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STP-Cast 04-29-14 -- We come up with a new term "Clamfathered".

Apr 29, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and The Rev talk about STP's friends theme today. STP talks about people touching base with him when they want something. We welcome guests in the studio from Alaska. We talk about the May 17th STP-Cast party at Trappers Sushi in Kent. We talk about what our signature sandwiches would be? We talk about Alaska and Sarah Palin. We play another song from the Manchester Orchestra. Facebook TMI. We read the text messages. We come up with a new term "Clamfathered". We read the emails (well, most of them) and play the voice mails.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My morning. I won it's yeah. That's why your friends. It is the ftp. He's cast and Steve the producer you're my good friend top shelf. Some mighty reverend had 4800. Yeah and everybody's favorite mono miss her eclectic musical. Right now but you'll notice there is a certain team going on right now and that's the -- -- Garth Brooks and yet that's -- He Conan is not an artist and it's very easy -- and then missed the -- -- Manchester orchestra which is the jam in the week. It's all about friends and so let's take you on ES TP test you know explain why it's a team. -- -- -- this is Radiohead and I don't write stories -- the song it's about Iraq. More on topics. It's. You love this. Places -- rock it's -- it now it's okay. Enough or don't ask my son didn't. But I can -- you. Your friends you need a lot of topics to be ready just that piece of paper for -- casinos. Watching all MS. -- -- I'm another song -- ever get to a more club Manchester orchestra I hope that sooner than later see it often comes with the I've got his little fan for quite some other countries. The president made masters does an English and centers like this summer from around here in the United States of America costs now are these the guys who originally recorded this song. Yes OK okay so the big. I mean to finally -- it was a popular song -- -- and that one. Instead they're right here fast forward. It's. Got a little bit and -- -- that is not a good thing there's. Compare them to mono nick and my wife are big fans of dashboard guy you're hair heavy and -- aware. And so long there was some of them they're mummy of a brand new -- be moving toward a brand new okay. -- Modest -- brand new airplane from New York together makes sense britney's trying desperately to sound like cold Modest Mouse -- We don't have any Dashboard Confessional -- Okay. Wow. Tyler manipulated and fast -- fast forward and I was not a huge fan of them I already have like this it's in our news channel. And I got a commitment to you know whiny bitches. They turn out to be cool -- proven guys backstage to have a -- get up on top of his -- now. Yeah we did a much. -- some of the show boxing news rocking out on top for the you know. Then you know the drummer to cool guy I thought about it. I really tight in the main guys I guess he's Dashboard Confessional guys just like it is to make use of dirt to anyone directories are yeah. -- know oh who's that guy he's probably got. Yeah I still do have those guys put gas and feel good now all the girls that love him and -- now. It was probably crushed -- what they're like twelve. -- -- -- And -- clear why can't last bloggers like you finally -- I guess ladies good day. I'm sure why not going to break down. So they break down. I used to be a 5050 split on this. Nobody in my -- our -- I've been around when I. As you if you like music yeah yeah and I don't play in my together. Back later tell -- I'm not. Could just remove your music ever since we graduated high school -- suffer the same music yeah I've listened to it a couple of them a couple UK has. So we might do right now the latest new order our food whatever fourteen songs you're Diaz. The -- we have we'll find their album all -- wow what does it take three to 5000. What -- I always like yeah I don't -- I'm like -- as a gift -- will definitely help but even like yeah I just I. I don't know I mean like the last one my body was flat -- -- part because it was -- -- play I don't listen there are some pictures of their friends. It's like oh yeah you find the support -- bad news like beyond mad at all I don't even remembered last album my. Live. Cop beat you real terrible -- yes what was it. I bought this in mind again on CB recently and that's not good. -- -- -- almighty god god played on these cells did all right that's why doesn't mind but sorry. But that's immediate do you have what do you usually do get the latest hooliganism -- Surely didn't. -- go to historic deserters or did you know how long during her during the put down that I mean soon. Well that's Manchester orchestra will get to the other -- a second but did you see there's a new -- song no no no we haven't there was a -- move on militia residents there. Do. Medicare I I don't. We'll try -- that's next so that's good news because of your -- the last time they -- was the last time they were -- -- -- -- -- -- now joined that -- bands which I'm totally okay -- because that means hopefully -- -- and you can -- yeah and -- whenever I think about Judas -- that he was at an early stages -- me what I -- we hadn't started dating -- -- is trying to take my wife -- and indeed try to go see Judas Priest acts and -- and -- -- -- She just of the time when I -- -- you are attached. It's probably the fourth or fifth time I asked around he said no. Early stages right guys switch it up who I have a -- she wanted to be with -- who who's right who's got the right guys right you'll get to -- I wish you had yeah everyone including her loses. -- No -- I try to ask you to go to I -- any reason to hang our border and I knew -- show was coming out of like I've refined. Was US Neely goes how well would some more animals are able yeah yeah yeah I was excuse desire to go I think she actually said I do not like that band I I appreciate the -- yet they regularity. Ameritech CEO Tom could you lose your job and also she conceived humor me by saying -- bomber. It was another Nostradamus sewer there was a one of the while we theater there that's for most of -- did he come out visiting shiny jackass. Has the Nostradamus to organize so -- a great season that show and my now wife got so drunk and Gregor out of -- like three songs and I saw you guys in the beer and I believe. Imagine Stan and I got a very sir Fred I could have predicted that's how -- I was gonna analyze. There are no refund every song can't smoke and its toll my bad because I -- we're. Every time that I recently talked with you top shelf it's turned into an as shall I know you into a dinner and handle their liquor -- a it's until later this. Sharon do anything that is that there's been a conspiracy with all you guys who recently about why Abbas and the whole Michelle staying and we're going to sleep country. Net but GM a mall -- guys are all just like always going to be -- needed change had to -- Michelle knows my name to Michelle Obama's idea yeah it is all donate just called me a woman and I don't know I quit. Kind of weird -- and we just go down I think it's making -- -- that women don't usually handled elect her as well known as the -- beat me pretty solid and more than one event that's ourselves now wife has -- do that I advanced to worship just -- -- -- the -- to -- the -- -- -- -- how many times have you got to leave an event because she was just a huge -- just in the early stages of any event or work event doesn't matter. And there are numbers mile. An so a Florian double digits you know older I've only had three or four. It was like my wife it was my ex girlfriend Miranda leave an event once. And it was when I can't hang out what their strokes after their show at the Paramount -- the drummer Jamie backstage passes to get a great interview music -- drink afterwards and I were auto I do not. And there's some passes for you any -- like six passes and I everybody in my home reason we're all there are on the man wearing out the strokes. My then girlfriend tries to sit on the stool or that the chair and falls on her face and a bartender takes us out through. Exam ahead right I mean I've made it made it a more memorable story yes I don't know if it's elegant -- would have. But -- mean and -- becoming best friends he could have been the drummer for the strokes and why because they became friends with the drummer of the strokes now some kind of weird showgirls conspiracy right to come down the stairs and I have to take over his leg is broken. That's a good way to do it out there was other girls remnants like comedy shows. No. Well. Yeah. Asked if that was the worst. Not the quick SI -- not to call friends and and for those I don't know I wish I had the I was Kyle -- his comedy show is made then girlfriend her and whatever friends I got them tickets to I had to be by BJ's side because he was doing the introductions. And you still we have for a Comedy Central special the more theater -- backstage. -- -- -- hang out with Joseph wolf from a broken jewelry -- opening comments that night. And we should be asking -- good time and then how ceases onstage doing his routine. And he says something. And then just as. Incoherent screech from old woman. She comes out. And he's stuck then he just turns it into a whole bit what turns off her and her friend are wasted screaming STP. And -- on the Comedy Central special which is actually kind of funny. Put it pissed me off to know lands like thank you for giving me. Nationwide notoriety for his might acronym -- -- fuel price wise person -- and -- mortar oil that's -- act as -- high and it's a that was such all that was the worst I was so pissed I would have kicked her out if I was sitting next to her at that time and I got our shirts. Can you remove this woman that I sleep with pleas of more theater industry's -- -- -- -- to me it became part of the routine you know like. As you all know and call back people I'm not a big fan of being the center of attention in any shape I don't. And it in life you know you play drums yeah I can be and goalie too nice timing grand there are moments for the spotlight Tonya but like in August but the mask -- ever. He in my wedding -- -- my speech in front of all my friends and family thanked him for coming to -- as -- which -- was nerve -- was -- that you -- the hockey masked -- two I I agree but it was comfortable. And I felt more at -- snow. So to have that on national alone on an island and I wasn't even on that island that started telling you shut up -- -- the comedy show on just like. I'm pleased you an -- Kyle not really but I don't mad that he encouraged it and I mean like I know he batted turned. Graphical lemonade but causing a comment she -- thinks this is awesome and she did. After she actually reached out to me after we broke up. Asking if I had any way to get a copy of that for her -- by the DVDs yes. No way yeah it's been an amazing. You know my low point is her high point and what better way to dig that knife into the back to somebody -- -- no longer together and I. Can you give me a copy anything that you completely humiliated and mortified that I did. I would love that. -- but the reason why would you want the French team. And it's funny I had a moment where I I think are pretty positive optimistic -- guy -- in certain. Instances -- -- very cynical human being I think a very positive cynic -- -- -- -- because I'm being real yeah Brock did Clinton loyalists. Found that chest and his conscience -- the chest and -- for the show to show how really he has accomplished. Warming here it is pretty -- -- -- -- Guthrie maybe I saw. Sexiness you have two out killed the super he lights yeah I do whatever we got to do man. This is awful and I'm in Atlanta are still so much better now all of those ones like stage lights they're warm -- you're right. So I get a tax the other day from a friend and I say friend very loosely -- as an insult to the person -- more like an acquaintance is somebody him. It's now. Bob good. It and somebody that we all know that we know because in the world of radio not from here OK he's a radio personality from out here we've all spent time drinking and hang out with him in our radio conventions. So we never keep in touch though. I never hear from him. And I have a theory whenever I hear from somebody I immediately think cynical what do they want to write so I get a text from him an anonymous -- could be like. You people -- be a little less obvious about how you approach to make ought to have a god if I haven't heard from -- talked to someone in a while. Israeli cinema taxed and I think it kind of put some off for half a second level what is Steve wants from me and I never won anything like that. I never bug anybody -- if I need something I'll talk to the person and others be upfront about it but. I never -- -- rekindle friendship. For the sole reason of getting something out of it you know I mean thing to an idea without all the time it's very honorable Wallace just because I know you know when it I think it is because we work in an industry where we have cool stuff to give people yes people come out of the woodwork when it's something that they really want to make. Hey Steve how you -- and so that's like so why here it's wrestling is common -- found -- are you excited -- wow I haven't heard from you since the last time wrestling came to town what do you want. So I merely think the worst when I get a text from somebody that I haven't heard from forever my wife thinks we'll come on we've got to just wants to see how you Dylan. You know what's so bad about that -- on the show you. How quickly I proved my wife progress and now he wants something and I bet I'll be able to figure it out within a few tax extensions that are OK so -- got a mother that's the name that number of tax break it almost became more entertaining than watching what was on TV at the time so. Out of the blue on Friday get a text from him Friday evening right -- dinnertime calls permits are for your weekend yeah actually good spirits and on any given -- what do you need -- give it to you cannot -- Whenever draw the singles at a little hey man how are ya that's me an idea. To me and I asked how he is you might like I'm good if I can get blank deaths are out of work of course I need to see what's up tomorrow response real good brother you. They are still pretty good -- he's got a new job in the -- radio because I am doing this. NATO's aim my cohost is a former guy that's in the world of our football. If you ever need a guy let me know some like okay now he's. Easy offer hanging in the ads offering something to us that I didn't even want he's leading the trap where he's almost like I've got stuff for you you -- from these former giants football. And -- -- jugular assets of former 49ers