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Jun 4, 2014|

Steve The Producer and Thee Ted Smith (aka The MegaCast) interview Sully Erna of Godsmack about playing Pain In The Grass 2014, and their new song/album 1000HP.

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Prevented defensive -- also does graves of some vanguard. Right makes sense -- and I have got smacked song right now first up though that's little hope so quickly Steve is good for the you know. So that's what got a tease of what's the mega casket being something like that yeah. You have like yours your notes that are printed out she brings dilated have a five notes scribbled in my little notebook. -- -- I didn't while the morning's there was going on. So we're gonna talk and so it and the reason why we're doing business that's usually see who we are guy. As you are he did Smith the manager may be -- guest Steve Pearce did the producer from BJ Shea morning experience and -- also from -- the ST EP cast. And Ted and I have decided that we're gonna dude the mega cast even though we haven't even figured out what the mega casting news except that one there's going to be a live event. I was sure I'd actually -- like can I do this election I just left the office. Everybody's in the including their -- I walked out that's gangster right there deuces. Shotgun and used act act JBoss students explore selling had no idea he's gone in for an interview which is too excited -- out -- Michael approved that. You have never done like an actual showed together no and I'm here we are absolutely Paramount from god -- it's going to be calling in because of -- in McGrath saw that sold Jolene are music director and our -- gallon. You are out awesome lady decides hey you know it's clear there's gonna call can you interview a -- at 10 in the morning in my perfect I'll just grab and whoever's around. Maybe -- -- TP cast thing. Maybe a BJ Shea morning experience thing in the -- run some of the highlights on the morning show. And like also we can't do it at that time so can we do it at one in the afternoon my. -- at a meeting I got to go to in this free lunch I know for sure I'm going to be here one. -- doesn't always delicious by the way cafe on what I don't pot dude awesome stuff I think not expecting much out of -- balls. And all these veggies and and avocados sites which already won me over but you mix it up it's amazing. Dan do you. So then recipe you can stick around -- can stick around Michael. Doing interviewed by yourself one -- one I don't know how like people do that yelling Jolene castle dual while more than impressed as -- county just awkward. Like you have to be prepared. I think that's what it boils down to preparation system Russell Wilson things that separation in the preparation. Broccoli prepared you gotta know where you're going you have nobody to rely on end and it's like you gotta hope that the interviewees is going to be awesome as well. Now I know it's always great. But one on one I'm nervous is also I -- -- an email today dead you wanna. Come kick -- with me in so he's calling on Iran around 1 o'clock and you do that -- you're like why get assisted federal -- homework on them. And I really did -- no. Any idea. We're joking around just in May and June nearly Jay's gonna be all the more -- like I'm sure -- the stock bosses and stuff with a right and that's a hair -- -- -- -- case so how things -- arms trying to get ready for an interview with -- -- Aaron. The phone is ringing so I guess -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey it's great -- -- -- backed management I didn't Steve yes Stephen I've Ted with me as well every -- you don't -- excellence. Give I let me go to try to grab slowly -- -- run and out of substance politically and get him and -- -- by ten minutes Soviets. Yeah yeah yeah now perfect -- you know what I guess. He's going to Seattle talked to East Coast that's another -- great. Hey Boston you -- New -- career ended June -- you have to -- app -- Calling this -- we got it all look -- new Philly down at Philly Phillies did to us. But I really fun man Ivan. I was from about the display a cut off from the phone of this sample song yet we do you know while waiting we put those implement on the mend your yesterday. The consumer needs -- and then there. -- Fast break down my cash and veteran funny he picked up opponent that moment you do you think the whole music -- at the station. The dirty players and their whole music. That's just give -- till till Monday. I wanna hear the rest of them -- Obama did this as a prelude to play first on Monday I hope so because Monday would -- -- -- so he. Hello what's up brother how are you. -- -- Not much we just talked about how mad we are you right now because we can't hear the whole song -- just been listening to a 32 snippets of a thousand horse power like over and over and over. -- you know you can blame management for that because. I was all about letting you guys to wait another week -- and dropping it but they're like no it hit I'm like I'm okay cool. I don't see that -- let's not blame the man Julianne illusion that selling asset management and I. I have like you know they would never -- -- four years you just let it wait another big state -- -- let them drop the curtain and. They grave we are waiting for years for this song right and I'm so -- hear this song and I read an interview -- he wrote the song -- one hour what -- -- why did you wait so long. You have very you know -- one of those things that you're in the room in your writing and you cannot -- but it's certain that song the guys who missed that -- song. And we just kind of common and often like going through you know trying to see what's gonna make a record what developing. And then you know -- it's one of those days where we were kind of little -- we've taken a break and now are. What