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STP-Cast 05-20-14 -- Ex Girlfriends!!!!

May 20, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Mono Nick, Topshelf and Rev talk about going to the STP-Cast party at Trappers Sushi at Kent Station. Topshelf's ex-girlfriend showed up at the resturant randomly. We talk about another one of Topshelf's failed relationships. Steve talks about a former relationship that he made bad decisions in. STP tells a story about telling a girl that came over to hook up with him, that his girlfriend (who did not exist) would be home at 3am so get out afetr the deed. STP bought a flower basket for his wife after the podcast party and got crap from strangers on the street. We talk about the show "The BIg Bang Theory". The STP-Cast shirts are finally in the Rock Shop at www.kisw.com. STP talks about what we talk about when the mics are off. We play a song from the band "Head and the Heart". We talk about rock music and when is it going to be big again like when in the 1990's. We bring you another episode of "Facebook Drama". We read the text messages. We play the voicemails. We read the e-mails.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's up but Steve and thank you for listening to ES TP Jackson big thanks to Travers sushi for sponsoring and we love everybody over drivers CC I -- the merits he's got going there almost every Friday at the -- wanted to Puyallup on pay my own role you gotta try it -- -- -- it's really -- -- I -- -- -- -- The trapper and the bureau -- -- getting hungry just talking about it they've got six locations including Tacoma now coming to Penn Station Puyallup finally Bremerton check amount on FaceBook just -- in -- sushi fresh friendly that's LA Ronald -- -- six locations find out more at -- CC dot net. Don't you guys we were to get match. In the gym and a name she's a whole hour. Great -- they go a little while ago and then. They have pretty good contact. Stated pretty good contact in that I had -- email password it would check her account from time to. November -- government -- a stunner on FaceBook. -- without climax is -- that's a lot of photo southern -- top. That's up to see that I commented. On every single one of those. Your wedding album up there yikes but don't -- my heart out right in front -- to the first twelve. For the courier new was -- I wrote I was there first that's when I wrote. And then highlights my own comments. -- like the. STD cats. And I hear my good friend top shelf to. Mike you -- in Lago and everybody's favorite mono nick and I. Does hello Matthew Sweet the start things off nicely all your comics -- talking about taxes. From their life. And then as the team for today's ftp cats oh yeah what is that in my parents their policy is good it is not who I ran into him. -- top shelf I -- -- -- and most horrendous and so that will be a team effort today but before we get into that I figured why not make examine the week. And all anybody beauty and no doubt ex girlfriend did call. And his sons to get me like yeah I'll work out just like hearing her -- like since you still OK -- -- I that in -- moment. He's done everything. I didn't bother me I still look. The basis -- no doubt because every song he wrote about -- -- defiant acts. It's about him and yet to be on stage. Playing the bass as she's singing though in sum up how much it was Dick. Yeah I think -- dynamics worked out so well for that stands yeah because they actually ahead of relives those emotions and every night on Stewart and you're probably right dude I mean but that's got to be mentally draining for Gloria I'd -- well they end up having a -- as well there's some kind. Good breaks. -- primary process that is what I just. I know don't speaks our biggest hits and I'm sick of hearing her talk about my -- started to death. After like forty years ago -- you -- -- maybe ever begin with a jump on the Mike you guys now it's my turn this. Here's my side of the story you'll feel -- like me. Iraq today. Well yeah. And alive you're ahead two -- and bush while. Coming to the ninety's here no yeah anyways that was still in high school mostly. Kind of break up no doubt came to watch Tuesday's loses the case where you actually heard the drama being played. It ended the day today started -- who didn't have always better but it's like Hamas and his client like basically like -- -- track. Worried about what underwear you're gonna Wear onstage that night you might you got me so much who's number. Baghdad flew in my Adrian there's some things did look if you aging young had a very -- wow yeah. We are at a career and a club members of the no doubt there. Quite a big man back in the day movies he. And then it disappeared. I tell my wife and rampant -- -- even at the Paramount. We'll library meter read what when it is clear from what I'm almost done something like in my four years five years I was about six or seven years ago and they were bad. Crap I have time flies a good time yeah. -- Is not about an accident occurred my -- -- there's a birthday yesterday I had. I think -- video shoot 21. And she's 27 now so much. -- know locking -- young six love yeah. Yeah that's a hole just six years roughly a quarter of life it's kind of got a lot of and narrowed. I thought -- maybe not know it's like it's yeah having someone like to have not bad match I don't. So -- top guys sorry man let's get to the whole theme of why are we decided to go with the ex girlfriend team and all stems from an incident that happened at last weekend as TP cats party which would. Caught some all the cuts writing we all met up a -- -- you -- station and a bunch of people -- you never know how many people are gonna -- a man -- -- we fill up the bar and that was pretty awesome in grandson a huge Barbara still like what like forty or so people were there yeah -- awesome and everybody was it was really cool to meet everybody has been interacting with us via email text on the FaceBook group page. They ought to be helped put a face at the names. And just to have a formal introduction to some of you have been listening it was pretty bad -- and very humbling we'll talk more about to happen. The the meat of the story the best part of what happened. What's not expected to freak -- central man that was not anticipated. I begin a million years any of us would have ever thought that this would happen all of a sudden on top -- the -- -- David one of -- find Titanic teachers did David not bad David. Courses -- chow down on some holes. I think he was eating my role Wallace having a Buddha -- them and also my phone starts ringing and look at my phone it's -- and it's his top shelf now. -- -- couldn't put -- her as if you're on the us out of the room and I'll be damned if doesn't get me out of my chair pat pat pat pat I. I'm like why is talking economy and I look and I can see him like we are not what like maybe a 150 feet away if that may be a hundred feet away from each other right. And he's looking at me like -- the -- over a year -- -- sitting with three dudes are making something. Is that something narrowing happening with the the Titanic do floods and it was funny because I the phone rang and -- hearing you didn't answer it right and then by the time I don't know where I was no I was out when David I know it's and finally noticed it. And you pick it up and put a dear I'd just hung up I got tired or windows perfect dog they can this is the first other dynamited top reason we have predicament three guys ask him what his favorite candy bars -- It's. I'm happy in his own Lola candy bars no -- on his nineteen of our. So I think de LA it at least we excuse -- today to get up and run but I got to go check out what's going I would copy. I head over to my run into a couple of guys who just walked into the bars announce -- into an amateur wanna be Russa might do BSE went -- -- -- I'll I had to talk to top him sorry guys. -- over the top -- and his face. So I -- -- is going Dan who gave you the bottle of crown -- remembered CarMax CarMax and he put it in and I Santa Claus hat you know. -- these days is almost as red as that Santa Claus hat. -- -- do what's going on on god and pants and top recess. My ex girlfriend is waiting for a table currently. You do -- you -- -- and sorry I was I was in kind of a corner -- scene where the prewar waiting to get their table. And I should not even thirty feet away I know when she was standing up just kind of BC in my direction but had no staring into your soul. And I'm just it's I'm shrinkage in my seat like include -- his speed read their sweat coming off of his forehead and now this is a girlfriend that was before your wife yeah this is in the 2002001. Meters and and so while we're talking and I'm telling you we're talking for over fifteen minutes there waiting there still are well. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This copy may not available for everybody's all you can needs special knives as we've learned as I learned a lot better -- this is a very special girlfriend and she does not understand this -- This girl forever hold a special place in toffee tart and -- movers drillers use it on. Oh is so now I'm like can I go out there -- out there that is. And then Bobby. I've never heard of average in this topic is the most the Al not -- testicle. Says he's not I gotta -- -- ever poll ranks yeah. You know these guys there goes with the flow has a great time there's no matter what predicament we've put him and he's gonna have fun that he actually -- -- -- -- Steve you need to do something about it. She's in its most of their ridiculous you know fire during periods we don't know all of these people. -- and I the united if it's not -- kick her out yeah. Currency just clergy get -- near me and you know. I don't want -- Zetterberg did not elect Barack I was literally trapped in -- seat because big show on the -- guys and for Armey thank god blocked hat. And even he kept. A turnaround -- rarely sense -- I'm melting behind his big body trying to not seem a bit and there was a moment though like I thought like I said over fifteen minutes of this were -- laughing nonstop. -- he's got -- states over the menu at times and all I's dotted line you -- -- laugh out there. Not try to. Seriously I -- -- I don't yeah he was trying to hide and then it was as the receivers over the and we're all dying laughing enough. And -- I thought Mike what if she spot atop the picture right -- C dot I can't see item that guy right. -- -- -- Breaks and she's I think was there with a guy so that's probably his Marietta it was because my husband suspect a reunion time I can't go over there. And top features -- I could go over there my tap the guy and the storm like been there I mean like doubles is some room business. MIT's clam my daughter and you know as far as other man. -- could ask him hey you ever heard about the term clamp fathers and urban dictionary it means it's legit. But -- they can if she saw him and knows that he's there and then the entire time that would be in the back of her head. All she sees are three other men. Looking at her daring and laughing and our that would have gotten my years gone all I know I was hope I thought the same thing like. This is not gonna turn out well because I'm just. Try and ignore this whole thing and she's gonna think -- Dawkins Aqua ball. You know I've probably said a few things but sure I did you did. Not -- and smack. Ever -- -- over average Brazilians say damn mind the whole time it was pretty hilarious I haven't been over 120 minutes and I think about it because it was like fifteen minutes from when I sat down -- stood right by you guys and laughed and joked about it but it took me about five minutes to get from -- point eight -- beat. He volunteered it felt like an hour. Pataki and -- could -- an alternative to -- on does it take forever I'm I'm doing a happy ask -- that gap and top he has no idea -- -- also slow the best part was who's a table right behind them and give -- didn't want to thank god they wanted the only can eat sushi because they were just desperate for a table. They would have the only table that was available in the bar where we were was it table right next to top B yeah did you all. Not how amazing would that have been the -- hindsight maybe I could ago where that issue it. No I couldn't got -- -- and -- a senate that table how would you handle that make I would guess well it isn't alone and I wandered to the other end of the bar -- now being. We remember that Syria and that's all yeah. We do -- loose -- the government and the like crazy right. You know when I'll play totally you know oh yeah aha good and bad that's why did you add the craziest. Part of this story for me well. My girlfriend she came over. Emergencies like copies exes here when you just told me to teach him over smiling and laughing and I'm just announced -- at the -- -- the funniest thing. I like our. My heart sank because I know which acts of news there was always there was -- -- that. He met at a listener party years ago none of that nick knew that -- -- a -- doesn't -- all right so little room from the federal only I you guys share her at some point no not at all -- know -- my heart says she was madly in love with flight one of my best friends -- series like. Dating talk -- and that whole relationship now is that your boy -- moved in with the -- you never back there yes is I was. I -- help him move that sells a hockey seems crazy enough just from my experiences like three that I thought that that was her -- I would have been worse she's just that type of crazy -- woman and made no sense to me when it comes and I think the history of copies ex girlfriends now -- -- -- that one deserves its own person and -- certificate like that girl. -- because like. It was really weird and you will not only agent may just be a bomber start but I think. When I thought at all except that you said about her in my mind because sometimes you would like right -- -- because I knew her friend that's how we make it right. And I was rightly named parties it is right momentum and they would -- me IK donated eggs usually always like I -- make sure I did take place using a maverick with you one of -- -- to have these men in the world I was like all like all about that no Michael. The easiest way to make somebody -- happy as -- the world as the -- the living crap out of them and yeah even do that. Now that's crazy talk. Mean that's why I got out that's why you knew she'd be your ex girlfriend to be fair use you were never in good point lies in the house at least -- that -- -- like you you. You guys have that connection so much that you'll on the -- live together. Mean but no snacks and I -- -- in the house I think -- -- it was wishful thinking on my part alone and moving way too fast on my part and you had his back -- coming up your realization that we -- -- and I time where I'm just thirty myself she's a sick toddler. That relationship bills for I knew I was done -- moved in that apartment on her. She didn't know they move money stuff yeah yeah tall man is DS as the -- different time. I just shooting the -- she's just so well and he's very clear Frontier Corps and the mean there's so many things the other scary she never supplied by business and she never served in the bedroom she's slept like a couch all the time Imus does and -- just wanted your mind. Yeah and yeah wow yeah we want in the ambassadorship. Known. And see I was getting nowhere we dated for a couple months. