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May 19, 2014|

Joined in-studio by Headswell!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah oh yeah. Yeah. -- yeah. Our band is actually from being surrounding him media manager Paul. An area encompassing that would notice the great northwest. Rockaholics. This is the last. -- -- -- -- Yes W. -- pretty dear rockaholics and allowing political supporters another Sunday night another awesome guest in studio. For allow local tonight I'm joined by. Three of the full members of -- well good evening gentlemen. Well Lou you know hey man. Has never had to though lots of ground to cover. You guys have a new album coming out that's titled fire from known and you've got your CD release show happening this coming Saturday night. At the hard rock in downtown Seattle but before we go any further -- chewing him. I've always I've. Got a -- I just feel like I'm talking to Dave -- you know -- April every interview with the guys always -- and on down. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go on like a power chip and Felix while it right now if you compare me Dave Grohl and all respect that I emphatically right. I look at the well you can gun and shoot well we'll discuss that when we had a -- drummer guy that terrorists that have a group. Let's go around the studio introduce yourself and say which you do within the band. My name's Eric ID. Errors -- it means so. That ran. My name's Eric record I'm gonna play guitar and also it's. In -- well. I'm -- the drummer. And Joey gets to you can we decided it's okay. I thought that's a we're getting it to a number of songs from your new album. Titled far from knowing you can follow -- well on FaceBook. FaceBook dot com slash head -- music you can also find them on -- reaper of the nation. It's well music you can -- had swell on Twitter -- guys we're we're tweaking a little earlier. I like it when my brains are nice and active on Twitter. On and then I -- ends when they're not active on Twitter and they have a Twitter company -- we've been properly. Numerous again what lesson and I took action -- and -- -- -- be released show once again is happening Saturday night at the hard rock. Guys let's just get into atlas platelets played its first song which is the first song you. Released from this album. Which again titled fire from it and this is conflict the single right now single on video as well and the video. Let's play the song and then I would love to talk video and about some more excellence but it's just. Get into it this is -- well. With a brand new song called dedicate eighties and local enjoy -- I. I'm not -- point nine KI SW it is loud little that would be had -- with the sound dedicate from the upcoming new album titled. 5 from island -- and I'm joined by three of the four members. It's well it's if I can do this right. Eric -- And hunt. And generally Sandberg. As much time and Eric critical or are you got it right yeah. What ever gets that right don't like -- think about -- core of the old Blake punk metal club yeah on Capitol Hill that telling and in word association right there. And and we wanna say hello to. -- -- -- -- made that in -- -- miss your best and just now when I am I say your name wrong it happens every. I had -- well your album release. Shadow for five from known is this coming Saturday night. That's the hard rock tickets are available now which you can also get them in advance trials I would like to put it out there if you have the opportunity. To buy your tickets in advance for local shows do so because it helps the payments. It helps the band's show that -- People care they're gonna buy air tickets and they're gonna come to the show so I'm saying that on behalf of me and that's separate from -- while it's just me. Telling you what you essentially on guys who we were we were just talking about dedicate which is the first single from. The new album far from known and and of video. Is has been shots. It's not completely finished yet what can what can you tell me about the video for dedicate. We I mean. It's it's in the final workings. Were -- notes that should go forward just shortly after that. You know we shouted her -- several locations. Around next -- area here mostly and whatever look good. Yeah pretty much in fact that. We we what was you district area towards -- and -- Told you I mean we were down in. Africa like up in the mill creek areas well discriminate all over the place and we spent a couple days driving around a whole lot trying to film the thing. But it did -- -- get home I'll show them well. And if everything comes together correctly and then maybe you'll be -- and ultimately. Not out there and release show but who releasing it around the same time Texas where. You know I can't say that now they give yourself a little but -- time but it seems like you know in this day and age of social media and you know it really doing it yourself you end up. Learning how to do so many more things that have to do with being abandoned me in the role of a musician is involved a lot more and you have to be businessmen as well exactly resolutely and and that's Smart you know the more the more you know the better prepared you can be it's not it's not the sexiest thing to be like -- really got to look at your finances and find somebody who can help you but it's so important because there's been. Amazing bands throughout the years. But it just kind of filter wayside