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Apr 14, 2014|

Joined by Girl On Fire! Grab their new album "Not Broken" at El Corazon April 25th!

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Now oh yeah. Yeah. All bad is actually from being surrounding him. You metropolitan area encompassing that would notice the great northwest. And run garlic. This is the last. -- Jolene. That. Yeah rockaholics in my political and that it's time for loud. And love go -- and I well. If you listen to allow local you know that much because all sorts of interesting shenanigans. Happened this way might special guests. All our on tonight's I am joined by. Girl on fire. Tell men what OK. Guy is. I like that we're already sharing scene that the that's the -- because -- -- -- staring is scared that a lot of ground to cover. Guerrilla fire a really beloved local band you guys have a West Coast tour you're going to be kicking up here shortly with the show. And -- -- is down on April 25. There is the album which is available now it's titled not broken. And you guys are featured as BJ she is -- local band of the week on Friday. Expect your end is guys if you're just tuning in right now nearly one. This is -- local we've done it for years this is where we played great local music and if you would like to find out. All of that girl on fire this very very very moment like maybe. Maybe when -- know that look like. Maybe you wanna know how do you know by album or -- get up to me the end of the weak link. Via the -- local page at TI has W dot com now before we go any further let's go to on the studio have you introduce yourself and saying it was due within the pain. My name is Austin and I seen. It was an hour. I'm Josh Kaplan today. And can also play guitar -- I don't think nick. -- -- I mean next do you -- exactly is it is that like. Big naked little Mecca that America didn't incomes and and that is an -- and there you go like to food drink all the beer at. Straight out of fear that only the ethnic. Unless some I got a chance to hang with you guys it was four allow local prison choke down -- -- -- -- In -- solo rock city at jazz bands you guys did a show with which burn and and the Ankiel. So many shows I kill brain cells I forget details from tunnel on them. But you guys put on a really really great show that night it was it was worth it I want you know I have nuisance of direction island jazzed by that night thinking like what mom I'll wait to see on GM metal shop. All of a sudden it starts snowing there's no -- at no cars in -- and I'm driving over the Tacoma narrows bridge and I like this is the beginning of really bad movie but it was -- that it was a great time. And a great show and I got to know you guys a little bit more. On featured girl on fire I've played I played song the take down quite a bit. -- feature guys in the cock fight. I feel like again yet again. A year and a half ago yeah there's been there's been a lot of bands that were featured throughout the yeah once again it goes back to meet my agent -- -- Fuzzy. As we were -- hall of famers in the the high and -- December 2000 -- -- enough wherever I hit elegant men and again I need to practice this with. 9 o'clock that it holds the fingers. Fire you can also find out more about -- on fire by going to their FaceBook page which is girl on fire music also Twitter. All of them on Twitter girl on fire music if you follow OK -- at W or myself on Twitter. I've been that there's been tweets that have been happening they should see some from -- on fire. Also if you'd like to see some videos. YouTube dot com slash guerrilla fire Seattle and then stick Graham. Girl on fire and music. We're gonna get to a number of songs we're gonna get to his many songs as we can possibly get two and one Howard this is the -- extravaganza. Whoo yeah I'm let's play one song and then I want to talk about. The bursts of Garland fired you guys came to beat but -- report but before we disagree. To that just has that burning question let's go ahead and play the take down knotted up what I KI SW it is allow local and this is. Girl on fire from the album not broken this is the takedown. Awake this strengthens. Shadows come -- -- ugly and I KI SW it is allowed local that would be BJ she's beaten them at the end of the week. Girl on fire the song is called the take down there also. Hall of famers. On they actually performed right after Nirvana on not with that Thursday night in Brooklyn I don't know how you guys managed to make a bad note that you. Our 9 o'clock outside allow local McCullough cut by hall of fame. Why did did any guys I catch wind of some of the -- on performance it. But it will reorganize stops. Prime minister -- -- -- I missed an enlargement -- I didn't. The other stuff there since there's some stuff on YouTube and then HBO will be carrying. A much shorter version. Like in give me. I'm I'm -- -- I'm joined by girl on fire tonight all hour long allow local Austin on buckles naked on guitar Nicholas. Also on guitar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Josh