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here comes up shutters why removed take the next step here I can seal the deal like him the I didn't get to the next level of this cure all right by a -- Knight in shining armor and unfortunately that's not what I should have done as a -- the failure she took advantage of me and after. After two months. I was just like this is never going anywhere and I truly -- a gigantic set a blue -- -- because by the no doubt no doubt -- -- showers you take the hooker hook man. And then I started 100 premium membership of -- -- I -- -- the credibility of belly up in my -- started wandering -- -- nothing's happening and you get a -- oil somewhere let's just say I had my first you come -- of my current wife who forever -- at a -- will love ice hey man I'm kind of crazy as as odd as that sounds -- -- -- may be needed that to make that next step to appreciate where you are now I think so. You almost had to deal with complete and utter BSC edit and make -- mentally as well roommates you accident yeah absolutely -- nobody's done their bodies -- but that relationship came off of a small. Space between the baby bunny thing and everything down and it was just nice to. Actually have a relationship with some birds and an actual print and I was just happy to have that and so I was willing to give up a lot of first. And then when I realized I was just being stupid that I wasn't getting what I want -- out of this at all. No -- upgrade as it's time to and that was the relationship that because we mentioned it on the showed us the other day. That she found out I was actually moving now when she came home and none of my stuff was there because I moved it on a storage unit I Macs that I could Donna David you've got all garbage your album went -- not -- -- after -- did -- TV that I've been bitching about the whole time that was one of the things you just kept their way yeah I did -- it took two of us to move it up these stairs and men -- when I knew I was getting now I might. -- -- -- -- flat screen impairment you're nothing for a million leaving here not only did you upgrade and women but you also upgraded in your home entertainment choices up until this sit there without their relationship none of that whatever happens and that TV is still working today. Probably TV that you left. Have no idea and I don't care yeah. Steve have you ever had to do that let let that kind of just. Grabbing go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do consider it. Now for -- -- life. Not this is not bad and as an old film video section yes well Israel I think it is the perfect place for me you know lift yeah so I'm moving to this place I get all my stuff which is really not much -- -- gone from -- house of Wallingford where I didn't have anything to to this place and I'm like OK this is going to be perfect all that. I sleep there the first night I cannot sleep all night because of where my apartment complex was. Right across the street. With some guy like female psychiatric institute a perfect. And I'm not even joking viewed their women screaming like bloody murder on my long and it tripped me the half hour by hour as it should bright. Tonight I'm sure Michael maybe I was has some weird thing I don't know Wisconsin tonight and -- how good was the rented this place. -- -- landlord was not seeing all these crazy rules including nobody is allowed in his apartment complex a dozen of their after 10 o'clock we'll hear it's crazy pastor -- he might as well how do you must stop and that I. I got a weird vibe from him like he has a key to my place and he might be in there one day when I can't blow right thank you really weird anti war cut off by Jean shorts in the -- winter all the envelope -- and moved -- and I knocked on his door and he was -- a bank cut -- the GA tour days. -- O'Donnell is it -- -- he wasn't talking -- just -- -- what was hanging out of his -- I have always. Aren't aren't aren't trying. So. So anyway so I finally get this thing. -- -- -- so I just packed almost nothing like 11 o'clock at night and night and the hard part was pleased war was right by the -- -- has got really quiet because when you hear the door open he was open they Cusick super militant good news I think it looks bad -- -- typical sectional couch that was barely anything and that was like. That fit my car and like a couple thanks in close and that was a trap it's. That your car at a critical hour and a -- -- the minivan and I -- yeah. Yeah there's this Johnson's tired he's good at it what I got to the Salvation Army for fifty bucks and it was hey -- asked. And yeah -- yeah this. As soon as somebody scenario Daniel -- you know I call. All I ever got lady cats at a LLL shaped so it's I don't know it's pretty sick and I got fitted in a corner -- room and one presented -- the locks. No but I had my TBS and it -- a so I did my CD -- were. Paint cans Pluto Lego would board -- applying. And then another would -- -- and then top gun like it was the most. The Irish and only those with the next future residence at this guy and this is why am -- wise his all -- you well aren't that. -- this entertainment center and if you have -- golf on the wall and he's got to move since he's so he's got a while self. I get all this stuff out of there and I right been lying this note. -- and I wrote a heartfelt note about how much I appreciated that he understood. When I've left him a voicemail which I never did. Hike amid all this crap Bob but I implied like as it willing it to him. Coming I really appreciate you understanding that tragic happened my family and the reason why need to leave him break my least. I'd that was such a nice thing have you and I I'll never forget you for that yeah. It was the dumbest latter. Never heard from him to take your money. -- -- here I got a first month's -- OK but not the last -- the security deposit comment I don't think it was if there was a security deposit must not have been much use only one month's -- and are lost out -- cool dude and I got to -- that in there somewhere -- knowing where it's -- worst thing I could -- and I was so pumped gonna have a club placed so close to the station -- this is awesome I'll be and I -- a bloody drive back -- an -- yeah the end. He lived right by the city market as well party time I'm like mom that we're gonna broke down because you're ready party in all the time now been perfect you know walking distance -- I could do it don't I couldn't spend every night listening and and the weird part one time -- multiple times a hooking up with this check nice and she moved to a new place. And it was. For apartments down the front that -- it always has brought me echo from your apartment from the old apartment conscious -- was a nice female psychiatric ward and I. Heard her scream bloody murder oh yeah. Six boys. -- that was the only time I ever -- touting got the F out but I was are thinking about when copyright up doing a dumb thing like moving in with someone I did that too. My I mean. The last relationship I was and I'll never forget. And I had no intention of a being in a long term relationship with that person Harriman and B I had zero intention of ever having a live with me I was enjoying having a place to myself the Lynnwood licensee has been. Don't happen to us. -- -- -- officer its history or just bad decisions like I think that's why -- like I I I I -- -- pain because I feel like I mean just as many. Seriously bad decisions cautionary tales for everyone else Iverson it's always -- to -- I saw that I made much hurt -- hey I I. I got hooked into her room via MySpace to her car and then started baggy in right in and and then had a come over it's the first look at it -- against Kimmel or some more and it -- sexist fun. And I remember -- heard it we were added yeah. Everybody creditors are all heavily -- yet Bob barbecuing they heard some sounds it was -- it was always just recreating my time living next to a female psychiatric ward -- it's like living at home -- so anyways. So I remember we were in wherever we were for a morning radio convention among the foam -- terror and that's when I found out that she was still living with terror acts. What's -- coming over in my place a -- Sure why and maybe she wasn't it was a their acts. As you talked about how she needed to get out there but yet nowhere to live and and right in and I was asked bond on the phone what they're trying to get that phone sex with me so I just wanted to do anything like this. Trying out saying so at some point hide must have volunteered and said well you could live with -- of -- have. Why come back and she's -- to move dollars up and she had a key or any yeah I think -- -- -- I think I've spoken -- -- is the reason I gave her -- are rockets and more on all aren't all our bases within miles. One time I was trying to get it to come over and -- me regular web -- Yeah. Yeah. I was trying to get it to come over to bang me and she's like okay lobby it's -- that atomic somewhere in the east side in Ireland Finland well it's it'll all be over there like maybe an hour and a half my school of thought why -- -- -- -- -- more so when I told someone has gone senate passed out. And forgot to unlock the door is -- without guns are -- -- come and wake me up and we -- -- Taliban -- these kind. -- Yeah right dad's. I thought yeah it's not like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm mark and everything when I sleep I sleep hard. Yeah sooners -- of marijuana involved -- -- and it plays bad decisions about the -- and you're you're you're gonna beat you. You're -- go hunting include a geek. Yeah. So. I just had an all come full circle does that amount to two dollars and 52 submitted that relationship that didn't. Could have ever -- so I come home from wherever we work. And it's like oh. Why you'd ever really away this yeah ha ha ha -- and now I'm not even here yet you know so far -- -- and the -- I don't I -- that is one -- like I mean yeah there was some good times of course the bad times but I didn't know how to end it because I'd like she lives with me I don't know how to meet its elements in the relationship ends. She serves moving all her stuff out and I crap you guys not in this is that the closer to overcome the high telling out but it is my own place at a high tail out the minute. That moving in the call I was on a moving truck that was her family and her. The minute it pulled out of my driveway I dialed out of the locksmith you know and I called the guy out I had him out there later on that day to have them installing your policy was moving out and -- -- -- adamantly right now. Hi we put them out of my I don't know did you. Know you keep that one should have to -- yeah. How great is this -- does he's a listener. With she's a year voice sounds familiar knowing I'm any good and he's -- he's doing all this for a Mike wow Linux on -- goes so you just change in the box. Yes you. Think this one's on me you know. So nice all right while. As -- three days later. The phone brands and thank you guys missed on the great podcast and just the last three days and then. I'm sorry she calls me and lives on the phone what did you do it changed a lot -- -- to -- -- to -- did you did you -- -- -- that I. She needs to get some things he says and -- I call NASCAR's big eyes out. Guy he had good car and one word I was you do the big train of all your stuff leave in the driveway if you forgot some you've got to make his scheduled point and I wore a look through my garbage. It's one idea behind me one good decision for disease Broadway there. And then after that passed their underwear brand and many more months later. I mean my wife and here we are six years later and I hear what's been lost domain and still -- him well and -- Algerian I speak and I didn't mean to bring this up but no -- -- -- rafts so yeah choppy in the race. -- -- -- -- my hat is small my -- my -- had no longer in them in the mix he's he's in the competition and competition on the -- fully in the comfort -- and I thought you were -- to -- -- rather huge announcement that going -- tells us I think what you are going into integrated solvency has made another Tommy's been feeling kind of -- recently. I might win this one yeah. We're gonna have this -- of the producer. I might win this competition I might make the baby first collectively that that's guys have got to get that smile on his great days after chemistry -- Cannot -- If she's not adult she's knocked off your -- feels good job. What do what do -- say what -- Steve. Announces that -- and and I'm on his heels and their minds up premieres on the doors to win yes and prices OK okay just how the exception no it's not conception genie is actually no we need new bullying and standard finish line along -- -- back at you first out of the events these are starting abortion or not and if you do. Do I believe I believe it exists yeah do you do you are you OK with the boards and you believe life begins in a minute minute ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah cranky but I do you -- I don't know I keep calling top selling yeah yeah you're looking at me NBA you're still calling you talk about not all here I guess is your relive that whole crappy relationship in your brain is -- -- right now and it didn't. -- night we get -- man we can't. Yeah you read a book called making bad decisions that matter learned from us so -- -- -- -- get all my guy and there are no reasonable doubt no wonder why we've had a couple of topic as instances where rebound enough on the same team. Because I think how. I. That a government that epic podcast that she's from we were going on every sale