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STP-Cast 06-10-14 -- We play song mash-ups with STP's former band "Peter Parker" and Hip-Hop songs.

Jun 10, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, The Rev and Mono Nick talk about the new Godsmack song. Toppy tells a story about being a deviant. We play a clip of the Sully Interview STP and Ted did last wednesday. STP talks about how the interview went with Sully and Thee Ted Smith. STP talks about meeting Seahawks players at Michael Bennett's benifit diner. Steve was invited to shoot a web tv show with 3 Seahawks players. Rev has not been doing the DDP video he paid $70 for. STP talks about his bro-mance with John Moffitt. We talk about our "Im feeling fat" Facebook comments last week. We play the voicemails. We play song mash-ups with STP's former band "Peter Parker" and Hip-Hop songs. We read the texts and emails. We talk about Red Robin.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

None too long lose -- Rule warrior whereas now feels this -- then it's Lowery is. Did long the you're again. And I don't recommend the Iraq. Game. Again you know it's one of those things and I think when did you get knocking on your forehead yeah I -- -- -- -- -- -- come through and you mentioned genius until I go on the flip side and ask you would probably be one of the dumbest questions have been injured driver all the -- abuse. Yeah it's OK I didn't. It's -- sunburn that's like maybe think if I remember back in the -- I think I was refuses to many many years ago before I was married and some 200 go to the gentlemen's clubs -- that song was playing at the gentleman's club and all of our guys have you ever been at a gentlemen's club where your song is playing and how awesome is that we aren't. How did you know -- -- As a matter of fact Louisville and I heard at one point was that hot strip clubs -- in America to like almost three years straight. Caught exhaust America learn how to talk to your guys particularly that's gonna like everyone -- the -- -- -- -- -- and still have a well. Yeah I was. So successfully hacked at one point. -- -- what -- does cleverness on interviews someone's there this morning guys like you know what you how you helped our career was that -- -- strip -- please pour some sugar on me actually -- album sales and gals wives. I was saying no this. Read that time. He's been pretty clear my good friend -- tell. Mighty river this way go off and everybody's favorite mono men. Did not god smacked would have put together -- -- in the -- September 12. Over at the white river amphitheater where Rob Zombie. But other bands like nation dot com did you take it. Clip from the interview that beat Ted Smith and I did -- silly error enough from god smack talking about this song that you're hearing under me. This is the brand new god smacked somebody said that they -- -- out. An hour hour and a half plus their crew guy would go get lunch or dinner until like let's quickly Brenda Song now. And it is the jam though we. Got smacked. Brand new 5000 horsepower. Top BA ready to get your face melted oh yeah let's do it I'm sick around. You guys -- all about the bandits there. Have a different goal off for this -- This is gonna be one of those. Shouts out to different cities. Right you know does -- You know we've we've been. Seattle Tacoma and it's on your drive there. Right now. I only got about 300. Denmark is one of my favorite rock. The guys -- You live. I don't know how he plays like this. Doing a lot of the big animal from the Muppets and deadlines have. Yeah. -- come up. Exactly. First right with the curtains Nadia core -- good gravy dog and kids in the drain drops crops and that it's got its back. But it chicks and hard -- topless. Well I'd be okay. That's not -- -- nick Betts rob my dad that is that is definitely his MO and those could rob runup that's how he met his wife choose one of his dancers on stage actor he's got the crazy go go dancer yeah robot she claims Rob Zombie in corn is probably might. Thievery it's showed a C. -- guys -- -- insane it was -- zombie once at the Paramount analysis of zombie would god smack at the whiter every RL yeah. That was a weird night out tonight that we took a limo to and -- -- people got a low wasted and at some point Ben that Psycho Muppet insanity and decided to. Did to a war of words it's and wound up being. Then going outside to settle -- issues and none of -- knew what was going on knows that we -- giants slam against the -- And we go out there and it's the beings is losing his mind -- well what's going on how do we stop this monster we -- -- vs. And better and yeah I know there noted that he didn't get killed yes how could anyone else I think in that little to a certain rarity in this. Big friend who is a lifesaver could use the same -- is eaten so he's able to calm them down there is too much alcohol -- much partying back those days but man -- And then again the limo on the -- like you cool my uncle -- cool man for a band -- -- and it was. There -- it's -- wow yeah it was a very awkward drive home -- -- them that's. I'll get out that's a lot more awkward to me only two and I mean the weirdest interaction I've ever had coming from one of those was records girlfriend at the time -- giving me a lap dance on the out party bus which is. This girl from was all tournament. All the -- that now is has a little baby jackass probably seasons he's married to a cat so we're glad he's married to a dude from what are the guys in jackass. Guys are poor I India is he acts that she was being called like a star effort in the Portland's like version of the stranger. -- oh yeah because she left richter for that guy. Yeah I think got pregnant and I had I don't know -- about married to allow Al Ahmad in cigarette brand so I see all this stuff. To look at your -- -- high school got a zero who has represented and you get a lap -- summer did you Steffi. I honest to god and Hingis Steffi went Judy Garland and Italy's. -- -- it was it was like Rick hurt he was the one who has just like we're watching. Everyone was watching you is it weird I don't want to let somebody. That was that's weird. There's no I think there because I don't get its defeat he told her easily gaggle give rev a dance one act and how so wasted where -- Every one was awaits -- every single one of us was so you remind me now. -- -- -- -- -- That is weird -- certificate that it is not by a man hey give -- -- lap -- basically I imagine this guy Hancock. Yeah. Then clues that copy. Discern who you would be okay with that you wouldn't care. If if if -- ghosts -- branding I -- -- a I was saying you know with another radio celebrity who I will -- on -- -- of review one and yes yes flu laboratory -- He had a girl over there it. Our staff for Iran during months is from. His girlfriend I get not really get his girlfriend but. Just his girl he was currently seeing sexually it was over there and right I went over there to bring him some. Boehner drills will call them yeah that's what you're buying from me because -- -- -- Monsanto does act. Dave Ross you know by and so he encouraged me to do things of my fingers. Knoll. And I didn't. It's a UN tax on it with this is that the right led to finger you know lost in that -- up -- up CO -- -- now. Who is this for the. Okay. Hold. You know I almost all of our whole daylight call saying oh I don't know I -- -- why I -- -- -- did that was so letters to battery actually don't mind good and she won a scene like. Lot I can get on radio world a cheerleader type person for certain station of more I would have never guess that Bob rivers would let him. I think he's so grave man got his -- crazy that twisted -- right there tariffs. -- -- worked -- I know I'm just -- -- very good man and I think it's repetitive very -- guy I don't think I'd ever seen him never -- -- even suggests. Something -- -- may be back in his early days of being a little bit more TNA focus and it is radio days you to joked about that but not anymore he had that's not funny Steve -- -- he -- he's -- -- -- take -- back. And are they get back to talk about god -- and thank god I mentioned the songs we play the -- an image -- -- -- road like in about an hour here's actually I Sully. Talking about it during the interview that he Ted Smith tonight when we did our impromptu version of Maggie -- got to talk to you guys about the that was hilarious and itself. Are you silly talking about the song a thousand horsepower. Yeah he knows of one of those things that you're in the room and you're riding -- you cannot comment but it's certain that song the guys she's -- that bad song. And we just kind of common and often like going through you know trying to see what's gonna make a record what's developing. And then you know it's one of those days where we were kind of little burnt -- taking a break and our. What about crew guys like came in around grabbing guys you're -- there. And joking around -- -- it phony. I'm gonna write a song -- -- court before if you get back -- the food and you're like yeah okay but what really happened just like we're on the corner with the and let's go to got to play McGriff really fat joke around and collect all the Obama dragon air despite. -- you feel confident felt they just can't go from there and I'm Tony -- within an hour hour and a half. All strong -- I was like yeah all that far -- out of trouble really draft so I think it kind of got to get beyond that tractor that barge regenerate itself. And now is the name of the song but it's also the name of the album. An original plan was sillier and is calling and they told me that -- today would you like to talk to Sully Jolene called me one night and said yeah I look the -- -- Well here's the only days that he can do and it would be at this time -- -- -- it was a Wednesday I believe yeah. And 10 AM my perfect show's over operate in the studio guys around it will last TP cast this Mitch yeah for a bit and then we'll pop it on this week's STP guests on -- round -- way we did air some of the interview right there -- two clips. Com so that I get a call from her the night before the interview I think there was an incident had a silly S and stuff he's got to do we will be able to call it ten. I know this is pushing it but is there any way that you can record the interview one who she thought was -- I see that keep nation goes to one inch. And hit their podcast on Wednesdays so could be did you stick around I won't be just not a part of that day's taping of a podcast yeah. You know not gonna make -- mark -- and and now I ran into Iraq. All the -- interview suddenly she got smacked them. Might have been very entertaining comic book writers talking to a musical. Artists. You never now you don't -- my -- seems like a premise of a great show I'm like one of those like you know of that debt it. The Independent Film Channel dasher who authored the report. What would you superpower. I tornado on the microphone and if you breathe fire would you. I would hope and what's your magic number one opposed to or just put the fire commands. If you had your phone number -- were willing to London. Belly button you can fire out of the dollar going to be awesome. Give millions of -- but I guess you know honestly I would -- usually ism is is the same thing. I picture myself at a bar in his own skin and my efficiency south I would rip my shirt open and just -- choir she got in my car but nobody got and we did not even. Not even like Tito Ortiz. Or chuckling Dowell. Are going to be like our I got there's not gonna build a process what just happened -- bill I got it is too much for me to handle good and I -- -- you've come firing your belly button for me to -- hello what's up Batiste. Yeah nice tattoo of flames there on your guideline that's purely from good doesn't matter late in the turn that that's up faster that's right. Thousand horsepower. So yes so go at 1 o'clock comic -- you know I'll be around because we had a work meeting and it was free lunch dogs of course gonna stick around -- So that all time not to be about 1245 and then. What I figured it -- Hilltop we already begun because he's busy building a deck at that time in his business -- hands cannot handle another million of hitting that button from the board now. My -- I know would be back at his apartment high debts are gonna make him come back chemical Brett -- here how good he might be doing the geek nation. When their rests on me I'm moaning out see you later like a guy -- felt like I was like. There's no pressure for anybody to be a part of this that's the beauty of DS TP -- and I want you guys ever be stressed about any of the craft that we do -- here. Com I appreciate that so they don't like guys estimates as to deal with as it is make the -- need to do is have to be nights worried about. Do in this Spitzer refunds -- So my god you know are -- ten maybe he's gonna be around is an hour before they do their manager Michelle. So I go hey Ted would you mind being a part of it into the heat I absolutely hate doing interviewed by myself. Even if it's. I don't mind doing -- -- -- to artists Mike McDougal Thomas did that backstage -- in the grass I interviewed Dexter in new rules from yeah osprey and that was a lot of fun because I knew that there was three of us we can open. I I don't like the one on one thing it's an awkward intimidating environment and I'm just I've never being good out here I've tried many times and I always -- I had it. I know where my weaknesses draft and I do not one I allow myself to shell it. Well I got to even witness you doing that offspring interview because they're able to video way it yeah a little bit evidently standing yeah I use it was. It's really cool when you've got that you guys there at least because if someone is like if you ask a question one -- just like not that really wasn't when you know whatever crises like a one word answer elect. OK typically the other guy yeah but that somebody else will actually jumped in at that point at least killed it dead there even in the worst I. I mean a death -- and luckily it was Ted been like I would regret if there's justice excellent. There's an important works in sales or janitor I would like please please come in the room and laughed my stupid jokes but does make me feel comfortable. Yeah so I doubt that he's like yeah why not sir Mike should -- level we can end here we just hit record were like what are we doing here I'm like what are what is. -- is gonna end up and you're gonna run some parts on the BJ Shea morning experience and you try used to refer ES TP guess until I feel