tomorrow I'm Suez perfect science may housing job -- hope it's going good. And I say out right on our audience would need a steady if we ever you -- 49 airtime top. Not that I don't need this for you I didn't ask for this so and and -- and I also mentioned that he is friends with. Well I want whatever it's not I am not taken a shot at whatever he's -- -- diamond Dallas page nice city writes and I do GDP -- its ugly and so. I just mentioned to -- I am jealous of the fact that you got. Piazza have a conversation -- gonna be the nice guy to my wife he's given me a hard time that I really think this guy wants them to take her to be cool Michael composed and. Photos conversations RT on longer than I would've. -- right apparently hasn't held -- -- -- -- does come a point where I'm like now just wanted to keep the conversation going because I've let him down through and I know we're gonna talk join me anymore because I let him down says today that's pretty cool you buds with him as pretty but I was just to see that you got to keep it at his place that's awesome. And the any euros. It would you say of 01 how much I can set that up to. -- whose PR guy he's never does I that throughout. Now here comes -- that's -- so that's. Now he's offered to guests of trust us so let justice be -- guys so at this point I'm thinking he needs a guest a certain person and idea seems that we might have saw in my head I'm trying to think of certain people. And I gave my wife a list of -- couple of people that thought it could be. Russell Wilson knows just two people die in office Jacque Jones owns Hamas -- one of them -- the right to jump and the other one. Just because I know has got to be bit -- Wii Sports I mean I thought music and he's aware of what kind of medical our Duffy MacKay and you gumbo -- though I was thinking yeah I mean I believe me he's very he would have probably been on my short list so I humans look to our present day. This guy either wants Mossad -- Kagan. You know the latest law enforcement teams down -- occasion and I would soon to a theater near you only watch that I would too actually could put those two and a room I'm listening yeah. So here's the next one. You still tight it would Doss yeah didn't didn't monetize it and I should just in my life is like. Yeah I I Saigon Randi I have -- amounts don't like I'm gonna keep the conversation going on to see what he wants out of all list. I go man out. I say whenever it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Bernie it's yeah it's like yeah drill we had a -- many months ago. Unless we're at a loss to textiles. Mind -- conspiracy. Yeah did this all really happened. I don't know why it is so I got I got -- a roundabout way. We chat from time to time -- I don't hear from for months the -- -- from him he's a real good -- That's pretty much my relationship would -- death sometimes I get a random Merry Christmas text from him. Sometimes on -- for some knowing your back because he's in another country applying basic Guns 'N Roses sometimes that happens but it is what it is that's just a great guy. I would never say that we're tight because that's aren't are not. That kind of gotta just assumed you knew enough for type I feel like run a friendly level like -- I want -- -- a store you big guy Steve yeah he knows your name. He was our -- so his response -- us. And every time my interviewees awesome AZ he's back -- -- and our rights and how much I want to do an interview about the idea that we do in our -- And then -- my answers and the answers that -- questioned by just throwing this out there policy -- Jason national lord. So my responses so -- Good response how -- I wish I BM wouldn't make that happen. And then his. His reply before I even think I sent this but this response. Came immediately after I -- my response so he majority tighten it up and ready to guess how does make you wait -- -- at this time Sergio do not like this is the right one after another turned off. Them it was a wanna borrow money may -- -- cigarette by the jets right after I know some and so I say I don't know anything so I was very I think we like said that I began my wife wants to go to Vegas you have Britney Spears show I wish I -- time and so that's the same time them. I'm still trying to have a conversation and be friendly courage and now he's one track mind you'll stick gets you want to hook up he doesn't want to have a conversation with me. And obviously he says his response to what I wrote about how we'd like to go see Britney -- -- I -- to -- it is -- stuff -- no -- Think asking you to get me tickets to bring the -- even live in Vegas. And I hit -- item -- a break this new storm but I actually have made. Connections of people on Vegas where I can get at. A cop there but that Britney Toby -- Elizabeth -- as a person -- because I can reach not to mention what's colonize today even. Op -- give the media rate I'd love to do is go you know. If not no big deal but this year OK okay nobody we -- we were given an economic Mark Harmon any -- soon as they hit me up and about it like you know. Many months later you guys are coming I probably can help you out. But I'm not cannot that conversation that this guy is -- I toughness right. So I said hey policy right because he's asked me if I get album get tickets to the -- our show in Vegas strip. Doesn't sound when I -- to Libya to deck and just say no clear as to what I would do I decided to see like I'll see what I can do. So long literally you know sweet for the rest of your days -- nice and I won't be surprised off I don't hear from him about that -- -- typically is not about talking G in arms over revolver we have that kind of relationship which is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They feel like we do have this relationship would -- where we don't cross that line of being TMZ gossipy wanting to get the scoop and it's only because we've tried that in the past India and I can see the visual. Awkwardness in his. Delivery of whatever he says to the way he looks his body language -- doesn't like talking about that stuff and I respect that lets. You know I think that's why he likes doing stuff with us is because -- respect that about him from the expects that we're gonna ask him but I think he gets. He likes the fact that we picked up with what he's thrown out there. Yet and they were completely okay with him saying. I don't wanna talk about that right. Like you lose sight and even like BD does -- on the normal show it's like everyone's asking never wants to know what you wanna say about this. But it's completely okay if you don't wanna say anything yeah and so I mean yeah things and and knowing our random I was about the golf game and I your mother texting him coming I'm not gonna impose a sentiment he -- a little less. In true season and he called us back within twenty minutes and say hey I would usually and even said on the air I. Typically don't. I wouldn't agree it is but I know you Steve doesn't -- -- bug me about this stuff and Soledad you know the least like to do is answer your questions about it. -- that does pretty solid -- him again you have to do that. So I told them all that he just I gotcha thank you trying so. And then that I wrote he had the W pretty awesome showed a check out I understand some wonder that -- as long they asked that his response take care. Oh yeah you you have nothing Darnell now he has -- have nothing friend Steve accident in my life this is a direct your cynicism was due. And expect it and correct in this situation and come -- -- bum me out front of you guys deal with a slot where out of the blue somebody just hit job and you just like just. -- what you want yeah there's got to be a lot smarter about it like. Mapped it out over a couple of days you know what I mean like if you would hit me up and maybe a month later said hey morale. I decide JR's common any -- and well I would have given the same answer but I would -- -- -- feels insulting that somebody out of the -- just. It's clearly has one track mind now and it was almost like I was wasting his time giving an actual responses to is is it is. Hey maybe I'm reading way too into new guys feel free to call me on it but I get this vibe like he had a one track mind -- I said I don't know if I can do it take care. I don't have that as much as -- -- -- you having -- producer tag yeah the producer always are all cops yeah you're the man who makes all that happens every once in awhile happens with the meanest. Sometimes it's evened out with some of my better friends it's like in entitlements like. Hey give me some tickets for that stuff right not even asking and that's when I get pissed about it -- -- -- -- lucky my closer friends the people I like my home he's on the diamond hockey team -- they never ask for anything I typically like offer stuff like him in the past -- grass on a bunch of tickets -- -- -- -- locker room. Like hey what's gonna make. What do we always afraid that some might not send -- my -- just your restaurants like really your estrogen yeah I mean he's just being nice to you guys soon. -- -- play goalie could I don't talk -- want my buddies that -- he's a big country fan and I -- the wolves got some like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some along those lines a little bit and in what instances. But I'm Malcolm had kind of expect that. Most of my sister. Yeah. Slots that rise to the airport. All across town odd hours of the night. This she has -- jobs is successful. She can afford to get no one no shuttle expressed to pick her up -- live and Hank have both of us and subsidiary got a bunch of dogs and yelled I don't. Thank god how I in my case no billboards are up ice cream fruit and walk or WAOK. I -- must work. -- -- Good Charlotte hit -- much to go to airport kneecap there's no word anchors it's more than thirty minutes away even if -- -- two blocks -- got about twenty miles. Thirty minutes senior ride no matter where Aaron absolutely. I always do you -- ever get -- -- -- cynical and when I get that tax from somebody in your friend circle or family go hey what do you have to Saturday night. Chris I almost feel like what they're trying to do is write -- don't even like going cannot Collins and I want you gotta do. What do you got going on an -- well moving on Saturday it's total setup the out. Instead of saying hey I'm moving on Saturday can you help me now and let the cat out of the bag so you don't look Steve Benigno. I got another go on Saturday what's up ought to move and our ally can't help you don't wow just as you mentioned that I got a text from WJ -- invite -- to do my Guns 'N Roses on Vegas shooting that happened in my myself with my 'cause I never talk with her ever and it was just random FaceBook message. Hey I'm having a party it's a moving party armor in my plays and come to slow moving party saying we yes thanks for tell meal is moving in I will be busy for whatever reason ever. For any yeah I -- we worked when a guy one point oh Sox is just a degree moving vehicle I do -- Maybe it's sickening plunge front -- right surprisingly it's like yeah it's not completely full with all my candy and stuff anyway right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Following its -- I can sneak her I like it's like somehow it felt like I crashed into a ditch or something I couldn't open up to hatch from there right I could still sneaks through the car most important dressed in an avalanche I should be tried -- he would just. And some seemed especially since Thanksgiving warmth yeah I gotta I gotta whole case of water in there to -- -- -- -- our Steve when you know when your campaign is water bottles BP A free I don't know if that means -- -- -- -- -- you're gonna -- if they've been -- -- more than -- -- you know different. -- -- -- -- shirts and all summer and I'm good try bad now I just put like a week and a half I don't know cannot he's good for another week. Let's technically that drinking water in the only lasts for three months yeah I imagine and now radio notice first is smaller -- a small little water bottles. It's a tough thing no more dads don't you think you'll -- watery like it doesn't. The shelf life is not that long we look at it's like once -- water walker a few different times -- -- very thirsty enough I don't have anything in my chorus of reaching in the back they know there's going to be a -- something back Erica. I find a bottled water and I'll Mike Hollinger remember when I bought it -- -- -- I always open and Smith they're really fascinates -- smell like sometimes smells like. Like cancer that's good good. Never smelled inside -- water bottle funky install those earnings -- still had to pay attention to that it cuts like Manuel -- It only gets on the verge elevated area. While Lorillard a lot of water bottles I think fairly solid with my wife took me over this that it was -- at camelback it's a lot of -- BA referee with a nipple on it and so -- it. Always he asked. Michelle has would just like that needs to -- one. It's like -- caused the IQ test because it took me -- -- house was to make this work on my. Desperate tin -- about what two years older whatever is -- old suck all the right so my mouth I just think also a straw I see this morning into the water how much. I don't like -- and I think now I'm like all right got to bite the tip in order to get the liquid in my mouth he's me. Then asks. He's been watered. Whose previous -- on on the smell and -- our full -- are there on the while BP A -- well how are the what is BBA's stands for I don't know also just petroleum. Petroleum but surely him but petroleum. -- -- source to be part I have no way British Petroleum. NASA really trying to put petroleum ass beat you don't think his first speech but you kids don't wanna drink now why would the but petroleum Matt Nadia who. For the I don't know I know I don't. I don't either sought me out I think -- where the 50% on this one man coming. So bottom obviously doesn't care he's got cancer -- -- -- I don't have cancer -- -- in the -- we -- tight end Jason ecstatic can't parents have damaged their own way the -- wears -- C does an idea and -- -- yes I. I have no right to tar balls Clemens -- okay so -- bit. -- -- PH just for petroleum based -- asks the synthetic compound. I have no idea I think you got the wrong way relied on petroleum and -- hole. Why -- -- and dirty and it's good I thought -- -- slightly angry dude I want to say hi to miles and holly who are all. Alaska and name mentioned while we were starting up this personally talked I have to. -- doesn't -- when I'm saying goes into the. Sam and I heard the final words for -- right now -- Then you didn't -- -- that's exactly what I actually should now. Bush plans to Nevada was -- was planned on they take on what -- put the the victim Alaskan what the bush plane look at. Someplace Cessna is. Better. Well it sounds -- inland