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Apr 28, 2014|

Joined in studio by Ayron Jones & the Way! See them Friday at the Tractor!

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We now know. Yeah. Our bid is actually from the surrounding. You metropolitan area encompassing that would millions great northwest. -- -- This is now. -- -- -- And so it begins the. Rockaholics -- local supporters if you like to find out more allow local like how to submit your band's music -- -- local page AK ISW dot com. And while you're there you can also find out all about Vijay Shays featured well local band the week. This week your featured artist. Am Ron Jones and the way and guess who I am joined by. Guess who Angela and introduce yourself a -- -- around zones of Iran's arms in the -- -- got another member. On Deion doing right now I'm basically in engines in the way. Welcome welcome welcome to the KI is W studios and for your first tank. For allow local I was just telling on a random gentlemen it's in the studio here. We just slid in that's that I've been a fan I've seen a bunch of stuff on video we've featured you guys has banned the week. But I feel like I -- one of the last people. To see. A performance and you guys have a show happening this coming Friday night at the tractor tavern. May second it's we've got a lot of ground to cover but first off I just wanted to say thanks for. Thanks for coming guys I know it's a little later on a Sunday night you guys are little. A little road reread but thinks we're for coming in and make in the time I appreciate it thanks -- balance from recent. So I just mentioned you guys are a little road between Reid and his -- musician is to forever be -- leery. And sometimes broke. I'm aware where -- did you guys play over the weekend. So we had a -- places we stopped in -- the first one was spring fest over at the wasn't campus hopefully there and then nuclear Jones now in Moscow. So it was a long we can those two shows in one day soon oh man one of those was one -- and -- three hours so -- -- -- about four I was playing. Oh my god yeah. That's on them that's awesome. And then you just spent all day today in in a -- in a car trying trying to get back home yet. Your bed after tonight your -- is gonna feel Soka. I'm if you like to find out more about A-Rod. Jones and the way go to KI SW dot com click on the -- local page and you can find out all about it you can watch some videos. You cannot link up give these guys alike on FaceBook follow them on Twitter they're very active on Twitter and up and at some other great stuff. The the album is titled dream it's available now it drops last. October I wanna talk about a special guy who's had a really cool hands. And your career thus far and we're gonna we're gonna get into that but I just wanna play a song to kick things off because school that the school -- The first song we're gonna do tonight. A court according to user is not on two feet. I -- it's not an ugly -- KI SW -- is allow local this is a around Jones in the way. And boom boom. Abandoned it. And kind of damned -- -- -- -- prevent them. -- And yeah and then. -- I -- all that. Did you as well yeah. The only man. -- -- Well. Okay. The the. 99.9. K guys SW. Renton. The. -- yeah. And mission. To. -- the question. And other. -- And now. Now soon it's. Wimbledon I was. -- And all the yeah. It. And -- The only. -- -- -- -- When you -- It's. Doing these things. Yeah yeah. Want. Okay. -- It's. A and not an ugly -- KI SW it is local Iran Jones and the way the song is called when will -- learn. Also kicked off allow local with on two feet I stand. From the dream album that is available now via easy street records. Also you can get it on iTunes as well I'm joined by AJ and Ingrid through. How often do people say in Rico and then they adds -- to the area and fairly -- -- very often you can add tens of outlets uh huh. -- on base at -- course AJ on on vocal and guitar. AJ when did you first play guitar man. I was thirteen years old like I began to myself in Oakland. Really isn't what inspired you to pick it up with something like did did you see somebody playing in church or did you see something on MTV what was that. That catalyst that that meeting -- OK. I want to play it was mean this kid who were teeing for a teacher. In middle school actually a -- playing I want to play -- I picked it up and and there are went you know. Really what was the first song you learned how to play. On the -- Things I wanna get away from the crowd it's really anxious. Right time right on very very cool. Public. A budget -- Andre. Got my first guitar when I was eight and I was pretty mad because I wanted something else for Christmas late in -- game. Concern -- I was probably thirteen inch. And I sort of play in the basement I was nineteen. In a family man with them like my mom and my grandfather -- that we played like funk music around town. It's pretty good time. That's -- I've actually I've heard that story a number of times with with people that. That really tune turn into musicians and career musicians that it's -- I didn't know that what the what I wanted or like it wasn't the right. That you've got you've got to Qatar and you want database or or something like that so it's cool the way it's like -- enough. -- -- Now I think I think -- give this a world definitely and see what happens very cool you can see Iran Jones in the way Friday may second at the tractor. Tavern tickets are going really really fast you've got to. Hop on this before