free use whatever you want for your shows whether beat the podcast or the Mandarin. -- I I Leo we've been joking about this mega cast you got that awesome logo that Chris deep put two guys are cool calm out talking you would make our promotions director housing jokingly saying we need to make shirts of these he goes. I'd Wear one of those in a minute that you're making a big wrestling fan so it's awesome. -- you know what screw it let's just turn into the -- -- like let's. Let's just do an episode -- what happens here can really no preparation to return in my time. If you listen to the default podcasts and it's available on the BJP educators to be outcomes could in the interviews. You can find it -- it's on sound cloud -- -- put together a sound -- page for them mega cast and it's just south cloud dot com slash the mega cast. And -- we just giggling having a funny time than Sully calls and we do this interview. Next thing you know. Selling puts it up on his on I mean Scott smack -- post on their Twitter and -- that's so awesome to like that's cool I waited a few hours later on that night. And I look. My the next morning and I look on myself obviously there's already over a thousand people of listen to this podcast and I. We'll and a day and that's a lot like that. Yes so might -- hello ma'am like. So I noticed -- -- on their Twitter and us it's the post on their FaceBook page at our head of social media yes there is an actual position in this world can now for that email saying -- Nice work ten and Steve. This is all over God's -- FaceBook page Mexican you know it's on silly it's personal website -- -- It's been blowing up crazy within 24 hours there's over 2000 people listen to this podcast. Nice sounds like. That's pretty awesome -- were brought under round of the mega cat tastes you guys missed out but -- the silly thing it probably. Everything's just kind of fell together for like the right like I jokingly threw it on a sound club pays because I wanted to post it in embedded on my blog and all the way to do it. And other less and eat it too much of my free account. Joining get so many minutes unsound -- I built a whole new sound cloud data like. While not gonna waste any of the minutes because whenever and use it for anything -- the one interview on there you can Newton and -- they graduate from the air and it just blew up from -- -- because that's such an easy way to share is you know and it and it just immediately embeds on the Twitter or just seems so easy yeah. Everything just kind of -- Bank just the right -- of a mad man it's been weird couple weeks everywhere that kind of -- has been going on like mass week. I did Michael -- charity thing was our first charity ocean which is fighting childhood obesity and I was. Able to go down and -- really just witnessed them sign autographs at a nice charity event over at the Columbia tower club. It was fun for me just a witness on that got to go -- to dinner and that's an experience and have become a big seahawk fan Mike let's. No matter what I -- to do for a living I'm very lucky but like I think yeah we all have something that we geek out about -- -- -- -- -- -- you'd be on the same level with the hard actually all four must I would imagine wrong kind of big Seahawks fan zone it whenever we get to see a player coming in the studio it's kind of like a really really exciting time about uranium kind of hobnobbing with the Seahawks. I go to -- at the dinner with everybody undersea with everybody else to pay a lot of money is Goosen at the dinner and and it's -- this is great Michael -- comes up talks to me about the interview how much fun he had with us calling from the White House how. All of his buddies were hit them -- saying how funny it was on the Alves and cool makes you know who sits next to me Russell -- and then we headed off any tells me hey I'm a big fan might not a big fan of -- show but -- -- like rock music and he likes the station it's a Max -- is a huge -- really I SW nights I guess you're a way to get -- in the studio because Saudi pretty -- I figured you -- got crazy beard. Usually white guys are crazy Beers like rock music I agree thank you get out now. My -- You're right did -- are very crazy not anymore they used to be. So Max is an I better but during the playoffs it was crazy I get the playoff beard. They are so that I'm talk with him next you know Russell's given me -- numbers and his associates and she sometime on the ice what is happening like your system and uses a lot of cool things. So then on Thursday night I'm driving home from our workers number nine vodka party -- that's gonna write that down yeah. Cut cut -- -- blood stuff happened yet that there is I too walked into facing had nothing planned and in the -- era song and a contract songs and now albeit. So I got a phone call from Michael's like Bartley Angel who helped set up all the statues a rock star that put together his -- charity event and I I learned a lot from her on how to handle things on the stress because as a very stressful environment a lot of people wanting a lot of things -- autographs you know. She's walking around like -- if she had nothing to do but you see that she's dizzy -- that attitude of I'm enemies -- show everybody the attention that they aren't in need of at -- balls. -- those pretty cool I think a lot of people including myself can learn from the way that she handles stress. So I want the hitting and offered her as well she calls me on Thursday -- today. Michael's doing this TV thing and Timmy Hamm and Jesse Williams include payroll. And I could barely hear them driving home I had a speaker frogs and one that I have a hands free device on just like. Cool cool on big issues are sharing a fun story and -- John Moffett a part of -- he speech really highly W. And I didn't understand what you say was -- it's tomorrow night I know that if you probably have stuff going on your wife. And now Mike so -- like are -- is it like some kind of an event he wanted to come and just watched. Meg which. -- -- have -- -- I didn't know what was going on Cigna to know be around greatness right mirror and -- are you happy because I don't need to talk -- -- -- -- be -- in the same room in an -- wearing their pads that doesn't sound weird at all right now is that we -- on Monday -- findings -- point so. She's like no this is that Michael wants you to be on the show. -- Smiles crashed into the car yeah like I'm. -- to like these are the things that I I'm not the networking kind of guy like you know me I'm just I do my job I go home and unemployment introvert and my arm under my rock. And all this craziness of -- Why I got my first thought like. If you want me I didn't actually say that I know I thank goodness what she's like well an awesome another -- -- -- of -- the extent of she's like. What he really like to talk and you at the dinner. I think it is it was a weird you know to me like I'm weird but I'm not like in your thank. There you -- -- -- -- my god I'm here I'm not a super fan but you also know how to. Keep it rain we can't -- that -- write my game now like what you do you thank you you know nothing crazy. -- -- guy gets fun talking to there I think you also have to do a lot of fans of the dinner and they were all coming to you -- -- I was there while he was very funny this guy I was speaking out about me. Being married most KI SW loves me on the Bob rivers show. Nice and the whole night perfect would not stop talking mob mob -- -- about -- And I'm like -- -- not know why Hannah it is -- -- -- into the -- and you know Steve. But he knew I was Steve the producer -- refer to me -- the producer and Steve the producer. You don't -- tunnel might do I tell this guy that's not I'm Barbara -- so I just did bursts is global -- -- I'll think yeah man I pray. And I'm like any -- and the mayor I know Joseph you really are more credit for several years I guess I don't he's great to. They're all great -- kid and her husband. I couldn't has tried to get -- from like FaceBook page like this is how hard it's that it has a heart -- -- -- -- bro I'm not on their shall continue to try not been as excited to talk to me. I am eager to start community -- got the bottom rivers. School -- let's talk become our viewers housing go decks on some women stop they are still came from. Problem is before he got greener. Affects so she tells me that since July our big dinner whatever color areas if I. -- I'm sorry I missed an inside joke premise of the obviously you could I don't know I don't wanna talk about Monica is now on. Associate again Michael I like to and then mafia was talking about you when they were hanging now and in. Markets got a big man crush on you apparently mad. And he says that there's a broad mansion she and Michael Bennett wants to be a part of the romance -- like I said. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's London bridge and got really guys he's got brand just I had to open up couldn't -- my job Jeep because my head got so -- got a moment nazism and those and they're always slick wore a mind blown. Yeah and I go episode and it turns out what. It is they were filming something for potential web series that Michael and Moffett are doing like -- doing his own web series John doing his own stuff as well. But there's going to be something where they count like almost like their version of the mega cast and essentially they bring that to -- gather for joining forces for something special and that was. A show where your hang out we're buddies playing blackjack but blackjack is really just a prop like we really want. -- -- paying attention to blackjack just a reason to be in a semi circle with three other dudes. Yes certain bonding it was a weird at all I promise that's a poker night. Right so which is. We talk about allowed cameras so they -- one before mine it was at it was done at the spit fire in the back room which is pretty cool like is that he'll sit and spin so brought back memories is still can add the -- this it has been a -- got a lot to the -- -- -- -- -- a private room. So that was kind of cool to see that and and so the first episode was it was Bennett any role Jesse Williams and John Moffett. For 35 minutes just the shoot in the -- about really just talk about the NFL they get into some seriously deep conversations about. How they view themselves what they view is being successful lined up and it man that guy is so down to earth like my wife fell in love with him because he's like you know honestly like my. So obviously the question what you want your legacy to be and he's like I was at Alaska that could I know they wanted me to say -- You know hall of Famer multi Super Bowl winners like I just want to be known as a good dad and a good husband -- that's pretty cool I think you know. Winning the Super Bowl is awesome but just making in the NFL that was truly the moment -- -- -- That's what you aspire to get to music so. Whenever anyone gives anyone a hard time making a nutshell I'm paraphrasing not to watch the show when it comes out and equate whatever anyone you know it's hard -- -- an NFL players like that guy made it he's a champion whether he gets a super boring or not he's a champion he's one of the very few that get the -- in the NFL. And then here in Jesse Williams stuff you know because he's from Australia and you know -- its course chrome about how the -- balls go the wrong direction and yeah. There's funded and then our episode was me Bennett Moffett and am Christo. Bruce and K. He was former defensive and I think for the Washington State Cougars he also was on the practice squad for the dolphins the raiders. And he spent he he played a little bit for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the play in the arena football could be nicer guy. He's in jail a defensive end views just armies across state guy and now I'm and I FaceBook friends I see semester because it crossed it. -- an accident it across to know. The president and you know. I know you're there is no I. I was all -- the other day I did a push up and I can do a push up and clap and go back down again that was ethnic and pretty good -- it on video might answer exactly amnesty -- and normal why you do any minute can you are -- all of us because they're and it did not want to go first time I've got to rest covered by Alan Myron. No matter what I got back I don't know if it is a new Arthur plays that we get injured and we are doing the things. For the show -- going to show you -- I think we should just live through sixties idealists. Well I was little and then and I -- sorry. -- don't know what. And a wife said show off -- topics I get a nice job Izod you know he's freaking out and now if he's. Does your. Dog does not like it when you do anything. Like any I -- I love divided on on the floor my dogs are in my face immediately get I get off the top Izod whose drawings and yet you are. Talk about -- Seahawks. Now -- weird while now accelerating yeah a little awkward and so we're. Yeah these guys are trying to put something conscious the memo her myself -- -- out Coleman and Brad I know I can't buy a ticket if you push up. Look what's the definition of push job -- -- your knees put the fist on the ground in. It the fist no I don't do the fittest and do the -- -- -- -- pointedly suggested on yet you put your fist to the chest and just say no you go down for now all that's how -- you gotta get. Now all gone out on the -- -- -- ask -- if he can do a real push up look at stats alone when you have time piano and have 200 no not on your knees ground yeah. And I don't even know I could do that could mean even GDP youngest is you can use your knees. Yeah yeah until you get to a that we should be able to get a how I -- got beyond and a have you guns at a point where you put the dvd in your dvd player yes it's currently in in my computer right now -- -- it. Play in the last week. No seven times -- -- play once someone's blood. Energy this is this is failure number two you know friends revenues -- your numbers here forever. They've tried it one time game opposite outfit. Then decided I'm going to do it and paid the money to what I did was on sales because of shark tank might be special -- select all I'll totally do it because I spent money -- it -- the announcement from currently controlling some remarkable things. And soon -- you use it once. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not very democratic Oxley mile an outright firing. I -- -- I dislike your pocket yeah I actually thought of that NL crap to my responses like yeah. -- -- okay our practices I don't doubt page. Bang. How you doing well -- I'm doing great DDT and I'm gonna go and honesty Bob I work out program I did it how do you -- job putting into use you know because. Every day's a new adventure. Every day is in new adventure I don't know why you would say I think that that that that that unfortunately he. IA -- to literally do not saying -- Then work out -- -- so that -- you've -- on -- money am I think -- dvd jerk guys just sold me. He's a slide government only to sell you go to -- Yeah so yes hamburgers just vendor for their horrible because all the good team unity and India finally got picture immunity and a guy with a goatee it's. How hard after Arnold did like a content region of four in his me after I'm Scott Ian I did how did you grow five inches that's impressive offensive. Black now. The idea sun's announcement right fielder Bernard Jon from. Birds she peace. While yes no no sorry about that and good luck to you revenue future and that I don't let me play one more time -- is that my phone ring -- the -- in the -- -- reminded me like -- god it would -- I don't know I don't know if -- known anyway or -- -- -- blocked -- numbers so he doesn't -- -- message yet. Some considering -- -- -- our duty the other day two days ago and I was about to do it and I -- I don't have so much time to do it and doesn't do a quick one. I put on my Xbox and it needed to do a refresher and update all -- academic I don't. Later right so I just don't know what I've been doing this DP long enough that I probably know exactly how to do without the dvd work out earlier this guy I -- -- but I'm myself -- -- and I dye coached myself and now is dripping like that I gave myself -- a better or Kevin diamond download. -- the challenge has been set diamond and your pain camera of the capital. Nor do diamond cutter now Graham c'mon man. I can't remember how to do diamond cutter possible when you go home and sector Mo -- -- -- Thailand and then you zero it goes -- Yes it's and our fat -- I think Brad did it while sitting down her yeah I'm not gonna stand. So anyway needless to say this whole whirlwind of like just like. Pages is that such a weird experience of just does this partnership that has happened now between me and Michael -- for a couple of occasions. I'm trying fingers crossed -- -- of -- gonna happen but. I had a good conversation with him after -- are are taping was done about the reason why he's doing this -- -- loves to be creative and he's looking for things to do that kind of you know it's. I guess just kind of keep the creative juices going because you know you got football but SI creative outlet. -- -- duties TV things so I I am I I sent an email out to who's who that guy got the middle person and that the woman that helped me out with all the other stuff. And today. This may be crazy. But I have access to a portable recording thing how about Michael there's a podcast now on I'll just come down where every isn't an interview players or some like that. So I think -- pretty sick if we get Michael -- disorder during a podcast for cash WP out an amazing job but again -- probably not pat him but I'd be pretty cool to eventually does something along those why not gonna happen if you gonna ask that's not a figure and I -- -- very -- it has. If you don't even think he would want to do some going that don't even bother asking him to tell me no my guess is just an idea I just stop it here's a guy wants to be creative stuff. This is a lot easier than doing TV circuit TVs quite a production and the people they had working on the stuff man those guys the top notch. They did a great job all the stuff they were doing behind the scenes really -- -- feel comfortable everybody involved -- that was pretty awesome as soon as we know what's going on -- you guys now. And hopefully in the near future oil by John -- on ES TP cast nice he specifically said he wants to come on the podcast and he's. Go down a dark wrote hello that's that's how we laughed it off -- self. He's got some stories and he's very willing to chairman fact he shared some of those stories MA news in his interviews. During this shall obtain and you want to talk about on that kind of stuff because he sees. He's turned his life around he's he's looking real good he's nice -- -- not to be making the news any -- soon for our good for him they had to happen in the past that's a great thing they've got a good sense of humor about it uses again -- yeah how are being dumped. Like all the things he's done an up or down he's always had a good sense of humor about right everything's you know it's just a good dude got an email I like it was funny because we always have just joking romance tonight. Well he comes and sees me and he's like policy you're the you're the woman who's keeping me from him that I'm I -- he puts his arm around me when my columns. And it was the conversation between him and say it was hilarious she loved him. -- or of course is that we got to go hang out with him sometimes in these are all like let's program launched bonding I think responding to. We get our dogs they'll be awesome. He got weird -- this dogs. Oh actual -- in Seattle park I hope I feel like I've just like you guys public who bought one they wanted to bring up about a if you butter. You can compete you -- think this is not that kind of show him the exposure. Is not the BJ Shea morning experience are that's right and we should she keeps this AAA a dog mockery free zone I'd appreciate that whereas. Bottom during an interview clip in the beginning of the show when he's talking about voodoo -- and follow -- Mac and I brought up yeah. I Gregory didn't -- If we added all this out and as they abuse to a smooth quick podcast that's why don't I guess as to whatever our -- -- time and sorry about that now I love -- a lot of them that I'm -- -- -- -- I -- I was like hey man have you -- to a strip club or gentlemen's -- are trying to be classy that's -- -- gentlemen's -- glad to know how he's gonna react to race. And -- dollars and number one reason why I wanted to Dodd. I wanted to ask that question I feel like it's a lot more awkward if mrs. Hammond I won I won on the phone me ask you about a stripper who whereas -- -- it's more goofy we get both laugh about it seems a little bit looser. So that's the reason and one enemy reasons why that are being good idea -- Ted in her. Bob so. I liked how in the middle of that -- -- pick up on -- when he was answering the question but I heard it this time. You are now I've minister club tons of times. You know that was awesome. I -- -- and -- -- thought that it took us how long to get to that part of the -- at 38 minutes is there Chris Farley yeah that's cool that was cool. Home and I had those -- this weekend I'm -- San Diego you guys -- out. Yeah I mean it -- there there's some new TV show. A Michael Bay production which he doesn't I don't know how many other TV shows he's ever done it Fannie -- I don't know it's called the last ship. And yes the last ship not not have been you do -- at the end of the night minor nevertheless and -- of Michael they would -- make a film about that 88 based on a navy ship. And basically ask goes -- at the end of the world and the people that are on the ship are pretty much all that's left. Cool we a lot of explosions a lot of insanity are there other ships still around or is it the last shift their -- out of luck you know it's funny 34 you said that last part I was gonna trying give you a series. I'll find out this week and what I see the episode certain but I don't know sirens do yourself a favor though and YouTube the trailer. It's straight up Michael Bay style like -- -- explosions. And yeah largely a life stuff going down and -- those either love Grey's Anatomy and I know there's a lot of you out there. The star of the show. Eric -- Who is no longer alive on Grey's Anatomy and spoiler alert he's been dead for a couple seasons so he's still alive in her life. Yes OK and he's he's the lead actor and I'm happy that he's -- guy centric show now because. Do you think my favorite character are great and -- -- because he is actually bad ass for. But chick friendly show -- was actually a cool dude. So and he was like music heritage bag and a bunch of bridge is nice so. I don't know how many pitches he's going to be banging on the last -- but I would imagine it's gonna be an awesome show we are being a bad -- school -- taking out. Yeah looks like he had taken directed in Neil lake actual other TV shows and he's got that transformers. Are you upset about the transformers no. Anyone but I'm gonna go over an era that's why I'm excited I got. -- -- Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg is watching your not going to make a transformers movie is -- digs in and again. Tainted eggs. You might be the only person has ever asked if take -- is an admin and take days is awesome if you shirtless for -- He's I don't know I don't know I I -- -- in the fast and furious series. He's now a lot of show us where he was better than it was over as is anyone going to films because of -- like have you ever been sitting on your couch I don't an artist. Spelled K I think it's with a -- it's. TJ EE. YE TA YE add there we go attain in his -- -- games but when your flip it around -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- a couple of older though we know he's got outcast was -- -- -- through r.s 3000. You have got a guy that I come right now I just turned him into to people how to pass and then there was another white kid that was the fourth brother. Yeah I hate cats -- and -- First. He's shot what a walrus doing whatever he's doing great they had paid take Diggs was on Grey's Anatomy bringing everything -- look at that. All look you know who yet and on private practice as these same -- -- to spin offs I don't know I can't believe scientists I don't know what the hell I don't know and that was me sitting up -- When the doctors -- this to a different Joker in the spin off about her on that -- is because it was a gigantic bitch problem. Sometimes -- -- of dreams and a big job -- -- come back on the show very rarely but it happened some time now to take pig's -- and some great movies mouth was most wanted. I liked that film the way the -- activity are really good to GAAP. The way the gun is a good one I don't know that one. It is Whitney should del Toro and Ryan -- today that the lower you readership habits yeah all right tomorrow and F starter had yet. Gas -- -- yeah okay that's the opening scene isn't -- great one of the greatest scenes in a movie soul away -- the guy and it will -- -- -- the rest of the mobile does I wanna watch just -- on the like that happened again and there's a great scene where -- sleeping Indonesia del -- are in a sperm bank explaining why they should be allowed to gives -- gets paid for it should. And that is just as equally awesome wow it. The writing and it is fantastic. What happened to Venezia. So good news -- for awhile -- -- -- he's. Just a weirdo now and has drug doubters some -- -- -- his Benicio del Toro is that Spanish firm named meg gets you lots of food. Because I mean that's like the ultimate like guys -- iPod and my name is Benicio del -- like Antonio and yes yes -- -- mentally I think most I served -- del Toro is the bull. Oh is it business when you shoot the -- Toro Toro Toro Toro -- Tora Tora Tora I don't know. -- -- removed and its Japanese. Yeah Tora Tora Tora do this is not the -- -- Close the raiders do good movie do I don't know that one -- there that was Aurora to -- or die as some make fun. Actually it was pretty transaction. -- and determine the vodka party. I -- a decent time I love going up on the deck of the hard rock and a -- -- not a deck but the rooftop to rooftop bar gaffe that was cool yeah -- -- that bar I love the food that they -- us tomorrow raising the sliders dislodged -- weren't surprised. Nick was wasted do you remember being there. I remember we're here with -- -- We are seeing got to IAA season there and he almost fell down multiple times each time trying to send out after -- -- Nick what I had noticed it usually when someone's wasted you can tell there ways to by the way they speak. Had meg not outed himself in little -- what these days and make me and neglect of very grand proclamation I'm sure I'm kind. Other than that let's play before he said that I was talking to him and he seemed no different. I you know humiliate our kids with you know does people my world that don't handle themselves on their. Inebriated -- -- nick pulled a Smart movie just sat on his ass the whole time yeah so when you're drunkenness and on your -- not talking a lot nobody knows the wiser. I menus stand up and -- -- -- the Russian now he had to remove -- century ago and seems a lot further earlier right now Muslims have myself a low dollar. I give him a ride home just because you myself. That battered housing yeah -- balls and go back and -- -- -- -- could. Sorry for the beliefs. I don't know I don't think I only had one animal. I guess that's pattern and I thought that's what. -- so -- -- up -- and -- has them on there a couple of highlights of course distributors and is there enough data now brilliant on their part show up to a off a guy. Focused radio stations events I was like these girls like my case I knew right away they were strippers. Right away I don't think I realized it and tell all like you made to grand declaration and I just thought they were like all of a hot rock -- chairman now short short short dresses now with the tattoos on the back of the size that to tell them -- matching tattoos on the back an idea I mean I did did the exact intent -- each like that typically is a very stripper like look most of we see -- is -- something back. There right I would say I'm planning and I like that long. The stripper shoes of course -- Heidi I was even looking to shoot miniskirts meat dresses whenever those things where as I called it an aura of friendly desperation. Via. Because maybe -- talked to every dude there. Nobody that is that pot president ever. Amber -- does that. It was funny because I was outside of the couple. The members of the station and her smoking and the the strippers -- him out to have a cigarette there and the allied Payer you as different the event yes. Cool you guys should stop by and our place here's some free passes and whatnot and they like it makes our job a lot easier way in the -- could looking like all of you. All right all okay. -- I had to relate my shoulder no matter come on at least make us think you genuinely mean that complemented. Man sometimes goes