without agreeing on a runaway. Like helicopters. Would be of no holes -- don't have -- -- yeah well governors have wheels. -- -- What's the most retarded and I'm pretty sure some helicopters and it's. Yeah what I could explain them clearly sending a question to compute the producer I'm pretty sure that British you're kind of sort of dividend might be a good -- -- requested tickets and they didn't third grade and headroom -- the bush -- -- -- -- -- -- wow okay. The war. We'll place it's thank you sir for possibly by the new exciting bright red before reserve the podcast and they mentioned they made the trip and attract -- trappers CC yeah. Drivers you guys go to we went the line is now can write all that. To get on outta there on -- can testimony or they're all good but that's -- well he's going to they are being meet up on May seventeenth. I just got the bars. -- just found -- the drivers who now know that there's a lot of people comment a hole to our party. And I think they're blocking off the bar for us that is amazing body and I was going to be enough firm because I'm looking our FaceBook invite. -- as TP dash cast on FaceBook you define our group and join it right 700 as of this morning wow that's very exciting. NASA has confirmed that apart as a whole except I don't remember that -- I don't do I finance announce another Trevor that's like 400 more than I thought we'd ever have in this group that's pretty awesome you just thought that we would have. I 300 now why did I made a point to never lived anywhere other than the podcast and in a world of just like hey what. Do you say and men and humanity and that will then do it it's easier fraction of the number and I don't know -- bloody -- listen to the podcast but. I think you only a fraction are gonna go actually do the FaceBook -- -- in -- now the fact that we essentially -- whenever mentioning on the air I'm not promoting you know my blogs are on FaceBook I think the first time I -- we started the group I put up on the on my FaceBook pages so. We keep get a couple to get some people and I think Debra like fifteen people to to do the yard. And ever since then it's just been because of this podcaster because of people spreading the word on their own FaceBook. But senate -- disarming -- I -- said that's a lot more than I expected which is pretty awesome and humbling. Off but the party I -- -- we have like about 35 people already confirmed about fifteen or sixteen as saying maybe. In addition to loss this -- over forty people probably at this party yeah it's gonna be awesome. And luckily we are doing -- -- yeah it's gonna be a lot of fun so if you haven't already ours he peed on FaceBook do so if you have a FaceBook page. If you don't it's not like you can't get and so yes they can't get him know they can. -- mix up they are as creepy as far you the sergeant -- arms for this party now -- -- be he's going to be the gatekeeper only if you Wear a badge -- -- -- couldn't -- Panetta didn't I see it may seventeenth 2 o'clock right -- -- -- realize it's my wife's birthday week I completely screwed out of -- When -- birthday on the the upcoming Monday -- we celebrated that weekend tonight -- -- -- the celebrated the weekend after my mom's his best Sunday but -- would have. Yeah we'll make it it's okay it's alright it's all right so Trevor sushi -- station. May seventeenth 2 PM big party for all the Titanic -- -- she is -- -- rumblings that do you podcast guys might be showing how cool to challenge just to some time. Above water balloon fight this flat panel now that sounds hilarious. I'm coming here I -- like I had an edge UConn got that one I don't know who did but it's funny he had midday show up that's awesome you know a day so they can have some of my roll off my plate. As a I don't now offering while the olive branch to solicit their arm yes. So did you guys. Enjoyed my role in your mouth by chance -- It was a little icy that's what I like about it and I like little spice in my in my role gives a little kick in your mouth yeah DF antibiotics for -- Blood alcohol fix that I usually open. When you read something spicy you really -- not to drink water because it's my usual. They say drink milk but I -- number I think it was far rescuer on some show. John overhaul is even better than milk distributor works or because he kills whatever the spices are popular dolls as opposed to the milk which kind of subsides it and in the water spreads it. -- it's vital lesson kids -- is hard alcohol. I don't know Jameel Cook alone there tonight I'm assuming it's -- but I do know is harder the better half days I alcohol he had done a little -- are. The whole cost. It's about -- nice. Some giant cost us a member -- -- that are up only about a year and a half -- point none into somebody in Washington now without water that's in the back your car full. Hey how waters still fine you know so you drink day of the week. We can do with all that water you're surgical units -- -- -- radiator now. If there's -- -- my car emergency I'm not concerned -- OK fine maybe out for maybe if there's ever a time where you want to impersonate triple H in the middle of the road you have enough water to practice. Do you try to do that in the shower hi how I saw somebody posts that I try to do that -- -- I haven't tried it in the shower yet. What's that water and they -- -- messenger voice when he goes they're ranked. Any space walk around this. Slows and it looks awesome with all its glory will -- -- we were in Spokane for the classic and -- and -- are walking in mobile drinking water and in my -- And -- -- -- water blowing things he's like why don't like you know the water blowing things that he does that night. And he does it and make woods data they tell us. We can all sum of it's it's just so invigorating staff to users so it's ten years old I know I can't. Rappers I guess I'm one of your bottles of water from where -- you know mentally catalogs are it is -- you know what after everything's all set -- now when we leave. We should put together at the largest Tripoli to water blowing grim. And we all do it out so rappers took over their picture and -- -- -- -- so believe me in 37 other people spitting on myself yeah. That's I know when you say. I -- I I -- -- al-Qaeda that's why can't envision how you people do this in the shot or who do you have an enclosed shower. Malicious the ceiling but whatever gets the biggest -- says anyway by offer you rented. Yeah you guys I don't have my sense Odyssey that's why haven't done yet in my -- because it's not about the paint I was worried and Miriam affect the -- and someone I -- you. -- in there every day you know water -- -- mind goes to the word -- steam content didn't say it's on the top right down in the shower and I'm -- wiped on the ceiling -- times TVs -- Renner there using get to your home was on your shower and all like of the walls. Now yes -- did make the brand in my off voters that are on your walls nowadays goes around there really look at -- but I don't think so I mean I've balanced balanced well that's fine we'll have fun like -- like stop he said man I'm really not okay no there's -- green or brown or nothing like I just don't do mildew or anything like that. Something terrible like that we do -- do it. Hole you're in the the wall why -- -- -- -- wanna rock. It's clean it's a small would you lick the walls and here it's just a Walt Melvin there's no soap and water all right now and -- I'd I'd lick my shower. In a heartbeat. I'd do it today on video in seventy. Deep down I was at a community and window later now it's back to travelers a year ago yeah what Rosa what besides the ST zero what else did you get Duffy warrior. It -- and she -- I imagine Jimmy crunch. And as a firecracker rat's ass about and are not -- it's. Jimmy Connors cracker ass -- my bank you know -- -- An and I got jealous that I have and a little unsecure. Well while I guess is you get disappointed. Okay yeah they -- you get your all right there's remember that mayor Mitch how about when we first got found not that they were making a -- up. It's still to this day I have to ask this of course it's out of your job I see it I have a role named after me out of my favorite sushi joint. -- -- -- -- sandwich named after me as an awesome would you avenue San I don't know our cola probably cattle call her -- clinical hold of some sort of salami on an -- on Italian. -- is all the time to just apple corps and got a -- So -- I don't know some of clay is a chemical hands through your church just cured cancer I don't know he just once since the analysis it is the sound Smart -- delicious this sentence has all the Canucks won the latest. I don't know anything. Marty. Marty's party I like everything right in creamy and allies. How do you just ask -- I horseradish theater to not a party and -- Now Brad I would think kind of make up a whole year old but I that. Almost like that make that really crunchy outside my front jet setting nice and she really and I almost into a guy like. It's licensed copy amount because a certain general edges of 19 this Grand Central bakery as these rules just like -- throws every -- try to bite into it. Think it's ripping off like it's out of my mouth -- sort of do it is worth it -- and what kind of makes makes condiments and bring condiments on the other have. That the same hot peppers Jimmie Johnson puts on the stuff so I love those. And cucumbers bell Atlantic numbers snowboarders are excellent condiments thanks and those are talking about like -- must Muster -- -- Jeff Porter and no word on males. Like I only Israel dismissed as -- give -- a -- spicy mustard is really like on sandwiches like -- -- jelly -- -- I'm over yellow mustard. What led you to be over no mustard I had a. -- school. Two days ago and I did Jim Hubble I had an idol with mustard on an -- and I realized I don't care for regular or yellow mustard. Wow I do not like continue to fight guys just it was just like he wasn't good on this pretzel and I'm moving on. I'm supposed to get on a hot -- up. Don't tell me like I did not -- she's your press so I do enjoy seller says yes and -- on the pretzels pretty good. I just -- -- takes away from the flavor of the pretzel or like -- honey Dijon mustard maybe you I -- -- -- a little something sweet with that savory nests of of a pretzel depending on the type of guy on the tenth of a guy L cool. Prefer the unsalted ones. I -- -- little -- is -- got very much salt on a pretzel you know denies Omar I'd ever go to a sporting event you'll know where my -- is because is a sea assault on the bottom of the sea floor but I I'd scrape it off just have a a move at all that's a good comment and not a -- of -- practice now. Stick with me kid with the with the Australian hero to -- at the that's awesome I'm glad you guys I got to enjoy track precedes you while you're here is that the first and you guys got Jefferson. I went there last here last summer in Seattle nice most familiar are going to be here to make this is stupid question maybe. Are there a lot of sushi place is enormous skill and yes now apparently you know you're a Lotta -- -- So you wanna salmon roll -- once again we got to go out and this story uncle slice about -- an idea. And I gave Ireland is. In the basement and at this hotel and I -- at the O'Connell lodge hotel it's going and. And dozens translation pretty good enough screams freshener Sheila good and decent idea until smooth guys whale. Yes. That's he's got a yes from one of those I think I've I've -- I didn't now I'm much talk on about the let's say -- talk about Obama got -- and I am not. Couldn't get salty and very silly but was consulted -- talking about my role here and here I had no. See what sense does that relate to us. You glamorize and make into the ground and let her legs -- royals in his coworker of -- one that -- out around one time he tried a little bit of bed and training to wrest it away for like a quilt it's like Jim chief business -- -- -- -- think -- -- -- -- -- whatever it is due to oil and or even cook I simulate it around Kansas -- -- us elements in the ground for like two months. From the garden on Barea didn't start eating it and isn't such a delicacy that people actually. I entered to win his. Let's just say it acquired taste and like Lou since our. Fund a funeral for another co workers have to. Also by doing that you're trying to kill the other cold like -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- the pre fund. Sure and I was then are they won't say enough good. I don't benefits and the grounds for a few weeks I cannot give you through poisoning or some kind of sick less. That's not prepared correctly how do you put it in the dirt I don't know -- on the TV show which TV should you see -- I -- there is like about some bush pulling him. Company that was flying I think it's our earlier prices are coming from this what TV show -- differences. -- -- he knows malaska matter really hot chick on the show and I sit and that's a damn -- he's Sarah Palin. Coworker of mine and I he knows them -- date on a cold. I wouldn't know let it. Think guys can take little he would. But it's a story he's retiring but yet he has bounced it -- classic cars and nice whenever there is a friend -- -- one of the -- Willis rides and one of them which is pretty cool while at home and -- Today reverend Jackson and while sitting in this part of a plot that all you're taking a car accident we -- -- -- -- -- -- may prove themselves tomorrow okay Allah that I was trying to. I can still hit the certificate that these are the questions that other people want to ask. But we all need the answers to flying wild Alaska loves the show that a close eye diseases and -- -- hot chick they receive what she does look as. That's a guy right there right in there -- Now all our strained all look at the big screen sorry I'll -- her until -- -- look cute. Or good for you know Monaco. There's -- I decided -- else. Who she's a Little Mermaid and I got to watch whenever she's delivering the news on gas. I just saw a documentary accurate review said you've seen him or you mention -- the last from a minimum while back we're playing some music on ES TP cast from a thirty seconds to Mars -- I believe you mentioned documentary I mention decided knowledge of my friend watched I just watched him over the weekend have to watch -- -- it is. I lie I was almost gonna make that the demon today's ST -- at the we've already given some love to thirty seconds to Mars -- -- leno's band. Them the documentary about them trying to make a record. Allied as an -- their record label they thought they were contractually allowed to leave the label because there with them for nine years and I think that contract said after seven years you can leave if you want to. So they were gonna leave the record label EMI I was not happy about that -- artifact. And in some palladium this past weekend easily on VH one a bunch of just look look it up cocaine and DVR it's well worth watching. So the record label decides to sue the band. Because they wanted to breach of contract right here's how much they wanted to sue them for. Thirty million dollars slowly caught a -- at the time how I -- I made desks pulled hadn't even though they sold millions of copies worldwide and their records up until then. Hadn't seen a dollar from the record label they really break it down the documentary and -- and she's just a band sells. 