the show is sold out there is such a really really cool. Buzz. Happening for you guys -- and the proof is in the -- as I I have lots of conversations with lots of really talented people about. How do you do this in and the ways to go about doing things but at the end of the -- -- it comes down to the songs and people. Just seemed to be responding. In such a real bra emotional way to the music. Is there ever -- you guys that we were we were talking about during during the song we were talking about your performance at -- fest. Has there which shows have been major a little nervous to play because at this point you guys have played some pretty -- higher profile gigs. Yeah I would I would say for me it was. But it does Stefan was mourned the more nerve -- -- me just because it was you know a test -- up against some of the best names the well known names in the nation yeah and if not the world to see if I could hang you know -- our own thing which is Tomasson you know under the best you can definitely super nervous going into that and so when I was little nervous about and this was more so because things just kept kind of going wrong before the show started. Com was the BB king Charlotte the more theater and honest there's lot of variables being played before it's over. You know we came out playing you know very humbly and and and clubs and bars and stuff would go wrong all the time so I would. It's an and it is -- I mean it's not just music it's life in general you can't learn things. In a positive way for musicians to it's really really good but if it is how you deal with those things that happened because it it happens constantly has. What was it like at -- to recently mean BB king. It was surreal -- the only think it's actually happening buddies like sit right in front and you look at this legend and a man who influenced music for our -- a -- -- -- -- time you know. Trip in late he likes it they're talking with cash and you know. Aegis it was it's hard to -- and you don't -- -- -- -- to leave those situationally I just sat there and currencies rebuking and. And you're just thinking just -- cool the decision as a regular guy he just he puts his shoes on just like me you know suddenly these these things happen but it is. It can be challenging when it's like this is this is somebody you'd -- and you respect. And you wanna do the best it can you wanna. You want to leave a good impression you know because -- get one chance so that's really really cool. We're educators and business and come back with with more from Iran Jones and the way gonna talk about. Well. You're aligned with with sir mix -- lot I would love to know some of that because we're big fans over here Seattle rocked added up -- you heard about this -- we do something every year called Seattle -- they were we just play. Northwest artists from the past. All day long and we had a that we had at the -- and have some mixed in there we had to have some extra lot so it's like never more and then here's some excellent because. We eleven. That everybody thought -- well look look at cities -- I am not an ugly night KI SW -- it -- Michael to find out -- allow local. To check out podcast and two link up with the bands that I play to find out about upcoming shows and to submit your opinions material. Do we get up allow local page -- KI SW dot com. I'm joined by the majority of the band I at one point used to refer to it. -- Jones and play and until I got to -- it's like a Iran and I'm like Intel -- on the that's my story and sickened to joined by AJ also Dion Andre in Rico -- -- -- the -- the last name spelled out for rejecting what's -- that as well. You could see. Iran Jones and the way this coming Friday night the second at the tractor tavern who -- -- playing with -- month. See here that's going to be the duke has been and is open up and in Russia's missiles -- -- tonight excellent and I I I heard from the little mouse as a go on maybe ballpark 10 o'clock. 2 o'clock 10:30 AM OK perfect songs to be there. Hold up the show until I get there will apparently can't and -- -- It go and let that there's there's so many things every time we we go to commercial break -- on there's -- these cool things that come -- to talk about but I do. I do wanna talk. About your connection with her excellent and how that relationship started because it's fascinating so can can you share commutes and how did I become to be. So. This is back in 2012 we were in the this battle of the bands and scope are rock rising here wry yet I remember that. Yes so we we were in that that competition and where she won in Seattle so we read you know kind of got through round two in the finals who -- who represent our region. In our area and in order to get to the next round after that everything went to the world wide battles there who you were -- battles are only on -- So we have to acquire sort of on a -- to its next level so that social media Saturday so we have. Put social media we're doing tons and tons of shows and through that hum. We are seen by some mutual friends of of mixed in self. And they had called him and told me that he can check us out. And so we -- Stewart Dooley show one night the rat in the raven and he shows up to come check us out there rat in the race AAR IPH had half I. And Adam SO -- he walks in and was floor -- dawn an offer to produce problems. Will what was it what was it like what was it like to to work on him and did you guys. Always agree on everything creatively. Yeah actually go which -- as we -- she flow