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STP-Cast 04-15-14 -- We interview the band "The Guessing Game" in studio and they play 2 songs for us.

Apr 15, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and The Rev interview the band "The Guessing Game". We meet the members of the band and find out how they all got together in the first place. The Guessing Game features Jeff Rouse from Duff McKagan's LOADED, long time Seattle rock luminaries Kathy Moore (Brad, Satchel) Gary Westlake (Kristen Ward, Flight To Mars) Keith Ash (Star Anna) and Shawn Zellar (Redneck Girfriend). The singer Jeff talks about his relationship with Duff McKagan. They sing the songs "Heartbreak" and "Dear God". check out the band at www.theguessinggameband.com . Steve needs to buy jeans. We talk about STP's upcoming hockey weekend in Spokane. He and the Donkey's are getting a party bus. We play music from the "Allen Parsons Project". We announce an STP-Cast listener party May 17th at 2pm at Trappers Sushi at Kent Station. We bring you another edition of "Facebook Drama". We read the email's. The Iron Shiek talks about The Ultamite Warrior's death. What would happen if we all did acid on the podcast. We play with the microphones in left and right channels.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's up but Steve and thank you for listening to ES TP Jackson big thanks to Travers sushi for sponsoring and we love everybody over drivers CC I love America -- that I go there almost every Friday at the Tacoma wanted to Puyallup on pay my own role you gotta try it EST zero it's really good also I love the -- -- The trap first and the bureau -- am getting hungry just talking about it they've got six locations including Tacoma now coming to Penn Station drawn finally Bremerton check amount on FaceBook just type in Travers sushi fresh friendly that's -- -- -- -- six locations find out more at -- CC dot net. The northwest is were flying saucers the term flying saucers as clean as in the northwest is software -- movies from his serial killer capitol. Capital of the world we have more unsolved serial killings better than any other place in the United States anyway Manson family used to vacation this. Swing and -- places we're all this stuff. Anyway yeah. It is the -- jazz. Really my good friend top shelf and the revenue right now. Everybody's favorite mono and and also very special guests instant. Right now big guessing game here. Automatically -- Kathy. -- John. Kerry decided not like just the restraining order still intact. So when he's not near enough to. You -- I would -- the show off his -- we replay something that I didn't dig in and -- mother and and just so happens to be. Something off from your new record which is in stores as of today yeah holy crow and this is a song called all the ways it's. My favorite song often are getting very -- you appreciate it hey -- I -- like that's on all the -- since. Pretty dark can have you can go ahead all right Douglas. I love this song is so low on the blacks and just get that great intro and a -- I got to extend the interest for this friend of the show but I like I don't need to do it. It's just keeps going and just those units sucks you into this world get -- awesome let's get caught the days self editing I don't mind right five minute. Good you know because. Radio. I don't fans who have taken out and. I'm picturing you guys like in a dark room. And there's like smoke billowing around you guys and you just kind of feeling it in the end it's just got like this live feel to it like -- organically grown together. Let me well I -- I mean that's exactly I mean this whole record is pretty much a library there's the it's a close -- record that's ever made. So unrealistic she was actually all of us playing other than a couple over a dozen carries -- overdone the German -- I'm makes it man like scientist Gary you should see it here it was so cool. You have smoke in the studio. There was -- You -- how well yes colleagues coming here and count on the ground this song is angry town now. School life. Here's my problem. Unloading all the drugs out of his. Okay. I'm not going down Antonio. Cuomo right yes you can be and it's so -- -- would be in the -- -- you guys. Have all you guys some guys feed. -- -- -- I think Jack and has done a really I'm really manage selling drugs on. -- It blows me away did this album was done as a guy has been in the studio few times in my day that this is. Pretty much a live record in your -- to represent our. They still want to miss -- NATO's. They did you sound like -- -- Nowak furniture and not to see him whatever you like to thank you guys -- doing this in the studio and you didn't live and it sounds this amazing music and yes. It's a testament to the musicianship I think these. Guys are here yelling at you as a -- -- completed as -- we just plan on going in to try to maybe even get basic drums and bass free. Right so we've got three days let's go home and by Sunday morning we have tracks. The twelve song. We ran out -- stuff to. Yeah we actually ended in -- -- -- cover also because we had to have a big book and we -- -- which. Wow I mean that's usually not the way to know oh. That's a testament also I mean that's a drummer that's I've always look the way that some plays the drums and annoys me tell you there. This studio process segment Sean would agree is do you work experience. Yeah it was great I hello this is determined to right here on these guys are still being on -- and play. My best to give them my best match I -- never -- -- you know hit the metrodome for him to make sure Clinton was on. LA LA with the summer's best friend we don't -- admit that his old friend -- it's. We'll just started using click track where some form time -- remain in my life in the studio lot better and indeed it does give you an opportunity given to banks to learn back. When I first sort of recording and I finally got the best taking the guys -- -- Temple's got off oh yeah my little knowingly broken fingers blistered them Darman and thought yeah that was good it was good I think it. I'm -- pat myself on the you're hard -- will bring my -- -- -- I think it was like 61 takes those pretty stoked damn I'm loving god help them. The process of -- alone you know rude. This is key here and his position on was awesome in the studio and as a baseline and just kicked it but I have some idea how to stay in the funniest thing -- have in our studio and they were having this outside -- -- in the parking lot. Was like -- -- convention I'm not joking. Now you know all right it's okay there. Like I mean there was juices. Like Fremont was just one cloud of pot smoke some hand live over the mean it was nice so it was just so funny. Parents combined politician like -- recesses of funny but get these guys killed and having three guitar. You know Kathy and Gary also playing guitar we can do stuff like this. Demo that wall of noisy yeah what I -- doesn't come such a fan of -- in the song and that the ending of that sun that we just played all the ways is just like I remember hearing and six MM headphones on has vacuuming I stop vacuuming AB today vacuuming. It was just a tough part right did not want any of the noise and then what you guys who created in my headphones there's -- -- -- -- of the record and I genuinely innocent. Yeah I'm biased I love you as a personally I always love hanging out you know when you thought you -- my older friends Thaddeus is a move -- I don't know you. And and I've always him when he said that you were -- -- be fronting a band I was like lots of talk time and this school I know that your talents are. Are there any of the great hearing -- songs you write in your singing and all that great stuff and and congratulations for all you guys I mean this is a phenomenal record. Thank you own thinking and his. He gets something I've been wanting to you for a long time that. You know I kind of -- have always been a 100% -- gotten. So one endurance stuff and kind of being first and foremost always being a bass player. When I'm busy. Super busy but it would always -- these are the Sox -- just didn't kind of fit the mold of the things that I was doing. So. When I you know found some time in these pieces just fell together so fast six ago. This is of this is due this lets you know what's 100% in particular threat. If so I mean I'm I'm I'm guessing most of these guys are old friends or friend to friend how -- on the debate and some union who used the exact. Well another good musician top dollar good musician so that's what I had another thing don't have one of the other guy's arm. I'm Davie was never clear that we had another band thing going and he was out doing this summer stuff and and I'm just I'm not gonna sit around all summer and just total my thumbs on the motorcycle and whenever -- Simien and -- and Gary got together one day and like well let's try something I had always ideas like what am I gonna have to do this or that. Let's just get this is us three good -- the rehearsal Roman and I think one of the things Gary siblings this -- that I don't know -- And you know armed. It was the man I think -- that couple hours we had like three you saw 240 songs equal that was awesome let's go OK so but. There's three of us and just don't play and so like let's call Keith -- and -- from playing the start to close our and a yeah yeah that's. Boson you know as a supplement to the company and me and I would say garageband demos -- so I said that to keep admitted that it was great to -- -- and my -- there's still to have sting like let's try somebody that -- -- -- also played piano and Keith. And for some reason never. I think we had crossed me -- cross paths that we didn't really know each other which is so we're gonna town like this yeah -- not clearly -- special music scene he hit it yeah. And I'm -- Brought her name up and she came down maybe a week later. And it was just like triumph that's set. I'm like we'd like I was gonna kidnapped from a you cannot go all day. However I. You know like I'll mortgage my house so much more like whoever does she came in and then -- the -- -- started coming we sort of book has some shows in the cycle -- is in the studio before this magic. Andrew Young case disappears or something and it's just kept going and. -- and that's when Kathy arrived. It was funny the week before that before I had met her senior play. Seattle -- theater and needs space into a brat yes and I'm definitely not is that there's a federal. Yeah is this woman nor I was told to blow away and then a week later she walked into our rehearsal he was oh yeah no doubt in your little -- yeah. Yeah. I think that is a -- I. -- a very event is very near and dear to my heart because that is up pretty much the soundtracks from our wedding we use a lot of -- songs it's -- brings is what our whole wedding party came down to -- and -- yeah so I got resources human dignity that's all I go to every night I guess they could the -- just symbolizes my -- my wife my love for her and and and it's. I mean both albums well more than just both but the first two problems especially in the mood of the albums and two months since. There's a dozen friends album as well insist yeah I absolutely so I saw you were part of this group -- make our man. These guys are. This is gonna be some special before I even heard the racquet so thank you for being a part of a band that's gonna forever be important to me think we look at things. Lock the doors and of course even tell you -- Then -- -- cars and everybody that's karma senator integrate and he's -- like just wants to hold out like you know McDonald's. Yeah I it's I don't like her drink yeah. So I've put -- that -- -- -- I ask you could say yes you were playing bass in many -- from loaded with Scott McCain -- -- the first summer I knew you was with ailing parents and -- when you're playing without without Mike squires who's also now unloaded as well. It was a tough transition not a make for you like you know from being you know I even like him in the world of radio like you know you being got a safety and and our position where we're at -- co hosts an inside -- To make that jump to being the main person it's a whole different world is all different set of responsibilities. Was it difficult for you. -- it can be difficult sometimes. I don't really care enough I suppose but what other people know I don't really care what people think anymore. And I think probably a lot of that -- the younger version would have -- oh yeah for sure but I think. You'll be in around on -- for so long I kind of can contribute a lot of that. Feeling to being around him watching him watching him how he does he does. It's pretty inspiring. And out. We talk about losses that as a quick side note I mean. The fact that here's -- who's one of the most iconic basis of all time and says hey Jeff I would like you to play bass in my group that -- idea. Whoa yeah I don't allow more. Anyway it was a it was a that was a really weird moment because I'm like -- -- always remember that week because I got a call today what to do the staying in. And -- went to a course like what -- well Kyoto Japan lectures -- staying we have a few weeks to figure this out you can do it -- -- So I -- set the record and I went to this beach house organ for a weekend -- every note of every sound like this that's one thing you don't have to step when you come -- something -- And -- came in remembered the first rehearsal he shows a -- of course endowment think it could take -- you'll what did you and I'm like well let's just play the set because I had just reading and tell me yourself list you know everything covers