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Steven Kane & Hank Steinberg – The Last Ship

Jun 16, 2014|

Steve spoke with Steven Kane & Hank Steinberg -- the executive producer’s of “The Last Ship” – which premieres Sunday at 9PM on TNT.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you guys for an eight hour posting all this and and and giving us on a once in a lifetime experience we got to watch the show on the midway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So well design and then people inside so yeah there's things we learned in the show like. In earlier cover hat -- your -- -- -- which is the cafeteria. Okay. I app app turns out that during -- to another big battles. The biggest room in the ship was domestic as the cafeteria and that's for the use for triage rather lose soldiers. Sellers so. Lot of men and women died in that. So out of respect to Africa and that kind of stuff. Customers as well OK I just and write something so. We felt a duty to tell a story that would make the navy. Proud and make us show them that now if this up ever happened and realized. This 31 -- aboard navy ship these -- brilliant. Euro people who didn't sign up to be heroes. Average age of destroyers eighteen to twenty -- the kids -- This attitude and college -- timing ever see the world there that money for college or just get out of their hometowns. And and serve the country. But they never thought to -- in the world so it's it. On a prostitute story like that -- pretty well during yet. Mean you know as a my brother's been. Years I'm very excited on the watch the show us. He knows that kind of stuff and -- As a guy who's not very connected but knows enough I think he's gonna enjoy and it goes on the other guys that. It does this story science storyline of of the military is so awesome and on top of law that is just a phenomenal. Character development and in one episode you start feeling for certain characters. As well waiting anxiously. There's a moment we next Hamas really. That guys you know like that kind of stuff and it's like credit to you guys I love the fact that you get him but he since college thing. You -- -- -- could even -- you know figure out how to do across proposal on my body's gonna put together such a phenomenal showed -- such an awesome thing. It's him some tastes of thing you know it's and that was -- fun collaborating with -- you know. Senior hung over yeah. Wandering around foreign cities. Leverage and like you like -- you know something like. Somebody a short hand things -- -- constantly asked dad somebody somebody with anyone that goes wrong policy in those -- bucket -- I'm reminded him. We knew her eighteen years old in 1988 we got hammered in broke into the policy it. Incline on the Roman Colosseum and had lost his wallet I lost my wallet my passport everything next morning -- -- go to the Caribbean area my friend lost his law on the war. And they said yeah we founded in the very bottom when no one's left in the Atlantic no because there's only very little thing about it they'd -- return as well zoom without any of the money and I. And eight cents on a particular problem with this as an -- up. -- It was in Italy it was like who would be at the Corleone. But. But back to the showed I think affect your feelings -- for the care to 4044. Minutes meantime. We all that story the senate is you know really good -- is that ultimately people are gonna come to show for the care of right on love with the characters. The cast is so amazing in. Relatable. -- atom balls linen room -- ran -- all the people who surround them men and down and the storyline it's so emotional. And that's the thing is that we got this popcorn action element of the venture right military and all that stuff but it's such -- human. Emotional story that they the last survivors in the world. And it's -- not the alive or dead they don't know -- so isolated and and so we just thought that was amazing fodder for. For a story it's gonna have a lot of flags and you know we just finished the first season and incredibly satisfying. Think you know people will feel. Really really satisfied about now now moves -- resolves it with some terrorism and we we launched its second. Thomas of Belgrade after the screening everyone's like just put on the other episodes that's what someone has been watching right now it becomes to be and what society. You left us with that cliff hanger in the first episode I'm Monica you know -- week now to watch this crazy but our goal is that is that if we despise themselves writers yeah I'm surprised you yet so. We threw everything area so it. We've really asked a lot of tough questions ourselves on Mark Austin just you know what's the most exciting way to solve this problem solving and so. If if you felt that that means there's job but. -- as resistant as you're Patricia it's awesome and I know reality guys and -- -- it's more like Unix team I thought it was really powerful just the subtle. Commentary that you guys doing it from president. Relationship I would imagine that things have gone out and and single -- and making it into a big deal but it's it's a bit of such a powerful moment like. So it's awesome that it was just there it was. Like you know you're not trying to make the headline about it -- distress so. It's a great averse. Every race and sexism free environment and you. It really is about can you serve entries from each other so yeah these kind of let it out there is as represent what the -- is right now with the world can be. And you wanted to -- statement about it to sort of. Now one of the really gratifying comments. After -- people seen the -- group is a character on the ship with a lesbian. And it's just we just dealt with and completely matter of fact way it is no drama attached to it is -- Anything else on -- and is -- and any else honest you know it's not surprising it's not that it's not a big plot point it's just as he has. On the time to car fortunes. She sees that she's going to be pretty awesome character that she is very important yeah well thank you guys thank you for experience you -- I guess W --