about crew guys like came in around grabbing guys you've been there. And joking around I said it's -- I'm gonna read a strong record before. If you get back with the food and you're like yeah -- -- -- what really happened just put player on the corner and let -- got to play McGriff really fat joke around and collect all the Obama dragon air despite. Starting here for a bit and felt they just kept going from where I'm -- there within an hour hour and a -- All strong -- I was like -- and all that far we're out of trouble really fast so I think -- kind of got into the on the tractor that barge regenerate itself. I think adding it's a great story from the crass and haters out there when the pressure's on you -- get it done. Art -- and I said it's a great story for -- that procrastinate like means it's like look when the pressure's on how to do like selling is banging out. Yeah I don't guy you know it's funny feel bad because when that happened it made -- think about. An interview that I heard that a -- Smart -- not too long ago and in this -- behind the scenes dot computing that you do want. -- saying you know what. If I can't write in 45 minutes I'm not writing it she's like node -- about Sandra I'm like oh -- -- -- Yeah -- how does it. I think so often we over think things I mean I've I'm a guy behind I've played drums in bands and sometimes I'm sitting in the practice pays for my damaged image is nitpicking over every little nuance some like. Guys this is go to how it feels meant to some of the best stuff like you said happens when you just when you're waiting for your crew got to come back would -- lunch. Yeah we're really quick picture Emanuel has been something like that would have happened in the past. I'm like -- for instance I was almost song that I actually was. Holing a melody entering our cappella before leaving it are hopeful that states. There was no music written fatwa cannot -- and oracle I have -- -- laid out of -- got -- and then we just put a better music underneath hit shelves. I again you know it's true it's one of those things that I think when his genius knocking on your forehead -- I kind of less -- a -- come through in. Some of the things that take months and months to write and I've just become and be upset if making a record at all. You mentioned genius thing can I go on the flip side and ask you wouldn't probably be one of the dumbest questions are gonna hear throughout all your interviews. Yeah okay I did that. It's based on voodoo that's why maybe think of it I'm Rebecca -- -- -- I think I was refuses many many years ago before I was married and sometimes you go to the gentleman's club. And I remember one time that song was flying at the gentleman's club and I was like all right this works this is the girl I wanna get a dance from. Have you ever been at a gentlemen's club where you're song is playing in how awesome is that. Yeah how did you know what man. As a matter of fact the voodoo. I heard at one point was that hot strip clubs slung in America out July 2 years -- on that's so awesome and I got to learn how to talk to edit -- interviewed a fellow they like everyone wondered did you know. Productively dance do whatever itself. I was. Definitely attacked at one point. It's like what does that cleverness on interviewed them once they're -- when guys like you know it's how you helped our career was the fact that strip clubs played pour some sugar on me actually held album sales. Yeah -- -- I would saying you know. And I would ask him. -- this will be just a standard question but man you guys do great live performance is just the energy that what's the difference let's -- Sunday. Some bands I like their music I don't like -- live you guys are great on the albums and lively that you -- energy put in what's the secret. I don't know you know I don't because we're all strands of thought -- can curl up with a Iron -- in the luscious in the house that some. You know and all these these standards has performed so massively -- or -- that you know I knew from and you never understand it yet there and I want to scientists. You know -- I didn't know what I was doing but I I knew what I knew I knew that I wanted -- Beat you know a bigger and then I knew that I wanted to make sure that when we recorded music. That we -- over a -- too much so we can replicate what I've already been delivered -- and an eagle at the theatrics you know we try to make sure that we don't overdo it. But we want to put on a show because the one thing I've learned over the years is that. If you wanna. -- entertainer went through their. Not just like one of those you know accused that are all -- Crockett like whoever mailed me to do it well I got a cool you know been on our firefighters are good luck in the club. Yeah they're going to be entered here in the business you better be prepared ethical and movement 10151000. People out there -- They wanna be entertained until you have the -- product yet but what can collect and and you know we learn from a mentor growing up and I've tried drew my influence -- and over the years we just kind of develop and so what we what we are -- -- you know who we are what we -- life. I just saw Dave brought acceptance speech for the rock and roll hall of fame and had an amazing part during a speech -- and instead of looking at those posters saying. Look at those guys idolize him look at those -- say one they wanna be that guy. When you were growing up who was who were the guys on the posters on the walls in your bedroom -- -- -- the guys that you were looking up today you like you know one day I'm gonna be that do you. Yeah al-Qaeda you know are obviously -- Craig troubles and felt -- thought that was artwork first instrument can -- -- -- down twelve for the first 45 years in my life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- cart came into my life changed my