whatever is going to be. And we played the first set it. And soon after that moment Duff has never never ever one moment the hole fourteen years of -- ever. Ever told -- it took never even said anything -- -- honestly couldn't. So I took got to like OK miles long is he never suggested he couldn't. You know. So I mean okay bill that being said when it comes to singing and stuff. Mean the songs -- road and like I said it's just -- we've all we've all been doing this for a long time. And I just don't really care like these are songs that are near and dear to my heart and to disband. And it's gonna go to him do the best I can immediate definitely have to -- yourself a little bit different on show days and stuff like that a friend that a few times this down Mikhail. When -- practicing for an hour straight write something and has been if you tell from like oh I shouldn't. Smoke that cigarette -- Who took that shot or whenever there's a particularly bad right now so there's you know there's just those things and and down so that's the only difference casinos just and and granted a lot of -- -- -- tell -- there's no where escapes the end of like -- I can't talk for two and a half hours before talked every person -- -- voices who shot those. When things that I it's nice also mean Seattle where it's not a team you can't smoke in the club anymore I mean they knew I would imagine now have been -- just having -- smoke -- out of the -- reflect on the IBC he play in the break room for -- got to smoke would stick to my clothes my way more at the break remember any other place I don't know what it was -- -- in the capitol hill air may -- actually yeah actually. Do you feel like when you learn them from Duff -- -- a Bible lesson in how you handle being the front person of a man like on the tonight no like I remember buddies in advance where. This front -- used to be a drummer and there was not the -- ended for the drummer in the band because the -- -- was saying -- are you doing it wrong you know I mean like uses because he still -- that Germantown he wanted to sign a certain way you feel like. OK you know what I gotta let go I don't let everybody play the instruments they won -- and and respect the musicianship that they're providing. I think -- 100% correct yeah I think that's you get the best out of people when people do what did you. Nude and them I don't wanna play with anybody that I would feel uncomfortable but with the plane. Didn't you know. For so long wanted to be and make sure we're friends that's always that's first and foremost to me. Yeah now at this point what you don't want completely I don't care if it's the best whatever in the world in a room for hours. That your Qaeda yeah I know Matthew I got -- what are your Brothers yeah exactly so. In that was kind of the main thing. But everyone just plays so well and I don't I don't. You know those if the capital than we wouldn't be playing together -- home. But yeah I mean I think he'd be stupid not to learn from your pass in the people that you play -- you know. Deficit a prime example of that stuff we would play. Shows. Like -- remember we couldn't fight -- time and it was maybe ten people. We didn't want to show for the Japan tour OK and puts fiscal plan all right this is maybe 2002000. What I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's damage -- blue yes they can get ten people and we had like three yeah exactly it was. Six of my family I happen. On the -- but that was more about show we've always Japan's there's ten people. And it was the first time on stage and stuff. And then -- companies that are footage apparently pretend like 101000. But it but the point I'm trying to make a guess is that can do go to Japan Q it was really added that -- yeah. He was the same -- it was the same show which is the same guy who doesn't matter you know and and you can also -- have to be David -- -- to be a singer you don't have to right. I don't mind and I have to tell the funniest jokes you know he'd skipped their new plane and try to engage in and down to be honest and that's speaks. Moments I could you guys are playing in the sense at tavern on May ninth hole beautifully with this -- -- that -- yeah. Yeah hello most -- -- I -- I'm not sure -- release up to stay you have to -- Guys know there was no talk about it. So we were you guys YLEN Atlanta a couple of songs horizontal well how funny would be like if 1 morning we had abandoned studio right and make -- to -- I -- jokingly saying hey whatever Clinton and amazing stroke of luck Pearl -- comes in studio and like let's do an acoustic set. On the air and I don't say anything just in the middle wanted to solid business. -- and -- black or something right. I touchdown grab my chamber into -- -- somebody like you think -- keep quiet do you think it would stop no I think they would keep playing. I well yeah. I'll I'll I'll be honest this morning as I was driving -- I kicked my so I think some of them did you ever got the jamboree in about -- gonna bring into the sea of them agree yeah I think those moments are great. Like I mean. That's rock music away -- whatever you wanna call should be about spot spot you know spontaneous spontaneity in and out. Like how are like us of our shows you know I mean certainly -- You know you're just -- yeah they're operating on an excellent country's politics. I don't feel fit and now but any word I would not count Strauss squeeze into it the fuel your where your full heart hockey -- don't -- So you know Larry if I even remember that and -- -- didn't -- hockey masks did it oh yeah. -- and drummer or how can mask I couldn't breathe I did that I'd packed our kids to be honest with you covering a Ramones song but -- -- -- Kyra learned a valuable lesson because I don't play it as much drums at least a -- like to move my church and and things and and it's not nearly the same level of intensity of playing -- -- rock show. And I forgot to take when a -- with you guys I went out there are so excited to play. That I forgot to my wedding ring off the and by the time I was done I had his giant like -- stirred by that Harvard girlfriend. How much I don't know if I should move my alma Null and I'm showing the summoning all they just ran and squeezing it -- -- You have to only. Immediately at all. And Larry it was a fun night dollars in -- it's time to reverse that. No no no we don't feel like honestly before the big show started I had the government some of my phone and I'm listening to that I knew the song about my. Now on a screw this up like this is a really nice like you know the gesture and an honor to be eligible onstage you guys don't like listening to over and over them. My psyche myself I have I listen you know like when you play a song too much from him that you. All of a sudden now just make your minds and -- I'm gonna mess it up because I hate you for listening to song over and over and over a month. Yeah I'm excited about your good fun are you can't I cannot thank you can really get that was fun to be up there -- you guys. Yeah they'll be too good when you come. I'm on the I enjoy jell -- Larry you don't want to know nothing our -- that's watching god I love watching you John -- and some -- played in red knight's girlfriend as well another great band from town know a lot of people love these guys -- five years I believe yeah. That is in boxing great bend Bob history within this group which is gas is very very cool I absolutely know what what's on you guys got what you wanna do. Little additional selling heartbreak which is a song. God. I got a real quick funny story about the song you wrote the -- Quite a few years ago this kind of I got off this tour with that's when the base with. Thomas Stinson on -- tour. Okay from the replacements cancerous. -- another great basis yes I was -- -- -- also all of the story. So I come came back and I learned a lot from that. From that tour. Good and bad arm came back I sort of write the songs I'm working at that I just finished the song it in in a certain degree the you know Morgan at the more Brian Adams should look I love Brian oh yeah. And sell in this is out when Ryan was messed up because when you know I gave you know don't request Bryan Adams songs during his you know. Oh I know you are. You walk offstage he walked -- stakes at some point during that show for like ten minutes and Democrats like what the hell's he do what you did. You know it was just a one man show -- -- but it was amazing excel and get her to close up and my friend -- mound is opening. Who was on the -- -- -- tour also it was GM engine donation yeah amazing I love that much -- punk rocker Bruce Springsteen knows he's incredible -- Some sit on the piano on stage because after close up the big theater and mean just you're sitting there. Sit on the bench and Ryan comes down -- addressing the -- word he says critics and opens up. The piano and starts playing the cycle avalanche which he had no idea is maybe one of my most favorite songs in the world -- -- -- almost makes -- -- he's -- -- like this is so weird. She plays I haven't even Easter is relics music. What's that Tiki bar that's on Capitol Hill. Standout -- I -- we talk about he's like that's got there McCourt articles abilities I it's cool just meeting on the bus. So close of the sidewalk does but us. Who weird things going on substances -- happening. He's like he's like he literally looks -- is a butcher and I'm like I'm Jeff man does it please something. I'm like OK so I just I've. All done you just -- trade commission filings. Have seen them -- picked it up. He's like it needs a bridge. -- do you have enough and he played this bridge -- saying this whole thing. And it was the most amazing it was like the song. It was amazing and I'm like oh my god like is that we're just someplace to record a man at the title of the west Seattle. I might get the securities -- he's like it's a pleasant place to park the bustle let's in this -- Jesse let's -- -- -- let's go record disarmed. But he's so messed up is that after the bar after the bar OK -- -- go to the bar and they give the bar -- like 3 in the morning in his double because he's so wasted. I don't they can now enjoy he's luckily you know let's go to your house let's go to your -- copy or Josef modular water so I did and album recorded this guy tonight. Don't we get we get back to the classic has said he lied -- my god I got a call this and this column but two things. He got out of my car because reckon about -- cinema -- Kim's gonna get ready go. See the -- door open again and I had a demo of this song and a couple other songs that I had made and like cassette recorder. Burn it onto a CD was in my car. He got back in my cart as we have been listening to the version of it on the way back from the -- -- does say a word he gets in my car hits the eject on the CD player. Takes the CD doesn't say anything closes the door gets back on the bus. Is the weirdest thing I'm like OK that's weird but the worst part is that -- still got a bridge in the song. Because I can never remember what he did all. I never wanted to write another bridge scored because I always knew would never be as cool as a reason why our. Who live in Austin I'd like cellphone meg video capabilities so that's why I feel like I caught on a second note there was nothing and is competent and that there was also Britain and the interior Angel dusting cocaine self. And doesn't ask. First saw -- near record yeah. It was really funny and I tunnel which would remember -- -- this is selling heartbreaking without leverage our other media the cameras ready Rihanna Netanyahu who were high tech quality problems and over here I love let's get this recording give you some pretty -- all right we're all set to guessing games together -- Heartbreak while U three -- The game. My and east. So cool it up all the I'm planning. -- Oh it's. -- Okay. Thanks. -- And I go yeah. Some names. We're need. Says that car and I. Zero hum June -- Are you. And really weighing you slip down south -- name. Now the only thing who had some bad here and listening. Now we don't then. That's. I've been to do is -- It's. Wow. -- -- How awesome you know got -- I think clearly and -- acoustics. Now a lot of that yeah. Did -- tell you guys that are the guessing game band dot com and also Leon the talk. All the stuff I guessing game five notices therefore they're guessing I guess -- yeah yeah who need to declare war on the other core. Com they had an online gambling so -- yeah. Are they really. Probably right -- the a little she. Not a legal in this country and they're hard to stay right there are you talking about this we haven't absorbed the boat out there are films that stuff. Now sounding great and thank god you mentioned Tommy Stinson and remember when I first heard this record I I I original much -- come as a guy. I grew up loving like you know -- the alt rock of the ninety's -- -- my favorite music still to this day if I hear some of those songs in my cause discuss like that. -- like back when my god before the good laws were like yeah when they were like. Writing new songs in the earlier days and it was like OK this is some heavy in abrasive and in my. We'll do those clearly mechanization and they -- there replacement -- on their sleeve and I feel like I song especially hasn't replacement type of vibe to it stabs slave. 