because they've gotten gobbled up at the business it's like I applaud all of those who. Who put the time in tuned to work and learn as much as they can't because it's needed. Guys wanna take care of some business we're gonna come back and play a few more songs from the new album also gonna get to PGA she's featured. -- little band of the week LD in her pretty pretty which is part of the reason my ears are raining right now. I feel like I'm stoned an -- that's. That'll come later while local continues from hatched not -- -- point nine KI SW it is level local for more on -- -- how to submit your band's material. To -- in the past podcasts. To check out the playlist link up with the bands please sit up allow local page AK ISW dot com and if you like what you see. News flash Sheen on FaceBook and Twitter at helps keep the word. I'm joined by. Three of the four members of heads well I'm joined by Eric -- -- creek Cora. And Joseph leasing and Amber's -- gentlemen it's good to have you guys in house. Your album release show for this in new album titled far from -- is this coming Saturday night. On at the hard rock. About done actually gotten cancer plainly. So we're replying with. The guys and or listen I believe it's their last show is that non is the last show ever -- -- on hiatus of its. The guitar players. This week and yours for awhile and goes there he's moved on to. You know difference different. Countries could -- -- -- back so there on Sunday there's some big party. It. -- And then the other band we were just discussing that that's on the bill. I'm just one choice fields just one what is it it's that hard rock rising contest yeah. Yeah it yeah -- we saw we saw some blasts from them votes you know. Get -- vote kind of thing effort then do enough harbor present on this and they want to. They won the competition here in Seattle and then -- from what I saw they won the national thinks of -- Pretty cool that's often. I'm trying to think when and I think a couple of years ago it with the guys and fox in the -- who once I was there really cool -- let -- -- up. A really good crowd comes Saturday night at the hard rock -- your album release show tickets are available now. On you can get them in advance I'm sure people can probably get tickets through you guys as well. That's correct value of tickets for ten bucks an excellent and you cannot. You can link up with the guys in -- will be other FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash kids will music also Twitter. The -- handle it just -- well and then your reverb nation page. Is reverb nation dot com slash heads will music -- involvement. -- -- another track from from the forthcoming album titled. Far from now on the song is called retrospect. What can use what can you share with the class about this particulars -- So what we at least eighty demo. A year and a half ago the song was on it and this is actually we decided to re record as we think it -- it. Yeah its it's kind of that same be candidates and vote it just forces -- Don't get technical. Ha -- I was being so. -- Brad gotten added output IKI it's W Islam local. This is heads heads well with the sound retrospective is a local. -- KI SWL. And yeah. And. Now add it up what ninety AI SW does allow local that would be. The guys in the head swell with the song simple I'm joined by. -- well tonight for -- -- you can check out their album release show this coming Saturday night. At the hard rock. You can also find out more about had swelled like going to their FaceBook page give them alike if you would be so kind. FaceBook dot com slash heads will music you can also find them on Twitter the handle is just had -- And then reverb nation dot com slash heads will music. I we I was talking with a Eric's and there in his air -- Cora an air Yeager as -- -- Joseph we'll bring you into the fold here in a minute you just have to sit on the bench for second content others. But it's you you were talking about how these nicknames came to be. And some some of the nicknames came along on. A two -- challenge you guys did with. -- that it was it's saving -- saving -- and then who was n.'s art of dying art of dying out -- says so tell me about you said you were driving down to what to do to Colorado you send them that's correct that is a long drive was that was it -- -- four in -- band together. Five of us side actually kind of his these small truck for -- it was a small it is pretty good test ahead. But we don't we don't worry on the radio everything sounds -- yeah. I've got half half half half. -- that went right. A serious singer in this this small you but we had to do a straight shot straight to Denver from Seattle so who's you know. With stops we have been meticulously 27 hours to get there regularly in the morning but you know we have five people jammed in the small truck -- the hold -- -- trying to get along though -- are we there yet. Oh man on I mean that's that's the thing you know when when my when my hat. I just I tip my 27 of the great hardworking local transcripts when it comes to -- it is tough. You're eating. Garbage food you're not sleeping you're smelling. You're smelling your band -- feats amongst other things for hundreds and hundreds of miles it's not easy it's tough. You know and then some of us have better speaker than others. OK so I enjoy this question humane who is the smell at least one when it comes to the traveling. I think. More. Yeah. He always lessons -- the