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May 27, 2014|

Joined in-studio by my dear friends in Witchburn! Go to their "Der Hexenhammer" video release party at Feedback Lounge this Friday at 8!

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    look from 2015 I really dig a vehicle strange wild out of sub pop records . Yes not an independent release that are very good release it as other local. On the Iraq. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. And we are back here on loud and local thank you so much of the game clock there again playing noise for toys Toys for Tots benefit show. That is a mouthful Green River thrillers debt rounds and clock December 5. This Saturday at Schuyler to the west Seattle is 9 PM only six bucks bring

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-- now. Our bed is actually from the surrounding the. You metropolitan area encompassing that would notice the great northwest. -- -- -- This is -- now. -- -- -- -- SW. -- This side then it's live radio knotted up at night KI SW it is allowed analytical. My friends excuse me. Excuse me ladies how hot hot hot I. Like nothing better than studio I'm joined by -- and Jamie of which bird and each is given me the site like. I think this show always start it. You know anyway it would help. If the -- hosted the show was was here in time that. I'm here now my special guest tonight for allowed local witch burn and that and everybody in. Right now we just got ourselves on the lady's heart and he's -- it is related tonight about the big. It says -- yes we've got we've got Dana. Dana Sims on not on drums going to be a ruling that here shortly but my heart is racing from just right -- I -- -- what happens on a three day weekend you know things can answer here all right so it's been far too long since I've had. You wonderful dear friends in studio for allow local but the reason. That yellow alert in tonight for allow local is to promote a really. Cool of events that's taking place this coming Friday night at the feedback lounge in west Seattle. This Friday may thirtieth at the feedback lounge in west Seattle for those. That have never been great great establishment it's right on California down from the junction. On the PCBs work the video of these foods Nixon and time and there's been a whole bunch of mystery at least to me I used to knowing everything about everything that's happening in with you guys there's a little bit of mystery here. I know a number of months back. -- Hewitt told me about this real wild wild video concept and how it was coming together. And I and I and I wanna I wanna how'd you share as much as you can about this video without giving everything away. But it's much she's. Exactly. Exactly that leash and he got to negotiate with their little thing and that's eight feet. I think it's a relative says. But I wanna get into this this video because it really is. It showed you guys what I know about it I haven't seen it well local fans rockaholics listening at -- I've not seen. The video yet and it's killing me but I think I can. I can better be a show hostess if I haven't seen the -- an otherwise I'll just -- everything happened and then I'll be in trouble. And it don't you don't wanna be and when you travel around here and I you know I am so but it's it's a special event. You're gonna show the falling to video indeed which is kind of like a movie -- most. It is kind of like a movie it's kind of as a serious production but it happened with this thing Maria. We were out on the coast. Near the coast anyway on a ranch with a bunch horses. In the middle of a crazy rainstorm I don't know if anybody remembers that insane torrential rain storm that happened out toward the coast last September. Who's just record rainfall in just. Completely insane we shot this video out there in the woods in the middle of -- rainstorm for today's. I got -- I got and it okay so we're gonna get two more details. About this special event happening Friday night at the background and what's great about this is absolutely free it's funny line over. But it's free events. -- my notes that it's it's a lot. For. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because it's it's celebration. Of the accomplishments. It's -- it's. Are you connect music. Part of -- -- Austin. Even if you only like one song it was probably this -- to come to I. I'm not as long as it's 11 world it would -- Perfect perfect out the website is which -- rocks dot com you can also find. Which -- on FaceBook and on Twitter and packages that the eyes W. FaceBook page you can link up and find out more about the -- right now this very moment and playing some music. From the album be even. Sorry can kick off tonight is called. One and me. -- Local and so again not aptly at W here's -- Not -- -- -- KI SW is -- let the that would be whispered. For the album bathed in blood with a song. One and the same I'm joined by lunch rounds. On -- amnesia on guitar from which -- the album is titled bathed in blood. The day special video command would do -- since summer is going to be this coming Friday night. The thirtieth at the feedback lounge and west Seattle it's a free event today is that are 21 and over with a valid. I DE. Valid ID that's very important if it weren't for your passport your pets or iPad is valid identification and their camps. I mean you know if you door guys it's a different at different ways he