out girls are. I don't think they realize how awful they -- -- game but because they don't need to a hot -- -- has to be hot and let the guys flock to our. -- you know what I mean like and how often -- a -- I've yet to come up to somebody and be like let me try and charm you right. But strippers drive poll that I've been to a few gentlemen's clubs the field and I guess it doesn't look at -- you don't have to -- enemy I'm paying you to -- army I. I have already established in my brain. That I had to pay. Two you had you even give me the time of day don't don't try to sugarcoat this by saying. What Timbaland -- was like grabbing mean is that my -- my status on 270 pounds. And she's -- -- rubbing my Jesse goes. Oh you must work out coming know -- -- man boobs. But that was not from pumping iron that was from pumping and birders in my mouth. Burgers. Delicious thing yeah I forgot that I have those little free passes in my pocket when I got home all know. Well aren't you did your wife know when your girlfriend notice. That I got when she went to go do go under his -- and I could woman should know. It does say what are they saw out there at the party last night I invited you really didn't jump. So they can diminish her and I went there -- -- Mirrors for less cars there than there are -- got them -- she surprisingly okay with me going to strip clubs and stuff -- she has no issues with that. Her brother is actually getting married. Next month and he -- she's actually very yeah Leahy doesn't have any friends so -- They're trying to get like us to like rally and like Alex and I got to throw this guy a bachelor party. To thin out a senior McCain and it has extra hard just -- She's like we'll take into a strip club -- climate. I don't really wanna go to strip club but for him logo like on a few months ago like that vessel will do but I'm decimal and a playing board games or something like that love you need a moron of those cards I have a. Few extra and I think the expiration is in September so yeah sweet. It's funny we have an expiration laser quest -- request made mention -- closer oh my gosh what answer you didn't get advice strippers to laser tag yes. Remember one read we had her on the stripper yeah and she made it's going to have like their own intramural squad and it plays a bit but it's got -- -- a -- -- a little dot football basketball baseball maybe I don't remember something like that planned act that would be awesome. Did you know one of -- -- -- is is don't answer currently yes I'm not surprised. You know -- -- -- top. And one and hotter wants to. -- girl her now what are my favorites of all the rock girls and she put some RNC Graham her practicing on the -- -- -- Most awesome in -- he's he's a charge that. Yeah I never watch your practice for -- -- -- is she working assure -- located next to a delicious murder establishment. I don't know I don't believe so and although I -- the bar now there -- two -- got on him. In Tacoma here. No I think she might work -- -- here in Seattle. Based on some of her tweets me all the -- taco stand your stereo in the science. He -- she is the right thing. Typically in Seattle. I think he can -- you can. Can -- in London down to a goes up. And then. I can do I throw up man Tennessee than those who -- an instant thing. Strolled I'll admit there's a picture of her nightly -- writers and yeah are you trying to who I'm talking about. 21 -- -- -- -- okay. Room yeah -- yeah -- do that and I'm done done done done. -- Not sure. Looks like one of these -- this. Cash cash and really that's considered the and that's considered exercise in -- But I -- -- even says on her loving her hash tag spastic poll -- expressed tag fitness. Hash tag pole dance there weren't they selling like Groupon the things that CNN. A pole dancing class. While we need is -- genius idea -- there Iranian producer for this STP tested on the output in the actually work to make this happen GAAP. But I went out there knows someone who does -- then I advises you actually hope marvel online. You how -- were -- condom I yeah I'd be out Hillary. Didn't really is once communion will be announced that you are attacked. It costs -- that would -- Just. Kerkorian's proposal in front of Barack fireplace in order to you know put -- -- -- heard it feel like boulders. And yeah. The lighter car she just started I wouldn't miss it and I didn't put it that would sedans and and and I don't know I know she's an -- -- like 5 in the morning she decides to. Board term pole dancing skills. Awesome lot of people work out for the go to work Steve manage your -- and not me and -- neighbor now. I'd be pissed until I found out it was someone pulled in -- don't hate master grade -- tournament. Jesus. All and then there was this one chick. At the party that of course they go up and say -- to -- a man and a he's a big fan and there's really good to meet him in there goes my wife and -- I don't listen to yourself. Well well that's fine galaxy tonight first of issues that being one of those Cuba's one insult us music I would listen and I have -- -- -- wake up that early because of my work schedule why you practice that went -- yeah give you hated -- I don't listen that's all I -- -- Obama will screen and you want to vote for someone concert tickets nice -- all excited -- she was to -- right -- place and -- very loose dress on and it was like -- in the air which ramming this is sponsors very attractive season. Who's with me when I don't think you guys where you missed out so after that we're just in standing at one of those tables right. And Jesus like I feel like thank you guys so much for wouldn't you know -- we have with the tickets are well congratulations really really proud of our way we put your name out of the box you came here to that -- I think you deserve to see my underwear. Why all you guys do now Mike yeah why it before you even say yes or no -- -- coming and Lucy turns around bends over and just lifts up her dress suburbs dissing anything on it was Bob rivers are prepared with a he was under the this is -- the senate Bob rivers on there and thought -- had Sturgis and oh I felt so Michael why is it happened you know that I was there were a couple guys our listeners and there it is like vision of the best party ever. And it. Just goes back down the and her husband comes over like -- cracked. Things get weird -- As you as honey guess tonight is doing and it makes us. I had this dress dress drama. I think I even ask for a nicer I deserved it I don't think I deserved it Steve's going to like walking out of the car and I I'm going to die right now she's like I just showed them my underwear and music all cool. So -- did it again. How nice I was waiting for him to drop Trout and show our viewers -- -- shown -- -- it has elephants and that moment I look at the two ago. My relationship with my wife is completely different and your relationship with your -- I don't that would never happen I don't know I would be cool with that in any situation inaugural did that ever they did when kids tickets and -- and drastic it's -- good on them I don't care I don't want my girls -- -- -- -- We don't think someone might deserve it. It might put it don't mean is gonna happen. At least not with me being happy about it. Bad copy editor and -- -- I injured news do you view was that before or after the fire alarm went off. That was writer on the same time okay yeah. I don't remember exactly maybe the fire alarm went off the chiefs. Hot hot half. Truths through most of them. Can be in good. Did you just. She really dancing better is that I guess that would be like the real noise of the room. Who most knowing it stupid so Michigan avenue just set up. Yes not moving on a -- -- I didn't give I was always is -- bothers might be shaking a little away from. Yeah after a slow Marino never yanks. Bullock it's getting faster and -- taking medicine Scott sat down what's going -- -- All right odd that's all I had to say about it everything that's the student -- and yeah. Yeah yeah they've -- -- -- -- -- -- You're -- it's. We never meant to ask you guys better I don't as he has ever do anything as far as research for this podcast but. I meant to tell you guys are going your FaceBook page and find some of the the best comments from last -- I feel fat. -- has pretty easy to do I got my head here are off off all of a -- from mine as well it was very it was very painful to not beaten him if you listen last week last week at the end of our podcast you decide usually funny is if we put wanted to stupid vague FaceBook posts that are. Ice fishing for a compliment. And we all posted at the exact same time and we all wrote. What it is saying it's -- face I feel fat today out now is that was the post and the role was in the right. The stipulation we doing here is what made it difficult. The rule was and we cannot comment like acknowledge. Any of the that the post that ball underneath that status update itself. Yeah I said feeling fat today I didn't. I got 32 likes -- that. -- got thirteen and 31 comments nineteen comments for me. It won't I won't grab you look through your received finding good ones and keep them in the back your mind -- Democrats when he for lights nice top do invite you so I'm still looking phone desktop he's just so active on fees -- you do your deck off the we read some of us like we first post up pictures of his deck and shot. It's it's very -- success when we first courses like we had some fun commenting Barrett -- react. You are go to work out daddy and he inherited thing called self restraint Jesus put the fork down fat ass and it. Parents -- the pocket I wanted so bad the light can't conduct of I don't want people to think that he's being complete jerk correct which is what happened on my daughter go toe related people get mad at him for that him but I know specifically. Now that I'd say about 80% of the people who posted a mine were very well aware of what our intentions were like that in southern podcasting all that funny topic revenue because -- the same thing at the exact same right time some people you know and one guy Kevin he wrote stop whining. Whose members and -- some sushi. -- she wrote Snickers. Honestly. Another person in the it's the spot not that's another when that cop out here admit this is the ones rather excitable bitch. Don't army out like these are -- I wanted to comment to. Because my wife. Saw the post as we learn much because she texted me oh I got home I explain -- would Dillon Gee that was hilarious right so. Jeffrey -- as TP you should quit sneaking off to. Have my thanks -- Johnson says to wedge Dix Steve Powell allow a non combatants. From west tells me if you sit ups. Josh Harris is what happened a DDB yoga and now another Mike -- -- doing and do it at least four times a week unlike the -- It's -- And then Rex says no more Jumbo jacks he he's -- I are really getting -- down and then Jeff -- sound like a bitch -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some of the a lot of like and yes so what are some of the highlights for you guys. For mind the first response was I mean as the you know feeling you know feeling fat today and then Chris -- and gas these comments nice. And then now it's. Someone actually said -- you're not fat and and I was like well I -- -- probably effect clearly you're just pandering because that's yet you know you're spitting gaming stripper yeah. And -- the POP responded with and like a woman apparently to halve holes as the guy who falls in love and marries people within a week yeah that'll do -- I know that it's -- I was -- -- what's the what's the timer on the national model and -- -- isolate that part look at the and then yeah like Matthew was also wasn't just today that's funny dad. Hi guys don't eat dinner and wake up thinner at. That's not eating disorder waiting to happen and what I care and carpenter do I don't really get that -- -- -- hand so -- and that she had anorexia. OK I believe me as -- one of those eating disorders thinks PAX. -- -- -- -- That he's senator sat at a top -- hands moon. Take your eighty bucks and go to the strip club not a lot of caddies there Baghdad lessons have. I thought you only took forty dollars and indeed only half company's Canadian dollar golf that was right that's -- if you don't think you -- ahead Doherty is still look. And then Jennifer where the rock girl Jan -- our guys are so mean to each other Jesus you're not -- monolithic people and now it's either chooses to our podcast our -- -- -- this before she listened to exactly doesn't -- -- yeah. If it's just that and she's all right like she's she's a very righteous woman I love -- like her posts are great because she's a very strong yes opinion she's very -- very strong opinion side imagine -- they would go to bat for you. But it's our girl -- And then you are the second guy friend who posted this today something is up. Move -- -- who the other guy friend was one -- us segues. One topping some of your highlights let's see I have. -- -- -- -- Hey guys and -- yeah. It's time it could've been opposed to wield and yeah. Very stressed faith. A lot of the girls did. The country from its -- every day. It's welcome to mine were almost. That's messed up. Caroline is trying to finish for the compliment to us there's on trying to hijack your -- by -- -- compliment still on what was at bats every day Al oh well. But the other one was welcome to my world dot dot dot frowning face thrown all day that's fishing. Yes but -- -- -- -- you need a hot bath and chocolate it's that's nice maximum -- -- -- -- -- what's your favorite candy bar I hate you so hot cocoa out of it where bigger clothes awkward. Another girl says amen to that means you know girls who play the -- calling that female friends clearly -- Keep your chins up. And takes a -- all that's a woman that's nice to. That's all seem able to relations my feelings obviously winning this yeah this challenge every yeah every series on it and we don't even said hey whoever has the best comments wins but he let -- negativity in your life people -- top shelf like nobody else. No comments -- -- -- the international and natural -- He encourages trolls whatnot -- bitching about -- -- a lot of people say earlier debacle may use. You sound like my girlfriend. -- -- go for a long long. A short -- it hit. You know these -- currently that is awesome I did get to 41. Comments. Daddy you won did you the most comments coming here likes to get well like a thousand. -- when I got 41 likes and sounds. How many humans and I got to 42 likes 34 comment one you know the -- as few