Oscars knoller and many -- -- didn't like -- beat that with all hours. I had it. It could sleep. On the windows. We will it to victory at east forgot I guess that's okay I remembered that I suppose I would need a break. Recent mr. smelling as those are two different politics and we that this is (%expletive) look -- here's a little greasy that's the witching day I would. I would trust anybody to abandon their hair smelled with super clean and shine when it on the -- might not trust me -- Aware figurehead I. I coming -- and good review really I got an. Tropical fruit product in there and exactly exactly -- know who I work with around here in Italy it's gonna get weird. The guys in -- well have their album release show went -- happening Saturday night. At the hard rock let's go ahead and play another song from the new album titled far from note. I struggled with this with this song title -- which is code for -- lean on can't say it's so she would rather you introduced the song but that you missed the title of the name. And then maybe how how it came to be because I feel like there's a bit of an opinion and person here. It's Japanese point demon. Blue. Technically monster but it in Georgia. But. So the song title is -- came -- now. And we actually when the song first game to be. We were doing it pre production style and it was a -- written. That I was particularly fond of yeah and I as a joke kinder wrote some other -- over the top bit. And we actually had the working title has probably not gonna happen. I up up up up -- up. And it is just really eagles' opening song and you know on secret. You know. I -- I -- latest on the we're gonna talk anime night doubling IK ISW does allow local. This -- -- well. We can't. -- Jolie and 99.9. KI SW yeah. Yeah. If not don't play and I KI SW it is loud and local that would be BJ -- feature about local -- of the week algae in her pretty pretty. With the song not my favorite day rocked it rocked the house tonight. At at shops doing on Capitol Hill along with the bug girl who is bad ask. And the true metal sounds of skillet torso -- that -- -- pretty pretty if you dig what you hear. Get up the band at the -- section of the allow local page. Writes this scary moment my special guest tonight. Or allow local are three of the -- members of heads well I'm joined by -- creek Cora. Also -- Sandberg and Eric -- and it's spelled with a wide but it sounds just like the delicious bit. She is it actually was built like that before we came here. Really -- you know americanize -- let's. Yeah that that tends to happen a little bit. -- let's go if there is a heads swell. VH one behind the music let's go to the beginning of the episode how did you guys -- how did you come to be. So pretty much Joey are on high school. Ten years ago or -- and then. Kind of please get a sense. I would say that this particular project that we all work together on. Start aid -- in 2008. As a recording project beside me and a former member -- -- That. I didn't have any aspirations to make into an actual ban put -- we had some fun we started treatment you know Julian RV import to and it kind of just took off from there and you know Chris and Chris and his lovely wife caution that he. You know in the past years have pursued decided at the baby and start making their family bigger and ruining the world for everybody I'm I. They so air -- really good friend of mine from his other and macro reason and I'd. I asked him to come onto her with us like we were mentioning earlier and the rest is history so far. Pack your bags are known to you and welcome hopefully get alone right now I. It's actually pretty funny the whole I hope you get along because I think it was a couple months before. Gallantry. And what you don't want two hours estimated talk. Yeah are tough tough. I don't even -- -- that would eagle on -- you're you spend all of this time and there's no escapes are. Man you better get along or if you don't get along their best be some great performances and good music that comes from it. Due to -- -- to be the belief that. Some of my favorite musicians if you go -- classic rock era bands on some some of their greatest work. Tends to be when there strung out on drugs. Or alcohol. Or just any really. Bali -- bay you know things like Roemer or you know -- sat down -- followed -- actually is is it possible to. Brighton music when you're getting along. Like the vital chooses the band are this animosity this sort of tension inside out GAAP amount music down now honestly I mean we've had better times than not the worst times together. And so I mean I think just writing together is is more fun -- not that. And I can get -- had -- album release show for their new album titled fire from then is this coming Saturday night. At the hard rock more with head swell coming up next we'll also be getting to Iran Jones in the way before the end of the hour as well local continues hi all knotted up late night KI SW it is loud and local I'm joined by the gentleman in. Heads well they're new album is titled. Fire from -- you can scoop it up this coming Saturday night for their album release show at the hard rock cafe. You can find out more on heads -- music by going to the FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash -- will music you can also follow them on Twitter handle is just -- well and then on reverb nation as well. -- nation dot com slash heads well. -- Did you see you know the name is spelled