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Michael Bennett 05-21-14

May 21, 2014|

Michael Bennett of your Seattle Seahawks!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

99.9 TI SW know Iraq of Seattle defense our senator our next guest is one of my favorite talk. And I love that we -- on ESPN's highly questionable. Tell us the story of how you've got a restaurant reservation has a total fraud the restaurant or drugs over -- caught him was like hey this is obviously Russell Wilson I just need to say so and I it's my completion rate was -- one for a -- and under the table they'd admit it's -- before me. -- -- Sure how Russell Wilson would feel about that particular impersonation that you just did not sound like hey this is Russell Wilson I am the quarterback of the seventy. -- promotes yeah I had a -- cells in me. Please welcome to show Michael Manning might could cost. Couple won't mean that Michael has -- Since spoken to you about that's fine impersonation. From nine news spoke here in biology. Do though is you -- never say never. I I I. That's -- that's awesome that is fantastic Michael so good to have you on the show and of course you know in in a little and a little while. You're you're gonna be -- -- hang with the president that I can I mean I can't even imagine you know no matter I don't all politics aside. How cool -- -- for anybody in their life that -- that successful they get to meet the most powerful man in our country. This -- because I'm actually talking to you from the wireless right now as part of the good. Full -- -- -- have you know didn't come here and be the president you know you don't get that he'll continue to do it. And at Villanova doesn't achieve a lot of -- until it's all beer for last which certainly was. Special facility you're in the White House what was the process to get inside the White House's are like any categories screening process. Lose seven I would wanna come we get a little Obama you let me for a dinner party gets -- -- part of the computer -- because. Many of the -- be so many hoops to get -- started getting people accept reject foreign. Wow. Yeah and I saw you get you know cause we all -- you guys who got the -- going to the Super Bowl he had all your stuff owner has school. I -- the biggest can you even bring anything though you. -- some Soviet. Will you want the beer making business. But -- small -- -- spoke -- telephone video camera so that was pretty cool. I'll -- is pretty cool is that hope we get a photo with the president and now I don't look awesome on Twitter. There will be. To a lot of guys are obviously my two and a diabetic but Mara and then later that you could there's -- So Michael what's the coolest thing like it's impressed you so far from being in the White House because I never been there and every take immature. -- what do what's the first listen then it's really struck you like -- this is car. The library Maryland for the library so many books you know look at the books -- George watched and enjoyed emotional well I'll play. The library he is as soon as this crazy introduce would like to see interfere in other studies. And we'll -- you know all the ways that they view good view the world you can see do all the books they do you know how to make -- decisions. Now I'm thinking and you know you have a chance did also see Michelle Obama the First Lady and you know your your. You're cause and her cause who dissent as you got the chance and cocktails for cost coming up. On May 31 of Columbia tower club and of course she's all about fighting obesity. Do you view any chances are you did you -- get a couple words -- -- about that. Yeah it's so funny because if you have a meeting movies are going to be critical to all of -- I don't -- -- well I hope we're -- Craig talks eloquently hope it will. That's why it is such -- -- that you loose talk about how the -- do -- -- -- the -- -- -- one of their biggest Bank of America associate district. Good work. Wouldn't be awkward basket made her taken an arm wrestling match she's got some guns I think heavier crayons -- -- Emanuel and Eric how do you have Robert you're live in the U assured that I -- -- Aren't we we -- and that's the only you're much more excited to meet Michelle Obama the president is in yet I don't again I guess could you guys are both passionate about that how. How long even think about this Michael -- BC children possess it it's an alarming we've heard about a for a long time. I don't know I am I you might be the first athlete at least that I can think of that's really been prominent in this area. I agree do we lost them I think it's because he city's worst -- Michelle they shut. GM down. I have to say I wondered you know how they were about people make your cell phone calls in and out of the White House and honestly I I I couldn't believe what he said he was actually calling us from the White House I thought. Who. Healthy I'm I mean what do we society conspiracy very gotta -- You do the Phillies make phone calls and eject for crying out loud came to make a phone call the president by every kidnap a few people I don't know how to thank you got to get this good. User whenever you call the president say hey we just got disconnected wouldn't we don't want