'cause I wrote that song coming off the heels of plane was cool you know I think. I -- hasn't. Anybody that writes songs -- I mean you'd be stupid thinking and a product of what you like and what you're around right. Or anonymously -- you know I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the spectrum but -- another person that I just loved playing with and learn so much -- because he is obviously another bass player that. You know got up there on his own put out records perfect and ya bunch other really great bands in tandem. And I think also knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a as a songwriter super important because a lot of people that try to step out of their comfort zone and that's where things go Iraq. And Tommy is one of those guys that. You know New Brighton warehouse where to write software is voice needs to sit and you know it took me awhile to find that stuff -- you are on but. In just the same way I think you know all the all the great figure that out yeah enough. You can do it serves a song that was a little pretty clearly absolutely certain ideas and another song me yeah new yeah absolutely which some -- -- and it's called dear god yes its latest unless you've gone our podcast I'll go ahead yeah. I love this song is so powerful song Greinke this song -- -- -- and the song there was no labor involved in this and I think I wrote. So this is this was this the first time you came got a second time the second timing you gave me the channel cartoon yeah I'm just so. A lot of times out of here is where rehearsal on this day it went to my favor jointly to slams plus tax. Love that place and are sitting there just haven't by having a bullet -- probably -- or something whatever and like this some -- -- in my head and I remember I have this little songwriter notepad in my phone it's like okay he yeah. The senate -- -- you can kind of just broke all the lyrics for the song sitting on a bullet -- And I went to the rehearsal room the -- so -- comes and Mike Brooks is former Korean immigrant rights when he's on the ball right exactly. Hold them back. And out. -- -- very religious experience I've read you latest regional find out. You ought to just don't talk about old times I'm on the on the toilet a couple of purple and you can be at wood -- Kentucky could definitely be in the span. But guess what I'm trying to make a long way to apologize -- came and I kind of hope I think I remember apologizing issue did Micah is gonna learn about me occasionally. So does have -- let's just let's before we worsen the Sox had to say dealers is try and out. And I think we like -- kind of maybe let's start with this and blah -- and within like twenty minutes we had this all done. It was awesome and it's -- it's another one of the Saarloos. Sometimes you need to kind of fuss over stuff -- bridge or this and that. And the sometimes -- just what -- yes I never wanted to mess with it after this point there's not a lot of -- image basically you know -- dynamics and contact. You know. Super proud of that song. I love you guys put the little leery video out for this one as well because a big leader clay also is there's good news that it's it's very powerful -- thank you. I don't know where it came from I just know I think with a song. You know there's many mornings I wake up with coffee and I'm like. I swear on the show as -- believe it but not go ahead and sure did a lot of time and I'm not happy and other fresh about Jews is everything just Emmys just like everybody we all get frustrated we. We saw when he asks is there worker. Whatever -- I need financial stuff -- -- and a lot of times I find myself and and I've done this is -- commit a lot of times and just I don't know this but I talked to myself all the -- Know what you -- moments what's that I believe. Yeah I bet it's all these -- literally be driving -- -- like why why and what I'm like really an attack anybody can see me on my therapist would go crazy but I'm. So this is kind of a one of the songs drugs -- the -- that's a camera sorry it's just one of those songs were just like a guy and god came into the the lyric part of it is just really one -- this things we kind of just. Lot of times he -- -- -- findings of questioning like YE. Why is today like today or why is my wife well in my kids or whatever it is why. Right. Yeah. Ha ha ha ha ha no some are now one word can really had to sum up so many emotions split like that did you know dear god sounded better than like. The. Dear god into you know I like in -- I think it's another song called the -- Doesn't make sense they play an alternate -- and that is all right -- and I could not August oh yes Tom that's kind of how this song came about and and -- were proud of it. I wrote earlier this camera back Conoco is not the battery died on it and old school CLU's. Got seven minutes did you say that duty extended. Let's used to get loose as can read bring it down and jamming out if you want don't don't say that. Or just that's what this man has -- song hello written are hello again I'm very sad to see guys I mean yes of course I'm very suitable ones you can play a song we got from the united as a sunset -- The more -- I'm excited CD songs -- thank you I can't wait it's fun to plan and this is called they're got Perez got the guessing game. Then he. And dance game dance oh wow. There is. Way ahead of media upon. -- And arms. It is us -- -- -- Yeah. Did. Pants down mom and me. This. -- -- yeah. Yeah. It's a. Okay. I. Okay. Yeah and I was awesome and it's hard but I. Pocono and I see that big -- -- -- -- -- -- my OK am I gonna talk about what drugs they are drunk girl I just awesome where's the tambourine John. Though Chris real goal is sort of laughed off I. -- have to accept that that that was very very cool thank you guys are performing those songs again holy -- it's in stores today you can get it everywhere right on our mind -- -- Places -- usually by where the kids by the reckons he's basically right Amazon what's the name of the other label let's us. See you sound you sound she really knows you sound we'll places it's available to be sold out on Amazon best -- -- FY yeah. Wow yeah that's -- anybody -- is sound it's only seven. Yeah he's Johnson right now nice nice and I'm I'm guessing also Yahoo! have records at the show of course so that we go to new remote -- you did get him from part of why he's now I it's yeah. But the -- the first person and you gotta get this album ended in the hands of. You know it's weird because I was really stingy with this I think I think I -- -- I think. I sent Toussaint who got rough mixes back us into -- my squires bright I'm. That was literally the 1% in the month. And that those of the first two people and I think that the only people -- and also send a couple of Nabil. It's a good players and former drummer really yes and began -- one of these guys are still plays drum set out really into green not all want that Cuba sell our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think those are people I think are -- sense. A couple songs also my -- snake -- from snake who's gonna go into Sunday because he he actually managed he managed loaded. You all of you it's why he's out of -- -- so I'm identical to the four people that I sent record and then I didn't I don't I took it totally different approach if we immediately got -- from all. Is critical. A buddy and LA named John Nelson would have -- -- hand. -- to him he was he manages our confidence to and a he was kind of freaking out on it not what you gonna do with this -- -- we don't know we don't know what we're gonna release an easy you cannot release this all by ourselves. You know let me help me out a little bit and he's kind of he's been he's kind of got a boy he's an open doesn't want to -- this and get. Time is awesome so. They're very cool yeah and what you guys first person me give a copy of the -- him. And I don't get myself a nice. Yeah. I mean yeah. I should -- quick turned I was listening to mixes you know thousandth time. And excuse me can make kids suffer through it in the backseat in my car and finally during morning song. -- is so clear my daughter just in the middle because you know this is a great song commission has handled isn't there and kill us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just went up five bucks. We've got to help all us up pretty close us because we'd just you know like I said we went and we didn't really know. What we were gonna do. -- come. And it's just came out so great and we've just kind of held it close until today. That's awesome Malia everybody that's listening -- definitely go get an -- if -- if you're able to make it to the show that the awesome coming out of me watching the band. Sunset tavern again on May ninth -- get more information at the guessing game band dot com mausoleum FaceBook and all -- Social media it's all out there I think even have all links on and on your website yup that's easy enough -- How many cats he -- sign. Gary wherever you are when I whereas you -- got. Thank you guys so much for coming in this is an awesome mod time in the. Are you guys you see there haven't this bring about. I'm finally bring in my Tamarine and that's not my -- -- -- drinks are on you now. How are -- -- Thank you guys think yeah. Thanks everybody gang man I was fund and now -- -- lunar moon they lost those guys on nine opinion comes -- and everybody who. -- No sir hey it's time to explore aspects. S and sucks. Dude out I'm excited about that knows that that that show that's Jimmy Fund in the gym with those guys I want -- look they're do you like how does that how. Happen the first time because you guys really think he didn't see you. What caused you to give. Onstage. -- -- -- them it was a benefit show for our friend Christina who to vote on Iraq are okay and she's been doing with some my health issues. And so there's a big benefit show and and and you know. Good -- not just a benefit but also kind of like Diana show some support and love for her and you saw a lot of people -- our. Got a right she's got married you know she -- Great great value -- -- -- Christina and get easy on the eyes as well chorus well rocker -- wasn't. Still. I forget how long fall like -- -- the new originals are gonna play -- that shows so was it we are you planning on playing him. Just and I would be guessing about something -- as you know we really funny if you came up not find that a movie really cool that you came up and do song with -- and my -- did. I've known you for how long am we've been friends for how long and we've never jammed onstage together before so. It was like this would be a real honor for me because I've always respected him as a -- totally and as a musician as a friend as well. So there we went out there and we never practiced. -- we all knew the song it was actually -- -- the song the Ramones songs for them to promote the real version not harbors him but. It was us covering the Ramones I believe in miracles -- the it was a perfect song. -- did the theme of the night. Just because of her you know I know total so here's a woman the Ramones a chicken out. Some very difficult song there's -- Pearl -- are very yet you have an acoustic version but they've also done Iraqi version as well. Right up there from my all time favorite the but -- a little less frantic come allied to -- -- stuff but. I do when you're like. It sets it is like -- slowed down. Yes I'm excited. And they clean up for the show in a minute drive my wife nuts about you listen to this summer when you do. The last time we get a film music talk to a money air that's -- -- went down remember off. We had a money -- to talk about the show. And so -- all -- it all stems from a conversation that morning and then later on my night is when I played it while I was German quick turnaround wireless into -- -- until the -- good I think I know this song but I haven't listened to. -- -- Made nine quietly banging the drums on this one songs that turn out to your comments -- -- world. Other question in this is it. Most serious slam and is -- Baghdad air guns is. Is the Ramones and easy man to cover may seem like they would be because they're just -- Her whole yeah -- I mean now for sure this is not a wreck there was like he said hey we're gonna do some rush for a very. Happy -- school you know you guys do that without me. -- is does the government. And even if you don't know it perfectly you can teach kids. -- -- I mean you kind of just kind of power through it because it's very simple maybe we read this some more there -- it's advisable it's. Hello I -- the field. We already talked about not just. Yes this is twice as there are all hot and no it's not me I'm you can fill in for me off its former. I yeah yeah it's seven like Colin yeah this it's Sandra Sandra does no Justice Department. -- -- -- -- -- No -- -- right there are required. Career is over just -- to play it's never. I like his answer about the whole Tamarine fainted I was pretty office. Some that these kids. Browser would be okay with any power through it back I'd -- -- think they would I don't know man I feel like they'd stop and look I mean -- like we're out I was telling that story like how old Q we were talking about this last part can ask some friends this weekend with analysts. To -- be amazing. Hi they were there to do is how do we pull this off into the -- -- damage to be any man I probably got this and -- next and it comes in studio yes. Click on the morning show yeah I -- and I think you're right I saw a light on where I scripted they're not prepared for a good -- when it comes on the podcast kind of gets us you know what I mean like I guarantee a little bit more my -- -- Society is typically it's only know one of -- and I feel like -- -- more like OK did you have -- -- -- definitely think the bandits and a nationally touring band that doesn't know any of us as we know anything about our show doesn't know anything like they just came in