exactly as you know -- AD still beat -- swollen head swollen you're really fortunately. I think our impact your radio -- tonight guys. Really hard. Up up up. We could ultimately it's. Like the street and they have is trying to bring attention there facts you know. That's like NPR voice political and today to -- Would you like me read you didn't. Yeah I thought that was definitely. I can do -- better can regent fund that. Guys we were talking about movies a little earlier. If you could -- Any of your music or if you have a specific -- in a movie. -- -- I don't know if I don't -- -- I think you are. You can learn so many valuable life lessons from the movie road house my favorite quote is that. I. Yeah ma are not be something that added to it eight dollar and -- Says it's pretty much. Are back back back to me he didn't have to -- -- -- -- -- that you'd think it'd be cool to hear your music and. I like the question and asked earlier if we were Bure who can appear would you be. A I don't know looking out the movie on one employed music in any movie that wants to take -- that is exactly at least put it in there and you know that you know that agreeing to a press that your car. Partly. -- It gay porn it's the yes. Yet okay. Yeah and over the past that's I. That that category. You know it's hard enough yeah it'll all's well that makes your heads while it. -- he's in the you have to have to let him play another news on from from the new album once again you'll be able to get Saturday night at -- -- -- well. Ultimately showed the song is called out of line. And you guys have been out of line. Not Catholic and I can a W it is local assistants who. And we. -- We saw. I. 99.9. KI DSW. You'll. Yeah. And I am I. -- -- You. -- -- -- -- And so on land it. Owns me. And it. And -- yeah you. It's. Some -- I have got -- yeah. And even millions. John Jones in the way amount of remains if you have not had a chance to see a run you absolutely have to do because. That man is the bee's knees my special guest tonight. For allow local I am joined by -- well. Well played -- closely I was so excited about that was that was -- that was good god that was that was a solid guy right there. Had well has there album release show happening this coming Saturday night at the hard rock. You've got a couple other great bands that are on the bill all right -- I'm -- son born in I'm so sorry -- I just have. I think going back and forth -- -- and -- -- -- -- install all night and then the -- that one on the hard rock hard rock rising contest. Julie field also on the bill as well so it's not like a really good time. You can get your tickets in advance -- you can get them. Night of the show which you've made it very clear to me that your music will be available. For those who want to purchase it that nights yeah that's correct even online. Sure we eat what songs are you most looking forward to playing on Saturday night. -- you know we have a true we've attracted to be the last track on record and it's kind of like that. The slow jam of the record it. That's one of my personal affairs play and I'm really excited you people are going to you know react to that because we've never actually played veteran laden moved a lot more different than the rest of them oh absolutely yeah yeah it's. It's it's definitely one of the ones that really. It's -- the last ones that we wrote for the record. -- I have to agree with its. Exit through people through it but that is. Now the next. Unfortunately guys on where we're out of time -- this is it still I wanna go around the studio if there's anybody wanna say hi to. If you would like to congratulate your softball team now would be a good times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got LLC a lot of bankers say hello cure apologized you're whatever -- -- -- -- great for giving shout out to my other -- obliterated group of the Jews band that record. Little bit of -- demo last night that. It's a quiet please recording studios. It's a lot of fun a locals -- to -- to everybody mr. Sarah's house that they can hear me. Which immediately. The married you. Know by the U Russia to mark my other brand as well opponent of the -- -- reason as well so another listening right now so. That's pretty cool has lost my family and and everyone else that's listening. Yeah and the only other person I mean my roommates -- really put up with me because god and our house they know what I mean. Thought Buchanon though I've forgot to mention that you're really -- so there was plea by Ethan who's my teammates but also please call others. Excellence. All right gentlemen we'd also like to give a major shout out to love lead Jolene car. -- that time the song right. Okay. It was zero dollar and -- was -- the joke league -- -- the last time. -- -- I gentlemen it's been a pleasure of best of luck once again you can find out more about -- well but going to face -- dot com slash -- will music. Also the reaper nation -- -- nation dot com slash its round music we -- going to leave you with this song proof. Gentlemen it's been a pleasure. I like yell and your blonde hair and -- to come back and bring your lead singer next time beaming basis to -- is our incidentally. That I told -- I was gonna grab -- for. Not a straight out of it's it's it's okay you didn't compliments on my hero. -- About the threat. Knotted up like I K I W. This is allowed local this is it for the night the song is called proof that -- -- battle.