that's not the -- -- thank god you know and you does not about the money into that sort of opened the -- saying that his conduct a plane would take you a little. Think about the money it's about understanding your value like if you want to work in the marketplace that you are now annual export another opportunity to loose tissue work would wanted to let you -- -- Didn't you got to take an extra -- I've got to recognize the value and you've got extended it some other place to get the -- didn't. But at the same Doug O'Donnell about the money in fact that's -- -- -- and every time I left and came back. -- would probably come back the first thing you simply don't know most of favorite celebrity limelight that's not what really checked it was always the challenge the goal. That right in front of me creatively and what I got to do otherwise and that's what. It you'll -- me about district 43 thing is -- -- challenge -- you know I don't know that for two years I'm still going through the pollutants. -- -- -- -- -- I would do I need it for myself to do that it's not mostly produced largely or -- or primarily about the money part of it. Well I tell you some more I think you have a great idea with our estimated 25 it's just a matter of whether. I mean obviously he's a velocity it's a guy using a velocity get somebody it's all these -- actually that go it's -- era I get together and but if somehow some way that lawsuit. And your parents are estimated 25 to be resolved and an amicable fashion. Or and you seem to be open to it and of course because you're both alpha dogs it really asked -- needs to be a good negotiator and a good mediator there to sort of just placate both of you can is. You know here today you know there's a lot of history a lot of back from -- if I had a huge dude right. Immediately -- -- anniversary of the hardest thing I ever did. We got the failure to be battered like -- council on my personal attention and we're gonna go to trial it's a little girl that they finally show up a couple of years. That -- -- says PayPal go to shake my hand. I tip my hand at my side I didn't shake his hand there was no artist and I ever -- but little of the greatest lessons I taught myself. Seriously something. And your values didn't have -- industrial. And I don't doubt that it doesn't work for me I see these -- all the time these talks about one another at least -- and learn about. They do everything to destroy one another. Personal integrity. And big touchdown with one another bureaucracy Gagne. And more you don't really connect and you don't think it's just under the under the -- -- people always say well it's just business it's not to -- -- -- these -- you're lucky you'll be the other guy. -- not important anymore. I -- I know we can't protect our demand site. It doesn't tell it on the inside the back to develop the strength of your integrity different ladies. As you blend it there is a man you know and I was terrified you'll ever I would 300 pound the rock solid muscle I -- -- -- -- I just basically. You give over you grow up you got to develop that integrity that's do you hope integrity and Deborah and it has to be bothered trying to put Serbia good. Principled person that you are which are willing to spend up to about what you believe. And I don't they're all over the place in Portland we wanted to and that's why the apple didn't want -- -- got to act the way they do to try to strike. Do you and other people. I have a question I wanna ask you that I really felt like yeah. I when you're on Hannity and Combs you what you did the Bay Area courses over -- -- Chris Benoit and the and the use of steroids and first of all I wanna say. You know -- had any calls to meet with such morons because you really were speaking intelligently about the subject. And the L I hate it when these media people have this agenda and I'm in the business and it irritates the crap automate. Because you spoke intelligently about it and you really had a viewpoint on steroid use when it comes to sports that I thought was was unique and very it. What you ought to programs currently going -- And I literally go because I've been out there had been -- the only conservative water's been speaking engagement this stuff but look unexpectedly stable ground on the went on the show. And I didn't know Sean Hannity never met him. But I really don't fox bet I would get a chance to post my opinion what was different international building up over the -- they wanted to do. They should also wanted to give a look -- -- why I would be able talking legitimately about drug use or drug abuse and. We don't respect you -- warrior. Because you call yourself a conservative but that is the one area they conservatives we are now. So everybody's definition -- -- to do do we don't have enough radio I'm not talked about it at my web site the more public got local law and again I'm not a conservative like those -- got a hypocrites we applaud the -- back to Ronald Reagan there are too young America's foundation a Washington DC reduce some deposited the years who are wise. I'm like well my experience my -- what. This study -- -- Don't know what the great books of the western world -- -- the Pope to politics become registered and all that. I got involved in -- -- you're not gonna produced also about the one that they reject I don't really believed the principal mission statement say they espouse their well goodness. Well yeah he's Venezuela and if you've done any research that Ron Paul -- it seems like the conservative parties really content and data that was -- any sense I looked up rich. Street. -- don't be a Ron Paul and I don't tax costs average and Annika. He doesn't that look like India and me what I mean if and it's sad event. I mean he doesn't have this thing that comes out of him in his anyway do you. It was luck in the eighties but it won't make up represented presidential that you didn't didn't count ball out here we want to be you know. But -- -- -- -- Has talked about -- I think it's probably don't talk about the ridiculous interpretation of the constitution and I mean and -- right I didn't have a lot of I think yeah and I -- up and they really want to get back to the steroid issue we right now by the way but that could eventually use and abuse and let the body. We get. Because it's a unique position -- the only how Wallace Roger Clemens and all this Barry Bonds stuff and everything I go to the mindset that -- technology is always been used in sports people have different types of equipment they're using computers. So why ultimately escorted out that the -- that we're gonna get to a place where self discipline. Is appropriate to enhancement. Yes and -- He. Has never player. You know I'm an advantage remember I was on the thirtieth that he -- -- a shot not legitimate owners to keep the gym open at 2 o'clock in the morning the -- of 2009. And that which helped me become acceptable -- -- -- against that I was good developer pitino put you. And that was my equipment enhancements I had told that to happen. Let's say it's bound to be taking a terrible thing that you know with the anger and you kind of decry the attribute the success they're having taken steroids. -- it can be champions and hard work and sacrifices otherwise do and I'm sure somebody like a balanced. What you're actually -- will step up and -- An out of body -- you have no -- -- wouldn't that be sidelined ahead. The best athlete. Put in the world. And these. You don't. -- emasculated. Spineless. It's been. Talk about -- out of Indian jealousy trident criticizing and attribute -- desperately success to taking -- tonight and -- second trying to. So -- listen if you're ever in Seattle now you've done -- interview as you know -- little bit of a different kind of radio show out there and yes -- particularly well on out of -- -- -- the back and -- obviously -- -- so much we can do and you know you're a lot more intelligent people wanna give you credit for based on what your line of work was -- yeah. I doubt that you know that's one thing that's one thing that comes with the territory but what are people up there that will be engaging and just give me an opportunity and I appreciate that you guys -- the -- gone listen there's some. I definitely an appearance Seattle uptown to put John -- -- we get a number -- anecdotal and you get a number for -- if you wanna pimp something we'd be more than happy to let everybody know what's going Rama via. And if you Everett and Seattle Lori would love to have you on and -- it would give it time have a great time you're stripper guy.