500000 copies of their record you would think less about 5000010 bucks an album you would think okay they've got some money. Who after -- the advance the promotional fees. The packaging -- CD. Manufacturing fees they even have these even -- digital age that it's called damage fees for individual stuff. Which is made for like vinyl and CDs and Casey have albums get broken in half and -- this shipment to the record stores. You prefer. Downloadable -- which can never break in that way Sosa who's doing these contracts are so antiquated of the contracts at Dawson -- even if you saw half a million copies of -- record you're about 400000 dollars in the hole as a band. She and that carries over to the next record and you don't make money of aggregate -- It's one of the biggest shams in the world and he really. Thank spotlighted in this documentary. And no time they're doing that they're trying to write a record -- their record on this is war which is a really good record and now I've fallen in love with -- even more because. There's a lot of artistic integrity behind what the -- was doing. And I always this is like -- If you're a musician you should watch it because it shows you why you've probably being in America a major record labels not the way to go. Or if it is just hope these so I asked some of records 'cause. You and I think they said they sold like ten million copies worldwide of all their records over the past. How government now haven't seen a single and I haven't seen a dime from the record says that's brutally had to make in some touring merchandise all that kind of stuff but. I just for the Oscars. You are right I that's I wondered I come out of love to interview him. Because I would I would wonder like did they target them because he's a big time Hollywood star and they thought hey we're gonna see them for thirty million. Thinking we might be able to pull that out of him because he might have that kind of money you know I mean. Yes it's muscle car I -- Tom give us thirty million dollars in royalties such Bob but I mentioned obviously -- music I did wanna play the other -- Manchester. Or Christian song because I hope that this song will all win over the -- top shelf because I feel like this is -- -- nick -- you know most. Man I don't set this up for failure but I do like if I feel like this could be a -- got moment. I just got that feeling not much is this song rock. It has rocking moments. How much does Iraq more than the first song we heard Iraq's a different way it's dark and it may take join his journey these are non answers but see I could not. -- like to think Greg you'd like because they feel like you have a certain light there's a soft spot in your dark soul that -- -- music -- -- spots all around me. That's for sure. Yeah. But this is also not their last record the record before and I always felt that this is like. I almost texted god -- from window pink it's him and I've been talked about possibly doing Michael side project thing where we write some songs and and also cover some songs artists and willing to is going hey man I'm sure you don't even know this standard. Our fan in the -- but we need to cover this song because I feel like this is the song that would start off first set. In the lead Boston to arrest of other but other songs and kick some serious ass. But it's called virgin. And it's Manchester orchestra. And it and it builds so give it a shot guys. I saw a guy come out soon. In fighting an enemy fighting this song I was like I'm rooting for these guys in the daylight guys that had I don't know what his name is sorry. The local fighters. Mr. -- slow. Yeah. Here buildup that in just patient which children by his side closed. So it's it's. And train. It's. A sign saying -- it's. Time you know. Yeah okay. Time now. Okay. No. -- -- -- -- being in the feel OK. Nine to. -- -- -- Yeah. The noise the the cars. I. -- here it's join the -- going down. The breakdown. They've lost their. Almost there -- still there. And you fall asleep like -- -- play. This is -- You heard yeah. How like a lot of stopped lot of layers that are all here. A lot of other people inside the is coming out little. -- -- cool story about this song to somebody was so like. I guess just on the over the song so much news for his class in college -- was -- can be -- the story -- -- memory serves me correct. He was so -- taken by this song that he created a music video for a school project. And then he sent the music video that he created to the band sweep to -- watched it was so blown away by what he. But the interpretation that he had talk. From the song and into the visuals and he created that they made that their official music video I had. And I don't that was a cool moment of like here's a band that gets it you know I mean like Elian sometimes that you need it sucks when you go to a band you like him in your music means a lot to me and it's almost like. You can tell they don't really given up so -- and then a lot of cool that's makes one of us you know I mean I had a bad night for the -- -- -- like wow that's pretty powerful that this -- I was so. And -- I'll just take him by our song made it cool video why don't we see screw it who needs to make our own -- put it out there. Yeah remembers its -- when Johnny Cash did that hurt things out a while back. They hear the record company did somebody like -- they threw out for the fans and said hey you guys make. Part of the music video conflict submit what you would make for the music video and if it makes the cut then we'll put -- -- don't want to -- credit and everything. They took like. From -- thousand different clips or however many clips and made one big huge video for that Ottawa got -- I don't know that I sweet yeah. That's a video to them do the official music video for Johnny cash's turnout. By the end you start make policy like this my wife come onions in the kitchen and -- had to finance -- all teary -- I I am I sad -- -- scheduled quick segment about friendship. And then get right to leave voice mails and emails text messages that you promised -- -- -- are those kick right into it right. Well now we're going to our first we have to do you think it'll turn around your. It's. And then there's always been no -- -- he could join them are good pitches to get back into -- And that thing has always been yeah. And now a chance and -- -- -- he -- and has this team tales of a desire. Michelle bring us did best and most. Strong. So is that time. -- favorite segments for many people I even noticed that holly over there acidic applauding when you realize you -- had a -- this. A real life reenactment of FaceBook drama. I would like it to be who'd like to delete was here's a dale. FaceBook -- wants to address the point at the stupidity happens on FaceBook on a daily basis probably on an hourly basis for people decide to create drama that's unnecessary and all starts at somebody's FaceBook status updates are -- Volleying on second I will be playing the role of Monica. Top shelf you're going to Monica you will be star. All right just mono nick you are -- Care and Iraq have. You are Lyle and all of the name Lyle. I don't know anybody named Lyle. But I think you'd be a nice person I think -- meant to type Kyle but I think I -- -- instead -- -- better than Kyle okay I know Kyle's and I think allow will be better. The Mikhail including -- -- these names to protect the innocent and sometimes he'll create with the way and -- I don't know why when we -- well you're thinking of Star Jones jury at -- person to ask and answer your inspiration console for your role. All right so Monica starts it off. And I didn't show me. I'm not fishing for compliments I just want and now I feel I don't -- Oh proved. I know I guess that would -- -- -- face you're not fish. Yeah right you don't play dumb you just look at her dues to write nine year old all I'm drunk. I'm getting off -- -- I can't -- -- there and you and yes you know looks shoddy. Cell. Our all star. Are -- using drugs again. Here is create what did you do mom are you not taking care of your kid again I hate that you did my brother he's so. Because -- you. -- fighting you guys you guys are great friends don't do this on FaceBook. My own. It's a shame. Her all commenting on this because you want to jump on it got. Plus you're scared because you're realizing. That everybody now knows you deal Ecstasy. Law hole. Still worries saying sorry this is just because she's not sure who are dotted primary is IBM veteran big steal my -- it was straight out of Jerry Springer act -- sound this is why. A better than springer. There is nothing is -- Drama in the oh my gosh a lot of people actually do that the home page eyes and she. It's time for the federal water real time now on ESP play Jen Stephen Ford -- concern. Can't for water and nobody CPA freedom means I'm good threats unless they took this water from your water Mario you -- -- there yeah. Our Atlanta hotel on the petroleum but -- petroleum -- but throwing themselves at the opening up for. Much trumpeted its by drilling him and it. -- does student female's voice -- text messages topping. I'm gonna put it in in the hands of ladies first so rat and I and I. Got a Hollywood VIP area emails and voicemails or the text messages college text message -- we got a couple pages of them because get -- -- sort of a few weeks we're reading -- -- -- So USO with a more recent ones for -- older ones -- -- older would make sense -- -- First one comes from -- Who's going to be I believe that the the -- meet a -- -- she's always had trapped her rights community and I think we never even told anybody you're doing is we still like really like just the horror must they got a sneak in -- chances are we run indices are absolutely -- be eaten my -- Five -- topping quick joke what do you call a Mexican who flies airplanes. The next. Can. -- or some of them I don't know top pilot you're racist have a happy. -- do is. I until they went there as a positive -- unlistenable -- won't because they're kind of -- and and it's and it also sometimes I think revenue the -- some of their -- so -- -- please don't be offended if -- get to your stuff. -- -- just wondering if there's any update on the adventures of Larry is up and also follow. Whereas Japan's yeah I forgot about that right from the magical pill -- crazy series Gilmore -- Also smoked weed for the first time this week in holy cow what am I -- missing flyers just plumbing munchies and onions on the first summit. You know you lose your damn mind. I don't believe I got very stone but I mean I felt something I had no volume control does doesn't look out unilateral either whispering or yelling cut and they would do it basically came down Joe's yelling a lot of people tell me to shut up insulin whisper. And political class and then eventually get a little bit louder than pretty that I thought I got my dad again this side I would -- just what kind of party I was so annoying and I know that. -- writes us and says ST EP if breaking bad too violent for the life. Was not -- -- but there are moments where issues continue to take a break that's heavy stuff man you might -- tread lightly you watch Sons of Anarchy I love it but it can be violent and bloody -- from states. Yeah I -- you get in the game it's rounds she would love that. Man I know we need to get into some more shows a -- -- -- that point where we're watching a lot of sit coms right now does the worse growing up Fisher though have you seen that show yet so Bob Belcher. No we heard of that big -- it's a sitcom I don't know what channels on what's on the man to know whenever a new episode every week we don't. It's about a Stanley -- the mom and dad's got divorced and they got some kids the data is blind. And oh yeah. It is. They get the dad is he's a lawyer and he's like the ultimate bad ass even though he's blind I keep for the longest time he wanted to make people not think you -- we had all these ways of making it happen knew pretty creative and funny. But it's just it's it's a well written and entertaining comedy the if you if you wanna watch a good show I think used to watch growing up fissures on NBC's de ya. Watch it NBC tonight and I don't know what -- on -- when we run out of other shows are DVR or Tuesday's 930 what was a society that cameras and I used via. Miners in jail deal I heard -- yes and now recent commercial too I've seen -- -- -- -- -- yes that they pirate pool. As always thanks as is going down oh yeah that guy he's great dude he's a great actor we're also watching about a boy and started off really Austin Scott Minnie Driver and it doesn't always you grant -- I don't know I was still lens may offer Nevada boy -- it is though it's based on the -- -- and find show the first Simpson was beaten just. Also and that is gonna add some dips but its -- and I think also watched pretty deep JoAnne Allen and we just are watching them my out of the French have better lives. That's his standard because there are edited the last -- -- stricken hilarious and doing so there's some new shows you guys Jay -- eleven to -- Gloria -- -- -- be calling New York I always support the Vander -- I -- that it's an apartment 23 showed signs just because of him right yeah I played himself and he was a desk that's an awesome. All right next text message to follow him on our next kind of -- cease sleepless. I cracked if you set of headphones. That are too damn bulky any suggestions. Are usable ones that came with my -- Had a little earbuds -- -- out -- but through the best I -- like the -- once on the headphones that there earbuds as well and they I kind of -- -- like. The start believing it and it contours to noise canceling a least a little bit or is awesome that's headphones have ever had I -- I got a pair of the noise canceling but they're like call of duty special ones made out of like. Actual bullet casings or something ridiculous. But those who do the exact same thing they canceled the noise and it's pretty amazing I but I go to bed my wife doesn't really like listening music but I do. And so I I have my phone existence of the speaker to my phone. If I can't even go past the one make them that the lowest possible I'll go one more option that. Communal. This will allow a lot and I came in here I got ringing in my ears all the time I'm -- -- I was analog record just for awhile what I would do was I