now. While. This is definitely a -- because I hope my wife does not do when I'm back in my time that we even do -- -- now follow and an area and -- -- to do a quick recap of what happened at the big party to wait till you're saying you're gonna come and go home in the doors and we will -- yeah. -- -- kohawks champions and I try and track down that got visited at saint Mary from. Eight years ago if it needs -- hopes even back games I didn't grow hook a brother out. You all of the stuff that is a great guy durable good tips this is a good decision -- of because I learn from that. Who I was having a booty call. This would you prefer those guys out there that are single and if you're having a hook up with somebody and you ever had that awful experience of when they come over and the -- Somehow convince -- you're in a relationship. And say hey. That it makes it completely and utterly weird but as awful. And it and the fact that I'm able to convince somebody that has. -- And now all my eyes during right after the relationship ended with her I was living and it was my house. And myself and I was just smoking Montana we don't want is on at the moment I didn't want them to spend the night like I was like. I just don't like Gonzales spends the night especially from the last relationship -- almost like you've given them the -- to stay here at the fifth citizens check. -- announcements of rookies who -- Who did not know that I was no longer in -- relationship -- -- as a god I just aren't talking -- -- -- and she remembered as their relationship and she never bothered to -- pesos -- -- about which is -- your -- going to be cool. -- a couple line here. And I said -- I noticed sounds awful and if you only do it that's toll climate it's the hottest thing in our ideas implicitly can't copy -- married yet and people. Share your relationship. And I citizens or for -- guys who -- -- -- -- PS have you heard as somebody out there saying Hank. My girlfriend is Al partying and she's not going to be home until at least 3 in the morning I know that for sure how you come on over sneak over how how would nasty. And it worked well and it was. And I was like really. And they came over. As a team of women nodded and she came over she did engineer got the deed done. And then I think we should probably take on it's almost 3 in the morning and off they would golf perfect and it multiple times in the multiple hats and look at what point do you put your foot does say hey. Can you just wait until like gears tonight they're gonna come home front all night you know. They've worked. Still receive an element self esteem that's good -- little town Clemente city -- having sex with me bombs at all I'm just kidding and all this is made up story. I think noise I've been a lot about my wife and her birthday now. I'm watching you yeah and lately and David -- character had agreed get out of jail buy it from now that relationship and he's like. Just wait till she takes a shower and then new high tail it out of your apartment or your home of latest or hide under the -- that way you can kind of watch what's going on there you go not weird at all I -- I would sit and -- my -- I forgot what he's -- -- would -- their -- But I thought I was kind of clever I don't know go to work navy should still be there -- young Jack sock it does come rule it always works right now. Nothing's worse though when you do look at what's on and you expect that they're going to leave and then they don't. And then there's an awkward moment of IP like we got to go and if they say no equity you do like to get forced them out of your house colleagues and I don't work harder I certainly stuff. How does a person though if you're in somebody else's house do you say no. Ally since you've got to go whoa how do you good genes on this can lead you on this nice story -- meaning I appreciate -- -- -- -- -- some -- -- top three anti -- Just sitting on out OK I bit down one time in fact this was. This guy that. Wow this is interesting podcast. You don't remember we had this room that podcast where we went down the list of -- that we might have been with each other do you Cisco there was there was a certain girl that you decided not to hook up with because she was an awful -- Yes I didn't care I don't -- takes an under the bank in America at a on the Internet romantic no doubt be noted that spending -- -- and making out to me that means your mind here -- -- -- -- Cool so I was there Alia. -- I don't out of -- just didn't really I mean aren't all I would I would vote I convinced her to come to my place is in the MySpace seems right. She comes over yeah. Pat and I we have several drinks and then thanks and then it comes to sexy time the NM and sixty times over -- I local steal letter I sent -- yeah I'm too -- to leave. Now -- on your home harm is great and John I and that's my house -- call a cab because she lived a life. Seattle and I'm in Lynwood police drove so moderates on these drugs headed you're gonna go to -- requires fossil. Yes I owe all of my you know as far as the brewers. The -- I don't awful I know. Her response is now I'm not fine I cannot drive. My glasses seriously -- -- now mad. Because in my wall okay. I'd like. Sexy time again mellow out a little mad at her -- how dare she wanna spend the night with me. Where you you you gave me today. They hate asking now do that I give points. What we did and so yeah I -- he's added extra row for a lot. Sometimes I -- a year ago. Did you stay in my house -- the series now wanted to try drunk the they want to sleep with me it's so you can pinch. Well anyways that was -- out of extra hearts are with -- there's been some very hottest story. Can I call like a friend era. There -- some -- my guess sister now she had -- and remember this now did you cancer. -- But like so I wasn't -- very aware that they wanna be in a relationship with her she try to match make me with her sister that's not -- not at. All kind of cool Luke Adam Blake had every deeds -- ever I didn't understand how to comprehend that though she's a -- like her she's younger than me. Some almighty whoa I appreciate you know what I mean to you and you -- don't touch. What we've got a I like how did you. I see even says -- she talked about her to me and talked about me to her going off her -- -- how does that even come up all these -- that I died Baghdad -- and you try to convince me to leave his house when I was -- -- on his spend the night. I think he's perfect. For you since that or you like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am trying to do your general Tommy ideas exist and now you guys cut my -- off when I'm sleeping. Just like that is very early on that it's -- but it was thanks everybody came out to the big SE has thrown Germany's top shelf for I don't sound thanks to -- -- are bartender and everyone else that are there those guys were awesome and I I year old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gas once they hated Jeff I think OK it was awesome yeah I think everybody was great is it. Food chain or -- came. I came from usher I feel bad that they get announces name wrong with why are you talking about -- with a message from him later on so we'll get to that hopefully I'll pleases man voicemails emails and messages and but -- that guy's first ever experience now that she's that was awesome. And you of the camp growth yeah that was I did not expect that and she's a -- a lot of make out rough night last night's -- gap and it's got a forecast -- just got done. Frying my brains and Aston. Neuroscience. A bit more time you do it lasts a -- 6 o'clock comic isn't Micah six and an hour so there's twelve hour experience again and admit to 6 this morning how. Hard to figure here was pretty damn cool. -- and dancing and lasted but I guess everybody it was awesome getting to see them off and then after we last. I decided there's a battle forest right next to our -- CC -- -- we went to a T birds game my wife. -- -- this like basket with flowers and it's those -- like how do you walk into the T birds game but that the united looks a little weird. Throughout on the yanks yeah right and during talk about Annika at I thought I went in there and found it. But it. And now I'm walking with like -- -- Michael basket make becomes so girly. And -- holder and it's going illegals make cute little flowers and plants in the already skipping as you were carrying minimize nobody has Saxony. Home. Correct stereo and my wife got home and I'm fortunate that it. I timed it wrong it would -- -- 2 in the morning that's not our core automotive X. Too so I'm walking and I walked past -- dukes and about who was sitting outside. -- man's. Punch -- or did -- dog -- and add some people like any nice flowers. Good I'm all ages and I look losers are the girls it is random people saw something and I go. I know my Kabul -- dumb man but fear not there's nothing masculine about what I'm doing but I'm doing -- for greater good. My wife was home so I have salute to the image he got pumped. She's this just. See he is and millions you -- -- but apparently. Still it seems today Edmondson is he would be bang in my life -- I'm happy Florio thanks man synagogue maybe it's currently -- -- we will but what exactly crazy. -- -- -- would be awesome view -- years. I definitely the play this podcast back from my kids when they grow up at the -- the sun here's some things on not did you from me uncle top shelf. Here's where you started or the idea of you started the. There's so much aligned against Cuba and we realize that a lot on -- Jane Jane is a great Titanic do you say out -- the microphone -- is still remain -- at the the meet the rock girls partying this that was pretty cool yeah they are rock girl. And that is a really tough goal he had it says I I don't know the names that man described when you light crude freer now should the really long brown haired man she edit choose. She's a really skinny she had a lot of tattoos. And stuff down our arms oh. I'm still is a couple that that describes amusing and I think shoes and black for the swimsuit stuff wouldn't buy pants yes Jamie. I bet I think that's hooted yeah -- Arnold wrote Jay -- one of the smaller girls yes you know sermons Jamie hi Jordan took a picture of the city. That is success immediately but it's awful dad's name Federer Jamie and my -- she's such a cool Jack it's a shame size two. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's been I like that you were yet to be it is taught her ideas dried ultra short -- it's weird how assured are you -- plus. What size choosy with. He's -- you know has Riordan is downsizing that point dad because that's what Russell Wilson would want it now all of 55 and -- it. Then -- -- get my girlfriend no mountains and I had. I -- an offense roared through everything we. I don't know Barack yeah and Mary being Mary. She wanted to be here today pilot's -- she's living in eastern Washington she's finishing school. Poem -- stern know she's -- home it's a technical college idiocy and it. Martyrdom need to financially assist our virtual. And take care Howard's mom. -- he was the last that exists. Amazing is -- going to in my opinion this is one of the best seasons of the Big Bang theory and I was kind of skeptical that meets their because you know -- certain abilities certain story arcs are almost like. Almost were -- to -- -- Musharraf. And also Big Bang theory. I don't know if you would agree I think when he sees hope we will we were supposed to interview -- my name be -- nice gloss on and also sell install from the -- anger dollar yes Fowler. Would you not agree that that's one of the few instances where they bring in a new character into the dynamic of -- ensemble cast and it actually worked -- almost so I think she's probably better than penny at this point in her care -- -- -- on the well pennies great to look at but I thought I care about Obama and at and T -- I get a little to block for me now. You have to rip those biceps are crazy I think I'm just she's she's been -- bothered and when it comes to whatever he does. It's guarded about his guard cutter. Actually I -- -- the first couple seasons and he was right. Mind blowing me -- two -- rest -- such great lengths to just put her in spaghetti but I experienced during tops and to have those things are -- and the greatest shirts ever yes that does yoga pants gasping gaze straying into -- opinion that's the perfect idea man video they. We -- all out bunch of us and hockey and gentlemen. Monitor your Pataki is a girl into attractively girl right she came out when all us and for a perfect accent on and I know who won but. And she's leaving from the -- and arrests are never act. Yeah if you drop some things -- it turns around and almost bent over to. Because -- doesn't -- yoga pants yeah and it looks and all of us there's four of us like. Staring at this is like -- you guys have. -- that's awesome. That's -- out on the Pacific debts would. You don't want and it is not offended if she doing now now it. So you can't read about it are cooler yeah now I see we've got to try to do -- -- -- -- check it out yeah I mean she's taken. I did this mean that -- -- he's only in recent movie. It's. Some time ago don't look so. Kind of notes Madison I got -- is black bear speed limit brought Harry shows. And shorts like black bear diner but always when you guys want me to talk about. I don't care Blackburn -- to try to Blackberry your frozen yogurt. Holes. -- a sense that there's a new sheriff in town over Italy yet on C controls the -- They tear down the Froyo. Yet what they've they've they've upped the game Australia we don't even know they brought with him for -- is kind of target he. And not late party hearty Yahoo! filed stereo sorry I missed the party that's the best flavor tart T I. Some of -- really -- I think they've improved to -- but here for awhile is that you could tell us not. -- and I might throw it almost is like soft serve ice treatment I don't know -- -- -- I'm throwing that it is a younger bright today yogurt will not go Hokies yarder have you try some of these flavored -- no because I've tried fro -- -- and I hated it it isn't like yogurt. Never again copy may be our nexus TP gas gathering ought to be -- -- -- -- -- black man who will be brutally on Mozilla dimensions than almost exactly like OK okay go all the different flavors this mid season as yogurt yeah. -- just -- again it's it's it's committed battery eight Odyssey should make that they're in their commercial campaign now you'll forget that we're yogurt in the top because. Frozen