top be nice job. That's as good -- always winning -- -- gonna -- up his woman referring knock up mine. I guess I thank him wow well I don't know at my house -- jewelry to come over Steve. -- -- -- -- They just got a weird no longer bonded out bonding anymore Hala. It's not my world if you -- ironic for you guys that's a -- challenge which firm works the winner will find on the Maury Povich show -- You all are. Our telephone. -- Alia we want to be the father I wanna be a fodder. I choppy seas should the big winner of this challenge that we never we remain a challenge would you wanna hear. When your -- -- Steve and I started off. Can I post are gone. According to the red light of the best about our -- that -- that -- -- is that there really cool little place. Or. Boo boo boo oh by you -- don't just. Yeah like seriously I don't know I'm okay. That behind -- love -- it's probably if it sounds like automatic number -- today every tomorrow and remember to stop listening and drive off a bridge -- -- the judges a question is that okay for the podcast I think there's a part of that might not a just -- helping you don't give -- the -- Being on the podcast. I did not even expected back -- either -- -- -- I'd say our next voicemail can only get better. -- hierarchical -- our problem barbecue. Good Colin now ours are invited to invite everybody Arnold career or her in or anyone. A similarity in their crime -- accident. You know tarmac gives up very unpopular person on ES TP jazz group page on FaceBook follow I've been as TP dash cast. Well he made a mistake and -- -- and I appreciate that he owned up to and at least you know I have maybe this is in the best place to be president. He posts a picture on ES TP test group page again you can find it just had been -- TP dash cast. And it's one of those conspiracy. He not really conspiracy -- wanted to make political. Posts as a picture of that the towers being hit by the plane's right off the bat I'm like oh that's a fun picture of put on our broadcast face yeah wow and it says all twelve years later. We have a president who wants to arm the people that did this. So down and I did not see until today but it's been up for a whole day yeah I'm in serious so dissonant cohost and man I gotta say -- -- Titanic teachers their police in this stuff. You know because. So I tossed he's gonna just delete it or not I'd like to not be the -- still leaving anything I think I've only deleted a couple of things off of the page but one was a spam thing. And it some -- I try and make sure whoever joins our group is an actual real person but sometimes they don't know if they look attractive I might just let the -- anyway didn't come take my job sometimes of like a random post about sunglasses are for sale or something stupid like that comic art spam and deleted -- One other time somebody was -- sudden. Some roads have been really kind of a full. Man and somebody reached out to me that was on the group today. I'm not comfortable with that being out there and I think you know why you're right it's there's no good being up there I get it and if it's bothering anyway nothing. It didn't impact anyone by being deleted you know I mean it was and yeah some of the rumors like you know. We don't need -- like everything go up there I get freedom of speech ma'am but to make if it's really cyber bullying I'd prefer not to be on there. But I right off the bat first person that takes on the tarmac I respect your right the poster opinion -- years to be inspirational for fun let's talk -- -- not trying to sort of back and forth on politics. Know a lot of people are green and blue on politics. Oh I agree Mannelly. Politics Luke Sanders gives Collins and you know -- got a good sincere about all that I want the post in some using a man come on car -- battered in that and he says he had thought twice different posted but I brain started -- did it anyway. And you know. But again. Nobody got called super -- heard about it so I think that's cool you know things that are gonna -- -- -- content. They got his little Brooklyn to him as mean as -- well that the whole area's car wreck and it best by saying best podcast best listeners and we are. The Titanic do you shifts. So they are missing and his voicemail hook up. Even producer Alonzo on the steamy. Ones are niche you open -- perhaps yeah. -- -- hello yeah our hero thank you but you're not know where we need smelling -- I think -- are familiar night at the jobs category that was started. I didn't want us let's say. That I keep it up. I don't Pierre strawberry cool today or some country or some -- look. I don't actually I would mention I get visions. -- ask her that soon so positive. Yes stay positive and suck and suck admitted is a very positive way to live -- -- it's a proclamation in the sale and actually smell -- It tarmac in defeat to the top 30 in Bahrain 1 morning. No I didn't call back and you need to question is Saturday starting in -- topic is happy. Anyway. Do you know why -- -- Went this is always playing the -- -- hook. Fairly clear. Well I -- comments on CarMax. Stop post on the FaceBook was from south did Jesus CarMax I think your voicemails are horrible tackling and the. -- Conrad responded I'll allow. Yeah CarMax a good guy bet there's many times right he's like you were you don't want to delete stuff off the STP cast. I have no issue dealing stuff off my FaceBook page right he posed to the red solo cups on. Deleted you deleted it deleted -- did teach it happens that's ready to do it anymore voice channels we have one more. And then there -- am. OK now that's an open look you look okay well. Okay. It's. Yeah. Any. Hey -- how -- how relevant. He didn't say Hilton I didn't talk to remove snow tonight -- know it's not built Obama. And seducing users need to music yeah. Now he needs. Oh yeah. Smoltz needs he needs yeah months. Law and did you do need to -- and -- in the season. Yeah yeah. Many millions yeah. Okay. As -- the -- keeps you. You know well it's just you. It Wu. It's. The. And that was me and sometimes I think people do do acid when they listen to our podcasts or when they decide to call us I encourage it. Yet mr. am not really mr. Antonio. As part of the letter of simple mouth then. Eight children's literacy program that's what to watch any television series I remember that program select Sesame Street yes. A months and months of mine and mr. -- was the first episode of meet mr. embryos into a little bit of the beginning of that again because. The music is just really -- BDP. Yeah it's. You know he didn't use. Yeah and you did this to -- yeah right. So GE NC news and noise even if it's. On -- -- the area having him but he's mr. It's a good sixty milligrams and this is like 197 yeah. So totally within that the confines of the drug culture when may be those drugged out people were now making children's program because they pick and why the transition into. It had viewers triple -- saying Vince the socket there is a reality -- and yes. It was different. Yeah I mean. -- -- Jim I know as -- who come yet they have also to things like you have the whole alphabet yes what do you think ms. a was. I'm a -- ask scooter didn't -- -- phase out new funny but no she was her characteristic was that you. Like -- I. I there could be beautiful Biden said I'm not doing all of them yeah redundant enough as it is today had a couple games. -- -- I've got got got got. You -- -- telling the Internet. -- so we'll get to the days Boudreau at some point but mono nick did I -- putting it in your hands OK it's going to texts text messages it is. Kerio you can leave us a text message or voicemail from 253271. 4787. It's 2532714. As TP. First one says I love the foreshadowing for this week's as TP taxed there's foreshadowing I can't wait to hear that Peter Parker -- mash up and Paul Stanley epic stage dad terror. Titanic -- for life TD. For Al. I forgot -- about that until I read the tax yeah I was -- did did we do that -- we talked a little bit about Peter Parker remember we talked about. Mashups yes and Howell. I try to do my own match up because I'll have my dad Peter Parker we were trying to read a third record everything fell apart our senior pissed off the -- I was producing it and we never finished. Recording in a -- broke up after that so we have a lot of like unfinished songs like the music was done more than fully mixed right. The backing vocal -- -- but we never got around to doing the lead vocal is because the last number recorded. He was sick scored and we tried giving him ever cleared to try and help his vocal than he's got really drunk and things got weird. So we never finished recording our record ever -- so I didn't grab a couple of these examples I even grab the. The instrumental just to give you get a taste of what it sounded like before I tried it. Poorly mashup with hip hop artists so the first one is that Peter Parker won. OK and up because of the song that was called -- that we were convinced that we can sell to a soft drink company. For like hey it's Diet Coke with lemon. Because this course is just obnoxious lead. Catchy thanks -- taken a moment out. -- -- -- -- -- Like here -- -- something I don't remember. You play. But I got a lot of stuff on the base job during. So lemon hard. Yes. Basically the -- As a bridge and all that -- senator who keep listening to a -- that song was written with. Still am not that I would plant a I don't. Although it was a drastic and we said we would not be opposed to a good week averaging get -- my excel out absolutely has either way we make our money let's do it. So I decided defined. I -- pop song Matt Matt. Acts the same beats per minute and that would be Jay -- speech today is out. Yes -- that -- tapes and it is open along times. Well members I'm Charles here and as soon as the beat goes well the beat will be Peter Parker that's right with a little help from Jay-Z. That's an -- up without brightest. Tell me -- -- at all. The match up. Why -- guys. It's hilarious. Deadline from Diet Coke -- -- Sold for eleven heads and or just lemonade. -- whoever lives free time that's -- Whether you're good yeah. Red -- -- country. I'm not an underwater. -- -- very large room and Seattle wasn't really but I don't think the park today. Oh yeah. Okay. Intensely vocal track how the Internet then it's pretty easy yeah. Not that easy to find it and I've been a longtime love look okay there was a few years. It's been a good thing. -- -- -- Bring it down. They got us. That's Peter Parker recently easy yes some good moments but it's an endless and that means we wish you would finish the damn record -- that's. One of the things I. I don't wanna be in the -- again you know I mean like it's like there's too much drama -- for me to handle but. And on the energy or that the time or the amount of money -- -- -- to drive constantly to Seattle to do all that but I would have liked to have had that one last record finish can I feel like we are writing some pretty cool stuff. And we just never got around to -- one of my -- is so that we were working on it was a song called smiles and I have the instrumental version again. And then eventually we will pick popping up for the second out. People wait time. I think we have backing. At some point -- backing vocal about half. We'll listen to now diversion where it involves Little John in his songs snap your fingers now this is a -- titles. Snap your fingers and smile. And that's -- who. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are your thoughts. -- -- -- -- I got nothing bad to say about. I know I had. Video goes on Peter Carter jamming out what Little John nice. With all apologies the old John Cook cook. I know -- that the guy brought up. Was. Paul Stanley. And last week -- imagine how he loves the alive to record because of all the great in between some banter. I had every intention to grab all of the in between song banter from Paul Stanley. I and a lot of issues in my computer and this morning like a lot of stuff like a lot of emails that sent audio I didn't I was able to do because it. It just wasn't working but I -- than the other day. Why was getting ready preparing for and I forgot but I still had this on file so I was like all display this. This is him from alive to this is one case decided to take up the make up and tore as a band without makeup. And is there. Right -- -- so boring -- a little fire and blood nearing his -- still -- will make up today they dressed really like over the top there was -- day so they had all the crazy stand next month to -- frazzled things but the makeup was just too far at that point they were like they look like circus freaks who I honestly I think so weird if there weren't gothic and dark. In my -- of the case but I think upload your spirit cartooning. But Paul Stanley didn't it didn't matter he didn't he make up that he owned the crowd. You remember that concert video that it did on MTV and apparently ran on the radio to -- Adam allies. Before they -- love god Paul Stanley delivered about two to three minutes of the greatest lead up into that song. I didn't edit anything from this except for that but I think apart where it was I just. The crowd noise just shorten it slightly -- so it's a little bit long. Well you'll understand why an added anything because he takes you on the most you look amazing journey to build up to love god. -- you'll ever hear there was an animal -- the name of an album yes the outcast. Bruce collect I believe while listening to right now talkies Jericho Chris Jericho is podcast you know what a more recent ones he interviewed -- cool it and how about forty minutes in on it. It's an amazing interview if you're kiss -- You definitely check it out. But here's Paul Stanley. Delivering in my opinion the greatest name between song banter that anybody has ever done that I ever including kiss. I. Take the movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Particular hit. At this point you know could you hold yourself to make it look like your being. So are you making out another six here. Move right now movies and hands on his back. -- At all. Winner take -- future. And them guys managerial you'll. -- -- -- -- -- Blues snapped. You go. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Yeah yeah yeah. People now know what's not. Getting ahead. Can tell you action I mean there I can't hey man he had the crowd go the whole time the only crab. Legs. I wanted to -- yeah I want to make fun of the -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Half and I want the -- He was detailed. He was descriptive and he did that probably between every three to four songs told a story that was his best in my opinion that's amazing audited. You go on YouTube and you just -- -- Paul Stanley. Stage banter. There's a video that has compiled like how are trying to find in coming up on my head out right and -- try -- put it up on my on this TP guess FaceBook page it's like fifteen minutes of just splice together. But the guy who did it did so creatively like that -- in the -- but he inner -- it would take a different story silly to write three stories going on that I bouncing. It was done very well. And when I've learned is that whole story that he did right there was originally done by Thom Yorke of Radiohead not -- -- -- but the group yeah wintertime -- -- every day like any better just do a story I got up on stage in between like a Pearl Jam song. We're pretty awesome it would never happen you know there are a song called love gun that's a good point did you cover him and dork -- Man Paul Stanley I tell you look at -- get a money STP gas lasts for. They -- here. I haven't dinner once in the sunset. And I've been put on kids they all act as we did in the car does it turn out the BC nasty -- -- did what it helps to lower its. Vote and anonymous on is that while eating out adult regardless of tests -- we wanna -- on the elements -- decisions there and -- lowered -- -- puzzling you know Monica there's songs like in my -- and I played love -- no way now and then we went down and played that bit. I went there once they're just songs sub and what did you think about it. I thought it was awesome smile I've never been a real like I've never listened to kiss -- because you have in your head that they'll. He's seen cement its its -- a big cartoon exit yeah I just heard that is just like -- now. They're not really rock stars kind of thing or not musicians. But they're putting on a show. But it was all really catchy tunes like not once that I fast forward to a different song they're great -- I wish I could see a playlist of what instance I would love to -- songs he played I don't even know the names of them to be honest -- -- -- -- I think top -- -- with me as well I think you guys probably -- of kiss from. Gene Simmons -- I guess. Post's gene. If that makes holes were running down to our -- -- done and I know kiss as being open and Paul -- the French guy he's the heart and soul kiss I always -- gene was front guy right. Ended because of all the TV he's a great marketer can I knew them before -- -- the case when they read. Just demand our -- shocking but there is once a time where they want marketing machines they were abandoning yet comic book. And at some other stuff that they were selling action figures but for the most part they were like there a live show was what was -- They were marketed as being this -- live show where breathes fire and the start child in the drums go up in the -- Tyler's we will Tom -- talked about that make him on it's still a great impression Gene Simmons -- that was awkward. I've got a more bonding is known personally. But that's what I knew the match so. When Bennett became morbid joke a bum me out because like they were such a kickass rock band and and they still are but. I don't know man hearing that stuff -- -- back to being a teenager man's hostility was as silly as he was. What an amazing frontman he knew how to get that crowd -- I was still images I had a lot of their cassettes. I got the first one I had this sure where I had love and I had all the great work hostile -- -- to dressed to kill -- Dressed to kill was a good -- work out that way -- cover dressed like normal people but they weren't his make up there were in suits. Nice guy so did people ever since Blake ever try to tell you like oh -- demonic -- you know NASA's Satan service and all that stuff because I now we are all that I. I I've heard kids you know I've heard you like I don't know even like the dramatization that I like TV icon here got a got a hell can you listen and then that night and take them -- because like people really do. People believe that but if you listen to their lyrics there's never -- saying -- -- of -- -- like the closest he gets to be like demonic and it's not. -- you know the lord of the waste land stated. -- a little ways -- did you have a -- comic book printed in real -- blood yes excellent and I did have I have it's still somewhere or you the dolls to an act all -- I had goals are worth money. But might not mine well those yet to their memory trade policy I cut policy going Serafin filed has made a ball UN is gonna get -- -- yet all right. Why now I wanted to studio without makeup. And -- haircut can -- -- make -- back on. Did not have a biographies are -- -- the makeup off that's crazy face dust remover. They just registered to meddle into the bigger Ken doll would like to burn victim version of -- oh my god yeah. And that also the big god to -- mirror. For love gun it's the album cover but it always you got that if you're part of the kiss army technically it was my -- -- -- the technical member of the kiss army but I released straight Jack that I yelled yeah I still have it somewhere. Somewhere in my house I don't know where but I hit it from my -- are worth money topic probably -- -- maybe it's not a cochlear is on drugs it's taken its almost like about I'd say nine by ten in its size that's still look at marriage just a lot more it's a huge -- the kind that they -- -- right on the glass right they detonated an earlier are being -- Alex you -- credit -- lines -- -- paint. So much less fun but and that -- as part of kisses blood -- The next text message when your nephew's wife once you -- touch her pregnant belly. Is it weird or is it bonding who would suggest is again you're nephew's wife. That's fine it's fine it's -- way you're not doing it unsolicited I think it's okay if you'd like. I'm Betty no the baby and there -- yeah they get some crap that you do not fragments no it. So. Is it is it weird if it's like. Hand to stomach like skin skin or should be over the the Charlotte students in my below we know you got all skins -- to feel it can't miss the deal fly -- and I'll see you gotta go -- doctors did the baby that I. With -- I don't know columns that Vista successor for your your -- When you tell your ridiculously used to -- -- -- I do know my tong has the up and I tonight. Well this really nearly now lol yeah. And I get a -- back. And all that person that they were rerouted the hell out alone. I can understand why you would be weird it out. All right here's another one but -- detects -- coming in and a lot of people are asking about weirder bonding nice. The grass and to do that in England yeah did we did. I like that people actually follow bits of the ball and ran it so they answer would be bonding for me on the last I reminding us how weird. I'm in between some undecided. We can't do any undecided -- -- -- my case scenario but this is one of the cases of which -- look at -- we're responding apparent among so through one's. When I'm -- -- my father in law and he starts pointing pointing out attractive women binding or just a weird bonding. You've got to find a way to bond you said father in mare -- -- papers have been signed responding yet you got to figure out a way. Tim bond with him anyway -- any -- like that's gonna help out now what if it's devils threesome not including your wife slash his daughter. No that's weird art stolen check my only guess I don't know I don't even -- and I was you guys are dying and -- -- With the father a lot of loyal fan otherwise in my life I don't know besides I don't know funding to keep your party's Harlow. Got to next time we're together off and you know in all honesty I agree that that's fine. I reminded my of my father in law. He will always complain if he goes like Nordstrom's or places like that -- the girls aren't attractive enough public damn straight do you should bitch about that that's. That's a valid point they should be hot if they're working there. Yeah sure top don't know these are you on the fence on this one too. -- can't be reprocessed. The hardness scale for Nordstrom while ago with the hospital got behind and I didn't want to jump. You're paying good money they could show the good -- for hot chicks -- put it on hot -- need to work through that's what -- seasons for. -- And that was just say hello yeah. I shot mostly at Macy's on hot dog in the plays and calls. Why not take Arctic bonding for whatever this emotional where the wind is Alex Frederick and Nelson -- a business and an -- hot -- yeah old crotchety real. -- gotta remember that place. It is great -- guess. It's it was just -- -- you know when I think about it makes sense that gay dudes are generally happier than straight -- they don't have to live with six and Diaw added drama all the time. I bet why it's there why they spend so much time dancing and drawing parade yeah. Now you grew apart during that it taping where they would Moffett -- Bennett and and now Moffett and I have this thing. I feared -- romance thing right today at some point he makes said during the thing I can't point to this air sick you get the proper things to be basically said how like he shouldn't be gay with me. We'll come Bennett and now and -- in this -- and stuff and just like where -- I even have anything to say after that I it was like you know what they say can I wanna go down that silly road but I feel like we have completely creeped out the other two guys on the show. That's awesome car back at times and once we know what we think about nylon and dobbs getting obviously she says -- -- -- -- is that it is today when -- amount makes top three reasons segment on the morning show. So there's sometimes. Monday I guess when it's whenever you feel like making one designers are still on strong and confident -- yes you can hide -- Watching porn with friends bonding or weird weird weird weird weird so weird unless she just depends on the foreign. And I would say if it's a leg full lines and Boren right. And has its ambassador party it's weird I think if it's a -- that you use to get to a certain point in your life. Weird. If it's important that you watch together because it's funny I want to we're going to classic we watched this quarter's film and it was hilarious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- I would be okay with your scenario there because. You geysers although hardly any guys and our good friend I totally get it that was -- laughing yeah yeah it was more for the reaction to some of the guys in no was coming OK so once literally. There's no way that. And so guys not know when it was are rising very bad. She's asleep ma'am when they did their reaction is priceless. It was like somebody turned on a fire -- portable awesome. First on YouTube -- kind of entertaining to watch with people all off the couch whoo yeah or it's like they're home they're wide there's one where it's. Like a deer is railing -- -- on the beach she's. It's really -- -- its yes so sure faces down Ali on the sand finger. Yet and today and the tide comes in and he just completely just nails her as you are yet and she's like -- -- -- -- -- just all like her head in her shoulder there just that's awesome coded in tied it it is amazing. So I this sort of -- here now we weirder bonding on -- tonight amounts to thinking -- one actually is a case by case but I still think it's ultimately weird aren't ready to I think it's weird. -- -- What is -- Kim and and probably answered urban in my hand there reliably data -- front of them demeaning because this person wants to know bonding or weird I'm sure Michelle knows all about it. And oh it's it's probably the extra muffin top -- try some stupid he's a jerk but OK yeah plays you know mom. Can you read it now. Between two allegedly heterosexual male friends particularly when said friends are wasted. -- -- -- That and weird demanded whoever sent that makes him -- -- -- -- and I won't say the other thing I just want to say because -- just being -- now ask him these questions -- -- even weirder you know half dipping your teens and cookie buttered and rubbing them together we're Vermont didn't okay. Seriously there. Troll sir I Baghdad now crowds here eyebrows earlier we got more than he did I hear it's optional voice -- the timing and doubles threesome your best friend and his girlfriend I think no one is it weird or bonding. It's best friend now what would -- when his then girlfriend -- weird. But I think for me it is weird it's weird for me. Personal cause he's got to hang out those people. There -- two strangers I could be I -- almost sorry. Best friend and a random chick we met that yes yeah even that yeah well I'm still stepping a little bit over until -- him a line of weirdness. Every ball the other girls classes week -- weird but right -- I must -- -- significant other guys as weird gas hamas' insist there garrison. And then. It insists. Is it weird. It's cold this whole segment is as we hear her -- weird the weird part eating bananas while playing duck -- pieces that bonding -- -- -- -- there's got to go bonding. Five major bondage to your friend crash in your bedroom floor instead of the -- that bonding or we year Google McAllister tough policy yet as we how -- it doesn't matter. Yeah. How much I live your mom's. -- obviously you know there's -- -- couch somewhere is going on there. I don't know I mean if -- -- I mean I'm talking about being like sixteen or seventeen to you know raise your buddy's place and there's the -- open but the same point wanna hang on the room to make sure you're not gonna just make -- watched after six I don't know -- I understand that I don't know that's -- got -- trailed -- there that's awesome it's getting worse than saying it did Andrea -- text for -- -- -- -- so let's get to the the next segment. Games the three years in my. Atlanta Friday. The first -- able reloaded everything. Yeah wow it's not OK now I wish we had one. -- -- Is weirder is that bonding and its bonds and bonding we are now -- -- -- I thought you that you make it sound to you now think there's an automatic sounds I don't saying. Okay well in three of us doing animal sounds and one not is that we are very -- bonding. I think that's weird -- -- as well one person in here is not contributing but I enjoyed it thoroughly I enjoyed it it -- On the bonding and his close my eyes and follicles in the desert. Taylor right Susan Taylor since apple -- -- and it went into the Ryder on the storm of. -- -- -- -- Tonight we will be exchanged that I had with John -- because I he's big doors fan. -- these so called