would seven under my pillow -- and like you're ten. Can remember doing now -- I was a kid but it did hear it through the -- -- -- to the polo junior junior here and it's awesome I really Aggies have a national speaker that was meant to go under your pillow I think that they actually have pillows now that have Blake like Bluetooth. I don't want to confirm it but I do not let these -- Flaky if you go to like those like the sharper image or sky mall I haven't in this -- sky mall for what like. Six times the price he really should pay for well elites that what you know they exist although there is -- one thing that sky -- I was I would love to have it said dog kennel that looks like your -- like a coffee tables. So you see now -- so awesome figure you have a lamp and so would like Mason can piece of furniture. But it's also a dog kennel club that I -- you go up and you could create your dog in there that's nice eskimos very pet friendly yes they're all but he had a little like. -- lawn then you have in your house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's for your dogs I have for myself I actually kind of nice not really be your man came in case you need to take a single. Well I have thought about doing something in from the inside some kind of masks or don't and so. Maybe GE you just find out what kind of one Vijay and a failed -- -- using the speaker's announced the law oh yeah I need to get when there's something like that and how much they don't -- -- -- Passengers were there in October 3 pinch runner on the -- 150 bucks off. I think -- dollars and ninety bucks on me is not much more meaning got a discount because he had talent final bunch of stuff you asked it's usually ninety bucks. He's I think it now yeah yeah I think like sixty bucks and get those of us predict consummated speaker pillows clue who these tiny new -- is reduced. -- the plug in environment so you tournament now -- that crowd Caremark a demo iPhone -- do you hate like a long enough electric blankets too because of the cords. I'm going when you're hitting guys -- sleep around. Corretja broke -- man. Bring tomorrow I hope I'm really had no bias towards chords I just but my damn chargers barely makes on the my bed now so I can't really shut any further. So us. I would like a Bluetooth version and I'll work on that. I'll get on my creative team and we'll make a Bluetooth hello after giving them next step of evolution for a technology is a -- -- -- all kinds of outlets built in new and -- us. Wired this pillow and most current I think can be a great idea for you would be yeah -- will coordinate the -- USB cord that comes out through -- -- at a border along the sides. Aren't just plug in my alarm clocks around the search for the damn outlet like him and -- place and I know there are -- and wound down and let's go to you on this -- -- right there for you and the headboard. Mex Tex comes from our buddy -- he says he -- macedon last night they kickass actually this is a recent text message right there because they did well last night told the bureau was really -- to the opening band was okay. Keep -- dishes. That's usually -- opening bands are though you are going to see. Always mastodon. The F I never spent enough time listening to -- -- that -- -- they do that cold mass. They're pretty like -- and their music makes sense for my case. Heavy stone around. -- -- -- -- -- It was a family of the -- wolf from the front rumors of the event. I don't know I didn't mean to wolves in the it was a dog harness yes that's fun day yeah yeah. They -- aren't really -- toward Barack and his kids fast. You're saying. -- -- If they're gonna be a comedy -- this year. I've yet to hear anything about it I do not believe so I think the comedy are really run its course. It's just. It's always been an uphill battle to make it happen and end and you stub is always a pain in the -- I think it's just kind of like hey that was fun and a -- or material Omar the schedules pretty -- was that's true it's a minute he's been very difficult to books this year I've forgotten. -- elevenths and you big time and I -- -- like this Texas from CarMax and did you ever find out a sexy like he was fake or real. So I was listening to field one guy's going back spoiler alert for -- yes things are identical records sexy like see what's in fact fake and it turned out to be garbage man drew -- -- -- governor Branstad says to us and we gave him a call out on -- recent SDP -- and -- it is this guy still listening to our podcast and he never replied yeah so I think -- summer he's over a man very unfortunate and we mentioned Texas -- Presley. The next day sentiment is so most hey guys I'm still listening. -- see you girl and if I had to pick between the two new I had it takes -- joy is that -- pick of the two I go for her -- That's how. Because I -- I can look at all the content and she let's just -- yes -- After you made it pretty good and I got arrested UCL a nice -- when you -- -- would you listen to this on looking at pictures. You're just -- It think no matter who. KS ED topping -- grab them finally caught up with -- STP cats I just got home from our final hockey game -- -- to say is in the words of the great Freddie mirror -- Merck jury excuse me and we are the champions my friends are somebody Jill. His hockey team he plays on merely I'll see relationship that's awesome dude I'm glad to hear you guys -- chance he'll sit Elan is an absolute amazing guest. You guys -- -- to keep coming back on a regular basis after the Bruins still have to go from jail. Yes I would agree that that's the Bruins and diligence guys -- it's super secret squirrel question here yes I show ends. Who is actually seen her on live webcam. And result in a month -- next. And and. Nobody consider now the Palestinians -- who I've seen her movies on her Twitter. Yes that's a really as far as ago -- -- -- like cam pictures anyway I guess I get our point cam. Interactions us pictures right it's a yeah -- -- being -- -- -- during my summer so yes I'm a weird thing I do not I'm one of those guys and if I know -- one of my friends I had this happen before I was friends and a girl and then I found out that she was a stripper. Thanks so much so that she was not deja -- showgirl of the year cynical politician -- -- went to Vegas she's from around here this is many many many years ago still no longer a stripper. Who still FaceBook friends for you to stop. But I was buddies with terrorists and nothing ever happened that made whenever dating my dad who always hang out we go drinking and but -- it would mean to leave at once one time we were actually both on the kiss -- America yet I was very -- -- -- was good first years working you guys who had to -- one in Tacoma defeat an -- just don't go to like we have a mouthful Fries and we're not. They go they're out of retirement as a single guy out and not say no clay but I talked about. How are the friends on -- a -- is -- Seattle and and joins us either later on that night put. She was a stripper and I -- -- a stripper. I was a very nervous ever go to that deja Vu because I do not wanna see her for some reason I thought they would have been weird to see her naked it would have been like. Kind of an invasion -- some point you kind of feel that way you -- -- she would assume -- Democrat I'm at -- I just -- I have all your own head right way -- and I wasn't gone that the -- I've got an apple when -- she's -- only like I don't feel we're now going on her Twitter NIC merely her boomers. And I'm like now. This is my body if I hadn't seen her boasts four with all the -- shots because let's solve those before I even knew that it was her. Then I might have a problem now looking at a but it's a party scene and the four I think -- -- -- grandfathered in to see her -- Sure power and other -- -- bothered -- bothered you may not grandfathered in so you just created agree or. Hello is it weird c'mon lady I think -- bothered him. Trying to bring that in today's English vocabulary sure why not mr. if somebody put that on what does it dust urban dictionary can -- bothered when -- them -- -- located the other see your friends actually. Before your friends right yes its OK then he didn't -- -- You can't have stopped hello T -- idea this. Yeah how you doing all that recent six mental do what do we do like we have a clam. And I would make a mother a father -- and on the Catholic we couldn't -- it big really does have a big beard on it or. And it can or in better this is what we gotta we gotta parody of the godfather. Logo. And have a Claman their somehow an incentive to -- father Max for -- father urged very ago there we're gonna make this -- -- the godmother of one thing. Like Dyer at the hands my. This and have some of the -- -- hold symbol or some I think so dual -- that could be the clamp. I'll come out from the insight and advice iBurst yes. And we can borrow their inflatable -- that's sweet that we had I don't I don't do our said the divers in Puyallup drilling now what did you bring this child on life Garrett he can make an -- -- -- -- -- This is -- camera -- father. -- -- is not defined as urban dictionary you -- how do we get that in there can you define it is given me a box do it what should I put in any way as we opened the box -- win it wasn't about who is OK. -- the written. The -- and it's okay to see your friends badge right because. You've seen before your friends yes but Jana. The Jana when it's okay to see your friends vagina and because. Use. It before. You who were friend her friends and class -- Press continue hash tag -- -- of the -- -- under -- -- -- -- and somebody needs to spread the word via Twitter but the world know that there's a new word in the English dictionary example I -- example. Do you don't get mad that I saw your girls. From vagina vagina on the Internet on the Internet our way you know I'll distract the party yeah at this club. I'm -- bothered him so I was strip have Clem Bowden who. That's our pictures and read it first. I saw -- as soccer picked her picks on -- dad's. And what is a clam up fathered and a period. And that weird -- -- productive today yes we did accomplish something in today's ST -- -- -- this is the first thing I want words. That is one word clam fathered his one word fast -- this is a great word man. Who are you and we are the best TP tasks -- just -- -- the music now wouldn't road home fathered. Call -- there's some different. Sammy -- he's got to come over to song. Yeah about a mile don't plan -- me you know whether we are there. Father reminds. I bother her own mind. Grandfathered. In today. No illusions what else is always -- father and it yeah. Probably don't preach little -- smells different rock songs yeah. On the father figure army of any oil demands -- -- and I are good song that was the band had -- guy in not stunt double pilots guys and then implement them. I don't know -- Again and clay it's. All right. Girls. And I guess yes pat Garrett and we don't need grandfather in the title he can Ziggy -- put it in your hand Susan Winston's. Causes -- they were called -- him father. Clan and finally -- time they get -- -- -- of -- great grandfather probably say you know what. Millions and he's answer these are creative soul when it comes to the music so when ES TP cast don't -- me while I don't learn sung by Cat Stevens. Now cats and decrease in the clamor in the father brands in the -- went all right this is getting weird -- During it has been cleared for awhile. Our definition is now under review by the editors awesome how how do we know when he gets approved an email it's it's into my -- please let us know -- have -- -- When the government knocks -- it could -- -- the club following a Library of Congress is what you tweet me out about clams. Grandfather he planned father. All right. Last week's topic with this ridiculous way to make money who was at this male stripper I mean it's not a money and all sorts of Jake's taste a magic stick she's heard his eyes and it's not a stripper. What have you seen those who are not accent XX dot com my chance we have a -- -- -- I would imagine that there reenactment is always great. Could just average is walking around that and all these numbers are all good I just. OK well that's console bills and it's called for all the law I think it's a little bit different when it comes to male strip clubs I have never been a male strip club now. Now. There are. Income miles and buy you some -- even the ones you know I smell does this opportunity to talk. Right foods and Alaska I think it's kind of a bad idea to have a strip club for humans and claims that it's like. 97%. Dudes. I've ever heard that I heard that in the mail Jose Theodore ricochet and stay isn't so I don't know why don't female that's here that's from -- -- I don't. Think it's odd. How hot hot hot and I hang out with fishermen we know about them -- That is cause -- -- -- that's going to be a bunch of text -- -- is -- -- an extension. More water from my. There's Justin. And BA commissioner has banned the LA clippers owner. For life. How do you do that. I don't know commissioner Adam silver says the they've banned him for life and find him 2.5 million which when your holy clap your billionaire I think. They're going to be -- -- his ass out of the MBA wealthy just Sandy's ball banned from going anyway arms and didn't like pushing him as in making himself that oh dollars over also said he's gonna urged the NBA board of governors to force the clippers to be sold. Could it be. Sales of -- got -- there are no I don't put -- -- six party said no way that Magic Johnson once the team that be awesome and anybody here if Magic Johnson vice team after yeah him being in the center of all this controversy area and asked to meet NAFTA. That would be awesome first thing it does team photo. Blitz and on its program. That's that's just suck you right back and then has his ex girlfriend or his sister on of that guy's stick -- the historic -- -- always -- go crazy she's so it's like. Well she has sued for the gifts she's just like scorched her he's and in the -- fairly -- -- get everyone's like oh you wanna try to Sumi for the gifts and I asked. All right -- -- does the -- Did you I gave her all and all I was the series is like his whole war and yet as sugardaddies Cincinnati add the wife was like why I was I'm flattered then is that the question. I think he's still grandfathered in -- anger and so at any given point vacancy each other's plans. Well it is and how it is and how well you know now we don't know and I'm not -- with a parent. While. That's a big men miles I don't want it all this year now we're always hilarious. How great would that be will be ready pretty -- and I think gem like a movie like. They can make a movie out of now. All of a sudden when the team found out that their owner was banned forever stays -- I am bound together and created -- ultimate chemistry and I know who plays him do you do you do you Gary -- Did not tight enough because I think you mr. Drummond from from from different drugs don't have to pass on us -- candidate he kind of is. Call Colin called. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No other masters -- he wasn't there are other LA. There's battle a new member -- my soul and Eliot you're talking to different strokes there's different strokes through the world does a does it days there -- so. The world so blue. Do you include drove float realized huge crush -- drugs. So -- go -- go all your roses are really -- have but he's still around darlings got some issues and he was still well that's like owner in the back -- remember TV news especially -- Sunnis aren't feeling the new owner of the clippers to juice. Like how he's changed -- -- -- -- you can and you'll remember that episode when he's a -- tick -- you're certain rural -- I. Her little very weird here well yeah I was -- I wish you the dangers astray you know I -- would sit com how to go down my very special bright episode. I still get -- now and make I think we were just talk about the new girl. And they come at a heavy episode recently when went into this world. The new girl that I broke up and everything to wade ended the wasn't funny. And I hate once it comes -- and funny. They're supposed to be common EC can be teachable moments for when my alert children that breakup -- I think we all know that -- beat some people don't. Barrett I think BAT's it was important for that kind of stuff may afterschool specials and I don't believe me we learned about being billed by bicycle owners and their backgrounds don't take Angel dust I learn -- once that's right or -- -- out of a window. The I learned about diet so instead I still saved by the bell I remember that different serves covered a lot of I don't know a suicide family ties. Alex. Always you have all of that and you propose an amphetamine another incredibly neat Angel -- one was not a sitcom you don't have -- -- special all okay -- -- a little bit if -- think that's on YouTube somewhere I'd that you that is. Man that would be a great dvd and you really don't like a close Dahlia. Have you ever tried to watch reefer madness now like the old school all paid and powerful. But when you're -- it's pretty entertaining for smoking restorers smoke could refer to don't don't don't don't I just likes beyond song that was the beginning of Lambeau express and pretend that I -- allows students remember when we were all really felt. All I really don't know that movie -- I'll lay out what town over into other Denver he had and we went through -- screeners -- -- with -- radio people -- and we were. Leave these amazing and that first team I'll -- all. How did they know. That was the year that we got charged like 300 bucks because we all grief out one of the rooms okay another minute maid gave -- unlike. Holy crap. You guys they became clear months the up move that socked and its -- Miles familiar. I think that might create gases got a minute and thirty seconds -- it -- my goodness when you are married a full episodes and the part where he -- out the window yeah. Yeah. There's always goes -- I guess for now shadowing that's the window he -- Blanche. Yeah I -- do this on Angel doesn't. Australia for the great this is more -- -- -- this stupid -- hawaiians it's I don't look at me I'm still though not mitigate dead and you learned well now you -- -- And I stole that from Harold and Kumar. They do then you know and -- I don't watch the show or the kids are trying to get a look at why are there any more now 'cause I remember that's exactly -- -- so I. I commercial I don't feel like you're gonna forget to pick up your little brother and his swim meet or your dogs can actually talk -- -- right I totally do though once by the way you forgot to be a real little brother -- this would mean I forgot to pick up my sister. To go. Hate her and me to the hospital to see my dad who is having surgery coach. It's just a little more her -- -- distance swimming -- -- our -- the meter. -- -- collect -- I'm here I'm gonna go. I just showed that just she's done in my brain and a -- -- -- I'm on tour and to me it was and did she sees this Tommy. He didn't stop smoking weed and I believe moms think that might have come up our costs and she knew you were -- Timing my sister dime me out because good choice of words I -- out -- -- them until -- -- -- thinking. All that okay -- miles it's in your hands -- -- -- here for voicemail voicemails and we have a humble home. Tricky. It battery Ricky I missed Ricky last week hall returned. Tarmac -- here you -- Lula straight start and you're good parents I was -- Lynette do you have a good time. Here's another minute -- us saying are you guys love we will be guys are talking this weekend in Korea are occasional listening here. -- -- -- awesome as you mean Megan wasted on the ice yes we did costs on what you did what you set out to do I listen to he podcasts when they do a recap and dom. Munson says. And every it was funny here like. We all had similar story -- run a different story relates. It was pretty funny the year I did the perspective for everyone but the general consensus when we were all really wasted it. I think Chris -- give up and all the podcasts I think next year B I got a tweet from the guy yeah any treated me intact and all said was Chris Chelios. -- -- that's -- I -- about it. I think you guys initiate bring up along a documentarian. I would love to do that like I wanna -- includes some like the art institute might get like a serious. Crew gaffe and they look there's -- -- -- we really kicks in on that. Socialists in that state of mind that says that for the dvd X -- is sacked. With some creative editing you can -- I think he'll be an epic document would be fun just to see eat like a different players' perspective at different points in the game and board games and all of their ridiculous this that you guys do. I think every great how about ultimate hockey documentary about the strip and -- none of the not a -- no hockey -- you have to because we're always did so before you see that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's gonna break it meant. Don't -- they well I just sort of consultants and as they might lose it -- guess maybe maybe sign a waiver for us or are shut us down this thing. I as a lot of goalies you know a mallet I'll go pro and they're going Helm of what you're basically doing is say here's something to shoot four guys through -- and I've seen plenty of videos on YouTube where -- go pro gets hit by a caucus. There's got to -- our suite is one. SA knows we like. There's always a one DB dad's coming home in pain and I remember one time and Mike and it's going to be a one deuce it's gonna outside to shoot for and helmet. And someone did and it was a guy expected to do it but he's a real real sorry am I guess -- -- -- -- be the first you stay at my helmet. Color it's -- -- I'm not really joking but cool. Brockman but I -- no immunity -- look at our dollars -- -- the driving range yeah. After -- -- -- -- revolving more than one -- everyone out. Specifically the next president that I I don't know how to how do they have -- on this golf course no -- -- we're thinking about doing another -- -- a little kids little hot in Portland they have one it's called checking for charity and it's -- August -- that's -- USA you tell the the ladylike and no I only do this once a year for the second time it's for charity right. Well charity I think she'll be OK with Islam because when that happened on a holiday 00 yeah east is at the end that's an issue with the classic isn't so much and I'm going for guys weekend she's always said -- if it was the weekend before the weekend after we would never have any. And any arguments about distances. My wife's big into family gatherings and I Easter is a big one -- England. So that's part of what scares me if we ever do -- child -- somewhat are working on borrowed time because eventually and the Washington home from Iraq to -- around a bunch of Easter eggs to find a nickel. You know I mean I used to have to travel along and I got here. Hello and hockey challenging job easier damned if you are -- at a young hey no we never going to be the team that brings our significant others there's some teams that do that and it's like. Why you bringing state to -- this. -- -- -- Hockey rink like every guy is just leery in looking at everybody's draw from when they walked in saying why even put that. Put yourself in that position is a guys weekend he just hang out with guys they don't need any women involved boys only that's how it is all showered together yes there are no female players know from that I know of steady and I don't remember we played them. Let's -- got an excellent health. Are you jobs are not really -- Merck actually. Hurt your -- -- standard and do anything. No don't be race decaffeinated coffee. Or perhaps they're usually. -- a little older man what they -- that I -- -- a weird megs is she's during car practicing person. Some distress -- They are going on in the every day I go in and I received two of them together and that's true you know -- I have that dispelled on the seventeenth. We shall find out. I hope so I hope both season I don't go to them I have RCP that they're coming -- -- -- pretty bold because there's the same person out there and alerted her back on the sitcom days. I can't -- might even happen not enough families dodge ties when you yet or saved by the bell one of those -- do it's all around until June. Obviously -- -- hey big guy had to date so he had like run off and end all sports the rumor and yeah actually yeah I think Damon as I've exact on -- that was our goal and an overall -- around bosom buddies. -- blood -- CarMax -- are both names start with a seat. Maybe I leave the room teaser -- to look like one guy come back she's your outfits come back though I series says and the other guy and that's why can't why did all right now no short Mexican. Peasant as they did with CGI can't do anything if your contracts -- actually. They can bring to blogs fact they can do this gentlemen please pay us got our next voice I think it's a last -- Yeah me. 8 -- -- college and well I don't know I don't in the week actually when I like it'd. Get ready I. Got a problem. Matt and mark strong -- being wrong. And it can't Harry and I did not. As you win in. Are probably are usually gives a joke I feel like uncle Ricky will not steer us down a bad roads so maybe we should check out the -- it's funny you know everyone knows Michael Moore further -- east. An area has come out since then now I Wear it well I see nothing else come out since then but people fallen in love with -- because of the ice in the bin. The new house song as well would send an engineer on them extended division version of dog -- But he did have a record out before he started collaborating with Brian Lewis actually have found a couple lake. Short albums -- peas but he had a full length that's called the language of my world and there's a song on it called. The penis soft and we I settlement. Introducing. Look like journey. This is nothing. How -- that I. And engineers -- Now let's play anymore continue to play more. Wow. More now seeing how. Are acting it's just not always been a young kid and didn't muscle I would just inches but I wanted to. I had a moment and -- probably saw -- Los Angeles training and truly gives money and even starts making him the only difference. The girls will be wrestling match her legs and -- -- -- change when change. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Being in the doors when time. Oh yeah. Really an Angel out of Montag and losing momentum back. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you really have to. -- just like you guys. Nonetheless when my hands are lower than the right line kind of like I'm kind of like a lazy -- -- -- -- and calls nice to see you all know likes. All right here's a song you know they're gonna songs music it's. All. The actual phone grass feels it's. Time elect included tools fired. -- -- -- He's nasty wind I would have a rich and a -- How can I -- the I'm just I promise. I'm so sometimes just. My nemesis he's crazy here and -- a man that would obviously as a -- your point in his life so much and now it's like Gonzalez socially content news and business. And -- I thought this is just an opinion is an injured there was I think your thoughts on his throwing here now a scene where he's an all too easy. Plus I'm glad you decided -- a certain road and that's choose your own adventure wrong. There was -- the continue to write songs like this from at least talk about it and that's something they. And I was really hung up -- -- in -- -- aren't we innocent lives of all the girls out. It's not the problem assistance again -- That's not a -- -- size does matter we got ninety talk socially so I had wrestling at all and you can't really changed my number one. Status makes him in his own -- -- yeah yeah out Soledad select out like a little bit above average dues elections margins meetings and we'll see -- throughout. -- Tennis Channel are our concerns over FY I the first and I gave it a shot he's and he's in north I've shot and he's a gem of the northwest and all right let's take out I mean if all of -- voicemails oh. -- -- There is no blue horizon air. -- -- I -- -- emails left and I have a novelty you know I doubt we're gonna get all these go into trying get to some please do not. Be offended if we do not get to your email or voice Mallory just clearly wasn't good enough -- wasn't meant to be but if you have a problem about it sent us an email. Best TP cast at gmail.com. He also protects us and that number is 2532714787. Which is four ST PD how that works out medals in the same number you can it was a voicemail. Next we come to is quick programming note Vijay is on vacation as a OMI and oh costly god rest don't know why eaten and I'm gonna come in -- -- come -- on Wednesday for some meeting anyway so I. I want to see some gas money imposing -- and stuff done in my car and so I'm gonna come in and record DS TP -- on Wednesday so it's gonna come on a day earlier than usual. Copy and your pride and be up because you know worked aboard the I'm on vacation in the other room. Yeah pat and I are doing after the show but the pants -- as their podcast that -- not going to be IK. Move it around right that's his dad got to be very Al -- song -- -- -- -- to Jesus only to make you gotta be around to be a part of this off. Podcast is going to be just basically in the nick and Steve so. Do you yourself surf all right let of that -- I -- I yeah I remember I'm taking me. -- that they were just a TV rights issue for me who will little bit. That's basically get someone from any other morning just a pop on his profile maybe