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Rhona Mitra – The Last Ship

Jun 16, 2014|

Rhona Mitra is one of the stars of TNT’s “The Last Ship” – which premieres Sunday at 9pm. Here is Steve chatting with her!

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    hash tag kicking ass and getting asked. Please welcome to the show Daniel Craig I go right. I can walk example on whose show feel free to use that fact you are well. That actually giving this to hash tag for your whole life could McDaniel I think history for all of us if really I never could they might get tiring after awhile. Yeah I tell you can ya if you are if you like junior eighties and I don't think you Graham pop thing though Graham talk of Saudi goes here's my hat to you my business card ticket hasn't. Yes exactly. It's an existing and kicking ass the second week in a row number one movie in America not
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Seattle -- I've never made you would -- I think it would yeah yeah I like rain. More than you'd love Seattle. -- easy to set up shop in its -- Did I see you with your dog yes you would love it's it's such a dog friendly so many dog parks there's so much. So much fun to do. Five -- now -- your dog like you doing these races. In Seattle where you bring your dog -- restaurant in Fremont we eat you bring your dog is well. Me seeing takes those type of play. And asked apple to Portland's -- -- We watched that show and it was so -- Okay I'm not really sure what's going on here and then once you start an angle of read about it. Souls and our friend Beth McKay who blazing guns from Seattle you use just -- Yes you're pretty pumped about. That. Ship we got the seat yesterday. Yes and not. And I don't even know it -- go with this because of such a powerful show window -- from anyone who watched Boris so I think that's a new world is it do you wanna been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I got to -- was gonna happen in the next one yes. And also coming -- you think it is what I do in those situations what I tell our whole group of people. The world coming to an -- it's a pretty powerful -- first episode. Yeah it's it's it's -- you advocates she's been set about keeping it secret yeah from this entire crew. Aboard this ships as she sat with me today for the people haven't seen it yet everybody right effects that would enable the story and which she's. Borrowed from the government says she can go out to find primal strain of the virus. What the planet's thin and in -- Angeles population. That -- think -- -- -- -- by the United States and government -- -- -- So -- you're dealing with a virus best answer -- virologist Ian and his well equipped to write this happening right. You know -- that this isn't really is gonna happen it's when that happens. This is this as a real case scenario right -- millions you know what would you do it hopefully is you know the ministry and the -- while they come together. -- that powerful forces. They would together and played nicely and actually. Find common goal and -- things -- we can get on with the tough. And now there's a military aspect there's a science aspect but what I always -- is so important and a great show what trumps all that is the story is that dynamic of the characters -- and and it's always so hard like a first episode to say can I follow with these characters but thank you. Thought I don't give waiting -- -- -- -- I had to happen that guy dislike him he start then enduring yourself to these characters have gotten. Yeah and their chemistry between you and -- as well it just seems. They I don't know how you guys create that kind of chemistry off off the screen it's like days like this program dinner -- -- -- -- sets time aside so at least we can build this chemistry. How does that even work casino in the world of radio we try and spent a lot of time outside of the show. The hope that we build enough chemistry how does that work in the world of Hollywood. -- A couple of things that -- that Eric and and it's fairly strong you know give us face on face pushing for this relationship he he's he's very like. His character in many ways and as far as he's very focused he's very stoic and when he is given time he's like he is. They're very easily -- -- moments this adult with a man usable about that stuff. And I'm the same way and I think -- it may be mutual respect there in our approach to yet they'll all work but we also and we -- -- -- using puppies. On on its so we knew each other and we are kids are noted that -- before he adds we have seen -- any news on that Lebanese family and which -- in great position to be a father and -- is to care for family back coming. He's such a great amount of integrity with this role as -- lightly you know -- I do but we both Clinton and go -- our independence. And missions which his is to protect and take care -- group write a minus save the human race which he doesn't -- -- -- and that's the -- thing that's in my back pocket. So easy worked together way back in the day and you come full circle what's the biggest difference that you -- to -- -- Of course that. And he's the man now yeah yeah and he's he's he's he's the united daddy will change here in the midst of leeway. End in his golf and having success is just. Gran and favorite thing about it is that it is kind of trappings that case yes you do that with these different groups different that tree. And you come back and you find people in life and crew members and cost Memphis and doing well and they have these stories it's the best part about job. It's quite lonely job yet another time need to use and some time away on vacation when you find you'll. It'll orphans have to find out and it will remembering and it's in and it it's it's. There is that connects and where I and a lot about his -- You know. And it stands and much out of -- -- so I have to be sensitive to that and then yeah and see how you know he's changed in and likely -- the great pitches. Is figuring out pat downs together so badly we'd gotten -- we do well with a common goal of trying to save the humans -- this Sunday thank you so much yet being apparently I wish him more time -- awesome I'm really looking. -- -- -- KI SW off.