on base and hairy and round on guys tell me. Grew on fire came to be and don't leave out the part where you tell me where you grew up where he grew up it's always interesting to find out where everybody. -- Well -- options and let's see. Where do we come from. Galaxy far far away now I gotta come from the same place and I -- I know I grew up in west Seattle. I ended up working for a clothing company it was gone awful. He couldn't Wear black. So you could Tyler in any -- -- does the name. And they got off like could not Wear black. Tragic and you know it was sad but anyone know if it was it was fun for the time and I ended up getting transferred. On up to you. Alder -- mall actually and that's where mitnick in hearing and naked ass -- attempts to jam I think. And then finally isn't it just was like humans didn't. Yet not only -- and you're looking. I'm confident had you had you had an easy experience prior to -- buyer. Yeah I actually I had a local band called a chance without a long time ago. And then we end I ended up it was where young. Name is Jeff goes sell arms or else starts and -- and then and then I. I ended up doing engineering update Robert -- Internship there playing as a big anniversary coming up with the natives and anniversary things. So it was shows that was a treat to. As a -- to do that so did African leaders -- to these guys and then kind of just started jamming and in one thing led to another siren songs and it was veteran we recorded and stuff rubber laying in the early days also because he got like studio time and all of that that was really Austin being able to go into the studio -- -- apparently that has like amazing history and yes slacks and the like. Some day it was was inspiring although I don't know what we made in this city was so inspiring. -- haven't grown since then. Grown that's ordinance and back in the day was also. Seven years ago now the -- -- Crazy yet time fly does it doesn't it's been a lot of fun so and then. Well -- we released that that not so awesome thing that we I mean. And it's growing thing. Yeah it is what it is that -- early morning first thing whether we were I got I got it that's -- over. Really it's -- Austin. I think I think the -- a common thing and I think even really big establishments will look back and be critical of some of the earliest works out and I don't think you guys -- -- a different position. Than a lot of other bands -- you look back and you're like could you have two starts not moved yet and it's not critically -- -- and grow. -- -- -- your employer -- a it's awesome I don't there is no. I don't even need to practice what I can just I can just look at -- Qatar and it'll just start new thing for me it takes work and it takes time -- -- president before where where were you guys -- just we were just talking about this -- while we -- playing the -- You guys just let them with and practice were against practice. We -- over and evolution studios not build. Light sorrow but -- took place there it's pretty sweet I was like finding out where everybody. And everybody link works on music together is it might find it in -- can be some pretty interesting unlikely places out. Dennis was great to get stuff there already so -- needed during his like maybe ahead and -- Really that's true well that's the -- and as we. We were -- jam box for a long time which was like a huge Seattle institution yes total racist and operate and that and those are local but once we started. Touring and stuff wasn't really realistic for us room. And we paid for months. It's so it's silly stunts that you know and and thinking about some of the places especially some of the great places but it wins. Bye -- like on Capitol Hill. -- it is expects its its hundreds of dollars every month and I'm gonna say it because you don't need to say. That's musician than the -- out any money you know so that finding good affordable places lately studio -- in different places and -- It's is really great is you've got to be able -- -- be able to work -- it got to be able to practice through an order to take here's some business right now I'm gonna come back with more. From girl on fire and another song from the album not broken and don't forget your next chance to -- girl on fire is going to be the 25. Of this month at -- core zone. More on that date the tour and all sorts of other things coming up next as -- -- continues not -- IK ISW it is allowed in political life special guests. Well our -- I'm joined by girl on fire gentlemen how we do and how we feeling so far. So today so -- really uncomfortable and you can't wait until the hours over. And just tuning in guerrilla fire my special guest -- hour long tonight for. Allow local there were also featured Friday as BJ Shia Islam the globe and the week in fact. If you go to the -- -- page you can find out all about -- on fire you can link up with their. FaceBook Twitter YouTube and instant -- pages as well. And you can see the lyric video for -- -- we have the -- video for reminds me you yeah and we're gonna talk