used to it didn't. Can you tell me a little bit more about. What's going to I knew that there is according to the really cool poster that's out there and says the deal means that it did Texan and that from the new album been template with a special. Live performance. -- savvy seventh -- the DO a and income tribute. So what it would can you share about about this I mean I've I obviously -- with a with a stab at. -- DO. Sonic world means to you in the Asian what it means to you guys as a band but when all is this going to include on Friday night have been referring to it -- the smack. -- Smack dab -- ensemble. Project. I'm not identical at the smacked dabble in I don't know I. But the -- so what is that going to be you guys tackling some of your favorites you have any friends or -- -- top secret and I should stop asking well. We can let the cat out of the bag and I think I couldn't -- -- -- -- and read it first and thank you can't yes and. Since this is on delay technically you will be the first yeah I just moments before everybody else is listening but we have been working on a bunch of really cool music. With a bunch of really cool people. And we're we're extremely excited. Aside from which -- performing a bunch of acoustic stuff were worse sort of been working on reinventing a bunch of tracks from our records. Into you know. Acoustic jams in and doing a little bit more with piano and violin on those so we're gonna do but which parents set like that and Anna. We're going to be joined by a bunch of our friends from -- deal rising and super naughty and other Sabbath tribute bands that have been around for a little bit. And going to be doing some rain though some deal some access it from the -- years slacks -- a from the deal years and some solo Ozzy stuff as well. It's going to be a couple of piano players and an upright bass player and an acoustic bass player. And -- mean -- violinist -- -- really. National out of an eight hours and multiple vocalist with multiple vocal harmonies going on and a -- percussionist who you know her cash so yeah I haven't had a job to bring up the cats right now hey hey there will be -- And there will also be lots of percussion. He's sooner remote you'll question. Options and -- right. CEO. I SE just certain periods Abbott CDO. Rainbow. Music -- an -- And a whole different setting interpretation but still true to. Heart and soul of the suburbs are smack dab just. You know little a little laugh a little -- slow and too little Mara. It. Sounds great mysteriously. Like the -- writings can be really. Learning a little to him and -- going to -- our -- -- so that's -- candelabra is going to be out there's got some big candelabra is what I consider -- just whispered I -- they read it yet let us -- because yet that is definitely the kind of -- I mean we've really spent some time hanging out. With with these amazing amazing musicians the guitar players from from. From rising which is now technically called. Who used to be referred to a stand at the Asia the upgrade grade DO tribute. And then. We've just taken a lot of time to really look at. All the all the musical aspects of these songs from in a different perspective you know and and really break it down and bring out a lot of the the lush beautiful. Stuff in these songs that you don't hear very much I mean people don't. Usually. Tend to think acoustic. When they go. To cover a Sabbath song or rainbow song -- deal for that matter you know. You -- in many many bands and tribute. To to be heroes as they shouldn't write whatever they want to the heavy -- in and -- admission their great risks don't get me wrong but there is so much more this music it. Doesn't always have a light. Shown on the -- And so yeah we're really were really delving in deeper into all of all of those kinds aspects. Of the music and and just bring -- out all the prettiest of the pretty in well it is one of those things that you can take a song that you've heard. Thousands of times and then you can be in a certain news and one little part accidentally you'll. You'll hear where there was some -- added to this song that you never noticed before. The special things that are part of the great some of the beauty of this on that you want to elevate that and how people noticed that I I I I. -- -- -- -- Hit. With Dana. Jamie amnesia of which -- coming up next as well local continue standby knotted up what I KI SW it is allowed analytical a special. Memorial Day weekend edition. You're not be something Memorial Day weekend will be resuming. After that local is Spanish my special guest tonight I'm joined by day -- on two rounds Jamie on Google's -- on guitar from which -- And of course big -- to everybody's favorite bass player JC who couldn't be here tonight. You guys got to special events happening on Friday night and I let it win bands. I'll take the time. And not everybody does you know bans are gifted in different areas but it really appreciate it went. When bands take the incentive to create special events unique events like and I can. Rattle off a number of political -- throughout the years that each had their own special shows that they -- once a year something like that. It just has a different take. On on the normal rock -- and you guys have something. Planned this Friday night at the feedback lounge in west Seattle it is the video premiere for -- -- hammer from the album. Bathed in blood and by the way if -- stay