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STP-Cast 04-22-14 -- The Spokane Hockey Trip review with STP and Thee Ted Smith.

Apr 22, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Mono Nick, Rev and Topshelf talk about The Spokane Hockey Challenge over Easter weekend. Thee Ted Smith is hopefully joining us to also talk about it. STP is still hung over and feeling sick and run down after the weekend. STP talks about sleep deprivation. We all talk about how much sleep we get and when we go to bed. We start talking about the trip and STP tells us a stripper story. We talk about STP's ride in the party bus and checking into the hotel. We talk about the first and second game the Donkey's played and lost on purpose. We talk about a player getting kicked out of a game for hitting a Donkey with his stick. Thee Ted Smith shows up and also shares stories from the Hockey trip. STP and Ted go back to the hotel to eat pizza.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This Smartphone. Right now. Got a lot of losses. Airborne guys who went. He's my man for man we're better than you. And club and only. -- yeah. Crazy those guys are retard. The deal on those lines got sense they showed a lot of promise. They're really. Client win. -- -- double play with themselves. This is PST do you catch Steve the producer here where it's not -- How the mighty river didn't play now yeah hey yeah I'll everybody's favorite -- -- yeah. She's got this short podcast if you got a little lunch in about an hour and ten minutes oh yes you'll see some loose with the boss. And it's also appeared not to have a short project could my brain instills pride from this past -- -- I'm -- in Spokane for the big northwest classic. Hockey tournament and this is why this is the -- of the week. Yeah. What is this. DMX. -- -- I want to. -- -- my strength stuff Hawaiian bride music dot com we're hoping that some time high on the agenda rather. He's not a dead mother -- he took care of us like a -- mother was. -- -- that we all got on the bus got off the -- -- some games and everything. So as you're driving this -- can. Through every do you listen rock music -- like we I -- it's up to one of our guys just attendance via electronic dance music. Spiezio he's attain final word goes out to get satellite. -- license is great and if traveling -- -- -- eastern Washington is like quick add on. And this on top Don we're all like yeah. -- -- -- Our party -- everybody's Obama. There -- a couple of guys don't pull out. That's going to be coming -- -- and he dismissed from the men's room by proxy podcasts. He was our coach just like you would feel before. It's a great job the other teams have ecosystems are. We want to do not have a backup goalie which there's a soft as they almost took -- we do to the next level and also I think next year. -- bring -- -- cynical here instead wearing nice. It's got to understand the next year -- a similar suit stand behind you guys don't know what's important -- -- -- prepared. He's incredibly remote into the game I was just saying he's given them -- increase from the beer gardens -- -- little while the other two. To be good though. Yeah. -- -- -- That's how we won last year and a guy you want to drink you'll get a team in its most important guys -- they're drunk and then you. Here around. Prevail drugs like in those videos and other cities and all the restaurants so where -- the restaurants are really entertained by our team. They kept covered body and I tell you -- -- my -- so bring him like you wasted penny until it gets their bodies strewn about and a -- I -- I was sixteen goals what are you talking about liquid. It's about seventy shots. -- you didn't have said it's insurance. -- That's right after north west classic. Powered by Littlejohn and TJC -- -- turned down for a -- yeah so we're all. -- the entire weekend because that's a meeting devolution to the whole week I actually wound up liking some of the songs guys who want a moment. We run a listening to a few times on tonight as well let's put on my beach music and conditions -- zoom. Santa -- seven. The vessel is a business. Especially when you've got children -- I.'s job tour bus part of his skis to music promoter. As well as has the -- -- -- is -- -- system in there. -- an amazing system in there and it sounded phenomenal so like we get so we drive although it is so much stuff that happened involved. Trying give you some to settle -- title -- pretty soon seek it off. And in his two cents against him we we Sharpton hockey rink on Friday morning at like 8 in the morning the entire teams there also thanks Mikey -- -- What are -- trying to introduce is also an intern on the men's room so welcome to the ST yeah. How fast and they just came in and watch -- show music I got four hours to kill until. I got in terms of the men's room and address of that a deal might I can help each on our -- Entering areas are so. We get that are ranked -- and I would pack up IG Christie says they've got -- slumber party on Thursday night he came over -- -- guys for each other's hair no we when he some -- sushi postal did we watch some TV he met Lou -- that was very exciting. All of his -- think of the Ted Smith he loves them coal at a good time she actually cuddled with him in bed with him -- -- -- -- in the same -- my wife Ted you do and but she didn't like me generate. It's a game or I thought she was okay were PGA and I think Jesus is insecure man I think Demi who liked him you. But you know -- -- he's always -- the worst season in history you know lose a fierce competitor -- supply and she plays hard so I think we didn't understand that when she's -- you admitted that you at least she's just trying to -- coming -- -- -- time for us. So -- we have some trapper sushi I was Ted's first and having trappers so he was very excited to -- are trying to convince him to come to our big guy -- sushi party on May seventeenth 2 o'clock. I can stations -- sushi. Right now we have about 28 including just when he people confirmed holy crap now I told us -- woman who deals or trappers that some if you are coming when I first told our life. We've got fifteen confirmed including us say okay cool. So this we take a meeting with the driver's got to let them know what's ahead cabinet right now Mike. Where are close at thirty she's like holy -- yeah so we got forty S just to be safe. Yeah I mean how many people who haven't confirmed that they're just -- -- to show up if you haven't gone onto our our FaceBook page if you have FaceBook just. Search as TP -- cast. Find the group page and made it and they called sticky which some sturdy but yes she's a heated ice I I got I got that posting sticky you made it sticky and so it's the top of all the posts so just just say that you're going to. I assume you guys will be there so I don't oh yeah you are going confirm ran all the did you mono next. I don't know what city -- going to be and tell our forests what muscles -- his religion I have to go do an appearance a grid to still some some oil filters and some things. You know I have. Feel worse -- still. And I think I got a call my wife was sick that we do you guys are -- today manners you and then there's -- both the rig in the same sounds for different reasons I'm losing well actually both are kind of sick I think I'm sixty that you both are just -- heavy side isn't just like. Today felt -- really long and I think part of it gets used to get its. Our men are Strayanov I had fun today do you go on like yesterday and today since that's funny is -- -- but I mean half the problem I. I I feel