yogurt. Who are gonna try as close -- the flavor some amazing. But there yeah I would get the and then you put toppings on the I got a subpoena her tips on top there with the -- of additives and in the peanut butter sauce and make that I use milk and butter cups. No Reese's pieces I could of its. My wife looks in order eminence thank almighty god you like peanut butter. Yeah as do the right -- really thinks like a true. Move. A series being sarcastic right I don't really who's being genuine it -- talking about all that peanut -- and it's just like a long joked to get to -- punchline yeah it is some. -- thanks sorry but you're topping one of these times -- that's try to throw ELY. Guys. And different -- urge there's a lot of play I just saw one lead like little section of and then we must roll -- down no and it just strolled down headed towards more -- -- -- sounds delicious -- out of they have all the all the time -- -- -- some -- -- special -- -- snowflakes. -- he's clearly. Is it like. Is it like 31 flavors -- -- -- things yet it allows me to be a normal custody that's my most things off or an -- three year for a little sample cups just fill it up like that I -- extend -- for ten minutes Nancy needed it bad I just -- -- it tastes like three or four room that's going to be enough for me. Does mature enough to know and there are limits like. Super and that got some -- Hi to Michael symbol until nothing kind of like you I'm not gonna love it I might like given a lot I don't know. -- -- going with a good positive energy oh and Sasha credit cleanse Oakland -- -- us and -- boom and give it a shot look we don't need to meditate to -- frozen younger man's disease prisoners -- -- I have a what I feel would be the ultimate way to -- speeding. May need to put those on those those little signs that the -- factor going -- yeah everywhere the. But just odometer in your car no you don't know -- -- -- Each one cost plus he's going I don't know what does this -- you speak of mono -- Yeah you -- do you -- -- Golly you government somewhere you're driving you know really going to and then the next signs flashing slot and the condition you're in front of everyone else I don't know I don't know what kind of person doesn't slow down and it says the slow down those people who were not worry about cultural exchange you want those kind of people you're in Houston doesn't slowdown -- There's a lot of people are little slow down the public got 92. -- -- -- -- -- hundred. And in any such flash like praising sort of slow us down well not in the mix up his license plate with anybody -- -- he's not -- out -- yeah. -- I guess it's just me then I'll try to I don't know if that's been dominant thing you've written you. Suggested feel if it's dark there's ally nations that you can turn on knowing you're a man and you can harm some brightness ties shirts are finally on sale and the rock shot -- ours is so great I'll that I mad cool I just. Yeah seriously that this the best part about it is that the picture is one you sent is a mockup. Like wow what we would like I'll talk about the SDP cash -- -- -- I agreed on the IBJ ceremonies greens -- really a publisher is out and it's awesome and even better you forgot what -- -- I did. You're talking about I know he's sorry aren't very bad about that Rosie ever take your speedometer I -- may have. Yeah yes DP catchers are finally on sale on the rock -- I love I hear back from our guy he's a sorry it took five months from when you ask. The -- it's all right we're gonna sell these pitches out. So and and how is and I remembering the sub last week in my kind of stopped my supplement and they better I better not talk about that -- as -- In real pizza -- through dance in his they are at a discounted price compared to the other -- up items that are 120 -- look at that they get fifteen bucks before you shipping in hand doing so is brag about 1718 bucks we can get one night we asked yeah. Yeah you'll receive a certificate to get one and a nice I really -- then they look good does it will be different in the when I originally had made this the written the original and I had had a black to -- -- yeah black like these black reflective of black Titanic but these are white and I DM -- a lot so if you guys like complete Bynum and let's. Prove to the powers that be that the care. I think we proved do a little bit though it -- sushi -- I notice -- people there club was there he announced Zahn now. I probably will match and I got our our game the better -- -- home that pay attention to it you know. I dot didn't pay attention to us right by a lot of people should a few podcast party elite. Yes socket and stay positive what's an -- love that -- change the order around now that's right it was a lot of -- first and then stay positive. Hot I grabbed something I've been on this mission. And I haven't been able to do it because they had like. So BJ before the show starts always clears his throat and very funny but whenever I trying grab it I think -- think I might have on my phone. It never goes is that as I plan. But I have a thinking -- I think every fight is sometimes like expose people to what goes on behind the scene before them likes it turned on immigration are going to grant or something like right so like I think this is one of them. And I haven't had a chance to edited so I might -- thank. -- -- -- -- It reducing the they're down. -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- and my dad or I'm going into -- doesn't just. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Carl I think he -- you know it sounds. Anchor in the big business that tip -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- I clearly recorded one and it did not do it no law that was epic we added that whole part out hobby churn them getting the they're gonna -- I concede you have any I don't know I don't but what I think I did tape. Rodriguez's little Shimmy and you know his like -- that is -- like when someone have batter steps up in the batter's box he's got to have their little routine now he's got his routine I think I have my own routine. We all the year the -- I I I would agree to that. And in your comfort zone. I want one of these days I'm gonna get the -- anything -- it's going to be awesome trust me that's just a foreshadowing that eventually this whole are equal pay off then maybe by next week. But then I sort of realizing there's some really random stuff that goes on while the mics are off and recently BJ and I think half of our morning show are obsessed -- board games. Oh yes and yeah is obsessed I enjoy playing yeah he's obsessed we're along for the ride because his house is turn into like The Great Gatsby of gaming yeah you guys are playing nonstop. He he's got a massive email list right of people he's recruited from Mike. Think it's from canyon potter from like anyone hears a gallon diesel -- and yes. And who he needs more gay actors yet in every deal comes -- is -- heat isn't a junkie dad doesn't wanna do drugs by himself yeah. Do we play Friday night and I got a text on Sunday morning like. I'm Jones and for another David what does this Saturday no other people while he was looking for more I was -- -- on Sunday. We were doing the cystic fibrosis Foundation's great strides and she got a text from him saying hey what are you doing later here and I'm over and play more games and Jones there. So anyways one days. It was all morning long. -- and time and DJ we're just talking about some game where you guys for tend to be spies. I don't own resistance it's consistency. Well based on the conversation I was like I've never playing this game this is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So by the end of his -- not a living greats in the way I was sort of started taping earlier because this went on for about ten minutes before we did the rank castle question of the day so I really grab my the last. Thirty seconds of this conversations he had taste of what kind of conversations we have when people are wondering what goes on when this on the final goes on the commercials are going on. This is what goes on and then at the end of it you're you're right castle. Chime in and news that you're really funny moment that happened that was not anticipated -- because Ryan castle -- him. Ahead and Chris that it and spotted this team bottle that you're all this time -- you -- -- -- -- you're right about one thing. And I would have believed you you know we thought those -- we -- guys against girls who had I mean we did have a guys against the and withstand something. Yeah it was -- and day when you can wrap up the -- so good to have confidence that things. What started yet another she's only I don't really want to let up self exile. Yeah it's. It's. And that's it goes on women I guess they're authentic but I say I as -- ranch and muscle leg in five seconds like that is right kept -- -- -- You know I don't blame collective -- grizzlies they call them C soul to soul -- crush your soul have so many other things I wanted to get to. I act on a new band and I'm positive my -- -- love oh and I am positive that revenue topped over gonna hate from and it's an awesome story to why discovered this band okay. She looked at. I think you are so I'm okay. Yes I went up and looked up the Arctic Monkeys after we play them want to arm and required a longer term it's awesome stadium and I totally. He spends a lot more quiet in the Arctic Monkeys there and it's the obvious way that I discover them so my -- he had me up today can you fill in and play hockey with my team we needed goalie in -- on Sunday. But sir thanks a Sunday night there's like 6 o'clock game Mike went over to castle ice and filled in. And you're mentioning that some of the guys in the seem to Atlanta couple guys -- -- in radio like clear channel and a couple of the places those kind of cool late meeting on he's got music on one that would play. The -- and a band that you might hurt us -- an abandoned actually go on David Letterman. And is on sub pop records. They've toward. And I'm like you have a guy -- your. On your team that's -- in nationally touring I Cuomo man have you ever heard of the band called on the head in the heart. I know I -- sounds familiar in the name sounds and they have a lot of hockey fans are still because the bassist who I -- playing hockey with that night. He was on Letterman rocking a Seattle you've heard stories he saw a few words or -- -- not about that at a that was pretty cool. So my god that's and he was really nice guy really good hockey players too like at one point I -- give our time in the locker room my dear it. Our -- like when guys wound up for a slap shot and he dual clear across the ice that's -- get a stick on it. I was like man -- you risk your face on that is that data as soon as they did it. I realized it was an awful idea comic I was aware about the pocket you in the face of big debt after swing of the puck on the stick. But luckily eating get hurt so I quickly go on my beets music and held -- plan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- going on tour yet did that I like nothing to sneeze at my demeanor -- -- I know more I read about them as -- got a really well loved and not just here in the northwest and across the country if not the world. And like I mentioned top Ian read you are not going like this then when if you like and I will give you vote mama Amy -- and you know I'm really experienced -- who are you -- throw you -- -- means a win win. But mixed I've got a viewer immediately I'd like nick would like this Dan and I dig in this bailout I drove home listening to on the whole time like this is just got a cool -- Every enemy every summer -- an effort up of their newest. Record the song is called homecoming heroes and I was -- spot as it undergo the first some off the record -- like we said in the past that really does indicate. The tone of the entire album so here's -- -- in the heart who listened to some of it I am. I'm almost sure -- he's gonna stop it like within five seconds. -- serious -- and her -- on this course. I don't. Time for the they don't like I got outlined now on ES TP ten. So hotels -- on Letterman yeah. -- he's here in the eighties and driven. Texas had had no we haven't heard from it while it's ten -- -- -- This -- heard him VA. Mail on men's room and I hear -- bills I know he's still around -- -- -- -- -- haven't actually don't know if he's listening are we doing Ted had no timeouts -- -- sign a listening to the podcast anymore that I would be pretty much. -- -- -- -- -- that would make sense economy turns -- awesome. I'm with him on and -- Yeah kind of look at -- where were time wise at least for me now -- -- how. Right around this sounds like that's lap one come across that we've got to get the FaceBook drama after the fact that she's doing it tells me -- -- the head and aren't able to FaceBook drama. -- he's holding NN. Now he's out. Good and -- things don't go somewhere George PX. Seattle. Okay. It's good and yeah play full of life not. It's kind of my -- -- -- all right thank you for exactly this time I was -- to the college -- yeah I came here. My John every other song like Billy -- got a check out there's going to do it sounds like it's also really men whatever that band is so am. It's time. -- like I I don't think there's anything wrong with -- is just over exaggeration yes perfect. I usually don't. Fall for these fans and maybe six connections and maybe today maybe populate the bassist. Are you can't help stats yeah it makes you like them more it's obvious and I love he's six because he's that -- guys -- they coming to town and all of these sisters they were sixteen just like me. -- -- But. I really think you're drumming and I I I loved the production -- record news. This is like us outside in the summer just chill and that's what I was little and it's cold here I mean I did a right way to do not talk about the -- Varying some lemonade or some line news out on the court to my flannel shirts most tennis again. Cigarette or cigar or no again I do smoke there as soon -- it becomes. -- your alone. Securely in cigarette but it's -- -- -- -- -- every -- that exists. There were no. -- -- -- -- Seeing I don't know 100. I've made a lot of attention to the baseline throughout this entire record in the. I don't realize. -- -- -- -- -- -- This kid bit it's just like Lindsay says it's more of -- a background music to me like this doesn't like gravity and things like yeah I mean Nicole -- played -- digital music that can. Is really where my jam yeah yeah they -- -- have on