in apple and enjoying allow political maybe for the first time because you don't have to work tomorrow welcome. But notice if you -- what you hear from which -- you can go to which -- -- big cartel one word. Dot com to buy the album. Based in -- it's a really really solid album and you're supporting hardworking musicians. And that need the money as well throw that went in there. But it's the video premiere projects and hammer and then there's a special live performance. Kenneth -- on the deal acoustic tribute. It -- moody it's sexy he sounds mysterious. It sounds like the way Ronnie James deal would come to view an injury. That's the way I'm and -- like. Let my favorite songs from bathed in blood is a song called shuffle up and deal. Because we have those times in life. I don't know if I can say. Now if I can say blank up or shut up. I think cam -- an activist but -- much time I've dwelling on but it has that same idea to me them. When you hear the song now. Do you think of it's in the same way that you did when you wrote the -- Sometimes songs will change for you a little bit yeah is that it's at the same or is it different. Well they do change but then this one for for me is really. Kind of personal. Sort of subject matter anyway but it it definitely hasn't changed meaning. For me whenever I hear it it's still pretty emotionally heavy. You know but it's still on a daily basis it's kind of kind of a note I wrote to myself as a reminder. To you know to buck up and go. Get it done do you would do a day through -- just as. Seen. No matter here and our hopes to win this. Is played. See dealer. -- -- that -- just very. It's. Change that's quote well and it's something that for business that are that are music lovers rock letters and and fans which -- to. To have this sonic reminders of its argue. You do you make this happen you know whether it's big whether it's it's having the energy to get out of bed. When life's been tough -- -- warning to to rise to the occasion to to really reach your goals it's good to have those reminders and a the supersonic reminder of that it is which burned the song is called shuffle up and deal. -- -- -- KI SW home. Warning into the week that is what spurred knotted up what ninety ISW it is -- local -- to invite me should Jamie and day not all of which burned. And you my friend than I. I don't JC who is on base and couldn't make it to hang with us tonight a very special event happening this coming Friday night. May thirtieth at the feedback lounge in west Seattle which burns -- video released the -- -- hammer from the album bathed in blood and there's going to be a special. Live performance. And a special Savvis. Ozzie deal acoustic tribute it is reading -- But it is 21 and over how that valid idea of really special event planned and you can find out more by going to which -- FaceBook page if you just go to guys W on -- I have at least right there where you can click. Give alike and can now follow -- what's going on in the exciting world of which -- there's some new developments Dana you were telling me a little something about a new website that's launching. Yeah an addition news video premiering at the end of the week were also unveiling a new web -- same day and. Which just. Which earned rocks. Which burned rocks dot com don't forget three w.s that -- -- ask -- -- world wide web. How perfect and I knew something weekend here I had yeah you do know at this point on on on the -- computer that you no longer have to type in WWW. Ever acts -- it which at. I just found that out about a year ago I legion flag I got -- -- anywhere yeah. And I defending -- and -- -- a mom's gonna hatcheries. It's like they'll say yes like each CTV don't play. Slash BI. And doesn't know that any of that should be there aren't that -- and I couldn't land. -- but a brand new rule which. -- a web site will be premiering. Coinciding with this this special video of Sanford -- -- and a hammer and I was looking on your FaceBook. He each earlier tonight and it looks like a -- happening thanks. Yes. Yes we got a couple local dates. North plus local dates and -- and in the end of the month we're going out for a week and a half. Sort of northwest's. Flavored bill we're gone wild thrown from Bellingham and eight machine from Portland. You've -- -- was while Tony's become dog trainer John. Wow. Say yeah that was a million dollar. -- to stay right there but they got their record deal on had to change a name for some reason although while on sounds much more -- and archer and -- in the -- pretty bad name's Angela Davis Cup themselves while Schroeder or why -- -- it does if I. But it but in any case any case there are some gather there Dawson and and so we're gonna sort of take. Take the medal from three city's northwest and go around the extended northwest of the country are going as far south as Colorado Springs. And covering markets like Denver and slow leak in Boise in his. Michael Rundle we'll get to hit some places that we haven't been since we were -- with a crowbar and -- Are. Via ask his -- -- and yet so it'll be fun you know quick run but. Eight machine a plane with eight machine every -- on the two -- and they're out of Portland. And you don't know about eight machine APE ape like like a giant monkey can really kind of -- Eight -- eight machine they're awesome. They're amazing. We played an important in a while ago and they they didn't Judas Priest cover. Of