because like. You know there I call list is an opportunity you know to perform. He's just such so and so. The word puzzles similar plans some breezes -- raises many here on the hall wells either going to be the perfect man to do with. I think he's done -- -- reviewed turnaround elect how you actually thought of that half half half half half of all I don't know he sees a Canon guy would actually like. Because it's funny to be awkward. Like stop until he was sorry and -- yes solo sir yes Tamarine solo do you wanna take over not being part of the fast marquis made me feel you do that or he would throw his guitar you realized you -- play the song why did -- storms out there -- And that's -- no matter what it would be an epic moment or two words. From there wouldn't be just like Yahoo! and soon you know Susan Collins stands out quite a lot during their shows flags does not mind the uncomfortable awkward like an audience seeing no -- he's -- -- -- -- a -- back down there guys who don't like punching people they -- it's cool it's not cool. Punch him backs Clinton -- you ask guys yeah. Seriously cluttering the bronze eyed Josh I loved it because we're out of the -- -- did years ago seeing him. And there was no like so so they claim the white river amphitheater is -- a sunburn seasonal kind of that he was the end so whatever for Europeans thanks. And it's on and off and fast and fast out there however grant at dinner. And we're all -- grasp. And then there's hardly anybody I -- this. And tickets were sold so just armies like. So all right stop the sat. You guys up there in the grass. Come on I remember you talking about that yeah why security's do not stop these guys -- they love that is my show now and I'm telling them all that they can come down as far as they can come down. So if you're in the grass comnet. -- -- the -- whenever the next -- was I was -- asked him was -- now it's our show and we wanted to go back to your regulars and -- four after his job back -- -- that we're not -- dollar of these cells so you go back to your your -- -- you -- you're on the grass and -- was it was a very cool moment of guys Austin history for me because there was definitely -- -- nobody got -- because I don't hear stories like that where there's -- happens is that it's -- security clearly Charlie -- did that that the Charlie -- show that we went to an -- yeah. What I do I he called other people to come up and in those people who didn't have those so like cool weren't asked deceit at the time. Showed up for their seats groups. Oh sorry -- -- and up to everybody yeah around yeah I'll just take whatever seats are open people just came down and -- where the hell they want him to join -- February showed up lay in their like where's my seats and does it -- to a cluster is a funny moment because there's a big group of people -- -- kind of went to give their seats in the -- -- there's tons of people in new seats in. He was kind of right in the Miller when Charlie noticed it is like. All he you guys just get an -- I may have given orders six. Yeah like nothing was just an -- show anyway but -- -- of that -- didn't say hey go back into it. -- he's damages done that point and chaos -- -- -- on something anyway tiger blood you know sideshow was saying it was so stupid sounded like the worst experience to our -- a great experience I -- I am glad I went out but it was stupid why it was so dumb nuts they're selling out venues in some places -- plus if you want to go crazy yeah -- it was a lot of that anyways. Him being distracted by people yelling and in all of dislike. Follows -- the bad part was he broke up with the one porn or before he came to our policy is -- absorbed warned her -- -- your name. I Nelson. Does the ones now how do you know that I was so lucky guess got another I do know I know you don't you know three -- -- is. I must read something this morning and then named to stuck in my -- and years. Or watch something this wow oh hi it's been a lot of fun doing this contest -- I am I now -- -- immodest of your idea to get out here at some point today and Iraq. And its needs and others fracture -- no number she's I like to see Iraq review Gotti and as Iraq. Hopefully takes bras off. Fox's half hat -- I know all -- no loss experience to get our guys how far. I get used to inject new semester of her jeans and -- every -- warms my sent Warren did the tentative but side to make ten months fabric faux cool little hole. The pilots did you know my ass ass. How -- -- not just where your wallets access for my here's my daughter prayer. And tell charity like oh here we are while guy yeah well I grew -- in New York man people still Wallace in order to clean it makes you draw closely. Considering it now eighty -- and rocket. But I have I guess we -- -- like money clip thing in my wallet I receive that I -- and it's created a worn in spot on my -- don't put -- -- -- on my ass. There's a small hole. And into blue. I don't need this whole get bigger hero found that I unit that Canada and I keep your -- That's why I can't put my finger and oh -- you do. That's only making it worse and everything -- very solidly -- -- something hurt you keep doing it just feels good Harris is out and I keep one of just almost solera. Every corona. But the holes and bigger and -- -- -- I gotta go today ordered -- can get these these same painful price of these -- he's like fancy -- scenes and a fancy ones for the -- battered and all the other ones so I like these teams. But -- if -- paid regular price it's way too much Murray did just that yes there are holes for sure over return discards there's a 250 bucks yeah. The ball too honest a little bit Iraq I got decent 70s I -- there you know and that's seventy bucks for genes is still lies everybody to. I'm -- -- -- your -- -- are spent about you know fortieth of fifty bucks on mine so what's on the toy box I know it shouldn't. It's like the UIOK okay glittery things on your -- now I know I know that's. Yikes I get my Astros are similar -- -- just in the money the only comfort I love to see you leader and I love I love Levis is overpriced but. After a while he's a share your ideas some -- I don't know what it is but I -- do you Hudson's. I made him very bizarre and it's observations here is your outfit today in the gas. I don't know why this time while the band was playing in my mind was kind of is drifting around -- -- -- used him as a standup -- -- your -- instead did -- standup guys look how -- out. -- do you contest the wave that he was moving before the his cord on his headphones. Was gone right down the middle of this year where it's worn just like that okay. And I think that that's worn his shirt out just because how that court is always on his and all right there out right right -- -- is now the -- -- -- there's -- -- but now there's a ripple effect gone across entire sure now now you've done something in my mind charges are going to be done camera do you have abnormally large pupils but we. Scott we are well I -- -- -- jeans that I got I'm going to Spokane this -- Gemini -- so where do. Right genes that are comparable. Comparable basis 62 so for now biodiesel board of rural high school. We need your colleagues and bombs we think it's only gotten gas on what we learned before that your -- germs can be hard on genes to. Yeah I did not know one guided left is on the southern roads public on the first sure I didn't bring my jeans -- -- She is in the back in my mind that's why -- thought about it this morning -- let me look at my -- seem conducted just moved into a State of the Union Address in my jeans and I can talk crap -- -- hole. Some may get a get this going to us. Group we're gonna be Roland. I don't tell the -- -- any point if you want to see because -- coming with me to the classic. Stand hockey -- third Daniels Christie -- this is. Fourth scoring you know this past the second for Ted where is it does turn a limo once. The limo once that was last year -- -- us we rented about big SUV winds and then we also caught we caravan to once so so this is my reports. -- this is Ted second. And it's. So last year was the limo right you must there was a crazy hotel bright -- who's a crackdown and that -- got shot at and we'll watch somebody's car gets stolen that was pretty awesome flick right in front of -- almost right. Right in front of guys I didn't realize that a good side and we all of the driver of the -- and that's the guy came -- -- Great in my cargo like what are you talking about. So I'm a big solar storm I think Clark are all they have even happened in the middle of the day he spoke Compton yeah. So this year we get a better hotel. Think -- got one that we haven't seen before and just -- the red lions so I assume that's a nice place lines are legit yes and hey do you have children were inside. The -- for -- -- inside its borders that are like -- all duchess are in hotels and motels in and out there's a hot -- and important agreement dating scenario -- and every now and get a guy get a I guess so this body man it's. -- in the -- is open Kuerten. And I'm pretty sure I broke my pinky Pokemon or golf lower -- -- -- hold it straight up like this like him yet that you did a phenomenal career and got -- -- -- can look at Israel look become a bone is pumped up there and windows tip to tip. You know can you see that yes staff did an external an ultimate welfare under his exact same thing as -- tears yeah probably sprained his -- plotted with tonight's. 34 months is still like this -- prime. Already -- -- guys and she. It's time for this head heads still feels like I don't talk on the last night. So we're all the president the so last year in the limo and we talk for sure gonna get the limo again well I never hear back from the little guys like Paul and I -- I talked symbol while ago and then. I'm Mike Hayes. Every -- is going to close. Just wanted to find out it's -- be -- -- never imagine the guy right and so then finally the other guys got back given at that point. I don't know like I'm preachers can imagine Tommy that made these -- vegetarian over the wasn't my phone. The number either whether right or whatever somehow still many were the only guy none other non business. I just wonder. So I'm like OK well there's no limo. Now that Sox now we had to go back to some -- in cars don't put that tell you -- -- hear it throwback generally there. No I got an -- on a conversation in this guy who's a friend of a friend and -- some guy they got this thing with this party but hey how much is a party -- -- Because we got this thing coming up and he explains to me all the stuff isn't what your budget. I -- on the budget and it's if it's in the budget that we had for the limo sweep this is actually at a price costs -- -- and it's just. -- party -- everybody's in one and it's still yes they'll fit fifteen people on ice. Now go online. I'll wait to see what this party -- looks like OK gonna have to do trailer again for the Gere yeah. -- -- they had to -- and everything so we're gonna yeah we're gonna have a party bus loaded trailer several specific one might just party -- -- Australia and a second but that party -- that we're working which is also got like a music management company come so they sometimes offer to -- his party -- is almost a pouring -- so yeah there are no strangers to having I hit action trailer for -- -- nice prize the first on the -- general hockey. Things set up but. -- Skoda and you tried met this guy won't point. Cause they Levi he's got my name -- music he's been around to a lot of events super cool guy you can -- -- -- -- -- -- you know exactly he's Tacoma boy. -- all of throwing parties out their flaming geyser. Drop among your balled beach these guys throw parties overnight and just recent to a party would serve drinks a lot and that's why right -- -- -- -- -- house so -- prioritize that I just. So. I'm talking to his body -- -- -- known unknown Levi for one every time I series with the kind of have a -- young and -- and I can in good -- he's got that attitude -- just happy go lucky -- So. Rizzo says lion pride music dot com. And also -- on FaceBook I think it's is Liam -- party buses energy at a Titanic uses if you would do a solid and and Mike their page and all that fun stuff. There's -- cool. Because that way it shows that people actually are a pay attention to podcast. -- but it's a lot of pride music dot com slash party dashed bust -- LYE a sorry yes OYON I failed to spell it for you revs last party thus it's. -- party -- us. Coming to see what we're going to be your own and because it's ridiculous -- somehow we've taken the limo ride to Spokane. To a different level. The party -- even more ridiculous and more awesome. Ha you gotta come on didn't with. And I -- -- media constant party dash -- slash. It's not found. -- -- library to another visit to see your walk and -- I know I'm I'm sure you can have an idea do this is. Design business underscore forward slash I'll get out of this January Artest already but events maybe some services party services services is it is my bride music go to services unless I'm party -- And that's the party plus. It's like a giant limo I mean acid bright blue so anyway so we see these pictures on that on there on their website right. Arrow like George Fareed. -- -- -- -- my hockey team that is that the bus we're gonna beyond already had like you know another bus. That's not as awesome as a -- are right. -- and cotton content and we got a strong with this is what works over there -- kids and a -- man who lose some of the guys are wondering if that's the bus -- we -- rewriting any us. They're what this is response and every different rate and this