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Loud and Local 6/15/14

Jun 16, 2014|

Featuring: Stereo Creeps, Amanda Hardy, Headswell, Ayron Jones & the Way, Palooka, Klover Jane

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    out local present show. Featuring man NetApp. I can get to the guessing game who were part of a really special benefit show last night. And it talks more about my sister's machine playing in January at the crocodile it all continues next. It's
    about that allow local present show featuring Mineta like go to the concert calendar I KI SW dot com. Prior to that's making their loved local debut of the bed at twelve clear the chaos with the song escape. Also the bam levels with the song he breeds. Your diet with song dreams of mercy. And killed let there a little happy jammed shake. Also the demolition cave with their new songs starting out belted and Hubert BJJ preaches love local band that we. I get like his song belts also bucket she says. These may pick up. Hello love logo continue that thing out. Not an ugly nine KI SW is allowed local. I absolutely have to hit it straight. The guessing game were part of a really special benefit show that happened at slim plus chance last night. It was the benefit for Karl client and I hope they raise a
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    requests and is sick bay and it's going to be up remember Alien Ant Farm . Now a local is opening up for them. Up anyway that they're loud let's look at that you hang out at a
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who is now oh yeah. -- -- -- How bad is actually from -- surrounding him. You metropolitan area encompassing that would millions of -- northwest. Rockaholics. This is the last. -- -- Yes do you. If your rockaholics it is that time Latin Latin local lab local. You like how do you have this much energy at 11 o'clock at night. It's because it's loud and local that's life friends. To find out even more about -- local to link up with the band. To check out past podcasts he easily gone back 68 months. You know allow local page PI'S_W. dot com you can also. Find out how to estimate your material from around that we get the idea and if -- me something. She. They all think spoke on the third on the MySpace. It's still a place for me. Tonight going to continue to be allowed local or that's celebration. Gonna get to a couple of songs from each. The fine political band that will be part of -- best one of fourteen happening the 27 and the 28 of this month it is quickly approaching. Gonna get to a couple of Jay -- from pain -- the -- 2014 local opener Amanda hardy. However tonight I wanna kick things off with a -- hate -- -- local band of the week stereo creeks. If -- a member of the band American school of Warsaw. Stereo creeps features some of the cats who used to be in that I was a big fan of American school reports also. They always intrigued when there's new projects for them musicians that I'm already got hit you. They release their brand new -- title. Cave dwellers of tomorrow in fact they have their album release show last night at the kids -- This album you can get it it's -- you can gated home compact disc. But I highly suggest. Getting it on -- just beautiful beautiful mind. You can find out even more you did what you hear about stereo creeps like just going to allow local page and clicking on these bands of the week. -- You can -- up with the -- FaceBook page give them a -- find out about upcoming show. Listen to some of their tunes via their reverb nation page you -- -- -- -- and I am picking things up with what -- a new face. Stereo creeks and the song is called. -- -- It begins. -- OK I guess W all. An ugly -- listening -- -- yeah. In the may end up playing -- and NN. Can you. He is fun. -- Jolie and point nine KI DSW. That is a man had. And yeah. Think that. They May Day. Milan. You see how. But yeah -- A yeah. Yeah. And and and -- Com. Mean I didn't. The -- hardy inevitably. I Gayle I -- W -- -- Cut to a bit. Also prior to that the -- ugly girl you can catch Amanda Heidi opening up. Pain in the that's twenty sports scene Friday September 12 white river amphitheater. You've got 45 minutes left. To tweet at PI at WR handle is 999 KI SW and a hash tag as. -- for seats to get it up for tickets to see pain in the ground -- A fun day of fighting in the gotten. And sweet local action courtesy of a -- -- hard. Cut you embed an ugly girl prior to that BJJ -- about local band of the week stereo greets other new album. Which is available I was just. I was just doing some creep in on FaceBook. And that's. Their new album titled cave dwellers of tomorrow is available on band camp for six dollars and 66 then. I like his style -- You can find out even more about stereo -- by going to be allowed local page and clicking on the band of the weak link. Good stuff I think that I if I have time and I get to another son from scared -- Before the end of the -- -- because of drunk with power. Allow local continues next with a bevy. Of June. From the band that will be performing at a men's room read fast. After that tabloid IK ISW this loud political divide up even more like how to some Europeans material hit -- -- local -- KI SW dot com. Still to come to get to some brand new music I'm Luka. Who will be part of men through my original red -- on Saturday the 28 the brand new songs from those guys at a beach side I haven't played you before that's coming up. Now to all from the heads well -- what will be kicking things off at men's -- original -- that's its two day affair is this year. Friday the 27 and then Saturday the 28 had -- and -- -- Jones in the way it will both be performing on Friday so too. From head swell. Followed by two from a Iran had -- were my guess beloved local -- about a month and a half ago you -- check out that podcast we hear more from them whenever you like by. Hit an -- local page and clicking on these podcasts -- Try to make it simple -- The sun is called dead. The. -- -- -- AI SW. It's. And. This allowed OK -- nine point nine KI DS -- -- new home. -- Okay. Do. You. Yeah. -- Jolie and point nine KI ESW. -- -- Abandoned and condemned a bit and -- picked -- a good bit but I'm. And and invent things. And we don't. And and -- that. -- -- -- -- -- The only man. A. The way out. The. He runs down zero. -- green released. On to the United States that what I KIW. So Aberdeen. You. You could see -- just the way I love what has swelled Friday. June 27. -- original read that day one. Debut. Features Deluca and clipper game. I'm getting to -- And some new -- -- Coming up next as well local continued him but added up what IK IAW as well -- fight -- about look like how to submit your band's material to listen -- past podcasts. To get out today with BJJ speech about local band of the week of Elam at the page you it's W dot com. Now to from Luka Luka will be. Providing. Some of these sonic entertainment for men's -- original -- best day to. You can go Friday or even Saturday you can go both days all of the details and ticket and vote. Awaits -- KI -- W dot com this song is a demo. And it's called all over you. And it's one of a number of songs that the band is. Well just I mean if it makes. The cuts as -- is right for the new album. New music from Paducah. See them at red -- The son was killed all over you slalom local. This isn't. KI SW. Being able. -- You know. And allowed. -- KI SW home. -- -- Jolie and point nine KI SW. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm calling today and only part of the Olerud bets on the 28 Saturday that bloody eight. -- in the original read that. As your drinking. It's lit led local music. From clever Jane I'll think super balloon got. Other song under control that the besides it she speed and all over you a new cameras sound means forget me that guys. -- -- from -- Jones in the way and has swelled both Iran and has -- will be part of meant in the original red vest on Friday the 27. Prior to that too from a man to -- -- you would bed and ugly girl Amanda hardy opening things up as are a local talent for pain in the grass when he fourteenth. Friday September 12. White river amphitheater. And stereo creeps with the seldom -- Their new album is Todd is -- that cave dwellers of tomorrow they were featured fugitive -- local band of the week. The LP is available now and you can get the heat -- damage. On gang camp for -- six dollars and 66 cents. Savvy guys and I -- that. That does it for allow local thank you so much once again to find out more on mild local. To share the information to share the podcast to help spread the word. Hit of the lab local page KI AW dot com that's a -- good night's.