life completely so Russia this year detract from me but. As -- started Hawaii. You know get incur more writing music and I started you. It's getting few. Wanna be a rock star not just the musician. It was a picture of Joseph Perry in front alive bootleg record. Holding up the beat Hewitt for the parents wanted to straighten out blond -- and I remember at that moment I thought. I wanna be that flight that was a map for the -- -- a little baby picture to it a little thumbnail picture bike yet. He's playing you know in the background as a -- -- people they just have to play Russia on a regular -- but he just -- back cool. -- cool image at night I remember that that's changed me that made me wanna be in Iraq can't not just a musician. My dad has pretty awesome and that's the -- story. -- -- true story so you go from all that the hoosiers who was the guy you're looking up to a poker. To a slide there was a guy you looked up to and broker instead I wanna be that got the World Series. Well you know what. I actually. Trying to think you're the first guy that really got me go and whatever. You know I always likes a lot because its -- so quirky and weird. But I think JC Tran rarely get mentioned yeah I mean he is one -- my it's my favorite poker players. And ironically man when I -- the five diamond at the Bellagio. I ended up. Taken second place EJ future and what all the way to the final table. And then got had a budget future and of course he beat me but it was pretty it was pretty humbling to like play you know against somebody that I looked up to a poker. -- that's a -- that's a surreal moment right there. I know we got to get out not to go the new single again is odd thousand horsepower were totally love in the thirty seconds that we received so far. Where the album's coming out I saw you tracing its. You're trying to Whittle down the ten songs that's got to be quite a process because I would imagine every -- you guys put out everyone's got a different opinion on which one should say which one should go I mean I would imagine it's a daunting task off. Yeah you know listen man I gotta tie it at every -- I'm short so that's about their new record and that is the best record yet whatever and we try not to say it out on the new records. But I got -- a man. This is complete honesty when. We started working together I wasn't excited at all I mean there was a moment where. You know the bid -- been apart for why he's got people spot I'm -- assault saying -- don't side projects and stuff like where I'm. In -- -- -- is like you know getting a little bit older not sure if I wanna. Continued torso heavily -- And down you know of course we get back of the room and start -- -- guys and things really started to gather again but it wasn't actually -- -- songs like horse power there's a lot of so -- -- there's -- on the record. They just slid up from the announcer like shots are really look up my sleeves and dig in because I'm now on the site. And I got a -- man I just finished as a matter of fact I'm pulling up for the studio right now Alison and elections today. And -- strike at Israel be really strong it's alive it's very rather so there's a cool punk elements you had. There's some really quintessential got you back tracks on here. Missed some stuff if you can develop into going into different areas that we've never been before so. I'm gonna be really curious to kill people -- mentioned. The other bands are super super excited so. Let you know I'm not really looking forward to getting on tour now playing in front of the people stopped and you know it as. As soon as Monday you guys a -- before tracked him and I believe the record comes out. But I'm beginning of August to mid August somewhere around there so. Close -- an album title yet learned that's not done yet out thousand horsepower that. I'll tell you can't go wrong that he -- that that's awesome dude that's all I'm mad at. It's cool ring you know what else was cool I think you guys gonna dig it certainly felt riding -- democratic fell on my lap -- this song. Actually became about the history of the band you know certainly our thinking about Ahmed Ali yeah -- -- like it's been. You know -- and that's why it's here anniversary being Berenbaum. And you know sixteen years on a major label. And Dallas I think all the roads and and so the whole. Also trying to teach -- about that journey you know about a club in 95 when dog was fortunate paying attention to us and then Monday you know we have the stage and everything changed -- and it was all alternative which double out. You know it's all about energy and adrenaline and and now you know cater -- out of cost I'll -- -- enough so. Hopefully you guys love this man and I really hope the audience -- -- and -- it we definitely have a few you know big trucks -- little birdies on the track itself. What Lama receiving yards and I got an amber for apple have a right. September saw the white river empathy -- you guys Rob Zombie Buckcherry. Todd theory of a dead man it's gonna be a bad as still and not so but I know you gotta go I have won a million dollar question for you right to -- go back -- that are -- all your band mates I was wondering. Ruin your bad do you have the most embarrassing stories about. Shannon. And he can you share one of home cooked. No. Until I got your brother right there are -- another -- -- you pass the tests well you -- -- attackers -- I do a good singer Shannon. I don't know how you perform live without being distracted by how much of a monster that guy behind the -- I love watching -- the ball. Let me diet Israel collect when I was you know Biden moved to North Carolina from Boston at one point to Charlie Sheen and still playing -- -- to understand rear -- -- Our guitar -- -- -- did you get a computer can share and play got to continue to come Kindle -- and well we'll see. And then their