like I'm back. Thought earlier when I'm sick and -- a little loopy OK -- -- really tired but that's not healthy I just read an article the other day about how you don't get six at least six hours of sleep every night. You're gonna die in his own count maps very well -- because I had consecutive hours my gift you know seven to eight hours. Today. Yeah but I'm taken like an hour or two naps in the afternoon. In I don't know -- and all that healthy I get about five hours -- sleep at night try to go to bed at ten and get up at three. -- I go to bed by try to go to nymex armor actually embed in. Yes -- -- -- -- -- over war I guess there's very sometimes you do you're convinced while you're asleep to your wife is trying to kill you. And I almost slipped out on our last night in a -- we Panama. And I'm medicine and hung over and is that why don't they feel well why fall asleep and I would have been like 915 right Thomas sleep. I wake up to her pinching might know who's. And so I I I just -- I. You know when -- I like that to tell what you call me a potential it is not a testament so I go I've no idea who plays itself. Snoring and I'm like that's why he's solve my snoring is -- Jesse prince and I guess she does this all the time we hear when I'm sorry but I usually don't notice it. She just -- is my nose and it causes me -- -- staffer sacked him and I stop snoring I don't know ousting a reset -- -- -- of leadership of the person gas like he had if there's any story happening I just. That's almost Norah you know there are Iraqi Airways and America right. Why why try to kill me last yeah so I didn't sleep next to her I turned my back and I slipped against the wall and I said. -- convinced there's Joseph Biden arrived just don't kill me threat has not yet so. This is a -- lashed out yesterday. And it's an article about why you need to get certain amount of sleep and tell you why. Like after one. That's what it says design here's a surprise to look at what sleep deprivation does to your body. And it's scares the living crap any position you -- sharp right and it says if you'd have one night where you are sleep deprived. -- hungrier and have to -- more so it's not good for you when it comes if you try to keep your way -- a certain point. You were likely to have an accident and I've had those moments where you can Leonel drowsy behind the wheel I don't know if you guys and gas there to talk about -- Usually had revealed -- stakes are so far reds got a got loans are tired and oh yeah. I'm looking your best or most approachable -- got it today. The more likely to catch a cold I don't know is he getting a lot of cold so I think you're OK without you might need it the I don't really get that or maybe just you know and I would suspect -- lowers your immune system yeah. And Dow losing brain tissue -- got it takes. So what's considered -- contemporary artists. We -- clearly away -- -- mandatory -- -- if you lose brain tissue does that mean like rattles around and had like can you -- your head around the -- of tired of eating away your brand into a homer brain injuries like like the Honolulu hollow and there are now I'll go wall now like to comment Sunday night at his like again. I noticed Steve shaking his head now to go to. The while it says he -- needs as humans you and I saw this articles about girl was. -- humans need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to function properly and just 59% of Americans. Get enough sleep way down from 84% who said that back in 1940 Jason's been losses he's earning huge hobby yet and it's it's just toss at all these different things that can cause accidents lower your intelligence is not mere sex drive. Compare your memory and contribute to depression and weight gain. It's the all that to seven hours for us I get up to thirty. So I've won 30123011301039. Failure to similarly ready let's. 730 yeah jeopardy man yeah my wife gets home at 730 from the -- Doyle sometimes there's literally till eight. Sometimes I'm not even at the -- get the playoff hockey game I have she's over my body by 8 o'clock. Like absolutely every night I -- and that's why you're going to have you iceman that's why you're giggling in -- at times -- totals almost -- you know laughter 330 so I'm getting my seven and a half. And good for you there so here's my whole humanity area have been an amendment either I need to serve wake him up later. There could get less important here. Or need to start go to bed earlier you know I scandals has not ever for nine this is not possible moment to try to stuff going on like maybe you do like three nights of the week a good -- -- thirty. Meeting wraps. Yeah oh. Man that's -- that's like there's this thing has gone on -- -- little glimmer gone and it's almost sometimes and if there's nothing going on is what's going on retreating Centrino Intel guys TV -- TV well that's generally -- -- -- trip to -- very nick is not far from this earth where it gets up and shows its getting ready for bed. And which says it includes many different -- take -- -- just don't take in -- And can't but and I'm dead at like 6 o'clock -- must -- an hour and I have tried to -- -- don't -- -- automatic -- how the current girlfriend instantly she gets off homework does the home to like seven that's tallest man. -- those top. Her courage her career do different things why -- face time with a free go to bed is just answer my face times anymore. Why the video yourself and and -- notices hit apply and then I could be like your way so she doesn't trust those -- most of time they come for me in the bathroom nice title in my -- -- -- schedule -- you're the man -- hi hello I have a career man I have to do what I have to do and if analysts here for thirty minutes and I go to bed immediately and that's tough style that is you know it's tough for the relationship. Yeah sometimes. -- -- -- it's better the times -- you do get to spend time together with though there are hundreds and harder because you're not tired right violence tired when I'm tired. Are not probably not very good accompanying. Today around complex sometimes a wake me up -- shortly after that not tonight but like -- your ass -- -- iron yeah. Yeah like a little kitty just woke up leave me alone. I'm tired and I'm hungry and cranky old kid is insulting and -- -- clears things that after awhile and not getting enough sleep so -- for a continuous amendment which is basically in my entire life since it started doing radio Canada you're stroke risk quadruples. Care -- obesity risk jumps into risk of some cancers increased. -- for women who BI breast cancer reprimand would be like your colon crap like that. So pale like diabetes risk goes up -- does -- -- -- -- got to worry about that kind of stuff all you do well I don't really worry about it are you gotta yeah there's aren't there can't get much worse. You've heard every -- ideas like that I always put off that was in front of sleeping or anything that was from the you know deep -- stuff and a nice healthy diet of playing video games while drinking nothing but Mountain -- Heart disease increases. Our sperm count decreases while I don't have those kids obviously very go no we don't and the risk of death goes up. And also what does -- crappy years later on anyway. -- also when you guys I mean top Q were your woman is. Quite a bit younger you wanna be able to live as long as you can. I'm like -- you miserable six. Amounts to anything you'll get the best years I have told. I'll -- they're gonna miss this is her right mind and that -- god doesn't get old they -- appealed to -- -- -- -- -- won't