top below the dollars. Has nothing to do with the doors there's maybe they -- John Moffett occult. This is the conversation. That I had with him before we Boston that when he found thousands of -- -- we're TV show did your teens and -- could be better clip studios. I woke up with a big smile on my -- We're gonna have fun. And I say well it's only day if it's a -- meet you I'm stoked for tonight. And -- to -- don't Wear red or white for the shoot I don't like those colors on my boyfriend. Somewhat hot hot hot hot Smart response I was thinking something tight in floral. And his bus that's why I love you here's the weird part it's now weird yet to Jesse Williams does have a broken character you. He was wearing something tight that had flowers on that's funny what are the odds of that. That is scary then I said that Ahmadinejad says that oh. Well I so I'm excited. He's insane here plus I always. You were standing -- intention yes. Yeah. Yeah they're playing a really rough game of gay chicken and I we love you out of bed and all how all of them positive out of this straight I'm serious guys drew fire like I don't know if you're trying to weird him out but I think he's deadly -- weird you out I think this is an arms -- is -- a chicken race and and then he says I hope neither of us die and so once he's all right yeah yeah or broadcasts -- -- -- podcast are very dedicated their growth caregiver and then my responses I that would make headlines. That if that's how we go out and I hope there's an EMT there -- that way if it lasts longer and in four hours since responds I can arrange that. I said nice my wife is gonna come but she understands my priorities are for you she's used to me yelling your name in -- anyway. And he says I'm gonna be the bigger life partner and give her all the respect she thinks she deserves a social process. And then it gives ongoing. Does add. Higher -- minutes of my retirement now what are songs are lipstick. Kinda cents. He says sometimes I listen to the theme song from the major motion picture frozen I think it must let it go keep it secret. And I say well I I listened to the music from two girls one cup. And it was showing their deleted that I wish you in the -- and times you know for like three years and out comes up like yeah I got to -- and a week and then he's you're an artist I use -- played a scientist for you. I said why why not fix you by Coldplay that's definitely our band and things that I swear to god I was gonna say six years that's a perfect since. Swear to go swimming guys and it just keeps going into deeper and darker and darker Steve talks about his state arousal and yes. And going. Yeah. We're reminding. And bonding science that's bonding as far as weird as it is it right more bonding and that's weird bonding that we -- yeah. We have a new category -- So here are we showing this to my wife and say hey look how funny he said dad can't Wear red or white enough violent and as me saying I have a bar -- this -- Only a little more crass but right now I see is that what are you guys talking about it like that. We thought -- Members suggest don't ask questions yeah how many times have you shown something to your woman and be like golf is great and -- just like. What's wrong with few gas every time it happens on the details about every time -- could look at the Taylor wants to know a chick asking you to define -- fathered weirder bonding. -- you want us war. Awkward so it's weird eggs are weird that we're about telling your mom's new boyfriend at a jail -- -- bonding weird bonding. Anonymous on the charge right -- bonding soil amendment and I'm hoping it's not like you know kind of feeling terrorism then by. If you're just like her I mean even like -- -- -- some -- them I mean people make mistakes. And it's kind of like the Gandhi Ukrainian yeah after the one bail them out I mean you got his back and that's right. Yeah I don't -- I think that's a bonding thing and like a said he got something on until later. What more senior supervisor pole dance at the club weird or bonding senior supervisor has not getting elected to check if -- -- if it's shall take your stance on the last Obama's well I folded over her head and a sense bonding and use. What I don't know what and where we don't tell -- this CNET strip club. Sports and dance clubs have holes doing both it's just like club but then that's. That's weird. If it's at a gentlemen's club it's weird. And I -- is weird. Google bombing and bombing on the Conan you know or -- yeah shirt with a pay our body -- rights and hold on to our red tie is now personal trainer it time for you fitness and a check him out time for you fitness dot com. Visit for UF OR now yet to actually not to let me time for you fitness dot com. Wherever you are checking that out as well. And how. Worship how about when -- first started doing this on first Michelle let him borrow her muscle Booker pitches massage therapists at the -- the books -- -- took command out. And so I was talking about that when he returned it and I was like -- the other fund may we'll talk to easily connect and given up just like after one time a DDP battle as a guy -- -- -- -- -- believe might surprise us these dollars I won't give tie your mistake and I've given up on it twice. -- -- -- -- Third times a -- right. I was hearing on the he says hey man and this is for next payment -- I heard your story in the last SDP just about peace creeping girl telling you she cheated and you in the heat of the moment. Did you forgotten now Mukasey that. That's really quite the heartbreaker man I can't imagine having feelings -- so my -- even when you're younger and then having your heart broken right in the middle of a -- it intimate moment. But I am so sorry that had to be awful. Let me take you out for some -- and Fries or whiskey river barbecue burger OIOC. Rewards -- us a little bit -- -- -- Seriously -- to catch the ball games in other got a really nice hardball -- any government did give up via Robin which is where the guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It whoa. They used to have those days it says. Apparently your original Red Robin has anyone ever had food there theory -- -- 11 over here on -- -- just shut down due to our parents are now members in the ruined her bid to mural or the meaning of the original Red Robin if you look it up death cells from iron. He's staked. Yeah it looks like Greg really stoned. So he's got blood shot eyes. Maybe you're just working really hard for a long time and a billion a sleeve -- get enough sleep and maybe there onions they was just chopping reared her bonding Dayton -- with the Red Robin mascot. That is bonding bonding I think didn't how the lottery -- oh yeah he's made 206. This is do you in his hand man that's right he's does joy in his hands whenever. He. -- -- -- Join in his -- and the arrest of its original Red Robin the original Red Robin -- of campaigning on some of the right Heyman. Was governor do our our minister and -- It's also. -- it's a great location by the -- -- zero partying whatsoever there bar had four -- and and find out what I know where they may get their money but. How do you how do you. As a Red Robin. The company as Red Robin LLC. They need to just skim off the top of all the other red Robin's across the country could you know they're doing well across the world I mean even thinner. And make sure even. Even if that companies not making a lot of money do whatever it takes its I think a piece of history. I guess how do you give our own original Red Robin with that awesome. Judicial shirts -- that logo if I'm not only should make -- book -- of the I think consumed. Yeah man yeah man and very direct Robin -- -- this Red Robin -- name. Yes go over to Robin Conrad -- I don't know I have no idea around it and the mascot name I'll look it up why you do OK it's probably Robin. That's tomorrow at least you know round Robin this owner yeah. -- you'll receive rights and execute the is it weird reminding so -- a buddy got lost trail riding a dirt -- trying to find some hidden lake in the -- -- -- -- -- match and national forest Red Robin has read. America -- an August day pushing a hundred degrees with -- 85% humidity in the woods and sitting up ice we were dying. After a thirty minute ride turned into three and a half hours we finally found the lake. -- as the -- stripped down in Dover naked glacier fed Alpine lake in the middle of the woods skinny dipping into buddy after a long hot day get lost dirt biking through the national forest weird or binding. Bonding -- -- bonding. Yeah I had a problem that data from Syria as a guy who takes showers from multiple men. Yeah being a -- around don't -- there aren't out there with -- now. And I -- are probably exhausted now their minds by not knowing what the hell's gonna happen next -- -- jumping and get it over with John writes -- John extra pressure water. He's -- sitting in this amphitheater in Virginia Beach setting up -- show and I see this thing pull up my first thought was the donkeys are here. As a giant stretch limo -- Hiatus for a that is a giant limo that's even bigger -- we took that one year to Spokane that's bad ass. Putting suntan on nearby the hash tag bond being weird weird weird agreed weird weird weird. Okay weird weird weird we've established that -- so weird you know it's kind of I mean I guess it can be OK well now it is weird yes finally together for the -- Ford here. He's doing himself and got my friends you at all yourself believe in you get a sunburn -- he can't. I don't know if I'd ever have -- right I think they just take a somber and I've never be like changed from guy. I can't get that part in the middle my back can you revolution. In there could lose. No I don't need to really does is come -- on the -- or my fingers my federal rule about I think I sounds like command as a rule and Marino intends talked about a Seattle have a rule book confront me but imagine if it's not a rule -- eventually be a role on -- my -- along time ago. Oh yeah did I always love the people that like to call you out don't like we joke about all this up but there's always circumstances that things happen. And any -- put something like that somewhat or assays and in here right it's true violating a million -- -- I'm sorry I'm not as much of a man as you. We -- that I yes I watch Grey's Anatomy I will watch the bachelorette. Does that make I mean we heard in my beer sometimes. -- watch the Grey's Anatomy spin on the. While at least familiar red you're the that I might sometimes get a bucket at the rock and maybe even wanted to -- jello shots. Is not against the men's or rules I don't all of it was a -- drink awesome all during Donald who. Not -- -- so amazing and appalling to -- to the dancers got to say there's so Dexter you're only allowed to avoid. But -- the issue met -- in my mouth Scalia -- a ridge. It's awesome I agree but like -- -- posted a picture that -- four of us for dudes in regard to jello shots and I and ever jokingly doing -- when there's a total reviving the minimum rules. -- is -- were not a burly logger in my view that's a specific reason why I opposed any of that this stupid like my little pony crap just to totally freak out those people with. Who -- making them feel comfortable taking into a thousand or -- says he's entering anything using a straw. Tiring when I'm on the occasion with a bucket or use our our musical scooters on the like this I don't there because -- it comes with it yeah. Now it's a fine. You just can't you can't look manly. You know he's -- you can't talk as to somebody in and take a sad you drink to a strong I don't pay as you can you actually look at that. At do you Brock. Broke our us throughout our FaceBook drama and we'll get the F factor here yeah grow on me and I was home before we get to there's always things. But but I got another one yesterday -- got my life. I was in the bathroom she was very embed. I fell one brilliantly got another why I don't like -- guy who had to happen to me and I got another -- -- I -- and now my -- does -- -- Ohio always in the afternoon. And I felt won't -- so I just stood there over the toilet and decided to. Hit the record button and this is what happened. Okay yeah. I'm sorry I'm not sorry she still doesn't know I've run these non podcasts are incidents. She's -- once we played on the air. Right Susan had people calling in to request them serious. I Porter threw that stopped. It's also how is sparking phone calls today now and again that. Hope of -- -- so she don't even know that you recorded in the first place I almost we played it yesterday to make sure it sounded good -- Mike allows toll given away that I might doing this on purpose like he -- -- I'm in the bathroom -- dropped her off to him. I had no clue game you can as the Versa yeah. Sorry I look I don't give your reactions like this is just not -- normal. I don't know -- yeah play the targets of as the first avenue like save that note. Yeah I don't -- -- battle lines when they -- about it there's a little bit of a story being told. You check out. A mix that with a little known. Thought the UK yes. But if the snappy being -- -- and then I go to bed. And she's just noise noise -- in my section three and I -- Q black people have reviewed it bothered if you had -- athletes -- She had a better. All right I hate -- it's. It time for the Fed -- -- little time now colonias TP. Is the senate bill and it's. Better. Hasn't been around anymore so I know I listened to podcasts -- -- -- can ask -- -- do they -- with a little. -- I could Ritter bodies. Lou we've only listeners. Now be weird click like a whole house of just like. Craig Patrick tad bit low in -- Just the insanity religion demands tarmac regularly experience that last Saturday at her -- -- She -- about Kris -- of positive town I wanna put on -- hands on one. It's. Why is this to win all put out fans it's been months this is what the since I've been able to spend a Saturday. Not wearing pants. I didn't have so it is in -- on Saturday and it made damn sure didn't have anything to do. Guy guy had somehow that a town I was with my wife we decided to go and do some -- is installed. I don't want to put our hand stringent -- it didn't who aren't just your basic problem. -- -- -- -- Sir as always been well one thing to join them on the pages together and -- yeah. And that thing has always been -- FaceBook. And now. See any gas and we had just seen the details of a desire. To celebrate mass did best and most. I'm from. -- -- -- you now. Excuse can't we -- me and I got your back from Michael -- person. And