is awesome -- They're both pretty much the same. One has Monty Morris for a lap dances right the other as a dance hall. Both have acts talks and TV on his leather -- and the other rather dry areas towards sealing. Dry erase -- that's cool. So you keep tab on your lap dances I don't know if that's your -- -- you are buried towards -- this isn't what kind of how we can have a picture I just I imagine -- you guys is just going to be a bunch of songs on the top of that after a -- -- and -- hockey written on all you have quality feel about the monkey bars vs the poll. We've had this debate needs. In the locker serious discussions I feel like to poll is more dangerous because I was McNair because some alerts for me because everybody dudes and you know one I think it's always there -- going to be it's a good idea just trying to do some pole moves. You also are limited to Ontario hello once. Do you -- America. Monkey are oh what are these things pull on contraris if yeah pull contests are going to be good I didn't -- -- I think they might be a better idea the amount from the pole dancing competition. If you guys are trying to do that upside down Manson on the pole. I cannot confirm or deny its -- won't try to access -- anyways I can't wait this is gonna be amazing and so I that's. That's just a little teaser for next week I'm sure awful stories new get Munson and Ted into the to talk about it but it that we already are trying to track down a laser machine lease -- and a smoke machines nice. This -- -- it's a relatively decent price pretty decent price -- anybody about a couple. Lasers smoke police there he -- both. Okay and we're gonna have to do that I might be able I stores too I mean -- to have our senior RadioShack -- yeah. I know he would dispensers and that's awesome he did not like his smoke machine. So who may -- asking for thirty did you deal on that. A cool. When you just pull the machines war. As a trailer that feature a nice trailer house hobby and nick are and everybody. Oh yeah -- I respect that about these Gerald. -- residents. Scene because congress where they come out the door when there all serious knowing our night everybody gets tell ways it does know what whenever -- the lakers used to come out to Alan Parsons project Seattle can we -- -- or not -- -- -- we have that. -- assists. I'd go to some I -- music and it's got to be the -- -- right -- I do all high end of Alan Parsons songs oh yeah and give you -- top songs okay after. For a brief period of time I lived in green helmet but he Matthew. We had we were smoking a lot of we'd folk and Alan Parsons was my car sparse record of -- in final. We have put that on all the time -- Alan Parsons project I don't know if you guys ever spent a lot of time. Maybe -- they love you -- podcast docile sweet and not an honour of him musical Lasik I've never listened zones apologizes and -- and other than that song which I had yeah you like -- -- Alan Parsons project and not only ever done but I don't recognize who it is. I in this guy that's. -- Or stick to the -- GJ -- put it Xeon parts of credit did you find the right record. Just because it's OK okay sixty is home. Now many are in this star. -- -- employee who. Lulu threw it to look for the great and -- -- -- record cover -- know which one and it's about time. -- that's sounds like and this is the intro music and that this -- It's. Okay. Okay. Do. Yeah right. Could you imagine if we pull up. Digital hand right now yeah I had to do an excuse -- NBA. Then there will be some a look at the faces the volume a hockey players we put up in the limo. In this year you noted there is expectation the -- And we pull off in a party bus and smoke coming out of the party process we pull off this reminds us of those guys does. So nice series of specific instances you know it's got a -- consistent. And it's got an Xbox and -- greens games a cameo on Iraqi I have hockey mask there you know I'm -- in my games. The 2000 games I always. You know. Most of my new. -- all the big guys it's -- playing. I've got so -- really it's. Fun for other people -- its appearance -- And any -- of the -- there doesn't need to they didn't know until I was. I'm not sure we'll fast forward yeah imagine the door open and lasers are going places where smoke billows out of the party -- Now from the don't. For their first game on Friday night pretty memorable Friday night game that you -- Your right away pretty much -- that's -- we're now working on Friday at home. Candidate and that's digital content and then didn't we hear it I never never -- fire now yeah I'm sure they better do it for legal and little present and announce a new song yet it is -- it's it's how long song that's on his back in the day. Please don't look back in the days when you're on being there. Your editor is there wasn't -- who has -- -- the record that we listened to a lot -- It's not called the stairs every you know. Syria out of -- 95. -- you need to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's an alternate coming out of my phone right now I'm being played through the speaker. Copies a day of my -- uses machine once he's got a gallon of fog Jews. Know. Willing to let it show. For point 540 dollars -- -- -- give back to about that is literally only be used once and I was there -- -- how it works and I'm usually CNN. I'm not going down you have. Tennis shoes do you need for -- I'll let you know later today I don't know. Some immediate fallout now a PS. My own harshest response yeah -- people -- concerned if we kicked out -- when nothing no substance inside the saudis say. Batteries nine. Power and an entirely new in the world and he needs some gonna make -- smoke enough cash cow. Did need some sort of we. I ask -- another chance. Tom didn't manage to target and time needed to do this you re doing this album. I feel like -- a very TVs are easier to say that. And did some of the music news for the senate bills -- now cannot pass. There was scheduled to participate actually listened to Alan Parsons try to do my phone and play an -- microphone yeah. It's. On track. There was no -- there. OK okay. -- -- I was I was being sarcastic. I like -- better when he's not singing but he's making cars -- feel this is how you start your. -- -- -- -- For -- We should be doing -- -- -- -- -- -- This thing now all -- and even when you're listening today as who's gonna drivers in -- tomorrow. Well organized. And no -- officer we're looking for the love Donald never once it takes down the. Music inside YouTube and I say. -- -- he'll be here. When you Chinese whispers. Winners won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sounds like. Most. Fans -- and tomorrow. That's. Who you know that's -- -- in this 1 -- Honolulu and music distinctly different. -- doesn't always -- fine. And in my house time you hated dad sees the problems in my house. -- nine and a half weeks. The chocolate. -- -- -- All right is what the album outside. Okay cool -- got a seven wonders -- there was no bull cycle the blue eagle from back this far but that's because porn is a woman's legs wide open. With two legs YR old you know where -- -- like psychology tests muscles what do you -- yeah -- -- yes there. I'd almost think you watchman yeah -- could be a bowl. -- a woman spread eagle. Or an eagle -- Dallas could pick three anything's really could be anything that you wanted to be her but only if you believe. And on the stone to a high -- to learn a Superman outfit the Holy See that as well. Our system Facebook's own title so yeah. And it's. -- thing maybe there's always been no one -- to join them on its -- together and I didn't come. And that -- has always -- and and now -- just. The -- using fast. It's steamrolled through sales -- -- -- initial release Verizon didn't miss nothing. -- -- From. -- -- -- and so solo. It's calm curves and student. -- hurting yourself of this points the Mets are very important. He came down 35 -- 35 hearing -- he's down and he doesn't want at all -- do you do you. Do you respond and he's very -- this summer down -- and going back and forth and we don't totally totally president -- -- don't respond the next -- he'll get down to 22 of my. And. How soon can you give. I tomorrow. Deadly new do you Peruvian national. No we listen to do next. And -- and flew maybe the. It is the annual hockey trip for. We don't know what have we are probably close to having a bad incident. It was pretty close stickers the DM don't -- sticking to click this morning and -- euphoria let's not forget last year in the tire blew out while we were driving. Many users do you have a bloody drive the wrong way when you're down -- history I was slosh yet does cops saw until queries anonymous yes. It's just a matter of time that escalated quickly. -- well hopefully this is the last time we do -- nasty cats. Are you going back to mr. Kumar go for -- these studies. You know is that mainland companies. I don't know enough -- in the summer I know you are doing. -- -- we're good barbecue PS it's not the hotel but it's called the red lions because it's a barbecue place it's. It's damn good look at you like hit I regulate and are you here in Spokane yeah okay. Do you smoke which you know might have once Korea okay -- -- for fifteen dollars. We I have to bottle -- Well you know sell out -- -- -- we're gonna will be used as a multi. Going on what we have will have to be huffing and a couple who Jesus is a little -- say that console when my. All right -- -- -- on FaceBook drama all my guide. Hi -- for the series on Tuesday and next week as you know they're going to be -- pot and we're hoping this time to finally get to laser quest. That's the goal though we also I -- from the street estimate -- -- or can't gigantic it is Jerry and I -- -- the Big Brother of the laser quest here. Don't -- lose out little brother before we get to face some drama we haven't announced big job as TP test -- hang out there we're going to be doing do we have one yeah OK what day is that having him may seventh seventeenth place. -- -- -- -- -- Since we -- producer podcasts also known as he -- you -- has decided to finally. Get together after all these years how. We well. And we have announce -- this that. -- -- -- The reverend I'm sorry -- mean. Everybody's favorite went for a I don't know there. Can use truly lives for the United Center in -- Oh or trappers -- she knew -- had a sensation. Yes you can chances taken the show on the road and hang out a decent shoes. Join us maybe seven dream. -- my role. In others find roles as well. Absolutely the -- -- if you guys are three coming out when it's really you get lunch. Time 2 o'clock to. -- we will hopefully. These Arab world will bypass so the lunch mix and then hopefully beat the dinner crowds -- for the the only Kenny I you know I find that out Tom I think the only -- need to reserve. Yeah I got a mom there's a visitor -- rover mission migrant I don't know I get a once ourselves woman who's in Hawaii right now that that represents trappers all. Talked to her and see if maybe you can reserve malaria about a -- show up comic a FaceBook event page on -- STP cast FaceBook page. So the united you all might become in yeah I did you know it's just it's very informal not some crazy to just come down eat food you do you want and hang out to -- a final holes. -- He's. The CP cast is back yes and -- Washington area news. Did Washington wants -- -- art he has campaign can't yeah yeah Kent station in Seattle and so while -- if you're able to make it awesome is not. That's OK okay that's one of the play hockey ref yeah yeah there -- -- death. The invitation of the quote -- there the Paris yes against those ice taps yes. We're not gonna get the -- of drama tap that ice we were getting -- now you think south tests aren't now by Matt. It's real it's. Yes I can make a switch if you want to know what has slid -- Delaware line out of our Nigeria -- -- Africa -- there has been cut my own throat yet ask and you shall receive. -- ten minute. They amendments and you wanted to my agent can be the best twelfth you know why sometimes the talent shouldn't talk and no money -- -- scale. John my reason why we do it pays basically be a public service announcements that people stop posting stupid stuff on FaceBook are missing a lot of -- -- -- -- and the justices switched spring may -- are -- a full moon I don't know what it is but it's a good mood for some -- zero claiming a mass transit is this only people just. Strain of unnecessary drama on FaceBook and everybody gets sucked into their world and then. That's one of the fireworks go off so we have and we have one that he's pretty awesome and I'd stars Kara. And I'll be -- -- Kara. -- you're playing the role of Maurice -- top shelves. You will be playing the role of Max. Sorry agent. And mixed -- you are Robertson cool all right. Mr. -- -- -- off her -- for users and analysts do things after my line what are those -- that I feel like we have to describe it FTC -- things. Blizzard -- rather those are pointing up above your your pointing at the comment above you. Love that president cited -- -- -- although sometimes when things are posted so quickly. Policy avionics forums in salt like you're an idiot and then have arrows pointing up but it they -- meaning if that person so -- -- argue with that person databases -- just calling it. Or somebody says that and they do that and then the other person above and delete the comment all I just had that happen somebody told me on my Stephen producers like page. Yeah FaceBook. They posted the Wikipedia. I allowing oil and gas and we're like. You're do you use the word that -- -- to sag -- on the outcome one million studios