be that'll they'll still have excellent when he attempts finals like when there yet I keep getting four hours of sleep so why don't be a surprise hit thirty and I'll be dead there you go so my wife brought to hire a -- movement borrowing money from the high settlement dead so I gotta -- Make sure you leave that will then -- a mono mix because who else -- of the dogs. Yes I see that that kind of freaks me and my darling had a little bit early so I got the bad I was in bed at 915 on the success -- really just I see you know I wake up to my wife trying to kill. Now all funny elements that Casey's pants that -- like goth. Baghdad -- primary snoring -- distress is some cold and multiply come stuffy I can't -- -- -- -- that sounds. Zigzags. Did you -- comic -- how do you feel like as you can justices like. Let's just -- doctor. Now Michael all those non professional terms like Steffi has EG president so I don't know what words they issue a stuffy I'm like okay. Think me saying dinners yummy all right if I got to do that I'll do that doesn't mean that you're not going to be annoyed by -- Cause it's no small thing it's a little things in life. It's not her fault was mine is every that's the moral of this story I just hate being sick and she hates me when I'm sick. Make she is not. She's made it's your first minute regular runner in the -- said hey how do you handle me when I'm sick and she would say I handle you would deal utmost level of annoyance. Think she just does not likely to them whining little bit jab -- them only sick like twice a year if stats and it's our and I am -- it. Three Denver blows like that's like our -- I'm congested don't stuffy. And I am miserable my head is life like them I'm heart attacks -- call these symptoms that are on this it's. Good god I'm in I just go off formally powering up on his vitamin C intake and -- apple like tonight congestion medicine and I'm just. To hate life. And I'd pitch him like him playing in the in this kind of like what's going on right now so he's a -- -- when you get home just past the asks how -- -- on top but I am also hung over -- -- now from this this weekend I don't know when I was -- to be honest with you -- good answer. Pretty sure the only time I was so we're running got -- the -- know and when I woke up the -- from what I started riding in the bus on the way home -- that in drink. At all the entire ride on Sunday -- and need to get this out of my system Easter Sunday man -- man it was just a shining colossal ass show tonight. That's everybody's -- -- their -- some guys are doing things that you know will not be spoken -- -- -- other things and some guys remind -- that -- and everybody was partying everybody was cool fight we were talking with our our buddy -- -- the bus driver and he's -- you know. For thirteen guys who think there'd -- LB some kind of drama going on but nobody at any point got into each of -- basic. Other teams had to deal with that -- at this tight knit group of Brothers having a blast. Did any unnamed hockey players pay for companionship over the -- I hostile Compton don't believe self. But I. But a couple of the guys did end up I guess at a strip club okay Esther cook we call those guys that -- -- makes more and again the rink the other day one yesterday were Tom and didn't screw his owner of a normal like. None of us are speaking about who was. We call him Chris Chelios who's an occupier recommend that had so much. Chris Chelios apparently went to strip club. Chris Chelios apparently met wanted to -- got -- number he came back to my room without -- I grew by -- guys end up the Mira -- McKinley the party room nice you know like one of the -- I was trying to shut it down somewhat early in my someone or -- 1:30 in the morning -- -- -- also my phones -- portable. Where that was real Eminem and -- to -- right over break our and then they ordering pizza and Dan more people coming in Encino there's a ten people my room and we're listening to that song again which is -- partying group who -- I got time. I want -- to be here for some of these stories from China -- kind of dip around some but so. That guy comes value I'm at the stripper so one guy was a totally questioning the dude you're not gonna hang out whether she gave your number next thing you know you meet their -- the next scenery means I shake things so I'm here -- -- not at all this is different brand -- -- -- -- Chris -- I actually think you are saying now is that yeah don't like. You make that phone call you hook up with that -- and many thanks -- you gonna do you. It had all the guys like where your regular -- rare -- no I do not disturb her in my room -- there. Yeah I don't wanna come back to -- room I'm gonna wherever she is a -- everywhere so we disappears twenty minutes later. Incomes. That Chris Chelios with a stripper -- Deanna -- what else going on and he's -- today -- Mark my proof that she's here and there -- Are losing their mind she's completely creeped out like there's ten guys are now feeling awful like yeah there are reenactment and she's Jodie Foster like she's like I did he added it's very yeah I mean yeah. That's wrong turn testosterone filled hockey guys like. Only a requiem for a dream they quickly lead to memory don't -- for the rest of night and it apparently from what I heard the story the next day is back Dallas. And then. She's like you need to leave right now news -- why do I need to be saved my roommate will be home any minute and he's -- your roommate saying well. It's complicated votes she is how price terms of the guys -- -- Marines. Cursed as he comes back while my -- still there. Awkward Bryant and the guys who knows this guy and take a man. Can you get there I don't know how -- -- -- should stick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's I basically told the guys that look. I didn't know I wasn't aware of the situation do you really think I'd be dumb enough to go to a situation where Marines going to be coming home right I think as a guy here your brow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About how you know -- said he was walking in now. Twenty minutes ago and that's a slow walk is he more walking in -- -- -- from his apartment oh good points. So my buddy texted me after years -- talking about on the -- the other morning. And if I saw Mike. He's a nice recap of the weekend -- I -- the best stories of -- they won't make it on the -- what a weekend causes some crazy stuff you know a gap on the dance around it by blaming it on Chris Chelios of course but. So he's like recorded the weekend misses from my buddy and his team is enough to do -- us. -- weekend some -- walks up to me in the hotel at 3 in the morning and says I just blanked one of your teammates on the tennis court and -- you know where he went. Get away from you want some -- There are now we're talking about I could you imagine we saw that out of our window down we're going to be a night blasting the music cheering them on -- he had thought maybe Chris Kelly are friends -- there -- -- death. Chris Chelios and ran down every McCain guy -- there -- yeah Segui and tag man's coach. That's sounds uncomfortable to say them on a tennis skirt you. Yeah there's a net that he can -- up against -- is -- -- is there enough support on the -- -- -- -- -- told that the nets called are that are held up by the and that's. -- seven love. It's soggy silent you know boom who's Antara -- -- Especially for old guys that you go to bed at 8 o'clock AM today bush -- cement you know owner would know what she's just bending over. You know now Dario and and