more about that song a little bit later on in the hour and some of the things that you have planned for that before -- go further let's talk about the show you guys have happening -- 25 of this month. At -- cores out I believe that's a Friday right yet had a dramatic did. It's gonna rock I'm that is actually the kick off to. West Coast right you guys are getting correct. Yeah or -- around averted dates down the west down and down and up. And enough yet to learn from them so -- like to start his adult he'd leave the next data go to you Walnut Creek. It is San Francisco right. -- -- an hour hour and 49 account they have been on. So and then after that we have a couple of days off we're gonna head to LA go hang out -- I have days off. And then or playing the viper room in Hollywood. Excel and it'll be very very fun we're very excited that viper -- a statute such -- -- some rich history we played their last. Is that last June. Last year and I was not. On her uncle and eat it -- whatever it is I Shan. And asked him. Chaos and -- knows how to attack and two girls. Actually yeah we're gonna go to casinos in North Hollywood. Installation. That's true that's honestly I just want some burritos and yes I believe I believe and a but. Man well it's something while local fans if you're hearing girl on fire for the first time and you dig what you hear. Share some of their material on FaceBook and led to a friend's note that live in California -- Here's the bad that I think is awesome they're coming your town you should go see that that's -- -- really cool thing to have going on in this this day and age of social media. Is -- is to let other fans know you know this is a pitch in band and their worth your time I've posted a link on the instantly FaceBook page. Holy Thursday or Friday. And somebody commented. And they said that they saw you could you guys were on the the Jesus that hailstorm has opened up -- storm. At the show box -- that was probably about this time last year. Those last summer and September and to -- in my for what went out of my element that immigrants out but there was a guy that commented on there he was like. You know look at a lot of people like I'm here for the headliner and he said after he saw you guys. You became a must see -- for him and -- now what it's about is giving people those experiences. Going back to that hailstorm show. But does like it did you guys -- a couple of dates with them a feeling he didn't. Yeah we've played we played at Portland that. Does that replace the you know -- -- wonder ballroom wonder ballroom now on -- -- -- there and it was. You don't. And and that's that superstar. That was I did I did a video interview with with Lindsay and and I I brought you guys happened and they immediately brought up the -- that. I think that. That is how you secure the bid to have the big stories right there a -- Some righteous and smoke then they don't then they also mentioned and then. Have been to Portland I don't know how many times but never had voodoo -- -- -- What is going on that works that yeah there's that line. And -- and it's going to be. I will not -- today he didn't needing it do you think you're -- agent. Forty minutes now. You really totally there was Arlington Iowa it is day -- I was. And the party in March in the Biden's. You know you know the lady hanging out with -- -- easily. Well as entitlements and a plan it's it's president's overdue and it's you gentlemen didn't she want the -- and we kind of the company. We got there -- some. Yeah. It would be you even hear about the different tours writers like BP out and excellently. Especially bands that are just. At such high level. I importantly. The chili peppers there. To be like a Euro -- room in a meditation written up but think about it you can get it on your -- -- -- -- booted doughnuts delivered Q. Average out I don't know I think it was -- Plastic -- and there -- out and you have twinkies and -- -- firearm -- special guest tonight for allowed analytical you can catch them Friday Friday April 25 at a -- analyst let's play another song from. Not broken which is even available now you can even get it on iTunes. I downloaded it with my own money on on Thursday even though I had like four other copies of the album I'm totally unorganized. I think this song is called what step away what would you like to share a year. With the who's listening about this particular song with it was that a tough song to record was at one of those you're like. Lately it's pulling teeth but in the rewarding is really good it was a song that came together. Easily. Romanian tennis had -- the Stanley. I feel like the lyrics -- were just there we've had the lake -- -- it really did it was kind of like. A song in and day really like it that's how we just sat there -- like focused on this on -- -- Wrote jammed Baghdad it was -- -- fun you hear about the ads like some songs take for other for -- and other ones jets. Japan really and for whom it's just really want those groups on an early this kind of like Lear X and melody and