kick your -- follow blob like all this he stands I think they were trying to be funny but there was no punchline to their joke. Sort of backed MIK did you do realize that -- Wikipedia and you want to write anything and anyone can edit anything's. So NN SN it's a nice day out today when you go outside and enjoy the weather. And he wrote back something. I got the alert on my phone -- and I went to it there was no new comment menus and these postings were deleted -- just had meat. Responding to nothing he could -- see that sometimes I wonder if there's someone that's blocked me that means comments there is totally I have news out -- I figure that I've -- that avenue blocked exactly one person on FaceBook was named. Our name it's a guy. -- -- live in this country you yes mind doesn't -- ask is names are the letter. What gets his nickname yes busy indeed yes. Sure I know I mean I don't wanna say don't listening to surprise to listens to all the stock market tells us there area. I can't believe you block your own girlfriend. I don't know now what -- we don't know dozens and I don't down the engagement always simply using allegedly planning a wedding on state won't stop mixed. -- Walk into the I don't know there's all of the halftime Lorraine. Our. -- starts -- by this fine status update on FaceBook and we exchange and aims to protect the innocent but maybe we haven't. I paid pitchers that teacher -- one minute and then talk behind your back -- do you worry don't be any good as your man is old and creepy. Does he need a pill to make this thing work I Betty does -- -- -- and gossiping pitch big deal your man -- money. He -- see some of that cash she -- you really get some Botox. Biggest horror I've never met you have been old gross do you since we were eighteenth. And for the record my man is only fourteen years older than me you are always on your back going through a man after man. And never -- you and don't make fun of my man you're the one that needs to Botox. Bitch. Well. Now that last comment you point out -- ambience and MB yet. Lady you are not sink you down -- level you will die alone. -- not to sound like an insensitive jerk but this -- this kind of turn me on. And that -- -- -- drama for the night almost sinking down your level even though I started Edmonton Christ yeah I mean dumb broad I know I'm not -- I'm not gonna go to your lovely and I called dual gossiping bitch. And I also mentioned that your man needs some Viagra. And then he needs to get some Botox and he's making his money illegally we don't know laggard could BC allison's and to your point there that's a good point one of those to our extends oh yeah. You wonder who goes to the gas station actually buys those extends is. And what kind of like I contacted they meet with the cashier. Now there's some talk about that I think about that a law that can get -- -- I've bought those pills that are. Yelling you buy like at an adult store yeah they worked that are like knock offs cornerstones of our cells bomb. It's totally just taken a whole bunch caffeine. What's your face gets hot and you just kind of you feel your heart -- in and -- Nigeria but I don't remember it make you mean like ready to film a movie here and until he retired -- take it. The Korea for -- ready to go right after. And a long time zones and I would think -- with these other things is disliked. -- things not deflating. I've taken -- -- -- I was I agree and that was that did what it can't set it would do -- -- the same thing like me in my face hot. May -- heart pound it's something else around as well I'm coming to -- just wolf. Did you look at -- multiple times and that. Pulled an all you do want to ask you -- congress yeah I think -- we're you able to go right after you win the first time I think as well TP test challenged. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And her -- and I know a couple people are indebted to swayze era far I was doing it. And -- this good this is. Says Ding Dong -- ignored the Internet is just owning your girl I'm OK with that -- -- -- Viagra honey we gotta do for us. Podcast it's a good Bagger here we did it take to the right Don and and freeze well hello hello -- forewarned them I'm coming home from. Here and this. What barred mule did orbit for everything else is like where you're really did you all come -- it's. Rural America my mom's family now. -- yeah I'll do does not yours is gonna how far how many -- -- alone. Let's -- got the voicemails and text messages and emails. It's awesome. Apparently there. Our next tiger taking home tonight. Voters and it's. Next you know it's an extra club in the -- calls. Can display. All around 8 o'clock so he had never -- looks. -- actually only have sixty -- and Antonio hotel. My truck hell would love to find most of my time. It's. Down a little guy that -- home. It's and I -- you wanted to know events. Love monitoring company union and school times -- -- -- no matter who we're off proved. We're I'm cool cool million. Excuse you. This is good arm there's a guy by the name of about Anthony S he's -- were and imagine are not -- -- and he's been. -- listening to the ST EP -- secure oh so like how far back like beginning when he's been -- -- I don't think I have past two weeks of his. -- give him pretty entertaining could you tell me what he's listening to and I forgot some of us up -- we've gone. I try not to remember like directly after we do them right it's best to forget that we did this podcast typically don't discreet yeah I think -- my license they would you do in the -- gets -- an -- remember discussing things on the title and we do it his idea of almost eating some Viagra and then -- are women -- are specified women don't know normally aren't. -- -- -- mine snorted yeah just a mystery to us a little -- and input and minutes. Original -- key part a result -- -- way isn't a person could shoot it won't -- to sort. That's Bloomberg could swallow it in the university Drexel history and yeah currently addressed. Know how -- So this is what one of these -- to reach recently said to as EP 999 hash tag as TP cast hash tag pod binge. He's on show fifty somethings. He now for and those sexy like he takes only getting out no one minute voicemail limit. Is a longtime -- and -- Higher -- who sexy -- stories mantra -- injury to listen to our podcasts anymore -- thinks. I don't know I did what happens he does seem moans and got a girlfriend her fiance -- the most of -- for Jesse Ellison apparently. I don't know where I can do it's it's not adds she's listening in the room or an outright denied her and -- Fly me out a little while some new EST do you test drove him to do he was searching around you he did trying to -- a woman like a fake female. Persona non-GAAP thank. You asked. Yeah -- make this better for him if he's not -- don't hear from my Texas Katie -- they very much anymore we -- are on Twitter or social chime in so I feel like she's still checking in on. Are really from -- read the garbage men anymore mentally we're losing people as we can -- people. -- sometimes yes sometimes it's that there and first and now it's gotten too big man beating we jumped the shark program. Mean what do for them possibly we took away a lot of their ways to interact to assume the voice -- We don't play all the voicemails you know do we do you -- institution interactive. No I think -- will be us do we do right that's right encourage Holy -- -- current level. The commissioner action news. I would say the -- us and interact -- a Jewish interaction and -- -- precision MA seven and I think -- season. He -- I mean they got it our all our bases are honored and it's just feel honored. -- -- on the ground Florida afterthought and really we're never gonna get sexy legs he pulled over our eyes again we're never gonna put icy hot on our all again my thanks. And we actually say that though. Now see we can't say it will never do it again because we are stupid and there is no guarantee that's -- So we definitely grown since yes we -- word we've just community -- -- we have we've all. Quite possibly we evolved to the point where they don't like the show anymore and that'll happen. Given another couple months a trial wall and something else cents a or devolve -- -- typically that's what happens. Hey I love by the sun comes from Richie G. And days is known at the same person because of what he's about to say I love hearing uncle Ricky every week. He's one of the many highlights of the podcast I agree I was and is out voicemails. But it did meet. Or does his energy field really roller coaster from week to week when he's up he's up. When he's down. He's down -- sometimes it is an input is tagline that they are minimal I notice and then there are times regulate other resigning today senator -- so there's only there's the pressure of delivering and not every week's going to be good once you have followed your evil he's done a good jokes or. There's deeper you know gore team they're jokes of the disturbing nature gives time yeah okay and we love that have been lodging -- Tony -- chimes in he's an old guys. I was listening to Friday's main show her -- talking about the text trolls. What makes people be such Jewish bags on the tech side is on 'cause I don't think they're funny -- be anonymous factor I think both. I think that there is -- part of it is also that. Yeah -- still there in on the joke because of all the stuff that we do so when they do that it's the same reason why. You know someone comes and who's not within the circle and tries to make those jokes yeah yeah I I do where they're trying to come from for a lot of the times. Sometimes -- just like out sometimes makes it sound like negatives pitches that I can take them I Allen today and is now as -- -- because you're doing the stories about this -- -- the BJ -- Stacy talked about the airline stories told a -- rates. But they won't let up to a one was relatively -- -- -- the woman the airplane being put nosy watt sees. That came out that these -- here yesterday afternoon yeah so talking about today was the first army is just talk about it. Now the other wrong with the -- don't tweet. Odessa tweeted to -- about the terrorist one was doesn't day old Elian was there was an update to it and it was also we were using and as a kickoff -- topics. This person music why you guys only tell yesterday's news finds some current topics -- signed ten assists thank. More appointed you remember writing that other than decide a little bitch that north CNN. And its associated it's no different in the argument of -- dimension to a story that we are you talk about they get inundated with you really get injured talked about -- points and UConn ten. And then on the flip side if they do a story that we then talk about bridge -- do debt financing. They just angst they got to yesterday a further Monday random question today during we'd weeks and they're like as he's -- We know for sure if you listen this morning -- -- that why they nor are there no matter you know are they doing random questions where you know what's going on there and they're like well we all know who smokes -- over on the Vijay show. You know. Nickel exit polls and it's an Xbox countless tax cuts are. You another question he said job Monica number two. Do you wonder if he's leaving when his number one joke first and instill that -- playwright David funny -- He's. He's the -- he's got a does stuff and it's given me money number two. He is exactly. -- yeah. He is exactly what you'd expect -- based on the phone calls that he delivers and that's not an act like he's just that strange yeah. We love strange. But I do I bet -- gonna do -- -- -- -- -- in my daggers. Strange -- this person wrote on FaceBook he says hey Steve I think I had you just coined a phrase for another -- -- T certain T shirt this morning is from Christie says. Stay positive and socket yeah I -- here is that I liked -- on. Mean stay positive -- -- people bringing down beyond just suck it. Yeah Paris. Problem resources I did you guys catch that woman that sang a terrible song about social media at a marketing convention don't know that I -- I have not heard this yet but I grabbed the audio. I guess there's a social media marketing convention and it happened in San Diego. And wanted to presentations was a woman singing a song called let's get social. And apparently it's really bad and we are the Ariel mayor in Johnston by the way because I was in this when I was gone through stuff for the regular showed -- you know I'd. Passed on it but. If this will get wedged in your head oh boy. And it was meant all day it was in -- -- do we really need to take this up well that's good OK I think. You can -- less than any. Snack any warnings that. Yeah. Backpack I can Sunday. 