she say well that's pretty much on the minds what. I was a part of on their things and where I got the idea of doing an audio version. But she said. John really liked how you interact with everyone wants you to be a part of the show the so. So this is your last podcasts you're right I am glad yeah. -- greener passionate team star Steve the producer of video show on the Internet. Provide Tulsa let's face it to seventy C wouldn't have this opportunity no -- -- -- -- this is because of DD BO Hernandez is com mail and news started poking an hour. -- hey did you or Michael exchange contact -- we are not -- as the average number. But man that's that's pretty awesome I would do that heartbeat. That data -- that no more that happens. Aren't as big an ATV he did that as well but if I could go on their show and his be a part of won't run highlights on this podcasts and on the show all the time is there like us structure to it like we're gonna talk about this in the menace sir it was interesting so what I -- mine -- when they did this -- one it was all but the Seahawks. Knew I was dude I as a football fan I think -- really get it did you dig hearing their perspective of just how people viewed and what -- -- It's just different I think we don't realize what their lives are like him what they how they view things -- that it was very interesting was enough about I don't woe is me kind of stuff -- That's an interesting perspective that I never thought about. When I was on break before we started. Michael -- was a case following even living on your comic about 1516 years he's a policy you were around in the C ultra bad. Like all yeah yeah that's ahead -- -- -- is from -- he played with the cougars released from a demand scenario he did I had definitely so. So that was in the back of his mind like we sort of talked about Vegas tonne milled about Twitter. I personally -- I often think and I soft spike -- stuff like I was really bad and I you know I mean I just never think I'm very even like Ali I guess behind this is awful no listen back tournament I was actually a lot of fun. I think I'm just in my mind I just think these are critical -- dude that's like that's that's one of my worst things and I think that's what's held me back. In life from growing quicker but I feel like I'm growing now in to a certain place from really comfortable myself but. It took me awhile because I think I just completely just myself all the time and not the -- -- like using craft makes. So long are you being. -- -- -- -- But I always has assumed the worse I was awful so I lost that kind of bombed by -- Mike. It was a great experience and I don't like. But I just assumed I was just awful like I went on a moment -- tangent about Twitter and now before a bunch of miserable apps on Twitter they may be -- you have the right there. -- very entertaining. But. Apparently they really liked it ends it's probably good that you're too self critical on yourself -- instead of walking up December. I've thirteen killed that yeah -- yeah I'm gonna be called me back and you probably were horrible it. He knocked back what I would -- that both -- -- -- -- its -- backs out last minute and you just desperate to have somebody -- me now -- down I don't care -- I -- -- dot. That I can be an on going character on this program but I'd be afraid -- a heartbeat like it was fun just. It was fun to secede how down to earth Michael -- is and I already knew that on John -- I mean you know you know we know -- normal -- guy he is now good of a guy he is but. To see you know Michael Bennett he's the guy he's. Multimillionaire. -- -- because I'm a huge deal he's a superstar on the hawks chose us over Chicago that's right suck it bears veteran Tony you have to Mitchell via cool exactly judging color right there it should -- -- Hoosier daddy. And what does he do before -- -- borrow that's. I'm -- molten -- well thank you now. Misty FaceBook drama. I don't know if I can do it now though because I'm such a big TV -- affect. He'll be your last -- this will be my last one you -- don't pay me enough to do this with a lot of bigger arsenal Linda how are as. It is FaceBook drama of course all that suggest. But FaceBook drama as a real thing and it's a real problem people post stupid ass on FaceBook. So our job as broadcasters. Is to point the mouth. And laugh at them and hope that eventually we will not do this segment because everybody will think twice before they post their stupid ass on FaceBook. This one again involves a narrator because it involves a picture so nick. You'll be playing the role of a narrator okay in this foreign territory if we wanna some dancing and the -- Kurdish troops took a moment you are -- -- or you know an Iraq contour. All right are on the payroll Mary -- self you are Lawrence Laurence -- -- -- it's. Why don't make you will be mono nick you will be the narrator. And ran out of you are playing the role of Kevin. Could I screwed it up now okay. Right Lawrence Moore in its moderator patent tyrants lands -- me while Mary is from the East Coast -- she says that among them. You guys want to use that since -- -- as a friend you're talking to him. -- Lawrence if you -- my leftover affirmed I will punch you and scream like that Childs. I hate my roommate and I hope he gets hit by a boss. He smells weird any eat all my food checked can be. Lawrence who posted a picture with this comment it's been eating a sandwich that's why I say. I. This. Is he French next time talked to me and don't post this on FaceBook you passive aggressive pitch. I can't wait for a -- to be up. Never let a stranger -- dear place. And the. -- -- It shouldn't. Wild. -- -- -- -- who is the stringers. While I love that this guy had the balls take a picture of him eating her sandwich. Her subway sandwich apparently eat French and just said here you -- -- eating your fruit could. -- she deserved it after the posting to. Yeah and you deserves to have a place this day yes -- yeah I -- -- chiller with exception of Kevin everybody's socks in this tennis of course narrator doesn't really exist it's the air. But you know I really. Like -- yet the lead. Don't say that stuff on FaceBook and become -- stop beating your roommates I hated that man oh ho ho ho. I've gotten off he drank my pomegranate juice fool you forgotten that calmness expense. And especially when your broke. Make him. Veteran's minimum wage of radio when you first start and you are all pumped because you got -- pom juice and and and as a little one of the big one. It was a medium Soledad they're eight dollars a bottle and I. Right you what it was like -- there was -- might treat like I was like I'm gonna drink and I felt healthy drinking it -- negative that's gonna fix all of my problems didn't want to block I don't know it could have and I came home and the bottle was in the trash. Who usually I would I wasn't a very icon at that time I wasn't super confrontational I grew to become in the cockpit and a moron that I am now. And I went up right -- that was my bottle and that cost me eight dollars I expect either a -- to be replaced or you give -- 88 dollars now. And you embryos duties to battle in June somebody. You go to -- almost a bottle costs and he -- music I'm really sorry your ego and it realizes an eight dollar bottle of -- seemingly. And that's the thing you're comfortable to remain you just like -- are kind of like America we're gonna do we want to know if I had to lose my -- on one on my remain one time because I'd buy the earlier now remain or go and buy it to passed on your -- now remains my girlfriend and I haven't had dealer -- -- sister she -- something in your Jesus banner dad dad dad to get that. You can do WP LP or so we're told that the POP I come to know he I abide by the fancy lunch meat. You know it's like you know the this announces that they go to a the butcher at a slice though none other -- I'm not that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is the entire thing I didn't get law and out of it. And at that point he'd been stopped using the entire package on the lunch meat and did you trying to take what was left him being here now back here is our heads up 10 so this is I don't care. I -- that was an amazing -- there's probably was all my goodness all that money you know all my needs. All -- army says its mouth. Is that bond. Nine -- awkward. Had -- enemy once they were and I'm not really that covered there's a reverse in about. I went to work and I have two pieces of gold -- say in all red -- and a and I met to take it for lunch but I forgot and you're looking forward to that all day I was looking hard do all that never once you do I think -- Does that. And all my god they're home and it was gone and I free for the and the story was a girl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you order you knew it was the lowest one of these guys that was probably a lot like -- have worry just his kennel like. Yes or on a bag in my very low is good news because it's literally a crowd trying to get me to the next level. It hit us like our guys are gonna die over two pieces of pizza is this. Man. Make his that are happening you -- German nothing quite as entertaining -- trees and I got I lost and I am a business discourages the -- I think -- six until I usually don't live too far from a convenience store wasn't just that this all my first apartment -- so I didn't have money Ariel died and have anything at its effort to appease appease us and I thought I seems like he's -- -- -- -- so we're not exactly policy and our fraternity house yeah. This starts a war right there man rule was basically as it wasn't being refrigerated you kept it in your room. -- yeah I'm not keep it in the covered is to not take the chance to some drunk. Ass is gonna come home and just eat whatever you yeah. I go on just last week I had a bag of tributes are these walls could dummies and elect has Bagger gum is and it's like anything like. All these they say there's millions of combinations possible ms. Bagger dummies like hell yeah and now we're gonna go to the movie last weekend. Like. Go to the covered way where's the bag grammys. She threw him away she didn't even see just the room all right well I think you did Needham. Ball. Rule and no that's -- -- -- now. -- I was kind of looking Florida though there are going to a movie tonight and now are gonna spent six dollars yeah right on a box of candy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she saw other cities just asked if he goes confused -- 300 dollars and I don't like -- very -- -- there's -- -- your -- -- his -- yeah and she goes alone in home I'm like well I would have been looking for -- have been researching these for a year she's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not judging you shouldn't mentality that way but. What makes a 300 dollar disk golf -- better than a fifty dollar disk golf bag that's a backpack and it's gotten easier transferred. Yeah is it like status. Does have a Blatter for liquids and I'm not -- not miners when that does have a -- I didn't go for that -- there has coupled like water bottle holders and stuff like that it's not specific pockets for the specific disks that you -- -- -- come at a bricks of cocaine sort of price I don't know we would be better I did and I can imagine being audio -- playing this golf -- you'd overthrow the thing every time out. Yeah where. It's. That it's an oncoming traffic. Had one guy that we think was either really high on -- And or drunk so we don't know what the combination was but he just started like we do you groping in the middle of it's. Kind of wore me now. Smart Latvia Tony mentally -- -- -- and that is why I don't drink it in Mulder got started taking off his clothes in the middle of the course. And that in Chicago I just get overheated oil man right there was not hot Ted Wells on the pro -- -- all the time. I. -- I. I want to play hockey one of our our bodies Xanadu a line of Coke before we play year olds he you know why -- After that shift he was done this -- Drove well and always would die and it's fun and why do you think this is a good idea yeah. I didn't think. But there's a guy's a status thing it's kind of a status that 200. Prodi's center of dollars on back you better be good as a coach figures have been great doing you know on fire bag like this yeah until I was okay enough to where people are -- so I'm not to look like a schmuck who do you find that there are some people are like. Respect for that and other people who think all look at him just spending money trying to look like -- definitely I mean yeah absolutely and I was. One of those people who like golly this guy you can't even throw a disk and he's got a 300 dollars back. Having go to guy as a goalie -- awful and I will spend a lot of money and good pads and I'm sure to be growing housing data that makes them a better goalie thing now I have the money I can afford to do it absolutely him you know more power -- I ask you this. Into anybody else to a guy who reminded judge people as I -- stay positive -- there instead of trolling on people being off pit stop just be appreciated and be happy for that person. That's correct right wraps Cheshire a carpenter is a subtle examples right now does all the time obviously you know I -- -- look at immediate claim pick up to pick up basketball is. They're Jordan's. You know hold tracks evening before you go about their cars that are on the Bob and I -- advanced as -- Alan Parsons project -- yeah. That's awesome no we liberals in the event last week to -- Helton parts. I love that dot as DP Kansas changing -- and musical tastes and I were always right yadier reds get Nancy's you try to go -- -- I just part of its August scenarios being played -- skins. It's time for -- again I hate. This week listen to these podcast with the -- Manson and MC TP and pop. Their special guest. Yours truly know I had gotten -- podcast this week every NIC -- on Thursdays so I'm sure we're gonna talk more about the mega casting. All the craziness that happen which -- sullying got smack. And I schism in the points early quick -- Why did exactly what about you know. That was weird. It was kind of bonding leaving. He goes -- -- -- video for that yes one and that's on you bunch of blog like three or four -- bowling game more than one yes at least twenty. That's enough time for top shelf and the mighty river an employee go. Yeah then you might be gas and everybody's favorite motto make up seed producers thank you Titanic usually don't forget the -- served on the rocks off McCain INW dot com stay positive.