into Oregon. In terms of work with each other pertinent producer artist. And it was great work with the -- yet it it I think it helped me evolve into this point that a man now and -- -- of recent level artistry musicianship. On the I don't think I would have achieved otherwise so it was really cool would have to -- to work under him in and Condit to -- like we know what it was like. To view the world -- -- his face the music world is articulate and siphon that in his his mentors recruitment and then to have information -- taught him to talk to me. As was not some. So -- I word were so incredibly. Lucky in the northwest with an N I I kind of apologize when I say this but I think. There are certain musicians that are our elders. And they deserve our love and our respect I think about -- I think about Jack and -- there's tad Doyle there's a number of different musicians out there who have just. Who have been around the block a timer too and they've got just. Great insights and perspective on things because they've been down the road. And back and I just I love when icy. Younger people collaborating with those who have held it down in decades prior in in our neck of the -- I think that's really cool. The first video I sop. From you was the video for feeding from the doubles hands and -- spend it was the song that really. Spoke to meet. Right off the bat and and the video was really moving I think it really captured captured the essence of the song. That the video starts out with the UC mix right there and tell me a little bit about the concept for the ideally how did you did you put that together because I feel like it really reflected the song like it but it fit in nicely. Via so whenever. I write or even create music -- very visual person. So for me I can't write these stories with the us and kind of a visual idea in mind to start with tell -- like a movie in my head and so. This is kind of what I saw when I originally wrote the song and it kind of sent out -- table with the the video producer and director and you know my manager my guys we talk about the around some ideas as to how we could lead to produce concept of life and put it in and kind of reform of the music video console. On -- -- perfectly coming up columnist came together to route to a story. It and it really got I got I've got some more questions for -- let's go ahead and play the song it is being from the devil's hands -- -- -- night KI SW. It is well look. And I. You can track a little bit. And and it's. And. -- -- -- Okay. And. I didn't even. Home. -- -- -- And -- Home. We'll never. Used them. And right now. -- Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay. And it's. News. -- No way. Hands. That Catholic I KI SW it is allow local joined by AJ and -- drain on -- to you that it is silent handsome one over here. I think you -- I don't expect entered. -- to find out more are on Iran Jones -- the -- go to KIW dot com click on allow local page. The -- AJ featured as the end of the week there's there's videos you can. Link up with their FaceBook page and Twitter page and you can find out how to by the album which you can get on iTunes and you can support your local. Music stores and record stores such as easy street records -- -- it. The the dream album as well during the summertime but the fact that you are you are ready to start writing for the next album. There's got to come a point you know by the time that everybody. Everybody catches on to the music. You've got to begin a little sick -- probably not not most popular thing to say on the radio but there's got to completely like. I am ready to play some new music yeah I mean that there's always a blowing right to -- in the music going and you you wanna start playing the music right away you know because he -- like -- refreshing creative but -- At the same time we still -- find different ways to reinvent the new stuff you know the stuff that you've already written I mean and so we we just I mean. With a kind of band that we don't ever play the same thing twice you know we'll play the same song but it's going to be a different version -- have -- time we step on stage -- Excellent when you guys were on the CW's banned in Seattle knew about that was really really cool. Did you did you get some good feedback from that -- that that television exposure has he done. Between that you've done a couple other TV things as well right yet. And who -- a few television things didn't -- for level four which is now on television by not too -- with the band. So that was that was really -- mean to get to know that kind of exposure. To be on local television in the at least go to my group was really cool so excel him. Your next chance to see. Iran Jones in the -- going to be this coming Friday night at the tractor tavern. In Ballard there's. Some tickets available you best harp on it. Because if if it sells out you're just you're just Cadillac and shows are due -- -- -- into the solo while -- really cool. If you could. Look back say three years ago. And give yourself some advice maybe at a time when you were feeling maybe quite as optimistic. About. The music and about your heart what Richard bye -- you don't know that's the it's great if I hit. A -- -- that would Islamic republic yeah I. How -- you have a Q what would you what would it would advise that you get yourself. That's you know Motorola's device and any time as they have patience you know. Make everything. Everything takes work there's a lot more angles and this and the most people now and