her leg the party when we have the barbecues the cool stuff outside in the. Scott he had -- -- -- I don't mean residents of my background music -- victim to the soundtrack to your weekend's road trip Kelly I like it down. -- top VMware -- Resume their you know zooming in on Letterman zones. It's crazy that this moment. Doesn't mean anything you can make it on TV being anything did you watch SNL this winter and really offensive that was a weird -- crap I did not -- jury secrecy sanguine about Nirvana and I don't see something great when her -- you may have sounded greater something like that that is just the weirdest part he -- the dumbest. Did you ever seen yeah. There are 88. Tonight at seeing their deal is that they're like she's Amanda she's trying to pretend he's a man again or something's gonna you do not deserve lots else. It's so stupid here I want your name. NASCAR fans and also yes he would call her saint -- to I think I. Eric told Heidi it's almost like job. I don't know I can be made some weird like it -- like it's like Alice Cooper for a while I was put your name of the band and intervention thing. I have to -- Alice Cooper pretty much. We gives us -- a -- record while we just talked in does have a cool like background and a party candidate doesn't play with and down like an ad for an insurance company aren't look cool what are you writing it then no I am not -- at high noon. Don't think you know now watch the billboard music awards and right now. And it's funny image like flew fighters in the rock fans of yesteryear even though that's still rock bands when they were at their height we were in the middle of this epic rock. By domination. Just pop culture like Tucson and improve there's more in detail and the when you think about like. There are no Guns 'N Roses anymore there are no Nirvana there's no Pearl Jam. All those bands that -- That the equivalent of those dance for us in the duet love rock music. I feel like that's what's going on with country music right now and pop music there they're having their their light moment in the sun. Everything was country on the billboard music course and it's all rock tinged it's almost like. The Luke Bryan's in the Florida Georgia line they're all good. Out of it goes into one hole a whole album of their stuff but they are good songs and they're fine and Iraq given their anthems and net and that John -- Ma'am we don't have that right now and I noticed Jimmy people a decade but have you checked out this band. I know these bands are out there but there's not a single one right now blowing up huge and I'm wondering what it's it's it's bound to happen again. But I I'm I don't agree I really hope would happen soon man I miss. That moment in time when. Alison changed sound garden. They were all putting out songs that were in his twelve years ago man and thinking and when now we an -- that rock resurgence like. How many how many rock -- like rock Al was have you been able to listen to straight through. Like I was it like I've -- I was able to do with appetite weren't able to view for super unknown. Rapper you know all of those ones I have ever find dad and I mean yeah I mean I just listen in psychology from beginning and in the site. Yes for me -- No -- -- Angel thus I was an album. And her albums I do like to begin I'm really dig in the hold steady record idols although if I -- five years I'll be listening to a from beginning to and I don't know. And I could still like if you said oh one's gonna put on on appetite right now we're illicit. From the gained and -- -- article I can -- hope we get to -- podcast about why every single song means something. It is awesome. What are we gonna get back guys what do we need to -- asked -- we need to make this have to do is -- something called back to learn of the podcast and it's basically determined hockey players use all remember that comment regarding about that you know your track. I hear the happy family T shirts on sell Barack -- hi this is. Our presence of FaceBook. Drama right. Good one today and in these offices. I guarantee and yeah he's been wanting. To join them all the pages together. Drama this other idea and that didn't understand it. There and it's much. It suits us news and it's been any of those programs all over as ours let him speak at -- I think new talks are hilarious I can't play a song on the radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rose welcome -- part. Thanks to Ziggy my girls are showing up to give trappers party brightest friend back to his girlfriend and I think so now they're gonna burning man well good for them and get tickets they're gonna aim really high dreamers Shantee. He said he bringing and these greens that's TP cash shorts and he's in Iraq my burning -- if you do please get a picture review and a bunch of smelly hippies -- them -- them for go services -- -- to -- -- if you will at. If you get a real cheese sandwich in exchange for an SEP catcher I won't get you another one or passive yeah what his shoes he said that he's he's working on new song for us and yeah. It's a -- -- -- writes I gonna say who it's based awful but let's just say that the provocative -- the -- program will be used again the higher -- -- it's awesome while. Oh you did then you -- a little he'd do little performance at the bar forms is one funny dude you I love talking and I guy he's just -- did his good energy that comes from that guy the -- column I too whenever the whole way it goes that somebody. So much time goes in between I combined into what I sometimes call eight you can -- They both had beards the last time -- one of them had a beard in the other one -- a weird mustache social costs. Tired sorry about that. Investors FaceBook -- must not as always we like a spotlight some of the stupidity that we see on FaceBook and this one will definitely it reeks of stupidity isn't as rough man this is -- one. And that hash tag is used very. Excessively on this why this is on FaceBook yes and they're using rest at least in hash -- on FaceBook and can Mastec now on FaceBook. We'll tell ya I -- letting you for hash -- economic FaceBook page -- there are some of these services and posting on all home. That's true so so people plus -- totally -- you know you never saw the first one could have been a re direction from that to okay yeah they do show trending and -- they did a hash tag does work on cigarettes I'll manage to try everything into one thing I'll FaceBook wants to do everything and twitters. -- at a Wal-Mart pages that are looking like FaceBook now tune up so confusing FaceBook to Twitter -- is the Wal-Mart a social networks I think they're just trying to do everything. Eight years ago are in an interview of marble oh Zuckerberg also Mark Wahlberg -- I was gonna say that Marky mark and then the -- literally said that he wanted to face took to be the second page of the Internet are of these second Internet. And I that's what it's -- -- -- that's what it's turning into a he's accomplishing that goal yeah I mean it's almost can be ridiculous but he should follow Mark Wahlberg made Zuckerberg here's. Hey I said Zuckerberg. And maybe give -- the yeah it is not possible. -- -- I like a lot of how I want a burger the volatile ever -- -- how lucky Brazil's top -- murdering -- Zuckerberg -- at this point. Can we -- he's now doing good it's just podcasts but I've got to roll aren't here -- So I will play the role of Dora. -- names of Hornaday and the names have been changed to protect innocent amnesty plans for -- started fighting. I want everybody to the top three you put the -- Tom okay. -- you are mark. Shame. You will be Jeff. And mono nick. He's the anchor. And he's meal. Merits itself here -- FaceBook drama -- when enough people post stupid stuff on FaceBook and we reenacted starting off with me I endure. I hope she burns it and now. My mother in law who I called Satan. Is -- lying. -- who she is number one on my last people ask why I have a bad attitude. -- god -- today the hash tag I'm in a bitchy mood hash tag path and ammo. Honda I texted you an hour ago please take this down I don't need my mother to see this what our youth they gain. -- -- -- I don't care if your mother sees this car and if she does good. Hey mom. Explained to me why you're so I would rather watch porn that. -- Pet tags sex addicts. Seriously and stop it why are you doing this hash tag this is. I saw him as stay angry march cash take. Drama. Guys don't encourage this this is really bad you do us bad. -- You're more worried about what your mom thinks they're trying to please your wife pat said dry spell. Has -- picky FaceBook has stacked though -- out at that is. Do you like this is why you can't -- lake glad lemmings have FaceBook pages and tradition no other motor drive cars. Two point group that you cook. It has nothing to do vote and -- -- cars and post -- they know what it's think that they should be doing instead of the as the task tech divorce on this one do Hasselbeck could hash tag has -- she is -- -- Goldberg Jones-Drew. It is. Did what a bitch -- -- unfolding like I get excited when my wife my wife never post. Anything on FaceBook so when she doesn't like our collective comment on what she -- and it's fine. But I just got hooked on to this -- uh oh that's been fun. Yes -- senator majority of snaps the goal. No -- -- Mel my is my center hey look what I'm wearing today I guess read it today and senator picture when I look like. Then she sent him a snap of her blocking new new. Well that's what we discuss this week it's very it's it's a love story that it's constantly developing and as well as we found out going -- put an in my story if we ever do anything. -- I don't know from Kansas to release the -- Hello all I needed comment Iraq a fireworks a full disclosure I didn't intro. Not -- I make it happen I just have beans for dinner it's -- died three different types in my life says you better not far it's my birthday. Michael you just set me up well now I don't doubt my girl just actually -- -- from movies to go home made all of -- pot of beans on Sunday we've got one sitting in the fridge she must just to be added up would go one for punishment she she has not. Stated yet that I am allowed to have made it's like being -- well who else is it for I don't know if you could -- for another guy that's now it'll -- evening -- banning those other forty -- slogan -- you -- in these beans for maybe it's the Stoner neighbors and a passion act sex addicts for so this rooting your house you'll hear it unless she says you can eat is. No. But there are some that I know that our expert will explicitly not for me when -- four. Well for her sometimes like this team are you still like you and why can't try and actually I mean there's things Apple's panel sent me now milk in his draft. So either they're not in the house or if they are there is there's like a specific reason might a lot of times like cooking stuff like the milk in some of -- is another things like chocolate chips because. She hides the candy so final there's chocolate or hello all digital -- -- you know go for it you're just a monster well and you sometimes you do you appetites and sometimes you like to you know -- things. Classic man. While we do -- the voicemails. And new. Emails prayers to your beat test -- all day has crashed during Clinton didn't enter into effect on the correct. I still have these visions of one day somebody taking our our podcast and turning into a cartoon. I don't know I don't know but that's part of why I grabbed the busy year as they call now be busy he's intro of like I added that. Email segment into our intro good are your pictures like. I don't know somehow take us is walking around my summer fun and friendly and all is only this giant monsters. Times inning and -- Dave page cached in the -- and show and it -- us nice and that's our show would start that is pretty cool sounds fun there I don't know what happened but have you ever wanna turn aren't. Our I -- into a cartoon. You have full permission. It's got a good -- -- -- but all are in Munich and well yeah. And is restarting of voicemails. Now that I'm do what we want actually right we do is Jane Watson was -- what we're going. Let's go at the end textures. Will do the text first -- -- -- -- shame because he is a true Titanic teach. And listened to our podcast and remembers a return I wanted to tambourine. Here for whenever we have a band -- -- to -- Arianna so whether to ten lead -- to -- -- -- a baby rattle there was characters this from Disney I think it was. That's very good -- all -- -- how do you not know -- c'mon I don't know because he's six he's flat he's hugging. Flowers yeah. But the flowers -- the they and is is funny because Tigger was the Disney character to try to you know my wife when we went to Disneyland had. And how perfect he would not let go of her he kept hug and -- got awkward like other item -- Is Wayne Brady of the -- of the digger don't. You know what -- facts I don't imagine. Continue your story about ticket only to order as I'd like to thank you. To the city's worst -- -- -- -- ever heard in my life here in Atlanta for -- process. To try to account. For clinically. Three centuries and -- didn't place. Forty out mr. Yardeni who is thirty don't trust them from the ground there who want a happy ending his doesn't plan to hold that together. Yes I know a little. I had no idea it was I can tell you -- paid absolutely nothing for loan -- Don't take it out of my call -- breaks apart you wanna play. Yeah. -- -- this is and without having the way it is keeping it the way it is there you go. Is it kind of low turnout. Good -- Hamilton thank you activity sample -- turned into some songs. Sounds good keyboard we need to keyboard and keep their homes are. Thank you that was very nice up and acted pretty well -- very thoughtful the ticket because -- because I honestly probably the most usable give amnesty because -- ever got. And I will bring us into every podcast that we do from here on out it gets if we ever have a band come and so maximize man before I got -- he brought it certainly is crossing a couple of it becoming I -- do that you want to you have to you have to -- -- -- got to -- implying we'll -- just in Atlanta are you wanted to play that game where you just start doing -- here's how we do anything. -- we have to hold -- and graduate I don't know if he's actually going to happen the fingers crossed there will have a dog legs are different men and host city he favored to treat I had we're talking about said it was a great ticket she showed up