to talk to you Mr. President do you just testify on over to Michael -- we have more questions. Ask him OK hold on a second we just I think we actually have audio of what happened. -- all this is what's going on right now and Michael Bennet in the White House the cars. All right hold on. We ought to do read you want to put -- -- on all take Maher told. Divide by -- trying to get -- -- all you all you want -- -- off the line judge there you go home okay well hi -- hi I'm Kiefer Sutherland. I don't know if you've been watching 24 I know you can say you can't get into a dude I am so into that show isn't that good I'd love and it again it's just like a man three episodes in I'm digging and it. Down via. Highly unchecked powers the man close the man. I guess the reason why we got disconnected the president wanted to make an announcement on really I made bad choices and I got high and I. -- -- Currently Jack is if he wanted to talk to the president this season. The only way -- -- he had to kidnap a bunch of people had threatened to kill the -- -- while he was working on a computer that finally got on the phone call the president what Texas does because I said guns and are referring to Michelle's arms out to doubt either reason why all it did get cut off right about that secret. Just got on the phone he's backed off all right thank goodness hi Michael what happens Jack Bauer get a hold of you would kidnap you like in the currencies 124 what the heck happens. Maybe yes most certainly come Scott Miller regularly were a little harder than we thought we -- now. How about Michael Bennett and Chloe O'Brien right now we're gonna reject our biggest death and -- -- Well you know Michael I have to say I was -- Steve how I surprise you guys make phone calls the White House I don't know I mean I would think they would make sure nobody you do anything -- there. You know I'm only look at my own doing certain yeah. It was a closer call that's definitely -- I traded in the home you know. Hello guys a lot of guys I obesity in our amber scored the biggest problem it would be cleared and are gonna hurt Koran. You know this is going to be a lot of weight or other bridges to be issued in the world are but -- -- it went up 8% in the last twenty years so. This is just preserve whoever they are now. And he -- Michael -- I made it's it's it's always -- beating his apparent trying to get your kids to do anything. Yeah you know I have three daughters so I'll make sure that they stay active directory strangely I try to open a fatality in you know. Put me in a boxer's worst chicken burgers hamburger from birth. Photon Leno may be necessary mean try to throw it Tressel and different to measure how well he can get some actually you know out of my daughter of Tom. A majority a majority Jewish sort of creates and they're familiar territory for the. -- -- You know how he knows about good your good our offense I have it's at a young -- scenario and imagine once a team comes they've already been condition that you certainly -- -- -- -- -- -- idea. Blown dead in his three daughters and wife while Michael you've got to be some strong -- to be able to be in that house hopefuls. Or terrible about it you know gore for stepping Cordoba experience. He priorities goes through. I felt like. I heard. I heard an interview did you get your daughter's pain every toenails and do all sorts of stuff which is so different than what you deal with -- -- -- what my daughter recruitment brochure is it's very. -- Well -- -- I tell you what disagree because again Michael Bennett's -- cocktails for cause happening Saturday may 31 it's -- 1 o'clock in the Columbia tower club. And it's a big fund raiser for Michael's charity which is ocean. And that is a great acronym fighting obesity through community education activity and nutrition. Just go to Michael -- -- 72 dot com that's Michael -- seven to dot com get all the -- get all you to get comics that I got tickets for I can't -- and it's going to be a blast you guys got yellow -- cupcakes are very excited that you -- it -- it and that's a bit ironic but perfect and -- also has some -- us other Seahawks are going to be showing Latino group. There are no person -- There. Although there are also local news or isn't it pretty of their blood in your phony and my friend they're blocking your phone again. Are you still there Mike because you've always got about how you sure you're not being targeted right now by guys in black suits and black sunglasses. Does anybody who looks like Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones -- they looking at -- funny right now yeah Fredricka didn't look at this boat lord put scriptures I don't know. OK okay he hadn't. So hard leaving the ground that are residents say can I borrow your phone a minimal over radio interview when I see how. And our -- most of you know man I really appreciate general -- -- today's victory so much. Volume very very welcome Michael very very excited about for your opportunity and that's thanks for all the good stuff -- do for our community as well as providing us with us a championship performance this year. It's just so good to talk to -- That is remotely have a good that you YouTube video Michael Bennet of yours Seattle Seahawks.