just concept entirely just. You know just fit in place and it was really fun as good as -- -- an easy thing to do we have to do that we've we've Knoll. Yeah you know hole -- laughing I'm bad at my job. Okay. -- -- actually we did have to drop down -- wit you drop downs and when we development but did you break -- down. But he brilliant man now. Agonized -- -- political -- special guest this on -- one step a way. Are still way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- KI SW home. The united -- I can I affiliated allow political. That would be girl on fire with a song losing my identity from the album not broken. Prior to that one step away and the son took them to be let them equipment that conflict hall of fame the -- down. On fire must special guest tonight gentlemen let's go to its duty to introduce yourself they would to do with the -- with the start on the opposite side. And nick and -- -- Our base carried around. Austin. Seem neat. I. You guys I have a bit of a a West Coast. Tour slash taco burrito run happening. I'm eight kicks up Friday the 25 of this month at L core zone Austin who you guys playing with honestly. We are playing with a -- -- keeping secrets who had been friends with her I mean. We went -- for -- we went on our first tour with those guys back in 2000. Existed though little West Coast round and you know had a lot of fun and -- those guys so we have them playing with us. Our friends in canary. They are also joining us coupled. All members from local bands from -- on the last -- couple. They're doing their thing now. And a couple of bands that are new to us. But it checked him out to Holland cool pop rock band and I heard -- I've heard of truth I really like them. And then hidden history which is another cost them up and coming -- it's really. It's it's a really good -- it's packaged. Think the real deal right there I -- talking about the packages mean. But it is this is -- local guerrilla fire my special guests all our blog if you like to find out more about girl on fire a deeply. He allowed local page. And click on the ball and that the weak link there you'll see posters. You'll see pictures you'll get information on the upcoming shows including the one happening on Friday the 25 at a court zone. You can link up and I -- thanks -- I want it that's that's my when it that's me yelling that it must be an apathy and you think they're cooler -- Also -- Twitter guerrilla fire music YouTube dot com slash guerrilla buyers Seattle and instead Graham. Girl on fire music I like in mr. Graham I think when bands have -- program its its just funny as you -- to see -- Special olympians go out on tour you get to see. The behind the scenes stuff which for people that are not musicians that have never been on the road it's it's fascinating like. It -- -- like yep here we are aware at area and gas station in no man's land at 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm buying another frozen burrito. But it's really really cool so I would supplied when when local bands have there there and instead Graham pages and -- as a really active on your Twitter page. As well. Yeah I thought this could have got a. Totally just last night. I'm -- it's not about a video you're gonna do for your next single were gonna get to that in just a minute eloquently another song now. From the album not broken. You can get it on iTunes I'm sure it's available at other local retailers. I'm probably on -- CD baby I would think or or Amazon Amazon E Street. Amazing how those support your local Rangel he's the guy I was so -- your local record store next Saturday. Next -- it all right there's a great idea. Next Saturday's historic and will you definitely murders and featured in stuff like that available yet. Okay. Ran around and some pancakes and the bush. Ever that it -- tank takes its. And the next we're gonna do is called -- monster anything you would like to add or would you just like me to play the song. Because I'll do whatever you would like to -- and monsters note of paying cakes into in the monstrous load of syrup and butter. -- -- Ball the right. -- this -- -- months. Yeah. -- -- Point nine KI ESW. This time. And that and a point nine KI SW it is -- local. Girl on fire the -- called not broken. Title track from the album not broken you can see guerrilla fire the 25 of this month that's a Friday nights at close and it's a kick out of there. Less coast taco and burrito tour I've -- if I had my perfect I don't bring this time to me. Do you have suggestions under the -- I like steak and yes I I think that was -- -- Joined by us stinnett Nick Nicholas Josh and varied from girl on fire let's go back to the album I'm not broken. -- -- jets legit legit you guys who have worked with that in bomb under the some guys here who do his work with -- -- pop a road she's worked with a bunch of big bands throughout the years. You worked with him and then -- usage somebody else whose name ring a -- CEO. Are we -- mastered it yeah I detain them. -- name and I think -- totally wrong how we Weinberg