two years involved in the process you don't. You don't know how much time and energy it takes so. Pete Pace and have a tendency then. Get impatient and want what you see if you feel like this and vasser over there Africa and China -- track and again three years ago I was definitely. Wanting to see things move really fast in everything just kind of happen magically. It doesn't it doesn't like -- It all and then. You know when when you see. Bands get wrote -- it's like overnight sensation and it's like overnight sensation like. -- club's first for 710 years or -- -- you know so it's it's perspective I suppose. Once again the album is titled dream it's available now. Let's play another song from this that I just wanna play as much as I am as much as your guys his music as as we can't tonight because. We can't because Islam -- -- the next song we're gonna do is baptized. In Muddy Waters. Question about this in what came first. On the song like what was the first thing was it was the lyrics come first or or was -- the music. Or or like that the melody what what came first with this -- I was irritated I don't remember because I -- -- fifteen. As most songs as I'll hate you and I wrote it when I had custody and so -- I I I mean it's been with me for that long images I've just retreated over and run and his song. My original fans know this song and didn't abuse me his -- it's been -- staple in any site any. Concert you come to -- But people always cry out -- or -- -- All right let's play it and -- -- point nine KI SW it is -- local. -- -- And but it. -- -- It's. -- -- -- -- -- You know yeah. And it's. Starting. -- -- -- -- His office. An illusion the illusion of Megan -- now we need locally. You know -- from our mistakes and not do. -- Yeah. Don't -- So far the yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- do it Islam local Iran Jones in the way. Bad guys in Muddy Waters AJ you you wrote that when you were started writing that's on when you're fifteen which -- freeze that's really cool. Also joined by the bassist and zen master. And as I wanna go out -- pitcher cheeks really got to not even gonna lie okay. Your next chance to see. Iran Jones and the way it's gonna be this Friday night at the tractor and we just talk about the fact that you're not playing a whole hell of a lot here in Seattle so. Jump online and and and things are really clicking the link I I can feel the energy that link. Things are really billions and I'm really excited to see and that's where you read. Or take care of business and I'm gonna ask some dirty -- questions coming up -- is well -- continues -- -- not -- and I KI SW it is -- let -- find out more -- allow local like how to submit your band's material hit at the level local page KI AW dot com. A special -- AJ. And your engines and the way we're missing somebody. He went missing a special someone. They couldn't be here tonight. I'm not even gonna make a drummer joke. -- I got god is important so he could make an accident. I'll cut my apologies with the epidemic this radio magic happen the next time it will find a find a place for it aggressions. Out. All right I like I like my silly movie question. If you could -- one of your songs. And place it's in any movie. What would it be. My love remains in the ending credits of pursue happiness. Pursuit of happiness and. When movies and for the Tressel who -- -- Will Smith. Yeah well as. -- loses his job and he's got his son again and got I -- like a baby to that movie how that. As in all right -- right. The -- which. The adrenaline there's something only gotten to thinking that -- -- Oh man I'm ready to me and him really requiem for a dream and here is not yeah yeah the union from the Dale's hands are all that's true well. It and really well done general way I think you will dime. Well done thank you thank you for reminding me what movie analyst at -- Onto a dumb and silly question. If money is no option and you've got. -- promoters. That you have to give your writer too and you could have. Any -- in the world's. I mean if you want a tiger in your dressing room and -- cage made of gold. You could have acts but if you could have anything and money is not a cost. What would you -- to have on your. I just sprung this when I was doing too bad. June quote we would have all green -- an example of only the green imminent only to Greenland and also global. Of lucky charms but only the Marshall. Think you know that's the first to go wrong. No obvious reasons and. No -- really that's made me I think the island. How do level he's arms but he can't I don't know. Money's no object that's like hard to Cingular is that the low key game I don't like I don't know like I got three guys -- just chill in the marlin and grounded. I've probably seen tigers a tiger -- better than. -- -- tiger and Mike Tyson and I I yes. That's perfect that's about this entire Mike Tyson please. -- -- it went right. Your next chance to to see. -- on Jones and the way. It's gonna be this Friday night. At the tractor tavern tickets are available now in fact if you go to the local page and click on the banned the weaker league. You can actually linked up to ditch your tickets. Right there through a seat and have to do a lot of searching or just search out to -- detractors website but teacher tickets in advance -- to remind. Allow local fans and supporters that when you can buy your tickets in advance for local shows when that is available. Do -- that it helps out the banks. Also by the arch also don't ask to be put on the