in the mail that I bought nice and I posted a picture of me rock and hold steady teacher with the tickets in my hand. As Alex I was gonna go and Craig since the front man the whole city over -- and skirts and that's pretty cool man. But -- like like growing amana I'll buy gas cans let's I -- got too much. I thought it was -- -- well right now are just minutes I. -- got to Florida I was wearing out my got a -- that goes into Obama. There's generally a -- no pants. Then I held steady a I'm ready to see you -- -- -- some of these that the that was cool dude you're probably I'm just should be near Iowa now I get why someone tweeted me back from that and just wrote hash tag -- but then yes. -- -- -- -- I was and had no idea that sold that bright white every traded at -- earlier -- neighbor to act creepy guy off. Crap now I don't know beyond that I'm not I -- in a podcast they couldn't. Well -- creeps loyalist I have another hosting a short -- I think a different picture -- -- wearing that serve our our grandstand that's a lesson you know. Why did I can write with a picture be on the tickets -- why you retreat the last wanted to debut the hearts and love me. We are awesome I love me -- Are suspended for his Twitter. I get blocked by my favorite band and what the Oscars I would. How we do we can do this if the interviews going well I could I could -- -- the widest scenario they don't -- someone came you have them perform I have already won song yet you know I was thinking something crazies is stupid question. And bring it -- up and then whatever their reaction is that we keep doing the interview in new behavior tied to do warmer song. They might have forgotten that we even talked about that they start playing in a while they're doing like you know one and their sons I was guy. It's awesome movements and the other place underneath. It's -- players and the distance desktop right here. And slowly bring it out like why your playing it. And having this instant camera -- French game but it sounding an awful as it sounds that was pretty very bright yellow. Clijsters it looks like a baby's rattle doesn't -- there's a tiger wants to resist next -- assessed. Its air ticket that's. Percussionist -- just how Wall Street this obviously was just I don't know I could be our -- just have put them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I governor governor bush drums needed drummer a bit of -- -- that TV show where he does -- whatever musical artists that comes and perfect but I don't play guitar play drums so I'm glad to figure out what the deal we aren't -- song is that cool huh. They're cougars. I first text messaging you can -- does. By attacks to. Back to 532714787. ST treasury twosome once more as TP. Do you ever throw out random impractical to stuff to your wife that you want to do that you know shall see note two. To soften -- up for their real stuff you wanna do that how you should do life man. -- negotiation good luck for instance the guys have any examples. I don't think you'll want but I know I've done that not -- my head but I have donated a lot of the small stuff I mean I'm not asking you know at -- back operations and to whatever but I mean you know it's silicon Ford wouldn't ultimately. Doesn't always readiness and I can I shoot for -- -- Why Powell. Well here allure. And I didn't know what hey guys thank you -- me -- clapping hands and a trip. -- Exactly. The new haggling the stretch goals for me it's always asking like that you can I know something that she's not gonna say yes to which is. Let me going away for the weekend to play this golf like every other weekend or whatever and I'll turn it into a trip with her. And -- this -- thing with me and her might one day and then do something that she wants to do the next day yeah -- -- like to get her stuff out of the way first that I can. Some of his nonprofit and I don't know your stuff. Now I'm Soledad Alex and fifteen minutes to do. Now I don't know I don't know do you usually it's shop bring in all of that her. -- -- at this weekend I had at Iowa senate meltdown this weekend's six hours six hours weekends now. -- senator. I -- environment and now lol no way I was analysis hours luckily I can take the car like she stays in that -- please forever scoffed autistic the car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are fired up watch a movie but she also -- know anyway after a three hour long and I -- on and I'm talking about TV item as usual my -- Camaro now I guess. Fired they -- -- of that garage side -- I don't want the fumes staff figured. -- I went shopping yesterday about myself. Because I had to get a birthday gift from my wife learn -- I don't -- I I'm begs the king of looking thoughtful what I do is whenever I go shopping my wife. That's not a birthday or Christmas -- close that if you point something out. The look on my phone to a quick picture of it without knowing. Mary snow about it writes I do appreciate these -- issues as you point out and Nordstrom's and southern Alabama hey. I want this that is on the power says I give -- lord knows we're. Look what happened I got a -- he faces from my wife has gone on and you know Z three -- he faces parts do you now status and what doesn't work for the NSA does say maybe he does lose figures in the threesome -- -- yes they teach kids represented different part of my body. That don't know -- saying -- giving. Wanna -- near full. Me. They have three places you got to him waiting for the president knows -- -- -- me out all right and with the yeah. I was -- I only her nipple and he had an he had knows how to start and owns this seat. I did want to remember I would do sometimes when I'm wanted to play hockey -- my buddies and I knew that they -- get weird I would also say that my other buddies. -- me up and they do to fill land and I told them no because I wanted to spend time with her. -- -- Okay it's a certificate. -- -- sorry he's gonna work an immediate yeah because I was -- of their birdie -- and she lives ourselves our of social it's -- -- here. Our next of that particular order until the teaser here. And I disasters have to give Tommy can't station with the dishes and -- -- -- what's the difference between kinky and perverted. I don't know I think he's a feather perverted use the whole chicken. Okay it's. -- -- -- -- And -- a beer guy from upper left USA he had sent me a video I completely forgot to grab it so I'm sorry I'm. And it's just a length so I mean if you go to YouTube dot com slash RM and the RT. -- LOU. You can finally -- talking about perfect both -- the space and now for people to -- this watch what he did they react accordingly. Man that was a cool video that was sweet nice you know that your guy from the upper left USA -- beat him like it. The I Leo quality sound -- if I was Kenny Baker. Our living completely plastered whenever I was inside aren't you -- -- -- funny to picture some drunk majored in their trying to find the right buttons I bet that's why spun around a lot hospitals Webster and then. The manual Lewis is Emanuel Lewis dead. I don't know Gary Coleman's. Enormity Korman and Coleman's dead but I think Emanuel loses soon. Trudging along -- -- -- the -- with the computer in front of remote Italian -- long time and that was my thing I don't think so Emanuel Lewis is old teacher when he was growing up was my next door neighbor. And his oldest is four victory gap now issued brag about being his teacher whom he still kicking he's still alive yeah. He's 43 and I just turned 44 similar amount is 43 and he's four for -- third. -- -- -- Yeah. OK okay. I think he's an American person. I would I think your people try to do something stupid like pick up my mind and have been throwing. I cannot make you there's people who have white -- and -- six words are -- yeah they've watched I don't some fans are they're gonna try to pick a moderate growth -- thing you're not over six greens are now -- evidence recorders that I never thought about is clearly you'd wanna do stuff like that if -- over six. Because remember back and we have all the parties and I did little to drone -- bread and recruits all the time yeah back and fragile and allies start using -- -- -- coffee table or drinks did you know I would think about them do one time we did dude God's a liar and a pastor of unyielding and -- -- show. -- -- -- the -- dwarfed. Dwarfed costs a quarter midget bowling one do you have for your clock zero accord was a midget bowling and -- miserable now he thinks. Really awkward. At -- and whose idea was it like we can't get away with him repeatedly anymore yeah. I have like everything about gorgeous more than happy place toss down a finger paid for that. This is obtained Illinois today amid its come on now I know maybe you'll -- down -- pretend bowling lanes and that he hit some time bowling pins. With your head. And thinks that and that. Houston is still hopeful this Sony -- it's -- terrible blow it now so Paula Jones call foot and caught. And these are good ideas. I -- don't be fine if we -- we operate our business servers these little people that you can throw clear across the ground and had those numbers for the life. I mean I you know I would call it -- -- lying -- in -- populated as new coupled with gas. Man -- his Steelers it was awful mega talent agency he had just it's a little. Face threats and can't wait for today's STV cast miss you guys. It was good the first after. That's kind of gotten on a weird road I -- I know I got a -- -- I didn't know for a partisan water. On a higher instances that service that has all these midget -- but it really doesn't send out people. I was getting about picking -- -- -- An external table lethal putter head like -- hire a bunch of them make him the furniture out of parties. This. I have this terrible idea I just as much but there are a whole idea they're -- -- -- he did that and -- dress sense that you couldn't tell it was a little hole in the table and say you guys do not move for the first forty minutes once they get everybody million reasons costs. I'll what you guys is move slowly. Baja Mexico we're pretty mild autism. -- -- -- Acid. And say hey we usually do you really doesn't know this is literally moved and is coming to my children tonight -- -- be as nice and well against somebody set the table on fire okay mushrooms. We'll do mushrooms probably have smarter idea factional shall marginally. That's all our Royce our tax rises Dhabi. -- -- you have to brilliant ideas for parties and company and and I. Yeah NASCAR bush smells voicemails and is the look of from scrimmage I think we have four of them yeah. -- -- -- You're here. Superior. Are -- which are popular. Mr. sister. And so it is understood that I love your show that's really awesome yeah I'm backing since then I don't. Also squandered in -- where I -- so much but it is it is tempting. And other. This is awful quote. Which is sick -- epic aircraft. -- but I. It started almost entertaining and and it really can. I might have me in practice a couple of guys who are elusive bird. So long while so many questions prince admitted dot com content. Seriously. Local -- since the mid you know all day on -- Five cents a I don't know but the now old guy's name five Santa has. Has used a midget fifty cents cents a minute yet dork sixty minutes five cents a minute to look up he would probably benefited the you're so yeah yeah. Burger and turn the bottom right about -- my -- and I am yeah I'm excited I. -- fired at our own weed anyway but it definitely not a hot day. All of our guys. -- looks like business in Vegas Tuesday despite add value we hear tiny entertainment or intimated that the army -- -- good I actually I rent it to be just part of our counterargument I look man. -- -- weird ST URD editors his role with us afloat now is like the guys he -- for a bachelor party they wanted they did on -- -- wanted one guy dressed as -- they wanted to professional -- not to do anything. Just to go with him and drink yeah -- a clown to hang out with them I would love that it's pretty solid could you imagine though rolling and anywhere strip clubs bars. Casinos and gave us an eagle at the party immediately just because you had a little person really it's just -- as a clown while you could -- who -- little -- -- gas that would freak some people who scream out. What's up there. As opposed to just jump Internet filtering and my actually my girlfriends older sister is a little person. Way to make -- yeah -- content management. Yeah there are apparently five credit the credit. Here in Scotland that I have right now she's going to be particularly -- and along laugh and let alone the actually he's -- -- funny is we -- -- the -- and to her sister was babysitting somebody and people would come up to her and ask the weirdest questions like. They come out when I'm not smell like. And Google I thought yeah. Do you expect apple it's. Because a super weird inappropriate soap lady down to good. So is the data little person to tour and disciplined and then like got a lot of. People that's kind of -- -- granted I would -- midget -- -- actually modernize things and then and now Richard Nixon did you deliver him naturally or did you have a cesarean section now so I'd imagine that pops out like you've got a full sized yellow feels -- -- Had a baby -- the issue is babysitting and are wearing his infant. Analysts say to all those hers -- oh wow that's a regulatory and ask -- think it was her kids. Our -- we say now permits to until your sister is your girlfriend sister yes it's good. And anyone else in the family now know that the system harassing yeah it's just it's of one in four chance. What for yeah yeah if you have that gene in your family although one unfortunately she could give birth to a normal size yes yes there. Saudi -- doesn't matter how my four years old me be. Your child will be your -- that's a weird moment above a power struggle I get usually good data as a way to hillside mom yeah -- -- it has to wait until like this since like sixteen before it's to get under the brass tax -- -- now we -- the same night as your five year old that's kind of rough yeah. Well. It has been an interesting -- -- wasn't quite sure how to approach things that's better. Yahoo! and that doesn't go to Canada to be cool if you can so it was a little first owners admitted because here's rent a midget dock costs and I. You for money -- you know don't care for me just to give a crap okay now some people are really going to be. Against eight it's turning into war for Mac kind of offends them to exhibit a bad thing to ask