there you go out all right I'm did you guys as record this. Here or down in LA -- Don and -- down in in North Hollywood. The reason why -- -- -- The energy and its next to the art institute down there. It's pretty -- You guys' effort for those that are just tuning and if if you go out to a lot of shows. -- on fire has been on the bill with a lot of big dance you guys had a chance to. To play with Buckcherry to play with hailstorm you'd think a lot of the other band and you're liner notes that you played with -- been some of your favorite. Bands that didn't do more nationwide. Or just a little bit more established -- you guys that you enjoyed playing with so far. And we had a blast and about territory last year -- with the growth funds guys again. That's with a filter yup yeah. -- -- -- -- and playing colors and those like killing nine -- Chicago right it is out of an up. But he remained sealed in a plane filters cool they had their cool and Richard Patrick was nice. Yes I've always usually what I had good experiences but that I see his brother Robert Patrick in terminator two and I'm like -- And we'll I don't know what are now. But the -- tour with it was a good time for you there was. It was a great time we've we've had fun with actually like all the bands and even now with late they've all just been very lake. Welcoming him like just very very very cool people ten years. Poppy evil young guns all those guys that just -- very cool -- easy going -- it was just. Great times even the two shows replete with health army again then -- -- and -- -- others -- brought them so hopefully we get to it's funny you find more down to earth people in the rock world equity interests yes like discovery means new people and people easily gone to see shows and then -- play with them and while experts. Yeah yeah I have either an -- and and and also mean yeah I'll just like icing on the cake because there is nothing worse. And I'm not gonna name names but there's nothing worse than Michael really just looking up to somebody and then you meet them and it's. -- not good and it just taints -- like I wish I wish I would have never. Had this experience and that's really cool. Especially what I -- think about it a ban lately Buckcherry that's been around for quite some time and they had their ups and they have -- downs I think they've -- like that the second greatest comeback stories are. And certainly behind like Aerosmith. But I'm sure I would think that men experience and these other musicians who have. Who have been doing it for quite some time it's like. I'm kind of sit back and listen because of electric and maybe learn some. And it. Was crisis for a year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like they're talking about how old like working in a room and into a Boccieri ma has great. In it's just it's really cool to see them get so stoked still -- music. They're just like. It's incredible it's incredible -- -- students that means that the. That's and a lot of great things and none better -- aren't credible well and you wouldn't you know immediately they're still passionate about it and then they're not like let deluded Keating drunken night. Passing out into the drum kit or something like and that's entertaining to watch out and got -- -- is it really answer -- that. That has its time its -- too good to see these bands that are -- continuously working addict knows yet very cool. And and obviously guys have a good things on on the fact that you. Then on all these great two hours. And he. Anymore like. -- national two hours on down the road I know you're getting ready to go due to the West Coast on -- tour so I'm not that I'm literally hit it just sits up in the -- gave -- -- Highlight to -- -- -- -- no no that's that's time stands still for those tacos and everything. You guys it already within the last year you guys did some pretty good nationwide turing out -- You wanted to get get back out there and do more of that later on this year -- -- kind of Michael back and work on new material -- No Leon I mean we've been kind of hanging out for a couple months and so we're like Panamanian you know home so we're gonna get back out in June. And I believe I think her first date is in Phoenix Arizona. I don't work any more data and some guy and Phoenix man oh yeah oh yeah not there definitely is it's in Phoenix is great -- -- them to get Cuba Alice Cooper's town. And eat there. Who apparently the food is delicious -- he indicated Alice -- -- conflict at Alice Cooper he sounds like a sports bar -- -- like really really great that our. Audio expert tell me about how great the food is at Cooperstown. That they would now. It wouldn't know I think that. Good that. Mark coming up with guerrilla fire next Angela Merkel continues hang out and that an -- I can I instantly edit out clinical inspired my special guest tonight -- Loveman. Of the album. Is titled not broken it's available now you can see Garland fire. Friday the 25 of this month I keep thinking about April like its next month but we're in April -- in -- -- tonight is live by April 20 that the -- more than. You can also find out all about -- fire and link up with their various social networking sites FaceBook. Twitter YouTube and its program via the allowed local page under the the end of the weak link in all -- -- you there right. Now I ask you guys this question a little earlier this hour. And I'll admit it's. I like asking this question because I think it's a little bit insights into your personalities and who -- our results away from me to find out about movies out. You can take any girl on fire sunk and place it in. Your favorite movies. What would it be somebody go first and I'll tell -- -- Often. I would say the takedown for the avengers how. That's until the match and that's -- I can hear it on the soundtrack. Yeah I can hear that on the soundtrack and that would be had been -- well played well played Austin I think -- is up next. All mixed day he's -- you can -- then you can say the avengers to. I was within the -- -- eating huge difference on -- I was with my it and you know I think our talent is there is too little history. Because after eroded our friends through work with. Their friends through. Yeah disease interest in the violent songs for the avengers. And no way we gonna -- on. -- Perfectly -- you are cut off from your microphones around and who carriers. -- think Adler at navy and cut their make up and -- that happened this great show but I am not at all. Not somebody wanted to diet we didn't wanna sell we said no it's ours. -- I I I think like everything else in life you have to pick your battles and isn't that you have to do so and it got it is called music business and you guys notice that -- happy to. Figure out where you wanna make it stands and what it's worth fighting for what's what you can compromise on out. Exactly and -- yeah gaga she is under. And laugh but I. We know with it on its own one Moses treatment. I just wanted to hear and talk about penguins writes -- and I just hope to Smart to. March of the penguins that was at Morgan Freeman brings your -- yeah right yeah. Oakland again. I'm going to matter he's migrate. All the different people -- the voice -- work for early in nature shows you what you watchman up. Down and yeah not at yeah. It ultimately. I think I that the -- line. Brian in my favorite movie of all time this. -- -- That's. Who goes yes that's that. Well that well. Menu with losing my -- and people learn positioning. You. And you're crazy move so okay. I know the lucky my eye and I think that it's the one that's quiet as a really nice smile in Atlanta that is gonna make me nervous as I answered have you seen a case. -- on firework -- BJ -- let the end of the week on Friday that -- -- -- W dot com click on the -- the page to find out all about them. Other tour kick off. Is April 25 at -- course that is they -- Not to be missed. Others -- great bill of bands. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You love that thing wonderfully even unit don't feel bad Lincolnshire whenever there don't wary even. All sorts of people I've had to use this button on its OK I am a professional. On guys before we go we're gonna play one more song. From the album not broken and it's called reminds me -- -- And it sounds like this is going to be your next single yes it is excellent excellent. Radio people of our clients. I have. And you're also. If I heard right going to be doing the ideals that this. We're gonna be doing other sexy video of this on -- I'm very sexy like -- like throwback feel like it's not a lot of sex is -- you're doing throwback sexy I'm thinking Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze in assets and I'm with -- -- and yeah I'm thinking when you're saying throwback sexy I'm thinking that's. That's exactly what you're going to get out. Then yeah I am and I and I and I'm an. -- gentlemen best of luck you're going to be doing that here within a week or two yeah yeah yeah right before we leave. It's sexy and and it has a bit of a throwback element that. I think it's the delete some history. Mystery blizzards and his little. Legs and little might be a little hairy ass. -- -- -- Rob and hi Carl and now currently. Home viewers here in north west bullies you're supposed to be -- okay. So adding anything under an open -- -- if there's anybody else wanna say hi to. On our apologized to a girlfriend so -- of Jesus. Our art art art again give went to the PG they think she doesn't. Love to take a real serious and dedicate this so to my grandmother passed -- are certainly at a memorial for and it was beautiful so the -- was -- her excellent. Anybody else one can removal of one point. -- guys it is an it is a pleasure please. Send the video might -- when the video is -- of finished of course to share in it for you guys. Girl on fire the album is not broken it is available now check him out support them help spread the word. This song is called reminds me of -- Well local man and a point nine K highest of. The okay. Meanwhile came -- you. This there. You know do it's. Stuff. Name.