a morning -- make bogey unless I -- -- -- -- Gregor. And maybe Tony from the from the wolf is stunning I think to become a fun inject a little radio roundtable just those guys they finish earlier utterly erroneous -- that's right that stands at 9 o'clock Tony finishes and nine. We know they'll turn and maybe he's your -- remember that -- Our slam and I'm not sure what time -- Gregor finishes he's just hand is it -- it makes me ask that's bull crap well I don't know how dare you have a job. Good product. Maybe Gregor will be a part of that podcast -- -- him in the time dance party tonight. -- -- -- -- From stereo I guess a lot I was I was that's already adolescent from the same show he had -- forgot who -- what has -- Augusta the man I know Michael doesn't in this tournament -- roster seems sneakers men's DL yeah you should kiss your special shoes that I had to get -- -- Elise Foley asked brown he worked and -- -- knew exactly who I was talking about who I knew the exact -- and I -- final -- -- now we have the same -- Is very exciting much more exciting when it happened there in did in this story it I just told that -- -- -- -- -- -- been saved forever yeah. I'm gonna talk me it is -- -- -- A little song about it and -- he writes this let's go to Steve heard you plug that. Outstanding little -- all spot known as out and about -- this morning on the BJ Shea morning experience. I'm close to the family and opened a joint means a lot to those of us that are closest family when we hear someone with a voice. An influential reached an easy start around me they pay you speak that's crazy talk. Give a local mom and pop spotlight there's a friendly shout out as Boyce missed rip some -- see on the seventeenth nice scuba Steve. I'll do it. -- -- Pay out about murder I wanna -- ever right now Diana I I didn't -- of them quite a bit recently and I really need to swing by there and grab whenever he's in -- -- meridian. You're heading towards. From -- from the south hill mall you're driving towards a Graham armory in. It would be on the right hand side before you hit. Like Fred Meyer and all that stuff okay -- that a candidate of crude truck. This is a truck and it just as I'm about murder on it it's awesome you final FaceBook to. Why are hundreds and endorse that they're burger south African awesome I just him over the -- name for your food truck Steve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some of the best Alaskan cuisine is -- moose. Moose. Murder murder Dario truck polar bear at an angle away hay Adams and -- -- and whale -- -- you know. -- -- could convert itself out of from the middle class does a good interior ordered Google I. I questioned him seventies style. Multi trip struck putt I front. Tennessee has an interest in women's finals on Twitter accounts to get. Through you can't tell. You don't deserve to know where we are just. Are you guys -- -- there. It's Wendy mentions the F boys which is I think that we ever talk about that on our podcast you know we tundra on time nominee my hasn't said it is seeking a foreign language. And hockey. I catch phrase amongst the -- what you referred everywhere and has voice c'mon boys who get picked it up the slack core. Tough game boys are great game Boise -- just that's the hockey speak it's just every hockey player refers to everybody is voice -- but when not times are tough. Or we just talking -- we can't believe Leo. I -- voice. Asked boys just pick it up come on Tom OK well if you don't. Put that like comma or that cause serve all the so you're saying -- boys town and that sounds weird and I don't want them one guy we went to the classic which he was a football player you in knowing about hockey's a -- wanna sound like I'm down what you guys. We like to say ask boys all the time we kick -- boy he's. Noticing -- -- it's not really know you -- like this has voiced alarm. That's voice let's do this. What he's banging on the glasses were playing -- waste to north. That's boys. Have bought all eyes are right that's how you say that -- -- back on contacts that we're not Buddy Guy like evening T shirts. We're trying to convince him he doesn't know. -- we wanna see if we can convince him to make an ass boys decent is not gonna go over -- -- and make hockey inspired teachers not letting him in on the joke. Will he press. Shirts that say -- an invoice for your pain and no we've sort of civil makes and models for -- -- I was alive nimble just a letter it's no moral error of no return and truck voice -- -- truck voice. -- -- -- boys asterisk on need. You and the I don't think it's gonna happen I don't think children Astro gonna sugar and -- hasn't -- pastor Rick calls bad little cars thing you've done that is understood you talk to chuck -- Oh my god how does I saw us on Twitter I had high enough to myself. Yeah remember his business that the yesterday's Blake Shelton Roma fans out -- at bats under his lender retreated out there actually shelves and hey everybody. Here it is Adam Levine cellphone number I think I'm kidding hoops and try calling it pitches. That's what he treated oh lord -- the number what does -- -- RI and I think we should call and you're fired I don't know there's no or slider between the two of them okay. -- on the -- most environmentally Sam Adams song mr. Adams and you. It is and I it's on numerous top 310. You put of one. Yeah. Did you do -- He's trying to say OK 49 during. These are -- DF 7939. Blake shall we did this out. -- -- -- answers this will be the greatest interview ever he hadn't changed -- some -- American horror story. We -- selling tickets like some random number or some like Eminem commercial I'm nervous probably. -- -- telling them want you know. Do early on their response answers now. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice Mr. President shouted kill -- 063130220. Series during Illinois and it's as if. And yeah you caught a local number of accounts -- a -- no warning out as being left on this mess all right sorry we got. Winning the war are as follows sir have you here this right now we meant to call Adam Levine. But you -- probably give us a lot we love your murdered five sir. Sorry deuce coupe has always came down there against. What do you 3101310493. You can -- now. I didn't do it last night at 79390. Join a local number. They've got no -- and a -- have reached no voice mailbox. Adam Levine. All right let's do it again with a walk. And run our -- I don't -- voice of this together. There -- 493. 7939. They'll all be worth it it's kind of answers. And and our people just aren't they all the time come up people I'm pretty sure Dhabi just screwed up again -- so -- time to look at the army's red divorced. Do you what's been called on non stop and -- -- in Lebanon between that out there at 530 in the afternoon. Was luster for that's -- 9799. Why the phone would even work at this point like an anomaly is an honorary. At trial aren't the last -- -- you don't have truck voice. 13104937939. If you better forgiveness. And sauces and now now Dario is our bureau that want to all of them. More more more. No I hang out -- jumping up -- top shelf Bryant top shelf hey Ryan talk show Ryan. In the -- Brian writes this on FaceBook IP dash caste group agent says you street. Kind of freaked me out now I'm hoping my wife never dries -- when I snore all my wife close I don't know his passes in addition trying to kill me last week. She probably has even more reasons to wanna kill me in your White House for you thanks for. Our differences have you heard this catchy song it's called an aerial lost my -- nine found my goodness he has heard this is from the tail and even clock. Not a -- and as I do know who take manages let's check it out. She's coming to ourselves gonna have to have legalized -- -- might. And exactly. Also it. -- -- -- -- Ontario as far as. When it's time fathers sons and you know that. Aren't doing it's -- why. All man by man. Editors reviewed your entry have decided to not publish -- fathered. -- -- -- Time. And may actually examines where they'll give me a reason as to why no wall right Americans I would like to know why I can't it's no reply urban dictionary they say that but if you -- that they -- Now come on guys in suits and -- -- hero of national talk to you. The clam farming the stuff really did somebody actually how I read that and this determined that is not good enough yet. You can like do you call the co worker or they don't check this out. I'm not -- terrible things and they'll work place. That's suspect at best any distance -- make we need more of the Titanic deuces is submitted in annoy them yes. Again clamp fathered his win it's okay to see your friends in China because you sought before you were friends. Right and indeed -- -- come up with their -- -- yes exactly user on usage is -- ours wasn't good enough. Right and that doesn't work -- we're gonna we're gonna -- terrorists -- -- you urban dictionary well -- -- and we'll see if Dallas gets approved with a ticket if you urban dictionary when you don't get published in the but I wanted to play this Stoner son but we're kind of running out of time so rules passed -- now on the obvious one because I don't want to -- this guy because he was disappointed in us and because in place -- and -- -- -- -- And I keep pushing an -- -- a few weeks so. I'm -- is even more disappointed in us won't suffer are pretty good that time I was a bit disappointed when you guys decided to purge the emails and this is from April 15. 1992 yes. I wrote a couple of weeks ago at do you guys have menaces like a good month -- -- and waiting for this look pocket resentment that day old baby Mel songs I wanted to introduce you -- do -- and -- to one of by the bands I like called the pillows. Many of their then he posted it on the FTP -- group FaceBook page but. Pure play in his wallet Tibet -- a song called I think I can by the group the pillows and I think during Japanese based paint even so let's check now. And. When -- turned him. The power -- yeah. It's time that we up. How. A Japanese fans and our apartment that -- between men knew they beat him home. I didn't speak any English should have been caught -- -- -- you want to become like a band like in the underground circuit fox called electric field shot. I became a coach Peter Parker -- this -- really cool -- how big this. It's sort of talk from all over it. He wanted to for the other side. Before you -- I didn't know they are showing up. At a certain time I come home and they're all passed out on our floor and it is eight. -- Japanese guys just pass out girls do and what it like walking into Paulus electric Gill's shot I took them to the -- -- later on nice. There's good there's no need for language there's no language barrier when he comes with a love for weighing on some trades were taking -- -- eating easily and we just you. He and Matthew my old man -- okay and right away from the come home from work. We took them today you get -- break. When did we -- was there. And they destroyed the -- did you guys off so we have to do like Panama I mean like you wanna go eat now what I like doing Mickey. I did I wanna go -- night. And I disagree years. It's. Oh yeah oh yeah -- -- casual racism at the time I did not know anything about the mother may I like our mandate and then they're like I watched them play. Along the way they've put on the greatest -- ever received a one point the drummers playing report from six join up and get completely make it. And plays naked while now why they were great that is added to the greatness it's. But yeah and slowly but surely kept getting a bigger bigger following they -- For awhile I could make selling out like you know 4500 capacity venues are some. Hey STV copy -- in the dawn master reverend en Fuego thank you Seung-Jin -- weekend -- awesome can't disagree with that in case you don't remember. Here is that song inside -- John DJ sneak turned down for what. Yeah. I have very serious. Flu. Like oh okay so little area. Anyway you guys. I can't disagree with it however whenever -- shares on FaceBook I make sure to come -- with this remix featuring Hank Hill from King of the Hill. This is Moscow July I might have listened to me is just as much as the original. Top American I don't have to. Ma. Turned down for -- -- -- Moscow Idaho. And that's unknown college city eight miles east of WS -- last year. Point -- run and -- Jones in the way you're playing Friday night at the tractor tavern this Friday may second -- -- -- about Iran Jones in the way. He says he's made it. Please. Okay. They played at W last year and close down the bar in Moscow. Children are good guys plays Adrian M hours straight met all three of them. They have made sure to let him know that I was there because of the -- TP -- -- other guys grow as a birdie gangster -- when your heart I appreciate that. -- -- him for the. Why he says warm. -- So much more energy than their album I was amazed also excited as they are finally meet a date for your listener party. I was gonna make a weekend trip but my girlfriends graduating college on the seventeenth. So I guess I have prior obligations. JPM pro life American Idol Eric you are the -- hopefully next time you be able to make it out keep in touch rather. Words -- the cookie man on fox island writes us this. One of trying to do you guys how loved Russell Wilson is here in Seattle. I just listened to my wife and sister in -- go on for about five minutes about how Wilson's wife must have been -- -- That's the reason why they're here. Yeah our -- identity and his side and two women defending a man and a divorce and claiming that a woman who does that -- in the state of Washington today and no way questioned at a Super Bowl winning 22 year old quarterback. Could possibly be the guilty partner I'm in no way claim he's only 22 who. I think he's a little or not okay well we've been all non -- milk for. Call yeah. I think Greg pointed out I think everybody just assumes that she did something -- stop myself included how could Russell Wilson the man who visits children at hospitals 25 how dare he do anything wrong runs a little. And her new brother goes to the hospital visits children and spend time with his wife day Helio might be a problem. -- Anthony asset -- and he treated us. Great right. I mean that every Tuesday yeah that is one day off. During football season dating since they were eighteen years old yeah he had been -- for two years and they've barely lived together after a year or two -- -- is a guy here. Because there with a college across the country from -- out there I just I wish we would know what actually went down natural never find out but that would limiting. I wouldn't be surprised if there was both of them stepping out on -- relationship. You know united journalism don't really want to do and realizing they're just not in the same place anymore do you think the rumors are true