that content very clearly viewers are different they don't -- -- of and they're a little taller than me to have morning how -- -- the -- At this point attention. -- politically and what dynasty is done bottle and the military hero and a lot of goals and they -- that was a leper cons. Our cookies and they made industries and those are else. I'm confused you -- animals. Aaron that's got a nice -- now. They are hurt sushi. There's -- people do yeah -- -- -- these -- you all. Who. Love you all are and yeah. Critical -- and the -- -- yeah yeah yeah. -- he's grown like my role to us. And as we got things really -- -- they did not know that all has decreed. Just getting it doesn't help. -- -- -- -- -- -- Going on hole. Well nobody learned a little fire for a little over its we're -- going to -- an entirely new agent. Popular it's very nifty piece cast party. I gotta say trappers sushi is awesome. Yes you can roll and they're seeing in more -- it was like to guess what I had on my. There are true is nothing here only -- enough. I thought what's supposed to actually. But retired -- everybody. Glad that my only -- the -- guys there. Sometimes Brothers. Militarily couldn't actually usually great ball -- got a -- you don't feel so. Can definitely it'd be normal you -- film eagle all you brought it up the durning. You know what is the -- -- June 7 I and heavenly barbecue at my annual barbecue silk in a anyone's welcome this should be a poetry books so. Thought that the minute -- and -- -- -- got the plug for the barbecue and Barack that a head of tarmac at FaceBook -- that you looked up car that point did you. The as the speaker of these other cases go to TV that's casting if I have always put some really cool stuff some entertaining stuff on their -- -- were earlier ball's -- relax on I don't kind of sold on -- on I think early ball should be next -- mainly both -- -- -- today it's awesome MB. They were moving a little bit north and I think it's fair for the north and there's exchange marrow announced that. Would be able to make it down and then after that I. And we have you know the right to docs. I still wanna go to tracks I wanna I -- revisit laser tag I feel like we've got to hear a bigger name sir Paul I know if I wanna take my girlfriend that this time zone clock because last time she was hanging out behind me hiding in being getting protected. It's usually me in the back. How. She was doing extra points off of me. Did you guys -- an -- destined for a futurist DP desperate and she wants to do. Military operation resources to gas and there were there noise. Awesome manager on the camera there. Sure but she obviously asked that her party. She wants to have a marshmallow fight go to get random fields and everybody have a bunch of marshmallows and thrown at each other apparently Shane has done that. Well yeah actually we're. I have over. I don't sounds fun now you see it's like a snowball fight during the summer you get the big marshmallows and I really -- handing him. My dad just comes out -- nowhere just rips open debate marshmallows and -- -- what are you doing and -- -- -- in the face of much manages devolved into people can't just running around throwing marshmallows and each other. I've got to be fun to pick a random movie where we all show up to the movie theater armed with marshmallows and throw one out there -- -- randomly don't know what it is slowly build and like a part of -- insane action in the film. We all just get to start helping each other marshmallow. Now known as our Lola early on I -- worry at all laser tag -- realize that there. I got -- I got -- internet's -- evolved I -- -- be hilarious and that's one that we probably have to. Do really like our due diligence to find out exactly not exactly but approximately how many people are coming. And Warren dams that way we're not like. I don't know how popular it is an automation that we are all out there together may we may break off of the teams now. You if there's two courts and usually we're talking we're live all right yes there's two courts and usually you schedule. X amount of time on the court so I got a big birthday party comes and it's not too much walked up and just -- ball OK so what will reserve India South America exactly sounds good and if you've never experienced -- -- -- in -- -- though we're talking about. -- -- There's some good video has been -- to have like sodas and stuff but I'm not sure if their Beers -- -- -- -- we supply relief with food and beverage package. So little and I don't know that beer because they album rip -- mentioned tracts. And that's go -- prisoners who was just there -- a member here we have two tracks do tracks is -- because the governor Monday Tuesday over the family fun center as well. Is that even still open I thought they close to it the one -- -- well off it oh no Iraqi I was thinking -- I was the other one up and Linda are you think you have -- to Asia and refined -- on -- I'm not sure what's going on over there -- -- I think he's kind of open they have laser -- I was casinos are or. But the art objects voicemail stuff and he we -- more. Global premiere right. Because like. -- in the morning. Oh nice. I don't know what that after it happened on that last voice now there's a bookend with weirdness. And there was no Corky. Yeah sadness. And we are struggling David at the Ice-T. And I think it was him and I think him in the future I got to get better at this and maybe build an uncle Ricky sound cloud page. And post the an edited one's approach niece and. I -- -- and I don't want to -- I wanna assume no responsibility for what is it like there I don't might sound cloud. But I don't want those gone back to me I don't know we ever can or will be able to. Some of wood on a really darker but maybe some of them we can't but wonder if you don't come doesn't exist nick. And -- -- probably is -- -- -- that is. -- Integrity to run part of -- first email comes from and neither yes. And he said -- a link to the LA weekly they put out an article called the top twenty worst bands of all time. He's improved that anybody get a common newspaper anymore. But I can see this guy's point bots now I was gonna grab all -- But I just taken us forever to go to China and on curriculums. In saying that while. No idea what the hell's going on what is this phone call -- production on this -- Warren but it's. -- it looks like if this happened ten years ago would be like on an Angel fire site -- -- war -- zinni's walked how this is they think and out like products about Maryland there's some things. Let's not get you in an emotional solution. Look at just -- -- you may have emeritus angry about aids you are so what he's using it applied like the UR as you're late -- war. But it's like yeah it's a cool -- still the only instance it's uncle Ricky like it's taken might imagine him. -- Fong got really creepy. That it's added a hot paint like. Like -- character -- -- but tournament at a weird like pat. Yeah it looks like -- very Miami doesn't actually it's gonna Miami Vice sort of colors with like the blue in the paint. And like yeah all of it lake and the picture of him is it's like a pink outline of it that's a good flamingo and is he trying to rush lanes on his name and as they see your hottest new product attention. Are all so you send in your stuff so you wanna sell on the Internet and then he put some cool logos and the cows on and my. What's clear that he has the skills of paid a bill suggests nice. Beard so uncle Ricky can't get that you are -- and don't take into our hands creeping. So twenty wrist bands of all time and I grabbed some clips oh cool over really well anyone have bought one because we would never leave this podcast. But he's -- -- like -- -- and I symbols. I remember twenties -- Spin Doctors okay. Direct inventories at number nineteen without it's about Jack white's other -- steady as she goes I really -- -- on the green hornets and blue fish made the list. Do you ever keep pretty Ricky made the list -- a hip hop artist and but I stern -- -- number seven and a top twenty who numbers so that's a number seven. I wonder if you guys can tell which -- this is the worst band of all time. More -- -- rehashed classic rock with a thin veneer of -- you're so stupid. Also said that they're the most for a banned in twenty years. As the Rolling Stone article Verisign LA weekly. My -- Nicholas tells the one who picked that I -- He's just meant that you're better left. California for Washington -- number six shots -- How to alternatives like -- he's. This song means a lot to me. I'm guessing it'll do the one he lost his first news. Does is our wedding night. It has not yet given up maybe I'm drunk. I want -- on the. You JR -- put this on it's is the only songs besides it's a typical sound you danced to it. This is a song that I can't say it's. Like. I put my arm around my -- And I are around my buddy Dave. And I popped up -- down. And just look at the -- though you're only -- -- -- emblazoned let wasted and I just bounced up and down going tonight it's gonna be a good night. And that to me is why do I -- you can always mean something is wonderful -- is there is no wasn't black or. He's they were around before they refer you re they were I have to and they were like hip hop tonight really cool and like they did the war tore every yeah I thought they -- up -- advance. OK and I literally out of my mind on the second I remember seeing them at the Kingdome parking lot guys that are in a walking around that was Eminem yeah you Eminem played Z -- ahead lay it hit all of these events of course penny wise and play every year at the and actually -- All those fans in the Black Eyed Peas -- one of the smaller stages threat at the war -- And they went from being a -- band to a crowd -- To -- seriously I was date date you what happened what made them turned did they I guess I guess I turned the corner because change. A -- collaborated with -- Justin Timberlake and this is at the height of him being in N'sync got you all of a sudden that Tom became a big deal and -- you know -- -- -- before after they day they hooked up with off Fergie for militias these onstage pee your pants -- and I now as they had the biggest pop group of all time. And I got to see -- Letterman and they were awesome. And they did that -- I've got a feeling that but that's on means a lot to me man. All the reason why -- -- these songs I went to Spotify. And these were the most played songs of this band FE that's the easiest way to determine what's on -- represented stands. Number five how do you guys have any idea who this bandits. -- -- -- -- For whatever -- is the biggest thing for. We get Spotify -- -- that he's most listens to. You can call animal collective you know. I noticed that. Because says the best that I officers say are the greatest band ever -- this and I agree diversity. I think they can be blamed for all of the neon -- -- -- boys are wearing me. Really -- they started then they brought back -- retro glasses like four years ago. -- I feel bad that believes an iron down like this season this is the band that my girlfriend and her girlfriend to try to drag us guys feel like hell don't know. I'm going to this crap like this -- is the problem is that animal collective are special kind of unlistenable. Their albums that we weren't active engagement but they don't make good background music I it's noses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- -- horrible music. Like you can't you're not supposed to be able to talk over carnival music because that's really changed neither sees what the same repetitive annoying. It's almost feel like you're like listening to something I had to stop lights in your windows are down and in a car pulled up next year and they're listening to something. But there were mixed in -- The what the hell is going on right now. Don't like send your trip -- -- Yeah went online -- there isn't playing at a party if they get this stuff on the -- pentagon report. Yet another example of making a list to just get people talking about yeah hardly the most talented they have never know. Like -- -- the last day I guarantee that's right animal collective on the because there's there's plus this every. Part of reason why they made the -- touted as the originators upon this Sex Pistols were really with the third grade cases revolve. Well hello Brad Richards held on -- No I love this song now he is what's in here. I know more than new music and muscle there number three bowl I don't think any deal. Marsha who is here tonight knows it. This is LCD sound systems. Pulled his flag -- on I would have thought I saw him. It's their most popular song it's amazing that they're -- -- in the workout today. Clearly don't sort of didn't gen true. I will say this guy dialed in like this is another -- -- spots they're not even a band anymore okay. The lead singer of creative force trying to pull the plug diseases like everybody is ripping off what we're doing and it was ripping up footers and go through to. -- -- These guys are kind of -- it's sounds like -- the a little red it's very DNC I don't hate it how big -- I definitely hated animal collective McKnight active. Number two I think we all know. There you go -- this is classic. I made the Eagles. RL -- -- are going back AP business the most played -- in the area it's ever could. God I hate Eagles but -- Davies is that there's there's a number zero worse than an all time. Now as far as number one yeah. -- -- The worst band he's going to be did concede The Beatles. Got a lot of Jack are you a little bit. Collect any stupid thing like this is gonna be like oh they're overplayed a load I'll tell you this it's not dating go down that road OK but it is a well known. Hugely successful banks the first letter of the man's name is a long enough. How -- -- Mozilla does something -- is our daily organizing our men and letter. Look who doesn't love that -- or excellent. Thomas Hudson and you know suddenly you have tons. EDT to -- dare you and other hand. Is it more than one word after the it's three words not including thought. All of blank blank blank yup and it's. The in the year of the bush put it involves a person's name. The Dick Clark five. That close. The good deal there was the Dave Clark for Dave Clark five that's what I meant a closer. Good to see you Dave Matthews grant Matthews band and heartily and. You guys I agree that they haven't. When. It's number one on Spotify this has like. Some good -- of a million missing engine two million listens to this one I believe he's remember panic