Honda on their hands and it's. Through one of my favorite things about that some dot com so you took trips finally get there. Of course we've popular hotel we checked -- we actually got there early enough to check gimmick there's no the funny part is we met at 8 in the morning. We have really get on the road until like 1030 new drug drain standing in at the range -- for -- saying in. Couple guys wanted to make a quick pit stop at a certain coffee place. That was very entertaining just pulling up in a giant party bus to a certain contents out and oh sure he was he last seen in this home you're gonna ditch your job get a new -- A guy and -- -- desires for the odds are -- and and that was -- out of the ways we had a drive by what was it -- since these. Fat. Because he was delicious and it was this it was -- that we get on the road finally and because you've had a few Beers. Everybody's Blatter was or do you like we all lead before we must pay was drilled a serial low. Yeah I didn't realize what we won -- doing is ten of us broke the seal -- and so we're like fifteen minutes on the road oh my goodness as all of -- -- -- We made it a rule that you have to get forehands in the air through all the time yeah yeah over this is just to get OK all four guys have to view it's gonna take a bit of time -- and you may get Indians on how long do remains very far at all. We had a double or triple a to decide at a road and I Odyssey is Soledad had -- three years and -- Gibson all humans are going and going right. So finally and then a couple guys. We're going even longer enemy we get back on the bus and it's -- -- -- or don't care managers all you guys and I got a really hey I'm in no rush to get anywhere you guys where now you're gonna I don't read only am I smoked until we get right yeah so our back on the road and not even -- you maybe ten minutes and two good drives one of our guys just puts his hand out. Doesn't say anything. Know the last three -- are now I guess that's. That's probably the and fifth brawl last that in a minute later on like our man I didn't need. Theories like that puts his hand up we got to pull over again and again I'm healing and even three years I'm like what is going on how result. Pat and all this stuff staying here there hey Mike did you not get the memo that we were let you three different. So this goes on the first like I say two hours you must stop flights. Five or six times and you it's. Still drinking in -- party. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's fireballs really passes around OK I go oh fireball lighting on. You know I've got a video I -- favorite you know I'll put this up on the and as TP castoff FaceBook needs our suits you guys really -- These platinum -- guys shot this video and then I improve on the snap chat or is it that city. Yes there's an idea Thursday answers and as for us was a night where we killed about me almost as full gallon of fire ball. No I -- yeah aren't -- of the cost goes silent full gallon and you have gallons. -- -- -- -- -- -- with a handle at a fast Gallup daily -- rascals out attendees at odds don't Lancelot yet we didn't -- the full gal that's why he's shown me that. I know -- have you seen this on -- I have rich I guess gather on the TV tells the bubbles. I don't like -- -- three -- or whether it. -- -- What -- there anyway -- my job right about that led to three. Hours since I was had a great time the -- -- Enron not because there's Brighton there. -- -- drunken I was so -- I can't that it wasn't closing my eyes -- -- -- -- blood shot from all the -- I was -- announced and you tend to get that sort of kind of -- thousand yard -- when -- -- -- where -- just -- you'll look right -- some -- yes and it it is really kind of creepy when -- when -- -- out there. That's why the -- -- him to get some creepy I am I seemed very lovable which seems kind of so we then finally I don't get let's get back in the bus gets in the -- we get to the rink -- and all of a sudden he finds a very night gangster hip hop station on the ES satellite. Radio my case and on the base is booming and we just pull up and as we're pulling up -- slowly going past the beer garden. And just like last year but this year we got the milk because like you're in such -- rusty and out of the limo and -- get ready to play because our. The tire blew and all that not -- happen this time I guess migrant ship with my -- music studio anyone else blow. Remember last year someone -- besides -- -- oh yeah chunks from all. Only one person bobbled the entire weekend more legislation -- -- an impressive and that was very crisp and that guys on the drive home we'll take anybody puke this weekend. And nobody raise transit wow. Nobody -- that's pretty awesome guys and then there's a weird awkward -- he was. I puke last night. I was helping anybody else. Well I sense the jolt you out there right what made you give music that pizza we ordered that was at night after. Lewis didn't thought so yes we slowly search item by. Deere run the bases -- we're just like a hum and it's on we're here this tournament sort of wasted. And at her -- by that head start turning and make some places I think you'd go. People turn our heads in the -- you would discuss like look at these losers and now I -- you know they want attention and a Father's Day every hockey player gets it I think it exists is that kind of culture I -- the absurdity and ridiculous list of doing something like this. Everybody's head turns and they look bad this confused look on their face and they get the biggest. As eating grin as they hunt hunt hallway and then one guy goes. Donkeys are here to. Currently rock. Every stop a bunch of girls walk by and the crystal all the guys -- and the single guys like what's up ladies what's -- is a -- guys are you so drunk they turned around. A lot of guys discussed. See you next Tuesday and it's why I. Ollie have they turned back around to keep -- Pollyanna like good work by the democratic Turkey -- turn -- for yourself. Totally -- there of course another -- theater there's only half the single guys Medicare Britain throw line or whatever gas. Three -- when we play our game our first game is scheduled against the bit more than the favorites to win the tournament a parent sorry ornaments determinant ornament well there are a bunch of guys that I guess our former pro guys. They come out ready to apply like there are serious about it right where wasted it's the first got -- guess on the ice is -- right. Munson did not notice when he was getting on the ice if there's a a little bit -- by the little step Korea hoops drama gonna go to the floor to the rank. The it's just kind. So like slightly get over just walking and hits it any plans right on the -- home that's a win and that my friends is indicating how this team is going to apply I was the other -- feel like -- got this on boy oh yeah I think they've really dot stag night. And -- office says aren't I yeah. Yeah. I think these guys and how to score differential. Does factor into how far you get to go. In the toward an alternative exits are round Robin is -- yes -- like there's 32 teams apply. The teams that win and win big move on to the bigger brackets and so on and so forth so you need to win big if you really want a shot at being -- I don't pull uneasiness is in college football so I'm pretty sure of course that's why they schedule us against some of the better teams because they know that we're not coming to win man. We get to be that team -- there was an end. By saying it was -- that is an understatement these guys came out and never slowed down I mean even with like gives it a minute left in the game when our guys had an opportunity for breakaway. Two their guys. Flew down the other -- ice and stop the break a much happiness and CDs what was the score at that point the at that point they were winning sixteen to three it's our -- -- job very busy impressive thing I don't know we would beat them sober. But I really do think we would give him a run for the money because I'm not even joking and I -- it other guys candidate when we all convene later in the locker room. Everybody had the same number as far as number of shots that we had on their -- all drunk. And that makes it even more impressive path. Five shots on goal the entire U scored thirty and we scored on three of the movie -- out there really had a worse save percentage to meet gave up sixteen goals. 