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Eric Dane The Last Ship - 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Steve had the opportunity to chat with Eric Dane. Eric plays Commander Tom Chandler in Michael Bay’s “The Last Ship” – which premieres Sunday at 9PM on TNT.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we are here are very gain election this Sunday's when it premieres were you reluctant of -- yesterday. And it's one Alicia -- feel like I could just sit back and watch the entire season probably in a week you know I wish we could do that that Netflix model is -- is pretty cool so canisters are you -- on do you. I don't have time to watch TV time that's a little ones and -- -- -- home to write what you want children should just from watching a lot of -- you. And -- the first yeah. -- most -- -- you know you -- it. So you jump from a world where I -- young Grey's Anatomy my wife got me hooked on it says you're always -- like this guys is so bad that it's a lot of fun to watch and so you go from being a doctor to being captain navy I would imagine is it too. Careers that people would really wanna make sure that you get it right you know I mean as far as knowing the right lingo and -- in the way that you're doing things do you feel that's still more pressure in those kind of position. No we have amazing technical advisors in the United States navy in the department defense. And we plan. Lucky enough to have these liaisons these there on the day for other months elements of all times. And they're making sure we get it right no matter what is. I didn't have a lot of preparation with this so it's just more on the job training on the day. But. And the navy so cool they set the conditions for success and they execute with precision -- the comments that we level bottom. You know I can't think of of a better character. Bertrand depict. Accurately then united states naval commanding officer guided missile destroyer. And and just the divide that you created as your character I mean it's it's. Countless says rectory does this and embedded them and there's a lot of stuff a lot of heavy stuff to think about just in general the story arc of the Shelly liked. Would I be the same type of person that would tell a group of people hey -- inference ban might be happening to this could be it. And that's something that I think we want people who take away from this is dialogue you know anything. Anything that's compelling and thought provoking. Is it you know one of the goals as the actors to walk away thinking. Talking. You know thirty years ago this. Action. Now it's you know highly probable. That's something like this could happen you know with with outbreaks that you read about every -- -- -- news -- world. It's it's plausible that. Because climate change that the permafrost. Yielding. Ordeal micro. Beings haven't. You know formed the immunities supports both of communities. Possibly could get Terry to. -- by a bird. And it's a rap master -- As you have all this that the talk button on top of it you have. Insanely awesome action scenes -- awesome actually the way we must beg guys like OK back I always will deliver I was curious -- -- housing and transient or the television -- and it felt like what we watched yesterday. You're watching the film just the -- that that that the the the action scenes shot from the close -- of those who were all all. So watching TV differently at home yeah you know we're not watching TV and oxygen or watching TV on the sixteenth flats in which surrounds writes so. Where were you on the TV home audience the viewership is it is has the capability to sort of take advantage of the scope. You know the ambition of this project you know you can you can have the cinematic experience in your own living room. Yeah that's very true I know reality go bad as you silly question I was not thinking about this and I was watching and what what would be if I knew the world was coming -- and I'm out there -- -- -- Live in my day to day life would be the ridiculous thing that I still wanna make sure -- do before. US is about to go down about for yourself what would you be that one thing we like okay. I know the world's coming to a close but I have to do this one more time. That's a good question and a lot of time with me about this by first thing -- probably used up my wife accuses our room. The runway and who knows a street down in history you know it's a 5050. Couple which is. Well I don't know if you run I did -- everyone's -- -- was -- very powerful thing when I mentioned could be coming on the totti. People don't even know from Twitter -- reaching out because there's such a great fan base run on a girl from Israel actually mean that it was a really powerful clean as it was at radio. This is what I would hope I would imagine as an actor you -- -- -- that kind of effect he said can you just own. And an -- shot charm and she said thank you from making me smile making me laugh in making my life as a that's really cool through Atlantic partnership. Program appreciate that thank you just stunned and can't wait but I don't. KI SW walk.