guest list unless -- me. I'm gonna get up not open up up up up up up. -- let's go ahead and you up another song. From the dream album I think we wanted to what's Aberdeen guys -- as soon all right not a point nine KI SW it is slam local. And. -- Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah I KIW -- allow local. Public that. I -- Jones and the way the song Aberdeen. Joined by age -- And -- trades and master. Tonight for a lot luckily you can see you could see these guys on Friday at the tractor. -- We're gonna get to when were sung I and I said it earlier before the show started if -- goes by fast and we're doing it right because we're having fun. And at least I'm having fun I don't care and and that's what matters here. You can find out even mark about these guys by hitting a beloved local page -- TI -- W dot com you can link to the FaceBook page find out how to by the music. And just help spread the word and and you guys have really. Got some really really passionate fans and some really cool text messages -- have been coming down this -- obvious 77999. -- music -- it's it's really really cool. I'm where we're starting to run out of time and there's a lot of stuff we won a -- -- still. Before we get going got to give love to them might might -- as TP from the BJ Shea morning experience you guys were on the as TP cast. Not too long ago how is that we can critique. Sheer it was a lot of fun that was probably one of the more in depth interviews I have up until that point or you know we really got in depth in the -- can -- if we go to interviews and sometimes it's it's cool because we didn't talk about our careers and stuff like that open. To sit down and dissect the songs in pop up -- -- -- is really awesome so biblical statement. Awesome awesome -- big fans of that accident. What is your favorite song right now to play it. Soul. Onto their -- probably our favorite to play alive. My love remains only because everyone loves this but we got a new song -- -- call abortion Puget Sound which is going to be probably the next column there. And you know things rule -- over and they did it down on you know recording and release -- soon. That's probably the one I enjoy playing the most right now because it's just happened is people -- influence and. What is the most in weeks. Can't solve the rain is the most sounding song probably in the world to -- tonight but I make it easier. It's it is probably that artist song we have played super -- and it hits ridiculous. -- -- -- Again the hardest song plays he's certainly right about now we've played them last night in those talent. And that's. I would. A web -- of my favorites on the play is definitely -- remains it's. It's a beautiful song. And there's some really energetic moments that I love and it goes up and down with the energy in it slowed the flow of energy -- the -- screen. Excellent. Guys let's go around the studio and if there's anybody like to say hi to any any. Open -- say what ever you wanna say as long as it doesn't get me fired all right so I first ought to say thank you to my cousin -- he just text me and said he's a past that time and one mile and say hi over there aside Johnson Samantha. I also one that does give a shout to my board grants who's got his album release on this Tuesday. How what -- and excited about we were from the song together. My my guitar tech and my handler Andy gates who is going to be listening to this environment and economy. They had to have her Olympic Morgan Stanley who works with people with instruments over there in the valley give us opportunities from our music out there to -- I'm a fan of friends and and most l'Alma -- epitomized the cool supporting us giving us this point we hope to contain them from. Excellent. My -- its parent honest and sent out to my wife. Now her I would be able to do most of what I do in life including. A lot of stuff involved with the band. -- listened loan payment he's listening now how well. And of course myself and -- mean he's one and a -- is all things he's not listening. And I am a mom and I can't get moms who forced me to play music. Against my will so efficient like tissue might bring that now. He does every once -- yeah. You know you wanna do it and I mean you do it instantly on the everything it can't. Which -- house I want this I want a big house she's got. Can't wait to my house so great so yeah my -- Sidney -- she's also a really really really good musician. It I would what is your mom she was a bunch of -- who plays keyword. Bass guitar drums. And sees the producer. She's. Multi talented sounds really cool off. All right you guys think he's thank you so much for the hang I know you're exhausted you at a busy weekend even drive and all day from the land of Idaho. Back home and and it lets you guys go we're gonna we're gonna wrap up well local. With mine love remains on gentlemen it's been a pleasure I'm glad we all finally got to a seat each other's eyes -- just doing -- a Twitter back and forth back and forth so you guys are welcome anytime. We'll keep me abreast of what's going on so -- can help spread spread the word you guys absent a really special going on here. Writes knotted up what I KI SW a it is loud local misses it's for the eve. This is month -- remains around your room. -- Yeah. Maybe and I am proud of those. -- -- -- -- -- -- And. There's. Zone where. Oh yeah. I would. -- Sorry I don't. And. -- yeah you. And some Melinda I have got -- yeah. About you that's -- -- validity. And even millions. Yeah. And it.