'cause I don't even know how many failure to -- strategy according to -- so -- probably Jason you're retreat 67 shots back after all I thought I was flying all right I gotta love I -- -- of one. -- goal like whereas like OK so oversee what I had that. All the other ones like he's crazy insane tic tac toe play to their past the -- the -- in the -- yeah don't putting on a clinic like they were just. Lighting us up they got all the practicing needed for this tournament in arguing a man and they destroyed -- so we lost the we wanted to lose anyway not that. Meg we needed to try to lose -- we wanna lose because if you win yet -- in the morning the next day like we saw the bracket. But if you lose. He's got to play. Two in the afternoon as this is your strategy last year current us. And we added thankfully like if we lose this second game right react would have to play 2 o'clock on Sunday but if we would win the -- I mean. If we win this any -- -- play on Sunday at two in the afternoon none of us wanted to stay that late. But if we lose -- sacking game we get to play it. 9 o'clock at night on Saturday night on my goodness goes and which ones were -- at 9 o'clock at night when we are really gonna be wasted. Or play on Sunday when we wanted to be home by like 3:34 o'clock you know things so of course second game. We play a team of I think former WSU occupiers right pretty good team again sober I think we probably could have beaten these guys. We lost sack came twelve -- -- three. Told the for our way to get more goals there we probably had eight shots and another -- -- on -- right so they got to move on and the -- just Nationale. At one point during that game is a gamer I'm playing and I'm looking at the guy's arms are poor students calls him. And they argue mean water anymore water bottle down -- Mike. -- -- So I grabbed the water and a squeeze in in my mouth and it's a bottle full of fire -- follow a hot topic I think this is a fireball and it wasn't a -- ever clear -- our senators like botched play even just like straight vodka is pretty rough if you're not expect demand right right now I was just stood up. Tar ball they burned it tasted delicious. We -- -- we lost that game I can't find them we were you thinking -- yeah after this game is over it will go play some laser quest. You know cause any concern tag thing like this would be awesome that we feared at the time like if you wanna get food and get back it's not gonna happen no -- here so no laser and -- -- deliver on that point yeah -- as he carries a stimulus because. He turned on notre loads correctly -- brunch that night my dinner was five chicken wings now this fall. Does so -- all the losing a crisis -- -- -- -- limited this complacency a -- the red lion not the hotel but does that guarantee talking about and their barbecues African awesome there and their chicken wings are great the food is awesome as ever in Spokane minor recommend checking that place out. -- so here we go -- We went back to back to your rank. Hit the beer garden then we had a play that game in the last game with a team of drunk guys as well. Mean not his trunk is awesome and a couple like from -- for their guys were pretty cool. But they have one deuce actually got kicked out of the game to -- young men want our guys and without looking. Just them the -- the blade of his stick in secured our guys write the checks that's not blow it knows no real reason because -- -- trying to steal the -- from a border as below zero drunk right. So committing just incorrect kicks him out. One of our guys is -- and in this case he's like talking and talking as a wrestler Chris pushing it away so he can't really you have nothing -- brawl in last place right. Yeah. It's. Apologize and tell us they were cool though I'd -- and he says drunken stupid. -- well we are too high blood that's no excuse me I guess yeah now we are too I guess but Jesus and -- -- -- yeah we want to lose in that game four to three. Actually turnout to be pretty I played pretty well for being that wasted but again I'm playing guys that can't see straight the best part was in the very first game. I'm so tossed right -- guy was not a great way are gonna trip in the game a penalty shot. Now my -- millions is awesome pressures on gas he comes down -- -- shot pounded the run back and -- wire -- as I got this. He shoots it lied. Sort of I -- I sold -- I -- -- the greatest say. There's probably a farm club but who plays all and you are watching Cameron Latin in my old Disney didn't want to McNamee I understand -- I do if I didn't -- Edmonton goal guy. Dollars a month after. That game's over that Doucet spirit our body. He's out -- that one of our players is because she -- a -- Jersey so Regis you know he hated us for some reason I ask god forbid we try to take apart from donors are his -- Arizona you know -- -- players to believe there should be like a bubble around the -- god forbid you trying get near -- -- -- are so -- of -- player. This -- to have that mentality to golf because it played at a higher levels and ages of sumo how dare you. Invade my bubble I'm so awesome pieces -- we do whatever I wanna listen even be here right so he's got guys. And -- one -- one of our guys and he's getting closer closer -- and crashed on the lowdown. To smell the closer one of our bodies is one of the tougher guys on the team comes out of nowhere and just grabs a guy. And I practically cross checks them into the wall guy his face is all I. How nice he did that purely because of the steering it's the spirit and it was fast stuff like use kind of like come on -- well haven't thought Heisenberg kicked out of the game you are Osaka yeah I all of the game -- what I was a lot like anyone's welcome back and in fact I. Yeah erase the memory loss what are the signs Americana and and deadly soon you could -- And so now they're all intuit then I was like oh my god we're about how this giant brawl like just in the middle as -- and his answer heroines is pushing and shoving in. And luckily it turned out to add tens and now. Zagreb and Brad you were younger that microphone and what's up -- Why is our interning here. He had some time which also -- -- senator wants itself. Was it only shows through today you know we've made the trades we were really using Internet you can keep the sort of -- We came and got to watch -- BJ -- -- are right so that he's a -- -- for our secure its like got to work on that men -- shall. Now like while you can kill an hour by joining us on the STV cast all right I -- it perfect don't worry man who had -- -- for him to show ever says just to see is reaction is this like with a lot of -- little -- and it's like -- That's -- Yeah there is set I think given the -- recap our Sonoma crest of rock. And