over nine million us. And this and I I don't hate Dave Matthews I don't hate the united -- this I love this. And I managed its. Solidarity. Here they are there any masks all listen Manny just peeking through the windows and -- -- get that dress it's just it's a battle green and -- this is Stacey Jackson records. Plus the only people go to the rewards for three days and was so it is a slam -- Hot girls out on the girls a lot of weeds on how good and Asia as I drove me that would mean not a -- Killer there are circles here tell me do you mean -- I -- actually played I don't know I don't know it's lawyers and write about him and you want a real American horror stories sit back and stay on the back -- SUV went off key sorority house members being audited Dave Matthews Band turnover. Vibrant and -- name's Dave Matthews -- like Kermit without handled. Are -- just rolled his eyes so hard because there -- Dave Matthews Band show like I have never seen Dave Matthews who -- other than one time he did an -- session and it was just him at the big picture right by no doubt -- standing. And it was awesome. Dave was. Hammered he was so drunk yet doesn't sing some of his songs and a one point he broke it down assured mr. from a broken down in the middle of it into senator -- idea burger. On the Burger King who. Yeah I just Burger King. Hi -- I can and just get going on and on about how he's the burger king and after that and I gave an assist him and get acoustic guitar he's amazing. Well I grab another Dave -- on -- -- like. I am having a play that song so I share wanting now know that's okay now please the most amazing thing you ever did was in Chicago alone down a dumb ass guy. That would be Jeff Weiss wrote that one. He says that he's a great jam bands that doesn't have any jams couple. Like the guy jams the entire time like this and all she does so I have a great example of it OK I have a song. I mean -- -- -- Dave Matthews now granddad over the years not really paid much attention to David in college news Dave Matthew -- rusted -- Can you -- -- -- was going on in our house yes a lot and you know the rest of the song. Christie's on a commercial because it's clear of their career never took us they sold their my biggest song. To some company news news of the -- is their biggest songs. It's man nick take it away come -- -- important examine the way just saying I know I away. Plus you know route. I don't know -- are qualified to solve a right in saying it movies I hadn't -- doing it. They're from Pittsburg who -- are ignorant and jam band. I go to a rusted root and Dave Matthews concert and then leave after Rosen group was done. You still only beat the traffic -- either -- -- So yeah. Okay so here in until. And here this commercial. You know wow the guy has yet. This. Man we would get so high. On the phone and I need to know this is the real sun and now politics and lookup -- what -- company uses trusted root of their commercial. -- -- -- -- -- -- The front -- I just can say ten resumes and com solicited your music music scene the next Steve Matthews song has a little icons pop and as a robot chicken and I thought that looks like get energized. At the album cover. -- -- might be caught dead yet enterprise car. -- advantages land down under -- unionized demand. And RJ and know it's -- Ecstasy sports. Here's -- like funnyman. You know I was gonna say it's on the job he did -- It means very -- world news. -- -- -- so it is now -- It's not the himself before -- between. This brings you right back college. Yet when you Sumatran okay no. It's a topic going home early out of a topic driving an easy I think I'm gonna get a good night's. The champion talking now. Even gave -- a kind of stuff going. I sell generic ones on net maybe fall in love with Dave Matthews and it's -- -- is perfect. One of -- first a key piece and it's a cover song I want they want it to cover drills whisper you know it's on your real clear Suez already you can I think I got there. -- but that it needed to read and it is. Now dvd due to. Totally discussed a competitor -- -- -- dedicated I was almost on another and. And yeah. At. The news and yeah I mean this. She's. That's got to Dave Matthews Band. -- before you rejuvenate a big name like. My buddies in college or just. Real big Stoner had beaten her on the fraternity together and they were always all about this record crusty greens and fish. Lot of -- and -- drugs are being passed around. And fish made it your college one era and it's a little bit. Right over the Barry says fast they were just getting ready to our college for big festival and and there are always some -- bars will -- You -- I noted is as I can -- zero dollars and he's just -- along the -- analyzes. That are ran awesome things on your financiers and this to me is like. The -- -- top three and act like your original I don't know I don't know. Yeah yeah. -- club owners and. -- should learn in half -- news around the Bay Area last season. -- -- And it. It's. China and kind of -- blue. -- knows how to play the -- and he shows it every song. Yeah we definitely want to in the dazzling new analysis is now if you never -- GAAP and Ivanovic drummer who does nothing vikings yeah. Slow. That we've been accused of witchcraft it's. Okay me. Oh yeah the story is that I remember about day's news. As rock star music dance before becoming a rock star. The -- the host of like an open Mike when he was a bartender in Africa knowing he -- confidence for our West Virginia is living in West Virginia. Do as a bartender. He ran the open my ex he would perform. And then the musicians there started the man. All that's pretty cool yes thank you had no reason on Seattle. Calling for. Okay. Okay -- The way it's hot down equities now heads -- time now until the end -- -- -- little talk of a music video. I'm out there you it's almost caught him expression and it's probably have to nasty now it's another off on -- now about music. This one comes from John. Steve I know you're a big fan of the band Brad. I was curious you've ever heard Sean -- some version of crown of the warrants my mother love bone now we -- know the mother love bone version right yeah. Tony and -- -- love -- -- unless you like to Paula sort of singing like that Bill Clinton was in the -- it's gone. I could time. Staying the -- manager says school. Wallace Shawn Smith guy if you play in this around town when he many forms like he does a cover of -- joins a school Baxter because John Smith is and Brad. Brad features don't Dodgers don't got to Pearl Jam but also was a member of mother love bone out incestuous. -- mother wanted to remember -- and -- -- yeah yeah captain Morgan. And actually shot -- -- for the guessing game which features Caspian look at -- now did these songs. And -- when he performed -- -- who was in the crowd you. Gas is a guy named Brad Bruce -- rather believe guitarists of of mother love bone and -- and who filmed it and it's on YouTube if you look it up. -- -- Who was a girlfriend and android. From Ottawa on Brian why I think it was that kind of a cool thing and actually. Suzanne and I've been -- -- communicating via Twitter I want to try Gerry when went down a sort of -- compliment to do it but. I think we really Cooley -- her view of what the -- music scene was like back in those days this year she was. Basically Andy's muse a bloody sons were written about her which is pretty happy when you really think about it. All but here's John Smith. He put this out refined my old thing on album cause so the heart can see and what's available -- band camp. And probably other places as well but here's his version of crown of thorns and it's nothing. Like the mother love bone version if you know the model of homers and this is gonna trip you out. Good it's. Country western. Cowboys are coming into. Bring down shots. Yeah. -- Someday if at all. You can make it. When. We'll Rex -- so normal way. They say you've got to see you know brand. I'm gonna tell it. They really matter. -- just can't stand to -- dragging them. -- Question is is there. Okay yeah. Turn -- my old man it is already clear is that I mean not to this song you don't let you guys to go visit to Baghdad army had stopped me in my tracks are you I had. I'm divided attention now why it's like you -- endeavor not talk over a song. It's powerful. Dramatic even -- beyond -- reach the good word love -- my game more than. But not totally did this. That's right I. What's really could lose you can really understand what he's saying yeah -- British plus -- yeah. Hard to pick up the leader is a little fair and just put all the attention on Mosul and a change. I was not a thing. That. You guys did -- whole so yeah it's. Sort -- tendency copy. Comment -- an -- so many others. He's doing. -- yeah. But I was a passive aggressive and really love. They've got the phone rang and we're not gonna pages you don't want to update you didn't hear a lot of narrow minded opinion that it. It's there's debate at all. But a couple of your master it is -- can -- -- yeah. I want a strong. It's yeah. The house version. Me and I think this is here he knew it. -- and have you enjoyed just like you are out tickets laying eyes closed feels good -- I'd -- to do is keep playing victim -- sideways look. -- -- On the stand and am very. I'm sort of hybrid between there -- it is just didn't cause not think Jordan walking. Knowing there was an IV positive -- yeah. Why -- you so. Morning CD OK okay bring you know. -- everybody agreed to give -- guys podcast. -- you -- a little. I don't think I was. Every day so let's get -- I actually yeah. Justified now -- you I never watched Jessica vibrancy a lot of like trailers and a cover story. And according to. To a couple more -- -- as if they have bad here. This one comes from our body -- magna right. Is it that Ron Turner who are -- -- I try to write as I always think -- -- -- -- -- Wagner Wagner this minarets. He said this and only now Brazil. But it email is an MP3 of his voice now they -- us maybe because it's expensive for him to call a US number there's only present results. Yes you Brazill. Plus he -- so I'm tired. Sometimes doing it on the on the that Google accounts is that you have and collected data loss is really bad and then with his accent. A lot of times it's really just super rough to understand him he'll he'll like for the nation he sends -- stuff to and he'll just recorded via his iPhone and send it. I'd also I'd lose the first for us on ES TP castle I was excited so -- Here reason hey guys I got a little voice -- and a music suggestions hope you guys like Iraq gone from imaginary. It's taken out. -- This is like -- like to say that -- that the hunt and Johnson's voice mail to either us or didn't -- take ten -- meaning. Over the weekend. And arsenal to send you. I have been suggestions. It's a banned from Japan and Amy's ex Japan they're usually there. I think -- my success in America. This music's one of my favorites. It shakes about a minute to the to those low intro but when it kicks. It's let's. This they tried -- yeah sun gets higher -- Obama guy is a great voice mail so I fast forward is like a minute then. After -- get right to him the meat of the matter and it's got this ex Japan banned because. It could. Anybody else but you're like me Juan Pablo. Yeah it's my first thought it's okay and it's not okay and it's okay it's not okay. For those it was a bad citadel awesome segment primarily pretty sweet. Now he's better off not known. About forget everything I heard dead guy on that show yes dad. Federal protective consistency bestseller. All this had -- iTunes. -- -- Full week now -- you. I feel like Todd -- But anyway I think. -- -- -- -- Bob Brett -- scored big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Celebrities TV yes no Stevie -- at the -- to a doctors. One says I don't know if copy a target credit yet don't tell what it is just play Hitler and get his reaction they decide. Stayed positive and I title -- on Nolan did that and the file I think I just wrote Stevie -- -- steamy new songs do you taken the initiative sometimes I think now our men on paper. Stay positive and -- -- probably I don't know. -- no I don't. Yeah move forward movement pretend that I never said that or two hours and -- yeah -- come on immigration and Al Capone could drop to fifteen this is our last email. -- -- All yeah. -- remember last. That's because. It is like here. Turned out the locals. Hoping to pick up the camera -- Home. They beat the ups freak everybody laughter. I'm mailing -- in the -- usually your stuff also -- things at their there. How the benefit doing it for a long they have no -- this is a very much sounding. He's got a good -- to. A little bit down right. Only better I have period. You've got a moment this is some doubt showed there like have dragged metal roots. I was never -- player -- Pretty heavy. Now the thirteen year old feedback when I was like a serious -- medal favorite PRI in the news all their -- command. Player Baghdad without anthrax. This song will be -- had a life. It's in my life. There were a lot of no. Can you imagine. It's a big black -- Okay yeah. There's no -- you live now. I like it and practiced one of my whole. They've put together. -- I would have established your theory behind -- regarding. You put drywall that's just there for you to find OK guys bring -- -- to -- -- back scoring record drywall. Something about Canada holds news. My game. Remember the video watch for the kids -- to a song from wolf come out of Blair thought Paul my job. -- -- -- -- That little kid on the drama that. We're now going to leave get on slider cool thank you. You stand right now let us thank you for being reduced that please you know it's a -- digital photos. Hey I thanks to drivers CCA for hosting our awesome STV cast party. I -- I was gonna talk about humbled I was about that but then things went down and we -- road so it's not gonna happen this time but I really appreciate it was coming out. And it was a lot of fun. They've got seven locations coming against Asian golf violate Bremerton and Tacoma and now Norton -- It amounts -- there was talk for a cool deal school specials. Certain amounts of our roles for certain amount of money he's got to keep up on -- -- -- -- kind of cool special they got going on. Fred Friendly as they -- all drivers Susie seven locations find out more at trappers sushi dot net. Also join our FaceBook page as TP dad's passed for a minute the -- Todd jealous. Steve the producer thank you once again for listening. -- -- Yeah. They've got an inside game.