that she was a part of a doubles threesome or Red Bryant in Golden Tate. Oh well good for them. That's why they're no longer. Okay now all right Russell are longer and also the subcommittee hours ago John Schneider you are not giving a dime to those guys. CN. Turned down for why it took. -- -- -- hello John song come on top of the lineup -- -- -- and come back area already know how I judge Snyder. Is Russell Wilson. I don't know if you're aware but my wife was involved in the double on some. With the Red Bryant who think Golden Tate then John Schneider looks in the -- Yeah. Hey Dan I don't guess I just wanted to reasonably that -- again. They're okay. Not everything's going to be get on this podcast no -- most of it won't be moved past the spirit must have got to treat that as something to do with a guy it's been binge. Pod purging whatever you listened to our podcast like one after another after another after another we talked about -- last time. And -- ass -- we didn't want him in the loony bin immunity no he's now. I don't write this. Here's what he says right now what we're talking about on the podcast and he's listening to them the options are standing clumped. -- NY 100. And three user -- -- how do you. Kind of -- -- -- you're bound folder where you from America is a motorized shoulder whoever is a -- or a macabre and a standard. -- club where I get on the folder and a standard. You multi Mozilla Joyce called Holden was -- understand is how well the sit unfolded citywide clumped stand. -- unfolds it wadded ball yeah you business -- -- between my starting clumping. I think those are kind of the same one always go back and listened to that podcast at that point I was -- -- -- -- narrowed again and remember what I. And we need to get going please take your eyes and she yeah. And immediately guys on his feet to build -- potentially getting -- million. Seemingly easy setup and my house I -- gazillion things Graham's. -- You are better and better more -- I guess it's. Encounter I mean savings for over a year NAC unit for an AC unit and ideas -- the week suggests yes. -- it's gonna get I I I -- a scheduled it's not knowing that the weather's going to be so great this week but how awesome to be if he's estimate is -- -- any estimate I've already received and I pulled the trigger any puts it in tomorrow which brandy don't score are associating ourselves with some guys. Some guy named. Lance I heard Slater interrogators a glance from hitting Garber yeah I don't know edit my -- appropriately to a different body works in the air conditioning and heating world -- -- came out in my business to use it always do business like. We do all parties it is man not residential summit. The guy guys there and he's got a buddy I'm looking for an economic discount I just want somebody that's gonna do it right yeah ask for the Slater brand. I'll do what he wants to did you have unless I checked he's the guy. All who heard -- anything going on your road Marietta by something only to tell you. I'll let you -- -- 'cause what is your own what's your history with Slater. -- AC Slater. Almighty god I don't feel bad about my terms for what. So I -- we're losing. RRR. I don't -- I don't know why do we have reason to visit two hours we can we have -- right now and my time we get done go have dinner we'll be close that's true that's further south I don't know we adultery. Top feet wide there's a file on -- it just -- topping -- this and it's because of an email that we received a gun at somebody said that so worried about this one. And all caps even -- Cue the music. Oh yeah. This is just sent to us. No headline. Alan Parsons new lives new project and it's silver -- you can -- now it's. Turned down. And let's join us I mean every I mean. It's got -- join us right in the event center and silver creek casino. In turn down. For you. A classic rock. Win the Alan Parsons project times. Signal on today's. High in the sky. -- -- midnight do. Games people play. And the Chicago Bulls are. Happening this weekend no rules may fourth. At eight. This Sunday that's Sunday. -- idea of having them come into the S itself. Tickets starting at 3950. The Alan Parsons right how we knew that we -- the whole show about the golf -- project and they're going to be at a casino in town for you say case. And I don't. I'll so settled be in Hawaii are all the other area that we I got a bunch of emails you one more okay. The songs -- summertime. Steve have you heard the music. Have you heard a terrible music -- that's called the summertime is great. I know you guys like listening to bad songs in this one is getting a lot of hits on YouTube -- -- -- you might wanna type in summertime is great. It's a door he dad and his two nerdy kid singing about how excited they are for summer. I most of these things. It's impossible to talented joking or not I'm guessing that there are serious. Because they just seems that you messed up -- now even did as a joke it's an official music premieres on iTunes so it's got one point one million people who -- seen it on YouTube so I think we should play along and watch it and listen. Are you ready my neck yeah. Are you ready Thompson yeah the world premiere a summertime is great on ES TP cast the last thing we'll do in today's podcast. Fire -- boys. -- there on the TV kids. You should all why the long haul you out of the army and -- time. Hamid come over here bonuses and it's going to Napoleon Dynamite thing here and. It was a family thing. You mean that in -- higher burden is not an actor's home and I don't wanna see EG comments on this. That more girl it's. A beautiful game. -- -- Paulson. Over a million. Did -- looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy. I'm not there -- my -- wait Volkswagen Beetle a good start making money on this morning -- it's like a million plus. Top we've got to come it is the jazz playing on a motorcycle okay this guy makes it looks pretty fast. I'm driving again. News. Not a game -- undefeated. Well and cheer when James Joyce Jolie and talk to grow on -- His allies -- OK and you guys plan. Charlotte Larry that's a lot of it is. You on the life and on the minds again. It's. A whole -- Trevor a minute ago and Suzanne. In the comments so what I'm looking forward to. OK I am still a little. Go right to the comments now. Saw the people are terrorists could go ahead and it's like being on camera he's up there and watched him tummy. So the green maybe we did you guys are really just summit of mount as murders. -- these off. -- -- Yes. Oh my goodness. Is there any -- you know I thought -- that's regardless. I have murderer season Nicholas. In the go ahead hey wow news. We're we're all going to help. That's another -- you learn no. I feel like you do you're gonna help before the break allowing this. I love me sir. It's great. When everything's OK okay. You're really brought the music to assess each -- day care they need. Here he just looked -- I don't know all the words and close tax. CD and number -- -- we don't you. Bill Nye the science DR Bob bronze. You're you are on there that's yeah that's out of total insult -- -- to our roster -- -- -- -- than Friday. And introduces all pennsylvanians can still better and Justin Bieber Jimmie Friday evening I'm not a Friday this -- for -- today. We -- you might have. Mozilla fire. And -- wow positive results over forty years of -- Trying to get all you know you do -- Our man words stay positive guys such as you can die some time how opposite business could shoot these great all week. Aren't we yeah. How great would be topping. Sometime this summer can we please borrow billions you drive -- see him not really borrowing -- a new drivers surrounding you and your Big Brother you're you're you're -- computer is America it's. And -- -- trivia tidbits you can only we just don't listen to this song let's go to like either outside. Your arm no frozen body or we go down by -- like the ram and all the restaurants -- Tacoma arrested Wednesday it occurs unrest in -- well we're not -- and a -- we're just celebrating the -- get summertime is here tomorrow thread I -- -- -- Asked on all I didn't pull afterwards. -- I'm. I just trying to stay as firm red -- bag for a nice to be up there are some girls rollerblading and stick -- ladies from Mitt somber time. It is in your role around the CL senator does that muscle lights and people cross cross talks. -- Goodell by the market I gotta figure they're easy and beyoncé are coming to town in this summer to play in Safeco Field to -- okay deal -- We want people they're -- fans of the RB and hip hop variety. Why don't we just rolled down there and just cruise and -- that bump it like a glove man yes there are going to be jealous or do we would -- up maybe we need to dedicate and STP -- -- outside of -- who Safeco Field and and it -- speaker and just play that song the entire tie shirt get on the -- to give us stickers and everything. It's just log on bad married the so there's all your help and I see American James oh Skiles -- your bad -- imminent. Nice though popping now back -- While -- -- -- should probably get out of here but don't forget again we get that big a first of all miles Molly Bengal. I had yeah our -- I -- the hopefully -- everything severe you chose to do the glasses yes. You yeah you you -- to be part of this I was you do not have a good time and no fault but your own good and then you -- doesn't go by you music you heard today. Yeah what's your favorite -- Obama's address the did you look up no well sometimes I'm like yeah sure -- on iTunes -- it has been. It's something you've got a son got on the as defeat cancer and aids and extend term I guess I. And maybe even include that one quote this is. Now I'm just -- don't -- he's been to forty years of incest team. Since bug -- wasn't so after this is my favorite foods hormel Asperger's. It's awful -- very -- I'm forty years and -- Although I just mean this is just downright awful -- feel bad for those kids Smith and I hope to -- his client I have. I don't know -- and I mean Islamic had a lot of -- -- studio but I mean how do you know do you not know that that's when you viewed -- throwing yourself into a lions' Dan when that would you guys -- over summer break. -- video check it out and we had a million -- on YouTube. Don't look at the comments just ignore that I feel like. I feel like if they did not know it was a joke that possibly yeah. I feel like if they didn't they would have disabled the comments very yeah they're young enough and that daddy is looks like he's technically inept enough not to know how to do that -- I -- -- there's legitimacy in that Danielle that there's a possibility that they're just. I had just trying to be superstar while they are. Maybe after the way the and I wanted to know how many videos it is from their -- there this is how we use for him Liam. The closest we ever got and then we've had six figures who wants ideas and -- -- though is playing with a shake -- the dad is doing a lot of obviously Dan does the time I got -- the end Mel Harris hey. -- I think that's your biggest video is pretty out for us on our show was a time that CM punk groups on Hulk -- I -- got a lot of views and then the time that Annabel played with this equates wow yeah. That's it. He's over forty years of -- happened and -- and yes I -- therefore no million hits. -- So I could run them congratulations and then let's not forget for all we -- really get trapped perceive you to play that song while -- somebody brought it up but god and is -- what music should be played while were -- not sub as well. Our girls are social songs that scared so we saw I had seen her. -- old media. Tried. So all -- Know supposedly amaze me the you -- make him extend new volunteers to go for American public are just horrible I don't know that first -- -- that I even have all these on MP3 and I still won't make the effort to do it. I -- join us on Saturday may seventeenth 2 PM trappers Susie Penn Station intend to Washington. We have about forty people that are definitely coming. -- none of them show up higher BJ might even be trying to make an appearance at this is look if you want to steal you after losing ground game and he does that it was -- with the rest even asking if I have things going on an annual bicycle shop and ask you take your shirt off comical error. Dad is only doing this TP I'm not gonna play with him. Moments unfortunate that is -- you -- -- all the dishes or gas absolutely sushi come home really taken out eaten some sushi unfortunately miles an -- he will not be there but we will have a role in your honor. And he didn't eat well yes of course you pour out of that and in this TP role for the Romans. Of course -- just eat it -- assume you're probably not likes the proposed that in -- pay because it's expensive sushi down. But -- sushi just. -- Had to find sponsors maybe I guess maybe it got nine -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Anyway because there are some places called OK we're going to go to those plays its. Good try. I don't drivers might have been originally called -- count your -- no they weren't actually yes -- -- they were. -- -- -- iron and I remember that yes it always gives you are just alienating every shot. Sarah American dollar appeared damn old Carlo now you want some freebie yeah -- -- your -- -- does he hates them I should add a dollars and also what you -- on was. -- pursued what I knew that and -- -- our our our our -- school Barney Craig Roberts good and I used to go to sonics games and stuff thrown at times -- away designs did you stream by volume yes it's -- from federal way right continually live there I'm currently uninsured or. The not just the most awkward ending to a podcast ever you guys yes positive yes -- us get out here you know trappers who received more serious in town. They got seven locations. The -- -- -- your -- it's called -- sushi. Did the old -- they used to because sushi downtown new laws don't violate the act convicting ten season you're all Bremerton and Tacoma. And we did some work -- it's a cold one last Friday night. Romo once again hooked -- up -- all your dad died in this guy whose name I can't pronounce. Morning from portrait I -- he makes. -- most ridiculous names into the seat right -- -- -- -- something. -- -- yeah it is very easy guy whose name has received -- big mural he makes a role that will blow your mind. Also across the drivers of the -- all one make it travesty we've got a tweet from somebody who actually tried this travesty -- love it. That's pretty awesome that you were actually going you know immense on ES TV cast. You're going to need places asking for -- she's she's just specialty rolls. The final days looked fresh friendly that's -- -- Old -- CC six locations find our eight locations -- segment seven locations. Just down -- -- more drivers sushi dot net. Stay positive and sucking.