next food source -- -- in the audience arms folded -- the typical musician locks up to cover the stage. Those lights -- Darman and that band started and I'm telling you both about jaws just too often -- a war and after that. My first instinct was to go home and -- my drums and twelve white -- in the wood chipper. It's uncomfortable to. -- I'd never seen -- can't light up like that in my life and it changed my whole perspective oncoming actually teach him a really big influence on the mile and now we've you know we've been friends since 198607. And it was my first choice you that are available on -- -- -- -- a man. And he's pretty loyal guy -- with a -- with a band but. Yeah I know you're a few years later -- we'll -- time ago I'm Markota vacuum just capital breakaway from an animal is ready to go so rarely like an album. Was up and wrath on America that you saw. I'll actually -- out of the time oh yeah I did I was a big fan I love the fact that you guys -- time to remember their cover of time back when I was growing up as a kid man that's bad ass. Yeah around. We're right on Simon and I really appreciate taken a few minutes I mean nobody yes ma'am we're really jacked about the song I'm glad you mentioned the whole punk thinks I thought I did a great punk vibe 2000 horsepower I came here I can't wait to hear the rest of the stuff man. Thank you appreciate it may well -- I assume Sears -- cameraman. Us. They're now. Sure well oiled machine had good production right. But you have the vote golf hang up the phone and play a little bit of some of their song at all man. Upon forgot smack Bob get really excited about this showdown right. I'm not leaving here I leave like. A couple songs into that. First man to man on my guy I'm good. And but not this time those guys never disappoint now and I think I did it last time and gals like now watch half we got smacked a far realized that I was there for the whole show. But you always do good job man in the song sound great. I MBS and Mike Davis said that song I'm pretty jacked about wanna hear the rest of it out yet how much yet I think he's like that blame manager not regulated DF and for years it's it's already past. Days like -- I can't argue that so I can't argue that I have cigarette is not a -- holding us down I would delay gets sent -- tell you later Vladimir BJ. It's a Boston thing it's it's got to be right yeah you're right. And and hearing him. What is it about guys have really really thick accents and don't when he singing there's no you don't hear a Boston accent one like no different them. You know Ozzie when he singing. -- -- is a big difference and I can understand what's so he's saying is gonna come second at this south psychology but you're like me like it's gone when he sang him. Yeah it's a little used get a sand dollar Dylan. It's Marmol whether he's saying you know I didn't you know there's music playing modern senators. And almost watchtower. I feel like this is successful first endeavor for us until it was a probably get a cut out this part of it -- -- -- -- real website on posts and it just the way it is they can socket rockets. I know we have to stop. It's -- is that it. Excel I think good -- -- movie people wanting more and. I -- -- I thought I brand new way. And I come Mike Yankee holding my breath you know I didn't believe you -- DV video guys I'll live there at -- -- I might pass out if you don't let me. -- get out there. That's what he's like next -- like I've been sailing. All right my guess is that the baby boy is Barack. You and I doing something in Delaware we're gonna post this I have no idea -- don't have like a podcast page. The reported time and they create one with in the next few minutes like a mega cast. Yeah. I don't know what to do what I mean technically yeah isn't included Vijay or the -- yeah America's showed up front our interviews thing and and we give us. I don't know I'll talk to somebody I mean we're not -- tactical guys I'm shocked I even forgot how to fun and got smacked song and hear how does impress you read in the boards. -- -- is -- for average for instance like Andy savage days that I touched on board I'm like shaking over here this is very special tax. -- -- All right -- -- his side there's -- last labor Levi's guess a half after we're done here is wait a minute. This they miss TPC of the produce like. Are you serious answer how long have you been like you're in a pod gets it then overrated episode of -- very. Not to mention the thirty other efforts of the never made it on the Airways. -- having medical halted followed by yeah. Students like. We got my hot gift is ringgit to komen for the guy that works there -- -- a main guys. He's always talking a month now I heard ST -- talking about you on the morning show as I'm sitting next to Munson. He has not what you would do together that. I am the guy he's talking about how waiting for him. To say something bad about -- here let me -- -- like or what could have figured out it's just have a meltdown there Steve why aren't government told you that your your. -- thanks -- let me be a part of the interview all right thanks for being a part of this is a fun time man I I can't believe you answered I got nervous and as they can ask your stupid question is like. Yeah this. The minister for question I try to be classy as a gentlemen's -- like when -- -- -- who has the most story's get I hear what now. Okay. That's a man who needs to get back into the recording studio it exactly and you're a man who needs to get back in your office and do your job -- in Chicago write a blog get ready for this for the -- -- well. For these -- Smith. Steve the producer. A maggot had. It's good she's like slash what they might be another like eight months until we do another one of these. Enjoy it and keep playing and over and over. So we'll -- -- mainly grass in December 12.