Dan thanks for the Mike -- you -- fringe about over there will move -- -- interns you know. Yeah I answered them my -- come on back assert their dominance. You have to police which I've been -- hold that standup might -- and so it's SARS. Don't do it man you'll -- podcasts out this -- is going to the crap. So what I -- -- -- recap we've given so far and we got a -- and about twenty minutes -- we -- -- time to share more stories I'd given all the game recaps. -- the things that happened during the game instead we just got our our checking out after the game with -- with Q&A guy that -- Edinson I'd miss that I was always -- locker -- this -- the last attitude is that anytime you can share all these stories because -- didn't really catch most of the games he was doing you know real regular coach drinking the beer garden I'll never -- strong. I -- I do things that need to be done right all right when you're getting dressed for the hockey games they need to years. I feel that court found that asset at halftime I go back out until -- cooler for kids there's post it -- yes and I like those things need to be done I usually need a couple de Beers to and appeared outside -- mix understandably so yeah. Does sometimes you gotta go to the limo bus and have a little wolf I didn't. Very important safety meetings -- got to fill up bottles. Water bottles with beer and firewire off. Doesn't sound like you're watching a lot of hockey on -- -- -- Smith auto -- you know honestly I think our team wasn't watching much time here in the interview replying to like every time I would start to watch somebody from the bench would motioned me over like what's up. Payment can you thought this one with fear -- our right yeah. That's senator artist and he's got a one of the best moments during the last game -- Munson was so wasted so that game that he he was able to get his skates his. His shin guards and -- and somebody can do the rest. And he knew that he be a liability out there he was that wasted no time for a team a -- currency. So he's gone for the first after the game -- for rights -- all of a sudden I start seeing this guy running to our bench. With a -- Jersey got him recognized we had been using a younger -- I like 21 years old. And had a long blond hair and you short -- so that my super short but shorter than anyone else on our team summit. Who have sky and as you get close -- -- wearing number 74 which is Munson sturgeon. Those key players I recruited a random kid in the locker room to say thank you wanna play for us is necessary to give you some fireball you do it and you get -- out of fireball. Put the Jersey on. Anyone applying for -- is an icy start doing the story justice I wasn't in the locker room right so weren't a lot because it. Yeah that the Iraqis any kind of share a locker. I guess the stand MIT move -- make eye contact -- everybody you know you don't stand up human element to her so there's two guys in the locker room ranked. One kid is just the slightest bit Asia on this is an illegal -- right and then there's this kid who's white with blond hair. They're both Clinton won't play for you guys you guys are too drunk. In the amounts of our guy let's figure this out to save it boiled down today as then take the nominees and on. Couldn't -- these old white guy with long hair like this kid looks like hockey players were taken him go to the lawsuit is always -- -- -- No manpower and I -- in retrospect little -- is known. Hundred and Dario also this with a clean look he got that kid looked pretty damn hockey player. -- had hair down did the flow shoulder right exactly he was wearing -- study. He was -- -- right guy for the job and how great is this after the game's over he goes hey guys. If you someone next season tonight -- on your team come on and just one minute he's on our team and couple of fireballs shot he's like I wanna be with the donkeys next year is that okay that's how they are right I -- number I mean I've privatized satisfy that point. You know made his other -- Fred had come in while he was playing this kid and try to take his firewall in months and I'm like hey man. You -- is late this is the non white you're talking America does the white -- -- There was a third guy they came in their third and knows his name. He was just -- with Arianna I mean he was hammered. It's like I can get your buddy -- take a poll my firewall would always say hey -- locker room go and take my whole entire fit. -- right now we're back on -- Arizona -- -- -- fire yeah oh yeah particularly here and the -- thank god for Canada ten out of your head doing these days because I still feel awful. I -- I feel bad but this morning was worlds away from yesterday from president who has got awful yesterday -- Sutter was fine but yesterday it was like. Unbearably painful like from from. From the trip -- I had bad completely -- every brain -- my brain -- has listened to the -- from yesterday's -- just find. Well I'm glad I'm a professional management. I know and I feel good Iowa I sort of got I think it was a bad but like 1030 last night down which is prettier. Well when yeah we were in the afternoons you want to give up at 2:30 in the morning Mets are playing nicely. So a one of the highlights -- dot there's a lot of great highlights and have him when we were not at the rank and just partying with a boy he's had -- -- some of the best moments. We're just you and I hang out in my hotel room to get wasted all night and into the first night we stayed up until 7 in the morning. So -- mode and just. Drinking and hanging out and having the time our -- The next night go that's and everybody was in my in my room eaten the pizza we were trying to cause an all right night we left the bar like let's just get out here this place is this I'm not feeling that you -- one -- -- -- trying to like you know look at chicks on that might. This is go back maybe order pizza and listen to music himself. Next you know I shouldn't smoke and hotel yeah for smoking weed embarks Jarrett spoke. Oddly enough. Strange sort of -- we're listening to Simpson was basically are let's go -- free -- it's a caller we are -- that is them and remind you at that point months sincerity put into the bedroom because she's blocked out -- drunken Democrats who you dislike here you go woods it is yeah. Where we're gonna you make out of the bus threat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't feel bad post he'll get a -- so we -- because I texted it to him. And his response was god -- awesome -- The highest the other is going to be something they he'll be happy for everyone to see so here it is like 1:32 in the morning were all have a great time -- you know what kind of know where he comes Munson oh man he's walking like he's a walking dead like he. It eyes -- shut. There's nothing there. And he just comes and sits down and is there more people -- -- the -- it's a fan of the electronic dance music showed up as well. So all -- and he became the DJ on the and the best part was he's just playing these songs in many walks behind Munson and grabs his arms Richardson to lifeless and -- moving his arms and see how -- IRA. -- Mary NN Atlanta and then what are the bodies grads is Steve now he's moving his beat so and arms it is clear movement and it's like his face is still not there and I don't. And we're all in tears to them one got a couple guys said they'd want to get further and it was a little bouncy ball that we have not talk about the bouncy ball on the second -- -- an awesome moment. There -- throwing in a month since face hit him square in the face they