1 this evening from and why only guessing game play this. And it copyrighted. Yeah. -- -- Are there. It's. -- believe. -- -- My game we're learning and an -- -- immediately on. Do we really care about our fans there's this just another deal get a break right now. Hey what I want paying our -- -- at a convention on the heat cool and they don't want me -- -- senate life -- -- people have a being married yes I can -- and they weren't really really hard -- it -- standard that we can never afford yet to lose my -- or even what we do enough. And you can. What songs they weren't really very. OK okay. He did. I mean yeah. -- home. Regular guy you'd like how you look. Person that was a presenting this at the convention and no way that is getting jammed and in my head -- all right got to walk around kind of looks like a -- -- and hookers you -- -- all that other crap volley some on Twitter or FaceBook I'm going to be thinking -- Oh yeah social all. So old media and if I had to drop box in yeah like where you place on the -- whenever we talk about DS TP jazz stuff FaceBook page sir I was hit that. It's all things. Did did you when we go to that we go to a lot of conventions every year we go to this one and it's all weekend for morning radio. I would. They have done some pretty stupid stuff -- some of these presentations that we've been -- yes nun that ever guys that love all or nothing that bad and that's the most really the people that are -- you know to me like the people that no social media. -- -- aimed at cutting edge or do you respect as somebody in their twenties. And it isn't just going over all of our heads and YouTube's. I would imagine. It's got a users than -- and I got Ireland viral on FaceBook guess disorder and stuff from -- while Williams really -- a little. Bush. Try and follow us Sandra and Jason moral thing there. She tried so hard -- and so hard and Oliver is I don't know I did catch Gerri see guys talk about the warrior on instead Graham I don't know I'd probably don't know on the I -- she got into it -- -- -- passing them and I'm actually glad though the guessing game rained today because doing good they want I would have prime gone on a really long when did. Ultimate warrior special spectacular on this ST please cast thus -- -- Iran doesn't like wrestling. Videos of real bomber from because I grew up loving the ultimate warrior and it was a really cool moment for me to see him finally get them we talked met last week and we. Even use a piece of his speech for the intro knew it was awesome to see him get his due and finally get to be back in the -- -- -- -- I mean you've got almost like if you wrote a movie. And wanted to debt and a certain way. What happened the last few days of his life was like a movie script -- knew he had a high of being. Conduct an all seem whereas kids got to see him on the spot like this they were old enough they were. Doing all live when he was at the height of his career limiting pretty young kids and -- -- -- under ten years old. And Phineas go on Monday they brought to have another moment where you -- not just beat. Don't we -- A regular dude accepting an up and honor but he gets a bus into the -- your character again. And that it feels that moment and in the next eight dice now there's a whole weeks. Password that's not a -- -- That's not much movement now. Really out so. The giants -- who did in the past tonight or someone of his old I think either -- Graham posts or Twitter posts in the past week before the ultimate warrior warrior -- He wrote quote I beat the -- out of the Monday like I beat the -- added that reason balls ultimate warrior so yes yes you know we're all I don't know -- you're right so he's always said pretty negative stuff and just you know clown not Camelot and all that kind of stuff. What then all of a sudden he was an insecurity Joseph Torre dies in my bones who Zardari -- right you can canyon nervous than you realize RK -- -- she went on a classy road and in the eyes and and and NBI cheek kind of way of classy -- check out. -- to a word. I heard some did you I get shot. I do not do them deluded but I want to let you know what I say I didn't know it was a book on love use her some peace. Tennis pretty Coleman you know I mean that's what desensitize and that everything how. Everything S citizen work. Her original world wrestling a work is that your junior year his job playing the character -- are you here now an idea and so. You never really meant it -- -- which is kind of Cooley here at best super cool it's also awesome to hear him. And then realize I think some was just play or he's just doing like word to taxed. -- when he does his tweets this sounds exactly like his tweets are right yeah we just kind of amazing. A -- is a documentary being made about him and I saw the -- some refugees have combined she documentary you'll be able to find its. It looks really good make it looks pretty powerful. This one's from the tail and even cost subject Munson says. Steve it was weird to hear you and Ted swear on Munson says that a great podcast. He said every camera AO today -- you have a chance on iTunes and stitcher I think the web says climatic. My -- -- he has a podcast that he does with Darren and mark and it's -- Munson says MO NSO and and it's probably. Of one or two podcasts ago that Ted and I were on and he hasn't really done any of his curse words -- he has -- is these guys to work like we do to you top shelf some. Where you have the -- things -- -- I'm really jump ship gas and now I join the Munson says I guess I don't -- don't worry about right down time. And I would do it. It's just -- and password fast if you wanna hear Ted Knight. Unfiltered this in the months and says apparently got a lot of dobbs dot downloads and that podcast so. That was pretty equally you do know that the dishes and knives and the deep podcast listeners. Always listened to I don't think remembering could handle both you and Ted just swearing I'm so used do you guys do not -- -- -- -- there was really like liberating moment to our businesses like looking into the in the eyes and just dropping the F bombing Iraq. I accessed. And then I think you have to complete. Thank censor myself -- I was concerned. But here's couldn't tell who is now a threat we have a taste of -- but I think I -- now -- for next week. -- just because we're running on time and we need to get social. Social he. Yeah here's software. -- Jeffrey I. I got your email and it's one -- -- hold onto. That no one more email at all. -- he says who in your family do act nice towards even though you can't stand them my family. He says you know you got a -- uncle she tenure and the cousin stole your grandma has identity of brother a lot of can't steer clear of the law. There's that one person that other people -- likely still want to pretend to like just to keep the peace at family get togethers. Guys got anyone. Finance love all my family and immunize ties. Be the best person and every moment in life but I think alike really nice -- -- genuinely few leg more than I would like -- people outside of our family yes. Think -- -- I know they have my back. When I screw up so I'm gonna have their back prime minister are represented -- right. Bloods thicker than water and north tower -- right movie sauce. Yeah you know on secrecy and the on the that Q3 thousand miles away from most of my Stanley can along swimmingly with the mosque it's like -- and idealism and all right they're like me it's it's fun to see them for a couple of days and then I'm really sick -- go home. I'm out of there are a couple hours I keep my -- -- very very short like Michael -- were going to my family's house this weekend for Easter. Sounds like you wanna stay at the house -- not know if -- I want the exit strategy already working down there data kiosks where there will be there for three hours right too early history. Because now when you're ever going to a disc golf and expect Tony to be here for that and anyone -- top he got anyone you know I hate to be another non answer but my -- so freak and small there's literally three people in my family. My dad was an only child my mom on her brother and sisters -- had a brother and a sister they're both long gone. And I don't know their extended family is in my sisters single. No kids and -- kids and so. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to go with Nick's brother -- -- I -- -- And yes that's nothing -- ongoing harassment crap I'm sure you've got to grind it out but I almost like you don't even pretend to be nice to them. Friend -- I don't really know I think I just. Like. The last few years my Stanley has been kind of normal so it was kind of cool was actually hanging out with him a little bit more -- to. Cool. Yes and then in the real reps and the dead in the wheels fell off. And when that happens I just carry out by eight yeah I just don't -- to many more. I just don't talk to them jets they like if you -- some of my family members they have people. Yeah well that's it just Wear them off and that's kind of what I do is just 'cause I don't wanna deal with yours stupidity or you're drama and it's nothing that -- -- -- I talked with him as a friend so I don't know -- just -- -- contact. But now I guess it's it's just. I I'm one of those is not so much fighter slight lead -- it kinda is I just don't wanna deal with that crap. -- -- I have no vested interest in I got you good dude I mean our military knows it's a restaurant family members I guess an uncle that we have. Is right I'm Mike yeah same around me yeah -- Benny and I don't I promise them from positions where people can wrongly that's the thing to win -- like most of my family have certain instances where they've done something stupid. To where I'm like Andy and I don't want even askew with these things -- deal with these sort of things Mac going to deal with that so that's just. How are you with that there's no I'm not cyclical -- it won't sorry don't have a good story free and there like Brian down. -- I got an accent yeah. Where were you. Our guys that we have -- you've already forgotten their -- it took -- two seconds hi got a film that's a good point nevermind that I'm sorry -- -- short term memory. You know I think it understand it that. -- yeah are you picked. Which what do we do this oh that's now on the battle night Alastair voicemails and we did disparate and he may only have one voice now so let's hope it's the person we think it is. Eight everybody at BA yeah yes you're old -- -- I'm all right so I'm like I'm probably each tower. -- Why are out there ego Betty I. He dragged them because I don't want anyone now and it. Can't yeah. -- -- -- little sad too little senate and I think he's -- only those endings. I maybe he's run out of things to say I understand him well and it typically doesn't want that -- -- an entire bank -- they're -- pretty graphics or maybe he's just like. I'll go and that was really entertaining and it is an eastern team. We had Easter is Sunday on fourth twelfth following and I -- any are really behind a bunch of -- bomb -- -- counselor -- my niece's birthday. So or -- whiny. Ma hotel room American -- and now. So I gotta be coalition so be too yeah I don't -- in the car noted -- like your holder she got drops and I notice the meth dealers are also. Those and other Xavier around now that's. A -- on London saw no Lebanese London we're gonna memory of him now. How old London this is like 67 months and and knows it was the other one. Look I three yet to LL silicon Aaliyah in London Ali and London Madrid you change your name alone with -- IOB seven. Years old -- guy and then Aaliyah will be to Clinton. Yeah I don't we also don't know around these kids now kids don't notice that stars sure they do get -- all of a sudden he's picked him from their birthday taken up and Democrats are now. Uncle -- -- in my case we'll see when she was yeah well through an insult to the hospital of sports point one did -- And -- -- exhausted I was -- sees. -- I -- I was driving. I don't know I. Did -- called I'm is I had to go in early it's an emergency clinic. Do they -- the next fifteen years I can't get high drama like great sideshow to the hotel are hospital hotels and you can see exactly out of the hospital. Our soil where that hell did you yeah I guess Mike. It is a national holidays -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was thinking about I don't know how I. Got. Crazy Easter on April 20 solely from a year there clearly in the monastery Easter bounces around those so much people like it was funny. -- instituted there. I was all our our voice and ask announcement soon. -- it's in your hands. Do you text messages please wow really. I don't know what made you wanna do that -- bodes well first text says red Solo Cup economic -- I -- stuff do we still -- I really -- and I got -- -- yeah. An extra day both versions are all three versions we had a that's. It is not so much you're never did was. A parody version of that song and our -- regular SDP. Costs. They -- time pod. See this half and half of them podcasts. Do you do you she is as chief dean Smith's. Now you can go and now I'm Brendan -- -- he's here what's up home east yeah so when will they do she's unite and trappers are Buffalo Wild Wings. Well. We don't waste. -- -- may seventeenth. Mark in the count at 2 PM and other members -- sees as an X ten year old yes seeds are almost every day he says we pictures on FaceBook yes. I've seen. You need to bring us some wings took trappers are analyses are solid results will save and the buffalo wild -- on TV we praise for another day we should because there's ancillary -- close its other most closely at his request -- -- call her feelings here. -- well I -- summertime we got to do did the right to -- OK maybe even after that one okay so we're trying out tonight 27 tips at this point cool. Our guys let's say he has a much like the podcast he gets into two hours of work and helps repress my quote punched the -- reflex boom. Q of the great work rock my chain that's. Car crash guy from Nara crawl -- Mac guy. -- I think uses an actual real -- real cool guy he had a bad car accident that did make. Heard his arm and stuff like that all these are right in and do do you use a lot of fun hang out with. Steve -- make him Michelle and Barack you have to look up the iron meetings on YouTube you'll not be disappointed Brian from Fort Worth, Texas. I have seen videos of them that it's an all girl Iron Maiden courage and makes sense yeah come through tennis tournament. And various I think I played with