victim of changes -- blew my mind blowing you're not my dad is vocalist. You wouldn't believe it you wouldn't believe what he pulled off that night you'll parties here are dishonest and I plan. We should lay down the message right now I'm joined by amnesia Jamie and Dina of which burn once again this coming Friday night. May thirtieth at the -- rounds in west Seattle it is the video premiere for two -- hammer. From the album bathed in blood which you can. Now should treat yourself at the three day weekend. Good to which -- dot big cartel dot com to buy the album bathed in blood. But Friday night at the deep background in west Seattle is the video premiere figure Texan hammer and then a special performance and it -- Sadness on the deal acoustic. Tribute performance it sounds mysterious and passion com. And. I. -- coming up next Latin America continues standby ignited a point nine KI SW it is allow local -- ninety's of the Memorial Day weekend. Will be resuming when -- the coolest management chemical doesn't care what's happening on the weekend his Latin local happened three continents. My special guests and friends tonight to allow medical I'm joined by a -- Jamie and Dana bill which burned. And big blow to JC who couldn't join us tonight the new album is titled. Bathed in blood if you deed which you here right now go to which -- dot. Big cartel dot com so you can buy B album and support the cut. You can also. And check out the brand new which -- website when it premieres on Friday which burned rocks dot com and then you can link up to which friends FaceBook page by just clicking on the TI is doubly FaceBook page I've. I've shared I -- picture for the special event that's happening on Friday their so you can get clicked. And give alike and you can also follow which burn on Twitter is what now. I'm sure everybody gets stamps social media does that -- and into the ground. -- -- -- -- So what are you just which -- rocks on the hunt. Which camera. That's and I knew. I liked him running making and I am making my and it's here for stepping -- and -- news I. -- WW Canada. Let me XNS Kelly in January and at W. Terrific to be. Effective W I will just start -- tripled the objectives are to. I do love it would bands are getting on the instant Graham. Bandwagon just because if -- fan. A band's music he always fascinated by the the inner workings of that they might even if it's like. There's an audience that we're in in San Diego in their -- eating burritos on my gosh I've been there what I -- -- -- dynasty and stuff it's it's an it. We think about. On albums when we were kids it was like you wanted to look at all all the pictures and then they would have liked the picture collages. And -- and now once it was you just want to see everything that people -- lion and a new record would no pictures and you'd be problem. -- -- -- Terrible yeah and then and then like when the lyrics wouldn't be included I would always get body because I'm like I'll never get it right. Either so many there's still many songs I'm still out years and years later still getting the words wrong and you let it doesn't say excuse me like his this gang. Why it's. Wrapped up to Disneyland like his -- -- -- -- I didn't again. She is just. Happens to act. Joined by Misha JB and Dana of which -- -- a very special event happening on Friday at the feedback lounge it is the video premiere for two or exit them from the album bathed in blood. Now. Because I'm friends with you on -- and it led you to that I've been hearing about this this. The workings of this video and when you guys shot it's and and and be sure what you shared with me the images that. That my mind conjured up. Where that. Up a couple of different scenes from Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. Just as far as like people battling. In this downpour. Who did you work with and tell me the plots with the premise or what's involved with the video because that's what I conjured up on my let's just ports is. And and unite us and -- and pretty much like the end of the world happening as far as the weather. It's kind of the beginning of the end and move in and there is yes not battling in. The downpour. We were actually really really lucky to have gotten to work with the Seattle nights. My cousin -- LeSabre ground who is married to my ground DC comic. Artist guy who created green arrow in long bow hunters. Dade had an amazing amazing ranch out in -- montesinos' area. And they have a whole bunch of awesome horses beautiful. Region horses and -- is also. A member of the Seattle nights and they do. Chorus grass just black. Holes I'll choreographed battle scenes with with horses and shields and swords and and jousting and well. -- the owner and so. Course isn't so we were really really lucky to have heard. Getting excited and assembling the team and bring in the Seattle nights out into the woods with us and Jeff Farrell who directed the video. He also directed a video -- zeroed down the sound battle at the battle of the -- -- That's how we met and they they asked me to be in that video. And that I worked with Jeff on that and noticed that he was just really talented and and awesome and amazing at getting exactly. What he wanted to get to make a video incredible so that's them. That's how we met and decided he would be the guy to try and work with on this he also directed a full length film called ghost light which is then. Pretty