think is hilarious first couple times my guy that's funny. We keep doing in doing you know -- and -- looking at me I'm looking at how much. I don't know about that like to San Jose Rivera and resumed practicing and all that -- like other stuff is fun and harmless and you kind of just throwing a ball at a guy's face. Go ahead. Power of prayer. Rate -- -- place I mean you know further and you are to reverend now which is like well -- three G yeah maybe when they are far away maybe as far as I -- from top one guy kept getting that close and full on tossing it like oh wow -- -- ordered by the hard like well I -- all a little -- -- hardball. Even though it's squishy but it's still gonna hurt yeah Haywood did and I have the balls Australia in the second but. And they're doing that don't make this is not going well. I have nowhere Mormon hits Munson in the face. He just gets up out of his pastel blacked out and just turns into like a monster yeah just. All five seconds -- up swings to punches. Right and and these two guys were nowhere near him at that point they got up and they jumped. He walks past a couple of guys still -- close I don't even know how he pulled this off it was one of the most glorious moments that I received its few punches connects to people that -- people draw on the -- -- him -- the town and hit those two people while he was blacked out. I don't know how he realized it but hit only those two guys sat back down lifeless again -- one -- our guys have to move his arms I. -- not a problem. Given -- -- months and has to limit like I think he enjoyed the dancing like I -- think like they're -- they're dead there was a slight smirk on his face I think I can then. Somewhere inside his drunken -- that serious confidence was get up to just swing wildly he did the right to got a bright ideas and these were meaningful -- makers who -- been telling you all parts that are like on the face out but still are -- -- in the leg and he hit the right guys I was like that was -- -- they deserved it at that point total those bastards Simon funny uses. Bastards of today now we're all dying -- that too but what are my favorite part -- -- it was a loss of late tonight this is always a small hotel room just like I got now you got to and he got -- good. But not and this is the way to do it. Odd turn off the lights. -- gonna show you why this ball was awesome and an end and that one is -- news not really much but they'll they'll work and put on your hands out a magnetic entertainment balls I wanna say I -- -- -- Yeah the hotel room is pitch Black Friday Eric topping track two on our list of stuff again we're -- revisit this or in some that we started this -- These these Omar Bob -- -- your dog and we'll just told Jack so obviously that's OK. So I'm here. Since he got back just so right now I really don't know why it's so far right yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- Just like -- welcoming -- they were thrown and you may ask. -- like the points on its real. If someone you hate this description ball and Valencia hit some somewhat. Crazy lights go -- it doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it was going into joining Florida you're based. -- -- Create. Play yeah I don't like I did right. I periodic felt that good night everybody as the ftp says he says this is there's there's a grand. So it's kind of dark right now in the room because we're recreating the moments from our trip for these young hockey classic challenged. Wear off. We're in the hotel room. It's what can. Munson was blacked out and tumbled on donkey teammates decided to pick on him by throwing this ball. At -- -- mono -- just decided that he will be created. -- no one's gonna give you -- camera Barack Obama played the role of one of the donkey. Played there a breakdown again. I don't happen during the break down no let's keep waiting for the great yeah. -- Graham. To explain the role short. Okay. Yeah. -- that would make me it's more than. So if we know for sure made it easy and pretty good. Anything in here Friday. Know how exciting this close. -- -- It's like I got hit in the -- they don't get this is this you can send us and reminds him feel like -- has ended. This -- -- -- other -- and I had to take gaming these sunglasses like he's Kanye West take sunglasses. He might have seen a man up in the grass. Shareware and onstage wearing them -- -- I -- those times when the recent drop I hit the line and turn on the lights on those. The pictures on FaceBook from my TV producer FaceBook page to meet holding the ball while the glasses are going. -- got to make your all time to try to get plus sling the ball lights up and it's only on for ten seconds that's got a funny man's adventure it's dark you -- throw. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I don't have almost gone I didn't do a major blow and I doubt in my jacket somebody just now I gotta bring it back said he's -- ball back. Hello and welcome it's going again. And -- -- what is did you have put a sizable jolt soon gives me a little with -- film the last delighted. Thank you Brazil and. And I don't know I imagine offset my losses. That's that's tricky jacket pockets like it's got -- -- here's some and so on where you see people put them in their hand like Janet. All. Around me and I saw some of those guys using that is sweet yeah I just -- -- -- Hasn't -- he turned down for nothing. Still -- -- Simon longer distances right -- don't know who use I what is all this stuff this drug paraphernalia as learns to Arabs saw a totally new how to -- -- -- do -- have -- -- So I -- yeah. That's when it comes deceased person I thought it might take in the fall to the weakness I got I I'm holding forums. What's your favorite memories and we are on a couple minutes but. Is a quick yeah absolutely go to lunch at the boss fire you really LM -- only am -- yeah. May and there are so many fund I will say this Saturday and it was a ton of fun but Friday night was unbelievable. I on Saturday tell my book movies and I think Friday last night might have been one of the greatest nights I've ever had yeah and it was like -- there's anything that stood out it was just. Like I said the story of I called Chris Chelios to protect the innocent of a stripper story where certain people were doubting whether or not he would be able to bring the stripper. To him and -- right we have faith in your -- that's one thing I can't get over how good looking Chris Chile socialist whose bright. Like I that I can wield any -- if you want all like this is that kind of a guy shows is picking up broads like every -- when he wasn't even trying to man yeah. Yeah and it is also making ten uncomfortable in the locker room might just wanting is Johnson right intensity. This did you know there was a certain point right didn't know how to react as I was like is everybody in almost -- We are ignoring -- it was a little bit but I didn't like I didn't know what was the correct reaction without sealing up old -- rest stream movies of this away from me. And I go I say man I guess and I think it's the best. All right yes because there was one point where I guess they can look I -- a broken thumb and what he did it make you know what's your loses. Is all of puppetry of the -- -- Michael can -- and then wreck and then the second day I made the mistake. Of telling somebody else's him and I I've had my filthy sex. Without looking today morphine what I and it's late actor around their own tightly rain here don't like judge did let me Margaret Kelly -- yeah I think that was weird mentality. In bright enough