hell's bells they didn't once CO TV Hossa and agree choke you up on the media does -- Led Zeppelin one -- -- -- is zeppelin. Science. Ever heard of them that I actually here in London and angering many embed it Led Zeppelin through six Kenyans to shoot -- -- CarMax and Disney millions and imprinted use suggesting this stand -- about female fronted bands -- tickets on there. I don't remember the name of the ban under the name in the song but he recommended that we listened to it. Is it it's right here close calls. When. Something that like the little birdies or some contact. Pretty reckless pretty reckless to. He -- joke by asking me that you -- play now goes to joke I don't play another song of the social media line. I could have gone -- But he's heard about asking a guy was just the united I had no idea what -- -- guess for ten -- no let's not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let us again. We're -- an okay. And hopefully I have obviously her nose. Sierra Leone's yeah I was okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- All his. Do you believe. Don't go. Every day she -- -- love. You know isn't live you know has -- oh. You're like OK. Wow. Just -- five. -- -- -- -- It's hard to know. Song I notice that. And -- and lower the song and -- and now I know. Good thing about. Way down below -- new. And weighed down low. You know. Yeah hi John yeah. -- -- -- -- No. My blood -- all the good. Wow what a dirty your. The -- and I'm Michelle Obama. They got a context is under Ronald. I'll read as you show. The wrong way down. You -- the lyrics of the song. -- -- Soft ball right to. Monica I would love for you do. A reading of the lyrics. Soda. Jimmy's in the battle for the content of talking of high if you listen close you can hear me cry oh lord heaven knows people long way down below saying you know lord heaven knows we belong. We're down below way down below way down below. Duties in the front seat picking her trash. Picking up trash living on the dole got to make their cash won't be pretty won't be sweet Jesus didn't hear our feet. Singer oh lord I just okay sounds -- you know he's really Motley crew take storytelling going on right here. I've had better days menacing better it is a -- -- it is so. 123 for the doubles -- your -- coming in the I have a dead man's life. Start your life with your head held high now you're on your knees with -- Head hung low big man tells you where -- ago -- it's good -- okay. Don't do a goddamn thing they say it sounds like jail or something. Not sounds like -- this sounds like I'll start and about it on. Now. Singer and I'll hook kids like she's doing her thing but in his in the back with a pocket go higher if you listen close you can hear the crying. Which is -- maybe year due in droves and -- disaster routers -- those you need to watch some video because there is -- -- -- he opens and the jacket you know it's honestly doesn't matter if you like the -- that is a great moment in that. I hope yanks -- hey can I get -- years. I -- call -- time for the ceremony here in the times and does a lot of TP. I like you do that fast forward 69 seconds and I. Sixteen I. Two minutes and nine seconds two minutes nine seconds can you posted on the -- FaceBook page center tarmac there were hooking up OK maybe that's enough. Two videos we have and ES TP test FaceBook page I got to do is just typing and -- TP desk. Cash and FaceBook. All I did what do one more thing before we uniting your pool because it's pretty funny Tom could stop he wasn't here. As Texan Jason he says hey guys I love that little jam session with a lot on the last podcast. Yeah act have her around more often it was a shame top he wasn't there to enjoy it -- love this show stay positive guys and it lobby of the Bakken. Whenever she's good and ready and issuance at the top you missed it. We've set it up so the next and she comes on the show she wants you lasted and France asks involved my -- so that was a person say they were gonna get gas and I was is that you know I'm still existent and and and -- wants to do -- in with her now now there are those -- -- at this point I -- In the -- massive. -- trust -- and it. I'd like to seven years ago I haven't heard of him being around solid -- NASA is eight years to come back full force passing time on ES TP test and I think I didn't I thought a lot about that idea of doing and as a podcast it scares the living crap out of me. And who knows how that's coming out yeah I'm down I know you're down -- -- -- reason to get high. Shares -- to Halloween week decision yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you -- -- had the right when we started you would be such a mess at the end of usually are two hours. Yeah can't you PMS -- I don't we all did add places I've done in weird places so what kind of podcaster did sound like if do you think anyone's ever done a podcast a message on sure enough I wonder where that is like to listen to. A technical. I'm curious series. I did did you see like -- search against the article but I have this guy who took a whole bunch of different drugs and then did. Paintings based paintings so sorry -- yeah I know always it's -- and he's pretty -- and it's easy yet it -- the gamut of like -- I -- Dell X I just some of the dirty dirty stuff are you ask. And there's some of them I think he'd like -- And he's doing and it's just like jeans or like PC key words Soledad I homage show like this weekend I would give your insight on what our podcasts of sound like gas. Susan yeah I don't wanna -- I just Wear masks are no no no no no no no that's part -- Seattle went after the passage seems interesting yeah her mushrooms. Do much does make me noxious that are so possessive now. I threw up every single summits -- doesn't really once. I heard stories of you for your kid up and it's gone. I was -- assurance that Snyder. The kind of how I -- -- the way I took slaughter which is you basically eat a little piece of paper yeah because whatever liquid is they're putting on American and then. I mean what you do that you can't undo it. So you can't if you get up during for the long haul how many hours is that for. Eight at least eight hours of being high line or about six and in the towel off. Percentage wise how much it is awesome fund and how much -- it is is. I would secede and -- assets for me most of its -- most of that was fun I like it was all pretty awesome and there was no. -- mushrooms there was like a dirty phase volume larger -- about 40% of it is not fun yankees are trying to -- you. I -- lawyers try to unseat whatever you're seeing right -- -- -- -- Ruiz in securities. And I'm good yeah. -- it's an -- and I never had any bad play can you sort of bad -- knows anything like that now I never had a bad trip on -- either though if -- -- -- did you have a conversation in this room -- be rooted out by asks. Potentially okay. Well you just don't know sometimes something can trigger and you can just weird out Yahoo! yeah and then what happens you get quiet and -- -- I think you'd be very ADT. Yeah yeah you don't know wow man look at that they'll do dominion -- just you wouldn't be only able to so we gotta be a position where we are very understanding of you being an accident oh yeah yeah right we simulate what Jeremy says they're pretty high and I sit and honestly it would probably work if only one person did it. So a lot and and -- -- -- a good idea no that would be okay but if we all did it it would be such an ass show all yeah I don't think you would work. It was like eight hours of us is talking and -- About stuff that wouldn't we be. Talking about stuff so he's seen and nobody would be in on a jog in New Orleans and hazardous. Every unless I'm I don't wanna actually -- Sally you're talking about a podcast that I got to find one night and we know these final one as it is deuce is no 10 I'm shocked at Joseph Rogan hasn't done it. Possibly he has he may have in justices talk about it I mean yes easily stolen when he does those are all very yeah are absolutely so when he talked about -- So this person brought up page -- top you missed out on the fun that we had with a lot especially when not. And a lot of you were serious messages about. Considered to find it. Imus for a either any amount or something like that but somebody sent a message saying that did we need to spend our show with a jam every week and top he has no idea what that means well. So I grabbed a clip of us -- -- show last week with a mouse jam. We've got a good webcam girl seek and assume what happened when you are not your top -- -- -- testing it out. Do you ever jam jam TM thin in what -- -- and musical yeah. Link to songs on the podcasts like my music they choose your voice is typical problem we could try I can be the drive maybe the -- right. So OK of them -- what you wanted to tell don't think yeah okay here this Chordiant connected. I don't know it's been -- in terms. You may or may not drag I -- -- -- but he ought to be you know try our contracts are you do drugs. -- -- It's. There and have a yeah. Yeah. Turn into a and it's. The. And time again. Sure it's. I don't know -- -- happened and abandon. All its citizens. It's still. So weird it's weird it's another -- really knowing it's my life. She's -- on the -- real fights including stay at. Kind of -- -- I have as a phone staff was. Not the greatest because there I -- I know what is happening and don't you say no. Yeah I don't know if we give them every week -- that it's special because it's not every -- right now I simply do walk a mile in here as of the a five piece I think that's a great idea. So you guys only -- Lasik contact. Yeah. -- guys downstairs if you type setting did you listen to this SE D. J. Strawberry -- And they're probably just like what the hell is don't. It has -- -- next on top easier maybe undo certain instruments aren't certain channels. So like we -- like I'll be the last channel -- be in the right channel being totally do all man I couldn't dial plus -- we should do one right now stereo. I just couldn't imagine listening to this podcast being stoned. Because you talk about food all the time yeah like goes back and forth between all these different kinds of foods -- he's already Diaz I want -- All I'm happy that I -- these debts and the stuff about you guys who was your mind's eye nose damage urgency is being years dealing with my head and I'll lose doesn't. I had it should know is -- These refugees actually started Lee Williams talking in a circle or something. He leaned yeah the way today -- listening regularly I can handle there's a lot of no -- I can make it sound normal to me and my mommy grandma and have your Mike Bloomberg like him and see how -- Hello hello hello hello this relentless than normal. This is Steve. It done -- or. Just do -- -- does exactly -- Pink Floyd did vitamin dressed exactly like her on NASA had no. Period -- hello and he duo processors. Who Honolulu I. Thank you know. I know. -- What's the rest of the I don't know financing -- domino -- I -- You're inside you think in my headphones or bust I've been. Really I have a little weird. Lawyers do zero as a broadcaster and I we need to do podcasts like this is site. As stereo phonics podcast. -- the only. I was -- in both channels. MI and balls and yeah. Guess we make our own I feel so higher right now all you know normal -- drama about your message podcast is Tuesday it would probably go about it hours you would realize I didn't hear an outlaw no -- -- and we zero -- six PLO I. Her 6 AM where I was OK and finally here on the clock when we Mineta talked overnight -- have had don't timeouts every hour. Probably forget I highlighted for you -- coming to an end top shelf. You misread the stereo stuff alone was. -- about two hours on the iPod Dario -- ask you go back -- And I had to bring in my drum machine in my weird -- keyboards and drum machine yeah out sweets I have this awesome ice arena next week. You sure you know being an -- and I'll bring in the music keyboard that I had that you make all these crazy sounds with -- -- keep doing what time we played around with that when we were off all stoned MI out of arming queen and and it somehow triggered a mouse to come out of the walls to -- him a hole like Elvis and his mouth -- don't like. Some guys that why you kind of weird music you know as I bring this out tigers may tenacity generally announces and on the lungs. I don't know do you put in the cranberries to drill piano makes money stance. -- Kyra. Let's get out of here. -- it's been fun. And thanks to travelers Suu Kyi will be there may seventeenth in the -- station one. There -- any minority getting cleared him you don't just show up and he -- there's no laws against seven I'd love to be able to us. Get the most designated space for us. But I FaceBook invite sometime this week so we get an idea how many people are gonna come. We actually got they got the new one in north and Vijay went there and see -- it's a great spot right off the freeway also coming content station. Who will be going to on May seventeenth at two. You're all violate Bremer Jintao told mafia -- Take them out on FaceBook fresh friendly that's how they -- Old -- -- six locations find out more at trappers sushi dot net. Big thanks in big guessing game for coming in yet -- near record. Cool. If they're new record is in stores now called holy crow and check them -- at the sunset tabernacle may ninth I'll -- -- rocking on the -- someone's -- with those dollars. And maybe. They were awesome. The video we have at some point maybe today or tomorrow but for -- at the revenue brake coach -- -- he's -- producer -- exotic -- Stay positive and Sox get.