awesome kind of vintage. Horror -- and filmed at its price for it which is. Yeah to. He had ghost light snow yet Jeff. Farrell and and my my off some cousins Lori and Mike. We went out to the ranch all of us together and and brought the nights out and jumped on a bunch of horses on the rain and did some points in. A -- Dana how was that was the experience for you. Is awesome it was one of those where you couldn't ask for more torrential weather and what we went through when we filmed this but it. And actually translated really well on the film. Even though they'll probably went through two pairs issues. With -- all the mines and other things but it if it was funny because he got this really high end camera and there is people following around would like umbrellas over the camera the whole time. Particularly camera and I thought -- cost. I'm in the -- whether it looks like something that that you would've spent. Millions of dollars in in Hollywood to try to recreate the look. Of something like that it was just it was just look at things -- -- our fifth and perfect as is not only wanna have this you know of the star battle and and you know. There's the sun shine in the -- it's the mother nature in the Pacific northwest came came through for eight jacket. When it when when -- with Sylvia about about the knights and armor and the horses and it's listen to sit down for like this. -- -- -- -- Well at the -- thing that I hit me investors like -- Kyra this is Alex -- down in the costume shop like all the stuff is authentic like if if Colin was in -- movie and in -- -- medieval it was totally does allows gonna look and same thing it's just like the rain coming down you gaseous -- -- rain that you you see the horses and you see the steam coming out of that. Oh yeah and you know I was just like Mahal he had. It's an -- and colors are rich. Camera man. -- that he got children. You know incredibly -- ethnic. Race. -- it's compilation. Artists really well again I hope -- there's no way. And without these people because it's really needed time to. It's yeah hopeless helpless capture that they really just products in Milan -- can now. Well everybody coming together fun. From your from your cousin to the nights in Seattle to. TV video on deferred sits at the equipment -- to mother -- an eight shares that he's -- -- crude. Yes and AM Ramona rebar and picture trends yeah she's just they're both awesome you'll you'll you'll. Be pretty stoked when you seemingly is CNN I can't wait season. That's the common theme is his passion everyone is passionate likened it comes through like carrier you know whether it was passionate about the role in the video passionate about producing a video passionate about writing into the paint everything was just. -- it which is a lot a lot of what has been and is about absolute and you know it's like. I. You know obviously were biased but for first video for a local band. Damn proud of it I mean doesn't look like Cain does is our first video of little bit in the garage. Mean yeah -- -- I've seen some really awesome videos that were filmed in and drugs. You know and did good local bands that are good friends that are really talented awesome garage filmed videos it's just I can help would be stoked that mother nature showed up. Trend Miller and Ramona free Lauren really amazing. Talented actresses that they were totally into doing this and looked amazing doing it you know. And everybody else who just put their heart and soul into the whole project -- well. -- kind of goes back to the song shuffle up and deal a little bit you know that this is this is your shot you have to make everything count if you guys. Are gonna do a video and you want it to release speak to the song. Go as hard as you can you know white -- feeling. -- you have to do something at a certain level you know really reach for your passions your desires and what you want creatively. It's just express. This approach. It. Can't -- a rat on that public Nike it's a political outlook are joined by Misha Jamie and Dana of which -- once again. The video premiere for the -- -- about it lately enter -- and hammer it's gonna happen this Friday night. At the feedback -- in west Seattle it's free it's 21 and over so now knowing what you have heard about the video I want you to listen to the song. And conjure up some images in your mind more with which -- Coming up next it is loud local assisted -- -- there -- knotted -- like I KI SW it is loud little. That is whispered with a song did you -- hammer. You could see these very special event the video premiere theatres Texan hammer this coming Friday night may thirtieth at the feedback lounge at west Seattle it is. That's it is a magical. Of -- In addition to the shelling of the video there will also be a special live performance. And it's Sabbath Ozzy DO acoustic performance if you're a fan of which burned if you're looking Q chicken out something new and really cool and people. That really really love their influences and are going above and beyond to. Really get creative with that and -- a treat for your eyes and your ears this is definitely going to be Europe sent Friday night. As the feedback lounge in west Seattle salute to Jeff Gilbert. Sad we love we love Jeff Gilbert one of the coolest compliment I got a couple of weeks ago and it may have been from somebody who was black out drunk I don't know. But -- com and get the email Jeff Gilbert -- like -- I want that guy and it's been waving. The rock flag. For decades now -- and that -- and and definitely in times when it was really needed. You -- well what about ninety's something weekend on Ayman Al when he was on the -- list on. Almost. Yeah. Bail out bad in the they certainly met at the same leather jacket that he still is still an -- and he looks -- looks identical if asked out of reality it was wooded -- when it was long and just is beyond a write in for the rocket back in the day yeah. When he's written for and -- thanks Jeff for her love yes and I -- back here let us to have our party at your plays were stoked excellent I'm joined by Dana. Jamie and -- of which -- the album is called. Bathed in blood it's available now if you've done which you heard tonight go to which burned -- big cartel and dot com and keep in mind big cartel. It's one word and that is one way you can buy the album but it that way you can you can get our work. You can get that that -- if he can get all the goods and find out even even more about which burned. Once again the very special avenged the video showing -- their -- and hammer which sounds like a major motion picture. With everything that is involved it's gonna be this Friday night at the background you know west Seattle and I cannot. On suggest -- go check it out and nothing you're gonna have to go check up from because I am working is that we in the form hum. Is there anybody so I wanna get to my silly movie question that I was like asking did you guys think about that. Misha did not -- could take Internet you're getting you're gonna pull something out of your -- and I can't if you can't doesn't cents at -- Irons. So Dana we're gonna start with -- Because I know you've been thinking about an -- If you could take any which prince song and put it in and -- TV show or movie what would it be. I would take C. Combination. Could both problems -- take blood -- banner off of this is how whistler demons and I take warning to the week off of bathed in blood. And -- put them and me. Ancient battle statement the circuit like 300 or king Arthur or Troy and it would be something as a precursor and the initial. Thrust of the major battle -- -- -- We worked Edwards the rust to really sorry kick it that it it will highlight the points at and in Alberta -- -- I up for the needling the drinking game at home. Hi Jamie how much -- -- -- It's rides -- -- thrusted. The -- and said. -- -- Take a shot -- traveler with supporters out dynamic and -- leveling that I. And every time he does that's -- the accusations that it is it just isn't. Scary. Prime ball battle -- all eaten thrust. -- I. Which reminds me of something. Battle Royale. You know. Which I would probably you know. I would probably take warning to the week. Just because -- and hammer. Has already had had a really awesome visual put to it and I'm pretty stoked on I don't think elements with -- in -- In her mind at this point I'm thinking of the blood spatter in the awesome -- of you know. Maybe maybe like kill bill. The scenes when there's just heads -- Lyon and blindness marina Ein news I am so inspired to go home -- Yes I. I -- to an and that's what. It. That's what we've all wanted to do since middle school listen. -- got involved with rocket rolled a blind -- healthy way to keep us from doing bad bet they thought. But then run -- not called murder it's called slain. In it's called -- needed it. -- and -- must've became Judas Priest eggs rain. Would like -- We. Once again you can find them on FaceBook the website which burned rocks dot com is going to be a re launching a brand new site. I believe on Friday the the video showing. -- -- and hammer is a free event. This Friday night at the background in west Seattle we're gonna show it three times throughout and I'm gonna show than -- to show the video. And then and then which burns can give you some acoustic pleasurable sweet sweet. Songs and then. We're gonna show the video again and every minute we're -- it for the weather friends from the DO attribute rising. They're singer Chad McMurray got to harp players market Xavier and Allen as bed. And Jonathan and on keyboards and piano's and their drummer Mike -- -- and then Dana is also gonna play some drums and some percussion as well as. Johnny from basement sessions and has not answer. The -- as well as. Candy coated which she was in with Jack in the you know as well. I'm Robin note go from super knotty and off the rails both are silent tribute bands and she's going to be doing. Some locals and the harmonies and lots of amazing beautiful piano playing as well. So we're gonna bring get on there with them and then hopefully -- ups and -- candelabra. If they -- get them. And a lot of accuracy and a lot of attention and exactly. Is that -- -- and in everything that we do comes back to the burn victims they help as with everything and then and Laurie Anderson the LA area -- mother. As well she's. She's -- amazing. You guys it's always a pleasure it's I was like family you know it's one of the reasons that I that I -- -- doing Michael is being able to to have to have my my great friends and because all of my friends or musicians or bartenders. That is my life. Thank you so much you guys it's been it's been a pleasure and just thank you went from listening that is it out local and -- parting words. Thank you usually have now and huge Joseph -- UREQ -- know my parting word is yes.