what is it like -- another -- golf locker rooms do we don't locker room. I -- -- like I was -- all does that mean I signed baseball it's just locker room culture enough and it's the best part of the hockey experience like being there of my favorite. -- life. The best part of playing hockey is all the musical yeah. Throughout this -- together. That's part of that game or ten months in the -- imply any puts on his gear on fifth of the -- gear up and took a shower and a half hours after my dad I was. Are one of the highlights -- meat was planned out Friday night right of the game's at 730 this is like -- -- -- take Aaron half. Yeah now how about that right so this is like ninety. So as I'm walking out of the beer garden that they get that point Chris Chelios straight ahead. Al's right I'm leaving the locker probably is too -- -- Let's go from one man and so as I walk out I give myself a quick little pep talk electors to set to double doors you got to ask you -- -- -- -- -- Breathing increase now you're not that drug QE five -- I open up the door and there's a guy standing on the fence the beer garden -- arms from a things and I walked I have just crumbles. And I was like -- that's the classic like the way let's -- them right look you know when. Cares everybody who wasted youth and I think I MCC was single person like chastise another person for being too drunk at this and -- think it's -- that kind of event. Now and then right it's encouraged actually around -- corner from the strip club was a very CD local bar. So I had to -- -- like let's get -- -- elites from strippers who gets a agreed merit. Like that and -- go in there and these locals just kinda likes war on the other guys easily like 22 who's very awkward but we got through it but that. That was a different experience -- -- help -- what do you mean by. Likely taffy we walked in. And like one guy was when one of the strippers heels first of all. So he's -- six foot heals I'm tossed. They came over and they just kinda late late literally built the three of us walk him -- revenues Felix anime and we -- -- Pablo also was a sure bar. No it was like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that's a we thought we are getting to get in there which is weird town east -- -- -- here is wearing -- heels and we're just like they were teetering on blacked out drug yeah I don't know how he's asking. The Tony burgers we stopped we got to get -- -- -- I was -- says thank you know is Smart -- is Garcia. I just run inning -- cheeseburgers yeah. I think fall asleep and combine them all the -- and went that we maybe AD equivalent of one murder. Yes because I literally about fifty -- -- -- -- -- -- those like all right I come out to sex -- that it's edited. Fat boy did you get that number I. Yes. Well the one -- -- you know there's like thirteen have you won first Sheridan if anyone wants a double dip your OK take a bite and pass it around -- there -- yeah -- -- -- start with some of them had an accident like. GM anymore those burgers hauling around a Mike there in the garbage is a -- restoring your room comic yes. Can I get one Michael thank goodness I absolutely love that got a dog your microwave in your. No god dammit now they're my mates yeah yeah. Trash for only six microwave and a good job -- Particularly the journalists I'm sure we're doing is they're gonna pop up as -- that future podcast and pretend not to listen to the podcasts off. Great podcast that he get on iTunes and stitcher and also in case W side as well George -- -- some stories will make their way on there is while yellow -- and yeah it. Overall picture just so much fun thought it was I thought last year was like how can we top last year and somehow we topped it from the transportation. It's an equality of due is that when my uses all great guys there's no drama I mean as -- say -- these guys make. I don't remember awesome I've been around thirteen wasted guys make. Out of their mind blacked out drunk and with the exception of the the ball being hit in the face now and all good fun. That was the closest we got to any kind of serious drama amongst a thirteen of us. Sure there's -- there's a best time I can't wait till next year I definitely need about a year to recover from -- if if if the who used -- man. We will another trip like this month -- -- -- -- we -- out of Arianna and moderate -- and -- I just -- -- -- yeah I'm glad we didn't have more -- -- around in my body could handle it but man it was. There was so much fun and Ted as always thank you for being a coach you know I appreciate your analysis coach. It's great mandated equality guys. Mean yeah -- at first here you know any of these dudes in just merely sit in its is that kind of a group of guys where Ross there and have a good time. I'm not a driver even pull me aside on Saturday night -- -- -- man and -- -- new team is really freaking cool like everyone is just. Newly called -- -- it to me -- a stranger. Comic yeah dude of course when we cut its. We don't judge don't care -- whenever a fun time of your rate have a good time and and hang out that's all that that's all that matters. Just -- funny thing was out of -- of these guys yet but like the one guy it's all into the media music and everything that's. There's a few guys that you just assume maybe there and a mother and some activities when we're not around her right. We looked him up with the tiniest 11 guy's girlfriend made the tiniest little rice crispy all the potent. They were just wrote when he people know I did not allow us in the. But like I can't move I'm not going anywhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just like I -- just eating a distillery. You're dispensary yeah that's -- -- -- Madonna you -- when you're eating and distillery. Yeah I don't this I don't know it kind of randomly walking around the rink and a big bag of giant like dig some worms like maybe four inches in length and thick. And they were soaked in vibe I could soldier that was a mistake I admit I mean I hate Jerry's rather that's about -- are different because you're not shoot like dummy your decision weeks. -- you're just -- written for ever. We're good hold -- the best terms of Chris Chelios shows up he's on the -- he skates over and drops on in my mask I eat it come on my game is all I can stomach this and I give up a gold glove almost of the bombing. Ha ha I doubt a bad idea -- We got a role I see BJ putting his jacket on so Ted thank you chart also we journalists and a Munson says his podcast and charitable every great theories. -- -- our whole story about what happened and things like that. I nets on iTunes constituents -- MO NS ON SA YS Munson says. But let's get out of here as always big thanks travelers and see you know they'll get out we got our big party less than a month away Saturday may seventeenth 2 PM. Ever since he can't stationing ten so far 28 people are confirmed. Go to FaceBook as dvd -- -- to see invite and tell me you're coming or not that we idea. That would make you be prepared for us but they've got seven locations now a new one in -- -- coming against did you Puyallup I really Bremerton and Tacoma. Check amount FaceBook -- friendly that's how they were all trapped for -- Find out more at trappers sushi dot nets aren't able to get all the emails and text -- the voicemails for next week's podcast we're gonna go right into the first so we -- Well we'll find out -- thank you once again. Thanks and donkeys thanks Hawaiian bride music dot com broken nose up high near the man. The Denver Broncos. -- DP for the rest of the fellows stay positive.